Lisa_from Germany
I hadn't had a poo in 16 days and yesterday I was sitting in my father's car and felt an extreme pressure. I started to feel my anus being forced open from the enormous pressure within me & the tip of a hard knobly turd started to emerge. It was huge and it hurts terrible. I pressed myself deep in the seat to prevent it from came out, and closed my anus to force the turd back up inside me. I managed to held it back, untill I get home. Immediately when we arrived, I sayed, that I have to take a shower, and went to the Bathroom. I turned on the shower, than took off my clothes and sat naked on the toilet. Than I began to push really hard to get things moving.

As the first massive turd began to stretch my hole really wide, i took the only option available to me and crouched down on the floor. I laid out the floor with toilet paper and began to push really hard. In this position, it was a little bit easier for me to get it out. I began to push really hard, and
finally it began to move slowly. The pain was indescribable, and I pressed as hard as I could, to let it be over quickly. But nothing helped, the turd moved very slowly and painfully out. I was shaking the whole time and start to cry and after, it felt like an hour, it was outside. The turd was very big and covered with blood, and when I wiped, I also had blood on the white toiletpaper. My anus hurt after that and I cleared him under the shower. Than I flushed my turd and took a shower to relax.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Morning poo

Hi all. I'm a bit constipated this Monday morning. I've been on the toilet for half an hour now & all I could get out was couple of small marbles & that was an big effort. I'm not too worried at the moment as I had a good poo yesterday. I'll post again when I manage to go properly.

Upstate Dave

A Answer To A Post And Back With A Old Friend Part 1

Hi to all again. I first want to comment on playing with pubic hair. I only knew of one person in my entire life which was a girl that lived across the road from me that didn't play with hers but did something else with hers. It was something very unusual that she was doing with her pubic hair at the tiem too.

Diane was the girl that lived across the street from me. We knew each other quite well for we were good friends and she knew that I was quite handy as far as fixing things. She had a older brother Steve and her dad. Her papents had divorced several years earlier so she had no mom there at the house to talk about female things.

Well I was over at her house on a weekday durring the summer whith just her being there. I was fixing her bicycle which had a flat tire. I had it fixed and was picking up my tools and was about to walk back over to my house when I heard Dianes voice from a open back window.

Dave can you come over for a moment? I turned and wlked over to the open window which I heard her voice come from. Now at this time both of us were about 12 years old. I walked over to the window and as I came up to the window I said to Diane; What's up? What do you want Diane?

There was curtains on the window and Diane slid them aside and she was sitting right on the toilet wearing just a white top with nothing else on! Of course I stared right at her as I looked inside. Now Diane was also smoking a cigarette as she sat there half naked on the toilet. I know that is very young to be smoking but this was back in the 1960s and many kids would steal or sneak a smoke at a early age.

Now with me at the window Diane asked me if I had pubic hair. That's not how she said it then in those exact words but I'm keeping it clean.
I told her I did. Then she asked me if it ever bothered me. I always being honost told her it did at times. It gets itchy or it does get wet with a lot of sweat when I'm hot. That is very true for me for I have extensive skin grafts from bad burns on both my legs which I donto sweat on my legs so most of my lower body sweat does come out around my crotch.

Then Diane asked me;Do you do anything with it? Shave it? I couldn't help but laugh at this point. NO Diane I don't shave it! Boys don't shave THAT hair! I knew that girls did along with thier legs and arm pits. Well I asked Diane why she was asking me about pubic hair. Diane immeadiatly answered me back by opening her thighs wide apart and I saw that she had a small patch of short blonde pubic hair above and along the sides of her vagina.

I don't have a razor to shave mine she said to me as she was looking down at herself and I now staring down at her also. Is there a better way besides burning it? That is what I have been doing Dave Diane said to me. I didn't reply right off for a very long moment. I couldn't believe what she had just told me!

Then I did give Diane a answer. I told her thatthere were creams for removing body hair. Diane face brightened up. I didn't know that Dave! Diane said back to me. That sound a lot better then burning it off. That really does stink when you burn it. Diane then let out a laugh and went on telling me that is why the window was open. I was burning mine while you were fixing my bike. I made Diane laugh aagin for I told her the wind must have been blowing in the wrong direction!

I stayed at the window for several more minutes talking to Diane. Diane also took a short piss while we finsihed up our conversation. Then I left and to sum this all up I saw Diane several days later over at her house again. She told me she had gotten some of the cream I had mentioned. I asked her if it had worked. We were both standing out in her backyard at this time as we were talking to each other. Diane pulled her shorts right down and showed me with a big smile. It had worked!

Now let me get on with my post. Remember that I had posted about the two sistors in our group of friends Barbie S and her sistor Jeannie. Well they had moved away which brought a change in the group. Our group sort of fell apart after they were gone. There was another reason too for many of the remaining members of the group had become much more busy and had other interests. This is normal I'm sure with everyone.

Well I was home one day which was summer vacation time from school. I wasn't working today which I did pick up summer work. I was surprised by seeing Butch come walking up to the door. I had seen him since last summer. I went to the door and met him. He wanted to know if I wanted to go play football down at the school. I told him sure I would. So we both started walking together heading for the school to play football.

We filled each other in about what we had ben doing and I asked Butch who was also being at the game. He told me and I laughed as he named people off. Then Butch told me that there was one other person that will be there that really wants to see YOU!I asked Butch who it was but he would not give me this persons name. He told me that I would have to wait and see.

We got to the school and the teams were picked and we started playing having a great time. There was not the person there that Butch had mentioned that wanted to see me though. We went on playing with the football game. We palyed going over two hours time and then we ened the game with it being a tie. We did agree all of us would meet up and we would play again since we had so much fun with this game.

