Upstate Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 6

Well Tereasa and I wound up staying in my den for some time drinking,listening to tunes on my stereo radio, smoking cigarettes, and some mild foolig around too. As far as our drinking I wound up having four beers from the six pack. Tereasa drank the entire bottle of wine she had bought.

It was now in the early morning hour around 2:30 am at this point. I was getting tired and so was Tereasa. She asked me if I wanted to go to bed. I told her that I did. Me too! Tereasa said back to me. I then told Tereasa there was one thing that I had to do before we hit the sheets. What's that Dave? she asked me. I have to take a good night piss first.

We werelaying on the couch side by side so I patted Tereasa's bare ass and she moved and I got up and helped her up also. She told me to leave the radio on which I did but I did turn off the light in the den and we walked through the kitchen and into the bathroom together. I turned on the bathroom light and we walked over to the toilet.

Do you want to sit Dave? Tereasa asked me. Then she giggled a littel and went on saying to me; I'll sit on your lap and piss. How's that? I told her that would be fone so I sat down on the seat and she stepped forward straddling over me and then sat down on my lap with or bodies being tightly together. Her breasts pressed hard into my chest.

Tereasa the slipped her left hand down between my thighs and pressed my penis down so I wouldn't piss on her. I felt myself starting to piss. I couldn't see down to see myself pissing for we were so close together. But I could feel that I must be pissing hard for it fet that way to me.

Then Tereasa said to me after I had pissed for several seconds; Dave I want to see! I'll slide back and you can open your legs. So Tereasa slid back and I did spread my feet apart on the floor. That made a space betwen our bodies along with my thighs now opened Tereasa and I both could look down and now my piss stream could be seen by us both.

I was pising hard with a short wide headed stream which also had a nice neat good twist in it. I wasn't making that big of a splash in the toilet for my stream was well above the water. Then a short hard spurt of piss shot down and ut from Tereasa's vagina! Oppps! Tereasa said with a slight giggle. That got away from me! I tolod her it didn't matter now. You don't have to hold it back Tereasa. Go ahead and piss.

Tereasa let out another little giggle and another spurt of piss came out from her vagina. I di want to piss all at once Dave! So what she wound up doing was doing spurts of piss starting and stopping all the while that I pissed. Tereasa was sitting on my lap far enough back that her spurts of piss never hit me or her hand that was holding my penis.

I came to a stop and did two good spurts myself. Tereasa let go leaned way back and then she stopped her piss spurts and her stream went right into being constent. She like me now had a steady stream that was not as wide headed but was twisted. Boy did it ever hiss loudly too! Tereasa now let out a soft sigh and a long soft ahhhh now that she was able to piss steadily.

Tereasa went on and pissed for a good more twenty seconds and then came to a dripping stop. She got right up off of my lap. She stepped back away from me. As she did this she offered her hand to help me up which did take. With a smile on her lips Tereasa said to me; I'm now ready for bed Dave. I smiled back at her for I was just as ready as she was. One thing I lso said as we were walking out of the bathroom; Do you want me to leave the bathroom light on Tereasa? Just in case you need to get up later? You can if you want Dave so I left it on and a few short minutes later we were in bed together and we had some good fun first and then after that were soon into deep sleep. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Last Time For A Long Time Part 4

It took Barbie and I not as long to come back as it had going along the highway doing our trick n treating. Less places to stop at and once we got back past the beach at the lake we took the dyke path then the short cut dirt road to the highway again and then down the hghway and when we reached the places along the highways left side we started again trick or treating.

We had a lot of treatsas we went along now. We also resumed our asking for drinks too. By the time we had reached where Barbie's house was across the other side of the highway we had to do two things. One was dump out Barbie's bag and we both had to piss. We went inside the house together. Her oldest brother Tom was in the kitchen when we came inside.

Barbie dumped her treats out on the table. Tom told her that she had done quite well from the looks you have hera on the table Barbie. She told Tom that she had. Tom said hi to me and then asked Barbie where were the othersand why was she with me. We both told Tom about the others leaving us two at my house. So I escorted Barbie around. We both asked Tom if any of the others had been here. He told us they had but that was a long time ago. He didn't know where they had gone after they had left too.

So waht we did was leave and went outside. Oce outside Barbie said to me we could go up behind the barn and piss. So we bth held hands and ran up the rest of the driveway went past the barn and ducked behind the far end wall and were out of sight of the house and the rest of the area arround her house.

Down went the zipper on my pants as well as up went the bottom of Barbies black skirt. She got into a high hovering squat and we both started hard pisses together. Boy did it ever feel soooo good to piss! I'm sure Barbie felt the same way as I did right then. There was one thing though as Barbie was pissing. Her stream was hissing loudly! Barbie can you stop hissing! If anyone comes they are sure to hear it!

Barbie giggled just a little first. I'll try! she whispered loudly. It too ker several long seconds to get her piss streams hissing to stop but Barbie managed to do it. There was now only the sound of our streams making soft splashing hitting off things on the ground. But still even our piss splashing it seemed very loud. Barbie too after having to force holding back her stream so it wouldn't hiss said that she wished she didn't have to do it.

Being that she was uncofortble I told her; The hell with it Barbie go! She did too with her stream going hard again and with a loud hiss again. Barbie et out a loud sigh of relief now that she was no longer holding back. I finished pissing before she did and I quickly zipped up my pants and I took a hurried backwards step turnig as I did to take a look. I saw on one and then stepped back turning looking back at Barbie again.

