Festival technique

A few years ago I was at a 3 day festival with my girlfriend. Whilst she is very open and relaxed with me about her toilet habits, she is also very squeamish about dirty/messy toilets.

To combat this she has developed a way to have a wee pretty much anytime without the need to use portaloos. She wears a denim skirt (about knee length) and no knickers - which I like ;) - when she needs a wee, she just sits or kneels on the grass in an out of the way place and pisses from under her skirt.

As this festival was three days it was inevitable that she would need a dump at least once. This made us wonder about going, but as it was on the way home from a really nice holiday together we agreed that we would attend.

On our first day she was fine, but the next morning after a cup of coffee and her first underskirt piss, she knew she would also need to 'have a grunt' - her phrase. As it was still early she went over to the portaloos - found a cleanish one and tried to hover. She came out after a few minutes and said she really couldn't face it. We went back to our tent and I had breakfast - she just had coffee again.

By midday my g/f was getting grumpy and obviously uncomfortable, so we had to think of some way to alleviate this.

I then had a great idea, "have you emptied your bladder properly?" I asked her. She hadn't recently - so went to do so. Meanwhile I cleared some space in our tent, then told her to come inside. She was quite tense as she had nearly followed through when emptying her bladder.

When inside I got her to take off her skirt and kneel facing towards the entrance (now zipped half closed). I went behind her and rolled a supermarket carrier bag down so that it was open behind her, held it in place and told her she was safe to go (and to try not to pee).

At first she said "I don't know if I can" - but after a few minutes finding a comfortable position she settled down. I could hear from her breathing that she was starting to push and shortly the smell told me that she was having some success. Then she relaxed and two large, solid turds quickly dropped into the bag. I unrolled the top a little to allow for any more and as I did she produced four of five smaller pieces with a groan, paused for breath then with another stong push, she farted and let out some soft mushy stuff.

I put the bag aside and wiped her clean with some tissues, popped these in the bag and tied the top before putting it outside the tent (rubbish sack later).

We were both very turned on by now so had some urgent indoor games to play before clearing up properly.


unusual sight at bus station

Today a bus passenger said, "excuse me, sir," to a bus driver who was about to take his break. I saw both of them walking toward the bathroom for bus drivers and police officers.

The bus driver opened the door of the bathroom with his key, and the passenger walked in!

There's a Starbucks across the street, so the passenger could have used that bathroom; even though they might have told her she would have to buy coffee to use their bathroom.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

My own poo habits

When I was teenager I used to love holding my poo all day untill I was bursting to go. Sometimes I'd get home so desperate I almost went in my knickers. I loved the immense relief I got when I finaly got to the toilet. The only problem was I often made myself constipated by holding it too long & it would hurt to go so I learnt not to hold it but to go to the toilet as soon as I could. I still enjoy a good poo but it's not as good as the old days. I find it a great turn on to watch other girls poo especially when when it's in their knickers.


JCP Bathroom

I was at the mall on Thursday and went into the JCP bathroom to pee. When I walked in there were two people who seemed to have mild mental disabilities at the only two urinals. They were just finishing and one of them said "I had to go really bad." I took the first stall and peed. They left and I went to the sink to wash my hands. Then this guy in his mid 20's came in wearing a tight fitting T-Shirt, blue jeans and construction boots that were brand new. He walked quickly to the last stall and I thought he must have to poop. Then he came out of the last stall and darted into the first one that I just peed in. I guess the last stall must have been nasty. I washed my hand slowly and spent extra time drying my hands with a paper towel so that I could listen to his plopping. I was treated to quite a show as he immediately started pooping. Some of it sounded like diarrhea. Then he had another wave of huge poop. He was really desperate! I left so that I did not seem weird staying in there listening. About 10 minutes later I saw him in the mall. It was easy to recognize him due to those boots. He had no idea that I knew that he just went poop super bad.

as a guy who uses doorless toilet stalls at my job at Sears two times a day 6 days a week, here is my take.... It's a MENS room, you expect to see men on the toilets (assuming they are doorless, as ours are at Sears) I would be highly insulted if one of my co-workers walked past me and slighted me by ignoring me. I always give a quick "hey _____" when I walk past a buddy on the toilet, and generally more involved chat once we are both seated, and start firing ass missles. No reason for anybody to feel embarrased, buddy...


A simplistic manifesto for public toilets

I'm a 35-year-old bank manager who has contributed to discussions on this site now for more than a year. I would like to respond to Connor and apparently Kalee about what I feel is "normal" behavior or procedures in public bathrooms. Of course I'm not an expert on this subject and my degree's not in psychology, but I do use public bathrooms regularly and frequently beginning with my morning workout and often not ending until 10 p.m. when my MBA classes are dismissed.

Unlike Connor and Casey, whom Kalee writes about, I don't mind using public toilets. I sit right down on the seat. I won't check out 12 or 12 open stalls and then select the "best" or "cleanest" choice. I simply go in, sit down, wipe, flush, and then wash my hands. I guess I've convinced myself than any nasties, toxants, or anything else that might get on my butt will easily be washed away later in the day by my 11 p.m. bath. I would think the aim and length of time for Casey to squat over the toilet or Connor to carefully "nest" the seat could impact others waiting to use the facilities, or especially in the case of seat covering, inconvenience some future users. For example, in the case of parks and recreation departments, I don't think they are going to be making rounds in hourly or two-hourly intervals to check on the toilet paper. Dozens or more of future users will probably just have to do without and suffer. Not to mention stopping up the pipes with all the nest paper plus the even normal-sized shit. I guess it doesn't make sense to me. While Casey is in her 20s, I wonder what kind of aim a younger girl would have? We've all seen crap deposits on seats. And the pee dripping from seats!

