Another Golf Tournament Porta-Potty Incident

I am a guy and was attending a professional golf tournament a couple of years ago. Those of you who have been to a tournament know they have porta-potties at various places around the course, in groups of 10-15, placed right against one another and back-to-back. So sound travels very well. There aren't any men's and women's porta-potties - everyone uses the same ones, so men and women may be using right next to one another. This tournament had chain-link fences around the groups of toilets with those green slats in the chain links. This makes the porta-potties not so visible on TV during the telecasts. One set of the porta-potties had 12 of them, 6 on each side back-to-back and side-by-side. There was a gate on both sides so people could enter from either side. I was feeling the urge to crap one afternoon while watching the golf, so I made my way to this group of porta-potties. Not wanting to make a scene with loud farting, etc, I looked on one side and saw that porta-potties 1-4 were showing red tags, meaning occupied. Potties 5-6 were green. So I thought I'd go to potty 6, which was an end one, leaving an open one between the next person and me and if someone took it, they would not have seen me. As I walked through the gate and past potties 1-4, an attractive, 40-ish red-haired woman in nice white slacks and matching top came around the other end, smiled, said hello, and opened the door to potty #6, which is the one I was going to. That left me with potty 5, next to her, so I had to take it. I went in and locked the door. I could hear her immediately unrolling a lot of toilet paper, which vibrated the walls of the potty. I wondered what she was doing then figured she was making a toilet seat cover out of TP. I started to unbuckle my shorts to sit down and heard her unzip her pants and pull them down. I heard potties 1-4 being vacated, which left her and me pretty much alone. A couple of seconds later a huge stream of pee began to flow from her. It sounded like someone pouring a pitcher of water into the toilet. I needed to fart and shit, but I didn't want to with her there. She peed about 10-15 seconds very hard then was done. I waited thinking she'd leave, and then I heard a loud "Kerplunk" followed by a second "Kerplunk", and a very audible "Uhhhhh!" She was dropping some serious logs. It was quiet for about 30 seconds. I was still holding on, not going yet. She then let out a loud BARRRUUUP of a fart and again went "Uhhhhh!" I thought the hell with it, and let fly a loud fart and started dropping my own set of bombs into the porta-potty. She dropped another 4 or 5 large sounding turds into the potty, with at least 2 more farts mixed in, then took a deep breath and sighed loudly, and started unrolling TP. She wiped about 4 times, and I heard her stand up and pull up her pants. I'd finished by this time and was also wiping and pulling up my pants but I let her exit first. She went out and I waited a minute then went out. I saw her walking toward the concession stand just up the hill, which was where I was heading as well. After washing my hands I headed up for a brat and cold drink. It was pretty crowded and I got my food and went to the condiment table. I heard a couple of people approaching the condiment table and I glanced up and it was she and her husband. She looked at me and smiled and said, "Well, hello again". I said hello. Her husband said, "You know each other?" She laughed and said, "Well, kind of. We were neighbors at the toilets." I couldn't believe she said that and only smiled and said, "Yeah". Her husband looked at her then me with a puzzled look, and she unbelievably said, "We did a poopy next to each other." He laughed and said, "Oh. Hope you guys had fun." She said, "Well, I don't know about fun, but I do feel better, don't you?" I said I did, a bit embarrassed. They finished with the mustard and she said, "See ya" then they walked away. I was a bit dumbfounded but found it kind of neat after I had a chance to think about it. I guess she didn't mind who heard her, and I did enjoy it quite a bit and I guess she enjoyed hearing me as well.


Re. Bathroom Pet Peeves, things that irritate you

TO Mr. Clogs:

-My Pet Peeves

#1. Crap and/or piss on the floor or toilet seat.

#2. Cigarette smoke. >:(

#3. Broken/blocked toilets.

#4. No soap and non-working water faucets.

#5. No paper or air blower to dry my hands.

#6. No TP to wipe up.

#7. Graffiti/tagged bathroom stalls.

#8. At home... it's when someone finishes the roll of toilet paper and does not bother to put a new one in. (Grrrrr!!) >:( >:(

Take care,


Harry Pooper

Camping at the seaside

My mother brought me up on my own and she didn't have much money for holidays. When I was 9 years old, she decided to try a camping holiday. Mum bought a frame tent with enough room for both of us and a fancy flushing camping porta-potty for me to use in the night. We stayed at a camp site near a nice beach on the coast in Cornwall, in south-west England.

