How Embarrassing

I had an episode a few years ago that I'll share. I do volunteer work for Habitats for Humanity and I was in another large city several hundred miles from home on a weeklong building blitz of several new homes. There were approximately 300 volunteers, men and women (I'm a guy), all age groups from all over the USA attending and building the homes virtually from ground up in a week. A great thing, HFH is, but on to my story. At the end of the block where the homes were being built was a vacant cul-de-sac where they had erected a huge tent for all the volunteers to eat catered breakfast and lunch and on a couple of days, dinner. Across the street from the tent were 3 porta-potties. There were other porta-potties on the far end of the block as well. The houses we were building were about 5 vacant lots up the street from the tent. So when you had to go, you walked down the street about 300 yards or so to the porta-potties. They were lined up against one another, parallel to the street, so as you approached from the food tent, you saw the three doors. As you approached from the homes under construction, you saw the side of the end one. One evening they took us to a place where there was a large buffet of barbeque, beans, potato salad, etc. I remember thinking this might be bad tomorrow morning. Being a morning crapper and preferring total privacy (well, it's OK if my wife is around), I was a bit nervous about it, but the food was good. The next day, my morning crap didn't come before I left the hotel, which was a bit strange for me. But as the day wore on, I felt kind of stuffed like I needed to go but couldn't. Lunch came, and about an hour afterwards, my stomach began to swell and bloat and make strange groaning sounds. It felt like a huge build up of gas in my system. A few times, a big urge to fart came on, but I held it in since we were in mixed company and it went away, but the pressure was still in my lower stomach. Around 2:30 p.m., I was out by the water cooler located in front of our home, when the gas made its way down again. I held it again and the urge went away but not the pressure. At this point, I decided I needed to get rid of this gas once and for all. I looked down the street where the porta-potties were and there was no one around them or the tent. So I took off my tool belt and started walking toward the toilets. I approached the first one on the end from the side (remember they are parallel to the street), and as I came around to the front of it, I saw the red tag meaning "occupied". I thought "damn!" and saw that the second one was green so I ducked inside it and locked the door. Just as I locked the door, whoever was in that first one opened the door and left. I was grateful for that. I pulled down my pants and sat on the seat and began straining (quietly) to pass the gas before anyone else came around. I sat there straining a good 3 minutes and nothing would come out. I was frustrated and then told myself to just relax and let nature take its course. I relaxed and in about another minute the deep groan came from my gut again, and I felt the gas moving down. I pushed pretty good and a HUGE fart, about 10 seconds long and VERY loud, came out. I sat there another 30 seconds or so and a second groan came from my belly and again I pushed and an equally tremendous volume of loud gas erupted from me. No shitting, just gas. Note: in these porta-potties, sound is amplified louder than in a regular toilet. About 20 seconds after the second fart, I hear, "Hey, Dan, it's DeAnn. I've got a construction question for you. Should we be painting on a house when the wind is blowing dust in it?" There was a woman sitting in the THIRD porta-potty, right next to me, the entire time I was there! She made a call to someone named Dan on her cell phone. She had been there well before me, sitting silently, hearing me fart. I was mortified. I was thinking, "DeAnn, that sounds familiar. Now where have I seen a DeAnn this week at this event?" Then I recalled - there was a DeAnn who sat right next to me at the kick off dinner the first night! She was a pretty, 20-something young lady (I recalled noticing her butt in her tight jeans). Could this be the same DeAnn? I also knew the DeAnn who I had met at the dinner was working at the house next door to the one I was assigned to, so it was entirely possible. Anyway, now I was afraid to go out in fear she would see who I was. My guess is she knew it was a man next to her because I'm sure I must have coughed, cleared my throat, or something. So I sat there while she talked to Dan about her concern on the construction project. Well, a third giant urge came for me to pass more gas. I was planning to wait to leave until she'd left and the coast was clear anyway, so I cut loose and let this one go too. I heard her say, "What? No that wasn't me." Then she whispered into the phone (you can hear EVERYTHING in these porta-potties), "I'm calling you from the toilets. There is a guy sitting next to me taking a dump and it's him making all the noise." Now I was really mortified. I continued to sit there waiting for her to leave. She talked another 3 or 4 minutes. Then she said goodbye and I heard her unroll toilet paper and wipe, pull up her pants, and then she went out. I waited a few more minutes to make sure the coast was clear and carefully opened my door and peeked out. I saw no one around. So I went out and walked across the street and went back to my assigned house from the other side of the street so perhaps if she saw me, she wouldn't notice I'd come out of the toilet. When I got back to the hotel I told my wife about this. She said I shouldn't let this bother me and that this girl was probably sitting there shitting herself. I said if she was, she sure could shit quietly. I didn't hear a sound from her - no farts, plops, peeing, or anything. My wife said, "If it had been me and I needed to fart again after I knew someone was there, I'd do it. People have to fart and shit and what else would you suggest you do?" I told my wife that I had farted after I knew she was there and that she'd whispered about it to her friend on the phone.

The next day was the final day and there was a luncheon to celebrate the completion of the houses. I was in the food line and out of the 300 or so people there, guess who was two people in front of me? Yep, DeAnn. She was talking to a lady behind her and I overheard her say, "Yeah, I didn't think we should be painting with all that dust blowing yesterday, so I called a friend to ask what he thought." So, yes it was DeAnn apparently taking a silent dump in the porta-potty next to me the day before, hearing me explode. I must say, however, that even though this was embarrassing, it was NECESSARY!

Mr. Clogs

Thx for the responses to my question

SquatSpotter: Yup those empty plastic jugs do come in handy for those race horse moments.

Mac: Chamber pots is a rare article to have these days.

CD: Large glass, nice but accidentally sipping that cup with the piss fill, yuck!

The responses were interesting. I might try CD's idea.


Some College Visits are Crappy...

Today my family planned to take me out to the University of Hartford, which is about a 5 hour drive one way from where I live. So in preparation for my big day my mother made me eggs for breakfast. I hate eggs, I've always hated them because I think they taste gross and they make me feel gross. But I obliged and ate them. As well as a leftover scone from Panera Bread.

The first 4 hours of driving were uneventful, I slept 2 of them and read the other 2. Then we stopped at Subway for lunch. I had a sweet onion chicken teriyaki with olives and, what I know realize was a mistake, jalapenos.

By the time we got to the college I was starting to have small amounts of pressure, in my bowels, but I figured I could hold it for a while. We sat in a waiting room for the tour to begin for about 20 minutes. Then I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it anymore, I felt like I was about explode crap all over the waiting room couch, so I asked where the bathroom was, and half sprinted there.

I locked the door ASAP then yanked my pants down and prepared for the hell storm to come out my ass.

But there was nothing.

Even though I felt like I was going to explode, nothing came out, so I strained and squeezed and managed to push out a few solid turds, and some long, thin turds. I checked my watch and saw that the tour was going to start in 2 minutes, so I wiped and left the bathroom, but still felt tremendous pressure.

I thought that I could at least hold it off until the end of the tour, I was wrong there too. We got to the first building and my mom saw that I was uncomfortable and fidgeting around, so she asked me what was wrong and I told her that I needed a bathroom.

So my mom asked the tour guide and she lead the group past some bathrooms and said they would wait there until I was done.
I rushed into the stall and ripped my pants down again, feeling the familiar pressure. My cheeks hit the seat and BAM! My butt started shooting liquid diarrhea into the toilet. I'd give a little push and another wave would shoot out of me. I knew I was holding up the tour, but I knew things would only get worse if I didn't finish the job I needed to do. So after about ten minutes on the crapper, I wiped a couple times, then flushed and pulled my pants up.

