Ashley S

My boyfriend

I am going by Ashley S to avoid confusion with the other Ashley on this board.

Ashley, Impatientone, Thunder From Down Under and Richard, thanks for reading my post.

Impatientone, He saw me on the toilet after we had been dating for about a month. He was in his bathroom brushing his teeth and I came in, pulled my PJs down and sat on the toilet. I already knew I wanted to see him and thought this could help. I began pooping quityly and he just kind of made 30 seconds of chit chat, finished brushing his teeth and left saying, I'll give you some privacy. I said you don't have to leave but he left anyway. Bummer! Even worse is he almost never sits on the toilet if he knows I am around, and he has a bathroom off his bedroom so if he is in there its really hard to hear him from the rest of his apartment.

Now here is the good part. We went camping again last weekend to the same spot we went before. We only stayed two nights but I was not disapointed. I wasn't able to catch him until the second morning we were there. Again I had just returned from my morning poop when he said I'll be back babe and took the toilet paper roll and headed off into the woods. Just to ensure a good show I packed meet and cheese sticks for us to eat, big sandwhiches etc. He ate hardily and I was not disapointed. This time he was wearing a black t-shirt and tan cargo pants. I got there just in time to see him pull his pants just below his knees and sit again with his butt on display hanging over the log. I was a little closer this time and his butt looked awesome. His butt is really white and he is a red head so its covered in little redish brown hairs. He hiked his shirt up on his back and hunched sliglhy forward again making an uugh noise. His cute butthole contracted and a yellowish brown tip emerged. This time his poop seemed a little firmer and fatter as it slowly emerged in one long log. After 45 seconds he pinched it off and just sat there. He then pushed again and did another long log. Again it took about 45 seconds for him to get it out and pinch it off. He then wiped and as I was closer I used this time to quitely make my escape. All and all it was another hot siting and I was really turned on. What really amazed me was watching his butthole push out these two turds. I have seen fatter logs but it really had to open for him to get them out. Not to sound gross or anything. I too enjoy doing bigger poos and poops in generaly. Perhaps one day he will openly share this with me.

Peace, Ashley

In the movie "Baby Momma" the Amy Poehler character is seen and heard peeing in a bathroom sink. The toilet has been baby proofed and she can't figure how to lift the lid. In the next scene she is seen squatting in the sink.


Desperate tennis poo

When I was a teenager I used to play tennis & during a long game I needed to poo really badly. I hadn't been for 4 days & all that physical exercise had loosened my bowels up. I didn't want to retire from the game as I was winning but soon the urge to poo became really intense. I started to lose my concentration on the game as the need to poo became more & more urgent. My serve was falling apart as I struggled to avoid serving a huge load into my pants. There was a fair bit of stretching to reach the ball & I almost lost it several times. The game went on for some time & I was struggling to hold the enormous poo inside me. I could feel it pushing against my anus & I had to clench tightly to stop it coming out. My game was really falling to pieces as all I could think about was not messing my pants on the tennis court. It was getting really painfull to keep clenching & I was getting tired. I started to feel unwell & was sweating a lot. I felt dizzy & everything started to spin. I can remember falling over & the next thing I knew I was lying on a trolley in the first aid room. I knew I'd fainted from the effect of the toxins that had built up holding my poo in for too long. I could feel my bum was all sticky & the smell of poo told me I'd messed my pants. How embarrassing. I couldn't believe it. I was 14 years old & I'd just pood myself. I felt so ashamed. I was still dying to go but the doctor wouldn't let me get up to to the toilet. By the time I got the all clear to leave the first aid room I was desperate to go again. I ran to the toilets holding my bum but it wasn't enough to stop another load adding to the already big mess in my pants. When I reached to toilets I took off my skirt & peeled my pants off my bum & dropped them down the toilet. I quickly sat down & released a huge amount of semi solid poo into the toilet pan. It felt such a relief & I felt totaly fine afterwards. The cleanup took ages & by the time I was done I'd spent an hour in the toilet. I tried to flush it but it was blocked & the water came right up to the rim & wouldn't go down. I quickly left the toilets without washing my hands & ran home. A few hours later I needed another poo so I went to the toilet & pushed out a few more small turds into the toilet. I felt wierdly empty after that but so much healthier for it. I realise now that it's not a good idea to hold your poo for too long. It can make you ill at best & at worst it can actually cause internal damage. My advice is when you feel the urge to go you should go.


