Alan in Amsterdam

A poo in the dark

I have to say I envy you people, like Upstate Dave, who have girlfriends who are happy to let you watch them shitting. I have had the odd opportunity, and of course there was that bizarre episode with Sarah, but I haven't had many chances. And most of them are some years ago now.
One night I was out with my girlfriend Carol and her friend Andrea. me and Carol had been going out for a couple of months and I had already discovered she had a weak bladder and had seen her pissing a few times. That night we had been to the pub and it was about half an hour walk from the pub to the train station which the girls travelled home from. I knew that she would have to piss on the way and was looking forward to the vision. I also had to pee but it's easy for us guys, I just slipped into a very small bush and let fly. But the girls were shy. Andrea started to grumble about needing a piss and why did we have to go to a pub so far away, and Carol was walking strangely trying to hold her legs together.
Eventually we were away from the houses and there was a short stretch of road which went through open ground, with only a couple of streetlights. As soon as Carol found a decent growth of shrubbery she said "I'm going in here". Andrea and me followed her in. It was dark and as the two girls pulled down their jeans all I could see was their silhouettes. Soon I heard the spraying of two streams of piss. They were very long pisses! Both girls had had a few pints of lager. Then there was a fart, I couldn't tell which one it was, but then Andrea said "Carol!" in a horrified way. there was a grunt or two and then the sound of a turd flopping to the floor then another then another. "Ugh" said Andrea, "you stinky cow". And it was. "Got any paper?" said Carol. I handed over some tissue and she wiped then we went on to the station and never said anything about it again. Next day I was at a loose end and found myself back in the bushes where her shit was still lying, covered in flies.I got rid of them by pissing over them.
After a year or two mnd Carol got married. There were a couple of times when she had to have a shit outdoors but she always managed to avoid me seeing. She didn't mind me watching her piss though and I used to enjoy that.
Thanks for your entrtaining stories, best wishes to one and all.

Keith D
I stopped off at a roadside diner yesterday. I had just eaten a burger and was still sitting at the table when I got a faint urge to pee. I thought I might as well go the bathroom at the diner while I was there, and also try for a poop.

I made my way down the back of the room to where there was a side door and a small hallway coming off it. The bathrooms were inside. Two doors side by side - one for male and one for female. I opened the male door and inside was a sink and one toilet seat. As I turned and closed the door behind me I saw a woman walking down the hall behind me and turning towards the female door. I only caught a glimpse and she was about 35, brown hair tied back in a ponytail, with broad hips.

Inside I dropped my pants to my ankles and sat on the seat. My urge to pee was weak so I just let my tool rest on the front of the seat while I leant forward a bit and hoped my poop would start to move. Then from next door I could hear some muffled sounds, tp being torn off and someone settling on the seat (the lady next door). I could hear her talking but could not make out what she was saying. At first I thought she was on her cell but she was talking in a sing-song voice so then I thought she was talking to a child and figured she was taking a kid to the toilet. But then I realised that she was mumbling and her sentences were trailing off so she must have been talking to herself.

She sat for a little while and I was still relaxing and concentrating on my gut. I passed a couple of airy but silent farts. The lady was still muttering next door. Then she made a "mmmmmm" noise. Then a really loud "UUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Then she said in a loud voice "Oh come on!". I heard the toilet seat drop, she immediately flushed and the door clattered as she left. Apparently she had tried and failed. I was no more successful in my own efforts and left about 5 minutes later.

This got me thinking. Does anyone here talk to themselves while pooping? Or do they talk to their poop while they are working on it? Give it words of encouragement, order it out into the bowl etc?


My Golfing Accident

My name is not really Janice (to protect the guilty!). I am almost 18 years old, from the US, and am a competitive female amateur golfer and will be playing for a pretty big college starting next year, hopefully turning pro someday on the LPGA. Anyway, I have a big tournament coming up next week and I've been practicing really hard. A couple of days ago I had been practicing most of the day and late in the afternoon went out to try to play 18 before it got too dark. The course was pretty much empty and I was playing alone and able to play pretty fast. I soon started to feel a big urge to crap but kept playing. All of the moving, walking, swinging, and especially squatting down to read putts didn't help. I got to the first bathroom on the course and it was just nasty so I skipped it and kept going.

I finished the front nine and was back at the clubhouse but my urge had gone by then so I didn't even think about the bathroom. I had a good round going and didn't want to stop or lose the light. After a few more holes the urge came back even stronger. I made it to the next (and last) bathroom on the course but it is closed for repairs. There is a porta-potty but I hate those and I just decided to keep going. I only had nother four holes to play - an hour at most - and it was going to be dark soon and if I wanted to finish all 18 holes I'd have to hurry.

But again the walking and swinging and squatting down was making it exteremly hard to hold it. I guess I should mention that I was wearing a pink golf skort (shorts underneath a skirt) and pink bikini panties and a white golf top. Anyway, I made it through the next couple of holes but by the 17th I was about bursting. I had to pee and crap really, really bad. I thought about squatting in the bushes but there are no bushes nearby there so I had no cover to hide behind and there are some houses that can see the course from there so I'm sure someone would have seen me. I was almost shaking I had to go so bad but the sun was down and it was almost too dark to play and I only had two holes and didn't want to stop.

