Party pooper

I once went to a school leaving party at mates house while her parents were on holiday. We were only 16 but the booze was flowing freely. We were all drunk & there was only one toilet so there was a constant que to relieve oneself. Some of the more daring or drunk girls were peeing in the garden but I needed to poo & there was no way I was going to have a poo in front of my old school mates. I decided not to bother & go when I got home but it wasn't long before I got really desperate & had to go at the party. There were about 10 girls waiting for the toilet & as I waited in line I felt my poo moving down towards my anus. I clenched hard but the pressure in my bowels was building fast & I had to use all my strength to keep my anus closed. I was sweating & in pain as the enormous pressure in my bowels kept growing faster & faster. I was grinding my legs together determined to hold my poo inside me & it worked to a point. Then someone came out of the toilet & as I moved along the line I felt a massive wave of intense pressure in my bowels. I almost lost it but somehow I managed to find enough strength the clamp my anus shut against the most intense pressure. I was in agony but shitting my pants was not an option in front of my whole class. There yes still 8 girls in front of me & the girl in the toilet was taking ages. I decided to give up waiting for the toilet & went into the garden. It was cold & dark & there was on one outside so I went behind the garage & lifted my dress up pulled my pants down before leaning against the wall ready to relieve the most urgent poo ever. I relaxed & a long rope of smelly poo rushed out of my bum. It was such a relief & I peed a lot. The poo landed on the ground & started to curl up as more & more kept flowing out of me. By the time I was done I'd made a huge steaming pile & it felt so good after holding it in for so long. I couldn't wipe myself so I went indoors to re join the que for the toilet. To my amazement the que had gone & I went straight in to clean myself up. Afterwards I went back to the party & was chatting to my friends when someone went out to the garden to pee. She came back 3 minutes later saying, "Oh my god you won't believe the size of the poo some dirty sod has done behind the garage!" On one ever knew it was me & that felt so hot. I'm just glad it wasn't in my pants. Can you imagine the mess that would have made.

Keith D
Have had a few easy but irregular dumps lately. Had a tough one last week though. I hadn't had the free time to sit for a while and have a good push so I hadn't made my daily log for three days. It has been really hot and humid here and I guess I was getting a little dehydrated too which doesn't help.

Anyway, I got back from a shift early and hoped I could get a chance to sit for a while and strain out a load. After five minutes on the stool straining the muscles around my ring I soon got the message that nothing was about to happen and gave up on that strategy. I decided to go for a walk because exercise seems to help the urge along. I went for a walk through some nearby woods.

I felt very uncomfortable walking. It was hot and sticky. My butt felt out of order because I had been straining and stretching it. And my legs and stomach felt weak after the bout of straining I did. Well, I didn't get far. Just starting up a hill I felt something move inside me. Next thing I knew something dry and scratchy was pushing on the inside of my ring. Great - now it wanted out. I tried to turn around and head home but the mass inside started pushing down and I had to stop and clench my butt to keep it from crowning. It was moving quite quickly and seemed to be dilating my butthole very quickly. I was alone so I dropped my shorts next to the path, squatted down and pushed. At first nothing happened. Then suddenly my hole went wide and a hard dry knobbly turd bumped out onto the ground. I felt empty so immediately stood and pulled up my shorts. I figured it was dry so would not have made much mess. I saw the log on the ground. It was light brown and made up of lots of little balls. What was unusual was that it was pointed at both ends. I guess the pointy bit at the head end was the reason why it was able to push its way through my poor clenching sphincter so quickly.

There's a new show on the History Channel called Chasing Mummies, which is basically the "loud yelling guy = instant $$$" reality show approach applied to archaeology. *eyeroll*

Anyway, in episode two, one woman isn't allowed to go to the bathroom, and winds up having an accident. You can tell when it happens as she goes from squirming to crying, and after she admits it, we get a good look at the puddle and her wet clothes.

New episodes re-run over and over, so you've probably still got a few more chances to catch it.


Survey and Responses

To Brian: Hi! My first survey... Awesome, thanks! No, I don't poop everyday. I wish I did :D. It could be every other couple of days or sometimes a week could go by, but I don't get constipated. The last time I went was Wdnesday night. My first post was on Sunday.

I've never heard a friend poop before, just a pee or a funny accidental fart haha.

