Wendy & Kirsty

Desperate poo in alley

Hi all. It's Wendy this time. Kirsty & me were walking home from the pub last night when I needed to pee. Kirsty was desperate for a poo so we found an alley & I lowered my jeans & squatted. Kirsty did the same & as I started to pee Kirsty let out a long fart. I peed a long powerfull stream as Kirsty had some messy diarrhea all over a wall & the ground. It was really smelly & formed a large pool at Kirstys feet. I couldn't believe how much a small woman like Kirsty could shit. She must have been really really desperate. She had nothing to wipe with & just pulled her pants & jeans up without bothering. When we got home Kirsty needed to go again & she rushed to the toilet to have even more diarrhea. I went into the bathroom to help her to find her sitting on the toilet with her panties full of diarrhea. She hadn't made it & the cleanup was a big one. Kirstys bum was covered in poo. It was all down her legs & up her back. Boy did she need to go bad! We showered together & went to bed.

Amy (from Midwest)

A Different Way

Hey its me Amy!!! Today (monday) we did something a little bit different! I'll tell you about now. I'm actually surprised one of us didn't think of the idea sooner. It was actually Marisas idea and me and Megan were both there at the time and then we went and got Melissa so she could do it too. Anyway Marisa asked me why we never peed in the front of the car instead of just the back!!! What an idea!!! Now we had peed in the seats before. And sometimes when I'm alone I pee into the front drivers seat. But we never peed all over like crazy like we do in the back!! And so that's what we did!!!! We reclined the 2 seats back as far as they went so that all 4 of us could fit and then we all got into the car. I sat in a squatted-like position on the drivers seat. I was more on the back part of the seat than the part where you sit. Megan was leaning on the dashboard and she had her legs spread apart. Marisa was on the passenger seat like me but she was more facing the middle of the car. And Melissa had probably the best place! She was facing the back of the car, and her butt was against the dashboard and also her left hip was against the steering wheel. She had to lean forward because of the roof! And so that's how we peed!! We really couldn't move around much like we could in the backseat but we were still able to get PEE ALL OVER THE CAR!!!!! We also opened up our jeans a little so we could splash on things more!! Soon the seats and the floor and the doors and the dashboard were all FULL OF PEE!!! I also opened up the storage thingy between the seats and watched as Melissas stream of pee went into it!! Megan then got the idea of opening the glove compartment and letting her pee go in there!! Melissa was doing the most. She had the BEST SPOT!!! She was spraying the seats and the storage thingy and the shifter thingy and then the steering wheel. It was all SO MUCH FUN!!! We were showing that car NO MERCY!!! LOL!!!! I was SO GLAD we were doing it!!!! I'm SO GLAD I have friends like these!!! We kept on peeing until we were all finished!!! Hope you enjoyed that post!!!

Mr. Clogs

Bathroom Pet Peeves, things that irritate you

Hi Folks, Mr Clogs again asking you all a question. What are some of your pet peeves when using the bathroom both in public and at home? Please share. I know mine are at home no toilet paper, wet seat from the shower, wet floor, steamy bath. Cigarette smoke and someone's poop odor after taking a dump lingering on. Public, no toilet paper, wet seats, dirty floors, people holding conversations while handling your business over the commode. Your thoughts, thanks.


constipation relief

To all of you constipation posters out there, if you haven't tried this you should! At the grocery you can buy these "fiber bars" like Fiber One, etc. They come in different flavors. I like the chocolate chip ones. Each bar has about 9 grams of dietary fiber. They will make you poop! Eat one in the evening, and you will poop big the next morning. They gave me a bit of gas, but oh my, what a huge poop I had.
I woke up farting, and it wasn't long until I had a strong urge to poop. And poop I did, filling the toilet with multiple soft, light brown logs. And not much smell either. Clean up was only slightly messy, but not a problem. Eat fiber bars and have a really big poop!


my diarrhea experience diarrhea

hello everyone, ive finally gained the courage to share my diarrhea experience.

when i was 15, i had to go to the bathroom pretty badly one night but i couldnt since one bathroom didnt work, and the other was in my parents room and it had a glass door (i like my privacy) and i wasnt prepared to wake them up. but it was coming and i could feel the diarrhea sloshing around in my bowels. i thought i could just wait it out until the morning but i could feel it pounding on the door. so after 20 minutes of squirming around, my diarrhea needed to come out. i immediately got up, went over to my garbage bin, undid my belt, pulled down my pants and slid down my boxers. it started gushing out and the relief was amazing. i sat there for a couple of minutes as my diarrhea poured out of me. it was nearly all liquid and almost filled my garbage bin up. after i was done, i wiped myself, grabbed the bag in the garbage bin and threw it outside into the snow. afterwards i sprayed some febreeze around my room and went to bed.


Are older people more particular about using public toilets?