I teed off on 17 and as I swung a squirt of pee shot out into my panties, wetting the crotch. I reached up under my skirt to feel but the shorts didn't feel wet, I could only feel the wetness against my crotch under my panties so it wasn't a lot. It happens sometimes, right girls? Anyway, I moved to my next shot, hit it, kept walking, but now with my hand pressed against my crotch to keep from peeing more, but that didn't help the back side where the crap was really pushing hard to come out and I could barely hold it any more and was starting to turtle head so I had to stop walking and cross my legs and squeeze my butt to keep it inside. I hadn't had to go to the bathroom so bad in forever! It was going to be a big, firm poop and a lot of pee. I again looked around for a bush or anything to hide behind but there was nothing.

I started to walk again as fast as I could and still hold it but still another squirt of pee came out and this time it was a little bigger and I felt a trickle run down my left thigh to my knee. I squeezed tight to cut off the flow of the pee but immediately felt my anus open up again and the poop start to move and I had to stop again and squeeze really hard and put my hand against my butt to keep the poop from coming out any farther. I was panicked. I was by the green and ready to putt so I put my bag down, grabbed my putter and hurried to the ball, not even trying to squat down to read the putt because I knew I'd lose all control if I did. I hit a bad putt because I was so distracted. I walked to the ball again and felt another squirt come out and I grabbed myself again under my skirt and this time the shorts felt quite wet in the crotch and the poop was pushing again and my heart was racing and I could hear my pulse in my ears and I felt almost numb and panicked and I knew this was the end. This was it, I was about to have a complete accident and there was nothing I could do to stop it. My brain said no but my body said yes and there was no way to prevent it. I milliseconds it was going to happen.

I did the only thing I could think to do. I grabbed the sides of my skirt and pulled them up so that it wouldn't be underneath me and I quickly squatted down behind my ball like I would to read a putt and as soon as I hit the bottom of the squat my bladder let go and the pee started flooding into my shorts and pouring onto the green beneath me. The relief was amazing, but the feeling was really weird to be almost 18 and having an accident like this. The wetness spread across my butt and thighs and I looked down and watched the pink shorts turn darker and the pee dripping down onto the ground below me. It was almost surreal.

But my anus also opened and my body pushed and out the crap came in a giant firm log. It hit my panties and I had to push harder to keep it moving. My body wanted to get rid of it but the tightness of the shorts and panties were holding it up. I had to push hard again. It felt quite unusual - the way my anus was held open by the turd, the way the poop moved steadily, the way it felt as it piled up in my panties, the warm stickiness against my butt cheeks as it spread outward. Momentarily it actually felt interesting and not unpleasant. I continued pushing until it finally was all out and piled in a warm mound that felt like the size of a grapefruit.

It was over. My heart was still pounding, my pulse racing, my body still mostly numb from what had just happened. I could feel the poop against my skin and the warm wetness on my thighs, crotch, and butt. I was almost in shock and disbelief that this could have happened at my age. For a second I didn't know what to do. Then I decided the best thing would be to act like nothing happened at all. I was wearing the skort so the skirt would cover the evidence. I stood up slowly, feeling the poop shift slightly in my panties and drop a little bit as the shorts had more room when I stood. It felt so weird. Like warm, slightly hard peanut butter piled in my panties. I hadn't pooped my pants since I was a little girl so the sensation was completely foreign. I tapped in my putt, bent over to pick up the ball out of the hole, grabbed my bag, and moved on. I went ahead and played the 18th hole anyway in spite of my accident. I swung easy so as not to smoosh out the poop from my panties, which seemed to be holding the accident well enough since the crap was firm.

Overall I shot a decent score and would have been happy with my round if I hadn't have also ruined a favorite pair of panties and my skort in the process. It felt really weird playing with wet and full pants on the last hole, I can tell you. But nobody saw that I know of, nobody could tell. I finished and ducked into the ladies locker room at the clubhouse. There's a full length mirror on the wall and I turned around and checked in the mirror and you could not tell that I had an accident because of the skirt, unless I bent forward and then the mound of poop showed a little as a lump in the back of the skirt. When I lifted the skirt, however, the pink shorts had a giant wet spot all over the butt and thighs and crotch and the poop mound was huge and brown around the edges where the pee and wet shorts had soaked up some of the brown color of the crap.

I went into the toilets and carefully lowered everything, dumped the crap into the toilet and wiped myself off. Thankfully the crap was firm enough that it didn't stick to my butt or the panties really at all so cleanup was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The panties and shorts were by then damp and clammy and cold and felt realy nasty. I luckily had a pair of shorts in my locker, but no spare panties. I took a quick shower and rinsed the panties and skort under the shower with me so they would at least be all wet instead of just wet where it would be obvious I had an accident. I could make up a story about falling on somehting or sitting on something and trying to wash them out before it stained. I put on my spare shorts commando style and drove home. My parents never found out, they just thought I was washing my golf clothes like normal. So I got really lucky in the end that I could have such a huge accident and get away with it.

