To Joanna

Joanna, not meaning to give unwanted advice but your friend should really seek medical attention. My guess is that she may be too embarrassed to see a doctor about her BM's, but it sounds as if she has a serious condition that, if left untreated, could lead to much more serious problems down the road.

She sounds like a very cute young lady with lot's of life to live. I hope that things work out for her.

Has she tried stool softeners? They do not cause cramps like laxatives and are safe for everyday use. Colase is the best available.

My prayers are there for your friend.


Oh. My. God.

Me again. I posted earlier about my first accident today. Well, it got a lot worse.
I told you we were going to see my cousins, so, yeah, we were driving along, and I felt like I had to go. I asked dad to stop, and he said he'd stop at the next services. It seemed like ages to get there, and my bowels were squirming. My stomach was making the loudest noises I'd ever heard, but I knew from earlier not to try to release any of the pressure. We finally made it to a service area, and by now it was really hard to hold back. Every few steps I was getting really bad cramps, and I'm sure some poo must have escaped then. I made it inside the services, and found the toilets. Going inside, disaster! The cleaning MAN(!) had closed off most of the toilets. There were about 6 toilets on the far side still usable, but they were all in use, with about 10 people waiting. I pleaded my way through the queue, and was just getting inside the cubicle when my stomach gave another push, and my bowels just flooded into my knickers. I froze, standing in the cubicle doorway, as my knickers filled up and overflowed down my legs. I think I started peeing too. Suddenly, I caught disgusted looks, and snapped back to my senses. I finished shutting the door, and stepped back to the toilet. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. There was liquid shit running onto my shoes by now. I undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor, and then carefully lowered my knickers. They were completely destroyed. I took off my shoes, and stepped out of my soiled clothes, and collapsed onto the toilet. Luckily, I had my phone with me, and called mum to bring some spare clothes from the car. Even more luckily, by the time she came, the cleaner had finished, and the rest of the building was opened up, including a shower. We put my clothes in a plastic bag and I went in the shower to get cleaned up and changed. When we got back to the car, my little brother teased me about it all the way here.

Anyway, writing this down has been a great help to get over the embarrassment, I think. Thanks Toiletstool.


bad day

2 accidents

I had to go to the bathroom so badly at school. usually i just pee at school but this time i knew it was diarrhea. I was outside doing a test and was trying to hold it until i was finished, when i was i went inside and gave it to my teacher. then i asked if i could go to the bathroom. she said yes but made me wait while she wrote me a note. the bathroom was just down the hall but i couldn't help but fart on the way there :/ when i got there i didn't even need to go!! I went back to class to find i had even worse wind and cramps in my ????. i was sitting with my friends clenching my but cheeks so tightly. i had to go back to the bathroom but i didn't want to tell that to the teacher, instead i asked if i could get a drink she said yes and i ran back to the bathroom. this time i really did go!! i had to fart and i didn't want the people in the other stalls to hear, however it couldn't be helped. I just waited until i was sure no one was left in the bathroom before i came out. I washed my hands and went back to class. while i was in class i decided to txt my mom to tell her i was feeling sick, while i was doing this another wave of wind and cramps came. I farted quite loudly but everyone was doing activities and luckily no one noticed. i knew there would be more farts so i ran out (farting on the way) and back to the bathroom. but i had left my phone on the desk!! on my way to the bathroom i was farting and stuff was coming out. when i got into a stall i looked in my panties and yes there it was :( i kept going to the toilet and farting and i know that the people next to me heard. i was so embarrassed. meanwhile the bell rang for the next class and i knew my phone and books were still on my desk. after i was done i went back to class to get my stuff. I found my books but i couldn't see my phone. luckily the teacher found it and gave it back to me. she asked if i was okay and i just told her i thought i was going to vomit so i ran out. then i saw my friend in the corridor and she asked if i was okay, i told her the same as i told my teacher. Then we walked around trying to find our next class. this took about 10 minutes and we still couldn't find them. this whole time i was still needing to use the bathroom again and i was almost in tears. we got to the stairs to look in the classroom just as we got to the stairs another wave of wind came. i told my friend " i think i'm going to be sick" and ran to the bathroom. I knew i wouldn't be sick but i didn't want to poop my pants again. i went back into the bathrooms and it all happend again, there were people there and i know they heard me. then my friend came in to see if i was okay. i said i was okay and i'll be in class in a few minuets. she said okay and just as she said that i did a very loud fart. i know she heard but she only said i'll see you there. after i was done (again!) i called my mom and she said she could pick me up in 15 minuets. so i went to class and told my teacher that i felt sick i that i was going to the front office. My mom was there in 15 minuets and we went home. Thank god i didn't have to catch the bus home.

this has not been my week at all. last week i went to the front office again feeling sick. they called my mom and she was on her way. while i was waiting i really had to pee. i used the front office toilet but some how the pee leaked in between the lid and the seat and onto the floor. i was freaking out and i didn't know what to do. i wiped it up and turned off the lights and i was leaving the bathroom so no one could see any wet patches. lucky.

also.. how can you use the bathroom (pooping) without people hearing you fart?



Alright to this morning I got up and went on the computer but suddenly my stomach started to hurt. I have been constipated for about 3 days and was hoping that maybe this was it, i could relive myself. I ignored it for a little bit and then the urge hit me very hard. I felt it swell down into my anus and i could feel the hot liquid just sitting there so i ran to the bathroom, took off my robe and sat on the toilet. ALmost immediately with a little push some soft serve quickly came out i pooped about 10 turds in the toilet. It smelled amazing and i had to whip about 6 times.


