Tonight I went out for a run to take my daily dump at the local park. I produce quite large turds meaning I usually never poop at home. Today I felt a bit backed up and was glad that I could finally get the chance to relieve myself. The park nearby is perfect as it has two porta potties that I don't have to worry about clogging.

When I arrived I had already worked up a good sweat since it was still very hot and humid out. I don't mind dropping my load here since the porta potties seem to be cleaned and emptied quite often. I entered into the first unit and got ready to sit down. The biggest problem I have discovered with outdoor bathrooms is that the locks are often broken and this one unfortunately had the latch snapped right off. I decided since nobody was around it probably wouldn't have mattered but to to play it safe I exited and went to the unit next door. To my amazement the lock was broken off as well.

I decided to be brave and unload anyways. I lifted the lid and saw that the tank was empty, but certainly for not much longer. The smell of the blue chemical was still quite fresh and strong. I lowered my shorts and briefs and seated myself down. I felt my anus open and the turd slowly start to come out. I didn't even need to push so I relaxed and felt it come out a bit more. It was definitely a thick one and was a bit painful so I stopped and took a break. It was about halfway out at this point but before I could continue I needed to pee.

It didn't take very much more pushing before I had it out. It hit the bottom of the tank with a solid thud and splash. I took a breath and got up to see the turd. It was partially submerged in the liquid chemical but I could still make out that it was a short but very thick turd. I started to wipe and used about 4 large bunches to clean up. I sat back down because it felt like I still needed to let more out but it was only gas so I got back up and left to head home feeling a lot better.

First, I was out walking the dogs this morning in a secluded field when I needed to take a poo. It was beautiful day so I let my butt hang out as I relaxed while I felt my nerve endings. It was a nice relaxing poop and my anus required 4 paper towels to clean up.

My special lady friend likes to reciprocate letting me hear her tinkle on the phone. It has happened a couple of times this week; some were loud tinkling when she went pee as she calls it and other times it was only the sound of the toilet flushing. I know she only does it cause I enjoy those sounds. I think it is very personal. She only enjoys this on the phone. I wished we could spend time together as friends.

I was talking with her one day when she needed to sit to take an urgent crap. She told me in a strained voice" I gotta go toilet now" as it was almost coming. She does not want me to hear her go number 2 whether she is grunting or when it is loose. Maybe one day she will be as comfortable with me pooing as she is peeing.

To Ashley S, I appreciated your update about you boyfriend's reaction to you when you were on the toilet. I hope one day you'll feel comfortable to tell him why you enjoy watching and what is so special about watching these most intimate behaviors. Just continue to be true to yourself.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: I haven't been on here much because I have been constipated a bit lately. I have also been working long hours and have been spending a lot of time sitting which reduces my urge to poop. My logs only start moving down after 3 or 4 days. When they do come they are very hard and lumpy and take a lot of exhausting effort. I will have to describe some of my experiences soon.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Survey response and new story

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. Here are my answers to Kirsty's survey:
1. Recently once a day or once every other day, up until the last few weeks its been about every three or four days.
2. Yes, quite often
3. Yes, a couple of times recently.
4. I usually end up holding my poo as its hard to find the time to go as soon as i feel the need.
5. Yes, a few times when I've been really bursting.
6. Ideally, but I'm not too bothered if its someone I know well.
7. Yes, I only talk about it with close friends.
8. Yes, they're usually quite big.
9. Yes, although a bit less recently, I went through a period when I was constantly struggling to poo.
10. No , hardly ever.
Leanne, I loved your school trip stories, thanks for sharing them and I'm looking forward to the next ones. I'm the same if I'm away from home, I tend to put off going for a poo as it can be embaresing or as you say, your time is taken up doing something else. Your post reminded me of a trip I went on with my gym club in the Easter holidays last year, this was the last trip I went on with that club before I had to give it up because I had too much on at school. We arrived at our accomodation around lunchtime, I was sharing a room with Jessie, Sophie, Ella and Becky. I was starting to need a poo quite badly but there was a practice like straight away so I knew I wouldn't have time to go. We got in the room, dumped our stuff and quickly started to change into shorts and tee-shirts. Ella was standing with her back to me, she took her jeans off and as she bent over to unzip her bag I couldn't help noticing that her pink pants had a slight brown stain on them. As the first practice session was coming to an end my need for a poo was getting more and more urgent and I knew I couldn't wait much longer. As soon as we'd finished I went back towards our room, I'd noticed that the toilets were right next door. As I pushed open the door to the loos I looked round and saw Ella right behind me, looking very uncomfortable. We took opposite cubicles, as Ella went into hers I heard her saying 'Oh no, oh no, oh no" over and over again and then I heard a really wet sounding fart. I locked my door, tugged my shorts and pants down and sat on the toilet. I had a quick wee and then started pushing to get my poo out, even though I was really desperate it was slow to start moving. I looked down at my plain white pants and saw that I had a massive skidmark, doing the gymnastics routines had given me a pretty bad wedgie. Opposite I heard Ella having what sounded like a really soft mushy poo, with lots of wet farts and groans. I had to give a couple of really hard pushes and I grunted loudly but luckily Ella was meaking a lot of noise too. As the first log came out my eyes were watering, it was stretching my bumhole so much. After a couple of minutes of concentrated pushing and grunting it finally dropped with a massive splash. I sat for a while longer but there wasn't any more to come, so I wiped my bum and pulled up my pants and shorts. Ella had gone quiet, but just before I pulled the flush I thought I could hear crying coming from her cubicle. I left the toilet unflushed and unlocked the door. I went over to Ella's cubicle and hesitently knocked on her door. "Ella? Are you OK? It's Abbie here." I heard the door being unlocked and then Ella gulped between sobs "You can come in". I pushed open the door and saw Ella sitting on the loo. Her shorts and pants were round her thighs and her pants were filled with mushy poo. "I'm really sorry, I didn't make it in time" she sobbed. I put my arms round her shoulders. "Hey, its OK, its happened to me too before" I said to reassure her. "Listen, you clean yourself up while I go and get you some clean clothes from the room" I said. I pushed open the door and heard Ella lock it behind me. I went back into our room, luckily all the other girls were out somewhere. I unzipped Ella's bag and found some black shorts and blue and yellow striped pants. I suddenly thought this would be an ideal opportunity to change my underwear too. I quickly kicked off my trainers, pulled down my shorts and pants and reached into my bag, pulling out some yellow pants which I quickly put on and then pulled my shorts and trainers back on. I stuffed Ella's clothes in a plastic bag and went back into the loos and knocked on the door. Ella was standing in the cubicle naked from the waist down. "I've thrown my pants away" she said, gesturing to the sanitary bin "But I think my shorts will be just about OK." I handed her the plastic bag and she quickly pulled on her clean pants and shorts, putting her other shorts back in the bag. We both went out of the cubicle, I suddenly remembered that I needed to flush my toilet so I quickly went back in there and pulled the flush while Ella washed her hands. I washed my hands and we both went back to the room together. There is more from this trip but I will tell the rest of the story in my next post. Thanks for reading, bye!!