Now we all did kind of split up afterthe game. Butch went off with a new girlfriend he now had and I headed home on my own. I was heading across the playground headed towards the other school when I heard running footsteps comming up behind me. So I stopped and was going to turn around to see who was aproaching me from behind. But before I did I knew who it was for they in a very excited loud voice said simply in a singe word; HI!

It was Barbie! Butches sistor which like Butch it was almost a year since I had seen her too. I now had turned around and I said like her in a very excited voice; Hi Barbie! I opened my arms wide and she ran between them and we both hugged each other very hard. We hugged hard and long. As we stayed hugging each other we both smiled and talked asking each other a lot of questions and filling each other in on what we had been up to.

We then started walking up to the other school yard talking as we went. Boy did it ever feel so good to see her I thought as we walked along. Barbie even went and said that to me. Now Barbie had changed some too. Her hair was much longer then a year ago. She was wearing it long and straight. It was now down halfway on her back. She had grown several inches taller and her rearend also had filled out some more too.

Barbie also seen the changes in me. I also was now taller which made the same difference in our highth a year ago. I also had gained wieght too but it was not fat but muscle. Barbie had noticed this for afterwe had done our hugging she had gilled and told me that I felt real nice to her. We now were crossing the other schools playground and Barbie asked me what was I doing now. I told her not much. I was heading home.

Barbie then very quickly asked me if she could come with me. I smiled and told her she most certainly could. So she walked with me as I headed home. We talked all the way back to my house. As we walked into the yard Brbie asked me if the handpump in the downstairs of our barn still worked. I told her it did. Why are you thirsty Barbie? I asked her. She smiled and told me she was.

So we went diectly to the the barn going inside of it to get a drink from the old handpump. Once inside but before we stepped over to the handpump Barbie said to me; Hey Dave what happend to the old bathtub? It;s gone! I laughed a little first and then I told Barbie we had gotten rid of it. Barbie then said to me; Gee no more tub to piss in! I laughed and I said to Barbie; That's true Barbie. Gee you remembered when we had! ( she I and other friends in our group had used the old tub to piss in)

I started pumping the handpump which Barbie drank from it. She drank a lot too. Then she pumped for me which I also took a long drink. Now with our thirsts satisfied Barbie then gave me a little smile and she asked me if the chicken coop was open. I knew exactly what she ment by this. The remaining old chicken coop was still there. This was another spot that was used by us to use as a bathroom too. So we slipped out the backdoor of the barn and went right over to the chicken coop.

Now it had been well over a year since I or any else had been over here to use it. The old door had some very young maple trees grown up in front of it. I and Barbie pulled them down breaking them. Then I yanked hard on the door pulling on it hard. It slowly opened with its hinges squeeeling loudy as the door crept open.

The one of the hinges on the door broke which was the bottom one. The door flung open so fast that I lost my balance falling off the concrete step platform I was standing on. I fell right back on my ass. Barbie let out a short loud scream and then burst into laughter. I started laughing too as I sat there on the ground. Then asd I got up Barbie had stopped her laughter and asked me if I was alright. I laughed rubbing the backside of my jeans rubbing my asscheeks. I think my asscrack gained three inches! I'll have to check it when we get inside. Barbie burst into laughter and we stepped inside the now open hanging crooked door of the chicken coop.

Well the coop had changed too. Part of its roof had given way over at the far end. The roof had been always been bad for it was sagging the last time I had been in the coop. Also to the old vase that was used as a toilet by us was laying over on its side and was now broken. Also more panes of glass were gone in the windows. Plus there were more trees grown outside along with lilac bushes had gotten much bigger. You could no longer see the highway which did pass by aboyt twent feet away.

Barbie stepped over to the old stone wall with the row of old windows in it. Like I said most of them were broken out with many of them now even the odl wooden frames were even gone. Barbie looked at the wall and she turned around and faced me. Now I will have no trouble sitting on the top of the wall! Barbie said to me. Before she couldn't sit on the old wall without hopping up on it to sit down or hang her ass out the window to piss. I laughed some and stopped.

Now Barbie had on a plaid summer dress which she wore a lot durring the summer. She started hiking the back of it up with a smile on her face as she looked at me and I right back at her. Once she had it raised high enough in the back she sat down on the top of the old stone wall but being towards the front edge of it instaed of being far back so that her ass would be not out the broken out window behind her.

Before Barbie went on and di anything more she asked me if I was going to see if my asscrack was bigger from my fall. Oh you want to see it? I asked back and I laughed as I sad this to Barbie. Barbie laughed some and told me she sure did! So I unbuckled my belt, popped the snap on my jeans, and yanked them right down to my knees!

Since I was faced towards Barbie she saw my penis was erect. When it is erect it curved like a bananna which Barbie let out a little giggle and she said to me; I see your bananna hasn't changed at all! I looked down at my penis smiled and then I turned around letting Barbie look at my now bare ass. How is it? I asked her. My crack any longer. Now laughing Barbie said No! But your ass does look nicer now Dave! Barbie was right for my asscheeks was tighter then before.

I turned around and now faced Barbie which she now had raised the front of her summer dress up and had her thighs wide open as well. I looked right at Barbies vagina now. She knew I would. She looked down at herself then back over at me. Like waht you see Dave? You alwayd did like this part of me. I smiled and told Barbie she was right about that!

Barbie was looking directly at me and she said to me; Dave you've gotten more hairy down there! I had for my pubic hair was longer and more had grown in over the last year. Barbie then looked back down at herself opened her thighs as wide as she could get them and placed her hands down by the sides of her vagina. I haven't any hair here yet. Maybe soon who knows! Then she removed her hands from the sides of her vagina andlaced them on the tops of her thighs.

Now since our drinking the water from the handpump had been about fifteen minutes ago Barbie told me she felt like she would take a pretty good piss. Then she asked me if I had to piss also. I told her that I did. Good! Let me piss and then you come right over here. I want to hold you! I was surprised by this. Barbie had changed another way over a years time. I would find oput the reason behind this in a very short time too.