In trying to answer Stac's question, I'm not sure that it's always true that older people are more particular about using public toilets.

You have to remember (and I've written about this) several times that my Mom is especially adament about never directly sitting on a public seat. And she still remembers once under special circumstances like 35 years ago when she was in high school and had to use a toilet that didn't have toilet paper she could put over the seat first. I was raised like that too until our family moved a couple of years ago and at age 16 I had to go to a new high school and this one, unlike my previous one, didn't have those seat papers you could pull out and put over the seat. However, now that I'm 18 and going off to college next month, I know that it's for the better that over the past two years that I've been able to just sit down and eliminate my pee or crap without hesitation and not worry about my butt touching the seat. I was also taught that public toilets should only be used in the most dire emergency. I've also learned to use them more liberally as a precaution because they are available (highway rest stop) rather than trying to hold it in and then having to race home and risking an accident in heavy traffic.

My point is that while people of all ages use bathrooms away from home, I wounder if those of us who are school age might have better attitudes about it because we're going to the bathroom every day at school and when we're out a concerts and at the beach whereas older people are farther removed from schools and arena-type situations. The toilets in my parents' high-rise office building are going to be in a lot better condition than the ones most high schools or civic centers or stadiums or beaches have.

I've also observed that adults spend much more time at the sinks washing their hands after going. And I've also noticed that many will check out more stalls before they make their final selection. For those of us in school and with five minute passing periods, the first stall that's opening is the one we're going to use. And if we have to decide whether taking a tardy or washing our hands is more important, making that final run to class is probably the biggest priority. I remember this girl named Rachel who sat next to me in social studies. We were in adjacent stalls before class and I heard her take a very large and noisy poop. During a current events collaboration period (for which we were assigned class points) she looked at the clock and said something like she couldn't wait for the final 20 minutes of class to get over with because she had to get back to the bathroom. I told her that I didn't want to embarrass her but that it sounded from my seat that she had pretty much cleaned herself out. She said that was true, but the one-minute warning bell and rung and she hadn't even started to clean herself. Rachel said sometimes it took her two or three sits before she was totally satisified with cleaning herself.

Hopefully, the restroom situation will be better in college. Diver tells me we're going to be treated my like adults. I'm counting down the days (8) until I leave.

Kelly P

Back from the cabin

Hi all,

We're back from our week at the cabin that we rent each year. It was great. Practically perfect weather The only person we saw all week was the ranger who patrols the road once a week, and we could hear his pickup coming way before he arrived, so we had plenty of time to put on clothes. Wonderful skinny dipping in the little river that goes by the cabin. Lots of peeing games. We had three distance contests and my husband actually won one of them for a change. I just couldn't get my stream going right, maybe because of a hard constipated poo in my behind. We spent a lot of time grunting side-by-side in the ol' two-holer. We both had one good poo without artificial help on the second day, and managed to plop almost simultaneously because I waited just before mine came out until my hubby finally had his on the verge. We gave each other glycerine enemas once, which certainly caused big time pooing midweek. So we cleaned ourselves out when we got home with nice big water enemas. I do like giving one to my hubby. He has a neat little behind and a really cute poo hole. And I love receiving, too. It just feels so good.


Enjoy pooping

People thinks it is funny to poop or embarassing i dont see why it is we all have butts and we all have butt holes .... we all have to pee and we all have to poop .... it is should be awesome feeling to do it alone or with someone or some watching...... make pooping enjoyable.

new guy
To the moderator do you have any stories to tell if so could you post them please.

To: Wendy & Kristy keep on writing more stories. Heres a question do you 2 ever play any type of farting game like who can do the loudest or the stinkiest?

A short story one time in 4th grade I overheard a girl named Clarissa telling a story about a girl named Emily who was also in my class. The story was about a sleepover they had aparently Emely farted in her sleep and it aparently it stunk bad.

Pamela ( formerly Nobody)
I tried to post a couple of days ago about an incident that happened at my wokplace a while ago, but it didn't go through.I wonder if there was anything objectionable.

Sheilagwentgirl - I absolutely love your posts, they've made me excited, every one of them.You sure have the gumption to carry out a conversation in an intimate situation and turn it into an exciting incident. I really loved the story where you helped the nurse ( Martha) - seeing her on the toilet with her panties down and wiping her bum. I've helped one of my friends like that, her name is Lindsey ( that story on page 1759). Lindsey and I have a relationship which is similar to the one you have with Ruth, both of us are comfortable w/ each other in the toilet. Sheila, I'm waiting to hear about more experiences you've had with Martha.

John the lurker- I really liked your account of describing your mom on the pot. That was pretty exciting . But I agree with Gruntly Bogwell too. It's somewhat inappropriate for a boy to complement on his mom's undies. Even then, keep us updated on your adventures

PS- Sheila, I wish you relief from your ailment.

