As I stated in my last post I'm staying at a friend's cabin for the week. There are about six other people staying at the cabin that borders a lake. My friend Mike brought his boat up so we've been water skiing almost every day. Luckily the cabin is fully equipped and even has internet. I haven't had a shit since I drove up here so by this evening I was needing to go. After eating some burritos and spicy tacos for lunch and dinner I was almost dying to relieve myself.

Interestingly enough there is no bathroom inside the cabin, just a two person outhouse that is about a one minute walk away. I think my friend Jared said that his grandparents built the cabin in the 1960s so there was no sewage connection until just recently. I think they decided to keep the outhouse simply for history purposes. Needless to say it is very well equipped outhouse with lighting for when it gets dark. It basically has a wooden bench with two cutouts right next to each other. There are two plastic seats with a lid and a single wide door that doesn't lock. By the time 7 pm rolled around I decided I would zip over and unload. Mike and everyone else were going back onto the boat to go for a short boat ride.

I was stayed as did a girl named Amanda who was a friend of Jared's girlfriend Sheila. She is drop dead gorgeous and I was surprised to find out that she doesn't have a boyfriend. After cooling off by going for a short swim I made my way over to the outhouse. I opened the door and turned on the light. I think by now everyone had at least shitted once by the looks of things when I lifted the lid. I turned around and lowered my wet swimsuit before sitting down. I felt a strong pressure build and then with a very slight push I released a load of soft and mushy poop. Almost immediately afterwards I felt a even greater pressure start to build. Before I could release it I heard some footsteps approaching.

I knew it must have been Amanda since she was the only other person that didn't go on the boat. In a panic I thought about getting up and leaving but that really wouldn't help since I was still needing to shit and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it in if I let. When she opened the door she was a bit startled to see me sitting there but she immediately asked if she could come in. Startled I replied yes and she responded with a resounding thanks before she entered in. She was wearing a very attractive blue bikini that was quite revealing to say the least. I nervously waited for her to leave as she sat down next to me and almost immediately let out a loud fart before starting to shit.

She didn't seem as embarrassed as I was as she continued on with her shit. I heard her drop turds one after another. By now the pressure I was holding back was excruciating. I let out a small wet fart at which point I lost all control and the second load of mushy poop rushed out. She started to laugh at which point she started to talk about how all the food and drinks she was consuming were effecting her. I told her that I hadn't gone in a few days at which point she told me that she had already gone once today. I don't think she was at all uncomfortable shitting next to me. We both wiped at which point I got up and saw my two large piles of mushy shit sitting on top. I pulled my swimsuit back up and left before she followed out a minute later. We later went for a swim together before everyone came back. I think she has been watching me lately after Sheila told her that I was also single. I will see what materializes as the week goes on.


