poo girl
itsa me poo girl! :) here's a story about when i ate a lot and had diareeah again lol.
one day my friend and i were going to youth group. its lots of fun we go there every Friday. anyway there was lots of junk food there and i ate lots of popcorn, lollies, and lots more and it was this kid's birthday and we ate chocolate cake and later on i felt sick so i said to my friend G which is the first letter of her name "G i need to go to the toilet can you wait for me" G said ok i will wait for u so I went to the toilet locked the door and pulled down my pants plonked my butt on the toilet i felt really sick. uh oh here it comes PLLOOOOOSH PLOPLOP PLOP SPLOOOOSH a whole heap of smelly poo went into the toilet the bathroom started to stink and i was taking quite a while G must of wondered where i was cause she said are u ok in there, i said yes im fine go awey so she did i was still shitting in the toilet. Then I got up and wiped my butt but then thought uh oh i have more plonked me butt back on the toilet PLOP PLOP SPLOOOOOOSH PLOP PLUK PLIOPPP oooohhh myy god more shits i did a couple of Farts and then i finished for good i wiped my butt again and flushed and washed my hands and went back out to play games on the nintendo wii with G and the other ppl at youth group. the end. i will continue to post :)

Those that have been reading the posts will know that the other day I had an enema (2 actually) at a local enema clinic and the woman doing the procedure had a boyfiend with Parkinsons Disease and I have PD too. As I was flushed out we discussed PD and I explained my position and discussed PD generally. The next day I sent an email to her asking that if she wished further discussion on the topic to email back. I did get a reply thanking me and that I gave her much needed clarity on the subject.
This is one occasion when pooing has been productive and beneficial in more ways than one.
TO ANNY: I am very sorry to read your post...maybe your brain issue is causing constipation.....I really hope you will be OK! As to psyllium a stool softener in your case is necessary otherwise you will just get blocked up...I have been on low dose anti convulsant meds and they do constipate! Please keep us posted.


Office dump

I recently got hired for a training position at a local medical research firm. Basically it is paid work experience while I attend school. I work full time during the summer and then part time during the school year. The office is located on the upper floor of a downtown office building. Today was my first day and it seemed like it was going to be a long one since I had gone out to the bar for a greasy dinner and drinks with friends the night before.

At lunchtime some other colleagues said that they were going out for lunch so I joined them. I wanted to eat something light and healthy but we ended up going to a Chinese restaurant and I did eat quite a bit without realizing it. By the time I was back at the office I was in serious need of a shit. To make matters worse I hadn't yet familiarized myself with the location of the facilities. I was about to get up and go when I received a assignment that needed to be done right away. By the time I was done it was nearly 4 pm. Some people were already leaving for the day but I had to finish up a few things before I could leave. I tried to act composed but it was becoming increasingly difficult while sitting down.

Once the day was over I couldn't believe that I still hadn't yet relieved myself. I thought there would be a washroom inside the office but I couldn't seem to locate it. I was slightly embarrassed when I had to ask the front receptionist where the washroom was. She told me that the men's room was just down the hallway on the left hand side. I made my way out but then I remembered I had left my keys and cell phone at my desk. I knew the office would be closing soon so I hurriedly made my way back to collect them. By the time I was back on my way I thought I wasn't going to make it in time.

I pushed the men's door open and checked out the layout. There were about seven or eight stalls all about the same size with no handicapped stall. There were also no urinals which I thought was strange but there were more than enough stalls to make up for it. As I made my way to a stall at the end I noted that two were already occupied. The toilets were tall like the handicapped ones and looked to be quite clean. I locked the stall door and undid my belt before lowering my pants and sitting down.

I had held it in for so long that I didn't know whether to start by pissing or shitting so I waited a moment before I let out a strong fart. It relieved a bit of pressure but I could sense right then that it was going to be a big load. Since this was a high end business office I wanted to try and be as discrete and polite as possible. I leaned forward and spread my legs apart a bit. I pushed a bit and then the turd simply made its way out. I knew it was a long one when it felt like a minute for it to come out.

It landed in the bowl as indiscreetly as possible at which point I started to pee uncontrollably. I took a deep breath of relief when I then felt my stomach start to grumble. It took me a minute to realize that I wasn't finished. I looked into the bowl between my legs and saw the end of the turd touching the front of the bowl. How could I possibly release any more? Just then I felt more pressure build up so I pushed and without warning a large flow of soft shit came out. By this time I hoped I was done so I got up and realized what my poor diet over the last day had produced.

There was one turd that stretched the length of the bowl itself and a very substantial pile of soft mushy poop right on top of it. When I started to wipe I realized it was going to be awhile for me to clean up. By now the guys from the other stalls had left and I was now alone. I used quite a bit of toilet paper to clean up. I flushed and to my amazement everything went down on the first try but it left about half a dozen skidmarks in the bowl. By now the smell was quite strong in the stall so I washed up and made my way home feeling tremendously better.


Update/Survey reply to Brian

Hi people! Had a some-what hilarious poop yesterday (Wednesday nigh). I got the urge to go so I sat down on the toilet and started pushing, little by little because I didn't want the water to splash my butt and I didn't wanna make alot of noise. Anyway, a piece of poop came out (It wasn't a log, it was more ball shaped). Probably the size of my fist. Too bad I don't know what size glove I wear, lol. I pushed out another poop, which was smaller but still ball shaped. It fell ontop of the other poop, right into the toilet hole. I got up, looked in the bowl and I started giggling to myself. There was corn in my poop, haha! It was from dinner probably 2 days before I had that poo. Corn in my shit always makes me laugh :P There was even a little kernel floating on the top of the water covered ina little bit of poo! It made my night. I wiped (nothing on the paper, as always) then flushed and ent on with my night.

