poo girl
hey its poo girl again. this is a story about what happened a couple of days ago, me and my friend G who i mentioned in one of my earlier posts, were going to the aquarium with G's mum, and then G was sleeping over.
We went to the aquarium and then got home G's mum was going to drop G and I off at my place but my parents weren't home the door was locked. I really had to poo which was bad. G suggested we go to the park, so we did. I wished i could've pooed in the park but there was no private place and there was a lot of people there. after a while i really couldn't hold the poo longer it made its way towards my butthole G asked whats wrong, I said i'm about to poo my pants, then I saw the lady who lived next door. I asked if i could use her bathroom and she said yes, and showed me where it was. I said thank you and shut the door, dropped my pants and placed my bum on the toilet seat and a load of soft mushy poo came out PLOP ahhhh i sighed with releif. i peed for a few seconds and did a little fart then wiped my bum flushed the toilet and washed my hands.
a couple of hours after that G and I were watching a movie together at my place we were having the sleepover. G must've eaten too much cause she told me i really have to poo, i did too (again) so we both went into the bathroom. G dropped her pants and sat on the toilet first, uh oh here it comes PLOPPP PLOOOOOOOOSH pLOP ahhh G sighed with releif. Hurry up G i gotta go! i screamed at her, I decided to use one of my baby brother's nappies, i opened the nappy and pushed out a few logs into it and said to G you done yet, G said yess i'm done, The bathroom started to stink horribly. poor G was really sick :( NO NO WAIT WAIT WAIT I'M NOT DONE!!!!!!! G yelled PLOIP SPOOOSH SMOOOSH PLOOOOOOOOOOSH PLOIPLOPLOPLOP PLOP she finished with a rather loud fart it wasn't a good night for her. she wiped her bum and said I could put the contents of my brother's nappy into the toilet. so i did and put the nappy in the bin. it wasn't a good sight in the toilet there were a couple of stringy logs and brown liquid and blobby poos i didn't know G could poo so much she's quite little. we washed our hands and went back into the lounge room to continue watching our movie. the end.


Female Pee Marksmanship

TO Migraine loverer:

Yes, but it takes lots of practice. If you search through the site's posts, you'll find conversations about just that.

Take care,



Getting To Know You

Several years ago, I had an incident involving my sister in law (my wife's sister). We're a very close-knit family although we live about 800 miles apart. My sister-in-law has been married three times, and her husband is in law enforcement, which means he works weekends, holidays, etc. My sister-in-law (Beverly) and I have a brother-sister relationship, nothing beyond that, but we do share personal things with one another. My wife is right there, equally open with my brother-in-law. So, we're open with things. We usually get together at my mother- and father-in-law's house for Christmas holidays each year. Their house is about halfway between our house and my sister/brother-in-law's house. So, each of us has about a 400 mile trip to get together. One year I had a business meeting in my sister-in-law's town that ended on December 23. Beverly had to work on Christmas Eve, and her husband had to work Christmas day and beyond. So it was just going to be just Beverly going to my in-law's home for the holiday. Since I'd flown to town, it was decided that Beverly and I would make the trip in Beverly's car, and my wife would drive from our house to her parents in our car. After the holiday, Beverly would drive home alone and I'd drive home with my wife. Since Beverly had to work until 4:30 on Xmas eve, we decided to leave very early Christmas morning to make the trip to arrive by noon or 1 p.m. That meant we left Beverly's house at about 4 a.m. I was driving Beverly's car and we were about an hour into the trip when I started feeling like I was going to have to do a BM. I usually crap every morning but when I start my day very early, it sometimes gets me off schedule. Around my sister-in-law, I'm not embarrassed to say I need to go, but didn't say anything at that moment. About 5 minutes later, Beverly said, "I hate to tell you, but I'm going to have to shit." I chuckled and said I needed to go to. She laughed and said we now needed to be on the lookout for a place to "do our movements". About that time I saw a sign that said "Rest Area 3 Miles". I told Beverly we were in luck and could stop there. She said OK. When we got near the rest area exit, there was an electronic sign saying "Rest Area Closed for Repairs". So we were back to looking for a spot to stop. There was a small town coming up about another 5 miles down the road. We saw a sign for a Shell station in this town and it advertised, "Family owned, clean restrooms, etc." I said this would be a good place to stop if they were open. Being Christmas Day, I was concerned that we'd strike out again. The exit ramp was up a hill and as we got to the end of the ramp we could then see the station. Sure enough, closed. No lights, nothing and being it was about 5:15 in the morning, it was still nighttime. I could see the restrooms on the side of the station. I told Beverly, "I'll pull over there and see by chance if they left the restrooms unlocked." She said OK, and that she was getting to the point that she really had to go and so did I. I pulled up to the side of the station, got out and I could see that the ladies' room door was not closed all the way. I went to it and pushed and it was open. The knob was locked so I reached inside, flipped on the light, and unlocked the doorknob in case it closed on me and locked. I gave Beverly the thumbs-up and she started to get out of the car. I went to the men's room, and it was locked tighter than hell. Beverly was just going into the ladies' room and I said, "Well, I guess I'll have to find a bush to go behind." She said, "I'll go as quick as I can and you can go in the ladies' room." I said OK. She went in and immediately came back out and said to me, "There are two stalls in here. I don't mind if you want to use the other one." I said I didn't mind if she didn't. So I entered and took the stall by the wall, Beverly next to me. The restroom was immaculately clean which was good. We both got seated and both of us kind of sat there doing nothing for about a minute. While we're close and family and discuss about everything, I had never heard her fart, shit, etc., nor had she heard me in 12 years of being related by marriage. After a minute, Beverly says, "Are we waiting for each other?" I said I thought we were. She laughed and I said, "Ladies first, you go." So she let a pretty good fart and started pushing out some harder sounding poop that plopped in the toilet. I said, "Good show" and she said, "Now it's your turn." I did about the same as her, letting out a fart and some smaller turds to plop into the water. I got a queasy feeling in my stomach then, and felt like I was going to get diarrhea. Beverly said, "Oh, boy, I think I'm about to get the blow-out shits." I said I thought I was too. About that time she started shitting a pretty soft mushy poo, and then blew a very loud fart at the end. She said, "Excuse me!" I said it was fine, and I was about to do something similar. I felt it coming on and let out some loud gas and very loose shit. She said, "way to go!" We sat there for about 10 minutes shitting and farting loudly. Finally Beverly said she was done, peed, and wiped about 4 or 5 times, pulled up her pants and flushed the toilet. I wasn't quite done, farted and shit some more and she laughed and said, "good one". I then peed and was done as well. I wiped and flushed, came out and Beverly was washing her hands. I did likewise and we went outside to get back in the car for the trip to her and my wife's mom and dad's house. I told her that was a first for me, since I'm a pretty shy pooper. She said her too, that she normally doesn't like to shit even in a woman's public restroom because she gets embarrassed when she farts, which she said she does almost every time she takes a dump. I said I was the same way, never was a "quiet shitter" and tried to avoid public craps. We drove the rest of the way without incident, but I'd have to say we got to know one another a lot better on this trip.


