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Its me amy! In response to the anonymous poster yes I paid for my car. Its used so it wasn't that much and besides that I don't care if it was a brand new lexus! I'm peeing in it!!!! LOL!! I happen to LOVE the smell of pee!! So pretty much every car I ever own will also be a toilet! At laest for me and my friends!!

To A.W. Thank you SO much! I will probly keep posting if I have anything to write about! So far Marisa hasn't told her friend Melissa about our pees but I will let you know for sure when it happens! She also has another friend named Emily (not the same as my friend). So I will keep you posted.

Marisa and my other friend Megan and I peed in my car again!!! Nothing really different. We just drove to that same private place and got in the back again and had our pees! Of course it was AWESOME again!!! We soaked the backseat and the backs of the frontseats and the floor and the doors again!!! We also pulled down our jeans a little so our pee would be a little splashier!!

See you all later!!!

to Shay: i really enjoyed your post. iam really glad to hear that you had a successful poo at home. you did an awesome job on your first post on this board. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you encountered a major accident while out on the lift with your coworkers. i hope that this will not occurr in the near future. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to KellyP: i really enjoyed your post. thats really interesting to learn that you use the spread and lift method when engaging in peeing contests with your husband. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that you and your classmates encountered some really cool bathroom experinces while on a field trip. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Natx: i really enjoyesd your post. thats cool to hear that your sister stunk up the bathroom and that you got to smell it. iam sorry to hear that your bowel movement was not easy to release. iam glad though at least that you didnt have an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Benjamin: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you had a successful dump at school. i hope that you get to encounter a buddy dump with someone in the fututre. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you made it to the unisex tiolet without having an accident. i absoultely hate tiolets where your forced to pay to use them. iam glad that you didnt have to pay to use the bathroom. to tell you the truth thats the way it should be everywhere. releasing your bowels is all nautural process of your digestive tract. iam glad that the 17 year old girl didnt have an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Melvin: i really enjoyed your post. to tell you the truth i think the fact that the bathroom leaves no traces of odor from the previous user depends on what the previous user has eaten that day. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you were rudely disrubted while on the tiolet realeasing your bowel movement. thats very kind of you to let the saleswomen use the bathroom. thats funny that the bathroom smelled after she was in there. i hope that the saleswomen didnt clog the upstairs bathroom in your house. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Melvin: i really enjoyed your second post. thats really cool to hear that you love passing gas. i will have to try the fiber one bars that you recommened. the chocolate chip one sounds really delicious. take care and God bless.
to CD: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that you have been really constipated alot lately. i hope that things will ease up for you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kevin: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like your patient was quite drumk when you transported her to the hospital. thats horrible that she had a major accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post. i hope that things ease up for you soon. i will keep you in my prayers. take care and God bless.
to Melvin: to i really enjoyed your third post. my favorite day of the week to take a dump would be on Thursday. it doesnt matter when i release my load as long as iam out somewhere in public where it can be easily heard. take care and God bless.
to Alan: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you and Sarah got to watch each other take a dump. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to KevinL: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that the bar tender at the restaurant took the stall next to you in the bathroom. how did this make you feel? iam sure that she probably has the same interest in hearing other people realease there bowels as you do. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Blueboy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you and your lady friend got to have cool bathroom experience together. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam finally glad to hear that you have experienced some relief from your constipation. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Adam: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your lady friends accident that occurred out in the woods. iam glad that you were so kind to her and that you respected her. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Sarah(from Calgary): i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident that occurred at the train station. iam glad to hear that your boss allowed you to go home and clean up. iam also sorry to hear that your period has been really heavy this month. i hope that it will ease up soon. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.




to Kevin and Alan


I liked your story. I would like to hear more of your stories. Do you have any pee stories? That's the type of story that I really prefer.


