Wendy's survey

1. I have never staged an accident
2. Yes, I've had accidents in public
3. Don't really know what that means :(
4. Yes
5. Yes (i'll be sure to share stories of both of those)
6. At my house, I don't hold my poo at all. If i get the urge, I grab a magazine and sit on the toilet. In public places like my office or stores, I wait a while. i like to get in and out, but I don't want to hold it too long in case the bathrooms are filled.
7. No, being desperate to poo is painful and uncomfortable
8. Absolutely :)
9. I normally poo once or twice at my house, and twice or three times in public, usually my office.
10. I like to talk about pooping with people I'm comfortable with. Mainly my husband

Upstate Dave

Three Different Girls Doing Nuaghty Peeing Part 3

As Barbie H and I walked towards the barn she talked to me as we walked. I sure found out a lot from her as what she had said to me as we walked. Barbie H told me she liked me a lot. You always are nice to me and you pay atention to me not like my brothers or sistor. I said to Barbie H that's true Barbie I guess. That made her laugh a little.

As we reached the barn now and were about to go inside I told Barbie that I liked her and I really did too. We were now inside the barn where her father parked the family car but the car wa not in the barn for her father was at work. Barbie H then made the turn to walk over to a seperate room off to the right which was only use for storage of what was mostly junk.

Barbie H pushed open the wooden door and I followed her into this storage room. After I had walked in the storage room with her Barbie H stepped back to the open door and closed it. Ok now that we are here Barbie I said to her first. What are you going to do? I asked. Barbie gave me a sweet litle smile first and then she said to me; I'm going to pee for you!

Now this sort of surprised me. The only thing that we had ever done before this was just show each other our privates! Barbie H had no problem doing that too! Also when we had been together but always in the group which would be Butch, Barbie S, and Jeannie If any of us others would have to piss we would piss. Barbie never had for it always seemed that she never had to go at these other times. So this would be the first time that she would at least that I would see!

Now Barbie H had already gotten dressed before she had come outside and joined me and Butch at BarbieS's bathroom window. Barbie h was wearing a white top which was a short sleeve shirt. She also had on a plaid skirt which looked like a school uniform skirt. Barbie H did go to the local catholic school instead of the regular public school like the rest of us.

Barbie H now walked over to a old beat up small cabinet. She pulled the two doors open on the cabinet. What it was as I watched the old cabinet was a old tv set. The chassis and picture tube were gone out of it so it was empty. Barbie S turned and faced me. I'm going to pee (she let out a giggle) Or should I say piss on tv! Dave do you like it better if I say piss instead of pee? Barbie H asked me still giggling as she said it to me.

I laughed a little at Barbie H's question first. Then I told her what ever made her more comfortible as far as saying pee or piss. It really doesn't matter to me. Now with a bigger smile Barbie H said to me; I'll say piss only to you Dave! With that Barbie H standing facing me as she stood in front of the old tv cabinet reached under her skirt with her two hands.

Barbie H yanked down fast and hard frm under her skirt a pair of old looking yellow pair of panties to her knees. She let go of them and her panties slid down her legs stopping at her sneakers. Then Barbie H pulled up her plaid skirt to her hips as she sat down in the old tv cabinet. I could see her vagina without a problem as I stared at her.

Barbie H then looked down at her old pair of yellow panties. I better take them off she said to me. So she reached down and removed them. Then she sat back upright holding her yellow panties in one hand while keeping the front of her skirt pulled up so I could see.A few short seconds passed and then Barbie H started to piss!

When Barbie H started to piss she only slightly dribbled piss out from her vagina. Her piss wetted her vagina and ran down under it into her lower crotch. Then it trickled off from there and started to wet the dusty old wooden floor making several small dark brown spots on the wooden floor.Barbie H dribbled this way for the first several seconds.

Then her dribbling went right into a stream of piss! Her piss stream made a short outward arc and went down and hit the floor between her sneakers. Barbie H seeing this slid her feet further apart and she let out a giggle. Good thing I did take of my panties. I would have peed on them! Barbie let out a little harder giggle. Then she said Opps I ment I would have pissed on them! I let out a little laugh.