Reply to Sheilagwentgirl

Hi Sheila

Firstly, thank you for sharing my experiences with Gillian. Now I'm eager to hear her reply as well. Hope she's doing fine ( with a lots of adventures of her own :-) ). I loved to hear that all my stories turned you on, I guess both of us shared a moment there, even if it's through our stories.

Regarding the story I posted on 1735, no, Sheila I didn't have another buddy dump with her. It was a one- time occurence with one of the strangers in my previous workplace. Oh how I would love to have a buddy dump with her again.

I loved your story from work. You are truly lucky to have such lovely co workers. I loved the way you described Fran and Ruth's dumps. Hopefully you're able to get the smell out without getting into trouble. Sheila, I don't know about you, but for me a really offensive smell is a real buzzkiller. I prefer the smell of a regular, healthy dump. Anyway, it was a really exciting story. Please keep me updated on your work dumps.

As I've told you, I've only had a few opportunities to listen my co workers having a bm in my workplace, but there's an incident which happened a while ago.

At work, I used to share my office with a coworker. Her name is Steph. Even though we share the same office, our work is unrelated. She is a couple of years older than me and has a great personality.

Usually, as soon as I get to work I fix myself a cup of coffee and check email/surf the net while having the coffee - the coffee gives me the urge to have a bm. This day I had my coffee and headed towards the restroom. The restroom I use has only two cubicles and a huge mirror in front, there's a gap of about half an inch between the stall partition and stall door. Since I had only a moderate urge for a bm, I checked myself on the mirror. Through the reflection of the mirror, I was able to catch a small glimpse of the stall door and partition and I saw the telltale signs of a pair of black dress pants. It was Steph.I could see her black dress pants and white panties rolled up on her thighs. My heart was racing mile a minute, I felt like such a voyeuress ! I kept fumbling with my makeup, surreptitiously looking at the reflection through the gap. She leaned backwards for a moment, lifted up her shirt a bit and scratched her belly. Then, she stood up. I guessed she was done. She turned around, bent at her knees a little and started wiping herself Oh goodness Sheila it made me so excited, seeing the wads of tissue traverse across her bare bum through the crack of the door. Then she pulled her white panties covering up her bum ( I should say, she looked lovely for her age). Finally she pulled up her pants and flushed the toilet. She saw me at the sink and greeted me, but I was only able to mumble a weak hi because I was so dazed from the experience. She washed her hands and left the restroom. I was quite turned on, my knees were weak and wobbly for the rest of the day. I went to the stall she used, the seat was quite warm still. I managed to eek out a couple of rabbit plops, surely, watching Steph must have an effect on my bowels.I felt light headed for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately I don't get to see Steph that often, now that she's been given her own office. :-(

Keeping my fingers crossed about Gillian's response, Sheila, I <3 U

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 3

Barbie and I went to my bedroom to get something to wear while her red shorts were being washed. She sat on my bed as I went into my closet and checked in my dresser. I had several pair of old shorts but they would need a belt in order for them to be worn by Barbie. I didn't have another belt.

As I rummaged further Barbie came into my closet with me and watched as I rummaged through my dresser drawers. I went downward checking through the drawers. I finished with doing the last bottom drawer without finding something for Barbie to put on. When she had come in the closet I already had gone through the top two drawers so she did not know what was in those two drawers.

Barbie now asked me what was in the two top drawers. I told her the top one was socks,tshirts, and underware. Right after I said underware Barbie let out a giggle and told me to open it again. I did for her but I didn;t expect that I had anything in there for her. But as it would turn out I did!

Barbei looked in the drawer and on the right siode was all my underware which was a mix of boxers and white briefs. Seeing the white briefs Barbie said excitedly and loudly to me; Hey you do have something in the drawer I can wear I think! Out of my way! Let me in there Dave. So I stepped back and Barbie moved over in front of me.

She looked in my underware and mainly looked at all my pairs of white briefs. She did pull out at last a old smaller pair of white briefs out of the drawer. I told her I was going to throw them out. They were to small for me now. She smiled and told me; Let me try them on then. They just may fit me! Barbie took that old pair of white briefs went back out of the closet sat don on the bed and slipped on the old pair of white briefs. They fit her!

Barbie giggled as she did check to see how they looked on her by getting up off the bed and stood in the middle of my bedroom and looked at herself in the large mirrior I had over my work desk. Barbie then made me laugh hard for what she did next. She opened the the briefs opening! The od pair of white briefs were low on her so when she opened them there was her vagina right there being shown! That's what made me laugh and Barbie also giggled hard too.

