Desperate waitress

I was 16 & I'd just left school. I took a job as a waitress & on my first day it was really busy. I was busting for a poo but I didn't get a break for ages. By mid morning I was getting realy desperate so I asked my manager if I could take my break now. He told me we were far too busy & I'd have to wait untill things got quieter. Well it didn't get any quieter & by lunch time I was nearly pooing myself. I asked my manager again if I could take my break. He told me to wait for Louise to come back from her break & then I could go for mine. We got an hour for lunch & I didn't realise that Louise had just gone for her break. I carried on serving customers clenching tightly for the whole hour untill Louise came back 10 minutes late! I was losing the battle & felt my poo sliding out into my pants as I rushed off to the toilet. When I reached the one staff toilet we had I found it was occupied......By the manager! He took ages in there & I had to stand outside listening to the sound of his turds plopping into the toilet. I had a big turd in my pants & when he came out he noticed my accident & apologised for not letting me go for my break sooner. He had a big bulge in his trousers & I could tell he loved putting me in this position. I ran into the staff toilet & was immediately met by the smell of his huge poo he'd left un flushed for me. It was so big it stuck out of the water. I took off my work trousers & dropped the turd out of my pants into the toilet on top of his. Fortunately they weren't stained & I sat down to finish what I'd started. I had to push quite hard & another big turd slid out into the water then another & another. I sat for a minute & felt some more poo wanting to come out so I pushed again. A massive load of soft mushy poo flowed into the toilet & it went on for ages. By the time I was done there was so much poo in the toilet I knew it wouldn't flush so I just left it & went for my lunch break.

Upstate Dave

Broken Toilet Invited To Watch It Beng Used Part 1

This is the second story involed in which a broken toilet was used to piss in. It all started on a srin day when on Easter vacation. I was down vivting my friend in the city. I him and another of my best friends friends we were all up in the city together.

Well Jackhad spotted a pretty girl so we three started following her. After following this girl for a short time Jack went and got ahead of me and Tony and he talked to the girl. She talked right back to Jack and Jack introduced Tony and I to her and she told Tony and I that she had two sistors. Would we like to go to her house and meet them. Tony and I said we would so we now all walked together and it took us about a half hour to get to this girl's house.

When we got to the girl's house she lived upstairs and we went upstairs. It was a small place but nice and the girl that now was with Jack who's name was Beth called out saying Mary and Kathy come here. One girl came out from the kitchen while a second girl came out from I think was a bedroom. Mary was the the girl that came form the kitchen and Kathy was the other girl.

Beth introduced Jack which said was hers which made Mary and Kathy laugh. Then she introduced Tony and I. Mary went right over to Tony so that left Kathy for me. Well we spent some time just talking there in the livingroom getting to know each other. Beth and Jack were on the small couch together, Tony and Mary on a second small couch, and I and Kathy on a old big stuffed chair together.

After a short time Jack and Beth got up and walked off together out of the livingroom. Tony and Mary were busy on the couch kissing at times and cuddled up tightly together too. They were to busy with each other so they acted like Kathy and I weren't even there in the room with them. Now since Kathy and I were sitting in the chair Kthy had sat down on my legs faced twards me.

She had her hands behind my neck clasped together as we sat and talked. Now Kathy had on a shortdress which I had glanced down and since she was sitting back a ways on my legs I cuagt a fleeting glimpse that Kathy was wearing a yellow pair of panties! Kathy cuaght me when I was taking another glance down and she knew exactly what I was glancing at. She giggled slightly and and a quiet whisper after checking on Tony and Mary she said to me; Want to see more?

I then checked on Mary and Tony too and they were not looking our way and I shook my head yes. So Kathy took her hands off my neck slid and pulled back the top of her dress and showed me her yellow panties! Now also it was real hot in the livingroom due to the heater was blasting away. I was hot and thirsty and I told Kathy this. She said she was too so we left the livingroom went out to the kitchen got two cold sodas and we went outside down to the backyard.

In the backyard tere was a old swnset so I sat on the one single swing and Kathy again sat fowrad facing me on my lap. We both sipped our cold sodas which certainlytook care of my thirst and Kathys too. Also being outside felt so much better then being in that hot house. So Kathy and I sat ther for quite awhile together talking and long enough that we had long finished our sodas.

Kathy and I even had kissed a few times while we had sat there on the swing while we had our sodas and talked. She gave another quick peck and told me shw uld be right back. I have to go piss. So I watched Kthy go up the setof stairs and into the house. No sooner then a minute later Kathy was comming down the back stairs and over to me in the swing.

She sat back on my lap te same way faced towards me. I told her she had been real quick. She smiled a little and told me she never did get to piss. I asked her why. Kathy laughed hard. Then after her hard shortlaugh she said to me; Beth and Jack were in the bathroom! They told me they were busy and told me to go outside.

Now I laughed a short hard laugh. I knew Jack and I was sure that he wasn't busy in one sense but in another way. I told Kathy this. Kathy let out a second hard short laugh. I know that too! she said to me. My sistor Beth is sure like that with boys too! Then after we had laughed and stopped Kathy said to me; I still have to piss.

Then Kathy had again her hands clasped together behind my neck slipped them off my neck giggled just a little and she took and raised and slid back the bottom of her blac dress and said to me; Want to see what's under my panties? I couldn't believe what she had just said to me but I ha flash through my mnd at that instant; I SURE WOULD!!! I shook my head yes very hardand Kathy then giggled as she slid back off my lap and stood up.

I got up rightafter her from the swing. Now there was the neighbors old garage and a old garage in her backyard. Between the two garages was a walkway out to a old gate and the alley. I followed Kathy out to the alley. She closed the old gate. Now one the doors on the old garage that was in her yard tere was a broken door hanging off one of its hinges making a opening which she and I slipped through.

Since this garage was and had not been used as a garage for a long time for it was partailly filled with a lot of junk. This included a old broken toilet which sat over in one of the corners of the garage. Kathy went right over to it and I followed her. It was covered with a lot of thick dust but you could still tell it was yellow in color. Kathy now stood infront of it and faced me.

She let out agiggle and told me she would stillcome out here and use this toilet if she couldn't use the one in the house. She even told me that her two sistors had used it too. There was a lid and seat on this broken toilet. Kathy turned and lifted up the lid. The seat was not all that dusty for the lid being down kept the dust mostly off the seat. The wooden seat was a bright yellow in color.

Now Kathy reached down and under her black dress pulled down her yellow panties! She even went and pulled them right off! Then before she went and sat down on the yellow seat of the toilet she held up the front of her dress for me! As she stood there with her dress raised up high she giggled hard and said to me; Like now what you see that was under my panties? Again I could only shake me head yes very hard. Thatmade Kathy take another short but much harder giggle before she sat down on the yellow toilet seat to piss.

When Kathy sat down she had slid her feet back alongside the toilet making her thighs very wide open. I could see her vagina without a problem. I stared hard at it and in a very short few seconds Kathy started pissing down into the old yellow toilet. She had a loud hiss with her stream which was thin twisted and a light yellow color to it.

Now after only pissing for several seconds the garage had a concrete floor and around the toilet bottom base the floor darkened from getting wetted by Kathys piss. So the toilet was broken that way so it would have leaked out through the bottom any time it had been used. Kathy would look up at me and then back down as she pissed. When she did glance up at me she either smiled or let out a little giggle. Kathy took a very long piss too.

