Amy L.


Hi guys its me again I just had an awful accident in my work uniform that I would like to share.

Yesterday, I had college from 12noon-5. Then work from 6-12midnight. So I don't get time to do anything in the middle, but go home, change for work, and eat something really fast. I ate and got dressed for work. I wore a thong, Black pants, and my black work t-shirt. I went to work, I felt the slight urge to poop but I just ignored it. I was serving people there food, (i am a waitress) and I was doing fine. I made it all the way to the end of my shift, and I was bursting to go. I quickly went to my car, and tried to drive as quick as I can, I made it to my front door, and the turd started inching out of my butt, I opened the door and started to run upstairs to the bathroom. I was too late, I stopped halfway up the stairs and it all exploded in my work pants. I was crying because I only get 5 pairs of pants from them. I went to the bathroom and surveyed the damage it was a disaster, my pants were full of mushy light brown crap. and my thong was ruined. I washed myself. then I washed my clothes, luckily, all of the poop came off and there was no noticable stain from the outside so I was able to save the pants! I really have to get my bathroom schedule back on track

Amy (from Midwest)

Peeing in My Car

My name is amy and I'm 19. I tried to post a few days ago. I guess I used too much detail! Although what I did had NOTHING to do with sex!!! Basically what I said was that I'm SO EXCITED cause I finally got a new car and I don't have to use my moms car anymore!! And that means I can PEE IN MY CAR!!!! And so the other day I did it, along with 4 of my friends, emily (18), lauren (18), megan (19), and marisa (16). We all got into the backseat and we all peed together! Lauren and marisa peed against the two front seats and the rest of us sat on the backseat. I was in the middle. It was SO AWESOME!!! We also moved around so that way we would get pee on more of the car. By the time we were finished the seat and the doors and the backs of the front seats and the floor were all soaked with pee! The whole car smelled like pee and also like farts, especially marisas cause she's a farter girl! I am SO glad we were able to do this!!! I am SO GLAD I finally have a car of my OWN!!!

pool guy

teen girl pooped her swimsuit at the pool

Took my kids ages 3 and 6 to the pool this past weekend. Havin a good time when a girl about 14 or 15 looked upset and hurried out of the pool. She started to head to the women's lockerroom and began crying and I looked over to see her hand on her bottom with a big brown bulge growing in the seat of her lime green bathing suit. She hurried into the bathroom and two other girls that I guess were sisters or friends chased after her. Poor girl must've been devastated but thank god she made it out of the water before pooping herself.


