Peeing Emily (from pg 1867)

Kitchen Chair

Hi its me Emily! The other day I peed on one of the kitchen chairs. I peed right into the cushion. But a little bit did go on the floor! My mom was actually sitting right there with me at the table when I did it. I told her I had to pee and she said ok. Then instead of getting up I just kept sitting there and I was real quiet so my mom said you're peeing aren't you, and I didn't say anything. Now I wasn't really peeing. I was just pretending to be peeing so that way I could see what her response would be in case she got mad. But she didn't. She didn't try to stop me or anything. So then I started peeing for real. I peed right into the cushion and it went right into it and got it all soaked and went right through it and onto the chair. Then a little bit even went down to the floor. That was fun!


Inconsiderate users of public toilets force my patience

Before I get to my story about what happened a softball Tuesday night, here's my answers to Just Jerika's questions.

I'm a girl--18.

1. Do you check each open stall before you select the one you will use?
Not usually. Only if there's puke or shit on the seat, then I will check out the others in order to select the cleanest. 2. Are you more particular when you select a stall to crap than to pee in. Yes, and I've had friends tease me about this. But think about it: too pee I'm only going to be seated for a minute or two; to crap, I might be on the stool for 15 minutes. 3. Do you mind an unflushed bowl? It depends on how desperate I am. I remember once last year at a rest stop I slipped a little when I went to seat myself and the movement forced the auto-flush to activate. My bottom got pretty wet before I could jump up (and I slipped a second time and almost fell against the partition). 4. Do you mind pee on the seat? When I'm really desperate to get my panties down and my butt on the seat to prevent an accident in my pants, I don't worry about it. However, I know mom would say I should take the time to line the seat before sitting down. 5. Do you remember to check for toilet paper? Yes, in most cases I do. I've learned the hard way. 6. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available when you sit down? I did when I was younger, but not any more. 7. Do you lay toilet paper over the seat before you sit down? I did when I was younger, but no more. I think I've just become more practical. 8) Are you offended by grafitti? As I've gotten older, begun driving, and increased my use of bathrooms away from home, I've become more accustomed to it. I hope to take a sociology class this fall in college so I can better understand it, though. My boyfriend, Diver, says that I've been a "suburban chick" for too long.

This is my new story. It happened Tuesday night. My boyfriend Diver (whom I've written about in previous posts) was substituting for two friends on a softball team who had gotten injured in games the previous week. We both work during the day this summer, although he's laying sod on a crew in a city 35 miles away from home and we had to drive separately to the game, which was in a large 12-field softball stadium in yet another city. Suffice to say we're burning up a lot of gas this summer just so we can be together once or twice a week before we start college.

I left my telemarketing job at like 3 p.m. so I would have adequate time to make the drive. I had to dress up a bit because they had a photographer come in and take a picture of 16 or us who have been hired to work on this special project for a new client that they wanted to impress. I knew the good clothes would be hot for the game, so I carried my shorts and tank top in the car, but before I left the office, I stopped in the bathroom for two reasons. One, I needed to take the crap I had been holding for two hours when I was required to be on the phone. Second, I wanted to change out of my good clothes and into something more comfortable for the drive. It wasn't to be. I opened the door of the bathroom and all nine stalls were taken and with the shift change, there were at least that many ladies waiting. Also, my supervisor walked in right behind me and I didn't want to wait because I knew she would ask me about whether I had met my quota of sales in the past two hours. Since I was already logged out on my computer, I just decided to turn around and leave.

My drive on 25 miles of county roads was quite hot. I had already consumed like 40 ounces of soda and it was my hope to make it to the softball complex ASAP since I wanted to both pee and poop and change my clothing. Finally, I saw the city limits sign and knew I was only a few minutes away from the softball park. Signs started to direct me in and then I ran into about a six block area of streets that were closed for paving and I had to detour through a really dingy alley that was unpaved and really bumpy for my car. The alley was very narrow and residents had junk from their backyards partially blocking it so I had to do a lot of "creative" steering. Finally, I got to the park and saw the restrooms (a miracle) right at the entrance. I parked in front of a house, left my purse in the car and locked my doors as I was already halfway across the four-lane street and running for the building. There was a very heavy steel door that I had to push all of my bodyweight into and it creeked open as slowly as in a psy/fi movie. The stench was terrific. It was only partially lit from a window high above and I wasn't watching where I was walking so I almost took my ankle out by stepping into a drain on the floor right in front of the lone sink. I smelled smoke and it got worse as I headed for the two stalls, neither of which had their door shut. Here were two girls who like were middle school age, shorts and panties down to their flip flops, sitting on the stool, each with a cigarette going, just idle and talking away. One blew a partial smoke-ring and said "We might be a while" after she saw the desperate look on my face. It was obvious that they were trying to hide their smoking from their parents and I told them I had a real emergency that probably wouldn't take too long. I glanced down to where the seats were and their legs were and it looked like they had just started their smoke.