In my rush to empty my bowels, I didn't notice the floor was wet, so my one pant leg was soaked. I didn't care though. I knew I'd never see the people on the tour again, and my parents wouldn't really mind.
After that I was okay for the rest of the tour, but I did feel bad for holding the tour group up a bit. I was glad I made it to a bathroom in time. I don't think my family wanted to drive 10 hours just so I could crap myself.



Re: Amy (from Midwest) on the Finally post

Hi Amy, what an interesting story you had. That must have been fun. I enjoyed your story a lot :)

mike from usa

to canadian kelly or her husband

I loved your post several pages back about the girl at the dog park. It must of been so embarrassing for her, did she talk to you guys or say anything? Do you or your wife have any more posts? anything new or old that you never posted before I would love to read about them.



Good Morning Poo

I had an excellent morning's poop about two hours ago. Getting it out only took a mild bit of effort to start things going. It slid out without any noise. No gas... no pee... no grunting... no pain.
Before wiping, I stood up and looked at what came out. 'Impressive!' was the thought that went through my mind as I gazed at it. It was big, thick and it was shaped like a field hockey stick. For a stool that was about 8" long and ~2" thick, it was an odd combination.

Cleaning up was unexpectedly messy. I had to wipe my bum 4 or 5 times to get rid of it all.

Take care,


Kirsty (Wendys friend)

My morning poo

Hi all. I'm sitting on the toilet right now & I'm having a wonderfull poo. I haven't been for a few days & I've already pushed out a couple of big ones & now I'm working on the third. This one is huge & doesn't want to come out. My anus is stretched to the limit & it's finally begining to move. It's hard & knobly & it's hard work to keep it moving. It's coming slowly but surely now, but I have to keep pushing or it will stop. It's touching the water now & it's still hanging out of my bum. Boy this one's huge. There can't be much more to come out. At last the monster poo is done. There are 2 big ones of about 7" & 9" in the toilet & third huge one of about 12" long. The relief is fantastic & the wiping is easy as they are hard dry poos.

I went out for a drink with Kirsty last night & in the pub there was a group of girls. They were all a bit tipsy but one of them was so drunk she could barely stand up & her friends had to hold her up & walk her round to try to stop her passing out. She was really out of it & I saw a big wet patch in her jeans. As it grew there was a smell of poo & a brown stain appeared on her bum. It grew quickly & soon the girl had totaly soaked her jeans with a mixture of pee & diarrhoea. It really stank & her mates had to carry her out of the pub while she was still messing herself. They must have been good friends to do that er her. She threw up in the doorway & again in the car park.
When the pub closed, Me & Kirsty left for home & as we walked along the road we passed the group of girls. The one that was really drunk had sobered up a bit by now & was crying & freaking out that she'd messed herself in front of everyone.
That girl definately had far too much to drink!

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

My most outrageous poo

During my early teens I used to love doing a poo in the most outrageous places. I never got caught & looking back I suppose it was really dirty but thats why I liked it. There was one time I was at the back of the cinema. There was no one close by so I lifted my dress up, moved my bum to the front edge of the seat & slid my knickers to my knees. At first I only peed but when I felt the urge to poo as well so I did that on the floor as well. When I was done I went to the toilets to clean up.
Another time I pood in a urinal in the boys toilets at school & got caught. I was sent straight to the headmaster for that but he was on holiday so I had to go back a fortnight later. The day he came back I was bursting for a poo. I'd held it in specially. I was sent to see him in the afternoon but he knew nothing about it & wasn't in his office. I was almost pooing myself & after an hour of waiting he finaly turned up. I went in to see him & when he read the report on me he was furious. I really had to go but there yas on way I could dare ask to leave the room now. I was really really desperate & just couldn't hold it any longer. He was going on at me for being so disgusting & all I could do was shit myself in his office. He quickly smelled it & threw me out of his office. I was so embarrassed. I ran straight to the girls toilets still shitting myself & by the time I got there I'd emptied my bowels completely into my knickers. I was in a terrible mess & the clean up was impossible so I went home & didn't return.

When I was 17 I was travelling home from college. My dad picked me up in his car & after a week of holding my poo in I really had to go. We were stuck in traffic & it was raining heavily. I asked my dad he we could stop somewhere but we were on the motorway & had on keep moving. I'd been clenching for ages & it was really hurting. I told my dad I couldn't hold it but he just told me to hold it untill we got home. I couldn't & the pain was so unbearable I had to relax. A second later I felt my poo moving down towads my anus, forcing it to open up against my will. There was nothing I could do to stop it & I began to poo in my underwear. Fortunately I had my bum pressed hard against the car seat so only about 3 inches came out before the seat blocked its path. The only problem was the backup caused the pain to increase in my bowels. My dad could smell my accident & told me off for it. I started to cry & he calmed down telling me not to worry about it. I thought he was giving me permission to carry on so I lifted my bum off the seat & began to push out a massive hard knobly turd into my knickers. It hit the gusset & bent over double as it continued to flow. My dad looked over at me in dis belief. He told me to stop messing myself but I couldn't as there was now a biological need to empty my bowels. I told him I couldn't control it so he told me to sit on the old coat that was on the back seat. I reached round to grab it & my poo broke off & fell into the pile that was in my underwear. I slid the coat under my bum & at that moment my dad hit the brakes when I white transit van cut us up. I fell back into my seat squishing the poo all over my bum. It felt all hot & sticky. I was nowhere near done so I lifted my bum off the seat again & began to push. This time it was softer & came out easily like a rope. It made contact with the rest of the poo that had pancaked up in my knickers & curled round itself as it came out. It was a lot too & my underwear was full to capacity so I had to stop. When we got home I went straight up to the bathroom to finish my poo & to get cleaned up. I spent ages on the toilet & then wiped most of the poo off my bum with loads of toilet roll & let the shower do the rest.

Alan in Amsterdam

Message for Janice

Hey Janice the golfer: I also play golf, and I have never yet had to have a crap on the course though I have taken a piss now and then. I am always making a mental note of places where if necessary you could drop your trousers. Where I play there are plenty of bushes and I am often in them thrashing about trying to get back onto the fairway. I am glad that you put the golf first, and that when you eventually gave way to your bowels you didn't drop your poo on the green. A loose impediment? I am sure that with the sun going down and nobody else around you could have risked squatting to drop some poo in the rough, though the guy whose ball landed in it next day might not be too pleased. It never occurred to me, but do golf courses usually arrange to have the clubhouse halfway round so that you can go to the toilet if necessary? But isn't that unduly delaying play? Watching the ladies golf on TV last week, my wife wondered why women and men play separately. "Is it in case the ladies have to go in the bushes?" she asked in all sincerity. If I'd read your post then I'd have said "No, they just fill their knickers"! It was a good job you were playing on your own! I suspect you enjoyed your experience, and I enjoyed reading about it, thank you.

Mr. Clogs

Delightful day

Hello everybody! Mr. Clogs and I had a delightful day, all systems go no problems. Anyways, I woke up this morning about 6:30 am to get ready for work. I needed to pee really bad, so I made a mad dash for the bathroom. I was squirting a bit in my PJ pants before I can get my penis out to pee, I released a large torrent of pee, it must of taken me about 3 minutes just to empty my bladder out! I hoped in the shower to get ready for work.

