Gymnastic Trip story continued...

Leanne- loved your latest stories and looking forward to your next post. I'll post some other school trip stories soon.
Anyway, back to the gymnastics trip I was talking about in my last post. After helping Ella out in the toilet earlier on in the day we had tea and then did another short practice in the evening. About 10 we started to get ready for bed, I'd already been to the loo for a wee and just as I was putting my pyjamas on I had a slight stomach cramp but thought nothing of it. I got into bed and went to sleep, I woke up a couple of hours later with definate cramps so I got up and went to the toilets next door. I went into a cubicle and pulled down my pyjama trousers before sitting on the toilet. At once I started to have diarrhea which is unusual for me, it went on quite a while before finally stopping. I wiped my bum and flushed. Apart from the diarrhea I felt fine, so I tiptoed back into the room and went back to bed. I was fine for the whole of the next day and didn't need a poo at all. The morning of the last day I woke up early and felt a slight urge for a poo but thought I'd wait until after breakfast before going to the toilet. I got dressed and went into the breakfast room, as I was eating my cereal my need for a poo suddenly got worse and worse and I shifted in my chair, squeezing my bum cheeks together. As soon as I'd finished my cereal I rushed out of the dining room saying that I needed my phone from the room but instead ran straight to the toilets. I went into the first cubicle, pulled down my shorts and pants and threw myself onto the toilet, a massive log came shooting out almost straight away and I hardly had to push. After a couple more logs I was done, I wiped my bum and flushed.
Right, that's all for now, I'll post again soon. Thanks, bye!!


Etiquette when on the pot

Zip, Ray - nice comments about the guy who apologized for seeing you taking a dump. My question is this:

If you're on the pot when someone walks in who knows you (not someone you came with...) do you acknowledge them and say hi? Or do you pretened not to see them and go about your business?

Likewise if you walk in on someone you know, do you say hi to them or pretened you didn't see them?

I use the open stalls at the beach a lot and that has yet to happen to me, but I wonder what I'd do if it did happen?

Greg, I love your story of the anti-Zip and I'm wondering why he and other guys who've posted here cover their junk when on the toilet? If you're taking a dump all exposed to other guys what exactly are you embarassed about? Taking a shit or showing your stuff?

Let me tell you what just happened to me as a case in point:

I was at my favorite beach. I headed to the men's room. A guy in a went suit peeled down his waste was using the shower outside. I went in, took the second stall - all of them doorless - and turned to wipe down the seat with a disinfectant wipe. I didn't hear Mr Wetsuit come in, so when I turned and sat down on the toilet I was surprised to see him standing in the sink area across from me.

He paid no attention to me. He toweled off his upper body and then peeled off his wetsuit and voi la! He had on nothing underneath. He was standing there stark naked with everything showing.

Now I'm on the pot across from him, but I use two fingers on my left hand (one on each side of my penis) to hold it down into the bowl and to keep my foreskin retracted so i dodn't pee all over the place. Between my hand and the rim of the bowl nothing shows, but he's completely exposed.

So c'mon guys, tell me which of us should be embarrassed? Ray, I'm with you and i say neither of us.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Brian at Sears

This summer heat is getting to us.

Hey folks, hope all is well is everybody. I was recently promoted to assistant store manager. More money, but also more hours (unpaid now cuz on salary) and now I am required to wear a suit and tie all the time. The a/c in our Sears has been "on the fritz" the last week or so and with 100 degrees days its been rough. Eating a lot of salads and drinking lots of water, and you all know what THAT means... A lot more time spent in the Mens Lounges. The stalls in the mens lounges are still doorless, but recently painted a neutral yellow. Also, the lounges seem a bit cooler then the rest of the store. I was taking a relaxing after-lunch shit yesterday, and there were 2 customers in the lounge shitting. Two fellows from the auto dept. came in Ray and Mike grabbed the next 2 bowls and started shitting. Now we have 5 men shitting with very little air conditioning..The guys were saying it was 125 degrees in the auto shop, and they intended to relax for as long as possible. I gotta tell you the 5 of our asses did a number in there. My eyes were tearing from the multi-stenchs. It was bad, but to add insult to injury, a hefty biker came in and took the 6th and last seat. He sat down and exploded, his stench was worse then the 5 of us combined. We all chatted about the heatwave, and I noticed my toilet tissue was very low. I asked Ray & Mike and Ray responded "oh shit ! down to the core soon" I called "Pete" the maintence man on his cell phone to come "save " us... Pete showed up a few minutes later, put on his paper mask and replaced all six rolls of tissue. We all thanked him for propping the entry door open, though the folks outside the lounge were probably wondering if a sewer broke LOL.... We all finished up, wiped good, washed up and left. Ahhhhh summer in Sears :-))))


we miss you Keith D

Keith D I see that you have been lurking around. We miss your posts--let us know how you are doing and of course your latest poops

Upstate Dave

My Accident On The Way Home From School

Hi to all. I have just finish reading some of the posts this morning. I have a reply to Catherine who asked about accidents when a teenager or young adult. So this is for you Catherine which I was a teenager when it happened.

It was the last day of regular scheduled day of school. I was in my junoir year of highschool whch I spent a half day at the highschool and the second half at a vocational school. It was a long ride to get home for it involved riding two buses. One from the city where the vocational school was located to the middle school. There at the middle school I would transfer to a secnd bus to ride to my bus stop and walk home.

Well on the first bus heading to the middle school I felt fine at first. But as the trip progressed I started feeling my guts start to cramp up and gurgleing and feeling quite gassy inside. I was sitting by myself with a girl named Ruth that I had started to take a interest in and she me. She was sitting in the seat in front of me.

She and I talked back and forth but also at the same time the cramps were getting worse and I could feel pressure buildingup more at my anus which now I was squeezing hard down on it keeping it closed up tightly. I was breaking out in a slight sweat and I was slightly squirming in my seat too now. I was getting more uncofotible by the minute!

We finaily made it to the middle school. I and Ruth got off from the bus. She rode a different bus then I did at the middle school. She said goodbye and I the same back to her. At this point I had a choice to make. I could get on the bus to go home or go inside the school and use the bathroom. If I went inside the school I would miss my bus and I would have a long hour walk home from the middle school.