getting older

My name is linda, I'm 42 years old...I am divorced with 1 child and I live in a large city in the US. I feel that I stay in pretty decent shape, since I'm single I want to try to appear to be "on the market" so to speak, but getting older takes its toll despite my efforts to stay fit. I actually like to occasionally perform as a stand up comedian at local bars and other establishments and have a good time with my friends, because they always say I'm a good story teller and I tell them in such a funny way. I feel much better expressing myself verbally, though, so I hope I can still make that impression in text! Anyway, I did a bit recently that prompted a friend to tell me about this website and urged me to share the stories I told in my standup on this website, so here goes! I'll tell it more as a straightforward narrative with more details because its easier and makes more sense than the way I told it in my bit.
I was talking about the effects of getting older, and one of the things I said was that 20 years ago a good day meant finding a cool party with cute guys to spend the night at, and nowadays a good day means getting through it without crapping my pants! Which brngs me to my story...I don't recall ever even coming close to pooping my pants in my entire life, not since childhood. As a teen, in my 20s, 30s, not an issue. I don't even remember ever havng a real poop emergency where I really had to go but didn't have immediate access to the ladies room. It just didn't happen! I pooped on my time. When I felt like it was a good time to do it, I did, but my bowels never controlled me, no sir! Yeah yeah, I may have wet myself a couple times and encountered numerous other bursting bladder emergencies, mainly alcohol related, but I swear, I honestly can't think of one instance where I was desperate to go poopies! Then I turned 40.
its like when you're born they put an expiration date on your sphincter. Its unbelievable, but about the time I turned 40 I noticed that the frequency with which I need to make a poopy increased drastically, and the urges were more pressing. I found myself pooping in public restrooms more often than I was used to. Well, this fantastic new development in my life has lead to me ACTUALLY crap my pants in public THREE times in the last 2 and a half years. I went a good 38 years without even ALMOST pooping my pants. Now..3 times in less than 3 years, I've pooped myself! There is EASILY nothing more humiliating than pooping yourself as an adult woman. Wow.
Its not even like you get used to it either. Oh no, it was just as shocking and devasting the 2nd and 3rd time, if not more so. Anyway, here's what happened. A couple years ago, I was with my daughter and my best friend Cathy at the mall christmas shopping and I could tell I had to poop. We all had a lot of bags and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to keep track of all of our stuff when we went to the ladies room so I decided to wait until I went home. Well before I knew it, I got the most unnerving pressure in the pit of my stomach and felt a twinge in my sphincter. I actually felt alarmed, and I instantly knew I had to find the nearest toilet as fast as possible. Well it was no use... there was something in me that knew, even though I'd never had an accident before, that I wasn't gonna make it to the bathroom in time. I had never felt that feeling before of having to poop THAT incredibly badly, and I just thought "oh my god. I'm 40 years old and I am about to poop in my pants." I urgently told cathy and my daughter mallory "I've gotta go to the bathroom! Now!" And rushed toward one of the department stores connected to the mall. I felt the pressure begin to mount on my sphincter as the load started to push. I had to fight it back in several times as I walked, I've heard this referred to as "turtle heading" and "prairie dogging". Well, I was dyng that. I just couldn't hold on anymore. Right smack of the mall an enourmous hot blob of mushy crap forced its way into my underwear. It felt led all my bags that were in my left hand right on the ground and I covered my ass with it and quicky waddledover to the wall and cathy and mallory scrambled to pick up my bags and rush over to me, thoroughly confused and alarmed. I felt dazed and I was laughing and crying at the same time, and I whispered "I just pooped my pants!" Cathy and mallory both LOST IT! they couldn't believe it. It was ridiculous. A lot of people were looking at me as they went by because it was pretty obvious I had crapped myself. We began the longest walk to the car I've ever made in my life, alternating between tears and laughter the whole way. My daughter was helpful enough to keep informing me of the stain and the lump on my butt. Frankly I thought she was gonna poop in her own pants just from laughing so much! Most humiliating moment of my many people saw. I had flowered white panties on that still have a light brown stain shaped like a big peach in the seat.
the other two happened in a very similar way so I don't need to go into the details as much. Nearly a year later, I think right after halloween, I made a lunch run from work. Me and some other women regularly take turns going to pick up lunch for everyone if we don't get delivery. I noticed my need to poop before I left but I wanted to get everyone's food first. We ordered from a greek take out place that was somewhat far away, about 5 blocks, and they only have a bicycle delivery service so they don't deliver orders as large as ours. I got in a cab to make it quick. About when we got there I started to feel really anxious that I wouldn't make it to the toilet. I had to wait in line to pay for the order, and the pressure was building. Finally I got back in the cab and told the driver to hurry, and then I felt that same ominous twinge in my sphincter. Terror came over me as I thought to myself "oh god, not again...please..." 41 years old now, and I was about to crap in my pants...again. we made it a block before I was turtle heading/prairie dogging it. Another block, and I was passing these booming farts beyond my control and begging the driver to hurry. Then, just down the block from the office, warm poop more solid than my first accident squeezed out of me and squished into my blue panties and beige slacks between my butt and the carseat into a nice firm poopy pancake. I apologized profusely to the driver who took mercy on me and only charged me for one way. I waddled back into the office barley able to see because my eyes were full of tears. I had to drop everyone's food off at the front desk and face a few of my coworkers with poopy pants, and ask to go home. Just as humiliating as my first accident in the mall.
Finally, it happened yet again just the other day. This time I was at a 4th of july block party. During the party I felt pressure build in my bowels and soon I had a pretty desperate poop emergency on my hands. I had no choice but to get in a lengthy line for portable toilets. It is an entirely residential block and I was at the complete opposite end from where my apartment is so I thought it would be quicker than pushing through crowds to get to my place. Well the line was going slowly and I got I to a dilemma where I had to go really bad but I was indecisive about whether I'd be better off trying to make it to my place or stay in line. I foolishly stayed in the line a little longer until I realized it was just going too slowly and there were too many people ahead of me, so if I stayed in line I would definitely poop my panties before getting to the toilet. I got extremely anxious and my heart was racing as I came to fear that again, I was about to crap myself in public...age 42 now. I was especially nervous because I had a white denim skirt on, and I feared if I had an accident my red cotton panties might not contain the mess and it would go down my legs and get on the ground. I left the line finally to head to my place at the other end of the block, with the mindset that I might still make it and if not I would have to go there anyway to change my underwear....I think I made it 10 feet. It was ready to come out as soon as I left the line, and as I pushed through the crowd, pooped pushed through my butt cheeks and caked into a tight bulge in the seat of my panties that felt like it was as big as an orange. It wasn't totally solid but it wasn't runny, was soft and squishy but stayed in a bulge in my panties and didn't run down my legs or fall out of my panties, THANK GOD...I felt my panties drooping from the weight though so I walked very carefully. It really...really..really..smelled! Easily the strongest smelling of my 3 accidents. So pretty much everyone I walked past knew I'd had an accident or at least thought I farted. Public shame and humiliation once again. Grown woman couldn't hold her poopies in..unbelievable.
So that's my contribution to this fascinating little site you've got here. Glad to know there are others out there who know what its like to have multiple adulthood pooping accidents! Isn't it wonderful? Sheesh... so yeah, 42 years old and I'm at the point in my life where if I can get through the day without pooping in my underwear, I'm doing good! Hope you enjoyed the story, I'll answer any questions and definitely let you know if I have any other bowel mishaps in my future!