I recognize that sometimes we just have to take what we can get and make the best of it. Who expects a public seat to be as clean and comfortable as those we have at home? I just don't think it's possible. I've written about my friend Sheely and remember how she called me over to her stall in two-stall junior high bathroom after I had just sat down and started my pee stream. She called me over to show me that the front two inches or so of her seat had been mutilated (actually blackened) by long exposure to a cigarette or lighter. I told her it was still usable and I didn't see what the issue was about. Seat yourself, relieve yourself, wipe, flush, wash your hands and let's get out of there. We had a test in math in like five minutes.

My freshman year of high school something worse happened. My friend Teresa was talking to me while I was combing my hair at the sink, and as she continued talking she seated herself in the stall but forgot to put the seat down. She had a skirt on that day and the back of it was drenched. She burst out in tears and seemed to take it badly, but luckily we were the only persons in the bathroom. Ten minutes earlier the room was crowded and since she hadn't yet closed the door, many others would have seen her mishap.

And finally during all four years of high school I remember one of my best friends, Jeralee. She had the same kind of phobia that Connor and Casey do. She wouldn't push a restroom door open with her hand, but rather would almost stop and use like the side of her fist. At the mall, she wouldn't want to use the regular mall restrooms with multiple toilets that we would walk by, but rather she would want to walk much farther down the mall to a small boutique, not necessarily because it had smaller and lesser-used bathrooms, although that was part of it, but because it had a dispenser of those toilet seat papers. And when we were at a concert at a place like our city auditorium, Jeralee would painfully hold her needs until the concert was over and we could stop at a 24/7 restaurant to eat.

I'm not down on the guys who are a little more discriminating about using public bathrooms either. For example, my first boyfriend Troy back when we were about 15 invited me into a park toilet with him. He sat down and took a crap in front of me. It was messy and he pretty much filled the bowl and left huge skidmarks from his pieces both above and below the water line. The flush cycle didn't take care of them and before I took down my underwear and shorts and seated myself, he demanded an opportunity to clean up after himself. My pee was bursting to come out but before I would sit down and relieve myself, he pulled out his organ with about a 45 second swisher of his pee, was able to completely clean up his skidmarks. There were a few spots he left on the seat, but overall he was obsessed with demonstrating his great or near-great aim for me. However, my only desire was to seat myself and pee.

Am I too simplistic with my expectations?

to A Guy: i really enjoyed your post. iam really glad to hear that you were able to make it to the bathroom in time without having an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Alisha:i really enjoyed your post. thats funny that farted in the hallway. iam glad that nobody was there when you released your fart. iam very sorry to hear that poop ended up running down your leg. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam so glad to hear that you enjoy holding your bowel movement in for a long period of time. iam afraid to do that. however it does sound like alot of fun! iam quite shocked that the gym teacher allowed you to poo yourself in your own outfit. iam glad that at least he gave you a clean pair of gym shorts to change into. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to UpStateDave: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like your three female friends have some pretty interesting peeing adventures. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to DogsBestFriend: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you relieved yourself in the backyard with your dog. iam so glad that no one saw you pull down your pants. that would have been so embarrassing. iam sorry to hear that you ended up developing a horrible rash. may i recommend that you put some ointment cream on it. if it doesnt start to heal in three days then its time to seek medical attention. i hope that eveything turns out okay. i will keep you in my prayers. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. thats really interesting to hear that there is a haunted bathroom at your highschool. iam glad that you were really brave and used the tiolet. to tell you the truth the girls spirit probably visited you while you were in that cublical. if you ever experience something like this again, dont let it scare you. if you believe in ghosts and spirits hear is a fun little fact. a spirit will never harm you they only visit to finish work that they havent complete. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that the tiolets at the park were closed due to remodeling. iam glad that you didnt end up having an accident. iam sorry to hear that the 19 year old girl did unfortunately. iam so glad that you were such a good friend to her and didnt make fun of her. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Natalie: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry that you didnt make it home in time and ended up soiling your pants. iam glad that at least you were able to clean up. may i recommend next time that you use the bathrooms at school. i know that the other students are nasty and leave the bathroom messy but it better than having an accident. to answer your question about a quick cure for constipation try a lacative. Good luck i hope that you find something that helps you. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Mr.Clogs: thanks for the nice comment. i really apprecaite it. you did the right thing by flushing your waste down the tiolet. i mean what if parents with kids had walked in and seen you leave that. they would have been so mad and could have gotten you in trouble. iam glad that you did the right thing. i lookforward to your next post. takecare and God bless.
to KarenB: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend breaking up. dont worry there is someone better who apprecaites you and understand you. your only 15 years old. when the time is right you will meet mr. right. iam also sorry to hear about your horrible accident that you experienced while at home. at least you were home and not somewhere else. iam glad that you were able to clean up. i lookforward to any stories that you might have down the road. take care and God bless.
to Migrainelover: i really enjoyed your short post. when iam on my period my poop is usually soft and if i have a really heavy period then my poop is really hard. i lookforward to your next post. take care annd God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post. thats awesome that you produced a really huge log in the tiolet at the hotel room. iam glad that you didnt have an accident. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brian(atSears)i really enjoyed your post. congraulations on being promoted to Assistant Store Manager. iam sorry to hear that the air conditioner in the bathroom is broken. i hope that it gets fixed really soon. 100 degrees is really hot and uncomfortable. iam glad that you and all had a successful dump in the bathroom. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to UpstateDave: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that you encountered a major acccident on your way home from school. hopefully it wont happen again. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.




