depressed in diapers

My name is Jenna, I'm a 55 year old mother of 4 and grandmother of 2. I've been reading on this site for a few months now, I'm impressed with the number of people who are so open about things that i often get embarrassed just to think about. Anyway, i started reading here because i have some bathroom issues of my own I'm having difficulty coping with. Basically, even though i strive to eat healthy and keep in good shape for my age, certain things seem to be aging faster than normal. Lets be honest, they make depends and other adult diapers for a reason...when you get old, its hard to control it! I guess i just thought it was more something I'd have to worry about in, say, my 90s! But alas, at age 55, my hair isn't even gray yet (i have a lovely head of long, straight red hair) but i find myself needing diapers. Its incredibly demoralizing because I'm still an active woman with a job and a social life. I should be changing the diapers of my infant grand children, not my own. Its difficult to hide the fact that i wear diapers...if i wear pants that fit snuggly on my hips i feel like its obvious I'm in a diaper...but i really have no choice because I've simply been having accidents too frequently. As an adult woman you can only wet and/or soil your pants in public so many times before something needs to be done... I've been treated for over active bladder, but i don't find that i need to pee often, i just can't hold it in for a very long time when i do. Maybe 1 hour, 2 on a good day, is the absolutely maximum amount of time i can wait to get to the toilet if i need to pee. After an hour or two, if I'm not at the toilet, chances are I'm never gonna get there without wetting in my pants. This has been a problem I've dealt with since after i had 4 children, but its become much worse in recent years. Throughout my 30s and 40s i had plenty of leaks and small, minor wetting accidents. Like, i would still need a change of underwear and pants but i wouldn't soak myself for the whole world to see, and panty liners usually kept any wetness from soaking through. I VERY rarely had a full blown wetting accident. When i was 38 i completely peed my pants one time waiting in the car outside of my daughter's school when i was picking her up after i left work, and another time i completely peed my pants sitting on a train that was stalled, i think when i was 42. Other than that it was never more than leaks. Nowadays...when it starts it doesn't stop. If i have even the littlest leak into my panties, it just starts to flow. And i go, and go, and go, until my bladder is empty and I'm soaking wet. Its an extremely helpless and defeating feeling, especially when its happened at work or other public places like in the supermarket and once at the airport.
But despite my bladder issues, it wasn't that that prompted me to start wearing depends regularly. I used poise panties and panty liners to control leaks and absorb the brunt of total wetting accidents, but i need full blown diapers now because i have a great deal of difficulty controlling my bowel movements nowadays too. It's difficult for me to even write about it... but its just like i never have anything but diarrhea anymore. Not necessarily the consistency of my bowel movements, they're not normally liquid, but moreso the pain and urgency when i feel the need to go. I get terrible cramps in my lower abdomen and i need to drop everything to get to a toilet as quick as possible before i mess myself. Its utterly humiliating!...the accidents began about 9 months ago. I was having coffee before work in the morning when i bad cramp hit me and i badly needed the toilet very suddenly. I put my coffee down, put my hand on my abdomen and walked rigidly toward my first floor powder room to find my husband was in there enjoying his morning "alone time". So i turned and headed toward the stairs and up to the master bedroom and into my bathroom, but it was too late. I got one step into the bathroom door when i began messing my underwear. I remember it coming out quickly like wet diarrhea but it felt thick and warm, and made a large bulge in the seat of my pants very quickly. I was in complete shock! All i could do was stand there and think "did i really just poop my pants?"... it makes my neck tingly just remembering that feeling. My brain was just numb with disbelief, shame and humiliation. I couldn't believe it happened within a matter of minutes, because I'd not ever pooped in my pants previously in my adult life. Anyway, after i came to and changed my underwear i went into work late and was pretty uncomfortable and self conscious, like people would know what happened or something or it might happen again.
Since that morning, its been that way with the majority of BM's. They come on suddenly and strong like diarrhea and i need to rush to the bathroom immediately. My doctor says it sounds similar to IBS but that IBS patients suffer more with going often and having false alarms. He hasn't been able to really help besides making me monitor my diet and eat things that regulate the digestive system. So far it hasn't worked, and I'm still having accidents 9 months later. It happens at least once a week in addition to wetting accidents. I've learned very quickly that poise panties and other bladder protection products don't handle accidental BMs very well at all. Its been a trying time period in my life and I'm dealing with some depression about it. I've messed my pants twice at work and had to go home, I've messed my pants in my home trying to make it upstairs, I've messed my pants trying to get from the car to the house, I've messed my pants in the car driving, i soiled my underwear in bed twice, and I've messed my pants in the supermarket. I've pretty much pooped my pants in front of all my friends and relatives at least once. so now i just wear depends all the time. I really hate it, but even though i am not having accidents daily i just can't take the risk! Its so incredibly humiliating to have that kind of an accident as a middle aged woman. The smell it creates and the obvious mess on my bottom..its always such a scene! At least with the diapers i can hide it better because the odor is supressed and my pants don't stain or bulge. Most days i don't dirty my diaper so i can reuse them, and there are times I've only wet them of course. I just really wish i knew what was wreaking havoc on my bowels so i could feel secure enough to not be in a diaper at all times. Two weeks ago, i was in CVS to buy a package of depends. I saw someone i am acquainted with but don't know well, and they saw me with the depends...they didn't say anything but i subtely tried to cover up by mentioning i was on my way to see my mother in the nursing home, hoping they would deduce that the depends were for her. Then, my cover was blown when i had an accident in the checkout line... obviously everyone knew the diapers were for me, and that i had needed one right then...humiliating. i didn't even have anything protective that day, so it really soiled my panties and a stain showed through on my khaki colored slacks. The look on the cashier's face as i purchased depends with a mess in my pants is burned into memory...
Anyway, its really got me down and was hoping someone out there had any ideas as to what i can doctor seems incapable of figuring out the problem and willing to chalk it up to "getting old". I just don't want to wear diapers every single day, but i also don't like the risk of possibly messing a good pair of underwear and my pants and it being visible to the world... the only way i have any hope of hiding my humiliating accidents is with the diapers. I've been able to get away with accidents at work a couple of times with them. Anyway, i hope you understand what I'm going through.


