Upstate Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 8

I awoke sometime in the late morning. Tereasa seemed still in a deep sleep. I had to get up and go piss. I was on the inside of the bed so I tried to get out of bed carefully without wakeing Tereasa. I thought I managed to do it for it seemed she didn't stir after I had gotten out of bed.

I walked nude out to the kitchen and went right into the bathroom. The lid and seat were not up so I put them up. I noticed the mayonese jar was still on the sink. I would have to rinse it out yet for I didn't earlier when Tereasa had pissed in it. I stood there holding my morning woodie and I was yawning hard but not pissing yet.

I finished my yawns aimed my penis and waited to start my piss. Then from behind me came to arms and hands. The two hands went right down to my penis which ne hand took a hold of it and the other hand cupped itself on my testicles. It was Tereas and she was standing beghind me giving me a hug at the same time.

Good morning she said to me softly. I said good morning back to her. I started then to piss. Teresa wasn't watching and niether was I. I was enjoying the feeling of her hands on me along with the warmth of her nude body on my back. Tereasa had her head turned sideways not looking forward. So my piss stream was missing the toilet which it first hit the wall,then the floor,and the raised toiletseat! That's when we bot became awear that I wasn't pissing in the toilet which we both started laughing and Tereasa had move dmy penis around to get it aimed right!

Well she did after having makeing a mess. My stream now splashed in the water. I had stopped laughing but Teresa was still giggling a little. She did say sorry to me for makeing a mess. I told her for doing that she was makeing breakfast this morning. She laughed and said to me; All right I'll do that.

So as I still went on pissing I told Tereasa what I wanted for breakfast. First two nice melons, Second some nice juice, a nice pair of hot buns, but before I continuied Tereasa laughing again said to me; Ok Ok I get the idea Dave what you want! Breakfast in bed! I now laughed and said to Teresa; You've got it! Tereasa hugged me a little harder and she also gave what she had in her cupped hand a little tickle!

I finished me piss and we went right back to bed. WE both had breakfast in bed having a great time too! I got what I wanted and she got what she wanted. Then after it was another trip back in my bathroom. One I had to piss again and shit. Tereasa had to do the same too. So it was a double sit down for us on the toilet. Tereasa on my lap faced towards me with us up tight together.

I only took a short hard piss while Tereasa took a much longer piss. As she pissed I started my shit. I could feel that it was my regular big one. My asshole was stretched wide open which I could feel. Also it was moving right along with a soft crackle. Then its size eased right off becomming slin as it tapered down. Then there was a soft flump with no splash. I was done with my shit.

Tereasa also had stopped pissing by the time I had taken my shit. She now was shiting. For I could hear the crackle of her sht now as she went. Tereasa the way she was shiting was there was the crackling followed by a louder flump and then a soft splash in the water in the toilet. This happened four times. Then there was one long crackle and no flump or splash. Tereasa said she was done.

Boy with both of us shiting and most likely there had to be shit above the water in my toilet for did it ever stink! Tereasa hopped right off from my lap. I turned and flushed the toilet. I had to do it twice. After the second flush the stink smell was gone. Then Tereasa and wiped our asses washed up and I rinsed out the mayonesee jar after Tereasa went out to the kitchen to make breakfast.

We ate then got dressed. Tereasa also put her stockings and satin panties in a small bag. We went outside to me car got in it and I took her home. When we got to her house before she got out form the car we kissed a few times. I thanked her and she thanked me. Then she got out and went inside the house and I drove away and went back home. The End

Upstate Dave

Car Junkyard

I was out one day with my friend Tony. We had gone to breakfast together for it was Saturday. After having breakfast Tony asked me if I had time to take a ride with him to one of his coworkers house. I had no other plans for the day so I told him I could. So we took the ride out to his coworkers place.

It was way out in the country on a back dirt road. The drivway was a real long one when we pulled in on to it. The driveway was narrow for as drove along in Tony's pickup truck tree branches rubbed along the ides of the truck. We came around a bend and we were there. The woods had been cleared out and the entire clearing except for one small area was a car junkyard filled with cars.