When Kathy did end her piss and got up from the old yellow toilet there were several piss puddles around the base of the toilet with a few piss trails that had crept out of the puddles too. Kathy then picked up her yellow panties and instead of putting them back on she stuffed them into a pocket. She smiled at me an then told me she wanted to go back inside. I'm thirsty again so we left the garage and went back up inside the house. To be continuied.

When Kath and I went back into the house to get anothe cold drink Tony and Mary were not in the livingroom. They had dissapeared like Jack and Beth. Well Kathy went and checked to see if Tony and Mary were in Mary's bedroom but they weren't. I was the one that noticed that Tony's black leather coat was gone so they had gone off somewhere outside together.

So at this point Kathy and I went back outside since it was still so hot inside. Again we sat together there in her backyard on the single swing together like before. This time Kathy drank her soda much faster which I didn't drink mine as fast as she had done. Kathy sure could rip some good burps too which we both would laugh after she would rip off a loud or long burp.

I did finish my soda off and this was well after Kathy had finished hers. Kathy now by thi time needed to piss again and she told me she had to go by saying to me; Well I have to make a second trip now to the garage. Lets go! Comming Dave? I told her I was ready myself. Oh you have to piss too? Kathy asked and giggled hard when she asked me. Yes I said back to her.

So we got off from the swing and started for the gate to go out in the alley and the garage. On the way Kathy giggled a lot and she told me as we walked to the gate; Good I'm going to see what you have! I hope its good! Now I let out a short laugh. Isaid back to Kathy I don't think you'll be disapointed Kathy! My penis was aroused again by what I was thinking about which was seeing Kathy piss again in that old broken yellow toilet in the garage.

We were out in the alley now and we then slipped by the broken partaily opened door garage door. We both walked right over where the old yellow toilet sat in the corner. But before Kathy would piss which I wasletting her go first.(after all ladies before gentleman:-)!) I asked if she had ever taken a shit in the old toilet.

Kathy giggled hard and told me she never had but Mary or Beth may have even though they never had said that they had done that or I have never seen them do it either. But I do know that all three of us have shit outdoors! Kathy started pulling up her black dress to get ready to sit down on the toilet seat and piss.

There had been a long enough time from now and when she took her first piss in that her piss that had leaked out had almsot had dried on the concrete floor. There were no puddles but only the concrete was darkwhere her piss had wetted it. Also you at least I could smell a very light oder of piss standing there with Kathy as she now plopped her bare ass down on the seat slid her feet back like the first time again giving me a great view of her vagina again!

Again it took Kathy a quick couple of seconds to start pissing. This time this piss was so different then her first one. Her stream blasted out from between her vaginas lips spraying in a wide pattern all over the front of the inside of the bowl. This went like this for the first several seconds of her piss. Kathy was watching herself piss which she let out a loud giggle as she saw her spraying stream. She also said to me as she watched; Looks like I've got some of the leftovers comming out too!

Then her hard spraying turned and formed a wide headed stream with a short twist but no hissing sound from her stream. It also went straight down into the trap opening no longer hitting the front of the old toilets bowl like it had been doing whan it was spraying. Again in a few short seconds since the toilet leaked around the trap piss slowly started creeping out from under the toilets base and started wetting the concrete floor again.

I noticed this time that Kathy's piss was not yellow. It was just cloudy looking as I watched her piss stream. Kathy this time even with her hard start oissed longer then the first piss! I told Kathy she was right. You do have some leftovers your'e getting rid of this time! Kathy giggled hard. Then shortly after I had said that to her her stream eased which it did briefly hiss then it stopped hissing and Kathy'sstream was just above being a dribble and then she did just dribble for several seconds and then just dripped afetr her dribbleing stopped.

Kathy sat there on the toilet waiting for the dripping of her piss to stop so I got ready to take my piss. Kathy intently now watched me unzip my zipper. Let out a giggle when I unbuckled my belt. As I unbuttoned the single buton on yjeans Kathy was staring right at me and asked with a good loud giggle; Are you going to pull your pants down Dave! Yes I told Kathy. You did say that you did want to see what I have Kathy. After all this would be the best way to see! Boy did Kthy ever first smile with a smile that went from ear to ear and let out another good giggle.

As I now started yanking my pants and white briefs down over myhips Kathy must have stopped drippng for she stood right up but stood over the old toilets bowl straddling the toiet as she stood over it. I got a quick idea come to mind right then too! I had yet pulled my jeans and white briefs down far enough to have what Kathy wanted to see. So I pulled my jeans and white briefs down just enough in that I exposed just my penis's head and to its ring and that's where I stopped!

Kathy now just seeing that much of my penis had her eyes focused right on it and she let out a little scream followed by a short giggle. I had my fingers and both hands gripped on my jeans and white briefs and I was smiling back at Kathy. She said to me then; Oh come on Dave! Don't tease me! Pull your pants down further! I didn't till I saw Kathy start to reach over with her hands to grab my jeans to yank them down!

I laughed and then in one single hard yank I did shove my white briefs down along with my jeansrigt down to my knees and then stood there for Kathy. Kathy still had that ear to ear smile on her face and stared right at my penis silently for several very long seconds. Then Kathy did manage to say softly to me; Oh yo do have a nice one! Then Kathy saw the skin grafts on my thiighs from my burns that I had when I was very young. What happened to you Dave? She asked me. I quickly told her by saying to her; I'll tell you after I pss. Ok? Kathy now said ok back to me and she stepped forward and off to the side of the toilet to let me piss.

Now I can go I thought to myslef. I reached down and pulled my erect pens down getting it down so that it only was pointed down at a slight downward angle. I started my piss right then too right after I had gotten my penis down in its position that I had it in. I shot out a hard thin stream of piss which shot pver the toilet bowls opening. (Kathy had put the seat up for me) My piss stream hit on the connecting pipe of the tank and the toilet bowls thick back rim and splattered all over the place.

Kathy let out a loud giggle seeing my piss stream hitting where it was. As I saw what was happening I had flash in my mind that I should have stepped back to piss. As I stepped back away from the old yellow toilet I heard Kathy say to me; I'm so glad that I have no brothers in my family! I would have to put up with what you just have done Dave! Now that I had stepped back the wto steps my stream had moved and I was now pissing into the toilet bwl but high up inside the bowl splattering hard like Kathy had done when she started her piss.

Now my stream was a light yellow color and it did also have a light piss oder to it. Like Kathy's both pisses I soon had my piss start comming out on the old concrete floor wetting it more increasing the wet area around the toilet. Then I got a surprise from Kathy! She asked me; Can you stop Dave? I want to hold it! Kathy even reached over to take my penis too as she asked me!

Well it took me several good seconds of hard bearing down and squeezing my penis with my hand to get my stream to stop. As soon as I had stopped pissing I said to Kathy; Better hurry and take it before I start pissing again Kathy! Kathy reached the rest of the way over with her hand and she had small short fingers but shegot three fingers down on me and presssed down as I started to dribble weakly piss form my penis.

Now having her fingers there I sighed and let up on m bearing down and my stream went right back to the way it had been going before I had forced it to stop. Kathy was silent for a few more seconds and then she told me; I like doing this a lot Dave! A giggle followed and then Kathy told me she has a friend down the alley and she holds his any time that they are together and he has to piss! Then Kathy paused and then said one more thing to me; It makes me feel so good in aother spot too! She giggled harder after that.