I chose to go home so I got on the second bus. Right at that point the strong cramps had died off some so that was why I boarded the second bus to go home. Luckily today the bus was not really all that crowded so I managed to get a seat again being by myself. I sat down and after waiting for about ten minutes the bus pulled out.

Good thing too for my cramps and pressure on my anus came back big time! In fact so hard I sat there like a statue in my seat! I again broke out in a sweat along with sqeezing my anus so hard as I sat there in my seat. The bus driver who was Ernie drove quickly so that helped me out. Plus I would be the first stop to on his route. That was a help too.

I fought the urge all the way to my stop. But even with Ernie driving quickly and I being the first stop it seemed forever to me to get top my stop! I did make it without a incident to my stop. I go off the bus. Where the bus droped me off was at the end of my road so I had a some what of a short walk to get home yet. I stood there waiting to cross the highway very stiffly keeping from shiting myslef right there were I stood!

Now I could have made a choice right there too. Behind me was one of my friends house. I could have just turned around walked down his driveway and gone in the basement door and used the bathroom in the basement. But at this time I couldn't for there was no one home so that was out as far as doing that. So I had to try to get home. I crossed the highway and started waling up my road.

I got as far as the next door nieghbors house side yard and I had to stop there in the road. I had another termendous series of painfull cramps come on again along with real hard pressure again on my anus! I stood there sqeezing my anus real hard along side the road for what seemed to be foreever! Then the pressure subsided a little.

Again I had a choice to make. Where I was standing my nieghbors side yard had pine trees. I could duck through the fence and go into the pine trees and shit there or continuie on to the house instead. Well as it turned out I didn't have the choice of ducking into the pine trees. My nieghbor had someone working there today mowin the lawns and the guy doing the mowing was there mowing the yard where the pine trees were! So that was now out.

I let out a groan and I started walking again but going very slowly. I made the turn in my road and there was my house now in sight! Only a couple of hundred feet left to go! Normal time from right where I was now would have been around three minutes to be inside. But the way I was it toome much longer to cover the distance. I had to stop every twenty feet and fight off to keep from shiting myslef!

Well I made it to the right side yard and had to stop again. I had a real long fight squeezing my anus and I was staring at the house as I did this. I could cut across the yard go in the workshop door and then in the door inside the workshop which put me in a little hall right in front of the bathroom! The cramping and pent up pressure eased a little. Now was my chance to get to the bathroom! I thopught to myslef.

I took off at a hard run through the side yard. I made it passed my fathers garden and was less then twenty feet to the workshops door. THATS WHEN IT HAPPENED!!!! I had a sudden real hard cramp cpme up which I just could not stop. My anus opened with a big explosion of very runy hot shit spraying all over the back insides of my white briefs and started running down my legs inside my tan pants I had on.

Liquid shit just kept on comming out from my anus. I just stood there and let ot happen. I had now given up and just let it happen. Boy did it ever smell so bad too! By the time I had stopped I was covered with runny shit. There were wide wet dark brown trails down both legs of my tan pants all the way down to my white socks I had on. The whold back side as far as my ass my tan pants were stained dark brown too. Also there was even some staining inthe lwer front of my tan pants also.

So waht I did next was that right out there in the side yard I took those tan pants right off along with my socks, sneakers, and now mostly brown stained white briefs. Both my tan pants and briefs were to badly stained I thought to be washed. So waht I did was quickly half naked walk the rest of the way across the yard to the back end of the yard with my pants, socks and briefs. I gave them all a hard heave down the hill at the end of the yard.

Then from there I walked around the ned of the woodshed over to the hose and turned it on and hosed myslef down to wash off the runny shit off form me. I also gave my sneakers a hosing off too. Then I went inside up the back stairs to my bedroom got out some clean clothes and went and took a shower in the upstairs bathroom and got dreesed. No one else never came across my soiled briefs, socks, and those tan pants that I had heaved down the hill. I bet you they all are still there laying down on the hillside today after being tghere for 42 years!


At Church

As I work for myself I have the luxury of using my own bathroom most of the time. Although I am a male I do not sit for a poo in any toilet but my own.

In the course of a year I may have to go perhaps six times in strange toilets.

On holiday we use self catering facilities so I am happy to sit there.

Last Sunday evening driving the twenty miles to church I realised that I was becoming very uncomfortable, I would need a poo before the service that s for sure.

The set up at the church is that is that the toilets are at the rear but perhaps unusually both sexes share a sink the ladies is to the right and the men's to the left.

When my wife and I arrived there was just another couple there so I decided that it was a good opportunity to go.

The male loo is not very large so i entered closed the door it seemed that the loo had recently been cleaned but never the less I undressed and in a low hover did a much needed poo. I flushed the loo but wondered how to get rid of the smell. There was nothing for it but to hope it soon cleared.

A few minutes later my wife went to go to the ladies and obviously realised what had happened and came back into the church and took a perfume bottle out of her handbag and went and sprayed. Nothing has been said but I certainly felt more comfortable


My Cousin Ari

Hi, everyone. My name is Dante - that's not actually my real name, but it is the one I'm going to use here. I'm 16 years old, and I live in the Northeast U.S. I've been reading this site for a couple of months now. For a long time, I've been really interested in hearing girls talking about using the bathroom, particularly, going "number 2." I'm not totally sure why. I think it is because the whole concept is so taboo - It's very normal for guys to talk casually to each other about taking a dump, but girls almost never do. I'm also an only child, so I have never had a sister around to me remind me that girls take craps all the time. I'm glad that I found this forum, because it really exposes you to a different perspective that's usually not available in everyday life.

Anyways, enough about me. The real reason I decided to start posting here instead of just reading is because I finally had my own experience with a girl taking a dump, and it looks like I may soon be having more. My cousin Ari, who is 21 and just finished her junior year in college, is going to be staying with my family this summer. Her family lives quite far away, so I've never spent much time with her before, but she got an internship in the city that I live near this summer, so she decided to stay with us instead of wasting money on rent.