An embarrassing laugh

Well, I never really thought I'd be sharing a story here, but low and behold! I went on a day trip the other day and got sidetracked on the way. I got a very strong urge to poop which I ignored and was able to hold on for a while. A few miles down the road I got that rumbling in my stomach that tells me "I need a bathroom NOW!" I found a place not too far off the highway and wouldn't you know it, the only thing they had was a porta potty. (Sound familiar yet?) Well I actually parked right in front of it and rushed to get in, but didn't quite make it. It was chunky soft serve and looked like the lasagna that I had the night before. In the rush to lift the lid, I lifted both lid and seat, and when I realized this, I put the seat down...... or so I thought.... I ended up putting both down again and sitting on the lid. LOL The sad part was that there was no toilet paper in there (big surprise), so I ended up having to pull my disgusting pants and gunderwear up and find a roll that I remembered that I had in my car. In the process, a few things fell out of the car which I needed to round up and of course smeared everything around. I cleaned up the best I could, got back in the car and found a place to buy more pants and underwear, and clean up. It was pretty gross, and if anyone knew I wasn't aware of it. Well, I got a bit further down the road and noticed the familiar rumbling (this was all more that an hour later). I looked for a place to get off the highway, and headed for what I was hoping was a place that I could take care of business, but fate would have it that I turned right when I should have turned left. After something like 10 minutes I turned around and headed back. I went on past where I got off and found the other place. As I got to the door, I saw "THE" sign (no public restrooms). After hemming and hawing (sp?), I decided to go in and tell them that it was a bowel emergency, but the answer was still no. Sound familiar? They told me there was a gas station about 6 miles down the road, so I got back in my car and gave it a try. Unfortunately less than a few hundred yards from the place, I had to pull over, and the inevitible happened, yes, a second time. When I got there, I had the presence of mind this time to take the jacket that I had and covered my backside. There wasn't alot, but this time, it started running down my leg when I stood up. I went in to ask where the bathroom was and was handed a key to a single unit around the side. Boy what a mess! I took my pants and underwear off, and rinsed out what I could from the shorts and put them aside and proceeded to clean up as best as I could which took a while and then I ran out of paper towels and toilet paper so I decided I would just finish up there, and about this time someone knocked on the door at which time I told them I'd be out soon. (I had thrown the underwear and towels. I started getting ready to go out, including tying up the bag of trash, etc., and there was another knock on the door. Shortly after, I went out with my stuff and the bag of garbage, only to be met by the employee who was apparently about to open up with another key. A few exchanges went back and forth including him asking me "why I did this" (pointing to the bag) to which I replied that I had an accident. In this I had also told him that he needed more towels, toilet paper, and another bag which I was about to go and get from him to take care of this. We went around with this again at which time I finally said, "because I shit my pants!!!!!". He turned around, and had another look inside the room, turned back around and signaled for me to just go, at which time I asked him where the garbage can was. I threw the bag into the dumpster and as I was about to get back in the car, noticed a small spot of poo on the ground LOL.

A random guy...

reply to a story...

@A Guy Without A Remote!: lol your story basically made me laugh so hard... XD lol thanks for letting us know about it!! XD


The Wait...

Hi all. After a week, or two, of some uneventful poo (haha that rhymes) I've finally taken one that I thought felt worthy enough to be posted.

For the past couple of days I grew bored... waiting... for the urge to poop (I only go about once or twice a week)! Yesterday that urge arrived. Hooray :D I can only described it, though, as a heaviness in my bowels... kinda. Well, sensing the urge to go I just happend to be lazy that early Friday afternoon (because it's summer time, haha) and ignored it. Then later on I realized what I did. My moment of possible satisfaction, Gone! Pooping is relaxing and I enjoy it, just like you all. Anyways, I was glad the urge returned today and I got my relaxation and satisfaction. I went into the bathroom, turned on the fan, pulled my sweat pants and panties down to my ankles to get comfortable and sat on the bowl. As I began to pee I could feel my poop wanting to cone out, but it needed some help so I silently pushed. Soft little balls of poop piled into the water, making no noise. I kept pushing, not hard though, wanting to get out as much as I could. Some more little, soft, and round pieces of poop came out my hole falling on top of the rest. Then I was done. I pushed a little more but all I got was a small, crackly sounding fart. I then I stood up to see what I made. There was a cool, but small, pile of little light brown, soft, balls of poop sitting there neatly on top of a piece of tissue that was floating in the toilet before I started pooping so all the poop didn't go in the hole of the toilet. The pike was cute and small with a bit of corn floating in some pieces here and there. I'm proud that I had made that :) lol. I don't usually poop much or for a long time. It takes me about a minuet or two. One day I want to just sit on the toilet and plop out poop after poop after poop. I think it would make me happy haha.