Barbie H's piss stream was a light yellow color and it was only splashing lghtly as it wetted the wooden floor making a larger dark brown area on the floor. Then it started hissing very softly and the dark brown area on the floor slowly turned darker and her piss now had wetted the wood enough that the wooden boards of the floor glistened a little from her piss had wet the boards enough that the dust had washed off from them.

Barbie H went on and took a pretty long piss. I was surprised to by this. Barbie H was a slim smaller girl. Almost like Jeannie Barbie S's sistor. Now after pissing like I said for that she did Barbie S's stream eased up and now was going straight down so she would soon be stopping. As I still watched Barbie H piss I said to her; Not bad at all Barbie! For someone your size that sure was a lot of piss!

Barbie H let out a giggle and then right after that her stream went back into a dribble like when she first started her piss. This went on for several seconds and then she did stop with piss dripping don off f her lower crotch down on to the wooden floor. Then I got another slight surprise.Barbie took the old pair of yellow panties and wiped herself off with them!

Barbie did look over at me saw the surprised ook on my face. She let out a little giggle first. She went on wipeing and she told me that her panties were theonly thing she had to wipe with. She then was finished wipeing herself off with them. Barbie H then got off of the old tv cabinet tossed her old yellow panties hard over into where there were a lot of crumpled old carboard boxes. I let out a luagh.

I then told Barbie H that she had a pretty good arm. She laughed too. Barbie H then started heading over to the closed door of the storage room. I turned around and aid to her somewaht loudly; Barbie WAIT! Barbie H then spun right around and faced me. I said to her; Do you want to see me piss? Having seen all the pissing done by Narbie S, Jeannie and you I now have to go!

Barbie H let out a loud short hard giggle and then said back to me; YES! I did have to go so I stood there yanked down my zipper hard and fast on my jeans. I slid my fingers inside my open zipper seperated my white briefs in the front and yanked out my penis and pointed it down at the floor.

As soon as I had my penis out and pointed at the floor I started pissing very hard! My stream was wide headed right at the slit of my penis it went right into a twist and where it hit the wooden floor it hit the floor hard making a big forward splash towards Barbie H. Barbie let out a combination scream amd giggle and jumed backwards all at the same time.

Then there was a brief period wher Barbie H was silent and so was I as I stood there pissing hard. Then like Jeannie had done when she pissed over in the bathroom I let out a sigh of relief. That broke the silence for Barbie H hearing my sigh giggled hard and she said that I must be feeling better now that I was pissing. I let out a little laugh and said backto her; You are soooo right!

Then several seconds more had passed Barbie h stepped off to the side. Then she said to me; Dave let me see how far you can piss! Can you hit the door? I again had to let out a little laugh. I then moved my penis up and my piss stream easily moved foward going quite fast wetting the floor as it moved forward and right over to the wooden door of the storage room went up it and I pissed on the door. Boy did Barbie H now giggle hard as she watched me piss on the old door!

I pissed on the door for several seconds and then my stream dropped for I was nearng the end of my piss. I pissed again on the floor and then I came to a stop or should say a pause. I felt like I had a little more piss in my bladder so I pushed amd made a good spurt of piss come out of my penis. This made Barbie H giggle one more time. Now I was done and I slipped my penis back inside my jeans and white briefs. I then zipped up my jeans.

Barbie was all smiles as she turned around and opened the old wooden door and went back out to the outer room of the barn. I followed her. Once we were now in the outerroom of the barn Barbie giggled and said thank you to me. I thanked her also. Then we walked out of the barn and down the driveway to the house.

Barbie H was walking real slow as we walked. She began talking to me saying that she enjoted what we had just done. Would you like to see me do more? Barbie H asked me. I told her that I did. Well then I will! she said to me. I in return asked her if she would like me to do the same. Her reply was a hard YES!

Then Barbie said to me nextwas, When we do and if we are around the others we need to come up with a way of saying something to let each other know that we need to piss (Barbie let out a little giggle and then continuied on) So lets come up with something to say. By this time we were near the side porch of the house so we stopped and thought about what we would say to each other when we would need to piss.

We stood there together talking back and forth about what to say. It seemed that we couldn;t really come up wth a seacrete saying. So we gave up for now and went inside to eat breakfast. All the while when we sat there at the kitchen table we went on talking about what to say about needing to piss and lt each other know.