Our tent only had one room that Mum and I shared. Mum used to dress in front of me but always with her back to me. I could see something brown between the cheeks of her bum and I was worried because I thought her poo was starting to come out. One morning, I plucked up the courage to ask her if she needed to go to the toilet because it looked like her poo was starting to come out already. Mum explained that it wasn't her poo but hair that adults have down there and hers was dark brown.

I didn't mind using the men's toilet block at the camp site for a pee but I was too shy to do a poo in there. Mum couldn't come into the men's toilet with me and she said that I was too big for her to take me into the women's toilet so when I needed to poo, I used our porta-potty in our tent. I normally did a poo in the morning before breakfast but one day I didn't. The next morning, Mum said I should sit on the potty and try to do a poo but I couldn't.

Mum said that we hadn't been eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables on holiday and she was a bit constipated too. She said that it was important to keep our bowels regular so at breakfast, she got out a pack of prunes and said that we should eat some. I liked prunes and I ate about 10 before Mum told me not to eat too many otherwise they would make me run to the toilet when we were on the beach and there were no toilets there. I thought that sounded like an interesting idea so when Mum went off to the toilet after breakfast, I ate another 10 prunes while she was away.

Mum had made friends with another single mum called Julie who was staying at the camp site with her ten-year old daughter Isabel. Isabel and I liked to play together and Isabel liked the fancy flushing porta-potty in our tent. I explained that I used it for pooing and Isabel asked me why I didn't poo in the men's toilet. She said that she does her poo in the ladies toilet at the camp site although she likes to wait until there is no-one else in there before she drops her 'plops'. I explained that it's different for boys in public toilets because boys stand at urinals to pee but if they go into a stall, everyone knows it's for a poo.

The four of used to go to the beach together. It was a nice secluded beach about ten minutes walk from the camp site. There was a sandy cove and cliffs with rocks, caves and rock pools. Isabel and I used to play on the beach making sand castles. There was no road to the beach so not many people went there. There were no toilets either so when any of us needed to pee, we would go among the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs. I used to pee out of the leg of my swimming trunks. Isabel didn't have a brother and she liked to watch me peeing. When she needed to pee, she used to pull the underneath of her swimming costume to one side, squat down and pee onto the sand without revealing anything.

After lunch, I whispered to Isabel that I needed to do a poo and I couldn't wait and I was about to do it in my swimming trunks. The sea was calm that day and Isabel suggested that I could go and do it in the sea then wash my bum in the sea after wards. She said that last year on holiday she had diarrhea when they were at a remote beach and her mum told her to wade in the sea up to her waist then pull the underneath of her swimsuit to one side and do her poo in the sea. Isabel's mum had told her that when we used the toilets at the camp site, it all ends up in the sea anyway but a long pipe takes it further out.

Isabel and I went into the sea. When the water was up to our waists, I pulled my swimming trunks down and bent my knees so that the water came up to my chest. Then I farted and bubbles came up to the surface. Isabel giggled and said that she does that in the bath sometimes. I relaxed and my soft poo came out on its own but the prunes had made me gassy and my poo floated to the surface. Isabel shrieked and jumped out of the way of my floating poo. "You're poo is FLOATING!" she exclaimed. When I had finished, I reached down and washed myself underneath then I pulled my swimming trunks up. Isabel asked me why my poo was so soft and I said that I had eaten a lot of prunes. She asked me what prunes were as her mum never bought any. I explained that they are dried plums and if you eat enough of them, they make you go to the toilet. Isabel said that was what she needed but she didn't want to tell her mum.

The next morning, Julie and Isabel came to our tent and then Julie and Mum went off to the ladies toilet together before we all went to the beach. While they were away, Isabel asked me if she could have some prunes. Isabel said that she couldn't do her poo this morning or yesterday morning but she didn't want to tell her mum. Isabel said that when she is constipated, Julie gives her some horrid medicine before she goes to bed then the next morning, she has to jump out of bed and run to the toilet.

I found a pack of prunes and gave them to Isabel who hid them in the towel that she was taking to the beach. We all went to the beach then Isabel and I went among the rocks, well away from Mum and Julie. Isabel opened the pack of prunes and started eating them. She ate the whole packet and I said that should make her go to the toilet soon.

