Dan Boy

Two In A Row

Howdy! I'm a somewhat infrequent poster (several months between my posts) so I like to re-introduce myself each time I post. I'm a 23 year old male, 6 feet tall, 185 lbs, athletic. I've always been interested in girls pooping and I've had several lucky experiences in the last 4 or 5 years. This past week happened to be one of the luckiest I've ever had. I got to witness two really cute girls taking pretty awesome dumps, both in public toilets too. This is kind of long, but worth the read.

The first one happened at the cell phone store. I had to wait around the store for about 35-40 min while my name moved up the list. I noticed a very cute girl about 18 with her dad. Short blond hair, definitely an athlete (toned and tan with a round butt showing nicely through semi-tight athletic shorts with a college name on the seat). After about 20 min I started to need a crap. I held on for another 10 min but since my name had only moved up 1 slot and was 7th on the list I decided to just go. I went back to the restrooms and got a little confused as to which was the men's and which was the women's. There were two bathrooms next to each other with one sign in the middle that had the "coed" symbol on it (a man on one half and woman on the other half with a line down the middle). Then I noticed small arrows hand-drawn underneath with the men's off to the left and women's off to the right. I went into the mens room, small two stall bathroom with one sink, no urinals (for some reason?) Both stalls were empty so I went into the closest of the two and sat down. I farted and dropped a small soft log. I heard the door bang open and someone rush in past my stall (too fast to see) and slam the door to the other stall shut. I thought, man, this guy really has to shit. Then I noticed wasn't a guy at all. It was that hot athletic girl! She had on flip-flops so I saw her toe-nail polish, and then I saw the same shorts with the college name on the butt drop to her feet. I was too dumbfounded to even wonder what she was doing in the men's room. Later I figured she was confused by the sign too, except she must not have seen the arrows and figured it was a coed bathroom…or had to go so bad she didn't care to figure it out.

I forgot about my dump while I heard a long ripper fart come out of this very cute ass. Then I heard what sounded like pretty soft poop crackling out, landing in the water with barley a "plip" the log was so long. The smell immediately hit me, sulfury with a burnt rubber smell too. At this point I relaxed and let out a long soft log of my own, followed by a ripper fart. She shifted her feet a little bit, almost like she was surprised, maybe she didn't realize someone else was in there, maybe she noticed my boots and realized she was in the wrong restroom...or thought I was the "intruder". Whichever it was, she didn't say a word. She let out two sputtering farts that had at least a half dozen soft balls of poop mixed in with each. I was done by this point but decided to stay until she left so as not to embarrass her. She was done too. She wiped several times, pulled up her shorts, flushed, and left without staying to wash her hands. By the time I got out she was just walking out the front door with her dad.
Now, the second story happened just today after I got off from work. I stopped in a convenient store for some coffee and to use the bathroom. I just had to pee, but I had been sitting in beltway traffic for 2 hours and had to go incredibly badly. As I pull up I notice a girl with two guys, she was about 18 (must be something with that age, heh). Built pretty much like the girl at the cell-store, but not quite as toned, and with a slightly smaller, but still round, butt. Wearing the same thing too actually…odd. Anyway, very cute, obviously a tom-boy. So I jump out of my truck and start walking in behind her. She turned to me and started telling me to hold her drink while she went to the bathroom, then realized I wasn't her friend (who was behind me) and started laughing and apologized to me. I smiled and said it was alright and grabbed the door for her. She went off to the bathrooms in a hurry and disappeared around the corner before I even walked 3 feet into the store. I headed off to the back myself. I noticed a mop bucket outside the womens room but the door was shut. Then I opened the door to the mens room, walked in and got a huge surprise. The girl was sitting on the toilet, looked up and saw me, and let out a little yelp of surprise. I started to open the door to walk out but she yelled "wait, don't open the door!" I looked at her and asked why and she said the whole store would see her. I said, "but I can see you now…" She said, "true but the whole store would be worse" and laughed a little. I smiled and said "ok, but do you mind if I go too since I'm in here." The bathroom had a urinal as well as the toilet. She said, "not at all" and smiled sheepishly.
She was just finishing her pee just as I was unzipping and starting my own. I accidentally let a pretty nasty fart slip while I was peeing and she laughed. Laughing myself, I apologized. She said, "it's ok, wait till you hear and smell what I'm about to do." At this point my heart jumped a few beats as I realized she wasn't just peeing, she was about to take a major dump right in front of me, a complete stranger. Fortunately, I was still peeing so I was facing away from her. Suddenly I heard a very wet *blip-fooop* as she dropped some mushy poop with some gas. A couple seconds later I heard a cascade of mush splat and plop into the toilet for over a minute straight with several farts mixed in. I had finished peeing by this point and turned around to face her halfway through her load. She was just sitting there with her eyes closed looking extremely relieved. When she finished she heaved a heavy sigh, opened her eyes and saw me watching her. She laughed and said "don't EVER eat the spicy beef patties from here! Whew!!" then leaned forward and fanned behind her butt. I laughed and said I never do. She sat there for another couple minutes, farting about a dozen times and periodically dropping little splats leftover, laughing with me each time. It smelled terrible in there. She finally told me to turn around so she could "clean up." I did and it took her another 2 minutes, and 3 flushes of the toilet. She said it was ok to turn around and when I did she was fully dressed again. She farted again suddenly, pulled her shorts back down and sat on the toilet again. She let out a long fart with another wave of soft poop, saying, "Damn! That pattie did not agree with me!" She repeated her cleaning (not caring if I was watching this time) then pulled her shorts back up. When she was drying her hands facing away from me she let out another long zipper fart. Then waved her hand behind her butt and said "wheeeewww! This is so crazy!" and laughed hysterically. I asked if she was sure she was done now, she said yes so I walked out, then told her no one was looking so she walked out too. She winked and smiled at me then said, "have a nice day, maybe we'll run into each other again!" She walked out of the store, I got my coffee and left. Unbelievable week.