Wendy: Great story about when you were 12 of pooping in the flower pot that was in the shed.

Angie: Nice story about the lady who pooped and peed a bit in her panties!


Mr. Clogs


Responses to Hugh and Half-Dump

For Hugh:

That is certainly an interesting question you have asked: about playing with one's pubic hair while they are seated on the toilet. I know that one well. Back almost 10 years ago when I was in college when my boyfriend stayed over in my apartment, I noticed early on that he was nervous and just sitting on the toilet constipated--which he was frequently--was a chore for him because he didn't know what to do with his hands. I would shower and frequently do my hair while Quentin would be seated on the seat while he raked his fingers through his pubic hair. It would continue almost with regularity and while he held his organ with his left hand, he would rake his right fingers through his bush. Once I remember waking up late, having to pee badly before my Intro to Mass Comm class and waiting while I combed my hair and brushed my teeth, and the right hand action just got to me and I made a sarcastic remark about did he want me to buy him a small rake so that he wouldn't have to expend so much effort. He took it as a joke but didn't offer to get up and give me a couple of minutes of his stool time to pee. I ended up peeing in arts and sciences hall before my class and then begin reminded of it that afternoon when I got out of three back-to-back classes and was preparing to sit and crap when I noticed a good number of pubic hairs over the front of the seat. Whether he pulled them out or they just naturally fell out I guess I'll never know. We broke up later that school year and a minor factor was his chronic complaining about his constipation and his raking of his pubic hairs.

Also, Hugh, I've since found pubic hairs can be troublestome. As I've written about with several posts, my current boyfriend TJ plays softball most every night of the week and I'm frequently out at the park to see him play. Even now the pubic hairs (now I'm referring to mine) are troubling to me because when I sit on the park toilets to crap or pee (sometimes both) I'm hot and sweaty and my whole body (including my pubic area) attracts flies and mosquitos and even some knats. I guess they're attracted to water and they frequently are flying about the bowl before I even sit down. Another problem is that the parks department doesn't lock the entry doors to the toilet structures after the games so these insects pretty much hang out in the toilets and those of us who use them get "attacked." I know TJ feels like I do on this and his thighs have several bite marks from the insects, and one from this past weekend is turning into quite a sore and may need to be treated by a doctor if it doesn't start healing on its own. And with the record rainfall, heat and humidity we've been having, I don't see it getting any better for TJ and myself.

These are my answers for Half Dump Denise:

1) I'm female, 28.
2. Yes, I've felt uncomfortable having a child of the opposite gender in the restroom when I've been in there. And it has happened several times, but I don't think the parent or babysitter stop to think about the possible violation of privacy that can occur.
3) My dad let me go into a public toilet alone when I was probably 6 and my mom took me into a stall and helped him get situated until I was about 7. On the couple of occasions I can remember when I had a really messy crap then found there was not any toilet paper on the roll, she then would bring me some and lecture me about checking first. It didn't make a lot of sense to me back then and I resented the advice, but she said there was a way to remember to check for the toilet paper before I crapped and then had to sit with a messy butt to wipe and no tissue available. She said you should take a sheet of toilet paper off and wipe the seat down. That way you would fine out ahead of time that there was none and you could find another better stocked stall. I sometimes even make that mistake today, and I know I should be taking her advice.
4. When the child causes trouble in the toilet, it is usually because of a lack of parent supervision. Also, I think some children have not been properly coached on how to handle certain situations. For example, no child should sit for 15 or 20 minutes on a toilet when there's a long line waiting. It's so inconsiderate.
5. I've taken my nephew (Chad's 6) in with me a few times when we've been traveling or at a big event like the circus. But I take him into a stall and he stays there until he and I are done. Then after we're done at the sinks, he holds my hand as we quickly exit. He's taught to keep his focus to the front of him, although once last summer I heard him tell one of his school friends that it's fun to hear women peeing in the other stalls. He tried to use the word "tinkle" but slurred it pretty bad. Still I found his observation to be pretty interesting.

Sheila- thanks! I feel fine again now. Not sure what caused it after all; probably some dodgy food.

Which reminds me of the first time I had an accident since I was a kid. It happened when I was 16, and I was sooo embarrassed! I woke up and felt pretty bad, but I got up and went to school anyway because it was coming up to our exams. I sat on the loo at home before I left to see if anything would come out, but there was nothing except a couple of farts. At morning break I went for a wee because I was pretty desperate by then (as I usually was) and when I was done I sat there for a couple of minutes to see if anything happened. Again it was just a few quiet farts so I went to my next lesson feeling a bit better for having let out some gas. By lunchtime my stomach was feeling really weird but I still didn't need to poo. After lunch we had an assembly in the hall and then two lessons. By the time we were sitting in the hall I started to feel the rumblings that I'd been expecting all day. When the assembly finished we had to hurry to class because, as usual, it had overran. I didn't have time for a poo so I just went to the lesson. I thought I could hold it, but I was wrong. Towards the end of the lesson I was getting really uncomfortable. I was sweating and starting to shake and I really had to poo very soon. My friend Lucy asked me if I was ok and I was too embarrassed to say I had to shit, so I just told her I felt sick, which was also true. With just about 5 minutes left I realised I had to go now or it would probably be too late. But again I thought I could wait until the break between classes, but it wasn't to be. I suddenly cramped up really badly and a squirt of wet mushy poo shot into my knickers. I was so shocked but I managed to keep a normal expression even as another squirt that lasted two or three seconds came out. I regained control after that but I was still full to bursting and knew I couldn't hold on for much longer. The bell went and I rushed ahead down the stairs telling Lucy I was going to be sick. My underwear was full of diarrhea but I still had to empty my bowels so I hurried to the girls toilets that had full floor-to-ceiling cubicles and found that all eight were full and there was a queue. I stood in it, feeling more desperate all the time and knowing people would soon start to smell what I had already let out. Soon enough a cubicle opened up and I went in. I sat quickly and exploded into the toilet. Waves of diarrhea and mushy poo filled the bowl. I was still going when the bell for the next lesson went, so I knew I'd have to just go home and say I was sick. My panties were ruined and I didn't know what to do with them, so I just left them in the bin. I finally finished pooing after about 20 minutes. I flushed several times to get everything down, pulled up my trousers (which I had decided to wear instead of the skirt in case of just such an occurrence), checked it was silent outside and left, quickly washing my hands and going home. The next day I told people I'd felt sick and gone home and as far as I know nobody suspected anything! Lucy might have realised but if she did she never mentioned it. Still, I was mortified that I'd actually crapped myself at 16!

Bye everyone! Will post again soon.

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 7

With now having the hard rain outside Jeannie and I waited it out inside my house by playing some pingpong out in the old summer kitchen which I had made over into a recreation room for myself. The rain was just plain pouring down. No thunder and lightning and it looked like it would stay pouring for some time.

Jeannie and I played several games of pingpong and then we both were tired so we quit. So we headed upstairs to the back little bedroom where I had our old tv in and I turned it on and she and I stretched out on the old bed that was in the room too and started watching tv. We both wound up dozing off for awhile too. Jeannie was tired as I had been.

When we woke up it was still raining but not as hard as it had been. I needed to piss and so did Jeannie. I could have stepped over to the window which was open and pissed out it. (I and Jeannie had done this before when we were here) But since it was raining Jeannnie wouldn't able to do it for she would have gotten wet from the rain if she stuck her cute rearend out the window. So we went downstairs and went and used the old back bathroom off the den.