That day, the sea was quite rough with big Atlantic waves that were good for surfers but it was too rough for children to go into the sea. It was windy that day and the beach was almost deserted. Isabel and I built a sand castle with high walls and we dug a hole inside so that we could sit down sheltered from the wind. Mum and Julie were a long way away so no-one could see what Isabel and I were doing in our sand castle. When I needed to pee, I peed into my bucket then I took it to the water's edge, rinsed it out and brought it back half full of water. A few hours later, Isabel said that the prunes were working and she needed to poo but she couldn't do it in the sea and she couldn't wait long enough to get back to the camp site. I told Isabel that she could use my bucket as a potty and I would empty it in the sea after wards. Isabel turned her back to me, pulled the underneath of her swimsuit to one side and squatted over the bucket. I watched her from behind as her soft poo poured out and plopped into the water in the bucket. "Oh yuck!" she said, "It's diarrhea."

Then Isabel realised that we didn't have any toilet paper. I went to the water's edge to empty my bucket and rinse it out in the sea, then I filled it with clean water and took it back to Isabel who used it to wash herself underneath. Then she went to the water's edge to wash her hands. Isabel thanked me for helping her to poo without her mum knowing and I thanked her for letting me watch. It was the first time I had seen a girl do a poo but I found it very interesting and I wanted to see it again.

Isabel and I became very fond of each other on that holiday and on our last day, we hugged each other all the time and we both cried when it was time to go our separate ways. Mum said that we could keep in touch with Julie and Isabel but they lived a long way away from our house and I never saw Isabel again. I never quite got over that and even now I sometimes wonder where Isabel is and what she is doing.

Migraine Loverer

girl in a boy bathroom story

To Upstate Dave: I loved your post.

To CD: thanks.

I went in the Men's bathroom one time at Hannaford. I had to go and my mom accidentally opened the door on some old lady who we could tell was pooping and was going to be a long time so we quickly went in the men's. No one saw us.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 11

The few days had passed which I had to work. I did call Barbie and told her I was free tomorrow. I asked if she was comming up here to my house or should I go down there instead. She told me she would come up here but she did tell me she didn't know what time it would be. I told her that was ok and I'll see you when you get here. We said goodbye and we both then hung up the phone.

I went o bed late so that I knew that I would sleep a littlelater in the morning. That wouldmake up some time till Barbie would show up and for me I had anotherreason to do this which I knew Barbie would like. My staying up late worked for I woke up a hour and half later then I would have. I laid in my bed for a half hour more whichwas enough time for Barbie to show up which she did.

The side door is almost under my window in my bedroom. I had it open and I heard Barbie waling down the brick sidewalk heading for the side door. I quickly threw back the sheet I went right over to my open window and poked my head ut of it. Barbie come right on up! I'm awake but not dressed yet. I also haven't gone to the bathroom yet! I've been waiting for you! Barbie looked up at me and she smiled and said to me; I'll be right up Dave! I haven't gone yet either!

I slipped my head back inside the window. I heard from the outside the screendoor open and then slam shut hard. My bedroom door was open also so I heard Barbie's loud footsteps on the kitchen floor as she went through the kitchen and also in the downstairs hall on the wooden floor as she headed for the stairs. Barbie I heard on te carpeted stairs for she ran right up them all!

Then a very fast moment later she came into my bedroom with a smile on her face and she was wearing one of her summer dresses today which I always liked to see her wearing one for she and I had the ost fun when she had one on. Barbie was used to to seeing me not dressed but only in my birthday suite. But she smiled and said loudly to me; Hey why didn't you get the peenut butter can while I was comming in? I made kind of a excuse why I hadn't for I told Barbie that I didn't expect she didn't want to use it.

That's no excuse Dave! Barbie said right back to me. I may not have to but I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE YOU USE IT! I let out a short laugh. OK OK! I said to her. If you want to see me use it you can get it out. Barbie giggled hard and she went right into my closet and came out with it and popped the cans metal lid off and tossed it on the bed. Then she asked if I was going to piss, shit, or did I have to do both.

I told her that I did have to piss. Barbie then set the peenut butter can dwn on my bed. Get up and go standing! she said to me. I got right off my bed and stood beside it. Barbie smiling moved over to my left side and took my penis holding it in her right hand and aimed it at the peenut butter can. It onlt took me two seconds to start pissing. ( I had been holding it while I had been waiting for her to show up)

Since I was erect I sent a thin long twisted piss stream into the can. It was a dark yellow and it had a strong oder of piss to it which both of us could smell. Barbie giggled and said to me; PHHEWWW! your piss does stink this morning. I let out just a little laugh and said back to Barbie;Hold your nose if it stinks that bad! Barbie giggled a little again and said to me; I'lljust hold my breath!

