Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 5

I worked hard for the next couple of days. I did get cuaght up with my work on Saturday afternoon. This gave me time to get catch up at home also. When I finished Saturday evening with the work at home I also found out I would be the only one home on Sunday. Boy now that fell right in with Barbie's and mine plans! So I called her and let her know. Boy was she ever so excited by hearing me tell her this!

So while talking on the phone with her we changed our plans just a little. Most of this was done by Barbie. She would come up earlier which I told her after nine in the morning would be fine. See you then Dave! Those were her last wors on the phone and she then hung up. So I stayed up so I would sleep in later along with having popcorn and drank plenty of soda before I went to sleep. I wanted to be prepared for our get together in the morning.

Well what I had done worked out well. I slept in much later then normal. In fact so late that Barbie did come up to the house and she had knocked hard at the side door for a short time and then she came right inside the house and came right upstairs and came right into my bedroom. I was sound asleep when she came in my bedrom and she had to shake me hard to get me to wakeup!

I woke right up when Barbie had shook me. I opened my eyes wide open laying on my bed. Good morning I said to her which Barbie smiled back at me. Her first words to me were; Good morning Dave. You better get out of bed and go get the peenut butter can! I need to use it right now! What also Barbie had done too was that she was wearing a light yellow summer dress and had it pulled up in its front so I was seeing her lower body fully exposed! I threw back the sheet and since I sleep in the nude Barbie let out a giggle seing that I was cmpletely naked as I hurried off the bed and went right in my closet to get the peenut butter can off the shelf in the closet.

I came right out with it popping the metal lid off the can as I came out of the closet. I tossed it on my bed. Then Barbie asked me if there was any toilet paper to use in the room. Besides needing to piss Dave I have to shit too! Oh boy I forgot that! I said back to her. Barbie told me she could wait and told me to go get some out of the bathroom. I did fr I ran out of my bedroom to the bathroom and took the rool out of the holder and came running back withit to my bedroom.

I tossed the roll on the bed and Barbie had placed the can down on the floor while I had gone to get the roll of toilet paper. She hiked up all of her yellow summer dress front and back and squated down over the peenut butter can. What came to my mnd was; Boy Barbie can do this so much easier then I could! I was standing in front of Barbie to watch her go.

Well Barbie must have also prepared for this too. For she started first by pissing very hard releasing a hard yellow colored stream of piss straight down into the can! It hissed loud and very angerly till her piss covered the cans bottom and then besides the loud hiss of her piss stream there now was a loud splash emiting from the can too. I even asked if she had gotten ready last night for this. Barbie let out just a little giggle and told me YES she had.

I could even smell the oder of her piss it was that strong asshe pissed into the can under her. After close to pissing for twenty seconds her stream eased off but didn't come to a halt. Barbie let out a ffffft of a fart. I'm going to shit she said to me as her fart ended so I started watching to see her shit now. Barbie was right for a few short seconds after farting I saw under her a smooth fat sht moving down under her!

It was moving quickly with no helping pushes from her. It was tan in its color and soda can sized in its diameter. Barbie told me it felt like a big one to her. I sad right back to her it was. Is it going to go iinto the can? she asked. Do I have to move the can so it will? She asked me also. From the looks of it Barbie yourfine. It is going straight down and its almost to the rim of the opening of the can and its almost dead center in the opening too!

Well the blunt front end of Barbies shit passed the rim and wa now inside the can. She still was pissing too ionto the can as she shit. Several more seconds passed and Barbies shit had reached the cans bottom. It started to bend under the presusre that it couldn't go any further. Now besides the oder of her piss the oder of her shit had joined in also. It wasn;t too bad but it was there in the air.

Then her shit cracked and broke making a thump on the cans side and a soft splash in her piss in the can. Her shit that was still comming out of her asshole just kept on with its sliding so it grew longer till it reached more then six inches long and then it just dropped down inside the can and that was it. Barbie was done with her shiting. Now her piss stream went back to being hard for about ten seconds and then eased right off going down to some dribbleling and dripping. So Barbie was done with her piss now too.

I stood up and reached over grabbed the roll of toilet paper and gave Barbie the roll. She stood up standing over the can. She asked me to hold her dress up in the back for her so she could wipe her ass. So I did that as she rolled off a wad of paper from the roll and tore the wad off. Now Barbie reached through her crotch from the front and shoved the wad of paper deep into her asscrack and wiped upward with the paper.

She took it out gave it a quick look, turned it over and wiped her ass the same way a second time. Checked the paper again and then let it drop inside the can on the floor. She then rolled off a smaller wad of toilet paper and then she wiped her vagina and under it as well.Then she dropped that wa in the can and she told me that was it.I let go of her dress and she stepped away form the can turned around and checked the can out to see how much she had pissed and shit into the can.

Well the broken off shit was about eight inches long and the remaining shit that she did after her shit broke was about six inches long in its length. I took a good one! Barbie said kind of proudly to me. Then she giggled and said that it was a stinky one too! I laughed and agreed with Barbie that she took a good one but went on and told her that her shit didn't really smell all that bad. Some of mine can really stink! Barbie giggled hard at that.

Now there was a problem for me which was going to make it very hard for m to use the can. Watching Barbie piss and shit had made my penis become fully erect. I had to piuss real bad and there was no way that I could hold back my piss and I knew I had a good shit inside of me too. That I could feel pressing hard which I right then was squeezing it off to keep it from starting too.

I quickly said to Barbie that I couldn't do both in the can. I'm to hard up front to piss into it and also I have to shit too. So what I told her was that we'll go into the bathroom. Dump out the can, I'll piss in the toilet, you hold the can under my ass and you can watch me shit. Barbie giggled hard and said OK I can do that! So we hurried out of my bedroom with the peenut butter can which I had. Once in the bathroom I dumped its contents into the toilet and gave Barbie the can to hold.

I had to stand back from the toilet due to my rection which I had shoved down as far as I could get it. I wasted no time at all for I started to piss as soon as I had shoved my erect penis down! I sent a golden yellow piss stream hard down into the toilets water hitting it towards the backside of the bowl with a big splash.At the same time I felt my asshole being pushed open by my shit too.

Dave your shiting! Barbie said to me with a giggle. Its a big fat one too! I felt that it was. It was comming out fast as usual. The one thing that was on my mind was that it wouldn't be to long for the can! I can do some very long ones! I kept my eye on my piss stream as I stood there pissing and shiting. Barbie told me it was going into the can and would bottom out in a second or two.

Don't let it! I said quickly to Barbie. Barbie said a fast ok and she moved the can down. A shoty few seconds later Barbie said excitedly to me along with a giggle; You had popcorn last night! I told Barbie I had. I can see some kernals and some skins in your shit! I let out a little laugh then. Barbie went on giggling as she watched me keep shiting.