Pam ( formerly Nobody)

Mike of

Sharon's Questions Survery

1. Do you read while you poop? Yes at home and sometimes on vacation
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? No i do not
3. Do you eat or drink, or smoke while pooping? No
4. Do you sit or stand to wipe? Yes I stand at work to wipe and sit at home
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Always
6. After pooping, how many times you wipe? 3 or more times
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? No
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Sometimes
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and difficult to pass? Sometime

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Buddy pee & dump

When I finished work today. Kirsty picked me up in the car. I was dying to pee & as soon as we got home I ran to the bathroom holding my crotch. Kirsty was bursting for a poo & we raced each other to the bathroom. She made it first & quickly pulled her jeans & panties down & sat on the toilet. She started to drop several huge logs into the water as I sat between her legs. In my desperation to get to the toilet I accidently peed on Kirstys legs & she loved it. After the cleanup we took a very sexy shower together & went to bed & not to sleep!

At work today I was shelf filling when a checkout girl named Nikki came rushing past me looking very stressed. I smelled poo & I guessed she was on her way to the toilet & she'd failed to make it. About half an hour later she walked past me with her coat on. She'd been sent home sick & I knew for sure that she'd pood herself.


Found a survey

Hey guys, I love this site so much. I've been reading older posts and found this survey, posted by somone called poobear. I really liked it and posted it here. What do you think?

1)What is your gender?

2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom?

3)What is your relation to that person (relative, friend, coworker, spouse/significant other)?

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom?

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting (childhood, teens, just recently)?

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest?

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding?

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner?

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process (pushing/straining, the vocal/facial expressions, seeing the turds emerging from the buttocks, the sound of the turds as they exit and drop into the toilet, seeing the completed result in the toilet?

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds?

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner?

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting? For example, do you engage in casual conversation, or offer words of assistance/encouragement throughout?

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting? In the nude, or with particular clothing attire? If it is the latter, please describe.

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive?

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions?

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting?

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting?

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet (plastic container, bucket, plate/bowl)?

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting?

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards?

new guy
this is my 2nd post today, I have list of farts I came up with some might be repeats oh well.

1. The wet & wild Its a wet fart that just keeps coming out uncontroled.

2. Silent but violent Its like a SBD but packs a punch

3. The blastoff Its one that comes lound and strong.

4. The never ender Its the one that just keeps going & going.

5. The small but powerful Small fart big stink.

6. A bomb Its one where the smell stays around for a very long time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sharon's survey

Keep up the awsome posts everyone - too many to mention individually - and I'll post something new soon. As you say it is comforting that so many can actually share things that are often considered 'unmentionable' and it applies as much to this board as it does to those that report their real-time experiences with others, sometimes friends but also strangers.

In answer to Sharon's survey

1. Do you read while you poop? Only very occasionally.
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? No.
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? No, I don't smoke anyhow.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Interesting question; both on occasion.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Often before and sometimes after. Rarely both at once.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? 2-4 times
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Rarely.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Those who don't are quite likely lying.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and somewhat difficult to pass? Rarely.

Upstate Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 3

Well I went to do the early morning job at my work Saturday morning. I arrived shortly before seven am. Went right to the computer room fired everything up and waited. I sat there and it was a few minutes after seven now. Would I get lucky and what I would need from the plant come on time? Well this time it didn't. Lou the plant manager came up and told me it would be at least three hours. Oh well there goes my chance as far as attending Mary's weddding this morning.

So I passed the time drinking coffee with the drivers in the drivers room next door. When there wasn't any drivers I sat in the computer room again and listened to the radio. This helped but the time did sure go slow waiting for those figures to come up from the plant. I also since I had been drinking coffee used the girls bathroom in the girls lounge for the keypunch girs had a lounge and bathroom off the computer room.

This girls bathroom was painted a bright pink with half walled pink tiles of the same color. There was a single stall which was stainless steel with a door on it. Single toilet in the stall which was a commercial style toilet. Big black seat, no lid, and a big chrome stick type flush handle. When you flushed it was a noisy loud flushing toilet. I know becuase whenever one of the girls used it even with the two doors close the toilet could be heard flushing outside in the computer room.

I took a good long piss since I had already had drank 3 cups of coffee at home and three already here at work. I had a light golden colored stream of piss for this piss. I finished up after pissing for a good full minute flushed the toilet and went back out to the computer room. Charlie was there and he was working today also.

Charlie normaly works nights which I see him when I do. He asked me if it was alright if he used the ladies lounge bathroom. I told him it was his. So he went and used it. He came back out after he was done and we sat and talked for about 15 minutes and then he left and went back to work. I went and sat down over at the computer and listened again to the radio.