With a exsageratted deep noisy inhale Barbie did just that she held her breath now as she held me and I went on pissing. I had now a idea flash into my mind so I spoke out to Barbie saying to her; I bet you can't hold your breath as long as I piss! I was hoping that Barbie would speak which would make her exhale. She didn't do it but shook her head yes taking on my bet. So now we would see what would happen and see if she would hold her breath longer then I would piss or vice versa.

As I pissed and being erect and hhaving a thin stream of piss there was a good chance I would win. Being erect I always took me longer to piss and I did have also a very full bladder also. But I also knew that Barbie could hold her breath for a long time too. So there was also a chance she could win our bet too. I went and reached what I thought was a half minute. I took a quick look at Barbie and there was no sighn yet that she was having trouble holding her breath. Her face cheeks hadn't changed thier color one single bit. I still felt that was plenty of piss left in bladder too.

The one minute mark had gone by and I took another look at Barbie. Her face cheeks now were a darker pink and the pinkish tome was getting larger on her cheeks too! As for me my bladder was now not feeling as full as it had been. Now it had become a race as for who would win or loose! Several seconds later my stream eased right off and stopped! At te same time from Brbie she let out a loud long sigh exhaling hjard from holding her breath for so long. We both said loudly at the same time; It;s a tie! Then we both burst into hard laughter which made me piss a spurt of piss out from my penis missing the can on the bed so I pissed on the sheet instead! That made us both laugh even harder!

It tookboth of us a short time to stop laughing. When we did Barbie said to me; Take that stinky can out of here. So I picked it up and walked out of my bedroom and into the bathroom. Barbie did follow me. Idumped my stinky pss into the toilet and Barbie flushed the toilet right after I had dumped the peenut butter can out. I went over to the sink and poured cold water into it and went back over to the toilet and redumped the can out. I did this twice.

Then I asked Barbie if she had to go and was she going to use the can. She told me no. I thought she ment she didn't have to piss or shit so I started to walk out of the bathroom with the can to go put it bac in my bedroom closet. But Barbie loudly said to me : Hey come back here Dave! I do have to go but I ment not in the can! I turned around in the hall and walked back into the bathroom.

In that short time that it took me to walk out from the bathroom and reached the end of the hall Barbie had put the seat down on the toilet and she was squating over the toilet backwards with her summerdress pulled way up in the back and her sandles were placed on the toilet seat for that was what she was squating on!

Befoer I could say a single word to Barbie about her squating on the toilet seat Barbie started to piss! She sent down a neat wide headed piss stream which went right into a short twist and hit dead center into the water making a good splash. Her stream hissed softly the first few seconds of her piss ten it got real loud! Her stream looked the same but she must have been pissing harder for its hissing to get louder.

Then her piss stream went from it strong flow right down to just a dribble which I saw it wet her crotch which included her little asshole which now was being pushed open for I could see a hint of a tan rounded off blunt end of a shit forcing her asshole to open! Barbie ad started to shit! With the blunt end of her shit poking out of hr asshole and still dribbling piss her piss wtted the blunt end of her shit and dripped off from it and into the toilet. This lasted for just a few seconds for her dribbling piss did stop.

Barbie's shit was moving without he having to push. It was moving slowly on its own for after several long seconds it did reach 4 inches long and kept comming getting longer. Fifteen seconds went by and her shit was I would have had to say about nine inches(?) long. It was smooth with no chunks or no cracks in her shit to. So it was a firm hard one she was takeing.

Then Barbie said to me suddenly; Dave bet it's a floater or not? I laughed and said right back to Barbie A sinker! Your On! Barbie said back to me as loud as she had been. She giggled too. So now we had more fun with a bet like we had when I had pissed. Her shit grew another two inches longer then it stopped moving and hung there. It turned out to be only a pause. For a few seconds later it started moving aain but movedfaster for her shits size was tapering down as it picked up its speed.

Then all of a sudden her shit reached its end. It fell straight down and hard into the toilet. It made a big splash wihich sent water up high enough splashing on Barbie's asscheeks, the toilet seat, and on the bathroom floor. Barbie then stepped right off the toilet seat. She yelled right out; Noy a tie this time! You won Dave its a sinker! I looked around Barbie and sure enough her shit was below the water in the toilet.