The Oops I ... Channel

I would like to see a series like "Candid Camera" of real people as they lose control and accident their they transition from "I need a toilet" to "I need a shower and clean clothes."

I would like to see video of a person walking or standing as a large bulge forms behind them or to watch pee soak down the legs of jeans.

I would like to see video of a person passing gas only to realize it was much more than gas.

A guy
PooPrincess i agree with you i think it would be cool if there was a poo channel i would watch.


gonna try something new at work

Hi, everyone--I'm female and have known how to pee standing for quite a long time now, but I don't do it very often out of laziness and sometimes my body "forgets" how to do it right. I didn't do it at my last job because we had multi-stall restrooms and I get really pee-shy when I try to stand and pee in the ladies' room. I get too nervous to get my flow going and end up leaking on my legs or pants. But I've changed jobs and now I work at a place where we have single-person bathrooms, one of them with a urinal, so I am going to get a medicine spoon, modify it and use it to "get used to" standing to pee more regularly. I'll also be less embarassed about having to clean it off in the sink afterward if no one is going to walk in on me. Has anyone ever tried this before?

Speaking of which, I suddenly really need to go now...


Kristy (Wendy's Friend)

Too bad about your nasty pooping experience. Moral: any port in a storm.


Reply to PooPrincess Re. 'A Poop Channel'

TO PooPrincess:

A specialty "Poop Channel"? Interesting idea! They could call it, 'The Number TWO Network.' ;) I'm not sure about the U.S. or here in Canada, but it might be doable in Europe.

There was a program from the U.K. that was on cable TV here in Toronto. They helped people (and whole families) switch from their unhealthy diets to foods and routines that would be much better for them both in the near and long term. On the show, they would put a gigantic table filled with all the typical junk these people would be eating in an average month. Heaps of cookies, cream puffs, potato chips, red meats, pizzas and TV dinners, et cetera... I must admit when you looked at all that processed food at the same time, it was rather gross.

The people looking for help were required to submit a stool sample for examination. **No pixilation or blurring effects** to hide the poop being examined by the doctor. They showed the WHOLE log (or whatever came out of their rear ends) in all its glory and the doctor and program host told them what they had discovered. Undigested bits of this or that... It's the smell, shape, colour and texture... A critique of what they *should* be seeing in the poop versus what they *did* find using a microscope... and a summary of what health dangers this 'typical' poop foreshadows if the participants did nothing to alter their lifestyles.

I watched it whenever it was on for general health information, but especially to see the poop examinations.

In Canada and the U.S., pooping and how it reflects your health is a subject most people are too embarrassed to address. Broadcasters play long *Warning* announcements before programs that seriously delve into the subject and/or have pictures.
TV news regularly shows people getting shot, blown up or bloodied by terrible injuries w/o any warnings... But most feel the need to warn people about an act just about **everyone on this planet** does about once a day. (Society is weird, isn't it?)

Take care,



to Jaded Jarrod

While reading about what happened to Ethan, I remembered a story about a woman who was stuck to an airplane's toilet seat because of suction. I read that she was offered free airline tickets after that, but chose to never fly again.

Kate M.

To Soccer Mom

Hi, interesting story about your daughter and the pullups. Do you ever wear Depends for your IBS. I have bladder control issues and sometimes wear Depends or Poise depending (no pun intended) on where I am going and how far from a washroom with no lineups I will be. It is good that these products exist for those with issues. I had to have a colonoscopy and had to wear Depends to the hospital since I was scared of what may happen. The nurse was not fazed by it at all. One lady at work wears Depends to her kids sporting events since she does not want to run to the bathroom and miss her kids scoring goals, etc.


response to Kristy survey

1) i usually take a dump two or three times a day. once in a while i will go more than that.
2) i always use public tiolets for taking a dump. the main reason is cause i like to listen to other girls relieve themselves and i like to be around other women in the public bathroom when taking a dump.
3) unfortunately yes i have pooed myself before. i try not to make it happen however sometimes it just impossible.
4) majority of the time i usually take a dump whenever i have to. however there have been times that i have held my poo in for a long period of time.
5) i have never pooed outdoors before.
6) i dont mind if other women are around when i take a dump. however once in a while it is nice to relieve myself in peace and quiet.
7) iam not embarrassed at all to discuss my pooping habits.
8) i have had several large poos in the past before. i wish that i encountered more of these on a regular basis.
9) no i usually dont get constipated.
10) i usually dont encounter diarreah. once in a while i may have it.