my ladies room poop

Today i went to the mall, upon arrival i got the feeling that i had to go, but decided to ignore it for a bit, mistake number 1. after about an hour or so of walking around i got hit with the urge again, except this time it was more of a get your ass to the toilet in the next few minutes. I quickly headed to the nearest bathrooms, only to see the mens was out of order. I knew that the closest mens room was at least a 10 min walk away, and i didnt have kinda time. so after looking around a little, i realized my only choice was to use the ladies room. So i went up, kinda eased the door open, and looked to see if anyone was in there. Since no one was, i quickly entered and made my way to a stall, where i preceded to start my business. after a few min i heard the door to the mall open and some women come in. this particular bathroom had two normal stalls and a handicap one. I was in one of the normal ones (the one against the wall). The first lady went into the stall next to me, i heard her sit down and start to pee. The second lady went into the handicap stall, but turned around and waited for her friend, i guess the handicap one was out of order or something. the first lady finished up and the second went in. she too peed. they left and right away another woman came in, she took the stall next to me and began to pee. she peed for about 20 seconds, then i heard what sounded like a wet fart, then she wiped and left. another girl comes in, pees, and begins changing in the stall. she finishes and leaves, when another girl comes in. she takes the stall, and i see her pull her pants down to her ankles and get up on her toes, so i'm thinking shes going to take a shit. sure enough i hear a small plop plop plop. folowed by a quiet grunt from the girl. then about 2 more plops, and another soft grunt. she started wiping and left. I finished up and left without anyone else comming in.

I <3 POO
To Ashley: I loved to read about your pee/poo story the other day at Wendys/CVS, did you have a really big poo? Did it stink the ladies out? I like how you left your cubicle without flushing :) did you fill the bowl like that blond girl did next to you. Take care and keep your posts coming God Bless :)

To A guy: Welcome on here :) Interesting question that, because I did a piece about bathroom shyness a couple of weeks back. Me personally it wouldn't matter to me if I was the only one pooping or if there was a lot of people around I'd still sit there and take as much time as I need to have a poo regardless of anyone being there because for me all that matters is enjoying a good, satisfying poo and relieving myself, that's the most important thing to me is to not let anyone put you off. What do you do? Do you feel confident having a poo with other people in the loos at the same time or would you rather do it in private?

Take care and enjoying pooing :)

Hey everyone, I decided to post another school trip story today. But first, here are my answers to Kirsty's survey:

1. I poo at least twice a day usually.
2. Yes, if I need to I use public toilets.
3. Yes, a few times.
4. Usually when I'm at home I go right away, but when I'm out I tend to wait until I really have to go.
5. Once or twice.
6. No, I like to use public loos which are being used by other girls because I like to hear them go as well. I don't like going if nobody else is but they can still hear or see me, though.
7. Only to my family- my friends often talk about their toilet habits!
8. Sometimes I will have very big poos
9. No, only a few times a year.
10. Quite often, especially around that time of the month.

Abbie- I enjoyed your last story. Glad you managed to get there in time.