Several seconds later my piss ended. Barbie said to me that I need to push the can up! Your shit is to long! I have to break it. A second later Barbie saidto me; It broke! I then shit for only a few more seconds and I felt my asshole close right up and I was done. I stepped aside and I turned around. I looked at the can and there was two very fat big long pieces of shit in the can. It had broken in the middle and both pieces of my shit were well above the cans rim! Phew I almsot had taken a big enough shit that it may have fallen right out of the can!

Now with our hurrying we had forgot one thing leaving it in my bedroom. The roll of toilet paper! I took the peenut butter can from Barbie and told her to go get the toilet paper. She laughed as she went out of the bathroom to get it and I dumped out my shit from the can into the toilet. Barbie came back with the roll of toilet paper. I set the can down on the counter by the sink. I rolled off a small wad of paper from the roll and wiped my asshole off. There was only a little smear of shit on the paper so one wipe I was good.

I then picked up the can and besides running water into it I also included some bathroom cleaner. Aftet all we both had shit in it this time. I cleaned the can out good which after I had cleaned it up there was no left over remaining smell that we had shit in it. Back to my bedroom we wnet. I placed its lid back on it and put it back in my closet. I got dressed and Barbie and I went downstairs to have breakfast. Niether one of us had eaten yet and we both were very hungry. To be continuied.

I had another opportunity to see Annie's poop this morning. I woke up and went to pee, like I always do in the morning. Annie was having a shower, so we exchanged brief good mornings as I entered the bathroom. I lifted the lid of the toilet so I could pee, and I noticed Annie had taken a dump, but not flushed prior to getting in the shower. She had deposited a few small lumps of shit and a small log, plus three large turds, each one a good inch thick and at least half a foot long. I really wanted to take longer to take in the whole experience, but I couldn't arouse suspicion. So, I peed, and then about ten seconds later I went to go wash my hands.


Post Title (optional)Kinda Sorta Diarrah

For the last few months about half my bowel movements have been mostly liquid. I don't think it's diarrah exactly because I only go about once a day and I can control it without much problem

What can I do about this?


put dirty diaper on a bench, then took it on a train

Today a woman changed her baby's diaper at a train station, then gave the dirty diaper to her son. He put the diaper on the bench. I told him there was a trash can about three feet away. He took the dirty diaper on to the train. He probably dropped it on the floor of the train. I took a different train so I don't know what he did with it.

Today I had to drive up to my university to retake one of my exams (I hate maths! Grr). While I was looking for somewhere to park I started getting the usual pre-exam nerves and as usual that meant churning guts and, sooner or later I knew, a need for a poo. I went in to the exam hall and waited for them to let us in. The toilets were in the entrance foyer, and I thought about going but decided against it for two reasons. Firstly I didn't actually need a poo then, and secondly I had kind of got used to needing a poo in my exams and I quite enjoy it to be honest! As usual I started to regret that decision about half an hour in when the need came. I could feel the poo moving down and I knew it was going to be soft and explosive. It suddenly pressed with urgency from out of nowhere and took a bit of concentration to calm things down a bit. I love the relief of finally getting on the loo after holding a big wet poo for ages. After a while the feeling died down a bit and I was able to finish my work. By the time I was done, about 15 minutes from the end of the allotted time, I really had to go again, so I quickly got up and left the hall. I made my way into the toilets. When I went in I was alone in there, so I quickly took the end cubicle of about 6 or 8, locked the door and dropped my jeans and knickers to the floor. It was strangely dark in my cubicle. I sat down and relaxed. A big load of my poo all came out at once, with a continuous splashing sound and some wet sloppy sounds from my bum. It felt so good to blast it out. I had to grunt and groan as I did so; I usually do! The smell was pretty intense. After the first blast I got rid of a few more little mushy bits and a couple of farts. While I was doing so someone else came in, and, as is so often the way, took the cubicle next to mine. I welcomed a bit of company because I wanted someone else to smell my mighty production! The other girl did a quick wee and then went silent. I knew she was going to take a crap too. Suddenly I felt quite turned on and I wanted to hear what she would produce. She grunted and pushed out a log. A few seconds passed before there were two plops in quick succession.
I wasn't done yet so I joined her in pushing out some more poo. Someone else came in and just did a wee, and we were still merrily plopping away! I finished pooing first and waited a couple of minutes before I finished up. While I was washing my hands the other girl came out. She was shorter than me and blonde and didn't look at all embarrassed to have been pooing such a large amount. And I couldn't blame her. We should take pride in our work!

And now I must sleep. Good night everyone!


Morning Coffee & Pooping

TO Migraine Loverer:

The caffeine in your coffee has a diuretic effect... ie. It makes you pee.

It is also a stimulant - which is why people have their morning cup of coffee or take those 'energy drinks'. Caffeine can speed things up a bit in your GI tract, hence produce a bowel movement after consumption.

**HOWEVER!** As I mentioned in my first sentence, it is MOST DEFINITELY a diuretic. Consuming it will dehydrate your body and leave you constipated eventually.

BTW... I'm sorry I can't point you to the right posts re. aiming.
A number of years back, there was a 'competition' of sorts between a few of the female posters on this site. Some were peeing for distance while others were looking for ways could get good enough to use men's urinals. Like a lot of women, they had gone into an empty mens rooms to avoid a long lineup in the womens lavatory. Instead of going into the cubicle, they tried - and apparently some became very good - using the urinals.


TO Mr. Clogs:

I tried a margarine container too but didn't like it much.

#1. I had to hold it a certain way when peeing into it. The containers are rather shallow and their curved interior surface often made the pee shoot off and out in an unexpected direction. *Especially* if the container was empty to begin with.

#2. Margarine containers aren't designed to pour out liquids. The pee would slosh about whenever I picked it up and took it to the toilet to empty. When I was pouring the pee into the toilet, I had to be *precisely* over the centre of the bowl. If you've ever tried to pour water or soup out of a large mixing bowl, you'll know that some of the liquid can run down the side of the bowl as you tip it over and end up on your floor or table.
The same thing was true about the margarine container. If I wasn't exactly over the centre of the bowl, I often got urine on the seat or the bathroom floor or both.

Take care,


new guy
To Wendy & Kristy: Have you ever both been very desperate to poop at the exact same time and to buddy dump together? I know you done this before but has it happened when you both had diarrhea.

To PRG & Carmalita and friends please write more stories I really enjoy reading them.

Hey Tori - Great story! I would love to hear the story about your friend mary having an accident at cheer practice. Was it because she was laughing too hard as well?