I like to think it just shows my dedication to the game.

Sorry it got so long, I just needed to get it all off of my chest. It was really weird having an accident at my age like that but it feels good to tell the story.


Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hurry to get home!

I was shopping in the mall after i had my lunch, i had quite a few tacco's to eat. Now i know the risk. Anyway so i was shopping for underwear in a girls shop called gingirls for a thong. Then i noticed my stomach was grumbling intensly, i bent over holding my belly crossing arms. I really needed to fart too but i couldn't in a shop, just too embarrassing! I thought to myself the best thing to do is get home ASAP! I thought to myself incase i didnt make it i wouldnt want to ruin my thong that i had on, and the fact that i was wearing a mini-skirt didn't help either. So instead of buying a new thong i bought some plain panties that were really cheap, so at least if i did leak then my poo wouldnt slip out. I quickly bought them while my insides were building up horrific pressure. I was at the checkout literally holding my breath and tensing my bum trying not to pass gas. I then immediatly exited the shop and rushed out of the mall, i already had the new panties on as i pretended to try something on again. My house from the mall is a quick walk but in this situation it seemed an eternity. I was doing the poo walk trying to keep it in so tight that my legs had no gap between them as i was striding. It felt like there was a huge gas bubble in my belly so i relieved myself by farting a little until i noticed it was about to get out of hand, as the fart went on it got louder and wetter so with all my struggle i restrained it with my back up straight. I looked like a fool but i didnt care all i could think about was getting my smelly wet bum on a lovely toilet seat in privacy where i could fart all i want, and make other noises too! I was so close when i couldn't hold the pressure so a huge fart came out with some mushy poo at the end of it. It loudly went into my panties. I stopped for a moment and just in shock that i had infact pooed myself! But it wasn't the end, i think that was just a preview of whats was coming or a warning in other aspects! A few steps to my house was horrible, the puddle with some mush in it in my panties was sluging all over my bum as i walked. It felt like it was soaking through! So i put my right hand up my skirt and checked, i could feel a watery gush in the clothing, though some had come through. I started panicking and looked back on my steps to see if i got any on the path, luckly i couldnt see anything. I hurried to my front door holding my bum, trying to keep the load in so it wouldnt leak and as well keep the flood gates shut! That was only half the battle, I hurried to my toilet when my boy friend came up to me and was trying to give me a kiss, bless him but i could not spare any time and so i just said to him sorry hunny and ran upstairs with my hands on my bum. He was asking if i was ok. I just said yes im fine just a bit sick, please leave me in privacy. He being a nice lovely man agreed to give me privacy. I was on the toilet by now, i had my new ruined panties on the floor still over my feet with mushy poo in. I held on for dear life until i heard him finally got downstairs. As soon as he did, a huge thunderstorm started echoing the bowl. It was so lound that i was afraid if he could hear me from downstairs. As i was on the toilet, my huge fart ended and then a lot of gunk came out my butt. Streams of poo were flowing with loads of small chunks shooting out making awful noises. My stomach was hurting and vibrating during the stool. It calmed down a bit but then my stomach cramped and it released another huge torrent leaving me begging for it to stop. The shit was all gone from this wave, but i had soo much gas in me, so i kept farting. Some farts with a splat as poo was still shooting out. I felt done, and i didnt really need to go much more, but i knew i still had more in me so i thought to myself its better to poo now then later, as it is the time and the place! So i pushed and a lot of mushy poo fell out once again. It didnt take long to wipe suprising. I got up and saw the bowl was covered in skid marks and the water made me feel so sick, i felt like puking but i managed to control myself. The smell was awful too, though i got off the toilet feeling SO relieved! Though i had to clean up my mess of the toilet and my new panties, well i just threw them out :) Hope you enjoyed my unfortunate story, i'll post again soon about my accidents in the past, this one happened very recently :/

*S*A*M*M*Y* <3

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Louise's work poo

I mentioned before about my work colleague Louise holding her poo at work untill she couldn't wait any longer. Well she seems to have learned her lesson because this morning she whispered to me, "I 'm going to the loo & it's a number two." She went to the to toilet & was gone for 20 minutes before she came back looking very pleased with herself. She said, "That felt good. I really needed that." I had to go myself so I went to the toilet & was hit with the smell of Louise's huge poo. The toilet was badly stained below the water line & when I sat down the seat was lovely & warm. I relaxed & a modest size turd sliped out into the toilet followed by two more & I was done. I wiped, flushed & washed my hands before going back to work. Louise asked, "Better?" I smiled & said, "Definately!"