TV channel?

With so many specialty channels available nowadays, why not have one just about pooping? The programming could consist of documentaries from a medical standpoint depicting the process and subsequent thorough studies of stool specimens, showing the different types of toilets around the world as well as pooping habits throughout different cultures. There could be educational cartoons for kids, game/competition shows, critics reviewing films and literature that contain poop scenes/passages in them, and later at night there could be adult-oriented poop films. Nothing hardcore, just some of the observatory variety featuring one prolonged sequence or a series of compiled sessions where the main performer(s) would be pooping. What kind of programming would you personally like to see if such a channel existed?

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Desperate poo at Glastonbury

I've just come back from Glastonbury this weekend & I had the most agonising wait for the toilets that you wouldn't believe. I was desperate for a poo & the ques were endless. I had to wait for over 2 & a half hours to get into a filthy cubicle. By the time I reached the front of the que I was nearly shitting myself & when I got inside the cubicle I found the seat was covered in diarrhoea & so was the floor. There were flies buzzing all over the place & it made me heave. As desperate as I was I just couldn't use it. I left & headed for the trees but on the way I felt my anus open against my will. I was powerless to stop it & totally filled my knickers. When I reached the woods there were signs everywhere prohibiting the use of the woods as toilets. There were lots of people in ignoring the signs of course but I suppose you could argue that I hadn't pood in the woods. I just went in my underwear instead! I picked a spot that wasn't close to anyone & lifted my dress up & slid my knickers off & left them in the woods. I had nothing to wipe with & had to walk around with a dirty bum. When I got home my bum was really sore & itchy. I needed to poo again so I went straight to the toilet to relief myself & clean up. It felt so good to be able to sit on a nice clean toilet after 3 days of those disgusting cess pits. I had a very satisfying poo & when I was done I took a lovely shower to clean up. I think that the next time I go to glastonbury, I'll take another tent to use as a toilet.


Thanks Everyone

To Ashley: Thanks for your kind words about my post Ashley. Ever since that day I always wish I could see another woman peeing. I'm sure it will happen just not yet. I'm starting to keep my eyes open for my next story.

To Vincene: I loved your story about using the sink. I've always wanted to try that but I've never had the chance. I'm glad you didn't let those girls stop you from having your poop!

To Emily: Congratulations on peeing in the chair. I've never done anything like that but i'd love to try. I hope you have another story for us soon.
When I was in France I had the pleasure of using a squat toilet. I was in a restaurant and was really busting for a pee and a poop so I headed down the stairs for the bathroom. When I arrived I was surprised to find a toilet sunk into the floor meant for squatting rather than sitting.

I was a bit nervous at first but I couldn't hold it any longer. I pulled my pants down and squatted over the toilet bowl and immediately released a really strong pee stream. It felt so good! The squatting position made me have to go even worse so when I finally let it go I flet euphoric. It was like I was squeezing the pee out of my bladder. I must have squatted there for 30 seconds just to pee.

After I finished, I readjusted myself and made sure I didn't fall in, and began to push my poop out. I could feel it coming from deep inside me and squatting helped my butthole pucker easier and made it a breeze to push out a nice 6" solid log. As soon as I pushed it out I felt my butthole go back to normal and I breathed a sigh of relief. After that very pleasureable poop I quickly pushed out a few more small poops and wiped myself clean. Squatting makes everything easier, including wiping so Wendy, if you're constipated it could help you poop easier if you squatted.

to PeeingEmily: i really enjoyed your post! that real cool that you peed into the cushion part of the chair that you were sitting on. iam so glad to hear that your mom didnt get mad at you for doing this. i have never attempted to pee in a cushion chair before. it sounds like alot of fun. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Vincene: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that the two teenage girls were so rude to you in the bathroom at the softball park. iam glad that they got a ticket for smoking! that serves them right. iam also glad that you made it to the bathroom in time without having a major accident. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to LogLady: i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that you clogged your friends tiolet! i wonder if she was mad ! what kinds of foods do you eat to produce such a huge log? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Christine: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your major accident that occurred while riding to the club with friends. iam very glad to hear that they didnt make fun of you and that you were able to go home and get cleaned up. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to IP003: thanks for the kind comments i really apprecaite it! i really enjoyed your post! your mall trip to the bathroom sounds like it went real well. iam also glad to hear that you had a successful bowel movement at home. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Leanne: you and i have something in common. we both like to use the middle cubical so that there can be people on either sides of us. take care and God bless.
to PostMan: i really enjoyed your short post! sounds like you experienced a healthy bowel movement this morning. thats cool that you didnt have to wipe. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to SarahFrom Altanta: i really enjoyed your two stories. thats crazy that your cousin would allow a guy to pee right in her face. iam so glad that she isnt seeing him anymore. that is totally inapporiate. your second story is wild as well. thats not cool that your sister friend got sprayed by her older brother. i understand that they were playing however it was totally inapporiate. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to ChristopherH: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that you took a really huge dump in the bathroom during a trian ride. Good job for leaving it unflushed. thats funny that the older woman gave you a grossed out look. i always leave the tiolet unflushed. i totally agree with you when you said that its cool for everyone else to see your work that you created in the tiolet. it would be too sad if you flushed it down the tiolet. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.