Right. The first story takes place two years ago. My school organised a geography trip to Iceland in October, which I booked a place on. We flew from Manchester to Keflavik and didn't get to the hotel until gone 1AM. I was sharing a room with my friend Charlotte, who I have known since junior school. She has long brown hair and big green eyes and I love her to bits (aww!) The room was like a cabin on a ship- there were two beds with barely any room to move between them, with a table under the window (which looked out on the corridor for some weird reason)! There was an en suite bathroom. After we got our stuff in the room and locked the door, Charlotte went for a wee, and I could hear every last sound she made through the door and walls, no matter where I was in the room. I figured this would be interesting if we had to poo. We were only staying at this hotel for one day, then moving to a different one for the second day, then back to this same one on the final day for some reason.
I tossed and turned for what remained of the night because, although it was Iceland in late autumn, the room was boiling hot. We awoke the next morning early, because we had to pack up again and go down for breakfast. It was a buffet type affair, with cereal, bread, fruit etc. Charlotte and I ate loads because we hadn't eaten the meal they gave us on the plane (cold potato salad? No thanks). We got on the coach with our luggage and headed off to all kinds of interesting sights. We ate our packed lunches and stopped at a petrol station so the driver could clean the coach (lots of dirt and gravel roads in Iceland). Ashley, one of the boys on the trip, asked the girl in the shop where the toilets were, but followed her directions badly and ended up in the house that was above the shop! Charlotte and I bought lots of sweets, chocolate and crisps for the journey. That evening after many hours of driving we got to our new hotel. We had dinner there; sweet and sour chicken with rice, but it didn't seem to be properly cooked. Later there was a quiz we apparently had to attend, which we did. Charlotte and I teamed up with two other girls and won second prize- some chocolate bars, which we ate when we got back to our room. With nothing else to do everyone returned to their rooms for the night. We listened to music for a while when I started to need a poo. I told Charlotte I was going to the loo, went in and shut the door. I sat down and peed first, then sat back and spread my legs. A big turd started to come out slowly. It stretched my bum as it did so. After a couple of minutes it plopped home. A second log followed, and as my third moved into position Charlotte knocked on the door. "Are you done?" she asked. "I really need to go." I told her I would hurry up and be done in a minute or two. My poo was coming out really slowly, but I kept pushing and soon I was done. I came out to see Charlotte sitting on her bed with her hands under her bum. She quickly made her way into the bathroom. This hotel at least had proper walls that weren't apparently made of paper, but I stood by the door and I could still hear some of what went on. Charlotte dropped three or four logs and then farted. I heard nothing else after that, so I went and sat on my bed and waited for her to come back out.
I woke up really early the next morning because a heavy rainstorm had moved in and was pounding the windows, wind whistling through the trees outside. It was still raining when we had breakfast and when we got on the coach to leave. We went on a drive up a glacier (that was just over from the volcano that erupted in March) in a weird cross between an airport fire engine and a mobile classroom, then started a drive around the south coast, stopping at places of interest on the way. That evening we returned to Reykjavik and our original hotel where we had dinner- a strange buffet of stuff like bread, rice, tiny chicken wings and peanuts(!) We all went bowling after, and while we were out I started to need a poo. When we got back to the hotel we played cards in the lobby for a while until the teachers told us to go back to our rooms (which was a joke because they were all getting drunk upstairs!) so we did. I went straight into the bathroom and got rid of two logs and some little balls of poo. Then we went to bed.
I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard Charlotte moving around. She was walking to the bathroom in her underwear, so I pretended to be asleep. I guessed she heard me pooing earlier and was too embarrassed to go, knowing I'd hear her. She was never normally particularly embarrassed about pooing around friends, so I listened carefully. I heard her sit down and immediately do a wet fart. A series of rapid plops followed, and then what can only have been a squirt or two of diarrhea. This carried on for about 5 minutes, squirts of diarrhea and a few plops and farts. She must have been desperately holding it all night until I was asleep! She flushed and came back to bed and I carried on pretending to be asleep. A whiff of her poo reached me- it stank so badly!
The next day I had to poo twice. We were going home but first we visited the Blue Lagoon hot springs swimming place. While we were getting changed in the changing rooms I thought I would pee before we went in. There was no bathroom, just a couple of cubicles randomly placed in the changing area. I made my way to one to find it occupied. The door was translucent but blurred. I thought I recognised Allison, another girl on our trip, from her clothes as she sat there peeing. Indeed it was, and I felt a bit exposed when I replaced her on the warm seat, knowing people passing by could (sort of) see my legs and bum through the door. I peed again after we came out. We drove to the airport, and our flight was delayed due to bad weather (it was really appalling as we drove through it). We had dinner. Half an hour before the revised boarding time I needed to go, so I went with Allison to the toilets. We sat down next to each other and started to go. I could only produce two small bits, but I knew there was a lot more to come. However hard I tried nothing would come, but I sat there for five minutes trying because I really didn't want to go on the plane. Allison was curling out logs like there was no tomorrow- she must have produced at least seven or eight. When she flushed I gave up and wiped.
Our flight time was revised twice more and we finally boarded well over an hour late. Then we sat at the gate waiting for some reason before finally taking off almost two hours late. We were given some dinner after we had reached altitude and I ate most of it. About two hours into the three hour flight my need for a poo returned. Soon enough I really had to go. I tried to take my mind off it by looking out the window but it was now dark even at thirty thousand feet. I watched the inexplicable Swedish travel documentary they showed on the TVs for a while. My need was getting more urgent all the time, and I had just about decided to go when the seatbelt signs lit up. The pilot said we were starting our descent into Manchester. I had missed my chance and now I would have to hope I could wait until we landed. We were still twenty or so minutes out. I turned to Charlotte, who looked pale. I asked her if she was ok, if she was scared or something. She said no, but she had to poo really badly. I laughed and told her that I did too. She told me she must have eaten something that disagreed with her, and that she had had diarrhea the night before (which of course I had heard) and again at the Blue Lagoon. Then she said she thought she was going to have it again very soon. I held her hand and tried to help her through it. It helped that I was in a similar situation. As we dropped through the clouds I started to get really desperate. The lights of the northwest spread out below us as we came lower and lower, and as my poo moved lower and lower too. Finally, with a clunk and a roar of reverse thrust, we touched down. Charlotte had her legs pressed firmly together now. We taxied slowly to the gate. We grabbed our hand luggage and Charlotte kept holding her stomach and groaning quietly. The queue for passport control was pretty long. We both groaned when we saw it. Charlotte was bouncing from one foot to the other by now. I was just about holding my poo in; I can only imagine how desperate she was. We finally got through and headed quickly for the luggage hall where there were loos. We dashed in; they were busy but there were plenty of cubicles and we took ones next to each other. I pulled down my knickers and jeans and hurriedly sat. I could hear Charlotte pulling down her tights and panties and sitting. She immediately exploded into the bowl with a load of runny crap. I heard her moaning in relief, and I let go with my poo. All the time I was going Charlotte was still having diarrhea. When I was done I flushed and knocked on her door. She opened it and I nipped inside, locking it behind me. She was still pale but she was so relieved to have reached a toilet she didn't even mind the big brown stain in her panties. While I was in there she let go with another load of rapid plops and squirts and moaned again. After that she said she thought she was done, so I left and washed my hands while she wiped. She had to flush twice to get everything down, but she said she felt so much better! All in all it was a great trip and a very memorable one!

