Omorashi story

To Ashley: Thanks for your kind words! I hate it when parents freak out about accidents too, but luckily my mom is pretty cool about it most of the time. She told me when I was little that if I was already in bed and I had to go that I should just go in the bed rather than try to make it to the bathroom and not make it, as long as I changed the sheets.

-This is my second post here, and in case no one read my last one, I'm a 12 year old girl, but definatley not your average 12 year old. I'm dark-haired, green-eyed, pale-skinned really tall for my age, not real fat, not real skinny, with freckles that my mom thinks are cute.

In 5th Grade, we took this LONG ASS field trip to some kind of museum, The ride itself was about 2 and half hours long, and we left as soon as school started. Over the course of the ride, a lot of kids had to go, but the teachers wouldn't let us. When we finally got the damn place, the teachers still wouldn't let us go! We were split into 2 groups, 1 of boys, 1 of girls, and we toured the museum. During the tour, a couple of girls in my group snuck to the bathroom, but a lot of us just tried holding it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE holding my pee, even though I've gotten numerous bladder infections because of it. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of my bladder pulsing against my skin when I hold it. Anyhow, after about an hour of touring, I finally walked up to the tour guide and said I had to pee. She ignored me. I told her again numerous times over the course of the tour, and she ignored me every time. Finally I walked right up to her and said "Lady, I've really got to pee." She just told me to shut up and that she wasn't letting me go. "Well then I'm gonna go in my pants." I said. I'm kind of a smartass if you didn't catch that already. She just said "Whatever...", as I don't think she really thought I would, but I did! I stood right next to her so she could get a good whiff, and I let the warm pee river down my blue jeans and onto the floor. A lot of girls stared at me while trying to contain their own pee. The tour guide, after stepping out of my puddle, said "WHAT'D YA DO THAT FOR??!" "Well, I told ya I had to go.", I said.
She told me to stand in the back of the line and got janitor some dude to clean my puddle up. The other girls in my group who had to go kept telling me that they couldn't hold it anymore. I was getting pretty excited from watching them all jerk and twist around trying to hold it in, because I kind of have a thing for Omorashi. Finally I said to them, "Just go in your pants, it'll piss her off even more." So then all of them went up to the tour guide kind of reluctantly, and told her they had to go, and she told them to shut up. So, without saying a word, one of them let loose and pissed all over the floor. The other girls looked at her in shock, but soon formed their own yellow puddles. So of course, this pissed the guide off even more. After our puddles were cleaned, it was time to go, and all of us girls with wet pants sat on the bus next to each other.
Greatest day of my life!

I was at work today and decided to take a long relaxing wee while sitting in a cubicle. As I was going, someone entered the other stall. I could tell by the shoes that it was Mike, a large man who eats almost compulsively all day long. He sat down and let out a very loud fart, followed by a sigh. He then started to push and strain audibly. It sounded like this: "umph, ah, umph," then there was a plop. It sounded like he released a very dry piece of shit about the size of a golf ball. He continued to strain releasing an occasional small turd. It was quite obvious that Mike was extremely constipated and probably most uncomfortable. I left the stall and a few hours later, I saw Mike at the coffee machine. I thought about his difficult session, which I was privy to (unbeknown to him). Perhaps I was reading into things, but he looked a bit distressed. I can't imagine how a man who eats so much all day long could be having such issues with his bowels.

Abbie- I'm glad you liked my stories. I enjoyed your latest one as well. Please keep up the posts- I'd like to hear about any school trips you've been on!

And yes, I have more school trip stories and I'll post one now!