Tony parked his truck and told me he wouldn't be long. I wanted to stay outside anyway just to look through some of the junk cars that were there. Tony walked up to the house and went inside. I got out of Tony;s truck and walked over and started looking at some of the older junk cars that were there. I also lit a cigarette as I looked around.

As I looked around which I had been doing it for about ten minutes or so a girls voice I heard. Hey who are you? the girls voice asked. I turned around towards where I heard the voice comming from. I didn't see the girl right away for she must have been hidden by the junk cars and trucks betwen us.

So I went and said back to the girl that I had heard; Who are you?! I heard a slight laugh and then she did come into sight after walking out from behind a truck several rows over from where I was. The girl now said to me as she was walking towards me going around cars and walking along the spaces between them; I'm Bridgette! Who are you? I'm Dave Tonys friend. You know Tony? I asked her. Yes I do he works with my dad. Do you work with Tony too? No I'm jut a friend I said back to her.

Bridgette did make it over where I was standing. She was very cute looking. She had on a blouse and a plaid skirt. Almost looked like a school uniform. She ad very long straight hair which she was a brunette. Bridgette asked me what was I doing. Oh just looking over some of the older cars thats all. Oh do you like older cars Dave? she then asked me. Yes Bridgette I do. Well my dad sure had plenty of them. I see that I said back to her.

Then Bridgette told me there was a lot more around too noit just here. Oh do you want to show me where they are Bridgette? I asked. Oh sure just follow me! she said and I started following her through the junk cars and trucks. It took about a good ten minutes to work through this lot of junk cars nd we came out where there wasa little road that went into the woods. Bridgette told me as we satrted walking the road through the woods there was another clearing filled with more cars down at the end of this road.

Sure enough when we raeched the end of the road and woods in front of us was another big clearing filled completely with more cars which most of them were older then the ones in the lot back by the house. I started walking though the junk cars stopping and lookingat the ones that interested me. Bridgette followed askin me if I liked this one and that one. I in turn asked her back if she liked them also. Some she did some she didn't.

I asked Bridgette if she had a favorite one. Oh yes I do! Bridgette told me with great excitement. Do you want to see it? I'll show you! I laughed and said to Bridgette; Lead on! I'll follow you! So I followed Bridgette through the lot of junk cars. It took several minutes to get to where she was takeing me. When we got close Bridgette said suddenly and excitedly; Pointing she pointed to a alminium step van at the edge of the lot.

As we walked over to the stepvan I thought to myslef why a stepvan? But I didn't ask Bridgette why till we had reached it and we were standing along side of it. It's what's inside that makes it my favorite she said to me. With that she slid the door back and she stepped up inside and I folloered her getting inside the front of the van with her.

We stepped out from the drivers area of the step van going through a curtained off doorway into the back section. In the back section it had been furnished! There was a couch two stuffed chairs a desk and a chair behind the desk. Hey Bridgette this is pretty nice I said to her. Now I now why it's your favorite. She went on telling me she came back here a lot. Plus she said the van still runs so I have lights heat and even air conditioning which there was vents in the back for the airconditioning.

I then made a comment saying that it almost had verything except running water. Bridgette let out a goog short hard giggle. It may not have that but its got a bathroom! That surprised me for her saying that. Where Bridgette I asked her. Bridgette moed one of the stuffed chairs from where it was sitting and there was a trap door in the floor.

I knew that the trapdoor was over the rear axle and being ceneterd it was right over the trucks rearend. It was used for servicing the trucks rearend. But not to be used a s a bathroom like Bridgetet had said. But if that was her bathroom that was ok. But i niw got even a bigger surprise from Bridgette. Want to see me use it? You what?!!! I said back to her. DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME USE IT? Bridgette said to me again almsit shouting at me. If you want to I said back to her being in a semi shock state.