Ari arrived at our house this past Monday after a ten hour drive from her college. Since I'm sure some of you will be interested in what she looks like, I'll take care of that right now. She has reddish-brown hair and I'd guess she's around 5'7" and 175 lbs. I wouldn't say that she's fat, she has more of a thick, athletic build. I think my parents mentioned that she played soccer and softball in high school. Anyways, I was up in my room playing PS3 when my parents called me downstairs because she had arrived. By the time I got downstairs, she was already in the kitchen greeting my parents. She was wearing a t-shirt and athletic shorts, probably because she wanted to be comfortable for the long drive. Right away, I noticed that she seemed to be a bit antsy - she was talking really quickly and couldn't quite stand still, but I knew she had an energetic personality, so I didn't think much of it. Only later did I realize why she must have been so uncomfortable.

After a few minutes of making small talk, my dad told me to help Ari bring her bags upstairs and show her where she'd be staying. I hauled up her bags and showed her to the guest room at the end of our second floor hall. She thanked me, and immediately asked where the bathroom was. I pointed out the closest one - our large 2nd floor bathroom with a full shower and tub that she and I would be sharing. I figured that she probably had to pee after the drive, and headed back into my own room. However, my interest was perked when I heard the bathroom fan switch on as soon as the door was shut.

To be honest, I was pretty shocked. I knew that Ari would have to poop in our shared bathroom eventually, but I didn't expect it to happen within the first 20 minutes of her arrival. I thought back to how she seemed a bit uncomfortable in the kitchen and wondered if it was because she was holding back a large dump. I took note of the time - it was 9:22 - and went back to playing PS3 in my room. Minute after minute went by with no noticeable sounds from the bathroom. By 9:30, I knew for sure Ari had to taking a big crap. Finally, at 9:36, I heard the toilet flush. But to my surprise, even after the toilet had stopped running, I didn't hear the sink turn on - just the monotonous hum of the bathroom fan. Then at 9:42, a second flush! I was really amazed now! Not only had Ari just spent 20 minutes in the bathroom with the fan running, but she also had to flush twice! I soon heard the sink running. At 9:44, I heard the door open, the fan switch off, and then footsteps in the direction of my room. I quickly focused my full attention on my game, in case Ari was heading for my room - but out of the corner of my eye, I saw her pass right by my door and continue downstairs.

Now as much as I wanted to immediately rush into the bathroom to survey the aftermath, I decided to play it cool for a bit. I was worried Ari might come right back upstairs, and I didn't want to embarrass her or seem like a weirdo by rushing right into the bathroom after she had so obviously dropped a major load. But by 9:50, it seemed like the coast was clear - I poked my head into the hallway and could hear her talking downstairs, apparently deep in conversation with my mom. As I headed towards the bathroom door, which was closed over but slightly ajar, I was overcome with excitement and curiosity. No other girl had ever taken a dump in my bathroom, let alone a 20-minute double-flusher!

I was probably a good five or six feet away from the door when I first detected a distinct, pungent poop odor creeping out. But even that didn't prepare me for when I opened the door and stepped inside - WOW!!! The stench hit me like a ton of bricks!! It wasn't the type of sickly, acidic smell that you associate with diarrhea - it was just an incredibly overwhelming and powerful poop aroma, with a tinge of rotten egg smell, that hung in the bathroom like a thick fog. Honestly, it smelled like an elephant just took a dump in there! I noticed that Ari had opened the window, but even that along with the fan had done nothing to diminish her stink. It was so strong, I had to wonder if there was still crap in the toilet! I lifted up the lid, which Ari had closed, and alas there wasn't - but there were several light brown poop streaks around the center hole that had somehow managed to survive both flushes.

Though some part of me wanted to stay in there and take in the unbelievable stench, it really was just too strong to handle. I retreated back to my bedroom, truly astounded at what my cousin had just produced. Meanwhile, I could hear her downstairs, asking my mom about the best route for her to take downtown to work, giving no indication whatsoever that she had just taken a monster shit in our upstairs bathroom. Around 10:30, Ari came back upstairs and went straight to her room for the night. About 10 minutes later, I went back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. The stench had diminished quite a bit, but was still faintly noticeable, nearly an hour after Ari had finished crapping.

Anyways, I'm sorry for rambling on for so long, but I wanted to write out all the details while they were still fresh in my memory. Ari will be staying with us until the end of August, so hopefully this is just the first of many stories to come! Hope you enjoyed it!

My 15 year old niece had a bad accident in her undies driving back from seeing family over 4th of july weekend. It was brutal we were driving in 100+ degree fahrenheit heat. We had mine and my sisters family all in one big van, 8 people and I was at the end of my rope. Family vacations will do that. Well my niece wanted to stop for the bathroom and we had already stopped TWICE on what was only a 4 hour drive so I was fed up and said she had to wait. 15 years old I figured she should be able to control her bladder in the few hours between our previous stop and home. Unfortunately it wasn't her bladder that needed controlling... within 20 minutes she began to whine and moan before I could hear the noisiest, messiest sounding diarrhea explosion erupting in her underwear in the back seat. She kept screaming and whining and the van was utter chaos. It was so damn hot out but I had to cut the AC and open windows so the whole family didn't choke on the noxious odor of her mess. I then had to pull over on the side of the highway and everyone piled out onto the shoulder in the extreme heat and my wife and sister helped my niece rinse off her legs and bottom with all the water we had in the car. While they did that I cleaned the mess off her seat as best I could while the other 4 kids waited outside trying not to die of heat stroke. The mess was bad since she had a little skirt on due to the heat. I got it cleaned off enough and they got my niece cleaned off enough, and I put a towel down on her seat. She got cleaned up enough to make it to the next rest stop for a more thorough cleanup and a change of underwear. I apologized to her and told her she shoulda said it was suh an emergency or said she had an upset stomach, but she replied she didn't want to announce to the whole family that she had diarrhea. I told her it wouldn't have been as bad as what really happened!


Re. Reading on the Toilet

TO Gordonzola:

My mother does. As far back as I can remember she has always taken a book or done the newspaper crosswords while doing her business...

In my early teens, I did it too for a time but I never really got into the habit. My normal trips to the toilet rarely last long enough to make it worth while. I take two to five minutes (max.) On those rare occasions when I have spent a long time having a BM (say, >15 minutes), my thoughts are usually on the matter at hand and not reading materials because, A) It was a bad bout of constipation where I had to PUSH, and SHOVE, and WORK to get the crap out... or B) It was a VERY bad episode of diarrhea with cramps, where I had to race to the bathroom and stay on there until the liquid mess stopped gushing out.