If I had to go I would, in publie, but I'd be a little embarrased because sometimes my poop lands in the water loudly and breaks making alot of "plop" noises. Thanks you reading and enjoying my post! I appreciate the survey too:)

To Ashley: Thanks for reading and enjoying my post! Makes me feel good people like my work... ( ?? no pun intended... haha) I like your posts also. You take care too:)

to MigraineLovrer: i really enjoyed your short post. do you have any new stories that you want to share with everyone? i lookforward to your next story! take care and God bless.
to PostTtile: i really enjoyed your post. it sounds like you and your girlfriend had a wondeful camping trip. thats really cool to hear that your girlfriend and her daughter took a dump behind the tent and used plastic grocery bags to store the evidence. i lookforward to your next post.take care and God bless.
to HalfDumpDenise: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear about your horrific bathroom experience at the concert. the little boy should have not messed with your bicycle. you were very smart to bring your bike inside the bathroom. that way no one would steal it. what color is your bicycle? iam also sorry to hear that the young child was looking under your stall while you were trying to relieve yourself. i hate when people do that? iam glad to learn that your grandfather has a wonderful sense of humor when it comes to discussing your bowels. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kevin: i really enjoyed your post. thats funny that the blond paitent that you were trying to restrain messed herself . iam sorry to hear that she made a huge mess in the ambulance. iam glad that you were honest when you said that your behavior was totally unproffesional when you were laughing at the girl for messing herself. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that the 15 year old girl had a horrible accident in your checkoutline. she should have gone to bathroom while she was in the store. iam glad to hear that you didnt make fun of her. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Posttitle: i enjoyed your second post. iam wish you the best on your enma i hope that it will bring you true success. i lookforward to your upcoming post. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your horrible urge to relieve yourself while out on a camping trip with your friend. iam glad that you didnot have an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your unfortnate bathroom experience at the centre. those two girls that took stalls right next to you should have respected you and not cursed at you while you were trying to relieve yourself. iam sorry that you were forced to leave. i hope that this doesnot happen again. hang in there things will get better. i love your stories and lookforward to your upcomimg post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about kristy's unfornate accident that she had. dont feel bad you werent done relieving yourself. sometimes things like that just happen. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to UpstateDave: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you and Barbie had an awesome time relieving yourself outside in the wilderness. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



1) Female Age:26
2) to tell you the truth i have never had a terrfying experience where a young child has pesterd me or bothered me while i was relieving myself.
3) the age that my parents allowed me to use a public tiolet by myself was age : 4
4)it all depeneds on where you are. if your in a grocery store and a child is misbehaving then you need to find a manager and immedaitely let them know about the situation. otherwise you need to take the matters in your own hands and think of it as if it were your own child.
5) if iam a parent or babysister of the opposite sex and they need to use the bathroom: then you take them into the bathroom with you. otherwise you need to be close by and watch to ensure that they make it to and from the bathroom safely. it really makes no difference where you are. if they are not mature enough to use the bathroom by themselves then you dont let them go unsupervised. especially in a huge place like an airport.


Did anyone see episode 2 of "Chasing Mummies" on the History Channel? It is a reality??? show about Dr. Zahi Hawass and his interns. While deep inside the great pyramid, one of the interns, Zoe (College student, pigtails, sounds like a little kid etc.), asks to go to the bathroom and is told she can't go back and go. She spends about the next 10 minutes in the background holding herself and making faces. Finally she starts crying. When asked what is wrong, she says she "lost it and she went to the bathroom". Her wet pants and the resulting puddle are shown.


Mall Problems

My friend John and I were in a cool store and he said he had to shit so left to find a bathroom. We ran around trying to find it (in the mall), finally we asked a lady and she said something about it being next to this store across the mall, so we headed there. By the time, we got half way there i heard heard a few farts. He was white wearing sport boxers so, stuff is gonna show. He's like "I gotta go now!" We get there and he slows down, like he's fine. But I smell shit. We go into our stalls, I hear no farts, no illness. My 13 year old friend, took a solid shit right in $50 his pants (compression boxer sport things). Kinda funny haha.

