Everybody poops

hi, I'm 14. I always enjoyed pooping, but I never tried pooping anywhere besides the toilet. I recently tried it and thought it was fun. I want to share you guys what happened.

last week, I was walking back home with such a massive urge to poop. I was constipated for 2 days and by the time I got home, I was at the point of losing control. I slowly made my way to the front door. I knew my parents weren't home so this would a good opportunity. I walked in and the first place I went to was the washroom so I grab some toilet paper, then I went to my room. I had to pee really badly at the time, but I had to poop really badly so I decided to try and hold it. I immediately pulled my pants down and jumped out of it. I got to the corner of my room and squatted. I decided to relax my muscle and this loud fart came out. I assumed I was gonna poop out a log, but instead, I started to have diarrhea... I immediately stood up and stopped a massive one from coming out. I tried to slowly make my way to the washroom, but the pressure was soooooo bad that after a few steps, a small amount of diarrhea starts coming out.

After taking another few more steps, I started peeing on the floor because my stomach hurts so bad that I couldn't hold my pee in anymore. I decided that while I was going, I started to pee the rest of it out... While peeing, a couple more small waves of diarrhea came out. But then this big cramp hits in right in the gut... That's when it happened... A lot of diarrhea bursts out... I then just gave up and squatted and started it come out... As time went on, the larger the pile went.

By the time I was finished... I made such a big pile of diarrhea.... I'm gonna save you guys the details, but it did took me an hour to clean the whole mess up. Also, although it didn't go as planned, I still enjoyed it. :)


No privacy in drive-in toilet

When I was a kid my family and I went to the local drive-in theater at least once a month. We used to get there early and have crappy drive-in food for dinner and they used to show about twenty minutes of cartoons and trailers before the first feature.

One night, I really, really had to take a shit. I was ten and old enough to go to the restroom by myself (this was the late 70s). I walked to the restroom knowing full well that the toilet stall had no door, but I really had to go and thought I could deal with it.

The mens room was tiny. Barely enough room for the urinal, toilet and sink that were in it. There was a wooden partition between the urinal and the toilet that was maybe four feet high. The worst part was that the entrance to the mens room had no door, it was just an open doorway. A wooden fence blocked any direct view from outside, but that was it. The first thing any guy coming in or waiting on line saw was whomever was sitting on the toilet.

So, I waited my turn, entered the "stall," put some paper down on the piss soaked seat, pulled down my jeans and underwear and sat down. I averted my eyes from the guys standing three feet away from me while I took a dump. After a few minutes, the line was gone as all the guys got their turn at the urinal and there was a moment of privacy. All of a sudden I heard a woman's voice.

This lady walked right up to the open door and saw me on the toilet. She was escorting her son, who was only a year or two younger than me, to the restroom. She seemed irritated that the toilet was occupied and said to her son, "Okay, you'll have to use the urinal. Go ahead." He went over past the partition and I heard him unzip his pants and start peeing.

Meanwhile, his mother continued to stand in the doorway! It was bad enough to have another boy see me on the toilet, but to have some woman I didn't even know see me was very uncomfortable. I was too embarrassed to ask her to step outside the view of the doorway. I just held it for a moment while her son peed. Finally, he was done and the two of them left. I managed to finish before anyone else came in and made it back to the car.

I can understand a mother accompanying her son to the mens room, maybe even peeking in to make sure it's safe, but to then stand there while a boy is sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles? Kind of weird.

Just Jerika

Dunkin' pee story & response to Half Dump Denise

TO: Half Dump Denise

That was a great story about helping your grandfather and the other senior citizens at the city auditorium bingo game. I'm only 12 and many of my friends babysit, but I think you are right that the economy is so bad that when I turn 16 it's going to be hard for me to find a regular summer job. I would hope the bingo work will still be available for you next summer. It's nice that you are able to enjoy time with your grandfather and some of his friends.

I did, however, take an interest in what you wrote about Mable. The lady who asks you to place toilet tissue over the seat before you help seat her on the toilet. You said she listed AIDS and STDS as being things that can be caught from toilet seats. She was probably taught that by her parents many years ago and it has stayed with her. I've written before about my friend Gopi, who is from India, who does the same thing. Like she puts paper over the seat before she sits down to pee or crap. Often the paper slips off before she can take her seat, so she has to pick it up, place it back down, and sometimes it seems like sometimes she may spend two or three minutes getting the seat ready for her butt. Also, she rolls toilet paper up around her hand before she flushes the toilet. I just think that's like totally unnecessary, but I don't say too much to Gopi because she's like such a good friend and even though I don't mind sitting down on the toilet seats, she's much more particular about it. Even at school she wastes valuable toilet paper on the seats. Then it's all gone for the next several users and I just wonder if that's fair to the future users. And I'm pretty sure you can't catch AIDS and STDs from toilets. Like none of my other friends does all the papering.