Take care,



First accident as an adult

I am a 27 yr old stay at home mom with a 2 year old. Today I took her up to our neighborhood pool and kids water park. We walk. Well I walk and push her stroller. I felt an urge to poo while there but couldn't leave my daughter so I held it until we left to walk home. It's about a mile walk. She fell asleep. I had to poo really bad while walking her home and tried to hurry but that made it worse. I was in my one piece suit with a sarong wrapped around my waist. I was over halfway home when a huge urge hit me and I almost lost it. I tried to hurry again but it got stronger and when I was still about six houses away from ours the urge got so strong my body couldn't stop it. I just stood there on the sidewalk as the poop quickly emptied into my swimsuit and made a big mound. It was hot and sticky but at least not runny and mostly firm. It felt like a pile of hot peanut butter spreading in my suit. I carefully finished walking home, put my daughter in her bed still asleep, and went to my bathroom to clean up. It was pretty disgusting to peel of the full one piece. I dumped and wiped and hopped straight into the shower and used the detachable shower head to clean off and rinse the swimsuit. I'm just glad my daughter was asleep and nobody saw. Thanks for letting me share. Victoria


Outdoor bathroom break

I've written about my boyfriend--TJ--who plays a lot of softball and how I try to get to at least a few of his games a week. I've also written about Casey, one of three interns I have this summer working at our financial business in public relations/advertising. Well, on the Fourth of July TJ and I decided to invite Casey to go to the park with us. She's from out of town, lives in an upstairs apartment, and doesn't have too much to do while she earns her college internship credits. She's seven years younger than me, but at 21 she's the most creative person I've ever met.

Our day was spent at two parks. TJ played in a double-header at one park and then we had a picnic at another park that was also the site of a fireworks program that's draws sometimes 60,000 or more people. Across the street from this big park there is a large waterpark and much smaller park that I've used before. At about 9:30 a.m. just before dark and the start of the fireworks I suggested to Casey that she come over there with me and use the bathrooms. These are real bathrooms in a concrete building rather than the 100 or so portable potties that each had lines like 20 or 25 deep waiting. Both of us were barefoot--probably not the best decision since each of us had to walk across a four-lane highway that would have very hot asphalt, but I didn't think of it until it was too late. I'm 28 and vaguely remember that me and my then-boyfriend used these bathrooms like when we were 16 once, but what I found when I took Casey over was definitely different that what I had remembered.

First, it was a white concrete block building that didn't look too bad. You walk in through one doorless entry on the left and there's about six stalls, plus an exit door straight ahead of you at the end of the hallway. On the other side of the room, there's about four sinks and a hand-towel dispenser that had long been depleted. Second, and what was most surprising to me, was that there were just concrete walls. No roof! The remainder of the sunset and daylight could be seen over the four concrete walls that were about eight feet high. It was the best lit bathroom by far I've ever seen because of the natural light, but there were a lot of mosquitos flying around, especially close to each of the toilets since that's where there was water and some earlier users had left drink cups with pop still in it next to the stools as they did there thing. Also, each of the stalls had partitions built out of foundation-type blocks that had been painted and they only went up about three-feet high. Of course, there were not any doors. So much for privacy.

The good thing was there was no line. Out of the side of my eye, I saw two older ladies seated and one was being constantly interrupted by her daughter who looked to be like 4 or 5. I walked to the very end stall, the seat was up and I reached back and dropped it. I was unbottoning my shorts and starting to pull down my underwear to seat myself for a pee (my first in about six hours or since the first game) and after seating myself I had no trouble in getting my pee stream going. I was sweating profusely, as was Casey, and noticed that the mosquitos especially wanted to nest on my thighs and some kind of flying ant bug was buzzing around my wet face and neck. I thought to myself that I shouldn't be seat for more than two minutes and I longed to get shorts back up to get rid of the bugs. I did,however, kill two knats that were flying around my pubic area and there were several birds that were flying strangely close to our heads. Luckily, they didn't need a pit stop.

I quickly looked to my right and saw Casey from the waste up as she was starting to squat over the toilet. I thought she was in the process of probably seating herself when I heard her take her right foot and use it to abruptly lift up the seat, which then clacked up against the back wall, and then surprisingly crashed back onto the toilet. Casey suddenly turned around, swore up a storm, and apparently took both hands and slammed it back against the bricks and luckily it stayed. I heard her swear some more, sigh, and could see that she was dropping her shorts and thong all the way to the floor to help cover her bare feet. She widened her stance and maintained it for about two or three minutes and I could hear sighs on her part. After a little thought, I figured she was going to shit standing up. I have never done that and I asked her "Case, are you OK" to which she explained what she was doing by waiting for her four-day shit to drop. I asked her why she didn't shit like (and I admit I used a bad word) "normal." She seemed kind of snotty with her answer, "Cuz, I'm not looking to get clamydia or herpes" and made me feel both stupid and a bit insecure because here I was sitting on the seat and allegedly exposing myself to it. As I finished my pee, I heard the PA announcer start the program and over to our left side we could see the first of the fireworks. At that time, just as the applause died down, Casey let out a blast that cvould be heard all the way to North 30th St. and it was followed by about ten or eleven splashes, after which I heard her pull off toilet paper, and wipe herself.

I knew I had probably upset her when I implied that she was abnormal in her bathroom habits, so when we met up at the sinks, I complimented her about how efficient she was in squat crapping. She said she started squat shitting in junior high and doesn't understand why more girls don't do it. I kept my mouth shut and we both looked up and could see the fireworks as we were washing our hands.


