Post Title (optional)My camping trip

A few days ago my girl friend wanted to go camping. I have a pop up camper that I don't use that much. My girl friend age 49 and her daughter age 31 wanted to go camping one weekend.I said how about next weekend. She never went camping before and was asking me some questions ,where do we eat and what do we eat. I told her that we can build a fire pit and cook hot dogs burgers and pretty much whatever she wanted .she said what about the bathrooms,where do we go. i told her there were no bathrooms where I sometimes go , so she said well where do you go pee and shit. I said out in the woods there is nobody around and no one can see. She said OK Ill try it. So Friday night came along and I packed up my truck and picked her and her daughter up and we left for the store to pick up some food. We left about 4:00 for upstate NY. We got up there about 7:00 and started to unpack the truck. After we unpacked we started a fire in the pit. We waited about 45 minutes and started to cook the burgers and hot dogs.After we ate my girl friend said she had to shit and her daughter said me to and I said ya me to. So she said where should we go! now I have seen my girlfriend shit before on the toilet but never outside,and I have never seen her daughter shit (why would I )anyway I said we can go behind the trailer if you want and we can bring some plastic bags with us and go in that and then just throw it out.I just brought 1 bag with us because I didn't have that many and wanted to save them for the garbage So I said you to can go and and I will go when you are done. She said why don't we all go together I said OK . So we went behind the trailer and we were just standing there like who will drop there pants first. So I undid my pants and took them off. She said why are you taking your pants all the way off,I said it makes it easier to go when you are squatting so she undid her pants and squatted and then stood up and took her pants all the way off and so did her daughter.She said ya your right it is easier. My girlfriends daughter squatted first and started to pee and then farted . It didn't seem to bother her that we were watching her. She just said I might be a while so be patient.So she began to shit and I started to see her hole open(she was facing me)I said are you sure you don't want to turn around I can see every thing she said it doesn't bother me plus I will get my chance to see you.I said OK .Her shit started to come out and was about 5 inches in length I said man you really had to go and she said That's only the beginning her shit broke off after about 6 " and then her hole opened up again and about another 6" came out she said I think I'm done she peed a little more and then I handed her some toilet paper and then she wiped both ends. She got up and looked at what she did and said god that felt good. Her shit was fairly smooth and very smelly. Now my girl friend wanted to go but wanted me to go with her. So I ripped the bag open that her daughter went in and made it bigger. We both squatted facing her daughter and we started to go. Her daughter went in to get the camera and came out & said she wanted to take a picture because no one will believe this so she took a picture of us shitting together. Her shit was very smooth and wide. It was about 10 " long and 3" wide I said I cant believe that came out of you she looked at me and said I cant believe that came out of you . her daughter handed us the toilet paper and my girlfriend said will you wipe me and I will wipe you I said we mite as well we went this long why not finish. I took 3 wipes and I wiped her ass in 4 wipes. She said that was fun we have to do that again i said OK if your daughter doesn't mind she said Ya i will that was fun I never shit in front of a guy or outside before. she said I cant wait to show my friends what we did. I said your going to show your friends .She said just my girl friends if you don't mind I said I don't care .She said I'm only kidding. I picked up the bag It must have weighed about 5 lbs and threw it in the garbage. I feel sorry for the next person who throws there garbage out. we all got up in the morning and it was pouring rain. My girl friend said now where do we go I have to shit again I don't think I finished last night I said so do I. I didn't have many bags left because I wanted them to pack the leftover food in to bring home. She said I have to go bad and it is pouring rain. I said I have one of those 20oz solo cups that we used for the beer. She said OK but what happens if it all doesn't fit I said it better fit She took off her panties and squatted down. She asked me to hold the cup for her. I held the cup and she started to go This was a lot bigger then the one last night but she said she was done and the cup was only 1/2 full and then I used the same cup as she held it for me and went only a small amount but it came to the top I looked like a Dairy queen cup of chocolate ice cream

Half Dump Denise

Comments for Braidy, a survey and my first story

Let me introduce myself. I find the stories very interesting and I've been reading them for like six months. I come from a big family--we have 14 living under our roof. That's four generations of our family. We have a full bathroom upstairs and a half bathroom downstairs. So there is a lot of waiting and sharing. I'm 16 and will be starting 10th grade in August. I selected my pen name because for as long as I can remember I have had trouble crapping away from home. Most of my craps are away from home at places such as school, the mall and places where I ride my bike to and that's like all over our part of the city. It's just a case of when I sit down at home I completely empty my bowels. My grandfather, who lives with us, calls me "the bowl filler" and I love him to death because he has a great sense of humor and he is very open to learning about what's happening in my life. When I'm on the toilet in a public place, I might on a good day have only half a crap. Part of the reason is that I get nervous as lines form and others get impatient, it freaks me out when they look in the cracks at me, and like three times this year so far I've had boys like Braidy talks about in the womens room and peeking in on me. One even pounded on my stall door twice with his fist and then ran off. Then the worst case happened just the past Sunday afternoon. I bike up to three or four miles a day and I rode to the other side of our city where there was an alternative rock battle of the bands. I took my bike into the toilet building since I didn't want to take the chance of it being stolen. There were three stalls. Not one had a door. There was a boy, who judging from just looking at his back was probably about 7 peeing in the first toilet. What I noticed most about him walking by was that he was peeing over the seat (is it so hard to lift one, guys!) and he had his sorts dropped all the way to the floor and his briefs at knee level. I found out later that the woman in the end stall was his mother. I took the middle toilet, but took my time in getting myself on the toilet since I was hoping to stall until they left, since there were no doors and very little privacy. I heard the boy finish his pee and saw a shadow as he left his stall. He didn't flush but called out to his mom to hurry up and he said he was bored and wanted to go home. She named some band that they were going to stay for. And he got upset with her. My crap was ready to come out and I was just dropping my jean shorts and undies and immediately after I seated myself, the boy comes by my stall halfway riding my bicycle. I was like what??? I immediately jumped up, grabbed the handlebar and shook him off it. Then, and I know I was wrong, but I swore at him and then his mom told me "well, calm down, he's not going to hurt anything." I've been taught to respect those older than me so I didn't say anything although the boy gave me a dirty look and had a real smirk on his face. Then his mom flushed, pulled up her shorts, and grabbed him and she quickly walked him around my bike and out the door. She didn't even stay and wash her hands but that was fine with me. I went back into my stall and reseated myself, but was unable to produce more than two small balls worth of crap. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but such hassles really get the best of me.