How much more Barbie? I asked her. A little more Dave she said right back to me. Sh was right for after several more seconds her stream hissing stopped as her stream tariled off and she did some dripping and then she was finished. She stood up picked up her empty bag and we walked around the corner of the barn and down the driveway going back out to the highway.

We started down to the four corners workingthe left side of the highway. Once down at the four corners we made a right turn and started going to the houses on the ne side of that road for there were only houses on the one side. We again asked for drinks again too. We reached the last house walked back down to the four corners and we made a turn to head on one of the other roads and hit some houses on it. To be continuied.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

despeate to poop - glad to hear you got your pc working. I love the stories on this site, but in my opinion, you have the best desperation ones. I'm glad to hear you made it on time despite the long wait. I will be looking forward to more of your stories.

Amy (from Midwest)
Its me again!!! I made a little mistake last time and when I reread it I saw it! When I said Melissa leaned her left hip against the steering wheel I meant her right hip. She was facing me and I was on the seat! Oops! I just put the wrong side down! LOL!

Last night, my friend was over for a sleepover and we went to BWW a wings place, and both ordered spicy wings. After dinner, we went to see this really long movie Inception. By the time we got home it was 1:15 and we knew the worst was coming. I felt a strong urge to shit so I went to bathroom a let some wet farts but nothing more. All the sudden in the middle of me farting he knocks on the door. "How long are you gonna be?" He asks. I'm like "Five-Ten Minutes" He's like "okay" with some hesitation. Five minutes later I come out and he hurries in and takes a dump. He comes out and he's like, "I'm not done" and I'm like "me either" maybe we should stay up so we don't have any problems. I can't go so, we go down stairs and I get some green tea (which is supposed to make u poop). And I feel an urge to poop ten minutes later I dart to the bathroom. Where I let out a giant fart but no poop. At 4:15 we go to sleep all the sudden at 5:15 we both wake up, after the both of us let out giant farts, I run to the bathroom and make it just in time as tons of poop flies out of my butt. He's like "it's coming out soon!" So I get out, and he runs in with no time to close the door and makes monster wet poop all over the toilet filling it, and then while he's pulling up his pants, I run in with an urge to poop and I see his diherria all over toilet and then I lost my urge.


Laxative Didn't Work

I'm hoping some of you can explain this one to me because I can't find anything about it online. My girlfriend is typically a very regular person but in the last few months she has become constipated to the point she only goes a couple of times a month. At first we thought it was due to some irregular circumstances but now it has continued for around 3 months. At the suggestion of her mother she was taking a digestive aid but it wasn't helping so I went and bought her a bottle of Senna laxative pills. She took 2 of them Thursday morning and felt absolutely no effects that day or Friday. Then last night I suggested she take 3 before bed, it is now almost 6pm on Saturday and again she hasn't felt a cramp or urge at all. I really don't understand why this isn't working, in my experience Senna tablets are generally very effective. I think she is going to try the maximum dosage to night but I'm kind of concerned about the effects of taking so much medication with no results. If anyone has any suggestions as to why she is having no luck with this or what she can do to make it work I would certainly appreciate the input.


scared the crap out of me

just recently i was really really constipated, and i was dying for relief, so i picked up one of the most strongest over the counter laxatives and i took a swig of it. later that night i was at my boy friends place, he lives relatively close so after i was done visiting him i started to walk home. thats when my laxative kicked in, i immediately felt some intense stomach cramps and i needed to find a place to go fast. i was quite a way from home so i decided to look around for a place to do my business. i walked over to some bushes, but on my way i saw an old wooden outhouse, so i took the opporitunity and made my way inside. to my suprise it didnt smell that bad inside, so i slid my pants and panties down to my knees and plopped down to finally take my long awaited crap. i was confused on why i hadn't started to shit, and it was night so it was rather dark in the outhouse so i pulled out my cell phone to shed some light and text some friends while i waited. i was in the middle of a text message when i started to hear some noises, coming from down the outhouse hole. i spread my legs and used the light on my phone to see what the disturbance was. i was looking around when out of no where a damn bat flew right out of the hole! i screamed pretty loud, and the bat literally scared the shit right out of me! i could feel a really rock solid piece of crap fly out followed by tons of diarrhea. it hurt pretty bad dislodging that first bit, but i had bigger priorities, like where that damn bat went! i used the light on my phone and i finally spotted it huddled up in a corner on the ceiling adjusting its wings and it looked at me from over its wing (yuck!) truly an ugly little critter. as i let the last bit of my diarrhea run out of me i wiped my ass, hiked up my pants, and tried to avoid that bat as best as i could on my way out. i shouldnt really blame the bat once i think of it, i mean i was taking a shit in its home, and if it didnt come out of there i probably would have been in the outhouse for a long time. what an experience. xoxo