Not allowed to poo. Relief is so good.

To Ruby & anyone else who has been made to hold their poo. I 'd love to see more stories about people who have had to hold their poo because they weren't allowed to use the toilet at inconvenient time. I know from experience the enormous feeling of relief you get when you can finaly get to a toilet. Or maybe you can't make it to the toilet & have an accident in your pants.


Camping with Miki

Still remember my friend Miki? After getting the elephant stool out from her bowels, her poops have more or less normalised again. On doctors advice she now eats lots of fiber (not like she did not eat a healthy amount before, but...) which makes her stools easier to pass according to her, although they still choke up toilets everywhere she goes.

Then the college organised a camping trip. Somehow we were forced to go in the heat of summer to some place to bond with the freshies. Poor Miki, she hated those kind of places because of lack of privacy. The camp had some badly run facilities with less than good plumbing. The trip was to last exactly a week.

I like the ladies. First of all the cubicles had no doors on them. I dont care, many people did. Miki in particular didn't want to move her bowels in there at all costs, but after 6 days of camp she moaned that she couldn't hold it in any longer because it had been 10 days since her last poop. She whispered that her stool was opening her up and that she needed me to come along and keep a lookout.

In the ladies I did the whole routine thing with liquid soap, since there was no vaseline, so I lathered up her anus to ease her pain. She sat on the bowl straining hard as quietly as possible. After some time she got off and squatted on the seat instead. "Too big," she said, "I won't get it out sitting down." Long story short it was enormous again, deep brown, she bled a little again.

But when she was getting the thickest part out in the middle of her giant stool a freshie came in! This ordinary looking girl came in, washed her hands, turned around and she saw us and shrieked. "Sorry!" she said, her eyes bulging as she stared at what was coming out of Miki and ran off. Miki was so embarassed!

Again it was as wide as a mug but this time she eased it out without bleeding that much (maybe her previous encounter stretched her even bigger) and was large in length as well. "Oooh, it's huge again." she commented. She patted her bottom with tissue and didn't even bother flushing it. At best it would most definitely not go down. At worst it would choke the already lousy plumbing. We left the scene quickly.

Later that evening there was a rumour circulating around the campers that someone had left a stool so large in the ladies that it must be seen to be believed. A few of the girls even described the size of it..."as big as my foreleg" and all that. Looks like the freshie gave us away, and so some of the girls came up to us, looked at Miki and said laughing, "did you really do that?" She went so red and couldn't answer, so I winked and said "Actually I did it, but please don't tell anyone." Miki was so relieved.

When we got back Miki thanked me again, although I'm kind of shameless and carefree for a girl, I hope that I won't turn into an overnight celeb back in school for all the wrong reasons.


Still constipated...

