Upstate Dave

Keeping Company

Hello and good morning to all. Over the years I have known many girls. As a kid, a teen ,and young adult single I have had many of the girls always wanted company when they had to pee or poop. It didn;t matter t them at all if it was me or another friend either male or female. I always wondered why.

One good example was when I was at a fourth of July celebration. One of the best spots to watch was a small park soccor field that was part of the colledge downtown. I was with a friends family and while we waited for the fireworks which would start later I played soccor with the older daughter. She and I played for about 45 minutes then stopped.

She told me that she had to pee and maybe poop too. Now in this little park soccor field there was a bathroom building about a hundred feet behind the goalie net we had been using. So she asked me if I would take her to the bathroom. I said sure not thinking anything about doing it.

We walked up to the building and went inside of it. It was extreamly dark inside for the ligts were not on inside. I had to use my cigarette lighter to make a little light inside the bathroom to find the light swith. I found it and turned on the light which was just a single overhead bulb.

Now just to let you all know this bathroom was old and the college is mainly a girls college. I was surprised to see in this old bathroom female urinals lined up on the one wall! There was a row of stalls along the other wall which ha regualr tank bowl toilets in them. They were old too.

Now the girl I had taken in with me saw the urinals along the wall. M I'll call her which is the first letter of her first name looked at the row of female urinals. She giggled just a little and she then asked me; Are those used to pee in? I laughed a little and told her yes they were. She stood for a momnet still looking over at the urinals. Then she said to me; Since I mayhave to poop too I better use one of the toilets in the stalls.

Before M walked over to the row of toilets in the stalls she asked me; Stay inside with me Dave. I don't want to be alone in here. It's kind of spooky in here! I let out a little laugh. M was right it was a little spooky in here. One having just a single bare bulb to light the place and everysound echoed too. M walked right over to the middle stall turned around and pulled her dark blue shorts right down.

I before she pulled down her white panties she had on I asked M; Arn't you going to shut the door? Oh no! M said right back to me. I want to see that you are here with me! Ok I said back to M. M then pulled down her white pair of panties letting them drop down to her blue shorts that were down around her ankles and sneakers.

Then she sat down on the black colored toilet seat. M let out a short gasp and raised her bare ass up off the black toilet seat. Oh that seat is cold! So M kept her ass off the seta and she started to piss into the toilet. M pissed hard too. Her streams hissing and splashing ecoed quite loudly as she went. M peed for about ten seconds then her stream eased right off and she stopped.

Then she let out one loud short fart. Brrrrrrap went her fart with it making a loud echo inside the bathroom. M let out a loud giggle right after her fart with her loud giggle also echoed inside the bathroom. Now with her bare ass lifted off the black toilet seat which she had it raised up around a foot or a little more I would see herpoop when it came out.

M did have to give a push to start which made a little pee come out as she pushed. Then after several seconds te tip of a chunky dark poop show under M. M must have felt her poop nowwas out and moving so M stopped her pushing. For she had been holding her breath when she pushed and she exhaled loudly which that too made a echo in the bathroom.

Her poop moved slowly getting longer. As it moved there was soft crackleing but there was no real echo from it. M's poop after reaching about 5 inches broke away between a couple of big chunks. It made a flump and a splash in the toilet. That made a slight echo as it happened. M let out a giggle hearing her poop making its flump and splash echo.

I smiiled and as I watched there was a chunky stub of poop still poked downward under M. With her giggleing it moved jerking as M giggled. When M stopped her giggles it moved slow but steady. Then when it reached about 4 inches it too broke away and made a ecoing splash. Right after that two small chunks of poop dropped into the toilet making two more splashes. That was it M was done pooping.

M stood up reahed over and spun the roll of tp real fast. Spinning the roll so fast made the cardboard roll thump which that too let out a loud echo. M giggled again and tore off the rolled off aper. She reached behind her gave herself a quick wipe. She checked the paper and dropped it into the tilet. That must have been all M needed was a single wipe. She didn't roll off anymore tp.

She bent over pulled up her wihite panties and then her blue shorts. She then flushed the toilet which in this bathroom flushed loudly and echoed too. M walked out fropm the stall. As she came over to me she was looking at the urinals. Then as we now both were walking towards the door M said to me as we stopped by the door and I turned off the light; I'll try peeing in the urinal when I have to go again. We stepped outside and went back to playing soccor. The end.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Todays poo

Hi all. I've just had a really satisfying poo. I tried to go last night but I was a bit constipated due I think to some mild dehydration with the got weather. Anyway I've been drinking lots of water & this time I went to the toilet & had a huge relieving poo. It was a bit hard & knobly & it hurt a little as it bumped it's way out of my anus. The turd was really big about 9" long & once it was out I felt so much better. I wiped myself only once as the poo was so dry & there was nothing on the toilet paper. After that I washed my hands & left the bathroom feeling very good.


to upstate Dave

How old was Debbie at the time?

I read a story on another board about a high school guy who had to pee during a test. Only one student was allowed to leave at a time, to prevent cheating. One guy already was in the bathroom, and the teacher didn't want to break the rules and let the second guy go to the bathroom at the same time. In this case, the teacher wanted to help the second guy, but the guy ended up wetting his pants while sitting at his desk.

If the teacher had let both boys go to the bathroom at the same time, would anyone have found out? If someone had found out, what would have happened to the teacher?


Jerica survey public toilets

1. male age 69

2 No

3 try to pick stall to end

4 Yes that is gross

5 Yes

6 Always check for TP
7. Expect seat tissur to be there
8 sometimes, but not always
9. Yes I think that is gross

to Christine: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that u encountered your first accident at the gym! iam glad that your friend was there to comfort you through it all. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Blueboy: i really enjoyed your post! iam finally glad to hear that you and your aunt experienced an awesome bowel movement together. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Natalie: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you encountered an eventful bowel movement at the theme park! iam sorry to hear that you ended up having a major accident. iam glad to hear that at least you made it home and that your sister was very sympathic towards you. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Jordan: i really enjoyed your post! you and i have two things in common. first of all we both are lesiban. second of all we both love watching are partners have a good healthy bowel movement. iam sorry to hear that you encountered a major accident while at home. iam glad to at least learn that your girlfriend was there to comfort you! i lookforward to your fututre post! take care and God bless.
to UpStateDave: i really enjoyed your post! i absoutley hated it during grade school when i had to use the bathroom and the teachers wont let us! in this particular case your teacher is at fault for Debbies accident. how would she like to have a major accident during one of her classes while she was teaching? iam glad that u were a good friend to Debbie and stuck up for her! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to JustJerkia: thanks for the kind comment. iam glad to learn that you have friends that leave the tiolet unflushed after having a major bowel movement! take care and God bless.
to Kendra: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like that u encountered a eventful bathroom trip while camping. did you leave the tiolet unflushed? i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to: I3POO: i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that your bowel movement happened very quickly. iam glad that you feel completley relieved. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.



