Pooing in a flower pot.

I remember once when I was 12 I was in my back garden when I needed a poo really bad. I didn't want to go in the toilet because I felt like doing it outside. The problem was the neighbours were in thier gardens & there was nowhere private enough for me. I was getting desperate & was thinking of going indoors to use the toilet but where was the fun in that? I went into the shed to look for a bucket or some sort of container to relieve myself in but the shed had a large window & I was afraid of being seen. I was getting close to pooing myself by now so I had to think fast. I looked out of the window to see if anyone could see me & I couldn't see anyone so I decided to go for it. I still hadn't found a suitable container to relieve myself in though & the only thing I could find was a plastic flower pot. It wasn't very big but I knew my poo would be. I was realy desperate & knew I would poo myself if I tried to make it to the house so I made my mind up to relieve myself in the shed. I lowered my jeans & panties to my thighs & pressed the flower pot to my bum. I relaxed & my bowels pushed out a huge poo into the pot. I needed to pee & of course the flower pot had holes in so it ran straight through & onto the floor. Then there was an even bigger problem. The flower pot was full to the brim & I still had a lot more poo inside me. I had to stop in mid flow which wasn't easy. I opened the shed door to empty the flower pot behind the shed & quickly went back in to finish off my poo. I felt much better after that enormous poo & after pulling my clothes back up I went indoors to cleanup in the bathroom.

I've been reading a while and saw that I'm not the only one who allows her daughter and also her daughters friends to pee in the car. I too believe that its ok to let them do that and so what if their pee goes into the seat its just a seat. Not only that but its so cute to watch them sit there and have their pees in the backseat of my car. I think I've allowed at least 20 different girls do it by now. I rememeber one girl after she was all done peeing asked me if it was ok if she farted. So cute! I told her of course she could. I just think its so funny that she would ask me that when I just allowed her to pee into my car seat! Another girl wanted to do it on her knees so she wouldn't have to sit in it. So she did it facing the back of the car but her pee ended up splattering the back of the seat! But I didn't mind. As long as the girls can have their pees I'm fine with it and if anyone disagrees with me I'm still gonna do it so it really doesn't matter.

one time i went to the movies with my brother and went to see an eddie murphy movie, which i forgot the title but anyways i had to pee during the movie and was going to get up to use the restroom but didnt really want to miss the movie so i decided to pee during the movie! there were only a few other people there if i can remember and we were sitting in the middle or close to the top and the other people were close to the bottom. Anyways i first discretly unzipped my pants and pulled my penis through my fly then i looked around to see if anyone was looking towards our area then i waited for a moment so the movie would go to a dim lighted scene then i started to pee and as i was peeing my stream was splashing the back of the empty seat in front of me and getting all over the floor in front of me and even probably started to trickle under the seat in front of me. After about 45 seconds to a minute i think i was done and then peed a few more spurts before i was done then i snuck my penis back in and zipped up and then settled back in for the rest of the movie!


Opposite problem

Hi, new to this site! In college I spent two weeks in Central America as part of my biology degree. I had a great time. Only problem, I was chronically constipated the ENTIRE TIME. I was worried about having diarrhea the whole time I was there, and I was surprised when I didn't poop at all the first few days. After a week of straining just to squeeze out a few pebbles, I was actually hoping I'd get diarrhea. I even ate some ill-advised local food hoping it would do the trick, but to no avail. The toilets we had to use were basically outhouses with no doors. While I'm sure having explosive diarrhea while anyone walking by could see me would be embarrassing, I think straining and groaning and grunting was even more humiliating! The last day we were there I was so bloated and uncomfortable I couldn't stand it. I tried to poop on the plane ride home and nothing came out. Finally, I got back home and collapsed in my dorm room. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pain. I ran down the hall to the women's room and into the first stall. I sat down and had the worst diarrhea of my life. Every last bit of poop that had stayed in my guts the past two weeks had liquified and came rushing out in one big explosion. I was in that stall five or six more times that night. I think maybe my body's digestive system just shut down while I was there. Usually I have problem pooping on any toilet anywhere, but I was so paranoid about having a two-week long bout of dysentery I think my brain told my guts to just stay still. So instead of having a mild case of diarrhea for two weeks, I had a violent case of it for five hours straight. Bleah.


Note to Vincene & Questions Answered for Half-Dump Denise


I read carefully the way you completed your survey for Half Dump Denise. While your mother was probably well intended (and teaching you the way she had been taught by her mother!), it indeed put more stress on you to carefully approach the use of public bathrooms. Her belief that public toilets could only be used for 1) absolute emergencies; 2) if you didn't sit directly on the seat is almost the opposite of what my mom taught me. If you've read my postings I probably use the bathroom at my apartment once every two days and frequently have my morning craps at the park about 5 a.m. when I'm working out. I pee usually three or four times during my work day and usually in the CBA building before I go to my MBA classes in the evening. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to survive under your mom's rules. Your mom walking into your stall while you were going at the reststop and pulling up your skirt is the ultimate betrayal. Then to punish you with the additional supervision at that age was ..... Well, I'm glad you didn't have any of your friends with you on that trip because that would have been so embarrassing. You do seem like you've learned from those experiences and since your move to your new high school, it seems like you've gone along with the program so to speak and are much less conscious of sitting on the seats. You were probably lucky that your parents moved to your new city because otherwise you probably would not have been so encouraged to make the "change" in your restroom procedures. What is encouraging is that you said your mom has come around some and she realizes you are now 18 and grown and should be able to make such decisions for yourself. That will be important as you go off to college and become more reliant on bathrooms away from your comfort zone. Good luck and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Now, my answers to Half-Dump Denise's questions:

