Drunken Antics

Hi everyone! I'm a new poster here, but I'll just jump right in and tell my story. Last weekend, I went out to a party with my friends Holly and Emily. We probly had wayyyy too much to drink and once the party wrapped up we all ended up at my place. At some point after that, Emily said she needed to "do a number two". In my drunken state, I suggested that her do it outside and let us watch. I was suprised she agreed to that, I had actually said it as a joke. But she said she'd only go if we both promised to let her watch us go later. So, we said we would and then I grabbed a bag for cleaning up my dog's poop and we went to the backyard.

Emily walked over to a spot in the middle of the yard, took off her jeans and pink panties then squatted down. The knobbly head of a turd came out of her butt and she started to pee up a storm. Her turd slowly grew to a few inches long while she peed, and after her pee had trickled off, the turd kept on growing until it broke off at about four inches. She farted a long braaap fart then two quick poot farts. She grunted while she pushed out the next turd. It was a fat one, stretching her ring to come out. Once it was out, it started to ease the rest of the way without her having to push too hard. It grew to be close to the same size as her first turd, just a bit longer. She said she might have one more, and she grunted and pushed out a small nugget turd. Another loud braaap fart ended her dump. I scooped her turds into the bag, threw it away in the dumpster and we went back inside.

Some time later, I started to feel an urge to take a dump. I told the others, grabbed a bag again and we went outside again. I also took off my jeans and my black thong and squatted down. I peed at first, but only in spurts. I farted a silent pffft fart and my pee stream became stronger. I let out a braap fart then another braap fart as my pee stream died off. I had to grunt and push hard to get my first turd to come out and once it was out, I still had to push to get it to keep coming. Once it reached close to six inches, it started to come out without me pushing and it only broke off after it reached a foot in length. A second turd followed shortly and it zipped out almost instantly, ending up at eight inches. I peed another few spurts and was done.

Holly was the last one to have to shit, so we went outside for the third time that night. She too, took off her jeans, but she wasn't wearing any underwear. She squatted down and instantly a turd emerged, grew to be two, maybe three inches long and then broke off. She farted a long pfft fart, and peed a little while she let out two more turds similar to her first. Over the next fifteen minutes, she crapped out I think I counted eight more turds, all of varying colors and thickness, but each one roughly the same length. When she finally finished, I scooped up her turds, which nearly filled the whole bag. I noted that was a lot of poop, and she remarked that she'd probably need to shit again tomorrow and would likely shit just as much again. Apparently she shits twice a day and usually produces this same amount. But, now that I think about it, that's really not suprising... I mean, she always eats two or three times as much as we do, so all that food has to go somewhere.


Small accident at work

I just found this site and want to share what happened to me this morning. I am 27 years old and work for a large company. I had an important conference call this morning with an important account and a lot of high ranking people from both companies. I had been busy all morning preparing for the call at 11:00 am and had been ignoring my bathroom needs. I knew I had to do both but I did not have time. I finally made myself go to the restroom before the call started but only had time to pee so I did so quickly and hurried back to my desk, with the urge to defecate still in the back of my mind. As the call went on my urge to go #2 got stronger and stronger. I was passing gas silently and it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. I couldn't get up to leave because I had to speak and take notes and couldn't just say, "Excuse me while I go to the ladies room." After almost an hour of holding it suddenly my anus opened and the log started to push out against my panties, but because I was sitting the chair stopped its progress and it just sat their pushing to get out but nowhere to go. I struggled to pull it back inside but a small piece on the end broke off and was then sitting in my panties squished between my cheeks. I was panicking but trying not to let my voice show it while speaking. A few moments later the urge to push came back even stronger and again it started to come out and push against my panties. This time a small squirt of pee also came out but I managed to stop both ends and hold it again. The call was supposed to end at noon but it ran long a little. At 12:05 - yes, I was watching the clock - another wave of pressure hit me and the poop pushed out again and this time I almost involuntarily lifted my left butt cheek off of my chair just a little because the pressure was so strong and that let the poop out further into my panties and it started to spread into a mound a little before I squeezed it off, with a little bigger piece breaking off this time and another spurt of pee dampening the front of my panties. I was tempted to say I had another meeting to get to and hang up and run but finally things wrapped up and the call ended. I quickly hung up, saved my notes, locked my PC, and got up. I started walking as quickly as I could to the ladies room on the other side of the room but the walking made things worse. As soon as I got inside the ladies room door I reached back and pressed the back of my skirt against my butt to help hold it while I scrambled for a stall but I could feel it pushing out against my fingers. I got into a stall and locked the door. I turned around to raise up my skirt and as I did so my body pushed harder and the poop quickly shot down into my panties and began pushing against the fabric into a hot ball under my cheeks. I managed to stop without losing complete control and quickly yanked down my panties and sat, immediately releasing the rest of the first log and another large log after it in seconds and peed. I looked down and half of the first log was in a mound in the seat of my light purple panties. I couldn't believe I had soiled myself even that much at my age and at work, no less. I wiped myself clean, which was not very easy to do, and tried to wipe out the panties but the poop mostly wanted to smear or rub into the fabric, so instead I flushed them down the toilet and pulled my skirt down as low on my hips as I could safely pull them. I then took my lunch break and while on my way home I called my boss to say that something came up and I would be out the rest of the day. I am still coming to grips with having pooped my panties like that. I'm just really glad nobody found out or saw it happen. Have any other women had an accident at work? How did you cope?


She Never Knew

Back in high school, my girlfriend and I were an item our entire senior year and about half our freshman year in college. We attended the same university, but drifted apart midway through our first year there. She was a reasonably attractive girl, with a very nice rear end, and very shy, especially when it came to bathroom needs. It was something she never wanted to discuss even after we'd been going together for a long time. It was as if she didn't want me to know she had to go like everyone else. I knew her from school, but not really well. And I worked part-time at the same store where her mother worked, so I'd seen her around. But there was something I never told her that she doesn't know to this day. If I'd shared it with her, she would have been so mortified, I don't think she'd have gone out with me again, or even been able to look me in the face. She was that shy. I've not seen or heard from her in many years, and I'm happily married to someone else and assume she is too.