In All Honesty

Just a question:

Is there anyone on this forum that has not had an accident with poop in their teenage or adult years? I just cannot imagine anyone going their entire life without an accident, even if it is private? Would you be willing to admit to an accident since your teenage years?

to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that you got to relieve yourself at Taco Bell. iam also glad to hear that your boss was quite understanding of why you were so late for work. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Brad: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that you had to use a really disgusting bathroom at the police station. i hope that you dont end up really sick from this experience. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Linda: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a succesful poo with your friend around. i hope that your doing well. take care and God bless.
to Zip: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like to me that you had quite an experience while visiting the park. iam very glad to hear that the other guy was so polite when he accidentley saw you on the tiolet. your exremeley lucky as well. not everyone is like that. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to EndstallErin: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that you cooperated so well and allowed the older women to use the restroom at the park. i hope that you are enjoying your summer. i really love your posts i cant wait to read the next one that you write about. iam really looking forward to it. take care hun and God bless.
to Alicia: i really enjoyed your post. that really cool to hear that you and your friend Lauren like to pee in weird places. sounds like you both had an awesome times peeing in Laurens car the other day. that must have been alot of fun. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that you at least tried to help the 12 year old kid out. he probably didnt talk to you because you are a stranger to him. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Mr.Clogs: i really enjoyed your post. thats funny that you peed and pood in a cup. did u end up leaving on the counter in the bathroom? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad that the porta potties were in decent shape for you to use. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Impatieone:i really enjoyed your post. thats really cool that you and your friend listen to each other pee while engaging in a telephone conversation. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that your friend Elle encountered a major accident at your gymnastics meet last year. iam very glad to hear that you were there to comfort her through the tough time that she was having. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Dan: i really enjoyed your post. congradulations on using the ladies room. how did you like it? sounds like you encountered quite a few women relieving themselves. did they stink up the bathroom? i lookforward to your next post take care and God bless.
to IPOO3: iam really glad to hear that you enjoyed my last story that i posted. i dont think that i stunk the ladies out of the bathroom. i will tell you that the blondgirl that was next to me had a really foul smelling bowel movement. as soon i smelled it i started giggling. i will try and post again soon. take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you and your friends encountered alot of wonderful bathroom moments on your school trip recentley. iam glad that everthing turned out okay. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to learn that the first enema helped you successfully relieve yourself. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to PostOpintional: i really enjoyed your post. you and i have something in common we both really enjoying relieving ourselfs in a public bathroom. your bathroom experience at the football sounded awesome. did you leave your stall and leave the tiolet unflushed? i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



Yo I'm back with another post. I was telling you all about the time Asia and Ashley had both took a dump at summer camp from long time ago. I don't really read the post that much but as I scrolled down I saw a poster name Ashley say that she enjoys my Post. I want to thank her. Now for my Post from when I was in high school.

It was during the fall and I started my second year of college. Asia and I lived in Randolph at the time but I decided to move to Battle Creek Michigan later on in life. So during the week Gio and Ashley needed a place to stay cause of leaks in there house. Ashley wanted to stay at her parent's house but her father didn't like Gio because he thought that he was only after her because she was pretty. I understood it fully Asia's brother I mentioned in my first post hated me because I was like one of those cool kids and didn't care about education. But me and Gio were very smart and were at the top of the class so where are girlfriends but we didn't like the attention/glory so we didn't do the activities after school unless we were forced to. Anyway we happily let them stay. During the week or so we would all be at school and I was always the first at home. I wanted to get a career in technology so I would be very creative make some interesting things and some stupid ones. I had an assignment to do and I had to fix a broken laptop for a friend of mine. While I would be busy Gio would come home with Ashley and would also do there work as well. Gio wanted to get into Sports while of course Ashley and Asia wanted to design. During the days I was at home Asia came home early and told me this thing about a yogurt called Activia. I didn't know about it now but later on I would know and know what it would do you. So I asked her whats so important about yogurt. She told me that it was for a controlled digestive system and was gonna tell Ashley about it. I looked at the Labels and it said 15 day challenge I raised my eyebrow as I saw this and read the side effects that were written very small. It said that if taken to much it would cause bowel movements to be very loose. I was laughing inside and told her why do you need this she said it says controlled bowel movements that means I wont get diarrhea anymore stupid. I said good luck with that. She told Ashley about it and just like I reacted Gio said the same thing diarrhea isn't bad it just gets rid of bacteria. They again ignored us. While we were in bed I cuddled against Asia and kissed her Good night I regretted that because as soon as I was about to let go she let go a hug fart and she was in shock she laughed. She said see the yogurts working I tried to breath because that fart smelled like deviled eggs I said whatever and told her to fart the other way for the rest of the night she happily did and farted loudly again. The Next day when Gio got home he told me that I missed something hilarious I asked what he said during there calculus class Just when it finished and everyone was walking out the door Ashley ripped out a big fart. I laughed and told him last night Asia also farted loudly too. Gio said Ashley did the same thing this morning while she was in the bathroom taking a shower he heard her. We continued to talk about it more for a while till he said he had to go do something I said okay and continued fixing the broken laptop. A few Minutes later the girls came home and I told them I bought some groceries and told them they could have anything they wanted. They told me it was okay they ate already and had some yogurt too. Later on we were watching T.V and Asia stomach gurgled she stood up and Farted loudly and sat back down again I told her isn't that her Cue to poop she said no she just need to fart . Ashley who was in the kitchen walked past by us and Farted too she laughed and said time to go dookie. She walked to the bathroom right next to the living room and dropped her pants and farted again loudly. She continued to fart and finally flushed. Asia realized that she was only in the bathroom for a few moments. Ashley told us that she only needed to fart for some reason why. Gio came back playing a game of football at the school and said he was going to take a shower. Ashley was about to tell him that she just went in but Gio already went in and Said dam that yogurt just make you guys shit bad. I asked Asia how long she had been taking the challenge she said well she might only do 9 days not 15. 4 days had passed and Asia and Ashley couldn't take a dump. They thought it was the yogurt so they stopped eating it. We came back from the school and Asia stomach rumble she farted. And said Oh shoot I told her whats wring she said she needs to go take a dump badly. We got to the house she dropped her stuff on the couch and was starting to unbuckle her pants as she ran to the bathroom. She dropped her pants and said well it seems that the yogurt finally works. I said yea after 5 days. She was about to say something till her stomach gurgled very loud and said wow this shits gonna be huge BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLOP PLOP PLOOPPPPPPPP. She held her stomach as more thick pieces came from her ass. BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLOP. She said she was finished. She got up and looked at her pile there was 6 long logs and one short one. Her stomach gurgled again BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP dang she said she wiped her self and kissed me and we went to go get something to eat before we hear the door open and we hear someone running up the stairs and we saw Ashley say I really gotta poo man she kicked off her shoes and ran to the bathroom and we saw Gio carrying her stuff he said we were walkin home till she farts loud and says I gotta take a dump she gives me her stuff grabs the keys and runs to the house farting along the way it was funny. We saw Ashley finally and carefully drop her pants and slammed her butt down on the toilet and sighs in relief. BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP a Barrage of logs came out of her ass she Farted one more time and said she feels a bit better now. She got up wiped and farted one more time and said hey the toilet is clogged I sighed and told Gio to do it. We argued about it till he finally did it Asia and Ashley laughed at both of us and amazingly farted at the same time. The thing that sucks though this continued on for a week they had very gassy dumps Asia's was the worst we had to open all the windows in the house they said they would never have Activia again.

