A few stories to catch up.

Hey everyone, it's been a while. Here are a few stories, I've titled them separately so you can read all of them or just one if you like.

I went to a party with my friends last night and one of my friends brought his gorgeous redheaded girlfriend. We were hanging out outside and drinking when she told me that she had to go to the bathroom. I told her I'd show here where it was.

She followed me inside and I pointed her in the right direction. I then walked back outside and I noticed the window of the bathroom she was in was cracked slightly open. As I continued to walk by I could see her sitting on the toilet with her panties down around her knees and her skirt lifted up. I couldn't hear if she was still peeing but I definitely enjoyed the quick peek I got.

After I walked by I heard the toilet flush so I continued on my way to the party. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

I was skateboarding with my friends in a parking lot when I stumbled across an interesting find. Right in the middle of the parking lot, on the ground there was a soiled adult diaper. It had clearly been wet, but not messed in. I left it alone but I couldn't help but wonder why it was there. Is it possible there's a college kid at my school who wears diapers and wets them in parking lots?

I was at the grocery store again doing my shopping when I felt the need to poop. I went to the bathroom which was still a temporary unisex bathroom. I went in but I didn't lock the door because I didn't want to tie up the other toilets for everyone else. I went in and sat down but I was almost immediately followed by a woman who quickly walked into the stall next to me.

I heard her ripping toilet paper off and I assume she was putting it on the toilet seat. I then heard her unzip her pants and quickly pull them down. She started peeing a really strong stream. She must have really had to go! I could hear her urine splashing in the toilet bowl below her and then it slowly started to get fainter as she finished. She then pulled her pants back up and left. By then I was already done so I left too.

I love all your stories! Keep posting!

Jaded Jarrod

Half-Dump's survey my story about Maddie's problem

Gender & age: Male, 12
Yes, and I wrote about it on page 1841 about the two guys in my junior high who brought a girl into the bathroom with them. I'm in a doorless stall taking a crap. I was petrified and lucky I guess because they didn't @@@@ with me.
I think I was about 5 when my parents let me go into public bathrooms unassisted.
If it's a young child (like grade school age) you could threaten them about calling the cops on them. After the girl situation I described earlier, my dad said he thinks most schools would deal with something like that harshly and that the police could send it to juvy. Otherwise, Dad says you can't assume their parents give a damn.
I would find the most out-of-the-way and least-used toilet for the kid. When I was really young (like 5 or 6) Mom wouldn't want me to use the mens rooms in a place like the airport alone if I had to do a Number 2, but she let me go in for a Number 1. However, she would wait on the bench right outside the door and watch everyone going in and coming out until I came out of the door.

What is below is my new story.

My friends Ethan and Maddie and I are spending like everyday out on our bikes. We ride within like a 4 mile radius of our houses. Me and Ethan are 12 and Maddie is 11. Although she is talking about trying to get some babysitting work, Ethan and I don't have options except taking some lawn work and snow shoveling in winter. Anyway, when we are out on our bikes we need to use public bathrooms almost daily and since Ethan's big accident (pages 1855 & 1856) neither he or I or Maddie any longer will sit down on a public toilet. Both he and I have started putting down toilet paper or paper towels to crap and Maddie has reluctantly started to squat crap and pee.

Maddie, who will start 7th grade in our junior high this fall, craps when we're out about four days a week by picking up the seat and squatting over it. Sunday morning we stopped at a park and me and Ethan went into the guys side of the toilet building and we peed. When we went back to our bikes she was waiting on hers for us and suggested that she was ready to demonstrate what she called a squat drop for us. Since there was like no one around at 10 a.m. because it was already so humid and hot. We told her to come in and that we were ready for the performance. Ethan said she could select the stall (there were four) and she didn't seem to care which one she would use. Since there was a small window and therefore more light on top of the middle one, I said let's use that one. So Maddie, walked in, quickly lifted the seat, said the bowl was gross because the stains probably hadn't been attacked with a toilet brush for years, etc. She said that could be my 8th grade social studies project for service learning points (volunteer work) this year and I told her to get in with the show since both Ethan and I were dropping with sweat and there was no air flow in the room.

Maddie dropped her jean shorts and white underwear all the way to her athletic shoes. Then she realized that since we were there she would be better off holding her shorts at mid-thigh level and buttoning them. Ethan swore mildly, but Maddie said it wouldn't take that long anyway. She was right. Her butt was like hovering three inches off the seat and she dropped a log about 2 inches long, immediately followed by a second deposit of 3 inches and then a 6 incher that was the most formed and hit the bowl with the greatest force. Then she dropped about 3 or 4 balls that also created spashes. This was all done within like 2 minutes and she didn't change her stance or move her feet once. She stepped aside so we could see the bowl and the fast success she had was evident.