A Very Private Wood...

I'VE LOOKED AT THIS WEBSITE for some time now.. on and off.. and I'm always amazed at the open frankness shown by all who tender their stories. I suppose this sort of thing can be done so easily now without fear of revealing one's identity as it were. However, we all seem to have pretty much the same stories.. which is very comforting indeed.

My experience goes back to when I was sixteen. I had a new girlfriend at the time and I was totally besotted with her, as she was of me. We often went out for a walk in the countryside so it was commonplace for me to answer the call of nature by heading for a hedgerow or an old wall. I never gave it a thought, but my girlfriend was always embarrassed by it. She was very much a townie at heart.. so the idea of taking a leak or having a dump outdoors was out of the norm for her. In this particular instance she had little choice so we both headed for a secluded wood nearby. She clambered over a gate and asked me to wait there... as I did. After more than five minutes it occurred to me that she was probably having a rather serious bowel motion. There was little surprise here since she suffered with heavy periods.. and that, she explained, left her constipated. I also suspected that she suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. It was odd because she ate like a real dervish but never put an once on. I also knew she was embarrassed about blocked toilets at home.. and that occurred at ten day intervals or so. She confided in me once that she occasionally went longer than that! Incredible! I felt rather honoured though when she explained all this to me, first because it was so embarrassing for her and secondly because I knew precious little of such delicate topics!

At the gate my mind ran riot for some reason... call it hormonal or something... but I became seriously turned on by it all. I have no idea why.. but I've seen others make mention of this sort of thing elsewhere. Perhaps it's an age thing which teenagers go through sometimes. It was undoubtedly the thoughts of my girlfriend.. bare-arsing... just yards away. I quickly developed a colossal erection which hurt like mad. It was so intense that it effected me for a long time afterwards.