Barbie H was the first one to come up with a real good one! She came up with; Did you see the vp? Which sounded like the vicepresident. It mnet and Barbie said to me giggling; VP means vagina pissing! I laughed hard and told her that was a good one. Then I came up with what I would say; I'll stick around Barbie which stick was my penis and this made Barbie H's giggles turn into laughter so it was agreed upon. As it would turn out our sayings would not be needed to be said today but there was going to be some more pissing by both of us later in the day! To be continuied.

A Guy

Really had to go

Hey all i figured id post something that happend to me the other day,Im knew at posting so here goes. I run my own lawncare business and i was leaving a job going to another but it was about 30 mins. away and i felt the urge to poop.That day for lunch i had mexican to eat, so I stopped at this big gas station right off the interstate walked really fast to the bathroom and there were 5 stalls and all were taken i could feel my poo right at the end of my butt just dying to come out people kept coming in and out and half of them would look under the stalls as if they had to poop too finally about 10 mins. i heard someone pulling toilet paper off the roll and then the toilet flush i was getting excited cause i really had to go and i thought i was going to go in my pants. Finally the person comes out and i rush in and theres no toilet cover, so i quickly put a lil bit of toilet paper around the seat pulled my pants and underwear down and soon as i hit the seat it was a a spray of plops and i really didnt care if anyone heard me i had been waiting desperatley, but everyone around me was doing the same thing as me, pooping. I finished up wiped and pulled up my pants and looked in there it was kind of diarrhea and 3 logs bout 6 inches long and 2 inches wide i flushed the toilet left washed my hands and went back to my truck feeling a big releif.


The gas we pass?

I am dirty blonde, skinny, but extra sexy, Plus clean~natured. Anywho it was the 1st day, I was at school in Spanish class. When I had some ya'know "gas". I excused myself from class, so I farted in the hallway, because there was nobody but me and God. So it was convinant. I went back inside the room satdown and did my classwork. Bing bing bing, yelled the last bell. I packed my bag & stood up. There was a terrible smell in the air i looked down & there was liquid poop coming from the bum of my mini, omg!

As you can probably tell from my posts I love a realy good poo. It has to be by far the most satisfying, pleasurable thing ever & it's not illegal. I love it when I've been holding it for ages & I'm desperate to go. The relief is indescribable especialy when I'm about to poo myself. I remember once when I was 15 I was at school, I had to do a detention for being late for school. I was the only one in detention which was unusual. The reason I was late was because I was constipated & spent half an hour on the toilet trying to go. Well in the end I gave up trying & went to class still desperate to go. During the detention my bowels started to cramp up & my stomach was rumbling violently. I knew I needed to get to the toilet urgently but I couldn't get out of detention. I begged the teacher to let me go to the toilet & he appeared to be really helpfull. He knew I was about to poo myself & led me to the school sports department. I thought he was going to let me use the toilets I was so desperate for but he made me wait in the changing room while he went to the lost property room. After an agonising 10 minutes he came back with a pair of gym shorts & made me change into them. He told me, "We can't have you going home with soiled underwear can we." I asked him what he meant & he replied, "Well you work it out. You can clean up in the showers afterwards." I was shocked by the suggestion that I should deliberately poo in those shorts. I decided I would probably end up pooing myself anyway & knew he was right about me going home with soiled underwear so I put them on. I stood in the showers & peed myself letting it run down my my legs. Then while still peeing I released a load of mushy poo into my shorts. I filled them completely & still needed to go so I pulled them down a little to make more room. I then pushed out the rest of my poo into my now bulging shorts. After sliding them off I cleaned up under the shower & got dressed. I was allowed to go straight home afterwards.

Dante: re Ari

Wow! What a powerful first experience with Ari taking a huge dump almost the moment she arrived. You will probably have many other times when you know she is pooping. You will soon know her habits and can plan accordingly. Once you know when she usually goes, how long it usually takes, etc. You may be able to listen in on her, and hear her grunting, sighing and plopping her turds. You're going to have in interesting summer!

Upstate Dave

Three Different Girls Doing Nuaghty Peeing Part 1

Hi to all. Well our heatwave will be ending today I hope here in upstate New York. I hope everyone that has been affected where you live has stayed cool. What I'm going to post did happen after staying overnight at one of my friens house when I was young. So let me start.