TO: Everyone. This is my new story.

This past weekend me and Gopi got to spend a day at our state fair. Our parents talked ahead of time and concluded that we are both old enough to go without them supervising us. So Gopi's dad drove us down (it's a 60 mile trip to the capital)at 9 a.m. and my mom picked us up at 9 p.m. Both of us had been saving our money over the summer so we could afford the all-day ride pass that was expensive, but actually saved us a couple hundred dollars because we like rode the roller coaster, farris wheel and this log ride that's like a roller coaster but crashes head-first into a tank of water like dozens of times.

I crapped immediately after we arrived at the fairgrounds which stretches over several hundred acres. The restroom building was one of the strangest I've ever seen. It looked like a barn. There were wooden stalls on both sides of the room and while they had doors, the doors were made of wood with chipped paint and they were only covering about a third of what is normally covered by the door. Although the "doors" latched, the latch was a piece of metal chain and you had to place the loose and very small hook into a circle to get the door to latch. It was so different. As we were walking by stalls you could see the shoulders and heads of most of the users as they sat. The seats were like wooden, although they had at one time been painted black, a lot of the paint was coming off and it was very irrating to my butt. Also, the seat was like totally square and there was like no cut-out or hole in the front. Since I'm only 3'5" and usually don't sit all the way back on the seat, that meant my pubic area was against the wood. My crap luckily came out within about five minutes I was on the stool, and as it was larger than normal, I like automatically slid myself back on the seat to make sure it would clear the front of the seat, and I swore and said "ouch!" when I felt the pain. Gopi, who didn't have to go to the bathroom because she had gotten up early and made a point of going before we left on our trip (don't you just hate that attitude?)came running up and looked in on me. There was so much space between the small door and and side partition that she got a pretty good view of what had wounded me. Then she asked to come in and she'd let me know how much damage was done to my butt, so I unlatched the door holder for her and it almost stuck. What luck I have. Gopi then asked me to get off the stool, and I squatted over and she was surprised at the several red marks on my butt. She also took for finger and thumb and removed two or three paint chips from my butt. She showed them to me before she dumped them behind me and into the water. She said I had about six or seven logs in the bowl and that one was especially wide. I looked and told her that was probably all the pizza I had eaten the night before when my family went to an all-you-can eat pizza buffet. I felt cleaned out, though, although I could tell my butt was scraped up a bit.

Gopi looked behind the toilet and discovered a double chain hanging from the ceiling. I wasn't sure what it was but she said it was for flushing. After I got done wiping and pretty much had filled the bowl with toilet paper on top of my crap, both she and I pulled it at the same time and there was a loud noise, a big splash, and then another noise like something being sucked up, and then a bowl of new water splashed into the toilet. Gopi said she would eventually have to pee but those toilets would be too gross for her. I told her they were almost too gross for me.

We spent the rest of the day eating and going on the rides. I needed to pee twice and went to bathrooms closer to the rides that were more modern, although a lot of the toilets were leaking, overflowing, and attracting like thousands of flies. While I was seated waiting for my urine flow to start, I had to shoo away several flies and even a grasshopper that flew down to my legs. The grasshopper especially scared me and in swatting at it, I noticed some blood in my panties that I had accidentally lowered all the way to the floor. It was on the sides and obviously from where my skin had been scratched by the earlier toilet seat. Then my pee stream started pretty steady and I was happy to stand up, wipe, and then pull up my underwear and shorts before I got bit by the bugs. It was also nice to use a normal flusher again, although my hand got wet because the flusher was wet from all the humidity. I don't always do it, but I thought that was a good time to wash my hands. Gopi gave me a hard time for doing it, but I told her that was better than having someone like Al Gore giving her a ticket for all the toilet paper she wastes. She said her family is Democratic and the party would look out after her. I decided to drop the subject and we went back to the rides.

Late in the afternoon I became suspicious when Gopi still hadn't needed to pee. We both decided the log ride that is like a roller coaster that drops into a pond and everyone gets soaked would be a good way to cool off. Because we had passes we rode it like six or seven times straight and we were drenched. It was probably the most fun we had that day and I told Gopi all the water and getting wet had caused me to need to immediately pee. She said she'd come with me to the restroom building, although we both dripping, but after I questioned her some more about why her bladder wasn't full yet, she admitted that she had peed in like the 60 seconds the ride went through a mountain-like set of stones. She had elastic shorts on and she had just pulled her shorts and underwear forward and let go. She said the sensation was great and she had totally drained herself by the third trip through.