Laters and Live For The Moment

Super Soaker 2000

July 4th aftermath

I woke up at 7 am on July 5th to find out that I completely emptied my bladder into my underwear and girlfriend's (very nice) couch. We had a party that night and there were about 12 people over, my girlfriend's best friend stayed all night. Usually, the three of us sleep in the same bed, but for some reason I fell asleep on the couch. I'm glad I did, Erin (the best friend) would've found out for sure that I wet myself during the night if I would've slept in the bed like usual. Thank goodness I was on the couch, I feel bad that I essentially ruined the couch, (I cleaned up as best I could before the girls woke up) but I'm glad Erin never found out. I felt so embarrassed when I woke up, my shirt was wet, and the blanket I had was wet. I didn't even tell my girlfriend about it until later that day after Erin left. She was pretty understanding as usual, I don't know why she puts up with it, but I'm glad she does. She's peed her pants several times since we started dating almost three years ago, but never while she was asleep. So she's never stained a mattress, couch, or anyone else's carpet (that's a story I'll save for some other time) I've only had accidents when I'm asleep. Go figure. She's only made pee stains in a few pairs of jeans and underwear, I've stained blankets, mattresses, and couches. I wish this would stop. Maybe I should stop drinking so much, or always have an alarm set on my phone for 4 am so I can wake up and pee in a toilet. I hope everyone had a good holiday!


Post Title (optional) Getting a bit constipated again.......

Linda from Australia here again. I'm starting to get a bit constipated again. I knew it was only a matter of time before my winning streak ended. When I got home from work today, I really needed to do a poo. I did some dishes and then I made my way to the toilet. I didn't think I would have a hard time but I did!! I did a big wee first and then I waited. I thought the poos were going to come out easily but they didn't. I really had to push and strain to get things moving. After a few minutes, a rock hard, skinny log started to come out of my butt. I had to keep pushing the entire time the log was coming out. It stretched my anus too. I didn't feel finished so I kept pushing and a few small turds came out. I could still feel more poos inside me so I pushed even harder but I couldn't get anything else out. I spent about 15 minutes on the toilet. I had a look at my job and it consisted of lots of medium sized, rock hard logs. They were dark brown. I felt better after taking that dump but I've still got some poo up there. I hope I can get the rest of it out later.

I'm not sure why I'm getting constipated again because I've been eating lots of fibre lately. I've been really careful not to eat too much unhealthy food because if I let myself go, then I tend to get extremely constipated. I seem to get backed up anyway but at least if I know I'm eating healthy food, then eventually, my constipation will resolve itself.


Accident in the center

A week ago I took my sister and my good friend Leila to the center, to buy some fancy clothes and generally hang out. We've finished our school year so I had alot of time and some money to spend. About 6 P.M. we left my house and headed to the nearest underground station. By the way, we went into a Chinese restaurant to eat something (me and my sister woke up at 4 pm so we were very hungry). When we got to the center, we visited some new shops, I bought a pair of pink panties and a skirt, and my sister bought herself nice bra. At 10 pm we went to a pub to drink sth. We've been talking about Leila's ex-boyfriend which she left three days ago. I felt an urge to relieve, so I went into the bathroom and took very liquid, smelly shit. I still felt full, so i waited 10 minutes and took another one. When i got back, Leila was pretty drunk, and was still drinking. My sister was sober, so we both decided to take Leila back home and go back to our. We had to help Leila walk, because she was so drunk that she couldn't even walk straigh forward. We got to the bus and settled her, we were afraid because she didn't finished her 18. 30 minutes later we got out of the bus and headed to her home near Mile End underground station. But a minute after we left the bus, she told us she needs to shit really quickly. My sister told me that she feels her stomach uncomfortable too, probably chinese food was rotten or she drunk too much vodka. As I was talking with Martha (that's my sister's name btw), I felt I have to go again too. We walked faster to take Leila home, but she told us she won't wait longer to take a shit, and sat on bench. She held her stomach, and we saw her in pain. We heard some farts, but a wave of diarrhea probably left her for a while, because she jumped from the bench and almost ran towards her home. A minute after she squated under a tree, and we saw her face become red. In the same time, a brown bulge became visible under her skirt. Some liquid poo came out from her panties, but she kept pooping herself in the centre of the city. We helped her to get to her house, and came in with her. Her parents were on a party, so we were alone. I sent my sister to the toilet upstairs (she nearly pooped herself too), and took my friend to the toilet. She was still drunk, so i took her t-shirt and skirt off. I saw that range of destruction in her panties was enormous. Panties were totally full, and all brown. I opened the window because smell was terrible, especially because she farted few times and pooped more. Some of poop landed on the floor. I put my friend under the shower, and took her panties off. I threw them into toilet and flushed down (somehow toilet didn't block). I washed my friend under the shower and dressed again. As she came asleep, me and my sister left. When we were walking toward our house, my sister told my that door to the toilet upstairs Leila's house were closed, and she's going to poop herself pretty soon. The same I felt, I needed to poop hard. We started running to our street. We finally got to us, but now... I couldn't find keys. I saw Martha dancing on roadhouse. I kept searching keys, and finally got them, when I heard some farts and Martha started to cry. She held her stomach, and I saw her full, almost green panties sliding down her legs. She took them and put on herself again, and totally pooped herself. I opened the door quickly and let her in the toilet. I started running upstairs, but on the stairs I messed myself too. It was horrible feeling, liquid diarrhea going through my buttcheeks, landing in my panties. I got to the toilet and let some more diarrhea and wet farts in my panties. I sat on the toilet with my panties still on me, and relieved myself again.

