Amanda M
I haven't had anything interesting to post lately,but heres a story about my Aunt for you guys.
We were in the car driving to the shore. My Aunt was on the phone with my mom when all of a sudden she goes to my Uncle ''I have to pee and poop really bad.'' There was so much traffic so we still had a while to go yet. She said she was going to try and hold it but she couldn't wait anymore. My Uncle pulled over the side of the road. I opened my door and my Aunt opened hers and she went on the side of the road. we were laughing. I thought it was funny. She said she was embarassed but she couldnt wait anymore


Car Prank From My Aunt

On Saturday afternoon, my Aunt and I were riding together from the grocery store and she rolled up the windows in her car. She told me that she had a huge meatball sub with cheese and onions on it last night. She leaned to her left and let out a huge fart. She purposely locked the windows to trap me in the smell. It was hilarious but I wanted to kill her.

When we got back to her house, she sat on the toilet and proceeded to push. After a long pee, her poop started crackling and coming out. After a while of pushing, the stench hit me like a ton of bricks. She leaned forward so I could see it and it was huge, thick ass log that was 15 inches long! After she wiped, she stood up to look as well and started laughing and said, "Damn nephew! That thing is longer than your foot(I wear a size 14). I pulled out my cell phone and took a pic of that large turd. I know I've passed some larger than 15 inches, but it was shocking to see that length of a turd come from a woman. I finally flushed the toilet as she washed her hands.

I really wish it was a way to show you guys the pic of her log. Didn't they have pics on here on this site at one time?

Claudia ( from Germany)

A Barbecue at the Lake


my boyfriend Paul is on a business trip, so I'm writing today about our barbecue at the lake we had last weekend.

We (that is Paul, my sister Nadine and me) arrived on Friday evening and wanted to stay until Saturday noon. After finding a nice secluded spot we put up our tents and the barbecue. When dusk came we had a campfire and started barbecuing. We had brought sausages, steaks and potatoes as well as some lettuce. And a lot of beer! It was really a romantic evening and the food was delicous. I had just eaten my second sausage and drunk my second beer when I needed to pee. My sister also had to pee, so we went a few steps away and tinkled into the grass. Then it was Paul's turn. He went into the same direction. When he came back he laughed and told us that we shouldn't throw our trash into the bushes. He meant the tissues we had used and left there.

We all ate so much! I had two sausages and two steaks, Nadine had the same and my boyfriend even more. We all were now rather drunk and had to pee several times. However we went a bit farther away as we feared that our spots could start smelling - it was still very warm. At about 2 o' clock we all went to bed.

When I woke up I could see the sun shining into our tent. Immediately I felt two things: I needed to empty my bladder and my bowels - badly! I took our t.p. and went out. Some people were already swimming and sunbathing. They were quite a distance away, but nevertheless I had to look for a really secluded spot to squat down. Then I heard Nadine opening her tent. "Oh good morning Claudia, I forgot my toilet paper!" She then saw the roll I was holding and asked me if she could come with me. When we were children we had pooped in front of each other often, so I didn't have a problem with that. But I felt that I couldn't hold it much longer. "Let's go there, nobody will see us there!" Nadine pointed to some dense bushes to the right. It wasn't the perfect spot, but I couldn't hold it much longer. So I agreed. Even before reaching the bushes I already unzipped my black shorts. Nadine did the same with her blue jeans. In no time I had pulled them down. Nadine squatted to the right and sighed. It was so urgent now. I didn't need to push when I had squatted down. The first log automatically came out, and to the right I heard Nadine peeing a strong stream and farting. I could feel the second turd coming out, with Nadine still pissing. Then I farted twice, pushed a bit and released the third turd. Finally, I started peeing. What a relieve! For about two seconds we both pissed together. It was so loud! Nadine looked to me. "What have you done there?" she asked me and smiled. Then, still peeing, I looked down and saw three extremely long and thick medium brown turds. They looked very smooth. I had pooped a giant pile! Nobody would believe that girl like me could shit such a pile. Looking to Nadine I saw that her log was slowly coming out. She pushed a lot and it made its way out. It was very knobby and dark brown. Then she farted and let out two smooth turds that had the same colours as mine. When they had fallen down, she smiled again. It was also a big poop, but smaller then my pile. The air was stinking now, both piles were smelly. We wiped quickly and chatted a bit about the sizes of our piles.
Paul had to go too - to be continued