caused a coworker to poop herself

I work in retail and I'm kind of the comedian of the store. I just like to joke around and enjoy myself because honestly retail is pretty brutal I'm just working in it now to pay for college. So I goof off to make a crap job more fun for everyone. Anyway I do pretty good impersonations of people and this one girl Rebecca who works in the front end can't get enough of them. I can always make her laugh hysterically with certain impersonations of other coworkers and some of the frequent customers. She is a tad chubby but has a nice big butt that's a nice shape and large breasts, a pretty face and gorgeous long brown hair. She jokes around a lot too and always says shes going to pee her pants when i do impressions and tells me she cant ruin her work pants so i should stop, etc, but she never really pees shes just exaggerating how much I'm making her laugh. Well tonight when it was slow I went up to the front end and she was the only one in the customer service booth. When she saw me she immediately said "take it easy I seriously gotta go to the bathroom!" I got a big grin on my face and went into the best impersonation I do of one of our older coworkers who is just incredibly verbose and takes 5 minutes to ask you to do one simple task. Anyway Rebecca was trying to ignore me and kept saying "oh my god please stop I'm gonna go in my pants" but she always says that so I didn't take her seriously. She started to laugh harder then gave me the funniest look and bent over with her hands on her knees and put her head down. She wouldn't look up for a minute and I could hear her trying to say something through laughter. Finally she looked up again and her face was bright red and she was still laughing. She looked like she wanted to cry too, though. She couldn't speak and kept shaking her head then waved me over to the booth. I walked over to the booth and she kept trying to whisper to me but I couldn't understand her. That's when I noticed the funny smell, just as she turned and stuck her butt out for me to see a big baseball sized lump in the back of her stretchy black pants with smaller lumps on it. I actually made her laugh hard enough that she pooped her pants! She was finally able to speak again and kept saying I was dead. She said she told me she really had to go and I just told her "well, you always say that!" She said she was struggling not to crap her pants all night and was 15 minutes from her break then I came along. We had a good laugh about it and then as other employees started to gather she rushed off to the ladies room while I covered the booth for her. She came back and the lump on her butt was gone. She had just emptied the poop from her pants and intended to finish her shift! She told me "thanks a lot!" because there was gonna be a stain in her underwear. Then she told me she thinks she might've pooped her pants anyway before her break because she had to go so bad, but who knows with her. She's like the girl who cried wolf, always threatening to go in her pants but never does so I didn't believe her when she was actually about to poop herself!

Nat x

So Relieving!

Today I almost pooed my panties. Yesterday I should of taken my daily dump but I skipped it because I had my friends over. When I woke up today I felt quite a lot of pressure. So I got up to go to the toilet but my sister was in there. I was getting desperate now and I had work shortly. I squealed to my sister that I needed a really bad poo. She said she would be quite a long time because she was having one. So I decided to head for work early so I could use the toilet before work, this is usually not like me but under the circumstances of me about to shit myself resulting in mushy poo everywhere then I would use my work's facilities. While on my bike I couldn't help but fart all the way, I was trying my best to hold them in but they were pushing their way out, I was so close to following through. I managed to make it to the toilet, I sat on; my bum rumbled then exploded with mush poo. The sound was echoing off the bowl, I call them poo farts as you are pooping whilst farting. With a final wave of semi liquid poo, my bum dripped softly. Then I farted quite loud, I thought it was all over but then a soft poo log came out with a couple of farts then exploded more mushy poo into the bowl. I had made so many skid marks but it felt so good, whilst wiping I farted a few more times, sighed then flushed the loo. While it flushed the water went brown then rinsed out. Then I started work. Later on I got the farts again, few moments later a felt pressure and the need to poo again! I said to myself "oh noooo! Not again!" I was farting badly and they were really really wet. Hand on my bum I dashed to the toilet again with farts ripping out as I ran, I had made it but I saw there were a few skid marks in my panties, I thought oh well and carried on pooing, this one was almost complete diarrhoea. Again I was farting so much, I held my stomach as my bum was still pooing gunk. After I called my manager and told her I was sick and I then headed home. At home I had 3 more attacks. Very relieving day!

Nat x


Using The Teacher's Bathroom

My friend "L" and I have to go to summer school and retake Geometry which we both failed during the school year. Summer school really sucks but we need to pass Geometry in order to be able to play Field Hockey in the fall. Our own high school doesn't have summer school so we have to take it at a Catholic Girls High School a few towns away. That sucks even more. One good thing about it though is that the teacher is really a good teacher. She is very strict and piles on tons of homework but both of us are finally understanding Geometry.