CD- I know the show you are talking about. It is called "You Are What You Eat". I watched it. It is on BBC America. Carin

I haven't needed to use my laxative very often anymore. I've been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, fibre and drinking lots of water and as a result I've been able to poop every day to every other day. And when I go it's always HUGE. The other day however I felt a bit full so I took the laxative (Lax-A-Day which is polyethylene glycol and very gentle). My husband was constipated and I had him take a glass of it too. We took it before bed. He wasn't able to go in the morning as he didn't drink lots of water with it like you're supposed to. I had to take the laxative for a second day because it says it could take 2 to 4 days of treatment for it to work.

Yesterday (Tuesday) after lunch I felt a major urge to go. I sat on the toilet and gave a gentle push and a big fat turd came out. It was very thick and long, about 12 inches. I felt much better after that! And then today after lunch I felt another urge to go. This poop wasn't as big, only about 8 inches but still pretty good.

I'm happy that I'm not really suffering from constipation anymore. A good diet and plenty of water has really helped so I might luck out and not need a colonoscopy if my gastroenterologist thinks I'm okay :) I've also been trying to encourage my husband to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water to soften his BMs but he's fairly resistant to the idea. He is jealous that I'm able to poop out huge turds and says he wishes he could do that.

Soccer Mom

Canada Day

To Kate Mů Thank you for your response. I haven't worn Depends myself, but I have thought of it. The IBS that I have is rather mild, but when flare ups happen, it can be bad. Sometimes I don't get a lot of warning when a flare up is happening and the cramps just start. If I don't get to a toilet right a way, it's in my pants and I am searching for a place to clean up. But, I will consider your idea for the future.

So, my daughter's school ended on Wednesday, June 30th. She only had to go for the morning, so my husband and I took the afternoon off and drove to Ottawa for Canada Day and to visit our friends.

On Canada Day, I packed a back pack with extra shorts and shirts for my daughter and myself. My husband did the same, but had his own bag. I also made sure to pack some Pull Ups for my daughter in case she had any issues. She had been feeling better since her accident at school the Friday before, but I just wanted to play it safe. My period was due to start on Saturday, but I made sure to have a few pads (three Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins) and an extra pair of panties with me just in case. My daughter and I had decided to both wear a red tank top and white shorts. I also packed a pair of red shorts and white tank tops for both of us (the opposite to what we were wearing at the time) as well as some pants and a sweater in case it cooled down later in the day.

We took the bus downtown with our friends in the morning and everything was going quite well. A little while after we ate lunch, I started feeling crampy. Not diarrhea cramps, but more like PMS cramps. My panties, which were white, started feeling a little wet and sticky. I knew that my period had started early and I needed to get to the washroom to put on a pad. We continued walking around when my daughter said to me, "Mom, I need to use the bathroom." I said "Okay, I need to go as well." We went into the Rideau Centre to use their washrooms. Of course there was a line up. About five or six women ahead of us stood this teenage girl and she was crying. A minute or so later, a lady, probably the girl's mom, rushed by us with a pair of shorts and a package of underwear. The girl's back was to us and I could tell that she had an accident. A noticeable smell of poop came wafting back and I said to my daughter, "You see, it happens to all of us sooner or later." My daughter looked up at me and smiled.

We finally got into the ladies room. A stall opened up and I told my daughter to go in first. My cramps were still really bad and I was doubled over slightly. The stall next to the one my daughter was in opened up and the teenage girl who had an accident came out in tears. I got into the stall and she didn't clean up at all. There was diarrhea everywhere. I cleaned off the seat and flushed the toilet. I hung the backpack on the back of the door and unzipped my shorts, pulled them and my panties down and sat on the toilet. I inspected my panties and muttered to myself, "Damn it." My period had indeed started and I had soaked the crotch of my white panties. I had also bled through the white shorts I was wearing in the crotch area. It was bad. My daughter then said, "Mom? Where are you?" I said, "I'm in the stall beside you honey." She said, "Oh, okay." I took off my running shoes, and pulled down my shorts and panties. I reached into the back pack and pulled out my red shorts and the extra panties that I had brought. I slipped them on, unzipped a pad and placed it in my panties. I also changed into the white tank top.

I got myself back together, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I tapped on the stall door that my daughter was in and said, "I will wait for you outside the ladies room, okay?" She said, "Mom, I need you." She unlocked the door and opened it a crack. I went in and she had her shorts up and around her knees, which were closed. I said, "What is it sweetie?" She opened up her knees and slid her shorts down a bit. Her underwear and shorts were covered in diarrhea. I said, "Oh honey! What happened? When did this happen?" She said, "I couldn't hold it. It started coming out when we got into the mall and then again in the line up and then again when I was getting into the stall." I flashed back to the smell in the hallway. It wasn't the teenage girl that I smelled, it was my own daughter. I said, "Sweetie, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you say anything?" She said in a sad voice, "I don't know. I'm sorry." She started crying a little. I said, "Its okay honey. Let's get you cleaned up." I put the back pack on the ground, reached in and brought out the wet wipes. When I was done cleaning her, I pulled out a Pull Up and she said, "Mom! No! Please!" I said, "Sweetie, you have to wear this, especially if you have to go again and can't make it." She said, "But, I'm feeling better, I promise." I said, "I'm sorry honey, I didn't bring you any extra underwear anyway and I can't have you wearing your soiled underwear all day." She finally put on the Pull Up and I pulled out her red shorts and white tank top. She then realized that I had changed and said, "Mom, you changed, why?" I said, "Well honey, I had to." I leaned over and whispered, "My period started and I bled through my shorts." She looked at me and said, deadpan, "Well, at least we still match." I chuckled as I wrapped her dirty clothes in mine and put everything back in the back pack. We washed our hands and finally left the ladies room.

We met up with my husband and our friends and he asked me, "Is everything okay?" I said, "Yes, why?" He said, "Well, you were in there for quite a while, and you both changed." I whispered to him, "Well, my period started and I bled through my white shorts. And your daughter, well, she didn't make it either." He said, "What? What do you mean, 'didn't make it?'" I said, "She had diarrhea and went in her underwear." He said, "Oh, okay." I said, "She's feeling better now, but she is wearing a Pull Up." He said, "Oh, okay" again. I said, "Actually, I need to buy some pads. I only have two left for the day." Again he said, "Okay." I think he was embarrassed. I grabbed my girlfriend, told her that I needed to find a drug store to buy some pads and we went to Shoppers Drug Mart in the mall.