Claudia (from Germany)

A Shit in the Snow

In December 2008 I was on a skiing trip together with three other girls, all friends of mine. I was 18 then and one of the girls borrowed an old VW camping bus so we were able to transport our ski equipment. It was a remarkable sunny and cold winter day and we headed for the German Alps were we had booked a hut.
We started driving at about half past nine o'clock and had lunch at a fast food restaurant. I had a hamburger and we all took this opportunity to pee.
When we arrived in the Alps we got lost. We didn't have a GPS on board and it was really difficult to find the road to the hut on the map. Therefore we decided to stop at a small parking lot. I was looking forward to that because I felt I needed to go to the bathroom. So, when we had stopped, I told my friends, who were busy reading the map, that I would be back in a few minutes.

I took a pack of tissues (we didn't have any toilet paper) and felt an increasing pressure in my bowels. I had to go soon! There was a rather broad path leading through the woods. It was totally covered with snow that had fallen the previous night, but I could walk on it without problems. Behind a bend in the path, I decided to leave the path and go into the woods to do my deed. Nobody could see me now. However, the snow there was so high that I couldn't walk further or squat down.

So I went back to the path, looked round if anybody was coming and decided to pull my thick pants down. It was really freezing and my ass immediately got cold. I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. So I did a high squat, pushed a bit and let my first turd fall into the snow. Seconds later my second turd fell with a thud into the snow. I quickly did a piss and wiped my asshole. When I had pulled my pants up I had a look at my pile. There were two smooth and long turds that were massively steaming in the snow and stinking a bit. Next to them were the used tissues and a yellow hole where my stream had hit the snow. I had left quite a mess in the pure white snow. Before I left I wondered if I should cover it with snow, but decided against it as it would increase the risk of somebody stepping into it. Also I was freezing and my friends were certainly waiting for me.

When I came back to the parking lot I saw that they were unloading the camping bus. I was a bit shocked and asked Alexandra, one of my friends, what they were doing. "Well, I phoned the owner of the hut, and he told me that we have already arrived. This path will lead us directly to the hut." She pointed to the path I just returned from. I was getting red. That meant that all of my friends would see and smell my pile!So when we had packed our equipment we went into the woods. "We just have to follow Claudia's footsteps" Alexandra said. When we arrived at the place everybody stopped. My pile was clearly visible in the middle of the path, still steaming. "Well, you really needed to crap, Claudia, didn't you?" My face was now really red. I was so embarrassed. The three girls just couldn't stop laughing.
"And it really stinks'" they commented.

Then Alexandra said: "That's nothing to be ashamed of! We all have to go sometimes. And it's better to have it in the snow than in your pants!" All of my friends told me not to be embarrassed, so I was relaxing and could laugh about the situation.

We had a lot of fun skiing those three days. When we were going back to the car we passed the pile again. It hadn't dried out a bit, but stopped stinking. Even I could make fun about it then.

The four of us still talk about that day and make fun about it, but I didn't tell it anybody else until today, not even my boyfriend Paul.

Me and my friend Alex were walking to his house today, and he was just ripping farts (this kid is really athletic and he eats and shits alot), so I'm like "u have 2 take a dump?" - and he's like "nope." So all the sudden, he starts running and yells, i got a shit, and rips a wet fart all over his shorts.


embaressing accident

Hi my name is kerrin I am 17 years old. I'm 125 pounds with brown long hair that I like to keep in pig tails. Anyway yesterday I went to school wearing bright white tights with pink and blue panties underneith which were cute because they had colorfull star prints all over them and I had a light blue tank top on. Anyways I don't like using public bathrooms because I find that they are always dirty so I usuallly hold it till I got home if my bladder let's me but it didn't let me today. I was sitting in class when a sudden urge to pee struck me, I tried to ignore it like I always do, but this urge to pee was way to intense for me to ignore it just kept getting stronger by the second, I became very uncomfertable I started squirming around and grabbing myself down there to maybe ease the urge but it wasent easing up. I was starting to sweat really bad I could feel myself turning red. By this time other students were beginning to point and whisper. I started thinking that if I didnt go use the school bathroom I would pee my pants, so I raised my hand and asked the teacher to use the bathroom and he said no. I started to beg him and he said if I didn't stop complaining he would send me to the office. So I shut up and went back to holding myself, by this time shots of pee already shot into my panties and created a medium size wet stain on my white pants which turned see through so you could see my panties. I started to cry from embaresment and finally the teacher said if I made my presentation in front of the whole class I could go, so I stood up and went to the front of the classroom and everybody even the teacher started pointing and laughing and yelling out kerrin peed her pants in a sing song voice. I froze up and then the worst happened I completly lost it and peed my pants the wet stain on my pants got bigger and bigger I could feel the warm pee go down my pants till it made a yellow puddle on the floor around my feet. I must have peed for a min and a half. My white tights where soaked all the way down my legs and my butt was all soaked my panties were completly visable now from the front and the back. Finally I became unfrozen and started crying and ran out of the room, I ran out of the school and ran all the way home. When I got home my mother told me I had to change and go back to school. When I did everybody was still laughing. Will I ever live this down. Somebody plz comment.

Amy (from Midwest)

In Response

To A.W. and Ashley: thank you both SO much for your replies!! Yes it WAS SOOOOOOOOO much FUN!!!!!! I don't know what it is but I just LOVE when I can get other people to do things with their pee like that!! And I LOVE the fact that my car is permanently filled with pee from a lot of different people!!! And I actually am able to TOUCH IT!!!! LOL!! SOOOOOO FUN!!!!!! So far we've only done it in my car cause I still live with my parents and I don't dare do it anywhere in the house. But my car is ALL MINE and I can do WHATEVER I WANT in it!!!! And that's PEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


This unique site

Hi all. I can't wait untill tomorrow when Wendy moves in. I've allyays loved her but never had the courage to come out before. Anyway the main reason for posting is this site is brilliant. I love the fact that you can openly discuss some of the most private bodily functions without embarrassment. I'd never be able to talk about my toilet habits to anyone I know, especially admit that I've pood & wet myself. But here it's totally private but at the same time no one knows you personally so you can tell people anything as long as you keep to the rules of course.


Huge accident walking home from work

I'm so exited about tomorrow when I move in with Kirsty.
Anyway I'd like to share a messy experience I had last night while I was walking home from work. I'd been feeling rather gassy all afternoon & as soon as began to walk home from work I got some really bad cramps & a huge pressure wave shot through my bowels. I had to clench really hard but the pressure kept rising. I felt another pressure wave & then another. I began to leak into my panties & when the next wave hit me, a large shot of diarrhea squirted into the back of my underwear. It soaked through to my work trousers & it was obvious I'd messed myself. The pressure eased off a bit but I still needed to go very badly. I kept walking for about 10 minutes before I felt more pressure growing inside me. This time it was really bad & wave after wave went through my bowels. I tried to clench against the enormous pressure but I was just too desperate to hold it any longer & my bowels exploded a huge load of diarrhea into my already messy panties. I wet myself too & had to walk home with a smelly mix of wet poo & pee. When I got home I was in such a mess I took a shower fully clothed before stripping off for a proper clean up.