It was on our very first date. We lived in a large city and went out to a popular Mexican food restaurant that was "the spot" for our high school students. It was a pretty nice place, not extravagant but middle of the road. It was a good place to take a date. We ate there and I drank about 10 glasses of iced tea with the meal. We then went to a movie, which was over at about 9:30. She had a 12:30 curfew, so we had about 3 hours to ride around and get to know one another better. But I had a huge urge to pee off all the iced tea from dinner. We were stopped at a red light, and I mentioned casually that I would need to stop for a minute. She asked why. I told her all the iced tea had me a little uncomfortable. She said "oh", seemed a bit embarrassed, but obviously understood but didn't seem to want to elaborate. We were in a nice part of town, but not near where we lived and I didn't know the area that well. I said there must be a gas station somewhere close by. She looked up and pointed just beyond the intersection and there was a Holiday Inn hotel. She said, "Hotels usually are pretty nice places to stop." So when the light changed, I pulled into the parking lot and parked by the hotel's restaurant entrance, thinking the restrooms would be located near there. She said she'd go inside with me and we went in. We saw no one else around, being rather late evening on a Saturday night. Not too far into the door, there were the restrooms. The men's room was the first door, and about 20 feet further down, the ladies'. As I went toward the men's room, she said, "I'm going to check my makeup." I said OK and went into the men's room. I walked to the urinal and unzipped and got ready to pee. When I have to go this bad, it seems it is hard to get started and then I pee for about 3 minutes, stop, and go some more. As I got in front of the urinal, I heard footsteps, but they were coming from above me. I looked up and saw what I thought was the exhaust fan vent just above the urinal. The footsteps were coming from the ladies' room. Apparently this vent connected the two rooms and the fan pulled air from both at the same time. Either the fan was off or ran silently, because you couldn't hear it at all, but plain as day, I heard my date go into a stall, close the door and latch it. I stood there peeing quietly against the urinal. I heard some clothes rustling, and then she began to pee pretty loudly. I thought, "Wow, first date, and she doesn't have a clue I can hear her piss." And I wasn't eavesdropping. I was just peeing. She finished peeing, and then let a very loud fart. I heard her plop what sounded like a big heavy turd. I was still peeing, believe it or not, and she again farted pretty loudly (I figured the earlier Mexican food must have reacted with her). I finished peeing and realized the urinal flusher was one of those electronic eye types, so if I stepped away from the urinal, it would flush automatically. I knew she'd hear the urinal, and I didn't want her to be embarrassed because she would realize that I was hearing her if she could hear the urinal flush. So I stood there quietly waiting for her to flush, and then I'd step away and wash up while she did, and assume she would not hear anything. I stood there about 3 or 4 minutes. She continued to shit, fart, plop pretty profusely. Toward the end, it sounded like she had some pretty soft poop with gas all mixed in, because you could hear the gas coming and poop apparently flying out with it. Finally I heard her unrolling toilet paper and start wiping. She wiped about 4 times, and then I could hear her pulling up her pants. She flushed the toilet, and I quickly stepped away from the urinal and it flushed at the same time, so my plan worked. I heard her walk to the sink and turn on the water. I did the same and dried my hand quietly then went outside. In a minute she came out, smiled, and said, "Ready?" I said yes. We got back into the car and drove around getting to know one another better. We had a great time together. But she never knew just how much I got to know her that first date. It didn't deter me, however. I did like her a lot and we dated about 18 months, but I never told her about our first date and me hearing her take a healthy shit at that Holiday Inn. She would have been humiliated.


Toilet Papering the Seats

This board is so interesting because we all have such different habits and procedures in dealing with our daily needs to to eliminate our urine and crap. There seems to be so much diversity. As a high school student who is going to be starting her senior year (yeh!) next week, I'm often asking myself questions as I'm reading the posts. Sometimes, I discuss them with my friend, Connor. And I've written about many of these.

I have a question I would like to throw out: are older people, especially senior citizens, more particular about using public toilets? There have been recent posts about senior citizens asking help in putting toilet tissues over the seat before they sit on it. And last week my grandmother from my dad's side of the family drove down to the airport terminal where I work in a news kiosk to visit me. I appreciated seeing her, she told me about a computer problem she's having at her apartment, and we talked about several things. I told her I would drive by and take a look at her computer after I got off work at 5 p.m. that night. She retired like 20 years ago from an insurance company and is very interested in business. She asked a lot of questions, one of which caught me off guard, a little I guess. Since I'm the only employee in the kiosk, she asked how I go to the bathroom and what happens during my lunch hour. I explained to her how our management company has 20 kiosks in the airport and that one of two managers move between the kiosks to pick up the money, deliver the latest newspapers, etc. and that I call for one on my cell phone when I need to use the bathroom. Then she started talking about how she's always hated airport bathroms (too large, two dirty) during her career. She said our city's airport bathrooms are the absolute worse. I got to thinking--"And I'm using them three or four times a shift..." I told her I just sit down and relieve myself and don't try and think to much about it. Then she said something like I NEVER should be sitting on those seats and that I need to learn to put paper over them. I told her that that's what Connor does most of the time and she said that's what I should be doing. Then she reminded me that I should be slowly washing my hands after each trip in (sometimes I don't take the time like at school between classes) and she said I can buy packages of pre-cut toilet seat tissues at places like Walgreens and at travel stores that I can carry in my purse. I love my grandma to death but I got to thinking after she left that like that I'm going to put one of these down everytime I use the toilet at like school and work??? I don't think so.

I got to grandma's apartment at 6:30 and was able to reboot her computer and make some other adjustments for her. She clutters her desk by opening too many pages at the same time and then gets mixed up on where she is. She was very appreciative, gave me dinner, and as I was preparing to leave, she gave me a plastic bag that she asked me to open. As I sat down on her sofa to open them, I pulled out two packages; each contained 18 hygienic toilet seat covers. She had stopped in the travel store at the airport after she left my kiosk. I nicely thanked her, hugged her, and started by 45 minute drive home. I knew I had only a quarter tank of gas and since rush hour was over, I decided to stop and fill my tank. (Yes, it was payday). I had to halway pee, so I got the restroom key, want in and decided to use one of the covers. I unfolded it, placed it over the seat, but there was a large flap to it which I wasn't sure of what to do with. So I carefully tore the flap off with my thumb and through it in the trash can.

Sitting on the seat cover seemed at little strange. I had to pee and my urine was somewhat hurting me in my bladder but I don't think I was comfortable enough to get my stream going. I moved my left thigh because it seemed like it was about halfway off the seat and I wanted to get more comfortable. Mistake: the paper tore and was bunching up under my thigh. I got upset, stood up for a moment, and the paper stuck to my butt and came up with me. I grabbed it, reseated myself without it and my stream started immediately. It was strong like normal and went for more than a minute. While I was peeing, I cruched up the paper with my right hand. I tossed it into the trashcan to my left, but it bounced back out and fell below my feet. I thought about dropping it into the bowl, but wasn't sure it would flush. So I leaned over and placed it with the rest of the trash on top of the trashcan.

I don't think I'm going to be using the other 35 covers anytime soon.

Actually my GF has peed on the sofa quite a lot recently and after it has dried, it doesn't smell at all. We do vacuum and fabreze it sometimes just to keep it fresh :)


To Jenna

Hi Jenna. I can understand your problems to a point as I am 2 years younger than you, but a guy. In the earlier years, holding my bladder was never an issue. In fact my mother use to kid me as a kid about having a "cast iron kidney" (I only had one working kidney). In the last few years, I have noticed that it's harder to hold on when I need to pee although, for the most part, I have not had any actual accidents. I seem to have an inclination for UTI's and recently had to actually use men's guards at work. I'm also now influenced by things such as drinking fluids, and running water, or other fluids. You already know the major contributor to the bladder problems - giving birth, NOT getting old However, the bowel problems are concerning. You might also want to consult with a nutritionist to see if your general diet has something to do with it. Something else that may, or may not help, is to look back as best you can to any changes you can think of in terms of diet, change of food/water sources, or anything else that may correlate with the change to more consistent boughts of bowel urgency and loss of control. At 55, if your doctor is telling you that it's just "getting old", then maybe you need to think about a different doctor. I might expect a comment like that when you're 75 or 80, but not now!!!!! There are so many possibilities as to what it could be so just keep at it with your current doctor, or a new one, and perhaps consider seeing a gastroenterologist as well. One other thing you can do is "Google" adult incontinence products and find a place that you can order from that can ship them to your house. Don't worry though as most places send them in unmarked packages. Also look for adult incontinence forums as there are a few out there, and you might find some leads there as to the source of the problem. Good luck and don't let it get you down. It's a pain, but you can deal with it, and you will find yourself getting more comfortable with finding clothing that can hide the problem. Besides, friends and family won't care as this problem does not define whom you are. Cyber hugs to you.

Nicholas from MY

Pooping with my friend's handicapped brother

Hello fella' poopers, this is Nick from Malaysia. Last week, I was hanging out with my best friend, Sean and his big bro Vincent. Vincent just recently broke his legS, so Sean and I took turns pushing his wheelchair. We were passing some flats when Sean says he has to go and pick up his handphone from the shop and asked us to wait for him. So I took Vincent to some shelter at the ground floor of the flats.