to Kelsey: i really enjoyed your post! iam so glad to hear that you experienced a sucessful poo at home. iam also glad to hear that you enjoyed the smell of your own bowel movement. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to PooPrincess: i really enjoyed your post! i didnt even know that there was a special documentary on other peoples tiolet habitis around the world in different cultures. i will have to keep an eye out on the television for when it comes on. i lookforward to your future post! i hope your doing well! take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that you had to use a really dirty tiolet. iam also sorry to hear about the major accident that occurred in your underwear while you were in the woods. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Richard: thanks again for the kind words. i really apprecaite it! i hope that your doing well. i will keep you in my prayers. take care and God bless.
to Jordan: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had alot of fun watching Ashely and Asia have a bowel movement. thats really funny that they both farted in your face when you were sleeping. how did it feel? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Joanna: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your friend Miki needs to see a doctor. usually blood in the bowel movement is a sign of a serious infection. please encourage her to go to the doctor. may i recommend that you might attend the doctors appointment with her so that she isnt as nervous and more comfortable to face whatever the problem might be. its okay to be scared and nervous. however when there is a major bladder problem and you let it get worse then it can develope into something more serious. Good luck Joanna. i will keep you in my prayers.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you locked your keys in your hoouse while in a dire need of a major bowel movement. however iam glad that you found a plant in kristys yard and were able to relieve yourself there. how did it feel? iam also glad to hear that kristy made it home and that she helped you clean up. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Scott: i really enjoyed your post! its okay to be sky around your friends when in dire need of a bowel movement. iam really sorry to hear that you unfortunately ended up having a major accident in your swim suit during swim class. i would have been embarrassed. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Scott: i really enjoyed your second post about sharing a hotel bathroom with other people. iam really sorry to hear that you ended up having an embarrassing moment while trying to relieve yourself in the bathroom. may i make a note that mexican food will upset your stomach if your body cant digest it. try not to eat it alot. i lookforward to any more post that you might have. take care and have a blessed evening.
to Jaded Jarrod: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that someone played a really mean prank on your friend Ethan while he was in the bathroom. i hope that the person got punished for there evil deed that they committed. iam really glad to hear that your friend Maddie purposely leaves the tiolet unflushed. iam also glad to hear that you both did the same as well. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to SoccerMom: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that you and your eight year old daughter both encountered really major accidents. iam glad that your friend Nacey was there to help you guys clean up. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your major accident that occurred while you were at school. i hope that your doing well. take care and God bless.
to Jry: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you encountered quite a major dump while at home. thats funny that your brother laughed while he heard you on the tiolet. i hope that your feelings are not hurt by that. thrity minutes is a long time to be in the bathroom. iam glad that everything can out successfully. thanks for the kind comment as well. i really apprecaite it. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.




TV channel

Cute idea, PooPrincess; good ideas for program content. Let's not forget the quiz shows, pooping contests, and viewings of poop to identify foods that reappear in it. Some of the constipation and diarrhea reports on this site suggest that a doctor program would be very good (people with problems call in or appear on the show, and the doctor diagnoses and prescribes). I wish I thought the idea had a chance of success, but I doubt it, at least for now.


Just Jerika's Questions & My Airport Disaster

Last week I started my summer job. That is what my story is about. However, first, this is Just Jerika's survey and questions:

Female, 17 (almost 18!)
1. Do you check each open stall before you select the one you will use?
Sometimes, if the bathroom is really dirty, but most of the time, no
2. Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to
crap or when you have to pee?
Much of the time when I'm in public bathrooms, I have to do a
little of both. At my school or at a concert of something like that
if I just have to pee, I will take a stall where there's no toilet
paper. In such situations, I've even use a couple of doorless
stalls because I was about the wet myself.
3. Do you mind an unflushed bowl?
Blood scares me off when I first see it as does puke. Otherwise, I
wouldn't have survived three years of high school with clean
panties without sometimes using a clogged or unflushed stool.
4. Do you mind pee on the seat?
I've had no choice but to sit in it a few times at school or once at
a concert. But I try to avoid it whenever possible.
5. Do you remember to check for toilet paper? No, unfortunately. (See
account of my first day on the job below).
6. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down? No.
7. Do you lay toilet paper on the seat before you sit down? No.
8. Are you ever offended by grafitti?
Very good questions, Jerika. Yes, when it's at my high school
because Connor and I are on the Student Council and the principals
are constantly complaining about it. This past year, they've talked
about fear of civil rights lawsuits because some of the stuff has
gotten a lot more personal. Now, at the airport I work at there's
no grafitti but they have billboard advertising displays on the
inside of the stall doors. Crapping and reading about the key
features covered in an on-line business journal is different.

My Airport Disaster

Last week I started a six-week summer job. I sell newspapers and magazines at a kiosk on the main level of our regional airport. The job's perfect for me, and other than the week when I'll be away as a volunteer camp counselor, I'm looking forward to it and getting experience in what my dad has always referred to as "the real world".

My mom drove we down there the first day. The place goes for miles and miles and I know I would have gotten lost. There's like so many different terminals that I can't keep straight. She even made a mistake and dropped me off at the wrong terminal. I must have walked two or three miles through various hallways and even through an underground shuttle-type thing that was kind of scary for me because the moving stairs seemed so slow and I was araid I was going to be late for my 7 a.m. start time. Since I had slept right up to the last minute, I didn't use the bathroom at home for other than a quick grooming and make-up job. Now I started to feel my morning crap and figured I better get to the nearest bathroom. That was no problem. I came across a bathroom like every two or three minutes.

The first bathroom to my left was the one I took. There must have been like 30 or so stalls on two sides of the room and ladies (some with very little children) standing in the middle aisle waiting for a door to open. I saw a lady with a very large carry-on quickly leave the end stall and I hurried down there, and was quick to close the bright steel door. I latched it, took my purse off my shoulder, and hung it on the inside of the door, dropped my slacks and panties and placed my butt on what was a pretty warm seat. Because of my desire to make a good impression on my boss the first day, I started the customary pushing exercise I normally do, but it didn't work. I stood to reposition myself on the seat and there was a huge noise and explosion of water as the automatic flush went off. I just hate sitting on those automatic flush toilets. I had had my slacks and panties just above knee level, and they had received a few splashes from the flusher. For the five minutes or so that I sat, I started to get more frustrated and, yes, bored. It's so ironic that I looked to my left and found a 100 percent new roll of toilet paper with the ends still glued down. I got to thinking about how nice it would be for me to be able to use it. As I looked to the right, I saw the eyes of a little girl up against my door. Like three different times, she was looking in on me and it kind of creeped me out. Then I heard the stern voice of an older woman say something like Mandy, I want to see your feet back in front of my door. I like kids and even have done some babysitting, but I was thankful that I would be getting some more privacy. I think I sat for about 10 minutes total and I was frustrated. I quickly got off the seat to avoid getting splashed by the flusher again, and with my face practically against the stall door, I pulled up my panties and slacks, grabbed my purse and continued my walk to work. I still had that stuffy feeling we all get when we need to crap.

I finally stopped at a ticket counter and got better directions. While waiting for some really old lady with bad hearing to comprehend directions from an agent, that feeling in my gut started coming back and getting worse. I could feel my crap drop and knew that I had to get onto a stool and fast. When the agent finally got to me, he gave me a map and pointed me in the direction of the terminal I needed. I didn't intend it, but I blurted out "...and I need a bathroom fast". He just laughed and pointed me down the hall right on my way to the terminal I needed. I was so thankful that I wanted to hug him.

I was in the bathroom in like less than two minutes. It was pretty much as large as the last one and now I was dealing with an emergency situation. Good for me, it wasn't as busy. I started scanning to my right and immediately a girl about 6 came out of the stall I was looking at from the corner of my eye. I could see a large part of her dress was still raised in back, but while I otherwise would have told her, I had to keep my eye on the prize. I opened the door and closed it with great speed. My purse was still on my shoulder when I pulled down my slacks and panties so fast that I didn't even use the zipper. I think the first blast of the crap came just before my butt hit the seat and I remember pulling my slacks down to below my knees, and then lowering the zipper, in case I had to do some heavy-duty pushing or spreading of my legs. Then I realized that I had that feel of great relief in my gut meaning that I had probably passed my entire crap. I almost made the mistake of standing up when I suddenly remembered the auto-flush. So I spread my legs, while sliding myself back on the seat so I could see between my legs what I had contributed to the bowl. It was a very soft snake-like piece that wound around like a coil. I would say at least two or three feet. As I saw, my thought was how lucky could I be.