Then she closed the briefs up. She then asked me if she could have them. I told her they were now hers. She thanked me. I told her she was very welcome. Then Barbie went on and said to me; You know these will come in handy too. I didn't quite understand what she ment by saying that but it didn't matter to me right then so I didn't ask whey she had said it.

Well the washer stopped down in the kitchen which I heard it stop. We both went downstairs to the litchen together. I took her red shorts out of the washer and put them in the dryer and started it. Then Barbie and I had a drink which we both had a good sized glass of soda together. Then we went back upstairs with a second glass of soda and we watched tv on the old tv in my bedroom which was my grandmothers old set which I had now.

There was a good movie on so she and I sat on the other bed in my room which was one of the old bunkbeds left when my older brother and I had bunkbeds when we were much younger. I had set the dryer to twenty minutes which after twenty mnutes it buzzed. I told Barbie your shorts are dry. Go get them if you want to put them back on. She replied back to me saying she was fine right now just wearing my old briefs. I'll go down later and get them out Dave. Suit yourself I said back to her.

So we went on watching the movie on tv. Another half hour passsed. Having drank the two glasses of soda I now had to piss. I waited for a commercial break which did happen. I got up and I didn't go out and use the upstairs bathroom. Instead I walked into my closet. Above my dresser there were shelves which I had books, and other stuff on them. Over in the right corner I had a 5 lb metal Sheds Peanutbutter can. I took it down off from the shelf.

There was a revolving key which you turned to pop the meatl lid off the can to open it. I turned the key and the lid did pop upward making a metal sounding clang when it did pop off. From out in my bedroom Barbie heard the clang of the lid. What are you doing in there Dave? I heard Barbie ask me. I said back to Barbie; Getting out my old emergancy can. Your WHAT???? Barbie asked me right back. I came out of the closet with the peanutbutter can.

She saw it once I was out of my closet but she sure had a puzzled look on her face. So I went and explained what I did use the can for telling Barbie that when my sistors were still home I couldn't always get into the bathroom right away. So I came up with a idea to make a emergency toilet that I could use right here in my room. I have this can while you have that big glass in your desk at home! Barbie laughed hard now after I had finsihed telling her about the cans use.

Are you going to use it now? Barbie asked me. I smiled set the lid down on my bed and I told her I was. In a flash Barbie had hopped off the bunkbed and had stepped right over by me. She was giggling slightly as she had reached down and had started pulling down my zipper. As he did this she asked me; Can I hold you again? I smiled now almost as much as she was and told her yes that she could. I'll hold the can I said to her.

Barbie had my zipper down and she slid her hand in through my open zipper and I felt her fingers on my penis griping it and pulling it out of my jeans. I was getting into a erect state as she was doing this. I placed the can down below me at my mid thighs of my legs. Barbie pushed my penis down angling it towards the can. I started to piss right then too.

My stream came out from my penis hard. It smacked the metal bottopm of the can hard making a metalic sound on its impact. It did this for several seconds till I had pissed enough into the can where my piss had filled the can enough so that my piss no longer hit metal inside the can. Now it just splashed. I had the can tilted and so now I straightened it which my piss splashing became a little louder and my piss slowed as far as filling the can.

Besides holding the cans bail handle in my left hand I had my right hand on the cans bottom suporting it. My piss warmth I could now feel on my righthand for the cans metal had been warmed by my piss. Now since the peanut butter can was a very large diameter can I only filled the can up maybe a inch or just a little more. Stil that was plenty pf piss! I did do a single spurt to finsih off and Barbie gave my penis its needed shaking.

Before I was going to set the can down for I thougth that Barbie would let go of my penis and I would have to put it back she did slip it back inside my jeans and zipped them right up. Barbie then smiling asked me if I felt better. I told her that I did. She smiled and said back to me; Me too! Agan I wondered what she ment by it. It was the second ime she had said it to me today after I had pissed with her holding my penis!

Then Barbie asked me if I could hold the can for her. I have to goo too! Barbie said me with a slight giggle. I can now try what I want to do too! I bent down and picked the can up off from the floor. As I did this Barbie had opened up the old white briefs I had given her! Now since they were low on her again her entire vagina was exposed through the old briefs opening!

So Barbie was going to piss wearing the briefs without pulling them down! I placed the can between her open thighs as Barbie stood there. After several seconds Barbie started to piss which her stream came right out of her vagina going starght inside of the peanut butter can splashing loudly in my piss in the can! Barbie started to laugh which made her body shake. This moved her stream which I had to move the can so her piss stream would stay inside it.

I said loudly to Barbie; Stop laughing Barbie! You'll miss the can and piss on the floor if you keep laughing! It took Barbie a few seconds to stop her laughing and she didn't miss and piss on the floor. Barbie took a good piss too like I had too. Her stream hissed its entire length from the begining right till its end. Afetr she had stopped I pulled the can away and we both looked into the can. I held it level and there was a good two inches of piss inside the can.

I told Barbie I've got to dump this out. I walked out of my bedroom and headed for the bathroom. Barbie came out with me and she went downstairs now to get ger red shorts from the dryer. I dumped our piss out of the can into the toilet, rinsed the can out with cold water using the sink, and dumped the rinse water into the toilet also. Then I flushed it and went back to my bedroom picked up its lid put it on and placed it back on the shelf in my closet.

When I came back out from the closet Barbie was back on the bunkbed wearing her red shorts. I sat down with her. I asked her if her shorst were ok. They are fine. No piss smell at all! Barbie said to me. We then leaned back and went back watching the movie on tv even though we had missed some of it. That didn't matter to me or Barbie. It was much more fun to piss! To be continuied.