Now this is my survey:

1)Are you male or female? What's your age?

2)Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a child of the opposite gender
in a public toilet?

3) At what age did your parents let you go into a public toilet alone?

4) What should you do if a child is causing trouble in a public toilet?

5) If you are a parent or babysitter, what do you do when someone of an
opposite gender needs to use the bathroom? Does it make any
difference whether you are in a huge place like an airport or a
smaller place like a gas station?


More patient stories

To remind you guys, my names Kevin and I'm a paramedic.

I have a lot of pee stories. Yesterday, a call came in for a 17 year old girl car accident. I arrive at the scene to see a girl and a guy standing next to there cars. The girl reerended him. The guy was about 40 big guy. He was complaining about his groceries and the girl was crying her car wasn't too mest up but his number was off. When I go up to her to get her vitals I notice the strong smell of pee. And sure enough she was soaked. I triedto ge her to go t the hospital considering that she felt queasy and smashed her wrist. But she refused.

Another pee story is I get a call for a 30 year old guy who fell off his roof. I get there he's on the ground with his nose Brocken and covered in piss. I fel bad for him because he was a really nice guy.

Now the poop story,
Last night I get a call for a EDP ( emotionally disturbed person) she was a 19 year old girl. Blond very attractive. I get there an tell her point blank she needs to get help. She tried to attack her dad. We forced her into the ambulance and as a defense she wet and messed herself. First the three ambulance guys and I grab her. I got her midsection, and while were getting her into the rig I feel something wet against my hand, and see Shea pissing herself. I start to laugh and the dad stares at me like I'm Satan or something. Then I get her behind and that's because she is grabbing the door way. And feel something squishy and I smell my hand and realized she shit herself. I was totally out of control laughing. I tellher once we got into the rig that a normal 19 year old girl doesn't shi hersel out of defiance. She just glosses over it and says that's the only way she could think of for us to let go. Needless to say I acted in a bad way in terms of the situation. I wonder what she thought about me laughing almost in he face.



Customer gets caught short it supermarket

At work yesterday I was on my checkout & it was very busy. At the back of the que there was a young ginger haired girl of about 15. She was wearing a pair of white shorts which later turned out to be a bad choice of colour.She was hopping & fidgeting a lot & had a stressed look on her face. I could tell she was desperate for the toilet & as the que slowly moved along she became more & more frantic. She was sweating & grabbed her bum. As she got closer to my till I could tell she was in real trouble. By the time she got to load her shopping onto the checkout I knew she was about to load her underwear too! She had to let go of her bum to load her shopping onto the belt & she said, "Oh no. Please no." She let out a wet liquidy farting sound & the smell of poo quickly filled the air. The poor girl got very upset & was crying. Her white shorts turned brown at the back & she had diarrhoea running all down her legs. It formed a pool on the floor & as the girl just stood there emptying her bowels through her shorts. When she was done she left her shopping & ran out of the store deeply embarrassed.

Post Title (optional)PLANNED RELIEF

Further to my recent posts I have been having a bit of a problem with constipation and in particular hard stools. Last Thursday I had some big movements thanks to a laxative...on Friday and Saturday nothing at all...on Sunday a few small hard turds and Monday nothing and Tuesday two lots of average size but hard Wednesday I had a reasonable poo after lunc but I am booked in for an enema tomorrow morning...I think it is time.
Will let you know about it.

to Braidy: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear about your horrible bathroom experience at the theme park where you work. the mother should have better supervised her son. she had no right to yell at you for critizing her son. he was splashing his urine all over your sandles while you were trying to relieve yourself. chances are that she will probably call the cooperation and complain. if your supervisor pulls you aside and reviews the incident with you then you need to tell her the truth. you dont deserve to be fired for what happend in the bathroom. it was all the mothers fault. she could have easily prevented the suitation if she had better supervised her son. i will say a specail prayer for you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you encountered an interesting bathroom visit with the other women in the stalls. i hate it when there are really huge lines for the bathroom. iam glad that you didnt have an accident at all. iam also glad to hear that you and the other women all had a successful dump. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that you and Charolette encoured a good bathroom experience at Starbucks. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to I3P00: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you had a healthy dump at home. iam glad to hear that everything came out without any problems. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about your bathroom visit at the centre. i dont like it either when i walk into a stall and realize that there is no toilet paper. iam sorry to hear that you had to walk to the other end of the centre to use the bathroom. iam glad that those set of bathrooms had tiolet paper. i also enjoyed your second post. thats really cool that you walked in on several other women relieving themselves. thats funny that you stunk up the bathroom with your huge load. i love doing that. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



Last week me and some friends went for a camping trip out into a remote camping area near a lake. The area was quite remote so we went well prepared. Apparently the facilities were quite primitive according to my friend Jared who had stayed at the campsite last year. I took a roll of toilet paper and was expecting to do my business out in the bush. By the time we made the hike to our campsite it was getting late so we set up our tents before preparing dinner and getting settled in for the night.