RE: Wendy's survey

1. No
2. No
3. All the time
4. No
5. Yes, several times. My lady friend, cousin, and friends when I was a kid.
6. I try not to hold too long. Hate being constipated.
7. If I'm on the bus or outside, no. If I'm just a few seconds from a toilet, absolutely.
8. LOVE IT! Taking a huge, smelly dump is such a wonderful feeling, unless it's diarrhea.
9. Weekend mornings at home and weekday mornings at work.
10. Only if the other party brings it up and especially with a female.

Keith D

Turd volcano

I have been struggling a bit with constipation again lately. I guess it is because I have been working 12 hour shifts. Most of the day is spent driving. Sitting down all day does not help my bowel habits and tends to suppress the urge to poop and leaves me backed up. I hve only been getting the urge to go every 2 or three days and it takes bit of effort to get out rock hard dry bumpy log out.

I had a really tough one last week. I got home from work and getting in the door I got a faint feeling in my lower bowel. Stranding in the hallway I tried little push to see if anything was down there and if it would move. A little bit of stale gas popped out but there was nothing of substance ready to move.

I did a quick cleanup at home and all the bending and stretching started things moving downstairs. I held on to the urge and let it build for about ten minutes so that I knew the poop would really be ready to come out. Then I made my way into the bathroom, dropped my jeans and blue briefs and sat.

I leaned forward a little and spread my butt cheeks across the seat to help keep my butthole open a bit. A bit more dry gas slipped out with a pffff sound. Almost immediately the internal pressure and the urge to poop subsided. I knew this was going to be a tough one.

I started pushing gently and a couple of farts crackled out but nothing inside moved. I pushed a little harder and had the vague sensation of something solid moving way back up inside my rectum. I decided to just go for it and push til I got it out.

I took a deep breath, held it, put pressure on my abdomen and bore down. Nothing moved. After about 10 seconds I had to relax and start breathing again. I held my breath again and pushed harder. When I am pushing I sit really still and my whole body goes rigid while my inner muscles apply pressure and try to force the poop out. I hold my breath to help get a bit more internal pressure and don't usually make much noise (even though I sometimes feel like I want to scream in frustration!)

After about 3 minutes of pushing with no movement at all downstairs (aside from being able to feel my poor hole flexing in and out) I decided to change strategy. I find it easiest to poop if my body is in a really bent over position so there is a lot of pressure on my abdomen. The easiest way to do this is squat. So I kicked off my jeans and leant back on the seat and lifted my feet up onto the seat so that I was hugging my knees to my chest. I took a deep breath and pushed again.

Finally I felt the mass moving inside. It didn't slide down the plumbing at all but I could feel the pressure building. I held my breath again and strained as hard and long as I could. I pushed and pushed. This went on for about 5 minutes. Nothing poked out. I could feed the mass inside pushing against my anal opening but it wasn't able to stretch the sphincter open and start on its way out. I tried to concentrate on relaxing the muscles down there but it just wouldn't open. Every time I pushed I could feel the area around my butt doming outwards like a volcano about to pop. But the hole just would not open enough for the end of the log to poke out. As I pushed and pushed I began to get tired. My ribs ached from all the pressure and squeezing. My ears were ringing and I could feed my face was flushed.

Finally, after about ten minutes I gave a really long 20 second push and I could feel the scratchy tip of the turd just breaching my hole. Next thing I knew I heard a "plip" in the water below as the tip of the turd broke off as a little ball. As soon as the tip had broken away, my hole pinched shut and the turd sucked back in. It was a devastating setback. I had to start pushing all over again.

Finally after another three minutes of pushing and near complete exhaustion, I finally got it poking out again. Then another "plip" and it all went back in again!!! It seemed that the tip of the log was made up of little hard balls all loosely stuck together. Every time one emerged it dropped away, allowing my now swollen sphincter to close up again and force the rest of the log back in. So frustrating.

After a couple of minutes of this and about 7 little pellets, I gave one massive push and the now blunt head of the log forced its way into the open air, my sphincter suddenly releasing and going w-i-d-e. For a few seconds the mass moved painfully slowly, I could feel every bump on the knobbly turd working its way out. Then suddenly it slid quickly and the whole thing dropped with a quiet sploosh in the water. After the hard knobbly blunt end, the tail was long and soft and tapering. My ordeal was over. I gently wiped the surrounding area to clean it from the sticky soft tail of the log passing through and stood up to flush. I felt a bit light headed and a weird sensation downstairs. After a big hard dump it always feels like a part of my body is missing. But the whole process of it passing out is such a great sensation.