Suddenly, I came back to reality and remembered I was late to my first day at work. I looked to the left and thought "Oh @@@@" because all there was was a paperless roll on the holder. I had the biggest wiping job ahead of me and I had been dumb enough to get into the situation. The flush had just gone off on the toilet to my right. I asked what appeared to be a child based on the size of the feet I could see "Would you please lend me some toilet paper?" and I didn't get an answer. I continued to sit, although I heard the paper roll being turned. I continued to look under the stall for the paper to come when suddenly their was a pound (not a knock but a pound on my door) and I knew I was in luck. I unlatched the door and it loosely swung open about half way. There was a boy about 4 or 5 there with the toilet paper wrapped around both his hands and a really surprised look on his face. I was like beyond belief as I stood to quckly grab it off his hands and I slammed the door shut, although making sure I thanked him as he ran away probably to join his mother.

I was shaking a little as the flusher went off again, splashing a little on my butt, and I reseated myself for my wipe. Luckily, the boy had given me enough paper, but I had to be careful because I didn't want to run out.

I looked at my watch and it was 6:55. I hadn't even gotten to my kiosk yet or met my new boss.


Beach dump

Since the weather was beautiful today me and some friends decided to go spend a day on the beach. When we got there we found an empty spot to set up our chairs and blanket and soon enough the nice weather had brought everyone out.

After a few cold beers and lunch I was needing to relieve myself, that is until I realized that the washroom was quite a walk aways. Then I heard my friend say that there was another washroom a bit closer to us except they were pit toilets and likely not as clean. I decided to have a nap and wait a bit before going. I woke up and discovered that I had slept for quite some time. It had warmed up considerably so I decided to go for a quick swim to cool off.

After a few minutes in the water I decided it was probably best that I went and relieved myself sooner rather than latter. My friend Kyle said that he had to go as well. I decided to go to the washroom that was closer to us, even if it had pit style toilets. Kyle said that he didn't mind walking to the other bathroom even if it was a bit further. I told him that I didn't mind using the outhouse style toilet. I guess that's when he realized that I was going to go for a dump and not a piss, and I realized that he had to shit but was probably too uncomfortable to do it in an unconventional toilet. He reluctantly followed me but I knew it was only because he didn't want to feel like a wimp for going to use the other bathroom.

When we got there we discovered the washroom was empty. There were no urinals, just five medium sized stalls with a high pit style toilet. Fortunately there was lots of toilet paper and the bathroom was quite clean. I made my way to the middle stall while Kyle sort of stood there dumbfounded. I lifted the lid and noticed quite a large amount of waste but the smell was more than tolerable. I lowered my now wet swim trunks and sat down on the cold hard plastic seat. I finally heard Kyle enter into the stall a few down from me before sitting down.

I didn't waste any time and immediately proceeded by letting out a bit of gas before two turds slipped out effortlessly. I then heard Kyle let out a few muffled farts before two thumps from logs dropping. I started to pee but it still felt like I could release more. I sat and waited to push out the third and final log. At this point I got up and wiped and discovered my three large logs quite visibly on the top. I exited and washed up while waiting for Kyle. He came out a few minutes later and we headed back to our site.

Usually just a reader
Abbie, Great story. I'm glad the teacher let you go. I'm surprised by how many stories there are on this site about teachers not letting a student go. I can only remember once back in my school days, where a girl asked for a pass to use the bathroom, but the teacher was reluctant. You could tell by her facial expression that she was desperate, so the teacher finally let her go. I'm not sure what she had to do, b/c she was gone roughly 3-4 minutes - seems to short for a desperate dump, but also long for a pee. When she got back the teacher gave a 30 second speech that we should use the bathrooms between classes. I never understood this cause you only get a few minutes and may have a time for a quick pee, but not for a dump. Although, I've been out of the bathroom within 3 minutes on various occasions after taking a dump, whenever I rush it, it seems to take longer or I leave too early and have to return later. Abbie, I look forward to more of your stories.