The next morning I realized I had ate and drank a bit too much the night before so I decided to have a short rest before I ate breakfast. When I felt a sharp pain in my stomach I knew I was going to need to take a shit sooner that I had anticipated. I wasn't sure where I was going to go so I tried to just hold it in for a bit longer.

I was a bit uncomfortable about the situation until my other friend Alex was outspoken and asked if there was at least an outhouse around as he had to take a dump. Apparently there were a few but they were located at the other side of the lake. I decided I couldn't hold it in any longer. By the time we finished breakfast I realized I would have to relieve myself sooner rather than later. Alex said he was going to go and find a remote part of the woods to dump but I didn't really want to tag along with him so I decided to wait a bit longer.

When he came back a short time later he mentioned that there was an outhouse just into the woods aways. I thought to myself that this would be better than squatting over some bushes. He gave me the directions on how to get to it and to make sure I brought toilet paper as there wasn't any at the site. Before I could set off Jared said he would come with me. I assumed he needed to go as well now that we had found an outhouse we could use. I followed him up the trail until we found the short side trail that Alex had told us we needed to take.

We walked for another few minutes before arriving at the "outhouse". It was literally a plastic pit style toilet bolted down onto a concrete pad in the absolute open. There wasn't even as much as a small wall or door to offer any privacy. Fortunately there were quite a few small trees and bushes around to offer some natural privacy from the campsites below but it still felt awkward that I would have to shit in such open conditions.

Before I could come to realization Jared quickly turned around and sat down on the toilet. He started to talk about how badly he needed to go as he let out what sounded like quite a load. The more I heard the more I wanted to just go over to the bush and shit there. He sighed in relief before telling me he was almost done. I tried to hold on but the more I thought about it the more uncomfortable it became.

A minute or two later he called out that he was done so I bolted over and nearly ripped my short and briefs down before sitting down on the now warm seat. Jared stood by while I let go of any control as a large log slipped out without any effort. I stopped for a brief moment and relieved my now very full bladder before some soft poop came out. It was definitely a colossal shit and I couldn't believe how much shit three guys could have released until I unseated myself to start wiping.

There must have bit about three or four good sized logs with my soft shit pile at the very top. It took a ton of toilet paper to clean up and I knew we needed to get back soon before everyone else wondered what was taking us so long. I finished up as best I could before we headed back to our campsite.

Hi everyone, heres a quick story from today I thought I'd just share with you all. I'm really glad the summer holidays are coming soon as the school toilet situation is getting really bad at the moment. After having a poo in the cafe on Saturday when I was with Charlotte I didn't need one again until Monday break. It was a fairly weak urge so I put it off as I really didn't want to use the main girls loos- they seem to have got even worse since I last went in them, maybe because its getting to the end of term. By the time I got home Monday night I'd forgotten all about my need for a poo and I didn't feel like I needed one on Tuesday. Typically this meant that today by the time I got to breaktime I felt I was going to burst. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it till I got home so I had no other option but to go to the main toilets and hope for the best. I stood in a queue with about 5 other girls, the two behind me were really loud in your face tyoe girls who were a couple of years younger than me but are actually really intimidating round school. I managed to get a free cubicle and just as I locked the door heard the girls behind me take the cubicles either side so I was in between them. I paused before lifting my skirt and dropping my pants and it was just as well I did because the next thing I knew was the two girls were looking under the cubicle partition at each other and waving and laughing, then they started making nasty comments to me telling me to get on with my pee so I quickly left the cubicle and ran out of the loos. I was almost in tears by this point, I was really desperate for a poo to the point that I was about to go in my pants but couldn't get any privacy and the bell was just about to go for next lesson. I went rushing off to the only other toilets I knew of which were the ones in the science block, there were only two cubicles there so normally there was a massive queue but I hoped that as the bell was just about to ring I would be able to use them. As I walked towards the science block the bell went and people started to go off to their lessons, I knew I was going to be late for Maths but it was either that or poo my knickers. By the time I got in the science block everyone was going in to lessons and the corridor was nearly empty. I hurried towards the toilets feeling the head of my poo starting to force open my bumhole and I paused for a second to try to suck it back up. As I did so I saw another girl probably in Year 8 walking towards me. I carried on going and pushed open the door to the toilets and she followed me in with one hand clutching her bum. I'd been hoping I would be able to use the loo without an audience but this girl looked really nice so I didn't think I'd have to worry, hopefully she wanted a poo as well which would be less embarasing. Both cubicles were free so we each took one and locked the door. As I did so I noticed that the cubicle partitions were really high off the ground and I could see the girls shoes and ankles. I lifted my skirt and quickly slid down my purple knickers as I was just about loosing the battle with my poo, as soon as I sat down it started to slide out quite fast, but then got wider and wider and stopped moving. I could feel this was going to be a big one and would take some serious pushing and grunting to get out. Next door I had heard the girl wiping the seat and as I looked under the partition into her cubicle I saw her grey school trousers appear at her ankles and then shortly after her yellow pants. I was pushing as hard as I could and trying to keep really quiet, I dribbled out some wee but not that much. Next door the girl did quite a loud wee and then there was quiet so I guessed she needed a poo as well. The quiet was suddenly broken by a really loud fart from her cubicle and then I heard some grunts. I gave a couple of really hard pushes to keep my log moving and also grunted quite loud but I didn't let any farts out. After several more farts from next door I heard some crackling and then a plop as her first log dropped. Shortly after my log plopped into the bowl as well. We then both made a few more plops and finally I was done, I wiped my bum quite quickly, pulled up my pants and flushed only seconds before the other girl did too meaning we came out of our cubicles together. As we were washing our hands at the sinks I saw that we were both a bit red but neither of us spoke to each other. I got back to my lesson really late but luckily it was a nice teacher so i didn't get in too much trouble.
Thanks for reading this, will post more stories when I get the chance. Bye for now!


