Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Daring place to poo

I was walking home from work this afternoon when I got the runs. (I think it was the effect of all the laxatives I took yesterday.) Anyway I was desperate to go & there were no toilets anywhere. I knew there was no way I could make it home in time & I didn't want to have an accident in the street. I had to find a place to relieve my urgent need but I was on a housing estate & there was no place to hide behind. I was getting close to losing it by now as the need to empty my bowels was becoming a biological one. I had to think & act fast before I totaly messed myself. I saw an alley up the road so I headed towards it holding my bum. By the time I got into the alley I'd leaked a tiny bit in my knickers. I still had to find a private spot to relieve my now very urgent poo but there were some kids playing & I couldn't risk them seeing me. Then I leaked a little bit more wet poo into my knickers. I started to panic & without thinking about it I hid myself behind a parked car lifted my dress up to my waist & took my knickers off. I squatted & began to spray the ground with a massive torrent of liquid poo. All of a sudden the car started up & drove off leaving me in full view of the kids. I was in mid flow & couldn't stop going untill my bowels stopped pushing it all out. I was surrounded by a group of 10-11 year olds & they watched in amazement as I pood & pood all over the ground underneath me. As soon as I was done I lowered my dress & ran off totaly humiliated. When I got home I needed to go again so I went to the toilet where I released another wet load into the pan.


Interrupted poo

Hi everyone!
Leanne- I enjoyed your story about needing a poo at the airport, glad you managed to make it in time!
Emily W- thanks for your kind comments, would love to hear any stories you have if you feel like posting.
I thought I'd post about what happened last weekend. Sunday morning I woke up late, around 10 o'clock. The house was deserted, mum had taken my sister off somewhere and dad's away on business at the moment. I got out of bed and went downstairs to get some breakfast. It was really hot so I'd just worn a crop top and knickers to bed, and as I was the only one home I hadn't bothered to put any clothes on. As I went into the kitchen I made sure I closed the blind- our kitchen faces out to the road and I didn't really want anyone walking past to see me in my underwear, especially as I was wearing bright green knickers which were so small that the top of my bum was showing! I got a bowl of cereal then went back upstairs to watch telly in my room. As I sat on my bed eating my cereal I started get a slight feeling that I was going to need a poo soon. I finished my breakfast and lay down. My need for a poo got stronger slowly but surely, and after about half an hour I got up to go the toilet. I eased my pants down to my thighs and sat on the loo, at once releasing a strong jet of wee which fizzed loudly into the bowl. I could feel my poo moving down inside me and start to come out of my bum, I pushed slightly to keep it going and felt it slide smoothly out, making a slight splash as it hit the water. The second log seemed bigger than the first and I had to make more effort to push, I moaned as it stretched my bum hole wide open and then grunted with each push. It was great being alone in the house and not having to worry about making a noise, I do tend to push quite hard and end up grunting which can be a bit embarraseing when I'm at school or using a public loo. Just as my second log dropped the phone started to ring downstairs, I thought I'd better answer it so I folded up some loo paper and put it inside my pants before pulling them up and rushing downstairs. I managed to get the phone just in time, and I couldn't believe it when it was Charlotte, my friend from primary school who I mentioned in my last post. The reason that was so unexpected and such a coincidance is that I lost touch with Charlotte after primary school as she moved away and went to a different secondary school, so I haven't actually seen her since I was 11!! We chatted for a while and arranged that she would stay here this coming weekend- I was hoping my mum would agree!! As I was chatting away I could feel that I still wanted to poo, so I held my belly with one hand and my bum with the other. As soon as I'd finished talking to Charlotte I shot back into the bathroom, tugged down my pants and sat on the loo again, and a third log started to make its way out of my bum as I pushed hard. A couple of minutes later, after that log had dropped I felt I was done, so I tore off some toilet paper, wiped my bum and pulled up my pants. I went back into my room to get dressed, looking forward to Charlotte's visit. Luckily later on my mum said it was OK for her to come. I'll post again soon, bye for now!


Post Title (optional) My winning streak continues........

Linda from Australia here again. Today I had another very nice dump when I got home from work. I had a strong urge to go all day but I waited till I got home. I could feel the head of a turd in my anus and when I went for a wee at work, I could feel the turd moving down. I haven't had to push or strain much at all and its been fantastic!!

To Keith D: When I take 2 or more dumps throughout the day, the first load is medium sized and the rest are small. If I have been constipated for a few days, sometimes it takes me all day to get the entire load out. I can go up to 5 or 6 times during the day, if I've been backed up. When this happens, my loads are rock hard and difficult to push out. This week, I've been dropping one massive load after work and the occassionally smaller load in the morning before work. When I'm not constipated, I normally drop big loads but when I'm backed up, my loads come out in rock hard bits of poo.

myranda s

I had to pee so bad....

last month, I was walking back from school and I had to pee so badly. I hate using the washroom at my school because it always looked a little bit dirty to me...