Well Barbie now began her piss. She started slowly too. For she dribbled when she satrted by having her piss dribble down into her lower crotch wetting the walls top and then run down the front face of the old stone wall. She went long enough that her piss ran the entire length of the face of the wall and started turning the dirt on the old concrete floor of the coop darker brown.

Then Barbie started to piss harder which she went from just dribbleing right into a short loping arc piss stream which went down to the dirt on the floor about a foot out from the base of the old stone wall. It hit the dirt on the floor making her piss splatter weting a pretty good sized area of the dirt. Barbie gave me a quick look with a smile and then she went back looking at her own piss stream. Of course I was watching too.

As Barbie pissedshe also would give little pushes off and on which would make her piss streams arc get a little longer with her slight push so she wetted the floor even more in a larger area. Barbie would giggle just a little each time she did make her piss stream move. I too smiled more seing it happen. Barbie did take a good piss too.She had a piss pudde form in the thin dirt that covered the cncrete floor.

Then asshe neared the end of her piss her stream lost its arc but did angle outward slightly and began to hiss loudly till just before she did end her piss with a lot of dripping after her stream disapeared. Barbie then placed her two hands on the top of the old stone wall and hopped off down frm it. Then she stepped right over to my left side of me reached right down took her small fingers wrapped them around my penis and aimed it right at the stome wall. Just like she had done this many times before! Barbie had not held my penis before so I was surprised by it!

I started to piss a few seconds later. I sent out a thin long twisted stream of piss from my penis which it hit the front of the old stone wall hard making a big splattering splash off from it. Barbie gigglked just a little seeinghow hard my piss was splashing off the wall. Then as Brbie held me while I pissed she told me how she wanted to hold me while I pissed.

It was Jeannie which she had talked about holding a boys penis while he pissed. Jeannie and her sistor Barbie S had held me many times when I pissed. Barbie giggled a little off and on as she told me how Jeannie had told her how to to it and how it felt doing it too. I was silent as Barbie told me. Then when she stopped talking I spoke. Leave it up to Jeannie! Barbie giggled much harder which she did this time with her hard giggling she was shaking my penis makig my piss stream move wetting more of the face of the old stone wall which made Barbie giggle even harder with harder shaking of my penis in her hand. I started myslef now to laugh lightly.

Barbie did several seconds later stop giggling which stopped her jiggling my penis around. Barbie did say one more thing before I did end my piss for now I was slackening off. Jaennie was right. THis does feel good and makes me feel good too! I smiled with a bigger smle now as now I did stop pissing. Barbie having seen me piss before did ask me if there was any more left inside. I gave a push sending put a spurt of piss then followed with two more weaker spurst then I was done.

Barbie then let out just a litle giggle. Then she said to me; One final thing left tod do Dave! With saying that Barbioe shook my penis a few times and then she said smiling to me; There the job is finsihed! She let go. I then reached down and pulled my jeans back up and I zipped them up and did the snap along with buckling my belt back up too. Between Barbie and I there was a lot of piss coverng the floor along with a lot of wet dirt on the floor too.

We then exited it out the door which I turned around and forced it closed shut. We started walking back towards the back of our barn. Barbie spoke up again. Dave will you come around more often? I told Barbie I would as long as I can fit it in. I am working Barbie. She smiled a little. I can make it well worth your while Dave if you do! Then Barbie said something which I would remember. Dave I'll let you know when the vp is around! is what Barbie said to me.

I stopped right in my tracks! I remebered this saying alright! That was our code when Barbie needed to piss but also when she had to shit too! I remember THAT Barbie! I said right back to her. Good Dave she said now giggling. Walk me home? she said next with a slight giggle. I said yes and we held hands and I walked her home. To be continuied.


Sheila Report 5

Hello Nobody:

Wonderful to hear of your experiences. You have had so many, thanks for the numbers to look them up. I have e mailed Gillian reminding her of the stories you shared. I am eagerly awaiting her reply to me. All your stories really turned me on, but I have to say the one [1735] was so sensational. I have to ask did you have another buddy poop with her. I hope yu will share more stories here, I can hardly wait to share.

I had a great experience on Friday last. I had returned from court and was at my computer senidng in my report to head office. I had one of those urgent poopie calls, the sort you try to hold because of work committment, but it persisted and I knew that if I didn't go to the ladies at once I would mess in my panties. It was late afternoon and I didn't expect to find many in the ladies, not at that time in the day. But pushing the outer door open I could see in the end of the line of five cubicles the distinctive blue and cream suede shoes of one of the stenographers, Fran. I went into the cubicle next to her and hurriedly lifted my skirt, pulling down my panties and sitting on the toilet. I gasped as my bowels opened before i started to pee and literally exploded into the pan, at that point I was concerned with my own belly ache, but I could hear Fran pushing hard. I thought from the sounds she seemed a little hard bound. Her shoes were scraping on the tiled floor, and then with a sort of ppsshhkerrrllllllllplop she passed a turd with a loud splash. It was then I heard the outer door opening and hurried feet clip clopping to the toilets and the door next to me being slammed. A flurry of clothes then under the partiton I could see the dark green trousers of my friend Ruth. She was only just in time, just like me she started to do a very wet, loose poop, farting and splattering into the pan. Ruth groaned 'ohhhhhhh helllllll' as she pooped a second explosion almost immediately after the first burst. I called out asking if she was alright. She amswered saying, 'No', she had the runs bad and that she thought it was the cod in the restaurant at dinner. I agreed telling her I had had cod also and I had the runs to. By this time Fran was ripping toilet tissue and wiping, she had heard what Ruth had said and told us she would stay to make sure we were alright. We are not supposed to smoke in the ladies nowadays but the smell was so bad that I suggested we have a smoke and Fran said she would keep an eye out for any security staff that might be lurking. I had another burst of sloppy poop before I was able to wipe and flush, Fran and I waited for Ruth and after, when we left work we all had a drink before making our way home.