It's too bad that you were evicted because the landlord's daughter complained. That's a retaliatory eviction.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hi again everyone. Another post for you today. Yesterday I went to the big airshow at Fairford with my Mum & Dad. It was a really fun day, and of course I had to poo just like every other day. This meant using the loos, and naturally I expected portaloos to be everywhere. But when I went for a wee in the morning I found they were basically small portakabins divided into two, half men and half women. Each side had two or three cubicles in, plus there were some odd unisex ones that were basically a box with three cubicles on each side. Normally I have to poo at least twice a day, and today was no exception. Just after midday I felt the urge, so I waited for a break in the display and went to the row of toilets. lined up near where we were sitting. I got in the queue that was shortest (it still had seven or eight women in) and waited. The queue moved fairly slowly and by the time I was at the front the next plane was in the air. I got the middle cubicle, which was very cramped, and sat. My knees touched the door. I did a short wee and then pushed out a little log and a couple of small balls. I didn't feel empty at all, and I knew I would have to poo again later.
And so it turned out. At about 4 in the afternoon the urge came again. After the plane I was watching landed I went to the toilets again. The queues were even longer now, and my urge was quite bad, so I looked for the shortest queue. There were a couple with about 10 women in, so I got in one. Looking around I could see I wasn't the only one with an urgent need for the loo. Several women and girls were dancing around or holding themselves. As I moved up the queue I had to go more and more. I could feel that my poo was going to be big and mushy, and I could feel it moving down towards my hole. When I got to the front I was pretty desperate. There were two women and a teenaged girl in the three cubicles and they were taking their time. Then the young girl behind me asked if she could go first because she was bursting. I was as well, but I said ok. When one of the women came out she went up the steps and into the cubicle. I could see her feet as she turned round, and then her jeans came down around her ankles. She farted loudly and I heard a couple of plops. The teenaged girl in the middle cubicle came out, and I quickly went in. I dropped my shorts and knickers and then noticed the seat was a bit wet. I grabbed some paper and quickly wiped it while I was standing there. I sat down and again my knees touched the door. I fired off my first log silently, and then farted twice. I shifted round a bit and heard the girl to my right let loose a load of plops. I could see the end of her belt and the edge of her jeans that had flopped under the cubicle divider. I moved my leg away from it and rested my hands on my thighs. After my first log my poo turned mushy. A blob of poo came out easily and then a couple of mushy spurts. After that I produced another mushy lump which plopped loudly. The girl was dropping three or four logs now. I pushed out another mushy log and farted again. The girl and I were still pooing away, and the woman in the other cubicle was still there, and I could hear people outside complaining about how long we were taking. But I had no choice and proved it by letting go with another log. The girl was weeing now. but I wasn't done, and I pushed out another mushy piece. Finally came another short log, a fart, and two little wet balls. I sighed with relief. It was a very big load, and I stood and turned to look at it in the bowl, which was mostly full. It took six wipes, more than normal, to clean my bum. As I wiped I knocked the girl's belt. She said sorry, and I heard her bend down and pull her pants and jeans up. I flushed and came out. The girl did the same as I washed my hands. She apologised for pushing ahead of me and said maybe I had needed to go worse than she had! I couldn't argue there- I really had to go to get rid of all that poo.

That's me done for now. Will post more soon. Bye!


Gigantic poo in lift

Hi guys. I thought you might like to hear about my huge accident in the lift. I hadn't had a poo for 10 days & I was stuck in a broken down lift. I was really desperate to go & the pressure in my bowels was growing fast. I was alone in the lift & wanted to relieve myself in the corner but there was a cctv camera inside the lift so I had to hold it. I'd been clenching for ages & it was really hurting me. I was sweating from all the effort & I began to tire after a while. I started to feel my anus being forced open from the enormous pressure within me & the tip of a hard knobly turd started to emerge. It was huge & it stretched my anus almost to the point of tearing it open. I really did not want to poo myself in front of the cctv so I pressed my hands firmly against my bum to try to force the turd back up inside me. It didn't work & it just broke off & fell into the seat of my knickers. I turned my back to the wall & bent over, pressing my bum hard against it. This slowed the advancing poos progress but the pain got so bad I had to push. I could feel it bumping its way past my anus as the huge knobly turd slid out of me. It made contact with the first piece & broke off. I started to feel a bit better after that but there was still a lot of poo inside me. I pushed again & this time the poo was softer & came out easier. It was very long & it curled itself around the rest of the poo in my bulging knickers. They couldn't contain it all & I had to stop pushing to avoid anything coming out onto the floor. Then the lift doors opened up. Outside were several lift engineers & they all saw that I'd totally shit myself. I was mortified & ran off to my flat holding my bum to keep all the poo inside my knickers. As soon as I got to the bathroom I peeled off my poo filled knickers & sat on the toilet to finish off my massive poo. My bum was caked in poo & I got it all over the toilet seat. My bum & legs were covered in poo & cleanup to forever.