Barbie then reache for the handle and flushed the toilet. The water rose in the bowl and her shit slid downward into the trap but only got part way with the tarp closing and breaking her shit. The remaining part of her shit now being not as heavy popped to the surface and spun with the water that was filling up the bowl. Barbie laughed loud. Hey now its a tie now Its a floater now! I laughed and Barbie flushed the topilet again and with the second flush her remaining shit went down out of sight.

Barbie then rlled osme toilet paper off and wiped her ass only onec for that was all was needed this time. Tossed the paper in the toilet and that was it as it turned out. Barbie could not stay. She had other plans and she told me she had to leave. Gave me a quick kiss and said later and left. I would not see her for over two months and when that happened it would be the last time for a good number of years later. So now this would be the end of this series. Upstate Dave


Fiber One Bars and Bathroom Pet Peeves

The best Fiber One product by far is the original cereal. I eat it everyday mixed with other cereal - usually two bowls first thing in the the morning BEFORE breakfast! It never gives me gas and it always contributes to large, thick, yet soft bowel movements. I have tried the bars as snacks and like TBonz said, they give you gas. In fact, I had some of the worst gas ever after eating them. And, I could never get used to them. One day, after eating 3 of them over a span of 24 hours, I got so bloated. I am a pharmacist (I don't think I ever shared that) and work in close proximity with 3-4 other people. We have a closet bathroom at work. Unless it is an emergency, I only go in there to pee. But that day, when I went to pee, I blasted the loudest and longest machine-gun like fart that could be heard by everyone. And, I had to do it again later that day when I went to pee. I was so embarrassed because I knew my co-workers heard it. One of the girls I work with even said so.

Which brings me to bathroom pet peeves:
1. When people you know, but are not close to, can hear you going.
2. Peeing...I know, we all have to do it, but I can't just go when I want to. I love to drink water throughout the da, have a little coffee, but cannot stand a feeling of a full bladder and having to hold it.
3. Clogging the toilet...yes, I have done that several times in inconvenient locations. I am not proud of it and usually embarrased, especially when I was younger.

I hope everyone is well...I am still having two healthy, large bowel movements daily. I wish that I had something interesting to share, but enjoy reading the forum

Love to all!

Pooping Women
Well u know u can imagine pooping in all kinds of places but it is awesome when someone watches you .... well I do alot of shopping and one day my friend and I were shopping at the local mall and as were walking along I told her I need to go poop and she said so do i we both need to go so we went into the family bathroom. it is a big potty and little potty and urnial. i really did not care which i used so i took my pants off and walked over and peed in the little one. she was sitting facing the wall so I could see her poop as well .... so she said i dare to poop in the urnial. i leaned over i felt the need to start pushing slowly so she opened my butt with both of her hands I pushed and u could see the tip of it in the whole she said it was pointy and dark brown and said it was going to be solid i pushed again she said oh man sassy keep pushing i pushed a 3 time as i pushed i farted again she said it was out about 3 inches hard and solid with juice on it ..... i stood up and pushed and it came out 3 more inches it was about ready to drop so i went to the urnial and pushed. it fell in the urinal it looked awesome laying in the urnial so i decided to rest on the urnial. i told her i was fixing to push another out .i pushed a 4 inch 2 inch in diameter tured in the in the urnial and i did 8 balls to popping them in there like popcorn she said are u done and cleaned my butt it was awesome she did 4 turds and i cleaned her we stayed one hour in the bathroom enjoying pooping together .....

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Tonights relieving poo.

After a bit of constipation today I came home from work busting for a poo. I don't know how or why but I certainly wasn't constipated any more. I went straight to up the bathroom & the moment I sat on the toilet a huge amount of soft poo came flowing out without any need to push. I peed loads as well & the relief was almost as good as sex! When I'd finished Kirsty looked at what I'd done & was amazed by it. She took me by the hand into our bedroom & the rest I'll leave to your imagination!


Wednesday's poop

I've been taking the Lax-A-Day and ducosate calcium (stool softener) every day and had some stomach discomfort last night. I finally pooped a few minutes ago. I had a lot of pressure in my bowels and I thought it was going to be a hard BM.