To Kalee

What was it about your boyfriend's chronic constipation that led to the end of the relationship? I am a chronically constipated guy too and it has sometimes been an issue in my relationships but only once has it been what caused a breakup. I have never been able to understand why people can't be more understanding when their partner has trouble with constipation.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

This evenings poo

Hi all. I'm still constipated. I've just spent another half an hour on the toilet & couldn't pass anything. I've been drinking loads of water in case I'm dehydrated but it had no effect. Apart from peeing a lot of course! I hardly ever get constipated & I think there might be something wrong with me. I'll keep drinking lots of water & for maximum effect I'm going to have a big bowl of bran flakes & prunes & a mild laxative to see if that gets things moving. I'm going to bed soon & I'll post in the morning to let you know how I get on.

Upstate Dave

Back With A Old Friend Part 2

Well several days had passed since Barbie and I jhad been back together. Ithad rained hard all night so that morning it was cloudy so nothing had not dried all that much. I worked mainly doing mowing. I had gone to where I was going to mow but being wet so that now was out for today. I now had a free day.

So I heade from there to Barbies house. No one answered my knock at the door. I was disapointed some as I walked awy and started heading home. When I had reached my own road I lived on as I walked up it heading down the road was Barbie! We both saw each other at the same time with me yelling out to her saying Barbie! and she saying just as loudly Dave!

We both broke into a run towards each other closing the distance between us very fast. When me met right in the middle of the road we did a fast hard hug. Then we seperated. I said to her I had stopped at your house to see if you wre there. Barbie let out a little giggle. I went to your house to see if YOU were there! We both let out a little loud laugh together.

Then Barbie said to me very fast but soflty; Dave the vp is in town right now! Is there any place at all where we go so you can see him? He'll be here any minute! I knew Barbie was telling me she had to shit. That was our old code words saying we had to let me know that she had to shit. We were right next to my next door neighbors place where we were still standing in the middle of my road.

I asked Barbie if she could make it back to my house. Oh no NO WAY! she said right back to me very fast. The row of pine trees on my neighbors property were right there but with all of last nights rain they were soaking wet with still rain water dripping down off of them. That was out. Then since my neighbors were not up here this year for they were here durring the summer only I asked as I pointed towards the back of the house; Barbie can you make it to over there? She ooked very quickly and told me she thought that she could.

Right then she grabbed my hand and held it tightly. We started running back up my road reached the end of my nieghbors driveway and ran in on it. The driveway went all around the house which we ran down the one side of the house made the one turn and ran along the back of the hose and stopped before it turned and went up along the other side of the house.

This spot offered the best privacy. We couldn't be seen from the hoses on my road, the highway down the hill, and from my house which was next door. There were trees along the hillside which blocked the hghway and my house. Today Barbie was not wearing a summer dress or a skirt which she mostly wore durring the summer months. She had on a red top with a darker red pair of shorts and red socks.

Barbie was standing rght by and close to the white panted ccinder block wall of the houses basement. Good thing she didn't have a belt on,a snap or buttons to undo, and I zipper to pull down. The red shorts she was wearing had a elastic waitst band so she only had to yank them down. Boy did she ever yank them right down fast right then too!

Since Barbie was standing so close to the basements cinderblock wall she rested her back up against it as she got right into a high squat. In her hurry to squat her dark red shorts had slipped down and now were around both of her ankles and covering over her sneakers. As soon as Babie had stopped moving and was in her high squat she started to piss weakly and she let out a very loud long fart!

Following her long loud fart Barbie started to shit! As I looked out from under her I saw a brown smooth shit apear. It crackled as it moved taking only several seconds reaching several inches long. Bien looking on the soft side and it was heavy before it got longer her shit broke! The piece that fell hit the gravel hard with a good thud.

Then still shitting the remaining not broken away shit got longer and it now was showing getting almost as long as the piece of shit laying on the gravel of the driveway under Barbie. Also too her piss stream suddenly spurted harder sending a stream of piss right down into her red shorts! I yelled out saying to Barbie; Your pissing in your shorts! To late for just in the very few brief seconds that it took me to say this to Barbie her red shorts were soaked with her piss.

Her shit had become now doubled in itslength. So it was over eight inches long. It then broke in two places with both pieces dropping to the gravel under her. One of the two peces hit thge first piece laying there while the other missed but layed behind them. The reaming shit stub grew in its length and soon had reache about four inches long and it too fell making another piece on the ground under her.

All the time Barbie also had been pissing but right now her stream had eased so she no longerwas pissing on her shorts. Instead her stream was going straight down wetting two pieces of shit instead. Now the four inch stub fell away from her joining the others. Also now Barbie was having small fat short two or three inch pieces comming out in a row which added more shit on the gravel under her. Along with the small soft pieces betwen them Barbie was letting out short wet farts too.

Then Barbie stopped her shitting. She did go on pissing with her sending out off and on spurts of piss from her vagina. She did several long ones followed by several short ones. Then she was done with her pissing only doing some finshing up dripping. Barbie did a quick look down at her red shorts first. She muttered saying to me as she looked them over; Better to have pissed on them instaed of doing both pissing and shitting them. Baqrbie had also bent furher down and had taken a quick look down atr her many pieces of shit laying on the gravel.

Barbie then squated down untied the laces of her sneaker and took them off. She also took off her red socks. They looked like at least they hadn't got wet with her piss. Barbie then slipped her red piss soaked shorts off. She then put back on her red socks and sneakers. Dave is there anyone home at your house? she asked me. No one did answer the door when I knocked.