Hey im back with another post. my last post was uh i forget never mind all i rember was telling you all about my first time watching my girlfriend pooping.So let me tell you another one i kind of can't believe i remeber these events sometimes.

It was 4 after the day i first watched Asia take a dump and we were haging out with two of our friends Gio and Ashley both were African American as well . They both went out and they where kind of like us. Asia and Ashley were best friends and so where Gio and I. So During the winter of 8th grade we were at Gio's house. Asia already told Ashley that i watched her take a dump she laughed about it and told her that she also let Gio watch her take a dump. these two were like sisters to each other and Gio and i were like brothers. we decided to play a prank on them i didn't know what it was so i asked him what was the plan. Ashley was Lactose and tolorent so we would some food with cheese in it and i told gio that really gresy food gives Asia gass and major stomach pains so we decided to buy pizza hut. Ashley said you know i can't have pizza we told her we will get a different pizza but she still disagreed we said fine how bout the some subs she agreed and we bout 4 subs and we asked for Ashleys sub for extra cheese as for Asia we aksed for the sub to be a bit extra greasy. They didn't know this though. so when we got it and they both ate there hearts out. We finished it up with soda and we watched tv for a while and while we where watching it Ashley stomach started to gurgle really louldly. she moaned and said yo that sandwhich must of been f***ed up my stomach hurts like shit man she moaned agian so was Asia her stomach was gurgling too. Me and Gio started to laughed and said we just added to extra grease and extra cheese to their subs. they both yelleed at us and quickly ran to the bathroom. we followed them and said to them which one is gonna go first when they both got to go. Ashley decided to go first( she is kind of a tomboy so she wore guy clothes but like Asia she was all girly and stuff sometimes) she dropped her pants quickly and put both her hands between her thighs and we heard a loud gurgle and she moaned agian and said here it comes. then PLOP PLOP PLOP BRAAAAAAAAAP ahhhhhhhh she said then continued till it stopped untill it happened again BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPLOP PLOP SPlAT SPLAT SPLAT while she was farting she pooped out diarreah Hurry up man i gotta go Asia said Ashley finished and Asia quickly sat down and tehn PLOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH SPLAT SPLAT PLOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH Asia was also having diarreah and then she finshed with a booming fart. Ashley told her to get up and She thought she had more but it was aslo a booming fart. we still laughed at them and the said weres the toilet paper dud and Gio said he ran out and they bothe said stop playin. till they both again clutched ther stomachs and contined the cycle again. Asia decide to poop in the garbage can me and gio laughed at them and they tried to tell us to shut up while they clutched there stomachs in pain as they pooped. They stayed over and it continued untill 11'0 it was a bad night for both of them. they took a shower eventually and then they forgave us and Asia and Ashley gave us both kisses. The next morining sucked though when we where sleeping they both farted in our faces but the funny part was Ashley pooped herself doing it they recorded it on there phone it was a funny night for all 4 of us

that was my post i will se you later


Friend's constipation

It was this summer vacation that me and my best friend Miki went out to have fun. We were both in the same college, 20 years old and still single. She was asian, small sized and liked to shop, so i guess we had a lot in common.

I've known her for over 9 years and that she had bowel problems for a long time; she was always constipated and only managed to poop once every 5 to 7 days. It was a struggle for her to go and when she did go she would take about 20 minutes to force the stool out. Naturally, we were very close and she would share these intimate things with me, although she was embarrassed and often blushed while whispering to me. We went to the ladies together where she would groan and grunt and I will stand outside encouraging her. I was shocked the first time I saw her stool in the toilet bowl because of the size. It was as thick as a can of coke throughout the whole 10 inch length and was dark brown except for a streak of blood down the middle, and it stunk horribly. Miki wiped some tears out of her eyes and smiled at me saying "Now you see why I don't poop at home." She tried to flush it down 3 times but her stool was too big to go down the hole, and we left the toilet quickly.

"My god, miki, now I know why you take so long! You bled when passing that, you should see a doctor!" I said to her.

She said that it was normal for her and her poop was always this large. "I have a few fissures," she said, "when the stool is too big it tears my butt and it bleeds. I also have some extra skin growing there after it heals and it helps to stretch it bigger, you know, after all these years."

At that moment I didnt know what to say and I found it yucky.

But today I went over to her house where she was lying on the couch with her lower belly slightly swollen and she was eating an apple. "Joanna, I haven't been in 13 days, and I've been eating a lot of fiber to help me go," she told me. I told her that was a long time. She replied that lately her poops had become larger and more infrequent than ever, an average of once every 9 days.

After watching some serials, however, she sat up and announced that she felt the big urge to poop at last. "It's going to be big, do you want to come and help me?" she said. I said of course.

We went to her bathroom, a western toilet bowl, where she kept a bottle of vaseline. I knew what it was for. She stripped her bottom half and bent over. Suddenly I was seized with curiosity and excitement and offered to help her lube up her anus. She said thanks, I'll need it, and opened her fair buttchecks and that was when I saw her anus.

It was dark hairless and swollen, with folds of extra skin and a bit of piles sticking out, and it had a few tears and cuts in it, and was overall very large for a girl and frightening to see. I gasped audibly and she asked what was wrong. I told her that her anus looked hurt and she nodded. "But it helps it expand," she said.