1. F, 35.
2. Yes, the discomfort with young boys in the restroom has happened several times over the years, but most recently I wrote about it on Page 1763. I admit I was somewhat more vulnerable using the doorless stall, but the two boys were clearly out of line for invading what privacy I had. Also, their mother was not as supportive as she should have been. The fact that the two boys hadn't actually seen a doorless stall in use and were "curious" is not a defense as far as I am concerned.
3. My parents have a picture of me trying to get up on the toilet at my grandparents' house when I was like 3 1/2. And I guess I almost made it from what they said, but I didn't put enough of my weight onto my backside so I quickly fell off. I did, however, want to become more independent in using toilets away from home at a very early age (perhaps 4) and once I had proved that I could operate on my own, wipe and flush, they let me go into the stall alone.
4. When kids are causing problems in public toilets they need to be immediately spoken to. If the mother in my Page 1763 post hadn't come down to my stall and taken the boys away when I was done I would have taken them with me outside to meet with her about what they had done to violate my privacy.
5. I don't care what size public toilet you're in. I think a child at age 4 if she/he has enough confidence can be taught to use the toilet stall alone. My mom was always very encouraging of me whether it was stopping my running toward the door from the locker room to the swimming pool to make sure I go to the bathroom first or before getting on a city bus when she'd find an excuse to go into a store and encourage me to go into the bathroom and "make sure" I wouldn't need to go during the trip. I remember one years when I was about 7 and we went across half the country to visit my grandmother. During an earlier trip she had remarked to my mom in her teasing way that our whole family probably only stopped for a visit to use the bathroom. So the next time, perhaps at the next Christmas trip, mom ordered dad to stop at Wal-Mart as we entered her city and we each were told to go in and use the bathroom there. Although my parents are now retired, they raised me right with a sense of humor and certainly were not afraid to use public bathrooms. Therefore, I'm lucky I don't have some of the inhibitions that other writers have described.

Thought I'd post again today. I feel much better than I did last night, probably thanks in part to the poo I had this morning. Just after I woke up I got a sudden undeniable urge and had to rush to the loo. I quickly pushed out a load of mushy crap that lasted a couple of minutes but pretty much cleared me out.

The sudden onset of a need to poo reminds me of an incident that happened at school a few years ago. We had a PE lesson last thing every Friday in Year 9, and one week we were playing badminton in the hall since it was raining, when I was struck by a massive and desperate urge to crap. Luckily since there weren't enough courts set up for all of the girls in the class to play, I was sitting on a bench at the side of the hall at the time, so it was quite easy for me to clench my bum tight and grasp my stomach discreetly. I'd felt fine all day and hadn't pooed yet; just a quick wee before I left in the morning and another at lunchtime. But I knew I'd have to poo soon. I thought about what to do. I didn't know the time (since you had to take watches and jewelery off for PE and there were no clocks in the hall) but I figured there was at least half an hour of the lesson left. Could I hold it until the end and then through getting changed so I could get to the toilets in the main school block, or even until I got home? Or should I go in the disgusting sports block toilet, just one toilet in a little alcove with no door and no seat, and probably no paper, that anyone else coming into the changing rooms could see me pooing on? A tough choice. Of course I could have ran to the main toilet block that was nearest the sports hall, like other girls in PE kit I had seen over the years had done, but for whatever reason in the heat of the moment that thought just escaped me. I clenched my cheeks tighter and waited. I'd started out desperate and after fifteen minutes I was absolutely bursting. I really had to unload and soon, but I just couldn't face going in the sports block loo so I kept waiting. All the while I was playing badminton I was squeezing my bum hard, and my lack of concentration must have affected my game! Finally after a lifetime of holding and straining the teacher said that was all for this week and have a good weekend. We all went back into the changing rooms and got dressed. I never saw a girl use the loo there during the whole 7 years I was there. I managed to get dressed and the end of school bell rang while I was doing so. I knew I would never make it anywhere near home with my bowels in this state, so I said goodbye to a couple of people, saying my mum was going to pick me up and I had to go. Of course, I ran for the loos instead. The nearest ones to the sports block were clean enough despite being fairly busy. I rushed into one of the six cubicles and quickly dropped my skirt and panties to the floor and sat. A load of runny poo blasted out almost immediately and I moaned with relief. I thought I would never make it but somehow I did and it all came out in one long spurt. I felt such relief afterwards! There was a small stain in my panties but nothing like what I had expected to end up in them!

Will post again. Bye!!

Here is my answers to Charlotte's questions:

1) How many times per day do you usually need to go poop? Once, sometimes twice.
2) Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day? I can't say that I am regular, but most of my pooping sessions takes place in afternoon.
3) On average how long does it take you to poop? 2-4 minutes, including wiping.
4) Do you wipe from front to back or back to front? From front to back
5) Do you sit or stand to wipe? I use both ways, but usually I sit.


I gave birth to twins today

I've been cranking out some really impressive logs lately. Probably because I've been on a whole grain, vegetable, and fruit kick the last couple of weeks, along with drinking lots of water because of the hot weather.

Anyway, yesterday I got off to a late start, rushing around, getting ready for work, so I didn't have time to take my normal dump before going to work. By the time I got to work, the poop urge had passed, and never came back throughout the day. For me to go a day without pooping is highly unusual.

So this morning (Sunday), after a couple cups of coffee, the urge came back. I entered the bathroom, dropped trou, sat down, and got down to business. After I wiped, I looked in the bowl. One long, solid log, coming up from the trap and breaking the surface of the water, and laying next to it, a second log, maybe 6 inches long.