A BBW's Bowel Movement

I took a part time job as a clerk in a bookstore for a few extra bucks. It is in a college town and doubles as a college bookstore selling text books and a general interest store. Among my many duties, I am responsible for checking both bathrooms on an hourly basis and replacing what needs replacing, e.g. toilet paper, hand towels, etc. Yesterday, this lady came in and immediately caught my eye. She was in her mid-twenties, black, about 6'1" tall and dressed elegantly in a tight white dress with a leopard print belt around her waist. She was also wearing really high and pointy leopard heels and those smoked sunglasses. She had long hair that was twisted into tight braids and appeared to have been highlighted blonde that hung down to her mid chest. Everything about this lady was BIG. She was tall, big chest, very thick legs, big behind. Not fat or sloppy, just big. I saw her come in and strut past all the books and head directly towards the restrooms which are in the back of the store. Of course, I followed her and sure enough she went right into the ladies room. I decided to have a drink at the fountain which is positioned between the 2 restrooms. I heard her heels on the floor and the stall door slam. A few seconds later, I heard a loud, long fart followed by pee hitting the water. At this point I decided to give the lady some privacy and moved back into the store and proceeded to straighten up some shelves, all the while, keeping an eye on the bathrooms. After about 10 minutes, out comes the lady. She walked right past me and out of the store. I decided that right that moment was a good time to do my hourly inspection of the restrooms and decided to start with the ladies. I pushed the door open a few inches to ask if anyone was in there and it hit me. The ungodly stink of shit rushed out the cracked open door. This shit stink smelled overpowering and hit me almost like a physical blow. I loudly asked if anyone was in there and then stepped in and let the door close behind me. After I got inside, the smell became stronger if that is possible. One thing I should let you know; these bathrooms are big. 6 stalls with very high ceilings. She managed to stink the entire thing up with her odor. I wondered which stall she had used. It wasn't tough to determine. The last stall, which is handicapped, was the victim. This woman DESTROYED the entire bowl. Shit stains were everywhere. I am used to seeing them around the hole but the entire bowl was painted a nice light brown. Also, there were several tiny, light brown pieces of her feces floating in the water. Bear in mind that these toilets have an industrial flush. I hung out in there for a few minutes enjoying the smell. Then I took a picture of the toilet with my phone and flushed the toilet again. Amazingly, a fair amount of skid marks still remained. When I checked again 20 minutes later, it still had a heavy smell of shit although it had started to dissipate by that time. Anyway, that is my story of a BBW's BM. Hope you liked it.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Problems during the first week of school (already)

I've posted before about how I can pee with anybody when I'm away from home, but that I have a hard time taking a crap. It's not that I can't go, and I can feel the crap slid down in my anus, but once I lower my white panties to mid-thigh and seat myself on the toilet, it's a long process. I started my sophomore year of high school yesterday and it's not starting out any better than last year.

As I said with an earlier story, Mom runs a day care out of our house and I have little chance of getting into the bathroom there before I leave for school because some of the kids are always coming in early and sometimes there's a line for the toilet. I admit I sleep as late as I can and go to the bathroom at school as soon as I arrive. Most days I pee before 1st hour and comb my hair while I'm in the stall. That's no problem and it goes fairly fast.

However, before 2nd hour I went in to crap. There were easily 30 girls in there for about 15 stalls and when a door came open, I seized it. My butt was on the seat before I closed the door and latched it, although it frustrated me that the latch was slipping and I was afraid it would come off in my hand. We have five minute passing periods and I could feel my crap drop and it was slowly getting ready to rear its head when the one-minute warning bell rang and I quickly pulled my pants up (luckily I was wearing a dress so I didn't have the wrestle with some of the tight jeans that frustrate me to no end.) I ran upstairs to my 2nd hour class and after we got our worksheets, I asked permission to go to the bathroom. The teacher told me I could when I finished it so I raced through it in like 10 minutes and it was material we had gone over in middle school, and then I asked for him to sign my restroom pass. He did and within two minutes I was on the seat in a much more quiet and less chaotic bathroom. This was a one-staller that I hadn't used before. I started to push harder and a block of about a half inch dropped into the stool. I wanted to momentarily stand up and hopefully see how much I had dropped, but in doing so, I must have pulled the seat up about two inches and I dropped with a thud. While tiny, my block of crap really stood out because it was outside the water and floating on top of a yellow Biology notebook I guess someone had tossed in the stool. I went to slide forward because sometimes I get more to come out when I plant my elbows into my thighs and rock forward and backward. Luckily, I was the only person in the restroom because my butt skin screeched as I moved forward, but over five minutes I pushed harder, and got one more block about an inch long to drop. I only needed to use one tissue to wipe with and then went back to class with the rest of my load intact.

During 3rd, 4th, 5th hour (lunch) and 6th hour I got passes and each time I was only able to drop a tiny block. Because my classes are in different wings and on different floors of the building, I used a different bathroom each time. Each time I stayed on the stool no longer than 10 minutes because I didn't want to make my teachers mad so early in the year. During lunch, there were so many girls in there I don't think I was on the seat longer than two minutes, although I did pee. Strangely, right after the 3:05 dismissal bell rang I immediately went across the hall, took the first stall and was able to have my normal daily crap. It was in two pieces, each about a foot long. That sure felt good and luckily I only needed like four pieces of the toilet paper squares to clean myself. I took a picture for my friend Taylor because she thought it would be a waste of her time to wait around for me.

I admit, though, that seven "sits" for one good shit is a little much but that's pretty much been the way it works out for me since I started high school. I think I probably need to "unstress" myself but when the bathrooms are crowded, noisy, and I'm worrying about missing the bell to class, I just can't come through.

What should I do? My homeroom teacher is very sarcastic and makes cracks about Day 1 out of 191 down and counting. I don't have a lot to look forward to, I guess.


Annoying bathroom things

Mr. Clogs asked what annoyed us in the bathroom. Threee things annoy me in public bathrooms:

1. People talking on their phones in the bathroom.
2. People not washing their hands.
3. People not flushing, so I have to see someone else's crap and piss and menstrual blood in the toilet. EW!