I took a generous amount of vaseline and lubed her up well. She moaned and after I was done she tore off a lot of tissue and began to arrange it on the floor. She said that she had to squat to push her stool out and then break it up later so it wouldn't clog the toilet. Lucky no one else was home. She squatted and farted twice and began to grunt while I stood behind her open mouthed as her great hole began to swell and expand as a dark brown mass appeared.

"It feels really heavy," she said, "and my rectum aches." After 5 minutes of grunting and pushing she was tired and crying and her swollen hole had opened up tremendously with the veins popping out and still the shining almost flat black mass lay stuck about half an inch out like the tip of the iceberg.

She took a short rest and then began pushing with grunts of pain. It didn't move. "I need to relax my bottom's muscles," she said, and took both hands and placed them on her butt to spread the hole ever wider. I gave her a little encouragement and placed my fingers near her swollen hole and tried to stretch it. That helped. Very slowly as her anus dilated even further the head of her stool eased out a few inches. 10 minutes more and she stretched and stretched and heaved and the body of the huge stool, a little lighter in colour, began to come out. It smelled really bad but not exactly a pungent kind of smell. Then it stuck again. I could see a bit of blood now and the pain on her face so I took more vaseline and began to lubricate her puffy anus touching the surface of the stool in the process. "thanks," she cried. It was hard and solid.

"It's too wide," she said, tears in her eyes. "I'll never stretch enough to get it out. This is the biggest I've ever had." I felt sorry for her. Her anus was now so wide it spread her buttcrack so she didn't look like she had one anymore, just one big hole in the middle.

"Give it one big push and it'll come out," I said. "It must come out." She nodded and took a deep breath, and went ngggh as I saw her strain her muscles with everything she had. Her fissures opened up and her hole was bleeding from new tears at the top and the bottom and she shrieked in pain as her anus gave way to the girth of the monstrous stool. It was a deep brown now and the diameter of a mug. Wiping her tears away she took a second breath and pushed and her poop finally came out in one final shot.

She collapsed exhausted, taking deep breaths, and farted again. Her hole was bleeding, although not severely, and was still wide open and fanning in and out. She was shaking her head. "My butt is on fire!" she moaned after a few minutes. She couldn't wipe, and put on her panties just like that.

In front of us on the tp lay the biggest stool both of us had ever seen.
It went from black in front to deep brown at the back, and would have difficulty fitting into a mug. She went to take out a ruler and measured the diameter, which was over 3 inches. It was not very long for 13 days' worth of poop, only 11 inches long, but the thickness was beyond words, and it didn't even taper. It had a few streaks of blood on it. She folded the tp over it, and I tried to carry it in awe. It weighed like a few pounds and was so dense. It felt like a long melon or a girl's lower leg. I was stunned. "I don't know how it can be so big," she said.

She took it to throw in the trash bin since no toilet could handle that monster. That night she called me to thank me and said she felt a lot better although her hole was still swollen, open and would take a few days to recover.


Upset stomach & locked out.

I woke up this morning with really bad wind & stomach ache. My stomach was gurgling like mad & I knew I was about to need a serious bowel movement. I went to the toilet but only past wind. I went to the shop for some provisions & as I walked back home I felt something moving through my intestines & suddenly felt an enormous pressure behind my anus. I knew I had to get home quickly & into the bathroom before it was too late. I must have eaten something dodgy last night. I quickened my pace in an effort to get home as quickly as possible but this was a mistake as it made it harder to keep my bum clenched tightly. I leaked a tiny bit into my pants & had to hold my bum with one hand. I had to walk slowly home & it took me half an hour to get to my house. By the time I got to the front door I was close to shitting myself. Then to my horror I realised I'd left my front door key indoors. I couldn't get in & was right on the point of losing control. I knew my mate Kirsty had a key to my house so I walked round to her place which is about 300 yards away. The walk to Kirsty's seamed to take forever & on the way I had another tiny accident in my pants. When I reached Kirsty's house I knocked on the door but she wasn't in. Disaster! I clenched as hard as I could, determined not to totaly shit my pants but I leaked a bit more. I went round to the back garden to see if there was anything or anywhere to relieve my now biological need to defacate. There was a large plant in a pot on the patio so I looked around to see if anyone could see me. I pulled my jeans & pants down together in a big hurry & squated over the plant pot. Instantly my bowels pushed out a huge amount of diarrhoea. I sprayed the whole plant with liquid poo & it was dripping from the leaves. I was so relieved after that. I pulled my pants & jeans back up without wiping & phoned Kirsty to find out where she was. She was on her way home so I only had to wait about 10 minutes for her to get back. She kindly let me clean up & lent me some clean pants to go home in & we went back to my house along with the spare key. When we got home I neede to poo again so I went to the toilet for a second time. It was another messy one but much less exiting on the toilet instead of the plant pot. It was more solid this time & not too much of it. I finished quickly & wiped, flushed & washed my hands.



I went camping with the school when I was 14 for a couple of nights. On the 2nd night, A friend and I went to the toilet block, I needed to poop but felt funny about doing it while he was there. I therefore decided not to and I headed back to camp. That night in my tent I was really desperate to go. I could have tried to make my way to the toilet block in the dark but I didn't. I therefore had the feeling of needing to go really badly all night. The next afternoon the class were all in the swimming pool and I still really needed to go. When we all got out I put my towel around me and headed back to camp with the rest of the class. On the way, I couldn't hold it anymore and I crapped myself. My swimming trunks were sagging down as I had gone quite a lot. I quickly made my way to the toilet block and tried to get myself cleaned up. I don't think anyone knew about what had happened. In future I made sure I went to the loo when I needed to.