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

My first toilet accident

It's me again. I love reading stories about peoples first toilet accidents & I thought you'd like to read about mine. I was 12 years old & I'd hadn't been feeling well all day. I was on the bus coming home from school & felt a huge amount of liquid moving through my bowels. I desperately needed to pee & felt really sick. I almost lost it on the bus & when I got off at my stop I suddenly felt my guts churning up & started vomiting violently. Then my bowels opened & I stated to poo myself really badly. I was so ill I even wet myself & had to walk home with a mixture of piss & shit in my underwear. I had vomit all over the front of my school uniform too. As I got to my front door I needed to be sick again & threw up on the doorstep. I had some more diarrhoea as well & by the time I got inside it was all down my legs. I was in such a state I got into the shower fully clothed to cleanup before taking them off to finish off. I got dried & went straight to bed to recover. That night I woke up with more diarrhoea & had to run to the toilet. I only just made it in time & sat there for 10 minutes while my bum exploded into the toilet.

I've just had a very relieving poo. I've been out shopping all morning & I've been feeling the urge to go the whole time. I got home with 8 bags of shopping so I unpacked it all & was putting it away when I felt the urge to go getting really bad. I had frozen food & as it's a hot day I wanted to get it into the freezer as soon as possible. I had to rearrange a few things to get everything into the freezer & while I was doing this my bowels started to move against my will. I clenched tightly & eventually I got all my frozen stuff into the freezer. I ran to the bathroom holding my bum & only just made it in time. The moment I sat down it all came rushing out me me in one go. I was lucky to be at home because if I'd had to wait another 5 minutes I would not have made it in time. It felt such a relief to get rid of it all & it took a lot of wiping to get myself clean. I washed my hands & went downstairs feeling so much better.

Once when I was 18 I went to Malta for 2 weeks. Now in malta most toilets use small bore plumbing so you can't flush paper or any large solids down them or they will block up. That means if you're doing a big poo you need to do a little at a time & flush to avoid blockages. If you blocked the toilet in the hotel room they would charge you for calling out a plumber. I was sacred to have a poo in them & held it in for the whole 2 weeks of our holiday. By the time we left our hotel for the airport I was really desperate & could feel the poo pressing on my anus trying to force it open from the enormous amount of pressure within my aching bowels. I wanted to go to the toilet in the departure loung but we were being called to the gate & there was no time. I couldn't wait to get on the plane & use the toilet but we got delayed for 2 hours due to a technical problem. I felt the poo moving in my bowels & suddenly my anus opened against my will. I clenched as hard as I could & managed to hold the massive poo back but it was hard work & I knew that if I dared to relax for even a second I would mess my knickers in a big way. Finaly we were allowed to board the plane but of I still had to wait untill we were in the air before I could use the toilet on the plane. I took my seat & put my belt on. Then a huge wave of enormous pressure swept through my bowels. I was in a lot of pain & my anus opened up again. I couldn't stop it this time. It was hurting me too much to keep clenching & the knobly hard poo started to move into my underwear. I wanted to leave my seat & run to the toilet but we were taking off & the seatbelt light was still on. I had to sit in my seat & mess myself. Fortunately because my poo was so hard it met the resistance of the seat & stopped flowing. After what felt like an eternity the seatbelt light went out & we were allowed to move around the plane. I was thrilled at the thought of finaly being able to get to a toilet & release my massive load. I undid my seatbelt & got out of my seat so I could make my way to the toilet. Then it happened. As soon as I started to walk down the isle I felt the most intense pressure surging through my bowels. My anus opened wide & I was powerless to keep it closed against the the emerging poo. I had stop walking & held my bum with both hands but it was useless. The poo just kept coming & coming. My knickers were completely full by the time I could regain control & I was still busting to go. I waddled off to the toilet & locked it behind me. I took off my jeans & carefully took off my ruined knickers into the toilet. I could not believe how much poo there was in the toilet. Most of the water had been replaced by my enormous poo & my underwear. There was more to come as well. I sat on the seat & pushed out a lot of small balls of poo followed by a few logs & then the a long rope of soft stuff. It felt such a relief to get rid of it all especially after holding it for 2 weeks. The toilet was filled about half way up the bowl with my poo & amazingly the planes suction system managed to clear it all away. I washed my hands & left leaving a very smelly toilet behind me.