When I was 15 our geography department organised a trip to Wales to look at pebbles on a beach (honestly). We stayed at what seemed to be an old mansion that had been converted into accommodation for the kids who came to work in the study centre just down the hill. It was a proper, old-fashioned creepy place from the outside, especially at night when we were playing games in the woods surrounding it with only a torch to light the way.
We were there for four days and during that time I had several interesting bathroom experiences. The girls and boys were on separate floors because each floor only had one set of loos used by the whole floor. Basically there was a landing with most of the rooms around it. Then there was a corridor with more rooms and off this corridor was a side corridor with the toilets in. The toilets were not in a separate room- the cubicles lined the corridor with sinks on the other side, so anyone on the landing or passing by could hear someone using them. There were showers and one toilet at the other end of the floor but I don't think anyone used them.
That night we were told to have lights out by a certain time (not sure when- maybe 10:30). I had to wee as I hadn't been since we stopped on the motorway early that afternoon, so as we were getting ready for bed I went over to the toilets. They were busy. There were 8 cubicles and they were all in use (about 40 or 50 girls on the floor I think, us and another school). A few were pooing judging from the smell and sounds. One cubicle opened and I went in. I shut the door and sat down, finding that my knees were touching the door and my arms, which I rested on my legs, touched the walls. I could hear girls in the other cubicles even though they all had floor-to-ceiling doors and walls. I finished my pee and went to bed, wondering about who designed the toilets like that.
The next day we went on the coach to a beach, where we walked through the rain and examined the pebbles there. We went to a fish and chip shop for lunch, since the packed lunches we had made up had fallen apart in our bags as we walked and were wet through. I didn't poo that day but the ext day, after two day's worth of food, I had to go that evening. We were playing outside in the woods but I really didn't want to poo in the creepy surroundings. After we came in we played in the games room for a while (table tennis and stuff), then the teachers said it was time for bed. As we got ready I went to the loos again, and again they were full. I joined the queue again. Most of the girls seemed to be pooing, and a few were having diarrhea. I finally got a cubicle and sat. The girl to my right was letting loose a torrent of plops and farts. I joined in with a fart that must have lasted ten seconds, then three soft and small logs. My stomach had been gurgling a lot that night, and I held it as I let a load of mushy poo slide out. In doing so I bent forwards and banged my head on the door! I let out two more logs and farted again. My stomach still felt weird, but I couldn't get any more out. There were still girls outside waiting to go, so I wiped, flushed (twice) and went to bed. Later that night I woke up with sharp cramps in my ????. I had to poo badly. I looked at my watch. It was almost 1AM. I HAD to go, but I didn't want to wake anyone else in my room up and have them realise I'd spent ages in the loo. I got up slowly and quietly, creeping to the door. I made my way to the loo and as soon as I sat down I started letting out squirts of diarrhea. This lasted for at least ten minutes, on and off, during which time someone else came in, peed, and left. I never found out who, and hopefully they never found out it was me stinking up the place! Needless to say I felt much better afterwards, and as far as I know nobody in my room knew I had got up in the night either!

Will post again soon. Bye everyone!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Constipation update

Last time I told you guys I was constipated. Well, I'm still backed up, even after the sausages! I was desperate to poo, bu ti couldn't so I went to drastic measures. I went to Taco Bell for a lunch break. I got a big taco, and ate it all. I felt grumbles and pressure in my stomach before I left, so I rushed to the ladies room. There were 4 stalls, 2 were occupied. Both ladies seemed to be pooping too. When I sat down, I let out a big wet fart, and then a small logs rushed out of my butt. The a bunch of brown liquid came out too. I had to get back to my office, bu ti was to busy having diarrhea. More logs and liquid rushed out of me before it finally stopped. I reached for the toilet paper, but there was none! Both ladies left, so I looked in their stalls and got some toilet paper. I went back to the office to tell my boss I had to go home, but when I got to my office, i had to go again. This time, two big wet logs rushed out. I told my boss i had to go home and quickly drove home.

on my way home, about 2 minutes from my house, I had to go again. I raced down the street home and got to my door, only to find out I left my house keys at my office! The poo started to leak out, so i rushed to my backyard and hid behind some trash cans. A lot of water rushed out of my butt. I had nothing to wipe with, so i put on my skirt and panties anyway. I called my husband and told him to open the door for me. He came home after about an hour, while I waited outside in the hot sun with poo in my panties and poo water on the ground. Suffice it to say, it smelled bad. I showered when I got in, and had diarrhea two more time before it finally stopped. The last time I have Taco Bell!


Perfect storm

Two things you don't want to have happen at the same time: get arrested in an unfamiliar city and have diarrhea. Several years ago, my friends and I took our buddy out for his bachelor party and went bar-hopping. I had come in from out of town. While we were in one bar, a fight broke out between one of my friends and another patron. I tried to pull the guy off my friend, and his friends grabbed me. I pushed a few people away from me, but never threw a single punch. I was one of half a dozen or so guys who got arrested anyway.

So, while in the police truck on the way to the station, I started having really bad stomach cramps. Our pre-drinking junk food binge was apparently catching up to me. After an hour or so of pictures and fingerprint-taking, I was finally in a holding cell with about fifteen or twenty other guys, most of whom were drunk and angry.