Kendra & Leanne, I've also enjoyed reading your stories and hope that both of you continue to post. Kendra, I know you said you like to listen to other women go. At your workplace, are you familar with your co-workers' habits (i.e. when they have to go, are they gone long or short, are they gassy, do they leave an odor, etc)?

Laura (Teacher) - I'm not sure if you're still here, but I happenned to come across one of your old stories yesterday. I loved all the detail you provide & miss those stories. If you're still here & had anything intersting happen toilet-wise, I would love to hear it.


For Kirsty (Wendys Friend)

You can buy portable (chemical filled) toilets in camping shops for use in tents and caravans. Sounds like one might be a good investment for next year!

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope I don't offend you when I say I wish I'd been there to see it!

Better luck next year!

Friday, July 02, 2010

old visitor from the very begining

to PooPrincess

Hi, great idea, i would love to have a poo channel. So go ahead. ;-) Many years ago, i saw a commentary in Austrian television via satellite. 1 hour all about pooping, with many many interesting little films: scientists watching students go poop in a university toilet to find out more about toilet plugging. a toilet engineer, yes it's a job, who tries to find out which toilet type flushes a big poop with less water, a french guy that invented a machine that imitated human pooping. you could feed that machine and you got a bag of poop from what you put in, very strange, but thousand of people visited this exhibition. I guy who painted with different colored poop..... and the commentary ended with a guy and a girl pooping visible in their white underwear simultaneously.. that's it. a remarkable show. I guess many people are interested in poo, if they want or not. at least they want tell .....

Hi again everyone! Here's the first couple of my school trip stories that I promised you in my last post. I have a habit of leaving my poos until I'm pretty desperate when I'm on a school trip, either because it's embarrassing (like if you share a room with lots of other girls) or because we're too busy doing other things. This means, at least, that I have plenty of stories to tell you all!

When I was 11, in the final year of junior school, our class went away to Wales on a so-called 'adventure week' where we were to perform various useful and fun tasks. It was the first time I had been away from home for more than a day or two, so it was a big thing for me. We got on the coach and waved goodbye to anxious parents. I was happy enough until we got there and were shown our accommodation. Basically, the room consisted entirely of double-decker bunk beds with no pillows or sheets (we had to take sleeping bags). There were 8 girls in our room, and in one corner was a doorway. "Over here is your shower," the guide told us; "and the toilet." The bathroom had no door, and neither did the shower. The toilet was around a corner but anyone in one of the four beds on the right side of the room could probably see your legs if you sat on it, and everyone would hear you. Needless to say I was worried. The guide then showed us the main toilet block, shared by all the buildings, several hundred campers. There were 8 cubicles and sinks, but it was a fair walk from where we were staying. I had a wee in there later that day, but I was really worried about having to poo.
The days passed and we did activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, building a raft (presumably in case we ever got involved in a plane crash on water), the old standard of moving planks and barrels about to cross 'the lava,' and navigating our way around an underground maze (in case we ever...became miners I suppose). On the Thursday (we arrived on Monday and left on Sunday morning), I started to need a poo. Normally I go at least twice a day and I was amazed I had gone this long without needing one. I had been peeing in the main block; I hadn't seen anyone use the loo in the room.
After dinner that evening I really had to go, but I couldn't pluck up the courage. We had a quiz which I sat through and then we went back to our rooms and to bed. I managed to get to sleep but when I woke up early the next morning I was bursting. The problem was we weren't meant to leave our rooms until the teacher came round at 8 to get us up. But it was 6:30 and I was desperate, and I definitely wasn't going to go in the room. I tried to wait a while but I had to go. I quietly unzipped my sleeping bag, pulled on my pajamas and shoes and headed for the door. I noticed that my friend Sarah, who was blonde and normally quite shy, was awake and looking at me. "Are you going to the loo?" she whispered. I said yes, and she said, "Can I come with you?" From the pained look on her face I guessed she had to poo as well. I waited while she got out of bed and put some shoes on, getting more and more desperate all the time. We opened the door quietly and headed across the wet concrete towards the toilets. It was still dark but getting light; the lights around the camp were still on. Sarah told me she hadn't had a poo since we arrived; I said neither had I and now I really had to go. She said she was about to go in her pants, and so was I. We hurried across the dull grounds to the loos. They were empty. I was about to poo myself, so I rushed into a cubicle and Sarah took the one to my right. I dropped my pyjama bottoms and knickers and sat. I heard Sarah doing the same. I peed for about ten seconds first, then got settled because my first log was already stretching my bum. Sarah groaned next to me. I asked her with a strained voice if she was ok. She said it was hurting her bum as she pushed it out. I released my first turd with a loud splash and a sigh of relief. It felt so good to be getting rid of 4 days' worth of poo! Another smaller turd followed straight after. Sarah managed to finally release her log with a huge splash. My legs ached after the activities we'd done the day before, so I sat back and stretched them out, raising them off the floor and swinging them up and down. My next log slid quietly out as I did so. Next door Sarah was dropping a series of small balls with a rapid fire plopping sound coming from her cubicle. By now with two loads of poo being released the place smelled rather a lot! I farted and then my last log slid down. It was a really big one, curling out of my bum and around the bowl. I moaned, partly in pain and partly in pleasure, as it finally came out. I was done pooing, but my stomach still hurt and I was quite gassy, so I stayed seated and listened to Sarah while letting off the occasional fart. She dropped two more logs and farted a few times, and then she was finished. I wiped, pulled up my knickers and trousers, and flushed. I met Sarah at the sinks. She looked so relieved! She told me she was way too embarrassed to even wee in the room, let alone poo. I said I was the same, and she thanked me for letting her come with me. I didn't poo again until I got home, and I don't think she did either!