Hi everyone. I used to post awhile ago but quit because no one was responding. Any way I'm back now with a story to tell. Last weekend I was babysitting my niece Raeghan while by brother and sister in law went out. Raeghan is a fussy baby and very hard to deal with, so it took me awhile to feed her, bathe her, and put her to sleep. Finally after hours, I got her down. I really had to pee and also poop. I hadn't been in days and could feel a big one coming on. I was just about to go to the bathroom when the phone rang. I ran to check and see if it was my brother calling to check on us. It wasn't, but the ringing woke up raeghan. She started crying. I could really feel the pressure building in my bowels and bladder, but I didn't want my niece to be crying, especially if my brother was on his way home. I went into her room and tried to calm her down. Her pacifier and back patting didn't work so I picked her up. As I held her and rocked her in my arm's, I squeezed my cheeks together and did a pee pee dance. All of a sudden my bladder spasms and I started to pee. A lot. It was running down my legs, soaking my pants and my nieces carpet. I stood there in shock. Then I lost complete control and mushy poop pushed its waway into my panties. I couldn't believe I was 16 years old, holding my infant niece and having a complete accident.
Just then I heard the door open and my brother and sister in law came in. I knew they'd be up to raeghans room any minute. I had no choice but to wait and hope my brother walked up alone. Sure enough, it was just him that walked into her room. He immediately saw what happened. I started crying but he just hugged me and told me its okay accidents happen, like I was a little kid again. He said next time, it's okay to let her cry.he then took raeghan from me and I took a shower.


To Jessica (age 27)

Jessica, I am so sorry that you had an accident at work. Please read through the forum...there are many of us that have had accidents, and many stories about having work related accidents or close calls.

You are OK and it is normal, even though I know that it is traumatizing. I'm 29 and I have had a few diarrhea accidents and two solid accidents since my teenage years. It happens to us all. However, I know what you mean by not knowing how to cope. I wrote about my bowel habits, obessions with bowel movements, and my accidents on pages 1817-1821. After having an accident, it's like, for 2-3 days, you feel as if everyone knows you pooped your pants, even though you know that they don't know. After my first "solid" accident, which was on a Sunday afternoon, I felt like that night at church that everyone was looking at me as if that huge load was still in my panties, which it wasn't and no one knew it happened.

I am sure that every human being has had an accident at least once in their post-potty training years. It will be OK!

Take care...and love to all!

To Jenna

Jenna, welcome to the forum, but I hate the reason that brought you here. I am so sorry that you are having incontinence.

I would tell your doctor to refer you to a specialist and don't give up until you get some answers. You are right, 55 is too young to live a life confined to Depends. It does sound like it is more than just IBS, especially since your bowel habits changed overnight.

Please let us know how you are doing...

new guy

short stories & comments

Ive only pooped my pants twice that I can remember. The first was when I was 8 or 9 it happened when I was scared that I was home alone but my dad was there but I didnt know that at the time. The second time was when I farted and a spurt of diarrhea came out in my underware.

To: Newcomers Lauren & Jessica I just read your stories and really enjoyed them and I hope you both write more of them.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Buddy dump in the woods

When Kirsty picked me up from work last night I was busting for a poo & when I told her she said she was too. She suggested going for a drive somewhere secluded to have a poo outdoors & I found the idea very exiting. She'd brought along a bag containming some spare underwear & some wipes so she'd made the decision allready. We drove for a few miles into a country park & parked the car right on the far side of the car park by the woods. We got out of the car & headed straight into the dense woods. It was dark among the ancient trees & we were totally alone. We found a small clearing where the sunlight shone through so we decided to relieve ourselves here. There was a fallen tree with a large hole in the side so we buddy dumped backe to back in it. Kirsty peed a long stream as she began to drop some logs of her own. Almost immediately I started to poo a load of soft serve together with a long pee. Soon we were done & we wiped each other clean before returning to the car & going home.

Just a Guy
Does anyone have any foods that lead to an urgent dump soon after eating? It seems that whenever I eat fast food, I have to take a dump within an hour, sometimes even within 5 minutes after eating. Although, its not diarrhea, it is one that can't be held back, tends to be very soft, usually a quite a bit, and smelly. It can be gassy, but isn't always, although, as I hold it to find a public restroom (as I'm usually out), I often pass several sbds on the way to the restroom. Another annoying thing, is that I usually tend to be quick in taking a dump, but after eating fastfood I'm not. Although, it comes out right away, it comes in waves. Therefore, I sit and right away, dump a lot of mushy poop, but then have to wait as I can tell I'm not done, then another wave, then sit, etc. Sometimes I will still be out in 5 minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes. I understand that after eating, you sometimes get the urge, but what confuses me is the urgency, after all, the food doesn't digest right away, so I would think it would be later in the day that I would need an urgent dump after the fast food digests, not so soon. Anybody know why this happens or have similar experiences? By the way, there have been some great posts lately (Sports fan, Leanne, Abbie, to name just a few).