Okay, maybe not exactly twins, but two logs laying next to each other is something that doesn't happen very often. At least not to me.

Hope everybody enjoys their Sunday. Catch you later.


Hi Sheilagwentgirl

I'm posting after a long time.

I came across a poster called sheilagwentgirl and it reminded me of one of my favorite posters, gillygwentgirl (Maybe you are the same?) anyway, I loved her story of buddy dumping with her friend Ruth :-)

I used to post in this forum regularaly, but I discontinued some time ago. I love to evestrop and hear the sounds of other person's clothes rustling, tugging off the elastic of underwear and sounds of wiping. I used to post a number of my stories starting around 1720. Some of my experiences at work on pages 1733, 1735, 1736 and beyond. Sheila, you might like them.

I was out for a run this afternoon at the local hiking trail so I went and took a dump at the outhouse. The trail wasn't as busy as it was the other day but when I arrived I discovered that both of the partitions of the outhouses were in use.

I continued on my run and decided I would go when I was heading back down. As I continued my way up to the top of the mountain I saw a sign for washrooms just down off the trails a bit. I didn't remember it from the other day so I went down the pathway to see if there was a toilet free. It seemed like it was quite far of the main trail but sure enough I eventually found two small outhouses to the side of the pathway.

They were both doorless but the walls didn't go down fully around the toilet so it would be obvious if someone was using it. They were positioned back to back so there was a decent amount of privacy. I walked over to the one on the right and seated myself down. I let out a muffled fart before emptying my bladder. It took me a few minutes to get the first turd out at which point I still didn't feel fully relieved. The second and final turd came out much faster. I wiped for the next few minutes but remained seated a while after to rest.

When I finally got up I couldn't see the turds because the pit was very deep and there wasn't a lot of light due to all the surrounding trees. I made my way back to the trail and continued my run.

to Markia: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you and the girl had an awesome experience pooping in the woods together. iam so glad that she didnt get angry with you for spying on her before while she was relieving herself. iam glad that she takes interests in watching others poop. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Sammi: i really enjoyed your posts. welcome to this site. congradulations on your first post. i cant wait to hear what interesting stories that you have for everyone. take care and God bless.
to Anyonomus: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you witness other relieving themselves while you were pooping in the canoe. iam so glad that no one saw you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you walked in a porta potty and were welcomed by a strong stench of poo. sounds like the other guy stunk up the porta potty. iam glad that you didnt end up having an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you and lucy had another wonderful bathroom experience at the mall. thats funny that the bathroom smelled like poo when you guys entered. i love stinking up the bathroom so that others can smell it when they enter it. thats cool that you took the middle cubical. i always take the middle cubical. iam glad also that you got a good glismp of your neighbors underwear. thats funny that she messed in them a little bit. iam glad to hear also that you loaned her some tiolet paper. i dont like it when i enter a cubical and there is no tiolet paper. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you took a healthy dump at the grocery store. thats good that you stunk up the bathroom. i love doing that. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kevin: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that your roomate Annie came in and took a shit while you were in the shower. how did this make you feel? thats cool that she left the tiolet unflushed. did you enjoy what she left behind in the tiolet for you? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post. thats cool that you released a healthy dump that you had been holding in. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Alan: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you got to watch your girlfriend and her friend take a dump in the bushes. did you like it? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to KeithD: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you overheard the women in the bathroom next to you relieve herself. thats funny that she was singing out loud. in my past experiences i have heard other females sing. i guess some people like singing in public bathrooms to make the time pass. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Janice: i really enjoyed your post. iam so sorry to hear that you ended up having an accident in your golfing outfit. next time dont wait so long. when you have to go then you need to take care of it as soon as possible. iam glad that your parents didnt find out about your accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Sammy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your major accident that occured while coming home from the mall. iam glad to hear that your boyfriend didnt make a big deal out of it. this shows that he truely respects and loves you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that your coworker has learned her lesson from the previous time. thats funny that she stunk up the bathroom for you to smell. i love doing that. iam glad that you had another successful dump at work. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you made a very wise decison to use the bathroom at home. iam glad that everything came out perfectly. iam sure that you will get to have a healthy bowel movement at work in the near future. take care and God bless.
to ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you overheard a younger women in the bathroom next to you. i think that she was embarrassed to tell her friend that she was taking a shit. thats why she probably told her friend that she was going number one instead of number two. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to MEME:i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that your roomate walked in while you were in the shower and took a dump. thats funny that she didnot flush the tiolet. i bet the bathroom had a powerful stench. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.




2nd painful crap of the week

Hi again, everybody.

I've seen many good posts in the recent weeks. Keep them coming!

Abbie: Excellent post. It must have been tough for all of you to have a rough time while taking a crap in a public toilet. I almost always hold it at school, too, and many times end up having tough craps like those. Although I'm a boy and I'm going to be a senior in High School starting next semester, it can be embarrassing sometimes, especially when there are guys I know in the bathroom peeing or at the sinks. Looking forward to your next post.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi: Hi, welcome! Could you describe a normal crap session for you? About the splashback, I've had poops like those before (the following story), but I have a suggestion to avoid the water splashing back. Tear off some toilet paper and put it in the toilet water before you sit and start doing your business. That way, when you're having a large, hard crap it will drop and land in the toilet paper, thus avoiding the splashback.