I find constipation such a frustration but the relief is always fantastic. I really struggle to push my poop out sometimes. I find that the traditional cures like high fibre diets and laxatives don't work for me. I wonder if anyone out there has any other pushing techniques that help them to pass a tough stool. I wonder if Beth the colo-rectal specialist still reads these pages? It is really great to be able to get on here and share stories with other people.

Joe Stool

Dante: re Ari

Thanks for your wonderful description of your cousin's bathroom trip; I have no doubt it will be the first of many. The anonymous poster who reminds you of your great "audio opportunities" to come is absolutely right; if you are discreet and observant, you will be rewarded. Also, no need to apologize for "rambling on" - I think I probably speak for most folks here when I say that specific details are the reason that I read the posts here. When in doubt, it is most likely that more - not less - info will provide the greatest collective happiness to the readers. Thanks so much again for your great post!


Post Title (optional) Getting back to normal again!!

Linda from Australia here again. I'm getting back to normal with my poos. Infact, today I've been on a really good winning streak. I've been to the toilet to do poos 4 times today!! It has been so fantastic to be able to go so many times in 1 day!! I'm starting to get the urge to go again so I'm gonna wait a while before trying on the toilet.

To Wendy: I really liked your story about being constipated when you were 15 and getting detention because you got to school late. I can remember many times when I've been constipated and tried to do a poo before work. I wasn't late for work but I had to spend at least 20 minutes on the toilet trying to get some poo out. I always ran out of time before work because I often need 30 minutes or longer on the toilet, when I'm constipated. I could only ever get a very small amount of poo out when I tried to go before work. I felt awful afterwards because I had a hard turd stuck in my anus. Now, when I'm constipated, I don't even bother to try if I've only got limited time - I go when I know I've got at least an hour to spare. I remember another time when I was extremely constipated and I knew I had 2 hours to spend on the toilet (before a friend came over for dinner). I thought 2 hours would be more than enough time but it wasn't!!! I ended up spending almost an hour on the toilet, trying to push out some very stubborn logs. I had managed to get some skinny turds out but I still had more up there. My anus was burning but I needed to have a shower. I gave up and got in the shower. I was so desperate to get the poos out that I squatted and tried pushing them out in the shower - it didn't work. So I got some soap and stuck it up my butt. About half an hour later, I got most of the poo out that was still stuck in my anus. Have you been constipated like that before??

To Keith D: I have been missing your great stories. I'm sure you have been constipated lately, please come back and share more stories with us!!


Please finish the story...

Wendy, did he watch as you had your forced accident?

Alisha, please finish the story. Did anyone else see your liquid poo mini? How did you get home?


RE: reading on toilet


Reading the newspaper or doing puzzles while dumping has become second nature to me. Sitting there, stinking up the restroom, home or work, while reading sports is very relaxing. At least 10 to 15 minutes is very ideal.

Does anyone here do COURTESY flushes? I just can't seem to bring myself to do it in the middle of a good doodoo. Only on rare occasions, such as at someone's house for the first time. But at work, at family or friend's house, especially at home - even with company - I blow the bathroom up without care. So does my lady-friend and everyone in my family. Please tell me what y'all think about courtesy flushes.

the Log Lady
Haven't been able to update lately :( sorry. This story will definitely make up for it!

I was shopping with some friends at Ikea for some college furniture, when we stopped by the cafeteria for some lunch. I had a hamburger and some Swedish meatballs and we continued to shop. I felt pressure in my stomach and it started to gurgle too. We were far from the bathroom, os I held it, but then the urge to poo hit me very hard. I had to go immediately, so I grabbed a map and ran to the bathroom. I scurried around the labyrinth-style department in search of a bathroom. I looked at my map and realized I was going in the wrong direction!

I stood there, clenching my butt cheeks trying not to move. one of my friends found me and I told her I was about to poop myself. She helped my walk to the bathroom, as i waddled clenching. I made it pretty close to the bathroom, but I couldn't hold it anymore and I let out a wet fart, followed by a small poop that landed in my skirt. My face turned bright red and I felt the urge to cry. My friend helped my out and walked me to the bathroom. I held my butt to keep the poo in my skirt. The bathroom had 3 stalls, two were occupied. One lady was waiting outside one of the stall talking to the lady inside. I went in the stall and my friends waited outside.

I took off my skirt and panties and was hit with a terrible stench. I dropped them on the floor and sat on the toilet and started pooping. Two big logs came out. along with some smaller plops. I wiped and flushed my panties in the toilet. I left feeling much better, but my friend was gone. I heard her voice in another stall, and she said she was dropping a load. It smelled very bad and was very loud. She needed more toilet paper, and I got some for her. I gave it to her in the stall, and saw the huge load she dropped. There were 3 big logs. I was surprised she could hold it so long!

Upstate Dave

Three Different Girls Doing Nuaghty Peeing Part 4

After having breakfast Barbie H and I went to the livingroom and watched tv for awhile. While sitting there on the couch watching tv Barbie H was fooling around trying to tickle me. She tried everywhere that she could think of but without sucess. I would occasionaly tickle her whichBarbie H was very ticklish no matter where I tickled her she would laugh very hard.

Then we had company come inside. Butch, his brother John, Barbie S and Jeannie all came inside. Butch, Barbie S, and Jeannie came into the livingroom. Johndidn't he went upstairs. Jeannie asked Barbie H what we meaning her and I had been up to so Barbie H told her we had been watching tv,she trying to tickle me, and I her. Barbie H told Jeannie with a dissapointed sounding voice told Jeannie I wasn't ticklish at all.