Wendy & Kirsty

Buddy dumping

Hi all. It's wendy this time.
Last night (thursday) Kirsty & me had our first buddy dump after sundays diarrhea episode.We were both busting to go & I sat at the back of the toilet while Kirsty sat in front between my legs. I peed a huge stream as I dropped several huge turds into the water. Then Kirsty started to push out her huge load. There was only one turd but it was about 2" in diameter. It came out slowly & as Kirsty pushed it out I rubbed her belly to help her. It took about 10 minutes to get the12" turd out of her bum & Kirsty have a big sigh of relief as it came out. We got off the toilet & wiped each other clean before flushing & washing our hands. It's a good thing our toilet has a big pan & large drain as that amount of poo would have blocked a smaller toilet.


Finally went!

I've been constipated for about a week, not being able to pass anything but small pebbles. My bum has been messy a lot lately though for some weird reason. I've had to get in the shower and clean it with soap and a washcloth so that I don't smell. My farts also have been rank.

My stomach has been having pressure today and I went to the bathroom about 10 minutes ago because I felt like I needed to go. Did I ever! I didn't really need to push and a bunch of crap came out. It was a huge amount of coiled crap, all wrapped around itself. It was a messy wiping job too. When I flushed it left a ton of skidmarks behind. I don't feel 100% better. My stomach still feels funny but I took stool softeners and later I'll take my laxative (GI doctor told me to take both every day) and I should be able to finish going tomorrow or later tonight. I do feel better though.


Post Title (optional) A bit constipated again.......

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been here for a while as I've been busy with work and life in general. About 2 weeks ago, I managed to get extremely constipated. For 3 days, I had liquid poo and butt phlegm coming out. It was awful and I felt like I needed to do poos all the time. It happened during the week and I was at work so I had to give in and go there. The liquid poo didn't seem to stop so I had to keep going to the toilet to squirt it out. I held on for as long as I could and it was awful. I found that every time I went, it only took about 20 minutes for me to get the urge to go again. I held on for an hour each time. Each time I went, I tried to squirt out as much poo as I could but I didn't feel finished at all. I was miserable, lethargic and bloated. I was literally 'full of shit'. I almost went in my pants a few times so I had to be careful not to walk too fast or run around (working with kids, its hard not to run around with them and play games with them). I went 3 days without doing a decent poo. When I finally did go again, it was a Saturday and I went several times that day. I was so full of poo that it took me all day to get rid of it all. It came out in small loads, some consisted of just rock hard pebbles, some were rock hard logs and some were a bit softer and loose.

This week I've been a bit constipated again. I've only been going once a day and my loads have been smaller than usual. Last night all I could squeeze out were a few rock hard balls of poo. This morning I went again and I dropped a medium sized load. I felt much better after that. Then I went again about half an hour ago.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Desperate poo in Kirstys car