Now the story:

The next day after the last story, I was still a little constipated because of the medication. I had eaten a big meal and about an hour later I went to a sports club with a friend of mine to get some exercise. Afterwards, we went to the showers (I never really liked using the locker room's showers, but this time I was all sweaty and didn't want to stay that way) and while I was showering I began feeling that pressure in my rectum that means "go take a crap". Nothing urgent, but the combination of a big meal, exercise and hot water might have given me the urge. I finished showering quickly, and while I was drying off the urge became stronger. My friend was still showering, so I walked to the toilets to see how busy they were. There were two guys at the urinals and one of the 3 toilets was occupied. I considered going there but by the way my crap felt inside me I knew it was going to be similar to the one I had the day before and I didn't want the other men or my friend hear me pushing or the crap dropping. As I got dressed, my friend came out and started drying off too. When we were done, he gave me a ride back to my place, and I was hoping nobody would be home. Unfortunately, my sister had some of her friends over and my brother was in our room.

When I entered my room, I put down the bad with my gym clothes and headed for the toilet. My brother ignored me at first. I went in, closed the door and pulled down my pants all the way to the floor, as I knew it was going to be a big one. I tore off some toilet paper and put it into the toilet. I sat down and started pushing, peeing at the same time so that any noise made by the poop was covered. It came out slowly, and it was hurting my butthole. I could feel it stretching my hole when I stopped pushing to regain my breath. As I did so, my pee stream also slowed down, but it regained its force as I pushed again. My crap came out within 10 seconds, and fortunately landed on the toilet paper, avoiding the splash. Eventually I finished peeing I looked at it and it was about 8 inches long, smooth but firm and wide. I panted heavily and rested for a minute or so. The bathroom felt hot, but I don't know if it was actually hot or it was just my struggle to get the crap out that made it feel that way. I began pushing again, but it didn't immediately come out. I had to push hard for it to start moving, which it eventually did. I grunted involuntarily as it came out and dropped. It was as big and wide as the first one, but also softer. I pushed out 3 more logs, smaller in size and felt done. I started wiping, and it took like 7 wipes to get clean. I wasn't sure if it would go down or if it would plug the toilet, which I hope it didn't. Luckily, it all went down. As I got up after wiping, I felt a little tired and lightheaded, which felt weird. I washed my hands and when I saw my brother in our room he was giggling and said: "Wow, you can crap. First with diarrhea and now this, I bet it felt good to get it out, right?" I just smiled and nodded, a little embarrassed. But of course, he takes big craps once in a while, and when he does I'll be laughing too.

Hope you liked it. I'll post again soon.


At the mall yesterday

I was out shopping yesterday afternoon and after a while I had to pee so I made my way to the nearest department store with bathrooms and went into the ladies room, took one of the two cubicles, and proceeded to sit down and begin to pee.

Suddenly I heard the door bang open and the sound of running towards me and a woman mumbling under her breath, "No, no, no, no, no" over and over again, sometimes with a curse word thrown into the mix. She passed in front of my stall and I could barely glance through the stall door sides that she was maybe in her thirties and was wearing a blue skirt and carrying a Coach purse (I'm a Coach fan, too). She banged into the door to the stall next to me, but it swings outward instead of in, so she just cursed again, pulled it open, shuffled inside still muttering and cursing - I don't think she knew I was there yet - turned around to latch the door, fumbled with it, cursed louder, finally got it locked, then shuffled backwards, still mumbling and cursing, only more urgent now. Obviously she was extremely desperate to go.

I could see up to about the level of her knees when she got to were she was just in front of the toilet I heard her lift her skirt and saw her thrust her panties down as she sat and immediately I heard the sound of pee hitting water, followed by gas and a splash as a solid turd hit the water. But she was still cursing and I didn't know why since she had made it. Then I looked down again and saw that she hadn't made it after all - or at least not all the way. In her panties I could see the top of what was a pretty big lump of poop mounded in the seat of her Victoria's Secret panties and a large wet spot in the crotch and butt. She had evidently already started to lose it before she got into the stall. That's why she was still cursing - she'd had a big accident.

I quickly wiped and stood, pulled up my shorts and flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and glanced back over and could see that the woman was now standing and had stepped out of her panties, which were sitting on the tile by her feet, but now had no poop in them - she evidently had dumped it into the toilet. I guess she was trying to clean up. I though about asking if she needed help or a clean pair of panties, but I was too nervous to say anything. I'm sure she was embarrassed enough already.

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 4

Well having a fresh supply of beer we were set again as far as that went. I had built the fire up again also so there was light in the campsite. Now Jeannie mentioned that it was uncofortible to sit on the ground. ( It was for we both were not wearing or shorts which she complained that the dry leaves, sticks, and waht not were bothering her.

So looking around the clearing there were several old trees which were dead. The bark was completely off from them. They had been down for a long time so they were weathered to the point of being smooth. These trees also had been cut up so the tops and botoms were pretty straight so we rolled two over near the fire and we had now seats to sit on. Even doing this after another beer Jeannie now sat on my lap.

As we sat there together while sipping down another beer Jeannie reached down to my one and only ticklish spot and started tickling me! I almost dropped my beer but managed to set it down as I laughed hard. So I started to tickle her in return. Jeannie started laughing as hard as I was. We would momentarilly stop to catch or breath and go right back tickling each other. We did this several times and we both were enjoying it too.

Now I know that some people being tickled cuases them to piss. That now happened to both Jeannie and I. I had a short hard spurt opf piss shoot out from my penis as I laughed. Jeannie's arm was hit with my spurt of piss. Since she was laughing so hard and tickling me she didn't feel my sudden short spurt of piss wet her arm.