To continue my story.. my girlfriend eventually returned after nearly ten minutes! I quickly noticed that she was red in the face and sweating slightly. Despite this she seemed to be very relaxed now and decidedly chirpy.

After we parted that afternoon I was able, by various means, to see the end-result of my girlfriends exertions up at the wood. I must admit here and now that this was a purposeful thing for which I can tender no explanation.. other than it was an almost unique opportunity for me to see my girlfriends turds. I'm sorry.. but I simply had to see why it had taken her so long up at the wood. I was shocked when I saw them... and I can honestly say that they put my own timid creations well into the shade. Her stools were very dark and very, very big indeed... and all a far cry from what girls are supposed to flush away in "the ladies room"!

Either way... the episode at the wood seemed to have some beneficial effects on my girlfriend because she never hesitated again when we were out and about. In fact I was convinced that her experience at the wood was a revelation. I'm also convinced she enjoyed it... after all, it was a novelty for a townie girl to creep into a wood, alone, partake of a serious shit and all in absolute privacy. There was another obvious incentive.... no blocked loo at home!! Within days her habits changed... and certainly for the better!

I'm sorry there's been a sexual element to this story.. but that's how it was at the time. By way of a postcript I later suspected that my girlfriend became aware of my reactions at such times. Perhaps it was sexual for her too.

I suppose being sixteen has made these memories so very clear to me after thirty years. If anyone out there in the big wide world has a similar story I'd love to hear of it.

A Guy

To Anny

Hey Anny, nice story but it could be something hes eating or drinking to make it that color. I have drank grape gatorade in large amounts and it made my poop green.

Upstate Dave

Atlatic City Boardwalk Trip

Hi to all. This past weekend which included Friday I spent the three days with my wife down on the boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ. We were there for my duaghters wedding. The ceramoney itself was right out on the beach. We had a great time for the three days.

Now right where our hotel was there was a old "Comfort Station" building and was maked that way too! I would have to say with its style like the old convention center building dated back to thevery early 1900s. The outside all original and inside the bathrooms (mens room original mosiac tiles on the walls, lighting fixtures, etc. The urinals were old but were not originals. The same with the toilets in the stalls. I had to go so I did go in there.

Now the toilets in our hotel were real modern. I call them power flushers! You only had to touch the flusher handle and it would automaticly go down on its own and take two seconds with the handle comming right back up fast and hard. The water would go down and refill the bowl in that two second time too! Very loud flush when used.
The walls are paper thin so any tme even in ajoining rooms or even across the halls you could noy help hear someone either pissing or shiting or both.

On the way back home we stopped and ate in a Applebees. I had to piss and shit before II was to eat. I went to the mens room. I sat on a toilet wich i did regret! The toilet is very low with a very shallow bowl which has a high water level in it. I pissed and also took my needed shit. When I went to wipe my ass reaching down with the toilet paper to wipe your hand and the toilet paper gets wet with water! If you left a floater (which I didn't this time you could very well hit with your hand or even possibly scoop it right back up! I made real sure to scrub my hands off after I raised myself up off the seat and wiped myself off again. Anyone here ev er come across a toilet like this? Upstate Dave


Sharon's survey

1. Do you read while you poop?
Not usually. It doesn't take me very long to poop, so there is no time for reading.
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping?
Not if I can help it! If my cell rings, I usually don't answer it, or if I do, I don't make any pooping sounds while I'm talking, and try not to let the other person know I am on the toilet!
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping?
May sip my tea in the morning. Don't eat, and I don't smoke.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Sometimes, just depends.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? Depends on how messy it is. Usually about twice, unless it is messy.
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?
Yes, use moist wipes, if necessary. Carry them with me.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd?
Yes, almost always.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and somewhat difficult to pass?
Sometimes hard, but not difficult to pass.


Sharon's Survey

I realized I don't participate in enough surveys so here I go.