To Wyatt- Great story wish i was the girl in the doorway watching you surrender to your poop!

I was at a bar last night and was in need of a good shit. I went to the ladies restroom and unfortunately found a long line of about 7 people because one of the toilets was out of order and there were only 2 stalls which i still can't believe. I thought about leaving as I did not want anyone to hear the sounds of me pooping, but I felt the turd knockin on the backdoor so i stayed put.

Everyone using the toilet only had to pee so it went rather quickly thank god or else i would have had a mess to clean up in my undies. It was my turn and i hurriedly sat down on the pot and immediately began to shit. I tried as best i could to make it a silent shit, but it was hard. Torpedoes started shooting out my ass for a full minute. I felt better but not done. Women began complaining of the smell and the amount of time i was taking. I felt awful. After 5 more minutes I started once again this time in log form. There must have been 10 ladies in the bathrooom all listening to me. I was embarassed.

I finally finished and wiped my ass and flushed. It did not go down. The last log I had dropped was so big it wrapped around the toilet a time and a half. The next lady to go in was mortified. Oops!


Pooping together?

I have a question. One of my friends once told me that he and his girlfriend used to sit on the same toilet at the same time while they both were pushing out massive loads. Has anyone ever done this? Just wondering as I am very curious about this it sounds fun.

Also, a lot of you say you get turned on by watching your significant other on the toilet. I do too but for me I am very much the opposite. I would love it if a smokin hot chick would wanna watch me pooping. That is my dream. I date pretty girls but then I just don't have enough nerves to ask them to watch me. Any advice?


Question to Migraine loverer

TO Migraine loverer:

Do you look forward to your periods because they give you logs or is it (if you'll pardon the pun) a pain in the ass?

I understand that a lot of women have the opposite reaction... i.e. they have diarrhea when their time-of-the-month comes around. It makes me wonder how many on each side would prefer to change places!


In my area, we had hard showers for most of the day. I went out to get some things done and was caught in the rain... but it didn't mind it actually. The can was coming down in BUCKETS! Little rivers were flowing everywhere - on the streets, sidewalks, driveways and just about any other place you can think of.

What was great about it was that the heat and humidity made the rain very warm. You could walk in it with no worry that you'd feel cold. If I had known it was going to be that type of showers all day, I would have put on some dark jeans.
On the rare occasions we get downpour of rain that's warm, I try to put on a pair of dark pants or jeans and go out for a walk. When my pants are good and soaked with rain, I have a good pee in them while walking down the street. Since the pants are so wet, nobody but me is aware of my deliberate 'accident.'

When the rain was coming down the hardest, I cold feel a LARGE amount of pee waiting to come out. Not an urgent desperation to empty my bladder, just simply strong enough to get me looking for a public bathroom under normal circumstances. It was the ideal setup for this bit of fun I can only do during the summer.
UNFORTUNATELY... I did not know the rain would be so perfect today and so when I put on a pair of pants in the morning, I chose a colour that would have made my actions blindingly obvious to anyone passing by - regardless of how soaked my pants would have been with rain. :(

Oh well.. That's life.