While on vacation my family stayed in an old Western style (USA) hotel with small rooms with no TV and a shared mens and womens bathroom down at the end of the hall. I ate Mexican food for dinner and had to go poop really bad before bed. When I arrived in the bathroom I was shocked to see no doors on the stalls. I knew there was no way I could hold it as it felt like I needed to have the diarrhea. I was right. I exploded with poop as soon as I sat down. Then this man and his teen-age son came in and there to pee. Wile they wer ein there I was pooping away in front of them. I had no choice since I could not hold it. It was really embarrassing to see them in the lobby the next morning. Has anyone stayed in a hotel or hostel with shared bathrooms like these?


Answers To Jerika's Survey

1. Are you male or fremale? What is your age?

2. Do you check each stall before you select the one you will use?
Not really. once I find a clean stall with paper, I choose that one.

3. Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to crap or when you have to pee?
I am a tad more particular when I have to poop, because I sit on the toilet longer.

4. Do you mind an unflushed bowl?
It is a sight we all hate, but if I'm about to have an accident, I just use the unflushed toilet.

5. Do you mind pee on the seat?
Yes, but I repeatedly fold paper, then wipe it.

6. Do you remember to check for toilet paper?

7. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down?
No, I don't use them.

8. Do you tear off toilet paper to lay over the seat before you sit
No, I move onto another stall if I must.

9. Are you offended by grafitti on the stall door or walls?
Not really. It doesn' bother me.



to Christine

Hopefully you can overcome your shyness, and use the bathroom during the day, and before going out. One can't always choose to go the the bathroom just when it's convenient, as you found out!

Jaded Jarrod

Jerika's Survey & My Toilet Fears

These are my answers to Jerika's questions:
Guy, age 12.
(For those of you who are regulars, please read my story on pages 1855 and 1856. Because of what happened to my friend Ethan, I've now changed how I answer some of these questions)
1) Do you check each stall before you select the one you will use? Yes.
2) Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to crap or pee? I hated using the toilets at school before what happened to Ethan and now I use even more caution in public places like the mall and at the park. I've become more afraid of sitting on those toilets.
3) Do you mind an unflushed bowl? If I'm peeing into it, I guess I don't mind that much. If I'm shitting into it, I do because when my crap is hard and it hits the bowl hard, I get a splash back. (Please don't laugh)
4) Do you mind pee on the seat? There's always pee on the seats at school and even this summer as we're out riding our bikes. Me and my friend Ethan feel too many guys are afraid to use the urinals so they go into the stalls. And of course they don't lift the seat first and they have really bad aim.
5) Do you remember to check for toilet paper? Yes--since Ethan's "accident" I won't sit on a toilet seat without paper under me. So that pretty much means I've checked for toilet paper on the roll.
6) Do you expect a seat tissue to be available when you sit down? The guys' bathrooms almost never have them, so that's when the toilet paper is used.
7) Do you lay toilet paper over the seat before you sit down? Me, Ethan and our riding friend Maddie have started since Ethan's "accident".
8) Are you ever offended by grafitti? Some of it is gang or school related or directed at certain kids. I don't think none of it is fair, but some of the etched drawings are pretty good and can take my mind off how much I really hate using such bathrooms.

This is my new story called "Toilet Fears".

Two months ago I wrote about what happened at our middle school when my friend Ethan got stuck on a sabotaged toilet seat at school. Some prankster had put some coating of super-glue and dye over it. The school nurse and others couldn't get him off, so the rescue squad had to be called and the firemen had to take the seat off the toilet, and take Ethan to the hospital. The seat was then disconnected from his skin. His skin was damaged and even after we all got back from spring break, it was still the talk of the school. Now this summer me, Ethan and our friend Maddie (who is a year younger than us and a girl) are spending a lot of time riding our bikes. We often will go out 2, 3 or 4 miles and as you can imagine, going to the bathroom becomes a problem. You should know that the three of us have been friends since grade school.

When we stop from riding for breaks we will be in parks, gas stations or convenience stores where we will get drinks and then, of course, use the bathroom. Both me and Ethan are a lot more careful now and we will not longer sit on a toilet other than the ones in our homes. I put toilet paper over the seat first and Ethan, we call him Tiny because he's the biggest guy in our incoming 8th grade class now is scared to dump in a public bathroom, so he just holds it. And, of course, we can smell it. So last week when we were at the end of a trail in the picnic area of the park, me and Maddie insisted that he crap and not hold it for the two hours or so until we got back to our houses. Finally, he went in to the bathroom building. There were like 5 or 6 stalls and after about 3 or 4 minutes, we heard the seat drop, and about 5 minutes later we started hearing towels coming off the towel holder. Then we had silence for another 5 minutes or so when we heard a series of farts, splashes into the water, and then an Ohhhhhh! Maddie talked me into going in to check on Ethan, and here he was sitting on the 3rd stool with must have been about 10 or 11 brown paper hand wiping towels between his butt and the seat. He put his hand up when he saw me, I connected with it, and he told me this was his first crap away from home since the "incident." I asked him if he thought the towels would stop up the toilet and he said probably, but that he will never directly sit on a public seat again. Then he stood, wiped, pulled up his shorts, and walked over the the sink. He did a good job of washing his hands as we continued to talk. Neither of us wanted to even try to flush the toilet. You could easily see that he had pretty much filled the bowl with many large logs. (We don't call him Tiny for nothing!)