So, I'm sitting on a bench, writhing in agony at the excruciating pain in my guts and the enormous pressure building up in my ass. I keep staring at the filthy, disgusting toilet sitting in the center of the back wall of the holding cell. Sitting my bare ass on a piss and crud encrusted toilet in full view of twenty guys as well as at least one female cop sitting at a desk outside the cell seems very appealing at the moment, as my only other option is to shit my pants. I cannot hold it any longer.

Finally, I build my courage up, swallow my pride and in one swift movie I get up walk to the toilet pull my jeans and underwear down just past my ass and sit on the toilet. Every guy within a foot of me quickly moves away. I have no idea what substances besides piss comprise the sludge that is covering the seat and is now touching my ass and legs and at this point I don't care.

After just a few seconds my bowels erupt and I spray diarrhea into water below with a monstrous fart. It was like a champagne bottle popping after being shaken up. It stank to high heaven, after just a moment, the whole cell smelled like a porta-potty. I kept my eyes to the floor and tried not to groan and grunt as more liquid shit than I thought was possible to be inside me came gushing out. After several minutes, I felt a little better and it was at that point I realized there was no toilet paper anywhere in sight. I finally mustered the courage to ask the guys in the cell if there was any TP anywhere. They just muttered no.

I sat there for a few minutes before I gave up and flushed the toilet and pulled up my underwear and jeans. There was diarrhea smeared in my ass crack and who knows what smeared on my ass cheeks. It was disgusting and uncomfortable. I just stood by the bars, hoping I'd be out of there soon. A couple of hours later, my buddies got the manager of the club to call the police station and explain to them that I had not done anything other than pull a couple of guys apart. They opened the cell and I was free to go.

I asked the female officer sitting at the desk where the bathroom was and she pointed me in the direction. I rushed to it and wasn't too surprised to discover it wasn't much nicer that the toilet in the cell. I entered a stall and sat and had a little more diarrhea before wiping my ass for about twenty minutes. I also washed my ass off in the sink with soap and water! That got a couple of disgusted looks by other guys entering the bathroom.

That was at the very least one of the worst nights of my life.


Reading in the toilet

Some great stories on this site
Also plenty of surveys as well

But on none of these did people say whether they read when on the toilet.

So....tell me are you or are you not a "reader"

If so what? Daily paper, book or magazine?


Post Title (optional) On a winning streak with my poos

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos for the last week and its been fantastic!! I've been going twice a day and I feel great! I love being able to go twice a day, I feel so much better and I've been feeling finished after my dumps aswell. Today I didn't go in the morning before work but I had a nice dump when I got home. I'm getting the urge to go again but I want to hold on for as long as I can. I'm really enjoying the easy toilet sessions but I'm sure they won't last for long. I will probably be constipated again in another couple of weeks.

To Joanna (about your friend's constipation): It sounds like your friend suffers with extremely severe constipation. It seems as if its normal for her to go 7 or more days without a poo. To go 13 days wihtout doing a poo is a very long time. I loved reading your story though, it was interesting to know that she has extra folds skin around her anus, after years of struggling to push out massive loads. Her anus must be so overstretched from all the pushing and straining. I liked how you helped her while she was trying to squeeze out her load - from your description, it sounded like a gigantic log!! I'm surprised that she was able to make her anus stretch wide enough to accommodate the poo. I'm not surprised that she has some fissures around her anus, I've had these a few times before aswell. It sounded like your friend gave you a great show, how was it to watch her straining and grunting to get her poo out?? How long did it take her to push that poo out? I bet it was a long time!! I'm often constipated so I find this sort of thing very interesting. I love reading about other people's stuggles with constipation. I can relate to them because I have difficult pooping sessions about twice a month. I get extremely constipated too so I've had some terrible experiences. Please share some more stories about your friend or encourage her to post some stories herself. Let her know that she isn't alone when it comes to being constipated, there are a few of us on here so we know how she feels.

I better go, I can feel a load of poo knocking on my back door.......