Take care,


Sunday, July 25, 2010

I <3 POO

My big, healthy but smelly Sunday dump! :)

Hi everyone, how are we all doing?

I thought I'd quickly post about the big poo I took at quarter past 5 this afternoon. Well I was chilling out downstairs with my family having a lovely cup of hot tea when my belly was telling me that I need to have a big poo very soon because I could already feel that all too familiar full, bloated feeling in my belly. I knew there wasn't a loo roll upstairs so I quickly grabbed a roll from the downstairs loo and went to put it in the upstairs loo, still no impending urge I put the roll onto the holder in the upstairs loo and went to my room to chill out for a bit and relax and take my mind off things a bit as I have been feeling very low and stressed out due to things in my personal life.

I wasn't even in my room for at least 5 minutes when suddenly I needed a poo really badly, so with one hand on my belly, I quickly dashed to the upstairs loo in my flip-flops, I let out a SBD on the way and it was quite smelly. I quickly turned on the light, went in and locked the door made the one step to the loo, undid the belt on my light blue denim cropped pants pulled them and my pants down to my thighs and sat on the loo... I know I'm gonna be a while on the loo as I'm not worrying and am intending to take as much time as I need. I crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly whilst spreading my legs and took a deep breath and let out some soft grunts...Nngghh, nggghhhh, hmmmm! I let out a fart which wasn't loud and then heard a crackle as I knew my bum was getting ready to open with a big piece of poo, and it felt like a ball, then it dropped with a loud PLOP! into the bowl, then with that another 3 chunks slipped out my bum and they all made medium-loud PLOPS! as they hit the bowl. Having passed 3 big chunks I knew I wasn't done just yet, I could feel a really big load still sitting on my bum just waiting to rear it's head... I grunted softly again to get this big load moving...Hmmmmm, ngggghhhhh, nngghhhmmmm! Then I could feel what felt like a big load about to stretch my hole and with a couple of soft grunts I could feel that it was poking three quarters of the way out of my bum and then this big thick log just dropped a depth charge into the bowl with a really loud...SPDOOOOSH! As if my hole hadn't quite recovered from the stretching on dropping that log another was about to do the same as again it took it's own sweet time to poke it's head out my bum before dropping with another loud .... PLOP! By now it was getting a bit smelly in the loo but I have to say not as bad as some of my poos which can quite literally smell so much this was on a 4 or 5/10 on the scale. It was half 5 and I now had been on the loo 15 mins and yes you guessed it I was no where near done yet, nope. Even though I had managed to drop big balls of chunky poo and thick logs my back passage was still loaded with the brown stuff and there was still quite a considerable bit to still drop out.
I was getting a little bit hot now and believe me this was a poo that needed some effort... I grunted again and surely chunk after chunk of poo just slithered out my poopy bum and were landing in the bowl with force....PLOP!, PLOP!, BLOP!, PLOOONK!, PLOP-PLOP-BLOP-PLOP-PHLUUUNNNKKKK, PLOP, PLOP, SPLOOOP, SPLIIIPPP, SPLOP, BLOP-PLOP-PLIP-PLONK!! I can't believe I can really unleash big hefty poos like that cos literally I feel like I have had a good colon clearing poo for someone like me who is 5ft 5ins and I weigh 65kgs!! Yes that's right.

It was now 5:40 and I have been on the loo a good 25 mins taking what was a huge monster poo! :) but I feel total and utter relief I really did as I dunno what would've happened had I've held on to that for a while, one thing's for sure I'd have had a huge disaster in my pants and be ages in the clear-up. I had a quick look round before tearing off the loo roll...All I could see was a huge load sitting in the bottom of the bowl with chunks, logs and pieces of poo all piled in a heap it was smelly too.
I took some loo roll and wiped my bum and it took at least 5-7 wipes to get it all clean after that :) I got up of the loo, pulled up my pants and crop jeans and flushed the loo and sprayed some air freshener in the air, washed my hands and left the loo feeling better than I went in :)

Take care all, happy peeing & pooing :)

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Massive relief after a long wait

As I'm sure you may have guessed, I love a good poo. I've just been to the toilet after waiting 3 hours to go & man it felt good. It was soft & past easily which I found a disadvantage while I was trying to hold it in but it felt a massive relief once I was safely seated on the toilet. It was huge & I was amazed I didn't have an accident. The toilet was full & needed 3 flushes to get rid of it all. There were some big skid below the water so I put some Domestos down.