Then Kathy started letting my penis rise back up in its more natural posiotion when it was erect. My stream went upward too. So I no longer pissed in the toiklet bowl. I was pissing on the tank of the toiletand my stream still raised upward as Kathy let my penis get higher. When my stream went into the toilets tank ( no cover on the tanks top) Kathy now kept my penis held still and I pissed into the tank with her giggling as I pissed into the tank.

My piss now ran down the insides of the bowl and still leaked out on to the garages floor but not as hardas it had been. Also by this time when Kathy had started this I was well past the halfway point of my piss. So I didn't piss all that long into the tank. My stream moved back I piss down the tank again and back into the bowl for several seconds more before I wound up finsihing by piss ing on the concrete floor before I did stop.

Seeing me piss on the floor Kathy giggled and told me I made a second mess. Then she asked me; Have any more? I had come right into my mind; Kathy did know how a boy pisses! She knew enough that many times a guy will do some spurts after his main piss! So I did do two finsihing spurts this time. My first one was hard which it shot well above and went well over the toilet tank and came downsomewhere behind it. Kathy let out a hard but short laugh. Then I did a second much less harder spurt which just barely madthe toilets bowl but did. Then I was done. Kathy even knew enough to shake my penis which she did a few times and then she did let it go after that.

Then Kathy stepped right in front of me. Gave me a quick peck on the lips. Then in a very light whisper she said to me and I felt her fingers back on my penis again; You know Dave my friend likes me play with his too. Can I play with yours? I smiled and shook my head yes. Kathy let out a giggle and we stayed in the garage for a lot longer then I thought we would have. After we went back up into the house and Jack,Beth, Tony, and Mary were in the livngroom again and Kathy and I joined them. We stayed for about another hour and then Jack, Tony, and I left having a great time there at the girls house. That is all we talked about all the way back to Tony's house and I even thought that I bet the three girls did the same. The end.


Sitting on the toilet as I write

Hi everyone. I've been reading this site for a while and I've decided to post. I have brown hair, green eyes, I'm 5 foot 7 inches, about 140 lbs (with a nice little figure lol), and I'm 14 years old--just to give you mental pic of me. Anyway, I just had a really good poo! I've been kinda gassy all day so I was just letting out some long farts while sitting on the couch when I got the urge to go. I went upstairs to the bathroom, turned the fan on (I'm shy about being heard), pulled down my shorts and underwear and took my place upon the toilet seat lol. As soon as I did I began to pee for about 10 or 15 seconds. Then a squeaky, but dry, sounding fart blasted out of my butt. I was kinda like Brrrrrrpppffftt, a long one. After the fart I pushed a little then I felt the tip of some poo ease out then I pushed some more and PLOP! it fell into the water loudly and it splashed some water onto my butt. The moment that turd left my hole a whole bunch of balls of poop started falling out my butt and into the toilet like, Plop plop plop plop plop... Plop! And it felt soo good coming out! Like I felt a bit lighter (weight-wise) haha. I'm done now but it feels like I have some gas still up there. It'll come out later though :). I just looked in the toilet and as usual I'm not happy with whats in there. I never take big dumps or have long logs that are over 10 inches. All my poop fits in the hole of the toilet and looks like rabbit poo lol. Sometimes I poop out 2 short turds and then I'm done :( haha Oh well. Now I have to go wipe my butt. Thanks for reading, sorry if it was a long story. I'll be lurking and I may post some more stories. Oh yeah, one more thing I like farting alot and when other girls do, which is kinda weird, I know. Bye! <3


Gigantic poo in lift

Hi guys. I thought you might like to hear about my huge accident in the lift. I hadn't had a poo for 10 days & I was stuck in a broken down lift. I was really desperate to go & the pressure in my bowels was growing fast. I was alone in the lift & wanted to relieve myself in the corner but there was a cctv camera inside the lift so I had to hold it. I'd been clenching for ages & it was really hurting me. I was sweating from all the effort & I began to tire after a while. I started to feel my anus being forced open from the enormous pressure within me & the tip of a hard knobly turd started to emerge. It was huge & it stretched my anus almost to the point of tearing it open. I really did not want to poo myself in front of the cctv so I pressed my hands firmly against my bum to try to force the turd back up inside me. It didn't work & it just broke off & fell into the seat of my knickers. I turned my back to the wall & bent over, pressing my bum hard against it. This slowed the advancing poos progress but the pain got so bad I had to push. I could feel it bumping its way past my anus as the huge knobly turd slid out of me. It made contact with the first piece & broke off. I started to feel a bit better after that but there was still a lot of poo inside me. I pushed again & this time the poo was softer & came out easier. It was very long & it curled itself around the rest of the poo in my bulging knickers. They couldn't contain it all & I had to stop pushing to avoid anything coming out onto the floor. Then the lift doors opened up. Outside were several lift engineers & they all saw that I'd totally shit myself. I was mortified & ran off to my flat holding my bum to keep all the poo inside my knickers. As soon as I got to the bathroom I peeled off my poo filled knickers & sat on the toilet to finish off my massive poo. My bum was caked in poo & I got it all over the toilet seat. My bum & legs were covered in poo & cleanup to forever.

Kelly P


It's been ages since I've posted here, but I've been reading the site again lately and I can't help responding to JJ on page 1876 about peeing standing up. I, too, started out with the "spread and lift" method. It works fine with a mini-skirt or no clothes but not too reliably with pants. Now days I mostly only do it when my husband and I are having a distance contest. (I alwaya win but he keeps challenging me just because he likes to see me go that way, I think.)
For quite a long time I've used the TravelMate, which is a commercial modification of the medicine spoon. I think they are still available on the web. Once you get used to it you'll love it. You just need enough practice so you can reliably position it over your peehole by feel. You can be more accurate in your aim than a man, and it has the nice benefit that your lips don't even get wet. For me at least, it feels nicer than just going regularly.

If you want to modify a regular medicine spoon I would suggest sawing a vertical slot in the end. That's what the TravelMate has and it's also what a guy has on the end of his penis.

Happy stand-up peeing.

Does anyone else have any more stories about going in a store fitting room?

Emma (Leanne's friend)
Hi everyone! You might remember me from one or two of Leanne's previous posts about me. Well, I decided to start my own posts, so here I am!

My first story happened today. I went shopping and had dinner in the food court. As I ate I knew I would need a poo before I left the shopping centre. I went round a few more shops and then I felt the familiar feeling of my poo getting very ready to come out. I had to go quite a lot already, so I finished looking round the shop I was in and headed out. As I headed for the loos I ran across one of those annoying 'can you spare a moment, madam?' people. I wanted to carry on because I had to go, but I thought I could just say no thanks and be off. But he was persistent, and he roped me in to talking with him for ten minutes or so. By the time I finally persuaded him I didn't want to sign up, I was bursting. I hurried to the toilets. There were four cubicles and I took the second. All the others were occupied. I dropped my jeans and panties and sat. My poo came out quickly and made a loud splash in the bowl. I shivered as it came out- does anyone else get this feeling?
The women either side of me finished and left, and were quickly replaced by others. The one on my right started to poo as well. I squeezed out another log as the woman on my right did the same. A quiet fart followed and I leaned forward as my final piece of poo came out. I like the feeling of being desperate for a poo, but I was annoyed that I spent so long talking to the man. I like the feeling of getting the poo out even better, though!