A few years back in college, I was prepping for my finals. I planned to go to a study class at about 6 in the morning, which was very early for me, but I needed the help. I went to bed early, and set my alarm early so i could wake up with enough time to do my usual morning routine. But, my roommate tripped the power cord on my alarm and it didn't go off. She woke me up to apologize after she realized, but the damage was done. I had just enough time to make it to the class, but no time for my morning routine. This was a problem, because my body is used to pooping in the morning. I felt pressure in my butt to poop and my stomach was gargling heavily.

I rushed to the class which was pretty close to my dorm, hoping I could use the bathroom before the lesson. But, I couldn't, and I barely made it to the lesson on time. I took a seat secluded in the back of the room. I was barely paying attention because I was so focused on not pooping my pants. I was clenching so hard I was sweating. I needed to focus on the material being covered, and waited until my professor went over something I knew.

He finally started to cover some material I was very familiar with, so I politely asked to go to the bathroom. He sternly said "Quickly" and I jumped out of my seat and headed to the nearest bathroom, which was a floor up. I zipped through the halls, grabbing my butt, rushing to the toilet. I started to let out a wet fart when a huge log started to come out. Horrified, I kept my hand on my butt, and made it to the bathroom. It was a single person bathroom and someone was in it already.

I pressed my butt against the wall as more poo came out. The woman in the bathroom came out, and looked at me like she knew I pooped myself. I waited until she left before I burst into the bathroom. I took of my pants and panties and sat on the toilet and continued to poop. I could see the log that was in my panties. I was very mushed up, but it looked very big. The log I was passin gon the toilet felt very mushy too. There were many small loads with it. I reached into the toilet paper dispenser, but it was empty. There were no paper towels either. I used my socks to clean my butt and panties. I flushed all to poo and my panties and went back to the review.


Taco Bell

Just for the record, the 2nd part of my last post "JCP Bathroom" was not from me. I do not work at Sears and have not used a doorless stall at Sears. I think someone else's post got mixed in with mine by accident.

Yesterday I had lunch at Taco Bell and half-way through I felt a strong urge to poop. I finished my lunch and went to the bathroom. I was in there for about ten minutes pooping. The whole bathroom smelled horrible. What made it even more embarrassing is that there were huge cracks in the stall between the door and frame, so it was close to a doorless stall as you can get.

Lisa_from Germany
In July 2009 I flew with my parents and my sister to china for three weeks. We chose a trip on the Yangtze River. My father is a businessman and was frequently on business in china.

Now a few words about the Yangtze River. One of the reasons we were keen to come on this trip was to see the river itself. At 3,434 miles long, the Yangtze is the third longest river in the world, behind the Nile and the Amazon. I stayed with my sister in one cabin, the cabin was equipped with a bathroom with shower and toilet, than a phone, television, two beds and a sofa.

I was afraid to clog the toilet, so I detected to hold my poop in. After two weeks of the trip the pressure was terrible, I had to shit so bad, so I went to the toilet, after my sister felt asleep and began to push really hard. But nothing was working. After 20 minutes of pushing, my sister was knocking on the toilet door, telling me, that she had to poop. I asked her, if she could hold it in until I was finished, but she answered "No, I had my last bathroom visit at home, so I must get it out now".

So I opend the door and my sister went in. I was about to go but she said to stay with her. She pulled down her pants and underwear and sat up on the toilet first she began peeing, and than she leaned forward and began to push very hard. After a few minutes, her face was turning red, but she told me, that it did not come out and her anus hurt so bad. I held her hand, and she was taking deep breaths, than she was pressing with all her strength, tears ran down from her face. Her fingernails was forcing in my hand, and she sayed, that it was so terribly painful, but finally she get it out. After that, she didn't wipe herself, her anus hurt too bad. Her turd was knobby, with traces of blood in it.