Big Dump

Just got back from taking a really satisfying crap. I had been feeling a slight pressure in my lower gut since I had gotten up, but a few farts while showering relieved it somewhat. While sitting at the computer, drinking my coffee, the pressure suddenly intensified into a sharp pain.

I took the morning paper with me and entered the bathroom. Once I was seated and began reading, I farted a couple more times, then began to push. A long, slippery log slipped out, followed by some mushy stuff and a lot of gas. It was over in just a few seconds.

I read for awhile longer, just in case some more came along, then I wiped. It was surprisingly not at all messy, taking just two wipes to get clean. I flushed, washed my hands, and came out to write this.

And I should mention, the pain is gone. I feel like a million bucks. Sadly, it's time to get ready for work, so I'll talk to you all later.

to Wendy: i really enjoyed your posts. iam really sorry to hear that the line to the tiolets at the party you attend was too long. thats really cool that you pooed in the garden in the back where noone saw you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to KeithD: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you relieved yourself in the woods. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Shay: thanks for your kinds words. i really appreciate it. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Jack: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that your friend ecountered an accident during your trip to the mall. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to NatX: i really enjoyed your posts. sounds like you had an eventful day using the bathroom at work. sounds like your sister was stinking up the bathroom at home by taking so long. i lookforward to your next post. takecare and God bless.
to K: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your friend getting in trouble for using a bathroom that provides real privacy. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post. congradualtions on the enmas working. iam glad that it turned out to be a huge success for you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post. that really cool that you got to relieve yourself in a unisex bathroom. how did you like it? thats cool that two young girls took stalls right beside you. i bet you really enjoyed hearing them go to the bathroom. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wyatt: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that another girl got to watch you take a healthy dump in the porta potty. maybe real soon you get to see her take a good healthy shit. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you and kristy relieved yourself in a plastic cup outside in the darkness. did you both enjoy it? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to I3POO: i really enjoyed your post. thanks for the kind words i really apprecaite it. sounds like you had an eventful night in your bathroom at home. it sounds like you also stunk up your bathroom. i love doing that. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



Emily W

My recent camping trip !

Hey guys, it's me again. I haven't posted any of my experiences in a while so I thought this would be a good time. A few days ago I went camping with some of my friends and everything went smoothly (a first time for everything I guess) we had the tent set up, the fire lit, everything we needed. Except I needed something extra, I needed to pee. It had just gone midnight and the only thing giving us light was the fire, or our phones. Being quite desperate I picked up my phone, pressed a button for a light and headed off into the trees. After about five minutes of walking I decided I was in a suitable location to have some privacy, but not to get lost.

Using mu phone to guide me, I unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans and thong to my knees before squatting. A few seconds later a strong stream came out from between my legs, hitting the ground a couple of inches in front. I couldn't see a thing because I didn't want to get my phone wet so I was peeing in complete darkness. After about a minute of weeing it dribbled off and I shook my bum to get rid of the drips, got dressed and headed back to my friends. I loved the experience, and it wasn't the last time I peed that night, I seemed to get better at it each time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'm enjoying all of them on here, some more female pee stories would be nice, possibly outdoors.

Take care and happy relieving yourself.