I sat on the toilet and gave a gentle push and it came out no problem. I thought it was going to be a huge hard BM but it was a soft coiled turd. Wiping was a messy job. It was soft diarrhea-ish poop which took about 5 wipes to get clean.


Age and using public toilets--who is the most particular?

I'm a senior in high school and I've learned in my classes that it's hard to generalize about large groups of people, whether they are younger or older or in between. Although I don't totally know what ages would be in each of those groups.

At my high school, most of the stalls are doorless. While End-Stall Em seemed to imply that people like her father may be more particular about not sitting directly down on public toilets, I don't think that's always true. It might have been because of the pandemic scare but over the past two or three years, I've seen more guys line the seats before sitting down at my school. A few are building nests, which I think are very wasteful and way out of line because of the waste. I heard one guy, who I think was a freshman, telling his friends he only did it because it was fun and he wanted to waste more time away from his boring class. On the other hand, my long-time friend and Student Council member Stac has posted on this board several times that she doesn't worry about sitting right down on public seats. In my own case, since I started high school and because there's so much pee on the seats that you could practically sponge off, I sit on toilet paper that I put down.

I've written about what I've seen some other adults do. Like in 4th grade, my principal came into the bathroom, took the first stall and crapped without noticing another stall was in use. While he sat, he was swearing into his walkie-talkie to someone in the office. Last summer when Stac and I were volunteering at a downtown homeless shelter, I had to use their large bathroom. Again it was a doorless stall situation and while I was putting tissues over the seat, guys sitting in the row across from me were making fun of me and calling me at me "hey college boy..." and stuff like that. However, not all older guys are like that. This past spring when Stac and I were at the downtown library doing our homework, I had a really old man ask me to help him stand up as he got up off the toilet. He didn't have enough power in the knees to stand up himself. He was so appreciative of my help and we got into a good conversation and I found he was a graduate of my high school, but like many, many years ago. Both Stac and I watched him walk out of the building and like every step was a struggle for him to steady himself and not fall over.

When we were discussing the topic last night and Stac's gift from her grandmother which she discussed recently in her story, she said if she were a guy and didn't want to go through the hassle of using the toilet seat protectors he was given, she would want to select stalls where the seat had been lifted. That's because chances are that she would lower a seat and it would be dry.

That makes sense to me.

Dear John the Lurker. I can understand that your mum was shy. Once I stepped on my aunt as she was on the crapper at my house. She is business lady and always she was wearing a Gray business suite. That time she was seated on the toilet with her pleated skirt raised just on the rear and she has peeled her tan pantyhose and black slips to her mid tights. when i stepped on her she close completely her legs and she pulled down the skirt covering the pantyhose at mid tight. she said " go out! I'm in here!!" and I left after a last glance at her. Also her avoid the contact with her eyes. Also i was little embarrassed so i avoided to meet her that day. And this is one of my memory. Did someones step on his/her parents?
let me know.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pamela ( Formerly Nobody)

Kristen's survey

I think I answered this survey once. But here goes-

1)What is your gender? Female
2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom? -Mostly, in my occasions they've been female.
3)What is your relation to that person (relative, friend, coworker, spouse/significant other)? Mostly friends, sometimes a collegue

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom? Not very often now

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting (childhood, teens, just recently)? The interest came up during college. During childhood it was just a dormant wish

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest? Yes. I saw one of my college professors having a bm while on a field trip. That triggered my interest.

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding? Yes

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner? Sure, if it's possible and I have the urge.

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process? I love listening to the other person's movement, rustling of clothes when they remove them and the soft crackle of tp when one cleans their bum.

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds? 2-3 average consistency

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner? No

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting? For example, do you engage in casual conversation, or offer words of assistance/encouragement throughout? Casual conversation or remarks about the bm.

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting? In the nude, or with particular clothing attire? If it is the latter, please describe. Oh I love to see a woman in business skirt hiked up and her panties down.

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive? It becomes repulsive if it's really bad

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions? No ( unfortunately)

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting? There are some site that appeals to the voyress in me

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting? yes. I usually go next to an occupied stall for this reason.

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet (plastic container, bucket, plate/bowl)? Not yet. I'm not inclined to do that.

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting?
Peeing yes, pooping no.