1( Ashley(female)26yrs)
2)no not usually!
3)iam more particular in selecting a stall when i have to take a crap. most of the time i awlays use the third stall.
4)no i dont mind an unflushed bowel usually cause i always leave the tiolet unflushed and this gives me a good opportunity to add to the pervious users work. it can also make for a good opportunity to clog the tiolet and completley fill it up to the top.
5)i do mind if theres pee on the seat. usually if theres pee on the seat i will wipe it off with toilet paper.
6)most of the time i remember to check for tiolet paper. once in a while i forget. this usually happens when iam in a rush.
7)i dont usually look for seat liners. if they are there then i will take advantage of the opportunity. otherswise i dont worry about it.
8)only if there is no seat liner. otherwise i dont usually tear off toilet paper.
9) iam not offended by grafftti or writing on the stall walls. i usually have a habit of reading the graffti.



sarah from atlanta
today, i went to the mall with a friend. when we got there she told me that for some reason she was having an unusually heavy period, heavier than ever. she said that she was wearing a tampon and a pad, just in case the tampon leaked. we shopped for about an hour, and then we each had a large coke. after we had the coke, we kept shopping, until all the sudden she stopped and said holy crap, i have to pee. NOW. so we ran over all the way across the mall to the bathrooms. of course, the line was extremely long. she said no way, there's no way i'm going to make it in time. so some people let her cut the line, but after 3 or 4 minutes she was jumping up and down, freaking out. i pulled her aside and said, just pull down your pants here and pee on the floor. so we moved over a little, and she did just that. but as soon as she pulled down her pants, she realized her pad was soaked with blood. filled to capacity. she was thinking her tampon wasn't collecting blood, like she had put it in wrong. so she pulled it out there, but it was so full that it was dripping with blood! she ran to the sink, and started peeing. i ran to try to find her more pads, and i came back about a minute longer, and her pee stream was still going strong. 3 minutes into it, she finally stopped. i had found her another tampon and pad, so she put them in, and then we kept shopping. about 3 hours later, we had another large coke, and an hour after that she had to pee again. we raced to the bathrooms, and she said, no way, not waiting, and i'm not going in the sink. i said forget it, just pee in the pad. so she started peeing, very loudly, and about 30 seconds later bloody pee started coming down her leg. she raced to the sink, and let it all out. it was a huge mess. i have never seen so much red watery stuff in my life.

girls, have you ever had this happen? if so, tell me the story!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

To Just Jerika: It is a very interesting survey and I enjoyed answering it :)

1. Are you male or fremale? What is your age?

2. Do you check each stall before you select the one you will use?
Yes, always 'cos there's nothing worse than sitting on a loo seat that ain't clean or someone's left the loo in a state.

3. Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to crap
or when you have to pee?
Whenever I have a poo I usually always opt for a middle stall so that if others are pooing they can hear me and I can hear them pooing.

4. Do you mind an unflushed bowl?
It has to be a clean, fresh bowl or I ain't pooing in it.

5. Do you mind pee on the seat?
Ewww! Yes I do mind as the previous occupant should've cleaned up after themselves.

6. Do you remember to check for toilet paper?
Not always, but take it for granted there will be an ample stock.

7. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down?
That would be nice, but as I enter a stall before having a poo I always wipe the seat anyway before I sit on the loo.

8. Do you tear off toilet paper to lay over the seat before you sit
I always make sure upon entering the stall before I have a poo that I tear off some tp and wipe the seat so that I feel safe to park my bum on it.

9. Are you offended by grafitti on the stall door or walls?
No, not really as I am too busy having a poo to even bother about it really.

Thanks for the survey keep them coming :)

Happy pooing :)

Lisa_from Germany
Hi, I'm back! I'm 17 years old and come from Germany.

Yesterday in school at the lunch break I had to shit so bad. I hadn't gone for 10 days (i think my last poop was on Monday, the 15th june) so I sat at the table with my schoolmates and worked hard to hold it all back. I could feel the hard mass sitting direct up in my anus and the head was allready porking out, but I don't want to shit at the school bathroom, because theye are very gross...

But I had no coice, so I ran to a lower freuqented bathroom at the other end of the building. I opend the Bathroom door, and thanks to god there was nobody there, so I went into the last stall, quickly layed tp on the seat and pulled my shorts and panties down. My panties had already dark brown poopmarks.

Then I startet to push really hard to get things moving, and immediatly let out a series of loud, smelly farts, but the poop didn't come out immediatly, but after few minutes of pushing really hard, the turd sucks on the widest place and it hurt so bad... I want to get it out, so I pushed as hard as I could, but it wasn't moving, so I grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them wide. Finally, it moves out. I was too afraid to try and flush the poop down because I thought it might be too big, so I opend the stalldoor, washed my hand and leave the bathroom.


Post Title (optional) I'M CONSTIPATED AGAIN!!!

Linda from Australia here again. As you can see from my post title, I'm constipated yet AGAIN!! I went all week without doing a poo and it was terrible. It started on Tuesday night when I tried to do a poo after posting on here. I couldn't get much out, apart from a couple of tiny turds. I felt defeated and I went to bed feeling very uncomfortable. The next day I started getting butt phlegm and liquid poo. I was at work too so it was even worse. I had to keep going to the toilet to squirt out liquid poo - it was awful. I felt like I had to go all the time so I knew I was constipated. I think I went to the toilet 7 or 8 times that day just to do liquid poo - I had to get it out or I would've done it in my pants. I also had to hold on because I was at work. I really needed to go about every 15 minutes but I managed to hold on for up to half an hour before going. A few times I was able to sneak out to the toilet without anyone knowing but it was hard. I hate going to work when I'm constipated like that.

When I got home from work, I went to the toilet another 5 or 6 times before going to bed. The liquid poo just kept coming out and I could feel it bubbling around my anus. It was terrible because I felt bloated and I needed to do a poo. My stomach was rock hard too. I had to get up about 4 times during the night to do more liquid poo.