Emily xx


swimming mistake

ok so iv'e been reading this website for a while but it's my first time posting here. if you were wondering im 13. ok so yesterday my older brother came over 2 go swimming. i sould mention the ive been off with eating a pooping and eveyting ive only been eating once a day. ok so we ordered pizza hut then got back in the pool i new i had to poop but i didn't want to get out. so me and my brother were playing and he was hidig under the floaty bc of a bug. i started to laugh and some runny poop came out. luckly i was wearing a black swim dress so you couldnt see it and my brother was getting out to go pee so he was looking the diffrent way. so i got out and went inside with him and he went to the upstaris bathroom and i went to the basement bathroom bc im not really open about pooping but i do like watching girls poop. anyway i peeled down my bathing suit still soaking wet and looked at the orange runny poop in my bathing suit. i sat down to finish and had explosive diahrria my brother called me from upstaris i told him to hold on while i tried to clean up my wet bathing suit and ass. it took awhile but i got it cleaned enough to leave. thanks


Response to JW and answers for Half-Dump Denise's questions

To JW: sorry I'm a couple of weeks late in answering your question. My airport kiosk job which I wrote about last time is keeping me very busy and I'm also getting all the extra hours I would want there. In my story on page 1876 you had a question on my "customary pushing exercice" that I go through when I'm sitting down and getting ready to crap. First, and this is especially important when I'm away from home and using a public toilet (it's like most of the time!), I will slide myself on the seat back far enought to be comfortable. Sometimes in my haste to get seated and started, I find that I might have too much of my weight on some side of the seat and I might be have positioned myself unequally. Second, I slowly will rock myself forward and backward in order to get my crap to start. This is something my grandmother taught me back about 10 years ago when I was visiting her one summer at her house on the east coast and because we were out a lot, I was three to four days constipated. Third, when my crap starts to come and it's hurting me because it's too big to slide out under normal circumstances and I don't have gas enough to aid it, I will drop my panties and jeans (it sure makes it easier when I have a loose-fitting dress on) all the way to the floor and as I progressively push harder, I slowly expand the angle between my knees. My friend Connor said it works for him and although I was reluctant at first to try it, I give him credit for it. It has helped me through a lot of really large and tough craps, especially at school. Fourth, when I'm really pained to get an extremely large turd to drop, it I will sometimes raise myself a little up off the seat in something like a squat (although not a full squat) for just a few seconds and that helps too.
Hopefully, JW, that has answered your question.

Now for Half-Dump Denise's survey:

1> Female, 17
2> Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a child of the opposite gender in a public toilet? Yes, many times. Read my last post on page 1876 when I opened the door of a stall at the airport to find a young boy there!
3> At what age did your parents let you go into a public toilet alone?
The summer just before I started kindergarten. I had just turned 5.
4> What should you do if a child is causing trouble in a public toilet?
I think you should report it to the security or management or administration. There's no need for the rudeness, lack of consideration or outright contempt that Braidy, End Stall Em and some of the others have written about on this board. At my high school because of my student government responsibilities, I have tipped the assistant principals off about smoking and vandalism in the bathrooms because if we don't go to them, the problem will never get solved.
5> If you are a parent or babysitter, what do you do if someone of the opposite gender has to use the bathroom in a public place? Does it make any difference whether you are in a huge place like an airport or a smaller place like a gas station? Although I've babysat and been in that situation a few times, I've let 4 or 5 year olds go in alone at places like McDonald's or Burger King, and come to think of it at convenience stores and gas stations, but I've only had one problem. At a store I had a 5-year-old boy that was pretty small and it was one of those one-person bathrooms so I let him go in for about a minute and then I came in to check up on him. He was really struggling, despite having dropped his boxers and shorts to the floor, getting his penis to direct its stream into the urinal bowl because it was just too high. I took him into the toilet, showed him how to lift up the seat, had him demonstrate for me, and although his penis would lay over the front of the bowl, he was able to fully pee into the toilet. Then I went outside and waited for him to finish up on his own. If we would have been at a place like an airport or the mall, I would have taken him into the ladies room, closed the stall door, and given him his privacy. That's what I did with another boy who was like 5 1/2 and we were at the mall food court and he had to crap. I took him directly into the first stall, watched him get up and onto the toilet, and waited for him to wipe and flush (a big requirement for me!) and then I took him to the nearest sink, watched him wash his hands (even made him use the elbow-grease procedure my grandma taught me). Then I went into a stall and peed. While I did that he was standing inside the stall but turned to the inside of the door. He snickered a little when he first heard my pee stream (it was probably loud to him) but otherwise he was very cooperative. I rewarded him by stopping for ice cream before we left the mall.