To Brian: You must love surveying people :D

1. How do I know when I need to poop? Hmm... Well, I usualy get an urge, like I my bowels feel heavy. I don't get a cramp before I go. Occassionally whe I'm on the toilet pushing, though.
2. Yes, when I'm pooping water splashes my butt. It's kind of annoying because it "startles" ( does anybody use that word anymore, lol) me a little, but I also find it funny. Like the toilet is saying "Thanks!". Most of the time I can prevent if from happening by pushing slower.
3. No, I've never heard another girl pooping in a public bathroom. I'm still waiting for the moment, and when/if it happens I'll be sure to post it ;)

Thanks for reading! -Shay<3

Upstate Dave

Jeannie Gets Her Wish

Hello again to all. I'll post about Barbie S's sistorJeannie who wanted in my prevoius pst made a deal with Barbie her sistor that she would stay on my weekend sleep over up on the mountain as long as she got a turn to be with me alone too. Ofcourse I agreed to it and so did Barbie.

Now a few weeks had passed by and I was down visiting next door to Barbies and Jeannies house and Jeannie saw me and came outside and right over to me. She asked what I was up to. I told her not much. She said to me that I had to be doing something. So I told her I was thinking about doing a sleep out but I wasn;t sure if I was. She told me that I should. I asked her why. She came back with a smile and a giggle and said to me; You owe me one! She was right I did for saying that remnded me that I did.

So I told her that I would but not up on the Bearshead. How bout over on the backside of the lake? Now Jeannie was even smiling and giggled more as a result of me saying that to her. So we made quick fast intail plans. We would meet up where my boat was at the lake at 6pm. Don't be late either Jeannie I told her. Otherwise I'll go without you. (I was just kidding her but made it sound serious enough that I would do it) I'll be there! Jeannie said right back to me.

So a short time later I left and went home. I had to get ready for the sleep out. This time it would be a little different as far as what I was bringing to drink. Instead of having make up srewdrivers in my canteen I was bring bottles of beer instead. Reason was there was plenty of leftover bottles of beer from my oldest sistors wedding out in the back pantry. I had been taken a few bottles from the many cases that were left over so I knew I could take more and it wouldn't be missed.

I aslo went to the store and bought some smacks, a package of hotdogs and rolls for them. I also bought a dozen eggs, and sliced bacon for breakfast. That took care of breakfast. I had oj already at the house for to go with breakfast. Then I was back home packed everything up. Then I had supper and then after supper gathered everything up and walked down to thelake and waited by where the boat was for Jeannie.

She made it in time arriving at 5:55pm. See I made it time Dave!she said to me as she walked over to me where I was waiting. So she and I tossed everything into the boat. Jeannie got in and I untied it and pushed the boat out and hopped in and got in the middle seat and dipped the oars in the water and swung the boat around and we wre on our way.

As I rowed Jeannie asked me what I goodies did I bring. I told her for drinks there was soda and beer and oj for breakfast. There are hotdogs and rolls,potato chips,popcorn, and eggs and bacon for breakfast. That enough? Jeannie laughed and told me it sure was! I soon had rowed far enough along the nearby shore we were in te middle of the lake so we were a little more thean halfway to where we were headed to.

Jeannie was wearing a tank top with a pair of worn out looking jeqans shorts. She asked me how much longer Dave? I told her maybe ten minutes ffteen minutes there Jeannie. She giggled a little. Why what's up? I asked her. I had a lot of lemonaid at supper she told me. Now I have to make a lot of lemonaid right now! I laughed and already I thought this sleep out was going to start off right!

We went by the last house on the lakes shore which was a new place that was being built. It was the new house that my doctor was building and I would in the future would have his older duaghter be my girlfriend for several years. At this time though I didn't know who was building the house and I didn't even know that he had a family. He was just my doctor.

Now where we ere going was just a little ways past where the house was being built. There is a small cove which there was a campsite on shore of this small cove of the lake. I leared about it through the kids grapevine. I had slept here only one time before. It was a nice spot for besides camping you could also swim and fish here too. I had brought twp poles and had bait also to fish. I knew Jeannie fished for I had fished with her before.

Well we made the turn into the cove and I hurried and rowed harder to get the boat sped up so when we hit the shore the boat would slide up on thenarrow strip of sand and stay. WE did just that with the boat sliding up on to the sandy strip and ground to a prett fast halt too. By this time Jeannie was desperate to piss. She had been holding it back since she had mentioned that she needed to go until now.

She hopped right out of the boat but not on to the shore. She hopped out of the boat going over the side of it and right into the shallow water! She didn't even take off her smeakers when she hopped in the water. She must have undid the button before she had hopped ou of the boat for she just griped her shorts hard with both hands and yabked them right down! Jeannie like most times had on no panties so now as I looked right at her I saw her cute small well curved ass!

Jeannie shoved her cute ass back and squated down just a little. Then she sent a gushing spraying piss stream out of her vagina which only had a short distance to the lakes water under her ass. Her piss hit the water hard making a small splash and lots of piss foam too. I heard her let out a soft sigh as soon as she had started pissing. She must have felt great relief from this piss! I thought as I watched her.

I could have bet that Jeannie pissed for a good 30 seconds with her gushing and spraying stream. Then it did settle down going into a neat stream that now hissed as it flowed. It did twist but being so close to the water the twisetd part was broken by the lakes water. Jeannie went and pissed thsi way fo another 15 seconds or so and then her stream eased right up stopped with a little dripping. Then Jeannie just dipped her ass down in the eater which she did wet her shorts along with her ass and vagina when she did this.

She then pulled her shorst back up and waded over to the boat reached inside and started taking her stuff out of the boat and waded up on the shore and waited for me to gather up my stuff and get out of the boat which I did. She followed me up the short path to where we would be camped which was a latge clearing in the woods whgich were maple trees and old scotch pine trees. We soon had camp setup and we now settled in by having a cold beer to start off our evening. To be continuied.