A few months ago I was in Kirstys car traveling home from a day at the coast. I'd been holding my poo for 3 days & planned to go that evening when I got home. I thought I would be alright for the day but we went to a fish & chip shop for for lunch. Kirsty had pie & chips & I had cod & chips. After lunch we walked along the beach together & after about an hour I felt a something moving rapidly in my bowels. I thought it would be wise to find a toilet so we looked around & Kirsty spotted a sign pointing the way to the ladies. We quickly found them & I went straight into a vacant cubicle & locked the door behind me. I sat down with a thump fully expecting to have some explosive diarrhea but there was just a lot of gas. I farted for about 30 seconds & it was very smelly. I peed a little bit but there was no poo. I left the toilets & we carried on walking along the sea front just talking. It was starting to get dark so we decided to make our way home. As soon as we got in the car I felt the urge to poo but thought it was just gas again so I ignored it. We drove out of the car park & I felt the urge getting stronger. Still I ignored it. Then as we got out of town & onto the motorway I felt the most intense cramps in my bowels. I knew this was more than just gas so I told Kirsty to pull into the next service area so I could use the toilet but we were at least 40 miles away from the nearest service area. I was getting really desperate & told Kirsty to put her foot down but then the traffic started to slow down. All you could see was brake lights & soon we were at a standstill. Nothing moved for half an hour & I was nearly pooing my panties. I was sweating & Kirsty could see I was in trouble. She told me, "Look Wendy there's a plastic carrier bag on the back seat. If you're going to have an accident you'll have to use that." I reached round to grab the bag & at that moment I momentarily lost it. A small amount of mushy poo slipped out into the back of my panties & I had to quickly slip the bag under my bum & sit on it while I regained control. It was dark by now so I carefully slid my bum forward off the seat & pulled my jeans & pants down. Holding the bag under my bum I released a huge load of semi solid poo into it. It came out with quite a force & went on for 30 seconds before I was done. The car really stank but I was so relieved. Kirsty wound down the windows & then the traffic started moving again. We drove for about half an hour with this bag of stinking poo in the car before we got to the services. We parked the car & I dumped the bag in a bin before going to the ladies to cleanup. My panties were ruined so I flushed then down the toilet & went back to the car to complete our journey home.

End Stall Em

Are older people more particular about using public toilets?

Stac is asking a great question with her latest post: Are older people more particular about using public toilets? Her grandmother giving her the packages of toilet seat covers was well intended and done out of love, but those of us who are younger--whether we're at our schools or at the airport--are not going to worry about sitting on the seat. It's just not a priority for us unless there's crap or a lot of urine on the seat. In situations like that the logical thing to do is to simply wipe it off or go into another stall.

I'm 14 and remember a few things about my toilet training. When we were away from home, Mom and Dad handled my need to go to the bathroom differently. When I was with my Dad, I thought it was the biggest hassle to have my bladder possibly burst while I stood in the stall in the guys' bathroom while he tore off toilet paper to make a seat liner for me. He did this like all the time even when we were in places like restaurants and he insisted on taking me in until I was probably close to 8. Then what I didn't understand, when he had to take a crap he would sit right down on the seat without using the paper covering first. I've never asked him about the double-standard because he can get mad when he's asked something uncomfortable. It was the same way about hand-washing. He would flush, leave his stall and while remaining on the stool in the next stall I would hear him or see his feet outside my stall and he would never wash his hands. However, he would take me over to the sinks and was very encouraging.

However, when Mom and I are shopping together or we are out elsewhere, she just goes into the stall, does her thing and doesn't worry about seat-covering. She does wash her hands and she's very deliberate about it. Sometimes she even removes her rings because she has one that can be damaged by soap. I remember when I was like 3 or 4 and maybe even 5 when we were out shopping at the mall and she had to go to the bathroom, she would go in, pull down her underwear and jeans and I would wait right outside the door and listen to the tinkle. Sometimes when she had to crap, too, I would get bored or scared and tap on the door, and she would invite me in, and by sliding back farther on the seat, she would make room for me to sit in front of her. Often the opportunity to go in and sit with her would cause me to contribute a little to the bowl, too. Sometimes, she would reach down into her handbag and pull out a comb and comb my hair. Then she would make remarks about what kind of burrs I had been picking up. Sometimes she had to be extra persuasive to get me to eventually get off the stool because I was so comfortable going to the bathroom with her.

Yes, judging from my parents, older people may be more particular about using toilets away from home. However, as I get older I'm finding there are more girls and women just outright mean and inconsiderate. And I've written about some of these situations in my other postings.