She asked if we were done so she could wipe and I went to the roll and found there was none. I told her I was sorry and had forgotten to check and just then Ethan grabbed a fistfull from the stall on the right. She said it feels different learning to wipe standing up because she always did it while seated. Then she teased Ethan with a "Thanks" and then an apology because she realized he's still sensitive about the accident. She wiped from front to back three times, showing us the results of each swipe before throwing it in the stool, and then pulling up her panties and shorts. When she leaned over to the flusher with her left hand, she lost her balance a bit and steadied herself by putting her right hand on the seat. Then she realized she shouldn't have done that because of Ethan's accident and stopped in mid-sentence as she was about to make another joke.

As she was washing her hands, she said she's got a lot of work to do with her peeing from the squat position. It isn't coming easy for her and it hurts her the longer she stands. She also gets frustrated with herself and the situation. For the time being, what she's doing is placing toilet paper over the seat before sitting on the toilet. She said she wants to learn to squat pee before school starts.

Any advice? Me and Ethan feel bad for her.

to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you took a dump in a flower pot. how was the experience for you? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brandon: i really enjoyed your post. thats funny that you purposely peed all over the floor at the movie theature. i bet that made the whole room smell like urine. iam glad that you didnt get in trouble for doing that. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Heather: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that you had a horrible case of diarreah when you arrived home from your trip. iam glad that you didnt end up getting sick while you were on vacation. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Emnma: i really enjoyed your post. iam so glad to hear that you didnt end up having a major accident at school. iam glad that you were able to make it to the bathroom after school was out. i bet the bathroom had a strong stench! i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Postman: i really enjoyed your post. i like the way you described your bowel movement as twins. thats interesting that your body skipped a day of pooping. i guess that it wasnt time for your bowels to be released. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you had another wonderful bathroom visit while hiking out on the trail. its sounds like you had a peaceful bowel movement. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Jry: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you had a good bowel movement at the gym with your friends. thats funny that your brother admired the gigantic turd that you produced while sitting on the tiolet. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Angie: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you encountered quite a squabble from the other women that was in the bathroom with you. iam glad that you had a successful dump while in the bathroom at the mall. theres no reason that the women had to be so disrespectful to you while you were on the tiolet. she could have been more curtosey if you know what i mean. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



Mr Clogs,

Cup? No. I have the proper article - a china chamber pot - to use.

Migraine loverer

my wish

I'm a girl but I wish I could pee in a cup. Does anyone here have any ideas on how I could?
Migraine Loverer


Answers for Half Dump Denise

1. Male, 16
2. I felt somewhat uncomfortable a few months ago at our church picnic when a father had his daughter sitting on the front of the urinal in the guys bathroom. Although the father was there to help her, I wonder how much attention that would have drawn if there had been a dozen or so other guys are the urinals, sinks or in the stalls.
3. Dad let me go in alone by age 4 when I had to pee; otherwise he took me in when I had to crap. Then he would select the stall for me, drop the seat and wipe it off. He also showed me how to sit with my clothing at no lower than mid-thigh level. Oh, when I was first starting to use the urinals to pee in at like age 4, I would drop my clothing all the way to the floor rather than use my zipper and the slot in my underwear. That would have been a spectacle if I hadn't been corrected and I would have been ###### with at school.
4. If a child is causing trouble in a public restroom, they need to be taken to their parent or babysitter immediately. This is especially true in the guys' bathrooms since there are so many doorless stalls and fathers who have really young daughters in there. My friend Stac a couple of times has complained about little boys peeking in on her and others in the stalls while their mom is in another stall doing her thing.
5. It would be nice if more places had the unisex or family-type bathrooms like some gas stations. But I suppose that is too costly for the bad economy

Post Title (optional) Linda

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poss lately and I haven't been constipated at all for a few weeks. I hope I can stay constipation free for a few more weeks at least.

To Keith D: I don't normally talk to myself while I'm doing a poo but if I'm having a hard time, sometimes I do talk to myself. I say things like 'come out, come out!' or 'hurry up!'. I find that I have to concentrate too hard on squeezing the poos out that I don't have time to talk to myself.

To Anny: I was sorry to hear about the growths on your brain. I have had a few seizures in the past but I don't have epilepsy, they were brought on by spending too long in a hot shower/spa. I don't have any tumours or lesions on my brain.