Grizzly Adams

Killers Pee Scene

Sup? I recently just saw the film Killers. In the middle of the film, Jen (katie Hiegl) thinks she is preganant. She goes to the ladie's room at Spencer's (Ashton Kutcher) workplace. She has trouble peeing. Finally, Spencer leaves. Unfortunatly, peeing is not shown or heard. Did anyone else see this scene?


Latest toilet stories

Hi, Abbie here again with my latest stories.
Emma- I thought your stories were great, thanks for posting!! I'm glad you managed to make it to the loo before you really wet your knickers. Also I know how embarasing it is when you have to poo in front of someone else, it happened to me with my friend Lucy as I said in my first post. Keep the stories coming!
Leanne- I enjoyed your story too, looking forward to your next post.
Anyway, back to whats been happening to me lately. Theres been a bit of a disaster at school, the decent loos in the humanities block are closed until after the summer hols because of some sort of plumbing problem, so its either use the really gross main girls toilets or hold in my poo till I get home. Most days I've chosen to hold it which has been really hard, as I've now started to get used to going for a poo when I feel the need. I had a big poo Wednesday night when I got home but Thursday I didn't really want one. I had a slight urge on Friday but nothing major, when I woke up Saturday morning I had a stronger feeling but didn't get time to go to the loo as mum was taking me into town to meet Charlotte at the station- as I mentioned in my last post, she was coming to stay for the weekend. The plan was we were going to go shopping in town and then catch the bus back home later in the afternoon. Mum dropped me off at the station and I walked towards the platform, my need for a poo getting more and more urgent. The train was due in a couple of minutes so I knew I wouldn't have time to go to the loo in the station before Charlotte arrived. It was just as well I didn't try as her train was a few minutes early (would you believe?!) so we went straight off into town and started looking round the shops. After about half an hour I realised I wouldn't be able to hold on too much longer, so I suggested to Charlotte that we found a cafe so we could have a rest, a drink and a proper chat to catch up. I casually mentioned that I needed the toilet and Charlotte said that she did too which made me feel a bit better. We found a Starbucks, got some drinks and went upstairs, it was really quiet, we were the only ones up there. We drank our drinks and started chatting about loads of stuff, remember we hadn't seen each other for like four years! As we were talking I suddenly got really desperate, I felt the head of my poo trying to force its way out of my bum and I knew I couldn't wait too much longer. I said to Charlotte "I'm sorry, I've got to go to the loo, I'm really bursting" and she said "Me too, I'll come with you," so we got up and walked towards the toilets which were just along from where we were sitting. I pushed open the main door and then there were two doors, one marked mens and another womens. It was really dark in the small corridor, the light didn't seem to be working, and so when I pushed open the door to the womens loo I couldn't really see inside properly. Charlotte came in behind me and turned on the light and I suddenly realised that it was a disabled toilet with a loo and sink but there were no cubicles! Charlotte must have seen the look on my face because she said "I'll wait outside till your done" but just then we heard the main door opening and footsteps coming along the corridor! Charlotte quickly locked the door and shrugged her shoulders. Just then someone tried the door, and finding it was locked, walked off again. I tried to smile over at Charlotte. "Don't worry, its no problem" I said, but inside I was feeling really nervous. Charlotte and I had shared toilet experiances before but that was a long time ago and I was feeling a bit embarased. Actually I was feeling less embarased about having a poo in front of her than I was about her seeing my knickers, most girls my age seem to be wearing thongs or boy boxers and I'm still quite happy in girls knickers from Marks and Spencers or BHS or wherever, as are my close friends from school. Trouble is, I felt sure Charlotte would be into trendy pants and then I'd be doubly embarased. I was thinking all this as I unzipped my jeans and pulled down my pants as I really couldn't wait any longer. I sat on the loo and started to wee loudly and I could feel myself going pink. I had to push quite hard to get my poo to move as it had been a few days since I'd last been and whats more my yellow flowery knickers were on full view to Charlotte. I finished as fast as I could but not before giving a few grunts out trying to get my first log to drop, luckily the rest followed quite quickly. I finished with a few more spurts of wee then wiped my bum and quickly pulled up my pants and jeans. I noticed Charlotte fidgeting over in the corner, she had started to unbutton her jeans as I was wiping and when I went to wash my hands she quickly pulled them down. I breathed a sigh of releaf, her pants were blue with pink spots and just looked like normal girls knickers too. She started to wee straight away, I was hoping she needed a poo as well and heaved another sigh of releaf as I saw her starting to push. Fortunately to ease my embarasement she gave out a few grunts and farts as her first log came out and then she did some that sounded quite mushy. She waited a minute or two to make sure she was done and then took some loo roll and wiped her bum before pulling her pants and jeans back up. We carefully went out of the loos after Charlotte had washed her hands but luckily there was still no-one up there, the person who had tried to use the toilet earlier had obviously gone. We spent the rest of the morning shopping and then went back to my house later. Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoyed it. Will post again soon, bye!!