No more Taco Bell

i cant believe im actually posting this, but this happened to me about a month ago
one night, a couple days before my 16th birthday, i was at taco bell with my friends, and our girl friends.
taco bell always gives me bad diarrhea but i didn't care.
i ate 3 tacos and a small portion of another one, and drunk a coke and half of my girl friends
then my stomach started rumbling and making loud noises
my girlfriend heard them, and asked me if i was alright
i said yeah, and carried on eating my taco
my stomach calmed down for a few minutes and started again
it hurt so bad, i cuddled my arm around me
and then my gf asked again, "austin, are you alright?"
i said yeah and excused myself to the bathroom
my stomach started making all sorts of squirts and rumbles as i walked to the restroom
just my luck, all the stalls were taken so i had to wait for at least a minute
"oh god hurry up someone!" i yelled at the people
a guy came out of the last stall and gave me a awkward glare and walked on
i unzipped my jeans and sat down
holding on to the sides of the stall, a river of burning liquid emerged from my ass and several farts and squirts followed
it felt like hell was hatching in side of me, which caused me to moan a little
after 5 minutes of straight liquid shit, i thought i was done and stood up to wipe my ass
but i felt more coming so i sat down again and more diarrhea poured out of my ass
i think i sat there with shitty fluid coming out of my ass for at least 15 minutes until eating nothing but cheese and peanut butter for a week caught up to me.
something big was coming, i could feel it
pushing with all my might, it started coming slowly, but painfully
i felt like i was going to pop a vein
and then it came out.
it was a big plop that sent diarrhea splashing up on my ass
i think i spent at least 30 minutes in there.
it was the most horrible thing that has EVER happened to me.
and i have never ate taco bell since then!


Going in the woods

I saw a man squat to take a dump in the woods yesterday. This was at a resting area along a main road. I was out picking berries when I saw the man pull down his trousers and squat. After a short time he stood up and wiped off and went away. He did not see me.

Answers to Sharon's questions:

1. Do you read while you poop? Only if it's going to take a while!
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? I have done once or twice but not very often, I do text though!
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? No, I don't smoke and I don't like the idea of 'contaminating' the food (an irrational fear I'm sure but still)!
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? I stand
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Almost all the time
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? 3 or 4 times usually
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? No
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? All the time!
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and difficult to pass? Only very occasionally.

Abbie- Glad you liked my story! I really enjoyed yours on the bus. As to how I managed with pooing at school, you're not the only one who found it hard. At least a couple of times a week I would want a poo by the early afternoon, and usually at least once a week by the end of the day I would be bursting for it. Luckily our teachers usually would let us go if we asked, so I just had to pluck up the courage to ask if I was desperate. Other times I would be able to hold it until I got home, since I only live a few minutes walk from my old school. I guess I can't really help you specifically; if your teachers will let you go, make sure you take advantage of it! If not I'm sure you're used to holding it!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 9

Let me answer a question first asked by one of the posters that had rwead one of my posts about the wedding I atended. Yes I did again been with her which I will post another time being with her.

Now the washer had stopped and I got up from the kitchen table and went and tool the towel and washcloths from the washer and put them in the dryer. I would take them out later. Barbie and I went outside to the barn. While waiting for the washer we made up our minds to take a bike ride. I had two bikes in the barn which we would ride.

Once in the barn before we did get on the bikes to take our ride Barbie told me she was going to piss before we would take off. So she walked over to where the floor ended which it was setup where the bottom section of the barn was open. Barbie turned around and she slipped down her black shorts right dow to her ankles and squated donw with her now bare ass and vagina were over the edge of the floor.

Barbie dripped some piss out first and then she had a strong piss stream form that went straight down the 15 feet wetting the hay that was down below. There was no hissing at first then her stream did start hissing. As she squated and pissed Barbie asked me if I was going to go before we left. I smiled and I said back to her; Why not! Well then get over here and get ready! she said back to me. I'll be done here in a moment.

As I stepped over to the edge of the floor and I unzipped my zipper on my cutoffs Barbies piss stream slacked off with its hissing stopping. She then dribbled and came to a dripping stop. Wait a momnet more Dave she said to me. Barbie slipped her black shorts over her sandles and then she stood upand fished out my penis from my cutoffs and held it.