1. Do you read while you poop? - Yes, in fact I used to have a bunch of magazines in the bathroom for that very reason

2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? - A few times I have, but I've never told the other person that's what I'm doing. Also I don't flush the toilet until after I hang up.

3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? - Sometimes I'll be eating something when I need to go but not usually.

4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? - I sit

5. While pooping, do you usually pee? - Yes, I usually pee once as soon as I sit down and once again after I'm all done pooping.

6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? - Usually 3 or 4 times

7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? - I have before but I don't usually.

8. Do you ever inspect your turd? - Every time :)

9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and somewhat difficult to pass? - Depends on what I've eaten but sometimes it is and I have to spend a while pushing it out.


To Kerrin and Kirsty

Kirsty, I am so sorry for what happened to you as a teenager. Your stepfather had no right to keep you from using the bathroom. As Blue Circle said, that crossed the line and should be considered sexual harrassment.

Kerrin, what the teacher did to you was wrong and humiliating. One other reader said that you should file a law suit. I agree. The teacher had no right to embarrass you and further humiliate you by forcing you to give a presentation after having already stated that you had to go to the bathroom. Obviously, this is something that you DO NOT make a habit of. I am sorry your mother did not come to your defense.

To all who read this forum: if you force someone else, specifically a minor, to hold their bladder or bowels for an extended period of time or in the case of an emergency, you are out of line. And, if you are doing it for your own sexual pleasure, you should be considered a sex offender.

And, with the amount of people who do admit that they get sexual pleasure from bladder or bowel functions, there needs to be laws to prohibit lewd behavior such as voyeurism and using your position as an authority figure to embarrass others who have to use the bathroom.

Amanda M
Heres two stories for you guys.

Friday I decided to go to my friends house for a while. I was going to take the train up but my grandmom decided to drive me. On the way there there was a lot of traffic and my grandmom had to go pee really bad. We were looking for a place to stop cause she has a hard time holding it. Finally we found a dunkin donuts but they didnt let her use the bathroom she came out cursing. She went in the trunk and got a blanket to sit on and she winded up doing a whole pee in her pants on the blanket.

Last night I was sitting here on the computer when I got the urge to go poop. I knew it was going to be hard cause I had been eating all kinds of stuff and a lot of cheese. I went to the bathroom sat on the toilet and gave a push. I could feel it starting to come out. Usually I don't like to push hard but I guess it came out of reaction. I pressed on my stomach and pushed and pushed and finally got it out. When I wiped there was blood on the paper which I expected.My butt was really sore after and still is a little bit.

well thats all for now.


Sheila Report 8

Hi Nobody, its lovely to hear from you again. I am frequently in the local hospital because of my Tri-geminall Neuralgia problems. I have made so many friends in the Maxo-facial Dept. that one of the nurses there gave me one of the security cards they use to enter the staff rest rooms. Last Friday when I went for my normal monthly check=up and a new supply of the Ibrobufen medication I had to go to the toielt. Using the card I went in, there are six cubicles there and when I there were two nurses at the wash basins, one making-up, the other washng her hands, they both said hello to me and then one of the nurses in a cubicle called out 'is that you Sheila?' It was the girl who had given me the card. I went to the next cubicle to her and as I was getting my panties down she explained that my appointment would most likely be delayed because the consultant had been called to an emergency in A&E. I said girl, but Martha, is the senior staff nurse in the maxo dept, married in her late forties, lovely trimmed blonde hair. She was pooping and I sat down and started to pee, I had only been in the rest room with her when she had a pee before, but I got really excited because I could see the outline of her from the partiton joint at the rear of the cubicle. I could see her white overshirt hiked up and the curve of her bum on the toilet seat, she must have been sitting bent forward probably hands on her knees. The two nurses at the wash basins went out and we were alone. My ???? churned over and as I pee'd I farted and then plop plopped into the pan. She gave a giggle then and asked, 'bet you feel better for that Sheila.' I agreed and then she pooped again, it sounded hard, like three four loud plops followed by a deep groan. It was my turn to giggle I knew what had happened, she had had a back burst, her poop had hit the water and splashed up over her bum. It was my turn to giggle and I said to her, 'Hope you got lots of tissue Martha.' She snorted and said don't be a pig. Then we went silent as we both concentrated on pooping. I was looking behind trying to see, and by leaning over a bit I could see her bum shifting as she pooped, god Nobody that was so sexy, hearing her grunt and seeing the muscles in her bum twitching as she strained. Then I heard her reaching and tearing tissue followed by a muffled curse, she didn't have enough tissue. She naturally asked me for tissue, the toilets are not high enough for passing tissue under the partition so I asked her to wait whilst I finished off. Then I wiped myself, not so careful as I wanted to see her on the toilet, in fact I staned my panties a bit, but it was not a great price to pay for seeing herr panties down on the toilet. I went in and gave her the roll from my cubicle, then impulsively I suggested that if it was awkward I could help her to wipe. I just hoped she wanted me to, and it was totally unexpected when she said she would, apparently she had hurt her wrist at work and it was painful. She stood up and turned her bum to me, hiking her overshirt higher out of the way. I had to use three more wipes before she was clean, and when I said 'there, you're okay now,' she turned and smiled then kissed me on the lips and murmured thanks and she owed me one. It was very sexy and I hope to have a buddy dump with her the next time I am at the hospital, in fact, know ing me, I will be baking one, holding it until she has to go again. I am dying to hear more of your stories darling, please write soon.