The next day was much the same, I had liquid poo coming out all day. I was at work again so I tried to hold on as much as I could. I snuck out to the toilet a few times aswell. I think I went more than the day before, the liquid poo just kept coming out. That night I went several times before bed and I was still feeling bloated and miserable. I was so DESPERATE for a poo and I was starting to get worried because I hadn't been for 3 days. I had to get up a 3 or 4 times during the night to squirt out more liquid poo aswell. The next morning I didn't have to go to work, it was my rostered day off. I did another load of liquid poo and then I ate breakfast. About an hour after that I had the urge to go again. This time, the poos were normal!!! It did take some effort to push them out and they hurt my anus. I was so relieved to finally do a decent poo that wasn't liquid!! I went 3 days without doing a poo!! I went out for most of the day and when I got back, I did another decent sized poo! I had to really push and strain to get the logs out but I felt so much better afterwards. I was REALLY constipated!!

This morning I dropped a massive load of poo again so hopefully I'm getting back to normal. I'm not sure what caused my bout of constipation this time but I'm glad the liquid poo went away.

To Wendy: I loved reading your story! Do you often get constipated for that long?? 2 weeks is a long time to go without doing a poo. I get constipated quite often (about once or twice a month) so I know what its like. I've never gone in my pants as an adult before but I did several times as a kid. I suffered with bad constipation when I was about 7 and I often had accidents. I liked how you went in your pants while you were in the car, it sounds like you were in dire need of a poo. I also liked how you dropped some logs, then you squished them down so you could fit more in. Did you have poo running down your legs? How was the clean up afterwards? I bet it was really messy. Have you got anymore constipation stories? I love reading them!

To Keith D: How has your constipation been lately? Have you been struggling recently? I love reading your stories too, especially when you have to do a big, hard poo outside.

Linda from Australia here again. As everyone would know, I'm a bit obssessed with stories about constipation and people struggling to do rock hard poos. I just love reading them!! I think its because I'm often constipated myself so I can relate to all the issues that constipation brings.

To Christine: I loved your story!! It sounded like you had a real mess in your pants. Did it feel good to finally do your poo, even if it was in your pants? Does spicy food make you constipated sometimes?? I know if I eat lots of hot curry, I makes my poos rock hard, dry and extremely difficult to push out. Spicy food also makes me constipated so I try not to eat it too often, even though I love Indian. Did you have poo dribbling down your legs after you pooped your pants?

I'm starting to really enjoy the stories about adults having pooping accidents. I've never had an accident as an adult but I have come close. I love trying to picture someone doing a poo in their pants and the mess it causes. Has anyone on here been constipated and desperate to go, so you pooped some of it into your pants?? Has anyone started pooping their pants and had to stop and then walked around with a turd half sticking out, that they couldn't suck back in?? Also, has anyone been so constipated that liquid poo has escaped into their pants??

Keep the constipation stories coming and the ones about people pooping their pants!! I love reading them!!


For the English Girls

Hi girls! I enjoy following your posts. I've long wondered about something. I believe that American girls tend to wipe their bottoms with dry toilet paper alone after pooing. They don't dampen their toilet tissue or use wet wipes (often) or anything wet, just dry tissue. In your experience, are English girls strictly "dry wipers" as well?

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. Keep posting!


Natalie's toilet accident at Thorp Park.

Hi Natalie. I just read your post about your near miss accident at Thorp Park & later your proper accident. I've been in the same situation myself a few times especially when I've held it for some time. I find it's best not to feel embarrassed about using public toilets. If you need to go you need to go & its far better than having a toilet accident it public. I don't know about you but I love a really good poo. The relief gives me a sort of high & I feel great all day.
Keep posting Natalie. I'd love to read more stories from you.

Family Tales
Again hello to all. I have some family tales to tell about family members involving peeing. I'm sure many here have told about other family members peeing. Brothers sistors, aunts, uncles, etc. So I have some to tell now involving members of my family.

First let me start off with one of my aunts when she was a little girl. She I'll just call Aunt D was my moms younger sistor. Now as my mother told the story about Aunt D she would always wait till the last possible moment to pee which was always to late when she did decide to pee.

The other thingis that she would hide which one of her favorite places to hide and wet herself was right behind the bathroom door! My unt D would really wet what ever she was wearing along with leaving a big pee puddle on the floor in the bathroom or whereever she was hiding when she peed herself. Boy did she ever get in trouble from my grandmother too! My Aunt D did this for about four years then she did stop doing it.

Then I have one involving me my oldest sistor and her girlfriend that lived nextdoor to us. I was in our bathroom. I had gotten up later then normal. I had to pee badly right after waking up. I raced downstairs and right into the bathroom slamming the door shut behind me.

I had on just my pj bottoms which had no fly on them. The toilet seat was down as I stood in front of the toilet. I had to pee so bad I didn't bother lifting up the seat. I yanked my pj bottoms down to my knees. Before I could get my hand to hold and aim my penis I started to pee right then! I peed on the seat before my stream moved forward and went down through the seats opening and hold my penis to keep it aimed so my stream wouldstay put.

Now as I stood there in front of the toilet now peeing very hard and getting the much needed relief outside the bathroom window which was on my right side my sistor and Susanthe oldest girl from nextdoor were peeking inside through the blinds watching me pee! I didn't know this! I just went on peeing.

Now as my pee was nearing its end I felt that I had to poop too for I let out a good fart and felt the pressure of my poop on my buthole. So what I did right after I finished my pee I turned around and I got into a high squat over the opening of the toilet seat. I had peed on it and I didn't want to sit in my own pee. Plus when I poop I go very quickly so there was no time to wipe the toilet seat dry.

In a short few seconds I had already pooped enough so that I knew I had a good long poop already out of me. It was righ at this point from outside the window Susan giggled loud and said as she giggled Susan said; Look your brother is shitting! I heard her and I saw both my sistor and Susan peeking through the blinds as they both were standing right at the window and looking inside!

I yelled at themsaying to both of them; What are you two doing out there!! When I did this I musthave squeezed my buthole and my big poop fell making a big splash in the toilet. Susan laughed harder and then before I could say or pullmy pj bottoms up both my sistor and Susan ran off away from the window. Boy was I ever so mad but didn't tell on my sistor or Susan. I'll stop here for now but I have more peeing incidents to tell.