I asked Butch what was up. He told me that all of them were headed out on a hike. I asked him where they were going. Barbie S chimed in saying that they were going first over to the cematary and who know from there. She was standing next to Butch and she was making Butch squirm a littel but Butch was also going between smiling and laughing. I didn;t know why he was.

So are you going to join us? both Barbie and Butch asked me. I looked at Barbie H for the question was asked to me only by those two not her. Before I could ask why not Barbie H too John came down from upstais and said hi to me and said he was raedy to leave so lets go! Then Barbie H spoke up and asked; Did you see the vp on tv? I looked right at her and I said I did. Barbie had used the clue that she needed to piss and wanted me to watch her!

So I had to think real fast and I did. I told Butch that Barbie H wanted to change clothes. Go ahead and we'll catch up with you guys since we know where you all are going. Butch said ok and he and Barbie S walked out of the livingroom. Barbie S and I waited till they had left. We heard the screen door slam shut and the loud voices of them all fade away which was about three or four minutes.

Then Barbie Hgot right up from the couch very quickly. I got right up also. Barbie H told me she did have to piss and would I like to see her piss in a glass! I smiled and said to her; I SURE WOULD! So I followed her upstairs. Barbie also told me she would change into a pair of jeans while we were upstairs.

I followed Barbie H up the stairs and we went into Butch's and John's bedroom. Now Barbie H did share a seperate bedroom with her older sistor Margie but Barbie H had her dresser,a desk, and a little area of her own in the front corner of her brothers bedroom. There was also a small sofa that she and the boys shared in this area of hers too.

Now I sat down on the sofa as Barbie H went and opened one of the drawers of her dresser. She pulled out a new looking pair of jeans out of the draweer. She tossed them on the sofa and went over to her desk next. From out of the lower comartment of the desk Barbie pulled out a large glass. She turned around nd came over to the sofa.

Here take the glass she said to me. I took it. Barbie H then pulled her skirt right down and took it right off in front of me! I stared right at Barbie H for remember she had used her old yellow panties to wipe herself when she pissed out in the barn earlier so she again now standing right in front of me her lower half of her body was naked! Barbie H tossed her skirt on the sofa. Now I'm ready to piss in the glass Dave! Barbie H said to me with a giggle.

So I reached out to give the glass to Barbie H. As I did I was shaking the glass in my hand. Barbie H seeing this giggled more then stopped. Somebody sure looks nerveus! I wasn't. I was just plain excited and my hand shook from that. I told Barbie H this. She let out a little laugh and then since I was sitting she stepped forward straddling my legs and got close to me.

I stopped shaking as far as my hand right then. I moved the glass down under Barbie H's crotch and had the glass now undr her vagina. Barbie H now placed her hands on my shoulders and told me she was going to piss right now! Are you ready? she asked me. I am! I said right back to her. Barbie H looked right at me and I was looking down at her vagina and the glass.

Barbie H then started to piss! Her stream shot right out and downward right into the glass! Her piss was a lightyellow color and it didn't splash inside the glass right off for it was running right down the inside side of the glass. Once the inside of the glass bottom was covered then her piss did splash and also started to create piss foam too. Her stream also started to hiss as she pissed into the glass.

Barbie H was pissing hard enough so thatit took only several seconds for her piss to reach where my hand was on the glass. When it did I felt the glass become slightly warmer on the skin of my hand. Barbie H also asked me; How far have I filled the glass. Oh about a third of the way I said back to her. Barbie H let out a litle giggle. Then she said to me; I wish I could see myself!

So what I did was so that Barbie h could see herself piss in the glass was to bend over and I'll move the glass as you move. So Barbie moved from standing down into a high squatand she did manage to get to bend over and see herself pissing into the glass! I managed to keep the glass moving while she moved so Barbie H didn't piss on me. Seeeing her piss filling the glass Barbie H couldn't help but giggle as she pissed in the glass.

Barbie H soon after this had her piss stream thin down and flowed less. Its hissing stopped now too. The glass now had only as far as her piss crept along filling it much more slowly. So now there was the only sounds of her piss lightly splashing in the glass and a slight crackling sound of her piss foam bubbles breaking inside the glass.

Then her stream got thinner and then she began dribbling for a few seconds and then ended her piss by having drops of piss go into the glass. This was for several seconds more. Then the dripping piss stopped. Barbie then stood back up and stepped backwards till she no longer was straddling over my legs. She looked at me then the glass. Giggling she told me that she did piss quite a bit. I agreed with her.

What are you going to do with the glass of piss Barbie? I asked. Give it to me. I'll dump it out. So I handed Barbie H the glass. Now right there at the left end of the sofa in the corner between the side window and the front window was a very large potted plant which was a rubber tree plant. Barbie H poured the glass of piss right into the dirt around the rubber tree plant!

She set the glass down picked up her jeans and slipped them on. There was one thing I did notice all the time Barbie H kept her front side towards me. She even did this out in the barn. She never would give me a good look at her wha I thought was a very cute ass. Her jeans always showed it off well and so did her skirts or dresses when she wore those. I always wondered why but never asked her whay she didn't. Maybe I would ask her why but a for now I didn't.