Ok, I'm going to bed now after a quick wee. Bye everyone! I will post again soon.

Kirsty (Wendys fKirsty

My first enema

I had my first enema today. I've heard so much about the detoxifying cleansing qualities of enemas that I thought I'd give it a try. I was nervous as I made my way to the clinic but when I got there the staff were so reassuring & professional I felt much more at ease. I knew that any substance in your bowels would be absorbed into the blood stream so I went for a red wine enema as I though it would be more relaxing for me. After only a couple of minutes of waiting in the waiting room I was called into to treatment room & asked to remove my my clothes & put on a surgical gown. I noticed the toilet was right in the room for a very good reason! I laid on the bed on my side. Next to the bed was a large bag full of the red wine/water mixture hanging on a stand. It must have held about 3 litres & was full to the top. At the bottom of the bag was a tube with a valve & another long tube coming from the valve to an insertion piece that was carefully inserted into my anus. The nurse slowly pushed the tube right up inside me for about a foot or more. It felt quite nice to have this done to me by a woman & I must admit it turned me on a bit. I was asked if I was ready to begin & I said "yes" the valve was opened & the liquid slowly emptied into my bowels. I was told for maximum effect I should take the whole contents of the bag into my body & hold it in as long as possible. I couldn't believe that it was possible to hold that much liquid in your bowels but was told that your bowels can hold up to about 15 litres so 3 would be no problem. It took about 20 minutes for the bag to empty & I could feel the effect of the wine almost instantly. I felt quite drunk as the the tube was removed from my bum. I felt really full & bloated with so much liquid inside me but I did as I was told & held it for an hour before I felt I really had to go. I was now so drunk from all the wine I had to be helped to the toilet by the nurse. As soon as my bum touched the seat my bowels exploded with about a gallon of liquid mush it smelled not unpleasant but a mixture of alcohol & poo. After that first wave I stayed on the toilet for a couple of minutes & some soft turds slipped out of me with a plop as they hit the water. By the time I was done I felt so fit & well after ridding my system of all that gunk. The cleanup was surprisingly easy & I got dressed & went home in a taxi as there was no way I was fit to drive home. by this evening the booze has worn off & I feel great with no hangover. I can totally recommend a red wine enema as a fantastic way to get pissed without getting a hangover & to feel great.
I'd love to hear if anyone else has had an enema & to know how it was for them.

Post Title (optional)KIRSTY`S Survey

In response to Kirsty1s survey:
1. I poo between 4 times a day (occasionally) to once evry couple of days. For medical reasons if I miss more than on e day I have to take action or if I feel myself bloating then I have to take action. For those that do not know I have Parkinsons Disease, a very different form to normal but I certainly have the constipation, which, if left sufficiently unchecked can be very serious.
2. Most of my dumps are in public the morning when I wake up my bowels are lazy and I am so stiff and slow my main objective is to get out the door and off to work so I end up missing breakfast and of course my morning poo...often I get the urge on the way to work and I call in at my public unisex toilets and have a sit. Sometimes I poo at work but there are only two cubicles so I do not have the opportunity for a long poo at work. I have no problems using public toilets and even prefer them to home toilet. Trouble is at home my partner sometimes wants to get something out of the bathroom which I do not mind but she is not totally comfortable about it, sadly.
3. I am not into pooing myself but did once as a result of a reaction to a medical test..fortunately I was on the way home from the hospital..very close to home, nobody was at home...I had been very constipated and it was soooo gooood!!!! I would not repeat it on purpose as it is too messy. Another time I was on weight reducing pills and I farted but there was more than just gave me such a shock that I ate less and stopped the medication and then had the willpower to diet and loose weight.
4. I never hold in poo, or not for long as it will always leave me constipated.
5. I have pooed outdoors and I did so yesterday. I was in a national park by myself whale watching early in the morning...I wanted a poo but wanted to keep seeing the whales (there were quite a few of them) so I was on a cliff face and there was a rock shelf at sitting height with some of the rock broken away at the perfect position so I just lowered my pants and pooed a reasonable amount and kept watching for was a slow pooping morning.
6. I have no problem pooing with others around in public toilet and I am quiet proud if I am getting good results
7. I have no trouble discussing pooping but I find others have a problem...."top much information"
8. Sometimes my poos are large and occasionally very large.
9. Constipated...I am the king of constipation and I am almost an expert at solutions. I have had a recent constipation and relief episode involving public toilets. Saturday week ago I was constipated and went to the football and arrived over an hour before the game. There a re a set of public toilets that I love. The wall between the mens and women is about 6 foot high so you can hear all that goes on in the womens. I took a cubicle next to the dividing wall and was grunting quite loud and having nil success. A woman and her young child came into the ajoining stall and she said "mummy has to poo". I listended and heard nothing except the toilet paper at the end and she said to her kid she felt much better. This woman had a very clear educated and nice voice. I heard the kid say he/she wanted to poo and judging by mum`s comments the kid was having a very good easy poo...the kid seemed also to be learning to wipe his/her bottom. mum sounded very pleasant and encouraging. I gave up my attempts to shit and left the toilet only to see the next door successful dumpers looking victorious and happy leaving the facility. Anyways, laxatives followed and on Monday, i was about to leave for work when the Movicol kicked in but I had to leave then to drop our daughter off at school so I did that and arrived at my public toilets in much need and almost urgency. The toilets had recently been cleaned and I took at seat and had with me a magazine and I got "lost" in a few very interesting and happy articles...during that time my bowels worked overtime...I did not push at all and after I time lost in my magazine my stomach felt great and relaxed...I looked at my watch...I had been there for over 20 minutes. I wiped and left.
10. Diarrhoea...the last time I had the runs (except for a colonoscopy) was lmost 20 years ago!