Wendy & Kirsty

Coming out

Kirsty. Wendy & me have always been more than just good friends as you can probably tell from the subtext to our stories.

Wendy. Yes, it's true. We are officially an item & we intend to move in together very soon. We though it would be best to move into Kirstys house as it's bigger than my place. My contract runs out on monday & I plan to move into Kirstys on saturday when we're not working.

We've written this story together so it will read like a short novel rather than one persons account.
Wendy spent the night at Kirstys & this morning she got up with a big urge to poo. Kirsty wasn't in the bed. She was in the bathroom pooing her brains out. Wendy was desperate & Kirsty had locked the door so she couldn't buddy dump with her. Wendy knocked on the door to get Kirsty to unlock it but Kirsty had a turd hanging out of her bum & couldn't get off the toilet to let Wendy in. Wendy told Kirsty to push harder. But she found herself pushing herself. A huge turd came out into the back of Wendys panties. There was a loud splash & Kirsty unlocked the door. Wendy went straight into the bathroom to find Kirsty still pooing. Kirsty saw the lump in the back of Wendys panties & said, "Oh Wendy. I didn't realise you were so desperate." Kirsty sat right back on the toilet seat so Wendy could sit between her legs. Wendy took off her messed up panties & dropped them into the toilet & sat neatly between Kirstys legs. Kirsty put her arms around Wendys waist as Wendy released the rest of her load between her legs. As soon as the two girls were done pooping together they helped each other to clean up. After showering together they went back to bed for the rest of the morning & not to sleep!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kelly P
Hi all,

Well, we'll be off this coming weekend for our annual week at an isolated cabin in the national forest with the wonderful ol' swimming hole and the two-holer outhouse. I'm really looking forward to our outdoor peeing games and our grunting side-by-side. Will report.



laughed too hard

yesterday i was hanging out with my boyfriend and some friends at the mall before our senior year starts next week and we were in the food court with some snacks and drinks and were just joking around haveing fun. i was wearing these really cute pink shorts and a white tank. anyway we were joking and laughing and my bff said something really funny and i laughed really hard and all of the sudden i felt a big shot of pee go out into my shorts and i laughed harder and yelled "I just peed!" and then showed everybody the wet spot on my crotch. the pink shorts made it really really obvious i had wet myself a little. the wet spot was the size of an apple at least. i was kinda embarrassed but not really it was so funny. everybody laughed and made fun of me but i just laughed too. my friend mary was laughing and making fun too so i had to tell everyone how she had completely peed her shorts at cheer practice last year and at least i only peed a little bit. that shut her up, haha.

Hey my Name is Jason im 24 years old and im African American. I am gonna give a quick post about my girlfriend taking a dump at my house. Her Name is Tanisha she's 21 years old and is also African American. We are both Haitian just so you know.

It was a weekend and I was with my girlfriend and we came back from the mall. We went to the food court and she brought some food home with her. She ate it and she said if I had anymore. Now I have to tell you she eats a lot but she's not fat she has a slim figure and weighs only 118 pounds. I had some microwavable food that I sometimes eat. She had two plates of them and we started to watch T.V. We had nothing to do so she turned to me and kissed me. I started to kiss her back and all I know is that we were have a make out session. The phone rang which ended the moment it was my father and he wanted to remind me that I had a meeting tomorrow we work with technology. We finished talking and I was about to kiss her again till she tells me "baby no my stomach feels like someone punched it" she started to rub her stomach and it gurgled loudly. I told her if there was anything I could do she said that if I could do anything she says that her she will find something in the Kitchen to drink to see what happens. She can back a few minutes later happy. I asked here if she's all right she yea I just warmed up milk and drank it my mom used to give it to me when I was little. So we continue to make and then we stooped and focused on the T.V again. She held her stomach with both her hands and then said Jason can you take me home I asked why she said I have to use the bathroom. I told her you can use it here. She said no it would feel uncomfortable. I said fine I got up and went to get the keys and put on my shoes I came back and we were walking down the steps inside the house and I hear the strangest noise come from here stomach. She's says second thought lets stay here so I put my stuff away and tell her if you gotta take a dump go ahead. She was just about to respond when her stomach answered for her. She dashed to the bathroom holding her butt with her hands and holding her stomach with the other. She then called out where's the toilet paper. I went to got get it and she was in the bathroom struggling to unbutton her jeans. I said let me help I could here her stomach gurgle and churn as if water was swishing around it. She said you can stay and watch if you want. I sat on the tub and waited for her to start. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp SPLAT. She groaned she asked me if I could rub here stomach. I started and she moaned. SPLLLLLAT BRRRRRRRRP. She swore in Creole and said im English I hate having diarrhea. PLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP SPLAT. I was kind of nervous that people from the outside would here cause the window was open and plus the toilet was kind of near the window. PLOOOOOOOOOOOOP BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP. She groaned again. She then started to fart again and again. She asked me to flush and I did. She did a very long wet fart and said im finished. She stood up and her stomach gurgled again she said uh oh. The pain in her belly I guess was too much because she couldn sit down and I say her crap out a very long turd and it plopped in the toilet loudly and she did a wet fart and it kind of went on the lid she said sorry I said no problem. I flushed and cleaned. She said that her stomach still hurts but she can't go anymore. She pulled her pants back up and we went to my room she lied down on here back and I started to rub her stomach. She said she felt bloated. I continued to rub for a few more minutes and the she says I got to go I got to go. She gets off the bed and yanks her pants down and I hear a lot of plops like a waterfall come out of her butt and she finishes off with a big Fart. She says Oh my gosh I feel so much better. She cleaned her self and told me thank you. She then goes to the kitchen and she looks at the food she sate she said no wonder the food you gave me was like 2 weeks old I said sorry and I made it up to her and took her for dinner. She had the runs though it wouldn't end there for the rest of the week she had diarrhea. There is my post see ya around


Mr. Clogs

A disasterous dump in the cup this morning.

I got up this morning to get ready for work. I felt the need to take a dump. I thought about pooping in the cup and gave a shot. I placed the cup in the tub and squatted over it. I was slow go in terms of pooping into it. Finally some poop came out the hole and well missed the cup, I poop some on the tub and poop running off the side, yuck! Hey I was half asleep while doing this. So I finished the rest of my poop in the toilet. It was a mess to cleanup, I had to get the poop out the tub, dumped the cup that had piss in it the night before and wipe my butt up, auggghhhh!!!!!!!!! Not sure I poop in the cup again. I need to try Mac's idea of using a chamber pot.

CD-Thanks for your reply.
Pooper Lady-Interesting about using the margarine container to pee into on occasion. who knew.
Mac-Maybe I take up your suggestion about chamber pots.