Fellow volunteer saw me on the toilet

I was walking to a picnic at a park for those of us who volunteer for a service organization, and stopped in to take a crap before I got to the picnic. I was sitting on the can, taking a dump and a few guys had come in and out. Of course there was no door on the stall. I was looking down at my phone while texting most of the time. I finished up, wiped as usual (front, then standing), and then pulled up my briefs and shorts.
I walked out and headed to the picnic. I was almost there and noticed a guy I volunteer with was a few yards ahead of me. He turned around and saw me and I waved hi. He stopped and looked at me a little funny and then he said hi. He asked if I came from the restroom. I said yeah and he said, Oh sorry, I didn't mean to look at you. Apparently, he had gone in to use the restroom and had seen me taking a crap. I looked at his shoes and I think I remember him at the sink that is located right in front of the stall.
I thought about it and he must have really gotten a good look at me. I had my underwear and shorts at my ankles, so he knows I was wearing my bright red briefs with the black stripes. My t-shirt was kinda short (only down to my waist), so he probably saw my penis hanging into the bowl as well. I didn't mind, and we hung out together at the picnic for a while.


to Ashley S

Ashley S,
Love reading about you watching your bf poop, and how it turns you on.
I'm male, and love watching or listening to my gf when she poops. We went on a long hike last year, but she never pooped! I was so diaappointed, I had the poop kit with the shovel and everything.
I'm in the same situation as you are, she really isn't into it but I am. She recently made some dietairy changes and is pooing really good these days. I just wish I could be there with her when she goes. Keep us posted on your watching your bf. Maybe you can share some ideas with us about how to get our partners more involved.

Ashley S- Love hearing about your camping trips and how they allow you to witness your boyfriend's pooping sessions. It's a shame he's so discreet about it, though, even when it comes to using his apartment's toilet.

To all who have written expressing their interest in a specialty poop channel, it demonstrates a lot of potential and proves that there could be quite a demand for such a venture. Whether people want to admit it or not, pooping is part of daily life and everyone could benefit differently from the material depicted.

I love the name the "Number 2 Network". Or how about "The Defecation Station"? I believe I have seen the show which monitors people's transitions from junk food to healthier diets and the observation of the changes in their poop. I also don't understand the need for disclaimers and warnings for such content, branding pooping with censorship labels all the time.

On the subject of diets and progressive stool analysis, further ideas could include cooking shows featuring recipes for meals which help to produce better poop, and chronicling patients at hospitals as they submit stool samples for lab examinations.

They could also look at how pooping could be integrated into the curriculum of academic institutions. For example, anatomy classes with volunteer students pooping in front of the classroom, or volunteers pooping in high-tech toilet models that are being designed in the future to test its functions and effectiveness in disposing of the deposited waste. The possibilities are endless.

End Stall Em

Filled out survey for Jerika and the bobber

The first thing that I want to do is fill out my survey for Jerika. Hers is a good survey and I notice lots of you guys are filling it out.

Female, age 13

1. I will only use an end stall.
2. See above.
3. Not particulary, but sometimes I have to flush it. Not so much if I have to pee, but I don't want someone else's urine splashing up on me if I'm seated and crapping.
4. When I'm in a real hurry, I've sat in it and I would rather do that than get a Saturday morning detention (and I've written about this).
5. Most of the time, but not always. Sometimes, also, I misjudge how much I'm going to need.
6. All I expect is the seat. Hell with the tissues!
7. No I don't lay TP over the seat before I sit down, but one time last winter I did cut myself from a crack in the seat. I still have a bit of a scar from that.
8. Yes, the grafitti sucks. And if it doesn't get better at my school, the administration has threatened to remove some of the doors for good. But I think those responsible will just use the stall panels for their activity.

This just happened yesterday. I hope you like my story.

After summer school, I got on my bike and just mounting myself on the seat sucked because I had to both crap and pee. I had been holding it all morning, but the bathrooms were too crowded during breaks and because the air conditioning was broken, I wanted to get outside where I could get into some fresh air. So I decided to stop at the park I've written about before and use the bathroom there. At the opposite end of the big park there are concessions and I was going to stop and get some lunch. I've been doing some babysitting and have some of my own money now to spend.

Well, I peddled pretty quickly about for the few blocks to the park and it was 1 p.m. and lunch time. Since it was a nice summer day, there might have been a few hundred people in the park. I roughly knew where the restroom building was but I had never stopped to use these restrooms. They are close to a bus stop and there's a junior college located across the street so they get a lot of use. Once I saw the building, I rode right up to the door, pulled my bike with me inside, put the kickstand down and immediately found the single stall. It had no door on it, but that didn't really worry me because I knew once I got my shorts and undwear down, I would feel better. My bike started to slip against the wall by the sink and as I grabbed it to prevent it crashing to the floor, an older lady who looked to be like my grandma's age (60, I think)came running in and almost fell when she bumped into my bike. She called me "honey" and said she was about to "shit fill" her business suit if she didn't get on the "potty." I can think sarcastically when I'm sick or upset and my first thought was that it wouldn't show with her black outfit, but she asked what I had to do. I told her. (I was surprised that I spoke up as forcefully as I did for needing to both pee and crap, but I told her my pee was ready to start it's blast into my underwear).