Watching Kirsty poo

today I was having a poo in Kirsty's toilet. The door was open & Kirsty rushed in holding her bum. She said, "Quick I'm about to shit myself. Get off the toilet!" I had a turd hanging out of my bum at the time so I couldn't just get off the toilet. I pushed really hard to get it all out as quickly as possible but Kirsty couldn't wait & had some really bad diarrhoea in her jeans. It went all down her legs & she couldn't stop untill it was all out. I felt really bad for using the toilet at the worse possible moment & causing Kirsty to have a terrible diarrhoea accident in her jeans.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Upstate Dave

Weekend Sleeping Outside Advetures Part 2

The three of us never finsihed our card game of rummy. What happened was when it got close to midnight both Jeannie and Barbie noticed that down below which was Glas Lake was very quiet now. No more boats out on the lake and most likely there was also no one swimming either. So both girls wanted to hike down to the lake and go for a swim!

I told them it was a hard hike down only having a flashlight to go by. The top rocky section of the road would be hard to do and slow going girls I said to them. Still they both wanted to go. So we did. Now it was a good thing the girls brought a flashlight with them too for they would use it on the hike down and I would use mine.

We did take it very easy on the rockysection. Then we did make the upper section of the trail road section which started off rocky as well. Then the rocks got less so we made better time. Once we reached where the trail road had no more rocks we made evn better time. We reached the flat section which now the road was all dirt. This is where for some unkown reason Barbie and Jeannie hung back slowing down for most of the flat section of the dirt road. They talked soft enough that I couldn't make out what theywere saying back and forth to each other. Then they did catch right back up to me and we all walked the rest of the way down the dirt road to its end.

We crossed the highway and we went right to my friends dock at the start of the dyke path in the corner of the lake. We went skinny dipping! We stayed for almost a hour and then got out and got dressed. This is when I found out why the two girls had hung back when we were comming down. Jeannie said to me that she was not going to spend the night after all. She was leaving and she said have fun and she took off down the dyke path leaving me and Barbie.

Barbie and I headed back to the mountain road to go back up to the top of Bearshead. On the way Barbie told me about what had happened between her and Jeannie. Barbie didn't want Jeannie to stay just her. So they worked it out where Jeannie would stay and not her if I slept out again up on the mountain. This would happen in a couple of weeks so Jeannie would have her chance alone to be with me.

Now the hike up would be slow. It took Barbie and I even with the two flashlights almost a hourto get back up to the top. It was now two in the morning. The camp fire was still going just a little so I threw a couple of largerbranches on it for more light. We both also had to piss. Niether of us had cgone since taking our first piss so it was now just Barbie and I and we didn't bother to go back b the back edge of the clearing to piss. We just took a few steps down on the big flat rock and would piss on the big flat rock.

Now being just her and I Barbie reached right over popped my snap and she [ulled my jeans right down to my knees. She then stepped aside getting on my left side and she took my penis in hand as she raised her summer dress up in front one handed but had soome trouble keeping it up so I reached over with my left hand and helped her keeping it up and out of the way.

Now since I had thrown the branches into the fire it was burning brightly casting off plenty of orange yellowish light. I started to piss before Barbie. She was holding my penis up at a pretty sharp angle so my stream made a high long outward arc and went down over the edge of the flat rocks area and ame down splashing somewhere on the rcks that were well over the edge and out of our sight. Barbie and I could hear the loud splashing of my piss. Barbie let out just a little giggle and then said to me; I wonder where your piss is hiting? I smiled and told her I didn't know.

Then Barbie started to piss. Her stream went straight down since she was standing. It hit between her bare feet and wetted the rock. Te rock did slope down so her piss ran over its surface running forward as it went over the top of the rock. Then it ran off its edge and into a small patch of moss which was around the different flat rocks that were in the clearing.

I leaned a little forward and looked over and watched Barbie's piss stream. She let out a little giggle and then just smiled after that. She knew that I liked watching her piss. After all it was only natural that I would. Barbie I knew in that she was holding my penis was one of her favorite things she liked to do! So we both right then were really enjoying ourselves!