Brenda Kelly

Had a pooping accident last week in my car

I was driving home from my nursing job in the hospital and all of a sudden i got a terrible cramp and was on the expressway and before i could get off and the next exit to either find a hidden spot to take this poop but i didn't make it as i laid a long fart and my turd came out in my panties under my uniform pants so i just got out of the car and took a towel from the trunk put it on the seat so my poop wouldn't get on it if it came Thur my pants i made it home and still had a cramp so i went to the bathroom and passed three More turds I am a 36 year old Blonde recently divorced Brenda

Asia- Loved the story! Do you have any more stories about you and ashley shitting together?

Soccer Mom

Thank you Frank!

Hi Frank,

I just saw your post and wanted to say thank you! I love my daughter very much. She is probably the only child that my husband and I will have. We have been trying for a second for a few years now and we have even done some fertility drugs, but we have not had any luck. We have talked about adopting, but I know that can be very expensive. So, our beautiful daughter, our little princess, is the centre of our world.

I tend not to get too upset with her when she messes her pants, especially since I have been known to do the same from time to time, even as an adult! I'm just glad that she is okay with wearing Pull Ups now. Last year, just after her eighth birthday, we went shopping in Ottawa and she had diarrhea all day long. I think she went through three or four pairs of panties that day. I tried talking her into wearing a Pull Up, but she wouldn't. I finally gave her one of my Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thin pads to wear on our drive home. She had diarrhea again, but at least the pad saved her panties from any major damage.

I can hardly believe it, but she will be nine years old on September 6th! Anyway, thank you again for your nice comments. Take care!

By the way, for all parents, there was a story on our news station recently about girls aged seven or eight getting their periods! I got mine when I was 12 and my daughter will be nine soon. Has anyone's daughter gotten their period really early?

Thank you.

Soccer Mom

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Part 2 of My Late Summer Walk Up to School with Taylor

This is Part 2 of my story about me and Taylor walking up to school this summer so she could pay a fine. Since she dropped by my house when I was out in the yard at about 10 a.m. I started my walk without any shoes on and without being able to go inside first and take my crap. I was dressed in a white tank top and cut offs but the 6 block walk in the 85 degree heat and humidity had me dripping wet and in a somewhat pissy mood, plus I had scraped up my feet on the hot concrete and asphalt in crossing the highway. We were both pissed when we got to the main school office and told by the secretary that we would have to wait for like 30 minutes or so because the bookkeeper was at lunch. Taylor is more vocal and expressionistic than me and didn't take the setback that well, but when we walked back into the hallway, I knew that what was happening in my anus meant that I would have to get onto the toilet fast.

Taylor suggested that we walk south down a long hallway where we knew the bathroom was. We used it most everyday and often together like at the end of lunch and right after school before we started our walk home. I was already mentally feeling relief from relieving the commotion in my anus, but both of us were surprised when we got to the girls bathroom, found the large wooden door wide open, painters' tape across the entrance and the obvious smell of fresh paint. Taylor went up to the tape and noticed against the opposite wall there was a toilet literally sitting against the wall. There was no noise or evidence of workers in there and for a moment I thought about sliding in under the construction tape but Taylor pointed to the door to the left that was closed. The boys room! She said there was no one around and she carefully opened the door and the place was not being worked on. We quickly ducked in. One one side of the room there was like one long trough like that which cattle would drink and eat out of that went about 60 percent of the way down the length of the wall. Taylor said something about imagining 30 or 40 hot guys standing there with their @@@@@ out, but I told her my crap was the first thing on my mind.

What was strange was the toilets located in a line across from the trough-like urinal were all doorless. There were like 15--all doorless. Taylor turned around and said "this sucks" as she turned toward me and saw me drop my underwear and place myself on the seat of the first stall. Then she came over to me and we started talking. I dropped 2 small blocks almost immediately and I slid myself back on the seat to see them and that caused a 3rd to drop. I noticed for the first time that there was pee in the bowl which was probably left over from the last day of summer school which was last Friday. Then I quickly got off the seat and reached down and flushed it because I didn't want anyone else's pee splashing onto my body. And for some reason, it happens to me often. I sat back down and Taylor walked down the line and was checking out some of the other stalls. She said all the seats were black and how strange that is because most of the girls' rooms have white seats. She complained about pee stains on the floor in front of the stools and that caused me to look down and sure enough, my feet were nearly covering some of them up. I spread my legs wider and I was thankful that at least my feet were dry. I called Taylor over and showed her the pee stains on the front of the stool between my legs and she said something about guys having such bad aim. As I looked at the seat I was sitting on, I noticed there was like a u-shaped front onto the seat. Taylor looked at the others and agreed that this was different. The only thing we could think of is that a very little child could probably more comfortable sitting on the very front of the seat and without sitting farther back, he would not have to worry about falling in.

I think I had been sitting for like 10 minutes when Taylor came back down to my stall and asked how I was doing. She knew, but she just didn't have anything else to talk about. She knew that I wouldn't probably be peeing but that I was getting frustrated with show long it takes my crap to leave my anus and exit into the stool. Looking into the bowl and seeing only three blocks, each of them only a 1/2 inch, is so frustrating to me. I heard Taylor go into the stall next to mine, the seat dropped loudly, and she told me she was going to use the time to pee. Not try to pee, but pee. When he butt hit the seat I heard her instantly swear and saw her feet from under the stall partition move quickly as she swore and then stood up. She said the seat was so loose, and she shook it for me to hear, that she was afraid she would fall in. Taylor swore again and went one stall farther down, reseated herself and with great ease took about a 2 minute pee on a much more sturdy seat. She didn't flush or wash her hands but came back to my stall and asked how I was doing. That kind of pissed me off because she knew, and I was about to say something sarcastic when I got some more gas, pushed harder and dropped the "main event." It was the size of about two bananas and I immediately stood up, turned around, despite the fact that my bare feet were sticking to the floor, and grabbed about five toilet paper squares from the dispenser. Taylor asked to see before I started to wipe and she complimented me. But I knew a remark about how long it took me to go achieve that was coming. It took me about eight pieces of paper to clean myself with we got a surprise.