It was now morning and Butch and I had just woke up and got out of the tent in his backyard. We both stood there stretching and talked a little asking each other how did we sleep once we did go to sleep. Well from next door came Barbie S's voice from a window in the back of her house.

I see you two are up she first said to both Butch and I. Then she called us over to join her at the window for she now was partaily leaning out of it. So Butch and I walked over to the window where Barbie s was leaning out of. The three of us talked about last night with us two boys out in the tent on Butch's yard. Then we started talking about other things for a little while.

Now since Barbie s was leaning out the window which there was venetain blinds which were in her way so she leaned back inside the window and raise up the blinds now being out of her way. Barbie now squated down at the window. With the blinds up Butch and I saw that Barbie S was in the bathroom. We went back to talking.

After talking for about ten minutes more Barbie S told Butch and I that she needed to piss. She stood up at the window but before she left the window she laughed and told bith Butch and I that he and I could watch her go! Butch and I turned and looked at each other with Butch saying to me; Did I hear her right that she is going to piss and let us watch?!!! I told Butch that he had heard Barbie S right. We turned back and now looked back into the window to watch Barbie S piss.

Barbie S had on a light blue lacy nightgown which was a long one. As she walked straight back to the toilet she started pulling it upward. By the time Barbie S had walked to the toilet she had her nightgown all gathered up around her waist! Butch and I were now looking at Barbie S's bare ass!

Now Butch and I as we looked in Barbie S raised both the toilet lid and seat up. Butch and I took a quick look at each other not quite believing what we were seeing or about to see! Then we looked right back in the window. Barbie S had turned around and had stepped backwards and she now as standng over the toilet bowl with her feet spread wide apart and now showing Butch and I her naked lower front!

Barbie S had one hand holding her lacyblue nightgown in the front and the other hand was behind her holding up the back of her nightgown. Barbie S then bent her knees slightly and she had beeen looking right back at Butch and I at the window but now she glanced down at herself. Buth and I stared right at her.

Then from Barbie S's vagina a thin stream of piss started out which it was yellow and went straight down splashing lightly in the toilet. Barbie S then gave a quick look at Butch and I and then Glanced back down. Her piss stream started to get harder which it had widened out at its head, twisted, and began to hiss softly. Butch poked me in the ribs with his elbow. As he did this to me he said; Do you see that!!! I said Yes I do right back to him but I kept watching Barbie S without turning my head to look at Butch.

Barbie S gave Butch and I another quicck look. She smiled and she asked both Butch and I if we were enjoying what we we seeing. Both Butch and I let out a laugh and told Barbie YES we were! Then Barbie S went back looking at herself. Barbie S was pissing steadily still had her stream hissing and the splashing of her piss in the toilets water went on.

Then Barbie S's piss stream started to ease. But when this happened fro off to the right Barbie S;s younger sistor came walking into the bathroom! Jeannie was only a year younger then Barbie S. She was shorter and not as heavy as Barbie S. She saw her sistor standing over the toilet pissing and she let out a giggle. She asked her sistor had she had to go bad enough not to put the seat down. Barbie S told her Jeannie no she paused for she let out a giggle and then she said to Jeannie; I'm giving a show to Butch and Dave!

Jeannie looked over at the window and she saw us standing there at the window. Jeannie burst now into hard laughter seeing us at the window watching her sistor stand there pissing. At this point Barbie S had her stream stop flowing but was having drops of piss fall from her into the toilet. Now right at this point outside Butch and I had company. Butch's younger sistor had come outside an she joined Butch and I at the window.

Butch's sistor was also named Barbie so to keep the Barbie names seperate so you will know which one I;m talking about Butch's sistor will be Barbie H. Barbie H asked us what we were doing. But before either one of us answered her Brbie H hearing Jeannies hard laughing from inside looked in the window. Barbie H saw Barbie S of course with her nigtgown gathered up around her waist with piss dripping off her lower body. Like Jeannie Barbie H burst into hadr giggling as she watched throughthe window with Butch and I.

Well Barbie S hearing Barbie H's loud hard giggling she said to her; Hi Barbie. Then Barbie S reached over taking the hand that was holding the back of her nightgown up rolled off a wad of toilet paper tore it off and gave the four of us a show wipng herself off vey slowly doing it on purpose! That brough more loud laughter out of Jeannie and Barbie H. Butch and I also laughed but not as hard as Jeannie and Barbie H.