Now this bathroom the fixtures in it were very old. A large old white clawfoot high sided tub, a old white free standing pedistal sink, and the toilet was old being also white but it stood very high off the floor as far as the toilet bowl and seat on the toilet. Plus the bowl was small along with the seat being small.

Now it was funny as far as Jeannie using this toilet. Being so high her feet when she sat on the seat would not reach the floor unless she slanted her feet down and then only the tips pf her toes would touch. But she liked the toilet for the seat beng small she easily sat on the seat unlike other toilets she could fall right through them! Jeannie told me she almost had fallen in using the toilets at school! Boy did I laugh at that and she did too.

I let Jeannie go first since unless she stood and pissed that was the only way we could go together at the same time. Besides I could wait and then Jeannie could have her little fun holding me while I pissed. Jeannie yanked her shorts down and she slipped them right off. She sat down on the seat but slid her feet way back which they hung in the air so she was spread eagled sittng on the toilet seat now.

Giggleing Jeannie asked; Dave can you see? I laughed a little and I kidded Jeannie right back that I couldn't. She knew I was kidding for she made a sourpuss look on her face and stuck her tounge out at me. Then she started to piss. From put pf her vagina a nice neat light yellow stream of piss flowed. It hissed softly as it flowed. There was only slight splashing down in the bowl for her stream was hitting above the little bit of water that was in the toilet.

Jeannie pissed for a good twenty seconds or a little more then that. Like many times when she ended her piss Jeannie dribbled a lot and the dripped. Jeannie reached overand rapidly rolled off some toilet paper. As she did she giggled and said to me; Oh its so nice now to have some good aper to wipe with! We hadn't used toilet paper all the time we had been at the stay over on the lake. Jeannie dabbed away wth the paper dropped it and got up off from the toilet seat.

She reached right for the zipper on my shorts and yanked it down. She then did the snap and yanked them roght down off of me. She sw my penis was ready which she giggled as she lifted up the seat for me. She stepped behind me this time. I felt her warm body pressing into my backside and bare ass. Then around came both hands this time and she held my penis with both of her hands.

So waht I did was start singing the old Double Mint Gum jingle. Double your pleasure double your fun but only got that far for Jeannie giggled hard and told me; All Right Dave! Then I started to piss. I sent a nice thin long twisted stream drectly into the toilet hitting square on the light yellow colored water and Jeannies piss in the toilet making a loud splash.

I took a longer piss then Jeannie had. That was alright with her. For she had started palying around by moving my penis in a cirle making my stream go around the inside of the bowl of the toilet. She did this untill my stream started to ease off and she stopped and kept my penis still. I soon stopped for a pause. I did a few weak short spurts and that was it. I was finished. Jaennie gave me a couple of good shakes and then she let go. She reached down and picked up hers and my shorts. I flushed the toilet and then we put our shorts back on.

We walked out of the bathroom and it had stopped raining. Jeannie said to me that I better get her home now. It might start raining again. So we wnet upstairs to the little bedroom put on our sneakers and socks shut off the tv and went back downstairs. Jeannie gathered up her stuff which I took from her and we left. When we got to her house and before she went inside we stood at the backdoor for a momnet. Jeanni thanked me for having a great time. With a smile she said to me; I got everything I wished for Dave. She gave me a quick kiss and went inside. I turned around and headed home. The end


my gf

Today my gf kerrin had an embarssing accident at school and on the bus ride home. She is 17 about 145 pounds and she is 5'4 tall. Anyways today at school she was wearing skintight pink tights that were so tight u could see her pantie line. Her panties were cotton white my little pony panties which had little stars and hearts and ponys on them. I love that pair their cute. Anyways the teacher asked her to do a presentation in front of everybody. As soon as she got up there I noiticed she was squriming around doing the pee pee dance. By the way our teacher doesn't let ppl go to the bathroom. Anyways before she started her presentation she out loud asked the teacher to go pee and obvisily he said no so she started her speech while still doing the pee pee dance when all of a sudden her face turned bright bright red and she froze up stood still looked down then at everybody and completly flooded her panties and tights. She pissed so bad that she left a huge yellow puddle under her on the floor her tights where all soaked so bad that you could see her my little pony panties right through like she wasent wearing pants. Everybody even the teacher was roaring and pointing with laughter. My teacher wouldn't still let her go to the bathroom to clean up until she was done her speech it was brutal. Anyways to make a long story short my gf later on the bus ride home ended up shitting her panties and tights anyways my gf is still gonna remain at that school more stories later

Just a guy
I had a strange dump recently. I normally have 2-3 dumps daily. One in the morning, sometimes one after lunch, and one in the evening. On weekends I tend to skip the morning dump, although I don't really get up later and have a larger breakfast. I still go twice on weekends as I usually have a dump sometime after lunch. Well on this particular day, I got an urge after breakfast and went to the bathroom, but just had a little gas. Again sometime after lunch, I got an urge, but again nothing. I didn't get any urge that evening, but just before I went to bed I got an urge. It wasn't strong & I figured it would be just gas again, so I was preparing to go to bed any way, but the urge got somewhat stronger, so I decided to visit the bathroom. I sat 2-3 minutes with very little gas and was getting ready to get off the toilet, when finally I felt something moving. It was a very small poo, maybe 1 to 1.5". After this, I had several of these in a row and started counting. It was a total of 8. I thought I was done and going to start wiping but then the urge return. I had to sit for a total of 10 minutes (unusually long for me) and made 32 small poos--very unusual, feeling done at times, only to have the urge return.

Meme, Kevin & Sportsfan - I really enjoyed your stories. I hope you all will have more to share!

poo girl

the latest dump

hey its me poo girl again! it's been a couple of days since my last post on this forum but im back yay! :)
so now onto todays dump, I was at school (gasp!) and i really had to go poo so i went to the toilets and my friend who I'll call A which is the first letter of her name was in there. she said hi to me, she was washing her hands and i went into the toilet. unfortunately A was still there and she was dolling herself up in the mirror and a whole heap of poos pushed out of my butt and landed with an abnormally loud PLOP! in the toilet. i knew A heard me then more girls came in there must have been about 5 of them, I tried to shit as silenty as possible but PLOP! the girls all went ewwwww yuk! i was sooo embarrassed. then I flushed the toilet and came out and they all stared at me and I washed my hands and went back to class.
see you soon everyone :)

Colorado Boy

Outhouse Dump

I'm a 25 year old male about 6 foot 2 and 175 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. On a couple of occassions I have been in the presence of girls pooping; but never have I actually seen the poop coming out of a girl which is my ultimate dream. That is of a hot girl of course. Anyway I have a few stories, but will start with just the one first.

Alright so I was out for a jog in the woods one afternoon when I suddenly had the urge to crap. This was the first time I had been on this particular trail and I guess it was a popular spot because there were quite a few people. I went to the facilities and noticed one long line about 6 or so people deep. When I arrived in line I kinda mumbled something like oh damn cuz i only saw one bathroom, and the girl in front of me who was extremely hot said "oh don't worry it won't take too long there are three holes in there." My heart started to race rapidly as I was surprised that this was an outhouse, but excited at the same time. Then another extremely cute girl took a spot behing me in line. I talked to the girls for some time in the line until it was our turn. I hoped so badly to go in there the same time as atleast one of them. Sure enough 2 guys came out at the same time opening up 2 of the holes. She took the end one and I took the middle next to some old lady who was finishing up. She soon exited and the cute little burnette took her seat on the other side of me. I was kinda embarassed at first to poop in front of them because of the noises it was gonna make so I held it in. They both peed, but continued to sit there so i assumed they also had to dump out. The three of us just kinda sat there waiting for someone else to start dropping logs. The taller hot girl then pushed out some farts and it made me and the cute little burnette comfortable too so we all sat there dropping our three loads. It was INCREDIBLE and AMAZING and close to a dream come true for me to be with hot girls while they were pooping, but I just wished I could have seen the poop actually coming out of their hot little asses. Hopefully i will get my chance to see this soon!