First Accident...

I'm 23, young professional in banking - this happened a few weeks ago, but I was just introduced to this site by one of my sympathetic friends, haha. I'm Korean, so I'm used to eating hot spicy food, and all the stomach problems that come with it... That being said, I have never been overcome by any of my bathroom urges until now. This will be therapeudic, I hope.

I was downtown on the job last week - at lunch, a group of my Korean friends from church came into the city for lunch. We went to this killer place, and kind of over-ate. I had Kim-chi Jigae (a hot soup in beef bone broth with pork and fermented cabbage), and various communal side dishes. A heavy lunch, in any case, but also incredibly heavily spiced. I usually make a point of relieving myself after I eat, and was planning on doing so when I got back to work before clocking back in. I made the mistake of taking a ride back to work with my friends, though, and traffic put me back like 2 minutes before I was due to start working again. I could feel my stomach churning, but I decided it would be best to be on time. It was my third week on the job, and I had 4 hours left that day, so I decided to rough it. I won't get into work details, but there was no reprieve that afternoon. My bowels kept making squelching noises, though, so I was always more conscious of what others were hearing from me in the office than the pressure that was building down there...

When I finished work, I was getting kind of uncomfortable, but decided to wait until I got home. I did change before I left, though - I had been wearing a pencil skirt, sleek work outfit, and decided to put on my workout outfit (I always have it on hand so I can run by YWCA on the way home when the healthy notion strikes me) which was a light pink, velvety pair of tight pants and matching jacket. I should also note that I was wearing a black thong that day. I felt much better having a less constricted waitline, so I walked to my car in relative comfort. Once I got into rush hour traffic, though, I started noticing the urge again.

After about 45 minutes, I was 2 exits away from from mine in stop-go traffic on the highway. I could feel my gut bubbling, and I got so gassy that I started feeling nauseous. I turned off the radio and put my head on the steering wheel, rubbed my head and breathed deeply a few times. I felt so bad. I needed fresh air, but it was sweltering outside. I rarely pass gas, but I decided it would make me feel better - I lifted my butt off the seat a little bit and carefully let slide. It was long and silent, felt really good. I must have farted for like ten seconds (literally), but I had to stop really quick - I felt crap rush in behind the gas, and puckered shut instantly. That hurt a lot, and I had to really struggle to keep it in - I teared up from the pressure and kind of pulled my butt forward on the seat so my butt muscles could help clench. The pain passed, but I was still gassy, and I was so miserable that started crying lightly. I turned on the air full blast, but I was still sweating. The thought suddenly occurred to me that I might not make back to my apartment, which was just 5 minutes down the road once I got off the highway, and that just made me even more miserable. I started envisioning the mess - shit forcing its way out uncontrollably, spreading my cheeks and piling up, squishing around if I sat down until it was all over my backside. I couldn't let it happen, so I pushed the thoughts out of my mind.

I got off the highway a few minutes later, sped to my apartment. I saw the security guard in the kiosk at the entrance, so I had to slow down when I got to the parking lot. I parked and got out, and the change in position made me have to struggle again to keep it in - I held onto the side mirror to keep from doubling over and crossed my feet, put my left hand on my belly and squeezed my butt as hard as I could. The urge passed, and I started briskly walking to the apartment. Nobody was around, so I let out another fart. This time, it was loud and bubbly, accompanied by a warm, muddy foaminess. - I had to squeeze my cheeks again to prevent an accident, and they stuck together uncomfortably when I released them... the blood drained from my face, I knew my thong was ruined. I stepped into the stairwell and made sure nobody was coming. I felt the back of my pants, which outlined my butt pretty snugly. They were dry, so I knew the mess up until then was nestled between my cheeks still. I wanted to preserve the pants, though, because they were cute, so the stairs were an obstacle. I climbed them slowly, trying to maintain control and contain the muck that was already there - I could feel it sliding around between my cheeks. I nearly got to the top when it happened... I had just lifted my foot to step to my landing when something shifted in my large intestine - I heard a bunch of bubbling, and something heavy dropped against my hole. It felt like a freaking brick, and in an instant, like a reflex, I gripped the rail, doubled over, and nature took its course. My other hand shot to my butt, as if I could somehow hold it in, but I knew what was happening, and that I couldn't stop it. That just added an extra perspective to the accident, because I felt a bubbly fart against my hand and then a slight bulge under my fingers as the first little bit of poop escaped. It stopped for a second, and I had time to think, "Oh shit," and note the warm, pudding-like consistency of the mass already sitting in my pants. Then I just let loose - it was a half-conscious decision, because I had just given up hope. More gas escaped, which pushed the shit in its way further into my hand. I cupped my palm over it, because I didn't trust my pants to hold the next wave, which followed directly after. It happened surprisingly slowly - the poop wasn't incredibly liquid, just very soft, but I could feel my anus widen, and a ball of the stuff push its way out between my cheeks. When it hit the back of my pants, I could feel it push against my hand. I tried to keep it from going down into my ... bc I didn't want to get shit in there, but that directed the bulge upwards - could feel it start moving out across the surface of my butt. I gave up and took my hand away. I started to regain muscle control, so I stood up straight, but the shit kept slipping out. My pants were tight, so they kept the mass in one place, but I could feel them getting heavy, and the poop started oozing downward into the lower seat. The ordeal must have lasted for about 7 seconds, but it seemed like forever. Sorry if the graphic detail offends, but this is how I experienced it. I stepped up onto the landing after I finished, and I could feel the ball of crap shift disgustingly down my butt as I did. With my left hand, I held it in place as I unlocked my door and waddled inside. The bulge felt huge. I made my way to the bathroom and surveyed the damage - I took my hand off my butt and looked in the mirror. The pants skintight pants that were intended to make me look sexy in the gym displayed it all perfectly: the seat was totally brown, and I looked just like a freaking baby with a full, full, full diaper. The smell was terrible, and I threw up into the toilet because of it - the sudden motion caused some poo to slip down onto the back of my legs. I got in the shower and completely undressed, dropped my clothes in the vanity trashcan and scrubbed myself clean twice. I threw everything away.

I told a friend about the experience, and I'm glad she directed me here. Apparently other people have accidents! I've come to terms, though I think I'll avoid it if at all possible in the future...


She Finally Does It For Me

Thanks for the kudos on my last post, Ashley! I really appreciated it. Have you or do you ever fart or take a dump in front of a male family with no regard?