Barbie H finished wiping dropped the wad of used paper in the toilet and then flushed it. Barbie S then walked back over to the window and squated down. I smiled with a big smile and thanked Barbie S for putting on such a naughty but good show. Butch could only smile and shake his head in agreement. Then Jeannie had stopped her hard laughter and she said to her sistor Barbie S; Get out of the window! My turn to give a show! I have to piss too! To be continuied with part 2 with Jeannie pissing next

Kate M.

To Soccer Mom

It is a small world indeed. My favorite bathroom at the Rideau Centre is in Sears - private but not isolated. I used it a few years ago just before the National Capital Marathon commenced. Of course I had to pee along the route - in the bushes by Ottawa U. then in bushes at the end of the 5k. I even peed in the bushes in Confederation Park since I did not want to use those gross portapotties. I have peed in the woods in Gatineau Park while hiking and pee outdoors often, mostly while on my bike rides. One reason why I purchased a condo near work is because with a bus ride I had a hard time making it to work without an accident.

Dog's Best Friend

Desperate as a Dog!

A few days ago, I took my dog out back to go to the bathroom. She has a large raised area filled with pea gravel on the side of the house that we're training her to go potty in. Anyways, I took her out and suddenly had to pee really bad. Nobody was on the other side of the fence and our neighbors' house doesn't have any windows on the side facing us. Quickly, I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the edge of her pit. It felt so good to relieve myself! Afterward, I waddled over to a weed and picked it to try to use as toilet paper. It didn't work very well, so I tossed it and pulled up my pants. The next day, I had a really bad rash "down there." It still itches a bit. Please comment to me! (The End)


Another survey

1. Have you ever staged an accident in your pants?
2. Have you ever had an accident in a public place?
3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a public but not too public place?
4. Have you ever witnessed someone messing themselves?
5. Have you ever watched someone relieve themselves?
6. How long do you hold your poo?
7. Do you enjoy it when you're desperate to poo?
8. Do you enjoy the relief of having a really big poo?
9. Where do you normally have a poo?
10. Do you like to talk about pooing?


Dante...What a great story

Dante I loved the story of your cousins BM What a thrill it must have been.
I like the description of her as well, athletic, but not fat...solid maybe?
Maybe you will keep us posted about any more bathroom happenings while she is staying with you. Just another thing, 20 mins in the bathroom, did she take a magazine to read?
It is interesting that you say you are 16 and at last you have found like minded people by using this site. If only it had been available to me as a teenager, or 20 something, or 30 something...etc. I thought I was the only one who had these interests. I just had to wait a little longer in life to find others who shared my fascination.

Thanks CD for replying to my enquiry.

Keep the stories coming in, particularly about work colleages, and women who "read" when they are pooping

Curiosity for the women

If you're in desperate need to empty your bladder, and with all other restrictions aside such as seatbelts, belts, clothing, which position is it easier to holdit, sitting, or standing?


Haunted toilet

The school I where used to go to was very old & the girls toilets on the second floor were supposed to be haunted & no one would use them. The story goes that a girl of 13 died here in 1943. She'd come in here to use the toilet but was killed before she got to use it. I was busting for a poo & my curiosity got the better of me so I decided to use them. As soon as I entered the toilets I felt cold. I was a bit sacred but I was busting to go & really wanted to use the haunted toilet. I entered a cubicle & locked the door & was just pulling my pants down when I felt as if there was someone with me. I couldn't see anyone & just assumed I was imagining things. Then I felt really strange. It was as if something or someone had entered me. I started to get these wierd thoughts. I felt like I was really desperate to poo. The sort of desperation you get when you haven't been for a very long time. I sat on the toilet against my will & thought to myself or maybe the ghost was telling me. "At last! I can go to the toilet after 66 years of waiting!" I felt a massive rush of hard poo coming out of me. It was huge & went on for ages. There was no smell at all but the relief was un believable. I looked in the toilet & found there was nothing there. Was all that poo an aperition or maybe wind? I don't know but all I do know was that I felt a presence in that toilet. I was still "dying" for a poo so I pushed out a fairly big turd, peed a little & wiped & flushed the toilet. That was one very spooky toilet break.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Locked toilets in the park