Lost a Pissing (Distance) Contest - To a Woman!

I was at a party at a converted warehouse last weekend, and it was a pretty loose scene. Many of the men were in briefs, boxers, or jockstraps. Many of the women wore bras and shorts, and many were topless. And the place had only one bathroom.

There was a pixie-ish woman of about 20 who was the only woman to strip completely naked. She had firm round breasts and either very light or shaved pubic hair. I was in the doorway getting air when I saw her, stark naked, skip across the alley to the big trash can by the side of the road. My bladder was also full, so I thought I'd join her, as we'd gotten on fairly well all evening.

She bent her knees slightly, and thrust forward her pelvis. I guess she had spread her labia apart as well, because a light yellow stream of urine, a little blurry and a little jagged, arced out in front of her and splattered onto the ground.

I stood next to her and whipped out my dick. "Let's see who can do it further," I said, and soon my own stream came out, only half as far as hers.

"I win," she said. She was still going, and I thrust a little and my stream reached out nearly as far as hers. She thrust her pelvis forward a little, and then her piss arched up a little higher and did manage to go further than mine by an inch or so. I didn't mine losing, as the contest was a reason to keep focused on her stream until it, like mine, dwindled down to mere droplets.

As I headed back into the club, another woman was coming out and put her back against the building's front wall. She had small boobs and was topless, wearing black shorts. She squatted down and pulled down her pants. I asked if we had inspired her, and she laughed. I saw a strong, needle-sized pee stream spraying from her legs and strike the concrete, but didn't think I sho

new guy

another fart story

Today is Aug 5th 2010 Before I get to the story. I just want to say hi to PRG &Carmalita. I really enjoy your stories and want to hear more of them.Now for my story back when around 9 or10 I was sitting in a field girl named Heather she was a few years older then me. We were just talking when I heard her fart a couple of little ones they werent very lound and I didnt smell them because the wind was blowing the opposite way.

uld stay for the whole performance.



this is my 1st post
well this morning i in awoke to a strong pain in my gut and gurgling churning sounds at first i paid no attion cuss i wanted more sleep desperately trying to get more sleep as i laid. The pain continued to slowly grow pissed off now i went threw a slow process of wakeing up to use the bathroom. sitting on the toilet i didn't want to wake up my siblings or have them hear me so i put a bit of paper in the bowl to soften spa sh sounds and i flushed . As soon as the flush went off i pushed hard(i expected loose stool) but it was mid sized nu gets coming out i was being silent as possible the dry gross poop kept coming the smell wasn't strong the multi colored poo was kinda dry done with this my stomach pain was weakened an i was ready to sleep looking in to the bowl the drain was out of sight i flushed 3 times i dont recall how many times i wiped. going to bed i felt kinda dirty i hadent bathed after pooping 'or in the last 3 days'hesatent to lay back down i did
closing my eyes an letting the warm blanket hug me
suddenly the gut pain returned
hoping it was just gas i pushed and a wet wet wet fart puffed out
duck waddling to the bathroom
in a rush i pl oped down an try ed to slowly let out this shit
but it came out so fast i couldn't even prepare for it
the first explosion lasted for 5 sec loud
then a shorter 3 sec one i realized how loud it was an try ed to cover it up all the time in between this i was farting wetness relieving presher i flushed an pushed hard the gas and waste came out like a bomb sounding like glass breaking sighing in relief it carry ed on for a good 4 sec but even the toilet flush didn't cover the sounds i wiped trying to get to bed but i didn't wipe good enough so I'm left with an itchy ass an stained panties I'm getting a shower bye .


This is for Anny

Hey there, sorry to hear of your troubles. With the seizures, I hope that you are comfortable enough with letting others know about it so that if something happens, it can save a lot of hassles. Not only that, but having friends that know, and know what/what not to do in the event of a seizure will be really beneficial to you. So far as the colonoscopy goes, it's a piece of cake. Probably the worst part is the stuff they make you drink. The good news is that between that and the medication (it usually comes in the package with the drink), that's probably all you'll need. and it's all over within a few hours with no cramping or sudden urges to go. I had a colonoscopy last year and was in fact asleep during the whole thing. The preparation for such procedures, or tests, has come a long way. It beats the old days with the licorice powder, or castor oil, and then an enema. I had as a child the need for intravenous pyleogram every 2-4 years up until the age of about 13 or 14 because of kidney problems. (I'm fine now.) I think it was between the doctor and myself that we came to the conclusion that the IVP's were unecessary, and an unecessary exposure to x-rays for something that I would probably be symptomatic for before any tests or procedures showed anything. The only thing I would caution you about is making sure yourself that the anesthesiologist is aware of what medications you are on, especially the anti-seizure medications. DON'T rely on any doctors, nurses, or other hospital staff to give them that info. Good luck.

toSportsFan: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you had an awesome bathroom experience in the porta potty. thats funny that you overheard becky. shes right when she said that mexican food gives you gas. it definitley affects your bowel movements. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to NewGuy: i really enjoyed your post. thats cool that you have seen a girl poop before. i bet you will capture that moment in your heart forever. thats funny also that in 4th grade abbie farted. did you like the way it smelled? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Hugh: i really enjoyed your post. i have placed with my pubic hair before. your right its just habit forming when sitting on the pot! i lookforward to any future stories that you might have. take care and God bless.
to SquatSpotter: thanks for the kind words. i really appreciate it. to answer your question the last time i peed for a drugtest was three years ago. how i did it was squat and pee in the cup and once the cup was full then i finished peeing in the tiolet and left it unflushed. iam from Florida. i have family that lives in Dallas Texas. i lookforward to any future stories that you might have. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you made the right decision to relieve yourself at home than rather wait and risk possibly having an embarrassing accident in your work outfit on the job. sounds like you took a good healthy dump. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your stories. it so nice to hear from you! how have you been? thats really cool that you got to hear a girl in the stall next to you. i bet she stunk up the bathroom! did you like the way it smelled? thats crazy that you found a soiled diaper in a parking lot while skateboarding with your friend! how did they react? thats really cool that you got a good peak of the redheaded girl on the tiolet! how did this experience make you feel? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to JadedJarred: i really enjoyed your post. i wish maddie all the best with squat peeing. hopefully she will learn before school starts. did she leave the tiolet unflushed again? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Migrainelover: i really enjoyed your short post. i wish you all the best in peeing in a cup. iam sure that you will have Great success. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. thats crazy that your friend Emma held her bowel movement in for a week. i bet she was in alot of pain. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your second post. i wonder if someone wanted to spy on you while you were taking a dump. iam sorry also to hear that your bum was itchy. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to CD: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that the older women didnt noticed that you farted right in front of her. i would have been so embarrassed. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Amy: i really enjoyed your post. iam so glad that you were able to ivite a newcomer to your peeing routine in your car. i really wish that i could have joined you guys. that sounds like so much fun. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Harry Pooper: i really enjoyed your post. now youv'e seen what purnes can do to your digestive system. will you continue to eat them? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Christopher: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear about your horrible accident that occurred in your hotel room when you arrived back from the holiday party. i hope that this will not continue for you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you took a satisfying dump at school. did you stink up the bathroom? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you took quite a dump at summer camp when you were 12. iam glad that you left the tiolet unflushed. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post. i wish you all the best at your next appointment. i hope all is well. take care and God bless.