Anyways, by the time I've got home, I was at the verge of losing control... I immediately went bursting through to the washroom from the front door and i sat my butt down onto the toilet after pulling down my pants... Immediately, I let loose a uncontrollable burst of pee because I had to pee so bad that I couldn't keep it steady... By the time I was finished, I felt so much better... that was actually the time when I came close to actually peeing my pants... I'm sure glad I didn't thou... lol

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my little story. I'll post another one if I have time later. :)


My past weekend

Hey guys

I have an unpleasant experience to share with you, that happened last weekend.

So I and my friend Liene went to the beach. It was really hot outside and we went to get something to cool down. There was lemonade and juice, but Liene said that we should try the milkshakes. I love milkshakes, even though i know that they usually make my stomach upset. So we both bought one and drank it right there. So we went for a swim, but about 30 minutes later my stomach got a strange feeling, and i knew i had to find a toilet soon(Being 13 it's really embarrassing). Since the public bathrooms on the beach are nasty as shit I decided to quickly head home. There was a long line at the place where you change your clothes, so i could not change out of my wet bikini (it's pink, if anyone wants to know) I just put my shirt and jean shorts on and quickly went home. Liene said that she will come with me, because she cares for me and wanted to be there if i would need anything from her.
When I got at the door my stomach came down with a huge cramp and I farted really loud. I got embarrassed and tried to hold my farts inside.
I got inside my house and headed for the toilet with my hand on my stomach, which was turning inside like mad. Liene asked if she could come with me in case anything happens, and i said okay.
I pulled my jean shorts and my pink bikini bottoms(which were still wet) down to my knees and relaxed my muscles.
Blrlrlrlrrrrrrrrt as a long wet fart came out, i didn't even get the time to catch my breath when my bottom released a long wave of chunky poop and wet farts like blrrrtslopslopsloplurtplurtplurt
"Ahhhhhhh" i moaned in pleasure as my poor ???? released this nasty wave.
I sat there for about five minutes more while Liene held my hand, because my stomach was giving me a lot of pain. Then, suddenly a liquidy fart came out and felt the second wave coming out
Bluuuuuuurrrt ... blurrrtslotsplotsplotsplotslotslurtslurtslurtslurt
This time pure diarrhea came out. It was light brown and completely liquid. The smell was unbearable and Liene hold her nose with her hand.
She said "I'm really sorry that this happened, I just thought that one glass wouldn't do much of a harm"
I said that it's okay and it's not her fault.
My stomach was empty after the two waves, so wiped five times and got up from the can, and before i flushed it i saw that it's completely covered in watery brown diarrhea, i couldn't even see the water.
I was okay after that and we both went back to the beach where we spent the rest of the day.

Will post soon bye!^^


Re: Amy (from Midwest)

What an exciting and interesting post you wrote there, I really enjoyed reading it :) Anymore exciting posts to write?, feel free to keep writing them :)


Wendy's Survey

1. Have you ever staged an accident in your pants? NO
2. Have you ever had an accident in a public place? YES in elementary school
3. Have you ever had an accident in a public but not too public place? NO
4. Have you ever witnessed some one messing themselves? NO
5. Have you ever watched some else relieve themselves? YES
6. How long did you hold your poo? 1 DAY
7. Do you enjoy it when you're desperate to poo? NO
8. Do you enjoy having a really big poo? YES and NO
9. Where do you normally have a poo? Home and WORK and on VACATION
10. Do you like to talk about pooing? NO

Now here's my survey
1. Have you ever poo in shower or tub after using toilet?
2. Have you ever pissed and poo at the same-time?
3. Do you flush it down with water after pooing in shower or tub?


I'm pooping my pants...and I can't stop!!

I normally walk the dogs after supper but a few days ago at walk time I felt a rumbling in lower abdominal area. I normally only poo about three times a week and I was overdue but the rumbling was minor...I had no reason to believe I would not make it back.

So off we go for a good walk. The walk takes 30-45 minutes and about 2/3 of the way I was stopping every five minutes to clench and push it back in. Just my luck, about this time the dogs spotted a rabbit and began a chase. After a 10 minute detour I had reacquired the dogs and headed for the house. Approaching my house from the back yard, you decend a flight of stairs and cross the deck to the door. As I reached the top of the staircase, my father exited the house. As I decended the stairs, I began to poop my pants. Poop slowly continued to escape into my bikini undwear as I walked past my father and entered the house. I went straight into the bathroom, yanked my pants down and dropped the remaining mess into the toilet. I washed my bum, wiped and washed mess from the underwear. The jeans were skidmarked on the inside but no evidence showed through. I had no choice but to slip the jeans back on and go to my room to get clean underwear.

