10 drunks one toilet

i had a party at my river house last weekend i really wasnt intending on people staying over but we had a blowout lts of food beer and liquer. well my palce on the river is a 2 bed 1 bath house . a lot of my friends didnt have a ride or was to drunk to drive. the next mourning i woke up with my stomach hurting so bad i got up and went to the bathroom opened the door i forgot to knock it dosent lock there was judy sitting on the toilet with a awfull smell she said sorry i was desperate i just shut the door hoping she would hurry. a couple of minutes later people were starting to get up and judy finally came out i rushed in dropped my pantss
sat down and a explosion of runny soft poop came out just as the door opened in was jen she said sorry and shut the door . i could hear her outside jumping around she knocked and asked if i was going to bemuch longer i said sorry having stomach trouble she said me to i need to shit bad.i was still going and wass not getting off the pot. after a few minutes i heard knocking jen said to hurry 5 other people needed the toilet it was getting bad. i finally finished walked out to see kelly rush in i could hear her poop come rushing out i thought i need to have more parties like this. i walk outside to smoke a ciggerate. there in my backyard was jenfier sittingon a bucket taking a shit i couldnt believe it she said sorry she couldnt hold it any more

Sherry H

Unfortunate situation.,....

A week and a half ago, my daughter and I went on this summer trip with friends. One night when we got back to the hotel, she had food poisoning because she may had eaten something dinner that had went bad. Anyways, she was in there for over 30 minutes... Then all of the sudden I started to get stomach cramps. I immediately felt a urge to poop and the urge gotten really badly after 5 minutes... I knocked on the door while peaking into the washroom asking her if she's finished. She told me she still had stomach cramps and was still having diarrhea.

I decided to wait for her to finish using the washroom, but unfortunately the longer I wait the more trouble I was in because I was constipated for over 3 days and I knew there was probably going to be a lot of crap trying to come out. Anyways, I tried to occupy myself with so it would take my mind off of the my situation... After about 20 minutes had passed, the urge had gotten so bad that I knew I can't hold on much longer. I went to the washroom and asked if she was okay. She said she was fine, but still had to go... I told her I had to use the toilet too. She then told me she'll try and hurry up, but still felt really sick... I tried to wait while talking to her about what she thinks about the trip so far before this situation had started.

After talking and waiting for 10 minutes, she still wasn't done. Then all of the sudden, this cramp emerged and a loud fart forced it's way out. That's when it happened. I knew I couldn't hold it in anymore, so I quickly pulled my jeans and panties down and squat at the corner. Without much pushing, this thick hard solid poop started to make it's way out. I was so embarrassed when this happened that I started crying a little. The poop didn't require much pushing for it to slide out. After 10 whole minutes, the poop dropped out and made a small thud sound while dropping onto the floor. Then came this cramp and another fart, then I can feel another one about to come out... since I already started making a mess, I decided to finish... I continued squatting and by the time I was finished, I waited for another 25 minutes before my daughter was finished, and just dumped those 2 logs of poop into the toilet and flushed it down.... I apologized to her about stinking up the washroom and having her see that... She was really nice and mature about it.

After this incident, the rest of the summer trip went pretty smoothly.

From Sweden
This morning when out jogging I saw a woman go to toilet in the woods. She was squatting with her shorts down. On my way back the same path I saw that she had left three logs and some paper. I also saw that it was a German tourist staying there in a caravan car with her husband. She did notseem very surprised when I passed. I think it is the first time I accidentally have run in on somebody going to toilet outside. But when younger my sister and I sometimes tried to spy on my parents when one of them went to the bushes.



I went with my friend Tiffany this Saturday to the mall. I like to get dolled up when I go out in public, but her beauty is a little more natural and she tends to just come out as is. She wore tight black sweatpants that day and a spaghetti strap top with a loose sweatshirt on top. Anyway, we spent a while shopping and ate mexican at the food court. Afterwards, we stopped by the cellphone shop because her phone had gone haywire. It was a bad time to visit, evidently, because the salespeople were completely swamped. We waited in a line for about 15 minutes. As we neared the front, I noticed Tiffany standing really rigidly, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Right as she stepped up to the register, she let out a short, abruptly silenced fart. She stood there for a second, composing herself before she talked to the man. He said that he would page the tech guy, but that he was helping another customer in the back. We had to wait in the store for him, and she wasn't happy about that. As we stepped away from the counter, she looked to be in a bit of pain. I asked what was wrong, and she said the Mexican from lunch wasn't really agreeing with her. I was about to suggest her leaving the store and letting me wait for the phone, but she all of a sudden let out a bubbling, wet fart (I'm sure others heard it). She looked at me with shock on her face, and flushed red. She looked like she was searching for a good course of action, desperate not to poop herself. She whispered to me that she had just sharted a little bit, and that she didn't think she could make it to the bathroom. I told her it was going to be okay, to let it all out if she needed - I pointed out that she was wearing black sweats that would contain the mess, and that she had a sweatshirt to cover her butt with. She said okay - and motioned me to step over behind a barrier with her. It was a little nook between a display and the wall. She started taking her sweatshirt off, facing away from me. Halfway, though, she stopped all of a sudden - her legs shot crossed, and she said "OOOHhhh.... !". She farted a couple of times, short and stifled, then I could hear a kind of 'sloosh' as she let a little bit go. She stopped the flow, evidently, and started panicking. "oohno, what do I do?" She asked me. I was too shocked myself to give an answer. She began ripping the sweatshirt off, but was tangled in it... She all of a sudden bent over like she'd been punced in the gut, just as she removed one hand from the shirt, and shot her hand to butt. Simultaneously, I heard a bubbling, splatting sound coming from her rear end, replacing the short farts with an uninhibited flow of hershey squirt... I saw a bulge form in her skintight pants, growing in several squirts to the size and shape of a small bunch of grapes. The elastic at her waist sagged against its weight. She sat there for a moment after it happened, turned around and looked at me sheepishly, then, as if in shock, just walked out of the store, leaving her lump in full view, trailing the sweatshirt behind her. I went and found her in the bathroom. She had locked herself in the handicapped stall and was bawling. A couple of other girls washing their hands where sneering in that general direction, evidently able to deduce what had happened. I knocked, and she let me in. She had taken off her pants and left everything in the floor. Naked from the waist down, she was busy wiping loose, greenish brown poop off the backs of her legs and under her cheeks... even from her nether-region... I comforted her, and let her borrow a skirt I had just bought. Her sweatpants were absolutely filled - it seemed like one big blob of shit, not watery like you'd expect diarrhea to be. It was just caked everywhere inside. We decided to leave them in the garbage. We left the cell phone errand for another day, and drove home. She had the runs for the next two days straight, she said later.