Hi again. I had a (for me) unusually hard and painful poo earlier. I was doing some stuff around the house when I had to go so I went to the upstairs loo for a bit of privacy. I dropped my shorts and pink panties and sat. I started pushing and a little piece came out and then the big log started to strain my anus. It really hurt actually, which is very unusual because I normally have soft, often mushy poos or even diarrhea. It hurt and I don't like it! Eventually it came out with a loud plop and was followed by another little piece, and then I was empty. I sat for a couple of minutes until the pain around my bum went then wiped and flushed. Only needed two bits of loo paper, actually!

Another story I want to tell you that happened last summer. I'd gone to watch my friend Zoe play in her netball team. While I was sitting watching I started to need a poo. There were no loos where the match was taking place, which was annoying, but I thought I'd be fine until I got home. I had told Zoe I would drive her back from the match, so she came over after it had finished and we went to my car. I started driving but I was getting more and more full down below. I was so focused on the road and my own bowels that I didn't really notice Zoe was being unusually quiet, until she said, 'umm..'
I looked at her and she asked if we could stop because she really had to poo. I surprised her by saying I did too and I started looking for somewhere to stop. I spotted a little shopping centre and I quickly pulled into the car park. Zoe looked really uncomfortable by now and my poo was knocking on my back door too. We went inside and found the toilets. There were six cubicles and a couple were taken. We took adjacent stalls. I dropped my jeans and knickers and I saw Zoe's netball skirt hit the floor next to me. I sat and so did she. Immediately I heard two or three plops. I got settled and without any need to push a big load of mushy poo slid from me. I moaned with a mixture of pleaure and relief. Zoe let go with a loud fart and another log. I curled out a piece too. I had been in need of getting to a toilet fast, so I can only imagine how close Zoe had been to going in her pants! She shat out five more logs over the next couple of minutes. Meanwhile I was still pooing, this time some squirts of diarrhea. I was surprised at how much I had to get out of me, since I hadn't eaten all that much over the last couple of days. Another soft log or two came out of me next. Zoe was still going at it, with lots of plops and farts coming from her, not to mention the smell, which between us was pretty strong! I curled out two final mushy loads and I was done. I sat and waited for Zoe to finish, enjoying the sounds she made. Soon she was done too, so I met her at the sink. She said she felt much better!

Post Title (optional)Q TO ANNY - COLONOSCOPY

Anny, my sister is involved and has been for years at a large GI clinic and they have done thousands of colonoscopies. If ever there is a problem it is usually involving somebody who is very old and sick and a high risk person. I am thinking that you will actualyy feel better after the scope because of the major clean out. Most scopes come back negative, or at least not as bad as the patient speculates. I found the very worst part of the scope by far was not being able to eat lunch or tea the day before (fasting)...I was very very hungry.
Main thing is to follow the preparation exactly and drink and drink and drink. (water I mean or similar)
The sort of thing that the GI doctor might find is polyps or possible things likes Chrons Disease etc. Bowel cancer does occur in younger people like you but it is very rare.
If you read or remember my earlier posts it might make the procedure a bit more comfortable. The main thing is to be preparted to sit on the toilet..if you are finding that difficult or are getting stomach cramps then get under the shower.....have disinfectant at hand because it might be easier for you to just release your bowels in the shower. Put a plastic chair or stool in the shower to sit on because you might find standing a bit much.
The only thing where you could depart from the instructions is that the day before when starting the clean out you should start say 1 to 2 hours earlier with the laxatives...this will hopefully allow most of the shit inside you to be expelled before bed time. Keep a bucket next to the bed in case of extreme urgencies.
Keep us posted, but I think you will agree that the thought of the colonoscopy was worse than the actual colonoscopy.

Since I had the day off me and some friends went to the lake about 2 hours away out town. One of my friends Mike has a boat and we were planning on water skiing. For some reason I hadn't had a decent shit in a few days so I knew I was already quite backed up. When we arrived we got onto the boat and set off. After some time I realized I needed to relieve myself.

Unfortunately the boat didn't have a working bathroom and since we were in the middle of the lake I couldn't just drop my swimsuit and unload over the railing in front of everyone. By the time a few hours had past we headed back to shore to refuel. Actually I think it was my friend Mike who was piloting the boat who commented that he had to go to the bathroom as well.

Thankfully he said there were washrooms just a bit of a walk from the shore. Once we docked the boat Mike got the boat ready for when we returned. My friend Jared and his girlfriend Sheila were going to head to the bathroom as well as go to their car to get a few things. I made my way to the bathroom at which point Jared and Sheila went to their car. I got onto the narrow and sandy trail between some tall grassy brush that I assumed would lead directly to the washrooms.

I arrived and discovered the very large washroom building that housed three flush toilets in the open with a small partition in between. Across from me there were a few urinals with the sinks and around the corner a few showers in the open. I sat down on the first toilet and started to go to work. The turd didn't want to budge so I had to exert myself quite a bit. I let out a loud and squeaky fart and I soon heard some crackling as it painfully made its way out.

Nearly five minutes had past and it was only about a third of the way out. Just then the door opened and Jared came in. He saw me on the toilet and laughed a bit before sitting down on the toilet next to me and starting his dump. I heard him unload what sounded like a very soft load and start to piss before wiping.

The smell was very strong so he quickly flushed the load away and made his way to the sink to wash up. By now my turd was almost halfway out. I didn't realize how constipated I was and it was quite painful due to how hard the turd was. I gave one final push and the turd dropped into the bowl with a very big splash. I took a deep breath and started to wipe.

Jared said he would meet me back at the boat at which point I got up and l saw my turd stretched across the width of the toilet. I started to wipe while standing when I heard the door open but before I could sit back down Mike called out and laughed at me as he saw me standing there with my ass in plain view. He went over to the toilet next to me that Jared had used but hesitated before going to the last toilet on the end. I flushed my log down and it went down easily thanks to the strong flush of the toilet. It did leave a few skidmarks as it when down however.

As I made my way to the sink I saw that Jared's toilet had a piece of shit that didn't go down and the bowl was quite marked up from his shit. Mike commented that he had to shit pretty badly as he let out numerous farts. I heard a few noisy farts before a few turds dropped out. I left and met up with Jared and Sheila back at the boat before Mike returned and we made our way back onto the lake.