My dad's friend gave my mom a bag of psyllium husks (fibre) and a bunch of other vitamins over the weekend. My mom gave me the psyllium since she doesn't have any issues with constipation but I do. She explained to me how to take it but I already know. Last night I put 2 teaspoons in a glass of water (as the instructions on the bag say) and drank it down quickly. I drank a glass of juice right after that. So far no bowel movement but I'm hoping soon it will work as it causes your poop to become big and bulky (it expands inside of you). I might have to take a stool softener tonight along with the psyllium so I can actually go. I don't feel too well, between the constipation and my seizure medication making me tired.

I <3 POO

Moments away from a hurrendous accident!!

You know how sometimes you get hit by the most sudden need to poo that hits you without very little or no warning?! Well when I woke up this morning at 7:15 I had that exact feeling, I had just had a few sips from my morning cup of tea when I could feel a rumbling in my belly, the kind of rumbling that usually comes before an attack of diarrhoea, it was a cramping feeling and omg! I could feel this load of soft poo rushing down to my back passage urgently, I tried to not let it touch cloth and at the same time was worried that if I relaxed for just a split second that I would lose control and have a really bad accident in my pants and that it wasn't going to be a pleasant clear up job, so by this time you can imagine my predicamentt at having to really keep my bum clenched as tightly as possible, I was sweating at this stage as I was getting closer to the point of no return where liquid, warm, soft runny poo would fill up my pants in no time. I was in agony now as another small cramp hit and I was no where near the upstairs loo. I really by now was holding on to dear life as I knew any sudden movement from me and that would be it. I somehow summoned up the strength to slowly get up of my bed and without aggrevating another cramp I swiftly made my way to the upstairs loo but I could feel already in my pants that some liquid poo may have touched cloth already despite my bestest efforts to hold it off. I quickly went in turned on the light, locked the door, pulled down my shorts and pants to my thighs and just parked my bum on the loo. I noticed that some wet poo was in my pants but it was not a major disaster thank god! I averted a huge accident simply by holding it off so long but somehow don't know how I didn't actually poo myself badly!

As I sat on the loo, nothing happened for a few moments, then all of a sudden with my arms crossed and pressed to my belly, I felt another rumble in my belly and a cramp hit which caused me to let rip with a loud, wet, smelly minging fart followed through by a big explosion as a mass of soft serve just slithered out my bum and into the bowl. There were lots of plips and plops as I unleashed an absolute mess of smelly soft poo which was giving my belly lots of bother. The last of 3 waves hit and again it was another explosion of soft, warm, sloppy poo which only served to add to stink out the loo even more.
But now I actually felt like I was empty as I must've unloaded a very messy, smelly poo. In a funny kind of way at least it was a pleasurable experience as it required no grunting or pushing it just exploding out. When I looked round before wiping all I could see was a foul, brown mess the water in the bowl had turned brown so I couldn't really make out any chunks and pieces but take it from me it was very messy. I tore off a big sheet of tp and took my first wipe of my bum and omg the tp was covered in soft, runny poo like consistency, same went with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th wipes. By the 5th wipe I decided to use wet wipes and needed 2 more times with them before my bum was totally clean. All in all that was 7 wipes not surprising really after that poo. It was very smelly in the loo as well so once I got up off the loo and adjusted my shorts and pants I flushed and sprayed lots of air freshener. Phew! What an eventful start to the day even before I got to work!

More from my poo blog soon

Take care x



Just got done taking a fantastic crap. I knew this one would be special, because I started feeling heavy down there right after I got up. I showered, took the dog out, and got the paper, then came in a fixed my coffee. Normally I have to take a dump after that first cup, but this morning I couldn't wait, as I now felt like I had a boulder down there.

I took the paper with me (reading on the toilet in a nice quiet house in the morning is one of my favorite times of the day), dropped my pants, sat down, and got comfortable. Once i peed and found something interesting in the paper, I leaned forward and pushed. A long, thick turd started moving out, sliding into the water like a snake. Finally it tapered off and slid out, landing with a slight plop. I finished reading my article, then I wiped. Looking in the bowl, I saw a nice, long turd, coming up out of the trap and coiling around on top of itself twice, with the end sticking slightly out of the water. I'm guessing maybe 18 to 20 inches long.

Now that I feel a few pounds lighter, time to go to work. See you soon.