Kelly P

Peeing Games

Maybe it's because we just got back from our vacation at the cabin where did a lot of peeing games, but I feel like writing about them. I think of these sort of games as fun things we do, not necessarily contests, although we do hold distance matches. We've been married 10 years, and we still come up with new games occasionally.

We're both avid hikers, campers and paddlers, so lots of out games are outdoors. Our first real date was a hike. Just the two of us. I've written about it before. My future hubby stepped off the trail to pee against a tree, so I just squatted off to the side. He seemed to like it, and we've peed together on just about every hike since.

About then I was secretly practicing peeing standing up using the finger spread and lift method. Finally on a hike when we went off the trail to pee I took a deep breath and peed standing up through one leghole of loose shorts. I remember that I was pretty nervous about it because by then I liked him a lot and I didn't know how he would react. He was sure surprised, but then I saw his male flag going up so I knew he was OK with it. After we finished I remember that he had a hard time getting his penis back inside his hiking shorts. Hee hee. Eventually we even found a place where we could sneak into a mens room and go side by side in adjacent urinals. Quite a turn on for both of us. About 3 days later he asked me to marry him and it wasn't hard to figure out the answer.

We still pee standing side by side whenever the opportunity presents, which is mostly on hikes, but these days I usually use a TravelMate funnel so I can go easily through the fly of my jeans. I guess it was a couple of years after we were married that we started having distance contests. I use the spread and lift method for that. Since I got the knack of it I almost always win, especially when his penis gets hard. That seems to reduce his stream. He still wins on rare occasions, as I described in my last note. Apparently when I have a big hard constipated poo in my rear it puts pressure on my pee tube inside.

So what else? He loves to wipe me after I pee, and he has a super way to do it. It's more blotting than wiping. He puts TP over his flat hand and alternately moves his fingers up and down. If your guy wants to wipe you, ask him to try it that way. It feels fabulous. Also, I think I wrote before about a quik-mart where we stop for gas and share the mens' room. It's meant for one person but it has both a urinal and toilet side by side, no partition. I use the urinal and my hubby sits on the potty. Fun and different.

Just about at year ago I figured out that I could aim him when he pees, and I like to do it every now and then. I love the feeling of his penis growing in my hand as he pees. Sometimes I try to use him to write something in the snow, but it's usually not legible.

We have a couple of more intimate games, too, but I'm not sure if I can tell about them on this website. Besides this is getting long, so I'll sign off now.


Pooping women
here is a suggestion to try using it in a bed pan ..... i keep a bed pan underneath my car seat and i have a plastic container it fits so it is good for handling mess ..... so I had just gotten off work and was just pulling out of the parking lot. i always change before i leave work in my comfortable attire which is a mini skirt and it is black no panties and my tshirt that is black and no bra .... i wear it home all the time .... so i was driving home and was just almost out of the parking lot and felt like i need poo cause i had not done it all day and had the time .... so felt a big urge to fart it came out loudly ..... so i felt the urge to push to see what would happen. i am not on the pan yet so i raised the leg that is not on the brake and gas peddal so i came to a red light so leaned over in the seat and pushed felt it start sliding my intestines so as left and drove about 10 minutes i got stuck in traffic so both sides of the road not evening moving so i had this transfer on my side of the window he had a clear vision in my car and i was fixing to give him an eye full .... did not care cause i need to try to to do this cause i had alot of things to do when or if i made it home .so i leaned over in the passenger and my butt was not noticeable yet so i felt the need to push again so i pushed so i pushed and i felt it peek out my anus so i
leaned over did not want to get on the skirt and so leaned over and felt a big push i looked over the guy in the truck was stareing so i need to poop so i pushed the pan under the turd so i pushed it was out about 3 inches so i was pushed some more and another 3 inches and it was at least 6 inches he was amazed so i pushed and it dropped in the pan.... felt like pushing some more......and did another 6 inch turd and had some tp whipped and leaned over at him and smiled he that was amazing and i rolled my windown up and put my skirt back down ....


Covering it up

Emma asked if anyone had an accident and tried to cover it up. I did in high school (how mortifying!). I was 17 and a Junior (this was like ten years ago) and I was at lunch with my friends like always and we were joking around and laughing. I didn't even realize I needed to go but we were laughing really hard at something a friend said and all of the sudden I felt warm wetness spreading from my crotch. It took me a second to realize I was peeing my jeans from laughing so hard! I quickly cut off the flow and tried to keep laughing like nothing was wrong but I looked down and could see dark wetness in my crotch and a little on the inside of my thighs and knew that under my butt had to be even wetter because of how I was sitting (and I could feel the wetness on my butt cheeks). I quickly reached for my drink and "accidentally" dropped it in my lap. Boy was it cold all of the sudden - especially in those spots that were just warmed up by my pee. We all laughed harder and I quickly jumped up like I was surprised and surveyed the damage. My plan mostly worked, but if you looked closely you could probably tell that some of the wetness didn't originate from a spill but rather from my crotch, especially from behind since most of the spill covered my lap and top of my legs. My best friend went with me to the bathroom to try and help me clean up. When we got into the handicap stall together she asked me if all I did was spill my drink. She knew. I guess she could tell. I had to confess to her that no, I didn't just spill, but that I had spilled my drink on purpose to try and cover up the fact that I had started to pee in my pants from laughing too hard. She was cool about it and confessed to having done the same thing, but only a little bit, and it didn't show through to her pants, only her panties. So we kept it our little secret. I got a change of clothes from the school nurse and was able to wash my jeans and panties when I got home.


wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Holding my poo

Untill recently I used to love holding my poo for several days untill I really had to go. I loved the relief of it when I finaly got to release a a massive load into the toilet.
I can remember one time when I was 21, I'd held it for 10 days & was feeling very uncomfortable. I really needed to go but I couldn't as my poo had become impacted in my bowels. I sat on the toilet for an hour, straining like mad but it was useless. I felt sick & had on energy so I went to the doctor. I was prescribed a stool softner/laxative & was told to drink lots of water. Well I drank 2 litres of water that night & took my medication before going to bed. During the night I had to pee 4 times & almost wet the bed. The following morning I got up feeling a strong urge to poo but when I went to the toilet I still couldn't go. I took another dose of laxatives & kept drinking loads of water. I waited for an hour before I tried to go again but I could only pee. I decided to go for a walk & take my mind off my constipation trouble.
I walked for about 3 miles before the urge to pee became really bad. I felt a surging sensation in my bowels & knew I had to get to a toilet or find a place to relieve myself as a matter of urgency. I'd drank so much water that morning my bladder was completely full. I though it would burst & I felt my poo pushing against my anus trying it's hardest to force it open. I had to clench really hard to avoid having an accident but soon I started to dribble some pee into my pants. My jeans had a wet spot about the size of a 10p coin & my pants were damp. I was determined to make it home before it was too late but my bladder had other ideas. My bladder was now stretched to the limit & a hot gush of pee squirted into my pants. Now the wet patch in my jeans had grown to the size of my hand & it was running down my leg. I felt another surge in my bowels & leaked a little bit of diarrhea into my allready wet pants. Then my bladder gave up & I couldn't stop the flow. I peed about a gallon all down my legs & a large puddle formed at my feet. Then my bowels let go & a huge amount of semi solid diarrhea exploded into my underwear. It went on for ages & my clothes were soaked in a messy mixture of urine & diarrhea. I had to walk home with it all over my bum & up my back. The cleanup was a huge task & afterwards I took a shower. As I dried myself I felt another urge to poo so I sat on the toile & released some more mushy poo into the bowl. I felt much after after that.

new guy

comments & questions

this is my 2nd post today First I would like say that im a different new guy not the one who use to post here a few years ago I chose the name because I didnt want use my real and I coudnt think of any others at the time.

To all the girls & women on this site do any of you play any types of farting games like. Who can do the stinkiest or loudest etc. And do any of you play any type of pooping games such as who can do the most or who can make the longest one etc.

ps. I really love this site.

College Dude

Bad Experience

Hey Everyone, it's been a while since I posted, but I've been meaning to share this story for some time now. So this summer I actually stayed in my college town and worked, because there were more jobs available than in my hometown and because my friends and I are renting out a house for the year, so I was already paying for it anyway. So anyway, my job required me to work an extremely volatile schedule, sometimes working as early as 5:15 in the morning, other days working as late as 1:00 am. This particular morning I was supposed to be in the office by 6:30 AM, but I woke up at 5:00 AM (on my own, not an alarm) realizing that I was having intense cramps in my lower abdomen. I had cooked some really good Alfredo for dinner the night before, but for whatever reason it gave me diarrhea. So I made it to the toilet in time and had wave after wave of just pure liquid coming out of me. I finished up, went back and laid down in bed, and then had round two later on. After that, I was feeling better, looked at the clock and realized I had to leave for work right then if I didn't want to be late (work is about 5-10 minutes away depending on traffic lights). So I felt better and decided to go to work. Well on my way I was already kinda rushing so as not to get in trouble for being late, when all the sudden it hit me: I needed a bathroom again, and fast. So I guess while I was thinking about all this I subconsciously sped up, and the next thing I know I have a motorcycle cop behind me with his lights on. I then only think about how awful a morning it's been and I haven't even been awake two hours. I didn't even try to explain myself, given that I know that being a young male in a two door car isn't going to do me any favors in getting out of a ticket. I ended up being a couple minutes late, but lucky for me no one seemed to notice, and managed to get to a bathroom in time. Just the other day I went to court to try to explain the situation to the judge in hopes that I could somehow get my ticket reduced (I had found my speedometer to actually be slightly off), but I realized sitting in there that both the judge and the cop were complete jerks and I had little shot, and only got a couple miles knocked off. It sucks, but I guess I can't do anything about it now. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Another unrelated question, knowing that most colleges are starting up now, I was wondering if there were any new college girls out there who wanted to share any stories from their first days in dorms. I've always been curious as to what a girl's dorm is like, after experiencing my own dorm a couple of years ago. Braidy, I believe you are just starting college, right? If so, I'd love to hear any stories you'd like to share about yourself or any other girls in your dorm. Hope everyone is well!

This morning I left my friend Jared's cabin after spending a good week up there with friends. I left at around 9:00 am after we all ate breakfast and after I had gotten packed. I hadn't had a dump in a few days now but I decided I would go somewhere along the way as I made the drive home. To make sure I would be needing to go I ate a bunch of raisins an hour before I left which usually acts as a natural laxative.

After about 20 miles of driving I could feel the urge starting to build. I continued on hoping there would be a rest stop or gas station somewhere soon. It was quite a rural area and there was very little traffic on the road. I wondered if I could stop and unload in the bushes to the side of the highway but that thought soon passed when I saw a sign for a gas station a few miles ahead. I pulled into the empty station parking lot and saw that the station was abandoned. There was a billboard sign that was said they had moved to a new location a few miles further down the highway.