Today I went to the supermarket for a few things. While I was there I saw a young girl, about 10 or 11, who was shopping with her mother. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt and white shorts and she was bouncing around etc as young kids do, so I didn't think much of it until I heard her say, 'mum I really have to go!' Her mother asked her if it was number 1 or number 2. She said it was a number 2. Then I realised she was desperate and not just excited. She started holding her bum and kept pestering her mum. 'You'll have to wait,' she kept saying. But it was obvious she couldn't wait much longer. As I walked past them I could see she looked like she was bursting to go. A few minutes later they both appeared in a different aisle I was in and as they did the girl finally let go. She stopped walking and put her hands over her mouth. I saw a small brown spot appear on the back of her shorts. Then a small bulge began to develop. Her mum turned round and realised what was going on. 'For goodness sake Sarah!' she said. The brown stain spread across her bum and I wondered why she hadn't just gone to the toilets when she had to go. I had to go to the checkout so I didn't see what became of Sarah, but it was interesting to see!

Will post again soon with another story for you all.


Pooped twice yesterday

I pooped twice yesterday (Friday). The first time was half-solid, half-soft and came out in a coil, kind of like cartoon poop. The second time was more like diarrhea. Both times I had to clean my bum in the shower as it was way too messy.

Also my husband has been having green poop for the past couple of days. He was asking me why it was green and I didn't know. Does anyone here?

Half Dump Denise

Senior Center Bingo

Every Tuesday afternoon my grandpa who lives with us is picked up in a van and taken to one of our city's municipal auditorium where there's a big city-wide bingo game. Because the economy sucks and I'm going to be starting back at school in a couple of weeks, I wasn't able to get a full time job this summer as I had hoped. The manager at one fast food place told me he has two employees with masters degrees who can't find work elsewhere. So I guess I don't feel too bad about my situation.

Well last month my grandpa, who's like 79 or 80, got me a job at the bingo game. There's like 300 or 400 people playing, most are retired people, and I get $10 a day to help pass out the score sheet, deliver prizes from the caller who runs the game to the winners (things like a can of pees, a $5 bill, discount tickets to a movie. Really practical things like that. Grandpa says that's how they get around the rules of our state's gambling laws. I ride my bike down there, park it in the managers office, and sometimes I'm asked to help take some of the ladies into the bathroom when they have to go. There's a bit of a walk, and the cement floor is kind of slick and this one lady is kind of feeble despite her cane and she hangs onto my arm to steady herself. She's hunched over pretty bad from a deformed back. She's older than my grandpa and tells about how she got to meet President Wilson when she was a young girl. My mom says that would make her about 85 or 90, but she's really nice to me because I help her.

In the bathroom she's like so modest. She doesn't like a lot of attention but I take her into a stall, and after she puts her cane up against the partition, she makes a remark about her "dams ready to break" or "the prunes are doing quite well." My grandpa tipped me off to what those things mean and I actually find the sayings to be somewhat cute. She always says "Would you be good enough to prepare the seat for me, honey?" and what she means is she wants me to lay toilet paper over the sides of the seat and across the front before she sits down. Then she lists a lot of things with her broken voice that I don't understand except STDs, AIDS, and things like that. After I prepare the seat I back her up to where she's just over the toilet, and I help her take her sweats and underwear down and I gently help her down until she is seated. Normally, I excuse myself because I know it is embarrassing to her to have me in the stall and watching her and hearing her. I go into the next stall and do my own peeing. Sometimes she compliments me about being so "efficient" and jokes about her "hose" being clogged up. I just remind her that there is no hurry and to take her time. Unfortunately, even a pee will take her like 10 minutes. I'm generally outside the stall when she wipes and needs to get up and she opens the door for me and I help her back off the stool. That's important because sometimes she scares me and trips forward a little and I have to kind of grab her before she stumbles because she most certainly will then end up crashing into the door. It's sad that her knees are in such bad shape. Sometimes she misses the bowl with the toilet paper and I pick it up for her and toss it in before I reach back and flush the toilet. Then I help her get her clothing back up and walk her out to the sinks where she washes her hands.

Mable has introduced me to some of those at her table and at the surrounding tables as her "granddaughter" and then with another word which I looked up and found it means "substitute."

It's sad to see so many of those bingo players needing help in doing something as simple as going to the toilet. The experience this past month has taught me that those who are rude and dirty and obnoxious in using public bathrooms elsewhere could learn a lot by observing how hard it is for the elderly like Mable to even use a bathroom.