Our house was big enough that if someone did knock on the side door they would not always be heard when they knocked. I told Barbie I wasn't sure or not if there was. Right at this part I had forgotten that it was a weekday. Both my parents wouldn't be there but they would be working. I'll go check I said to Barbie. So I turned the corner of the house and started heading over to my house. I stopped about halfay betwen my house and my nieghbors. I let out a short laugh calling myslef a stupid sob for now I had remembered it was weekday and there wasn't anyone home.

I ran right back to Barbie. I'm a idiot! I said to Barbei. Noones home! They are at work! Barbie giggled and said back to me; Good I can go over just the way I am then! I let out a short laugh. Then I told Barbie that she could do just that. We would be out of sight from the two of the three housesd across the road. Only when we crossed my side yard would she be in view of the the third house but that house was empty and up for sale

We both started heading for my house now. Barbie asked me if I would throw her shorts in the wash. Then she gggled. I also have to wipe my ass! BIG TIME TOO! I laughed. Then I asked Barbie if she was feeling a litle messy back there. She let out a short laugh and shook her head yes. We reached my yard now. We ran over to the sode door which went into my fathers workshop. We went inside turend and opened the door that led to a little hallway area which the bathroom was on the left and the laundry area of the kitchen on the right.

Barbie went directly into the bathroom and I right over to the washer which I opened tossed her red shorts into it started it up added detergent to it and slammed the lid shot all very quickly. I then turned toward the bathroom. Barbie was standing there with her back and bare ass to me. She had a wad of tp in her hand and was wiping her ass. She pulled the wad off tp out of her asscheeks took a quick llok at it and tossed it in the toilet. She reached over and flushed it.

She turned around and started walking out of the bathroom. I made her stop and laugh when I said that Barbie your ass looks so much nicer now. She like I said had stopped and laughed so waht also she did was turn around jiggle it some for me taking a good half minute to do this. Then she turned around. Do you have anything I can put on Dave? I smiled and replied back to her; Lets go find out. So we hurried upstairs to my bedroom to find out. To be continuied.


Chamber pots

Mr Clogs: not as rare as you might think. I'm based in the UK, and most antique shops will have at least one kicking around somewhere.

You might need to be a bit picky about china ones - looking carefully for evidence of cracks - but failing that the old enamelled metal ones are very durable.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Response to Jry plus my new story

For Jry:

Thank you for your comments on my first story. You asked me to describe a "normal crap session." Well there are two different situations. When I'm home in crap in my normal size blue toilet on the upper level of our house. I'm usually wiped and off the stool within like 5 minutes. Often it's one long and wide piece like large banana or two or three such pieces that have broken off. The last couple of times I've gone at home I gotten back to my television program just as the commercial break was ending, so that should tell you something.

The problem is, and I believe I said this in my first posting, is that away from home it takes me more time to crap and obviously pisses off those who are waiting for my stall. Of course, it's upsetting to me too. This past spring I was on the toilet at school and there was a girl waiting who was talking on her phone and she had an attitude to the person she was talking to and she finished her conversation with saying "I know ... I'm gonna be there but if this ##### doesn't get off the toilet her I'm going to #####'#' shit my pants." Imagine how that makes me feel when I'm sitting and pushing I can feel it starting to slide down, but it's coming ever so slowly? I usually keep my white panties at middle thigh level so that they are no lower than the seat because I treasure my privacy and regularly see eyeballs in the cracks. In the past year just as I'm releasing my crap I will sometimes put my weight to my knees and place it on the tips of my shoes for a couple of seconds until I hear/feel the block hit the water. Wiping at my school (I'll be starting 10th grade later this month) takes me longer because we have no rolls of toilet paper available in the stall. It really sucks but there are these metal paper holders mounted on the walls behind the toilets that have these like 3-inch by 3-inch square stacked like 3 feet. I've heard it's to make use use less toilet paper per crap and that it also costs less. I can wipe much more efficiently when I have a wad of toilet paper in my fist.

So, Jry, I hope this answers your question. When I'm at places like the mall and park it's a little better but I'm very self conscious about others waiting and how rude and bitchy they are. When I have to pee it goes much better. But even in summer most of my craps are in public places because I'm gone so much.

This is a story of what happened to me and my best friend Taylor just this past week. I admit it that I sometimes do stupid things, but I'm trying to get better.

I was setting up the waterhose on our front lawn at like 10 a.m. I was dressed for the day with my white tank top and cut-offs and had just adjusted the lawn water when my best friend, Taylor, walked up and asked if I wanted to walk up to school with her. She had to pay a lost book fine and wouldn't be allowed to get her schedule and get registered the first day of school unless she paid the fine. It was hot and I was already sweating pretty badly, but I told her she talked me into it. The walk is about 6 blocks, but it seemed longer in the heat. Before I went outside I got to thinking that it was about time for me to take my morning crap, but I decided to hold it off. Now, however, I was feeling it if you know what I mean. The rumbling was getting more intense and I told Taylor and she said we were about halfway there and we should be back home within the hour. The heat was getting to my bare feet on the concrete and I literally ran across the asphalt of the highway because the pain in the bottom of my feet was getting to me. Taylor, whose much smarter than me told me to walk to her left where I could get on more grass and I had to admit it was a great suggestion. Luckily, at the top of the hill we could see the school.

We went in through the back loading dock entrance because she said it should be open and that was another good idea. It was great getting into the air conditioning and my feet immediately felt better. We walked down three halls to the main entrance and she pulled the check her mom had prepared out of her pocket and unfolded it. I got to thinking that I should be on the toilet at home and having my crap in a little less than a half hour and I was looking forward to it. Then I heard Taylor loudly say "What..." at what the secretary was telling her. She turned around and walked over to me and said we'd have to wait about a half hour because the bookkeeper had gone to lunch. As we started to leave the office, the secretary called me "young lady" and said something about didn't I think it was inappropriate to be barefoot in a public place. I said I was sorry and Taylor opened the door and we were out in the hallway wandering what we were going to do while the bookkeeper was out feeding her face.