Too shy to ask for the loo

When I was 16 I used to hang out with a girl called Emma who was the same age as me. She was very shy about using the toilet even to pee & I don't think she ever had a poo when there was anyone around. Well one night we were walking home from college when I couldn't help noticing Emma looked really worried. She was waking slowly & kept her legs close together. When we got to my house she sat on the front edge of the sofa & bent forward. I knew she needed to use the bathroom very badly but she wouldn't ask. I needed to pee & tried to make her feel less embarrassed by telling her I was going to the toilet to have a massive smelly shit. Emma just said, "ok" & off I went. When I came down Emma was still desperately trying not to mess herself & I couldn't belive she still wouldn't ask to use the loo. In the end I said, "For gods sake Emma. Go to the toilet before you shit your pants!" She went bright red at this point & stood up holding her bum. She ran upstairs to the bathroom saying, "Ooh oh oh." The next thing I heard was plop plop plop splosh plop splosh. A long fart & more plop plop splosh splosh splosh. This went on for about 20 minutes before Emma finally flushed & came downstairs. She looked very guilty & said, "I'm sorry but I think I've blocked the toilet." When I went to have a look I was instantly hit by the smell of Emmas mega shit. It was piled up in the toilet & it was no wonder it wouldn't flush. It took 3 attempts to get it to go down & even then it left some bits floating around. I asked Emma how long she'd been holding it & she replied, "Er a week!"

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 5

First thing that I got going on the fire was to heat water up for coffee. I had only instant but that would do for me. I also had the fryingpan on the fire and had bacon started. The water was done and I made myslef a cup of coffee which I was drinking black. I heard Jeannie comming back up from the lake for she said to me; The bacon sure smells good Dave! I asked her if she wanted a coffee. She told me she did so Ipured her a cup. WE sipped our coffees as the bacon cooked and then I cracked the eggs and started them.

Jeannie had not been all that long down at the lake. I said to her; It didn't take you long Jeannie to wash. Jeannie giggled a little first and then told me she didn't. I will wait till after I shit Dave. Then I'll get cleaned up. Well several minutes later eggs were done we made up or plates and we were sitting on the wooden log we had made a seat out of. Boy did we both eat and enjoyed t. There is something extra about cooking outdoors on a open fire.

Besides having coffee to drink we both had a oj also along with breakfast. After we had finished eating there was enough hot water left for one more cup of coffee for ach of us so we had another. Then I cleaned up. Then right after cleaning up as far as me I had the strong urge to shit. I always do after breakfast.

I told Jeannie I had to shit. With a smile and a giggle she said that she did too. I also think its going to be a big stinky one too! But I need to sit and shit this time Jeannie also said to me. How bout if I move our seat? I asked her. That will do! Jeannie said right back to me. So I tipped it over and rolled it away from where it was going several feet past the campfire and then I tipped it back up on its end.

I took care of my shorts and had them pulled down and I sat down with my now bare ass just on the edges of the log seat. Jeannie removed her shorts completely and she sat down on my knees with her bare ass faced back at me. I reached down and pushed my penis down and as I did I felt my asshole stretch open for I was starting to already to shit. Then I also started to piss too.

Jeannie saw my piss stream wettring the leaves and the ground out past her feet. So waht she did as I told her I was shiting too bent way over and looked back under herself. I shoved my penis down further as she moved downward to look back so I would hit her. I now was pissing just near my two feet.

Jeannie let out a giggle and told me she could see my shit. It's fat and light brown. It is moving fast too Dave! I knew it was for I could feel that it was. Several seconds later I felt myasshole squeeze shut followed by a dull thud and the crackle of the dry leaves that my shit had landed on. Then my asshole reopened and I was having now a second shit starting to come out from it. That made Jeannie giggle again as she saw the second one starting to come out.

The second shit moved faster then the first one had done. It felt even fatter then the first one too. This time my second shit was much longer then the first for it took longer for me to shit. In fact my second shit had reached the ground it was that long. For the log seat being tipped up was I would have to safely say about 15 inches in its length. I felt my assshole squeeze shut. Then there was a very dull thud. That was it I was done shiting. I still was pissing which I finished doing a few short seconds later.

Jeannie now seeing that I was done got back up into a straight seated position. She had held off while I took my shit and piss. Jeannie started by pissing first. She did a nice hissing stream which she pissed for about 15seconds and then her stream eased off going into a dribble for several seconds. Then she farted with a loud stretched out brrrrapppp sounding fart. Then she started to shit with a fat turtle head brown shit poking out from her stretched asshole!

Jeannie was pushing and grunting to get her shit moving. It moved ever so slowly. It would move then stop every time Jeannie pushed or took another deep breath and would push hard again. Sometimes with her hard push she would from her vagina send out a weak dribble piss. Her shit now about 4 inches long so it was no longer a turtle head. Several more pushes and it was now over a half foot. It still was the same size it hadn't got fatter or slimmer.