Half-Dump Denise's survey

1) What is your gender and age. ANSWER: female, 18.

2) Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a child of the opposite gender in a public toilet? ANSWER: Sometimes, but I also know that some moms don't want their young sons alone in public bathrooms because of the pervs you see on the news.

3) At what age did your parents let you go into a public toilet alone? ANSWER: My mom is very particular about the proper use of public bathrooms--only as a last resort, you can't sit directly down on the seat--and she unloaded this onto me. Until I was almost 8, and this was really embarrassing when I had friends with me at a place like an amusement park or theatre, mom would take me into the bathroom, basically select the stall for me, and then watch over me as I was forced to paper the seat before sitting down. (End Stall Em--it was very similar to what your father required of you). The worst situation came when I believe I had just turned 9 and we were on a cross-country family vacation. At an interstate rest area bathroom, I was seated and peeing and had my loose skirt down over me. Suddenly, mom decided to leave the car and come in and check up on me. None of the stall doors had locks, so he was able to walk on in, pull up my skirt and when she saw I wasn't sitting on paper, she made me go back to the papering-the-seat while she watched routine that I had so hated for so many years. That really sucked. And that's probably why since we moved and I started high school, I no longer worry about sitting directly on the toilet seat. Mom knows and is somewhat OK about it now, though.

4. What should you do if a child is causing trouble in a public toilet?
ANSWER: This is the responsibility of the parent, older sibling or sitter. Last month I wrote about how a police officer ticketed two underage smokers just sitting and hanging out in the toilets when I went to one of my boyfriend Divers softball games.

5. If you are a parent or babysitter, what do you do when someone of the opposite gender has to use the bathroom? Does it make any difference whether you are in a huge place like an airport or a smaller place like a gas station? ANSWER: That's happened to me a couple of times when I've been babysitting young boys and we've been swimming or at the park. I let them make the decision and then I stand by the door of the mens room if they go in alone. I sure don't want to be overbearing with them like my mom was with me.


Alcohol enemas

To Kirsty(Wendy's friend)
Not to be indiscreet nor bold, but i think that you could've put yourself in great danger doing your first 3 L red wine enema.
You could've risked putting a kidney outta work, if not greater damage, if you were to have a 3 litre enema of pure red wine (in the facts it's plausible that it was merely a flavour to a solution largely composed of tap water).
To put it simply, when you drink an alcoholic drink a part of the alcohol is worked out to a simpler chemical compound by the liver.
If the alcohol gets directly into your bowels (what happened with the enema) it's absorbed really FAST into your bloodstream and in a pure state. No wonder you had dizziness
immediately after the end of the enema, and you were so unfit to drive after the whole ordeal. (Good choice 'twas to take a taxi back home then)
Enemas, in my opinion, should only be done with tap water and even a pinch of common kitchen salt (NaCl) (to stop the water from being
absorbed inside), even if they're less relaxing, otherwise using anything else you could seriously mess up with the electrolyte content in your blood.
Enemas, anyway, in my point of view are very relaxing, but they can be a real pain if they become the only way to have a dump. Yes, i've also done them sometimes when i needed them.

I have not been on this site forever!! Hope everyone is doing well. I have really enjoyed reading over all the stories. I am going to add my own as well. :)

I am home alone, and I have to poop very badly. I am going to take you with me.......Ok I am sitting on the toilet now....Got a stop watch on...I love to time myself!! :) I am peeing now...a steady stream....My anus is tingling at this point.....After 32 seconds, my pee has stopped. I am now tingling anus opens up with every push, and the heavy turd I feel sitting on my rectum is taking its time moving down.....Another minute has gone by now....still anus puckers out as the tip is now protruding out....with every push I give, it comes out a little farther crackling along the is growing in length and in width...................ok I had to stop typing there for a little the turd grew in width....I had to hunch over, resting my head on the computer, eyes shut, still giving slight pushes to keep it moving steadily...the feeling was unexplainable......I began to get goosebumps, and I was giving little moans as it continued to slide out ever so slowly......I look at the stopwatch when it lands with a loud FLOOMP in the toilet....the total time spent on that turd was 1 minute and 46 seconds...I continue to give slight pushes as I feel my anus opening up, and the tip of yet another turd protruding out.................ok i had to stop typing again, for it was another hole stretcher.....As the turd kept growing, it was getting wider, it grew wider than the first one....I closed my eyes again, and hunched over arms folded at my slight pushes continuously kept the turd moving steadily at a slow was making crackling sounds as it moved....if anyone were outside listening, they would surely know what a great dump I was having....I kept letting out soft moans, and sighs.......then as it landed with a loud FLOOMP, I look at the stopwatch...Total time on that turd was 2 minutes and 3 seconds. I am now pushing slightly wondering if there are anymore turds left inside me.....2 minutes pass by and nothing else is coming out. I hate to think that this very satisfying poo is over with.............ok so i had to stop typing to clean myself. The first turd was longer, but the second turd was thicker. It takes 4 wipes to clean my bum, and 1 wipe to clean the front. I don't flush the toilet, because I want my sis to see my creation. I hope you all enjoyed my dump, I sure did!!

I <3 POO

Answers to Charlotte's research questions...

To Charlotte: Here are my answers to your research questionnaire :) I enjoyed answering them. Take care :)

1) How many times per day do you usually need to go poop?
I usually have a poo twice a day, normally before getting ready for work and then again in the evening, but when I'm off work then it tends to vary I can usually have my first poo sort of mid-morning and the second one late evening.

2) Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day?
I flit in/out of routines all the time. As I explained in Q1 my first poo of the day usually occurs after I wake up in the morning before I go to work but the one in the evening has no set time as such.