Barbie H now picked up the glass off the floor and shoved it in deep in her desks compartment where she had gotten it from. Then she said to me; Ok lets go and see if we can catch up with the others now. So we went out of the bedroom down the stairs and went outside. We crossed the highway and walked over to the entrance road of the cematary.

This road went downhill to a bridge that crossed over a creek and then on the other side was the cematary. Barbie H and I walked down the hill and wre crossing the bridge and this is when my curiousity got the better of me about Barbie H not showing me her ass bare. So when we wre right in the middle of the bridge I asked her.

Barbie H was silent for several long momnets before she did answer me. Then she told me that she was shy about showing it. That seemed ok to me as far as a answer so I didn't press it by asking her whay she was ass shy. We now had crossed the bridge and were just inside the start of the cematary.

We looked in every direction to see if we could spot Butch,Jogn, Barbie S and Jeannie. We saw none of them or heard any of them either. So we had to search around the cematary to see if we could find any of them. So waht Barbie H and I did was take the straight road in front of us that went up the hill which would take us to the highest point in thhe cematary. From the top of the hill we would have a better chance of possibly seeing any of the others if they were still here in the cematary.

It took me and her about five moinutes to get to the top of the hill. We looked in every direction but did not see any of the others. So I said to Brbie; Maybe they are down on the backroad old entrance. Barbie H said; Could be. That was a spot that we all knew and plenty of times were there in the woods by the creek and hung out together.

So Barbie H and I started off the hill cutting through the headstones heading to the side where the road was.When we got off the hill and were still in the old section and it was flat I needed now to piss. We were also well enough away off to the side of the main entrance road whih was the way we came in so I told Barbie H that I had to piss. Barbie h let out a giggle and told me to go.

So I unzipped my jeans reached inside my zipper opened the slit of my briefs and I pulled my penis out. Where we were standing there was plenty of space between theheadstones and graves. So I wouldn't piss on a grave here. I pointed my penis down and I sent out from my penis a nice thick stream of piss from it. Barbie H was stading right along side of me and she giggled and stared right at my piss stream.

When I was about half way through my piss Barbie H out of the clear blue sky asked; Dave are you ticklish at all? Please tell me if you are! Remember she had tried ticking me when we were watching tv earlier. So I smiled a little as I stood there still pissing. Yes I am Barbie I said to her. Barbie H let out a short giggle and asked me; Where?! That's for me to know and you to find out!

Oh come on tell me! Barbie said to me. I said right back to Barbie; Look the next time you and I are alone you can find out. We'll play hot and cold ok? Barbie H was silent for a few moments which by this time as far as my pissing was nearing its end. My stream had weakened and I was not pissing all that hard. Barbie then let out a little giggle followed by saying ok to me.

I finshed my piss a few seconds later. This time I did shake my penis which a did shake off a little piss this tme. Barbie H giggled hard seeing me shake my penis. I put it back inside m briefs and jeans and zipped them up. We started again walking through the cematary heading towards the old entrance road side. We still had a ways to go to get to it and wouldn't be there for at least ten minutes. To be continuied.

So anyway, on to the next school trip story. This one happened when I was at the end of Year 6 (aged 11) just before moving on to secondary school. We went to this sort of activities centre where you could do absailing and tunnelling and that sort of stuff. Anyway, the first toilet drama happened before we'd even got there properly and it involved my friend Charlotte who I've mentioned in other posts. She was sitting on the back seat by the window in the coach and I was sitting next to her. We'd been chatting a bit and listening to some music, but she'd gone really quiet for the last part of the journey. I asked her if she was OK and she told me she needed a wee but that she thought she'd be able to hold it until we arrived. There was a loo on the coach but the driver had told us it was out of order. About half an hour after that I noticed her fiddling with her dress but didn't really pay much attention. By then we were nearly there, it could only have been about 10 or 15 minutes later that we arrived and the driver parked the coach right next to where we would be staying. There were these sort of chalets that we slept in which were like arranged around the dining room and the shower and toilet block, obviously split into boys and girls. Everyone started to stand up and get their stuff together but Charlotte stayed sitting, she whispered to me that she wasn't feeling well and needed to sit quietly for a minute. Gradually everyone got off the coach, that was when tears started to roll down Charlotte's cheeks and she whispered "Abbie, I just couldn't hold it, I've wet my pants. Can you go and get Mrs Baker down here so I can tell her?" I stood up and started to walk down the front but saw that Mrs Baker was coming to us so I stayed where I was. "What's the matter girls?" she asked kindly, luckily Mrs Baker was the nicest teacher in our school so I knew she wouldn't give Charlotte a hard time. "Miss, I'm really sorry, I've wet my pants" wept Charlotte. "Hey, hey, its OK, we'll get it cleared up," said Mrs Baker gently, "You should have asked us to stop, the driver wouldn't have minded." "I know, I'm sorry," said Charlotte, "I thought I could hold it till we got here." "Right," said Mrs Baker, stand up and lets see how bad it is." Charlotte stood up, holding her dress away from her, luckily the curtains on the coach were closed to stop the sun from getting in so nobody could see inside. "I tried to pull my dress out from underneath me so it wouldn't get wet," said Charlotte. "Well, I think you did very well, considering," said Mrs Baker, "It doesn't seem to have got wet at all. The thing is, I know it's going to be a bit embarrassing, but its going to be better if you take your knickers off straight away before your dress ends up touching them and it soaks through. That way only me and Abbie will know its happened." Charlotte nodded, she lifted her dress and I helped her to hold it up as she eased down her rather damp underwear. She dropped them into a bag Mrs Baker held out for her, and then we made our way off the coach. We told the others that Charlotte was feeling sick and so had needed to sit quietly for a few minutes and luckily for her nobody suspected anything. We had a great week after that and nothing else exciting happened as far as using the toilet was concerned until the return journey, and this time I was the one with the problem. I hadn't been able to poo all week as the toilets at the centre were really grim, just a load of rickety cubicles and most of the toilets didn't have seats. As soon as we got on the coach to go home I felt the need for a poo and about half an hour into the journey I started to get desperate. I whispered to Charlotte that I needed to go and she told me to tell Mrs Baker. We had just got on the motorway and I saw a sign that said the services were 5 miles away, so I plucked up the courage to pass a message down the coach to Mrs Baker to tell her I needed to speak to her. She came down soon after and I admitted that I was bursting for the loo and asked if we could stop in the service station. She didn't seem that pleased but agreed to stop and I breathed a sigh of releaf. We pulled into the services and I got off the coach with Charlotte and waddled to the loos, by now I was dying for a wee as well and as I was walking along a squirt came out into my knickers but luckily I managed to control it. I quickly went into the first cubicle I could find and pulled down my shorts and knickers. I weed for ever and then started pushing my poo out, considering how long I'd been holding it I didn't have too much of a hard time but I did end up letting out a lot of farts. I pushed out what felt like a ton of poo and then wiped my bum, which took ages. I pulled up my rather damp knickers and shorts and made my way back to the coach for the journey home. Anyway, must go now- I've spent so long writing this I really need a wee!! I'll post again soon, bye!!