Few minutes later,I was texting my girlfriend when Vincent starts fidgeting, you know like shifting from one side to another. I ask him what's wrong then he says that he needs to use the bathroom like really bad. So I looked around, then I saw the room with the MENS sign on it. We went in and found out that even the handicapped stall had not toilets. So Vincent was really clutching his stomach and moaning then I remembered that I had a big transparent laundry bag and tape. So I taped about 3 parts of the plastic bag with tape to the walls then remembered that Vincent can't take of his pants and stand over the bag. I'm kinda strong so I helped Vincent take off his pants and boxers, showing off his large penis and carried him from his armpits, hovered him over the plastic bag then told him he could let go. He started pushing then this large amount of green mushy shit comes out into the plastic bag. It goes on for about 1/2 and hour and my hands are getting pretty sweaty. When he finished, I quickly wiped his butt, put back his pants on and then dropped him. He was like crying and said, thanx to me which he never says.I was thinking of throwing away the plastic bag then I needed to take a shit too. So I asked Vincent whether he minded if I take a shit now and he said is ok. I took off my pants also showing my penis then peed a bit, then Vincent said Ohh I see your turd coming out. Then I dropped a long banana shaped turd on the green poop followed by another banana turd. I wiped then we left the place as new frens....


Sheila Report 9

Ruth and I had one of the toilet experiences that in the beginning hurt, we both had bad ???? aches, that were nasty when we got to a ladies, but then because of our love for each other became a very comforting e time. We had both been in Swansea for separate cases there. Mine finished early with a guilty pleas from my client which gave me an hour or so to spare before the train to Bristol. I went into the court where Ruth as acting, I just sat and admired her, how she can achieve so much in a male dominated environment, she has all the skills and the tips and help she has given me I have always been grateful for. Today she seemed tense, but still won her case. As we left the court to catch the train she told me she had a bad stomach, she had had to go twice before, once in Bristol before catching her train. Getting to the station she wanted to go again but the train was in so we got aboard, then as it moved away she went to the toilet. I waited four/five minutes then went down the corridor and tapped on the toilet cubicle, she told me she had the runs bad but she was alright. I just asked her to open the door, now anybody who knows the UK will know the toilets on trains are tiny. Ruth opened the door and I squeezed in touching her knees as I did. She had pooped in her panties I could see that, and she smelt pretty bad, I wondered if her period was due, thats when I smell bad. Anyway I knelt and gingerly took her shoes off, then slid the sodden panties off, she had poop on her thighs, so I wetted some tissue and cleaned the mess, she was sitting holding her stomach, but at least the diarrhea had eased up, she told me she felt so weak, so I help her to stand and as she held onto the wash basing I wiped her bum, I used all the paper and had to improvise using some newspaper somebody had left in the toilet. I finished wiping her with some wet wipes I always carry, then I took the spare panties I carry and slipped them over her feet and up over her thighs, they were my favourite one size panties, so they fitted snugly, then I eased her skirt down and playfully gave her bum a smack. She giggled and turned in the confined area and give me a soft, sweet kiss for helping her. Then it was my turn and I hadn't been in the morning as I normally do, I hadn't pulled the chin because I was worried that the water might have run out [a danger in trains always], pooping over Ruth's diarrhea gave a strange plopping , sort of heavier, than usual, but kind of more erotic. As I was finishing off somebody knocked on the door and said in a pained voice they needed to go badly. Ruth anxious now took more of my wet wipes and cleaned me in a hurry. Then when I opened the door the woman outside thrust past with a pained expression on her face, but then she exclaimed, 'ohhh dear God, what have you been doing?' We hurriedly walked away, giggling at her dilemma, with a panful of poop, and the smell to contend with. But Ruth and I had a lovely journey to Bristol holding hands and kissing, happy in our love and warmth for each other.

Upstate Dave I have to say how wonderful your story of the girl at the wedding reception was, so erotic and sensual. But she must have been so grateful for the help you gave her. I am dying to know if you met her at another time?

Kirsten, thanks for suggesting I mention the forum, I think you must mean Ruth, I don't know a Vera, and I have told Ruth about the forum, I had forgotten until your remark. I am hopeful she will want to write here also.


Oh no

Today I bet on a fart...And lost.
thank God I was home.


Message to Paul

TO Paul:

No need to apologize... It's not what this site is about, but there are plenty of people here, single, married and dating, that have shared similar stories. Most have felt that seeing or talking about each others bathroom habits have drawn them even closer together. Including in their sexual relationship with each other. (i.e. Yes... It is definitely a turn-on for some people well beyond their pubescent teenage years.)

Take care,



Needing the loo stuck in traffic

Hi, Abbie here again with another story. Will get to it in a sec, after a few comments about other posts.
Kerrin- I was so sorry to hear that you wet your pants in front of the whole class. I can't imagine how bad that must have made you feel, especially as everyone also saw your underwear. I've had some slight accidents before at school but nothing like that. I'm just like you, I do the best I can not to use the school toilets as they are really dirty and then when you know you can't hold it any more it really sucks if a teacher won't let you go. I hope everyone forgets about it soon and won't talk about it for too long.
Leanne- great story about the poo you had after your exam and about the girl next to you. I get quite interested too if I'm in public toilets and a total stranger is next door, but I'm more self concious at school as I'm worryed about someone making fun of me.
Emma- I enjoyed your last story about needing a poo while stuck in traffic and funnily enough that recently happened to me too, that's the story I'm going to tell today. You also said that when you were still at school you quite often wanted a poo during the school day and I wondered how you managed to cope with that, as I've been finding it hard.
Anyway, now on to my story. The other day I'd been out shopping with Lucy and Katie and after about three hours going round loads of different shops we caught the bus back home. I hadn't been for a wee since before we left and I was getting reasonably desperate, I nearly said I needed the loo before we went to the bus stop but thought I'd be fine to wait 15 minutes till we got home. Anyway, once we got on the bus after about 5 minutes we got stuck in a major traffic jam and it was clear our journey was going to take ages. I shifted in my seat and saw Lucy and Katie doing the same, they hadn't been to the loo either while we were out and I guessed they were getting desperate too. As I sat there I could feel that I was starting to want a poo as well, I realised I'd have trouble putting it off as I hadn't had one for a few days. I'd needed a poo yesterday but loads of my sisters friends were round and I didn't want to use the toilet while they were there so I held it in and then by the time they'd gone I didn't need it any more. Suddenly Katie blurted out "I need the loo really badly" and I said "Yeah, me too" and then Lucy said "And me!". Then there was a pause before I asked "What do you need?" "Er.. both," said Katie, turning slightly pink. "Don't panic, so do I" I said. "I guess I'm lucky I only need a wee then" said Lucy. "I really wish I'd gone at the shops" said Katie, jiggling in her seat, "I've been holding my poo for about 5 hours now and I'm really bursting, I don't know if I'll make it home without going in my knickers." Katie and I took deep breathes and concentrated on holding our poo in, Lucy didn't seem to be quite as desperate as us. After about half an hour of stopping and starting the bus finally arrived. As I stood up I almost lost it, by now the head of my poo was starting to come out of my bum and I also lost control of my bladder and wet my knickers slightly. By the way Katie was walking as she got off the bus I could tell she was about to loose it too so I suggested that we went behind some bushes in the park we had to walk past to get to my house and gave Lucy the keys so she could get in. Katie and I hurried to the far end of the park, as we got behind the bushes Katie said "Its starting to come out in my knickers, I can't stop it" and quickly lifted her dress and pulled down her blue pants before squatting, I noticed they had a big poo stain in them and saw that Katie's first log was hanging out of her bum. I hiked up my skirt and dropped my white knickers (which amazingly were only a bit damp) and then squatted down, started to wee and push out my first log. As usual if I've held in my poo for a while it was quite hard work to get it out, I had to strain a bit and ended up giving out some grunts which was a bit embaraseing. Luckily Katie was having quite a hard poo as well, she also let out some grunts as she was pushing which made me feel a bit better. After about 5 minutes we were both done, we looked around for something to wipe with but there was nothing so we just pulled up our pants and walked back to my house. As we arrived Lucy was just being picked up by her mum, she gave me back my keys and said she'd see me in a couple of days. Katie and I went into my house- no-one else was at home, my sister was round a friends till the evening and my parents were both at work. We went upstairs to my room and Katie said "I'm just going to the loo a sec- I think I need to finish off" so I went into my bedroom to wait for her. I heard some farts and then the sound of some mushy poo splashing into the bowl, and a bit later Katie came out of the bathroom holding her knickers. "I've just rinsed these out, they were really gross" she said, blushing. "I'll put them in the wash with mine in a sec and I'll lend you some clean ones after I've sorted myself out" I said, going off to the bathroom. I got in there and locked the door, then I lifted my skirt and pulled my pants down before grabbing some loo roll and wiping my bum. I took my pants off completely and took some more of my socks and underwear out of the dirty laundry basket ready to put in the washing machine to make up a full load. When I got back to my room Katie was sitting cross leged on my bed reading a magazine, she obviously didn't mind me seeing her private parts as without any pants on they were on full view. I opened my underwear drawer, typically there were only a few pairs of really old knickers left in there, my decent ones were in the wash. I chucked Katie some yellow pants and I pulled on an orange flowery pair which were so small they hardly covered my bum, I noticed that the pants I'd given Katie were really tight on her as well as she put them on. I took all the dirty stuff downstairs and put it in the washing machine, fortunately I managed to get Katie's knickers washed and dry in the tumble dryer before her mum came to pick her up later that afternoon.