Jeannie now took a needed rest. She actually leaned back and rested her back on my chest. Then she leaned way forward and started her pushing again.Her shit moved and this time it sped up a little. Jeannie only did a little hard push and when she let up her shit didn't stop it kept on comming geting longer in its length.

When her shit I would have to say reached nine ten inches (?) It fell making a louder thud and crackle breaking the dry leaves on the ground where her shit landed. Her asshole closed but in a short second opened right back up. Jeannie like I was having a second shit come out. This one was different from the first one.

Her second shit was fat like the first but moved faster,a lighter brown and was softer looking even though it was firm. It did two other things too. It softly crackled as it moved and also it did short soft pffffttts as it moved. Her second shit passed the nine ten inch length that her first had and after it had reached a foot it started to taper down in its isze. It also sped up gainging 4 more inches and wound up having a long skinny tail on it when her asshole squeezed shut and her shit now ended. But unlike her first shit when her shit fell it hit with a very slight thud and fell back and it now was leaning right up against the side of the tree seat and it stayed there!

Jeannie did one short hard spurt pf piss after she had shit. Then she got rightup off my lap. I had to get up too. Her second shit was a real stinker! We both hurried away getting several feet from the treeseat and hers and mine shit. We both laughed too for getting away from the stink off our shits in a big hurry!

Then Jeannie said to me; Now lets go down to the lake and cleaned up. I know I need to do that right now. I can still smell shit! I laughed and we both ran down the path to the lake stopped by the shore tore our shirst off and ran into the water and dove right in. The air now was the same as the water so we both were not cold becuase of this. WE sswam around for awhile and then I went back up to the campsite grabbed a bar of soap and came back and Jeannie and I washed each other off.

Then back to the campsite and I took care of our shit by kicking the tree seat over and rolled it in the leaves and dirt. I also covered over our shit with dirt. I did that very quickly too for like I said our shit really stunk. I also then after that to make sure there was no ore shit on our log seat I rolled it across the campsite down the path and right into the lake. Jeannie followed me laughig hard as I did this.

After having washed our log seat in the water Jeannie did help me roll it back up the path and back to where we had it near ther campfire. That was preety hard work for us two. Jeannie went right over to the cooler and pulled out a beer opned it right up and took a long swig. I wasn't ready for a beer. Instead I took a cold soda and had that instead. We still had most of today to stay here and fool around again. That is waht we would do too. To be continuied.


Pooing in toilet

I was out walking in search of a new place to have a poo & as usuall I was busting to go. In some woods I came across a clearing where some rubbish had been dumped. It was an old bathroom suite & I found an old toilet that was on its side. I stood it upright & lowered my jeans & panties ready to sit down & relieve myself but then I heard voices. I couldn't see anyone but I didn't want to risk it so I quickly pulled my jeans up causing my panties to bunch up around my bum. I waited untill things went quiet & pulled my jeans down again & was about to lower my panties when I saw something moving in the bushes. I felt sure someone was watching me but I couldn't see anyone. I assumed it was just the wind blowing the branches. I lowered my panties & sat on the old toilet & started to poo. I peed at the same time & it filled the bottom of the toilet. My poo was a big one & it coiled up around the inside of the pan. As soon as I was done I stood up & pulled my panties up without wiping & then my jeans. I had to walk home with a dirty bum & by the time I got there my was sore & itchy.


Bathroom in a Cup

TO Mr. Clogs:

I did that for a long while actually. Instead of stumbling round the house half asleep in the middle of the night to go pee, I kept a large glass beside my bed to use.

For the most part, I don't do that any longer. One night I woke up and had a relieving tinkle in the glass, put it down on the small desk beside my bed and quickly went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning a little thirsty and... (you can probably guess where this is going...) in my half awake/half asleep state, I reached for what I thought was a glass of water. After the second of two rapid sips, my brain snapped to attention and recognized it was *NOT* water I was swallowing.
If you're a healthy person there shouldn't be any 'bugs' in your pee, so I knew there wasn't any danger of getting sick. But it was a BIG shock.

Subsequently, after a glass pee in the middle of the night, I remembered to put it down in a place beyond easy reach from my bed.

What pretty much stopped me from continuing using the glass was that I would occasionally fill it up - and still have more pee. It's hard to stop taking a piss once you've got a good stream going and sometimes I wasn't able to halt the flow in time. Cleaning up after an overflow incident was a pain in the ass...