Another thing that really sucks is the bathroom at this school. It's not too bad cleanliness wise (it's cleaner than at our regular school where the girls' room are always filthy) but they have absolutely no doors on the stalls. The have the stall walls on each side of the toilet, but the stalls have no doors in the front for privacy. This really sucks. The girls in summer school that actually go to the school during the regular school year tell us that all of the other bathrooms at the school do have doors on the stalls and most are really nice. Its just that they want summer school to be like a punishment so they block off the rest of the school and make us go to summer school in the basement of the building and with the one girls' room that doesn't have doors on the stalls. They also do all the detentions here in the basement and make the girls use that bathroom if they need to go.

It really does suck to have to go the bathroom without privacy but you do kind of get used to it for peeing. The real problem is when you don't have to pee but have to do the other thing. Fortunately, I've never had to do that in summer school -- well, actually I have but I didn't have to go so bad that I couldn't hold it and wait.

Well, unfortunately yesterday my friend "L" had to go #2 and she knew she couldn't wait until class was over. She was in a panic because she's even worse than me when it comes to privacy and she knew there was no way she could go without a door in front of her for privacy. Like I said, it's an all-girl school so they really don't have boys' bathrooms. But I guess they do occasionally get male visitors to the school so next to each of the girls' rooms, they have a little one-toilet bathroom for them to use. Its the kind of bathroom just like you have in a house where only one person goes in there at a time and you can lock the door. The teachers in summer school have also been using this bathroom since there is no faculty bathroom in the basement and I suppose they are too good to use the doorless stalls with us.

There's a sign on the door that says "No Students Allowed" but desperate times call for desperate measures. "L" looked at me and said "it's either this or going in my pants and I'm too old to do that" and went in and did her bowel movement in there. Afterwards, she said it was a crime that they had a bathroom that nice but instead made us go in a girls' room without any privacy in the stall. She also said it felt absolutely great to get relief after holding it in so long and she really had to go.

The only problem was is that she got caught. One of the teachers saw her go in there and was waiting for her when she came out. I guess it was nice of her to at least let "L" finish what she had to do before busting her, but busting her she did. It guess it would have been cruel to punish her for going into that bathroom without giving her a chance to actually use it. Now "L" has to write 500 times "I will not use the teachers' lavatory again." Man, thats gotta really suck. I once had to write for punishment in 6th grade but that was only 100 times and it still took me a long time to finish it. 500 times has got to take like forever. The 500 times are due tommorrow (she gets 1,000 times if they are not done) and "L" had to call in sick from work tonight so she could stay home to finish the lines. I really hope she gets them done.

I guess it was better than going in her pants, but still this has really got to suck.


Post Title (optional) I've been a bit constipated this week

Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit constipated again this week. I've been going once a day but its been a bit of a struggle. I had a hard time on Tuesday afternoon. I could feel a big load moving down all day and I did lots of farts every time I went for a wee at work. When I got home, I made my way to the toilet. I did a wee but I didn't get the urge to do a poo so I gave up. I cooked dinner and waited for about an hour after I had eaten. I started getting the urge to go so I went to the toilet to try again. I did another wee and then I waited. I had to push really hard to get things moving. After about 5 minutes, I could feel the head of a hard turd sitting in my anus. I pushed and strained for a few minutes, until a small amount of poo came out. I still had a heap of poo up there so I had to keep pushing. I pushed and strain really hard and I could feel more poo right in my anus. It got stuck so I work hard to get it to come out. After about 5 minutes, I managed to squeeze out a huge amount of poo but I still had more up there! I kept pushing and few more rock hard turds shot out. I felt finished after that and my anus felt great because it had been stretched really wide. I had a look at my job before wiping and it consisted of a MASSIVE log that was about the size and width of a big banana. There were about 5 or 6 smaller, ball shaped turds. They were all dark brown and floated in the bowl. I felt SO much better after dropping that load!!

I had an easier time on Wednesday but yesterday I only managed to push out a few rock hard pebbles. I've been once today and I pushed out a medium sized turd. I'm getting the urge to go again so hopefully I can go soon.

Upstate Dave

Weekend Sleeping Outside Advetures Part 3

Well Barbie S and I like I said stayed up almost to dawn. We did piss several timesmore. Then we both were slightly drunk and were getting tired now as dawn was aproaching. We had finsished off the vodka and oj that I had for making screwdrivers. We both now had to piss before going to sleep.