Gopi dared me to try it and I told her that would be for next summer.

Just Jerika


Inconsiderate Parents and Diapers

TO Lisa:

I hate it when lazy parents do that... What's so hard about finding a trash can and throwing in the smelly diaper?? Sheesh...

Some parents will even chuck them out of their car while driving down the street. I remember a story from a number of years back about a police officer who had just made a traffic stop to issue a ticket. Out of nowhere, a soiled diaper hit him in the face - tossed out of the window of another car driving by. The officer was not amused and immediately took off in pursuit of the other vehicle.
He caught up with the car, pulled it over and made it perfectly clear to the driver & the female passenger who tossed the diaper - that throwing trash onto state roads was an offence.

I think they got off with fine for littering or something like that...


TO Richguy:

What is your diet like? What comes out depends a great deal about what goes into your body.

What are your hygiene habits like? If you or the people in your household don't wash hands frequently enough, you may be re-infecting yourself with e-coli (or some other bug) via the oral-fecal route.
Even professional healthcare providers often forget the importance of washing hands and cleaning surfaces (like keyboards.)

Is the diarrhea 'odd' in its appearance? Consistency? Odour? Is there blood to?? Is there pain/cramps when you poo?

It could be anything. IBS... A persistent GI infection or problem of some sort... Too much liquid in your diet... Not enough protein in the things you regularly eat... Or nothing at all..

I would see a doctor and get some answers.

Take care,


To Jessica

I liked your story about your friend Tiffany, how she pooped her pants at the cellphone store. That Mexican food works wonders on alot of people. I hope she is feeling better by now. Was she wearing any panties, did you just throw those away to? I find it very interesting how you told her to let it all out if she needed ,interesting advice.Have you ever listened to your own advice and just let it all out? I would love to hear your stories if any.

thanks Mike

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sharon's questions

Hi Sharon. Welcome to the site. Here are my answers to your questions.

1. Do you read while you poop? Usually.
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? No. That is the one place I don't take a phone.
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? No.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Yes.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? Usually 3 or 4.
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? No.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Always. I like to see what just came out of me.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and difficult to pass? Sometimes.

Sheilagwentgirl, I really like your stories. Have you thought about telling your friend ( Vera) about this forum?

Nat x

To Wendy and Kirsty, plus a story

I have always enjoyed reading your eventful stories. Every day it seems is an adventure for you both :) I like to hold my poo's in too but not long because I can't hold it that well and I end up crapping myself. I find the stories of you when you don't make it as its more entertaining to read. Though I don't like it when it happens to me I hate the mess! But I do love the excitement of shitting myself I must admit. Anyway this is a thank you to both of you for your great experiences you share! And I wish you both a happy time with each other, and hope you love living together! :)

Story time!