Your'e funny Dave Bridgette said to me. Any other boy would jusmp to see a girl go to the bathroom! I was silent for a moment recovering from my semi state of shock. Then I said too Bridgette if you want to show me then go ahead. I WILL!!! Bridgette said back to me. So Bridgette reached under the plaid skirt and pulled down a dingy white pair of panties she was wearing.

She took them right off. She set them on the floor off to the side of her and the hole in the floor. Then she said kind of softly and fast; I will need to use those after I go. She then hiked up the plaid skirt quickly both in the front and the backreal high. She stood there like that for several good long seconds and she giggled too. I was almsot staring at her as she stood there like she was. Then she stepped back straddling the hold in the floor and got down in a high squat or should say high hover over the hole.

Here comes number one! Bridgette said loudly. A short couple of seconds after saying that Bridgette satrted to piss weakly. It was a weak stream that ran just hard enough she had a thin stream of piss comming out from her vagina. But what also was happening her stream had split. The second was so weak it just ran down her crotch and made a second weak thin stream comming off somewhere between her asscheeks as far as I could tell.

Bridgette then must have felt her piss wetting her for she suddenly said giggling; Hey I'll need to wipe there too with my panties! Then she did start pissing harder with the second weak stream stoppping and she had a much thicker stream of piss comming from her vagina with a soft hiss as it flowed. I went on with my hard staring at her which every time Bridgetet look up at me she giggled a little.

Then maybe after better then tenseconds later her stream eased right up dribbled a littel and began just dripping. Bridgette then ripped a loud fart! I'm going to poop too! she said to me with great excitement in her voice. In only a few seconds a fat shit was showing under her and it was moving very fast. It was a smooth fatlight brown shit that Bridgette was doing.

A I watched Bridgette shit I silently in my mind started counting off in my head the number of inches in length her shit was! Four, five ,six,seven inches I thought in my mind. Bridgettes shit kept getting longer and in my mind I counted nine ten elen tweleve. Then when I reached thirteen in my mind her shit dropped like a rock going through the hole in the floor and a loud thump when it had hit the ground.

That felt like I shit a ton! Bridgette said laughing. I've got to see this one! she said as she stood up stepped forward spun around and looked down through the hole in the floor. It was! It was! Dave did you see it? I laughed and told Bridgette that i did see it all. Bridgette again laughed and stayed there standing looking down in the hole at her shit. Then she did step away put the ocver back in place in the hole in the floor.

Bridgette then started to move the chair back over the cover. But I interuppted her. Bridgette your'e fogetting to do something. What? she siad back to me no longer moving the chair back. Use your panties to wipe like you said you were going to do. Bridgette laughed hard. You are so right Dave! Sge gave the chair a hard shove and pulled the cover back up.

She picked up her old dingy white panties and used them wiping her ass several times. The n she dropped them through the hold put the ocver back in place and slid the chair back on the cover. I asked her doing that did she go through a lot of panties using them for wipeing. Bridgette giggled a little giggle. No not really. I will come back and e get them and wash them. Only real old worn out panties don't get reused.

Then from way offf in the distance we both heard shouting which was her dad and my friend Tony. We better go I said to Bridgette. So we hurried out of the van and ran through the junk car lot to the road up the short road and into the front junk car lot. It was there that I yelled out I'm comming Bridgette didn't. She gave me a quick smile and goodbye and she scampered over along the edge of the junk cars as I headed toward Tony and her dad.

When I got through the junk cars and came out where Tony's truck was parked with Tony and his coworker friend were standing I said to them that I was orry but I was just exploring the junkyard looking at cars. Tony said that was ok. He introduced me to his coworker friend who was named Pual. We shook hands. Tony then told me that they had come out to tell me that they those two had some more talking to do yet. I told them that I didn't mind I was having fun looking around. I would like to do some more if you guys don't mind. Pual told me that they would be at least two hours and go take a good look around. I said them I will. They turned around and went back inside and I back into the junkyard. To be continuied.