It was another really hot day today so I decided to go to the beach to cool off. I decided to go to the part that was a bit less busy since it seemed like everyone was out and I knew it would be crowded. I met up with some friends and we all went for a swim before sitting down to have lunch. Afterwards I felt a little bloated so I decided to wander around to try and find a washroom.

The part of the beach where we were seemed remote and I was worried that I would have to go in the bushes. After walking for what seemed like an hour, I saw a sign that indicated there were bathrooms just up from the beach. I walked up a stony pathway that had two outhouses partially obstructed by some bushes. As I approached they seemed quite primitive as they were simply made out of wood with a door that had a large opening at both the top and bottom. I entered into the first one but it didn't have any toilet paper so I made my way to the second one hoping it had some.

To my amazement it did have a large roll left but unfortunately I couldn't lock the door as it was broken. There was a very large gap in between the door and the walls meaning very little privacy if someone was to come up. I pulled my swimsuit down before sitting down. I pissed for about 30 seconds before starting to push the first log out. It came out pretty easily but it took quite a bit of toilet paper to clean up. The holding tank was large so I couldn't see what I had dropped. I quickly finished and left before going back to hang out with my friends.

today i went and hungout with a guy friend of mine. i met him at wendys for lunch. we ate lunch and hungout there for a little while. then we decided to leave and go to cvs to look around. when we arrived at cvs we looked around for a little bit. 25 minutes later i felt my bladder kick in. i told my friend that i would be right back. i headed through a set of double doors to the ladiesroom. when i finally made it to the ladiesroom i opened the door. i saw that there were 10 stalls all together. i quickly made my way to the third stall. i latched the stall door and seated myself. i pulled down my mini skirt that i was wearing. i started peeing. it lasted for 10 seconds. when i was done peeing i let out a sigh of relief. then i began pooping. at this point i heard the bathroom door open. in walked three teenage girls. one had blond hair one had black hair and one had dark brown hair. they all said someone is pooping. the girl with blond hair took the stall right next to me. the other two girls just stood at the sink and looked at the mirrors. the blond girl began peeing. i was still pooping at this point. she paused for a moment. then she began pooping. i began to inhale an odoer coming from her. her bowel movement started to reek. i started giggling. then she began wiping. she got up and exited the stall without flushing. she went to the sink and met up with her friends. a moment later they left the bathroom. i was completley done by this point. i began wiping and put my dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer. i got up and pulled my mini skirt back up. i exited the stall without flushing. i looked into the other stall to see what the girl had done. i couldnt believe my eyes. she completley filled up the tiolet. i went to the sink and washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling refreshed.



Hi all. I'm a long time reader, finally (unfortunately) got something worth posting.

This morning, I was getting my things ready to go to visit my cousins across the country. Well, anyway, I was cramping a little, and I felt a little gassy, so, with everyone else downstairs (I was upstairs), I let one out. It didn't feel right. Suddenly, I felt a wet splatter gush into my panties. I quickly headed into the toilet, and pulled down my clothes. I carefully lowered my panties, revealing the seat completely covered in wet mush. I sat on the toilet, cleaning up. I tried to go some more, but nothing else came out. I hope that's the last of it; We'll be on the road for a long time later. Cleaning up was a nightmare.

Well, anyway, I gotta sort the rest of my stuff out.
Keep up the good stories.


One way to keep in your pee longer

when you feel like peeing ,try rubbing your calf vigorously.that may help

A guy

first post

Hey everyone, ive been reading everyones post on here for awhile and thought i would post something. When pooping in public do you have to be the only one in the bathroom or would you poop if it was full of people?

I <3 POO

Answers to Kirsty (We ndy's friend) survey

To Kirsty: Here are my answers to your survey:

1. How often do you poo?
I usually poo twice a day every day.

2. Do you use public toilets for pooing?
Oh yeah, I have done many times. It's a confidence thing, when you gotta go you gotta go.

3. Have you ever pood yourself?

4. Do you hold your poo untill you can't wait any longer or do you go as soon as you need to?
Sometimes yes but that's only when I'm not near a toilet.

5. Have you ever pood outdoors?
Yes, but not often.

6. Do you prefer to poo when no one else is around?
Yes, I can be noisy as I fart and plop loudly. I enjoy the privacy so that I can take my time and have a good poo.