Kerrin, I'm terribly sorry about what happened to you. The answer, though, is that you will live it down. With time, these things die, and if this teacher has this policy with everyone, then many have surely had close calls, if not full-blown accidents.

It's going to be hard for a while, and then it will be over.

And to everyone else: It's good to see a pee story or two around here. If you're reading this and have one: there are *definitely* people here who want to see them.


Response to Kerrin(Embarrassing Accident)

Hi Kerrin, the teacher was so mean to you, first of all, for refusing you not to let you go to the toilet and threatening you to send you to the office just because you let him know that you had to go very bad. Plus, your teacher was a real ass for pointing and laughing at you with your classmates when you had an accident in front of the class. You and your mom should file a lawsuit against the teacher for mistreating you that way. He had no right refuse you and he knew damn well that you had to go and it was an emergency. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that ordeal like that.

Hi Amy, just would like to say, that you sound very much like fun as well. You and you're friends are very brave to do what you do in the car :)


First Post

Hi everybody! I think this site is really awesome. Imagine that, a site where you can discuss that most private of matters. I especially like the surveys. Really, some of the questions that get asked! I might as well add a survey of my own. Hmmmm, let's see....

1. Do you read while you poop?
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping?
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping?
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe?
5. While pooping, do you usually pee?
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe?
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?
8. Do you ever inspect your turd?
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and somewhat difficult to pass?

I know that some of these questions often show up on surveys on this site but I guess they're pretty timeless. Thank you guys and gals! Bye for now.


Answering Kirsty's Survey

1. Have you ever been told you couldn't go to the toilet for any reason?
Not directly by someone, but there was one time where i was on a 7 hour road trip with family and some friends. I had to pee and since we were still driving through the middle of no where, i figured i could just wait until our next gas station.

2. How long have you had to wait?
Well...i began needing to go to the bathroom when we'd been driving for 2 hours.

3. Did you make it to the toilet?
Unfortunately I didn't. I remember waking up when we had about an hour left and needing to use the restroom badly. I asked my mom and she said there would be around 45 minutes left and i told her i couldn't wait that long. So we stopped by a random area on the street with some small stores. My mom started asking around and i really needed to go. When she was in the middle of asking a man, i nudged her and said i would just go outside. I begin looking around and then before i could find a safe place to pee, i was wetting my pants.

4. Did you find another place to relieve yourself?
No i didn't.

5. If you failed to make it to the toilet, where did the accident happen?
In the middle of no where, thankfully.

6. Did you get into trouble for having an accident?
My mom was a little surprised but other than that, no.

About a year ago when I was 15, I had cheerleader practice. We had to practice for over 2 hours for a very difficult routine... Throughout the entire time I had to pee so badly. By the time we were done, I quickly went to the washroom, but then suddenly my teacher for some reason came along and had to talk to me. I asked if I could quickly use the washroom first... but she was demanded to see me immediately. I had no choice but to try and hold it in until I see what she wants. I went to her office and we started talking for over 20 minutes. Apparently, she wanted to talk to me about my grades and school stuffs...

After I was allowed to leave, I had to pee so badly. By the time I was finished, I quickly ran towards the washroom, but suddenly came this school bully and she shoved me into my gym locker. I begged her to let me out so I could use the washroom... she doesn't listen and just left me in there... I tried to yell for help, but no one was around to hear me... I was in there for god knows how long... while trying to call for help, I was crossing my legs trying to pee myself... But then the worst timing came along... I suddenly felt this cramp in my stomach, then suddenly gotten this huge urge to poop. I tried to keep my mind off it, but I realized that it was going to be a huge load because I was constipated for 3 days. I was in a really bad situation because now I had to go both ways....

After trying to call out for help, I knew I couldn't hold it much longer... I started crying because my stomach was hurting so bad. Then all of the sudden a cramp came that over powered me and forced a very powerful fart out. That's when it went really bad, once the fart ended, this thick hard solid poop started to make it's way out. I tried to stop it but it just had to come out... I just stood there crying because I couldn't believe that I was soiling my pink underwear. It was coming out so slowly, and unfortunately this had caused too much pressure for my bladder to handle. I started to lose control and eventually lost complete control of my bladder. I couldn't believe I was peeing and pooping myself at 15 years old.

After 20 minutes had passed, I was finally finished pooping, but the locker was stank with poop and pee... after 2 hours had passed, the janitor finally came along and unlocked the locker and let me out when he had smelled the grossness. I immediately went to the washroom to clean up as well as I could and ran home in tears. As for the bully, well, let's just say I won't be seeing her again.

Frequent reader
Leanne & Emma, I enjoy your stories. You both provide great details.
Traci, I definitely would be interested in hearing more stories, like the first time you went in front of your husband. I also would like to hear about the first time you went around your friends and what made you comfortable with them as well? Also, how about the first time one of your friends went around you?
Kevin, I enjoyed your story about Annie.
Wendy, I enjoyed your desperation story at work.


Waiting for a cubicle

While we were shopping this morning I needed to pee so I left Kirsty to continue shopping while I headed off to the toilets. When I got into the toilets there were 3 cubicles. 2 were out of order & the third one was occupied. I could hear & smell the girl inside was having massive poo & was taking ages. There was a a girl waiting in front of me who looked about 13 maybe 14 & she was fidgeting a lot. She was holding her bum & it was clear she was in real trouble. She was sweating & shaking but somehow she managed to keep control of her dire need. She knocked on the door & asked the woman to hurry up as she was really desperate but the woman just said "Wait your turn!" The poor girl was crying & after 20 minutes the woman came out. Amazingly the girl made it into the toilet but only just in time. As I waited my turn I could hear she was having a bad case of diarrhea. It was coming out of her like there was no tomorrow & she stank the whole place up. After 10 minutes she flushed & came out & I went in after her. I peed a lot after waiting so long & it felt good. When I was done I returned to Kirsty & she remarked about the length of time I was gone. She thought I'd had another attack of the runs again but luckily not any more.