TO Emma:

I absolutely LOVE morning dumps like that! They leave me feeling 10x better. If the rest of my working day is shitty (ie. stressful), good morning crap serves as a pleasant memory I can use to help me get through the day.


TO Migraine loverer:

Having your period reduces your urge to go? Do you mean it makes you constipated; or is it like you just don't feel the need to go, but you end up paying for it later with painful poops once your period is over?
Can you describe what a typical BM during that time is like and how does it compare to your normal BM's? Last question... Has this issue ever lead to accidents or near-accidents?

From your previous response, I take it that you prefer softer, less solid poops over logs.


Nothing terribly interesting as far as my recent plops are concerned. This past weekend I ate a tonne of fast food, most of it from McDonald's. Usually their burgers go though me in no time flat, but so far no changes in my regularity or the nature of my stools. I was outside a lot getting some sun and exercise, so perhaps that had something to do with it.
The only 'evidence' of the fast food was probably all the gas I've been passing since then. (But I think that has ended as of this afternoon.)
All those farts waiting to come out demands extra special attention to my surroundings. One time, I was waiting for a bus and let go a barrage of big farts while listening to some music. What I didn't realize is that someone had walked up behind me to wait for the same bus. I was so distracted by my tunes I didn't hear or notice her standing there. My level of embarrassment was off the scale. I wanted to walk away quickly but I maintained my composure. (The lady never said a thing.)

Take care,


Amy (from Midwest)


Sorry its been awhile since my last post! I have AWESOME NEWS though, for those of you who liked my last posts!!!! My friend Marisa finally told her friend Melissa about our pees and Melissa decided that she would go ahead and DO IT!!!! AWESOME!!!!! I love it when I can get another person to pee in my car!!! Melissa is now the 6th one to do it. She's also the youngest, she's 15. Marisa knows her from school so they've been friends for a long time. Anyway so I got in my car and I went and got marisa and then we both went and got melissa who lives on the other side of town so by the time we got to her house we both had to pee really bad! Then we picked her up and she remembered me cause of Marisa and she said that she did want to pee in a car she just never got the idea of doing something like that until marisa asked her. She really wanted to do it though!! I was SO GLAD too cause I really wanted her to do it too and I also really wanted her pee to go INTO MY CAR!!! So anyway we drove to a private looking place behind a store and we all got into the backseat part of the car. I remember Melissa said "should I just go?" At first she was going to pull down her pants. Then when we told her we usually leave them on and just pee right in them she decided to just leave them on too. I was glad cause I wanted her to get all full of pee like us!! So then we all started to have our pees!! We did the usual things. We peed on the seat while we were facing the back of the car and then we leaned on the doors and on the front seats and we got pee all over them. Melissa just kind of did what we did. Soon we all 3 had soaked jeans!!! And pee was ALL OVER the car!!!! Melissas jeans were so soaked they were shiny and ours were too!! Then we were done and of course marisa let a fart and then so did melissa!! I was SO GLAD we got her to pee with us!!!!!

To the anonymous poster with the daughter and her 20 friends: I REALLY liked your post!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 4

Since it was getting later into the early morning I was getting tired. I was ready to hit the hay. I quickly drank the rest of my beer. Jeannie did the same. Befre we snuggled down into the sleepingbag I told Jeannie do not piss in the sleepingbag. I don't want to woken up by being wet and cold. Jeannie promised she wouldn't do it. We snuggled in and soon both of us had fallen asleep.

Now here in upstate New York August mornings can be very cool to warm and humid. Well since it was cool when Jeannie and I did go to sleep it was even cooler when I woke up early for I needed to take a piss. I didn't want to for Jeannie sure was nice and warm but I did have to piss and right now.

So I sat up still inside the sleepingbag. I unzipped it some so I could swing around kneel and piss. I had a morning woodie too and this would make me take more time to piss. So as now as i swung around I thought to myslef I'll go just enough so that it would take the edge off of needing to piss. Jeannie stirred while I was swinging around. I wound up wakeing her.

She asked me what I was doing. I told her I had to piss and thats what I'm doing. She rolled over so she was laying on her stomach as I now had turned around and I pulled the sleepingbag up so that at least I had my lower legs covered with it.Jeannie let out just a little giggle for she saw that my penis was erect. Then with just a hint of a smile she slipped her hand out from the sleepingbag and reached over and took my penis in her hand and held it.

I gave a good push to get started so I woud piss hard. It worked for I sent a thin twisted stream of piss way out in front of me. The air was cool enough and my piss being warm enough it did give off a little vapor in the air. Even a little vapor rose up from the leaves and ground where my piss stream had landed.