Well it took less then three hours to get the report from the plant. It came up to me in two and a half hours. Big deal so it was a half hour rearlier then Lou had said to me earlier. The computer was ready and I ran the program. The needed report that I was to turn in only takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to fully run and print out. Today right in the middle 15 minutes.

I shut everything down went down to Lous littel office gave him the report and went out to my car and headed home. I was not dressed yet for the reception which had started at the community center. It wouldn't take me any time to change for I only needed to put on a tie,vest,and suite jacket. I already had on a dress shirt and the suites pants.

I pulled up in front of my place where I lived went back to my apartment and went inside. I walked into my place and I was in my kitchen. From my little den came Tereasa's voice; Hi Dave I let myslef in. Just get out of work now? I stopped and looked in the den at Tereasa. She was sitting on the couch in the den and she looked very nice for she was dressed in a dark purple very fancy long satin gown.

I headed for my bedroom to get my suit jacket, tie, and vest. Shouldn't you be at the reception Tereasa? I asked as I went into my bedroom. Every thing is dome mostly Tereasa said to me as she came out from the den and over to the doorway of my bedroom. Sure the meal hasn't been served yet but all the early stuff is over Tereasa went on saying to me as I had put on my tie and was tightening it.

I had my tie on and had my tie clasp in place. I put on my vest and then my suite jacket. I was now ready to leave. So I said to Tereasa which she was still standing in my bedroom doorway; May I escort the lady to the ball? Tereasa let out a little giggle and said back to me; Yes you can but please escort me to the bathroom first!Gladly I said right back to her.

So I walked her right into my bathroom. She went over to the toilet reached under that long dark purple satin gown and I saw that there was a lacy purple slip she also had to reach under to get to her stockings. I reached inside of my suite jacket and pulled out my pack of cigarettes. I lit one up and sat down on the side edge of the bathtub to watch Tereasa more.

She was being carefull with her stockinggs this time. She didn't want to have a run in them now. Later would be ok she said to me. She got them down and then she pulled down a matching pair of dark purple panties that matched her gown. Those being slippery slid down stopping only at her bunched up stockings.

Before Tereasa sat down on the seat to piss. She siad she could easily get used to wearing satin panties. They do feel so good on my skin and she paused and also went on saying they feel good rubbing n my pussy too! Then she sat down on the toilet seat to piss. She also asked for a drag on my cigarette so I passed it over to her and she satretd pissing very hard andnoisily into the toilet.

Since I was sitting on the side of the tub and I was close to Tereasa I could look right down and in and seee her piss gushing and spraying very hard as she pissed. As I watched I asked Tereasa was she drinking wine or beer. Wine!she said right back to me. Oh champagne too. That is for toasting which boy have they been doing that a lot!By this time her piss stream had settled down. It wasn;t spraying but had changed into a straight down stream and was hissing softly.

Tereasa pissed this way for about another ten seconds and then she came to a dripping stop. Since I was sitting where I could roll off the toilet paper for her I rolled her off a small wad and gave it to her. Tereasa reached down between her thighs and did a quick few dabs and dropped the paper. She tehn stood up pulling up her purple panties first,then carefully did her stockings, and then smoothed out her gown and checked to see if her slip was showing anywhere. It wasn't so she was all set to leave and we did. Ten minutes later we were inside the community center and Tereasa was escorting me around the recpetion room. To be continuied.


Watched while Dumping in restroom

I was driving through the park today and pulled over to take a quick dump. No one was in the restroom and I took the 1st stall. They are both doorless, by the way. I had just started unloading and I noticed someone walk past my stall towards the next stall. I had a baseball cap on and I was looking down, so I could only see his feet. He stopped just before he entered the next stall and I could tell he was looking at me. Someone else came in and the first guy entered his own stall. After the other guy left, I saw the feet of the 1st guy reappear adjacent to my stall again. By this time I was wiping up and I figured if he wants to watch, then so be it.

I was already wiping from the front, so I was lifting my "junk" out of the way with my left hand, while wiping with my right. I shave my balls and anal area and keep the rest trimmed, so cleanup is usually pretty easy. I knew the guy had to see the pile of crap sitting in the water as well as the crap on the paper, since I was looking at it after each wipe. He continued to watch me for a minute or so until I was done. I was actually using wet paper towels to clean with. Much better than dry.

I stood up to finish wiping. He was still there, just a couple of feet from me. He looked at me and I smiled at him and said, "Nope". Just to make sure he didn't think there was anything going on other than him watching me. He just kept looking at me and I said "no" again, while shaking my head. I pulled up my white and black striped briefs, pulled up my shorts, and washed up at the sink. As I drove off, I saw him come out of the restroom.

Today I had to take three big and noisy dumps. I had to go in the morning, and again in the afternoon and finally once more in the evening, and each time I pushed out two or three big logs and a load of smaller pieces. Normally I have to go twice a day but for some reason today my bowels just decided they wanted a more thorough cleanout!