So I sat down (without flushing, she sad, when she flushed it, it could block the toilet), and start to push really hard. But no effect, I could only feel the big turd near my hole. It took about ten big grunts to get my hole open, my sister was holding my hand, and I pushed as hard as I could, and finally, the poop came out, but went back in when I stopped pushing. My anus hurt so bad, but I had no choice, I must get it out. So I put my head between my knees and managed to stretch my anus with both hands, took a very deep breath, and pushed as hard as I could. So it was moving very slowly, and finally, I get it out. It felt so good, but I was tired after all that pushing. It took me more than an hour to push them out. My turd was big and coverd with blood. After that, I was sitting and we embraced each other and I told her how much I loved her.

to Mr.Clogs: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that once again that you peed into a cup. i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to Catherine: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you got to witness a couple of movies where women were pooping. i look forward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that Isabella had a small accident in her pants. iam glad that you were able to get to the tiolet in time without having an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Ian: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear about your girlfriends habait of peeing in the grass. i thought that it was really cool that you had her take a dump in a plastic bag in the tent. did you like the way her bowel movement smelled? i understand why she doesnt like using the porta potties at the festival. most of the time they are really dirty and unsafe to use. i lookorward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Lisa: i really enjoyed your post. thats horrible that Starbucks would force a customer to pruchase coffee just so that they could use the bathrooms. why is it Starbucks policy to do such a thing? thank goodness that the busdriver and the police officer didnot use the bathroom at Starbucks. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you are turned on by women relieving themselves in there knickers. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Indy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you got a good glimps of a customer in the bathroom. iam so glad that you were able to recongnize what kind of boots that he was wearing. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Laurel: i really enjoyed your post. thats really interesting to learn about your friends past bathroom habits while out in public. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to KeithD: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you have been suffering from constipation. iam sorry also that your job wont allow you to relieve yourself at your own pace. may i recommend that you take an exlax with you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Linda: i really enjoyed your post. iam finally glad to hear that you have been able to relieve yourself. i hope that this will continue. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Melvin: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that your female friend has blown up the bathroom with her bowel movement. i really enjoy doing that as well especially out in public bathrooms. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to LogLady:i really enjoyed your post. it sounds like you and yourfriend had an eventful bathroom visit at the mall. thats really cool to hear that she stunk up the bathroom. dont you love stinking up the bathroom in public? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to UpStateDave: i really enjoyed your post. your contination of your story is awesome. i love it. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your second post. iam glad to hear that your teacher was very sympathic of your friends accident. iam also glad that you guys were able to stop again and prevent yourselfes from having another accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool to hear that you experienced two successful dumps at work. iam glad to hear also that you stunk up the bathroom. iam really glad to hear that prune juice helps relieve your constipation. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.




Post Title (optional) Having some good dumps this week!!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having some very nice dumps this week and I'm not getting any signs of becoming constipated. Yesterday I dropped a massive load in the toilet when I got home from work. It only took me 5 minutes to get it all out and I didn't have to push or strain at all. It didn't feel like much poo came out but when I had a look in the bowl, there was lots of decent sized log, all in a big pile!!! They were about the size of a medium sized banana but a lot thicker. I felt SO good after doing that poo because it stretched my anus. Today was much the same, it only took me 5 minutes to push out another massive load. This time the logs were smaller and the pile of poo was even bigger than last night!! I felt finished after tonights poo and last night aswell. I love being constipation free and I hope it lasts for at least a few more weeks.

To Keith D: I loved reading your post!! I know I have mentioned this before but I love reading about other people being constipated and struggling to do poos. I guess its because I'm often constipated myself so I can relate to people's struggles. As you can see, I'm on a winning streak for now but that might change soon. It sounds like you have been really constipated lately. How long did it take for you to get all that poo out?? I can remember several times having the head of a turd poking out of my anus and then my anus sucks it back in!!! Its so frustrating and it takes so much effort to get the poo to stick out again. I also hate the dry pebbles of poo that break off the main log. This doesn't happen to me very often these days but when I was back in high school, it happened all the time. I had lots of trouble and I was constipated most of the time.

I don't know any other pushing techniques, apart from the ones I use which are probably the same thing that you do. I think you get more constipated than me but I do struggle A LOT with constipation and I have had lots of terrible experiences on the toilet with poos.

The Log Lady
I avoid public bathrooms as often as possible, not because of the dirtiness. That is an issue, but the reason I avoid them so much is because I have terrible luck in terms of toilet paper. It seems whatever stall I use, there's no toilet paper. Here's the most recent example of this, that happened today.

The office I work at is pretty small, and only has about 20 people working there. The office we work at is on the bottom level of a three story building. There are only two bathrooms were are allowed to use because the other ones are used by other companies. One for men, one for women obviously. The woman's room is only one stall, and I think the men's room is a stall and a urinal, I'm not 100% sure, but that sounds right.

Anyway, back to the story, today I woke up feeling a bit bloated. I sat on my toilet and tried to squeeze out a log, but nothing came out and I went to my office. On my way, I got a big coffee, hoping for it to produce a log. Well, It did. The urge to go hit me very quickly, and I rushed to the crapper. The stall was being used by some businesswoman who I didn't know, but had a meeting with my boss.