3) On average how long does it take you to poop?
You might have read in my poo blogs that I'm one of those who when I'm on the loo I like to just take as much time as I need to fully relieve myself and not worry. I'd say on average I'm usually about 20-25 mins on the loo but if I have a belly ache then definitely longer without a doubt.

4) Do you wipe from front to back or back to front?
Having thought about this, I usually wipe front to back.

5) Do you sit or stand to wipe?
Always sit.

I hope my answers help you in your research :)

Have you got anymore surveys, I'd love to answer them.

To Ashley: Thanks for your great comments, I'm glad you share my liking of taking your time to have a really good smelly poo and enjoy the feeling of a good poo sliding out :) I will try to come up with some stories of pooing while I've been out with friends and leaving the toilet unflushed after taking a huge smelly poo :) I'd love to see the reaction of the person who goes in after me when I've just unleashed an absoulte stinker of a poo.

Take care and god bless xx

I have been reading this site for years. I think I was surfing the net looking for toilet training advice, when I stumbled upon this site. I was immediately hooked. I've never really thought much about going to the bathroom - it was always something that was just a necessity. But, it fascinates me to read about other's bathroom habits and especially accidents. Until recently, I'd never had an accident in my entire life - even as a child. Which I suppose leads me to my story. . .

I actually sent this story in a few days ago, but I think I may have inadvertantly broken the rules. So, I'm going to try again - only this time I will be more discrete.

I'm a fairly regular person. I pretty much do my poos the first thing in the morning and that is it. But for some reason, the other day I got a sudden urge to poo as I was driving home from work in the evening. At first, I wasn't too worried about making it home. But, the urge went from bad to worse very quickly and I knew I was in trouble. To further compound the matter, traffic had slowed to a crawl because of an accident. There I was, sitting in my car, clenching my butt with all I had. I could feel the massive load heavy in my colon, and I was using all my strength to keep it in. I had chillbumps on my arms, but I was sweating too.

Just as I was considering the possibility of having the first accident of my entire life, the traffic began to move. Somehow, knowing that I was at least progressing towards home made it easier to hold on, and the urgency subsided somewhat for a few minutes. But, when I was about 5 minutes from home, the urgency returned. I could feel the poo literally pressing against my anus, begging to come out. And although I was in utter agony trying to hold it all in, part of me was almost excited at the prospect of pooing myself, because after all these years of reading other's stories on tis site, I've always wondered what it would feel like to have an accident.

Somehow though, I made it home. I unlocked the front door, raced inside and to the bathroom. Just as I stepped inside and started to take down my pants, I stopped trying to hold it. I'm still not sure why exactly I gave up at that point - whether my body simply was too tired to keep holding, or if I subconsciously wanted to have an accident. But that is exactly what happened. Poo began escaping into my panties at a rapid pace, and although I hadn't felt the need to pee before, my bladder also completely emptied. My face felt flushed and my heart was racing. I couldn't believe that me, a grown woman, was having a huge accident in my pants just a few feet from the toilet. At least I was right by the toilet, so as soon as the ordeal was over I was able to clean up the mess. Because I was on my period and wearing a pad, most of the mess was contained in the pad. The poo was huge, but fairly solid so it luckily cleaned up without too much mess. The pee had overflowed my pad, and I was wet down the inside of my thigh almost to my knees. I threw the clothes in the washer, and took a long hot shower. I guess I can say that I've had an accident, although I hope it never happens again.


Camping toilet

I once went camping in a field with Kirsty & there were no facilities exept for a cattle trough with a stand pipe for water. We took an extra tent with us & dug a big hole in the ground to use as a makeshift toilet & it worked well. The only problem we had was the day we arrived. We both needed to poo really badly but we hadn't set the tents or anything up. We put up the toilet tent together & by the time it was up I was about to poo my pants & I think Kirsty was too. I took the spade from the car & started to dig the hole. Meanwhile Kirsty was dancing around holding her bum & telling me to hurry up. I didn't need to be told as she wasn't the only one about to mess her pants! Finaly I got the hole dug to a decent depth & by some miracle I'd managed to avoid having an accident. I came out of the tent & to get some toilet rolls from the car when Kirsty rushed into the tent. When I returned she was squatting over the hole having a massive poo. Seeing her relieving herself like that made me want to go even more & after she'd dropped 4 large turds into the hole I couldn't wait any longer. I couldn't believe it. I was shitting myself after I'd just prepared the toilet for myself to use!!