In my room, I hung the wet underwear over the back of a chair to dry.
I put on clean underwear and put the skidmarked jeans back on and wore them the rest of the day. The next morning I put them and the underwear in the laundry.


My summer job (Bathroom Patrol)--Part I

I wrote last month that I had just started my summer job as a "floater" in a large regional theme park. Most of the time I'm at the window of the concessions building selling food and drinks to a thousand some guests each day who visit the kiddie park are of the much larger park. We have lots of child rides, a kiddie pool, miniature golf and a lot of other things the children love. I love being outside but hope I get switched to lifeguard if something opens before I report to college this fall for my freshman year. I also told you guys last time that since the "little gents" and "little girls" restrooms are located in the same building right behind our concessions stand, they are heavily used and that at 18 and 6'3" I have to use those toilets, but with quite a bit of difficulty. The stall partitions are only half high, the latchless doors are the same, so I tower well above the stall when I've seated and I get like almost no privacy. Also, it's very uncomfortable to sit on a toilet that's just a little higher than a foot above the floor.

I personally use that bathroom for my crap in the morning and often three or four other times later in the day because when I'm drinking a lot of fluids (a survival requirement in the heat and humidity), I pee a lot more than usual. Since I can't stray too far from my assignment, I can't take the 15-minute or more walk each way to the regular restrooms that the rest of the staff use. I had the worse experience of the summer last week at about 2 p.m. when the lunch line had all been served and the picnic area had cleared out. I had been holding my daily crap for since like 10 a.m. but I hadn't been able to get away from the concessions stand because we had two guys call in sick and me and one other girl had to do their work plus ours. I was literally counting the minutes and the depth of the lines (8 or 9 deep for about an hour) until I knew I could be pulling my thong down, set myself and have my much delayed crap. I didn't even offer the new girl I was training the option of leaving before me, I told her I had to shit so bad that I was lucky I hadn't had an accident. Since I was just going around to the other side of the building, I told her it shouldn't take me more than 3 or 4 minutes.

Obviously I have long legs and I used them to my advantage as I pushed through the crowded sidewalk to get around the building. Many day cares and church groups come in the afternoon for field trips and it's not unusual to have close to 1,000 visitors in our part of the park in just a short amount of time. I could smell the girls bathroom before I entered the door and walked around the two concrete entry walls. A mother was standing in the doorway holding hands with what looked like her 4 and 6 year sons. I noticed the first two stalls were open, although she seemed to be waiting for perhaps three stalls adjacent, and I knew she was going to be there a while. Before I could pass them, she knelt down, whispered something into the older boy's ear and he started crying and said he was going to have an accident. I don't remember the word I heard him use, but he was about to burst. She didn't seem too phased by it, only to tell him something about being six weeks away from third grade and needing to better manage his bodily functions. She said those restrooms this fall would be even busier.

Once I brushed around them, I took the end stall. I had my shorts and thong down to the floor and I was seated and blasting away with one large blob of a crap that actually strained me because it was so large. The size of these specially designed stalls sucks and my legs and sandals were easily spread against the sides of the stall and I remember thinking that if it was any tougher of a crap, and I had to spread 'em any wider and really push, the strength of my need might knock over the miniature stall partitions. I noticed from above the partition and door that that woman had apparently found a stall and I momentarily felt good about it, even though I had another round erupt in my gut and as I was pushing it out, I could see over the partition that the older boy had taken the stall next to me. I didn't think too much of it, but just as I noticed that he hadn't closed the door or lifted the seat, a huge splash of urine splattered against the stall partition and I instantly felt it on my left leg and especially my left foot.

I was so stunned that I ended up jumping to my feet (although I could already suspect the problem) and looked over the stall partition to find the boy literally spraying the toilet in circular fashion like a lawn sprinkler. His problem was that he hadn't taken his shorts and underwear down before taking out his penis and he was trying to shoot his penis from atop the elastic band on his shorts. And since he didn't have his hand on his organ to direct it, he was having the problem. He obviously wasn't paying attention to what he was doing or what my coaches have always taught: thinking! Because I was so stunned I did get mad at him, told him to drop his shorts and finish his pee by sitting down. He said "But that's like a girl" to which I said "that's the idea". Once I saw him comply, I sat back down and while I finished my crap, I rolled off some toilet paper to wipe off my left leg, foot and sandals. And while I was doing that I heard him start to cry and his mother started calling out his name "Kallen" from the stall she was using at the other side of the room.