My other story was when I was 16. My girls school organised a geography trip up to Scotland. We got on the coach really early, about 5AM. I sat next to Abbie, my friend with black hair who is like me- every time we both go on long road journeys, we really need to wee very soon after we leave. Today was no exception. Within an hour of leaving the school I had to wee quite badly. We weren't going to stop for a while longer, and there was no toilet on the coach. After another hour, Abbie looked desperate. So was I. I shifted in my seat to try and ease the pressure, but it didn't help. I put my hands in between my legs and discreetly pressed down. By the time we pulled in to the services I was absolutely bursting to go. Abbie told me she was about to wee herself, and I said I was too. We were near the back of the coach, so by the time we in to the building most of the girls were already going in to the loos. When we got in there all of the 15 or so cubicles were full and there was a queue. I stood next to Abbie and held myself. I was about to wee in my pants. There was lots of noise from the cubicles- splashing wee and the odd plop and fart. One of the other girls on the trip, Hannah, had her hands on her stomach. She looked like she was going to poo herself. So here we were, desperate for the loo but stuck in a queue. Abbie crossed her legs. I hadn't had a wee for almost four hours- I'd never been so desperate to relieve my bladder. Finally a cubicle opened, but Hannah rushed in ahead of us. I heard her start to poo, plop after plop as she emptied her bowels. Then another cubicle opened. I was going for it but Abbie got their first and rushed in. I swore quietly and grasped myself. A little squirt of wee dribbled out. I was barely holding on, and Abbie's gushing torrent made it even worse. Finally another cubicle opened, and I hurried past the woman who came out. I sat down as fast as I could and the relief was indescribable when I opened my floodgates. While I weed I checked my panties. There was a big damp patch where the squirt came out, but it dried up ok when I dabbed it with loo roll. I peed for two minutes before I was finished. When I came out Abbie was at the sinks. She said she had wet her knickers slightly; I told her about my damp patch and we both laughed.
The next day when we were at the study centre place, I had to poo. We were out in the hills doing measurements etc, and would be until 5 that afternoon. I had to hold on for two hours. I made it, but then when we got back we had to spend half an hour in the kind of debriefing session. By the end I really had to go. When it ended we had a few minutes before dinner was going to be served, but our teachers took up that time telling us about the next day. Then we had to go straight to dinner. I ate my stew because although I had to shit I was hungry. By the time I finished I was touching cloth. After dinner we could do whatever we liked until it was time for lights out, so naturally the first thing I did was rush to the toilets. There were five cubicles here and some showers. Two were occupied with girls who were full after their meals and had beaten me to it. I took the middle cubicle. As I locked the door, someone else came into the toilets in a hurry. I lowered my shorts and panties and sat. The seat was cold and I jumped back up. I sat down a second time, and quickly the log that had been pressing at my hole for ages finally slid out. I sighed in relief as the girl who had come in after me entered the cubicle to my right and sat. As I bent forward to let out my next log I heard a spattering of diarrhea from the girl to my left. Two plops then came from the girl to my right, who I noticed was Katie, another girl on the trip (I recognised her skirt which was down round her ankles). I got rid of two more soft logs and a mushy blob of poo, which felt great. Katie let go with a fart and another log. The girl on my left flushed and left. I wiped and flushed and was washing my hands when Katie came out. We said hi, but she looked embarrassed. Not as embarrassed as I would be the next day.
We were out for another day in the hills, and shortly after we had our packed lunch, I started to need another dump. This time I would have to go five hours until we got back, and I could tell within half an hour I would never make that. After another hour I started looking for excuses to get away from everyone else so I could go. I couldn't find one. By 2 in the afternoon I was cramping up and I had to poo veeery soon. We stopped to take readings at the edge of a small stream, and I decided I had to go then. I told the teacher I needed the toilet, and she told me to go over a small hillock and go there. I did just that, heading over the hill and finding a patch of clear ground behind a bush. It was a sunny day, and the ground was dry. I unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them to my knees. Then I turned around to look for some grass or something to wipe my bum with. There was no grass, only heather, but I had a couple of tissues in my pocket. They would have to do. I dropped my pink knickers and squatted down. I had a quick wee, but it ran down the slight slope and around my feet. I jumped up and took a couple of steps to one side, then squatted again. I rested my hands on my bare thighs as I started to push my turds out. My stomach hurt, and after the first small piece of poo came out, I cramped up and squirted some hot, runny shit out. Then, I heard from over the hill, a girl talking to the teacher. The teacher said, 'go up over that hill. Emma's gone up there already.' I froze. Someone else was coming up for a wee, and I was there talking a steaming poo, with my pants down squatting in the bushes. I knew I couldn't finish up in time, so I tried to hide behind the bush. But it didn't work, and Abbie said hi as she came over the ridge. She looked embarrassed, but not as much as I must have. Abbie came round the bush and she must have smelled my shit or seen it on the ground because she turned up her nose, but she seemed to relax a bit.
'Hi Emma,' she said. 'I...I really have to poo, you don't mind do you?' I said it was nice to have some company (although I'd rather have been on my own for this), and she laughed as she dropped her jeans and black knickers and squatted down a few feet in front of me. I waited for her to finish her wee and the head of her poo to appear between her legs before I pushed again. A load of mushy poo came out, and I had to raise myself up to shake the end of it loose. Abbie laughed and I went red again. She produced two logs and farted loudly. I evened up the score by laughing at her. I wiped with my tissues, and Abbie gave me some more from a packet she had while she wiped her own bum. Needless to say, it was a school trip to remember!

I've got plenty more stories so I'll hopefully post some soon. Hope you enjoyed them. Byee!

Nat x

What happened...

Thankfully i didnt shit my pants. My sister stunk the bathroom out though, she came out 5 minutes after my post. I literally had my hand on my ass bursting. She heard me fart, it was so embarrassing. When i went in i farted again, it waws a horrible squelcher. My stomach was rumbling as i sat on the toilet seat. I gave off a hmmmmm holding the rims of the toilet trying to be calm. The poo was horrible, theres were many wet logs rushing out of me slattering the bowl while i was farting. I fart a lot when a do a poo. Thank god i made it though!

Nat x


Poop at School

I am 20 yrs old and attend a technical school. During break I needed to have a massive bowel movement so I went the the restroom, pulled down my pants and had a seat on the toilet. I wanted to buddy dump with someone so I tried to hold it for a while even though it was hard. About 1 minute later someone came in wearing clean new shoes and immediately took the stall next to mine, sat down and started pooping. So I let loose and was farting and plopping. The other guy was doing the same. He started wiping and left to wash his hands. I really wanted to see who he was before he left the restroom so that I would know who I was pooping with. Unfortunately I was still having my bowel movement and could not get off of the toilet. It takes me longer to poop than most people and there was a lot in me. Oh well maybe I can buddy dump with someone else in the near future.