The other story I'm going to tell you today took place when I was 15. This time it was a trip to the battlefield of the First World War in France and Belgium. We drove down to Dover and took the ferry over to Calais. When we were on the ferry I had a quick wee. But on the coach as we drove to our hostel I found out that my friend Nicole, who I was sitting next to, hadn't gone since the ferry terminal at Dover. Before we went to the hostel we visited two cemeteries that were en route. After these, Nicole told me she was desperate for a wee. The guide at the front of the coach had said it was about an hour's drive to the hostel. Nicole started squeezing her legs together. By now I had to go again, but I wasn't desperate. She clearly was. By the time we pulled up in the car park, she was crossing her legs and holding herself. But before she could go, we had to unload the coach. This meant standing around while the driver took everyone's cases off one at a time. By the time we got inside she must have been in agony. But she still couldn't go, because first we had the introductory talk of about 10 minutes, then we were given our room keys. Nicole and I were sharing with Becky, a short and really pretty brunette who I had been friends with for years, and Lauren (not the one I have mentioned in other posts), who we all said looked like a sexy librarian- black hair and glasses. I had been given the key, but when I got to the room the door wouldn't open. I told the French guy who was checking on us all, and he said 'Oh! It eez ze wrong key!' He went off and got the right one, allowing me to unlock the door and Nicole to rush for the loo. The bathroom was on one side of the room, with a toilet and shower etc. She rushed inside without locking the door and sat. We could hear her pissing for at least a minute. Too late she realised there was no paper- it was outside on the shelf next to the bathroom door. She asked someone to give it to her, so I grabbed a roll and opened the door. She was sitting on the toilet with her jeans and thong down to her knees, laughing. I gave her the roll and laughed with her. She said she had almost wet herself!
When I was 15 I still wasn't comfortable with other people hearing me poo unless they were using the toilet at the same time. So when the next morning I felt my stomach giving me the telltale signs, I told myself I would wait. I lay in bed listening to the birds outside. Nicole's alarm clock went off a few minutes later and everyone woke up. Lauren headed for the bathroom, being closest, to have a shower and, as it turned out, a poo. I heard a couple of quiet plops as she dropped her load.
After breakfast we headed out to visit several battlefield sites, the Canadian forces memorial and a nearby German cemetery. It was all very interesting and poignant, and I forgot about my need for a poo until that evening. By then we were heading back to the hostel. When we got back we had dinner and then we were free to explore the grounds. They had football pitches, table tennis, pool tables arcade machines etc. The girls and I played a couple of games of table tennis before my need to go became a lot stronger. I had to go, but I didn't want anyone to know, so I said I was going back to the room for my purse so I could buy a drink. This was true, to some degree, but the real reason for my return was for a poo, and that is what I did. I locked the door and sat down. Three medium-sized logs slipped easily from me, and I felt much better afterwards. I quickly wiped and flushed, washed my hands, and grabbed my purse before I rejoined the others.
The next day we travelled up the Autoroute to the Belgian border after going to the Thiepval memorial. We visited several sites around Ypres, including Hill 62 where we had our packed lunches. These included really foul-tasting egg mayonnaise sandwiches. We drove around looking at these sights, then into Ypres for dinner. We all had chicken and chips- there was no choice because the school had just paid for a fixed meal! I noticed Becky didn't finish her meal and looked a bit worried. By now I was starting to feel a bit bloated and I had that feeling that I would have to poo soon. Sure enough as we finished eating I started to need to go, but before I could we