This past Thursday I kicked it with my aunt who is 37 yrs. old and we watched Game 7 of the Lakers and Celtics. It was just she and I in the house. I finally got lucky to watch her take a dump this time. She has a ???? butt like I mentioned in my previous posts and was wearing some red shorts made out of jogging pants material. We were both lying in the bed and she told me that she had slice of pizza and a ice cream cone from Mickey D's for lunch. During the 2nd quarter, she said, "Here comes some gas, hurry up before you miss it." So I laid behind her and she turned her butt in my face and let a short, but loud fart. Near the end of the 2nd, she said "Round 2" and I laid my head on her back and let off a silent one.

After the end of game, she went & got some water and came back. She told me that it was time for her to shit. I ask her if she had to fart again and she said probably one more time. I told her that she should do it under the covers. She laughed and dared that I wouldn't. I told her go ahead. She lied down back on the bed. So I laid my head on her back near her butt and told her to go for it. She pulled the entire cover over her and let off a loud ass bubbly fart that went for 6 seconds long! I stayed under the cover for 5 minutes until the smell left. It stunk like hell. It was amazing and I loved it. We were both laughing our ass off and she said, "Come on, let's do this."

She sat on the toilet and took a piss. After that, she started pushing it out. I heard two small pieces drop out. After that, she told me here was the big one. She closed her eyes start pushing. After some crackling, the last piece finally dropped and the room started stankin'! She stood up to let me look and I saw two small pieces that were 3 inches each and a longer piece that was 8 inches long. After that, she wiped, flushed and we joke about the smell as she sprayed. I finally got to see my aunt go and it was a pretty cool and entertaining.


A day at thorpe park that turned out shit.... literally!

Me and my sister wanted to go Thorpe park the other day so we just went as we live quite close. I'm 17 and my sisters 20. I had a ???? ache on the way there, but it wasn't til noon that i realized it was a matter of me needing to do a massive poo!

My stomach was grumbling loudly that even my sister Hannah could hear it she worried if i was OK and if i needed the toilet. So i said but i don't wanna go in public ones. I tried to ignore my ???? but it but it kept getting worse. Pressure was building up badly while i was queuing for slammer. I was so worried! I was looking around nervously and biting my bottom lip anxiously, i farted quite loudly and with me going eek a bit. I was holding in a giant load! On the ride slammer didn't do me any good at all just made it worse much worse! Whilst on it i again farted and Hannah laughed and said "sounds like you really really need to go ey" i said "omg i REALLY do!!!" Luckily the toilets are outside slammer, after the ride i rushed in there, pulled down my shorts and panties and pooed like i haven't pooed before! My stomach was moaning as i was farting and pooing my brains out, it was half diarrhea but lots of it. The poo was very audible! My sister went into the one next me and said "well if your going i might as well" she sat and grunted, sounds like she was having a hard time. She said she envied me and then i said, no u really don't, as bits of poo was still shooting out my ass loudly. She commented saying "that sounds nasty Nat!" i just said i know. I continued farting and pooing for ages she said she'll meet me in burger king. With me huffing, puffing and violently farting i said ok! I held on to the rims of the toilet and whispered omg with a worried and sad face.

About 15 minutes later i came out and Hannah said to me cor u took ur time. I just said I'm sorry but at least i didn't shit myself, i think i jinxed it......

After having a big meal in burger king for lunch, i felt a bit queasy. We then went on Nemesis inferno which made me so dizzy and even more queasy. And then it was detonator. I swear when that drop i thought i did shit myself but no it was just a really wet fart ripped loudly again. But when i got off the ride i felt i needed to go quite badly. I didn't want Hannah to think I'm gross by going again so i ignored it as it wasn't too bad anyway. After those rides it was time for stealth, the Que lines were only 20 mins! So we thought we were lucky. We were wrong, whilst queuing it broke down. And since we was in the middle of the Que Hannah didn't want to leave. So after about 30 minutes waiting i said to her "ummm i kinda need the loo" she said what number. So i said "ermm well 3 because it feels nasty!" she went "oh for god sake Nat why do you keep needing a poo!" At this point i was squirming and doing the poo dance, trying my best to not open my legs. My sister said to me don't worry Nat we're about to get on. My ass was going crazy the farts were so wet and loud and i could not hold them in, i was literally baring my teeth and saying oo every time i farted (which was a lot)

When we finally on the ride, i was so tensed up, then it shot us 0-80mph in less then 2 seconds. Within that 2 seconds i had shit my pants! AHHHH! I screamed not because of the ride but because i had pooed in my panties... a lot! But then another thing happened... on the down part of stealth i pooed more out with no control. When the breaks were on and it was running slowly all you could hear was bubbling farts as my panties had all the poo in but i was still sharting and the air coming out. I said quietly "holy shit!" Hannah said in shock "omg you didn't! ewwwww!" I felt so dirty. When i got off the ride their was a huge bulge in my short shorts and feel of it dripping slowly down my leg. I ran carefully to the toilets with my sister following. I saw the on ride photo my eyes were squinting and i looked like i was in horror, that's problem the moment it happened. I finished up on the toilet saying to me omg i cant believe this happened to me! I was almost in tears, still shaking on the toilet and pooing my sister comes into the one next to me again and gives me her top, she said that she didn't mind only wearing a bra and shorts in public. So i wrapped it around my waste so it covered my ruined panties. We went home after that, my sister apologized i said don't worry. Pressure built up in the car but i didn't say anything, but i made it home anyway. I managed to get home and take a huge satisfying dump! That day was eventful! :|

Anyone else shat themselves in public?

Nat x

Anyone From singapore have any stories to share?

Hi My name Jordan i am 24 years old and i live with 24 year old girlfriend. I am 5,9 203 pounds not that much muscular and i am african american. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 10 years. we were best friends at first but both liked each other we kissed each other when we were walking home we love each other very much.

Now enough about me lets get on with the forum my girlfriends name is Asia she is 5,6 132 pounds a bit muscular has a nice butt and is also african american. I am going to tell you a story of my first pooping experience when i was 13 i never saw a girl poop before so this was a good memory.