to ToolMan: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that your wife has been known to produce such a large pile with her bowel movement. thats funny that her bowel movement smells really strong. i have been known to make piles in the tiolet as well. i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to PooGirl: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you had another successful dump at home. i lookforward to your next post.take care and God bless.
to Paul: i really enjoyed your post. thats cool to hear that your wife also made a really huge pile with her morning bowel movement. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you had an awesome experience while using the bathroom out on the trail. iam glad that you got to hear another women relieve herself in the stall next to you. how did this make you feel? thats so cool that she left the tiolet unflushed! i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Mary: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you encountered an unfornate accident in the parking lot of target while with your new born daughter. sometimes things like this just happen. its not your fault. you couldnt help it. you did the right thing by not going back into target and leaving your newborn in the car by herself. hopefully this will not happen anytime soon in the near future. i lookforward to any new post that you might share in the future. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam so glad that you didnt get in trouble for being late to work. your really lucky that the time clock was broken. iam also glad that you made it to the bathroom in time to release your huge load. did you enjoy taking a dump at work? i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to KeithD: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you have gotten over your fear of using the bathrooms in public places. iam also glad that it has been so convient for you. i always use public bathrooms. i lookforward to your next post.take care and God bless.
to JustJerkia: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you and Gophi had an awesome bathroom visit at the mall. sounds like you guys had an awesome time. what movies did you guys see? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Anny: iam really sorry to hear that you have been constipated. it also saddens me to hear that you ended up having a GrandMal sezuie. my guy friend experienced one of those 1.5 years ago. he has all sorts of issues. i will keep you in my prayers. i hope for the best for your sake. take care and God bless.
to DanBoy: i really enjoyed your posts. congradulations on sharing the bathroom twice with two ladies. how did you feel? iam glad that no one got in anykind of trouble. i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to Joanna:i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that miki left a huge turd in the tiolet. thats a good surprise for the other female campers. thats cool also that another women walked in while miki was on the tiolet. i look forward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to I3POO: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you woke up to a surprising dump. iam glad that everything came out okay. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to PostMan: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like your morning dump was a success. sounds like you left a pretty long turd in the tiolet. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you decided to relief yourself on kristys sports pants. i was also really glad to hear that kristys bowel movement produced a really powerful odor. i have experienced this as well. iam sorry that you ended up having to walk home in soiled pants. i hope that kristy had learned an important lesson from all of this. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to ThunderFromDownUndwer: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like your making excellent progress. i hope that it continues. thats cool that you got to hear another women take a healthy dump. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that your coworker experienced a major accident in her outfit while on the job. she needs to learn to use the bathroom at your workplace. that is the only way she will prevent herself from having another accident. please try to help her as much as possible with this issue. i wish you the best and lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to JustAGuy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that you were rudely interuppted on the phone during your bowel movement. may i recommend that you not answer the phone next time while your on the tiolet. dont even bring it to the bathroom. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you and nicola experienced a healthy dump at school. thats cool that nicola added to stench that was in the air. i love adding to smell of foul poo in the air. iam also glad to hear that you didnt get in trouble for being late to class. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.




resonse to Charlotte survey

1) i usually poo two or three times a day. i have been known to relieve myself more than three times a day. that is only on a rare occassion.
2)i usually dont poop at the same time each day. it all depends and varies.
3)on average it takes me 30 to 45 minutes have a good healthy bowel movement. i usually take as long as i need.
4)i usually wipe from back to front.
5)when it comes to wiping iam usually sitting.




Charlotte's Research Questions

1. How many times per day do you need to go poop? Once a day.

2. Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day? Pretty much.
Usually between 7:00 and 7:30 AM.

3. On average how long does it take you to poop? 5 to 15 minutes.
Depends on if I'm reading something or not.

4. Do you wipe from front to back or back to front? Front to back.

5. Do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.

Tool Man

Is My Wife's "Poopie Piles" A Common Type of Poop?

I have a question for everyone. I have been reading for a long time and have read about lots of different types of poop and pooping episodes by those who post.

But I have not ever read about or experienced in a bowel movement the type of poop that happens to be very common.

My wife is not into "pooping" but we have had conversations and she knows that I am interested in her bowel movements. She is petite and very femanine and prissy - very pretty. She does not eat a lot, but eats pretty healthy. However, she also has mild IBS.

Many times, when she goes to the bathroom, her BM's make piles in the bottom of the toilet. While she won't let me watch her go, she will show me some of her poops. I kid you not, she makes piles of poop in the bottom of the toilet that look like mounds. They are usually round or oval shaped. They very in texture from solid pieces to fluffy pieces. Sometimes she tops these mounds with a layer of "soft serve" that looks like pudding or mousse. Many times they have a strong smell. Sometimes the mounds are so big that the peak comes out of the water.

She says that she does these piles pretty often. Not only that, but they are her "favorite" type of poop because they make her feel relieved. She will do logs, have diarrhea or loose stools like everyone else, but I really believe her type of poop is not common with other people.

I would be interested to hear if there are others on this forum who make piles of poop that are unformed but sink to the bottom of the toilet and form these mounds.

I have never had this kind of BM myself.

Thanks for responding to my question. Take care.

poo girl

best dump :)

its me poo girl again! i just had the best dump ever :)!
ok i was going to read in my room then i had to pee and poo really bad so i went to the bathroom and dropped my jeans and placed my bum bum on the toilet and PLOP! i did a few shits and peed for a few seconds then flushed the toilit and washed my hands and went on the computer and now i am tiping this. i will continue to post :)

poo girl

Migraine loverer

Answering CD:

To CD:
I do not look forward to them because they give me logs. I have less strong of a urge to go when I have it. It is a pain in the ass.

Paul ( from Germany)

A Barbecue at the Lake Part 2

I'm back from my business trip and will continue to tell you about our barbecue. I woke up from the noise Claudia had made while getting up, but decided to slumber a bit longer. After a few minutes however, I felt that I needed to piss and shit big time! When looking for the t. p. I saw that it was gone. Certainly, Claudia had taken it to do her business. I had to wait until she was back. I went out of the tent and breathed the clean summer air. A short time later, I saw Claudia and Nadine returning from behind the bushes a bit away. Both were laughing and seemed to be relieved. Claudia was holding the roll, while Nadine had lighted a cigarette. When they arrived I greeted them both and immediately asked Claudia to give me the paper. She said that the bushes were fine for a dump, but I should look onto the ground to avoid stepping into their piles. I walked fastly towards the bushes. When I had arrived I saw two really really big piles on the ground. How can slim girls shit such amounts? The air was really stinking in that area so I stopped breathing for a while. I wanted to get this over, so I pulled down everything and squatted low on the far right. First, I started pissing, and a second later shitting. I pooped two long thick turds and finally a shorter one that fell onto my first turd. The stink was now unbearable, so I quickly wiped and went away.

"Girls, what piles have you left behind these bushes?" I asked them. "Well, if a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go" Claudia replied.

We swam and sunbathed a bit and then went home.