Sharon - my answers to your survey:
1. Sometimes I read, but much prefer to chat to a colleague or a
2. No. I do not possess a mobile phone, I am hopeless texting etc.
But if I did I would love to chat as I pooped.
3. I always like a smoke, but with the law in the Uk now, smoking is
banned in public toilets and in my office toilets, its only at
home I can have a gasp when my panties dare down. I never eat
there, but have had a can of pop and beer sometimes.
4. I always wipe sitting first Sharon, I am afraid of staining my
clothes with drips etc, then I stand and wipe three/four times,
to make sure I am really clean.
5. Mostly its peeing first, then peeing and pooing together. If I
have the runs it can be poop at once, thats when I am desperate.
6. Depends how dirty my bum is, but its at least four wipes every
7. I always finish by wiping thoroughly with a perfumed wet wipe.
8. Yes, often. Its a sure check as to how I am feeling, the colour,
texture etc.
9. Rarely. I hate to be constipated. At the first sign I will take
a laxative or preferably, if I am with a mate, I will ask them to
give me a soluable pessary in my bum. It stops the horrible
purging I get with a laxative.

Wendy and Kirsty - Lovely to hear you have settled in together.
adore reading your stories, I can feel the love you have for each other so much. I wish you every happiness. As for sleep, I am sure
that will be one of the least of oyur considerations at the moment. LOL.

Hald Dump Denise - The service oyu are giving in your work is wonderful, to help those ladies go to the toilet in this day and [selfish] age is so sweet. Long may you be able to help them, and long may you please write and tell of your good deeds.

Amy - I would not be concerned, normally the colour of our poop is very much down to what we have eaten or drunk. If oyur husband has no other side effects like a bad ????, sickness etc, I would just check on his diet.

Sherry - I hope your daughter is much better, she must have been drained pooping like that. I know I was de-hydrated horrible when on my hols last year and it took me three days just to feel a little better. I hope you and your daughter were able to enjoy your holiday after. If its any consolation I would have done exactly the same as you did. Rather poop like that than run the risk of a bad illness and possible stoppage. The old saying, 'when you gotta go, you gotta go' has always been foremost with me. I have jad to poop in some weird places, side of the motorway, in a garden etc. Just always make sure you don't hold it in.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 7

Our walk back to my house for lunch was uneventfull. It had warmed way up outside so both of us were quite thirsty once we were inside my house. So out came the pitcher of lemonade first thing and two big glasses got filled right up and drank right down. Then immeadiatly the glasses we refilled and we drank down the second filled glasses of lemonade followed by two long loud burps!