Mr. Clogs

Every once in a while I will have a very large shit. Usually it will be a buildup from not shitting for a few days. Sometimes it is just a random event and I don't expect it. I eat healthily and exercise regularly so I blame it on my metabolism. The day before I had a big steak dinner and then today I had a big lunch so by the end of the day I could feel I needed to relieve myself. I usually have to plan the dump carefully since it will often be quite a load and I can't use just any toilet. The toilet at home would easily be overwhelmed so I often go at work or elsewhere especially when I think it is going to be a big load.

When I left work I headed to the washroom only to discover that the janitor was cleaning it. I decided I would wait until after dinner and go to the local hiking trail and have my dump there. There are a few outhouses there that are cleaned regularly so I will often go here so that I wouldn't have to worry about a clogged toilet.

After dinner I was really full so I waited about 45 minutes before heading out to the local trails for a run. As I made my way there I could feel the turd wanting starting to push out. There were a few other hikers and runners on the trails so I've discovered that the toilets are often being used. As I approached the small building that houses the two outhouses I saw that one was being used as there is a large gap at the bottom of the door and between the two partitions.

There was a guy standing up and peeing who finished and exited out as I entered into the second unit. I lifted the lid and discovered a half dozen logs of various sizes scattered around the top with all of the toilet paper that went with it now soggy and forming part of the contents of the tank. I pulled my shorts and briefs down and sat down while leaning forward slightly. It didn't take much time for the log to start coming out as it indicated so by a slight hissing from a slight amount of gas.

I pushed as my anus opened up very wide in order for it to come out. It took a few seconds for it to pass out and fall into the pit. I could tell by the noise it made it was going to be a fairly hefty one. Before I could get up I let out a loud fart and another turd rushed out without much effort. As I prepared to start to wipe I heard two people approaching. Luckily I was now done but I still had to wipe. I stayed seated while someone entered into the unit next to me. I realized that they were both female because her friend called back to her saying that she would have to wait for her unit since I was still occupying one.

Since there was a space between the wall and the floor I could see her lower her blue running shorts and black thong before sitting down. She let out a few wet farts before I heard her release a load of mushy poop. She sighed and grunted before releasing more. I got up and started to wipe and discovered my very large turd sitting below. It was medium length or about 8-9 inches but very thick while the second turd was much smaller in size. I finished wiping before peeing and getting up to leave. I used the small sink inside before I opened the door. The girl who was waiting for my unit outside was probably in her mid 20s and very slim and athletic in appearance. She smiled at me as I exited out and continued on my run feeling about 10 pounds lighter.

hotel shy

I got married in 2004 to my high school sweetheart jenny. One of the weirdest quirks about her is that she absolutley REFUSES to poop in a hotel bathroom. In the past 6 years we've stayed in countless hotel rooms and in each one she won't do it because she fears the embarrassment of stinking up the hotel room or me hearing her. I tell her to pretend we're at home but she says its because its so small a space. Anyway a few weeks ago we were staying in manhattan to see NYC for the first time (we both grew up on the west coast). We stayed at the Hotel Edison which is an older hotel so the rooms are pretty small and tight so she would definitely not poop there. By the third day she obviously needed to go bad because I could hear/smell little farts throughout the day and she seemed uncomfortable. Why she didn't use a public restroom somewhere else I cannot explain...but she wouldn't get the poop relief she obviously needed in our hotel room. Later that night we went to bed and frankly I was astonished that she hadn't caved and just used the bathroom or even lost control and messed herself. It had seriously been since the morning that she was having to go. So we went to sleep and the next morning I woke up to a fowl smell stinking up the room and I rolled over to see my wife rummaging through her suitcase with the biggest bulge and poop stain on her butt. There was poop on her legs and the bed sheets too, it looked mushy and like she went a ton... she pulled clean panties from her suitcase and rushed into the bathroom. Meanwhile I stripped the soiled sheets from the bed and sprayed some body spray or whatever from her cosmetics bag in the air to try and cover the smell. She eventually came out of the bathroom red faced as can be and told me her bowels betrayed her in her sleep. I told her ite probably wouldn't have been as embarrassing for her to have stunk up the room by using the toilet instead of her crapping her underwear! She said she thought she could hold it until we got home!

Hi Abbie- glad you liked my stories. I enjoyed yours, too. I hated having to poo at school but it happened pretty frequently! I usually need a poo sometime during the early afternoon and school days weren't usually exceptions to this rule.

The other day I went shopping with my friend Lizzi. While we were driving we got stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. After a few minutes she told me she needed a dump badly. I had to go too soon after, and the traffic was still heavy. We were moving slowly. Without holdups it was about twenty minutes to the shopping centre, but forty minutes later we were still on the motorway. I was almost touching cloth by now and Lizzi was clearly in distress. She had her legs pressed together and her hands on her ???? and she was groaning. She was wearing a short skirt and I was wearing shorts, so it wouldn't exactly be easy to cover up if we crapped ourselves. Finally we got off the motorway and headed for the centre. Lizzi kept telling me to hurry. As if I needed encouragement! I could feel my poo pressing hard on my hole now. By the time we parked Lizzi was walking like she was about to poo herself, and I suppose I was too. Whenever nobody could see her she pressed her hand to her bum. We found the toilets after going down the lift and quickly went in. Not a moment too soon, either. I was really bursting and I think Lizzi was about to go in her pants. We had to poo so bad! We took adjacent cubicles and I could hear her pull up her skirt and drop her white panties at the same time as I dropped my jean shorts and purple panties to my feet and sat. I heard her grunt and a load of her poo fell into the toilet with lots of loud splashes. I let go with my first log. Lizzi was letting out lots of pieces of poo. I had two more logs to get rid of and then a bit of mushy poo came out. Lizzi had finished by now and we wiped and left together. She didn't say anything about how close she had been to pooing herself, but it can't have been that far away!

Night everyone! Hope you liked my story.

Migraine Loverer

story + question

Thanks CD.

Today I found a big poop left in the toilet at my camp in one stall amd a little one in the other. There was toilet paper I think under the poops so they didn't flush. Has anyone here saw a poop in a public toilet just left there?

I drink coffee in the morning to wake me up. It seems that if i drink the coffee I have to poop soon after. does coffee make a person poop faster or something?


Our first college road trip

The past week my boyfriend Adam and I had to take a day off from our summer jobs in order to make the three-hour drive up to the college we will be attending this fall. It's a required freshman orientation day that they charge you $100 for, but since both Adam and I want to make the best of college, we approached it with good attitudes. Friends tell us they expect no less since Adam's on an ROTC military studies scholarship and I'm a jock on a full ride.