A story from a few weeks ago for you all now. Leanne, I loved your last story about driving your cousin home and having to poo. Mine involves my cousin Tom! He's 7 and he lives near me, and I said I would take him to the zoo for a day out. I like taking him places and I think he likes coming out with me, plus his dad always pays for the expenses so it's a free trip to the zoo for me! When we arrived we both had to wee, so we found the loos. His parents told me he's definitely too old to come in to the ladies with me, so we went our separate ways and I peed for about a minute and met him outside. We looked at loads of animals and went on a few rides, watched some displays, etc. We had a big lunch in the restaurant (since I wasn't paying!), I had a burger and chips and then a big slice of cake.
Shortly after I started getting the familiar urge that I would need a poo soon, and so it proved. A strong need hit me fairly soon. Having filled myself up at one end, I would now have to empty myself at the other! I knew I would have to go soon because it was a strong urge, and that it would be a big one, because it usually is, so I guided Tom towards the nearest loos and when we passed them I said I would have to stop for a toilet break. He had to go too, so I told him to go first and that I would wait outside and then we would swap. He went in and I stood by the door and waited. Several women and girls went into the ladies while I waited, and I started to need to go more and more urgently. Tom took ages, and just before he came out a group of four girls and a woman, presumably someones mother, went in to the ladies. He came out and I asked why he took so long. He said he went to poo and he usually takes a while. I told him I had to do a number two as well. I gave him the map of the zoo to examine while he waited on a bench and went in. Predictably all the cubicles were full. The group of girls and the mother took up most of them, and it smelled and sounded like most of them were doing the same as I needed to do. I checked my hair in the mirror and another woman of about 35 came in and tutted that everything was full. Then she surprised me by saying she was full too and she wished someone would hurry up! I laughed and nodded. It's not often someone openly admits to a stranger they have to use the loo badly, even when you're in the very place you might expect to hear it!
One cubicle opened and I went in. I was on the end of the group of girls, next to one who I would say was about 8 or 9 and wearing purple tights and a purple top. Her tights, knickers and blue skirt were down on the floor. My panties and skirt joined them as I sat down. The girl in purple let go with some pieces of poo. I moved myself back into a comfortable position and relaxed. I pumped out two big but soft logs that landed with big splashes. That got me started and they felt good as they came out. My stomach made some embarrassing rumbles and gurgles as I dropped the first two turds. The cubicle on my right became vacant and the woman I had been talking to entered. I held my next load in because I was curious- when I say I'm full in that context, I usually mean I need a poo- did she use it the same way or was she busting for a wee? As it turned out she just had to wee, hissing and gushing for a minute or so. I got rid of three more logs and wiped and flushed, rejoining Tom outside. I took less time than him really, but because of the delay getting into a cubicle I had taken longer and he teased me about it for the rest of the day!


Really satisfying poo

Hi, Abbie here again with another story after a few comments about other posts.
Madeline- really enjoyed all your stories about the accidents you've had, don't worry about the length you included some great details, thanks for sharing.
Emma- Glad you enjoyed my last story and thanks for telling me about your experiances at school. I know I'm not the only girl who wants a poo at school, I just hate not having free choice about when I go to the toilet. Some of our teachers are nice and let us go during lessons but others won't, and anyway I only ever ask to go in a lesson if I'm really bursting as I quite often take more than ten minutes to have a poo and I don't want everyone else in the class to guess what I've been doing. As you said, by now I'm pretty used to holding it, its just sometimes it gets really uncomfortable and then its hard to concentrate on what your meant to be learning. Its also bad as my normal time for wanting a poo seems to be about ten or eleven in the morning, meaning some days I'm bursting by lunch break. Hopefully by the time I start back at school the decent toilets will be fixed so at least I won't have to hold it all day!
Anyway, now on to what happened earlier today. I was in the house on my own for the whole morning, dad was playing golf and mum had driven my sister over to one of her friends houses who lives quite a long way away. I got up around half nine after everyone else had left and went to the loo straight away as I was dying for a wee. I went over to the toilet and lifted my t-shirt (far too big for me, some relative or other bought it for me last Christmas and I thought the best thing to do was to use it as a nightie) and slid my white knickers down to just above my knees. As soon as I sat down I started weeing like mad, it went on for ages and I felt loads better after!! I quickly wiped and pulled up my knickers, then flushed and washed my hands. As I walked out of the bathroom a slight need for a poo was growing in my belly, but it wasn't that desperate so I went downstairs to get some breakfast. I took some cereal back up to my room and started to watch telly. I quite like being in the house on my own, I can do what I want and I don't even have to get dressed if I don't feel like it! After breakfast I decided to start packing, mum and dad have got a week off work next week and we're all going to visit my auntie and uncle and my cousins Amy and Jack for a few days. I haven't seen them in about 5 years so I'm really looking forward to it, Amy is a couple of years older than me and Jack is my sister's age (13). I got my bag out of my wardrobe and started to take out some clothes. I was starting to want a poo more and more but still wasn't quite ready to go to the loo. As I pulled open my underwear drawer I was glad I'd washed lots of knickers when Katie was round a few days ago, I wanted to pack some decent ones as I was going to be sharing a room with Amy. I was just hoping that I hadn't shrunk them, I'd had to put them on a hot wash to get out some stains. Unfortunatley I'd ended up having to buy a pack of plain white knickers that time I went shopping with Lucy as they were all I could find in my size, not exactly the most practical colour! As I was packing my bag my urge to poo was getting stronger, as soon as I'd finished I went to the bathroom. I hiked up my t-shirt, dropped my pants and sat down. At once I felt my poo sliding down inside me and as I gave a gentle push I felt the tip coming out of my bum. It slid out slowly but surely without me hardly having to push at all, very unusual for me, normally it takes quite a bit of effort but this was a nice change. After the first log had slid gently into the bowl hardly making a splash another one started to come out almost straight away and slid out just as easily as the first. A small final log followed and then I felt totally empty and relaxed. I wiped my bum but there was hardly anything there it had come out so cleanly. I pulled my pants up, flushed, washed my hands and went back to my room to watch some more telly. Will post again after my trip away, hope you enjoyed this, bye for now!!