The bathroom is very small, so it's hard not to hear people in the stall. I heard a few plops landing in the bowl, and not much else. My co-workers are used to this, but she wasn't and when she got out she seemed very mad at me. I didn't care, and rushed into the stall. The seat was warm, which I like. it helped me drop the log I did. It was a big one, about 10 inches. There were no other plops or logs, just one.

I reached into the dispenser for TP, but it was empty! I was so mad! I had to get back to work quickly, because my boss doesn't like it when we spend a lot of time on the bog. No one was outside the stall, so I went out with my slacks around my ankles and waddled over to the paper towels. They are very rough, but they got the job done.

Hope you enjoyed the story! What are some of your memorable no toilet paper experiences?

Emily W
Abbie - I absolutely loved both of your posts. Isobel sounds so sweet and cute ! I can understand why you went pink but I'm glad she made it all nice and clean, clearly seemed very close.

I hope to read more of your posts. Keep up the good work

Emily xx

ok guys, so i've been reading around but this is my first time posting here. i'm a 20 year old male, about 5 foot 11 and 180 pounds. right now i'm in college at university of georgia. i'm pretty athletic, i play a lot of sports. i'm going out with a beautiful girl named therese, we've been seeing each other for 2 years now. here's a couple stories.

about a month ago, me and therese were at this concert (can't remember who was playing). it was a lawn concert, and for some reason there were no bathrooms, but they had 3 porta-potties out. this place was pretty crowded, and the line for the porta-potties was about 20 minutes long and never seemed to get shorter. the line was mostly people jumping up and down, so i guess they had to go pretty bad. well on the way there i had 2 cokes, so by the time we arrived i was close to bursting. i really didn't want to wait in the line, so me and therese just spread out a blanket we had brought and sat down. i started squirming around, and she said to me, do you need to piss, i said yes, very badly. so she took me to the line and we just waited. it seemed as if the line had gotten longer, and as we were waiting she said she also had to go pretty badly. we walked around to see if there were any other porta-potties, and all the sudden therese just stopped and her white shorts turned yellow. she had just peed her pants! so then i pulled my dick out and started peeing. then we went to watch the concert.

Rag Muffin Reanna

Commentary on Laurel's "A simplistic manifesto..."

I think Laurel is to be commended on her "A Simplistic Manifesto for Public Toilets." I would think many of us can relate to some of the situations she presented and how frustrating it is to try and do a simple pee or crap in a public bathroom and all that we must sometimes endure.

For example, her friend Teresa sitting down on the toilet without first dropping the seat. Outside of emergencies, if you raise the seat, when you are done drop it out of respect for the next user who might be a second or two away from an accident in her pants. An example I can cite is once this winter during the flu season at school I had to hurl. I went into a stall, got down on my knees, placed my hands over the front of the seat and hung my head. While I was wretching I got to thinking that I might splash the seat, so I lifted it just before the biggest attack on my stomach came. However, after flushing I replaced the seat. One of my fellow debate team members came to check up on me and felt I was being uncommonly nice in lowering the seat, especially since I was quite sick.

Regarding the Jeralee's and others who will not sit on a public seat under any circumstances, I just feel they are doing their bodies a real disservice. There can't be anything good about carrying a colon full of crap around all day or holding your pee until you get home. I just don't get the rationale for such precautions. As for the wasting of toilet paper or other tissues for seat liners, I've never them and probably never will. I would also think that most of the time, one would possibly get off them anyway just as one moves around on the seat or reaches for toilet paper to wipe with. Very few of my friends cover the seats; a few more, however, do quickly wipe the seat before they sit down but I also read that the mere wiping just relocates any suppressed germs before you sit down. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Then Laurel tells the story about her former boyfriend Troy who shits, then wants to hose the skidmarks off the bowl with his pee while Laurel is standing there bursting her bladder and unable quickly sit down and pee. What kind of exhibitionist is he? Chances are a few more flushes by the next few users will take care of the skidmarks. Laurel's in pain and her only interest is sitting down and peeing. That's the way it should be. I remember in middle school we all hated this one girl who transfered in at mid-year because she would stand in front of the toilet, tear off toilet paper strip by strip and carefully place it on the seat. She would take up to three minutes of a five-minute class break to do that and by the time she did that, three other members of her class standing in line would have had an opportunity to use the toilet. I feel that is just inconsiderate.

Lastly, I would add the expectations of schools that a four or five-minute passing period is adequate for using the bathroom. With No Child Left Behind, more of our teachers are saying no to those asking to use the toilet during class time. And the sarcasm they come up with is getting worse, so much so that my mom has taken my side on this arguement and even cited the lyrics to a 30-year-old Pink Floyd song to aid my argument. The words go (sung by a choir of schoolkids) "We don't need no education ....." and mom says the second line of the refrain should be "But we need to poop and pee ..." I fully agree with her. In my high school we have like four-minutes to take care of our "bathroom needs" between classes and in several cases this year I have dutifully seat myself as a stall's first user and because of the timed stress, been unable to deliver. It hurts me to know that it's going to be another hour before I can get rid of my burning pee or explosive crap. And even the, I know there's no guarantees if I finally get a stall and seat myself.