We had to leave our homes at 5 a.m. and the program wasn't over to 5 p.m. and then we attended a summer workout of my future team, plus Adam had an appointment with the S/Sgt who helps run the ROTC rifle range. So we didn't leave campus until like 9:30 p.m. and after we stopped to get something to eat, it was nearly 11 p.m. when we got in Adam's truck and got on the interstate. Because we had to get up so early that morning and my change of routine, I had no feeling in my bowels until shortly after we got on the highway. Although Adam tried to mess with me and seemed mad when I asked him to stop at a rest stop, I knew he wasn't and he admitted he should have peed before we left the military sciences complex. Within 10 minutes he was slowing down at a rest area. Other than a couple of long trailers with their lights out and drivers probably sleeping in the parking lot, there was no one around. Sometimes I have felt a little creepy being all alone in a bathroom like that at night so I suggested to Adam that we go in together. He said no problem and we walked at a pretty fast pace into the mens room.

I was so surprised because it was so small. One toilet. No stall door. Two urinals on the wall and two sinks. Since I had to crap, I told him it would probably be in his best interest to go in first. (I've told you guys in an earlier post how he sits down to pee when he's away from home.). He quickly flicked the seat down and as we has lowering his shorts, the robo-flush went off. He swore and jumped forward because the water was so strong that it splashed just above seat level and actually speckled the black toilet seat. He made a joke about "so much for saving water out here in the plains..." as he lowered his boxers to his knees and seated himself. At that point the robo-flush goes off again and Adam jumps up off the seat. About half way through the flush, I told him he should probably quickly sit back down before the cycle ends because it would re-activate. He did, but not without complaining that his organ was soaked and he held it up to show me. It actually was. No exaggeration! I told him to try and not move because the flush would probably be activated and he said that was good advice. He tucked his organ in with his right hand and I heard a steady steam start that went past one minute. He joked about the hard-on he was getting and actually used his left hand too to hold it down, but the stream eventually subsided. For a few seconds he wiggled his organ dry and at that point the flush again went off. As he stood and pulled up his boxers and shorts, he stepped to the side and gave me that "It's all your's" look.

Finally, I was able to drop my load and none too soon because I'm sure I was starting to smell. I quickly dropped my shorts and thong to my flip flops and by the time my butt connected with the really warm seat I felt my crap make its angular slide into the toilet. It strained my ring and I was confident that I had filled much of the bowl. Adam wanted to look and I stood up and stepped aside and we both were in awe with the pretty soft snake of a shit that was probably about two-feet long. I felt a little more available, so I reseated myself and let out easily two more one-inch pieces. Because it was soft, I knew I had a lot of wiping to do. Adam suggested that I stand so as to activate the robo-flush. Which I did. No flush! I waved my hand over the sensor at the back of the toilet. No flush! I stepped two or three steps forward, almost outside the stall and still no flush. As I got madder, I even stepped on each side of the toilet. Still no flush. Adam suggested I sit back down. No flush. Although it's hard for me (I'm 6'3") I seated myself over the left side of the seat because it was right in front of where the sensor and its red flashing light were and still there was no flush.

I sat back down the normal way and started to wipe. I felt bad dropping the used paper onto the bowlfull of crap and knew it wouldn't flush. But what was the alternative? I think I used about six or seven mitts of paper before I felt clean. On the least wipe, I could feel the top of the paper pile between my legs as I wiped. Again, I stood up, pulled up my thong and buckled by shorts. I walked across from the stall to a sink and washed my hands. The mirror in front of me showed and my ears confirmed that nothing was happening with the flush. A couple of my toilet paper mitts were piled higher than the seat.

Both Adam and I said we felt bad, but then again we agreed that we didn't. For much of the rest of our drive back, we talked about what activated the robo-flush. About the only thing we could suspect was Adam's organ. Does he deserve the credit?

hard turd guy
has any one ever let out these huge logs that hurt like hell when they come out? if so let me no

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Not allowed to poo

When I was 15 I once held my poo in for 5 days & we were expecting company so my stepdad didn't want me stinking up the toilet & embarrassing him in front of his boss.I was expected to wait untill I got to school the next morning & go to the toilet there. I had a bit of an upset ???? that evening & there was no way I could hold it all night let alone make it to school, so I sneaked into the toilet but he was on his way up the stairs so I couldn't go. I went to bed busting for a poo & during the night I got some really bad cramps. I really had to go so bad but I knew he would wake up & catch me using the toilet. I was close to messing myself by now & I was sweating & shaking. I didn't know what to do & in the end I decided to go to the toilet & to hell with the consequences. As soon as I turned on the light he called out, "Kirsty. Your not doing a number two are you?" I said, "No. Just a wee." He said, "Good because I will know if you're lying to me." I daren't defy him but I knew I would mess myself real bad if I tried to hold it much longer. Sweat was rolling off me & I was shaking like a leaf. I went back to my room & sat on the edge of my bed pressing my bum down hard against to mattress to try & prevent myself having an accident in my underwear. I couldn't spend the night like this though. How was I supposed to sleep? I had to think of something fast & I saw my waste paper basket on the other side of my room. It only a wire basket though & I couldn't poo in it without some sort of liner in there. The only thing I could think of was a black bin bag but they were all under the kitchen sink & I wasn't sure if I could even stand up without losing it let alone make it downstairs to the kitchen, find a black sack sack & get back up to my room without messing my underwear in the worse possible way. In the end I decided there nothing for it but to try & make it. I clenched my anus as tightly as I could & sat there for a while untill I felt confident enough to stand up. As soon as I I did I felt this huge wave of pressure surging through my bowels. I leaked a bit into my knickers making a wet spot in the crotch area. I crept down the stairs & made it into the kitchen. I had to bend down to open the cupboard under the sink & I leaked a bit more adding to the wet patch. I got the black bag & crept back to my room without any more little misshaps. I closed my bedroom door & lined the waste paper bin with the bag but then my stepdad heard the rustling & called out, "Kirsty. What are you doing in there?" I told him, "Nothing." I leaked a big load of diarrhea into my underwear this time & all I could do was squat over the bin & mess myself through my knickers. Then the bedroom door opened & my stepdad saw everything. I knew that this is what he wanted to happen. He told me to finish up & then he "helped" me clean up. By the time I was clean he was very aroused & he told me, "I need you to leave the bathroom while I try to clean your panties up." I knew exactly what he wanted them for. I left him alone with my knickers & went to bed.

I'd love to know if anyone out there has ever been denied access to the toilet so I thought I would produce a survey.

1. Have you ever been told you couldn't go to the toilet for any reason?
2. How long have you had to wait?
3. Did you make it to the toilet?
4. Did you find another place to relieve yourself?
5. If you failed to make it to the toilet, where did the accident happen?
6. Did you get into trouble for having an accident?

I'd love to hear more stories about not being allowed to use the toilet.