Upstae Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 7

Well I got awoken suddenly by Tereasa. She was kneelig on the bed with both of her hands shoved up into the front of her crotch with her thigghs clenched tightly against her hands. Tereasa yelled at me saying to me; Dave I can't move to go piss in the bathroom! I also can't move to get that mayonase jar you keep beside the bed. Get it!!!!

Before I rolled over to reach down and get the mayonese jar I saw tha Tereasa had already pissed a little. There was some piss that had wetted her fingers and wet spots were scttered around on the bed sheet under her where she was kneeling. I reached down felt for the jar. The time for me to grab it which was several seconds must have been agonizing for Tereasa.

Besides having her both hands clenched tightly by her thighs Tereasa was bouncing quite hard which shook me as I was reaching for the mayonese jar. I grabbed it and pulled it up and out clearing the matress. Lucky for Tereasa the jars lid was off of it. I didn't have to take time to unscrew the lid.

I rolled over moved the jar right up against Tereasa's two clenched hands. She then quick as a flash slid them upward and out of her crotch along with being away from her vagina. No longer having pressure on her vagina piss just came shooting out from it in a super hard stream! Her piss was a very dark yellow in color. Lucky for her and I her stream wasn't spraying so I and her along with the bed whch didn't get wetted more then it had been did not get wetted by her piss.

Tereasa as I looked at her had her eyes tightly shut and was kneeled very stiffly. She stayed this way for a long ten seconds or more. Then the pressure on herbladder had eased enough Tereasa opened her eyes and I saw her body relax. I asked her; Why didn't you get up earlier and go to the bathroom? Dave I never felt it building up. When I did I already had pissed a little. I could only manage to force myself to stop and I couldn;t move. That's how you first saw me like I was when I woke you. There is a wet spot on the sheet. That spot I didn't see.

Tereasa still was pissing into the mayonese jar which it was well more then half filled with her dark yellow piss. It was a quart sized jar. As I watched I thought to myslef; Gee the way Tereasa is pissing she just might fill it. So I asked her if you get close to filling the jar up can you stop? I can was Tereasas reply. So I kept a close watch on her level of pis in the jar.

Then a few more seconds passed and Tereasa started letting out some very wet sounding farts! Tereasa let out just one short giggle. Last nights deposits are becomeing withdrawels now. I had to smile at that which I did. Her wet farts went on for several seconds more and then they did come to a sputtering halt. Then soon after her farting had stopped I was almost going to tell Tereasa to stop pissing for the jar was comming to the point is was filled up where she would have to stop.

But she like she had started she suddenly stopped only doing some dripping to finish off her piss. I carefully and slowly moved the almost filled mayonese jar. When it came into Teresas sight she simply let out a loud WOW! Then she laughed a little and said to me; Boy did I ever piss! I carefully moved across the bed with the mayonese jar not to spill it. I managed to do it without spilling any of the piss in it.

I went into the bathroom dumped it out in the toilet with a loud splash and I left the jar on the sink and walked back to the bedroom. I got back on my side of the bed. Tereasa and I again laid out together and we did manage to go back to sleep for a few more hours. Then we would wake up and stay up. To be continuied.

Mr. Clogs

Thank you all for your responses

Hi All just want to thank CD, Pooperlady, Cathrine, and might by missing someone, but thank you all for your comments. What really bothers me the most when people come up to your stall while handling your business and knock on the door to see if your finished or peep underneath to see what your doing, talking about invasion of privacy!