It started on the way to class, I didn't need a poo but by god I was farting a lot, they were really loud too! As I walked up the stairs to my class farts kept ripping out of me. No matter how much I tried they crackled out my bum. I walked passed a boy in the corridor and my bum again fired off an explosive wet fart, I was so embarrassed I quickly walked away without looking. All of them absolutely stunk too! I made my way into the class with a stomach ache thanks to me holding my farts in but not entirely successfully! I was on my desk and my stomach rumbled, I needed to fart so bad! I was putting my knees together trying to clench my cheeks as much as possible, I was cringing too. Then all of a sudden pffffffffft, fortunately it was silent, unfortunately it was extremely wet that a bit of poo leaked into my pink cotton lace panties. That's when I realized I really badly needed a filthy shit! The pressure suddenly got to me and then I knew those farts were for a reason as they always are. My stomach was grumbling as if it was saying Nat get to toilet NOW! I bit my bottom lip in desperation, class didn't finish for another 10 minutes. It was horrible, I could feel all the poo rushing around inside me fighting my bum to get out. It was like a battle, the poo attacking and me defending, and it wasn't playing fairly! My friend Jazz asked me what's wrong as she saw me fidgeting in desperation. I said 'ok don't say anything but I really need the toilet, I have to shit badly!' Then she was like 'oh right it figures'. I just gasped and said uh huh! The bell rang for our next period and I didn't care if I was late to my next lesson, its better then pooing my panties! Over my panties I had black tights and a skirt on so luckily it wouldn't be too obvious if I did shit myself but that didn't make me feel better! I dashed to the girls bathroom, once in their I noticed that all 3 of the cubicles were occupied. I stood outside leaning forward and back, sweating and breathing heavily. I had my right hand up my skirt on my tights feeling the hole of destruction and quietly whispering please please oh god please! Another fart came out it was wet and with it was the grumbles. Oh no please please please! I said again I was in tears as I really didn't want to poo myself, especially when I'm in public. A girl finally came out, as she did I went in hiding my face so she didn't notice me crying or better yet that I was about to unload a serious amount of poo! I got into the cubicle locked it and put the lid up. I was struggling to undo my skirt button as I was so desperate, as soon as I dropped my skirt to the floor I launched back up to pull my black tights down. I then did a horrible pre-poop fart which made me worry even more, I started making a sound 'ehh ehh ehh' then I pulled my panties down, which wasn't that easy as they were quite tight. While bending over as I put my panties to the floor my bare ass just farted loudly, I immediately said eeeeeee! I just about touched the seat when my ass literally exploded out poo! After the first explosion it continued with poo slush constantly pouring out and constantly farting with it all, and farting just made it all come out faster. Every so often my body would fart; sperhhhhhhhg violently shoving poo out faster. And in-between them was still a constant heavy flow of liquid poo. Lifting my legs up then down while just poo and farts still rampaging on filling the bowl. The flow calmed down to a gentle stop, the sound was still dripping. Then farted loudly again followed by small soft faeces. It didn't feel like it was over yet. So I pushed a bit and immediately a powerful huge fart came out with so much soft poo all running down from my bum to the watery mess that I had already made in the bowl, I finished off with a few farts that came out with small poo again. I only needed one wipe, I was surprised. I got up and put my cloths back on again then looked in the bowl. It was a huge brown puddle with mush floating on top. It literally made me gag! I tried flushing it and to my horror the brown watery mess rose up until I got to the rim on the toilet, I was mortified. I didn't go down, all you could see was a huge brown puddle with loads of bits in with one round of toilet paper. I ran out quickly without washing my hands because I didn't want to risk anybody seeing it was me. That was probably the worst experience in my life! To sum up: Major Dump Session, I like to call it M.D.S

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed my horrific story. Thanks again to Wendy and Kirsty :)

Nat x

Upstate Dave

Lending A Helping Hand

Good morning to the group. I when I was single found out one reason why girls go to the bathroom in groups. It was at a wedding where all the girls of course are all dressed up in formal clothes which included gowns, long fancy dresses, and back durring the time of this wedding fancy gowns, dresses, and pant suites.

Well at the reception I and the girl I was with she and I had been having a great time she needed to go to the bathroom. We were in our church for the reception which did have just single toilet bathrooms for both men and women. So at many times they would be in use which made her have to wait when she needed to piss.

As the time went by at the reception she was drinking she got a buzz on. She had to go so she left to go use the womans room. She came right back for there was a line there with women waiting to get in. She was desperate for she had to go real bad. So I suggested that we should check the mens room. So we both walked out of the reception room and out to the mens room which was not in use!

So we quickly ducked inside locked the door behind us. Now she told me she did need my help. She asked me to help rase her dress up in the back while I get my stockings and pantiess down. So I did just that for her. I was standing sideways while I did gather up the back of her dress she was tugging at her stockings to get them down. I noticed the toilet seat had been pissed on. I told her that it had been. She told me just lift it up. I'llgo without it.

She had her stockings down and she had matching gold panties for her dress was the same color gold. Now with her gold panties down she leaned back now getting her bare ass well over the toilet. In a instant she started gushing out piss which was a spraying stream turning the water in the bowl a bright yellow. After pissing for several seconds she let out a real long soft sigh. I let out a short laugh. She also let out a short giggle and Then said to me; Oh the relief to piss feels soooo good!

She seemed to stay hovered over the toilet forever! Ever so slowly her gushing spraying piss stream the spraying became less and less. The spraying stopped and she had a neat stream formed now with a wide head and a ong twist. Her stream also began to hiss loudly in the small bathroom. Then as she continuied pissing from this point her stream thinned down with its hissing getting softer. Then the hissing stopped and she also had stopped pissing with just the sound of very light splashing for she was dripping.

Now she asked me if I could roll of some toilet paper for her. Make sure you don't drop my dress! I again let out a short chuckle as I did reach over spun the roll of toilet paper and tore off a wad. I handed her the wad of paper. She straitened up and reached way under the front of her dress and she wiped her vagina off several times. Then I saw the wad of paper drop into the toilet.

Now I expected her to step forward for I thought she was finsihed but she did not step forward. Instaed she went right back down hovering high over the toilet again. She then told me she had to now take a shit! I hope you don't mind. I haven't gone in three days now. It wants out right now! I didn't say a word but I did flip her dress way up in the back and I crouched down to get a better view.