Those of us who have been victimized through the years and who have questioned and protested policies get frustrated, but we're confident things will get better when we get released and have to make our own way as part of the everyday world outside of school.

Hey Catherine

I really enjoy your posts, do you have any other stories of very large dumps in the past?

You sound like a healthy person with a good appetite, are you ever surprised over the amount you produce? Have you ever considered holding it in for a while to see how much you can go/increase the feeling of relief?

It's nice with gals like yourself sharing stories here, and it seems you enjoy doing it too :)

Hi again everyone. This post happened the other day and I thought I'd share it now with you all.

I said I would drive a couple of my friends to the airport because they were off to Spain for a holiday (must have been good to be there when they won the World Cup). Birmingham airport is about an hour from my house, so I picked them up and they loaded their suitcases and I set off. After they'd checked in we went to Burger King for lunch. I had my usual bacon cheeseburger and fries with a sprite, and as we ate I started to feel full and slightly bloated. After we said goodbye at the security point, I went up to the viewing gallery to watch them take off. I discovered that the view was rubbish and I could hardly see any of the runway or the apron. With an hour still to go until they took off, I thought I would drive to the park at the end of the runway and watch from there. I went back to my car and drove around until I found the car park for the park. I walked down the path and found some benches right at the end of the runway. Planes were taking off right over me. I sat down to wait. There were about 20 minutes to go, and it was about now I started to need a poo. I felt ok, though, so I just watched the planes passing overhead. Over the next few minutes I started to need it more and more strongly.
I saw their plane taxiing out finally, and it took off over me. I didn't wave because there were other people sitting around and walking through the park. But now I had a problem as I watched them turn east. I really had to poo, but I was in a park with no loos. I started back to my car, thinking it over. When I got there, I realised I had a real dilemma. I could feel the head of my poo very close to my hole, and I was pretty desperate. I knew I couldn't make it all the way home. I could go back to the airport but I would have to pay the extortionate rates to park for a second time. I couldn't think of anywhere else around where I could stop and use their loos. I sat there for a couple of uncomfortable minutes before I decided I'd have to go back to the airport. Then I remembered there was a station opposite the car park, and trains ran to the airport station. It would be a lot cheaper- but I'd have to leave my car in the dodgy, unsecured gravel car park. I decided I couldn't wait, so I locked my car and went to the station. The next train was five minutes away. There were no loos at the station, so I clenched my cheeks and waited. Soon enough the train arrived. I got on. There was a loo, but if there's one type of toilet I absolutely will not use it is train toilets. I sat down, but it was only a couple of minutes ride and I got off without even having to pay since the inspector didn't come round! I rushed up the stairs, completely forgetting about the toilets in the airport station, and joined the small crowd waiting for the little monorail thing that takes you to the airport. I was bursting by now, but I tried not to show it. The train thing arrived and I got on, standing by the door with my bum resting on the pole you are meant to hold on to. It got to the airport quickly, and I darted off ahead of the crowd, heading for the toilets I remembered using when I came once before. But as I approached I saw to my dismay that they were gone, blocked off behind boards where they were doing work. I squeezed my bum closed. I had to get to a loo fast, but where were they now? I looked for signs. I didn't see any, so I asked a member of staff. I think my desperation must have shown because she quickly pointed out to me where they were. I thanked her and hurried over to them. My guts were churning as I entered. Since they seemed to be the only toilets on this floor of the airport, they were very busy. Every one of the stalls were taken and there were some women standing in line. I cursed silently- I was afraid I'd left it too late by taking the train instead of driving. There were four people ahead of me. One old lady at the front, and behind her a mother and young daughter who was maybe 7 or 8, and looked very excited. I was not excited- I had moved past the point where needing the loo felt good, and now I was merely desperate. As, it seemed, was the black-haired girl in front of me. She was about 12, and I must have passed her mum standing outside. She had one hand on her bum and looked very nervous. Since the sinks were around a corner and I was at the back of the queue, I decided to join her and put my hand on my bum to try and help keep it in. Annoyingly, ahead of us the mother and daughter had gone in separate cubicles, meaning we'd have to wait even longer for the relief we desperately needed. Many of the women were pooing, trying to empty their bowels before their long flights, and this meant the turnover rate was very low. The girl in front finally got a seat, and then so did I. I quickly went in and sat down. Immediately I shat out three logs and farted. I was so relieved. I followed up with another log and a few pellets and small pieces, and then I was done.
Luckily my car was fine when I got back to it!

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed it everyone! Will post again soon.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Good to hear you are on a winning streak again. Life would be boring if all your poops came out the same way but it is good to get a break from constipation for a while.