Hi Andy from Scotland here.MADELINE:I just read your post and really enjoyed it.Nice to hear a girl who is uninhibited.Sorry to hear about your experiences.When i was much younger i had a few bad incidents both at school and when i was part of a scout troop.I would sometimes wet myself and also sometimes poohed myself which led to a lot of very hurtful teasing.I've never forgotten it.Incidentally i am also not afraid to let rip with loud farts at work.We all have to do it,right?I also choose to pee and very occasionally poop outdoors if the mood takes me.
Well here is my main reason from coming on here.On Saturday i was visiting a garden and country park where i once worked and still enjoy visiting,as i have many great memories of my time there.Out in the park,there is a long red brick building called the Pheasant,which doubles as an outdoor facility for youth groups and also has public toilets.As i needed to pee,i headed for the toilets.As i approached them from one end,a woman approached from the opposite end.I entered the gents just before the woman reached the ladies which were next door.As i unzipped at the urinal,i clearly heard a door being closed.I realised that the woman must be in a cubicle right through the wall from where i was standing.Only a brick wall separated us.As i peed a thin yellow stream i tried to listen but due to a cistern running above,i could not hear the woman peeing.However as i washed my hands i did hear the sound of flushing coming from next door.I found the fact that we were so close to each other and both peeing,(she may have been pooing of course),quite exciting.I left the gents and as i walked back along the path i looked round and saw the woman coming out of the ladies toilet.It was an interesting experience.
Well that's it.CHEERS BYE,

Upstate Dave

Another Girl Another Wedding Before And After Part 3

The grooms family was very large and most were older also. Since his family was Italian many of the family of the groom spoke no English or very little. So it was hard to talk to them for both Tereasa and myslef. Also being so late I was at at a table in the smaller extra room which I was the only one unless Tereasa would come sit with me at times when she could.

The food was good when it was served. The cake later also was very good. With traditional Italian music being played I only could dance every so often which would be a waltz which I did with Mary the bride,Tereasa a few times and Tereasas and Mary's mom a couple of times too. When I had danced each time with Tereasa she whispered to me saying she was really bored and couldn't wait to get out of here. She was that way at times.

Well we did get our chance to leave after awhile. Tereasa's mom wanted to go home so I offered to ride her home. I told Tereasa that she had asked me to take her home so I had to walk back to my place and get my car. Tereasa took this oppertunity and left with me. So we walked to my apartment and when we got there Tereasa said to me she had to take a quick piss. So I let her inside and went in with her for I had to take a piss also.

We both went straight into the bathroom. Now Tereasa didn't take time for her stockings now. She just peeled them down and right off. She also did the same with her dark purple slip taking that completely off also. I had taken my tie off along with my vest and suite jacket. Tereasa also had taken the purple satin panties off and now had stepped back over my toilet and stood over it to piss leaving me room so I could also piss into it.

I pulled my penis outt through my pulled down zipper and Tereasa couldn't hold it this time dfro her long purple gown had to be held with both of her hands. She did laugh a little before she started to piss for I was erect. She started pissing with a thin twisted stream going straght down and I started to piss also a couple of seconds after she had started.

My stream was hard with a big twist and I had it aimed off to the right side of her stream hitting the water in the toilet behind where her stream was in the center. I was pissing much harder then Tereasa so my piss was very short. I did only one short finishing spurt and I slipped my penis back inside my briefs and suite pants and zipped up.