Mr. Clogs

Response to Sharon

Hi all, just going to respond to some posts:

Sharon's survey:
1. Do you read while you poop? Sometimes.
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? Yes, the phone happened to ring (cell Phone) it was an important call.
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? I ate some candy and gum while taking a dump.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Yes.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? 4 times
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Wet Paper towels and TP
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Always. I like to see what just came out of me.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and difficult to pass? Depends, what I eat and way the body digests it.

A Guy Without A Remote!: Hey great post, but sucks for your remote! It's n

This happened when I was 5 and I was playing on my NES and I felt a rumble in my stomach and I ignored it and as I got further into super Mario bros the urge was getting stronger and I let a fart slip out and boy did it stink and my muscles started to give up and opened and a log was creeping out and I couldn't stop it coming out so i let it happen and it didn't bother me since i was 5 and a boy. I sat playing through more levels and the poop in my pants was getting pungent and I went to get changed and I hid my pants in amongst the washing.


Covering The Stall Door Crack

Home Depot has been remodeling their restrooms, at least in San Diego. The new restroom stalls have partitions about 2-3 inches higher off the floor than the previous ones and there are larger gaps between the doors and the jambs. I entered one day and saw that the door on one of the stalls had toilet paper covering the gaps. I wonder why the occupant did it? I mean, I know he is probably a tiny bit more visible, but is anyone really staring through the crack?

Same Home Depot, I had to take a dump. I took the only vacant stall and dropped my shorts and underwear, sat down, and started crapping.

I was leaning over looking at one of their sales flyers and glanced over at the adjacent stalls. I saw that all of my neighbors keep their clothes down at their ankles while dumping. Couple of different types of underwear. The guy next to me was wearing white briefs, The next guy had blue boxer-briefs. The guy next to him had blue patterned boxers. I was wearing red and black striped briefs.

I finished up pretty quickly, but I saw that the guy in the boxers also stood while wiping, just like me. He was a Home Depot employee. Probably in his late 20's, not bad looking, and a little bit chunky.

I took a dump in the public restroom in the park. The one with a doorless stall. About 6 guys walked by and saw me crapping. One guy kinda stopped for a few seconds and looked at me. I was I was on the can with my white briefs and shorts at my ankles. I noticed my "junk" was pretty well exposed while I was peeing into the bowl. I stood up to wipe and only one guy came in at the time, but he went to the urinal and only saw my head and shoulders above the partition.


Sharons Quesions

1. do you read while you poop No
2. do you talk on the phone No
3. do you ever eat drink or smoke while pooping No
4. after pooping do you sit or stand to wipe? sit
5. while pooping do you usually pee? Yes, but after pooping
6. after pooping how many times do you normally wipe? 1 or 2 times, very hard poop
7. after you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? No
8. do you ever inspect your turd? Yes Always i like to check
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and difficult to pass? yes, most times!

I have the rest of the week off from work so I went out of town with friends to a cabin that one of their parents owned. I left quite early to avoid traffic but I didn't get the the chance to poop after I showered and got my car loaded. After a couple of hours I knew I would need to stop soon to relieve myself. I hadn't had a decent shit in a couple of days so I knew I would feel a lot better afterwards.

As I continued driving I started to feel more and more uncomfortable as I tried to hold it in. It became quite a relief when I saw the sign for a rest stop about a mile ahead. It was nearly 9:00 am so I knew I was making good time and would be at the cabin by noon. I pulled off the highway and into the rest stop parking. There was a medium sized building that appeared to house a full men's and women's washrooms with a handicapped unit in between the two. I got out of my car and hurried over.

There was one other car parked in the lot with nobody in it our around so I knew they must be inside. I entered in the men's washroom that housed a single toilet stall, urinal and a sink. There was a solid concrete wall between the stall and the urinal which offered quite a bit of privacy. As I approached I noticed that the stall door was closed. At that very moment I heard some farts being let out and a turd dropping and splashing into the toilet. Since the stall was in use I exited out and went to the handicapped unit in between the two bathrooms. It was open so I entered in and locked the main door. The toilet was a flush type which I thought was strange given that it was in a remote area.

Before I sat down something caught my eye. I noticed there was a large ventilation screen in the middle of the wall to the right and left of the toilet. I curiously looked through the one on the left and was shocked to see the guy still sitting on the toilet! Shocked I quickly turned around wondering if he was going to be able to see me sitting on the toilet. I went over to the screen on the right and saw it was on the back wall of one of the stalls in the women's washroom. Everyone could hear and see each other while they sat on the toilet! I was sort of worried about it but I knew I couldn't hold it in any longer. I put the toilet seat down and quickly dropped my shorts and boxers before sitting down. I let out a very booming fart that I knew would be heard. I looked over and saw the guy get up and turn around to flush the toilet. I think he sort of peered though the screen before turning around and exiting. I waited another minute as he washed his hands and then left.

I got to work and let out a few more noisy farts. I gave a hard push and the turd slipped out and landed in the bowl with two plops. I remained seated and started my very long pee. Just then I heard a car pull into the parking lot and someone enter into the men's washroom. It sounded like there were two guy's needing to take a shit. The first guy let his friend go ahead first because it sounded like it was an emergency. I heard him slam the stall door shut and sit down before releasing what sounded like a torrent of soft shit and wet farts.

He finished up fairly quickly before his friend came in and commented about the smell and that there was still shit in the toilet. I heard him flush the toilet again before sitting down. At that point I felt another turd make its way out before dropping with two pronounced thuds as it hit the water in the bowl. I had to let out another round of farts that were surely noticeable but I was desperate. I got up and bear witnessed to a few turds filing the bowl. One turd was quite long and had broken into two pieces. It took a lot of toilet paper to clean up. By that time I was ready to go but the guy in the other washroom sounded like he was just finishing up so I sat back down and waited for him to leave. When he finally left and I heard their car leave the parking lot I flushed my big mess down and departed rather quickly.