Then she right after that lost control of her bladder. Now she was sitting on my lap faced towards me and when she shot out her piss stream her piss hit my inner thighs wetting them. I felt it when it happened. I yelled right out as I was still laughing too; Jeannie your pissing on me! Jeannie didn't move a inch. She was just laughing to hard for her to move.

So I then reacted by pushing her back as I spreaded my legs apart. Now she no longer pissed n my thighs. I stopped tickling her at thius point too. I grabbed her arm and pulled it away from me so she would stop tickling me. Jeannies hard laughter now died out. She became aware that she was pissing now. Did I piss on you? she asked. Yeah you did a little bit Jeannie. Oh Dave I'm so sorry. she said back to me.

Then she felt and saw that part of her arm was wet. Did I also piss on myself? Jeannie asked. I couldn't lie to her and tell her she had. No it was I. I lost it for a moment also and I had a litle spurt let go too. I'm sorry for that too. At this point Jeannie had pissed long enough that she had stopped and was just dripping. She wasn't angry about being pissed on at all.

She saw that my legs were wet with her piss and her arm so she got right up off from my lap. Hey we have a excuse to go in for another swim! She was right and we then yanked off our remaining clothes we still had on. Made a mad dash down the path to the lake waded in and then dove right in. The water felt warm to us both as we took our quick dip. Quick as in we were in the lake for about 15 minutes.

Then we went right back up to the campsite stayed right by the fire to dry off and get warmed up again. The early morning air was now cooler. Then we got dressed completely this time. But right after getting dressed since I had only just done that one very short hard spurt of piss I needed to go. Enough time had passed Jeannie had to piss again even though she did take a hard piss when she pissed on me and then the ground during or tickling session.

So we again half stripped down and this time Jeannie held me and she had sqauted down next to me. I sent a very long arcing stream halfway across the clearing while she had a noisy hissing stream which shot outward and down to the ground. Jeannie didn't piss all that long but I sure did. Jeannie was done in about ten seconds where I went on for a good half minute or more.

Then right after I was done we both here now chilled some by the cool night air and being half naked. I went over and I grabbed my sleepingbag. I placed it down on the ground near the fire but far enough away so it wouldn't be near enough to get real hot or have a spark come down on it. I unzipped it and sat down on it and covered my bare body with it.

Jeannie also went and grabbed the other bag which we had picked up at my house. She came over by me and placed it on the ground. Then seeing that the two bags looked the same she asked me if they zipped together. I told her they did. She giggled and said to me; Good we can get and stay warm together. So we zipped the bags together and snuggled up together inside the now one larger sleepingbag. We sat there enjoyingnow the warmth from both the fire and our own bodies. We also sipped pur beers while we sat there too. To be continuied.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Camp story

Konichiwa everybody

Lately nothing very interesting has happened, so i just thought that i could tell you my experience 4 years ago in a school camp when i was 9 years old.

We had a hot and sunny june that year. When we got to the camp we got split up in to two teams, and i noticed that i had none of mine friends in my team, so i spent most of time in the cabin drawing something or just doing nothing.

One morning when we had no big activities i was sitting again on my bed, when i noticed this other girl lying on the bed in the corner. She was about my age with long, long, straight brown hair. She had her hands on her stomach and she looked like she was in pain. It was about that time, when i developed an interest in girl's going to the bathroom so i was constantly watching her, and waiting for her to go to the bathroom.
About 20 later she got up and went out of the cabin. I quickly followed her, but when i got out, i didn't see her going to the bathrooms, instead she was running towards the forest. I followed her, but with a distance, so she would not notice me. Then she stopped, pulled out some napkins out of her pocket and squatted down. i was hiding beihing a bush, but i could not see what was she doing there. About 10 minutes later she got up and ran back to the cabin. I crawled out of the bush and went to the spot where she had done her business. There was a strong smell in the air and on the ground there was a pile of soft logs and some mush and some dirty napkins. I went back to the cabin and she was lying on her bed again. We had lunch a hour later and i went back to the cabin only to find her lying on the bed again. After a hour she got up and went out of the cabin. i followed her and noticed, that she ran back to her old pooping place. When she got there, i quickly went behind the bushes and watched her. She pulled down her pants and her panties and let out some loud farts. After that i couldn't hear anything else, so i just waited. She wiped, got up, but a moment later pulled her pants down again and squatted again. It looked like she had the runs. After a few minutes, she wiped, got up and went back. I crawled out from the bush and went to where she had her dump. I immediately noticed a huge pile of runny poop by a tree and a few steps further was an enormous puddle of light brown diarrhea and undigested food chunks, i couldn't believe that , that little girl could poop so much. After a few hours, just when we finished dinner i went to our cabin and found the girl on her bed, again clutching her stomach. It only took minutes, for her to run back to her pooping spot and i followed her , This time i wanted to see her closer, so i went behind a huge pine tree and waited there, i saw her coming, and i was sure she wouldn't notice me, but then disaster struck ...
"hey! what are doing there?" that girl yelled and i suddenly got so confused that i couldn't say a word. I came out behind the tree and tried to explain hopelessly, but it was obvious that i was watching her as she would poop. "gosh, i didn't know that you could like this kind of stuff" she said calmly, and it looked like she understood my interests. She said "Personally, i don't usually go to the bathroom, i try to poop outside as often as possible", then i said "me too, me too, i also enjoy doing that" Then she asked me "did you wanted to see me poop?", i said "well kind of yes", she replied "well it won't be pretty, everything has gone right trough me today", and i accidentally said "yeah i know" Then she asked me surprised "how could you know that?", right then i just had to confess and said "i actually saw you before, I'm sorry", she just replied "it's ok, you could have just asked me ... OH MY! I GOTTA GO NOW!" she immediately pulled her pants and panties down in front of me and squatted down.
"Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppblurstlurtlurtlurtslopslopslopslopslopl" she exploded with runny diarrhea on the ground "oh my, that was nasty" and she let loose again "brrrrrrppppplurtplurtplurtslopslopslopslopslop" and more diarrhea pored on the ground. Just then i said "can i join you?". she said why not?" and i squatted and pushed out a hard 3-inch log, followed by two more smaller logs. I was finished and so was she, we wiped with her paper napkins, got up and looked at our mess. There were three logs and the ground and a puddle of liquid poop, and it smelled very bad. That day we didn't have to go anymore, but next time i will post what happened the other day.