Just for fun I went around back where the washrooms were located to see if the washroom was open. I got out and made my way to the men's washroom that was accessed from outside. The bathroom was unlocked so I made my way in. I flicked the switch and amazingly there was still power. There were two toilets in the open across from each other. The one on the left had a urinal next to it and the one on the right had a sink next to it. The bathroom was a bit dirty but I knew nobody else would be coming in. I went over to the toilet on the right which was the handicapped unit.

There was still some toilet paper so I wiped the seat down before undoing my shorts and lowering my underwear . The seat was cold and hard but quite comfortable on the tall toilet. I leaned forward and immediately let out a few high pitched farts before I soon heard the sound of the turd start to make its way out. I took about a minute for me to pass it out and it landed in the bowl quite loudly. I sighed in relief as I started to let out a stream of pee. I could feel I needed to relieve more so I waited a minute or two until another solid pressure built up and I could no longer hold it in.

I farted a wet fart that rumbled into the toilet below. A few seconds later I released a pile of soft and mushy poop. It felt so good that I had finally cleared my system out. But before I could get up I felt another round coming so I remained seated and let it out. I finally got up and saw the toilet was absolutely full of shit. If I had shitted at the outhouse at the cabin like I had done before it would have been no problem but I grew increasingly concerned if the toilet could handle everything.

Before I wiped I decided I would try to flush everything down. It was a normal flush toilet so it had trouble almost immediately. It took about two or three flushes to get everything down at which point I started to wipe. It took a profuse amount of toilet paper to clean up. I flushed the thick wads of toilet paper down and quickly washed my hands before leaving. I felt a lot better and it was a much more comfortable drive back home.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

When I went up to uni to do my resit exam the other week I volunteered to be one of the supervisor people for another exam that was taking place today. Not one of the invigilators but one of the people who fetch extra paper for students and all that sort of thing, since you get paid for it. There were actually two different exams going on in the same hall (in the big old main university building that I assumed was just administration), one was 2 hours long and the other 2 and a quarter. For whatever reason (more than likely the bag of fish and chips I had for dinner last night) I started to get a rumbling after half an hour or so and soon it had developed into a full-blown urgent need for a big poo! We weren't supposed to leave the hall because we were meant to be helping out in case a student ran out of paper or whatever, so I couldn't go to the loo until the end. I held it and held it and the pressure kept building. By the time the last student had left and the pointless end of exam briefing thing had been conducted I was bursting. I made my way downstairs and into the corridor with the loos on. I went in and they were nice and clean and shiny. I went into one of the three cubicles and quickly sat down. A blast of hot and wet poo shot out of me. It echoed a lot in the tiled room but there was nobody else in there so I was spared embarrassment. It was while I was pushing out the six or seven little bits of poo that followed the main course that I noticed that, instead of loo paper in the holder, there were just little individual paper towels! I was a bit confused at first, but, no, that's what I had to wipe with! They were a bit rough and not at all soft on my bum which I had to wipe five or six times to get clean. My question is has anyone else come across toilet paper replaced with something else in a proper public loo? I can't say I'd ever seen anything like that before and I was a bit confused as to why they'd make a nice shiny clean and new toilet and then just put some old paper towels in instead of toilet roll!

new guy

fart names part 3

14. The snart Its when you sneeze and fart at the same time.
15. The wet-dry fart Its a fart that starts off wet then becomes a normal fart.
16. The silent wind Its like a silent but deadly but is longer and not as strong.
17. The NDY fart (not done yet) Its a fart that you think is finished but more comes out.
18. The gut buster Its a fart that hits you strong and you think its gonna be diarrhea but its just a very strong fart and usaly loud.
19. The sneaker fart Its a fart comes out at a radom time.
20. The toxic one Its afart that smells really really really bad so bad it make you wantto puke.
21. The loud but gentle fart Its a fart that is loud but dosent have mutch smell to it.
22. The follower Its a fart who's smells follows you around for a while.
23. The KO fart Its a fart that so strong it can knock somebody unconcious sometimes.
24. The rumbler Its a fart that has a really low tone to it and if your sitting down people near you can feel that vibration.
25. The loud to quite Its a fart that starts off loud but then becomes quite at the end.

Upstate Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 5

Tereasa and I did the grocery shopping at the market and went back to her house to put all the groceries away. Her mom was now asleep so we did the putting away of the groceries quickly and quietly. Tereasa did mention as we were putting the groceries away that she needed to come to my place for she did leave her stockings and the satin pair of panties there after we had left the wedding. I told her ok.

We had planned anway to stay up for awhile yet anyway for I bought a sixpack of beer and she managed to get a bottle of wine at the liquire store before it closed. We left her house and went to my place. Once inside Tereasa got out a glass,ice from the freezer and poured herself a glass of wine. I opned one of my beers and I went and picked up her stockings and the pair of purple satin panties off my bedroom floor and put them on the chair in my livingroom.

Then we were ready to settle down which we went into my den sat down on the couch and we had a choise what to do there in the den. I could turn on mmy stereo for music or turn on the tv. Well as it turned out we first turned on the tv but there was not anything on that we both were interested in watching so the stereo went on and we listened to tunes as we sat there together on the couch snuggling up together on it.

Tereasa and I sipped our drinks. Me my beer and her her wine. We talked some along with having a cigarette too. Tereasa brought up the subject about she wondered about what her sistor Mary and her new husband wre doing right now. I laughed pretty hard at that. What do you think Tereasa! I said to her. It is the first night of thier honymoon! Teresa started now t laugh with me. Then she said to me; I don't belive I said that! You did Tereasa. Boy am I stupid! she said back to me.