In a short minutes time we both had finished pissing. Barbie gave me more then enough shaking as far as my penis. I told her she was playing with it after its third shaking. Barbie giggled hard and told me she knew it! Then after a half dozen shakes she did let go. Then she turned and said to me; You know what Dave? I said what as I started to pull my jeans back up. Barbie started unbuttoning her summer dress and as she did she said to me; Ithink I want to be naked! Its that nice to be that way tonight! So Barbie did just that! She took her summer dress off and tossed it aside on one of the other flat rocks.

So I pulled my pants down took them off and my tshirt too and joined Barbie in the same way. We then went back over sat down opened my canteen and started drinking the screwdrivers that I had made and started playing cards again in the firelight. We would be up almost till dwn and do plenty of things before then for the restof the night was done. To be continuied.


Sitting on the toilet as I write

Hi everyone. I've been reading this site for a while and I've decided to post. I have brown hair, green eyes, I'm 5 foot 7 inches, about 140 lbs (with a nice little figure lol), and I'm 14 years old--just to give you mental pic of me. Anyway, I just had a really good poo! I've been kinda gassy all day so I was just letting out some long farts while sitting on the couch when I got the urge to go. I went upstairs to the bathroom, turned the fan on (I'm shy about being heard), pulled down my shorts and underwear and took my place upon the toilet seat lol. As soon as I did I began to pee for about 10 or 15 seconds. Then a squeaky, but dry, sounding fart blasted out of my butt. I was kinda like Brrrrrrpppffftt, a long one. After the fart I pushed a little then I felt the tip of some poo ease out then I pushed some more and PLOP! it fell into the water loudly and it splashed some water onto my butt. The moment that turd left my hole a whole bunch of balls of poop started falling out my butt and into the toilet like, Plop plop plop plop plop... Plop! And it felt soo good coming out! Like I felt a bit lighter (weight-wise) haha. I'm done now but it feels like I have some gas still up there. It'll come out later though :). I just looked in the toilet and as usual I'm not happy with whats in there. I never take big dumps or have long logs that are over 10 inches. All my poop fits in the hole of the toilet and looks like rabbit poo lol. Sometimes I poop out 2 short turds and then I'm done :( haha Oh well. Now I have to go wipe my butt. Thanks for reading, sorry if it was a long story. I'll be lurking and I may post some more stories. Oh yeah, one more thing I like farting alot and when other girls do, which is kinda weird, I know. Bye! <3

Kelly P


It's been ages since I've posted here, but I've been reading the site again lately and I can't help responding to JJ on page 1876 about peeing standing up. I, too, started out with the "spread and lift" method. It works fine with a mini-skirt or no clothes but not too reliably with pants. Now days I mostly only do it when my husband and I are having a distance contest. (I alwaya win but he keeps challenging me just because he likes to see me go that way, I think.)
For quite a long time I've used the TravelMate, which is a commercial modification of the medicine spoon. I think they are still available on the web. Once you get used to it you'll love it. You just need enough practice so you can reliably position it over your peehole by feel. You can be more accurate in your aim than a man, and it has the nice benefit that your lips don't even get wet. For me at least, it feels nicer than just going regularly.

If you want to modify a regular medicine spoon I would suggest sawing a vertical slot in the end. That's what the TravelMate has and it's also what a guy has on the end of his penis.

Happy stand-up peeing.


Pay toilet desperation for free

I once used a pay toilet without paying. I had the runs & was really desperate to go but the only available toilet was a pay toilet & I didn't have any money on me. I knew I wasn't going to make it home so I waited untill someone came out & grabbed the door before it could lock shut. I shot inside & just made it in time. The moment my bum touched the seat my diarrhoea exploded into the toilet. I released loads of wet poo & it felt so good. I wiped & exited the toilet feeling very relived but also feeling guilty about not paying. The automated self clean system failed to operate because I'd upset cycle by not letting the door close before using it. The toilet went out of order as a result. I knew I should have paid for the toilet but I was about to poo my knickers & with no money on me I had no choice. As I was exiting the toilet there was a girl of about 17 waiting outside. She looked really desperate for the toilet & was holding her bum as if she was going to poo herself. I felt really bad about breaking the toilet & making her hold wait like that. I didn't hang around to find out he she made it to another toilet. All I do know was she looked pretty desperate!

Upstate Dave

Broken Trashed Toilets

Hi to all. Most of my younger life I lived in the country. When my best friend moved back to the city I would spend weekends at house. Now in the city trash was picked up a couple of days a week. Tis would include everything. There would be many times in the alleys broken toilets.

So many times we would be walking through a alley and see a broken toilet there and we both would take a piss in the broken toilet. Well I thought this wasonly a guy thing. A girl would never do this here in the city. Boy was I ever wrong! I would soon find out how much it was done by girls too there in the city.

I remeber the first time it had happened. I was walking back to the downtown to get my bus to go home. I would walk the alleys for it was quicker to do this. Well the alley I was walking through on one block was a junkyard. Junked cars,old hot water tanks,old machinery, etc. This included several broken toilets too.

As I was walking through this alley one block down from the junkayrd which I could see it on the next block ahead of me there was a group of three girls in the next block of the alley ahead of me. They were playing together typical girl playing with screams,laughter, and very loud talking. They all apeared to be right around my age too.