Bye everyone ^ ^

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Introduction & Answers for Denise Half Dump

I only discovered this forum last week. It's a great idea and its seems to be getting a load of participation. My name is Samantha Suzanna but I simply go by Sammi. I'm 15. My mom runs a day care out of our home and hires me to help supervise the kids when she takes them out on field trips. (I have some future stories to tell about these experiences). My dad manages a gas station and store. I'll probably work there some when I turn 16 because I'll need money for a car.

Since way back when I'm pretty normal in the amount of time it takes for me to shit at home, but when I'm away from home it has become more of a problem. I can feel my shit at the door, but once I get into my stall and seat myself, things just go into slow motion. However, I can start my pee stream strongly within a couple of seconds after my butt hits the seat and keep it going uninterrupted for like two minutes, sometimes more. Could it be that I'm more self-conscious about taking a shit in public because of the noise I make, the number of times I position myself on the seat, the splashback I often get because my blocks are heavy and hit the water hard, and the amount of time I'm on the stool and the guilt I feel for keeping the others waiting for like 20 or 25 minutes sometimes???

Here is the answers for Denise Half Dump's survey.

1--Female, 15.
2--Have you ever felt uncomfortable when a child of the opposite gender is in a public toilet? Yes. However, I'm uncomfortable just shitting in public toilets with others of any sex waiting for my stall.
3--At what point did your parents let you go into a public bathroom alone? I think I was a month or two away from my 4th birthday. I felt good about my mother just standing in the outside doorway and letting me be like totally independent one Saturday when we were out of town at our state's fair. My dad had joked about me carying a "full tank" and telling my mom to pick up the pace as we walked to the restroom building. I was so enthusiastic that I selected the first open stall, and quickly pulled down my panties and shorts and splashed into the bowl. The seat was up and I had forgotten to drop it. Luckily, I hadn't latched the door so when Mom heard my crying she quickly came in to help me out. Some other children started to gather and Mom told them to get going because there was nothing to see. She sounded real mean to them and I appreciated that. However, she went in and checked the stalls out for me the next 5 or 6 times we went out.
4--What should you do if a child is causing trouble in a public toilet?
Tell them to mind their own business, I guess.
5--If you are a parent or baby sitter what do you do when a child of the opposite gender has to use the bathroom? Does it make any difference whether you are in a huge place like an airport or a smaller place like a gas station? Just be as encouraging as you can. I always felt the smaller bathrooms were much easier to use as a young child. But now that I'm in high school, I feel the same. The really huge bathrooms suck. Too many people.

today i went to target with my guy friend. we were there for like three hours. after a little while i told baron i would be right back. my bowels started kicking in. i headed to the front of the store and went to the ladiesroom. when i arrived there were like 10 stalls. and once again the bathroom was completley empty. i took the third stall. i latched the door and immedaitely started pullind down my jean shorts. i started peeing. this time it lasted quite a while. then all of a sudden the door opened! in walked two young girls. one was like 5 years old with brown hair and the other was like 8 years old with black hair. the five year old took the stall on my right. and the eight year old went into the stall right next to her. at this point i was finally done peeing. i began pooping. the two girls started peeing and were talking to each other. they both commented on how bad the bathroom smelled. i thoght that was funny. i quietly started laughing. then the five year old said out loud i have to fart. the girl right next to her started laughing and said do it. the eight year old began pooping. i was still pooping at this point. she told her sister that she was about to fart. they both started laughing. at this point in time the bathroom had inquired a noticable stench. i immediately started inhailing it. then the eight her year old told her sister you dont need to flush the tiolet. a second later they both exited there stalls without flushing. they went to the sink and washed there hands. they the two young girls said to each other i wonder who was in the stall right beside us! after the two girls left i called my friend on his cellphone and told him i was gonna be a here for longer than i thought. he just told me to take my time and that he would be by the movies when i was done. so i decided to hangout in the bathroom for a while and have quiet time away from my guy friend. a second later the door opened. in walked an older women. she was like in her thirties. she was wearing a dress. she took the 6 stall farther down towards the end. immediately without warining she farted. it smelled really bad. i started laughing. then all at once she began pooping. it only lasted like 2 mintues. then she began wiping. then she flushed the tiolet. she went to the sink and washed her hands. there was still a noticable odor from her bowel movement. i didnt care at all. then the door opened again. this time there were two girls. one was a blond and one was a burnette. the blond i was like 18 and the burnette was like 19. the 18 yearold took the stall on my left right beside me. i could see that she was wearing long pants and that she was wearing flip flops and her nails were painted hot pink. they were beautiful. the 19 year old stood at the sink looking in the mirror. the 18 year old girl began peeing. it lasted for quite a while. i listened quitetly. then a second later she started pooping. she was continously ploping away. it was funny and i started laughing. then her friend at the sink said are you almost done? the girl replied no! her friend said it smells like shit and your adding too it! the 18 year old said oh well thats too bad you will just have to wait till iam done. i would do the same for you. i immediately detected an odor coming from the 18 year old and started inahailing it. moments later the 18 year old was done. she began wiping. she told her friend i will meet you at the sink in one second. moments later the 18 year old exited her stall without flushing. she went to the sink . the two girls said lets get out of her it really stinks. a second later they were gone. five mintues later the door opened again. this time it was a 13 year old girl with red hair. she was alone. she took the last stall at the end. she latched her stall and began peeing. it lasted for 3 mintues. then she let out a sigh of relief. she wiped quickly and exited the stall without flushing. she didnt even wash her hands. at the point i was done. i exited my stall without flushing. i went to the sink and washed my hands. then i met up with my guy friend. he asked me if i was ok. i told him that i just needed to take care of some buisness. thats all for now.