While I was wiping myself his mother came down to our end and was as mad as hell at me.

I'll tell you about it in the last part of my story next time.

Hey, have you girls ever peed outside and if so, how did you wipe?
I mean do you bring tissues with you or drip dry.
I mean like what were your personal experiences.


Unsatisfactory Peeing

Most of the time peeing is accompanied by a unique heart warming sense of relief. But don't you just hate it when you've been uncomfortable holding it so long and then its just a drag?

It happened to me just now while I stood there at the bowl. I got so bored, and annoyed that it was taking so long.
(Near on 2 min's of straight hard peeing, with 2 short weak spurts at the end) I don't find aiming takes any effort. And it wasn't very relieving at all.

Most unsatisfactory.

Upstate Dave

Three Different Girls Doing Nuaghty Peeing Part 5

Barbie H and I did reach where the old entrance road to the cematary started. We went by the caretakers tool equipment shed and right behind it was the outhouse that was almost as old as the cematary. As we passed the outhouse Barbie H giggled hard and told me that she had pissed and pooped in it! That was a fun day too for besides myself Barbie S and Jeannie also used it too.

I laughed and told Barbie H that I wished that I was there to see that! She giggled even harder and said back to me; Yeah I bet you would have! Then she asked me if I ever had used it. I told her I had. What kid around here hasn't! Barbie H giggled even more. We went on walking now being past the outhouse and were now where the woods boarded both sides of the old road.

It felt good tobe in shade and out of the hot sun. We now were comming up to where the road turned left and would head towards the creek. So far no sighn of the others Butch,Barbie S, John, and Jeannie. We both now began to wonder where they all had gone off to.

As soon as we made the turn we both saw at the same time laying in one of the dirt tracks of the road (the road now had two seperate dirt tracks with grass in the center) a couple of big pieces of shit and a pair of girls panties laying in the one track of the road! Barbie H burst into hard laughter and I stood there for a few moments just looking at the shit and panties.

I knew whos panties the pair belonged to. They were Jannies. To small to be her sistor Barbie S's. It took a few moments for Barbie H to stop laughing and then she realized the panties laying there were Jeannies too. What Barbie H said to me would crack me up for she said to me; That is one girl that I know that goes through panties like you wouldn't believe!

After I stopped my laughing Barbie H and I walked on down to the old broken bridge that crossed the creek and we crossed. Once over the creek we wre on my neighbors property that was behind my families property. I asked Barbie H if she was thirsty and she told me that she sure was. Fell like walking up to my house and from where we were you could see our big barn. Inside was the handpump with very cold spring water which all of us kids liked to drink. Barbie H said to me; I'm all for that! So we hurried along cutting cross lots through my nieghbors property and soo n we were inside the barn relieving our thirsts.

Both of us drank from the pump till we could drink no more. The cold springwater tasted that good and felt so good too. What Barbie H and I did after drinking so much water was went up to the house went into the old convereted summer kitchen which was a hangout recreation room and we sat for awhile on the old couch I had out there. As we sat we talked about where to check to see where the others had gone. Also this gave us time to rest and get over the very full feeling from drinking so much water.

There was two places we would wind up checking. The swimming spot on the creek on my nieghbors property and the swimming spots down at the lake. I patted Barbie H's knee and said lets go I'm ready so we got up and left the house and started walking down to the creek to check that area first. Ten minutes later we were there and none of them were there. So now it was time to go up to the lake and check there.

We walked up the short hill to the highway and turned right and walked up the hill to the old dirt road that went over to the the lake. This dirt road was about a thousand feet long in its length so walking it took us about ten minutes to do. We came out at its end and we were across from one of the swimming spots but again we struckout. None of the others were here either.

So Barbie H and I had one more place to check which was a second swimming spot down behind the old hotel where at one time Barbie S and Jeannie lived. That was another five minute walk and when we arrived there we completely struckout. So we gave up trying to find the others. It was fine with both of us anyway.

We now had turned aroud and were walking back to the first swimming area. Barbie H said to me as we walked; Dave I have to piss! ( a giggle followed after she said piss) Yeah I have to go I said back to Barbie H. All the water we had drank had filled both of our bladders. So we picked up our pace a little faster and we reached the end of the path along the lake,then went past the first swimming spot, crossed the lake road, and started down the old dirt road.