had to move on. We had a while to look around town before we had to assemble and watch the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate. The 4 of us went off together, but soon Lauren and Nicole said they were going to the sweet shop we had been told was a must visit. Becky and I said we were going to look around town a bit more first. By now I really had to poo. As we headed away,Becky turned to me and admitted that she needed a dump because she hadn't been since we arrived. I told her I had to go too, so we set off to find some toilets. We searched the town for half an hour but there were no signposts we could see. I was pretty desperate by now, and I think Becky was almost touching cloth because she kept telling me to hurry up, even though I was going as fast as her because I was desperate too! Eventually we found some that must have been the only public loos in the town! We rushed in and found they were empty. We took adjacent cubicles and I dropped my jeans and panties and sat, but Becky beat me to it. Before I had pulled down my underwear she was on the seat and blasting out a couple of loud farts and some explosive crap. I let go with a log, then a long fart. Becky dropped two, and I let go with three more before I was done. We wiped and met at the sinks. We rejoined Lauren and Nicole outside the sweet shop- and yes, it was worth the wait!
I didn't need a poo at all the next day, although Nicole dropped a few logs before bed. The day after we were heading home. It was a few hours to Calais, and during the journey I started to need that poo that I had missed the day before. As the miles rolled by my need became greater and greater. Before we reached Calais we stopped at a hyper mart place, so we could get some souvenirs and lunch (but mainly so the teachers could stuff the luggage compartments with cheap alcohol). We went inside and got some food first. By the time I had finished I was bursting. I told the others I was going to the loo, and Lauren said she had to go too. Then so did Becky, so we went off to find them, saying we would meet Nicole in the supermarket place. Lauren asked me if I had to poo. I couldn't exactly say no, so I told her, and she said she guessed by the way I had been acting. She then said she really had to go too, and then Becky said likewise! So we went into the toilets, all three of us, all desperate for a big poo. I can't remember how many cubicles there were, but a few were occupied. We found three in a row and took our seats. I was in between, with Lauren to my left and Becky to my right. Lauren, as she entered the cubicle, said she was about to shit herself. For about ten minutes there was a chorus of plops, splashes, farts and groans as we emptied our bowels. I didn't have to go again until I got home.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed the stories- there are more school trip related ones that I will post soon. until then, bye everyone!


Jerikas and Kristys survey

Konichiwa everyone, I was gone for a while, but I'm back and took both surveys

Just Jerikas:

1. 13 and female (same as You)
2. If I'm not desperate then yes
3. Both times
4. Yes, especially when someone has left it's poop there
5. Yes, it's gross and it's nasty to wipe it off too
6. Not always
7. No
8. If that is a public bathroom, then Yes
9. Not really
To Jerika:Loved your last story

And Kristys survey too:

1. Usually once a day, sometimes if I'm constipated than every two or three days, and if i have the runs then about ten times a day
2. Rarely, if I'm hit with a strong urge and i can't make it home
3. Yes, last time it was two years ago when I had some really bad diarrhea
4. Usually i try to hold it (I'm too lazy to go to the toilet)
5. Of course (last month I was helping my mom in the garden, when suddenly a cramp hit me and I went for the bathroom, however before I got inside my insides cramped up again and i quickly went behind the nearest bush to unleash a runny and mushy load of poop)
6. I don't mind if my friends are there, otherwise yes
7. No, I'm very open about them
8. Not too often
9. Rarely
9. Pretty often(I'm lactose intolerant and get diarrhea about once a month)

To Kristy:Do You have any diarrhea stories?

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