Then we made up sandwiches and ate them for our lunch. Then we filled the glasses we had back up with lemonade and went outside with them and started our hike which we went down into the woods on my neighbors property. Being in the shade was cooler and we both took off our sneakers and waded in the creek that runs through the property. That felt real good too.

The creek is not deep so my pants which I had raised up and cuffed them never got wet and Barbie's dress never got wet from the creeks water also. Now we had waded down the creek far enough we were in the section between the two bridges. Barbie stopped wadeing suddenly and just stood still in the middle of the creek. She started to giggle pretty hard too.

Then she said to me; I'm pissing my panties! Take a look! Barbie then hiked up her summer dress and sure enough Barbie was wetting her panties. The pale yellow panties were wet dead center inthe crotch. She was pissing hard enough that a piss stream had formed and was running straight down into the water of the creek. Well I'm making lemonade turn the corner that's where fudge is made! Barbie said real loud.

Then Barbie yanked her panties down and let go of them. They fell into the creek and now her piss stream was in full view with it comming out from between her vaginas lips. She hen still pissing kicked her panties off squated down still pissing and rinsed them out. Then she stood back up and a few seconds later her pissing ended. That was the first time I had seen Barbie deliberettly wet her panties. She smiled and told me she thought it was fun to do it too.

We then went further down this section of the creek and then got out for we had reaqched the second bridge. This bridge was way to low so that is why we got out of the creek. From there we hiked a little ways up the back road and again cut into the woods. We waked a old path that went up the hill and then stopped at the top of the hill which we were still in the woods.

It was now my turn to piss which I did have to do. Barbie rolled my jeans pants legs down and then took my pants right off after that. She took my penis in her hand and waited for me to start pissing. I did in a few short seconds. I sent a long arcing stream of piss which I was faced towards the hill side so my stream went way down the side of the hill winding up hiting one of the trees.

As I stood there pissing after very short time Barbie whispered to me asking a question. Can I play with you? she asked me. I teased her back by saying to her; You already are Barbie. Iknow that! she said right back to me. But I mean more Dave. She then let me know what she ment by it. She waved my penis around which she giggled hard. I smiled and said ok right back to her. I went on and soon had fnished pissing.

She did pull my jeans back up after I was done. But she left the zipper down and the snap was not together on them either. What we did was went back down the hll and stayed in the woods where it was flat. That's where Barbie played with me and I had a very good time. So did she! Then after our playing together she and I striped right down and sat in the creek for quite sometime getting cooled and cleaned off. Then we got dressed and contnuied on with more hikeing. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 7

Barbie and I reached my friends dockon the lake in the one corner of the lake. We did check first by walkiung out on the dock to check the nearby beach which was to the left side of the dock. There was asmall group of people ove at the beach which some were swiming and laying on the beach. So we went back off the dock and we both undressed between the one big tree and bushes that were there.

Then we both just ran out on the dock together going fast and we dove right in off the end of the dock. When we surfaced we again checked over looking at the beach. Noone had seen us. Barbie a nd I did swim most of the time underwater. That way was better for not being seen that we were both naked. We enjoyed our swimming very much too.

After spending a good long time in the water Barbie told me she had to go in where it was shallow.Laughing she told me she had to piss but wanted to show me! I pointed to the oppisite side of the dock which wasn;t the beach side of the dock. So we swam t that side of the dock which would hide us from view. We both could stand side by side and I could watch Barbie take her piss. I told her that I had to go also. She siad good I can hold you then which she did as we stoodf there together.

Well I started this time just before Barbie did. She held me pushed way down so there wasn't much distance for my stream to go before it would hit the water. It hit it hard making a good splash. Barbie started her piss a few seconds after I had started mine. She had less of a distance for her stream t hit the water and she wasn't issing all that had as she went this time. So her stream didn't splash all that much.