I meant to post this several days ago, I had a nice dump at work, had to push hard just to get that poop out of my system. I haven't pooped all day at work and needed to go. Since it was the end of the day and time to call it quits, i finished setting up a computer and made my way to the Men's room. Put some TP and a seat liner and pulled down my pants and underwear and plopped my butt on the john. I gave a little push and the turd made it out of my butt hole. I was gassy and pretty much laid a human stinky bomb in the bathroom, man did I stink up the joint. Then I peed a little while pushing this monster turd out! I had t catch my breath again because it can still feel it coming out. A large piece broke off and sank to the bottom of the bowl. I pushed again and anther smaller piece made it to the bottom of the bowl. I felt relieved and I wiped up with some damp paper hand towels. I had to wipe at least 5 times to get all that poop from between the butt cheeks. I pulled my underwear and pants and washed my hands and signed out and left work.

Pooping women: Great post, liked the idea of using a bedpan while stuck in traffic to take a dump, do you use the bed pan at home too?

Tom: Liked your post about A BBW's Bowel Movement, you sure was a lucky man to witness and smelt the aroma of her bowel movement.

Nothing much really going on, just being me peeing in cups in the middle of the night instead of using the toilet. Oh well.

I feel like I have to take a dump now. I'll catch y'all later.


Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Return to the country

Wendy & me went back to the spot where we peed the other day, (we did post the story but it didn't get onto the site,) to have a poo. The pile the man had left was still there & we pulled down our underwear & added to it with a load of our own poo. We peed loads too & by the time we were done there was a huge amount of poo on the ground. We wiped on some leaves & left the scene feeling very satisfied with our work.


uninhibited young man

I'm glad I found this website so I can get some feedback. I'm a middle aged lady and have a friend who has a 19 year old son who is starting college. I live fairly near the campus so to save money I agreed to take in James for the year. I've known him since he was a boy, but now he's a young man and I was glad to help out the family.

He seems to regard our situation like a dorm and either because of his youth or the fact that he's known me all his life, he seems very uninhibited - he will often walk around in his underwear or in a towel. And he doesn't ever close the bathroom door. I have a fairly small two bedroom apt. There is a master bath in my room but his room doesn't have a bathroom; he uses the one in the hallway, which is in view from the den where I sit and read or watch TV. I noticed the first few days he would urinate without closing the door and think nothing of it.

I'll admit to having lived a fairly sheltered life, so I've not lived with a young man, much less one this open. Two nights ago while I was in the den, he came out of his room, walked into the bathroom, and just very casually pulled down his shorts and sat down on the toilet. I pretended to be reading but I couldn't help but watch him. He finished quickly, wiped himself making no attampt to hide anything, and resumed studying.

I feel that somehow this casualness is wrong and that my fascination with it is as well, but I don't want to say anything to him or his mother about this. But surely this is not how young men act around young women these days is it? Is this youthful innocence or just a sense of complete comfort around me? The whole thing is oddly fascinating.

Upstate Dave

Last Time For A Long Time Part 5

After doing the one side of the road Barbie and I crossed and walked back down it to the four corners again. On the four corners was Puals gas station he was open and we stopped ther getting a Hershey bar and used the soda machine her had I bought two sodas. Then from there we hit the only two houses on the main highway. The rest of the places there were the two school and the Baptist church.

We would have to walk past the school and the diner before there were more houses. W would do that but we both wanted to take a short rest, drink our sodas, and also have a snack. So Barbie and I stopped at the school sitting on the one swingset on the one side of the old school.I felt good to sit down for both of us were a little tired and both of us our feet were hurting a little also.

We did spend enough time having drank all of our soda and we snacked haviong more then one candy bar too. Now where the houses would start again along the hghway was a good ten minute walk or would be longer then that since Barbue was with me. I now said to Barbie; Hey since we have some what of a walk before we start again do you thing we better piss before we leave? I asked. Barbie thought for only one quick moment and told me yes we should!

Now being in the school yard where we could wal across it and go over into the woods by the creek to piss which in many of my posts I had with Barbie and other girls Brbie said to me; Hey Dave why walk over to the creek. Let's piss right here! I DARE YOU! Well the swingset did set back about 75 feet from the highway. But there were lights on mounted high up on the school building behind us. So there was light which we could possibly be seen from passing cars.