I did piss longer then I thought I would. I stayed pissing till the cool air made me take a single hard shake of my whole body from getting chilled. THat's when I stopped my piss. Jeanniie let go as I quickly just turned right around slid back into the sleepingbag and zipped it right back up.

Jeanni did something very nice right after I had gotten back inside the sleepingbag. She cuddled tightly right up to me which in a short time her body heat had me warm. She told me that she had to piss but was going to wait till it was warmer. I told her I would have to go again also. The sun would be up over Bearshead soon for the sky was brightening fast so it would be warmer here in awhile.

So since it wouldn't be that long of a wait Jeannie then slid down completely inside the sleepingbag going out from sight. I felt her hand on my penis and then some other warm but wet part of her body on my penis too! Jeannie kept me warm till the sun had risen up over Bearshead. When that happened the air started warming right up and Jeannie stopped and we got out of the sleepingbags together.

We stood side by side after taking a few steps away from the sleepingbag. Jeannie again held me and we both started to piss together. Again I sent a hard thin twisted yellow stream of piss outward reaching the first trees between the clearing of the campsite and the lake. Jeannie started pissing right after I had. She had a real dark yellow stream of piss which was thin twisted and was going straight down to the ground with a very loud hiss.

Boy did her piss smell strong! (it was a beer piss but one that was in her bladder for a long time) I even told Jeannie her piss smelled strong. She giggled a little and told me she could smell it too. She even went on saying; It;s going to smell around here for days! She and I both let out a little laugh and went on with our pissing.

Both of us took a very long piss too. Jeannie finished her piss with it easing opff and did quite a bit of dribbling and dripping. I did several spurts in a row to finish off my piss. Jeannie shook me after my spurts. Then she giggled a litle and told me she was going to have to take a dip in the lake. I smell like my piss. That was hard to tell at least to me. It could have beeen her or just her piss on the ground.

No matter I thought to myslef. Then Jeannie giggled again and she spreaded her feet wide apart and said to me; Do you want to find out if it is me Dave? Take a wiff! Not this time Jeannie I said back to her. Why don't you go get yourself cleaned up and I'll get the fire going and start breakfast. Jeannie giggled but she did go over and she picked up her shorts and she walked down the path towards the lake. I put on my shorts and I started the fire back up and got out what we were having for breakfast. To be continuied.

Harry Pooper

My first prune surprise

When I was 4 years old, my mother and I often used to eat prunes for our dessert at lunch time but Mum only ever allowed me to eat 5. I liked prunes and I often asked for more but Mum said that I shouldn't eat too many and she didn't say why. One day the phone rang while we were eating our prunes. While Mum was on the phone, I helped myself to the rest of the prunes from the dish. I ate another 10. When Mum came back from her phone call, she noticed that the dish was empty and she saw 15 prune stones on my plate so she knew where all the prunes had gone. "They'll make you run to the toilet", she said. I didn't understand what she meant but I was about to find out.

Mum brought me up on her own and her best friend Alison sometimes helped her with child care. I was very fond of Alison and she was just like an aunt to me. That afternoon, Mum needed to go out so Alison came to our house and looked after me while Mum was out. Mum said to Alison that Harry had eaten a lot of prunes so his bowels might be loose. I didn't know what she meant but I soon found out.

About two hours later, told Alison that I had a stomach ache. She picked me up and sat me on her knee and cuddled me. She stroked my stomach and said that it wasn't surprising after what I had for lunch. She asked me if I needed to go to the toilet for a poo but I said that I did a poo this morning and I didn't need the toilet.

About ten minutes later, I felt something warm and sticky in the seat of my pants. Alison must have noticed the smell because she rushed me to the bathroom, took my pants down and sat me on the toilet. My poo was runny and a lot had come out in my pants. Then I did more down the toilet. "You've got diarrhea", she said. I asked her what that means and she said it's when your poo is very runny and sometimes you can't hold it in. Alison cleaned my poopy bum, took my poopy pants off and left me sitting on the toilet while she washed my pants in the bath.

When Mum came home, she said me that's what happens if you eat too many prunes. I thought it would be fun to try it again some time but only if Alison took me to the toilet and cleaned me.