Post Title (optional)UNISEX TOILETS

For those that read my posts I am a strong supporter of insex toilets as a reason of practicality. I have two recent stories.....the other day I was out with my wife and a female friend...they walked on ahead and arrived at a park...both were in need of a wee...the ladies toilet had only one toilet which my wife used and our friend boldly went into the mens....there was nobody else around but us.
The second story was on the week end when I needed a dump and went into a toilet with two cubicles the trouble was I was constipated (whats new!).
I was working on pushing out a stubborn turd and to be frank was getting nowhere and the next toilet became occupied with somebody doing some serious shitting....then there were a couple of men waiting to use the toilet so as I was not achieving anything fast enough I finished up and surrendered my toilet to the needy. One positive thing was I found a two dollar coin on the floor. Now if those toiets had been unisex, the women`s next door has four toilets so there would have been six toilets so I could have stayed and worked on my turds.
That night I took a laxative. I got up and passed a poo that was the size and shape of a cigar...later on I had some serious pains down below and sat on the throne only to pass a couple of the smallest pebbles I have seen for a while. I then went out and did some gardening and my stomach really hurt when I squatted or bent down. Soon later I sat on the toilet and spurted out a heap of poo and felt much better. I pooed again twice that day.

Canadian Kelly

Accident at Softball

Before I start my story, I wanted to reply to Mike from USA…

The accident that my husband Scott and I witnessed at the dog park earlier this summer was a bad one. We were walking and talking with this couple around our age (early 30's). As we got to the halfway point the girl said started complaining to her husband or boyfriend (I can't remember which) that she wasn't feeling well. They were in front of us when she stopped, crouched over and said, "Oh God!" or something like that. I remember her saying, "Oh no! I just pooped my pants!" She was wearing white Bermuda style shorts and there was a noticeable brown stain on the seat of them. They started walking a bit faster and a few minutes later she stopped, crouched over again and the back of her shorts turned brown all down the insides and back of her legs. It was quite traumatic. Scott and I didn't talk to them after that happened, but I knew how she felt walking around with the mess swishing around in her pants and down her legs.

Now onto my story…

My husband Scott and I play on a mixed slow pitch team together. We play on a fairly decent team and we have a lot of fun. Each week we play the same team twice in a double header. Some of the rules are strange such as when a guy is up to bat before a girl and he gets walked, he automatically goes to second base. The girl can either take first base, or decide to hit. In most cases us girls take the free base. We also have to play a minimum of three girls each game. Also, for safety reasons, when coming into home plate, you can't touch it, you just have to cross a line that the umpire has drawn from home plate to the backstop.

Anyway, last week in the third inning of our first game, I had a really bad cramp and pooped my pants with diarrhea. I was wearing light blue bikini panties and black capri pants. It all started at the top of the third inning. I was playing first base as I usually do and a girl was up with one out. I was cramping up right as the ball was hit to me. The girl hit the ball rather hard and I stopped it with my glove and it dropped to the ground. As I bent over to pick up the ball and touch first base, a little bit of wet diarrhea slipped into my panties. I stumbled over first base after the play was over, thinking to myself, "Oh my god, I just pooped my pants!" I threw the ball back to the pitcher. The next person up to bat was a guy and he flew out to left field.

I gingerly walked back to our bench and Jen who was playing second base said to me, "Hey, Kelly, are you okay? You've been rather quiet tonight." I said, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just have really bad cramps." She said, "Oh me too! My period started today and it is sooo heavy. I wish there were porta-potties here. I don't think my pad will last the night and I really don't want to leak!" I said, "Uhh, yeah, I know." In fact, there was nothing available for us at this particular diamond to use as a washroom. Not even enough trees or bushes with privacy.

I was second up to bat that inning. My husband Scott was up before me. He is a fairly good hitter, but tends to be really patient at the plate. As a result, he walked and went right to second base. I wasn't in a great position to be swinging a bat as I thought that would cause me to lose my entire load into my pants, so I took first base. Our third batter was Chris, who is an amazing hitter. He hit one deep to center field, but it was caught. My husband and I both tagged up and he took third base while I took second. As Chris hit the ball, I had another cramp. When I started to run, my bowels let lose into my panties. By the time I got to second base my panties were full with wet diarrhea. The pressure eased off, but it was a sick feeling having to play with a wet load of diarrhea in my pants. Thank goodness they were black, because they would have showed an awful stain if they were a lighter colour. I got home when Ben, our next batter had a good hit. When I got to the sideline, I very gingerly sat down, but not directly on my bum. I sort of sat down on my side to avoid spreading the mess throughout my pants.

I kept of having to go a little more during the rest of the night. Towards the end of the second game Jen came up to me and said, "Hey, my pad leaked between my legs. Can you check my back for me?" I did and saw that she had bled through the back of her beige pants as well. When I told her this, she grabbed her sweater and tied it around her waist. She then said to me, "Hey, it looks like you sat in something wet. There is a stain on your bum." I said, "Umm, yeah, I must have." I reached behind to feel my bum area and sure enough, the wetness from the diarrhea had leaked through the seat of my capri pants. I was really happy that they were black!

After the second game was over, everyone was talking about going out for wings and drinks. Scott asked me if I was okay with that and I said, "You can go, but can you drive me home first?" He said, "Sure, why?" I said, "I'm not feeling well. My ???? is really upset." He was fine with that and drove me home. I think he knew what happened because we drove home with the windows down. Being the sweet guy he is, he didn't say anything and I was really quiet on the drive home.

On our way home, I sat on my jacket. I was still having really bad cramps and my bowels pushed out more diarrhea into my panties. By the time I finally got home and into the shower, I had been in my messy panties and capri pants for almost three hours. The mess was everywhere, down my legs, up my back, up my front (yuck!), just, everywhere. It took me forever to get cleaned up, but it felt so good to be wearing clean panties when I was done!

I haven't had any more diarrhea since last week. I think I emptied out everything I had in me!

Canadian Kelly

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 8

First I'll reply to Sharons survey then I'll do my post.

1. No
2. No
3. I may smoke but rarely.
4. Sit
5. Yes
6. Once or twice
7. No
8. Yes to see what size it is or color.
9. For me it is rare that I have a hard time with a dry super hard or one so fat it is hard to go.

Ok Barbie and I had resumed our hike. WE kept in the woods going around the cematary instead of going through it. We came out on the dirt road where the old gravel bank was. We walked down that road and came out in front of the old high school which now was the middle school. (5th & 6th grades only)

We crossed the highway and went into the left side school yard crossed it and went right for the woods that bordered the chool yard which we all new was a spot used by a lot of friends, and other people to piss and shit. The reason was for this was that I had to piss but I diodn't know if Barbie had to or not. She hadn't said to me that she had to after I had told her I did.

I had to go pretty bad too. So we hurried across the school yard and where the opening in the bushes before the trees of the woods we both made quite a bit of noise as we went through the bushes. Doing this from in the woods came the sound of two girls voices. Hey someone is comming!one of the voices said. The other voice said right after the other; I can't stop now! I reconized the two girls voices and let out a loud laugh and then I said loudly; Susan Brenda it's only me and Barbie!

Then Susan spoke out. Oh its Dave abd Barbie Brenda! You don't have to worry! Come on in and join us! Barbie and I were through the bushes and were on the edge of the clearing. There was both Susan and her older sistor Brenda. Both were squated down. Brenda had a long tan shit hanging in the air! Susan had a big brown shit laying on the ground under her bare ass with a second shit poked out between her asscheeks!