Now the campfire was still burning slightly. So Barbie with a laugh said we should put it out before we go to sleep. Let's piss in it to put it out! she said to me. I told her we can but we should do it with us going with the wind. Pissing in a fire really stinks! So she and I got around the back of the fire. I stood and she squated down. Barbie also took my penis and held it for she wanted to hold me and aim for the fire.

Barbie started before I did. Her piss stream came out from her vagina firts wetting before the fire but it crept foward as her stream got harder. It hit where the rock had been heated and it sizzled loudly,steamy vapor rose into the air, and then her piss did reach the red hot coals, When her piss hit thered hot coals the sizzling turned into a loud roaring sound and boy did a lot of white smoke cme up off from the coals.

Then I started pissing. Barbie had my penis aimed at the still burning remains of the wooden branches. My stream hit one wetting the branch along with it splattering added to the sizzling and made several smaller clouds of white smoke come off the fire along with her big one. After several seconds with my pissing the last flames of the fire were put out. Now there was only the hot coals remaining.

So Barbe strarted moving my penis around which my piss went all over the coals which now I was making as much white smoke as she was. Barbie pissed long enough in the same spot that she had put out the hot coals she was pissing on. Then she came to a stop. I was now left to put out the rest of the coals if I would piss that long. I didn't but came pretty close.

We both then went over where I had my sleeping bag laid out and Barbie grabbed her blanket spread it out and we laid down side by side and drifted off into deep sleep in no time. So it had been a fun time and a long night. The fun would continuie at least for part of the day after we would wake up which would be in the early afternoon. To be continuied.

Post Title (optional)SENSATIONAL RELIEF

I posted recently that I was off to an enema clinic. That morning I could not poo...late morning I was at the clinic and the lady came out and introduced herself and I told her about my constipation and if they could offer me an enema. Anyway I was escorted to the bathroom.. stripped off and down on all fours...she lubricated my hole and put in the rectal the beginning I told her that I had Parkinsons Disease and she said her boyfriend had it and she was asking me all sorts of questions on Parkinsons whilst the solution flowed into me. Suddenly I felt like I was going to poo everywhere and I told her to stop the flow, which she did. The urge started to pass. I then sat on the towel and talked..she said her young son had Celiac Disease and had bad constipation and was asking me about fibre and laxatives. She said she very occasionally got constipated and I gave her some advice on laxatives too.
After several minutes the need to sit on the toilet was too much to ignore so I had a sit, whilst engaged in lively conversation about Parkinsons and constipation.
I had a big gush of brown water...a pause and a monster thunder in the bowl has a heap of shit exploded from my arse..she looked stunned in amazement. I pooed and pooed...after a while I wiped and had my second enema. As soon as it was all inside me I had a rush for the toilet and only just avoided shitting everywhere. I had one of the loudest farts ever too...I just pooed so much. She said she has given a number of enemas over time and said I was one of the most productive of her clients. Upon concluding I showered and my belly never looked so flat.
I felt so relieved, wonderfully light and relaxed after the event. I will be doing it again!!!!!
I recommend it!!!!


Temporary Unisex bathroom

I was at the grocery store yesterday and I was really busting for a pee and a poop. I went towards the restroom to discover that the women's restroom was under construction. Therefore the men's restroom was temporarily changed into a unisex restroom.

I walked in just as soon as a woman walked out and although there was a lock on the door I didn't lock it because I was headed for a stall and didn't want to stop people from using the urinal or the other stall if I took a while.

I walked into the stall and sat down and managed to push out an average sized poop. As soon as I finished I let out a strong pee-stream and started wiping.

Just then, two girls entered the bathroom and quickly went to the free stall. I saw their feet enter the stall next to me. They were giggling really loud and talking about being in the men's restroom. Both of them were complaining about needing to pee but they were too shy to do it in front of each other.

Finally one girl gave in and sat down on the toilet. I saw her feet below the stall and her pants down around her ankles. She let out a strong stream and kept giggling to her friend in the stall with her. She got up and pulled her pants back up and then it was her friends turn to go. I saw their feet switch places and the second girl sat down and peed. Her stream wasn't as strong but I could still hear it next to me. When she was peeing she talked to her friend about being embarrassed to pee in front of her and the two giggled about it up until she finished peeing.