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards? yes.

new guy

fart names part 2

7. The all or nothing its a fart where everything comes out and i mean everything or nothing comes out.
8. The mud slide its a fart that is accompanied by a load of soft poop.
9. The WOW (without warning) its a fart that comes out of nowhere you don't even fell it coming it can be a messy one sometimes.
10. The suburn one its a fart that you can feel inside you that dosent want to come out so you have to push hard to get it out and it usaly dosent comes out alone if you know what I mean.
11. The rising death its a fart that starts low to the ground and slowly rises up it usaly packs a punch.
12. The messy end it start out like a normal fart but ends up being a messy one at the end.
13. The nose scorcher its like a nose burner but packs more of a punch
usaly caused by very spicy food.

Teresa (Arizona)

Sharon's Survey

1. Do you read while you poop? Often.
2. Do you talk on the phone while pooping? Sometimes.
3. Do you eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? Occasionally smoke.
4. Do you sit or stand to wipe? Always sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? No.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? Just once (and always with bargain brand tp).
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? No.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Sometimes I do. I'm proud of some of my creations and like to show them off to my family.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and somewhat difficult to pass? Sadly, rather often. I am the mother of three teenaged daughters and the four of us are too often constipated and ill tempered. I don't think it's my cooking, either.

new guy

some comments

To any poster out there who knows Carmalita or Punk Rock Girl please ask them to start writing again we miss there stories. I know im not the only one.

To Wendy & Kristy again I would like to say how much I enjoy reading your guys stories.

To: Gruntly Bogwell welcome back I really enjoy your stories about watching women & girls pooping if you have any more please post them.

Upstate Dave

Last Time For A Long Time Part 1

Hi to all. I've been posting about one of the girls in our group of friends. I will continuie with Barbie which would be the last time we were together untill many years later. When I had last seen her before this last time was in August. I had not seen her for the rest of August, not at all in September and now October was on verge of ending too.

In fact it was Halloween. It had stayed warm almost through the wholde month. So betwen school and work I had been kept busy all durring October. The leaves were turning late so they had not fallen yet all that much. As far as being Halloween the night was going to be warm which would be fine for the tricker treaters. I wasn't going around this year. I wanted to get started on a long term school assighnment so I was going to head upstairs after supper to start it.

Well I ate and was picking up teh table for I had kp tonight. My father picked up the newspaper and he walked into the bathroom off the kitchen. He would be in there for quite awhile. My mother sat at the kitchen table and the phone rang. It was for her. I started on the dishes. From outside a bunch of trick or treaters ran by and knocked hard on the side door.

I grabbed the big bowl of candy we had and started to open the door to the side hall and side outside door when all of the group opened the side outside door and were in the hall when I opened the kitchen door to the hall. In a loud chorus of voices they all yelled out Trick Or Treat! I knew who they were for I did reconize Butch,his brother John, Barbie S, but I didn't reconize Barbie H and Jeannie untill they both spoke up by themselves.

Now my mother had ended her phone call and in turn all of the group said hi to her and they talked back n forth. This took a short while to do. While durrung the conversation with my mother I was asked by, Babie S and Jaennie to come with them. I told those two no. They kept on asking me. Barbie H had been quiet all this time untill they were getting ready to leave.

Then she asked if she could use our bathroom. I wa still talking to Barbie S and Jeannie and I told them I would go out. I didn't hear Barbie H ask to use the bathroom. My mom did and when I turned around my mothet told me Barbie H had to use the bathroom take her upstairs and show her where it is. Barbie H gave me a slight smile and I smiled back with a slight smile. Barbie H knew exactly where the upstairs bathroom was! She had used it many times with me and I with her!

So I and Barbie walked upstairs. She asked me if I was going with them all now. Yeah I am Barbie S and Jaennie talked me into it Barbie. She was very happy about hearing that from me. Then she whispered as we had reached the bathrooms open doorway and I had turned on teh light. Going to stay and keep me company? Us girls don't really like to piss alone!

I almost let out a hard laugh but I stiffled it. Barbie stepped by me and I closed the door behind us. Barbie was dressed as a witch being all in black. She did have on a black blouse, black skirt being to her knee level, and black pair of tights. She went right over to the toilet. As she started pulling her tights down she told me they were way to tight and they were reallt not needed to be worn since it is warm outside. But they are part of the costume.

By the time Barbie had finished talking she had the black tights down to her knees had sat down on the toilet seat wth her thighs seperated enouch that I could see. Then she started pissing sending a soft hissing piss stream down into the toilet with a soft splash along with her streams soft hiss. Barbie as she pissed asked me if I had to go before we would leave. I didn't have to go but told Barbie I would later.