Taylor is much more impatient than me. She quickly looked around to make sure we were alone. Then she quickly cupped her left hand around her right hand and I could see she had her middle finger extended" and she quietly cursed the secretary's name.

Then we both looked at one another and burst out laughing. However, then I realized that I had an anus that was about to split wide open.

I'll conclude my story with my next posting.



For Anny

Hi Anny,
I just wanted to reassure you: I have Chron's Disease which carries an icreased risk of bowel cancer so my GI man has me have a Colonoscopy evry year (sometimes twice in a year if I have unusual symptoms). The only slight discomfort is feeding the camera into the rectum, after that, you don't feel anything. I've never been anaethetised during the process - it just isn't painful and I think they only offer anaesthetic if the patient is distressed by the idea of the process. I actually like to be conscious and be able to see the condition of my gut for myself.

The only unpleasant apsect is the purgative they give you beforehand, it's designed to make you sjit yourself empty and, it does what it says on the can, however, as someone else said, it does it without any horrible cramps - everything just pours out. One vit of advice I would give you is to Vaseline (or any other hard core skin protection) your anus which can become a bit sore.

Don't Worry, it'll all be fine


A chance sighting

Hello.Andy from Scotland here.Haven't posted much recently,but do still pop in to read some of the the way this forum has evolved over the years.
Here's my post.Hope you enjoy.I was in town late last night and decided to head home as i was feeling tired.On my way back to the car,no i wasn't drinking,i took a short cut down some steps which led to a well lit underpass.As i entered it i spotted a female,probably in her mid 20's,crouched down behind some litter bins.Her white skirt was hitched high above her waist,her knickers round her ankles.As i passed her,i could clearly see her bum but nothing else and could hear her pee splashing on the ground.She saw me and said "oh I'm peeing".I apologised for startling her and she seemed OK about it.I carried on,but couldn't help looking back over my shoulder and saw her adjusting her skirt.She said nothing and we both carried on our way.It was a chance sighting which,if I'm honest gave me a real thrill.
cheers,bye Andy.

I <3 POO

Difficult times but hopefully thru the worst! :)

Hi everyone :) Sorry I haven't been on here for a couple of weeks. Have had so much going on in my busy life at the moment from being feeling depressed, low and constantly in bad moods to being so stressful and hectic at work, it's not been the easiest couple of weeks but hopefully I'm heading into more calmer waters now.

I have two stories from this week that I am going to post about...

The first one is from Wednesday 4/8: I woke up at 7am like I usually do to get ready for work and nearly almost straight away I was hit by the worst belly cramp possible which came over me so quick that I had no time to even take a sip of my tea and simply had enough time to slip my feet into my black flip-flops and with my t-shirt/shorts on had to make the dash to the upstairs loo, shut the door quickly and literally pull down my shorts to my thighs. At this point it was a case of milliseconds that my poo was racing down to my anus so fast I just plonked myself on the loo, spread my legs and just let out an enormous, loud fart which was minging... brrraappppttttt! and exploded and unleashed the most sloppiest, greasiest poo which just kept dropping out my bum like it was a soft serve dispenser...Plipsslipsploopplopssplooop, plop, plop, splipsploopploop, plip-plip-plip-plop, plop. In the space of 5 minutes I just stunk the bathroom out with my sloppy poo, when I looked behind in the bowl it was an absolute mess, my poo was a bit dark green as I had a spinach dish the night before which I believe is full of iron and no wonder cos my poo was greasy, trying to hold that in any longer would've been an impossible task as I would've had one hell of a nasty accident! It took at least 5 wipes to get my bum clean and the smell was a strong odour. But boy did I feel relieved that I had a good colon clearing poo before work.

Now for today's poo which I took this afternoon, I was in my room and chilling out and relaxing when in the space of about 5-7 minutes I passed some very wet, meaty smelling farts from my bum and omg they absolutely stank the place up! Phew! I sure can pass some smelly gas when I want to and I don't hold back either, I can rip a good fart me. Again like the other morning I was overcome by a sudden cramp in my belly and as I wasn't even near either of the loos at home, I had to hold on tightly as I could feel that if I dared to make just a slight movement then I'd almost certainly completely lose control and fill my pants with warm, soft poo which would've been a disaster as the clear-up would've been hurrendous. I could feel I was nearing to touching cloth. So once the cramp subsided and could sense that I had succeeded in averting a brown mess I rushed as fast as I could to the downstairs loo, locked it and pulled down my black shorts down to my thighs and parked my bum on the loo, spread out my legs, crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and leant forward and I could feel that a big load of poo was rushing down, firstly 3 small bits of poo dropped out ... plip, plip, plop! Then as before another cramp just hit me and I let out 2 loud, very smelly farts and exploded with a load of warm, mushy poo which landed into the bowl... plop, plop, blooop, blop, plop, splooop, splop, plip-plip-plop-plip-plop-plop, sploop, plop, plooop! I then remained on the loo for 25 minutes as although I had relieved myself of a messy load I still felt my belly hadn't settled just yet as I could sense it was knotted up and that another cramp may hit. By now it was really quite smelly in the loo now but I felt like I just had a very good effortless poo. I looked behind into the loo there was a big load sitting in the pan, I wiped my bum and omg it was so so sloppy and messy and took 7 wipes before my bum was anywhere near clean! I got up off the loo, flushed the smelly load down and sprayed some Haze air freshener in the air, washed my hands and went out into the kitchen and into the garden for a walk. When I came back in about 7-10 minutes I could still smell the strong odour of my poo and I opened the bathroom door and it was still lingering in the air so I sprayed some more.