7. Are you embarrassed to talk about your pooing habits?
No, not at all. I mean we all have to poo and wee and I'm not afraid to talk about my poo habits.

8. Do you have large poos?
Yes, but I like my food and it they are smelly!! Lots of logs and pieces and loud plops!

9. Do you get constipated?
I can't remember the last time I was constipated!

10. Do you have diarrhoea often?
Again this depends on whenever I have a bellyache or if my belly feels ikky. But no, I don't have diarrhoea often.

Thanks for the survey, enjoyed answering it :)
Take care x
Keep your stories coming :)

I am 17 years old, female. I live in a family with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and of course my parents. My two girl cousins practically live with us too, so I never have a moment alone, and its hard to get a moment of privacy to use the restroom. I am pretty poo shy around my family, so I will drive to Wal Mart just down the road when the family is home so I can poo. I will also poo with the shower on so nobody knows i am pooing. I have not been able to poo for 3 days, because I have not had my vehicle, and my cousin wants to shower with me when she is here, and she has been here the past few days. So, this morning, I knew I could get some relief, because everyone was going to be gone. It was 8:00am, and as soon as I hear them leave, and the house is empty. I jump out of bed and run to the restroom. I pull my pants completely off, and spread my legs open wide. I have my morning pee, and then start pushing. I know I am going to have a rough time getting all the poo out, but I was gonna work as long as needed. I bare down very hard and grunt as I push as hard as I can. My whole body tenses up and I can feel my face getting red. I push hard for 6 minutes just to get the turd about half way out. Then I hear a door closing, and someone unlocking the door. I try to suck the turd in but its stuck. SO, I pull my pants up, and I can feel a huge bulge. I turn the light off and run to my room shut the door and lock it. I don't know who is home, but they interrupted my good poo. I am feeling very uncomfortable at this time with this turd sticking out of my butt. I look around, and i find an empty shoe box. I pull my pants off and squat over the box. I push as hard as I can trying to make no noise. After about ten more minutes of pushing it makes a thud in the box. I close the box and shove it under my bed, and put my clothes back on. I feel the need to poo so much more, but can't do it now. SO here I am, sitting here in discomfort needing to poo so badly. I will have my vehicle back tomorrow, so will probably make a much needed trip to the Wal Mart bathrooms. WIll tell u about it when I go!

Joe Stool
Poo Princess:

I think your idea has REAL potential. I think that a lot of potential viewers would be conflicted about admitting their desire, but with careful marketing, this could be overcome and grow huge. Many people have probably had this type of idea and dismissed it, while the successes of others prove that this market can be exploited if a plan is properly executed. For example, have you heard of the tremendously successful bathroom-themed restaurant in Taiwan? This started only a few years back, grew world famous almost instantly, and is expanding to other worldwide locations. The beauty of your idea is that everyone relates and is interested on some level. You must carefully choose the right producer, or start out producing it yourself. The fact that the idea was hatched by a woman might put some viewers at ease. You could have stuff like a celebrity corner...the possibilities are endless. Notice how ads for products related to pooping are already everywhere? Read up on the subject of niche marketing and get on this, before someone steals it.


My story

I thought I'd write a story about the time when I was 15. I'd held my poo in for a week & was feeling really bloated & uncomfortable. I knew it was time to go to the toilet & release my huge load. I also knew it was going to take a while so I took some magazines into the bathroom with me. My mum stopped me when she saw all that reading material. She said, "I hope you're not having a big poo in there. My boss is coming to see me tonight & I don't want you embarrassing me by blocking the toilet up. You'll have to wait untill tomorrow morning & go at school." I couldn't believe she wouldn't let me have a poo. I was dying to go & the thought of having to go at school horrified me. I hated doing a poo at school but the only other option was to do it in my pants! Not really an option.....
Somehow I managed to hold it all night but when I got out of bed I felt a massive pressure in my bowels. My poo wanted out big time but I couldn't let that happen untill I got to school. I clenched tightly & left home early to make sure I had time to go to the toilet before class. I just about made it to school but I still had to get to the toilets on the other side of the building. I had to walk through loads of other kids to reach the toilets & I felt sure they could tell I needed to poo by the hurry I was in. When I got inside the toilets I found they were full of the usuall smokers. All 6 cubicles were taken & I had to wait ages to get into one. I felt my poo trying to force my anus open from the enormous pressure that was building up inside me. I had to hold my bum to keep control & of course I got the sarcastic remarks from the other girls. It was really embarrassing but it was better than pooing myself. After an agonising wait the door opened but then the bell for registration went. At first I was going to leave & go to my first class as I couldn't risk being late & everyone knowing why. Then I felt my poo coming out into my pants. I couldn't stop it so I went straight into the cubicle & ripped my tights & pants down before sitting on the toilet with a thump. I was lucky & hadn't got any poo in my pants. It all went into the toilet. I pood my brains out producing dozens of semi solid turds. I kept going for ages & wondered if I would ever stop. It really stank & by the time I was done I'd taken 45 minutes to go. The toilet had more poo in it than it had water & it wouldn't flush away. I had to wait for it to refill & flush it again. That got rid of it but there were some pretty big marks on the pan. I washed my hands & went to class an hour late. I got a detention for lateness & the whole class knew I'd just had a major poo. It was so embarrassing but nowhere near as embarrassing as it would have been pooing my pants in class!


I'm Back!