Holding the crap for so long also made me feel like I might have to puke. I immediately said something disrespectful to them (I wouldn't be able to print it here!) and quickly ran to the sink, stood in front of it, dropped my underwear and thrust myself upon it. I pulled my skirt out from under me and let it rip. Although my 140 pounds was a little much for the sink, and I knew its strange contours were bruising my underside, my crap blasted out in about 10 seconds. I heard the girls laugh and one said, "I didn't think she was serious" and the other said, "Think again." A torrent of pee followed, and the close proximity of my butt to the drain meant that I could fill a little splashing and motion of the pee because it was falling so close to me and I knew that I had plugged the drain with my crap. KNowing that someone else could come in at any time, I jumped down to the floor, turned myself around, and then decided to confront the girls for at least some toilet paper. I walked into the first stall, grabbed a good amount off the roll and yanked it with my hands, and got a "you go girl!" from the ***** that we seated and still smoking away, went back toward the trash can, and cleaned myself. I threw the paper into the trash can without hesitation and then headed back to my car.

As I was getting into my car, I saw a police cruiser (luckily with a woman cop) coming toward me. I told her about the girls, gave her a description, and she went in to the bathroom with her ticket book. When I got to the proper diamond, Diver was already there and said I seemed pissed off.

But his team won 3-2 in 12 innings and that made me feel better.

The Log Lady
First time poster here! I'm a 37 year old female with red hair and a moderate size body. You can tell by my name that I love dropping big logs!

I was at a friend's house for Thanksgiving last year. Of course we ate a lot of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, ect..., when suddenly I got the urge to drop a load bad!. I excused myself to go to her bathroom, but someone was in it. She only has 1 bathroom, and I needed to poop very bad. I started to prairie dog, so I slammed on the door and told her to hurry up. I could tell she was pooping because she was in there for another minute. When she finally got out the bathroom smelled awful, but I didn't care, I was about to crap my pants. I sat on the toilet and dropped on of the biggest logs I have ever dropped. It felt so good and relaxing. Before I wiped I got up just to look at it, it was huge! almost 2 feet! I sat back down to wipe, when I saw there was no toilet paper. I was horrified, I just had one of the biggest BMs in my whole life, and I couldn't wipe.

I check the bathroom for something to wipe with, but found nothing. I was trapped in the bathroom. I texted my husband to bring me some, and he said it would take 15-20 minutes for him to get it to me. I couldn't wait that long, and just told him to forget it. I ended up using my panties for toilet paper. Of course the toilet clogged, but since I'm an expert at unclogging, it was fine. I got back to the table, redfaced because I was upstairs so long, but proud that my dump was almost 2 feet.

to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! thanks for the kind words. i lookforward to your future post! maybe one day you will get lucky again and get to see another woman pee! take care and God bless.
to SarahFromAtlanta: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u had a sucessful bowel movement at home. iam really sorry to hear that your stomach is bothering you! i hope that u feel better. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to RagMuffinReanna: i hope that your doing well. take care and God bless.
to Jry: i really enjoyed your post! your very brave for holding your bowel moevement in for such a long period of time. iam so glad that u didnt end up having a major accident. that would have been really embarrassing with your friend around. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Mindy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your pooping accident that occurred while you were working at the mall. iam glad that at least u were able to change your clothes and put something fresh on. iam also glad to hear that u didnt end up loosing your job. i lookforward to any future posts that u might have in the near future. take care and God bless.
to Shawn: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool to learn that u enjoy taking a healthy crap. i totally agree with you bowel movements are the greatest thing ever. i especially like it when i release a really big giant log. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! thankyou for your kind words. i really appreciate it! sounds like u had a really good bowel movement at the mall. iam sorry that u had to wait so long for it. iam sorry to also hear that the woman next to you cursed at you. she should have lended you some tiolet paper. iam glad that u didnt end up having an accident. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to UpStateDave: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that your friend allowed you to go to the bathroom with her. did you enjoy watching her on the tiolet? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that your doing so well. take care and God bless.
to Sarah From Alanta: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your friend is having major problems during her period. i strongly recommend that she make an appiontment with her gynocologist. i hope everything is okay. i have never experienced this before. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to Lisa(from Germany): i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a really big dump at school. Good job for leaving the tiolet unflushed! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.