TO NATALIE: A quick cure for constipation...I am doing it right now...I am having two small bottles of prune juice with an energy drink plus a lot of should get me pooing in a couple of hours...I have been going every second day..the turds are large and back passage is sore and I am starting to feel bloated. When I do go it is a long grunt..I double over on the toilet and contort my body to get the shit out. I get quite a bit out but not all....I am concernned that the effort employed in the evacuation is not good for me as I feel light headed and giddy after a poo and sometimes a bit faint...I really wish I had somebody with me.
Getting back to the subject...epsom salts works fast.
Suppositories and enemas work the fastest. Trouble with suppoitories it depends on where the poo is..if it is right near your bum hole they are fine...for me it is usually backed well up the colon so of limited value.
TO ANNY: Keep up the good work. Do not fear the is a very good medical test and the cleanout will do you good. Tell your husband you have to earn big turds...they are just not handed out. I am glad you see the value of laxatives...they may not be ideal but much better than the alternative. Keep up the posts.
TO LINDA FROM AUST: Constipation is like a love hate is so good when you finally go. Have you ever felt you would like somone with you during one of those hard sessions?

Well back to me...I am sipping on prune juice and will post back a description of the results.

BACK AGAIN: The prune juice went through me....I had one BIG urgent release that stunk the toilets at work....I am the only person at work today...I had another motion shortly later and the toilets still stunk slightly...I feel so much better....about to go home but think I will need another sit on the much better.

Hi again everyone.
Nat- I really enjoyed your story. Sorry you didn't make it home! Why do you not use the school toilets- are they dirty or is it just embarrassment?

Here are my answers to Wendy's survey.

1. No, I really don't like having accidents.
2. Yes, while I was shopping and also at school.
3. Yes. A few times I've had to pee while walking or jogging in the woods etc, and once I had to poo as well.
4. Yes, a few times at school other boys and girls didn't make it to the toilets.
5. I have seen a few of my close friends relieve themselves, both on the loo and in public.
6. I hold it if I'm doing something fun or important, until I really have to go. Otherwise I just go when I feel the need. If I hold it it will be for one or two hours; normally I can't wait much longer than that.
7. Only up to a certain point- once I get really really desperate it stops being enjoyable and starts becoming serious!
8. It's one of my favourite feelings! I love it when you've been holding it for ages and finally get to go.
9. At home usually. Sometimes when I'm out shopping or w/e, and at university/school in the past.
10. Only to certain friends who I know enjoy the same things.

Will post more stories soon. Bye everyone!


Wendy's Survey

1. Have you ever staged an accident in your pants? No. I wrote a while back about how I "liked" the feeling of my two solid accidents that I have had. However, I have never done them on purpose. I get the feeling that it would not be the same thing.
2. Have you ever had an accident in a public place? No.
3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a public but not too public place? No.
4. Have you ever witnessed someone messing themselves? No.
5. Have you ever watched someone relieve themselves? No.
6. How long do you hold your poo? It depends. In the morning I like to let it build anywhere from 5-30 minutes. I don't go right away. But as we all know, some poop hits us with intensity and some with not much pressure at all. I do like to let the pressure build.
7. Do you enjoy it when you're desperate to poo? Yes...if I know that a toilet is available.
8. Do you enjoy the relief of having a really big poo? Very much so. I eat a high fiber diet in order to have large BM's
9. Where do you normally have a poo? At home. My work is very structured and routinized so bathroom breaks don't come often. However the structure of my daily routine has "trained" my body to poop at home, when it is convenient.
10. Do you like to talk about pooing? On this forum, yes. I feel that I have an obsession about bowel movements and feel free to discuss my habits. With others in person, I am not that comfortable. I will talk about it, if asked, but modestly.