I didn't speak up right away thinking that I should or shouldn't take up on Barbies dare. But what I did was tell her; I double dare you Barbie! Barbie giggled hard and she pulled her skirt right out from under her and pulled it way back to in the top as well. So now seeing that she was going to piss right there I had now had to do it.

So I pulled down my zipper and was starting to get my penis out to piss Barbie suddenly said to me; Hey wait a minute! No you have to pull your pants down so you will be lke I am right now! Then Barbie giggled hard. Then she said to me if you don't do it I'll just put my skirt back and won't piss! So I popped my snap pulled my pants down to my knees Barbie laughed and I said back to her; That better? She shook her head hard yes.

She started pissing just before I did. She sent a downward slightly foward angled piss stream. It hissed and it ht in the dirt patch on the ground where the grass had been worn away from having the swing used so much. Me I sent out a long arced piss stream well out in front of me landinng well out to where there was grass.

Now I would make Barbie laugh hard everytime out on the highway I couyld see the headlight beams shinning before the car would be in sight and I would cut off my stream. Barbie didn't do this with her piss stream. She just kept pissing. I only had to do this three times stopping my stream for only three cars had gone past on the highway.

we both made sure though we emptied our bladders. When we finsihed pissing I stood up yanked my pants right up slipped my penis back inside of them did the snap and lastly yanked my zipper up very fast. All Barbe had to do was stand up her skirt fell back down and that was it. She laughed all the while when I took care of myslef after my piss. She picked up her bag and we walked back out to the highway turned right and headed up the highway to where the next bunch of houses were. To be continuied.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfrWendy
When I was a teenager I used to hang around with a girl in my class called Emma. We were about 14 at the time & one day we were walking home from school when Emma farted & said, "I really need a crap. I've been holding it all day & I'm desperate." We were taking a short cut through the woods at the time so I said, "Well you could do it in the bushes." Emma replied, "No way! That's disgusting!" I pointed out, "Well it's better than doing it in your pants." Emma said, "I'm not going to do that am I. I can control myself." We carried on walking untill we got out of the woods & suddenly Emma farted again. She said, "Oops." Emma felt her bum & I told her, "You really are desperate aren't you." Emma went bright red & said, "Yes!" She held her bum with both hands & added, "I can't hold it. I have to go now." I could smell it too. She froze & began to wet herself while she shit her pants. I could see a big bulge forming under her skirt as a puddle formed at Emmas feet. She looked mortified & I told her, "You should've gone in the woods." Emma said, "I know. I thought I could hold it." We went back to the woods & Emma took off her messed up pants & cleaned herself up using some leaves as best she could. Her pants were completely full of poo & we just left them in the bushes. As soon as we got to Emmas house she went to her upstairs bathroom to cleanup properly in the shower.

Nat x
Age: 18
Body Type: Body type? :S Well im fairly slim, im 122 pounds, 5'5"
Race: White British

1. Do you Like farting? Yes most times i do.
2. About how many times a day do you fart? I reckon about 10-15
3. Are your farts stinky? ...very
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Reaasonably loud, but very wet.
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? My family and my best friend Emma.
6. Where are you comfortable farting? At home, in my room, outdoors (so no one notices)
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had? oh god yea! all the time! read my post on page 1900.
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? No thank god lol
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys? I dont really see it that way, i know that my ones are probably more horrible.
10. Have you ever farted at Someone? At my best friend Emma once lol
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? Yea, when my friends have sleep overs and we get silly
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? No not really
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? Im not sure tbh
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? Yea my friends lol
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting? ermm yess quite a few actually, i need to post those stories
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car? Yessss many times
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts? Sometimes, depends what i've had
18. Do you fart in public? I try not to, but sometimes doesnt work
19. Should all girls be open about farting? I think they should then there wouldnt be so much pressure in my bum from holding them
20. Any stories you would like to share? not yet, i will post soon about the time i sharted at my boyfriends.

Thanks for the survey :D

Nat x

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