After I had pissed for about ten seconds Barbie suddenly pulled my penis right up making my piss stream make a arc going foward through the air pissing across the dock and into the water on the other side of the dock! Then she would puch my penis right back down so again I would piss in the water just in front of me. Barbie laughed hard. Then she said to me; Dare me to do it again? I laughed and went along with her and I said YES! So she did but held me longer so m piss stream would be visible shooting over the dock and landing uin the water well away from the otherside of the dock. She did this severa times till I stopped pissing.

The funny thing was no one over at te beach did not see any of the times that Barbie had moved my penis and I was sending my stream over the dck and landed in the water on the other side. Barbie was a little disapointed that had happened. Phooyie no one saw it! Barbie said loudly and she did giggle when she said it too. Barbie herself had stopped pissing well before I did or as it would turn out she had taken a long pase only.

She had let go of me and then she let out a grunt and a push. From her vagina came out a much harder stream of piss along with a short loud braaaping fart from her asshole! Then right after her fart right out of herasshole shooting out hard came two pellet shits out of her asshole. One right behind the other making a big splash as both of them hit the water!

Her two shit pellets bobbed over the water going away from us and towards shore. Barbie laughed hard and right after her hard laughter she did stop pissing and she said to me; I didn't expect that at all! I laughed hard now. Good thing it happened now Barbie. If you were dressed you would have those two pellets in your panties! Barbie again laughed hard. Well that was it for now. Both of had pissed so our two bladders were empty. Barbie too was now empty as far as her bowels too.

We stayed standing in the water for a short time more. Then we snuck back up on shore where we had left our clothes and we gor dressed. We then started hiking down the path along the lake. We were headed back up to my house for a quick early lunch nd then go for a long hike together. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 6

Barbie and I after we both had used the peenut butter can to piss and shit in and had cleaned it out went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. I made up french toast,with suasages, coffee and oj. We both ate haing second cups of coffee and glasses of oj too. Then we cleaned up after we had finished.

Well now we had the reast of the day to ourselves which we first stayed sitting at the kitchen table decideing what we would do together. Enough time was spent there at the table talking on what tod do both Barbie and I had to piss from the coffee and juice from breakfast. So where we went to piss was right out to the old converted summer kitchen in the back of my house which was now a recreation room.

Now I've mentioned out in the old summer kitchen was a old cistern type well to draw water from. There is a removable trap door in the floor to uncover the old well. I did just that when we got out there. Both Barbie and I had pissed into it many times before along with many others of our group of friends.

This time Barbie squated down on the oppisite side from me of the opening which I stood standing with my pants pulled down to my knees. She reached across and held my penis in her hand. We both this tiume started pissing at the same time. I sent a thin long twisted stream down into the old well hitting the stone lined wall of the old well. My piss ran all the way down to the wells bottom.

Barbie meanwhile with her piss had a slightly forward angled stream which went down into the old well also. Our streams didn't collide so her piss stream which was hissing went almost straight down to the old wells bottom. Having drank the two cups of coffee and two glasses of oj bothof us took a nice long piss. Enough so with both of pissing the bottom of the old well did get covered over so there was splashing of piss before we both would stop pissing.

Barbie finished pissing before I did. Her piss ended by its nice hissing fadeing out and she did dribble and dripped a lot all over the wooden floor leaving a good wet spot on the wooden floorboards. She still held me as I went and still pissed down in the old well. When I did finish of course I did several spurts and she giggled a littel giving my penis its needed shaking.

After I was done and she had taken care of me I pulled my jeans back up and took care of them. Then I replaced the cover back in place. Then we then didn't stay at the house. It was way to nice outside to stay indoors. So we went and took a walk to spend the day outside. We did go to the little market first at the one end of my road. Then we walked over to the lake. We sat at one of the swimming spots which there was noone there yet and we sat on a big rock with our now bare feet in the water sitting side by side drinking soda and snacks we had bought at the market.

We would move from this spot and hike down the path to my friends dock. We woud do two things together when we were there. One was to go swimming which we would go skinny dipping and we both would after a short time would need to piss again and Barbie would also need to do somethig else again while we were there. Upstate Dave

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