Not allowed to use the toilet

I loved Ruby's story about her mum not letting her poo in her own toilet on page 1855. I thought you'd like to read my story.
I'd been holding my poo for about 3 days & I was at my friend Kirsty's house when I started to feel the need to go real bad. I asked her if I could use her toilet as I was sure I would poo myself soon. She wouldn't let me poo in her toilet because she was afraid of me blocking it. I told her I was about to poo my pants but she still said no. She even suggested I did it in my pants if it was that bad. I told her that would be too messy & Kirsty suggested I went in the woods. I knew I wouldn't make it to the woods & so did Kirsty. She then decided to use the toilet knowing how desperate I was. She spent ages in there & I had to listen to the sound of her dropping several large logs into the water. It made me even more desperate. While Kirsty was in the loo I went into her bedroom & raided her underwear drawer. I lifte my skirt & put on a pair of her £25 Laura Ashley sports pants. I knew it would really piss her off if I messed them up. I also knew they would hold more poo! She finaly flushed & opened the door & I was hit by the the most powerfull odor of her poo. That made me realy realy desperate & I almost lost it. Kirsty didn't care though. I wanted to give in to my now biological need to evacuate my bowels but I wanted to wait for the right moment. I knew now that Kirsty was determined to make me poo myself at any cost. I was now so desperate I was tempted to give in but I knew that's exactly what Kirsty wanted me to do. The one thing she didn't know was that I didn't have my own pants on. I had Kirstys expensive Laura Ashley ones on! I told her I couldn't hold on any longer & bent my knees & moved my feet apart. I totaly shit myself making a huge mess in Kirstys pants. It was a huge relief. She was delighted by this untill I lifted my skirt up to reveall her £25 pair of sports pants. Kirsty called me a crafty bitch & moaned about her ruined pants. I had my revenge though & it was sweet. Of course she wouldn't let me clean up & I had to walk home with Kirstys pants full of very smelly poo. It was worth it though.


Research Questions

Hello, Please help me by answering some questions on pooping and wiping. Thanks.

1) How many times per day do you usually need to go poop?

2) Do you usually poop at the same time(s) each day?

3) On average how long does it take you to poop?

4) Do you wipe from front to back or back to front?

5) Do you sit or stand to wipe?




I just returned from a beach vacation on the east coast (USA). I was hoping to buddy dump in a doorless stall like Zip but no such luck. The bathrooms all had stall doors. This was a more upscale beach so I am not surprised I guess. The times when I went to the bathroom there was never anyone pooping, even with the stall doors.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new guy

a little info about me

today is july 27 2010. Here's some info about me im 23 years old, but I will be 24 in september, im about 5 ft tall I have a type of dwarfisum. Which means for anybody who dosent know what that is. It means I probaly wont get much taller then i am rightnow. I live in a small town in oregon well thats enough about me. I like the stories by PRG. Carmalita and her friends and all the other ladies on this site. My favorite stories are the ones about women and girls farting and pooping pee stories are ok.

Post Title (optional)AN UPDATE

I am still in the "seventh heaven" after my enema on is funny sitting on the can pooing like there is no tomorrow and engaged in serious conversation with another person.
Anyway, this is what has happened...on Friday I had a low dose laxative in the morning but nothing happened on Friday and not too surprised as I had such a clean out the day before. Nothing Saturday, not too surprised, but by afternoon and nothing so had a low dose laxative...that night I had a little bit of runny poo...the laxative I use causes me to explosively fart when I shit so the bowl is splattered which is a nuisance,,,Sunday, nothing until bed time and then a little bit of runny poo and a splattered up early and had my laxative and straight on to the pot for an average soft to the gym and on my return, after breakfast another average shit....around lunch time I was driving to work and got the big urge and went to my public toilets and had a big soft poo (Monday).
On Tuesday, nothing and today I sat on the toilet at work at mid morning and had a big, big solid poo but it came out reasonabley....the flush on the toilet is not that effective so my turds were their when I went back for a leak later in the day.
I take my laxative daily because I have been having such hard stools I nearly pass out on evacuating them.

As for the question about hearing the opposite sex on the toilet...I go to my unisex public toilets between once to six times a week...sometimes I sit there for many minutes...occasionally 20 minutes and I have never heard a girl pooing...rarely a wee too....I find this most unusual that it has not happened. At work There is a common wall between the mens and womens toilet...I was on the pot last week and heard somebody go into the womens...I heard the wee hitting the water and I think I heard a thing I did hear was the toilet paper roll going several times so she was clearly having a BM..we both left the toilets at the same time and I was the nice young girl downstairs.
That`s all folks!