She was very nice and said something about a "compromise". If I were to promise to quickly pee and then let her have the toilet, she would crap and then I could have the toilet for my crap. She asked if that would be OK with me, but I knew she had already made up her mind and when she walked by me, quickly looked into the toilet, and said "yes, that will do", she motioned for me to go do "my thing." I don't think I was on the toilet for more than a second or two before my pee stream started and it blasted so strongly that she could clearly hear it from where she was standing by my bike. I saw a light flash onto the wall in front of the stall as I sat and then she said "you have a really bright light", so I knew she had tried and turned on my headlight. She said I reminded her of her granddaughter who also has a strong pee stream and I didn't know what to say. I told her I was almost done, and I cheated a little just to let her know I was trying when I flushed a little soon, but stayed on the seat to get rid of another pint or so. I partially pulled my shorts up and walked toward the bike just as she was starting to smell a little and despite the noise of children playing outside, I could hear some churning and confusion in her gut.

She was like two feet taller than me and I could hear her butt thump onto the seat. There was like no time before the first blast came out and I saw her head rise a little above the stall. I remembered playing a game a couple of years ago at Six Flags called the Bobber where heads came up and you threw a ball at them trying to hit them for a prize. What amused me was that she was a bobber. You would hear her push, groan, and then she would stand and you would hear a log splash into the toilet. Then she would let off a confident sigh. This happened like six or seven times before I heard her say "It's almost yours..." and she started turning the toilet paper. She took one cell phone call while she was crapping and simply told someone to give someone a special e-mail that would answer their question. Then she hung up and told me she was almost done and she was happy to not to have had to hold her "dump" (I've heard this word a couple of times before and I think it sounds really funny) until she got back to the office. She moved fast in coming out, adjusting her business suit and then remembering to go back in and flush before turning the stall over to me and really thanking me nicely for cooperating with her.

She washed her hands, and I think I heard her pulling out some makeup, as I was seating myself. Once my butt cheeks hit the stool, I released three balls of crap, and then one very thick and foot-long piece that caused me to slide forward and a little sideways on the stool to get it out. However, I stayed on the seat and I could hear her call out to me "Have a nice day honey" and I got to thinking about what a nice grandma she probably is. Also, she flushed and that probably kept the smell of her "dump" from being that bad.

I got to thinking as I continued to sit that it's too bad that's she not the principal of my summer school. But I felt relieved and then started thinking about what I was going to buy for lunch. But I had to wipe, flush and wash my hands first.


Pee in my car

My friend Lauren and I like to pee in weird places together. The other day Lauren had invited me over. "Want to pee in my car?" asked Lauren. "Sure," I said. "Let's get in." So me and Lauren stripped and got into the car. Lauren sat in the driver's seat and I sat in the passenger seat. Pss. Pss. Piss. Psssshhhoossshhh. Pee splattered along the seats and on the windshield. Lauren stood up, and pee spurted through her bottom. "Nice stream!" I commented. "Thanks," said Lauren.

Mr. Clogs

Peeing and pooping in a cup(s)

Hello everybody, Mr. Clogs again, yeah it's been a while since I've posted here, got a little post to share of a recent experience of using cups as a toilet, nothing new to me just haven't done it in a while. I got in the house after dropping off my folks at my grandmothers. I needed to take a piss and a dump too. I didn't want to do my business in the bathroom on the toilet. So I decided to grab some cups I had in my room and decided to make toilet in them. I filled one cup half way up with water, both are 32 OZ and have enough room to do my business. I got off my jeans and underwear and placed the cups on the floor. I squatted over the cup with the water in it and proceeded to poop in it. While I was enjoying the delight of pooping in the cup, I needed to pee was well. So I grabbed the empty cup and place it up to my penis and peed a torrent of pee into the cup filling up to about 3/4 of the 32 OZ cup! I took the cups with me to the bathroom and dumped them out and wiped my butt several times. I washed my hands and got back dressed and reflected on the experience of using the cups as a toilet.

The Log Lady: Hey great post, wow those sausages gave your stomach the works. At least you had some TP to wipe with. Keep the posts coming.

Here's my response to Kirsty's survey:

1. How often do you poo?
I usually take a dump about 2 times a day sometimes more. Depending how much I'm full of shit is in me, LOL.