I <3 POO

Tonight's poo

Hi every1 :). Just having a poo b4 I head 4 slumberland.
Everybody upstairs is asleep so I thought I'd come 2 the downstairs
loo 2 have my poo as I can b in complete privacy whilst taking as
much time as I need 2 have a good satisfying poo.

I've just pulled down my denim shorts & pants 2 my thighs & have parked
my bum on the loo, have spread my legs wide & waiting 4 my poo 2
slide out my bum. Btw I'm just feeling so so tired my poor feet in black flip-flops
r tired, achy, hot & sweaty after a long hard day & it's been very warm 2day.
I can hear a feint crackle as my bum hole is beginning 2 open as I can feel a big poo
waiting 2 drop out! I let out a couple of farts... Pppfffftttt, pppffffftttt & then sure enuf
3 thick brown pieces just drop out one after another...
PLOP!, PLOP!, PLOOOP! That's it all done & here's me thinking I'm
gonna b on the loo 4 a bit & I was less than 5 mins in unleashing
whatever was making me bloated earlier.
Just had a look behind in2 the bowl & surely enuf there lay 2 thick brown logs
& a big chunky piece on top of one of the logs. Gonna tear off some loo roll & wipe...
3 wipes & me poopy bum is all clean again. That was a nice satisfying poo even tho
it didn't take long 2 do. I'm off 2 bed now

Sorry 4 the lazy spelling as I was posting on my phone while reporting on my poo & decided 2 use txt talk.
Night, night every1 happy peeing & pooing x

Thought I'd post another two stories for you all tonight before I go to bed.
This first one happened at the weekend. I went out shopping on Saturday. The day before I'd missed my regular poo for whatever reason, so after I parked my car and went into the centre I felt the urge coming on. I went to the nearest toilets and found a short queue. I got in it and waited, and a few more people joined it behind me. When I got in a cubicle I sat down, relieved I could go now, and started to pee. My poo started moving but as I peed I noticed that there was no paper! Here I was, with a turd starting to make its way out of my bum, with a room full of people and no paper. I decided it would be far too embarrassing to ask for some, so I finished my pee, shook myself dry (only partially successfully), pulled up my thong and jeans, and flushed like I had only needed a pee. I washed my hands and left, deciding it would seem weird if I came out and rejoined the queue. So now I had to trek across to the other side of the centre to another set of toilets. My poo was pressing hard so I hurried there and took a seat in one of the cubicles. I didn't have to push to get things going, with my first turd sliding out with a splash. Another three followed over the next five minutes and I finished up with a couple of small bits that I had to shake loose. I was annoyed at having to go to a different toilet, but relieved to get it out!

My second story involves a bad case of diarrhea. I was driving back home after visiting relatives up north. I'd felt gassy all day and after my aunt cooked us all a big lunch my stomach started feeling weird. After driving for a while I was hit by sudden cramps and the urgent need to find a toilet, right now. Naturally I had only passed a service station a few minutes ago and the next one was ten or so miles ahead. I sped up, hoping I could get there before the inevitable happened. By the time I parked, I was close to crapping myself. I quickly went into the toilets. There were many cubicles, most occupied, and I found the closest one and quickly sat. I knew it would be an embarrassing poo, and so it was. A wet, sloppy fart was followed immediately by a fountain of liquid crap that poured out of me. Intense cramps came with it, and I held my stomach as I pooed. Squirts of noisy shit continued in bursts for ten or so minutes. The smell was amazing. Other women came and went and I was still sitting there having diarrhea. Finally I felt empty, so I wiped (many times) and flushed. I still don't know why I had that random outburst of diarrhea, since I was fine afterwards. Still, it felt good to be rid of it!

Ok, I'm off to sleep now. Will post some more stories when I can!


Survey for Shay

First off shay i loved your story

do u go poop every day?

Have u ever heard a friend go poop?

Do u poop in public restrooms if u really have to?

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