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Louise's Accident

A girl I work with called Louise never poos anywhere but her own toilet. Even if she's desperate to go, she holds it untill she gets home. Well yesterday I was working next to her when I noticed she was looking very stressed & worried about something. She kept farting & I asked her what was wrong. Louise replied, "I'm bursting for the loo." I told her to go to the toilet but she replied. "I can't. I need to do a number two. "I told Louise, "Well if you've got to go you've got to go." She said, "No way. I can't do it at work. I can wait untill I get home." I had my doubts but Louise insisted on holding on. She was squirming & fidgeting a lot & she kept farting all the time. Eventually she went bright red & stood up. There was a strong smell of poo & Louise had a big bulge in the seat of her jeans. She ran off in the direction of the toilet (We only have one toilet at work) & after half an hour she hadn't come back. I went to the toilet to see if she was ok but the there was no sign of Louise. I looked in the toilet & there were some really thick brown marks below the water. I went back to work & later found out she'd gone home sick. I knew the reason why! The next day Louise was back at work & when I asked her why she'd gone home she whispered to me, "I didn't make it to the toilet. So I had to go home to clean myself up." I told her she should have gone at work & Louise whispered, "Well actually I did!" (Even though a lot of it was in her knickers)!

Just a guy
Recently there were a couple stories about an interrupted dump. I will share a story that happenned not too long ago. I had a strong urge to take a dump and had just sat down on the toilet when my cell phone rang. For some reason, I decided to answer the phone and held back my dump. I have no problem taking a dump in a public bathroom, but I guess since my friend didn't know I was on the toilet, I didn't want to start making noises. After about 3 minutes, my stomach was aching, so I started to let go, but not completely, if that makes sense. I succeeded in slowly letting go a lot of soft but still solid poop without making much noise. However, after 5 minutes of this, I was still very uncomfortable and made an excuse to finally get off the phone. Once I got off the phone, I let go of a 15 to 20 second explosion of soft poo (not diarrhea) which my friend would defintely have heard and felt extremely relieved. I continued to sit for about 2 more minutes, thinking I couldn't have been done considering how uncomfortable I was just moments earlier, but I was done.

In my opinion, Emma, Leanne, Abbie - You tell some of the best stories.

Claudia ( from Germany)

A Barbecue at the Lake


my boyfriend Paul is on a business trip, so I'm writing today about our barbecue at the lake we had last weekend.

We (that is Paul, my sister Nadine and me) arrived on Friday evening and wanted to stay until Saturday noon. After finding a nice secluded spot we put up our tents and the barbecue. When dusk came we had a campfire and started barbecuing. We had brought sausages, steaks and potatoes as well as some lettuce. And a lot of beer! It was really a romantic evening and the food was delicous. I had just eaten my second sausage and drunk my second beer when I needed to pee. My sister also had to pee, so we went a few steps away and tinkled into the grass. Then it was Paul's turn. He went into the same direction. When he came back he laughed and told us that we shouldn't throw our trash into the bushes. He meant the tissues we had used and left there.

We all ate so much! I had two sausages and two steaks, Nadine had the same and my boyfriend even more. We all were now rather drunk and had to pee several times. However we went a bit farther away as we feared that our spots could start smelling - it was still very warm. At about 2 o' clock we all went to bed.

When I woke up I could see the sun shining into our tent. Immediately I felt two things: I needed to empty my bladder and my bowels - badly! I took our t.p. and went out. Some people were already swimming and sunbathing. They were quite a distance away, but nevertheless I had to look for a really secluded spot to squat down. Then I heard Nadine opening her tent. "Oh good morning Claudia, I forgot my toilet paper!" She then saw the roll I was holding and asked me if she could come with me. When we were children we had pooped in front of each other often, so I didn't have a problem with that. But I felt that I couldn't hold it much longer. "Let's go there, nobody will see us there!" Nadine pointed to some dense bushes to the right. It wasn't the perfect spot, but I couldn't hold it much longer. So I agreed. Even before reaching the bushes I already unzipped my black shorts. Nadine did the same with her blue jeans. In no time I had pulled them down. Nadine squatted to the right and sighed. It was so urgent now. I didn't need to push when I had squatted down. The first log automatically came out, and to the right I heard Nadine peeing a strong stream and farting. I could feel the second turd coming out, with Nadine still pissing. Then I farted twice, pushed a bit and released the third turd. Finally, I started peeing. What a relieve! For about two seconds we both pissed together. It was so loud! Nadine looked to me. "What have you done there?" she asked me and smiled. Then, still peeing, I looked down and saw three extremely long and thick medium brown turds. They looked very smooth. I had pooped a giant pile! Nobody would believe that girl like me could shit such a pile. Looking to Nadine I saw that her log was slowly coming out. She pushed a lot and it made its way out. It was very knobby and dark brown. Then she farted and let out two smooth turds that had the same colours as mine. When they had fallen down, she smiled again. It was also a big poop, but smaller then my pile. The air was stinking now, both piles were smelly. We wiped quickly and chatted a bit about the sizes of our piles.
Paul had to go too - to be continued