Sorry for the prolonged absence, I've been busy. i got to read all the new posts, and they're great as usual. Thank you to Ashley for the continued support! Welcome Log Lady! I really enjoyed your story! Being stranded in a toilet with no paper is the worst!

Just a quick update: I'm constipated :( I've been constipated for almost a week. I'm gonna try to eat some sausages tomorrow, those always make me poop. If I get some logs, you guys will be the first to know! Keep reading, and happy pooping!

Upstate Dave

Family Pee Tales

Hi to all. Sorry for thge delay but I have been busy. So now I have time to do another post involving my family which where we would be peeing. Now I and my lder brother shared a bedroom and my two older sistor shared a bedroom also next to my brothers and mine.

Now having a single bathroom to be shared amoung us six there were times when you just couldn't use the bathroom when you needed to. us four kids did have a chamber pot which was kept in our closet but it was hardly used by at least my brother and I as far as ours.

We had a better way of takeing care of a emergency pee. Both bedrooms ours and our sistors had a single window. Well my brother started it for when he had a emergency pee to take he would open the small window and pee right out the open window! After seing him do it I started peeing out the window too! Boy was this better then holding it waiting for the bathroom to be availible or using the chamber pot!

When we would pee out the window was after dark or early in the morning after gettiing up. Well this worked fine with both of us not being caught durring the spring, summer, and fall. Now it was winter and there was snow outside on the ground. My brother and I took our night pee out the window and then went to sleep.

The next morning again we both tookour morning pee using the window again. My brother and I dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast. Now while he and I were eating my sistors were up and still upstairs. My oldest sistor we heard went into my mothers bedroom and then my mother came right downstairs and right into the dinningroom.

She stared hard at me and my brother with her hands on her hips.(This we both knew being this way she was mad about something) Then she came straight out saying to my brother and I; Have you two been peeing out your window? My brother was first to speak and he saud no. I then also said no after him. DON'T LIE you two! Our mother saud back to us two now more mad at us for lieing to her.

She went on explaining to us that our older sistor had seen us peeing out our window. (Streams only) Plus the yellow snow outside the ground below our window! We were caught dead to rights! What happened was we both got punished by being grounded for a week! That also ened our peeing out our window too. Upstate Dave

Amy L.

Jogging accident

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while, I was caught up in college work, and my job. But I have a story that happened to me yesterday I would like to share.

Ok yesterday it was so hot outside, and I had an off day from college, and work. So I decided I could go for a jog around my neighborhood. I ate a huge breakfast, I had like four eggs, sausage and pancakes. After I ate I got dressed. i put on really tight cheerleading shorts, and no panties. (bad idea) and a sports bra. This outfit shows off my body really good. So I started jogging in the woods, that lead to a park. My stomach was cramping, but I just thought I was bloated, so I ignored it and kept running. About a half hour later I was almost at the park, when I realized I had to poop, and I was an hour away from home. I really wanted to go back, so i thought maybe theres a bathroom in the park. As I walked through the park, I drew alot of boys attention, because of my body. I thought there was no way i can go to the bathroom here. So I turned around and started jogging home, I was good for a half hour, then I had to stop because I was about to unload a huge crap into my shorts. I was in clear view of houses and everything because I made it out the woods, I was still a half hour from my house. I fought off the urge, and I started running faster desperately trying to reach my house without an accident. I was only 15 minutes away, and the urge was so strong I had to stop again, and out of reaction I put my hand on my butt, and I realized there were 5 guys looking at me. I was so embarrased, so I started running again, and I made it to my front yard, when my butt gave up, and a Huge turd shot into my shorts, I shoved my hand on my butt trying to stop the flow. and I waddled to my door, I reached for the key out of my pocket, and I dropped it on the ground. I slightly bent down to pick it up, and I released a huge wave of soft poop, that completely filled my shorts, and it went out the leg holes, down my legs and onto my new running shoes. I had to pee really bad to so I completely flooded my shorts. I was standing in a pool of pee, and some pooped made it to the ground. My shorts, and my shoes were ruined. Clean up was horrible. I almost vomited from the stench. I took a 30 minute shower, and I threw my shorts and shoes in the trash. Then I had to hose down my porch to get the pee and poop off of it. I feel so bad being a 19 year old girl, and I cant control my bladder, and my bowels. I only told my best friend, and you guys about this accident. I had to go to the mall and buy new running shoes and shorts. Next time I am going to make sure I dont have to go to the bathroom before I leave.

I hoped you guys like my story.

Yo I'm back with another post. I was telling you all about the time Asia and Ashley had Both Turns taking a Dump well heres another story.