Today I was out for a long hike at a local mountain area. The area is pretty remote but a lot of hikers and runners are often out on the trails. I left the house in the morning knowing I would stop and take a dump somewhere along the way. I couldn't remember if there were any facilities once I got onto the trails but I was pretty sure there were because it is a popular recreational area.

The night before I had gone out to dinner and had a large meal so I wanted to burn it off. By the time I made my way onto the trails there were already a few other runners and hikers around. After about an hour of running I saw a small outbuilding which I knew must have been a washroom. I made my way over to the small concrete building and saw that it was divided into two partitions with a separate door on each one.

I tried the one on the left but it was locked. The doors were only partial ones so there was a good amount of space at the top and bottom of each one. I stood back and noticed that someone was sitting on each toilet. I thought it would be a while so I turned back around and waited back on the trail. After about 5 minutes of waiting I was just about to continue on with my run and come back later when a guy in his late 20s came back onto the trail and preceded his run up the trail.

I quickly darted back to the bathroom and went into the one I had tried to go in. When I entered in it was the usual outdoor vaulted toilet arrangement but the concrete partition between had a large open gap from the floor up to the start of the wall. I could see that it was a guy on the toilet by his running shoes and shorts pulled down around them. I locked the door and made my way to the toilet. I lifted the seat and saw quite a bit of excrement, some of which was undoubtedly from the last guy. I sat down after pulling my now sweaty shorts and briefs down.

The toilet was quite high and was mounted directly against the wall. The roof also had a gap around the perimeter so there was a lot of natural light and fresh air that filtered through. I heard some rustling of toilet paper from the guy next door before he started to wipe. I waited a minute or two before he exited. I was just about to precede with my dump when I heard a female's voice approaching on the gravel pathway. I heard her call back to a friend on the trail that she would meet up with her later. She didn't sound that much older than me and was probably in her early 20s. Embarrassed I stopped what I was doing to wait for her to leave. She sat right down and immediately let out a barrage of very loud farts. I waited hoping she wouldn't be too long.

I then heard the turds start to drop out while she continued to let out more farts. A strong pressure was now building in my abdomen but I was so embarrassed that a girl was right next to me that I waited until she left. She didn't waste any time and was done within 5 minutes. By the time she left the pressure was so strong I lost all control and a log started to come out without pushing. I spread my legs apart and leaned forward as it slid out and dropped into the pit effortlessly.

I relieved my bladder before I got up and started to wipe. My quite large log sat on top of the pile but would soon disappear judging by the amount of other logs. I guess a lot of runners and hikers choose to come out and shit in the tranquility of the mountains. Before I left I checked out the toilet next door and took notice of the three fresh logs that were on top. By the looks of it she had really needed to go. I made my way back to the trail and continued on with my run.


Perils of Motherhood

My name is Mary. I am 26 and just had my first child six months ago. Like many women I experienced more than a few leaks during pregnancy and one or two full out wettings. Things they don't warn you about when you are growing up and dreaming of having babies! Well, they also don't tell you that it doesn't stop after the baby is born. Things are a little weak "down there" as a result of all that stretching and trauma and as a result, you just can't hold it like you used to do. I found out the hard way on Saturday while out shopping. I had been to a few stores and had just left Target and was in the parking lot, minding my own business, no awareness of any need to go or anything. I got to the SUV and opened the back door, turned around and reached into the cart carrier to pull out my little daughter and as soon as I picked her up - BAM! I had to pee NOW! I quickly placed her in her car seat, dancing in place, crossing my legs, unable to hold myself while buckling her into her car seat. The urge was unbearable. I couldn't take her back out and run back into the Target to use their bathrooms - I probably wouldn't make it anyway. I couldn't just pull down my pants and squat in the busy parking lot and expose myself and risk getting in trouble. I threw my few shopping bags into the floor of the back seat, shut the door and scrambled over to the drivers side door, opened it, and, using the door as a shield to provide as much cover as I could, I let go. Yes, I just let go and wet myself. Standing there and not fighting it felt amazing. To just let go and not struggle was so freeing and relaxing. It was a little weird, of course, to be more or less peeing myself on purpose, but it was going to happen in nanoseconds whether I wanted it or not, at least I was doing it under my own control this way. I just stood there, oblivious to the world, urine streaming down my legs, soaking my shorts and socks and shoes, puddling onto the asphalt between my feet. I finished my business and then flashed back into reality, glancing around to make sure nobody just saw me completely pee myself like a little girl. I then climbed into the SUV - I had no other option - and drove home. The shorts and panties that had been quite warm seconds before quickly turned quite cold and clammy thanks to the A/C blowing, but the relief was still exquisite.

Any other mothers out there willing to share their accidents?

Christopher H

Answer to Derek

My partner and I sometimes unload together as I mentioned in a previous post. I just sit back and he'll sit between my legs as I cuddle my arms round him nice and tight and it feels great, the stinks are other worldly but you get used to it. I do enjoy watching him drop a load but really I prefer to be watched and he prefers to do the watching and belly rubbing.

My advice to you would be to go for it but only if you are sure the girl is comfortable with it. That kind of thing can be a serious turn off for some but some people love it - just read the posts here to see that. James was very shy at first but I managed to unhinge him. I tested the water with him at first by letting rip massive farts in bed and he didn't seem to mind so then I appologised to him and he said "It's ok, it smells rank but it keeps me warm, do it again if you like." Then I started leaving big smelly brown 'hints' in the pan and he didn't seem phased, he did mention it once and I just replied that he shouldn't feed me so well to which he laughed. Then one night I just took my chance when he was in the bath with the door unlocked. I went in and mounted the pan and started making small talk whilst farting, peeing and looking directly into his lovely eyes. Then I told him I had to do a big job and grunted, groaned and crackled whilst still looking at him. I could tell he was enjoying it as much as me. I was giving him a running commentary as several nice big long, thick and smelly logs eased gently out of my behind and he was giggling and joking about getting a plumber. They were soft but firm which is how I like them. Then after a few more big watery farts I wiped forever and showed him the evidence as he got out of the bath. We agreed to do it again sometime and obviously have done this and more since. You would have to do it with a girl you were confident around and just relax or she'd maybe get nervous. I've had a few ex partners who were complete shallow prudes and used to blow a blood vessel because you farted or forgot to flush even though I never complained when they and their friends smoked out the place smoking pot and damaging my health, just be careful you don't alienate anyone who matters. Good luck !