Desperate in detention

When I was a teenager I used to hold my poo for several days & would often get constipated. I remember when I was about 14 I hadn't been for a week. I was getting ready for school & after straining for an hour on the toilet I decided to take a laxative. I got to school half an hour late because of all the time I'd spent on the loo & got detention for it. It took a while for the laxative to work but by afternoon break it was definately working. I had to wait untill after school before I could leave the room & by then I was getting very desperate. As soon as the bell went I ran to the girls toilets holding my bum but the teacher called me back & made me in straight to detention. I had to clench my bum tightly & go to detention. I sat in the detention room desperately trying not to mess my pants but it was hard work. I was sweating & it hurt to keep so much poo in for so long. I couldn't keep still in my chair & the teacher noticed my condition. She asked me what was wrong &I blurted out, "I'm about to poo my pants miss!" She wasn't very simpathetic & told me, "Well you'll have to wait untill after detention. You know I can't let you leave the room." I really had to go so bad but she just wouldn't let me go. As I sat watching the clock it seamed to be going backwards. I was struggling with the enormous pressure in my bowels & had to sit on my hands in a desperate attempt to keep control. By the time detention was over I jumped out of my seat & sprinted for the door. I ran down the corridord towards the girls toilets but they were locked. I was devastated & began to panic. I couldn't think straight & went to the boys toilets to see if I could get in there but of course they were locked as well. I ran down the corridoor to the sports department but that was locked too. I was losing control by now & ran outside to look for a wall or building to hide behind but it was too late. There was absolutely nothing I could do to hold back my urgent need. All I could do was lean against a wall & let on bowels push the huge mushy load into my pants. I kept going for ages & by the time I was done some poo had squeezed past the elastic in my pants & fell onto the ground. I had to walk home with my pants sagging heavily & the cleanup to ages.


1st painful crap of the week

Stac: Hi. I've been reading your and Connor's stories ever since I've started posting here, and yours are some of my favorite. I saw how you described your "customary pushing exercise" and that reminded me of my following story, about the first abnormally painful crap I had last week. (I had a second one later that week).

I had been having diarrhea two days before, and every time I went to the bathroom I exploded and released torrents of brown water, and in many occasions I couldn't help but groan in relief and pain. In one day, I went to the bathroom 6 or 7 times, which kinda annoyed my younger brother as we share the same bathroom and we are sometimes able to hear what the other is doing. As a result, I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a very good medicine. The problem: it worked so well that it made me constipated for a couple of days.

So, after two days without relieving myself, I felt a big crap ready to come. Fortunately, nobody else was home at the time, so I could make as much noise as I wanted without worrying about being heard. I headed for the bathroom and left the door open. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants and boxers and sat on the toilet. I had my pants around my knees as I pointed down my penis and began letting out a stream of pee. I then started pushing out my crap, and I could feel it slowly moving out. I started hearing small poop pellets dropping into the water. By then, I realized it was going to be a very tough crap because it was one of those where there are lots of small poops compressed into a single big one. After about five pellets came out, I stopped pushing and felt my crap stop moving. I took a deep breath and pushed very hard and my crap started moving again very slowly. Because I was having trouble, I pulled down my pants and boxers all the way down to may ankles. It was getting painful as the it gradually came out, and the wider it got, which made me pant in pain. At one point, after I stopped pushing and rested it got stuck half-way out. I let out a short but very audible moan "Aaaughh" when that happened. I took another deep breath and pushed as hard as I could, in the way leaning way forward, stretching my legs wider and wider, and using my arms to press my stomach. After 5 to 10 seconds passed, my crap dropped with a very big "PLOP" sound, which also splashed some water.

I immediately felt relieved after letting such a monster out. My butthole felt sore, and I waited a minute before I wiped myself once (It was such a hard crap that I only needed to wipe once). I pulled up my boxers and pants and looked at the toilet bowl. My fat crap, not as big as some others I've had but very wide, was lying there surrounded by several poop pellets that must have fallen before the main one. I flushed it, and went to wash my hands.

This crap really hurt, but it was just one. The next day, I would have another very similar bathroom experience I will share next time.