Barbie's piss was on the shorter side lasting about 15 seconds. Right after she finished she didn't wipe but stood up and had to waork on those tight black tightsso I told her I'll meet you in the hall Barbie. I've got to throw together a very quick costume. So I quietly left the bathroom and went into my bedroom. I did kind of make up a quick costume froom my racncher styled leather coat, a old leather hat that looked like it was a mountain mans hat and I grabbed my grandfathers non working old 8 guage shotgun. I was all set.

I stepped out of my bedroom after turning of the light. I heard Barbie flush the toilet in the bathroom and the light went out as the door opened. She let out a giggle seeing me in my quick made up costume. We went downstairs together and the others had taken off for my mother had told us. Barbie and I could catch up to them.So we said goodbye and we left my house and Barbie and I now started our holloween night together. To be continuied.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)


1. Has anyone ever had an accident at work?
2. Have you ever buddy dumped/peed?
3. Have you ever pood/peed yourself on purpose?
4. Have you ever staged an "accident"?
5. When you're on the toilet. What do you do while you're sitting there?

Upstate Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 4

I went inside Tereasa's house and I sat down at her kitchen table and waited for Tereasa to get changed and her mom already had the grocery list made up sitting there on the table. As I sat there I read the list as Tereasa had gone upstairs to change and her mom had gone to her bedroom.

Several minutes went by and I heard Tereasa thump down the stairs and she came into te kitchen. She was wearing a old bathrobe without a ebelt on it so as she went by me the opld bathrobe was open. She was carrying her clothes that she was going to wear to the market so she was naked as far under the bathrobe.

I said to her as she past me and headed right for the bathroom which was right off the kitchen; Hey I thought you were getting changed! Tereasa turned on the light in the bathroom and took her robe right off letting it fall on the floor. As she did this she said back to me; I am Dave but I have to piss and take a shit! I'll get dressed after I do take my piss and shit. Are you in a hurry? I laughed and sad back to Tereasa; I guess not now I'm not.

So Tereasa no naked put on a little show for me there in the bathroom! Instead of sitting right down on the toilet seat she squated hovering over it instead! Where I was sitting at the kitchen table I could look right into the bathroom and right at Tereasa. As I watched her a strong stream of piss shot down into the toilet forr several seconds. Then her stream eased right up which a loud long fart followed.

Then I saw a smooth looking sort of thick rope style shit apear under her ass moving fairly fast getting long rather quickly. Tereasa must have felt that she was shiting quickly for she said to me; It's not going to take me long Dave. I see that! I said right back to her. Her shit then fell into the toilet making a loud splash and a flumping sound also. Her piss stream just briefly sprang back up and then died back off going into just some dripping as a second same style but shorter shit came down and then fell also into the toilet.

Tereasa then rolled off some toilet paper wiped her ass quickly and also did her vagina. She teh dd get dressed into a old blouse and jeans shorts. She then flushed the toilet, trned out the light and came out of the bathroom. I'm ready now she told me. Give me the list and lets go. I got up from the table handed her the list and out the front door we went and got in my car and took off for the market. To be continuied.


Covering it up

My name is Emma. I'm 15. I have a question for everyone: Have you ever peed your pants and then tried to cover it up by pouring water or something on you to make the wet spot bigger and look like you just spill a drink or sat in something instead?

I have always loved to ride my bike. When I was 13 I was out riding one day and really had to pee because I had been drinking so much water because it was hot. I had ridden a long way away from my house and it was going to take a while to get back and there was nowhere to stop to go, just other houses. Finally I was pedaling and started to leak into my panties and shorts. I looked down and could see the wet spot on my crotch. I tried to pedal faster to get home sooner but that just made it worse and more pee ran out and I watched the wet spot get bigger and some ran down my legs. A few seconds later I lost it and completely flooded myself and pee was dripping down off of my legs and onto the bike and the wetness spread all over my butt and thighs and up my front to halfway up my zipper. it was really obvious that I had totally had an accident in my shorts. I still had half a bottle of water with me so I just started pouring water out on dry parts of my shorts, and then on my shirt and on my head so I could just tell my mom I was so hot that I just decided to pour the water all over me to cool off. I guess it worked. She didn't say anything about it when I got home. It did help me cool off, though.

Anyone else try to hide an accident?


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