Hi all. We went out on our first shopping trip together today & after our recent bout of diarrhea I was a little big worried about going out of the house but it was fine. We were out for about an hour & when we got back we unloaded our shopping & put it all away. Neither of us feel the need to poo so I suppose we've got all the gunk out of us now. I doubt if we'll have any new stories for a couple of days so I thought I'd make one up......
I was 16 at the time & I'd held my poo in for a week. I was feeling really full & thought it was about time I emptied my bowels, so before I left for school I took a mild laxative to soften things up a bit. Well all morning I'd been feeling a slight urge to go but nothing serious so I left it. After lunch though I really had to go. We had a very nice french teacher (miss Lavigne is the name I'm giving her) but there were mainly boys in my class & I was too embarrassed to ask to leave the room. After a while the urge was getting really really bad but I couldn't face the embarrassment of asking to leave the room. Not just that but I knew it would take a while & all the boys would know I was having a poo. I was squirming a lot in my seat & miss Lavigne noticed it. She called me to the front of the class to ask me to go to the main office to get some paperwork for her. Before I left she took me aside & whispered in my ear, (Wendy. I don't want to embarrass you but you seam to be in urgent need of the toilet." I nodded & she whispered, "Well you can go to the toilet on your way to the office & take as long as you need, I will cover for you." I really owed her for handling the situation so well. She's the best most thoughtfull teacher I've ever met. I went straight to the toilets & found then all to be nice & clean. I went into a cubicle, locked the door & very quickly took my skirt off, pulled my tights & panties down & sat on the toilet. As soon as my bum touched the seat a long soft rope of poo came out quite quickly. I peed a lot while I pood non stop for about 30 seconds. The relief was amazing but I still had more to come out. I looked in the toilet to see an enormous pile of poo. I couldn't see any water just a huge load of poo. I was afraid the toilet might block up if I added any more poo so I flushed it before sitting down again to do another big load. That too was huge & it was another huge relief. I was done now so I wiped & flushed & went to the office to get that paperwork for miss Lavigne. I'd been gone for half an hour by the time I got back & I told miss Lavigne I had to wait at the office to get the paperwork. She smiled & winked saying, "Yes I can imagine there was lots of paperwork after all that." I knew exactly what she meant but no one else did which was lovely. I was so lucky to be in her class in my dire need of the toilet. If it had been any other teacher I would have had to wait untill after the lesson & that would be impossible. I can't begin to imagine the mess I would have made in my panties, not to mention the embarrassment of messing myself in class.

After we went to bed, we had our hot fun together & went to sleep. Then at about 11:00, Kirsty leaped out of bed & ran to the toilet. She had some more diarrhea for about 10 minutes before she flushed & came back to our bed. She said she felt much better for that & we cuddled up together & went back to sleep.

I went boating again with my friends Mike and Jared and their girlfriends Cassandra and Sheila. Last week when we went the toilet on Mike's boat wasn't working so he said he would try and get it serviced up for today when we went out on the lake for the day. It was an extremely hot day today so it was the perfect day to get out onto the water and cool down. I was going to hold my dump in for a bit later until we got back to shore but by the time I ate lunch and had a few drinks I was going to probably have to shit on the boat.

I didn't know what to expect as far as the toilet was concerned but I guess I was going to have to find out soon enough. I went down and took a pee at around 1 pm to check out the facilities. There was a bathroom with a porta potty and small sink. I lifted the lid and discovered the tank was absolutely empty. I took my piss but the need to shit had gone away so I went right back up. While I was suntanning I noticed Cassandra get up and make her way down below to where the washroom was. Cassandra is very attractive and fit. She was wearing a tight fitting navy bikini and top which was quite revealing.

She returned about five minutes later and got back into the water with everyone else. I then saw Sheila come back onto the boat shortly after while I was suntanning and head down to the washroom. She was gone for quite some time but I heard her come back out after what was probably a bit less than ten minutes.

Everyone else came back on board and started to sleep in the sun so once they were all well asleep I got up and made my way down to take my dump. I locked the door just in case anyone came down and got ready to sit down. When I lifted the lid I was shocked to see a few turds in the tank. It would appear as though Cassandra and Sheila had both relieved themselves. What was most shocking were the sizes of the turds. One was short but very thick while another was much longer but not quite as large in diameter. I couldn't believe that two very attractive and fit woman could produce such considerably large turds. I sat down on the seat and was startled at how warm it was. It was clear that they had both spent a good amount of time sitting down.

I spread my legs apart and leaned forward as I gently pushed. I let out a few deep and muffled farts before I felt the turd slip out and land with a big thud and splash. I felt a bit of the toilet chemical splash back onto my ass so I quickly got up and wiped it off before sitting back down and letting more pee out. I quickly wiped and took notice of my very normal looking turd as compared to the ones the girls had both unloaded. I made my way back up and continued on with my sun tanning.


To Kerrin

I'm sorry to hear about your wetting accident in class. I think it's disgraceful the way everyone made fun of you especially the teacher. He was supposed to be in a position of authority & should never encouraged such apaling behaviour in the classroom. He must have known you were desperate to pee & should have excused you making you do that presentation. He should have also let you go to the toilet long before you got that desperate. In fact if I'd been on the school board of governors I'd have asked for the "teachers" resignation for gross miss conduct. Or even sacked him on the spot for handling the situation so badly. If I were your parents I would definately be suing the school for allowing such incompetence to happen.