Barbie's first words out of her mouth was that she told both Susan and Brenda that I had to piss. Hope yu two don't mind. Susan told me it was alright if I did followed by a giggle. Brenda stayed silent for she was pushing hard which she was haviong a time takeing her shit. Barbie and I both could smell Brendas shit for it really stunk. So we hurried pastBrenda and passed by Susan going over several feet down the clearing away from both of them.

We stopped and we both were faced towards the small slow moving creek that was there too. I hurriedly yanked my zipper down on my pants. Instinctly Brbie also now reached down and over to slip her hand inside my open zipper to get my penis out to hold it. I did too. Both Susan and Brenda saw us do thhis and both of them laughed. I pulled my hand away and let Barbie do it instead.

Now both Susan and Brenda were two members of our group of friends. Both of the had seen me piss and shit before. Susan more then Brenda. It was the same way with me and them. Susan more then Brenda I had seen piss and shit. But both of them had also held me when I had pissed when we were together. Again Susan more then Brenda.

Barbie had my penis out and held it. I sent a hard long arcing piss stream which came down right in the middle of the creek making a good splash. Susan spoke right out; Nice stream Dave! Looks lie you really had to piss! I said back to her as I shook my head yes; Susan yu are so right! I heard a giggle from Brenda for she too even though she was shiting was also watching.

As Barbie held me she talked to Susan and Brenda telling both of them about what we had been up to today. She told both Brenda and Susan about us pissing and shiting together but didn't mention the peenut butter can in my bedroom. As she was telling them I now could hear that both Susan and Brenda were pissing for there was two diffent hissing sounds I could hear.

I heard the hissing sound of Susans and Brendas piss streams stop and as for me I was nearing the end of my piss too. I was no longer pissing in the creek but I was pissing along on its bank. I a few seconds later did stop and Susan most have been completely done for she came walking right over to me and Barbie. Brenda hadn't. I did a couple of quick finishing spurts. But Before Barbie was going to shake me Susan asked if she could help. Barbie giggled and told Susan she could which she let out a giggle and I got taken care of by both of them!

After that and Barbie had put my penis back inside my pants and had zipped me up Brenda was done for she had walked over to us. Susan we have to go she said to her sistor. Susan said that they did have to go. It was nice seeing you Dave! (a giggle followed) Nice to see you too Barbioe and the two of them walked away heading through the trees and the bushes.

Barbie and I then took together a quick look at where Susan and Brenda had shit. Susan had a big very fat single shit laying on the ground. Where Brenda had gone there was one real long fat one and two fat short ones laying on the ground. Barbie noticed that there was no napkins,tissues, or toilet paper laying on the ground where they both had been. Giggling hard she told me that niether one had wiped themselves!If Brenda has any shit on her she's going to stink all the way home!

Well Barbie didn't hav to piss so we both hurried out of the clearing and back through the trees and bushes. Mainly to get away from the stink of Brenda's shit. Where we headed next was over to the ice cream place across the road from the grade school which was close by past the old middle school. We were headed there for both of us wanted something to cool off with along with being hungry at the same time. To be continuied.


Green Poo

Anny: green poo can be down to diet - if you eat lots of spinach, it changes the colour (and I reckon it makes you constipated, but that's an aside). But there can be medical reasons too. If it smells unpleasant (and by that I don't mean what poo normally smells like), he ought to see a doctor.



I know my words probably come as very little comfort but I truly hope you become more comfortable with your diapers because there is nothing wrong with needing them or wearing them. As a society we have all these stigmas we attach to things and it just isn't right and it leads to a lot of very close-minded and repressed people.

You wearing diapers, for whatever reason, doesn't bother me. I wouldn't be disgusted or weird-ed out by you then I would if you had M.S. or something like that. And that is from a friendship standpoint or a dating standpoint ... I won't allow myself to miss out on a great person because of something insignificant like that!

I would like to offer some help to you though ... you said you bought and wear Depends. I have some experience with diapers ... and Depends, in my opinion, are one of the most unreliable and uncomfortable diapers out there! I think if you were in a more comfortable diaper it would be easier for you. Besides, I think you already realize this and know it but just like a parent asks their daughter who is a bedwetter or is having accidents ... ask yourself ... which is better or rather which is the lesser of two evils ... wearing a diaper or having an accident in your pants in public?

I'd much rather have to wear a diaper in public which someone MIGHT notice rather than wetting my pants which somebody will certainly notice!

Take Care Jenna!



new guy

a few comments and a question

To: Just Jerika I just want to say I enjoy reading your stories and I hope you continue to write more of them.

To: Sheilawentgirl you have written some great stories and I hope you continue to write more of them.

To: Wendy & Kristy again I would say how happy I am for you guys moving in together.

To: Ashley have you ever farted and something else come out as when you werent exspecting it?

Well today I drove my cousin, who was staying with us over the weekend, back up to his house in Manchester. When we got there my aunt and uncle made us sandwiches and since I haven't seen them for a while I stayed and caught up with them for a few hours. On the way back the warning signs on the motorway kept saying there was an accident ahead, so I thought I'd stop somewhere for dinner instead of risking being delayed and being late home. I stopped at the services and called home to say I was going to eat out and then I went in. There was a KFC on the bridge over the motorway so I thought I'd treat myself. I haven't had KFC for aaages ,plus I was quite hungry having only eaten sandwiches, so I got a Boneless Banquet box meal (a pretty extravagant name for some chicken and chips in a cardboard packet), which was three chicken fillets, a little box of popcorn chicken, fries, a pot of beans and a Pepsi. Plus I got myself a corn on the cob and one of their ice cream dessert things (I'm so greedy!). I sat down and ate while I watched the traffic.
While I ate I started to feel full and I felt rumblings down below. As I finished the last of the popcorn chicken I felt the sudden urge- I would have to do a poo before I started driving again! It wasn't desperate or anything and I still had most of my meal to finish, so I settled in and carried on eating. As I ate my need became more pressing, and by the time I was done I could really feel it knocking and I knew I'd have to drop the kids off in the loo soon. I ate my ice cream as quickly as I could and put all my rubbish in the bin. Then I made my way downstairs. At the foot of the stairs were the gents and the disabled loos- I couldn't see the ladies! I turned round and found them behind the stairs. Coming down the stairs behind me were a family I had seen eating at KFC as well. As I went into the toilets one of the young daughters followed me in. There were only a few cubicles free, so I went into one cubicle and she took the one next to me. I sat down quickly and I heard her drop her shorts and knickers to the floor. I squeezed my cheeks and held my poo while I had a wee; I wanted to enjoy this one. Meanwhile my neighbour was letting out three or four plops that I heard before someone started using one of the hand dryers that drowned out all other sounds. By the time I finished my wee the dryer had run its course and I heard a fart and another plop. Now it was my turn. The pressure had built up while I held it in and my body naturally wanted to get it all out. So when I started pushing my first piece exploded out of my bum and was followed by another piece, then a medium-sized log and a soft rope of poo. It made plenty of noise and smell and it felt great. I sat back and rested my hands on my legs. I had more to come and I felt like making this one last a while. The girl finished and left and I let out another two logs as someone else replaced her. She only weed, and after she left I finished by pushing out the final few bits of poo. By the time I was done I had been in there for 15 minutes or so, but it was worth it for a very satisfying poo!

Night everyone! Hope you liked the story.

new guy

another short story

Before I get to the story I just want to say to Wendy & Kristy I just read your stories about the day you moved in together a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed them.

Now a story the longest I went without pooping was about 3 or 4 days. That happened after I had surgerey I wont go into details about the surgerey ill just say I had something taken out that guys have two of.Because it got twisted up somehow cut the blood flow to it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

new guy
to: carmalita & punk rock girl I know ive said this before but please come back and share more stories. I know im not the only one who miss you guys.