Swimming pool toilet story

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. Yesterday I went to the swimming pool with Lucy, its been ages since I've had a swim and I really felt like it. When we got there I was bursting for a wee so before getting changed I went to the loo, Lucy said she needed to go too so we ended up taking neghbouring cubicles in the changing area. I quickly slipped my denim shorts and pink pants down and sat on the toilet and almost straight away I started to wee a fearce stream down into the bowl, next to me I heard Lucy doing the same. We finished about the same time and then went to get changed. I know a lot of people put thier swimming costume on at home before they get to the pool to make changing quicker, but theres a very good reason why I don't and being desperate for a wee reminded me. Ages ago when I was still at primary school we had swimming lessons every Friday morning, I always used to put my swimsuit on that morning when I got dressed and took my pants and vest in a bag with my towel ready to change into after the lesson had finished. Going to the loo in a one piece swimsuit would have been a pain but swimming was first thing and I knew I wouldn't need the toilet until I was back at school after the swimming lesson was over. However one Friday when I was in Year 6 (aged 11) I overslept and had to go straight to school without having time to use the toilet, but I had remembered to put my swimsuit on and so knew I probably wouldn't have time to go to the loo before the coach left to take us to the pool. I spent the short coach ride absolutely bursting for a wee and when we got to the sports centre I was having to hold myself as discreatly as I could. I got to the changing rooms, quickly took off my dress, shoes and socks and put my bag in a locker and then went off to the toilet. Luckily I found a free cubicle straight away but as I was taking off my swimsuit I let a spurt of wee escape as I just couldn't hold it any more, I looked down with horror as I saw a wet patch on my swimsuit. I managed to sit myself on the loo before the rest flooded out, as soon as I'd wiped I rushed into the showers which were just round the corner from the toilets so I don't think anybody noticed what had happened. However the story doesn't end there, during the swimming lesson I started to feel like I needed a poo, I wasn't too worryed as I thought I could just go to the toilet again after I'd got changed. I went back into the changing rooms feeling more and more desperate and thought I'd better get changed quickly so I got my bag out of the locker and then started to dry myself. I pulled my dress out of my bag and then rummaged around for my vest and pants, I found my vest but there was no sign of my pants anywhere, turning pink I realised I must have forgotten them. I quickly took off my swimsuit, put on my vest then pulled my dress on, luckily none of the other girls seemed to have noticed that I didn't put any pants on. I slipped my socks on and then my shoes- by now I could feel the tip of my poo starting to come out of my bum and I turned hot and cold, I knew that if I didn't get to the loo straight away I would end up pooing on the floor as I wasn't wearing any pants to hold it in. I rushed off to the toilet as fast as I could, with each step I took I could feel more of the poo pushing out. I shoved open the door of the first cubicle I came to and locked it behind me, then pulled up my dress and sat down. My poo started to slide out slowly, I gave a few pushes to help it on its way. After a few logs had plopped down into the bowl I was done, I wiped my bum and flushed then reached down to pull my pants up but then remembered I didn't have any so just let my dress down. I had to spend the rest of the day back at school being really careful how I was sitting so nobody could see up my dress and realise I wasn't wearing any pants. Anyway, today was almost like history repeating itself, after Lucy and I had been in the pool for about an hour I felt a strong urge to have a poo, so I told Lucy I needed the toilet and she said that she was ready to come out anyway. Once again as I was getting changed I started to feel really desperate, luckily this time I had some underwear to put on so it wouldn't have been so bad if I'd had a bit of an accident. I shot off to the toilets, found a free cubicle and pulled down my shorts and pants, I started to push and dribbled out some wee and then felt my poo moving down inside me. At that moment the door of the next door cubicle banged shut as someone locked it and I heard the russle of clothing followed by a strong jet of wee and then a loud fart, shortly after I farted loudly too as my bowels were working hard to push out my poo. Before long I was plopping away loudly and so was the person next door. I pushed the last piece out and then wiped my bum and I could hear the person next door doing the same. I pulled up my pants and shorts and went out of the cubicle, as I started to wash my hands I saw the door of the next door cubicle opening and a girl about my age coming out. We both dried our hands together and left, I met up with Lucy and then we went off into town to do some shopping. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon. Bye for now!

Nobody- I love your stories of listening to your co workers

Brenda kelly - Liked your story. Were you humiliated? As a nurse, do you have bm in hospital or at home?

John the Lurker


Hello, this is my first ever post here. I have read the reports for a few months now. I am seventeen and had to write after I read the 'Sheila' report where she told about her nephew Stephen helping her on the toilet. Its the first time I have read anything like that, he is so lucky. I love to listen when my Mum or her friends are in the bathroom, I want to try and see them with their panties down but I am too scared to try. When Sheila said that Stephen helped her and that it wasn't a problem for her, well it has given me hope. I have spoken to my Mum when she has been on the toilet and have so wanted to be in the bathroom with her. I have a small survey and I hope please that somebody will help me by answering the questions that have been on my mind for so long. At school it was great to be in the girls toilets which as a prefect I had to sometimes to make sure no boys were being naughty in there. Where I live there are some experiments with 'unisex' public toilets and I have been in them openly, without any problems, I have even passed toilet paper under the partition to a lady that was in the next cubicle and didn't have any paper. Afterwards as we washed our hands she thanked me for my politeness and they way I helped her. Anyway my questions are:

1. Would men and women welcome more unisex toilets?
2. Are there any boys/men who also find it easy to poop next to a
member of the opposite sex?
3. Should there be a referendum on the question of unisex toilets?
4. Are there any Mums who do not mind there sons/daughters seeing
them on the toilet?


Todays desperate poo at work

I was running late for work this morning. I had to to start at 6:00 AM. I needed to poo real bad but there wasn't time to go before I left the house. By the time I got to work it was 5:25 & I had to start work straight away. I sat at my checkout desperately trying not to mess my panties but it was a big struggle & I had to clench really hard. My break wasn't untill 10:30 but by 9:00 the pressure in my bowels was becoming unbearable. I put on my light to get the supervisor to get someone to cover my till but she told me I would have to wait untill Claire came down from her break. I waited it agony trying my hardest to keep this monster poo inside me. After 20 minutes Claire came over to my till & we swapped places. I was now so desperate I had to hold my bum as I ran through the store towards the toilet. (We only have one). When I got there, Emma was just going in to the toilet & I had I had to wait for her to come out. I was nearly pooing myself & had to listen to Emma dropping 6 large turds into the toilet. It made me even more desperate & by the time she came out I felt the tip of a turd poking out into my panties. Emma realy stank the toilet up but I loved the smell & went straight in & shut the door, locking it behind me. I quickly lowered my uniform trousers & panties which were only slightly marked & sat on a very warm toilet seat. It realy turned me on to feel Emmas warmth & the smell of her poo in the tiny cubicle. I sat right back on the seat & relaxed adding to Emmas smell. It all shot out realy quickly & the relief was like having a realy good orgasm. I sat for a while because I still felt there was more to come. Then after about 3 minutes I felt a pressure wave moving through my bowels. I gave a push & another big load shot out of me. By the time I was done the toilet was full of poo. It took a lot of toilet paper to get clean & when I flushed the toilet the pan filled up with water almost to the top. All my poo & toilet paper was floating around & wouldn't go down the hole. I waited for a few seconds & suddenly the water level dropped & with a loud sucking noise it disappeared down the hole taking all the water away with it. I left & washed my hands before going back to work 15 minutes later. When I got back to my till, Claire said in a loud voice, "You took your time Wendy. Was it a good crap?" I was so embarrassed as everyone could hear her. Mind you I don't think she had any idea just how good it actually was! I'm sure I just made it in time too. Another five minutes & I would have made a huge mess in my work trousers that would've been very embarrassing for me.