I said to Tereasa as she still stood there pissing into the toilet; Hey I thought it was a quick piss you had to take. My bladder is full Dave but it just doesn't want to ccme out! Let me piss a little more and thn I'll stop it. Tereasa pissed for several secnds more and then she did stop her stream. She picked up her stockings,panties. and slip off the floor.

As we walked out of the bathroom Tereasa tossed her slip,panties, and stockings on the floor of my bedroom. Can I leave those here pick up later? she asked me as now we wre going out my front door. I told her you mise well. They are already there. We walked out to my car got in and I drove up to the community center and Tereasa got ut went inside got her mother. I took them both home. I was to go inside with them for her mom asked me to do a favor which was go to the market for her. I told her no problem so I would do it for her. To be continuied.


finally brave enough to post!

NOTE- I accidentally hit submit prematurely when writing this so this may be repetitive but this version has a lot more lol.

Hello! I'm Madeline, I'm 17 and about to be a high school senior. I play field hockey, I'm
short and weigh around 105 lbs and i have some freckles, green eyes and light brown hair! I found this site YEARS ago and have read it off and on. I was always too afraid to post because i used my family computer and i was paranoid that my parents or brothers might see what i posted somehow which would really embarrass me. But now i have my own laptop so i am confident enough to post....

Anyway, I've always been comfortable with the fact that everyone goes to the bathroom and I'm not weirded out or grossed out by that. So i guess i am somewhat uninhibited. I'll be the first one to announce to my group of friends that i need to poop and I'm a girl that will fart out loud if i have too. I even pee outside from time to time if its more convenient than finding a toilet. Despite all SUCKS to have accidents, and boy have i had my share. A couple were just desperate moments caught short, a couple were caused by my own poor judgement and one was caused by my brother.
-this is what my brother did to me. I must've been 7 or 8 years old. We were watching cartoons on a Saturday morning and i realized i had to pee and poop so i headed toward the bathroom. He ran ahead of me and was blocking my way. I told him to move but he wouldn't and i kept screaming. Then he pushed me onto the couch and sat down on me, pinning me. I kept screaming that i had to go potty, then i just went in my Disney princess underpants. It was a really big soft poop, and i peed all over myself and the couch. I cried and my brother laughed and teased me, but he got in a lot of trouble when i told on him.
-this is the first poor judgement accident. I woke up early in the morning like just as the sun was coming up one time when i was like 11. My bladder was bursting i had to pee so bad, its probably what made me wake up so early. Well i was SOOOO tired. I couldn't bring myself to get up even though i had to pee so bad, and i fell back asleep. Next thing i know I'm having a dream where i can feel something warm and tingly enveloping my crotch and my butt. I woke up to find that i completely wet my bed! I was ashamed because i knew i should've gone when i woke up earlier. It was so much pee. The wet spot on my sheets was as big as one of those round saucer sleds, you know what i mean? Its what i thought of when i looked at the stain. I had a purple Barbie nighty on that was completely soaked and looked darker purple on the back from the very edge at the bottom up to the mid back, and my panties were drenched just about everywhere except for a small area on the front right under the waist band. My bedroom stunk like pee for days from one bed wetting accident! Thats how much i peed. I still have the same mattress and it has the stain still.
-my other poor judgement accident was fairly recent. I was 15 and i was at six flags with a bunch of friends for my best friend's birthday. After a long day and eating lots of crappy amusement park food i was feeling gassy and bloated. I kept warning my friends in the car that i might fart. Everyone kept laughing and yelling at me. Finally some gas built up and i knew i was gonna fart whether i wanted to or not, so i just let it go. It made a loud, wet noise like "Fllppppllllt" and we all freaked out laughing. Then i had to do it again. So i did it again...and again..then on the fourth one...something BAD happened. I made the mistake this time of lifting my.butt off the seat and "aiming" toward one of my friends. And i forced the fart. Which was a big...big...big mistake. It made no sound. I just felt a big, wet, hot blob of poop just shoot out of my butt and fill my bathing suit that i had on under denim shorts. Everyone was quiet just waiting for my fart, when i gasped and quickly sat back down. They just stared at me and my face turned bright red, and my friend Tanya said "oh my god you pooped your pants" and i just covered my face and started laughing. Everyone else lost it too. It felt so weird having this squishy little warm wet blob between my buttcheeks and smooshed up against my butt the whole ride. It felt like i didn't wipe my butt after pooping then someone gave me a wedgie. It smelled pretty bad too. My friends didn't let me hear the end of that for weeks!