Hi everyone. Ashley & Abbie- glad you enjoyed my stories so far! I've got another now that I'm going to post.

The first story happened this week. I went into town shopping with my friend Eleanor. She's about my height with brown hair and blue eyes. All morning I'd felt full and gassy, and in the afternoon I started to need a poo. I noticed Eleanor looked a bit uncomfortable, so I told her I needed the toilet and she said she would come with me as she did, too. We found the toilets and went in. There were lots of cubicles so we got two next to each other. I dropped my jeans and panties and Eleanor hitched up her skirt and dropped her panties. We both weed for a few seconds and then I sat back to start my poo. It was one of those poos that all comes out in one almost-continuous load. Two big logs slithered out followed by a couple of spurting mushy pieces. Eleanor was quiet during all this. I let a minute or two pass before I released my final log with a splash. Eleanor was shifting around in her cubicle. Then I heard a quiet crackling and then a huge splash and a sigh of relief as her huge turd made its exit. A couple of smaller plops followed up and then she sighed again. I guessed she was done, so I started to wipe. We met up at the sinks and she said she felt much lighter!

Well, hope you enjoyed it everyone. Bye for now!

Kevin, I love your EMT stories. Please share more!

Hi all. I once had a very embarrassing experience at my school sports day. The school field was a long way from the nearest toilets & we were advised to in to the toilet before we left the changing rooms. I was 15 at the time & very shy about having a poo with others knowing what I was doing. I desperately needed to poo but not wanting anyone to know I decided to hold it untill I got home. That turned out to be a big mistake. After an hour on the field I began to feel the pressure in my bowels building up. I know I should have asked to leave the field & go to the toilet but I felt too embarrassed & just put with the situation. It didn't take very long for the pressure to increase & I had to clench really hard. I knew it was diarrhea & my need to defaecate was a now a biological one. My bowels felt like they would explode as the relentless pressure kept on growing. I began to leak a bit in my pants so I looked around the field to see he there was anywhere to hide myself so could empty my desperately full bowels before it was too late. I spotted a large equipment store in one corner of the field. It was about 250 yards away but it was a lot closer than the changing rooms. I ran over to it as fast as I could but I only got about half way before I lost it. I stopped in my tracks as a massive rush of liquid diarrhoea totally filled my PE shorts. I couldn't stop going as my bowels kept pushing more & more wet mushy poo into my shorts. It was all down my legs & in my trainers. It was very messy but the relief was fantastic. I didn't go back to the field after that & went to the changing rooms to clean up under the showers. I got dressed afterwards & went home. When I got home I needed to go again so I went to the toilet & had more diarrhoea. Feeling week I went to my room to rest & fell asleep on my bed. I woke up after a couple of hours feeling the need to have more diarrhoea so I went to the toilet & as soon as I sat down it started to flow like water. My bum felt really sore & I was exhausted. I went back to bed afterwards & slept right through until 7:00 am the following morning. I felt fine so I got dressed & went to school. In class I got all the embarrassing questions about me totally messing my pants on the school field. I simply told them all that I'd got sick & couldn't make it to the toilets.

Upstate Dave

Weekend Sleeping Outside Advetures Part 4

Well what woke me up was the warmth. The sun was way up high in the sky. I slowly got up trying not to disturb Barbie. I was nude and had a morning wooddie too. First thing I did was check my watch. As I looked at it I said somewhat loudly; Holy shit its noon time! No matter why I had been waken up by the heat. It was already mid day.