I was on my way back from the local shops when I decided to take a detour through the park. I was dying for a poo & knew there were some toilets there. When I got to the toilets I found they were closed due for refurbishment. I was getting desperate & so was another girl of about 19 who was holding her bum & crotch. She ran behind the building saying, "oh no. oh no." Over again. I followed her to find her leaning against the back wall of the toilet block with her skirt up & knickers round her ankles. They were full of diarrhoea & she was spraying the wall with more of it. She was crying in shame & to help her feel better I said, "Mind if I join you?" She didn't answer & I pulled my shorts, tights & knickers down & lent against the wall next to her. I pushed out a thick turd which landed with a thud on the bare earth. I peed a bit & another big turd came out which landed end up on top the first piece. I finished quickly & pulled up my underwear without wiping as I didn't have anything. The girl was still producing more & more diarrhoea & it made a big mess of the wall & a pool had formed at her feet. By the time she finished it had taken half an hour & the relief on her face as she cleared her guts out was a picture. She left her soiled knickers on the ground & smoothed her skirt down. We left for our separate ways after that.

hello everyone iam here with a new post. this evening when i arrived home from work. i received a phone call from a couple of my girlfriends. they wanted to go out to dinner. so we decided to meet at an indian resturant. one of my girlfriends that went out to dinner with us has black hair. she is really attractive and is into pooping with other women. so we all ordered a large amount of food and alot to drink. we continued to talk and eat for quite a while. then all of a sudden my friend with black hair told me that she needed to use the bathroom and i was beginning to feel the same way. so we told the others that we would be back in a little while. we both headed for the ladies room. when we arrived the bathroom was completely empty but there was a foul smell in the air. there were only 5 stalls . we took a look at each stall. someone hasnt flushed the first one. so i snapped a picture of it on my camera phone. it appeared that another women had tooken a major dump. this would explain the foul smell. i immediatley laughed. so i took the third stall and my friend took the fourth one. i pulled down my skirt and started peeing. my friend did the same as well. our pee only lasted for a little bit. then we both began pooping. at this point two other females walked in. one was a 17 year old girl and the other was a 16 year old girl. the 17 year old had red hair and the 16 year old had brown hair. the 17 year old took the second stall. the 16 year old took the fourth stall. they both began pooping. my friend and i were talking we both still had alot to release from our body. moments later the 16 year old was done. she exited her stall without flushing. she headed for the sink. then seconds later the 17 year old exited her stall without flushing. she headed for the sink. they both said it smells really bad. at this point my friend and i began laughing. seconds later we both were done. we both exited our stalls without flushing. we went back out to greet the others. we told them what had happened during our bathroom visit. they all laughed. thats all for now. take care everyone and God bless.




Bike poo

This story was when i was 15 i think. It was a school day and i left my house around 8 to get to lesson on time, i realized half way while i was cycleling that i realized i needed to take a huge poo! My ass was gurgling a lot. All i could feel on my bike was vibrations of me uncontrollably farting and having these horrible violent rumbles. I was grabbing my stomach moaning as i locked my bike up and walked into the building. For lesson i managed to act calm. I was not going to resort to the school toilets!

After a few lessons i was beginning to get a bad cold sweat. I knew i couldn't hold the ginormous poo in much longer. I knew that it was gonna come out whether i like it or not and i did not like it. By the last lesson i was squirming on my seat literally praying that i wouldn't shit in my panties. Pressure was building up, i got really nervous and started shaking as my ass continued to make those rumbles. I was on the edge of my seat trying not to pass gas or worse pass poo. My butt cheeks started opening, but i clenched as hard as i could but didn't completely work as i farted out loud big time, a really wet one too. The gurgles were horrible! I felt like harry off "dumb and dumber" because they were really loud and made intense pressure making it harder not to poo!

Class ended, i ran for my bike while farting a lot, i didn't care because i was only, i really needed to relieve the pressure to. I was giving off big sighs as i was farting holding my stomach. The ride home was awful, i was giving off these desperate and worried eeks. Farting on my saddle, i was so close to home when my bowels released in the most unpleasant way. As soon as they did a big wet fart came out followed by a big load of mushy poo filling my bikini styled panties. But because the mass of the load was so big my poor panties couldn't hold it all, it spreaded to my school trousers and ran down my leg. At this point i got off my bike and stood up straight holding my bum cheeks with both hands flat palms. The poo had even spreaded all the way across my cheeks it was so gross!