This mornings poo

I've just had a realy good poo. I was getting ready for work this morning & felt the need to have a good poo. I was going to wait untill I got to work but the need to go was too urgent to put off so I went to the toilet first. It turned out to be a wise decision because as soon as I sat on the toilet a load of soft mushy poo rushed out of my bum. It was a lot & I'm sure I wouldn't have made it to work in time. It was a big relief & I can only imagine the mess it would have made in my pants if I'd risked it, not to mention the embarrassment of shitting myself at work!

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 3

On the way back to the campsite Jeannie had started off by sitting in the backseat of the boat. I was in the middle seat for I was rowing. She then moved and sat on my lap as I rowed the boat. At first when she sat on my lap she faced the same way as I was sitting. Then she got up and turned around and sat back down faced towards me.

She smiled with a little smile at me for a little while. Then still smiling she reached down for my shorts zipper and pulled it down ever so slowly. I stopped rowing and looked down at her hand that was sliding my shorts zipper down ever so slowly. Jeannie then giggled hard and said to me; Keep rowing Dave. I'll row your oar! So I picked the oars up and went back to rowing while Jeannie sure enough started strokingmy penis inside of my shorts as I rowed!

Well we wre not al; that far from the cove when Jeannie had started her rowing. So we soon were in the cove and the front of the boat crunched up on the sand of the shore and came to a stop. Jeannie stopped her rowing. Gave me a quick kiss and she hopped out of the boat. I zipped my zipper back up and hopped out of the boat also.

Jeannie went right up the path to the campsite and I followed her. She went straight for the cooler and pulled two bottles of ber from it. She tossed one to me and she cracked hers open and so did I. But before I started to drink mine and her hers Jeannie said to me; Lets have a chugging contest! I agreed and we did just that. I just barely beat Jeannie.

She pulled two more bottles of beer from the cooler and we chugged those two bottles again. Jeannie beat me this time. She reached into the cooler one more time. As she did she said; Ok this is it Dave. The tie breaker! We both opened our beers and chugged them down. This time it was really to close to tell who had won. We both claimed that we had won but agreed to that it was a tie. Then both of us having drank three beers so fast let out loud long burps! Both of us laughed hard for a good long few minutes.

Now the sun was seting which being in the woods there was not as much light as there was down on the lakes shore. So I had the campfire made up but not lit so I lit it. We now would have good light in the campsite when we came back from taking our swim. That is what we were going to do right now. So Jeannie said right then to me; Lets see who can strip the fastest! One two three go!

Jeannie tore her top right off and the had her shorts down and off in a instant. Since she had on no shoes and socks like I had she now fully naked ran over to the path and ran down it to the lake. She beat me by a country mile! I finished smiling as I removed my sneakers and socks and then ran down the path to the lake. Jeannie was laready in the water for she must have ran into the lake and had dove in. She was about 15 feet from the shore treading water waiting for me.

So I did like she had done. I waded in by running into the water and also dove into the lake. I came right up in front of her and we started our swim. We swam aroiund in the deeper water for awile. Then we went into the shallower water so we could both stand to take a rest.Then Jeannie did something that turned out to be very funny.

Jeannie did a summersualt in the water. As she flipped around and her bare ass just being out of the water she let go with a loud fart! It was also long enough in that as she flipped around her fart was cut off by the water as her ass went under. Boy did she ever make a lot of bubbles in the water from her fart! When she came up she was laughing hard! So was I.

We took one more quick swim together. The sun had set and the air was cooling off but the lakes water did feel warm to us both as long as you stayed keeping only your head above water. Time to go in Jeannie said to me so we swam in to shallower water and then held hands as we got the rest of the way out and ran back up the path back to the campsite.

Jeannie quickly went over by the campfire with her top and shorts in her hands. I went over and got my shirt and shorts and joined her by the fire. Its warmth felt good on our naked bodies. Aftyer staying right there by the fire for a good several minutes Jeannie put only her top back on. She had a good reason for doing this. With a smile followed by a short giggle she told me she had to piss and also asked me if I had to piss also. I did. So we moved away from the fire a few feet and we both stood there with Jeannie holding my penis and we both started to piss.

Jeannie was pissing hard with a straight down stream out from her vagina. The ground was covered with very dry leaves which for the first several seconds of her piss they crackled loudly and some of the dry leaves broke up into pieces till they were soaked with her piss. My stream had gone a good distance away and had come down where there weren't as many dry leaves on the ground. There was more pine needles then leaves so I didn't make all that much noise like she had done.

As we stood there pissing Jeannie asked me if I was ready for another beer when we were done. I told her I was. I asked her if she was hungry. She told me she was. So I told her that we'll have a hotdog and break out the chips. Good she said to me. Having something to eat and having the chips will slow down my bladder so I won't piss so much. I looked at her and told her Maybe I better not let you have the chips then. That made Jaennie laugh hard.

Her piss stream several seconds later died off with her wetting her crotch and asscheeks then came to a dripping stop. Jeannie stood there still holding my penis for I wasn't done with my piss. I was close though. Several seconds later I was done making a single good spurt to finish up. Jeannie shook me and then we turned around went back over by the fire slipped our shorts back on.