Molly's Bar Poop

TO Molly:

Next time, tell them they're in a fantasy land if they expect the scent of "Chanel No. 5" to come out of you ass - or theirs for that matter. If you'll pardon the pun, tell 'em, "Shit happens on the toilet. Sorry, but the crap wouldn't flush and I couldn't do anything about it."

Take care,


Upstate Dave

Weekend Sleeping Outside Advetures Part 5

It took awhile to get our breakfast made but when it was done Barbie and I were very hungry and we ate everything that I had made for us. I was glad to for there would be a lot less to take down when we had to leave to go home. After eating we relaxed for just a little while and then I started picking up and packing up my belongings.

After this was done enough time had passed and both of us had to piss and shit. Plus we wre leaving to hike down off of Bearshead at this time also. I had asked Barbie would she like to take the shorter way down which she said she would. This ment walking down the cliff trail instead of the old road.

Yje cliff trail went down to the woods and a large open old cleared area. At the old clearing which when you wlked across it it met up to the old road where it was the end of the good dirt road and turned into the start of the trail road with some rocks. I told Barbie that I could wait to piss and shit when we got to the clearing. She told me she could too so we started our hike down the cliff path leaving the top of Bearshead.

Twenty minutes later we were in the woods and came out into the old cleared off area. I put the small cooler down along with my sleepingbag. Barbie dropped her blanket down on the ground also. As I started unbuckling my belt Barbie asked if there was anything to wipe our asses with since both of us were going to shit and piss. I said right back to Barbie; I think I do!

I leaned down and from the cooler I pulled out a single napkin unfolded it and tore it half. I gave half to Barbie which she thanked me. Then I went and popped my snap and yanked down my zipper on my pants and yanked then down to my knees. Barbie lifted up her summer dress and she sqauted down a few feet away in front of me faceing towards me.

Since Barbie was in front of me I pushed my penis down so that I wouldn;t piss towards her. I started pissing right off very hard wetting the short grass and dirt just in front of my sneakers. A few short seconds later I could feel that I was starting to shit for my asshole was being pushed open. I was looking over at Barbie at this time watching her to see her piss and shit but she had yet to start.

Now since I had started shiting my [iss stream slackened up some and Barbie wa watching me saw my pissstream ease up and my shit must have been poking down far enough for she said to me; Hey your shiting already Dave! I wish I could get going that easily! I raised my ass up higher and I placed my hand on the ground and leaned over and looked back under myslef.

Sure enough I had shit enough at this point I had a big fat smooth brown shit that was between eight to nine inches hanging down and slideing right along getting longer quickly. I straightened right up to let Barbie see more. A few more seconds passed and I heard a dull thud and my asshole squeezed shut and started to be stretched open again.

Barbie now started. She was only starting to piss not shit. She had a little weak stream started from her vagina. Strong enough that a stream had formed but along with a piss stream she had piss running down her lower front of her crotch and it had split and ran off the very edges of her asscheeks also. Barbie pissed like this for a good long several seconds. Then her piss stream went from like this right into a short looping softly hissing stream.

I also felt that I was shiting with a good second shit comming out of my asshole. It was moving as fast as the first one had. So again in several seconds it fell with another dull thud and that was it I was done shiting. Barbie seeing my second shit drop she asked me if that was it. Do you have any more? No I told her just some piss left. Gee I wish I could shit that way! Barbie said back to me.

Since I was done with my shit I took my half of the napkin and wiped my ass. I did it quickly so I wouldn't miss anything as far as Barbie. She giggled hard seeing me wipe myself so fast. I stayed squating after wiping since I was still pissing which a few short seconds later I was done pissing too. I then very quickly stood up pulled up my jeans zipped them up, did the snap, did my belt, and then zipped them up. Then I stood there watching Barbie.

With takeing care of my pants I saw the last of her pissing which her stream eased right off with its soft hissing stopping. She again did a lot of rewetting herself again. Then I saw her asshole puckering and with its puckering a tip would move in and out of it. It did this many times. Then it did stay out and started moving slowly getting longer.

Her shit was very chunky,a dark brown color, and lookled dry and hard. Barbie must have felt that she was shiting now for she said to me; I'm shiting! I smiled and told herI ccould see that she was. Also too what was happening as Barbie shit slowly from her vagina she was dribbling piss from it or would have a brief second or two a weak spurt of piss come out form it also.

It took Barbie what seemed to be a long time to get a half footer hanging down under her. Then a couple of more inches in length were added to her shit. Then it must have broke for it fell suddenly to the ground under her with a much louder thud then my two shits had done. I asked Barbie since I couldn't seee any moore shit if she was done. Hell no! Barbie said right back to me.