Holiday mishap

I have just returned from a holiday in France where I had only the second accident of my adult life.
I had been eating and drinking with friends at a restaurant and when the evening came to an end I set off on a 20 minute walk back to my hotel.
After only a couple of minutes I needed to let a couple of farts go but after doing that I became aware that there was more than wind needing to come out. Stomach cramps soon followed and very quickly I became desperate for a poo.
I quickened my pace and tried to think of somewhere I might go. But it was a largely residential area and I just couldn't drop my trousers and underwear in case I was seen. I just told myself "You will have to wait."
It was the longest ten minutes of my life and the need to go kept coming in waves. Several times I felt my hole opening and wasn't long before I felt my shorts sticking to my crack and new some had already escaped.
The worst thing that I was wearing hard cotton striped boxer shorts and new that they were the sort underwear for trying to contain an accident. How I wished I had worn briefs.
Back at the hotel I had to negotiate three flights of stairs - no lifts - and just lifting my leg was enough to realize control of my sphincter and I felt a lot of poo escaping.
I stood there doubled up and trying to regain control. Like some little toddler I put my hand to my bum to try and hold it in.
For some unexplained reason I even did a little pee in my shorts.
Although most of the damage was done I knew I had to run to my room quickly because the poo was not being contained by my shorts and it was going down the back and sides of my legs into my trousers. I was worried it would come out onto the carpet.
I was in a hell of a mess once I got to my room and I had to get into the bath to take my clothes off. My stomach was unsettled for a couple of days so I think it was something I ate.
I had to thrown away my trousers and shorts because I had no way of cleaning them.


Sheila Report 3

Hi everyone,

Answer to Nobody.

No you are referring to my sister, Gillygwentgirl, she used to write quite a few times here. she is working in Australia now, I will have to remind her of you, I do know she loved to hear your letters here. Stephen, her son, is almost seventeen now, in college. When he is down from college he stays with me. I knew, of course, that he liked to 'lurk' arund the bathroom, and that Gillian had had some concerns about that. It has never bothered me, there is nothng in the least voyeurish or unhealthy about it. He just loves to feel the intimacy of the bathroom, as I always have. Recently he came to my aid when I needed help badly. I have a loving for Mexican foods although they always give me the runs pretty badly. This day, the night after, I was not able to go to work, my ???? was really giving me gyp and Stephen was home for the Easter holidays. I had run to the bathroom, just made it, then discovered that I had no toilet tissue. Just as I dicovered it there was a tap on the bathroom door and Stephen was asking me, through the door, if I was okay. I was never more glad to hear a 'lurker' asking me that. I told him I needed a roll of tissue badly. He went downstairs and came back with a roll tapped on the door again. I told him to come in, I had my panties up over my thighs covering my parts, I asked him to put the roll on the holder for me, I was holding my ???? I felt so bad. He was a gentleman and did it without embarrassing me in any way, although I was pooping in gut wrenching spasms as he did so. All he was concerned with was helping me as much as he could. I find it so refreshing that a young man today wants to help in a gentlemanly way. I must have been on the toilet for about five minutes more and we chatted about his studies at college and about his ambition to become a vet. When I reached for tissue to wipe myself clean he politely turned his back to me. After I had pulled my panties up I realised I had filled the pan, one flush and it just barely moved, I still didn't feel well and Stephen said to me, "Aunty, go and lie down, I will clean up for you". He did just that and then came to me and asked agian if I was alright, I could not resist giving him a kiss to say thank you. Nobody I remember Gillian telling me that another writer, Gruunty Bogwell, giving her advice about Stephens lurking. I want to say that I am so grateful for a wonderful young man, who not only helped me then, but has always been ready to be there whenever I needed him. I hope to be a regular reporter here and wouold love to hear more from yu about your experiences. I would love to know what you feel about Stephen, does it make you feel uncomfortable and what he did for me, or do you find it refreshing and kind?

Here are my results for Charlotte's survey:

1) How many times per day do you usually need to go poop? At least twice normally, occasionally three.
2) Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day? Not really, but usually one in the early afternoon and again in the evening.
3) On average how long does it take you to poop? Usually at least ten minutes, often up to 20.
4) Do you wipe from front to back or back to front? Front to back
5) Do you sit or stand to wipe? I stand

Abbie- Enjoyed your last story!
Emma- Great story that reminded me of my school's toilets in the PE block. Ours had a door but it wouldn't lock so it may as well not have done. I don't get it- surely people realise that sometimes exercise makes you need a poo and being out in the cold makes you need a wee, so why not make more and better toilets in the sports department?