Then I gt out the hotdogs, rolls, and chips. Jeannie got out two botles of beer. I went and cut off two small maple tree barnches striped the leaves from them and then sceward the dogs on the barnches sat down by the fire and roasted the dogs over the fire. We ate them along with the chips and sipped our beers also. Having the hotdog on a bun along with the chips did its job for us both as far as our hunger. The beer also went down nicely too. To be continuied.

Post Title (optional)PUBLIC TOILET FIBBER

Yesterday I went to a beach side location and sat on the toilet nearest the dividing wall of the womens toilet...I did not have a BM the day before so I had my Movicol (laxative) that morning and later I needed a shit, hence the story began:
I was sitting there and I heard the door of the adjacent womens toilet shut..I heard some younger girl grunting and then I heard another girl call out the words "what are you doing"..."."the reply was going to the toilet" question..."number one or number two?" the reply was "number one." the girl then said she was going somewhere and that was the last she said...some minutes passed, but no grunting...I heard the paper several times and a flush. I would say it might have been number one but in the fullness of the facts it was number two,also.
TO ANNY: I cannot stop thinking about you...sometimes growths in the brain can affect the thyroid glan and if this glan is affected sometimes persistant constipation is the result.
Please keep us posted.

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 2

Now that camp was setup I and Jeannie opened a beer and went back down to the lake shore. I got the fishing poles out of the boat and we started fishing. We fished for over a hour having a second cold beerr while we fished. Niether one of us caught one but it was a good way to kill a hour.

I put the poles back in the boat while Jeannie went back up to the campsite and put the worms away in the cooler. I needed to piss at this point so I stood in the shallow water with my penis pulled out of my shorts without holding it and started to piss right into the water.

Jeannie had come back down the path from the campsite. Seeing me standing there in the lake pissing she said to me hollering out in a loud voice; Hey Dave you could have waited for me! So she waded out into the lake also real fast making a good splash as she waded out to me and she took my penis and held it in her hand. Next time when you have to piss WAIT FOR ME> Jeannie wasn't mad at me even though she tried to sound like she was. She giggled right after what she said to me. I smiled and told her I would.

Beer fills my bladder very fast so I took a good long piss. Jeannie was very happy about that too. For she got her chance to play some while I pissed. She moved my penis back and forth or would raise it up and then push it back down. But good things have to end and I did stop pissing and Jeannie finished up by shaking my penis and then let me put it back inside my shorts.

So what's next? Jeannie asked me. I told her we could go swimming or take a ride in the boat. Jeannie told me that she wanted to ride in the boat so we both climbed in and I untied the boat and I rowed us out of the cove and we went over to the backside of the lake and I rowed down the backside of the lake. On the backside of the lake it is all woods so there is no houses or camps.

Jeannie like I had drank two bottlkes of ber. Now as I rowed she told me it was her turn to piss. Want me to go into shore Jeannie? I asked. With a good giggle she said no.Can I just piss here in the boat? she asked me back. Now the boat was all wood with a two section plywood floor that could be pulled up to bail the boat out if needed. So I told Jeannie to go right ahead and piss.

But I did remind her we were out on the lake and she could be seen from the other shores and if any other boats came close by to us. Oh I don't care about that! Jeannie said to me laughing. Besides I'm going to get a thrill doing it! Anyone sees me will get one too! So just to prove her point Jeanie stood right up in the boat and stayed standing as she pulled her shorts right down and then stood there for a good long moment before she sat back down on the wooden seat and began to piss very hard!

I waqtched her which I stopped rowing so the boat just glided along over the water on its own and slowed. Jeannie piss stream was hard with it angled forward as it went down. It hissed nicely too. It hit the grey painted floorboard of the boat making a good sized piss puddle. It spreaded out over the plywood and ran over the sides going under the floor into the bottom of the boat. Jeannie was smiling or she giggled all the time that she sat there pissing.

Jeannie finished off her piss by doing many short spurts. Then after that she stood right back up just standing there again before she did bend over and pull her shorts back up. Then she sat down laughing. THat was fun! she said to me. I looked at her with a smile. Then I said to her; Only you would have the balls to do that Jeannie. She giggled and said right back to me; Your wrong Dave; I have no balls I'm a girl! We both then laughed hard. I started rowing again which Jeannie asked me to turn around to head back towards camp. I did and we started heading back. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 5

After our pissing in the middle of the dirt road like I said we walked over to the boat got in it and started back to the cove and the campsite. This time I was the one that rowed. Jeannie didn't row with me this time. Instead she sat in the last seat in the back of the boat. She sure was talkitive this trip too.

She told me she was having a lot of fun s far tonight. She asked me if I was having a good time. I told her I was. I was rowing at a pretty good clip. Jeannie asked me why I was in such a hurry. She giggled and said to me; We DO have all night Dave! I let out a little laugh and eased up on the oars which made us slow down.

Jeannie besides talking a lot also had drank her opened bottle of beer so she took another from the plastic bucket and cracked it open and took a good long sip from it. Doing that she thenforced out a long,loud, hardburp which now being so quiet at this time of night and being on the lake it echoed! That made Jeannie laugh hard which her laughter echoed also.