Well after some time had passed I had finished my beer and Tereasa her glass of wine. We both got up went out to the kitchen I got another beer while Tereasa put fresh ice in her glass and refilled it with wine. I needed to piss and I told Tereasa. She said me too so we left our drinks on the table and went right into my bathroom.

Since we both were going to piss Teresa had the seat and lid up and she straddled standing over the toilet and I in front of it. My penis was semi erect which Tereasa saw it and she smiled a little before we started to piss. Tereasa started just before I did. She started differently thsi time too.

She started off by a hard dribble which soaked and matted down her blonde pubic hair. Then went right from the hard dribble rght into a bursting gushing spraying straight down stream. Oh this ones starting off messy Dave! Tereasa said to me. I've should have sat down and pissed! I'm going to need a good wiping after this one. I told Tereasa I would be happy to wipe you off! Tereasa smiled with a bigger smile and she also then reached over and brushed my hand away from my penis and she held it now. Then I began to piss.

I sent a thin stream into the toilet. I wasn't going that hard also. I was just missing Tereasas stream but some of hers spray was hittng my stream which did make it splatter which some of the droplets hitTereasas inner thighs on her legs. As I saw this I thought to myself that I would have more piss to wipe off which with Tereasa holding my penis and thinking about doing the wiping my penis got to a full erection in no time.

I finished before TEreasa and she let go after I had stopped without shaking me. She went with her gushing spraying stream for several more seconds after I had stopped. Then her stream slackend right off doing again some good dribbling with dripping and then stopped. Tereasa reached over and rolled off from the toilet paper roll several wads of p[aper for me. She gave me one and I went to work starting on her one leg wiping the piss off from it. Then I did the other,her lower crotch, and last her vagina.

I used all of the wads of paper she had torn off from the roll. I stepped back from the toilet to let tereasa step forward also. Before we left the bathroom Tereasa asked me if I would take my jeans off. You'll be more comfortible Dave if you do and I can also make you more comfortible also! So I did justthat. I took off my pants and shirt and I left the bathroom now with Tereasa in my tshirt and boxers only. To be continiued.


Post Title (optional) CONSTIPATED YET AGAIN!!!!!!

Linda from Australia here again. Well I'm constipated again!! I've been on a really bad losing streak with my poos lately. I was constipated 3 weeks ago and I managed to get backed up this week too. I did a poo on Monday morning and by Monday afternoon, I had liquid poo and butt phlegm coming out. It was the same as 3 weeks ago, I had to keep going to the toilet to squirt out liquid poo. I even had to give in and go at work, otherwise I would've had an accident in my pants. I was in dire need of a poo and really miserable. I could feel the poo sitting in my anus all the time so I had to be careful. I held on for as long as possible in between visiting the toilet. As soon as I went for a 'squirt' I needed to go again almost straight away. It was terrible and my stomach was really bloated. The liquid poo just kept coming out and I had to squirt more out during the night. It was the same on Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought it would never end. I was extremely constipated and so full of poo that I felt like I was overflowing.

On Thursday morning, I squirted out more liquid shit but there were a few hard pieces in there. I thought it was finally coming to an end but I had to go 4 or 5 more times to squirt more liquid poo out that day. That night I went several times for a squirt. On Friday morning, I had more liquid poo but the next load consisted of rock hard poo balls. I was so glad to be pushing out normal poos again!! I was desparate to do a decent poo!! I had breakfast and went back for a 3rd sitting on the toilet, where I pushed out a massive load. The logs were rock hard and they burnt my anus. I knew that wasn't the last load for the day as I had 3 days worth of shit up there. I hadn't done a poo since Monday morning either so I went 3 days without doing a poo. I went out shopping and I knew I would be visiting a public toilet while I was out, probably more than once. I found some public toilets at the shopping complex and chose the first cubicle. There were other people in the other toilets but I didn't care. I did a wee and then pushed out a few rock hard poo balls. They stunk and I'm sure other people could smell them but I wasn't worried.

I still didn't feel finished. I drove to another shopping centre and I got another urge to do poos. As soon as I got there, I made my way to the public toilets. I chose a toilet that was right at the end and went in. I dropped a small load, consisting of more rock hard logs. When I got home, I tried for another poo but nothing came out. I tried again later after dinner and pushed out 1 rock hard ball of poo. I went to the toilet 7 times to do poos that day!!! I was literally full of shit!!

I'm not sure why I've been getting so constipated lately because I've been eating healthy food. I'm still a bit constipated today and I've done poos 3 times. Each time, the logs burnt my anus.

desperate to poop

desperation poo whilst jogging

Hi all,

Looks like my PC is sorted I can submit again :) I had a desperate pooh this morning whilst Jogging. I'd been out with friends the night before for a curry very lovely it was. I decided as I had a few bingy days I'd work it off and went for a jog around my local park. Halfway through my jog I got a severe urge to go for a pooh. Luckily I knew where the park toilets were and I wasn't too far away.

It took me about 4 minutes to get there and my I could feel a desperate need for a pooh. As I entered there were a few bikes outside and there was a smell in the air when I got inside. I find out way two cucibles both occupied and one biker about 25 waiting. I couldn't believe it as there aren't usually that busy. She said hi and said the 3 of them had some bad food the night before. The two ladies in there were having bad diarreoh and she needed it to. This was NOT good news for me as I was desperate too and doing a small poo poo dance. 10 mins passed and the biker was very very desperate clutching her bum and dancing on her toes.
A few times she moaned for the others to hurry up. Finally the end cucil ble flushed and she dashed in replacing her friend in her late twenties also.