I was just standing there saying quietly "omg, omg, OMG" i was still pooping! The mush just covered my whole entire leg region, i was doing the 'i just shat myself walk' home. I got in and went straight to the bathroom, i took off my top etc until i was fully undressed except my trousers and panties. I carefully took my heavy trousers off, i looked inside of them, there was so much poo in them, i gagged several times. Then i lowered my panties and the same kind of view except worse, they were completely ruined. Noticing that i still needed a poo quite badly i quickly put the two items of clothing in a plastic bag and threw them away. Then went straight upstairs and sat on the toilet. I had really bad cramps followed by bad waves of poo. Not to mention so many loud and gross toilet farts echoing the bowl. So embarrassing!

Those were bad times
Btw does anyone have a quick cure for constipation?
Nat x

Ashley-Glad you liked the post.

Ray-I know what you mean. My buddy didn't need to apologize! Maybe he was just checking out who was on the can and got embarrassed when he realized it was me. I hadn't noticed him at all, so he didn't even have to say anything to me. And if I would have seen him, I probably would have smiled and asked if he was headed to the picnic. He may have even hung around while I was cleaning up.

Queue-I've been watched several times while crapping. Sometimes it's by sketchy characters, like the ones who want to proposition me for something. A few times, though, I've been watched by non-threatening types. I've had conversations with other guys who are using the sinks or urinals. I did have someone watch me from below the partition. It was a little creepy, and I did ask the guy what he wanted. He left. I did see one guy watching me from above. He looked like a young guy and I could see his head peeking over the top of my stall when I looked in the mirror through the crack in the door. He looked at me for a bit, then disappeared, then came back. I just let him watch me crap and even wipe. I don't think he knew that I saw him watching. One time I was taking a crap in a handicapped stall and a few minutes into the dump I looked over at the far wall and noticed a "glory hole" in it. I saw that there were feet below the partition and realized by his position that the guy in the stall was watching me. I just let him watch and finished up.

Mr. Clogs
Ashley: Thanks for your compliment, you asked about me leaving those piss and poop filled cups on the bathroom counter, I dumped them in the toilet and flushed it, sorry. Thanks for asking though.

I'll post something later.

Take care,

Mr Clogs

karen B.

cookie dough diarreah

i am a 15 years old girl.I'm a long time reader and this is my first post.this happened yesterday me and my boy friend just broke up i was so sad i ate all the break up foods like i ate like 2 gallons of rocky road ,alot of bacon grilled cheese on whole fiber bread ,a plate of nacho with super spicy salsa and 5 whole tube of chocolaty cookie dough after i ate that i started watching the titanic well half way through the move my stomach was gurgling like crazy i was to sad to get up so i just rubbed my stomach . my stomach started to hurt like crazy and i was letting off some smelly farts . i let off a SBD then a very wet fart i thought i shit myself but i didn't i ran to the toilet and let loose the most worst case of messy chucky green diarrhea ever for the rest of that was very hard to clean up cuz i ran out of tp and had to use paper towels and the shower was messed up so no wash after it.later that night while i cleaned up my mess the cookie dough e cleaning up my mess i realized that all the cookie doughs i eaten was 2weeks old. tat was the worst nights of my life.


Comments on Kalee's 4th of July story

I would like to comment and also ask some questions about Kalee's 4th of July story where her work intern Casey did the squat shit in the pretty much "outdoor" bathroom building. The story is very descriptive about how the open-air bathroom was arranged, the large amount of mosquitos and knats around and on her pubic area, birds flying closely overhead as the ladies are peeing and crapping, how she used her foot to put the seat up, having her shorts and thong dropped all the way to the floor, the big crap she was going to have because she hadn't moved her bowels in four days. These are conditions that make Casey's time in the stall very ... and I'm looking for the right word, trying.

She apparently dropped at least 10 logs, since I would think the splashes Kalee counted were good indications. Wow.

I couldn't top that and I've tried. As I've written about in several of my postings, like Casey I don't like sitting on public toilet seats either. However, instead of squatting for a shit, I put paper on the seat first and I seat myself on the paper. It's usually toilet paper, but sometimes I've used the paper seat gaskets, but like Casey probably found, they aren't going to have those in public parks and places like that.