A workman with a hardhat and a pack of cigarettes in his tee-shirt pocket walked in. He walked right by us and went to the urinal trough and took a torrential piss. Taylor apologized without looking at what he was doing and he just laughed and said he understood. He said the bathroom remodeling was running behind schedule but that his drinking last night and coffee that morning went right through him. As Taylor and I quickly ducked out of the bathroom he told us to have a nice day.

When we got out into the hallway, we both felt relieved. Then we went down to the office, were given the clearance to visit the bookkeeper, but were further upset when she rejected Taylor mom's check. She had forgotten to sign it! So Taylor had to go back home, get the signature and make the trip back. My feet were starting to hurt worse, I was hot and dirty and I told her I wasn't going to me a return trip. Taylor said she understood.


For Kelly P

Your post was most interesting. Please tell us the story of your Honeymoon when you first watched each other poop.

You Wrote:
> Now we both love sharing the bathroom, especially when we're constipated.

Can you explain this more? That's usually the time my gf wanted me there the least. She said she couldn't concentrate with me there.

Kirsty (Wendys fKirsty

this mornings poo update

Hi all. It's Tuesday morning now & I still can't poo. I've not been since Sunday morning now & the laxative & bran doesn't seamto have done anything. I'll try again tonight to see he I can & I'll post again to update you all.

Hi all. I've finally managed to have a massive poo. It wasn't easy as it was hard & knobly & very wide. I had to push really hard just to get it moving & when I relaxed it stopped. It was painfull too & all the straining was hard work. I was sweating from the shear effort & after half an hour I'd only got about 6" of it out. I took a break with this huge turd hanging out of my bum. When I resumed pushing I found it came out more easily for some reason. After only 2 minutes of pushing this massive 12" turd slid into the water. There was still more to come out though & I pushed again. This one was much smaller & softer so it came out quickly. Then the final one came came out really fast. This one was a bit soggy & turned the water brown. I wiped & washed my hands before taking a photo of it on my phone to show Wendy.

new guy
I'd like to say to Ashley im glad you liked my stories and yes I will always rember that girls poop forever. I did not smell Abbys fart because I was across the room from her but I wish I did. I really like your stories as well and I hope you write more of them espescaly the ones about giris pooping. Sincerly new guy and god bless to you.

Today is this is my 2nd post today because Im not typing on a computer im using my psp's wifi and it only lets me write a little over a paragraph at a time on it. Now a story the first time I heard a teacher fart was when I was in high school her name was Mrs Geary she did it in the staff restroom I heard it from the hallway where I was sitting waiting for class to start. She went in there to pee and farted when she was done I don't think she knew I heard it.

I had been reading some posts here which I think made me think perhaps I can go myself?
I sat on the toilet with only a slight urge but as I enjoy pushing anyway I though it was certainly worth a try. I like to take my time on the toilet so I got sat down and just pushed steadily perhaps giving about 2-3 pushes every minute. Nothing was moving so I took off my trousers and underpants and sat back down. I have a small footstool in the bathroom and I like to put one foot on this to give a slight squat position. Back to work and after a few more minutes I had a small turd part way out. A few more steady pushes and it was out. I was not at all sure I could get any more out but decided to try. As I said I was not working really hard at this, just breathe in. push and hold for a few seconds then relax. Number 2 was soon on the way and came after I had been on the toilet for perhaps 20 minutes. I sat for a while thinking can I do a third? Only one way to find out! Sadly after trying for another 5 minutes or so it was obvious nothing would come so I gave up.


Kirstys photo

Oh my god! I've just got a photo from Kirstys phone. That it one enormous poo in the toilet. It must have hurt a lot getting that awsome turd out. I used to be able to poo like that when I'd held it for several days. I don't like to hold it too long these day as it was starting to make of ill. I do love a good poo though especially when it's not convenient to go straight away & I've had to wait a couple of hours to go. I've just had a poo & it was good. I wasn't desperate or anything but it was quite a big one. I went up to the bathroom, pulled my jeans down & my pants. Then I sat on the toilet & pushed a bit. A nice firm turd of about 7" long came out quickly & ploped into the water with a splash. I peed a lot from all the tea I'd been drinking & then I was done. That poo of Kirstys must have taken ages but I bet it was a huge relief once it was out of her.

I thought I'd write a story about the time I was playing netball at School. I was 13 & I hadn't had a poo since the day before & was busting to go. I couldn't stop playing to go to the toilet & all that stretching to reach the ball was making it very hard to control my bowels. It didn't take long before I was really desperate & at one point I had to run & stretch in order to get to the ball & I almost soiled my pants. After a while the pressure in my bowels got so bad I thought I was going to lose it but somehow I managed to hold it in. The pressure was growing rapidly & my ability to hold the monster poo inside me was weakening. It was right at my anus, trying to push its way out & believe me it was a struggle to stop it happening. Then I felt a huge pressure wave going through my bowels & an overwhelming urge to push. There was nothing I could do to stop it & I just had to go. I bent my legs & moved my feet apart & let my bowels do all the work. In one big rush I filled my PE shorts to capacity & it came out of the leg elastic & fell on the floor. I peed myself at the same time & once I was done I ran out of the sports hall to the changing room to clean myself up. Afterwards I got sent home sick & when I got to my house I needede to go some more. If only I hadn't held it so long. I was so stupid not to go when I first felt the need but I was a young teenager & I loved the relief when I'd been holding it for ages. Only this time I held it too long.