Hey Ashley: I loved your story about when you went out with your guy friend and that you spent sometime in the ladies hearing other girls pooing and stinking the place up. Take care and god bless x
Hey SportsFan: Loved your story about the portapotties at the golf course, that Becky sure had a noisy poo but that would've turned me on hearing that, sounds like the Mexican gave her the Montezuma's Revenge! Take care and god bless :)
Hey Kirsty: Really enjoyed and love your stories :) please keep them coming they have me hooked, Take care and god bless x
Hey Wendy: Just like you friend Kirsty's stories your stories I also love reading too and I hope you keep up the good work. Take care and god bless x

That's all from me now, I'll be back sooner this time hopefully.

Happy peeing and pooping :)

Hi again. I had a (for me) unusually hard and painful poo earlier. I was doing some stuff around the house when I had to go so I went to the upstairs loo for a bit of privacy. I dropped my shorts and pink panties and sat. I started pushing and a little piece came out and then the big log started to strain my anus. It really hurt actually, which is very unusual because I normally have soft, often mushy poos or even diarrhea. It hurt and I don't like it! Eventually it came out with a loud plop and was followed by another little piece, and then I was empty. I sat for a couple of minutes until the pain around my bum went then wiped and flushed. Only needed two bits of loo paper, actually!

Another story I want to tell you that happened last summer. I'd gone to watch my friend Zoe play in her netball team. While I was sitting watching I started to need a poo. There were no loos where the match was taking place, which was annoying, but I thought I'd be fine until I got home. I had told Zoe I would drive her back from the match, so she came over after it had finished and we went to my car. I started driving but I was getting more and more full down below. I was so focused on the road and my own bowels that I didn't really notice Zoe was being unusually quiet, until she said, 'umm..'
I looked at her and she asked if we could stop because she really had to poo. I surprised her by saying I did too and I started looking for somewhere to stop. I spotted a little shopping centre and I quickly pulled into the car park. Zoe looked really uncomfortable by now and my poo was knocking on my back door too. We went inside and found the toilets. There were six cubicles and a couple were taken. We took adjacent stalls. I dropped my jeans and knickers and I saw Zoe's netball skirt hit the floor next to me. I sat and so did she. Immediately I heard two or three plops. I got settled and without any need to push a big load of mushy poo slid from me. I moaned with a mixture of pleaure and relief. Zoe let go with a loud fart and another log. I curled out a piece too. I had been in need of getting to a toilet fast, so I can only imagine how close Zoe had been to going in her pants! She shat out five more logs over the next couple of minutes. Meanwhile I was still pooing, this time some squirts of diarrhea. I was surprised at how much I had to get out of me, since I hadn't eaten all that much over the last couple of days. Another soft log or two came out of me next. Zoe was still going at it, with lots of plops and farts coming from her, not to mention the smell, which between us was pretty strong! I curled out two final mushy loads and I was done. I sat and waited for Zoe to finish, enjoying the sounds she made. Soon she was done too, so I met her at the sink. She said she felt much better!

Monday, August 09, 2010


Reply to Mr. Cloge

Mr. Clogs, my bedroom is quite far from the bathroom, so I have an empty margarine container in my room to pee in if I really have to go. I try not to use it too often though, because it's a bit of a pain to clean out and dry off.


Conversation on the bus

I was riding the bus home earlier tonight and I overheard a conversation between a lady and the man who I assume was her boyfriend. They got on the bus and sat behind me. They were talking about something or other, I wasn't really paying attention. But then she said she needed to go to the bathroom real bad. At this, my ears perked up and I began to actively listen to them.

The man replied that he thought she had gone just two hours ago. She said she did but that was number one. He asked if she could hold it until they got home, but she said she didn't think she could. He thought for a moment and then he told her there was a store nearby that was still open. They got off at the next stop, so I didn't get to hear anymore.



Hey Jordan here I haven't posted in a long time because I was in Canada for this summer. It was me Asia and of course our closest friends Gio and Ashley. We stayed there for 5 weeks and we got back yesterday. So here is my post