Migraine loverer

I Have a question........

Has anyone had a friend or family member help them poop by encouraging them to push or has helped in some other way? If so please tell the story.
Migraine loverer

Lisa_from Germany

Jerika's survey response

1.) Are you male or fremale? What is your age?

Female/17 years old

2.) Do you check each stall before you select the one you will use?
Yes, of course. I prefere to poop in private, so I check, if nobody is there. I don't want that people hear me pushing...

3.) Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to crap 
or when you have to pee?
When I have to pee, I don't care about that, but when I have to shit, I spend much more time on the toilet, so I select the last stall.

4.) Do you mind an unflushed bowl? 
No, but I flush it, before I start to pee.

5.) Do you mind pee on the seat? 
Yes, this is ugly...

6.) Do you remember to check for toilet paper? 
I always have tempos with me, but my poop is usually very hard, so I didn't need so much paper. 

7.) Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down? 
When those things were available in puplic restrooms, yes, but I have seen this seat tissues only on airplane toilets.
8.) Do you tear off toilet paper to lay over the seat before you sit 
down? Yes

9.) Are you offended by grafitti on the stall door or walls? No, I don't care about that.


Thanks! And history repeats itself...

Thanks to all who read and responded to my story! It feels good to have a community to vent to... I would never be able to talk about this otherwise. I have to say - I had another accident last night in a more public venue. It was a little bit easier to deal with because of this forum.

Work has been getting to me lately - unbroken hours of stress. My last post was of a story from my first month of employment, and in the time since things gotten much more intense. My first night out since I began the job was last night. Since I live so far from the office, which is downtown, I brought my clubbing outfit and changed after work. My personal needs are often put off until the end of the work days anymore, and as I got into my black pair of booty shorts and low-cut, tight white shirt, I noticed a heavy feeling in my gut. I thought back on the past few days: Had I pooped at all? I ended up counting that it had been three days since I'd gone number 2. The shorts fit me, but in this case, they were tight around my abdomen, pressing against my full large intestine, and they made it apparent that I desperately needed to relieve myself. I went to the stall, pulled my shorts and panties down, and rested my butt on the seat. I relaxed my sphincters and let the monster move.

Just as the deed was about to be done, my cell rang. I puckered up really fast, clenching against the weight of it all... I was going to meet them downstairs ASAP. I aborted my attempt, pulled everything up and went to meet them on the street. I rode with two friends in one of their cars. I took the back seat, alone. I needed to concentrate on holding my load in. About halfway to the club, my friend turned on some music and cranked up the bass. I wanted to beg him to turn it off, the vibrations really made it difficult for me to hold. I crossed my legs, tensed my butt muscles as much as I could, but in the end the massage-like effect of the sub-woofer was too powerful. Not a minute later, I lost control. My stomach lurched slightly, and I could feel a biological push in my bowels. I just said "OOh..." , rocked forward on the seat so my butt was raised, slightly, and it all started moving. The first turd was huge, and it just forced its way out, spreading my cheeks. For a moment, it stopped and pushed against the seat of my shorts (which were really tight), then the rest of the shit that was backed up behind it rushed out, oozing out through the legs of my shorts and onto the seat of the car. I started crying, and soon enough the others knew what had happened. They were nice enough to take me by my car, and I just drove home with the load in my shorts. After reading some of the stuff on here, I was somehow a little less squeamish... I threw it all away, though, and showered off. I can say that's what I usually do, now...

I <3 POO
To Ashley: Thanx for the comments u left about my Bathroom Shyness post ;)
I'm glad u like to stink up the bathroom either at work or a public place when u release a huge load :) I share your views completely as when I go for a poo either at work or any other public place I always release big, smelly poos. I have heard many ppl who simply are inhabited with the sheer thought of being heard on the loo when someone walks in & stop pooing, I know it's not their fault 'cos some feel conscious more than others but my advice to these ppl is don't be shy or nervous just feel free & drop your load!! I don't care less if someone walking in hears my farts or plops 'cos we all have to relieve ourselves!
God bless & thanks for your feedback, I look forward to reading your next post :)

Here's a quick question for u & everyone on here...have u ever had a really bad case of bathroom shyness when u really needed a poo so desperately & badly yet u avoided going to the loo because of it, if so when & where? How did u feel? Any comments are welcome, thanx :)

Hi everyone :), how is everyone doing?
I'm fine but my bloody broadband Internet has decided
to go down since yesterday so am resorting
to post from my phone.