I had no trouble getting started. I sent a very long arcing piss stream. Where it came down in the hay below was a good ten feet outward from us. I took a longer piss then I thought I was going to do. Barbie was sure happy about that! For she got to play a little while I pissed. She moved my penis side t side making my stream move that way which I wetted a lot of the hay.

Then my stream eased right off and I was done. No needed finishing spurts with this piss. Barbie did shake me and then she slipped my penis back through my zipper and zipped them up. She then picked up her blackshorts didn't put them back on but stuffed them in the pocket of her long peasent blouse. Then we walked over to the two bikes hopped on them and pedaled out of the barn and started our afternnon hike. To be continuied.


O Dear me

Now I hate Saturday mornings when I have to get up early and take the wife to work and yesterday was one of those. She starts work at 7AM so was up and had breakfast. I returned home she only works about 5 minutes away but to far to walk and in any case we were going out directly she finished at 1.30PM.

Fine so far but I had to leave for a committee meeting at 9AM so i got all the paperwork ready for the meeting and went back to bed for a nap but unfortunately I did no awake until five to nine I grabbed all my paper work and was out of the door.

About five minutes into the journey I realised that I was going to need a poo quite soon. I had three choices I could return home which would make me late for the meeting wait till I got there or stop off at a supermarket on the way.

If I went home i would surely be late as no doubt the phone would ring, it always does.

I could Wait till I got there but there is only one unisex toilet and as the committee is 12 ladies and four men i really did not want to stink the toilet out at the beginning of the meeting.

I stopped off at the DIY supermarket. In the men s room there is only one large cubical in addition of course to the urinals.

As it also serves as a disabled Loo for men it is quite large. Well I have sitting on public toilet seats so I lift it and positioned by self quickly and just let go.

O Dear me in my hurry I had not positioned myself properly and shall we just say the rim of the toilet caught a lot of the poo.

I was already running late but no way was I going to leave it in that state so with the toilet brush and some paper i made a reasonable job of cleaning the mess. Then I tried to flush it I have to say no disabled person would be able to and it took me another few minutes to clear it.

Then I went to the sink and the automatic tap would not work.

Luckily I had some wet wipes in the car.

Well I made the meeting in time and did notice that before it started the toilet was frequented by several of the female members so I suppose I made the right choice.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 10

Barbie and I rode our bikes over many of the back country roads that afternoon. There are many in the area to do this. I took her on roads she had never been on which she enjoyed this very much seeing new things and places. We also traveled by places she knew also.

We had gone quite a distance and it became to head back but knowing the roads as well as I did I started back taking a different way so our exploreing would continuie as far as new places to see except when we got very close to being back. We only stopped twice durring the ride. That was at two different little country stores for drinks which I bought.

We were getting closer to being back and I knew of a shortcut to get back home as far as distance but not as far as time. There was a path that cut through the woods which would end on the far back end of my neighbors property that lived down the hill behind me. I told Barbie that we were taking a shortcut, get behind me , and follow me. Barbie did.

We started through the woods on this path which was not all that hard to ride our bikes on. But you did have to go somewaht slow on the path. The woods were about three quarters of a mile thick. Where the woods ended on my neighbors property he had dug out another pond bur never had finsihed it. For he never leveled off the dirt that had been dug up making the p[ond so they were still there but badly overgrown. They looked like the French fields that the allied forces had to fight through durring WWII.

We couldn't ride over these big mounds so we walked our bikes instead till we had got through the mounds. Now we had once gotten through the mounds we did have a road which we could ride on. But we stopped and layed our bikes down. Reason why was both of us had to piss and this was as any good of a spot to piss.

Both Barbie and I climbed up one of the big mounds of dirt which was not as badly overgrown. We were on the front side of the rectangled shaped pond. As she and I climbed up this dirt mound we scared many frogs which jumped back into the pond. She and I both laughed hearingthe frogs make a splash and a loud plop as they jumped into the pond.