One day after a long and almost boring day of middle school me and Asia were hanging out with friends till like 5 o'clock we live near each other and we decided to go to my house so she dropped her stuff at home and told her brother that she was going to be at my house. He said okay and and said be careful. he was like 18 he kind of didn trust me he really cared about his sister. so we walked to my house she already met my family so they were cool with her coming. we got there and the only person in the house was my cousin but he locks himself in all the time so we were alone. she said that she was hungry and there was kind of no food at the house so we walked to the corner store and bought tons of junkfood. we got home and we ate almost all of it she ate more than i did though it amazed me how she kept her figure. we watched a movie she then came in front of me and she kissed me passionately we contiued to kiss when we both heard a loud gurgle from her stomach. she laughed and said that means you fead me real good and kissed me i said hell yeah i did. we continued to make out for a few more minutes till we heard another loud gurgle and she said i gotta take a wicked dump she burped and said excuse me she got up and went down the long hallway to the bathroom . i waited for her and she came back saying wheres the toilet paper. i got up smacked her butt and she said stop i need to got poo and your making more pressure on my butt she laughed as she said it. i got it for her and she took it and we heard another loud gurgle and she quickly went to the bathroom and said arn't you coming. my heart was pounding and i was excited and followed in the bathroom with her. she dropped the toilet paper on the counter she mooned me a bit and she dropped her baggy pants(yeah shes a tomboy so she wears her brother clothes sometimes) and dropped her beautiful black butt on the toilet. she giggled and said this is going to be a big one. she pissed for a few seconds till zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp came from her but. it the she did another one till a series of farts started. she laughed a bit then BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. she looked up and saw i had a buldge in front of my pants and said are you enjoyin the show. the room started to smell a bit then she moaned she bended over and i saw a long thick poop come out of her butt and then it went PLOOP she moaned and and a series of te arts came till it stopped BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPLOPPLOPLOPLOPLOP she farted and dropped alot of turds as it echoed in the bathroom she stod up to look at her pile and said dam thats alot of shit we hear a faint gurgle from her stomach she clamps her stomach with one hand sits down quickly and we hear a Waterfall of ploops come out PLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she was having diarrhea and her face didn look pained at all. she did one more Fart and said to me in a sexual and slow Jordan im done can you wipe my bum bum for me its all dirty with caca she stood up and i wiped her but 8 to sevent times and it was finally clean. the toiletwas able to flush down the whole thing and we went back to watch the movie she shut the tv off and we continued to make out till she left. that was a ggod experience she still poops infront of me now i will continue to post

Laters and Live For The Moment

to katie: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that u encountered a major poo accident in your own home with your mom right in front of you! i hate it when parents freak out about kids having bathroom accidents. iam glad that you were able to successful clean up and put on some cleaner clothes. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to CD:i really enjoyed your post! congraulations on producing a really huge log! iam finally glad that it decided to come out of you! i totally agree with you when u say that u dont mind passing huge logs anyday! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless .
to Jess: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your past experience with your poo accident. iam glad that it hasnt happened recently! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless .
to Ben(InIowa): i really enjoyed your post! congraulations on going to the womens bathroom to take a huge dump! how did it feel? thats really cool that a women left a present for you in the tiolet. iam also glad that u got to add to the work that was already there! i lookforward to your future post take care and God bless.
to Sarah( from Alanta): i really enjoyed your post! congraulations on you and your friend using the mens bathroom! how did it feel? did she enjoy using the urinal? did your friend leave the unrinal unflushed? i remember being in middle school and having strict teachers that wouldnt let us use the bathroom during class. i want to compliment your friend on being brave and being able to make it through class without having an accident. that is a challenge for alot of women! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! i didnt know that u have had bed wetting problems for most of your life. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AshelyF: dont let the other women tease you cause you have problems wetting the bed. your still an awesome women! take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that two teenage girls were spying on you in the woods while u were trying to relieve yourself. dont let that bother you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friend Lucy had a fun day of shopping! thats cool that u both had a successful dump in the bathroom at the department store. iam sorry to hear that u both stained your underwear. iam glad that u both bought another pair! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Gordonzola: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that you got hear someone else relieve themselves. iam sorry that u dont know whether it was a man or a woman. who did u want it to be? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AmandaM: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry that u stained your underwear a little. at least it wasnt too bad. iam glad that u were able to wash the stain out. iam also glad to hear that u didnt mess up your jeans at all. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Braidy: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u have a summer job at a theme park. iam sorry to hear about your horrible bathroom experience. your 4 inches taller than me. dont let this bad experience get u down. once in a while leave the tiolet unflushed. iam glad to hear that your coworker mia is very supportive of you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to I3POO: i really enjoyed your post! some foods will give u really bad gas. a really spicy susuage will do the trick. iam glad in the end that you ended up having a successful dump. thats cool that you stunk up the bathroom. the lavender air freshner sounds like a soothing after sent to let out! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Scott: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u got to witness a really attractive woman having bad diarreah. i feel real bad for the woman though! iam glad that u have great respect for your wife and other women as well. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your two stories. they sounded cool and intersting. your teacher should have not lectured to you about the importants of using the bathroom on your own time. thats cool that u passed a really huge log at your friends birthday party. if i had clogged my friends tiolet i would have left a birthday surprsie for her as a practical joke. at the same time i would be really embarrassed also. once in a while u should play a joke. but make sure it doesnt ruin your frienship. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Linda: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u have had more successful bowel movements. hope it stays that way for you! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your major poo accident in your boyfriends car. iam glad that he helped you clean up and was very sympathic towards you. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Esteban: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you encountered an awesome bathroom experience at the beach wih other guys. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to IP003: i really enjoyed your post about bathroom shyness at the work place. i enjoy stinking up the bathroom in the workplace and whenever i use the bathroom in a public place. i also love it when another woman or big group of teenage girls walk in on me when iam releasing a huge load and make comments about the smell. might i also add that whenever i enter a public bathroom and immediately pick up a scent of poo i giggle. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.



Upstate Dave

School Accidents

The next school accident happened to a girl in my class on a day towars the end of the school year. We were taking final exams. In this class the teacher was a very strict woman teacher. She was more strict with the girls then the boys. Most of the girls when outside her classroom called her a bitch! That made us guys laugh ut this teacher did desereve it!

Now we were taking the final exam which I was sitting right across the aisle from the girl that would have the accident. I had know her since third grade. Debbie was a very nice looking girl too. She was a brunette and always was neatly dressed in nice dresses. She had on one while doing the exam.