WEll when I said Holy shit it's noon time saying it loudly I did make Barbie S stir. For she had heard me but asked me; What's wrong? I told her it was already noon. We missed the morning so looks like we are having breakfast at lunch time. She gave me a little smile and told me that was ok.

Are you getting up or going back to sleep? I asked Barbie. Oh I'm getting up she said to me. I need to piss and quite badly too. So Barbie threw the blanket off from her and she got up. Did you just get up too? she asked me. Yes just a couple of minutes ago. Then you haven't pissed yet either? No I hadn't. I said back to her. Then Barbie had walked over far enough and she saw the I had a woodie and she let out a short giggle.

I see your prepaired to piss which I can hold you! So what we ddi was walk over the flat rocks down to the narrow trail that was on the cliff face. It was in the shade and felt good not having the hot sun on us. Since we were right at the start of the cliff trail there are a few thin young trees. I grabbed one to hold on to while Barbie with one hand held my penis and she too also held on a tree beside her others side.

I wasn't fully awake so I don't know who started pissing first. It could have been me or Barbie. All as I know both of us pissed very hard. I sent a hard thin long twisted stream way out in the air and went down into the tree tops down below the face of the cliff. Barbie s as I glanced over was also pissing very hard witha gushing spraying stream comming from her vagina.

She wetted the trail which her piss ran down it towards my bare feet but ran over the edge of the trail before it did reach my feet. Then after a few seconds her stream went forward and now Barbie was pissing out into the air going over past the edge of the trail and was pissing somewhere down on the cliffs face. Both of our streams were dark yellow.

After pissing for about ten secconds which niether of us had said anything to each other Barbie did speak up. What is for breakfast any way Dave? I told her I had pancakes, there is some oj to drink or coffee or tea for drinks. Got syrup and butter? Barbie asked. I do! I said back to her. Or there is one other choice too Barbie. What is that? she asked me. Oh I don't have my pants on Isad to her. So that's out right now. Barbie gave me a confused look but didn't ask me to explain it.

Well Barbie finished pissing first ending up wetting the trail again and did a lot of dripping. I finished my piss about ten seconds later after Barbie. I did several short spurts in a row and Barbie shook me. Then we walked back up to the rock clearing. She put her summer dress back on and I my pants. Then we went about making breakfast. To be continued.

Kelly P
Hi all,

Are there any other women besides me who really love to have their significant other watch them go to the bathroom? It may seem weird, but I really like it when my husband watches me, especially when I'm having to strain with a hard poo. Well, I like to watch him struggling, too. For me it's a real turn-on for some reason. Anyone else feel the same way?

Jane the Second

Phone poop

I've been reading for quite a while, not really posting. Jane is a pseudonym... I really liked the first Jane (from 500-700's ish postings). I just got off the phone with my lover, who had to get off the phone to "use the bathroom... immediately." Hehe [: It took seven minutes and then I couldn't take it, I had to call back. I asked if she was done and if everything came out okay. This has never happened before! I'm so excited! She has no idea about my... liking for pooping. I tried to convince her to stay on the phone, but no go. But for that seven minutes, it was pretty awesome to know what she was doing on the other end!

poo girl
today i went with my mum and dad to this cafe and i ordered a hot chocolate and this muffin they were both verry good but later on i felt like i wanted to throw up, so i went home in the car with mum and dad and went on the computer but relized i was going to have intense shits so i ran to the bathroom and pulled down my jeans and dropped my butt on the toilet and straight away PLOPLOPPLOP PLOP i was having diarreah. :( i thought i had finished but had a ripper fart and more dirreah came out PLOP PLIP SMOOSH SPLOSH PLOP PLOPLOPPLOP it was awful but i felt better I turned on the fan because i stunk up the entire place.
thats all bye bye this is my first post


Second survey for shay

Since u liked my other survey shay here is a second one

1. How do u know when you have to go poop?

2. Does water ever splash your butt when a poop plops into the water?

3. Have you ever heard another girl poop in a public restroom?

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