Report from a canoe hike

I have just returned from a canoe hike. For over one week we went through remote areas. We camped at different sites almost every night. Most places there was no toilet. We had to go in the bushes. Nobody ever talked about the issue and I guess that everyone felt it a bit embarrassing because especially in the mornings it was very difficult to get it done in total privacy. When going to the bushes I often observed others out there trying to find some shelter or even saw others on distance squatting with their trousers down. I never went direct in on anyone and luckily nobody went in on me. I think everyone tried to take care.


Answers to questions

For Charlotte:

1) How many times per day do you usually need to go poop? I go poop 2 times per day. If I eat foods that make me poop, like mac and cheese, I may go even more.

2) Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day? No

3) On average how long does it take you to poop? 1-2 minutes to poop and another couple of minutes to wipe. I usually have messy poops.

4) Do you wipe from front to back or back to front? Back to front

5) Do you sit or stand to wipe?
For me it is easier to sit when I wipe.

Since it was a really hot day and I had the day off I went to the beach to cool off. By the time I arrived it was quite packed so I had to walk to the very end to find a place to stay. Some of my friends came over a bit later and we had a small barbecue. I ate two or three hot dogs and some chips before going for a swim and then tanning in the sun for a few hours. I came to realization that I would need to take a shit before I made my 45 minute drive home.

There were a few porta potties near where we were so I quickly ran over only to discover a considerable lineup for all three of them. After a few minutes of waiting I realized that it was going to be awhile but I decide to wait anyways. There was a very athletic male in his mid 20s ahead of me who looked like he had just gotten out of the water. After he entered in I was relieved that it would be my turn soon.

When he didn't come out after a minute I realized he was probably taking a shit. Soon enough five minutes had passed and he still hadn't come out. Some people behind me were moving to the other lineups that seemed to be moving much faster. Nearly 10 minutes had passed at which point I was desperately holding on to my now very full bladder and a shit that needed to be taken. When he finally emerged I rushed in only to be somewhat overwhelmed by the smell. I quickly locked the door and made sure there was enough toilet paper which there was.

I looked to the quite full holding tank and discovered two short but quite thick turds. They were undoubtedly dropped by the last guy since they formed the top of the pile of other logs and sludge. I could see why he had taken so long. I pulled my swimsuit down and sat down on the warm seat. I relieved my bladder first at which point a turd started to come out. I gave a strong push and two turds effortlessly dropped out. I waited a few minutes before starting to wipe. The two logs were both my usual size which is still fairly large. I couldn't believe how many people shit in these things. By the looks of it they would have to be emptied every few days. Anyone else use porta potties or only for emergencies?