To any of the women & girls a question have you ever had a without warning poop or one you don't fell until the last second. I don't just mean diarrhea I mean any type of poop. No stories today if I remember one ill post it later today or tomorow. And if my post seem to be written out of order it because I want to change something but forget to correct it.

John the Lurker


Thanks to everyone who have given me such confidence, especially Sheilagwentgirl. I had a great experience on Friday last. I tool the roll of toilet paper from the holder as Sheila suggested and Mum, before she went to work, went upstairs, she shut the bathroom door but then opened it and called to me:

"Yes, Mum" I asnwered.
"Bring me a roll of toilet paper from the kitchen please."

I cannot describe how I felt. Her words were music to my ears. I was so anxious, eager, breathing was hard. I was out of breath going upstairs. I tapped on the bathroom door:

"Mum, I got the paper, shall I leave it by the door?"
"Don't be silly John, I'm on the toilet, please bring it in."

Opening the bathroom door I stepped inside. I wrote down what I saw whilst it was still clear in my mind. First I knew Mum was having a shit, there was a heavy smell that mingled with her Chantilly perfume. She was sitting with her panties stretched across her knees, thighs not wide open, her right hand lay on her knee and the fingers of her hand were opening and closing on her panties, like she was nervous. She wasn't looking at me, but was sitting with her head over, looking down. When I came in she raise her left hand which had been resting higher up, almost cuddling across her stomach. She gripped the roll of paper still without looking, then put it on her lap. I had been hoping to see her vagina, but it was covered by her navy blue skirt which she had pulled down to cover her thighs. That was so disappointing, but I had seen her on the toilet, my dream had come true. I went outside then decided to try again what Sheila suggested. I asked her if we could go to the movies that night, we often did on a Friday with the long weekend ahead. But her answer made me think she was embarrassed.

"John, I'm on the toilet, we'll decide when I am through here."

Its an old house and the floorboards creak a bit so I knew I had to go back downstairs, reluctantly I made my way down. I guess it was about five minutes after when I heard the bathroom door open and the toilet hissing as it was flushed. I was sitting in an armchair studying one of my A level preparatory papers when Mum came behind me. I felt her hands on my cheeks and then she kissed me softly on the head.

"Thank you darling for getting the paper." She kissed me again and murmured, "Yes, we'll have a fun night at the movies."

Two days later I was upstairs when Mums friend, Jill came upstairs. It was a meeting Mum was having about a forthcoming charity so several of her friends had gathered to discuss it. Jill is the Mum of my best friend Andy and she saw me working at my computer in my bedroom and said a quick hello, asking me how I was getting on, then she went down the passage and into the bathroom. I was very tense, Jill is one of my favourite's of Mums friends, and when she was in the toilet over three minutes I knew she was either sick or having a shit. The thought turned me on so, I knew it had to be a shit, she certainly didn't seem ill when she had spoken to me. So I went up to the bathroom door and tapped on it. Even as I tapped on the door I heard her shit with a kind of rapid plop plop plop. It was quiet on the landing and I heard clearly.

"Jill, its John," I said quietly, trying to make sure Mum wouldn't hear downstairs.
"What's the matter John?"
"Nothing," I said quickly, "its just I was going to ask is Andy coming over for a sleepover tonight?"

I was trying to make a conversation as Sheila suggested and unlike Mum who sent me away, she didn't seem to mind.

"I'm not sure John, he's at soccer practice now, you'd better phone him later."
"Okay, I will, I'm sorry to disturb you Jill."
"It's alright John, how are you and . . . ." her voice broke off and she kinda gasped ". .ohhhhhh," then more flurries of shit, splatttttt, plop plpop plpop.
"Jill are you alright?" I couldn't resist asking.
"I'm fine thank you John, how are you and Andy getting on with your A level preparation"?

I stayed outside the bathroom door as Jill had a shit, just chatting naturally, I heard everything. Heard her shitting twice more, then wiping her bum. I stayed outside and when she opened the door she just gave me a smile and told me that I could ask her anytime if I was having problems with my studies. That was great advice because she is a teacher and she always did help Andy and me. When she had gone downstairs I went into the bathroom. Her smell was still ther and I sat on the warm toilet seat very excited. What was really wonderful was that I had found somebody who didn't mind chatting as she had a shit. Now I want to be in with her when she goes.

I hope to report more, and if anybody can help me with more advice on seeing Mum and her friends on the toilet I would appreciate it. I will write again soon.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 8

Barbie and I at the ice cream place we both had a rootbeer float. We spent about a half hour there and then left. I walked her home and then I left without us doing anything more that Sunday. Monday I knew I would be working and also most likely on Tuesday too. So we planned our next get together for Wednesday.

I was right as it turned out I did spend both Monday and Tuesday working. I called Barbie Tuesday night to tell her I was free for tomorrow. I told her I would come down to her house in the morning this time instead of her comming up to my house. She agreed to it but did want to come up to my place. I agreed to that. So the first part of the day was now planned out for us.

I got up at my regular time in the morning. I ate and then left and walked down to Barbie's house. I walked up on the porch and was just about to knock on the door but she came outside so there was no need to knock. We exchanged good mornings. Barbie was wearing this morning a peasent blouse which was long. She didn't have it tucked into her shorts.

She told me she wanted to take a hike going the back way up to my house. I thought she ment by going the way of going through the cematary and through my neighbors property but that wasn't the case at all. Instead she satrted headingup the hill of the back of her places property. So I followed her. The land behind hers belonged to the people who lived on the top of the hill on my road. So I knew we could walk through the many fields to get to my road and house.

It was sunny and in the mid sixties so walking was comfortible. Going this way would take longer for the distance this way was much longer to walk. It didn't matter to either of us. After hiking along and had gone through many of the fields we were behind the start of my road and we had now had to go through several more fields which were hills to go up.

We did the first three of the hills. We now had reached where durring the winter were in a fiels where we skied,sleded, or tobogened. We turned and started going down the hill to the path that went down the rest of the wayto my road. We reached the botom where the stone wall was and the start of the path that went the rest of the way down the remaining part of the hill. This was all woods on the other side of the stone wall.

We both stepped over the stones of the old stone wall and were on the start of the path. Barbie said to me before we started down the path; Dave I'm not going to make it to your house and use the peenut butter can. I was trying to but I can't. Sorry. You dont have to be sorry about it Barbie I said back to her. If you have to piss you have to piss! I said to her.

I do have to piss she told me but also I have to shit! With her saying that Barbie reached unde her long peasent blouse and pulled down a pair of black shorts she had on. Her blouse had them completely covered till this time. Barbie then got right down into a low squat real fast. Good thing she did too.

As soon as she had squated she started pissing very hard sending out a thick stream of piss out from her vagina. There was no hissing as she pissed. Then in a few short secnds Barbie started to shit! But not like what she usually does too! Instead of slow she was shiting like I do!

She had a fat tan kind of soft shit quickly comming out of her asshole. It crackled as it slid out from her. Also there was some air being firced out also so it was doing a soft phhhhht off and on. It took only several seconds for the front blunt tip to hit the ground. It bent inward rubbing on her asscheeks as it bent and got longer.

With its bending as it got longer and being on the soft side it made a crack apear in her shit. It widened and then since there was more being added to her shits length it did break at its hafway point. No longer being touching the ground which had slowed her shits progress her shit now went much faster till the broken off tip reached the ground and it too started bending again like before.

I could see form her shit being soft and so fat that her both asscheeks where her shit was rubbng against had skidmarks on them. I said to Barbie; You are quite messy back here. Barbie dug into a pocket on her peasent blouse and pulled out a bunch of napkins from it. She held them up in the air. I was ready just in case Dave if I didn't make it! she said to me.