Like that which Kalee reported happened to Casey, I've been asked both at school and at the mall and places like the library and of course the park (where the guys' rooms have no or only partial privacy doors) why I'm not "normal" and not just sitting down like the rest of the guys on the bare seats. While I haven't been--to my knowledge, at least--as snotty as Kalee said Casey was, I do get offended when guys of all ages have pointed at me and snickered or made comments like "Well, Joe, we know where our wiping paper went" (referring to me sitting on it). Papering the seat is just something my mom taught me to do back about 15 years ago when she took me into the ladies room and since I turned like 5 or 6 and my father or grandfather would take me in, they would also put the paper down for me when they asked if I was going to wee or poop. I guess I don't see it as that big of a deal, even though, I admit I haven't seen any of my peers do it, including my long-time friend Stac, whom I've written about.

I admit that I don't believe I'm going to get clamydia, herpes or any other STD from the seats as Casey said, but I just like having something between my butt and a seat that perhaps 100 other guys sit on each day. And that includes dried up urine and when we're at school, often recently left pee or other secretions (I've seen spit on the seat more than once) plus ashes from the smokers. Like Casey probably feels, I was harassed by men at a homeless shelter last summer because I had put paper down on the seat in an open stall while I crapped. That's the kind of attitude that might explain why Casey was "snotty" with Kalee.

I would be interested in having the ladies on this board comment on how they've been treated and what's been said if they squat or put paper over the seats. What do they say when such things are said? Does pulling off a specially cut paper seat gasket off a holder mounted on the wall make using seat "protection" more politically correct? What other experiences have you ladies had?

Thank you.

Migraine Loverer


To Joanna: Awesome story! I loved the way you told me every thing in such detail.

I have been having some soft poops lately. I don't mind it though. I think it's because I eat a lot of soft things. I don't have a story to tell sadly because my poops are boring.

question for girls:
When you have your period, what is your poop like?

to Dante: i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you have a cousin that allows you to watch her while shes on the tiolet. thats really cool that you walked in on her while she was taking a huge dump. thats really funny that the bathroom had a strong odor. i lookforward to your next post in the future. take care and God bless.
to Victoria: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you encountered a really humulinating accident in your pants while at the pool with your daughter. i hope that it doesnt happen in the future take care and God bless.
to Kalee: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that your daughter had a successful bathroom visit at the softball game. iam sorry to hear that she hasnt had a bowel movement in four days. if this continues then i strongly recommend that you visit the doctors. this could be a early warning sign of a serious medical condition involving her bladder. i hope that everything turns out okay for your daughter. i will keep you guys in my prayers. take care and God bless.
to Jordan: i really enjoyed your posts. thanks for the kind word i really apprecaite it. thats really cool that you and Gio and Ashley all experienced a wonderful friendly bathroom visit at home. i lookforward to any stories that you might have in the future. please tell your friends that i said hi. take care and God bless.
to SuperSoaker2000: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear that you encountered a major accident while sleeping in bed with your girlfriend and your other friends. iam really glad to hear that your girlfriend completley understood what happened and didnt get upset. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kate: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that your friend had a terrible accident while you guys were out exploring the town. iam glad that your friend was able to clean up. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that your not as constipated as you were a few days ago. iam glad that you and your husband are showing such strong progress. i hope that this will continue for you both. take care and God bless.
to SoccerMom: i really enjoyed your post. iam really sorry to hear about your daughters accident that occurred while you and your husband were out enjoying yourself. iam also sorry to hear that your period was really heavy. i hope that it doesnt affect your health. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Qeue: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that the other man spied on you while you were trying to relieve yourself. i hope that it doesnt happen again. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Katie: i really enjoyed your post. thats really funny that you and your friends made a huge puddle on the floor. the tour guide should have listened to you. its totally her fault. thanks again for the kind comment. i really apprecaite it. i lookforward to your future post. take care and God bless.
to Matthew: i really enjoyed your post. thats realy cool to hear that you overheard your coworker relieve himself. did he end up stinking up the bathroom? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post. thats funny that you stunk up the bathroom at your hotelroom. iam really glad that no one found out it was you. i bet the bathroom really smelled bad when you entered it in the beginning. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



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