Then after she had stopped laughing she started talking about what beer made her do. She told me that she got silly. Makes me a fun drunk! Jeannie said to me. I let out a little laugh and told Jeannie she was already that way right now. Her reply was; Oh I don't care if I am! I didn't mind either but I didn't say that to her.

You already know that beer makes me piss a lot Jeannie went on and said to me next. Now I smiled with a big smile and told Jeannie that I knew that. It also makes me take real big shits too! Jeannie said to me. Does it do the same for you? Now I was laughing again and as I laughed I told Jeannie that it did to me also. Good I want to see you take a good big beer shit! I've seen you take some pretty good shits Dave without drinking beer. I can't wait to see one of your beer shits!

I laughed more and told herthat there was sure going to be a good chance that you will Jeannie. Since I had slowed down my rowing we had only had reached halway across the lake and some time had gone by. Jeannie had finsihed the bottle of beer that she had cracked open at the start of our ride back. Jeannie asked me if I could stop the boat for a moment. So I raised both oars up out of the water and placed them just inside the sides of the boat.

Jeannie sat and waited till the boat came to a stop and was ony very slowly drifting along. She then stood right up and yanked her shorts right down. Giggling she told me that she had to piss again. See how fast beer makes me piss! Jeannie said to me. I have to go again already! This time Jeannie didn't piss in the boat. Instead with her being in the back of the boat she squated down with her ever so cute ass hanging out over the back end of the boat with her ass hanging over the water.

In a couple of short seconds Jeannie was issing into the lake. Her stream was thin twisted and hissed but not loudly. It was soft this time. Her piss splashing in the lakes water made more noise then its hissing. Jeannie also let out a soft sigh and then a little giggle. Then she said to me; You know what Dave? What Jeannie? I asked back. I'll have to piss again by the time we get back to camp too!

I laughed a little and shook my head no at the same time. Then I said to her. I bet you will! Jeannie went on with her piss and I watched. We both didn't say anything more till after she had finished pissing which took Jeannie a long time since she wasn't pissing all that hard despite having a full bladder. When she did stop Jeannie slipped her shorts back up slowly and she sat down with me on my seat and took a oar. Lets get back to camp! So we both rowed and got to camp much quicker now with us both rowing together.

Once the boat was on shore and tied off she grabbed the sleepingbag and I the pail with the ice and beer. Going up the path it was very dark for the time we had taken getting the beer and comming back the fire had gone way down or was out. Once into the clearing the firw was out in the that there was no flames but there were glowing coals. I quickly threw on some smaller dead branches which made the fire come back to life giving us light now in the clearing that we could now see.

Jeannie tossed the sleepingbag where mine was on the ground. Then she turned around and steped over by me placed her hands on my hips. Guess what Dave? I have to piss again like I said I would have to! Since I had cut off my piss when she an I had pissed in the dirt road I could feel that there was enough piss in my bladder so that I could now finish that piss and do a little more too. So I told Jeannie that it made two of us. She let out a good giggle and she went and took care of my shorts by undoing the buton, pulled my zipper down and yanked them right down. She did the same with her shorts.

Then both of us took them off.( From this point on our shorts would remain off) But before both of us would piss Jeannie would wind up doing something which would result in a fun accident and something that she and I would now do together ever so often from this time on till when she would move away. That would be a little more then a year away yet which niether of us at this time would never expect till just before she would move. To be continuied.


Sheila Report 1

Hi everyone,

It's been almost three years since I last wrote. A lot of water has gone under the brideg in that time. I am divorced now [alas] but at least I still have my osn with me, and all my friends from work who have stood by me during a very traumatic period in my life. I hope that I can file a regular report from now on. Its wnderful to see quite a few old friends still writing of their experiences. Now I would like to answer two recent requests for surveys. I always cherished them and also asked my own from time to time. I think it is so important to partake in them. So here goes:

Half-Dump Denise
1. I am female 40 years old.
2. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a child of the opposite sex
in the public bathroom.
A. No, never. We all have to go, in fact I wish there were more
unisex toilets available. Then perhaps all the fears that
seem to pervade people about using the toilet may disappear.
3. At what age did your parents let you go in a public toilet alone?
A. When I started to go to infants school, age five. It was so
natural. Mum & Dad never had any hang-ups over it. They
always told me never to 'hold' myself. That when I needed to
go, poop or pee, just to find the nearest toilet at once.
4 What should I don if a child is causing trouble in a public toilet?
A Age is not a problem. If a child, either sex, is causing a
problem I would explain that people are in the toilet because
have to go to the toilet. They may have ???? ache, may not be
feeling well, that they need peace and quiet to be able to go
the toilet. If they are actually going to the lavatory, I
would simply go to a cubicle and go myself, its not a problem
for me.
5. If you are a parent of babysitter what do you do if someone of the
opposite gender needs to go?
A. As a parent and often a babysitter if they need to go I would
take them in with me. If they are infants in the same cubicle
with me, if older then in the next cubicle to me. It is vital
not to make a mystery of going to the toilet, to make them feel
comfortable and at ease with going.