Her shit broke again with a second one joining the first one. Her hard piss stream now had slowed but she was still pissing. I also told Barbie saying to her; I don't think you have enough napkins there Barbie your ass is that messy looking. Well I hope I do Barbie said right back to me. This time her shit diodn't reach the ground it just came and dropped to the gound on its own. Another one same size followed and it to dropped adding to the pile there in the path.

Two more followed and that was it. Barbie had stopped shiting but still was weakly pissing which she was wetting a couple of her shits with her piss. This went on for several seconds and then she came to a dripping stop. Barbie took one of the napkins she was holding and placed the others on the ground. She unfolded the napkin and reached back under her and gave a quick wipe on her right asscheek.

She pulled the napkinn away and I saw that there was a big smear of tan shit on the napkin. She then carefully refolded the napkin in half and gave her ass another swipe with the napkin. That was just as badly smeared with shit like the first wipe. One more time Barbie used the napkin and then she dropped it and picked up another one.

Well Barbie did windup using all the napkins and did not get all te shit that was on her ass. She also since used up the napkins she never goit the chance to wipe her vagina. Barbie stood up after the last napkin had been used. You were right Dave she said to me. I didn't have enough napkins to wipe with.

Now since her peasent blouse was so long and had covered her black shorts completely Barbie slipped her black shorts off. Looks like I go like this to your house Dave! Barbie said to me with a slight giggle as she said it to me.She then slipped her sandles back on too. I told her she now better hurry. If we don't I won't be able to use the peenut butter can!

Barbie again let out a little giggle. Do you have to shit Dave? she asked. told her that I didn't at least not yet Barbie. But I sure do have to piss! Barbie without saying another word reached for the zipper on my cutoff shorts I had on and pulled it down. Then she did the button on them and they slid down over my hips down to my sneakers. She let out a harder giggle for now I was standing there in full view and I was erect.

She carefully stepped aside her pile of shit in the path and got along my right side. She took a hold of my penis shoved it down aiming at her shit laying there in the path. In a quick couple of seconds I started issing sending a thin hard twisted stream of piss hitting her pile of shit and splatterd all over the place.

I took a very long piss. Long enough that my piss had soaked her shit and had started snaking its way down the dirt of the path. I would have bet that I pissed well over a minute too. Then my stream eased right off and it stopped. I felt like there was more in my bladder so I gave a slight push which I did have a short spurt of piss shoot out from my penis. I went and did several more in a row.

After having done for spurts of piss Barbie aske me if I had any more. I told her I think I did. So I now had to give a harder push which I did and I sent one longer much harder spurt of piss from my penis. Then I dripped several times. That's it Barbie. I am done now. I don't have a single drop left inside of me! Barbie giggled as she she shook my penis a few times.

Then she let go of it. I pulled my shorts back up and we both then started down the path. On the way down I told Barbie we better put a road losed sighn at the start of the path. That made her laugh hard. We reached my roiad and turned and headed for my house. Before we got there Barbie giggled as she stuffed her black shorts into the pocket on her peasent blouse. I layghed too. and soon we reached the house and went inside. To be continuied.

When Barbie and I went inside my house we went straight upstairs to the upstairs bathroom. Barbie had to get the remaining shit off her ass. Barbie started to head over to rll off toilet paper from the roll but I said to her before she did; Hey Barbie why don't you wash yourself off instead. She said right back to me; Good idea Dave! She stepped back and came by over me by the sink.

I filled it up with warm very soapy water. I got out a fresh clean washcloth out from the cabinet under the sink. But before I habded Barbie the washcloth I asked her if she wanted to do it or I. She giggled slightly and told me to do it! So I dipped the washcloth into the warm soay water in the sink. Barbie took off her peasent blouse as I wetted the washcloth.

I then carefully started washing off her one asscheek where I could still see smeared shit on it. Even though Barbie did wipe heself a lot when she had shit back there on the path there still was a lot of smeared shit on her other cheek but less visible smeared shit on the cheek I was now washing. I repeatedly washed and rinsed the washcloth taking several long minutes on the one asscheek.

I then emptied the sink out refilled it again with warm soapy water and dropped the used washcloth on the floor and got another one out from under the sink. I dipped the washclothin the water and started on her other asscheek. Again I had to take many times of washing and rinsing the washcloth. It took me longer on her second cheek to get the visible shit cleaned off from it.

I again emptied the sink out and refilled it one more time. But I didn't start washing Barbie's ass off. I felt the sudden strong urge that I now had to shit! Isaid to Barbie she would have to wait or do it herself now. Barbie asked me why. I told her I have to shit! She did take the washcloth from me but instead of staying by the sink and take care of her ass washing it off she followed me right over to the toilet.

As I started taking care of my shorts she reached over and put both the lid and seat up. She giggled slightly and asked; Will you go standing for me Dave? I smiled a little and told her I would. So I took my cutoff shorts right off and stepped back and straddled standing over the toilet. Barbie said to me; I better not use the washcloth yet. You might need it after you shit!

I laughed a little and I now started to shit but I said to Barbie; Will you do it if I need to have it done? Barbie giggled slightly harder and shook her head yes. In those few seconds I had been shiting and Barbie seeing me shiting told me it was one of my big ones. I could feel that it was. It was moving at a fast pace so in several seconds it fell away into the toilet making a big splash when it hit the water.

I stepped forward and Barbie stepped back. I turned and did a quick check to see how big my shit was. It was a good over a foot long one with a good four inch tapered tip on its one end. I then flushed the toilet and Barbie and I went back over to the sink. She had the washcloth so she she gave my ass a wipe with it first. There was some smeared shit on it so she rinsed it and handed the wascloth to me. So what we did was take turns passing the washcloth and washing each others asses.

My ass needed a lot less then hers so I wound up being the only one washing. Finialy I was done with Brbies ass. When I was done washing her ass there were three used washclothes on the bathroom floor. I asked Barbie; Need a towel? She giggled and told me no. I'm fine. Another giggled followed and Barbie said to me; You know that felt good AND I FEEL REAL FINE NOW ! I'll just air dry. You need a towel? Barbie asked me nreturn.

I said that I did. Barbie took a towel off from the towel rack and before she started to dry my ass off I said to her; You'll need to do my front parts too. Some of the rinse water had wetted my in the front. (my balls and penis were wet. Barbie giggled and she did dry my ass off first and then did my penis and balls. She stepped back after shhe was doen/ How's that? I smiled feels good! I said to her. Just like if you wre playing with me! Barbie laughed hard. We both then got dressed I picked up the dirty washclothes and took the towel too we had used. We went downstairs and into the washer the washcloths went along with the towel. Barbie and I poured oursleves a big glass of water sat down at the kitchen table drank them as we waited for the washer. To be continuied.


green poop

Anny, green poop tends to happen when you have been producing more bile than usual.
I tend to get it when I have been very colicky.

A Guy Without A Remote!

And Here's Why!

This is actually kind of funny! My girlfriend likes to pee in different places and so sometimes she pees into the couch. What she does is she spreads two of the cushions apart and she pees right between the cushions. Well the other morning before she left for work she decided to have a pee in the couch and so she did. Unfortunately I had been watching tv the night before and I let the remote slip down between the cushions! Needless to say when I found it the next day (which was my day off) it was not only full of her pee, but it also didn't work! Of course I was pretty pissed! In more ways than one! Later when she got home from work I asked her "did you pee in the couch this morning?" Even though I knew she did. She said "yeah. I did." And so then I showed her the broken remote. She just said "OH!" And then she said over and over that she was sorry. I just told her to make sure she checked first from now on and I couldn't stay mad at her. Besides I'm the one who let it fall there. But anyway from now on whenever she feels like she wants to have a pee in the couch or anywhere else, she always makes sure nothing else is there too!

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