To Ashley: Thanx as always for your lovely comments
on my posts, am glad to hear u enjoy them :). I also love
reading your posts, please keep them coming :)

To Richard: I usually leave the bathroom door open & unlocked
when I'm home alone to go have a poo. It's a different story
however when everyone's in the house 'cos I always lock the door
as I like to enjoy the privacy & sometime to myself to take my time having a poo.

To Just Jerika: I enjoyed answering your survey but forgot to put my name to it,
I was the Male/32 :)

Now for my post, I had a poo twice today so am going to write about them both:
This morning I went to my local mall to get a few personal things I needed. It has
been a lovely hot day & I decided to wear a sexy red V-neck tee, denim shorts &
black open-toe mules. Before I left my house I had my breakfast of Weetabix in warm
milk with 2 sugars & by the time I got to the mall & parked up I could feel a bubbling
feeling in my belly but thought nothing off it & went shopping.
As I was in Superdrug I left off some silent but smelly gas & then left off a couple more,
I couldn't help as another one slipped out & by now I knew that very soon I need a poo.
I felt a bit of a gurgling now & passed more smelly bum gas as I approached the check-out desk to pay for my stuff. I knew I had to
get to the loo before the warning signs get serious & I quickly left the store but let another smelly fart slip out & started to walk to the loos, by now I could feel my poo
making it's way to my anus. When I got to the loos there were both empty & I took the near one & went in & locked the door, then as I always do I check the seat to see if it is clean - it wasn't! Surprise, surprise!! So I wasn't best pleased as it has pee on it so I tore off some tp & wipe the seat & dumped the tp in the bin, I did this twice before I was satisfied. I then quickly loosened the belt on my shorts & pants to my thighs & sat on the loo. By now the feelings in my belly were rumblings, I then knew I was going to bs a while & take as much time as I needed, I crossed my arms & pressed them to my belly & leaned forward & grunted softly...Nngggh, ngggh, hmmm! Then I could feel a thick, brown log about to drop out of my bum but then it slowed up so I had to let out some soft grunts again & before it hung out my bum it dropped into the bowl with a dull PLOP!! Then seconds later another thick, big log was about to drop and it landed in the bowl with a loud PLOP and then lots of pieces of poo then made their way out of my bum ... Plip, plop, plop, blop, splooop, plop, plooop, plip-plop-plip-plip-PLOP!
Finally after 20mins on the loo I had unleashed a big, satisfying poo & boy did it feel good I can tell you & yes it was a bit smelly!! I had a look behind in the bowl to see what I had dropped out my bum & there were 3 big logs with lots of chunky pieces around the logs & some on top. I tore off a couple of sheets of tp & it took at least 5 wipes to wipe my bum clean!! I got up of the loo, with the smell of belly clearing poo lingering in the air & I pulled up my shorts & pants & flushed the loo, washed my hands & grabbed my stuff & walked out & went home.

The poo I had tonight was another good one & about half 8 I went to the loo & quickly pulled down my denim shorts & sat on the loo & a lot of big, chunky pieces dropped out of my bum & made loud plops ... PLOP!, PLOP!, SPDOOOSH, PLIPS-SPLIIIPS-PLOPS, PLOP-PLOP! My belly was full & I felt so
bloated since this afternoon & again this was a bit of a smelly one &
needless to say I took my time on the loo and when I came out of the loo it was 9pm.

That's all from me now guys & gals, happy peeing & pooing :D

Hi everyone! Here are my responses for your survey, Jerika:

1. Are you male or fremale? What is your age?

2. Do you check each stall before you select the one you will use?
Not really, as soon as I find a clean one I will use it.

3. Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to crap
or when you have to pee?
I take more time when I need to poo, because, like the anonymous poster below, I like to take a middle cubicle if I can so there are likely to be people on both sides of me!

4. Do you mind an unflushed bowl?
I hate seeing that someone hasn't flushed their poo, but if it's just pee I will use it.

5. Do you mind pee on the seat?
Yes, if I can I'll pick another cubicle.

6. Do you remember to check for toilet paper?
Only when I have to poo really.

7. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down?
No, I never use them.

8. Do you tear off toilet paper to lay over the seat before you sit
No, if it's dirty I just look for another one or wipe it clean if I can.

9. Are you offended by grafitti on the stall door or walls?
No, gives me something to read while I'm sitting there!

For Lewis; yes, I only use dry paper to wipe my bum with, and so do all my friends that I have heard or seen pooing. Sometimes when I'm at home I will dampen a bit of paper if my poo was really messy, but then you just get little bits of paper coming off and sticking to you!!