Then I heard one of the three girls say to the other two girls; I have to piss! That brought loud laughter from the other two girls that with her. Then one of the other two girls said that she needed to go also and the last girls said she had to go also. Then one girl spotted the broken toilets by the chainlink fence said to the others; I'm going to piss in one of those toilets!

The other two girls laughed and told the girl that sad she was going to use one of the toilets that they would too! So all three girls ran the short distance they had to go to get to the toiltes. Now all three of the toilets did not have lids or seats on them. One was just the bowl while the othet two toilets still had the tanks attached.

The first girl that said that she had to piss went right to the first toilet the other two went right to the other two toilets. The three girls were laughing as they did this and were paying attention to each other so much that didn't bother lookingt check to see if there was anyone around to see them.

Then one right after the other with the first girl they shoved down there shorts which two of the girls were wearing while the other one girls had pants on and she pulled them right down. Then I saw two fo the three girls pull thier panties down while the other girl had pulled hers down wit her pants. They all were still laughing or giggling very hard.

With no seats on these broken toiltes all three of the girls just did a high squat over the bowls of the toilets. Then one of the girls said to the others; One...! Two....! Three! PEE!!!! Well the first girlthat started this and the one that said she had to piss first started to piss! Then the second girl and the third girl. As the three girls pissed they kept up thier laughter or giggleing.

The first girl was sendingg down quite a hard spraying piss stream. The middel girl had a thin looking stream while the last girl had her piss stream shoot out angled forward which missed the bowl! The middle girl seeing the last girl missing the toilet said very loudly; Jenna your missing it! Your'e pissing on the ground! This brought screams of laughter from them all.

The first girl that started going first was the first to stop of the three girls. Then the seocnd girl eneded then the tird. Just like they had done when they had started pissing. Then all at the same time the three girls yanked up there panties shorts and the one girl her pants. Then I saw all of them look down at each of the toilets that they had pissed in and they all laughed hard and thenthey all looked atthe others girls toilets.

Then the one that had pissed in the first toilet said to the others; I pissed the most! The other two girls laughed. Then they all stepped away from the toilets and ran up the alley heading away from me. So I walked into that section of the alley and right over to the toilets. Sure enough there was a lot of piss down in the bowl of that toilet. The second one not as much and the last one where the grl had missed while she pissed was empty. I have a second very remeberable time with a girl that invited me to watch her piss in a broken toilet in the alley at her house! Upstate Dave


My summer job (Bathroom Patrol)--Part 2

This is the second part of my story about my summer job. Prior to going to college this fall as a freshman, I'm working in a regional theme park. I love working outside and although right now they are giving me all the hours I can handle at the concessions window, I still hold out hope that I can finish my summer lifeguarding. But that remains to be seen, I guess. I work in the kiddie quadrant of the park; it's large has lots of activities for adults with their children plus the concessions window I work at. I had held my crap in for four hours and it's 2 p.m. when I finally get my first break. I'm 18 and 6'3" so its really hard for me to sit down on the kiddie toilets that are like only a foot above the floor and my knees are like piercing the partially high metal partitions between the stalls. Not to mention the fact that the half-high stall doors have no latches, so on some days my knees get bruised from little kids throwing the door open on me because they haven't been taught to look first before barging into the stall.

I'm on the toilet, midway through my large crap and hopeful that I don't melt because the temperature and humidity are like 100 in the bathroom and there's no vent system available. I'm tired, put my right elbow on my right thigh and it slides off because of the huge amount of sweat. A mother and two boys, perhaps ages 4 and 6 (he's actually a 3rd grader!), came into the bathroom at the time I did and were waiting for stalls. The oldest boy, whom I found out name's Kallen, takes the stall next to me and is unbelievably careless with his pee. He only pulls his shorts and underwear down to mid-thigh level, I guess, and he shoots his pee all over the place from the elastic band on top of his underwear. He literally sprays his toilet in circular fashion like a lawn sprinker and a good amount comes into my stall and I'm sprayed on my left sandal and leg so bad that it's running off me. It makes me mad and I shout at him to drop his pants all the way down to the floor and to sit on the toilet. He complains, "But that's like a girl..." and something like I felt was disrespectful to me, but I told him the idea was to get the urine directly into the toilet and not all over the toilet and me. At that point his mother from a couple of stalls down calls out his name and within like ten seconds she's buttoning her designer jeans and she's at his stall. He's crying pretty hard of course and she's telling him to get off "that dirty, filthy toilet seat" and she looks over the partition and says "And I want to have a word with you young lady in a moment!"

While Kallen's crying and his mom is trying to comfort him, she takes her left foot and flushes the toilet. Then she starts to ask me a lot of questions, and at first, not giving me an opportunity to answer them. The questions were like why I was bullying her son, what my experience has been with raising boys, why I didn't talk to her rather than going after him, how old I was, and some other stuff about writing a letter to management and getting me fired. With her standing with him in that stall, she was easily able to have eye contact with me and see most of me as I was taking my now-aborted crap. I didn't like her watching me as I sat so I quickly took a fast wipe, reached back with my right hand and flushed, and quickly pulled up my thong and shorts. Now I stood and was a little taller than her. Thank God! Still her anger made her very intimidating to me.