Charlotte - Research and questions.

1. I normally have a poop twice a day, sometimes more. I have always had a very healthy diet, lots of fruit and roughage. I hate being constipated, especially during my period, to have to push and strain them is anethma to me. I often take a suppository then to make sure I can avoid any straining.

2. Yes my routine is pretty regular. First poop of the day is at home after my hot cup or two of tea with my breakfast.

3. Most bowel movements are about three four minute, although I often sit comfortable for five to ten minutes enjoying the wonderful feeling I get when I empty my ????.

4. I always wipe from front to back. Never ever wipe towards my vagina, there is so much risk of infecton when you wipe from back to front. I know its easier that way, but that does not come into the equation for me.

5. I stand, at least I raise my bum off the toilet, first wipe is between my thighs, especially if its been a wet messy poop. Then its from the side, under my thigh.

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish Part 4

After having our hotdogs,chips, and another beer which now there was only two beers left in the cooler I had to decide to get more beer or not. I could go by boat or walk out to get it but that ment going back to the house for it. There was no real decision to ke. Take the boat! Jeannie said to me. So we did just that and we both had a oar and we both rowed and did we ever. From the cove back to where the boat was kept we did it in less then 15 minutes.

On the walk to the house Jeannie asked me if I had another sleepingbag. I told her that I did. Good I will need it more then just the blanket I had brought. Ok you can carry it. I'll take the beer. Once we got closer to the house we both were quiet and went in the back way. I went right into the pantry and I pulled down the stacked cases next to the old fridge and pulled out 12 bottles of beer.

They were warm so they would have to be chilled so I grabbed a plastic pail put ice cubes and the bottles of beer in the plastic pail. then back out to the barn and got the sleepingbag. Then we headed back down to the lake to the boat. Once we were on the dirt road but noot yet to the lake road and where the boat was we both did two things.

One we did open a bottle of beer which was not all that cold yet and the other was that Jeannie and I both had to piss. It was early morning which the time was a little after one am. So there was not a person around as far as the lake or people being up in the houses along the lake road. So where we were going to piss was right in the middle of the dirt road near its end were there was light from the street lights on the lake road.

As Jeannie set the sleepingbag down and I the plastic pail with the beer and ice in it Jeannie giggled loudly and said to me as she did giggle; To bad no one is up to see this! I smiled and Jeannie went right ahead standing in the middle of the dirt road and yanked her shorts right down. I quickly unzipped my shorts and had my penis out of them. Jeannie squated this time and I stood a step off to the side and out in front of her.

Jeannie started right off pissing very hard. Her stream in the now still night air hissed very loudly and her piss splashed noisily on the hard packed dirt of the dirt road. A very few short seconds later after she had started to piss I joined in sending a good arcing stream through the air across the road and over into the small bushes and trees along side the road not making all that much noise like she was with her piss.

Now where we were in that dirt road we were several hundred feet from the main highway. Now if a car would come one way heading north we could be seen there in the dirt road. Comming the other way going south there was a less likely chance to be seen. As I pissed I thought about that and I hopedthat no cars would go by at all or one would be ehaded north if one did come by. I was also sure that Jeannie didn't think about that at all.

As it happened no cars went by on the highway while we pissed. Jeannie had pissed enough so that she sure made a big area of the dirt on the road wet with her piss. She also when she neared the end of her piss she had pushed letting out two loud farts when she had pushed. When she finished she did this time yank her shorts right back up instead of leaving them down takeing her time pulling them back up.

I also did a brief push while I was standing there pissing. Then with having Jeannie finish her piss I just cut my stream right off. I made Jeannie giggle when I shook my penisvery hard and fast and stffed it back inside my shorts and yanked my zipper back up. Boy you sure finished up fast there Dave! Jeannie said to me. Afraid of ssomething? she asked me agin she giggled as she said it to me. Well you pulled up your shorts pretty fast there Jeannie. I could say the same for you too. She laughed picked up the sleepingbag and said to me; Come on lets get out of here. I picked up the plastic pail and we walked over to the boat. To be continuied.


Sheila Report 2

Hi everyone,

Wonderful day at work on Friday. I normally go to the toilet straight after breakfast, before going to work. Today I tried, got the usual grippy ???? warning, but taking my panties and and trying just past wind. It was going to be one of those horrible days I hate, when you are scared to not go to the rest room in case you mess in your panties. But getting there, ???? churning over but nothing happening. On the twenty minute drive along the A48 I felt I wanted to go, dashed to the rest room on arrival at work. My close colleague and friend, Ruth was heading that way at the same time. I was so glad, I love a buddy dump, and Ruth from years ago [first report here 1088]had become my best and closest friend. We had the rest room to ourselves and Ruth started to poop almost at once, peeing and pooping together, telling me she had a cold in the stomach and had had the runs since early afternoon the day before. I told her I had the opposite problem, I felt I wanted to go, and badly, then just huffed and puffed and pooped wind, nothing else. Ruth asked me if she could help at all, that was typical of her, and I said yes I just wanted somwebody to talk to me, maybe give my ???? a massage. Ruth finished on the toilet a few minutes later and came into my cubicle. Her hands, so comforting, so soft, gently easing the knot in my belly, and soon I was able to go, hard lumpy poop at first, then ohhh blessedly, it emptied out of me, splattering into the pan, but what a relief. I gave Ruth a hug and a kiss after to thank her.