Abbie- Really enjoyed your story about your trip to Germany. I have a few good stories from school trips that I will try to post soon.

Right, that's me done. Bye everyone!


Another great dump

Richard - good question. I always close the door when I'm home alone. I don't know why. I guess it's just habit. When I walk into the bathroom I just automatically shut the door.

Laid some really good cable this morning. Had a heavy feeling in my lower gut and headed to the john. I didn't take anything with me to read because I knew it wouldn't take long. Dropped my pants, sat down, and quickly pushed out my load. When I went to wipe, there was nothing on the paper, so that was nice. When I stood up to look, there was a long, single piece, coming up from the trap, and folding back into the water.

What I really liked was that it was almost unnecessary to wipe. Don't get dumps like that very often.

Ashley - glad you liked my post. Hope you have a great day. Take care.


Wrong Tube II

I haven't posted in a long time. I haven't really had anything noteworthy to post about but Wrong Tube's post brought up a memory. Years ago a friend and I travelled to an event a couple of states away. We left in the evening after work and stayed the night with a friend about half-way there. I had hurriedly packed a few things and had a toiletry bag with the essentials. I thought I had packed a small sample tube of toothpaste. I went in the bathroom and started to brush my teeth and got a horrid taste in my mouth. I looked at what I thought was the toothpaste tube and it turned out that it was hemmorhoid ointment. I rinsed and rinsed my mouth with water but had nothing else. I couldn't get rid of the taste. It was a bad experience. The guy we stayed with was actually a physician. I fessed up and he said that at least I shouldn't get hemmorhoids in my mouth. I don't remember but he probably gave me something to get the taste out of my mouth.



To Linda (from australia)

Hi linda again.I try not to hold my poo for too long these days. I'm worried about the damage I could do to myself so I try to go as soon as I feel the need to go. I don't get constipated so much as I used to & even when I do I can usually cure it with some extra fiber or by drinking more water. I feel so much better for it & I never find I have to rush to the toilet any more. I eat well & produce some big poos but never enough to block the toilet like I used to. However. I still enjoy a good poo in the woods & if I'm feeling adventurous I even like to do it in my pants so long as noone finds out.

sarah from atlanta
ok, so i have 2 stories, both very interesting.

the other day, i was on the phone with my 16-year-old cousin, who is very sexually experienced. she was telling me about a time when she was messing around with a guy, and they decided to pee together. they were standing in front of each other, and had each had a drink, so they had to pee. she pulled down her pants, and squatted in the street, then started peeing. the guy, let's call him jake, pulled his penis out of his pants, and got an erection. he had had to pee really bad, so it immediately started coming out. he got a very hard erection, and couldn't control his penis at all. it was spraying all over my cousin, and a little even got in her mouth. she said she isn't going to see him again.

a friend of mine was on a car ride with his older brother and sister (twins), who are 10 years older. they both brought buckets to pee in, but wanted to mess around with my friend, so they wouldn't give it to him. he really had to go, and after being in the car for 14 hours, and watching them each pee a couple times, he couldn't hold it any longer. he got a dasani water bottle, and held the head of his penis to the cup. he started peeing, but when they turned back to look at him, it made him get an erection. his penis shot up, but he didn't move the cup fast enough, and he sprayed them both.

also, i have a couple questions for guys. how do you pee with an erection? does it spray the back of the toilet? and have you ever peed in a girl's mouth while she was giving you a blow job?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Christopher H

Answer to Question

Richard - I've heard a lot of people say that they close the bathroom door even when home alone. I've always found this weird because its not as if anyones going to see them. I live alone with my partner and the only time I close the bathroom door is when we have visitors - as I've mentioned in other posts he doesn't judge me for taking a big dump in front of him although he used to be shy and I'm certainly not embarassed about it. It feels great and having someone special with you makes it all the better especially if they give you a stomach rub. Sometimes one of us will sit between the others knees on the toilet and let rip together. Despite this I would be embarassed to let other people see me take a shit although if I ever use public bathrooms that I can exit unseen I do some nice big logs I prefer to leave them there for the world to admire - to flush them away would seem sad ha ha. I recently did just this on a train after feeling a giant turtle head poking out all day and holding it in against my better judgement. As soon as I sat down the big jobbie shot out the back door and reached about 10 inches in length before breaking off ... aahhhh, it felt great, firm and not to hard or soft. Then my luck got even better, after some grunting, growling and powerful farts another 2 torpedoes even bigger in girth and about the same length slithered out slowly followed by a few small turds. I looked down and was shocked at how much I produced when I saw the big brown logs. I didn't have to wipe much and threw the tp down the pan in such a way that it would not obscure my masterpiece. Without flushing I then washed my hands and returned to my seat - which faced the toilet door. As I left, an old woman entered and didn't stay long. On leaving she drew me a nasty look, she clearly didn't appreciate my creativity and I felt quite embarrassed. Aw well ... its not as if the rail companies have ever installed a flusher that works anyway. Has anyone else been caught leaving a stink and a huge load.