She called me "incompetent" and a "bully." She said I had not respected her son, that I yelled at him and that I had no reason to correct him in the first place. She made fun of me about being so new on the job and took note of my nametag for her formal complaint. Coach had always taught us that if during a game a fan, parent, or whoever was to approach our team in such a way, to remain composed and refer the complaint to the coaches or athletic director. Therefore, I quickly tore off a sheet of toilet paper and wrote the name of my immediate manager and the park's president on it. I also wrote the e-mail address down for her. I felt lucky that I have always carried a small pen in my shorts pocket for such emergencies. She continued on saying that I had "over-reacted" and that I didn't understnd how hard it is for a mother with two little boys when they have to use public restrooms. She made every issue a personal issue against her son, whom I had not previously met. Her final comments as she made sure her younger son was done and by her and Kallen was that I should get to the Department of Labor office and start applying for new jobs. To that I remember what Coach had taught us and simply said, "Have a nice day."

Then I pulled down my clothes again and seated myself so that I could finish cleaning myself. As I was doing so and continuing to sweat profusely, I noticed that my body was so wet that I was leaving a sweat print on the all-too-small seat. I reached back and flushed and then left the stall for the sinks. As I was washing my hands and trying to collect my thoughts I got to thinking whether a boy as old as a 3rd grader (age 8 perhaps) should be in a womens bathroom. I don't have any problem with the 4-year-old being in there--assuming he was that age. I'm just not that good of a judge of a child's age. I just think it's wrong for an 8-year-old to invade the privacy of girls and women using the bathroom.

What do you guys think about this? Am I right?


Disturbed poo desperation

Hi all. I hadn't had a poo since friday morning & it's now sunday. I got up this morning busting to go but I was constipated so I had a big bowl of bran flakes with some prunes before doing some shopping. I was out for about an hour & by the time I got home I was desperate to go. I put the shopping away before I went to the toilet as I love the feeling when I'm desperate for a poo. Once that was done I went to the bathroom & just got my jeans down when the doorbell rang. I wanted to ignore it but they kept ringing it so I had to answer it. It turned out to be a young sales girl trying to sell me some new windows & I had a hard time getting rid of her. She was fidgeting quite a lot & after a while she asked me if she could use my toilet. She said she wouldn't normally ask but she'd been out all morning & was desperate to go. I said yes & showed her to the bathroom. The poor girl was obviously really desperate as I heard her having diarrhoea. She took ages to finish & I was almost as desperate as she was. She finaly came out apologishog for the smell & I told her not to worry about it. She left after that & I went straight into the bathroom. The smell was really amazing & I could tell the girl the girl must have held her diarrhoea for some time. I knew how she felt as by now I was close to pooing my pants. I pulled my jeans & pants down & sat on a very warm toilet seat. Just as I was about to go my doorbell rang again. I decided to ignore it this time & started to release my huge load into the toilet. The doorbell rang again & again & I had to pinch my enormous turd off to answer it. I got off the toilet & quickly pulled my jeans back up without wiping & left the toilet un flushed to answer the door. It was that girl again. She needed to use my toilet again & by the look of desperation on her face I knew she really had to go badly. She ran upstairs holding her bum & seconds later she was having more diarrhoea in my toilet on top of my huge poo I'd left there. She came out after a few minutes & apologisede again as she'd seen my poo in the toilet & realised she'd disturbed me. I showed her out & went back to the toilet to finish my poo. She hadn't flushed & it really smelled in there but I didn't worry about that. All I wanted was to finaly empty my bowels at last. I pulled my jeans & pants down to find a big skid mark in my pants. I pushed out a huge amount of semi solid poo & it was such a relief.


A Miserable Pooping Day

What's worse? Being very constipated on the hottest day of the year, OR having bad diarrhoea on the hottest day of the year? (The eternal question...)

About two weeks ago, I faced BOTH of those situations on THE SAME DAY.
I woke up feeling bloated and gassy on that Thursday. The previous afternoon I had been farting every few hours. They weren't particularly loud (the sounds didn't trigger any earthquakes or set off car alarms...), but they were big enough for me to figure out that something unusual was in the cards. In fact, the last thing I remember before falling asleep in bed Wednesday night west letting off two smelly farts. 'PFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSS!! PLUUURPPP!!', and a minute later, an identical 'PFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSS!! PLUUURPPP!!.' They weren't SBD (Silent But Deadly) farts... Not quite THAT smelly... Still, they did stink and I definitely detected the odour of diarrhoea waiting to get out in the overall aroma.
Once again, I woke up that Thursday feeling bloated. I went to the toilet to do my usual morning crap before taking a shower. Remembering those two farts, I thought I would sit down, and quickly begin passing out waves of thick, dark 'porridge' or a greenish-yellowish watery 'soup' into the bowl.
But nothing happened other than a small, 'pfffft' fart and expelling the urine my bladder had accumulated through the night.
There was DEFINTLY something waiting to come out. I could feel a bulge of material wanting to emerge - if unwillingly. So I leaned forward slightly, took a strong breath, tightened my stomach and began pushing hard. I exhaled after few seconds and tried again... Then repeated my attempt for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time, pushing harder and HARDER each time. (I was straining, going 'UMMMMPH!!!... ' in my mind with every shove.) By that 4th time, it was utterly clear that I was constipated so I relaxed a bit and considered just forgetting about this dump and trying later. The relaxation was the key it seemed. A moment later, my anus began opening up and a dry, hard 'golf ball' came out. Dropping into the water with an uninteresting 'ploop...' Seeing that things were finally moving - if at glacial pace - I continued waiting and several minutes later, 3 small 'marbles' shot into the water in rapid fire succession, 'PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!' Some of the water even rebounded back directly onto my rectum. (For some reason, I didn't like it this time - when usually it would give me a smile.)
Five minutes of absolutely *nothing* passed. Once again, I thought about giving up and taking my shower. So I got up off the can, opened the shower door, turned on the water and was about to step in when I felt the next batch of poo knocking at the door. Considering what to do for a second, I chose to sit back down and try finishing my business. Sitting back down, another dry 'golf ball' came out with a generic 'ploop...' into the water. I didn't have to make any great efforts for the next batch of material. Four 'marbles' each made their way out one by one, 'plip...', plip...', 'plip...', 'plip...' in the space of about 15 seconds.
I was tired after this whole affair... The humidity was stifling... and I was definitely unimpressed with what I saw in the toilet before taking my shower. (If I have a crap in the morning, I usually clean up in the shower so I didn't bother wiping.) That whole session on the toilet was barely relieving at all. The best part of my trip into the bathroom was the cool shower I took to wake me up and temporarily get some respite from the hot, sticky heat.