To Janice. I loved your story about your accident on the golf course. I'm glad no one saw you, it would have been extremely embarrassing if you were playing in competition when it happened. I've had some near misses a few times & the sight of the toilet when you're desperate to go is like winning the lottery.
I've just had a really good poo this morning. I hadn't been since Wednesday & I had to take a laxative to make myself go. I went to the shops while it took effect & on the walk back I got really desperate. When I got home I ran into the bathroom only to find I'd run out of toilet rolls. I had to go back out to get some more & by now I was close to messing my pants. I decided to go to the supermarket as they have customer toilets & I knew I could relieve myself before buying the toilet rolls. When I got there the toilets were closed due to a problem with the plumbing. I was devastated. I was really desperate & was now I had to hold it even longer. I quickly found the toilet rolls & went to the checkout to pay for them. Luckily there wasn't a que but I was close to losing it & had to clench hard to keep the poo in. By the time I got out of the store I was sweating & the pain of clenching was becoming unbearable. By a miracle, I managed to get home without having an accident but I was litteraly seconds from disaster. I ran upstairs to the bathroom but on the way up I had a little accident in my pants. Nothing too bad but once I was in the bathroom I realised I'd left the toilet rolls in the hallway. I had to race back downstairs to get them & as soon as I picked them up I had another accident. This time it was a big one & my pants filled up like a balloon. It was all soft & messy & I had to hold my bum to hold it all inside my pants. When I got to the bathroom I took my soiled pants off & found they were so badly messed up I had to throw my down the toilet. The cleanup took some time & I had to shower afterwards.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Golf course Janice.

Sorry to read about your golf course accident. All girls need to realise that if you need to go and there is not a lot of cover you can with practice just drop your shorts/panty to expose what is needed, not ideal as I take a leg out and spread but in an emergency better that shitting your pants. Interestingly from the front almost nothing of our privates can be seen by a person standing, and anyone lying on their stomach to get an eyeful are definately perverted. Most people will look away if a lady needs to crap or pee, and does it discreetly. God designed the bum such that if you cannot wipe most of the mess will be trapped between the cheeks and as long as you do not have a g string or a wedgie you will be ok. I have on occasion actually broken the string bit off so that it does not go up my crack if I have had a crap and cannot wipe. Try practicing in front of a full length mirror you will be surprised at what you can conceal with your pants down just above the kneee.


reply to Sheila

Sheila,it's great to know that Gillygwentgirl is your sister and that she's living in Aus. Give my love towards her. One of the reasons for my lack of posts was the fact that I was unable to communicate with a person who had similar interests. On the other hand, I didn't have much free time .This still remains an issue, I'll be really busy for another 2-3 months, as I'm planning on undergoing a major career change. But I'll try to continue to log on and comment as much as I can.

Most of my letters are about my experiences of listening to my coworkers having a bm. I did post a couple of incidents where I shared an intimate moment on the pot with my close friends. Opportunities to listen and chat with my co workers were abundant in my previous workplace,but unfortunately I haven't had that many opportunities to do so in my current job. They tend to have a somewhat of an uptight attitude regarding matters involving the potty and I tend to be on the run a lot. Although, I should say there had been a number of times which had sent shivers down my spine ;-). I will post them on this site when the time permits .

I loved your story about Stephen helping you. Aww, It's such a charming thing for a boy to do for his aunt, cleaning up your stuff when you're sick.Had there been any awkwardness in his action, you'd have been able to notice it right away. I'd feel very loved by such a gesture. Consider yourself very lucky!.

Ps- Best of my "adventures" at my previous workplace are on 1733, 1735, 1736, 1742 and around 175-. have I been lucky at my previous workplace or what? :-)

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 6

Jeannie and I spent some time after comming back from our swim with her drinking beer and I a oda we did pack up some our stuff. Then after this it was time at least for her to take a piss. I could have gone also but this time I didn't. Jeannie was ok with this for she happily took a piss alone this time.

The way she took this piss was without her shorts on. She got down in a very high squat with her hands on her knees and had her feet wide apart. This had made her thighs wide open and even made the slit opening of her vagina stretch open a little where I could see her peehole! I was sitting down on the ground a couple of feet right in front of her. That's why I could see so well.

Jeannie started off dribbling with her piss wetting her vagina and her crptch under her vagina. Then she paused dribbled again and paused a second time. The third time was the charm. When she started the third time she made a very short arcing stream and her stream came down between me and her wetting the leaves and dirt with piss.

Jeannie then said to me; I'm finaily going now. I smiled back at her and I said back to her; I see that! Now as Jeannie was pissing her stream got stronger but instead of mving outward her stream lots its little arc and now it was just slightly angled forward. It also now was twisted and hissing.

With her stream having changed it was wetting the ground now where there was no leaves only dirt. So the dirt turned dark brown as it was wetted by her piss. Then several seconds later the dirt could no longer soak up Jeannie's piss a small muddy brown piss puddle formed. Now besides the nice hissing sound there was also now the splashing of her piss in the small piss puddle.

Jeannie soon after had made the small piss puddle had her stream ease right off. Its hissing stopped along with the splashing in the puddle of piss. Her stream now went straight down wetting the dirt before her small piss puddle. Then she came to a driping stop. She didn't wipe after stopping. For now there was not anything to use as far as paper left in our camp. We had used it all up between pissing and eating.

That wouldn't really matter any way. A dip in the lake would take care of that. WE would take one more but that would be after lunch which now we were going to make. She and I both were hungry and we would use up the remaining stuff we had to eat. All there was left were four hotdogs along with four buns so that's what we had for our lunch. Jeannie and I both had a bottle of beer with the hotdogs.

Again we had some trash to take care of which we took care of. She and I also took care of the campfire now too. Putting it out using water from the lake using the plastic pail that we had been using for the beer. That was now in the small cooler since that was empty except for some remaining ice. We then stripped down and took a quick swim in the lake together.

Then we came back up to the clearing campsite. While we had been swimming it started to cloud over. It aso had become quite breezy. To me it felt like it would rain soon. So we both needed to piss now so this piss would be our last one here for we were going to leave also now. Jeannie came right over to me with a smile on her lips. My penis was aroued and ready for her to hold it which she did. Now since I hadn't taken a piss since this mrning I knew I was going to take a good long one.

I started as soon as Jeannie was holding me. I sent a stream skywaqrd for Jeannie had my penis pointed way up. My long high arcing stream came down I would have to say a good seven feet from us. Jeannie let out a good giggle. Then she said to me; Dave I really like it when you piss like your pissing know! I let out a slight laugh and thought to myslef at the same time; I know you do Jeannie. I took a very long piss.

Jeannie let go as soon as my piss ended. She didn't shake me for she squated rght down and released a hard stream of piss from her vagaina. Seeing how hard Jeannie was pissing I knew why she had let go. Her stream was spraying this time as she pissed. After only several seconds Jeannie did say to me she was sorry she hadn't finished up the way I normaly do when I hold you. But I had to piss! I smiled and told Jeannie that was ok. Don't worry about it.

Jeannie went on with her piss which almostt lasted as long as mine had. When she did stop she again did a lot of dribbling which she wetted herself a lot. But she just reached over grabed her shorts and put them on anyway. They did turn a darker blue in the crotch from being weted by her piss that was on her skin in her crotch. It wasn't a big area but enough that it did show in the front and back of her shorts.

I slipped my shorts back on and we gathered our stuff up and down to the boat we went. Jeannie got in and I gave her what I had brought down. Then I shoved the boat out into the water hopping on at the same time. Jeannie then went and sat on the backseat and I in the middle. I started to row and we headed down the lake with the sky with the clouds getting a darker shade of grey. So I rowed harder.

We did make it to where the boat was kept without being rained on. WE then hurried up the dirt road to the highway and crossed it. It now began to sprinkle ever so lightly. As we wnet up the hill heading towards my house I said to Jeannie; Looks like your going have to stay at my house. It's going to rain any minute now so there won't ne time to walk you home. Jaennie told me that was ok with her. We reached the top of the hill and had my house in sight. WE ran from this point to my houae and went inside. Several minutes later it rained hard. We made it. To be continuied.