When we got back to the picnic benches, Maddie was gone, but her bike was still there. After about 2 minutes, she came out of the bushes and was pulling her shorts up as she walked. She said while squatting to pee (which she's just learned to do since Ethan's incident) hurts her, it's refreshing and she no longer has to worry about what's she's sitting in on the toilet seat. And she said no one can "b@@@@ her out" for not flushing.

Me and Ethan had to admit what we don't like to admit. Maddie was right.

Soccer Mom

My daughter's accident and a bad one of my own

Hello. I have written numerous times here in the past. My daughter is eight years old and last Friday she had an accident at school.

I was at work when I got a call from my daughter's school during the noon hour. The school's receptionist introducer herself and asked, "Your daughter has had an accident. Could you pick her up and take her home?" I asked, "Is she okay? Is she hurt?" She said, "Uh, well…" Then I said, "What kind of accident did she have?" I was starting to panic. She said, "Umm, well, she was outside at recess and she had bad diarrhea… in her pants." She said that they helped my daughter get cleaned up and gave her a Pull Up to wear, and changed her into her gym shorts which actually surprised me a little. I remember last year when she and I went shopping in Ottawa just after her eight birthday, she had three or four accidents that day and I tried getting her into some Pull Ups, but she resisted and I gave in. I ended up giving her one of my maxi pads to wear in a clean pair of underwear that I bought her that day. I remember her having to go before we got home and messed on the pad pretty badly. Some of the mess had leaked onto the back of her underwear, but the majority of the damage was contained in the pad. I said to the receptionist, "Okay, I will be there in about 30 minutes." She said, "Okay, great, hang on…" Then I could hear muffled talking like, "Okay sweet heart, I will be right there." Then she said to me, "Please hurry. She just went in the Pull Up. Don't worry, I will help her get cleaned up and into a new one."

I finally got to the school and my daughter was visibly upset and her eyes were red from crying. I went back to the receptionist to sign out my daughter for the day. She had put my daughter's soiled underwear and jeans in a large plastic Zip Lock bag and gave it to me. She didn't bother cleaning them and I really could not blame her.

As we were leaving the office my daughter moaned and I could hear her let out a pile of wet bubbly diarrhea into the Pull Up she was wearing. I went back to the receptionist and asked her if I could have another Pull Up. She gave me one and allowed us to use the staff washroom so I could help my daughter clean herself up. I unzipped the Velcro sides and threw the soiled Pull Up in the trash can and I could see the first one that she had messed in. I got my daughter cleaned up and put the clean Pull Up on her and pulled up her gym shorts.

On our way home I told my daughter that we were going to stop so I could buy some Pull Ups for her to wear while she was sick. She surprised me again my saying, "Okay". I bought two packages. One for our house and one for her school to replace the three that she had used. I also bought some wet wipes to help get her cleaned up. As we were walking around the store, my daughter moaned and said, "Mom, I have to go again… I can't hold it." She started crying softly. I said, "It's okay honey. If you can't hold it, don't worry about it. I will buy the Pull Ups and see if we can use of their washrooms. I made my purchases and asked the check out girl if we could use their washroom. She said yes and pointed us towards them. We got into the ladies room and into a stall. I repeated the clean up process by unzipping the Velcro sides and used the wet wipes to clean her up.

By the time we had gotten home, she had messed the Pull Up she was wearing making it the fifth time she pooped in her pants within two hours. The mess was so bad that some diarrhea had leaked through to her gym shorts. I washed her gym shorts and put them with the Pull Ups I was going to bring to my daughter's school on Monday. Her underwear was completely soiled so I just threw them away. Her jeans were badly stained from the accident she had in her underwear, but luckily I was able to get them clean.

On Saturday, she was feeling much better, but I made her wear a Pull Up just in case. I had shopping and lunch plans with two of my girlfriend's and I told my daughter that if she didn't have any more diarrhea and if she didn't have any more accidents by the time I left, that she didn't have to wear a Pull Up any longer. As I was leaving my daughter was pleading with me to take off the Pull Up she was wearing. She said that she was feeling fine and that she would not have any more accidents. I let her get changed into regular underwear and let her go over to her friend's house.

As I have mentioned before, I suffer from IBS. It is mild IBS, but when an attack comes, it can be pretty bad. I have been fine for about four or five months, and I wasn't expecting a flare up, nor was I prepared for one.

I drove over to my girlfriend Nancy's house and waited around for a bit for our other girlfriend, Erin to arrive. When she got there, we drove in Erin's car to the mall. We did some shopping, stopped for a late lunch at around 1pm and then did some more shopping. As we were leaving the mall, I started feeling crampy, but I didn't think much of it. As I said, I wasn't expecting to have an IBS flare up. I didn't have any extra panties or pants with me either. I had purchased some new jeans and panties for my daughter and a few summer shirts for myself while we were shopping.