Several seconds later she had hanging in sight a half footer which was just as chunky, dry, and hard looking as the piece of shit that was on the ground under her ass. That fell along with a short fat chunky nugget shit. I saw her asshole pucjer several times but no more shiot came out from it. Barbie did piss some more but only sending out spurts form her vagina. When the spurts of piss stopped Barbie picked up her half of the napkin and only wiped her vagina with it. She stood up looked at her shit and then dropped the napking down on it. I won't need the napkin to wipe my ass!

We then picked up our belongings again and started walking through the clearing towards the road. Barbie suddenly said to me; Hey Dave what did you mean this morning that you couldn't say something to me for you didn't have your pants on then. You were going to say something to me if you did. I had forgotten about it. But with Barbie bringing that up and asking me I laughed.

So I stopped set down my sleepingbag and the cooler. I pulled my two front pockets out making them inside out and held them slanted upward. Then I said to Barbie; Kiss the rabbit between the ears? Barbie lauhghed real hard for several long seconds. When she stopped her ard laughetr she smiled and said back to me; Sure I'll do it but how bout when we get down to the lake? I gave her back a big smile which was just as big as hers and said to her; I can do that!

I picked back up the cooler and sleepingbag Now we both hurried as fast as we could go. I betyou we made the fastest time from that point down the dirt road and over to the lake. We couldn't go to my friends dock like we had done last night. That was in sight of the beach. The two swimming areas along the path along siode the lake were also now had people at them.

So the only thing we could do wa go to my boat and take it out on the lake which we did and I rowed as fast and hard as I could go to get to the backside of the lake and over to one of the spots on the backside of the lake where we would have privacy to do what we wanted to do.

Hey again. Emma- glad you've started posting! Miss you- looking forward to living together again next year!

Abbie- Enjoyed your last posts, especially the one about pooping at school. I hate that dilemma- be late for something or risk pooing yourself. But in the end there's only really one option I suppose!

K- That's so stupid how that teacher punished your friend for using the visitors bathroom. For starters you were visitors, not students at that school! Surely if she'd explained why the teacher should have accepted it?

Well, Abbie's latest story reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me at school. It was just before I left sixth form, so I was 18, and when I got to school I started to need a poo right away. We had two lessons, then a 15 minute break and then another two before lunch. By halfway through the second lesson the urge was quite strong. I was shifting round in my chair trying to ease the need, but by the end of class I was pretty desperate. The bell went but the teacher said he had to finish the presentation he was giving. By the time he was done there was just over 5 minutes left until the bell went for next lesson. I made a quick beeline for the sixth form loos, which were both cleaner and less crowded than the main girls loos, telling my friend Charlotte I had to use the toilet before the next lesson. I got to the sixth form toilets which only had two cubicles (basically like little individual rooms within the bathroom itself). They were both in use. I knew time was tight but there was no way I would make it to lunch. I waited and one flushed and out came Nicola, a ???? girl in my year. I said hi and went in just as the bell rang, meaning we had 5 minutes to be in class. There was a strong smell of poo, and I was about to add to it. I dropped my jeans and knickers and sat on the still warm seat. I let out the morning's accumulated wee. I started to push my poo but it was slow and hard and painful, which is unusual for me since my poos are usually soft and frequently mushy. The girl in the next cubicle flushed and left, and I could hear people in the corridor heading for lessons. I pushed out the first log and it splashed down. Another took its place at my hole and I kept pushing. It came out much faster and was followed by a soft fart and a third and final log. I quickly finished up and flushed. I got to the next lesson just after the bell rang, but nobody said anything, so I class that as a success!

Bye now everyone; I'm going to bed!


SuDoku on the loo

I was coming back yesterday on the train from a day out when one of my workmates got on board.
She was going to the same destination as myself and said she would have a bit of time to spare when she got there.
Here was an opportunity to invite her for a drink, which I did, and she accepted.
Wendy looked great in tight jeans, I normally only see her in uniform. She is of the slightly fuller figure, something I like a lot.
We were having a drink and got onto talking about our shared love of Su Doku puzzles. I said I had a got a Su Doku toilet roll in my bathroom. Amazingly she admitted that she too does Su Doku in the bathroom, and has a book of them beside her toilet.
How delighted I was to hear that. How many people in conversation tell you their toilet habits.
After one drink we both had to go our separate ways, but it had been a great 40 minutes.

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