It was the Friday Moring 6 A.M and it was time to get up and get ready for the trip. I woke up Asia who mumbled and finally woke up. She went into the bathroom for her morning piss and I went to see if Gio and Ashley were up already I heard a squeaky fart when I stepped out the door and said to Asia "your not taking a dump now are you" I asked. "No" she said she flushed and went to take a shower. I went to see if Gio and Ashley were awake and Just like I was doing Gio came to check if I was awake. So we got ready put our stuff in the car (it was Gio's father's car an SUV) we got ready it was a six hour trip ahead of us so we were off we got there and Asia and Ashley asked for more food Gio said "we just ate like an hour ago and yall still hungry" They both said yes so I told them since we past the frontier and were almost near out hotels so if yall got crap or piss we aren't going to stop" they agreed and they went to get something to eat. We arrived at the hotel and we told them to wait in the car so that we can get our keys for the hotel our response was a burp from Asia. They both laughed and she said yeah. When we got out keys we went to check out the room when we opened the door it sucked the place was awful and the room was really small we didn't want to look anymore and we left and told them we won't stay. So when we got back the girls were asleep and we went to find another Hotel that wasn't dirty and ugly and stuff. we found a nice one and the girls were still sleeping and Gio said he would stay and look after them. I got back and Gio fell asleep and I was about to wake him up till Asia spoke scaring the heck out of me "hey why we hear aren't we at the hotel" I told her the other one sucked and I found a better one she moaned and said my stomach hurts I said "you aint going no where till you help us pack inside the hotel." I kissed her on the forehead and yelled wake up and Gio woke up quickly while Ashley said what the hell man what you want you said you would get the stuff in the hotel and I cant help anyway my stomach hurts like hell" well too bad I said and that's what ya"ll get for eating so much. They all got out of the car and we got our stuff in the hotel Asia was did a loud fart and said I'm about to go take a dump and Ashley said I have to as well hurry up I have to as well I overheard them as I went to the front hall to get some information about when they serve breakfast when I said "no no no no no your not taking a dump yet. "What do you mean not yet" she said. This place is to beautiful, take a dump tomorrow please Asia for me. She thought about it and said fine but you owe me she said sexually. Ashley said the same to Gio and we agreed. I was happy till BRAAAAAAAAAAP "you didn't say we couldn't fart to relive the pressure. Ashley Then farted loudly as well. The hotel smelled awful and well I was pretty embarrassed when we left to have breakfast because it smelled so much. When we got there the breakfast was well there was no word to describe it, it wasn awful but the breakfast they gave was something I don't usually eat but I was kind of okay with it. As usual Asia and Ashley took anything they could eat while I had juice and Gio had toast. We left and we didn't really do much we were already in our pajamas while we were walking there Asia ripped another loud fart she giggled and said sorry boy but I gotta shit now so did Ashley they ran to the suite only to forget Gio had it. They nearly jumped him as he gave it to her and they failed I don't know 7 times till they got it right they rushed in and there was only one toilet so they looked at us and said "oh Boys" we weren't paying attention since they argued a lot about who should go first so they told us to come here and they said enjoy the show we sat by the tub and watched. They pulled there pants down slowly and blew us kisses and farted at the same time giggling as they did it. Asia sat on the toilet and farted loudly saying excuse me. And Ashley decided to use the trash can we don't know why. PLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP ahhhhhhhhhh Asia sighed in relief. Ashley stomach gurgled audibly and so oh boy BRAP BRAP PLOSSSSSSSHHH.
Asia continued to fart and Ashley seemed to have Diarrhea. Gio was getting a hard on watching this. Ashley then said the trash can almost full what do I do with the crap in here. Gio got up and told Asia to get up Asia got up then sat back down and dropped what sounded like a very big piece of crap. She then said I don't know if that gonna fit in here. Gio flushed then dumped the crap in the toilet it took awhile though. I tried not to laugh as Asia and Ashley were trying not to fart as the held in there crap. Trust me it was a funny image. He finally flushed this time Ashley was on the toilet and Asia was on the trash can. BRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP was all we heard from both of them. We said were they finished and they said yes. We secretly threw away the trash can and we watched movies and went to sleep well not me and Asia we made out. Unfortunately they food that Asia and Ashley ate didn't agree with them. It was Asia who got hit with it first. She woke up and quickly hurried to the bathroom I asked her what was wrong she said don't know she just has to crap now she pulled her pants down then BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP ohhh my stomach hurts I don't feel so well. She then continued to have diarrhea for a few more minutes. She finished and said ah crap she went to the sink and puked Ashley woke up and started to throw up in the toilet apparently the food they ate was not cooked right which was weird how all the other people had it. We decided not to eat there but Ashley and Asia were still sick for a couple of days. Now Asia is having diarrhea don't know why bout to go check on her.

Laters and Live For The Moment

When I was about 13 or 14 years old I had two friends named Cara and Amanda and we all liked to play together. We were all really close but not as close as we could have been.

We were all in Cara's house for the first time ever when Amanda said she had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was right next to the room we were in and the walls were paper thin. But more than that because the room we were in was part of an addition to the house and the bathroom used to face the outside so there was a tiny window with a small curtain over it and no pane of any kind. We didn't know this (Amanda and I) and I guess Cara forgot to mention it so obviously we were able to hear everything that happened in that bathroom.

Anyway Amanda, a very short blond girl, ventured into the bathroom and sat down. It was at the point when she unzipped her jeans that i realized we could hear her and i was going to say something but Cara whispered to me "It could be funny" so I stayed silent. She sat down and began to groan. Then we could her peeing and finally a torrent of diarrhea spewed out. Cara and I tried to hold back our laughter as we thought she would be out soon but she didn't come out.

We listened and heard her groan again saying something I couldn't quite hear. We eased our way closer to the wall and heard her pushing then we heard heard more pushing and finally a splash followed by a sigh of relief. Then came a billowing fart to which Cara and I almost lost it laughing but stifled ourselves to remain silent. Again another monstrous rush of diarrhea followed by some more farts. This continued for about ten minutes until we heard a flush and the sink run. Then Amanda told me to come with her to her house, that we should go. So I walked her home.

Later that night a got a phone call from Cara telling me she had clogged the toilet with one of the biggest dumps she had ever seen. A few days after that I asked Amanda why she had taken so long in the toilet and she told me she didn't think she was going to take that long when she went in. (I tried not to let on that we heard her in there and I don't think she ever caught on.) This has led to one of my most important rules in life which is to never take a poo in your friends house because you never know what could happen.


TO: Soccer Mom and other Moms in general

I've been reading this forum for quite some time now and I have to say that your attitude with your daughter and how she uses her pants when she has to go to the bathroom is OUTSTANDING!

Actually I have to commend a lot of the moms here on the board! I think the fact that your daughters, regardless of whether they are 8 or 18, can have a pee or a poop in their pants without you all flying off the handle and wanting to beat them into the ground for it is awesome!

Some of you let your little ones wear diapers or suggest diapers to them and I am amazed at the amount of understanding and caring! I think it really says something that you'd rather your daughters poop their pants than have to suffer with holding it in until they got home or to a bathroom!

I hope that if I ever have children that I can do the same thing with them because I know that it wasn't that way in my house growing up!

I've read on some of the parenting boards and some people have their priorities totally screwed up! I think there is more anger and frustration and lack of tolerance for a child who isn't potty trained by 1 or an 8 year old who has an accident or a 17 year old who for the first time in her life wet the bed than for a kid who was using drugs!

Why is an accident made out to be more serious than drugs or sex???

So I want to take my hat off and give a nod to all the moms out there who are okay with their daughter's having accidents and even having "accidents" ;-) lol

Take Care All!!!

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