It was a hot summer day we were hanging out with two of our friends Gio and Ashley I told you about them last Time. So During the Summer all four of us went to Summer Camp it was okay because we got to see our other friends. After the incident Gio and I did to them they told us they would get there revenge. We were cautious and made sure not to do anything stupid. Well after lunch as usual the girls ate a ton we ate as well. We then usually skip the boring classes and go later so we went around the whole school till Asia said I got to go shit. Ashley stomach started to gurgle really loudly. She moaned and said me too my stomach hurts like hell man she moaned again so was Asia her stomach was gurgling too. Me and Gio said then go to the bathroom. They quickly ran to the bathroom. We followed them and would said we would wait outside for them. We caught up to them and they told us the Girls room was locked so Gio said we lets go. Asia and Ashley looked worried Asia said I really gotta go though I don't want to crap myself. Ashley agreed so then I dared them to go into the boy's room they said at the same time hell no. Its all dirty in there Ashley said and we told them that would rather go here or wait till we get home. They told us that they could maybe wait we said whatever its on you though. So we continue to play around and waste time till I decide to kiss Asia unexpectedly. She didn't know why I was doing it but followed along and we kissed. Gio and Ashley watched us. Ashley then kissed Gio and then for some reason why we were all making out in front of each other. Then both of the girls stomach gurgled loudly again and they told us to stop they gotta go but me and Gio decided to not let them go but fought of Asia held her stomach as she ran and Ashley held her butt with both hands as they ran. They tried to open the door again but couldn't so they finally said we will go into the boys room. They went in and we went right in they said out loud Ahh F***. me and Gio said what till we realized we forgot to tell them that the boy who where her from before damaged the stalls which caused them to remove the whole stall. The girls were pissed but they didn't want to poop themselves. Gio then started to joke around and tried to pull them out since it looked like they didn't want to go in the bathroom but said stop Asia Ripped out a huge fart then she quickly got out of Gio's grip yanked her tight pants down and sat on the toilet Ashley did the same and almost tripped on her black tight pants and sat down. They told us to get out we said no. They said were not gonna let us watch them because of what happened last time and this time that we almost made them poop themselves. We said fine we would leave the door wide open. The screamed out no and we walked outside and left the door open. The were about to get up till the pain in there stomachs hurt to much. They said fine and we both leaned against the wall and waited for the fireworks to start. Asia couldn't hold on anymore SLPAAAAAAAAAT PLOP PLOP she moaned and Ashley finally decided to let go as she was in the same position as last time and she Let go a Big Fart and also moaned.
Asia continued to blow chunks of diarrhea (I forgot to mention that she eats healthy and greasy food so school lunch maybe gives you diarrhea as Ashley was still farting. Asia the let a extremely loud wet fart and poop out a long piece of poop. PLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP PLOP PLOP brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp PLOP PLOP brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. She then stood up and told me to wipe her so I did. But when I did she farted she laughed at me as she then sat down she told me she had more. She pooped a bit more till she wiped herself and didn't flush the toilet. Ashley was having trouble all she was doing as farting she couldn't poop she said that it was like she knew she is gonna have diarrhea but was only blowing out farts. She then moaned again saying hurts stomach hurts so freaking much. She stopped moaning till we heard this Splllllllllllllft spllllllllllft spllllllllllllllllllftBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP PLOSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she clutched her stomach as this happened and the toilet was starting to fill up with diarrhea. The bathroom smelled awful Gio was well trying to comfort her I was rubbing Asia's belly as she was leaning on me she farted still though.
Ashley finished wiped herself and also didn't flush the toilet. They washed there hands and we left. We decide to just go home even though the program still wasn't done. We got to Asia's house her brother wasn't there so we were alone we just sat one the floor as the girls leaned on us I kissed Asia on the forehead and she asked me if I could rub her stomach and Ashley asked the same to Gio we both did. While I was rubbing Asia's stomach it gurgled and she let a bubbly fart go and it felt it had more and Asia said ah shoot I shit my self a bit and she got up and went to go change here clothes Ashley Farted loudly to and she said to Sorry I crapped my self a bit as well. Me and Gio both looked at each other and he said we got some weird Girlfriends I said I know but there sexy smart strong kind of and have nice butts. We laughed and joked for the rest of the day about event that happened

Peace until Next time Jordan

The Log Lady

Some Response and Today's Dump

To Kristy's friend Wendy
1. I drop 2-3 loads a day
2. When I have to, I use public toilets, Mostly at my office.
3. Yes, I have pooped myself (3 times to be exact. I'll share those stories later!)
4. At home, I go when I need to. It takes some time for it to come out, but I like sitting on the toilet. In public, I wait until I can't hold it anymore, just because I try to wait to get to a better bathroom.
5. Yes, I have pooped outdoors (I'll share those time too!)
6. I prefer to poo when no one is around. I only use my office toilet for taking a dump when it's empty for example
7. Depends on the person. People close to me I'm comfortable. Less friendly people I keep my poop habits to myself.
8. Yes, I have large poos, as you can tell by my name, Most of my poops are over 7 inches.
9. I get constipated about once a month. I don't use laxatives, just food that makes me poo (see below)
10. I get diarrhea about once every 2-3 months. It only lasts about a day

To Ashley
Thank you for the kind words! Foods that give me huge logs are eggs, bacon, coffee, some cereals, bananas, and sausages.

New story! This was very recent, today in fact. I has the day off, so I wake up later than usual, about 8 o'clock. I felt bloated, and I hadn't pooped in five days, for I tried to sit on the toilet and push one out. Nothing came out, so I went to get some breakfast in my kitchen. My favorite cereal was gone, and so was most of the food. I found some Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages, and though this could make me poop and made it. After eating it, my stomach began to gurgle, when I was hit with the urge to poop very bad. My son was showering in the nearest bathroom, so I had to rush upstairs before I pooped myself. My bathroom is on the second story, so I got there and got on the toilet.

Without pushing, one huge continuous log rushed out of me. It splashed in the toilet loudly, and I let out a sigh of relief. With a little pushing, a bunch of mushy, little loads splashed into the toilet. I tried pushing some more, when another poop ploped in the toilet. There was no toilet paper left on the roll, so I had to sneak out of the bathroom, with my pants around my ankles. the closet was downstairs, but my house was empty. There was a roll in the closet which I used when I got back to my bathroom. I wiped 7 times. Altogether there was one, 8 inch log, 5-6 small plops, and a 5 inch log.

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