Question for everyone

I ask this to a lot of people. I'm usually surprised by the answers

If you have to go to the bathroom and nobody is home, do you close the door?

I found that it's about 50/50. Some do some don't. Let me know what you think.

Ashley asked about my story about the woman peeing on the ground and about how it made me feel.

I've never seen a woman peeing before. I've been next to them, or may have been able to see if it wasn't so dark but as far as, in the light, able to see everything I've never been able to.

This woman was in moderate daylight and I was able to see her stream but she was pretty well covered up by her pants because she was facing me.

It made me feel lucky, like I was walking in on something I shouldn't be seeing. I felt like I was privileged to witness it.

Maybe someday I'll get lucky and really see someone peeing, you know, able to see everything. Until then I'm just happy I was in the right place at the right time.

sarah from atlanta
me again! the stories here are great!

so my mom is a teacher, and today she had a special learning class to go to. my grandma, who lives about 2 miles away, watched us for the day. me and my brother had swimming practice, and then we went to red robin, this burger place. i ate about 3/4 of a huge cheeseburger with bacon, and then i also had a bunch of steak fries. then when we got to my grandma's house i took a short poop with a couple of logs that easily came out.then when i got home, i had a bunch of tiny pieces of poop, and now i am pooping again. and all today my stomach has been hurting. i guess those burgers just aren't good.

and also: to anyone with young children. when you are out shopping at the grocery store and mall and what not, when you go to the bathroom do you bring your kids with you? do they go in the same stall as you?


to Christine

At least nobody saw what happened!

Rag Muffin Reanna

My answers for Just Jerika's questions

Just Jerika has written some good questions. These are my answers:
I am female, age 16.
1. No, when there are many stalls, I do not check them all out before I select the one I'm going to use. 2. I don't think I'm any more particular in selecting a stall for peeing in compared to pooping in. However, for pooping, I do check closely for toilet paper because I've been in that bad situation several times when I have nothing to wipe with. 3. I don't mind unflushed pee in the toilet and a few times I've even shat at school with pee in the toilet because we have only a 4-minute passing period between classes, but at places like the mall, I will flush the shit before I seat myself. 4. Answered above. 5. No I don't mind a little pee splashed on the seat, otherwise, I would never be able to use a toilet between classes at school. I also believe some of the splashes on the seats are from the flushing cycle. But I admit I have some classmates who are really bad with the aim when squat peeing. 6. Answered above. 7. Of course not. I would never use a seat tissue, because it takes too much time and one of my friends who used one said she has a harder time when getting her pee stream going when she's sitting on one. I just think they are dumb. 8. Laying toilet paper over the seat before you sit on it is also dumb, I feel. And it's the reason why there's nothing on the roll for the next user and why the stools back up. 9) It really sucks that so many people are so juvenile.


A very, very satisfying dump

Hi everyone. My modem was broken, but now it's fixed, and I'm glad to be reading the posts again. Just about half an hour ago I had the most satisfying dump in my recent memory. So here's the story:

The last time I had gone for a shit was yesterday Thursday in the morning. It was a normal shit, a couple medium sized logs, nothing special. What I hated was that I was just done taking a shower and I think that made me get the urge to shit. I always hate shitting just after a shower because my butt is still wet and I feel like I'm getting dirty after just getting clean, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I had eaten all my meals as normal, and had not been to the toilet yet today. I had scheduled going out with some friends in the evening, and wasn't particularly worried that I hadn't shit yet as I figured out I would go after I came home again. A friend of mine came to pick me up (he has a car of his own), but I invited him in for a few minutes before we left. At this moment I got the need to shit, nothing urgent though. We left and went to meet my other friends at some local hamburger restaurant. I was kinda hoping that my urge would go away, but unfortunately, unlike other times, it was always present. Now, I must tell you, those burgers are BIG, and when I finished eating mine I could feel a turtlehead trying to come out of my butt. To make matters worse, I could also feel a very strong urge to pee.