I've just got home after a late shift at the supermarket where I work. I saw a redhead woman of about 22 looking anxious about something. She was wearing a pair of light green skin tight shorts & a cropped t shirt. She was holding herself so I knew she needed the toilet. When she came to my checkout I could see a big wet patch in her crotch & there was a smell of poo in the air. As she got closer the wet patch grew a lot bigger & she began to pee down her leg. She asked me where the customer toilets were & as I was giving her directions she let out a long bubbly sounding fart. The smell was really amazing & the wet patch in her shorts went all the way round to the back & turned brown as she had a massive diarrhea accident. I said to her, "Oh dear. It looks like it's a bit too late now!" She replied, "Er is it that obvious?"

Asia (Jordans Girlfriend)

Hi everyone its me. Today im going to be posting for J. he is sick today so im going to give you my own post of when I was in middle school. I read the post that j writes and I still laugh at those old memories. I and really gassy and obviously it shows on the post he writes. And J has been tellin me about a poster named Ashley liking the stories he writes. Thank you and I would like to here you post a story i would love to hear it. Now heres my post.

It was Around March and I was hanging out with my friends. Now I didn't go out with Jordan yet it would happen a few weeks later and when he posted for the first time that would happen 3 months later. I had a huge crush on him and i new he had one on me. I would flirt with him all the time and he would as well. it was around science and I was with my friend Jada and like Jordan said i was a very smart girl and so was Jada but she was lazy and didn show it which reminded me of Jordan. So we were talking about girl stuff till lunch. I was at my table when Gio it's next to Ashley and Jordan sits next to me and says hi honey. The girls started to laugh and I told him to stop playin he laughed at my embarrassment and he smacked my butt I was in shock and the whole table laughed at what he did and Gio did the same to Ashley and they ran before I had a chance to yell at them. I always eat a lot but I play sports which I guess kept my slim figure. Well sometimes I regret eating a lot sometimes because it makes me extremely gassy and I was really gassy back then only Ashley, Jada, Gio, and Jordan knew that. I had some embarrassing moments like when I was in the fifth grad I had a cold and it messed up my bowels and I tried holding in a fart but I couldn it was a silent one but smelled wicked bad. So during math we had a substitute and when our class had subs we didn pay attention at all. So when I was with Jada, Ashley, Gio, and Jordan i got a slight cramp I put my hand on my stomach and the girls asked if i was alright i told them I gotta crap the boys weren't paying attention so we told them we were going to the bathroom. We were in the hall and my stomach gurgled a bit more and then it started to churn. Ashley said you really got to go girl I told her yes I did surprisingly Jada had to crap as well. We got there and there were two stalls and Ashley went first and Jada went to the second. I had to wait even though my stomach was killing me The Stalls were door less so I could see what has happening Ashley drooped her pants and panties and sat and Jada did the same. Ashley peed for a while then did a short fart. She wiped and flushed and I quickly started to undo my tight pants and dropped my panties quickly and started to pee. Jada yo okay you haven't started yet Ashley said. I know i have been kind of constipated and I think the lunch is started to make my stomach kind of churn so its gonna take a while Jada said back. I finally finished peeing and did a long wet fart. My stomach gurgled and I hunched forward krpppppppppppflt PLOP my turd dropped and i started farting like crazy. Dam girl you really had to go and Jada did a zipping kind of fart and then we heard a loud plop. she said she was finished and she wiped and flushed. PLOOOOOOOOOOOP i groaned beacause there was pain in my stomach BRAP BRAP SPLAT SPLAT PLOOOOOOOOOOOOOP i looked up and the girls looked at me said you okay. I said no i really do feel good. Ashley came into the stall and started to rub my stomach she said its like my stomach is a vibrater. She pushed my stomach a bit I moaned and she looked at my butt I let go a lot of mushy poop she said you musta eatin somethin bad. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRP PLOPPPPPPPP the pain in my stomach stopped and Ashley still rubbed my stomach. I told her I was done I wiped and flushed there was a ton of skid marks. we washed our hands and went back to class and the boys asked were we went we said bathroom they shrugged there shoulders and continuing there conversation. School ended and Ashley said she was going to be walking home with Gio I told her you gonna kiss him she said she don't know Jordan asked me the same thing we were out of the school and on the pathway my stomach gurgled loud enough for Jordan to hear it he said you okay I told him umm and my stomach gurgled again i had to shit NOW I told him to hold my stuff and he asked me what are you doing i told him to look the other way I gotta crap he said alright. He walked away so he could give me privacy unfortunately I had more mushy crap I farted loud enough that I bet he heard and started to shit out mushy crap I groaned in pain he said if I was okay I told him not really he said. I finished and I took some leaves and wiped it with. I pulled my pants up and called him over he gave me my stuff and he saw my pile he said wow that came out your nice ass huh I pushed him and he started to laugh I kissed him on the check and said thanks for holding my stuff I walked away and he was surprised. We were still walking and my stomach growled again I said oh no he said yo gotta crap again I said I got the runs so I had to walk a bit faster to get home and I was farting to the whole way I got at my house kicked my shoes off and ran to the bathroom I said hi to my brother and he said hi he asked me what was wrong and I said I got the runs I went to my room took of my shoes and I heard Jordan come upstairs and he asked were to put my stuff I he followed my voice and he found my room I was struggling to pull my pants till he said let me help and I aint no pervert he finally got it and I rushed to the bathroom and shut the door but nor all the way. I pulled my pants down and my butt started to burn and I continued to have more mushy crap. The door was wide open and I saw that Jordan wasn't there and I tried to close the door when I said hey J can you close the door he then thought I was done he covered his eyes and was starting to shut the door when I let go a wet fart. He laughed and shut the door I was kind of embarrassed. I finished and when I got out of the bathroom Jordan was looking around my room he stood up and he said I see you tomorrow he kissed me on the check and left. I was so happy I new that he liked me. I went downstairs and went to the kitchen and checked the juice I had this morning and saw that it was expired. So I had the runs for the rest of the day. I was fine the next day and Jordan told me he wouldn't tell anyone what happened last night I thanked him. I told Ashley what happened and she laughed. She told me she kissed Gio and they were going out now and I new I had to make a move soon as well. The funny thing was that I heard some kids say that when they were walking home they saw a pile of crap I laughed to myself. When you got to go you got to go. I think Jordan might remember this post and he might like it. Alright got to go now I Have to go to the mall with Ashley