Pay toilet desperation for free

I once used a pay toilet without paying. I had the runs & was really desperate to go but the only available toilet was a pay toilet & I didn't have any money on me. I knew I wasn't going to make it home so I waited untill someone came out & grabbed the door before it could lock shut. I shot inside & just made it in time. The moment my bum touched the seat my diarrhoea exploded into the toilet. I released loads of wet poo & it felt so good. I wiped & exited the toilet feeling very relived but also feeling guilty about not paying. The automated self clean system failed to operate because I'd upset cycle by not letting the door close before using it. The toilet went out of order as a result. I knew I should have paid for the toilet but I was about to poo my knickers & with no money on me I had no choice. As I was exiting the toilet there was a girl of about 17 waiting outside. She looked really desperate for the toilet & was holding her bum as if she was going to poo herself. I felt really bad about breaking the toilet & making her hold wait like that. I didn't hang around to find out he she made it to another toilet. All I do know was she looked pretty desperate!

today i went to steinmart with my guy friend. we went there to shop and look around. after about 30 minutes. both of us were in dire need of a bathroom break. so i headed for the ladies. and my friend went to the mens. when i arrived the bathroom was completley empty. there were 7 stalls. i took the third one. i began pulling my dress down. i started peeing. it only lasted a second. then i began pooping. 5 mintues into my bowel movement i heard the door open. in walked a big group of girls. they all immediately said someone is shitting! they all began laughing as well. most of the girls just stood at the sink and were doing there makeup all except two girls. these two girls took stalls right beside me. one girl had blond hair with highlghts and was in the stall on my right. the second girl was a burnette and was in the stall on my left. they both began peeing. the remainder of the grop of girls were chatting and just remained at the sink laughing at us who were in ths stalls. i was still shitting my brains out. the girl who was on my right said out loud iam about to fart. she started laughing. the girl to my left was silent and i couldnt hear anything from her. i was almost done. moments later i wiped my butt and placed the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer. i exited the stall without flushing. i then headed to the sink. the girls said hey i like how u left the tiolet unflushed. we do it 24/7 no matter where we go. i told the girls at the sink your two other friends are blowing up the bathroom. they started laughing. then i told the other ladies have a blessed day and to take care. i left the bathroom feeling refreshed and met up with my guy friend. he said Ashley what took you so long? i told him i was just talking to the other ladies! we continued our shopping.



Ladies; What is your secret?

Hi, everyone.

Look. Make no mistake about it. Everybody's booboo stinks; men, women, young, old, slim, heavy, rich, poor, pretty, ugly, etc. I'm a man in my early thirties. All my life, EVERYTIME I, or any male have taken a dump, (without a curtesy flush), we stink the bathroom up. EVERYTIME! But sometimes, not all the time, when women shit they come out the bathroom and leave NO smell.It's like that even when they don't spray air freshener or curtesy flush. How is that possible? I have a cousin in her mid twenties who, when she farts and shits she leaves no trace of scent. SHE NEVER HAS. Can't say the same about the MEN in my family. Our stink can be other-worldly.
It's not just my cousin. Several times women have dookied at my place - no smell. There are lots of unisex restrooms where I work. Several times I walk in after a lady shits - unscented. How do y'all do it?
On a personal note; when I get a steady girlfriend I hope she's like me in the bathroom - comfortable, stinky, happy. NO CURTESY FLUSHES please. Peace to all, melvin.


Disturbed poo desperation

Hi all. I hadn't had a poo since friday morning & it's now sunday. I got up this morning busting to go but I was constipated so I had a big bowl of bran flakes with some prunes before doing some shopping. I was out for about an hour & by the time I got home I was desperate to go. I put the shopping away before I went to the toilet as I love the feeling when I'm desperate for a poo. Once that was done I went to the bathroom & just got my jeans down when the doorbell rang. I wanted to ignore it but they kept ringing it so I had to answer it. It turned out to be a young sales girl trying to sell me some new windows & I had a hard time getting rid of her. She was fidgeting quite a lot & after a while she asked me if she could use my toilet. She said she wouldn't normally ask but she'd been out all morning & was desperate to go. I said yes & showed her to the bathroom. The poor girl was obviously really desperate as I heard her having diarrhoea. She took ages to finish & I was almost as desperate as she was. She finaly came out apologishog for the smell & I told her not to worry about it. She left after that & I went straight into the bathroom. The smell was really amazing & I could tell the girl the girl must have held her diarrhoea for some time. I knew how she felt as by now I was close to pooing my pants. I pulled my jeans & pants down & sat on a very warm toilet seat. Just as I was about to go my doorbell rang again. I decided to ignore it this time & started to release my huge load into the toilet. The doorbell rang again & again & I had to pinch my enormous turd off to answer it. I got off the toilet & quickly pulled my jeans back up without wiping & left the toilet un flushed to answer the door. It was that girl again. She needed to use my toilet again & by the look of desperation on her face I knew she really had to go badly. She ran upstairs holding her bum & seconds later she was having more diarrhoea in my toilet on top of my huge poo I'd left there. She came out after a few minutes & apologisede again as she'd seen my poo in the toilet & realised she'd disturbed me. I showed her out & went back to the toilet to finish my poo. She hadn't flushed & it really smelled in there but I didn't worry about that. All I wanted was to finaly empty my bowels at last. I pulled my jeans & pants down to find a big skid mark in my pants. I pushed out a huge amount of semi solid poo & it was such a relief.

I remember once in class when we were about 14-15, Kirsty whispered to me that she desperately needed to have a poo. She'd been holding it all morning & was nearly doing it in her pants. She sat on her hands in an attempt to hold it in but it wasn't working too well. Looking very embarrassed Kirsty got up & ran out of the room holding her bum. The smell was amazing & the teacher sent me out after her to make sure she was allright. I found Kirsty in the girls toilets with her skirt off sitting in the sink washing her bum. Her pants were in the toilet full of soft poo. She'd done the whole lot in her pants & she'd wet herself too. There was a trail of pee all along the corridor leading to the toilets. It must have been super embarrassing for Kirsty to poo her pants in class but she looked very releved after the cleanup. I flushed the toilet while Kirsty washed herself & we went back to class.


Having Gas

Hi everyone. It's great being on a website with people who, for the most part share my interest with bathroom habits. As I said before, I love dropping a healthy, stinky dump, when I can. But what I REALLY love is having bad gas. Like most people I work and have a life so I can't be flatulated as much as I would like to be. However, on the weekends I enjoy being at home and farting up a storm. If I'm in for Saturday night I try to give myself a bunch of gas by loading up on pinto beans and raisin bran. 2 things: 1. my stomach can handle the combo very well. 2. I sleep very well with tons of gas. Of course in the morning I'm on the toilet dropping massive stink from my booty while enjoying coffee and the sports page, thanks to all that fiber.

Who else loves farting? If you're like me you avoid Beano, Gas-Ex, and anything else that tries to stop the beautifully natural process of pooting. Also, for those who love having gas, try eating 2-3 FiberOne bars(Chocolate Chip highly recommended). Trust me; those thing will have you firing LOTS and LOTS of STINKY gas from your assholes, plus they taste great.
Bye Everyone, melvin.


A Miserable Pooping Day

What's worse? Being very constipated on the hottest day of the year, OR having bad diarrhoea on the hottest day of the year? (The eternal question...)