I spent all day feeling uncomfortable. Bloated and almost queasy actually. A useless venture to the toilet was made around noon. All I did was pee and let off some gas...

My next 'productive' trip to the loo was made just after 10 that night. In fact, it was almost an exact clone of my first shit that morning. A lot of pushing, shoving and waiting in the heat with unimpressive results sitting at the bottom of the water.
About 45 minutes later, I felt a cramp. A twisting in my gut that was strong enough to let me know that the next few minutes might not be a good time. Still, it was better to think that the glass was half full... 'This crap might just be the one to break the dam and give me some relief' I thought; so I got out of bed and made my way to my downstairs toilet. (I had relatives staying over so and didn't want to take the chance they would hear what may be a loud and messy crap.)

The temperature that night was already hot and the air that was OPPRESSIVELY humid. My A/C isn't working and I was sweating like a pig just laying in bed even with a fan on. When I went for this poop, things began precisely like they had the two times earlier... A lot of effort, queasiness and dry 'golf balls.' The previous two dumps before were wretched, but this time things were 10x harder to get through because of the sticky heat. Sweat was pouring down my chest, my back and dripping off my face. The toilet seat was wet and uncomfortable to sit on, NOT because someone has peed on it, it was wet because I was sweating so damned much! The cramps that urged me to the toilet came back a vengeance during the whole time. I had my eyes squeezed shut, doubled over sweating and moaning out loud - 'Ooooooh!!', 'Mmmnnnnnn!!', and mumbling "SHIT, this hurts!! Damn it, I want this to be OVER NOW!!!" I even began rocking back and forth, holding my stomach to help ease the waves of pain that hit me like someone booting me to the guts every 30 seconds.
Then the dam FINALLY broke. Two loud farts that smelled EXACTLY like the two I let off on Wednesday night, 'BRRRRRPPPPPPPFFFFF!!' Then 4 'snakes' shot out in quick succession - like fired from a machine gun. Their splooshing and splashing almost echoed in this small bathroom. (I don't know if anyone upstairs heard me. It was VERY loud... Still, no one said anything the next day.)

When those 'ropes' came out, my hopes were that this, hot, sweaty, and agonizing shit would get a lot easier. NO DICE... FIVE painful waves of yellow/brown/green diarrhoea 'soup' began gushing into the can. The first one was a long, 'PFFFFFFTTTT-SPLLLLOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!!' that seemed to go on forever. Semi-solid chunks were coming out with the flow and I heard them splashing into water. When that torrent was over I was able to rest for a moment, but not for long. The cramps never went away and after a minute I was doubled over again, pushing another gusher into the toilet. Not as long as the other wave, but equally as painful. (Remember, I was still sweating buckets at that moment! Summoning up the energy to even stay seated on the toilet took was exhausting in of itself! I wanted to just fall over on the floor and keep crapping in a foetal position.)

The remaining waves were not pleasant. They simply became gradually shorter and less painful with each smelly spurt...
At last, when it was clear that nothing was left, I could only sit there. I was totally wasted... Utterly SPENT... Two or three minutes passed before I could summon up the effort to stand up and look at my dump. I could just see the tops of the 'snakes' that exploded out of me when the dam broke, but nothing beyond that. Everything near the bottom of the bowl was obscured by a thick yellow/brown haze of diarrhoea. Floating on the top of the water was some foamy yellow/brown remnants of celery and pepper seeds from some salsa I had eaten the previous night.

I didn't bother to wipe... The only thing on my mind was cooling off. So I flushed the products of this excruciating BM - never even checking to see if it all went down - and slowly made my way to the other bathroom for a cold shower. In the heat, that toilet session was *utter torture.* I wanted to get cool. PERIOD.

It was ABSOLUTE ECSTASY when the water hit me. I even sat down in the tub and let it flow over me for 10 or 15 minutes. Just breathing deeply and relaxing while trying to forget all memories of the pain, agony and nausea that plagued me on that particular Thursday.

Eventually I removed myself from the bottom of the tub, soaped up and did a thorough job of cleaning up. My butt got special attention naturally, but I knew the gallons of sweat alone would create a level of stench everyone would notice in the morning if I didn't deal with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences of that day!

Take care,


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