Another story springs to mind about my school days. In fact it was just after I started secondary school. I was 11 and scared at being at 'big school.' And, naturally enough, embarrassed about going to the toilet. Even though I'd been fairly open about my toilet habits when I was at primary school, the new surroundings and unfamiliar people made me suddenly shy again. I made it through the first week or two without having to go except once when I had to wee really badly at lunch and had gone with my new friend Sarah. But then one Tuesday in science class my bowels started churning. I cramped up really bad and by the end of the lesson I was bursting. I had to run to my next class because the teacher overran talking about stuff. I realised I'd probably made an error in not going in between lessons because a few minutes in it really started to get hard to hold it. I was too embarrassed to ask the teacher if I could go, but luckily someone else did first. The teacher said she could go but I knew she wouldn't let me go until she got back. I waited desperately for a few agonising minutes until she returned. I let a minute or two go by before I asked. Again the teacher said ok but to hurry. I knew I'd probably be a while, so I ran down the stairs to the loo.
I quickly took a seat and immediately pushed out four little bits of poo and emitted a soft fart. That felt a lot better but I wasn't done. Two big logs came out and finally another two smaller pieces. Surprisingly for me this was all over in two or three minutes, so I hurried back to class and I don't think anyone realised I'd just taken a big, satisfying dump!

Well, that's me done for now. Night everyone!


Desperate poo at sumner camp

I was 12 when this happened. I was at sumner camp & couldn't face having a poo away from home so I tried to hold it for the whole week I was there. I managed to hold it in for 5 days before I got the runs & almost messed myself on a hike. By the time we got back to camp I was about to lose & only just made it to the toilets. There were a couple other girls using them but one cubicle was vacant so I went straight in & locked the door. I lowered my jeans & knickers to my feet & sat on the toilet. I felt too embarrassed to go while others could hear me so I waited for them to leave before releasing a huge load of semi solid poo into the toilet. I kept going for ages as I hadn't been for 5 days & the relief was beyond words. It was almost as good as an orgasm although at only 12 years of age I had no idea what that was! The cleanup wasn't too bad but the toilet was a real mess. There were thick skid marks all over the back of the pan & brown streaks below the water. As a typical kid I flushed the toilet but left it all messed up & left without washing my hands. A few of the others moaned about the state of the toilet but they had no idea it was me.


Went to the gastroenterologist today

Hi everybody it's Anny. I saw my gastroenterologist today for a follow-up as I haven't seen her since about May. She asked me how I was doing and I explained the hospital trip from a few weeks ago and how it was my first time having a grand mal seizure. I also told her about how my doctor and neurologist think I have neurofibromatosis and that they found out I have 5 lesions (one of them is a tumor) in my brain. She asked whether I'm seeing someone about that and I told her they're setting me up with a neurosurgeon soon. I told her that I think the lesions are what's causing the constipation and unintentional weight loss.

She set up an appointment for me for a colonoscopy. She doesn't think it's cancer or anything but she wants to make sure there's no blockage or lesions in my bowels to be on the safe side. It's on the morning of October 4th and she gave me the instructions on what to do, what medications to take and how to take them. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous because I am. I'm worried that it will hurt, but the doctor told me I'll be asleep and she explained what to expect and the risk factors.

For the time being she wants me to take the laxative (Lax-A-Day) and docusate calcium every day so hopefully that helps.

To THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER thank you so much for your concern. I really appreciate it! :)


Sheila Report 2

Abbie; Loved reading of your latest experience with your friend Lucy. Can I ask why you left her to finish off what must have been a difficult poop? You are clearly a compassionate girl the way you helped the girl who had no toilet tissue, to me thats the most horrible thing that can ever happen, to by stuck on the toilet, dirty bum and no tissue. I cam emphasise with her and the way she thanked you not once but twice. Can I say thanks for a wonderful story.

Kevin: Can't wait to hear from you again, your story of hearing your girl friend pooping was so exciting. Hope there are some wonderful follow-ups soon

Emma: Hope you are feeling better soon.

Keith: Loved your story of the coproiologist. Lots of girls where I work talk as they poop. Ruth my best friend always gives herself a talking to if she is finding it hard to go, she tells me it acts like a laxative on her and takes her mind off her belly ache.

Upstate Dave: I have always loved readibng about your experiences. You were a regular three years ago when I first found the site. Please keep up your reports, I treat your stories as I would an old friend.

I hosted a small week-end party for a few work colleagues on Sunday, Ruth helped me set up a barbecue in the garden. Naturally I wanted to see as many of my mates on the lavatory as I could, but it was pretty boring until Wendy H. went to the bathroom. She is a mum, four kids, but a lovely warm hearted woman, and I love to be with her when she is pooping because she is so open when she goes. Like me she had the benefit of open parents who realised that everybody has to go and not to have any inhibitions about it. She had a ???? ache and I was able to massage her ???? to help her go, it was one of the things I like to have done to me when I feel badly. I was so glad I was able to help her to have a nice poop and that she felt so much better afterwards.

Mr. Clogs
Does anyone keep a cup or something to go to the bathroom in their bedroom if you're too lazy to walk to the bathroom to handle their business? As for me, I keep a cup near by for that purpose. What are your thoughts?

Mr. Clogs

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