See Ya

J Girl

Kelly P

Watching each other

To Derek (on page 1888),

I notice that you wrote about wanting to watch and be watched by your s/o while you poo, and you asked for advice. Based on our experience, I'd suggest that you not try to poo together right off. That would probably scare off most women, even if they're interested. Start by trying to get her to pee with you. It's much less threatening. That's how we got started. I met my future husband on a hike, and then he invited me for another day-hike, just the two of us. Eventually we both had to pee. He led the way off the trail to a little clearing and just pulled out his penis and started going with his back to me. I was feeling interested, so I pushed down my pants and squatted. He heard me and turned around to look. That's how we got started together, without even talking about it. We peed together on hikes a couple more times before we went to bed for the first time. I'll bet not many couples pee together before anything else. We never did poo together until our honeymoon, and that's quite a story, too. Now we both love sharing the bathroom, especially when we're constipated. So I'd suggest you be patient and start with a little pee. Take her for a walk in the woods and bring along bottled and drink a lot.

Best of luck.

Migraine loverer

I Have a question........

can a girl aim when she pees?

Mr. Clogs

Delightful dump into the toilet

I needed to take a dump early this morning, so I got out of my bead and made my way to the bathroom. I removed my PJ pants and sat on the toilet. With little effort I poured liquefied poop into the toilet and spraying the back part toilet. I wiped and washed my hands and brushed my teeth and drink some coffee. I feel good!


Mr. Clogs

big pooper
i just took a HUGE crap. it was 4inches wide and 12 inches long. im 13 and man did it hurt! i sat on the toliet i agonny for an hour trying to push ths GIGANTIC turd out. it hurt so so so bad! it was so enjoyable tho! i hope i have another 1 tomarro! but it hurt so bad my butt hole ripped i swear! but it took soo long to get it out. ugh i had held it for three hours or more! ugh im gonna hold it two weeks! is that a bad idea????

Post Title (optional)PUBLIC TOILETS & CHILDREN

I never feel easy about children in public toilets when I am in there even though they have a perfect right to be there.
I note several posts on the subject.
Yesterday I was having or just finished a good poo at a public beach side toilet (not the one I usually go to). A father came in with what sounded like two young daughters. One had to wee and they took the cubicle next to me and she had her wee and concluded with the words "all done." The next girl said she had to wee and do poo poos. Her sister said you cannot do poo in the mens toilet. Her father said for her to poo. She sat there..I heard the wee there was a pause for a few seconds and she said "All done!" Father then emptied his bladder and they left. They sounded very polite but I wish I was not there..when they turn 18 + then my opinion would be different.


Bus Stop Fart

TO Ashley:

I am 99.9% sure that woman behind me heard *EVERYTHING*... I happened to turn around a few moments after my last and saw her standing there.

She just didn't say a word... and she never said a word after we both stepped onto the bus.


TO Mr. Clogs:

It wasn't that bad... But it is NOT something I intend to do again.

Take care,



Girls putting off going

I have noticed recently that my niece Rebecka (age 10) has started putting off going to the loo, I have never really seen her do it before, she had wet herself once that I knew of when she was younger but since she became ten she's done it twice, I seem to remember my sister behaving like this at about the same age also. Last week I was looking after Rebecka and she was sat at the coffee table making some sort of scrap book and I noticed she started to wriggle about so I thought I'd better ask if she needed the loo and she said she didn't, half an hour later she really couldn't sit still, she was squirming and sitting on her heel, then she must have got a real strong urge to go, because she started rocking rapidly side to side then knelt up and started grabbing herself furiously through her denim skirt before sitting back down and rocking rapidly side to side again,I asked if she was shore she didn't need the loo but she still said no, this carried on about another ten minutes then she got up to show me what she'd done and I noticed she had a little wet spot on the front of her skirt, while I was looking at at her book she was dancing round in circles, grabbing herself, whipping her legs, crossing her legs then grabbing herself again, I told her she had better get to the loo before it was too late but to be honest it already was, the front of her skirt was soaked she had wet herself. So that's it dose anybody else have an experience like this with a girl around this age, is this behavior common?


Satisfying poo after work

I'd just finished work at the supermarket & was busting for the loo. I got on the bus & as I sat in my seat I felt the urge to fart. I held it for a while but soon it hurt so I let it out. It was a long loud one but not too smelly. By the time I got home I really had to go & ran up to the loo. As soon as my bum touched the seat I peed a massive stream. Then a series of soft but small poos shot out into the toilet. There must have been at least 30 of them & it felt really good. I don't know where it all came from as I'd only been last night. I wiped my bum & washed my hands before going downstairs to watch tv.