-this is one of my legitimate, pure desperation accidents. Its also the weirdest sensation I've ever experienced...basically, when i was 16 i had bad diarrhea for 3 days. It was over a weekend and i didn't go to school Friday. Then obviously i was home Saturday and Sunday , so all three days i was back and fourth to the toilet having the runs. On Monday, i was feeling better. I was able to drink enough and get enough in my stomach on Sunday night that i wasn't dehydrated and felt settled, so i was going to school. I got dressed and i had on i very tight pair of jeans over equally tight white and purple flowered panties. I had JUST gotten on the bus when something very alarming happened. My stomach gurgled and rumbled violently and a huge rush of diarrhea lurched through my bowels and slammed against my sphincter ready to erupt into my pants. I sat there in total panic mode not knowing what to do. After a minute it kind of felt like i had it under control, then my stomach cramped and i ripped a loud, squelching fart and i had the wet runs in my pants. Liquid poop just poured out of my butt, and my jeans and panties were so tight that it spread EVERYWHERE. i felt it go down my thighs to my knees, up the back of my pants, all over my butt and up the front of my pants on my lap. It looked like i peed myself but it was actually wet poop... there was even wetness on the bus seat, and it reeked to high heaven. Luckily there was barley anyone on the bus because I'm the 2nd stop, so there were few witnesses. I got off at the next stop in my neighborhood and the bus driver understood my ordeal and didn't stop me. The kids getting on the bus as i got off were pretty weirded out... anyway, the walk home was an interesting experience. Squish, slosh with every step..wet poop EVERYWHERE. it went all down my legs, in my socks, left little poop footprints from running all down the sides of my shoes..just light brown liquid. Having wet diarrhea in jeans that tight...very interesting sensation to say the least. Word of my accident spread around school quickly but because there were so few witnesses i just denied it and it never got past "rumor" status. Of course those few kids knew but none of them have proof!
-finally, my other accident caused from pure desperation. It happened at the beginning of the summer. I hadn't pooped for like 3 days and i was having to go pretty bad one night at work. I *was* a hostess at outback steakhouse. We were incredibly busy and there was no chance i was getting a bathroom break, at least not one long enough to poop. The urge got stronger and stronger throughout the night but we weren't quieting down. Finally if was getting too intense and i didn't think i could hold it, and i began to frantically try to get my manager to cover me so i could go to the ladies room. He was so busy though i couldn't even get a chance to ask, and people were just filling our vestibule and waiting area like crazy and giving me their names for an hour and 15 minute wait! I was trying to explain to some bitchy lady that i told her 50 minutes and not 15 after she complained she has been waiting too long, when i started turtle heart raced and i broke out in a sweat and i frantically looked to see if my manager was nearby, but no such luck. I couldn't put my hands on my butt because there were literally dozens of people all around me. I tried pressing my butt against the wall behind me to hold it in, but it was no use. Slowly but surely, i started pooping my underwear right in the front of the restaurant while checking in came out slowly and was pretty solid. After one long log came out and broke off in my underwear, 3 more came out making a humongous bulge in my underwear. It probably took 5 minutes to finish pooping myself. I was in a daze because of it and god knows what i said to any customers that talked to me while i was in the process of crapping my panties. When i was done i just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. But i had a couple things working in my favor. For one, it was solid and i was wearing bikini style panties, so it was contained in my underwear. Also, i was wearing a knee length black skirt so the bulge probably wasn't that visible. On top of that, there were TONS of people right there, so it was noisy, so no one heard it happen, and also even though it smelled bad there was no way it could be pinpointed that i was the person who smelled. So i did my best to carry on... eventually my coworkers and some customers started giving me funny looks. As the crowd died down and there were less people by the door, people began to notice i was the source of the smell. I got nervous and i started to get a shaky voice and my face turned red, so my coworkers knew i pooped my pants. My eyes eventually filled with tears and i couldn't keep from crying, and i just walked away to the ladies room a good half hour after pooping my underwear. I stood in a stall and cried, and i was too upset to deal with my mess there. A waitress named Emily came in and said my manager said i could go home for the night so i just left out the back door. Sitting in my car felt really weird, smooshing a bulge that big in my underwear. I'm sure i made some interesting faces while i did it....Anyway i got home and surprisingly it was an extremely difficult cleanup, moreso than my diarrhea jeans explosion from a year ago. That time it all rinsed right off in the shower. But this mess was just thick and solid...the seat of my white panties were completely filled and caked with poop and it was very difficult to clean it all off my butt. I must've used 2 whole rolls of toilet paper and flushed the toilet like 20 times, and still had a long cleanup in the shower after the preliminary "de-pooping". I had to scrap my panties out before i could wash them, too. They stained real bad, obviously. White panties, lots of poop in them for about an hour, it got smooshed...yeah, they're like 40% white and 60% tan now. That was by far my most humiliating accident. I never went back to work after that.

So there you have it. Sorry for the length but i know a few others here who post lots of long stories. Anyway, those are my 5 accidents. 3 poop, 1 pee, 1 both. And I've pooped my pants 3 years in a row! I'll let you know if the streak gets to 4 after i turn 18.
- Madeline

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