After they finished I heard the toilet flush and both girls leave. I was finished too so I flushed the toilet, washed my hands and left. It was great, maybe I'll go back just to see if I experience another story!

Take care everyone. I love all your stories!


girl watches my dump

I am a 25 year old male 6 foot and 150 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair. So I was shooting hoops one day at a local park when the urge hit me to take a dump. I hadn't pooped for over three days now and I usaually shit once a day so I was quite full. There were no bathrooms only a porta potty. I quickly hurried over and suddenly noticed that there was no door on it. No one was around to my knowledge so I went ahead and went in anyways I was desperate. The porta potty was facing the sun and the toilet had a black seat so it was scorching hot. I decided to hover. Just as I surrendered to my dump a hot chick appeared in the doorway. She was just in time for a show. I apologized as the crap started to make it's way out of me. She apologized as well for interrupting me, but she proceeded to just stand there and watch as I emptied my bowels. 4-5 long brown logs slid out of me while she was watching in amazement. It seemed to excite her and me. A little more time passed as I just hovered and pushed out 2-3 shorter soft turds. It honestly was like I was a soft serve ice cream dispenser. I wiped and exited the toilet and she proceeded in. I was so excited that she got to see my dump, I just wish I had stayed to watch her return the favor as this seemed to be exciting at the time and she was super cute. From then on I have always wanted to watch a hot girl poop! Hopefully that happens sooon!


2 girls 1 cup

I was walking home with Kirsty after a night out & we both needed a poo really bad. All the public toilets closed at 11:30 & it was after midnight so we had nowhere to relieve our urgent need. After walking for a while Kirsty found a large super size mc donalds cup in a bin & suggested we usee that. I thought this would be very exiting but I didn't realise how little poo the cup would actually be able to hold. We took the cup behind a shop & hid behind some wheelie bins. Kirsty took off the lid & emptied the coke onto ground. She lowered her jeans & pants & held the cup against her bum & began to poo in it. Kirsty pushed out a huge turd filling the cup completely & she had to cut it off before she'd finished. She complained that she still needed to go but at least she'd managed to get most of it out. On the other hand I was still bursting to go & had nothing to do it in. Kirsty had no idea just how urgent my need was Seeing her relieving herself in the cup didn't help & it made me even more desperate. Like a pair of fools it took a while to realise there were 3 wheelie bins here & eventually Kirsty emptied the cup into one of the bins. She put the cup back against her bum without even thinking about my dire need & finished off her poo. I was about to poo myself at this point & watching Kirsty go made it very difficult for me to control my own bowels. Kirsty finaly finished off her poo while I took my skirt off but before I could get my pants down she handed me the cup still full of her poo. She couldn't even be bothered to empty it! I took the cup off her in disgust & emptied it into the wheelie bin still with my pants up. I could feel my poo moving by now & panicked. In my rush to get the cup emptied & up to my bum I forgot my pants were still up & pood my pants quite badly. I managed to stop myself before any poo touched my bum & took my soiled pants off & threw them at Kirsty. She dodged them & I put the cup back to my bum to resume my huge poo. It came out quickly & filled the cup long before I was done. I had to stop pooing to empty it into the wheelie bin 3 times before it was all out of me & what a relief it felt. I had a go at Kirsty for being so thoughtless & she did apologise for making of ruin my pants. I don't think she knew just how bad I had to go.

I once saw a woman with a couple of young kids at my local shops. She had a 2 year old in a buggy & the other was about 5. She was getting stressed with the 5 year old because she wasn't keeping up with her mum as they left to walk home. The woman was holding her stomach as she told the kid, "Look you'll have to hurry up because mummy needs to go toilet." The kid wouldn't keep up as the mother hurried off. They got about 20 yards away when the mother had to stop & go back to get her kid. She was holding her bum at this point & she grabbed the kid by the arm & dragged her off. The mother had a brown stain in the back of her white jeans & got really angry with the kid. She shouted at her, "What part of hurry up don't you understand? You know I'm desperate to go toilet!" The stain in the mothers jeans was growing fast & she was getting frantic. The kid looked at the huge stain in her mums jeans & realised why her mum was in such a hurry to get home. She said to her, " Oh dear mummy. You've had a poo accident in your jeans." The mother blurted out, "YES & I still am!" She looked mortified as she stood outside the shops with diarrhoea running down both legs. The three of them hurried off quickly after that with the mother still messing her jeans. She must have been desperate for some time to have such a big accident like that.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I <3 POO

I need cheering up :(

To Migraine loverer: My question to you would be have you ever let anyone watch you poo? Are you into having "buddy dumps"? If you have ever taken a poo with someone there was it a man or woman and did you find it easy to take a poo or did it make you nervous and stopping you from having a poo? Take care god bless.