About two weeks ago, I faced BOTH of those situations on THE SAME DAY.
I woke up feeling bloated and gassy on that Thursday. The previous afternoon I had been farting every few hours. They weren't particularly loud (the sounds didn't trigger any earthquakes or set off car alarms...), but they were big enough for me to figure out that something unusual was in the cards. In fact, the last thing I remember before falling asleep in bed Wednesday night west letting off two smelly farts. 'PFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSS!! PLUUURPPP!!', and a minute later, an identical 'PFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSS!! PLUUURPPP!!.' They weren't SBD (Silent But Deadly) farts... Not quite THAT smelly... Still, they did stink and I definitely detected the odour of diarrhoea waiting to get out in the overall aroma.
Once again, I woke up that Thursday feeling bloated. I went to the toilet to do my usual morning crap before taking a shower. Remembering those two farts, I thought I would sit down, and quickly begin passing out waves of thick, dark 'porridge' or a greenish-yellowish watery 'soup' into the bowl.
But nothing happened other than a small, 'pfffft' fart and expelling the urine my bladder had accumulated through the night.
There was DEFINTLY something waiting to come out. I could feel a bulge of material wanting to emerge - if unwillingly. So I leaned forward slightly, took a strong breath, tightened my stomach and began pushing hard. I exhaled after few seconds and tried again... Then repeated my attempt for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time, pushing harder and HARDER each time. (I was straining, going 'UMMMMPH!!!... ' in my mind with every shove.) By that 4th time, it was utterly clear that I was constipated so I relaxed a bit and considered just forgetting about this dump and trying later. The relaxation was the key it seemed. A moment later, my anus began opening up and a dry, hard 'golf ball' came out. Dropping into the water with an uninteresting 'ploop...' Seeing that things were finally moving - if at glacial pace - I continued waiting and several minutes later, 3 small 'marbles' shot into the water in rapid fire succession, 'PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!' Some of the water even rebounded back directly onto my rectum. (For some reason, I didn't like it this time - when usually it would give me a smile.)
Five minutes of absolutely *nothing* passed. Once again, I thought about giving up and taking my shower. So I got up off the can, opened the shower door, turned on the water and was about to step in when I felt the next batch of poo knocking at the door. Considering what to do for a second, I chose to sit back down and try finishing my business. Sitting back down, another dry 'golf ball' came out with a generic 'ploop...' into the water. I didn't have to make any great efforts for the next batch of material. Four 'marbles' each made their way out one by one, 'plip...', plip...', 'plip...', 'plip...' in the space of about 15 seconds.
I was tired after this whole affair... The humidity was stifling... and I was definitely unimpressed with what I saw in the toilet before taking my shower. (If I have a crap in the morning, I usually clean up in the shower so I didn't bother wiping.) That whole session on the toilet was barely relieving at all. The best part of my trip into the bathroom was the cool shower I took to wake me up and temporarily get some respite from the hot, sticky heat.

I spent all day feeling uncomfortable. Bloated and almost queasy actually. A useless venture to the toilet was made around noon. All I did was pee and let off some gas...

My next 'productive' trip to the loo was made just after 10 that night. In fact, it was almost an exact clone of my first shit that morning. A lot of pushing, shoving and waiting in the heat with unimpressive results sitting at the bottom of the water.
About 45 minutes later, I felt a cramp. A twisting in my gut that was strong enough to let me know that the next few minutes might not be a good time. Still, it was better to think that the glass was half full... 'This crap might just be the one to break the dam and give me some relief' I thought; so I got out of bed and made my way to my downstairs toilet. (I had relatives staying over so and didn't want to take the chance they would hear what may be a loud and messy crap.)

The temperature that night was already hot and the air that was OPPRESSIVELY humid. My A/C isn't working and I was sweating like a pig just laying in bed even with a fan on. When I went for this poop, things began precisely like they had the two times earlier... A lot of effort, queasiness and dry 'golf balls.' The previous two dumps before were wretched, but this time things were 10x harder to get through because of the sticky heat. Sweat was pouring down my chest, my back and dripping off my face. The toilet seat was wet and uncomfortable to sit on, NOT because someone has peed on it, it was wet because I was sweating so damned much! The cramps that urged me to the toilet came back a vengeance during the whole time. I had my eyes squeezed shut, doubled over sweating and moaning out loud - 'Ooooooh!!', 'Mmmnnnnnn!!', and mumbling "SHIT, this hurts!! Damn it, I want this to be OVER NOW!!!" I even began rocking back and forth, holding my stomach to help ease the waves of pain that hit me like someone booting me to the guts every 30 seconds.
Then the dam FINALLY broke. Two loud farts that smelled EXACTLY like the two I let off on Wednesday night, 'BRRRRRPPPPPPPFFFFF!!' Then 4 'snakes' shot out in quick succession - like fired from a machine gun. Their splooshing and splashing almost echoed in this small bathroom. (I don't know if anyone upstairs heard me. It was VERY loud... Still, no one said anything the next day.)

When those 'ropes' came out, my hopes were that this, hot, sweaty, and agonizing shit would get a lot easier. NO DICE... FIVE painful waves of yellow/brown/green diarrhoea 'soup' began gushing into the can. The first one was a long, 'PFFFFFFTTTT-SPLLLLOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!!' that seemed to go on forever. Semi-solid chunks were coming out with the flow and I heard them splashing into water. When that torrent was over I was able to rest for a moment, but not for long. The cramps never went away and after a minute I was doubled over again, pushing another gusher into the toilet. Not as long as the other wave, but equally as painful. (Remember, I was still sweating buckets at that moment! Summoning up the energy to even stay seated on the toilet took was exhausting in of itself! I wanted to just fall over on the floor and keep crapping in a foetal position.)

The remaining waves were not pleasant. They simply became gradually shorter and less painful with each smelly spurt...
At last, when it was clear that nothing was left, I could only sit there. I was totally wasted... Utterly SPENT... Two or three minutes passed before I could summon up the effort to stand up and look at my dump. I could just see the tops of the 'snakes' that exploded out of me when the dam broke, but nothing beyond that. Everything near the bottom of the bowl was obscured by a thick yellow/brown haze of diarrhoea. Floating on the top of the water was some foamy yellow/brown remnants of celery and pepper seeds from some salsa I had eaten the previous night.

I didn't bother to wipe... The only thing on my mind was cooling off. So I flushed the products of this excruciating BM - never even checking to see if it all went down - and slowly made my way to the other bathroom for a cold shower. In the heat, that toilet session was *utter torture.* I wanted to get cool. PERIOD.

It was ABSOLUTE ECSTASY when the water hit me. I even sat down in the tub and let it flow over me for 10 or 15 minutes. Just breathing deeply and relaxing while trying to forget all memories of the pain, agony and nausea that plagued me on that particular Thursday.

Eventually I removed myself from the bottom of the tub, soaped up and did a thorough job of cleaning up. My butt got special attention naturally, but I knew the gallons of sweat alone would create a level of stench everyone would notice in the morning if I didn't deal with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences of that day!

Take care,


To Amy(from Midwest):

Tell us, Amy (just curious)--did you pay for that car yourself? You may soon find that you have an expensive lifestyle.


Drunk accident

Hey I'm new here. My names Kevin I'm 6 2" 195 pounds muscular, and I'm a paramedic. For some odd reason I'm really intereasted in women messing themselves which does happen alot at my job. ( mostly old women) lol.
Anyway I got a call for a 23 year old female alchohol poisoning. Anyway I get there and a see a hot girl blond sitting on a bench outside a bar, skirt up and liquid shit pouring out of her. Her panties were filled to the brim. I was a little turned on but of course I was proffesional about everything. Wrapped her up in the stretcher tightly so the smell wouldn't kill the rest o the people in the ambulance. I had one of the ems crew members to drive my car to the hospital. I know it was a BLS call bit I had to just be there. When we got to the hospital there was like four people working the ER. And a really old nurse being a bitch. I told her the smell was powerful but she looked at me and said I have been a nurse for fifty years i can deal with the smell. As I was walking away I heard her gag. Lol
Anyway I don't really tell stories to well but if you want to hear another ask, I'd be glad to.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post Title (optional)CONSTIPATED AGAIN

I have not had a poo for 3 days now...since my last laxative flush and have just had a sit on the toilet and all I could get out was a few small turds...there was very loud grunting and I was totally doubled over trying, trying, trying, to push the shit out.
I wiped and there was nothing on the toilet paper.
I will see what happens in the next few days...I did buy some suppositories this morning but with Parkinsons Disease they are a little difficult to insert...I spoke to the chemist about it and she was not that helpful....I do not think she likes talking about such things...but then that is part of her business to use a pun.
Will keep you not want to take a laxative just yet.