Where we wre headed for was the the big barn again. That was one of several spots we liked to piss. There was a old bathtub in the barn which we pissed in. Also there was a old chicken coop too that we also used to piss in and even Barbie S and Jeannie had shit in! (different tale to tell about that) Also one last spot was right there in the summer kitchen by pulling up the trap door in the floor and piss down into the old well that was under that trap door.

Barbie H and I made it to the highway. Barbie H said she wasn;t going to make it to the barn to piss. I asked her about the chicken coop. She told me she might make it to there. So instead of going up my nieghbors drivway we cut through thier property and made it to the old chicken coop.

I yanked the old door open and we both stepped inside. Barbie H only took three steps over and popped the snap on her jeans and without bothering with the zipper she yanked them hard right down to her knees taking her panties down with her jeans! Right behind her was the back side of the coop with a low old stone wall and the row of broken out windows.

Barbie H hopped right up on the old stone wall. She had done this so fast that I only had gotten to the point of having pulled my zipper down and had my hand just inserted inside my jeans ready to open my briefs. Barbie let out a hard loud hissing piss stream as soon as she had sat on top of the old stone wall!

Her piss stream angled a litle outward as it came out from her vagina. It was not doing any spraying. It had a long twist and when it hit the old concrete floor it spllatterd hard making a big wet spot by the time I got my penis slipped out from my jeans. That was only a few seconds too. Barbie H let out one loud sigh of relief after being silent for the first few seconds.

Now I had turned and was facing towards her but I was off slightly to her right. I aimed my penis so I would piss out through one of the broken windows. I like her as soon as I let up on my squeezing fingers on my penis I set long arcing piss stream through the air right out through the broken window and well outside of the coop. I like Barbie H had done I let out a loud sigh of relief too.

Both of us had yet say anything to each other. We both were just letting the feeling of now that we were pissing had taken both of us over. I was watching Barbie's piss stream. I then noticed her eyes were tightly shut so she was not watching me or herself. By now as far as her pissing she had made one big wet spot on the old concrete floor and her piss ran back to along the base of the stonewall and started to pool there and then start running along the wall and floor.

So waht I did right then seeing her piss creeping along the floor and the wall I smiled for it looked like one of thse slow running water trough type mens urinals! So I pushed my penis right down and I started pissing in Barbie's piss making the piss now run harder over the floor. I let out a chuckle as I watched the piss now race towards the far corner of the coop.

This made Barbie H open her eyes. She saw me pissing on the floor and saw how fast my piss was making the iss head for the corner of the coop. She still was pissing hard also. I went and told Barbie H what it looked like to me about the mens trough toilets. Barbie H had never seen one but she did giggle a little and told me she would like to see one!

Well a short time later we both had our streams slacken right off. Her louud hiss with her stream faded away and was gone. Barbie H for the last few seconds of her piss pissed right down the face of the old stone wall. I went and pissed with ending my piss doing several short spurts making trails on the floor in different spots. Barbie H hopped down off from the stone wall and I put my penis back inside my jeans and zipped up. Barbie H took care of her panties and jeans too.

From there we walked back to Barbies house. When we got there we ran into John and Jeannie. They were comming up the driveway as Barbie and I were heading down it. Barbie H and I bot said along the same line asking both John and Jeannie where they had been. They both took turns telling us where they had been.

When Jeannie had taken that shit back on the old cematary road it had come on so fast she only managed to get her shorts down and not yet had slid her panties down off from her ass. John started laughing ral hard at this point. Jaennie went on telling Barbie H and I. Her shit came out and hit the edge of her panties as she was pulling them down and di a double flip right in mid air! Jeannie now broke into laughter and so did I and Barbie H!

Now that wasn't all of it either. We all managed to get our laughter stopped and John went and told us he had luaghed so hard seeing Jeannies shit do its double flip he laughed so hard that he pissed his pants! That brought out from all of us another round of hard laughter. As it wound up those two had come back here to get changed. No wonder why Barbie H and I didn't find those two.

We also asked if they had seen Butch and Barbie S. They both said that they split once they were in the cematary and they didn't know where those two went off to. So Barbie H asked Jeannie where those two were going now. Jeannie looked at John and him back at her with both smiling just little smiles at each other. Then Jeannie said out for a walk which they started walking away saying later to both Barbie H and I. Barbie H and I went inside her house. To be continuied.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi again everyone.

Abbie- I enjoyed your posts, and I'm glad you made it to the loo. Sorry your friend didn't, though. Looking forward to your next posts!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went shopping. While I was there I needed a wee so I headed for the toilets. It was late in the afternoon and so the schools were out. As I entered the toilets I saw the queue. Ahead of me were three schoolgirls, in shirts, blazers and skirts. One of them was hopping from one foot to the other and looked desperate. There were five cubicles and the girls let their desperate friend go first. I heard her fart and drop some logs. Her friends giggled. They took cubicles next to her when they opened up, and one of them farted too. I took the end cubicle and had a quick wee, while the three girls were still talking to each other as if it was lunchtime at school. I can't really understand this- I talk to friend if we're using the loo together, but not if there are loads of other people in the toilets!