Wendys move

We've finaly finished moving Wendy into my er OUR house. We'd been so busy with the move & getting the keys to Wendys old place handed back to the landlord by 5:00 PM to avoid having to pay another months rent, there was hardly any time to breath let alone have a decent crap. Well we made it but I was desperate for a poo by the time everything was done. I think I caught Wendys stomach bug because I nearly messed myself on my way to the toilet. As soon as I sat down a huge torrent of mushy diarrhea sprayed all round the pan. Wendy was unwell too & she burst into the bathroom holding her bum with both hands. She shouted, " Quick Kirsty. Slide your bum back so we can buddy dump before I totaly shit my pants!" Wendy was already undoing her jeans as she said that & I moved my bum to the back of the seat to let Wendy sit between my legs. As soon as wendy got into position she too sprayed her diarrhea into the toilet. It was very messy & some of it splashed my legs & I loved it. I kissed the back of Wendys neck as I pushed out the last of my runny poo & she responded by turning her head round to to kiss me. When we were done pooing we helped each other to clean up in the shower & went to bed. I don't expect we'll be sleeping much though!


Re: Ashley

Hi everyone. I just had surgery on my jaw so I've been out of commission for the past few days. Therefore I only have one new story but I thought it would be rude of me not to respond to Ashley's questions she had for me just in case she or anyone else was curious about some more detail of my past post.

New Story:
When I was in the hospital I was under heavy anesthesia for about 3 hours. After I woke up I slowly regained the use of my limbs. I managed to keep still for another few hours but eventually the need to pee really hit me. Because I was still too weak to make it to the hospital toilet, the nurse gave me a bottle to use. I managed to fill it all the way up the first time I went pee because I hadn't gone in so long and I had an IV full of liquid salene hydrating me. After that i went back to sleep but I woke up in a puddle of my own urine. I haven't wet the bed for a few years now but I used to do it a lot so it's not a strange thing to me. The thing is, the desperate need to go coupled with the overall numbness of my body definitely made me wet the bed. Luckily I had an absorbent pad on the bed and my underwear wasn't too damaged by it. I just went back to sleep and let the nurses deal with it the next day.

To Ashley:
I've been doing very well Ashley. My life has been really busy but I've been getting a lot done. I start school again soon so I've been preparing for that too.

About the girl who pooped next to me in my last post. I heard her go and immediately after I could smell it. It wasn't too stinky but you could definitely tell that she had a good dump.

When I found the diaper in the parking lot I probably looked at it for too long because I started to attract the attention of my friends. When one of them asked me about it I quickly said that I thought it was something else and that's why I was looking for so long. One of my friends just said 'eww' and went on skating. I doubt they suspected I was investigating it a lot.

When I saw the redheaded girl on the toilet I thought I was the luckiest man alive. Unfortunately I had to look like I was doing something else lest anyone else at the party or the girl noticed me looking. I managed to get in a position just perfect enough to see from her knees all the way up to her neck while she was sitting. I loved the lucky peek but I was so nervous I would get caught looking while it happened.

Thanks for taking an interest in my stories. I'll talk to everyone soon with some more.

Sheila, for clarification, I didn't buddy dump with Steph ( I wish I could though). But I could see her intimately through the mirror in front of the stall. Nevertheless, it turned me on.

I'd love to hear about an experience you've had with your nurse friends.

With the discussion about unisex bathroom I found it a strange coincidence that I had an experience with one just a few weeks ago. I had gone out for dinner to an Indian restaurant with my friend Jared and his girlfriend Sheila. We ate quite a bit of food since we were all quite hungry. After I ate my main dish I noticed that my stomach was starting to feel a bit unsettled. I had to release a bit of gas but I couldn't so I desperately tried to hold it in as I sat in the hard and uncomfortable chairs.

After dessert we paid our bill and left the restaurant. Jared drove Sheila home and I walked back to my car as I had parked a few blocks away. Each step took I could feel and hear my stomach make noises. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it back home without first taking a shit. I knew the spicy dinner was having a profound effect on me. I needed to find a place to shit and fast. I found a small bookstore that was open and wandered it. There were two floors with washrooms located on the each floor according to the signs. I headed to the second floor where it looks a like nobody was around. I knew it was going to be a messy and noisy dump.

I made my way through the various stands and displays until I finally got to the washroom that was down and around a long hallway. I was a bit puzzled when I only saw one non-locking push open door with a sign indicating it was both for men and women. I realized that it was a unisex bathroom. I was somewhat uncomfortable with going in at first so I turned around and made my way back out to try and find a washroom somewhere else. As I was heading towards the stairs to leave my abdomen had a sudden and sharp pain. I thought I was going to shit my pants so I immediately turned around and headed back to avoid a disaster.

I saw a girl in her mid 20s walk out from a aisle and follow me down towards the bathroom. She was quite attractive and was wearing shorts with a tank top and sandals. She didn't at all seemed bothered following me into the common bathroom. There were only two stalls so I selected the handicapped stall at the end and quickly undid my belt and shorts before sitting down. I hoped she was just going to pee and be gone so I could let out my noisy shit in solitude. I didn't feel as embarrassed when I heard her start let out a few farts and start to poop. At that point I let go of trying to hold my shit. As soon as I did a considerable amount of soft and mushy poop rushed out of me with just a slight push.