Four poops in one day is impressive! Must be a big relief after a drought. When you go so many times in one day are the poops small because you are only letting a little out at a time or are they full size because you have been backed up for a while and are now making up for it? Sorry for all the questions I just love finding out how other people go.

I remember pooping in the shower when I was about 17 and used to suffer from long bouts of constipation (4 days plus between every movement). Around that time I often couldn't go and most days never even got a weak urge to go. I used to have to force myself to go to the toilet and sit and strain for ages. I found that I only had success dropping a log if I had a strong urge to go and acted on it immediately.

A couple of times when I was having a shower late at night I got an urge to go. But by the time I had rinsed off, turned off the shower, dried off, wrapped a towel around me and raced next door to the toilet (the place where I was living had a separate bathroom and toilet room), I found that the urge was lost and by the time I got there and sat I found that I could not get anything out no matter how hard I strained.

So one night while showering when I got the urge I didn't wait to get to the toilet I squatted halfway down and started pushing. It was an unusual sensation. It felt more natural to poop while nude and with no clothes to restrict me. And the heat from the shower and the massaging effect of the water on my shoulders while because it was raining down from a greater than usual height was very relaxing. I remember that the poop took a little bit of effort to get going because it was very hard and dry. But once moving it stretched my ring open suddenly and landed on the steel floor of the shower with a "thunggg". Then I suddenly realised I had to do something with it. It was too solid and wasn't about to wash away. And it was certainly too big to fit down the drain hole! In the end I picked it up (turds are surprisingly heavy!) and carried it to the toilet (with water running off me and dripping all over the floor), dropped it in the toilet, and went back to finish my shower.


Wendy's Survey

Wendy's survey
1. Have you ever staged an accident in your pants? Yes, I'll tell about them soon.

2. Have you ever had an accident in a public place? Yes, I told that one a week or two ago.

3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a public but not too public place? Yes, on a hike once.

4. Have you ever witnessed someone messing themselves? Yes.

5. Have you ever watched someone relieve themselves? Yes.

6. How long do you hold your poo? Sometimes days if I can make it that long.

7. Do you enjoy it when you're desperate to poo? Yes! The relief is amazing!

8. Do you enjoy the relief of having a really big poo? Yes.

9. Where do you normally have a poo? In the toilet, mostly, but when I can get away with it in my panties.

10. Do you like to talk about pooing? Yes.


Ian's post

What an experience for you and your gf, Ian! How considerate of you to help her poop in relative comfort, to reassure her, while not having her try to go using a gross porta-potty, or risk doing in out in the open. She is very lucky to have a bf like you, who understands her needs and can attend to them. I hope you had some other intimate toilet experineces with her along the way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some of my favorite stories on this site is when a lady shares a story about taking a dump in a public place while also sharing what her neighbors are doing. I'm not sure why I enjoy these more - part of it could be that in reading one posting you really get more than one story. Another reason possibly could be that I find it interesting that the other lady could be completely oblivious that the lady in the next stall is listening intently to the sounds she is making while also observing any stink she is contributing to the restroom. One of my favorite posters for these stories is JaLe. I'm not sure if she still writes on this site, but she shared many excellent stories about her dumps as well as her co-workers, friends, strangers, etc. I actually read an old one of hers just the other day and its what made me think of this. If any of you ladies have such contributions, would love to hear them.

Michael from Malaysia


Hi guys, haven't entered this forum for quite a while. I got a part-time job a few weeks ago, working at Starbucks. I met quite a few people there and their bowel habits too. I'm gonna share some of them with you.

Alan: Kind, helpful 20 year old guy. Is lactose intolerant but doesn't watch his dairy intake. As a result he has to take regular trips to the bathroom during working hours.

Ruki:- Bit secretive in crowds, but talkative when with friends. He's a vegetarian and has no whatsoever problem with taking a crap. He produces big logs and a lot of gas.

To be continued...


Keith D's Post Turd Volcano

Turd Volcano was truly an extraordinary post. I must say, I almost felt Keith's discomfort as he gave us the blow by blow description of his herculean effort to pass the dry nasty turd. I feel badly for you, Keith, as you seem to struggle so mightily with constipation. Have you ever tried inserting a glycerin suppository when in such a state? I have never used one, but I have read that they can provide good lubrication when you need relief so urgently. My movements are so easy, effortless and enjoyable that I guess I take it for granted. Good luck Keith, and keep us posted!



Another great story about your school most of your mates know u post on here?

I know most people try to hide the fact that they are pooing but which one of your mates from memory tries to hide the fact, to who is the most open about it?

Have u got any stories from school or university about fellow girls who u reckon are noisy on either side of u?

If we were allowed to openly watch a non-famous and then a famous boy and girl, who would u watch and why?