Once we were on top of the mound Barbie took her sandles off and her black shorts. I quickly did the button and pulled my zipper down on my cutoffs and let them slide down to my bare feet for I had taken off my sneakers also. This mound of dirt we were on as far as the side faced to the pond was almost straight down to the water of the pond. So it would be very easy for me to piss right into the water and for Barbie she shouldn't have a problem reaching the water also.

I let Barbie piss first. Iknew she wanted to hold me while I pissed. Barbie squated down in a high squat on the dirt mounds edge. Out from her vagina she sent a short upward arcing piss stream which was strong enough to reach the water of he pond. It made a good splash in the pond when her piss stream hit it.

Also with her piss splashing in the ponds water Barbie scared out a couple of big closeby frogs which made two big splashes in the pond. Barbie seeing the frogs jump in the water started laughing hard and as she did she said to me; Dave I almost pissed on those two frogs! I was also laughing and I said back to Barbie; I see that! Barbie went on with her piss.

Now this pond was very still so the water had a green color to it. With Barbie pissing into it her piss made the water ripple. Also her piss was making patches of foam which ever so slowly did drift away and as the piss foam bubbles popped the patches of foam got smaller and dissapeared. Barbie took a good piss too which I would have to say lasted a good twenty seconds or more.

When her stream eased up her stream came right up the side of the dirt mound wetting the dirt turning it dark and she wetted some of the dirt under her as she finished her piss. Then she stood up and stepped over to me and reached right over and took my penis in her hand. Now it was my turn to piss.

I didn't start with a strong stream this time. I started this piss by having my piss stream arc starting short which I wetted the dirt mound face and as my stream got harder it went down the entire front of the dirt mound and just nefore it did reach the water of the pond a big bull frong flung itself outward whicch my piss stream smacked into him before he hit the ponds water!

Boy did Barbie and I ever laugh so hard at that! Barbie with her hard laughter shook my penis all over which my stream went all over the place too. This scared out some more frogs into the pond but I didn't hit any of them with my piss. Not just then anyway. But Barbie started looking for frogs poling thier heads above water and when she saw one she aimed ofr it! Of all the frogs she did see and rtied to hit with my piss stream she only managed to hit one of them. But she sure had a good tme trying!

Well with Barbie's playing we really had a good time. It had to end which it did. I did finish this piss with many shorts purts in a row and then I was done. Barbie let me take care of myself this time. So I did and she put back on her black shorts and sandles. We then walked down the mound over to the bikes picked them up got on them and pedaled away heading up the road.

As we pedaled away Barbie asked me if we could come back here again. I told her we could. We soon were heading down the long hill going by the new house my neighbor was building and we passed it and reached the flats. From here we were back at barn in less then ten minutes. I then walked Barbie home. I would see her two days later. To be continuied.

Gruntly Bogwell


JOHN THE LURKER, as a look time voyeur/lurker/Peeping Tom myself I can certainly understand your interest in seeing your Mum on the toilet, and SHEILAGWENTGIRL gave you a great tip about the missing toilet paper ploy, which you followed to a tee. However, she suggested you compliment your Mum on her underwear, just to be able to keep open the dialog, while you took in the sights, smells and sounds of your Mum on the pot. This may be great small talk for women with an interest in seeing other women on the commode...probably not the best for a teenage lad just trying out his peeping/lurking wings on his Mum. Your Mum might get the wrong idea or suspect your "innocence" in unavoidably catching her on the toilet. Remember, having to ask your for some tp was a first for your Mum, thus the nervousness, with her right hand on her panties and avoiding eye contact with you. She did come and make it up to you when she cut off your attempt to "hear" more and chat her up by asking about the movies.

Don't get me wrong, we who enjoy seeing women "en commode" just love posters like SHEILAGWENTGIRL, for the insiders, "being there" experience they bring to the forum and their tell all approach to us males who are interested in what goes on behind closed restroom doors among women.

For your information JOHN THE LURKER, there was a great scene in the TV show "Sex in the City" where Charlotte comes home to her apartment, goes in to see her husband in the bathroom, and finds not only him but, his mother sitting on the toilet pretty as you please, reading a magazine and making small talk with her son, whilst having a movement.

Good lurking...

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