The smell and noise was horrendous. I let out about two more loads of soft diarrhea before starting a very long piss and wipe. The girl next to me finished up and left before I was even remotely done. I used a good amount of toilet paper to clean up and I didn't know if the toilet could handle it all. I flushed and amazingly the thick mounds of soft shit and thick bunches of toilet paper went down without any problems. It did leave the toilet quite messy however. I washed up and left quickly since I still had to drive back home and it was now getting quite late. I knew I would have shit my pants had I not relieved myself before the drive home.

new guy
To Wendy and Kristy I just read about you 2 moving in together and I just want to say im happy for you both and will this mean more buddy dumping. If so please write about them because I really enjoy reading them as do many other people on this site.

To upstate Dave I just want to say I really like your stories especaly the ones about the girls you know so please continue to write more of them.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


First day together

I woke up this morning laying on my side with Wendys arms wrapped around my waist. I had some cramps in my stomach & lot's of rumbling. Wendy was rubbing my ???? & all of a sudden felt a mass of liquid rushing through my bowels. I had the most intense urge to poo & had to clench my anus tightly to avoid having a messy accident in our bed & all over Wendy. I told her I really had to poo & she let go of my waist so I could get up & run to the toilet. I just made it in time & as soon as my bum touched the seat I exploded a load of mushy diarrhea into the toilet bowl. It lasted for about 15 seconds & then I was done. I wiped, flushed & washed my hands feeling so much better. I went back to join Wendy in bed & we had another hot time together before getting up at 10:00am.


Sheila Report 7

Rag Muffin Reanna: Thanks for a lovely story, here are my answers to your survey questiosn:

1. Unisex toilets I think would be an absolute boon. It would in one
moment remove so much of the horrible bigotry about men and women
having to go separately. It would also in sex education for the
young boys and girls, to learn that toileting is a natural event,
not a mysterious thng done in secrecy.
2. My son Luke, and his cousin Stephen have no problems about going
to the toilet with me, it is so natural, and as I reported before,
Stephen was a great help to me recently when I needed help badly.
3. I think a referndum would be a great thing. Hopefully this
government may consider that, I would suggest we try to petition
them, the force of our votes may help them to see the need of a
4. I can only speak for myself, my answer in question 2, fully
answers your question.

Traci: Your story of you and your husband buddy dumping made me thnk of my sister and her husband. They even had a double Swedish toilet installed after a holday in Gothenburg.

New Guy: I know you asked Kristy and Eendy, but I cannot help but tell you of my joy to go to the toielt with Ruth, my best friend from work, and other girls from work. Diarrhea is something that happens with me and Ruth frequently, especially when our periods are due, we always purge ourselves to make sure we are not constipated when ur periods start.

Kirsty/Wendy: Your togetherness and love shine through yur stories, demonstrating for me what I have found all my life, the comfort of having somebody with you when you are on the toilet cannot be measured. I remember the first time Ruth helped me when I had messed myself at work, her love shone through, cementing a close relationship to this day. Long may your love for each other continue and flourish.

John the Lurker: I am not sure how to answer you John. I guess that to be a prefect at school you have to be at least 14 years old. For me that is like my son Luke, he is mature and very much at ease with me or my friends, I think he has seen most of them on the toilet, accidentally of course. I do not have locks on any of the inner doors in my home, I want my son to grow up in a natural rather than unnatural way regarding toileting and bowel movements. You say your Mum speaks to you when she is on the toilet. That tells me she must be at ease with you being close to her. Why not reverse the situation, leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet, or even call out to her for paper, maybe you can then talk naturally to her when you are there pants down, to open a dialogue may be just the trigger she needs. Another more naughty way would ne to take the paper from the bathroom and hope she calls out for some, then you could enter the bathroom naturally, try complimenting her on her undies, you may be surprised by her reaction. I hope there are more readers who have someideas that may help. Whatever I for one, would love to hear more of how you are getting on in trying to see your Mum or her friends on the toilet. Its wonderful to read from a young man with such thoughtful desires and wishes.

Amy (from Midwest)

Here's Something

Ok here's something for you. Emily and Lauren were over and so we all went and peed in my car!!! Of course as usual that was AWESOME!!!! But then Lauren asked me if it was ok if she brought a guy friend over and let him pee with us. I don't know why, maybe I'm weird, but I don't WANT a guy peeing in my car!! I don't know why but I don't like the idea of guys peeing but I LOVE the idea of girls peeing!!! I'm NOT a lesbian although I respect lesbians. I'm just not one myself. I just like GIRL PEE!!!! A LOT!!!!! So anyway now Lauren said that since her guy friend can't pee with us she wouldn't pee with me anymore either. And then emily said the same thing. SAD!!!!!!! So now those 2 girls aren't going to pee in my car anymore!!! But its ok. I talked to my other friends about it and they agree with me. Megan and marisa and melissa will still do it with me. And also melissa said that she thinks she knows some other girls who might want to do it too. So that's EXCITING!!!! Even though marisa and melissas friends are all their ages. Oh well. If you'll remember Marisa is 16 and Melissa is only 15. But its ok. Its jusy peeing! And Megan said that she would still keep peeing with me and she said it was one of the funnest things she does!!! Megan IS actually a lesbian by the way and she said that when she does get a girlfriend she would make sure she also liked pee! LOL!! Very cool!!! Its sad about emily and lauren though. Oh well!!! At least their pee will always be permantly soaked into my car!!!


Crappy Updates

Hi again. Shawn back.