Another couple of stories now. First, when I was 10 my girl guide troop went on a camping weekend. I'm not sure where it was exactly, but it only took an hour or so to get there. There were lots of other troops there, too, and we were shown round before we started setting up our camp. There was a toilet and shower block near us, one of a couple. It had six showers and ten cubicles. After we had set up camp we broke for lunch, and I went with my friend Holly for a wee in the loos. We did all kinds of activities that day and went to bed tired but happy. The next morning, I awoke needing a poo. I was sharing my tent with another friend, Sarah. I told her I had to poo as I got dressed, and she said she did, too. We walked to the toilets together. It was a cold morning and so Sarah had put her coat on.
The toilet block was very busy, as everyone had been woken up at the same time. All the toilets were taken, and so were the showers, and there were queues for both. Sarah and I joined the queue. It was long, about 15 girls, some of whom looked pretty desperate. Sarah looked uncomfortable, and I could feel my poo pressing down. The queue moved slowly, with many girls pooing. Finally I got into a cubicle and sat down. Sarah got the cubicle to my left. I saw her feet moving under the partition and saw her drop her yellow knickers. I did a quick wee and then sat back for my poo. A big log started coming, but it moved slowly. Meanwhile Sarah was dropping a series of chunks of poo. She groaned quietly. My log finally slid out, followed by a small piece, and I was done. Sarah finished shortly after. I didn't poo again over the weekend, but whenever I went for a wee the toilets were always busy.

Got to go now; will post again soon. Bye everyone!


In my last post I was having hard BM`s and knew I was getting backed up. Last night before bed I took one Ducolax tablet. I felt I needed two but if I have two I risk being woken too early to sit on the pot.
Upon waking at a normal time I had no urge so took another tablet. I had some breakfast and had a sit and a bit came out that was as hard as the day before. On the way to work the feeling hit and I called in at my public toilets and had a good long and smelly shit of soft serve...I felt so relieved after.
At just before lunch I was at a customer and the feeling really hit...I grabbed the key to the public toilets in the building...the area is a really bad part of Australia...they lock the toilets and inside there is ultra violet light and toilet doors that swing open so you have to hold them shut. This is to discourage drug users from shooting up.
I took a toilet (there were only two plus a trough). I sat is so quiet that I let the door stay open and did I poo gushed out. I was wearing a white shirt and it really stood out under the UV lighting.
I went for the toilet paper and being white ( and cheap), I wiped and looked...the paper shone brightly in contrast to the brown poo on the paper...I left that toilet again feeling very relieved.
I got back to work and had to go to the toilet there..I was in there for a while and passed watery poo and again felt much better.


To Anonymous Fan

I do enjoy healthy, substantial bowel movements. I guess the amazement at the size of the BM's has subsided. Though I know my BM's are abnormally large, they are what I now consider normal.

As for holding a BM, because I live a structured, routinized lifestyle, I rarely have time to "hold it." But, when I have to go, the pressure hits me more suddenly. Like, I really have that "have to go now" feeling with most of my bowel movements. Like this morning, I was in the middle of applying eye liner when the feeling hit so hard that I could not even finish applying. I disrobed and got on the toilet immediately and defecated a huge, but soft log, followed by several smaller logs and pieces in rapid succession. It was intense pressure that hit suddenly! Most of the time I can hold it for about 5-30 minutes if I need to. I usually do not go until after I have completed my makeup and have my clothes on.

I do try to maintain good health. I guess you could say I look like a plus-size model, fit, but curvey. I do have a little softness around my stomach that will not go away! I am 6'1" and love to exercise routinely and play sports recreationally or in a league, as I did throughout school and college. I love to eat anything and have had a huge appetite ever since I can remember, but try to eat a healthy, high fiber diet with lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. I have written more about this on past posts.

Thanks for the comments! I will try to gather some more interesting stories from the past...

Amy (from Midwest)

Me Again!