Anyway, as we got to Erin's car, I let out a slip of gas and it was wet. I got in the back seat of her car. The cramps were getting bad as we drove back to Nancy's house and I was doing everything I could not to lose control of my bowels in Erin's car. We got back to Nancy's house and all I wanted to do was get inside, rush to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. As we were approaching her front door, her neighbour came out and started talking. I was standing behind Nancy and Erin, struggling to not mess myself any further. I tapped Nancy on the shoulder and asked her if I could get inside to use her bathroom. She said, "Oh, of course", and she unlocked the door for me. I went inside, ripped off my shoes, dropped my shopping bags and bolted for the bathroom on their main level. As I was doing this, I lost hold and started spraying diarrhea in my panties. I rushed into the bathroom and my bowels relented and I exploded in my pants. The mess spread around the seat of my panties and up my back. I had to go again so I waddled quickly over to the toilet and peeled off my jeans and panties as I started to go in my pants again. Hovering over the toilet, I lowered my jeans and panties and carefully sat down releasing a torrent of wet diarrhea into the toilet. My panties were a disaster. I tried cleaning them up with toilet paper, but I was basically spreading the mess around in my panties. When I was done going, I tried cleaning myself up, but again all I was really doing was spreading the mess over my body. I pulled up my panties and jeans, which was gross, and washed my hands. I looked in the mirror as I was washing my hands and started to cry a little. I got my composure, dried my hands and left the bathroom.

Nancy and Erin were standing in the kitchen and Nancy said, "I just put on a pot of coffee. Would you like some?" I said, "No, it's okay. I'm going to head home." Erin said, "Oh, why? Are you okay?" I said, "Actually no, I'm not feeling well. My stomach is upset and I should get home." I started crying again. Nancy came over and said, "Honey, what's wrong?" I said, "I didn't make it to the bathroom on time. I… I messed my pants." They both came over and Erin said, "I'm SO sorry!" Nancy said, "If you want, you can use our shower upstairs and get cleaned up if you want. You can borrow some clean underwear and jeans of mine." I said, "No, that's okay. But thanks. I just want to get home. I'm sorry." Nancy said, "Oh, that's okay. It happens. Take care of yourself. I will call you later." I said bye to both Nancy and Erin and went home.

As I got close to my house, I started going again and this time the mess spread down the inside of my jeans and down my thighs. My husband was out and my daughter was still over at her friend's house. This allowed me to shower and clean up in private, which was nice.

Well, I'm sorry for the long post.

Soccer Mom

A question for Lisa_from Germany

You made an interesting comment in your answer to the survey:

>I don't want that people hear me pushing...

I'm curious to hear your comments as ti why? When I was a kid my Mother would often sit with me when I pooped. The thing that made me most uncomfortable about it was that I often grunted as I pushed. I had constipation issues as a kid and often would have to struggle with my poops. I never knew why grunting embarrassed me so much but it really did. JW

Pinoy Boy
Hi I am a lurker for sometime and occasional poster. Though I have never posted any stories, I do read the others posts and sometimes reply to them. I am asking a question I asked before, I have noticed that many new users never post again after their first post, which is rather sad. I also noticed that several new (and possibly one-off) posters, such as Family Tales in the previous page and October whom I posted sometime ago, hid the names of the people. While I have no problems with this, it seems that people who do this are usually the one-time posters, which there are too many. I like Upstate Dave and Leanne's stories very much and I hope for them to post some more. See you soon, I may post stories in the future but for now I may only post about questions.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Survey answers and latest toilet experiance

Hi everyone, here are my answers to Just Jerika's survey and also a story from the other day.

1. Female, 15
2. I use the first (relitively) clean one I find
3. Not really, as I sit for both (some people I know hover for a wee but I don't)
4. Yes, its pretty gross (just wee isn't too bad, I guess)
5. Yes, I usually look for another cubicle unless its just a few drops and I can easily wipe it off.
6. Pretty much always (except for the other day- read my story!!!)
7. No
8. No, I just wipe it if its a bit dirty
9. No
Now to my story, this happened the other day at school. I started to want a poo around ten in the morning, pretty much as normal. Now that I'm more able to have a poo at school my body seems to be working like clockwork. The trouble was I just wasn't able to find the time to use the loo at break or lunchtime. It was really annoying at lunchtime, we got class detention because a few people were mucking about and this really mean teacher always keeps the whole class back, despite a few of us saying that we were desperate for the loo she insisted on making us stay for about 20 minutes and our lunch break is only 35 minutes long! By the time I'd had lunch and done some homework I still hadn't got round to doing ready for the next lesson, the bell had rung for registration and I had no time left to go to the toilet. I went off for my first lesson of the afternoon absolutely bursting to wee and poo and hoping that the teacher (not known for being generous to people in need!) would let me out to use the toilet. As soon as the lesson got underway I went up to him and asked him if I could go to the toilet, he opened his mouth as if he was going to say "No, you should have gone at lunchtime" (teachers always say that, they don't seem to get that its not always that easy) but luckily he saw the look on my face and realised it was an emergency so he let me go without giving me a hard time. I was in Maths, right over the other side of the school from the humanities block and so I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to my favourite set of toilets without going in my pants, so I reluctently went to the main toilet block which is quite close to the Maths rooms. As I was walking there I had to squeeze my bum cheeks together to stop my poo coming out, I couldn't afford to have an accident as I had Games last lesson and I'd have to get changed, I realised that even a slight accident would be noticable as I was wearing plain white pants. As I went through the door into the loos I had to stop and hold myself to stop myself from spurting wee into my pants, luckily I managed it and found a cubicle. I suddenly remembered why I hated those toilets and had hardly used them over the last four years, they stank like anything and the first two cubicles I went into were like totally blocked and full of poo. I finally found a cubicle that was OK then quickly locked the door, lifted my skirt and dropped my pants. I started to wee as soon as my pants were down , luckily it all went in the bowl as I sat down and started on my poo. Fortunately my pants were fine apart from a slight skidmark so I breathed a sigh of releaf then went back to pushing out my poo, I thought it would be easy as I'd been so desperate but actually it was getting really wide and starting to get stuck. I spread my legs and pushed really hard, grunting loudly as I did so, luckily I don't think anyone else heard me as I was the only one in there. A few more hefty pushes were needed to get the first log to drop, but the rest (about two more logs) came out really easily, actually it started to get a bit mushy by the end. I reached for the loo paper as I pushed out a final few pieces and gasped in horror, there was none left at all! I sat for a bit longer thnking about what I could do, by the way the last bit of my poo had felt I knew if I couldn't wipe my bum I'd end up with a horendous mess in my pants which wasn't an option expecially not with the Games lesson I had next. I realised I would have to go into another cubicle to get some paper, so I carefully pulled my pants up and twisted them round so that they were under the line of my skirt but still not over my bum. I flushed the toilet and came out of the cubicle just in time to see another girl come in to the toilets, I pretended to wash my hands while she chose a cubicle and then found another cubicle which actually had some loo roll! I lifted my skirt, wiped my bum carefully and then pulled up my pants properly. I flushed the toilet again and then washed my hands for real before going back to class. I'd been gone for quite a while but fortunately the teacher never said anything. Anyway, thats the end of the story.
Leanne- I look forward to your next posts about your school trips!