I was now very very desperate myself although hearing the two girls going was quite a turn on.

I waited for a further five mins when the other girl returned obviously needing a second stint! She was grimacing. Both people were unloading with lots of farts and moans.

Finally after a further five minutes the 1st cubicle opened, the girl came out apologising it wouldn't flush but I couldn't care I ran in ripped my lycra pants down and let out a large fart and exploded over the bowl. Oh the relief was unimaginable. I surveyed my running pants and luckily they weren't too bad. Luckily I didn't have diarreoh just a lof of soft runny poop. Still it was such a relief to get it all out. I was in for about eight minutes.

The girl I had chatted with was still going strong and moaning and I could see the girl outside waiting shifting back and forth

I finally finished. it took me a while to wipe my backside with some pretty rough TP as it was messy. I was also wet at the front so wiped that dry. Of course combined with the last lady's dumping there wasn't much room in the pan!

Happy pooping all.

I left feeling very relieved and thankful not to have done it in my pants. The other girl rushed in after me to have her second stint


Fart Suvery

Hi everybody, i made a quick Suvery about Farting specialy for our female members.

Body Type:

1. Do you Like farting?
2. About how many times a day do you fart?
3. Are your farts stinky?
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.)
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who?
6. Where are you comfortable farting?
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had?
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot?
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys?
10. Have you ever farted at Someone?
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends?
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles?
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep?
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts?
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting?
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car?
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts?
18. Do you fart in public?
19. Should all girls be open about farting?
20. Any stories you would like to share?

Abbie- I hope things get better for you this year at school! What day do you go back? I hope the toilets have been improved, I shared your pain (sometimes literally!) at having to hold my poo for hours. Not wanting to be embarrassed was one of the main reasons I usually held it in, if I knew it was going to be a big or messy one that would take a while to complete. Good luck and try to enjoy your poos!!

Not sure what happened to my last post about going to the zoo, but I thought I'd tell a story about confined spaces. Portaloos-everyone's least favourite type of toilet. I, like many people, try to avoid using them if I can because they're always smelly, dirty and nasty. Earlier this summer I was at my local town fair/carnival, and after some candy floss and a burger I had to poo. I couldn't go home because I was meant to be meeting some friends in a while, so I reasoned I would have to go there. There were two sets of loos at either end of the fair, so I went to one and they were all full and very busy. I tried the others and they were just being emptied and cleaned. I decided to stay around there and do my business in a nice, clean portaloo. It took about 15 minutes for the men to empty out and clean all the loos, but while they did most people who wanted to use them went to the other set, so when they were done there wasn't a queue for them. My urge had built up and was quite strong now, but I thought it was a price worth paying for a clean toilet. I picked one from the row of 8 and went in. I heard a few doors closing up and down the line and someone entered the loo to my left. I had just enough room to turn round and lower my shorts and panties to the floor. The seat was nice and clean and everything had been disinfected so it smelled a bit but not as bad as it would have done if it was unwashed! I sat down (normally I'd hover in a portaloo) and my knees almost touched the door. I'm not that tall so I can imagine tall people having real trouble sitting down in a portaloo! Whoever was in the loo to my left had a quick wee and left. I weed briefly and then settled in for a poo. The tip of my first turd was just poking out of me while I weed, so it only took a small push to release it. It made a sloppy thump as it landed in the puddle my wee had formed below. I only had one more piece to get rid of and that came out easily too. All in all it was by far the best poo I've ever had in a portaloo! There was even paper!

I'm going on holiday tomorrow (Sunday) for a couple of days and of course another toilet in a confined space is an aeroplane bathroom. The last time I flew, last summer to Florida with my mum, dad and little brother, I had to poo. I had a wee in the terminal before we boarded and hoped I wouldn't have to poo. But of course after dinner and during the boring movie I did. It's not so much actually using the loo on board that I don't like, it's having to get past whoever is in the aisle seat, walking to the loo so everyone on board knows where you're going, and then when you're in there everyone knows how long you've taken and therefore if you were pooing or not! But we were still about 5 hours from landing, so I had to. I told my mum I was going to the loo and she stood up to let me out. I went to the front where there were 2 toilets and joined the queue for the left one. The man at the front of the queue went in soon after, leaving another man and a woman ahead of me. I'd already waited for almost an hour before getting up, because I was embarrassed I suppose, so I had to go badly. The man was only peeing and came out quickly. The next man went in and was in there for 5 minutes or so. Presumably he was pooing, and the woman in front of me certainly was. She was in there for 10 minutes by my watch. Of course the queue for the other toilet was going much faster but I couldn't exactly switch so I hung in there. The pressurization of the plane must have made me pretty gassy, because I kept farting silently. Finally the woman came out and I went in. It smelled quite strongly of poo and I locked the door and quickly lowered my jeans and panties and sat. The toilet was quite small and the seat was quite narrow, plus my knees almost touched the door. I weed and as I did so I let out a loud fart. I hoped nobody outside heard it. I hadn't heard anything from the woman but that didn't mean a lot. I started pushing. Two long and soft logs came out. I felt much better after that and finished with three little pieces of poo. I quickly wiped and flushed the terrifying vacuum suction thing. I didn't exactly enjoy it but it was better than shitting myself!

I will report back on any interesting incidents on my holiday when I can. Bye everyone!

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