Nat x

Busting for a poo!

I so need to go but my sisters in the bathroom having a poo. My gut keeps rumberling and i keep needing to fart. But i don't really like to as they stink at the moment because i need to poo badly. Haven't gone in 4 days. I'm about to soil myself, but im trying so hard not to. I like these knickers i dont wanna ruin them. I'll post later if i make it, i hope i do!

Nat x


re: Linda's getting older post

Linda, I know exactly what you mean! I'm a guy in my 50's, and until I was about 45 I never even came close to pooping my pants. Thankfully, I have not had a full scale "blowout" in my pants yet, but over the past few years I have had several incidents where I have "lost it" and had varying amounts of poop deposited in my pants. When it hits you bad, there just isn't anything you can do anymore. Clenching, holding with all your might--it just doesn't stop it!
I have made a couple of adjustments in dealing with this. First, if I feel remotely like I might have to poop, I find a toilet before it reaches that critical mass of no return! Secondly. I always carry a couple of those "wet wipe" packets in my pants pocket for when there is no Twp,or I make a real mess on my ass in a public toilet. They're a life savor. Getting older sucks. There aren't many things that get better as we age, and having absolute control over your bowels isn't one of them!


Favorite time to dookie

Hello, everyone.

To Ashley: Thank you very much to responding to my post. It's always good to have a friend of the opposite sex that's comfortable stinking my bathroom up as well as putting up with my stink. Even better, we fart in front of each other as well. I fart in her presence a lot; especially in my sleep. Though it stinks like crazy, she could care less. I love that about her. I really wish she farted in bed as much as I do though.

Question for everyone: When is your favorite time of the day or week to take a nice, big dump? Me personally, I love Saturday or Sunday morning, sitting on my throne with a newspaper and cup of coffee and dropping bombs for 15 to 25 minutes -- no air freshener -- just pure stink from my brown ass. Then, of course, a shower.

Alan in Amsterdam

Watching you, watching me

I used to look at this site some years ago and thought I'd take another look. It has changed for the better. I see that there is now some acceptance that some of us get a bit turned on by bathroom activities: Ian and his girlfriend following her dump in the tent, for example.
I have a true story here but it goes back years and although I've thought about it practically every day since, my mind may have edited some of the details. Anyway it's true as far as the basics go.
When I left home I got a bedsit. I had a nice big room, with a washbasin but no cooker or toilet or anything else. In the room next to mine was the landlord's daughter Sarah. She and I had the best rooms in the house, double rooms on the ground floor (it was a big Victorian house which her dad had converted).
I don't like going for a shit in other people's houses or when other people are around. The toilet in this house was upstairs and quite often I'd get there and someone else was in it. Also it was very tiny and smelled of damp. And very often it wouldn't flush properly. So all in all embarrassing to use. Anyway, I actually got some fun from the alternative. I would spread out some paper on the floor of my room and, having first peed in the sink, do my poo on the paper. I would vary it from time to time, sometimes I would do it on the dressing table or on the bed, once or twice in the sink. Then I wrapped it up in the paper, went outside and put it in the litter bin on the street.
One day I was just on my way to the bin when out came Sarah from her room. I was standing there holding a turd wrapped in newspaper and this quite nice girl came out and said "Hello Alan." As they say, I wished for the earth to open up and swallow me. "What have you got there?" she asked, pointing to my 'package'. "Oh" I said, "just a load of old shit I'm chucking out". "Really?", she said. "Like this sort of old shit?" And from behind her back, she brought out a big lump of poo which she hadn't even had the decency to wrap up in paper! Please, please, beam me up Scotty!
Sarah beckoned me into her room. Laying her turd down on the bedside table, she showed me that between our two rooms there was a door (I knew that obviously - they had originally been the lounge and the parlour of the house, with a connecting door). "Look through that keyhole" she said. I looked, and got a good view of my own room. "I know that you shit in your room", said Sarah. "I watch you". I don't know whether I had gone red or white by this point. "It's okay" said Sarah, "except if I tell my dad he'll kick you out of the house". She went on, "it's okay, I shit in my room too. I enjoy it" She pointed to the turd on the bedside table. "What do you think of that one?" "Very nice" I said. "Well", she said, "I want you to do something. When you're going to have a poo in your room, knock on the door. Do it in that spot by the bed where I can see it. And I'll do the same when I'm having to drop one". It was a deal. "Shake on it" she said, putting forward the hand which she had been holding her shit in. We shook. For the next couple of weeks I watched her through the keyhole and she watched me. Usually she would get naked, and she was the first woman I saw nude in my life. I also did it in the nude.
Then one day she knocked on my door. "Let's watch each other". I had noticed and obviously so had she, that our bowels were somehow synchronised,so we were shitting within half an hour of each other. She came into the room and closed the door behind her. "I need to go now" she said. Quickly I spread out some newspaper while she got her knickers off. She didn't strip off, but I did! She squatted over the paper, pulling her skirt up. I had never been so close to a woman in such an intimate state. Obviously I got aroused, she could see that, but all she said was "Don't you want to go as well?" I didn't really, so I had to do some pushing and grunting, whereas Sarah was soon pushing out a turd. It fell onto the paper, then another one, then a really big one which made her groan. By then mine had worked its way down, and plopped onto the paper. Sarah wiped herself. Standing up she said "I'll leave you to it then", and left me there with her turd on the floor. I looked through the keyhole and saw her stripping off, then she went to lay on the bed where she was out of view. I did what you do in the circumstances, then made a trip to the rubbish bin. This time with two packages.
It was an odd experience. We watched each other through the keyhole a few more times. I tried to persuade her to go for a walk in the woods so we could watch each other in the outdoors but she wasn't keen. She came to my room once more and did the same thing again, except that this time she was in her dressing gown with nothing on underneath. As she threw the gown onto the bed I thought great, I'm going to have my first sexual experience, but it wasn't to be. She squatted over the newspaper and said "this is a bit hard", and she strained quite a bit. As I watched I got so aroused that the inevitable happened. I was, after all, a young virile man!
Sarah shouldn't have been surprised but she seemed to be unhappy. She didn't ask me to perform for her, she just got up, put her dressing gown on and went back to her room, again leaving her turds on the floor. A couple of days later, her dad told me that he was having some work done on the house and I would have to leave.
That was my bizarre experience with Sarah. It was obviously a sexually-charged thing but we never had sex, never even touched each other.

Kevin L


I haven't posted in a couple of years but I am a weekly reader. I do have a little story of a nice dump this weekend. I was down a the beach with a bunch of people including my wife. I had been feeling full because I hadn't taken a dump in a couple of days and was on some allergy meds that make them like bricks. At the hotel they had those low flush toilets so I was wary. The feeling started to get stronger as the day went on but it was raining at the beach so we all were out drinking and eating all day. We went to this nice restaurant which has a roof top bar and they have a unisex toilet upstairs for the bar. The door was missing the door knob, it looks like it is a new bathroom up there. The main one for the restaurant is down two levels. Anyway we all sat down for dinner and and before the food came I excused myself and headed to the roof top bathroom to try to release the pressure building in my rectum. I don't like to dump in crowded public bathrooms so the roof top on was safe. There was only one couple at the bar and a attractive young bartender. I went over to the bathroom and went in the stall and sat down, no more the 30 seconds into it then the bathroom door opens and someone knocks on the stall, it startled me. I didn't know what to say, the girl goes male or female, I was like what? I said male. At this moment my rock hard turd was half way out. She said do you mind if I use the other stall, of course I said ok. She sat down for a pee. In mean time my brick it the water with a loud splash and a couple small turds followed. I quickly wiped and hit the sink. I think the girl in the stall next to me was timing to come out at the same time because she flush and came out to the stall at the same time. It was the pretty bartender. I wonder about her, since it was a unisex, because she knocked on the door when my buddy was in the about a half hour earlier and they where all down eating now and there were only two people at the bar and she had to see me go in there. But I guess if I was in her shoes I would do the same to women going in. She might have the same interests we do!