Bizaare bowel habits for the past week

First I want to say thank you to Anon and Thunder From Down Under for reassuring me that the colonoscopy will be okay and for giving me information about it. Also thank you to everyone who has shown concern. I really appreciate it. I have been stressing about it a lot lately since my GI doctor informed me she wants me to have one. I think I'm making more out of it than what it really is, especially since it will be my first time having one. There's no history of bowel problems on my mother's side of the family as far as I know, so I'm assuming it would be on my dad's side of the family where most of my health problems come from. I think the clean out and the not being allowed to eat anything other than broth and Jello will be the hardest part. I will be looking forward to a decent cup of tea and some food after it's done, I'll tell you that much! LOL.

I have been alternating between constipation and diarrhea for the past week. Last Thursday I had diarrhea a few times and was afraid I would crap my pants in Subway in front of my husband and his friend. Thank goodness that didn't happen! I had constipation on the weekend, with only tiny little pieces of poop despite taking the laxative and stool softener every day (as per my GI's instructions). Yesterday (Tuesday) I had a bout of diarrhea before leaving for my doctor's appointment. I had some gut pressure on the bus and was afraid I would crap myself but had no other diarrhea incidents the rest of the day.

About 20 minutes ago I had some pressure in my stomach and bowels so I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pajama shorts and sat down. An explosive fart came out along with my bowel movement. I thought it was diarrhea again but it turned out to be a bunch of soft (not solid, not diarrhea) logs. Wiping was a messy job though. I've had to get in the shower and wash my bum after wiping because it was that messy. I've been trying to keep up with drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables so I don't get constipated. I seem to alternate between both constipation and diarrhea, especially over the past week. I don't know whether it's what I'm eating or what. I have no complaints about it though as long as there's no accidents with it!


Buddy dump

I love it when Wendy watches me on the toilet it feels really hot when I'm having a good poo in front of her. When I'm done we swap places & I watch Wendy have a big messy poo. There was one time where Wendy was on the toilet & I was bursting to go. She was taking ages & I really had to go, so I pulled my jeans & knickers down & got Wendy to sit right at the back of the seat so I could position myself between her legs. It was a bit awkward but we managed to both have a really hot poo together. I loved the feeling of Wendys soft skin against my back & she put her arms around my waist as we pood together. When we were done, we wiped each other clean & went to bed together. We didn't get much sleep though!

new guy

my diarrhea story

Here are a couple of story about me getting diarrhea from something I ate. This happened a few years ago. The first time was from some french fries I got at OMSI the after I ate them I got diarrhea that evening or the next day I can't remember . It wasnt very bad just very anoying. Just as I finished and went back to watch tv I had go back to the bathroom 10 minutes later the diarrhea only lasted 2 days and it was the weekend which was a good thing because I didnt want to have diarrhea at school.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sheila Report 6

Nobody: Wonderful to hear from you again. I really wish I was visiting your workplace. I could almost feel yur excitement when you were next to Steph when she was on the toilet. Have you had a buddy dump with her yet? I would be risking dirty panties just to be going when she was, hoping she need toilet tissue, or better still, making sure she would need some, lol. I agree with you regarding smells in the toilet. With the sort of improved diets available nowadays, smells are much more pleasant. I enjoy my 'usual' smell, like burnt almonds, in fact the only times I am heavy are when I am having my period, but even then, I do find the smell not unpleasant. I have received news from Gillian. She knew who you were immediately. I am not sure but I think she may start to write again, I will ask her. I know she has been enjoying the more free ways she says there are in Aussieland.

Wendy: I emphasise with you. I don't use the bus a lot now but I have had the same experience of being on one and needing to go desperately. I could almost feel the relief yu felt when you were home and able to relax on the toilet.

Brenda Kelly: Thanks for your story, I have often suffered when driving, trying to hold it long enough to get to a motorway rest station. I have a few friends at our local hospital and love to be in the nurses rest room there, nurses are so open and free with their expressions when they are going, guess its the sort of work they do every day. I have heard them saying the joy they get helping patients on the toilet, it makes me wish I was able to do that.

Kelly P: You are right honey patience is so important. But I will also say that a few years ago my ex and I, holidaying in Sweden, discovered the joys of a double toielt, we had one installed at home, and loved to buddy dump together, side by side. I know my friends, Ruth in particular still love to use my bathroom with its double. In fact we often sit side by side and discuss work projects ect with out panties down, it seems to relax us so much.

I was out on a lunch break at work today when I had to go pee. I had just eaten a large pizza and soft drink and was heading back to the office. It also felt like I needed to shit but not urgently so. I knew I should have gone at the restaurant since it was about a ten minute walk back to work. I saw a small furniture and antique store just on the corner so I wondered in.

The man at the counter acknowledged me as I made my way around trying to appear like I was interested. The store was very large and somewhat cluttered with odds and ends. Eventually I found the men's washroom at the far corner of the store. Thankfully it wasn't locked and the store wasn't very busy so I made my way right in. There was a single sink with a mirror and a very small urinal on the wall right next to it. Next to it was a very small toilet stall with a conventional toilet. I unzipped my pants and tried to pee but the urge to shit suddenly came on so I knew I couldn't piss without shitting first.

I thought about waiting to go until the office but I decided to go here since I had the opportunity. I entered into the stall and undid my belt before lowering my pants and sitting down. I let out a muffled fart before I started to push and let out my piss. For some reason it was quite painful letting the first turd out. I was going to stop but I felt so relieved that I didn't. After letting out the first turd I dropped another log right after it. I got up and saw my two medium sized turds sitting in the bowl.

The turds weren't that large so I don't know why one was so hard to pass. I started to wipe but it took a lot of paper to clean up. I used the rest of the first roll but thankfully there were a few more rolls sitting on top of the toilet. I flushed but the mechanism was broken so I had to hold it down. The flush seemed very weak and the second turd got stuck in the bowl's drain after the first turd and toilet paper went down. I tried holding the flusher down again but all the water had already emptied so I could get it to go down. I pulled my pants up and made a clean escape before someone came in.

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