We would be in the classroom too for three hours which was the alloted time for the exam. The first hour had gone by. Durring the second hour Debbie began to squirm a little in her woodenseat. She even raised her hand which this woman teacher saw it raised. She left her desk nd walked down to Debbie. Debbie asked her ifshe could go to the girls room I DO HAVE TO PEE! The bitch of a teacher said right back to Debbie; No The teacher spun right around and walked right back up to her desk and sat back down.

Hearing what was said I thought to myself; Poor Debbie and what a bitch not to let Debbie go to the girlsroom to piss! Debbie went on taking the exam but squirmed harder as she went on with the test. After the second hour had [assed and we were into the fina hour of the exam Debbie was squirming in her wooden seat hard enough she was making the chairs feet slide on the floor which made a pretty loud squeak.

The teacher heard the squeaking of Debbies chair and she looked hard right at Debbie and said to her; Sit stillyoung lady! You're bothering the other students! Debbie looked back at the bitch and she did stop her chair sliding which stopped its squeaking. Debbie sat there for several moments very still with her thighs hard pressed into each other and I even saw a tear roll down her cheek as she sat there so stiffly.

Five more minutes went past. I was finished with my exam which I raised my hand and said I was done. The bitch came down picked up my exam and went back to her desk with it and sat back down. I had to stay at my desk even though I was finished. No one could leave the room till the three hours were up finished or not. So I just leaned over placed my head down on my arms which I had on the desk. I did have my head turned which I faced Debbie.

She was frozen solid not having moved in the past five minutes or so. She had not gone back to her test eitherfor her pen was frozen in her hand to on her desk. There was on her face the wet trails from her tears that had ran down them. Then a couple of minutes later Debbie had her accident.

Debbie suddenly slid forward on the wooden seat getting her legs and lower body under her wooden desk. As I was looking over I saw the underside of her blue dress on its left side turn a darker blue. Also I saw her wooden seat of her chair what looked like water start to form a puddle on it. Then her piss started running off the front edge of the wooden chair and on to the floor under her desk.

Her piss showed yellow on the white tiles of the floor. Debbie was sitting stiffly as she pissed. Her eyes were tightly shut but there were tears running down her face from both of her tightly shut eyes. Her dress dark blue wet areas grew bigger as she pissed in her seat. Then after pissing for several second Debbie then just gave in.

She opened up her tightly clinched together thighs. Now that she had given up and doing this along with relaxing Debbie pissed harder. Now her piss besides running off in two different places off the front of her wooden seat it alos began to run off both sides of her seat and with the increased run off from her seta her piss now splashed which besides me hearing it the splashing of her piss on the floor attracted the attention of several more student which were behind Debbie or across the aisle of desks on the other side of Debbie.

Two other girl students one behind Debbie and the other girl directly across on the other side of Debbie raised thier hands right up together. One of the girls even said right outloud to the bitch of a teacher; Debbie's having accident! Help her! Alls the bitch aid to the two girls was; Mind your own business. Are you done or not? One of the two girls said bitch! But said it low enough which the teacher asked that girl; Did you say something to me? The girl told her no.

The teacher did come back and took the two girls tests. She went right back to her desk and sat back down. She didn't help Debbie but gave her a stone ocld look when she passed her when she went back to her desk. Debbie did stop pissing shortly after this but had to sit in her own piss at her desk. Debbie did cry for a short time then stopped and sat there right till almost to the end of the third hour in her own piss but did finish the exam. She was then helped out of the classroom when we all could leave by the two girls that had spoken to the teacher when Debbie was pissing.

As a post script to this incident thebitch was repremandeted by the principle and when school resumed in the fall the bitch was no longer there! She had retired over the summer is what we all had found out hwne we had returned. Since this woman teacher was so well disliked not a single one of us that were there when Debbie had her accident durring the exam none of didn't tease her, or never mentioned it. The end

Any updates from office poopers?

Just Jerika

A Survey on how you select a public toilet to use

I've written before about how hard it is for me being only 3 foot, 5 inches at age 12 to comfortably use a public toilet away from home. My feet don't reach the floor when I'm seated and as I posted on Page 1862 I got cussed out by a mad mother earlier this summer at the mall because of a mistake I made in walking in on her daughter. I swear it was an accident, but that doesn't help my confidence. Now me and my friend Jill who use our babysitting money to hang out at the mall and have lunch in the food court like three days a week have written this survey. We hope you will take the time to complete it. Thank you.

1. Are you male or fremale? What is your age?

2. Do you check each stall before you select the one you will use?

3. Are you more particular in selecting the stall when you have to crap
or when you have to pee?

4. Do you mind an unflushed bowl?

5. Do you mind pee on the seat?

6. Do you remember to check for toilet paper?

7. Do you expect a seat tissue to be available before you sit down?

8. Do you tear off toilet paper to lay over the seat before you sit d

9. Are you offended by grafitti on the stall door or walls?

Now here are our answers:

1. Jerika (female, 12)
Jill (female, 13)

2. Jerika: not usually, but I won't use the stalls without doors
Jill: I never check more than one or two

3. Jerika: no
Jill: I try to get the last stall to crap because I'll be taking

4. Jerika: when I'm desperate, no.
Jill: I would have poo-ed my self several times at school if I did.
Lots of my friends don't flush their poo.

5. Jerika: I try to avoid it, but sometimes at places like the mall I
can't so to avoid peeing myself, I just sit down.
Jill: It's gross, I know. Sometimes if another stall is open, I'll
move over to it.

6. Jerika: I try but sometimes I forget because I've already waited
long in holding my crap.
Jill: My mom has yelled at me about being that dumb, but I guess I
still am.

7. Jerika: No
Jill: No, but I tried one last year at Wal-Mart. It like stuck to my
butt and when I stood up to wipe, I accidentally got some of
my poo on it when I was standing to wipe myself. I'll never
use one again. They suck.

8. Jerika: My mom did lay paper down for me when I was like really,
really young, but I never have.
Jill: No

9. Jerika: Yes. I know some of the girls and guys being written about
and it is so unfair what's being said about them.
Jill: Yes, but some of it's interesting. At the park, there was a
painting of a guy's organ that covered the inside of the stall
door, top to bottom. It was up a couple of months before the
city sprayed over it.

Hope you guys enjoy the survey!