After talking for a while, my friend and I finally left the place. I guess the thought of imminent relief made the urge get a lot stronger, as the pressure in my rectum built up and made my need to pee get worse too. My friend drove me home, and to my dismay, wanted to stay a while and talk. At this point, I was almost crapping and peeing myself. Luckily, my sister was leaving for a party and my younger brother had gone out with my parents. Now, normally, while at home, I would have normally rushed to the bathroom immediately, even with a friend of mine around. However, this time I felt like it was going to be a very big crap, and I knew I wouldn't be able to stay quiet while getting it out, so I decided to take my chances and hold it for as long as I could (I am still kinda shy about shitting when friends are around). As my friend and I talked, I kinda started doing a pee/poop dance involuntarily, but I think he didn't notice anything wrong. After about 30 minutes, he said he had to leave. In my mind, I could almost hear angels singing as my friend left. After saying goodbye, I immediately ran towards the bathroom.

I left the door open as nobody else was home and barely managed to pull my pants and underwear down to my knees and sat on the toilet. I held my penis down and immediately started peeing, which felt awesome. It relieved a lot of pressure in my bladder. As bad as I had to shit too, I did have to give a firm push to get the monster out. As the head of this big crap emerged, I couldn't help but grunt and groan, both because of the effort and because of the amazing sensation of relief. My pee stream subsided a little as this shit kept coming out. I kept pushing firmly for about ten seconds, enjoying the feeling of it coming and finally dropping into the water with a big PLOP sound. After falling, my stream of pee gained a little force again and eventually stopped. I was not done with my crap, however. I squeezed out another big shit, not as big or solid as the first one, but that felt almost as great while coming out. After finally being done, I stood up and looked at my production. A BIG shit, bigger than most I've done in my recent memory, was at the bottom of the toilet bowl, while the other piece was floating. I sat back down and just had to wipe twice, making this an almost perfect shit experience. I flushed my creation and went to wash my hands.

I must tell you, I almost reached the point of having an accident, something that hasn't happened to me since primary school. I felt great at letting it out, and having the house all to myself while doing it. Otherwise, my brother could have been very annoying.

Anyway, keep posting!


My experiences and questions

I've lurked for a while here and I think I have maybe read every single post through the archives over the last few months and finally have up the nerve to post myself. My two favorite stories are from Marissa on page 1405 and from Krista on page 1393 (old, I know) because I can relate to them because my first accident happened in much the same way at around the same age. I had just turned 16 and could drive by myself and had a part time job for the summer at the mall at a kiosk selling sunglasses. I had a shift one Saturday at the same time as a cute guy I kind of liked - we flirted a lot anyway - and we were both there because it would be busy. As the day wore on I had to poo badly but didn't want to let on around this cute guy - I was 16 and stupid about things like that - and so I held it and tried to act normal when he was watching but would cross my legs whenever he wasn't if we didn't have a customer. It was getting close to lunch time so I was just going to hold it until then even though it was getting pretty bad. When noon came, though, he asked if I minded if he went to lunch first because he had to do something and like a fool because of my little crush on him I said sure. So he left and I was stuck there alone for the next 30 minutes at least. By this point I had been turtle heading for a while and was sweating and tingly and almost numb I had to go poop bad. I knew it would be big and solid by the way it felt inside me. I had to keep my legs crossed or it would come out. I was wearing a skirt just above my knees and normal bikini panties, by the way. Anyway, the minutes ticked by and I bit my lip and prayed that he would get back soon and watched the clock tick by. Thirty minutes passed and he still wasn't back. Then 35 minutes. My body had about had all it could take. I seriously considered leaving the kiosk and running to the bathrooms by the food court - the closest ones - but I was scared to lose my new job so I stayed. It was a foolish mistake. A couple of minutes later I got another huge urge to go and my body gave an involuntary push and suddenly I was standing there in the busy mall and I couldn't hold it. My whole body went numb and my heart was pounding as I felt my butt open suddenly and a giant firm turd just shot out of me, stretching me, pushing against my panties, quickly spreading in a warm, gooey mass under my butt cheeks, settling into the seat of my panties and weighing them down. It was so hot and warm and sticky as it spread into a ball that felt like a grapefruit between my legs. It only took a few seconds from start to finish but felt like a lieftime. I couldn't believe I had just totally crapped my panties - in public! - at 16 years old like a little girl. I just stood there for a few seconds before I snapped out of my haze. I thanked God I was wearing a skirt so nobody could see what I had done. I just stood with my back to the kiosk waiting for the stupid late boy to get back, which he did, not two minutes later. As soon as he got close I said, "I'm going to lunch." as normally as I could and started walking away so he wouldn't smell what I had done. If he had only gotten back on time I would have made it to the bathroom, the stupid boy! I waddled like a penguin with my panties full of poop that was now swaying in the seat of my panties as I walked and went to the ladies room as fast as I could without risking poo dropping out from under my skirt. I got into an empty stall, took off my skirt, and slowly lowered my panties. The poop ball was at least the size of a baseball, not nearly as giant as it felt when it came out, but still really large. I dumped it into the toilet and sat and peed and cleaned myself up as best I could with the help of my makeup mirror. Luckily it was solid enough it really didn't smear everywhere. I then decided to just throw away the panties, wore my skirt pulled down as low on my hips as I could get them and bought another pair of new, clean panties from Victoria's Secret before going to actually eat my lunch.