Desperate poo at work

I usually have my poo at home but I was running late this morning so I had to wait untill I got to work. I was desperate to go & by the time I got to work I was about so shit myself. The problem was I was late & would be in reall trouble he I went to the toilet now. I felt the tip of my poo poking out of my bum so I thought, "What the hell" & rushed into the toilet. A sat down just in time & a huge load of soft mushy poo shot into the toilet. I felt so relieved & the best thing was the time clock had broken down so I got away with being late. Result!

End Stall Em

Survey answers for Half-Dump Denise

1.Sex: Female; Age: just turned 14

2. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a child of the opposite sex in
a public bathroom?
Yes, but it has only happened occasionally. The biggest problem is
when younger boys are allowed to pee over the seats. Sometimes they
also shoot their pee so far back that it gets on the flusher.

3. At what age did your parents let you go into a public toilet alone?
My dad was stricter than my mom. In large places such as the airport
(he took me on a couple of short business trips with him) and the
mall, he took me into the mens room until I was close to like 7 and
in 2nd grade. He also wouldn't let me go into a stall alone until he
carefully spread toilet paper over all four sides of the seat. I
that and several times almost shit my underwear while he was doing

4. What should you do if a child is causing trouble in a public toilet?
If the child is of the opposite sex, there's a need for stricter
rules. Such as no roaming around and peeking in on people in other
stalls. At my school the worst offenders are my classmates who
constantly are peeking in. If it's to intimidate me, it works. Once
at a bus station my dad took me in and while he was on the toilet
crapping, I roamed to the other side of the room where the guys were
lined up at the urinals peeing. I didn't get back there soon enough
and he surprised me by walking up behind me, grabbing me and taking
me into a stall and spanking me. But I learned my lesson.

5. If you are a parent or babysitter, what do you do when someone of
the opposite gender has to use the bathroom? Does it make any
difference whether you are in a large place like an airport or a
smaller place like a gas station?
A child can go in alone in a smaller place if you are standing right
outside the main door. However, in a large multi-stall place like I
said my dad would take me in and more closely watch me. But like I
answered in #3, I sure didn't think the toilet-papering of the seat
was necessary and I have been always curious as to why he did it and
my mom didn't.

to AmanadaM: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that your aunt decided to relieve herself on the side of the road. that must have been quite fun for you guys to watch. i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to BlueBoy: i really enjoyed your post. thats funny that your aunt farted and that she rolled up the windows so that you could really inhale the smell. it also sounds like you aunt took another massive dump. did you enjoy watching her? iam so glad that you were able to capture the picture of her gigantic turd on your cellphone. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Claudia: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you and Naudia both took a gigantic dump far away from your tent in the grass. i could imagine how foul the air must have smelled. thats really cool that Paul joined in as well. i wish that i could have joined in on the fun. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident that you had while riding the school bus home from school. thats really cool to hear that you ended up taking an enormous dump on the plane. thats cool that you stunk up the bathroom. i love doing that. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Molly: i really enjoyed your post. i absoultley hate it when the lines are really long for the tiolet. iam glad to hear that you didnt end up having an accident. thats funny that the lady in line complained about you stinking up the bathroom. if i was in line and the air smelled foul like that i would have laughed. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Derek: i really enjoyed your post. my advice to you is this: if your dating a girl and you want to watch her relieve herself then you need to slowly let her know that your interested in watching her taking a dump. may i suggest offering first to let her watch you when you need to take a massive dump. then see how it goes from there. i lookforward to your next post.take care and God bless.
to CD: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you enjoy peeing your pants in the rare occassion of warm rain during a sunshower. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to I3POO: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you took a rather healthy dump. iam glad that you stunk up the bathroom. iam glad that you take as much time as you need. i do the same when iam in a public bathroom as well. i wish that i could have witnessed your gigantic dump that you took. i probably would have inhaled the odor that was in the air. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless. try to tell some stories of when your out in public somewhere with friends and have to use the bathroom. make sure that you leave the stall with tiolet unflushed. take care.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that you had another wonderful gigantic dump at home. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Postman: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that you had another satisfying dump at home. iam glad also that your not in anymore pain from holding it in. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to EmilyW: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you ended up peeing in the wilderness when it was completely dark. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Katie: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that you ended up messing your bathing suit while you were in the pool. you and i both enjoy watching other women poop. i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you and your friend Eleanor had a healhy dump at the mall. i bet that you two really made the air smell foul. thats good though. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you ended up having a terrible accident during your gym class on the field. iam sorry that the other students ended up making fun of you for having a major accident. thats not right at all. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to JaneTheSecond: i really enjoyed your post. iam really glad to hear that you got turned on by your girlfriend having a bowel movement. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to PooGirl: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that you ended up having a good healthy dump. thats cool that your load stunk up the entire bathroom. i love doing that. congradulations on your first post. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



Keith D
Hello all. I have been having an easier time of pooping the last week. I have been trying wherever possible to make sure I try and drop my load as soon as I get the urge. Whenever or wherever.

I used to hate pooping in public toilets but am getting better at it. Some locations are even a novelty. Have been driving all last week and got to stop and drop at a couple of very scenic roadside lookouts. The toilet facilities were surprisingly and clean and it was so calming to be in a nice cool dark building listening to the sounds of birdcalls and nature.