Next dump

Ashley: Thank you for your comments. I was just barely able to hold it then, even though I am very good at holding it in. I guess I'll try to be less shy so there are less incidents like those.

Yesterday night was my next shit after the one in my other story. I had been feeling it for about 2 hours but I was watching a movie and didn't want to interrupt it. I felt the pressure slowly build in my rectum throughout the course of the movie and by the end of it I was ready to go to the bathroom. Because of how it felt inside me, I knew it would likely come out easily, so I took my Nintendo DS with me, even though I never take anything else with me as I often try to finish quickly. My brother saw that, and started mocking me saying he hoped I had a big, nice shit.

I entered the bathroom, closed the door behind me and turned the machine on. I lowered my pants and underwear and sat down. Instead of doing my usual thing of peeing and then quickly pushing out my crap, I decided to just relax and letting it all come out on its own. I started playing and soon after my pee started coming out, which suddenly reminded me I needed to hold my penis down. I was still playing with my other hand though at the same time I peed. After I finished peeing, I resumed playing and relaxed some more to let the crap come out. After a while, I could the turtle head poking out of my anus. After a couple of seconds it started coming out on its own very slowly, and soon after it fell into the water. I let out a silent sigh of relief as I waited for the next piece to drop. After some minutes I realized this was not going to be as easy as the first one, so I gave a gentle push and it two more pieces came out. I felt like I was finished so I started wiping. After I was clean I looked at what I had done and there was a big, firm log and two smaller soft ones. I flushed the toilet and left.

After I came out and washed my hands, my brother was bursting out laughing. I asked what was funny and he told me he had heard the crap drop and that I took almost half an hour in the bathroom. I looked at the clock and he was right. That's the longest I've taken in a while, but it was sure worth it.

Kirsty (Wendys fKirsty


1. How often do you poo?
2. Do you use public toilets for pooing.
3. Have you ever pood yourself
4. Do you hold your poo untill you can't wait any longer or do you go as soon as you need to?
5. Have you ever pood outdoors?
6. Do you prefer to poo when no one else is around?
7. Are you embarrassed to talk about your pooing habits?
8. Do you have large poos?
9. Do you get constipated?
10. Do you have diarrhoea often?

I <3 POO

A huge poo before bedtime...

Last night was a really hot, balmy evening here in London. From the moment I got in from work I went straight in my usual summer wear (t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops) and could my belly feeling full and bloated and I was passing gas too. All evening I couldn't feel the urge to take myself to the loo and have a poo until at about 10:30 when everyone was sleeping. I felt a huge load making its way quickly to my anus, I then discreetly made my way to the downstairs loo for privacy and locked the door and got the air freshener ready by my side and quickly pulled down my shorts and pants to my thighs and parked my bum on the loo, spread my legs wide and crossed my arms against my belly and hunched forward. I was going to take as much time as I needed, took a couple of deep breaths and let out some soft grunts....Nnnnghhhh, nnngghh, nnnggghh, hmmm! Surely enough I could hear a crackle as my bum hole started to open wide as a big thick, brown log was about to drop and within seconds it dropped with a really loud PLLOOOOPPP! as I got some back splash on my bum, but there was still more big logs that were waiting to drop out and it did making another loud PLOP! as it hit the bowl, this was then followed by a third log which was as equally as big as the first 2 which dropped out with a bit of pushing and this log dropped in with a loud SPDOOOSH! Then loads of chunks and pieces kept dropping out my bum every couple of seconds...ka-plop, plipssplipsplipplopplop, plip, plip, plip, plop, blop, plonk, plop, plop, plop, blop, phlooomph! By now I had unleashed whatever was given me that bloated feeling and it was a bit smelly to say the least as a couple of chunks slipped out...plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plip, ploooop! I was done and what a lovely satisfying poo it was and when I looked behind there was a big brown mess, it took me about 5 wipes to get my bum clean but I felt a lot clearer inside for dropping a biggun'...I sprayed the air freshner as it had got quite smelly. The whole bm took me 20mins.

Take care everyone and enjoy pooping :)

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