2. Do you use public toilets for pooing?
Yes, if I have to go and if it's to the point of pooping in my pants

3. Have you ever pooed yourself?
Yes. In public is embarrassing, it happened to me once. At home not so, I can hit the showers to clean up.

4. Do you hold your poo until you can't wait any longer or do you go as soon as you need to?

5. Have you ever pood outdoors?
No I haven't, I would love to try it one day.

6. Do you prefer to poo when no one else is around?
Yes, I can concentrate and focusing on my pooping. I can't stand when people come into the bathroom and make a lot of noises. I really can't stand when people use the stall next to me. Call me crazy but I need a little more privacy.

7. Are you embarrassed to talk about your pooing habits?

8. Do you have large poos?
Yes, when I bulk up on the fiber and ???? and lots of liquids. Nice firm large logs that fill up to the bowl.

9. Do you get constipated?
Yes, sometimes. Not as much as I use to be,I guess I'm "regular" now.

10. Do you have diarrhoea often?
Not really, only if the foods I ate weren't good.

Have a great Independence Holiday weekend aka 4th of July!


--Mr. Clogs

I was at the beach today and saw a kid pooping his pants. When I parked my car a boy (around 12) was looking for something at the car park. Because he looked a little afraid I asked if I could help him. He said no and tried to get out of my view. But he walked the way I was heading, so I followed him. Around half way he suddenly stood still. I saw a small bulge forming in his jeans. I passed him and said "bad luck for you." The just nodded and went off. I think it doesn;t matter him.

A few minutes later he was playing hide and seek with some of his friends. He laughed when he saw me. His pants were flat again. No stains. Lucky kid.

Question for Stac

You wrote:

>I started the customary pushing exercise I normally do, but it didn't work

Please tell us what "the customary pushing exercise" consists of.- JW

to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had quite a succesful dump at the beach in the bathroom with complete privacy. did u leave the tiolet unflushed? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Heather: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that you had a big cleanup after your morning dump. i hope that the rest of the day went well for you. take care hun and God bless.
to A Guy: if iam in need of a bowel movement i dont mind using a public bathroom if it is completley full. i really enjoy listening to other women poop so actley its a huge plus if the bathroom is completley full. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to 17year old Female: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you have been constipated for the last few days. i hope that you endure a really healthy bowel movement soon. if u happen to have a really healthy bowel movement out in a public bathroom take as long as you need. even if it means stinking up the bathroom . at least other women will get the hint that your relieving yourself. i will say a pray for you. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam so glad to hear that you were able to release your gigantic poo at school. i think that you should have left the tiolet unflushed. iam sorry to hear that you received detention for being an hour late to class. iam also sorry to hear that the other kids were making fun of you. you didnt deserve dention. when you have to go you have to go. nobody should be penalized for having to relieve themselves. its all natural. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your quick update. thanks again for the kind words. i always apprecaite it. iam really sorry to hear that you have been costipated for a weeknow. i hope that you have a bowel movement before the week is over. if you happen to have a gigantic bowel movement while your out somewhere and it clogs the tiolet then just leave it unflushed. i will say a prayer for you. i lookforward to your upcoming post. take care and God bless.
to UpstateDave: i really enjoyed your post! your story is rather funny. i hope that all is well with you. take care and God bless.
to AmyL: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear about your major accident that you encountered while out on your morning jog. iam also sorry to hear that the other guys were making fun of you. shame on them. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Jordan: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like Asia and Ashley encountered an amazing dump during summer camp. iam so glad that they both left the toilet unflushed. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to LogLady: i really enjoyed your post! thanks for the kind words. i really apprecaite it. sounds like you experienced quite a dump at home. iam glad that it was auccessful. iam also glad to learn that eggs and susages help you produce really huge logs. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AshleyS: i really enjoyed your post. iam sure that you will eventually get to see your boyfriend relieve himself. hopefully soon he will realize that you want him to see you on the tiolet. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post. iam glad to hear that you completley clogged the tiolet up during your tennis came. Good job for leaving it unflushed. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to JJ: i really enjoyed your quick post. Good luck with your new peeing pattern. hope it works out for you. i lookforward to any new post that you might have down the road. take care and God bless.
to CD: i really enjoyed your post. i hope that your doing well. take care and God bless.
to Stas: i really enjoyed your post. sounds like you encountered quite an experience while relieving yourself in the bathroom at your new job. i dislike automatic flushers. i love it when young girls are together in the bathroom bythemselves. they always create excitement. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post. it sounds like you and your friends encountered a wonderful bathroom experience while at school. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.



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