Its me amy again! I'm the one with the NEW CAR that I can finally PEE in when I want! Well at least its new to me. Its a used car and also its definitely not like new anymore with pee all over the backseat and the drivers seat and the floor and the doors! My friends and I sure gave it a good soak the other day that's for sure!! Well now I'm gonna tell you that I did it again!! This time it was just me and marisa. We got in the car and we drove somewhere kind of private and then we got in the backseat area and we began to have our pees. We both made sure that we moved around a lot and that our pee splashed a lot and got onto as much of the car as we could. We started out on our knees facing the back of the seat and then we started to lean against other things like the backs of the front seats and the doors. By the time we were done the car was soaked and so were we! It felt SO GOOD!! I think Marisa peed more than I did! Her jeans were so wet they were shiny. And of course she farted a lot too while she peed. Heehee if you knew marisa you'd know what I mean and you wouldn't be surprised! I'm SO GLAD that we did this!! Now my car is even MORE full of pee!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! And Marisa is also glad she was able to do it with me and looks forward to next time. She said she might tell her friend Melissa about it and ask her if she would do it too. I told her she could and I hope she does. I know who she is and she's only like 14 so she might be curious enough to try it. I hope so!! Well that's it for me for now. I'll keep you posted!


Car peeing

Amy (from Midwest) reminded me of a car-peeing story of my own. I had a free period one quarter at my school, usually i'd go hang out in the computer lab but I left my math book in my car and I had a test that day so I went to my car to study. I got in the passengers seat and got out all my notes.

After a few minutes of studying I realized I had to pee really bad. I didn't want to go outside in the cold to get back to the bathrooms inside and it was too cold to pee outside. Luckily I remembered I kept a pull-up in the car just in case I needed it. I used to wet the bed a lot :S

I pulled it out of the trunk and set it down on the back seat. I ripped open the sides and laid it out flat on the seat. Then I pulled my pants down and squatted over the open pull-up on the seat and peed into it.

Luckily I had good aim and it all absorbed into the pull-up very well. When I finished I rolled it up and threw it away on my way inside once my next period started. It worked out great and I passed my test too!

I <3 POO

Answers to Wendy's survey/recent stories

To Wendy: Thanks for your survey I enjoyed answering it :) I love your and your friend Kirsten's stories, please keep them coming :)
Take care god bless.

1. Have you ever staged an accident in your pants? No.
2. Have you ever had an accident in a public place? Yes, this happened to me once at school when I was 14, one day I had a bit of a stomach bug and while in my class I had the worst case of diarrhoea which quickly leaked all down my legs and everyone in class saw, I was so mortified but at the time couldn't care less as I felt ill. After that I proceeded to have 3 more attacks of diarrhoea and needless to say I was off school for the next day as I felt rough.
3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a public but not too public place? Yes
4. Have you ever witnessed someone messing themselves? No
5. Have you ever watched someone relieve themselves? No but given the chance would love to though.
6. How long do you hold your poo? No more than an hour or I start feeling really uncomfortable, bloated and I pass really smelly, minging farts.
7. Do you enjoy it when you're desperate to poo? Oh god yes! :)
8. Do you enjoy the relief of having a really big poo? Definitely, I love the feeling of sitting on the loo, taking as much time as I need to unleash a really big, smelly poo with lots of farting and plopping.
9. Where do you normally have a poo? Usually at home, but also when I'm out and about either in the mall or at a friend's. Sometimes at work.
10. Do you like to talk about pooing? Yes.

To you all: Sorry I haven't been on here for 2 weeks, have not only been really busy with work and life but my broadband internet has been faulty and have had days when have had no signal :( but now hopefully things getting back to normal. I'm back!

To Ashley: I love reading your posts, keep posting take care god bless :)

To Linda from Australia: I think your stories are fab and have been enjoying them for a good while, keep up the good work :) take care and god bless :)

Right well, I suppose I'd better post about some of my recent bm's, here goes...

Wed 7/7: After work, was having a lovely relaxing time in the garden enjoying a lovely hot, sultry evening in the summer sun. It was about 7pm, when suddenly I was hit by a rumbling in my belly and I knew that this was going to be a big poo, I let out some really wet, smelly, minging farts which were so smelly, I quickly rushed to the downstairs loo, slammed the door shut, pulled down my denim shorts to my thighs and pants and sat on the loo, spread my legs, crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and .... the first wave of poo hit! I let out another smelly ripper of a fart which was then followed through with soft poo just slithering out my bum...plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plip, ploooop, blop, blop, phlunk! I then waited and in less than a few seconds a second wave of poo struck and again soft serve just was slipping out of my bum and by now after the first wave and now the second it was getting awfully smelly in the loo again lots of plips and plops and by the time the third and final wave hit me it was an explosion of faeces which rapidly dropped out my bum and made loud plops...PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLIPS-PLOPSSLIPSSLOPS, PLONK, BLOP! and that was it, in under 7 minutes I had unleashed an absoulte mess as I felt so relieved to have a satisfying, smelly poo. I looked round and needless to say it was a brown mess I managed to pebble dash the bowl and it took me 5 wipes to get my bum clean after that. But my did I feel good for it :) Phew! Had to spray the air freshener but when I have poos like that it's hardly a surprise really.