Answers to Wendy's survey

1. Have you ever staged an accident in your pants? No.
2. Have you ever had an accident in a public place? Yes.
3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a public but not too public place? Yes
4. Have you ever witnessed someone messing themselves? Yes.
5. Have you ever watched someone relieve themselves? Yes.
6. How long do you hold your poo? A couple of hours.
7. Do you enjoy it when you're desperate to poo? Yes, reliving myself feels so good.
8. Do you enjoy the relief of having a really big poo? Yes.
9. Where do you normally have a poo? Any place outside, or my panties.
10. Do you like to talk about pooing? Yes.


response to Wendys survevy

1)i have never staged an accident in my pants.
2yes i have had an accident in a public place before.
3) i dont understand the question! what exactley are you asking?
4)no i have never witnessed anyone messing themselves.
5)i have never watched someone relieve themselves. i would like to though.
6)usually i hold my poo for a short amount of time. once in a while i have had to hold my poo for a long period of time.
7) yes i absoultley love it when iam desperate to poo.
8)yes i do enjoy the relief of releasing a much needed poo.
9normally i release a poo in a public place such as work or a public bathroom. i have released some of my bowel movements at home.
10)yes i absoultley love to talk about pooping.



Upstate Dave

Three Girls Nuaghty Peeing Part 2

Ok let me go on with Jeannie who was going to pee after her sistor Barbie S who had already peed letting Butch,his sistor Barbie H, and I watch her. Now Jeannie was shorter then her sistor and she was slim. Jeannie also was not wearing a nightgown. Jeannie had on what I would call a oversized tshirt only that went down to her knees.

Jeannie went right tothe toilet but she was not facing towards the window where Butch,Barbie H, and I were standing outside still. Barbie S Jeannie's sistor was still inside the bathroom but she was inside at the window but off to its side so the three of us outside could look in too watch her sistor Jeannie piss.

Jeannie also left the lid and toilet seat up and she straddled over the toilet. Then she didn't stand but did a high hovering squat over the bowl instead. Jeannie reached back pulled up the back of her long tshirt and now had her ass exposed to us! I stood there thinking silently to myself; Jeannie sure does have a cute looking little ass!

That thought was only there in my mind like a flash for it disapeared for Jeannie started to piss in a short second after raising her tshirt up. What I saw or I should say the three of us saw was a golden colored spraying stream of piss going down into he toilet fron Jeannies vagina!

Jeannies piss splashed quite noisily hitting the water in the toilet. Above the noisy splashing of her piss we all heard Jeannie let out a sigh. Barbie S Jeannies sistor turned and looked over at her sistor and said to her; Feels that good to piss Jeannie? Jeannie said right back to her sistor; It sure does! I had to hold it and wait for you to piss and I had to go real bad as you can see now!

That brought from Barbie H a hard giggle. Butch smiled and so did I. Jeannie pissed with her hard spraying stream for I would have guesed seven eight seconds and then her stream ended its spraying and formed into a straight down neater stream which lasted for another several seconds and then her stream thinned down and then came to a stop.

Jeanne then stood up rolled off a good sized wad of toilet paper. Jeannie then started wiping herself doing her inner upper thighs which must have gotten wet with her piss spray when she went that way when she first started her piss. It took Jeannie several seconds to wipe her thighs off. Jeannie as far as I could tell never wiped her vagina off only her thighs. Then she dropped the used paper in the toilet flushed it and then she stepped back and turned around.

Jeannie had a big smile and as she started over towards the wndow she asked us; Well what did you guys think? Did I do a good job or what? Butch answered Jeannie first. Laughing lightly Butch told Jeannie she had doen a good job. Barbie H was next and she was giggling hard just shook her head yes. I smiled and told Jeannie she did a good job, nice show and I also added saying to her; Nice piss! That made Jeannie laugh and Barbie H's giggle turned into hard laughter.

Well we all talked for several minutes with Barbie S and Jeannie inside the bathroom together and with Butch, Barbie H, and I outside at the window. Then Butch asked if either of the girls knew what time it was. Jeannie walked away out of the bathroom and came back a short moment later. Butch its almost 9:30. Oh shit! Butch said loudly which made his sitor Barbie H giggle again and Jeannie giggled a little too. Barbie S asked Butch; Whats wrong Butch? I have to go I'm late for practice!

Butch then said later to us all and he took off at a dead run leaving me with the three girls. So I stayed talking with them for several minutes and then we broke up for Barbie S and Jeannie said they were going to go eat. They were getting hungry. So I said later to them and they walked out of the bathroom. Barbie H also said later to the two girls and she walked with me as we walked across the yard.

As she and I walked across her backyard I said to Barbie that I was leaving. Barbie asked me why. I told her that Butch was gone and I was hungry myslef. You can stay and eat here. Barbie H said to me. I told her ok I can do that I guess. That seemed to make Barbie H very happy. But before we do go inside to eat its my turn to show you something! Barbie H said to me. What's that Barbie? She giggled hard and just said back to me; You'll see. Follow me she said to me. Barbie H headed towards the barn and I followed her wondering what she was up to. To be continuied.

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