When you gotta go, you gotta go

My story is unusual. I'm a guy who likes to attend professional golf tournaments when they're close by where I live. One came to a town about almost 2 hours away from my house, so I got up early and drove there. I usually have my crap in the morning after coffee, but if I get off schedule, sometimes I can't go. So I drive to the golf tournament, park the car, get on the shuttle bus, when the urge started to hit me. I'm kind of a private type so public dumping isn't really my thing. At these events, they have banks of porta-potties in various places on the golf course. Usually they are in groups of 3 or more, sometimes a dozen, butted against one another. So if you're in one and someone goes in the one next to you, it's about like being in a stall in a public restroom. Porta-potties have those vent screens at the top so sound travels easily. And, these days there aren't men and women porta-potties. Everyone uses the same ones. I looked at my tournament guide and saw the closest place where toilets were located, which was between the 4th and 5th fairways. I walked to them, needing to go more each step. When I arrived at the spot on the map, there were 3 porta-potties, all vacant, since it was early and the golfers had not made their way to this point yet. There was a hospitality tent about 200 yards further down the course but there was not another person in sight. I was glad for that since I wanted some privacy. I chose one of the end porta-potties. I had put on one of those fanny packs to carry water and a snack in, and started taking it off so I could drop my shorts. The darned clip on the fanny pack had somehow gotten stuck in my belt loop, and it took me about 2 minutes to get the thing undone. I was about to tear off the belt loop when the clip finally opened. Just as I got the fanny pack off, I heard a man's voice say, "These two are open", and a woman's voice say "Thank God". Then I hear the other two potty doors slam and lock. I'm just now pulling down my shorts and I hear jostling around in the other potties as they were preparing to do their business. I heard the sound of peeing almost immediately. Then quiet. Then I hear - the only way to describe it would be near volcanic soft mushy poo filled with gas that was coming from the middle porta-potty. I mean it was just a hard 10 or 15 second blow with very loud farting accompanying the splattering crap. Then it was quiet and the man's voice says, "Becky, are you OK?" She said, "Yes." It was her right next to me doing all this. He then laughed and said, "Mexican food got to you, huh?" She said, "I guess". I thought they knew someone was in the potty on the end (me!) because he had commented that "two were open" implying someone was using the third one. Just to make sure, I cleared my throat rather loudly so "Becky" would hear that someone WAS next door and could hear everything she was doing and saying. Well, that didn't seem to matter. She then farted quite loudly and the man laughed and said, "Go, Becky Go!" She says, "Brian, there's someone else here, too." So, she DID know someone was next to her and she had to know it was a man from my throat clearing. At that point I hear a door open and slam as he exited his porta-potty. He said, "I'll meet you at the tent when you're done." She said, "OK." He then asked, "Are you sure you're OK?" She said, "Yes, I just have to use the bathroom." Apparently he then walked off. I had been trying to go quietly and without any gas incidents, was able to drop my load, although I'm sure she could hear it plopping in the water. The water is so far from your butt that it's very loud when a turd hits. I hear Becky let another pretty loud fart, and then spew more loose crap. I'm done at this point, started peeing (that's loud in these things, too) and wiped. I pulled up my shorts and got my fanny pack to put it back on. I could hear her rustling around next door, and I went out. They have these hand washing stations at the porta-potty areas and as I was washing my hands, out comes Becky. She comes to the hand washing station right in front of me and says cheerily, "Good morning!" I say good morning back, and she says, "It's a beautiful day for golf." I said it was. She washed her hands and started toward the tent to meet up with the guy. I'd say she was in her mid to late 30's, quite attractive and well built with tight shorts on. As she was walking away a couple of other men came walking up and were watching her leave and one said "nice butt". I couldn't help thinking, "Yeah, but you should have heard what just came out of it!"

new guy

some short stories

the first girls poop I saw that wasnt a member of my family. Was from my friends little sister back when I was about 9 or 10 I think. I didn't see it come out of her but I saw when she was done it was dark brown and about 4 or 5 inches long. The first time I heard a girl fart thats not family. Was in 4th grade her name was abby one day she let off a lound one and laughed and said my chair feels warm now.


Pubic hair?

Hey, my name is Hugh. I'm an 18-year-old male and I've been a lurker here for a few years now. I don't really have any stories right now, but I do have a question. Does anyone (male or female) find themselves playing with their pubic hair while sitting on the toilet? Maybe this seems like a really odd question, but I've been doing it for a while, especially while I poop. It's mostly unconscious, and I end up pulling out quite a few pubic hairs in the process! Anybody else have this same behavior?

Mr. Clogs-

Hey, I drink two gallons of water a day, the kind that come in one gallon plastic jugs so of course I am pissing like a racehorse on a frequent basis and that is where the empty jugs come in handy. I pee in one until its full once, empty it out, and use the next one so the smell doesn't get too bad plus with all the water the urine is clear. Good for the diet as well. I give the jugs to a friend afterward and he recycles them. I warned him not to use them for drinking water and told him why, he thought it was funny.


I like your stories. When was the last time you peed in a cup for a drug test or at the doctor and how do you do it? Seems like you'd enjoy doing something like that. I'm in Houston, which part of the country are you from?



This mornings poo

When I got up this morning I needed to poo quite badly. I often leave it until I get to work if I'm running low on toilet rolls but this morning I could feel the pressure rising in my bowels & wasn't sure if I could hold it that long. I left it for a while to see if the urge subsided but it didn't. In fact it quickly got worse. I could feel the poo pushing on my anus & although I could have held it, I was feeling uncomfortable I so I opted to go at home. I got to the bathroom, lowered my panties & sat down. I gave a little push & a released a turd of about 6" in length which plopped into the water. Then another longer one followed it which was about 9" long. I peed a lot & then I was done. The relief was so good & I'm glad I went now rather than wait until I got to work.

My friend Amen (a geek) and I were shopping, well really I was shopping for him, cause he doesn't know about fashion. But we were in J. Crew (I think) and he's like "I need to use the bathroom" I'm like, "okay just ask if they have a bathroom". Well they didn't. So I get this very cool Rolling Stones shirt but (thats not the point), we keep walking, and I'm like "lets see if they haven't a bathroom in the park?" and again, no luck, no bathroom. He makes what sounds like a wet fart, it smelt like shit anyway. So he puts his hands down his pants to check if it's poop. But he's still good, but he's like I feel it in my butt. And all the sudden with his hands still in his pants, he farts a big wet fart and pulls out his hands (they have some shit on them now). And then all of the sudden, poop starts pouring out of his shorts (full solid). It was terrible.


Response to Janice

I am sorry to hear about your accident while playing golf and I am glad that no one realized what had happened to cause further embarrassment.

I have had two "solid" accidents, which I have written about on the forum, except I did not have to pee as bad with either one of them. It is a surreal experience where you almost feel outside yourself. Anyway, I can relate and life does go on. :)


Charlotte's Survey

1) How many times per day do you usually need to go poop? Two times per day is average. If I eat a heavy lunch it will usually add a third trip to the bathroom after lunch.
2) Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day? Yes. My life is very routinized. I go in the morning about 7 AM Central Time and in the evening around 7 or 8 PM.
3) On average how long does it take you to poop? 5 Minutes. Without being too detailed, everything usually comes out pretty quickly, but I take my time through the process.
4) Do you wipe from front to back or back to front? From front to back
5) Do you sit or stand to wipe? Sitting

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