Anyone else been running to the restroom in quick and convenient locations? Or somewhere unusual? On the train, at church, at the movies, etc


Not Wiping

I remember reading about people, women in particular, on this site regularly not wiping or only wiping once no matter the mess. I'm intrigued, but can't I have a few questions for anyone who does this. I'd imagine that skidmarks would
be a big problem with doing this. Do you get them? How often and do you bother trying to remove them only to leave more? Another issue I'd wager is odor. Does anyone ever notice it, or do you yourself? Finally I thought that doing thus would be painful because of diaper rash or it's adult equivalent. Thanks!

Just Jerika

Half-Dump's survey and another story about me and Gopi

These are my answers to Half-Dumps questions:
1) Female, age 12; 2) Yes, sometimes I've been somewhat uncomfortable with a boy in a public toilet; 3) my parents let me go into public bathrooms alone when I was 4, but I was scared because of my smaller size (I'm only 3'5" tall) and on some toilets my feet don't go all the way to the floor; 4) when I see a boy potentially causing trouble, I've moved in to solve the problem. One example was when he was about to pee over the seat I was going to be sitting on next. I moved in behind him, grabbed the seat with my right hand and lifted it, just as he was about to start his pee flow. His mom, who was in the other stall, thanked me; 5) I'll probably have to deal with that in a few months because many of my friends have started babysitting. I guess every child and their situation is a little different.

This is a story about what happened when me and my best friend Gopi (who is from India) spent the day at the mall last month. Since there's not a lot to do this summer, we just hanged out there all day and even stayed for a movie.

After we had lunch at the food court, Gopi said she had to crap and I told her I had to pee. And pee real bad because I had just downed the largest soda available. She started walking toward the big restrooms by the main entrance, but these are toilets I don't like because they are a little higher off the floor than those in C and D wings which are on the second level. But I could tell by how fast she was walking that she was needing to put herself on the toilet like pretty fast. I say pretty fast because as I've told you guys before, she takes a couple of minutes or more carefully putting a nest of toilet paper sheets over the seat before she takes her panties down and seats herself. Sometimes one or two will blow off, but she just holds up her pee or crap while she replaces it. I've never known anyone line the seat before. I'm not saying anything against it really, it's just so different, I guess.

As we were walking, actually she was walking rather fast, and for someone like me (only 3'5") I was practically running to catch up. She knows about my hating the higher toilets and as we walked she said she has been thinking about a solution to my "handicap" (she was being sarcastic) and that I should just lift the seat and sit on the bowl rim to pee. About two minutes later we got to the bathroom, and she directed me clear down to the left side of the 12 or more stalls where we could go together side by side. She opened the door, grabbed a piece of toilet paper off the roll, and put it between her thumb and finger before lifting the seat. "Now try it, Jerika", she said. "You'll like it." I dropped my underwear and shorts all the way to the floor because I didn't know how it would work with me sitting over the front of the bowl. While I was experiencing with how far back I should sit, and I made several adjustments by looking to make sure that my pubic area cleared the front of the bowl, I learned fast not to put too much of my weight onto my legs or thighs because the bowl was very uncomfortable. However, I noticed my feet were firmly on the floor! That part of it was more comfortable for me.

I told Gopi about it and while she was happy for me, I could see her moving around in her stall. That meant she was putting the toilet paper strips on the seat. Two of the sheets came sliding into my stall, and I reached down with my left hand picked them up and tried to pass them to her under the stall. I could tell my the steadiness of her legs that she was seated and there was a loud eruption of gas and like 15 or 20 seconds of really fast splashes into the bowl. My pee stream started earlier than usual and really went about as long as the length of the song that was being piped in on the music system. However, it was what my parents call "elevator" music where pretty much every easy music song runs into another. I could hear a sigh of relief from her as my pee stopped and I quickly got up from the rim.

As we walked to the other side of the mall wherre the theater is, Gopi started to tease me about how I probably wouldn't need to pee for the rest of the day. I had to admit she was probably right, but at the end of the movie, she followed me into the crowded bathroom because I told her I had to pee. I sat down on the toilet but really faked it well and because of all the other users and noise, she couldn't tell the difference. I guess I just don't want to give her too much credit for her idea.


Constipation and hospital trip

I am constipated for the first time in ages. I finally went poop yesterday (Sunday July 26th) after not going for about a week or week and a half. It doesn't help that I am on anti-convulsants that make me constipated and I haven't been exersizing as much as I should be.

On Wednesday, July 14 I was hospitalized for my first grand mal seizure. I hadn't been feeling well that day and was on the computer when I got the warning signs. Usually before a petit mal seizure I get a headache, pins and needles in my face and get really hot. When that happens I lie down and take a nap and it usually goes away.

This time I took a nap for a few hours until my husband got home, but it didn't make me feel better. In fact, I started complaining that my head, behind my right eye and my legs were hurting. My husband tried to help by putting a cold wet towel on my face and called my mom explaining my symptoms. I don't remember much after that, but my husband told me I suffered a grand mal seizure on the bed, another one in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and another in the hospital on the way to cat scan. He said that I said "Help me!" during the seizure. The people at the hospital also put a catheter into me which was painful. It's very hard to sleep with one of those in. They were afraid that I would pee the bed and they needed a urine sample so they put the catheter in. It also hurt having it taken out. Fortunately I'm better, just tired and constipated from the anticonvulsants. I have to follow up with my doctor every week, and waiting to hear from a neurosurgeon as I have 5 lesions in my brain and a marble-sized tumor in my brain. Hopefully in the meantime I can resolve my constipation problems as yesterday's poop clogged the toilet :( I haven't been here reading or posting in about two weeks as I have not been feeling well. I like the stories on here.

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