Thurs 8/7: I came home from work, got changed into a t-shirt, shorty shorts, flip-flops and went downstairs to have a lovely cup of tea in the garden and enjoy some time to my self after a very hectic tiring day at work. As I was enjoying my cup of tea and relaxing I could feel full in my belly and I knew that I needed a poo very soon because I hadn't got to that desperate state yet, and also I knew it was going to be a big poo as I had a rather big lunch at work this afternoon. I had a Chinese and I was in store for a significant loo experience later. About half an hour later I had finished my cuppa and stayed out in the garden soaking up the early evening lovely sunshine.
By half 6, I felt a really big poo, making it's way down to my bottom and got up and made my way to the loo downstairs and luckily no one was home except me because this was going to be a noisy, smelly poo. I locked the door and quickly pulled down my shorty shorts and pants to my thighs and plonked my bum on the loo and spread my legs and in no less than a few seconds I let out a big, noisy, smelly wet fart followed by an explosion of really smelly poo which kept dropping out of my bum…ka-plop, ka-plop, ka-plop, plipsslipsplops, plooop, blop, blop, plop, plop, plopsslooop, plip-plip-plop-plip-plop, blop. A little pause before I heard another crackle as my bum was getting ready to drop more poo and sure enough I did…plop, plop, plop, plip-plop-plop-plip-plop, blop, blop, blop, phlunnkk! PLOP! PLOP! By now I was really going for it as I wasn't even done yet as I could still feel more poo up there still that had to just drop out. A few moments later I gave couple of soft grunts…Nngggh, nngghhh, hmmm and surely the last lot of poo just slithered out of my bum and landed in the bowl with about 5 loud plops! I was now done and had been on the loo for 25 minutes as I had hugely satisfying colonic clear-out, the smell was as you can imagine but at least I took my time and had a pleasurable loo experience. I had a quick look behind into the bowl and there were logs, pieces and chunky pieces which were in a heap, I tore off some loo roll and it took 4 wipes to get my bum clean.

Sat 10/7: I went round my mate's house for the afternoon, it was a lovely hot day and I mean hot at 32C it was fantastic! I had a green t-shirt, dark denim crop jeans and black hi-top Converse trainers (without socks) because that's what I feel comfy in during the summer.

Anyway my mate and I were playing games on my console and by the late afternoon I began to feel like I need to have a big poo and was letting off silent but smelly farts and beginning to feel a bit uneasy and I knew I was going to have to go very soon as the urge grew and grew. So after about 2 and a half hours we stopped playing and I got up and made my way to his bathroom saying that I was going to the loo. I went in and locked the door and went over to the loo, undid the belt on my denim crop jeans and pulled them and my pants down to my thighs and sat myself on the loo. I crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly and gave a couple of soft grunts and then a couple of seconds I could feel a big, thick, brown log hanging out my bum and then it dropped with a dull PLOP! another 2 thick logs followed and dropped out my bum ...PLOP, PLOP! and I was done! It was a bit smelly in his bathroom and I had a look round in the bowl and there they were 3 big, brown, healthy logs sitting proudly in his loo. I tore of some loo roll and wiped at least 5 times as there was quite a lot of poo on my bum after dumping those logs :) I felt an enormous relief I can tell you. I think he must've noticed I went for a poo as I was on the loo a good 10 minutes but at least I got what was bothering me out of my system. The smell didn't linger too much which was good.

More from me soon. Take care and happy pooing :)


Girlfriend peed

My name is Jacob, I'm 17, out of school for the summer and hanging out with my girlfriend a lot. I'll call her Sarah (not her real name, but I'm not really Jacob either, ha) She was at my house yesterday afternoon and we were on the couch watching a movie and started fooling around a little and she climbed onto my lap stradling me facing me and I started tickling her because we were goofing off and she was laughing and squealing and it was so cute I kept going. She said to stop cause she had to pee but I kept tickling her and wouldn't let her off of me. She kept laughing and trying to get away but I wouldn't let her. Then suddenly my lap felt warm and wet and I looked down and she was peeing her pants and mine too. Her jean shorts were getting darker as the wetness spread out from her crotch and down her thighs and onto my shorts. She was still laughing and said I told you I had to pee. I kept tickling her until she had finished peeing. I guess I can't say what happened next on this site but we both enjoyed it and she wants to try it again sometime and I do to.


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