That was a couple of years ago. Since then I've been fascinated by the accident and found this site a few months ago.



BM's are Fun

Well Hello everyone! I'm Shawn, aged 25, and I think pooping is the funniest of all bodily functions, especially when it's diarrhea, and it's good and noisy too :) I had a real bad case of the hershey squirts about a month ago. I was at home reading and I lifted a leg, hoping to fart, but instead started to feel liquid come out! I was able to stave off the flow before soiling myself, but made a mad dash to the loo out in the hallway. Realizing that this is gonna be good, I grabbed my camera so I could film the dump :) I dropped my pants, took a seat on the throne and let it go! At first it was a solid 5 seconds of liquid shit gushing out,, like a shit fire hose. Then gas pockets interrupted a few times making good loud POP POp POP sounds in the toilet. I had maybe two more good explosions, wiped and flushed. No sooner did I get up, I felt liquid moving through my insides and had that pressure again. I sat back down and gave off one more good fartatious brown flood, before I was drained :) Some of the gas explosions were good enough to spray diarrhea all over the inside of the toilet bowl, including under the rim. That was definately one of my best shits, and it's recorded on my camera for future laughs :)

I think pooping in public toilets is great fun too. Sometimes I see someone walk into the stall as I'm leaving and I'll wait to hear anything good. Grunts, PLOPs, farts, diarrhea, it's all too funny :)

I also happen to enjoy peeing in pools. If I have to go, I just say '???? it!" and drain myself right there :) I'll walk around the pool, staying far from other swimmers, to avoid the dreaded warm spots. Although I do like the warmth of them though :D It's such a rush and guilty pleasure of mine to be able to urinate myself, in front of dozens of people, and no one ever notices ;) I've also peed in bushes and down storm drains too :)


Jerika's survey response & a short story

1. Female, age 33
2. Yes, I check the stalls before
3. I am more particular when taking a crap
4. Yes, I mind an unflushed bowl
5. Yes, I mind pee on the seat. It's gross, how does it even get there?
6. Sometimes i forget to check. When I'm desperate and need to go, I just rush into the stall and go, which has left me in some bad situations (i'll share those later)
7. I expect seat tissue to be available
8. If there are no seat covers available, i use some toilet paper
9. No, I don't get offended by graffiti

thanks to Ashley for your continued support! i don't think i would keep posting here without her kind words

I was at the mall shopping with my sisters in law for gifts for my husband's birthday. I needed to crap since the morning, but my husband was in the shower and we needed to get to the mall soon. So i'd been holding it and looking for a chance to slip away and head to the bathroom. Finally, they decided we should split up, and i rushed to find the nearest bathroom. There was one upstairs that was in decent condition. There were 4 stalls, all were occupied. I could hear plops dropping, so one of them was dropping a load. The lady in the last stall left and I got into the stall before i crapped my pants. I barely got on the toilet in time before I started pooping. The log was bigger than i thought, and i was passing one solid log for about 1 minute. I had one hanging and tried shaking it,, until it finally dropped. I reached for the toilet paper, but there was none! I could tell my ass was messy, and it needed to be cleaned. There weren't any seat covers either. I checked my purse for anything and found nothing. I asked the woman next to me for some, and she cursed at me! I was trapped on the toilet for 2 minutes without toilet paper until someone outside asked me to get out. I told her there was no toilet paper in here, so she got some out of a janitor closet. She slipped it under the door and i used a bunch of it before i left. the woman who gave it to me was in a stall already, but it was still very embarrassing. I got back to shopping and met up with my sisters in law. hope you enjoyed reading and i'll have some more posts soon

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