Well, for starters, I've been pooping like a champ these last few weeks :D Good solid logs, big and in multiple numbers, with very little wiping needed :) I've been cutting back on fast food, which could be the big game changer there :)

I do have to tell about a close call I had today actually :) I was out with a friend eating Chinese food :) About halfway through the dinner, I felt that wet gassy gurgle that preempts diarrhea. Me being the stubborn one, decided to hold it in and finish dinner. About 2 hours later, we're out walking, when the urge to shit came at me like a mugger wearing Nikes. I stepped a few paces back and let out a loud wet fart. Luckily my friend not hearing it! I tell her I needed to go to the bathroom NOW. she had to pee so she agreed we should go back. It took a good 20 minutes to trek back through the wood and back to the park where there were some public loos :) I had been keeping behind her, farting, and trying like hell to keep from exploding in my pants :( But now the pressure was unbearable. I thought about stepping behind some bushes and dropping trou :/ Fortunately I made it to the loos and barely had time to drop my pants and give the seat a quick wipe before sitting. I let out a real loud fart followed by some gravel sized chunks and then some liquid :P Suprisingly as bad as the pressure was, there really wasn't that much that came out. I was in and out in about 5 minutes :) I'm actually writing this sitting on the can at home right now :) Again not much, alot of pebbles and a bit of gas. But it shure feels nice to get it out :)

BTW on a side note, while in the public bathroom, I couldn't help notice that someone wrote "PIE" on the stall door, in blue permanent marker! Not shure what provoked it, but it certainly was different :P

super soaker 2000
Last night it happened again, I completely soaked the bed. I was only sightly drunk when I went to bed, and I had gone to the bathroom and waited and waited, but nothing much came out of my bladder. I thought it was safe to sleep. I was wrong. I woke up at 6 am with wet underwear and a giant wet spot on the bed. I woke my girlfriend up and told her what happened and she was understanding, I still don't understand why she puts up with it. She went to the couch, I put all the sheets and such in the wash. I returned with a diaper on, and said I would wear one from now on. She agreed and didn't make fun of me or anything, I couldn't believe it. I wore it all night and as it turns out I didn't need it after the accident. But I'm still wearing it and waiting for her to leave so I can try it out and pee in it to see how much it holds.


A history of my accidents...

Hello. My name is Sammy. I am a 19 year old college student. I may appear pretty average on the surface, but inside, I am kind of weird. You see, I enjoy wet pants and wearing diapers.

The first accident I remember happened when I was 8 years old. I was riding my bike around the neighborhood when it started raining. As I was heading home, I was hit with a sudden urge to pee. Since I was already soaked from the rain, and had to pee really bad, I decided to wet my shorts. I got off my bike and squatted on the side of the road as I peed. I continued to head home, and my parents never found out what I did.

My second accident happened in sixth grade. I was walking home from the bus stop when I suddenly doubled over in pain from my bladder. I knew that I had to go NOW, so I carefully walked over to the edge of a vacant lot. I straightened myself up so I could unzip myself to pee. However, as soon as I did, my bladder exploded and I wet my shorts. This happened to me quite a few times through the school year, as I was deathly afraid of using the restrooms at school.

A few months later during sixth grade, I got the urge to poop. There was no way that I would be going at school, so I just held it in. As I got on my bus to go home, the urge had increased to desperate. For the entire ride home, I was squirming in my seat, trying not to poop my shorts. I had made it to my stop, but as soon as I got off the bus, I doubled over in pain. I slowly got into a squatting position as I pooped myself. I then waddled over into a vacant lot where I carefully removed my shorts and underwear. I hid my tighty whities in some bushes and pulled my shorts back up.

Two years later, I pooped myself again. This time was really embarrassing as it happened in class. I was in a computer class, when I was suddenly hit with a case of diarrhea. I still had a phobia about using the restroom at school, so I tried to hold it. Five minutes later, the urge became desperate! I was squirming all over the place trying not to poop in my seat when it happened…. With mushy poop smeared all over my bottom, I asked the teacher for the restroom pass. I spent about 5 minutes trying to clean myself up. Finally, I was able to pull my shorts back on. I left my tighty whities in the trash bin as I headed back to class. I would've gotten away with it, but another kid said that I "smell like shit". The teacher told me to go to the nurse's office where I had to call my mom.

I made it all through high school without having any accidents. I did warm up to using the school restrooms when I had to pee, but I still refused to poop in them.

My next accident happened in college. I was sitting in the cafeteria working on a research paper when I realized that I had to pee. I had drunk two 20-oz bottles of soda within two hours' time. I was sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, holding myself so I wouldn't pee. I would've made a dash for the restroom, but I didn't want to leave my laptop for fear that it would get stolen. Then it happened… My bladder opened up, and I peed full force into my shorts! There I was, a 19 year old college student, sitting in wet pants. I didn't know what to do, so I packed up my things and left quickly. I adjusted my book bag so it would cover my soaked bottom as I made a dash for my car.

Rag Muffin Reanna

Answers to John the Lurker's Unisex Survey

1. Would men and women welcome more unisex toilets?

First, I'm 16 and have been using unisex toilets pretty frequently for like 8 or 9 years. I think I first used one when I was like 7 and out on weekends with my babysitter, my dad who was mobile DJ. Some of the halls we played in would simply put Unisex paper signs over both restroom doors because at events like class reunions, weddings, etc. there was a lot of drinking and too many guests were having accidents waiting for their gender's bathroom. Second, the past two years since I joined my highs school's debate team, I go to Friday touraments in other schools. Many of them are like mine. They are single-sex Catholic schools. Also, many of the schools offering tournaments are boys only meaning they have large bathrooms for 1,000 boys but only a two or three-stall bathroom on the far end of the building by the gym for women who are visiting.