Just Jerika (and Jill, too)

To Ashley: Thanx so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my poo, yes that was quite a poo I took and the main thing was that it was a really good poo and my belly felt much better after for it :) there's more to come from me x Likewise I love reading about your poos as well. Take care & God bless x

To GuyInTN: Cheers thanx :) glad to hear that you enjoy reading about my descriptive poo posts. I love to give readers as much details as I can, some like it some don't but I hope you carry on enjoy reading about my bm's. Take care yeah :)

To Gordonzola: Yes it was a good one thanx and boy did I really stink the loo out, but when you gotta go you gotta go. I had a really upset belly after that sausage roll and it sure was good to unleash that big, brown, smelly monster lol :)

Anyways, I'm kinda sitting here writing this post and I can feel I really need a big poo kind of building up inside my belly again. It could be another case of a very smelly bathroom again. Will post straight after I go... gotta go and drop some sausages! :) Sorry too much info.

Hello everyone! Today at work I had an interesting experience. A young boy approached me and announced to the world that his mommy needed to poop very bad. I spotted a woman nearby and there was no mistaking she was his mother, when her face literally turned red with embarassment. I pointed them towards the bathroom and couldn't help but laugh when she was out of sight. I saw them come out of the bathroom about twenty minutes later and she seemed less embarassed, but she still couldn't make eye contact with anyone.

Also,looking at the calendar, I notice the weekend of the fourth of July is almost here. I'm sure a lot of people have big plans already in place, and I do as well. Every year, I go camping during the weekend closest to the actual holiday. And when I go camping, I get real into the whole experience. I don't bring an RV or stay in a cabin in the woods, I "rough it" in a tent, make a fire, all that kind of stuff. The only thing I insist on is a bathroom of some sort, although even an outhouse is fine. The campground I usually stay at has several seperate areas where people can pitch their tents, and each one has a designated safe place to light the fire. The campground has one communal toilet area, with two three-holer outhouses. The holes are seperated by planks of wood and you can only see the heads of the other occupants of the outhouse. Of course there's a story to be found here, and it happened two years ago...

One afternoon, I felt the need to poop so I headed off towards the outhouses. I took the middle hole in one of the outhouses and pulled down my pants and underwear. I started to pee a light stream then pushed out a poop Craakkkllll. Just then, I saw a lady about my age come in. Splat my poop dropped onto the pile of poop left. I farted softly pfffrt and the other woman grunted Nnnnggghh. I let out another fart Prrrt, she grunted again Nnggh. Braaaap Braaaaaap Pfft from her, krakkkkl as I pushed out another poop. Splunk Splat Nggghhh Praaart Crakkkkl splot she dropped a few poops, then my own poop dropped off Splonk. I farted pfft Plop she broke off her poop. I felt I was done, but I wanted to hear what she would produce. Crrrakklll Mmmh Splop Pfft Pffft Prrt Splopploplppllpopplop sounded like a half solid barrage of poops. The third door closed now but it was a guy coming in. I have no interest in hearing guys, so I quickly wiped up with the not very good toilet paper and left.

Finally, I have a quick pee story for all of you. I went over to my friend J's house on Saturday to watch Leverage with her and P. It's a very good show, but I found it hard to concentrate on the last half because I had to pee. I managed to hold it in without leaking, so as soon as it was over, I rushed to the bathroom. I didn't know that both P and J were also holding their pee as well. So, three people who all have to pee, and only one toilet, not exactly a winning combo. I couldn't hold it any longer and I pulled down my jeans and panties then hopped on the sink. I peed for a long while, and J peed in the toilet and P went in the bathtub. We all wiped, flushed the toilet, then we had to rinse the sink and bath out.

Kendra :)

Wrong Tube)

I just heard a real funny, but pathetic, story from a friend whose family is from Italy. Joe, (not his real name) is a first generation American born child, (now an adult). In other words, his dad emigrated from "the "Old Country".Joe is fluent in both english and Italian and his dad speaks English pretty well, but it's a broken English. Well, recently Joe's uncle (his dad's brother) came over to america to visit the family. He was complaining about a problem with hemmoroids. Joe's uncle could not speak or read English at all. Joe told him to go to the bathroom medicine cabinet and get a white tube with a BLUE label. It was Preparation "H". It would give him relief and shrink the hemmoroids. Joe's uncle went into the bathroom and, a few minutes later came out screaming in Italain using new cuss words never heard before! Joe tried to calm him down but he wouldn"t stop yelling and screaming at him and his dad. When he finally did calm down a little, Joe walked back to the bathroom with him to try to figure out what he had done. There, lying on the floor by the toilet, was a white tube with a RED label: Ben=Gay!

I <3 POO

2nite's poo

Hi everyone :)

Just thought I'd quickly post about the poo I just had, some of you may recall from earlier that I was dying for a poo at around half 9 this evening but the urge was delayed and finally at half 10, I felt a huge load making its way to my anus. So with that I took myself to the downstairs loo which is a bit more private at this time of night as everyone was asleep upstairs and I don't want to wake anyone with the loud farts I can let rip from my bum and the loud plops which follow. I quickly got downstairs and made my way to the loo.

As it's been a hot and sultry evening I've been going round the house in a blue Hawaiian tee, shorts and flip-flops all evening since I got in from work 'cos for me that's a sexy summer look. I locked the loo door, pulled my pants and shorts down to my thighs and sat on the loo, I could feel a rumbling in my belly and I knew I was about to unleash a big, fat, smelly poo. I spread my legs wide and crossed my arms and pressed them against and leaned forward. Within about 5-7 seconds a small piece of poo slipped out and landed in the bowl with a plip! I then waited a couple of seconds before I could hear that crackle as my poo was about to rear its head out of my bum and then about 3-4 big, fat, brown logs started dropping out of my bum ...ka-blop, ka-blop, blop and I could feel that these were stretching my bum hole as another log dropped out with a loud SPDOOOOOSHH!! It was a bit smelly but not on the scale of what I did on Monday evening, that was an absolute stinker this was about 3/10 on the smell scale I'd have thought. I felt that I was done and tore of some tp but before I wiped my bum I had a quick look behind...there were at least 4 thick logs in the bowl and there was one semi-log which had broken a bit and a small piece which I dropped at the start was a floater! I only needed 2-3 wipes to get my bum clean and got up off the loo re-adjusted my shorts/pants and flushed the loo. That was a good poo and it only took less than 5 mins to drop out as I was dying to go.

Night, night all...more from me very soon

PS. To Wendy: I love reading your posts keep them up hunnie x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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