Seeing that I had crouched down she began to laugh. Then she said to me as she stillo laughed; Oh you want to get a better view! Still laughing she raised her ass up higher so I could see better! I heard her start grunting and she was pushing now. I saw her asshole pucker open and then go back which she did several times in a row. No shit came into sight durrng her series of grunts and pushes.

I asked her if she was goin to shit. She said right back to me; It's right there! I can feel it! Let me try again. She must have pushed harder for her asshole puckered right out big time and a fat blunt brown shit pked out from her asshole. It moved about two inches in length and then she let out a long loud sigh. Her shit stayed still not slipping back inside. She took a couple of long breaths and she pushed again hard.

Her shit moved getting longer. It looked very hard. It was quite knobby looking as now more of it was exposed. It moved ever so slowly as she kept up her hard pushing. Her shit reached about six inches lng and I heard a loud exhale from her. Her shit stopped moving. Then she said she had to take a rest. She also mentioned that this shitwas one that she she really had to work on too. I hate this type too! She took a few moments rest and then inhaled deeply and pushed hard again.

Her shit began moving again along with some iss dribbled from her vagina which ran down to her asshole and wetted her hanging shit. With her piss wetting her asshole that seemed to help. For her shit sped up a little. Then it stopped taking a pause. Her shit looked like there was a real big chunk for part of the chunk was showing and her asshole looked like it couldn't be stretched open any further to get the chunk to get by it.

I heard her suck in a little more air followed by a grunt. She must have pushed with all her might for her asshole did stretch enough to get the big chunk to slip by. Then her shit moved quicker after that big chunk had slipped by. That would be the fatestpart of her shit. She then exhaled loudly and her shit did slow but kept on comming till it noiw had reached about ten inches in length.

Then for some reason it broke. Boy did it fall fast making a loud flump as it hit the water and sent up a big splash as it ht the pissy water in the toilet. Both her asscheeks got wet from the splash,her asshole too, and I had to move my one arm up to keep it getting hit with the splash her shit had made. She let out a good giggle feeling my quick movement of my arm. Did I get you? she asked me. No but it was close. You did get yourself pretty good though. Now laughing she told me that it sure felt like she had!

Now her shit kept comming after it had broke but it was becoming less chunky looking so it was getting smoother. It still remained as fat as it had been. It was moving slideing along faster so now it diodn't take as long to reach and go past in its length then the hrd shit that now was laying in the bottom of the toilet bowl. (to heavy to be a floater)

Her shit kept on comming out. It now had reached the water and it was also slowly bending for her shit this time was sliding along the curved side of the bowl. (she had moved a little forward as she hovered her ass high over the bowl) Then it started tapering downuntill it made a few inch long skinny tipped end. Her shit leaned up against the side of the front of the bowl. Its other end was pinned up against the hard shit in the toilet. Again some more piss dribbled from her vagina and then she was done.

She again asked me for more toilet paper. I rooled off a wad again tore it off and handed the wad to her. She straightened up to wipe and I rolled off another wad of paper from the roll in case she needed it. I now also stood up with her still holding the back of her dress up. She reached around and with a upward motion with the paper stuffed into her ass crack she wiped. She pulled it out did a quick look flipped the paper over an did a second wipe the same way she had done the first wipe. Then a quick check again of the paper she dropped it in the toilet.

Can you roll off soem more for me? she asked me. I reached over with the wad I had rolled off from the roll after the first wad. Seeing that I had already had rolled some paper off she let out a good giggle. Then she said to me; I see your'e well ahead of me! Then she again wiped her ass checked the paper and then flipped it over and wiped again which would be the last time. Then she dropped the ppaer into the toilet.

But she didn't step away then. Instead with the hand she used to wipe with placed it on her asscheek opened up her crack real wide with it. Am I clean back there? she asked me with a giggle. I looked and told her she was. Good enough to kiss it? she asked me but giggled harder as she said it. I saqid right back to her; It sure is! Then finaly she did step forward and I did keep her dress up for her. She had a time gong slowly once she had pulled her gold panties back up for she was nit trying to put a run her stockings so thats whey she was going sl slow right now.

That took her a few minutes to do. Then she told me to drop her dress which I did. Then she turned looked in the mirrior and smoothed her dress out. As we went to te door to unlock it and leave the bathroom she giggled and said to me; You know you're going to have to come with me the rest of the time we are here! You're not as rough as some of the girls I know doing what you did for me. Then a quick turn she gave me a kiss and opened the bathroom door. We hurried out and went back to the reception. * For the rest of the evenng she and I did go together using both the mens room and the ladies room together. We also from that point on if I needed to piss we would piss together too! The End Upstate Dave

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