2. Are there boy/men who find it easy to poop next to a member of the opposite sex?

I can't speak for the boys but at age 7 or 8 and up to last year I would be helping my dad at the dances and often used unisex bathrooms from about noon (when we'd set the equipment up and test it) until past midnight. The biggest problem was I had to wipe pee off dripping toilet seats pretty frequently. The more some of these guys had to drink, the more they were reckless with their pee. We even had this one drunk come up and fill out a request slip with me for an AD/DC song, his fly was open and you could see part of his cock hanging out. I wasn't about to say anything. I remember once I was on the toilet taking a crap and on the inside door with a marker some person had scribbled "Do like pa and not like sis, lift the seat before you piss". While I had a dry seat that night, I found out too late I didn't have toilet paper in my stall. An elderly man handed me some from underneath the partition. When I thanked him he called me "Peaches" and later that evening he came up and requested some big band music and again called me Peaches when I pulled the CD out for my dad to play from.

3. Should there be a referendum on the question of unisex toilets.
It that means people would vote, I don't see anything wrong with it. It might be a way to save some money in large public buildings, especially where there are long lines of ladies waiting to pee in stadiums and arenas during games and concerts. Dad says that while the urinals are usually busy, there are stalls not in use that could help the lines go faster.

4. Are there any mums who do not mind their sons/daughters seeing them on the toilet? I've gone into a stall next to my dad a few times when we've been out DJing. It's no big deal. I know that my urine flo is noisy and heavy and sometimes I'll fart when I'm seated. My dad's a lot more noisy when he's shitting and we've carried on conversation's while we've been seated. One afternoon, just before the wedding guests were to arrive, he was dictating CDS for me to cue and I was writing them on toilet paper while he was somewhat constipated and knew he was going to be spending more time in the stall. I had a the first ten songs cued by the time he got back to the stage.

Blue Circle

To Kirsty:

Kirsty, I just read your story about your stepdad. Now I understand that some people are turned on by the bathroom habits of others, and am fine with it... heck I'm one of them, but what your stepdad did was just horible. 1 for Forcing you to hold your poop for that long for such a rediculous reason, and 2. using your predicament as a tool for his erousle. This kind of thing should only be done between two consenting adults. I'm sorry for what he did to you.


Sharing Time In The Bathroom

Living with my parents I had a very sheltered childhood so I was not prepared for college life and, in particular, having to share a tiny bathroom with my four roommates. I'd had my own private bathroom since I can remember and the thought of pulling my pants down in front of other girls to even pee, let alone try to take a dump, was just so embarrassing! Fortunately, my new friends were sympathetic and introduced me gently to the idea of communal toilets. When I left college, I'll even confess to missing the sisterhood of casually swapping stories about class or boys and doing our hair or make up while one of us was taking a shit or piss just feet away.
My shyness returned when I started dating and staying over with boyfriends. The thought of them seeing me on the toilet was just too embarrassing I'd race out of their apartments early in the morning so I could relax and take my dump or even fart in the privacy of my own apartment.
All this changed when I met my husband. I knew he was the man for me when the first morning after our first night together, he had a very serious conversation with me while emptying what sounded like a massive load of shit with the bathroom door wide open. From pretty much that point onwards he has given me the confidence to enjoy and share my morning BM ritual with him. These days, I usually make a cup of coffee the moment I wake to get things going down there. While I shower, do my hair and make up and dress for work I can usually feel things starting to percolate and just before I head out the door I'm usually more than ready to go to the bathroom. He says I look cute and sexy with my skirt up around my waist and my lacy panties around my knees, and I also like to open my thighs really wide so I can bear down on my knees if I need to exert a little extra pressure. He normally sits on the tub and we talk as he watches me go. I have usually only to exert a slight pressure and my shit slides out smoothly with just a quiet crackle or maybe just a whisper of a fart of escaping air - usually five or six smooth small dark/golden brown turds. After the initial load, I'll wait a little longer and squeeze out any remaining shits. There's usually a half load more to the accompaniment of some more farting and perhaps a bit a more liquidy shit right at the end. When I feel I'm quite emptied, I clean myself and my husband takes his place on the toilet seat I've warmed so nicely for him. His morning movement is a lot different and is always a surprise. Often, he'll have to go really bad and there'll be a massive explosion as his shit explodes out of him. Sometimes though, he'll have to strain more and there are usually several loud farts before he can get his BM out. I'll encourage him and tell him 'comon baby push that shit out, I really want to see what you're pushing out! 'I love watching him as he grunts and forces out two or three large fat turds to join my mess at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Mike will be on the toilet for several minutes, sometimes taking a while to push out a stubborn turd, but he'll normally only do two or three shits per session. By now the smell in our bathroom of our combined dumps is overwhelming, but we both really love that funky odor as he finally flushes and we leave for work. We both really enjoy the intimacy of sharing our time in the bathroom and we're totally into each other's movements and how much, or what shape it is. Usually this is the only time we'll go all day, but exceptions are if we've been out for dinner (especially if we've been drinking). On these occasions - late at night - things get a lot more urgent. The first sign I need to go is usually that I'll poop out a whole string of farts in my panties. I don't normally like to use a restaurant or club powderoom, so I'll normally squeeze everything in and try and wait to we get home. If we're all dressed up, I will probably be wearing really flimsy panties so no help there if I have an accident. The moment I'm home, I'll whip off my underwear and squat on the toilet. There's no waiting and the turds normally shoot out the moment I'm seated. I normally shit out much smaller turds in the evening, or they come out as a brown clump of soft mess. I normally fart a lot smellier when I go twice a day also. He has the exact same predicament. He'll race to the toilet to and I'll follow him in as I love to watch him as he get out of his pants -- and almost before he's seated, starting shooting out quite violent pebble dash eruptions to the accompaniment of some really toxic farts. These sessions are always really exciting to us, and we try and gauge how much time we have before we really have to go. If you're interested I have some more stories I'd love to share with you all about our experiences in and out of the bathroom.

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