The rest of the day was actually pretty good. My period was really heavy and I had to change my pad several times. At one point I leaked over the wings and through my panties. Since my shorts were red, it was no big deal. My daughter was feeling better and didn't have any more accidents. I felt bad for making her wear a Pull Up and not buying her any new underwear, but I was concerned that she would get sick again.

Well, that's all for now.

Thanks for reading.

Soccer Mom


Watched at the bookstore

I had an odd experience last week at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore that I thought would be worth sharing here. I was in the shopping center where the store is located and wanted to browse some books, but I also needed to take a crap, as I had recently eaten a very filling lunch, so I thought I'd use the restroom in the bookstore. The restroom is fairly small, with one urinal and two stalls, one regular and one large handicapped. When I entered the restroom, I noticed that the first regular-sized stall was occupied, so I proceeded to the larger stall and locked its door. I wiped down the seat with TP, turned around, pulled my khaki cargo shorts and black boxers to my knees, and sat down.

As soon as I took a seat, but before I began my shit, I couldn't help but notice my neighbor's feet moving around a bit while his jeans were just above his sneakers, and part of his face appeared beneath the stall wall! Since the handicapped toilet is on the far side of the stall, he got a full side-view of me sitting on the toilet. I looked away in shock as soon as our eyes met, but I made him out to be in his late teens or early twenties, a little younger than me in any case (I'm 26). Not quite sure what to do, I waited, looking forward, but I could see peripherally as the guy's face disappeared. Thinking that it was a simple case of him wanting to see who was in the next stall, I continued with my business, pissing strongly into the bowl and letting out a tight fart as I did so. As my piss subsided, I could see out of the corner of my eye that the guy next door was once again peeking under the partition. I didn't quite know what to do, as I was uncomfortable acknowledging him; perhaps he didn't realize that I could see what he was doing, because otherwise, he was being pretty blatant about looking in on me. In pondering my fate for a couple of seconds, I thought back to this site and some of my favorite posters who speak of their experiences with doorless stalls and other public shitting situations, and I began to think, what the hell, I'm here for the right reasons, and after all I enjoy reading about other folks shitting as well as getting to see or hear them when the opportunity arises, so I'm not going to worry about these prying eyes for now...who knows, maybe he too gets a charge out of witnessing dumps and I was doing him a favor!

With that, and with my neighbor still clearly watching under the partition, I bore down and began what turned out to be a pretty large crap, with crackling and more farts. It began to smell a bit, too. The flow of logs slowed, then stopped, but I didn't feel empty, so I pushed much harder and even jammed my fists into my abdomen. I was gritting my teeth and probably making quite a face; I sometimes have noticed myself turning red during such exertion, so in any event I'm sure my neighbor got an eyeful. A lot more shit came rushing out, getting softer as it went. During my dumping session, I could see the guy's face disappear briefly a couple of times, only to reappear a few seconds later. After this second intense round, I felt finished, and I sat still for a moment before beginning to roll off some paper. As soon as I began to wipe, my neighbor quickly pulled up his pants, opened his stall, and left the restroom, neither flushing nor washing his hands. I guess he didn't want me to see who was spying on me during my dump. After several wipes, I stood up, pulled up my shorts, and flushed. On my way past the next stall and over to the sinks, I looked in and saw that the toilet was maybe the guy had simply gone in with the hopes of witnessing someone else taking a shit, or perhaps he was waiting for somebody who never showed up. As I left the restroom and began looking through the bookstore, I took note of the footware of those around me, but never recognized the sneakers from next door...oh well, I guess the voyeur will remain anonymous.

Does anyone else have stories to share about being so obviously yet non-threateningly spied on while taking a shit? I've read older accounts of sketchy guys watching from above, or peering through the crack between the door and the partition, but I didn't get any kind of menacing or threatening feel off of this guy. It was more as though he just wanted to see what I was doing!


Zip, your voulenteer buddy ...

Wonder why he apologized. He had no control over the layout on the mens toilet room not having any stall doors. Besides if your only men in there whats the problem? we all crap, and we all have penises. If it was me on the bowl, and trust me I have been caught on doorless toilets many, many , many times ... I would have apologed to him, that he had to see my brown shit logs sliding out and smell my crap. Then I would have laughed, and said "NOT" ... Its a mens room !!! Glad you had a nice picnic :-)


Kirsty's Survey

To Kirsty: Here are my answers to your survey:

1. How often do you poo?
Twice daily is normal. A few days, I go only once. Sometimes I go 3-4 times during the day. Rarely do I miss a day.

2. Do you use public toilets for pooing?
Not normally. I will if I have to but prefer going at home. My routine is pretty standard every day, and my body kind of knows when it is convenient to go.

3. Have you ever pood yourself?
Yes. I have had two solid accidents in my life and several accidents with diarrhea. Forunately, I have never had one in public but I have written about my solid accidents on pages 1817-1821.

4. Do you hold your poo untill you can't wait any longer or do you go as soon as you need to?
You can read about my toilet habits on page 1817, but I do let the pressure build. When I finally go, it comes out easier. It is a pleasurable feeling.(Blushing)

5. Have you ever pood outdoors?

6. Do you prefer to poo when no one else is around?
I live alone, so I do poop when no one is around. I don't mind going when others are there. It just does not happen that long.

7. Are you embarrassed to talk about your pooing habits?
I would be if I was talking about them in person. However, it has been liberating to talk about bowel movements and habits in an anonymous forum like this one.

8. Do you have large poos?
Almost always. They vary in consistency, from thick logs to really mushy, but they are always large. I eat lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and just eat lots of food anyway.

9. Do you get constipated?
If I miss a day, it is rare, maybe once every year or two.

10. Do you have diarrhoea often?
No. I may get a stomach virus once a year that causes diarrhea or from something that does not agree with me, or overeating (I tend to eat heavy on occasion). I never vomit. My stools are loose around my time of the month.

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