Some remarks on the last postings:

Christopher H : Wonderful story. You were son wise with James, I can
tell from yur report that he has found buddy dumping
like me arousing and fulfilling.
Keith D. Yes Keith, I travel a lot, and often have to go in
Bus and Railway stations, and the magistrates court in
Newport, when I was on a case there, its so nice to be
in alongside Magistrates, court officials, as well as
girls there because they have been bad ladies. Oddest
place for me was on the M5 between Exeter and Plymouth,
I had to scramble down the embankment and poop in a
field I had to go so badly I just couldn't wait to get
to the services.
Matt: Always have a supply of toilet tissue with you just in
case. I can assure you that it is not pleasant at all
to have dirty panties, not only is it uncomfortable,
but you will get basty bum sores, I have, in the past,
messed my panties accidentally, and just walking in
them will give you the most awful sores in double
quick time.


Not Wiping

In response to Matt's post about not wiping, I work with a guy who is very neat and well groomed. He's in his mid-thirties, tall, attractive in a bookish kind of way, and very pleasant. Anyway, he shits quite often at the office, and I've been in adjacent stalls or at the urinals on many occasions when he has done his business. His dumps are very quick and easy. He sits down, lets out some gas, pushes out a rather soft and easy dump, let's out a sigh, then pees. He then grabs a wad of paper and wipes just once, never more than once. This whole process takes no more than a minute or a minute and a half. I have probably witnessed this fifty or even more times over the past ten years that we have worked together and I have never, ever heard him wipe more than once. Judging from the sounds of these dumps, I would guess that one wipe is never enough (at least for me, it would be unheard of). I have always been intrigued about the skid mark issue, and one time we went on a business trip and we shared a room. As soon as he jumped in the shower, I grabbed his black boxer briefs and inspected them. As I suspected, there were wisps of shit all over the crotch. As for the odor issue, there is none that I can detect. I have even sniffed around his chair when he is at lunch and there was no smell. He actually smells quite pleasant since he uses Old Spice deodorant. It has always fascinated me that someone as well groomed and neat would have this dirty little habit.

Hello everyone! Got a story for you, but first let me tell you a little about myself. I am female, 23 years old, shoulder length brown hair, with blue eyes. On to the story.....

I had not pooed in 2 days which is not usual for me, as I poop twice a day. I was out walking in the neighborhood with my roommate, and about half way through the walk, I started feeling that very familiar urge. I was letting off gas every few seconds. They were silent ones though. By the time we made it back to the apartment, the urge was very strong. As we walk into the apartment, I grab a towel out of the closet, and get my bathrobe, and then I run into the bathroom, telling my roommate that I have to poop so bad. I close the door, but don't lock it, because we are very open with eachother. I pull my sweaty clothes off, and plop down on the toilet. I pee a few seconds, and then get into my pooping position....toes pressed against the floor, legs spread, arms resting on legs, slightly hunched over. I began pushing, and my hole opens up immediately and after several seconds, a turd emerges from my hole, and it crackles as it moves, and it is forcing my hole open very wide. As I continue pushing, I hunch over a little more, and spread my legs a little wider, and I see this huge turd that just continues to get bigger and bigger. Finally after it seems like forever , it lands with a floomp. I look into the toilet, and I couldn't believe the size of this thing. It was the biggest turd I had ever produced in my life! Not even sure how to measure it, but it was a hole stretcher and it was very long. It was also a messy turd. I had to wipe like 7 times, and then flush it twice. Then I was getting ready to hop in the shower when the roommate came in, and said she had to take a dump as well. So i got in the shower and turned it on. I can't really hear anything with the water running. I peaked out of the curtain a few minutes into my shower, and she had her shorts down to her ankles, and she was hunched over with her arms folded against her stomach. She was staring down at the floor, and her eyes were watery, and I could definitely tell she was pushing a big one out with the look on her face. After I got done showering, the roomy was already out of the bathroom, but she had not flushed since I was in the shower. I look into the toilet, and there was one large thick turd, and three medium sized ones, and two wads of tp. I then flushed it down................and that is the end of my story



Long time reader here. My posts to this forum have been few and scattered. To all fellow posters, my greetings and thanks for all the entertainment you've brought us. My thanks in particular to Leanne, Emma, Abbie, Wendy, Kirsty, and End Stall Em-- my current favorites. And Joanna, I "met" you just this evening on this site. What a pleasure! Please keep posting and, if you like, refer me to previous posts.

Thanks again, y'all.

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