Camping holiday

Hi, its Abbie here again with my next story from my camping holiday, but first a few responses to other posters.
Jry- thanks for your kind comments, I enjoyed your story too!
Emma- great stories from your school days, sorry to hear you ended up squirting poo into your knickers. Luckily the only time that happened to me recently I was at a sleepover and my poo was dry and solid, I can't imagine having diarrhea in my pants and especially not at school. I look forward to your next post.
Leanne- I enjoyed your latest post about your hard poo and also needing a poo when going to watch the netball game, my poos are almost always hard like that and often hurt my bum a bit as they come out.
Sheilagwentgirl- in answer to your question, Lucy had already got the hardest part of her poo out, and anyway even though we've shared some toilet experiances before I still wasn't sure if she'd be too embarased if I offered to help. Anyway, while we were on holiday I did end up helping her as you'll read below.
We got to the campsite we were staying at late on the first Saturday of the holidays, I was sharing a tent with Lucy and her younger sister Laura who's 13 and their parents had another tent. For the first few days nothing that interesting happened, quite often all three of us used the campsite loos together first thing in the morning or in the evening and I heard Laura poo most days but each time Lucy only had a wee. During the day we did quite a bit of hiking out in the countryside and if we needed the loo we had to squat behind a bush which we did a few times, but none of us ever had more than a wee. Even though on some days my need to poo started late morning I held it until we got back to the campsite as I don't really like going outside unless its essential, but luckily I only needed a poo every other day so it wasn't too bad. By Thursday Lucy wasn't looking too happy, as we were getting dressed in the morning I saw her rubbing her belly and looking like she wasn't feeling too good. After lunch (which Lucy didn't eat much of) we went out for a walk on our own, which was Lucy's idea- her parents wanted a rest and Laura had met some other girls her age and was off doing something with them. Minutes after we set off I was thinking I should have used the toilet before leaving as I was getting quite desperate for a poo. As we were walking along Lucy clutched her belly and groaned so I took the hint and we had a conversation which went something like this.
"Are you feeling OK Lucy, only you don't look so good" I said.
"Well…" she said, pausing and looking awkward, "It's just that I haven't had a poo for about a week, you know, since we were at the shops, and now I've got really bad belly ache."
"Oh God that's not good" I said. "Do you feel like you need to go?"
"Well, only when I'm walking. I do actually feel like I might be able to go now, but as soon we get back to the site I know I won't need it any more." She paused for some time while I was wondering whether to suggest that we went in the bushes then said "Umm- would you mind coming with me while I try to go out here, if theres someone with me it might take my mind off it and make it a bit easier."
"No problem," I quickly replied, seeing her blushing. "Actually I'm getting pretty desperate myself too, so you won't be on your own."
We went off the path and behind some bushes and put our rucksacks down by a tree. I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them down and then slid my white knickers down, they were a pair from the pack I'd bought when I went shopping with Lucy and as they were a bigger size they were much more comfy! Next to me Lucy dropped her trousers and her blue and purple spotty knickers and squatted down carefully. I had a quick wee and then started working on my first log, next to me Lucy was taking deep breaths and pushing and dribbling a bit of wee down onto the ground. I felt the tip of my log make its way out of my bumhole and I kept pushing to keep it moving, it slid slowly out with each push and eventually dropped to the ground with a thud. Lucy was straining hard and starting to go red but nothing seemed to be happening. I pushed a couple more logs out without too much trouble and looked around for something to wipe with, but there wasn't really anything. I pulled up my pants until they only just covered my bum, that way I wouldn't get a wedgie and as long as I went straight to the campsite loos to wipe my bum before sitting down I hopefully wouldn't get any skidmarks. As I pulled my trousers back up I heard Lucy grunt after a really hard push. "I think the tip's coming out but when I stop pushing it goes back in" she panted, "Plus its killing my legs squatting like this."
I looked around and noticed a tree stump about the same height as a toilet, when I went over and looked at it there was a big hole in the centre. "Why don't you come over here and sit on this?" I said. Lucy waddled over, her trousers and pants at her knees and sat on the tree stump. She started to strain again but still wasn't having any luck. "What can I do?" she panted, starting to look upset.
"Try to do a really long push" I said, "That way hopefully you'll get a bit more than just the tip out and it won't be able to go back up your bum." I put my arm round Lucy as she took a deep breath and then pushed as hard as she could for as long as she could. She quickly breathed in and then pushed again, spreading her legs wide. "Is it coming out now?" I asked and she nodded but couldn't talk she was pushing so hard. After a while she relaxed a bit and said "It feels like its about half way out but its getting really wide and its only coming out a little bit each time I push."
"Just keep going" I said and started fanning her with my sun hat I'd taken from my rucksack, she was looking really hot and bothered. Lucy must have pushed for about another 5 minutes and finally she gave a sigh of releaf. "Its just come out" she said, panting and wiping her face.
"Are you done?" I asked her. She said she thought she was and pulled her pants and trousers back up. We walked a bit more and then went back to the campsite, as we got there I said "I just need the loo again a sec" and went off to the toilets leaving Lucy to go back to the tent for a rest. When I got there I found a free cubicle and wiped my bum, luckily my pants were only slightly marked. I went straight back to the tent and went inside to find Lucy without her trousers on putting on some clean pants, she blushed as she said that the others had got wedged up her bum and had got dirty. The last part to my story comes just before bedtime that same night, all three of us were in the tent and had changed into our nighties. Our normal routine was to go to the loo just before going to sleep, we pulled our jeans and a jumper on over our nighties and went off to the campsite toilets. We were just about to do this when I said something which made Laura laugh so much she could hardly breathe, she managed to gasp "I'm peeing my pants" before she started laughing again. Lucy and I just thought she was having us on but a few seconds later she lifted her nightie and there was a massive wet patch on her pink knickers, she quickly took them off then rummaged in her rucksack and took out some clean ones which she put on. By now she was blushing rather than laughing, but I told her not to feel bad and that it was my fault really, I shouldn't have made her laugh like that when she was so desperate for a wee. After that incidant we went to the loos and Laura managed to finish her wee off on the toilet!
Hope you enjoyed this, will try to post again soon. Bye!!

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