Friendly Fun

Hey guys! My past few stories have been about my aunt and I, but this one is about me and my 19-year female friend from last Friday. She has a slender, but chubby figure with a ???? butt. She pretty cool and still thinks that farts and taking a dump is pretty entertaining. She came to my house last Friday to watch a movie with me and spend the night over. As we were watching the movie, she was lying on her stomach and I had my head on her back. Without warning, she let off 4 straight farts. The first two were silent. The third one was a short one that sounded like a duck quack. The fourth one was like popcorn popping. She then told me that she had to take a dump.

We went to the bathroom together and did her business. It was pretty much all broken up in pieces and didn't really smell. Hopefully there will be more next time.


Butt stink?

Hello, everyone.

Look, I know I can't be the only one with this problem. Whenever I take a doodoo in the morning I wipe my butt thoroughly, several times, until my butt is DRY and the TP appears CLEAN. However, when I get home in the afternoon I find my ass to be quite funky. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Constipation relief

Last night I got home from work needing a poo. I'd held it all day & was desperate to go. I went to the toilet but I'd made myself constipated & couldn't go. I pushed & strained as hard as I could but it was useless. I could feel the poo right at my anus but it wouldn't come out. I struggled for an hour before I gave up & decided to take a laxative before going to bed. I got up this morning even more desperate to poo but after another hour of pushing & straining all I could get out was a couple of peanuts & some gas. I took some more laxatives & went to work. When I got home tonight I was really desperate to poo & could feel the poo pushing against my anus. I went to the toilet & as soon as I sat down my anus opened under the enormous pressure inside me. I felt the tip of a giant poo stretching my anus untill it hurt. I pushed hard & my anus stretched even more as the huge knobly poo started to bump its way out of me. I'd never done a poo as wide as this but it was only 4" long. It splashed into the water with a loud plop & my bum got soaked. The cold water felt so soothing on my sore bum. I still felt full but it was too painfull to push any more so I took some more laxatives. Well I left it for an hour untill I felt a churning sensation in my bowels with lots of gas. I knew it was going to be a massive liquid poo & ran up to the toilet holding my bum. I barely made it & the moment I sat down my bowels exploded into the toilet. The relief was amazing. It felt so good it was like having a massive orgasm over & over again. I stayed on the toilet for a few moments untill another wave of wet mush poured out of me. The smell was awesome & so was the relief. I sat for a few more minutes & pushed out the last of it & wiped my sore bum very carefully. Boy did that feel good.



My hot friend thats a girl (we used to date but like u get the point) and were in the woods taking a shortcut back from school, it was like a four mile walk. I Ten minutes into the walk, I hear this big farting sound coming from her butt, she shruggs it off. Another five minutes pass by and I see her getting here getting real tense, and I'm like "are you okay?" She's like, "yeah I'm find, Igotta use the restroom soon though." Ten minutes later were right near our houses, we live near each other and she trips on some branches and makes this giant wet fart. Then the smell of shit hits me. I ask again, "are u sure u r okay?" She's like, "I had a tiny accident" but all of the sudden she tenses up, and starts with a round of gun shot farts and a big soild poo goes right into her panties. Then right in front of me she says, "I gotta take care of this?" and she takes off her tight jeans and her panties now feeled with shit, and takes another shit fart and puts her jeans back on, I never said a word about it to anyone again.

Sarah from Calgary

Stampede Parade Accident

Hi folks. The Calgary Stampede started on Friday, July 9th. That morning was parade day, so my co-workers and I decided to walk to the parade route to watch it. I decided to take the C-Train down to work that day since parking was going to be an issue. I drove the C-Train station and got on the 6:30am train that would get me to my office at around 7:30 or so. This meant that I didn't have my emergency kit with me, which ended up being too bad. I also forgot to grab an extra pair of panties, which was REALLY too bad. I had a few pads in my purse, but I wasn't wearing one since my period hadn't started yet. Again, too bad…

The parade didn't actually start until 9am, but we got down there a little after 8am, walking from our office. The parade route was already packed with people and we found a spot on the stairs of an office building a few blocks down the parade route.

At around 10am I started cramping up. My period was due to start on Monday or Tuesday so I thought it was just PMS cramps. At about 10:30, I felt my bowels drop. I cramped up and let out a wet fart and I could feel it soak into my light blue bikini's. I turned to Allison and said, "I need to get to a bathroom". It came out more like, "Ineedtogettoabathroom". I turned and went into the office building we were standing in front of. As soon as I got into the building, my bowels cramped up on me and started running into my panties. There was a security desk in the lobby and I rushed over and asked, "Where are your ladies rooms?" The security lady said, "Actually, we don't have any public ones here." I said, "Oh, please, it's an emergency!" More diarrhea slipped into my panties. She looked at me, saw the horror on my face and said, "Okay, you can use the ones on the second floor. Here is a key to the ladies room. The elevators are other there." She gave me the key and pointed me to the elevator. I rushed over to the elevator with my butt cheeks clenched and leaking diarrhea into my light blue cotton bikini panties. An elevator opened up, I got on and hit the second floor button. But, I just couldn't hold it. As the elevator was going up, my bowels went down. A big rush of diarrhea exploded into my panties. The elevator opened on the second floor and I waddled over to the ladies room, unlocked it and went in. I started to cramp up again and more diarrhea rushed into my panties causing them to overflow down my legs. I went into a stall, pulled my jeans and panties down and continued having diarrhea on the toilet for a few minutes. I tried cleaning my panties out as much as I could, but since the mess was runny, I didn't do a very good job. I pulled my panties back up, which was really gross, pulled my jeans back up and washed my hands. When I got back to the lobby, I handed the security lady the key and went back outside.

I met back up with Allison and Mandy and said to them, "I'm going to go back to the office. I'm not feeling well." It was really hot that day and here I was with a wet, sticky mess in my pants. It was really gross walking around in it back to our office. Since it was hot out, they decided to walk back as well. I had to poop more diarrhea again as we were walking back. It poured into my panties and was really sloppy. Mandy asked, "Sarah, are you okay? What's the matter?" I said, "I'm not feeling well… I have the runs. I didn't make it to the ladies room." Allison said, "Oh Sarah, I'm sorry!" Mandy said, "Honey, its okay. Why don't you go home for the day? It won't be busy anyway." I said, "Okay, I will."

The train ride back to where my car was parked was not fun. The train was packed, it was hot and I was still having diarrhea attacks in my pants. I finally got home and cleaned myself up in the shower.

My period started on Sunday, July 11th and has been heavy all week.

Sarah from Calary.

new guy

movie poop scene

in the movie sex pot there is a short poop scene with a naked woman on a toilet pooping

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