Going to the toilet while out shopping

Hi, its Abbie here again. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, school finished at the end of last week and I've been away on holiday with my friend Lucy and her family. We went on a camping trip so I've got a few stories I'm going to share with you over my next few posts, hope you enjoy them and any comments welcome. The first one happened the day before we actually left, I was going into town with Lucy to do some shopping. I got up late that morning and so only had time for a wee before I left to catch the bus even though I could feel I wanted a poo as well, I hoped I'd be able to hold it until I got back home later or if I got really desperate I could use the loo at the shopping centre. Sitting on the bus I tried to take my mind off the heavy feeling in my belly by writing a list of what I needed to buy. We were planning to do quite a bit of hiking and I already had all the outer gear like coats, trousers and everything so this trip was just to get some other essentials, top of my list was underwear (I really couldn't face the idea of walking a lot wearing knickers that were either too small and giving me a constant wedgie or falling down because the elastic had gone) but I also needed socks and a few t-shirts. I wrote everything down and by then the bus had got to my stop so I got off and went to meet Lucy. I still needed a poo but the feeling wasn't getting any stronger so I thought I'd probably be able to wait until I got home later. I met up with Lucy right by the entrance to the shopping centre and we started chatting about where we needed to go, she had written a list too and it was practically the same as mine! We went into Marks and Spencers and up the escalator to the girlswear section, as we were standing on the escalator Lucy rubbed her belly. "I think I'd better go to the loo first before we start on the shopping, I really need a poo, I didn't get time to go this morning before I set off" she whispered to me. "Yeah, I could do with going as well" I whispered back, I was starting to get a few cramps and was getting quite desperate now. We had to go up to the top floor to find the customer toilets and when we got in there they were actually pretty busy, all of the three cubicles were taken and there was a girl about 12 or 13 waiting and holding herself. I saw Lucy bite her bottom lip and cross her legs, she was obviously really bursting. Judging by the smell and noises at least two people seemed to be having a poo and I guessed they would be a while yet, fortunately for the girl in front there was the sound of a flush and then the door of the far cubicle opened and a lady came out. The girl practically ran into the cubicle, still holding herself and quickly locked the door. Soon after I heard a jet of wee whooshing into the toilet and a sigh of releaf. Lucy was looking more and more uncomfortable, she sneaked a hand round behind her and held her bum. "I can't hold it much longer, I'm going to go in my pants if those two don't hurry up" she whispered. Just at that moment luckily one toilet flushed and then a couple of seconds later the other one did too. Lucy shot into the nearest one as soon as the girl was out and I took the middle one. I locked the door, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees, my pink knickers came down at the same time. I sat on the loo just as I heard Lucy starting to grunt, each time she pushed I heard some wee trickle down into the toilet. I looked under the cubicle partition on the other side and saw the girls black leggings and green knickers bunched around her ankles, there was a bit of a damp patch in her knickers as well as a slight skidmark. I could hear some grunts coming from her cubicle as well as I started to push out my first log so it seemed that all three of us were having a poo. At that moment Lucy let out a loud fart and a few seconds later I did too, all was quiet in the end cubicle. Suprisingly my log was the first to drop, it made a loud plop and I sighed. I could feel more poo moving down inside me and realised it would be a while before I was done. The girl next door suddenly gave out quite a loud grunt and a few pants as she caught her breath, then I heard a moan and shortly after a plop. Lucy was still grunting away, she was obviously finding it hard work, she'd admitted to me a few days before that she was quite often constipated because like me she didn't want to go for a poo at school and so ending up holding it in. I heard some more plops coming from next door, then a pause and the girls voice saying "Oh no". The next thing I knew she knocked on the cubicle partition and said "Er… excuse me, could you pass me through some loo paper, only there's none left in here." I struggled to catch my breath as I was just giving a big push to keep my second log moving, it was quite a bit bigger than the first one for some reason. "Yeah, no problem" I panted, and ripped some off before passing it under the partition. "Thanks," said the girl, and then I heard her ripping the paper into smaller bits and starting to wipe her bum. At that moment after a really loud grunt from Lucy's cubicle I heard a massive plop and then a moan as she finally got her poo to drop. Seconds later I managed to get my next log out which felt gigantic, I then finished with a bit of mushy poo and started to wipe. Next door the girl flushed and then went out, thanking me again. I started to wipe my bum as Lucy carried on grunting to get the rest out, I looked under her cubicle and saw that she'd pulled her jeans and blue and yellow stripy knickers all the way to the floor, I sometimes do that as well if I'm having a really hard poo and I need to spread my legs to get it to come out. She had quite a big stain in her knickers, some poo must have come out before she made it to the toilet. I finished wiping and flushed, I thought I'd give Lucy some peace and quiet to finish off so I pulled up my knickers and jeans and unlocked the door. "I'll meet you down in girlswear, take your time" I said to Lucy as I went out, the loos were deserted now. "OK, see you in a bit" panted Lucy. I took the escalator down to the floor below and started choosing some socks and knickers, about five minutes later Lucy joined me, a bit red in the face but otherwise OK. "Sorry about that" she said, blushing slightly. "Hey, no problem" I said, "Lets find what we need and then go and get a drink somewhere." We managed to get everything on our lists and then went off to a café. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon about some things that happened when our holiday actually started. Bye for now!!


This mornings poo

I'd been busting for a poo since I woke up but I didn't have any toilet rolls left so I decided to go shopping first. When I got back I really had to go bad so I left the shopping in my car & went straigit indoors to relieve my urgent need. I just made it to the toilet & the moment I sat down a lot of small soft turds shot out of me like a pack of yorkshire terriers. It's a good thing I didn't see any cats on the way home ha ha! It was such a relief & the smell was awsome. The cleanup took a while & needed lots of toilet paper. I flushed & washed my hands feeling very satisfied I can tell you. I went back to the car & brought my shopping in afterwards. I'm sure that if I'd tried to get the shopping in first I would have had a big messy accident in my underwear to cleanup.

First off, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I share a 2 bedroom apartment with a female friend, Annie. We're really close friends, but not romantically involved. Now, because our apartment has only one bathroom, we've become very lax about that. We only close the door if we're on the toilet, otherwise it's always open.

Anyway, yesterday evening I was taking a shower when Annie came in and said she was going to the toilet. I'd heard her pee several times before, but this was the first time I got to hear her poop. I continued my shower as she opened the toilet lid and sat down. I heard her begin with a small tinkle, then it became a full on gushing piss. This lasted probably 15 to 20 seconds before it trickled off. She then rolled off some paper and I assumed she was done, but I didn't hear her get up.

After a bit, I heard a splunk sound, silence for a while, a sploosh. For the next few minutes, there would be silence then a sound when she dropped a turd. I think I heard eight in total before she tore off more paper. She sprayed a bit of air freshener, closed the toilet and left the bathroom.

Once I was done showering and fully dressed again, I had to go look at her dump. She left behind several thick turds each only three to four inches long, and there was a faint odor of poop despite the air freshener she had sprayed.

I just wanted to tell the story. I really hope I'll have more to tell later, if I get the chance to hear her poop again...

Hi again to everyone! I've felt gassy and slightly sick all day today, and a few minutes ago I had to let rip with an almighty fart while I was sitting here at my computer. It stank soo much, but it felt soo much better too! Earlier the pressure built up and I had to poo, so I went and sat. It took a few minutes for anything to start, and then two logs came out in quick succession. I held my ???? which was hurting and got rid of another three medium-sized logs. I felt much better afterwards, but then soon I started feeling gassy and sick again. Hopefully I'll be better in the morning, so I'm off to bed now. Bye everyone!

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