If at all, what age did u notice your loads starting to get bigger?

Keep them stories coming............


Late night peeing into a cup.

Hello everybody, I got a quick post to share so here goes. I woke up in the middle of the night and needed to pee and badly! I was bursting for relief, as I got up from my bed, I was squirting a little bit of pee in my boxer shorts (I don't sleep in underwear, I just the boxers to sleep in) and grabbed a cup and peed in it. I took about a minute to fully empty my bladder because I was half asleep holding the cup with one hand and aiming my penis to pee in the cup. I must of filled the cup about 3/4 of the way up maybe 24 OZ. I placed the cup on the floor and crawled back into bed and got up for work early in the morning. I dumped the piss filled cup and rinsed the cup out and got ready for work.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

Mr. Clogs


Yes Dear Poop Scene

I just saw this poop scene the other day and have to say that it was the cutest poop scene I have seen in a TV or movie. Sandra Bullock's ordeal in Two Weeks Notice might be right up there. The one in Sex in the City movie where Charlotte catches Montezuma's Revenge is pretty good too.

I can see this happening to most any young mother. However, her line "Mommy has to make a really big poo poo!" takes it to the next level. You don't usually hear any indication of the type of poop.

However, though there are no sounds when Kim runs into the plumber (her brother in law?) I want to think that it is implied she did not make it to the toilet? Or, is her reaction just shock that she did not know someone else was in the bathroom?


Story from yesterday and school trip

Hi, it's me Abbie again with a new story and also a school trip experiance I promised before. The first story happened literally last night when I was babysitting for a neighbour. I say babysitting, Toby's 5 and Isobel's 10 so they're not exactly babies any more, but obviously not old enough to be left alone either. I've known them ages as my parents are friends with their parents and in the last few months I've started babysitting now and then, its great to have a bit of extra cash! I got round there about 7ish, their mum and dad were going out for a meal and said they'd be back by 10. As I sat down in the living room I realised I needed both a wee and a poo, I'd been wanting a poo most of the day at school but hadn't had the chance to go and by the time I'd got home I didn't seem to need it any more. I hoped I'd be able to hang on until after the kids were in bed so that I didn't get disturbed. We messed about watching TV for a while then about 8.00 I sent Toby up to get ready for bed, by now I was pretty much bursting. Isobel's bedtime was 8.30 but I knew I couldn't wait that long, so as soon as Toby was in bed I said to Isobel "I'm just going to the loo a minute and then you'll have to get ready for bed, OK?" Isobel looked really worried. "Oh Abbie, I'm dying for the loo as well, you won't be long will you?" she said. Their house is like ours, there is only one toilet and its in the main bathroom so if someone else needs it at the same time as you its a bit tricky. "Well… do you just need a wee?" I asked her. She shook her head, "No, I'm desperate for a poo" she said quietly. "Oh great, so am I" I said, hoping I wasn't blushing, I was starting to feel a bit embarrased. "How long do you think you'll be?" I asked. "I might be a while" said Isobel, looking down at her toes, "I haven't been able to have a poo for a few days." I needed to take charge of the situation so I said "Right, well I shouldn't be too long, so I'll go in first but I won't lock the door. If you get so desperate you can't wait any longer you'll have to come in and go in the bath and then we'll clean it up later." Isobel nodded as I went up the stairs as fast as I could. I went into the bathroom and shut the door with one hand as I unbuttoned my shorts with the other. I pulled down my denim shorts and red knickers, sat on the loo and started weeing straight away. I started pushing hard, trying desperately to get my poo out so I could let Isobel use the toilet in peace, I really didn't fancy the idea of her sharing it with me. Typically my first log was quite big and was coming out really slowly despite my efforts to push. After a couple of minutes I got it to drop and I was just starting on the second when the door opened and Isobel burst in. "I'm really sorry Abbie, I can't wait any more or I'll end up going in my pants" she said. She quickly pulled down her blue shorts and white knickers and sat on the edge of the bathtub. Just at that moment my second log dropped with a massive splash and I let out a loud fart, I could feel myself starting to go pink with embarrasment. Isobel was starting to go pink too, she was obviously having to push hard even though she was so desperate and was letting a few grunts out as well. After my second log I could feel I was done, so I quickly wiped my bum and flushed the toilet. I pulled up my knickers and shorts and washed my hands. "You can go and sit on the loo now" I said to Isobel. "Thanks" she said with a weak smile. She stood up carefully and I could see the head of a fat log sticking out of her bum, she sort of waddled over to the toilet and sat down. I went out, closing the door and breathing a sigh of releaf and went back downstairs to watch the telly. About 15 minutes later Isobel still hadn't come out of the toilet so I went back upstairs to check she was OK, but on my way up I heard the toilet flushing. She came out looking very red in the face but a lot happier.

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