To Ashley: Keep those great stories coming, god bless :)

To Linda from Australia: As usual I love to read about your poo blogs over here in England. Keep it up :) god bless.

Just lately I have been on a good vain of poos, which I think is great as they have all been where I have the most wonderfully, satisfying poos which take minimal effort and just drop out of my bum easily but they have been quite smelly though which is normal for me as I love my food :) I love the fact that I'm not in any routine to have my bm's so I could be at home, work or out & about when the urge hits me to go and release a colonic clear-out and unleash a healthy, big, smelly poo on the loo wherever I am :) I always find that a routine for having a bm can be good but I find spontaneous pooing better whereby there is no set time to have a poo it just comes when it wants and where it wants.
What do you lovely people on here think? Is it better to be in a set routine and going or just go when the urge strikes?

Fri 23/7 - 7pm: At the mo I'm sitting here in my room, relaxing in a sexy pink low cut t-shirt, short denim shorts and black boots feeling rather sexy & as I'm sitting here and writing this post I can already feel a really big poo coming on later if not sooner. Because I'm feeling just a bit bloated and that all too familiar "full" feeling that I need to drop a biggun' :) is here. I know that when I do go for a poo tonight that I will be on the loo for at 20-25 minutes possibly more just unleashing another smelly poo.

9:00pm…I was relaxing on my own in my room having some quality time to myself because since Wednesday I have been feeling rather stressed out, down, low and really cheesed off with things lately so much so that I need to be on my own for however long it takes to clear my head and try to occupy my mind with positive things to overcome these dark feelings I'm having lately which make me want to just have a good cry and vent all my feelings. I'm basically unhappy with certain things lately in my life and it's these things which are making me feel this way because normally I'm a happy, cheery person who is always positive but at the moment I'm just not in the mood for it :(

I suddenly got the urge to have a poo, I could literally feel it making it's way down, quickly I slipped my feet in my flip-flops and made my way swiftly to the upstairs loo, turned the light on, locked the door, pulled down my shorts to my thighs and plonked my poo filled bum on the loo, spread my legs and crossed my arms pressed them to my belly. Within about 3 seconds I let out a couple of farts … prffffttt, pffffrrrttt! Then a couple of small pieces of poo dropped out my bum and into the bowl … plop, plop, plip, plop! Then in next to no time about a cluster of little bits of poo just dropped out one after another …. Plipsslopsplipplop, plop, plop-plipsplipsplooopsplosh, I let out another hissy fart followed by more smaller chunks of poo which just were easily slithering out my bum… plop, plop, plonk, plip, plip, blonk, plop, splooopsh, plonk, plonk, pliiip, plooop, blop, blop and still there was more to come as I could still feel a lot more waiting to drop out my bum. By this time there was 2 mixed aromas in the loo, one was cos I was having a poo and the other was my rather hot, sweaty, cheesy feet which have been encased in boots and socks all day which I must spray some foot spray afterwards. I was still dropping more chunks of poo…. plop, plop, plonk, plonk, plopsplipsplipsplooopsplops! By now I had been on the loo for at least 15 minutes as it was 9:15 now and I still wasn't done, oh no! I could still feel a big load still yet to drop and slowly it started to emerge and then another round of smaller chunks just kept plopping continuously after another as my bum unleashed it's force and nearly after 25 minutes on the loo I was done, boy did I enjoy that colonic clear-out but it was a good, satisfying poo which has made my belly feel less bloated.
I tore off some loo roll and before wiping had a glance behind into the bowl and there was a big heap of healthy brown poo in the bowl, it took about 3 wipes to get clean and I got up off the loo pulled up my shorts and pants and flushed the loo and washed my hands.

Hope to have more stories soon.

Take care everyone x

Migraine loverer

My Periods....

My periods cause my poops to become a bit firm but not too hard that I strain or hurt myself.
Does anyone have any questions for me? any at all?

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