Sneeze and Shit Story

This is my first time posting here. I've been lurking around this sight for a few weeks now, but I've finally worked up the courage to post something of my own!
My name's Kaite ????, I'm 12 (I'll be 13 this year), I'm tall, not that skinny, sort of homely looking, with pale skin, green eyes and short dark hair. I'm a huge tomboy but I've never really been open about my bowel movements like I'm open about peeing and whatnot, anyhow, here it goes:

About a month ago, I was on my period. Normally my period brings constipation, but little did I know that Aunt. Flow would bring diarrhea this time.
I was sitting at my computer with a terrible stomach ache, when I felt the need to go. However, I didn't get up, because I'm lazy, so I just held it back. It worked for about two hours, then, when the urge returned, I held it back again, but this time, I sneezed. As I sneezed I felt like something was pulling my organs down to my sphincter and my boxers soon fluffed up with diarrhea, pee, and period blood. You've never seen me move faster than I did then! I jumped up from my chair and the blood and poo started sliding down my thighs in chunky brown globs and onto my white carpet. I started freaking out because my mom was in the kitchen (the first room once you go downstairs) so I had to stand there in my own waste and repeatedly spray Fabreeze Air Freshener so the stench wouldn't go downstairs, trying to concentrate on thinking of a way to clean up myself and my clothes. After my mom left the kitchen, I ran downstairs (with my robe on over my shitty garments) and into the bathroom, where I pre-sprayed the Lysol. Starting at the small of my back and ending about halfway to my calf, I was a shitty, bloody mess. My boxers were absolutely COVERED in defecation, there was ZERO hope of even attempting to clean them. But, desperate, I ran to the back porch and stole my mom's bleach. I returned to the bathroom and drowned my boxers in the bleach, and got in the shower. I sprayed myself clean and attempted to clean my boxers some more, but it didn't work. I put on clean clothes, grabbed my boxers, and ran out of the bathroom, which by then smelled so God-awful you almost choked. I ran outside and stuffed them in the already-tied garbage bag that was set for the Garbage dudes to pick up. I wonder if they saw them?..
As for my floor, I just prayed it with Shout and the shit came right out.

Happy shitting everyone! Maybe I'll post more stories if anyone likes this one.


Exquisite Relief At Last

I am so, SO thankful that after nearly a month of pushing out nothing but 'golf balls and marbles', the dam finally broke this morning. I began farting a lot around yesterday afternoon and the loud gassing continued right until the time I was in bed going to sleep.

This morning I woke up feeling a need to have a crap. Not an unusually strong sense of urgency... In fact, I went back to sleep for another hour and thought that what was waiting for me in the bathroom would be more of the same miserable BM's of late.

I went to the bathroom to have my morning shower and pee, but this time I felt it would be better to sit down and get the stuff out of me beforehand. So I sat down and began to push... Things required a little bit of effort to get going, but in an unexpected way. The next thing I hear was some gas and then two 'SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH!' sounds. I said to myself, "Oh great... MORE of these thing are still coming out!!?? I have been trying since LAST WEEK to eat right and do all the usual things to get some 'sausages' to appear."

I rested for a moment and then IT finally came. The ONE. The BIG LOG I had been so hoping for since late May. The movement wasn't painful at all... It slid out nearly silently into the water (with a few, 'Sssssss' gassy farts accompanying it's creation), without any effort, and just went on and on and on. There was still some apprehension for the first few seconds. I had been 'tricked' before thinking my bowel movement was thick and healthy only to see that everything was just a pile of roundish bits sitting under the water. But there was no mistaking it this time.

When the big one finally stopped, several 'snakes' came out just as silently and added to the good things I now knew were waiting for my viewing. I stayed on the toilet for a few minutes longer than I needed to since I wanted to be completely sure nothing else was coming.

I got up, turned around, and saw that thing I had been waiting for for SOOOOOOO long. A thick log, at least 9" long by 2" wide, with a good inch of it sticking out of the water. The bottom of the stool had a few of those 'marbles' (but amalgamated into the turd), the middle section had the good size and appearance of what I define as a good looking piece of crap. Towards the end of the log, it's appearance transformed into a more homogeneous light brown... very similar to the 3 or 4 'snakes' that came out at the very end of my time on the toilet.

The glorious empty feeling we get after a satisfying BM... That tingle in your spine and the "Ahhhhhh... I REALLY needed that!" thought never actually came to me. But don't get me wrong. I still got up and went into the shower feeling 20 lbs lighter, and I will take that any day!!

Take care,


one time a few years age I was walking home from school. As I walked across my front law i started to have these really load farts. Every time I farted a little bit of pee came out with them and the weird thing is I didn't even have to pee. about 5 min. later I was in the back of my house now going to open the door to get to the bathroom when the farts stopped my stomach cramped up and then my bladder realeased itself. it felt like i just jumped into a pool from my waist down.that was my first acciedent since I was a little kid. I hoped you enjoyed it!!!!


Ben In Iowa

Desperate double dump

I took the most relieving dump tonight at work. It was past closing and everyone had left and I was locking up the store when all of a sudden I got a huge cramp and felt that I needed to shit right now! I quickly made my way to the back restrooms and went into the mens. I saw that someone had completely pissed all over the seat, there wasn't a dry spot on it and I didn't have time to clean it off. I left the men's room and went over to the women's restroom since I was the only one in the store. I went in and the toilet seat was clean but the last user had not flushed the toilet. The toilet was full of golden pee and there was a huge log in there, at least a foot long and a bunch of toilet paper. I decided I would add to her job with my own. I dropped my pants and a turd started coming out right as I was sitting down, I was almost too late! Shit just forced its way out with little effort. I hadn't been able to go in about 3 days so the relief was unexplainable. I sat there for about 15 minutes just relaxing and letting nature do its course. I was also kind of turned on that I was doing it in the women's room, and adding to what a women had left for someone to find out. I finished up and the toilet was completely filled with both my load and the mystery women's load. I wiped and flushed and somehow it all went down with one flush but there were many skid marks left behind.

To Wendy: I enjoy your posts and your accident stories. Can't wait to hear more.

To Trevor: Don't worry about it. I have had those feeling too. You might have a fetish for pee and poop accidents. Hopefully you find more in common with her, you would have what some people dream to have in a girl and I'm sure she would love to have someone who would understand her issues.

sarah from atlanta

school bathroom problems

it's me again! i love all your stories! they are great!

i just finished grade 7. my school is grade 7, 8, and 9, and each grade has their own "hallway", which is really like a square. we have about 300-400 kids in grade 7, so it's a lot. the bathrooms are on one end of the hallway. the girls are on one side, and the boys are on the other. each class is 50 minutes long, and we have 7 classes every day. we have lockers to keep our books and book bag and what not, so between each class we get 3 minutes to go to our locker and get the books we need for that class. usually, if you ask to go to the bathroom in class, we are not allowed. the teachers don't like us wasting class time, so they say to wait till later. my friend, who had not gone to the bathroom all day, was about to burst. she hadn't peed since the night before, pooped in about a week, and she had just started her period but wasn't wearing a pad or tampon. she went up to privately tell my teacher this, but the teacher said no, you have a pad in, go in that, but she said no i don't. and, my friend was wearing pure white pants. not good. she was somehow able to hold it till the bell rang, but during the 3 minute break the bathroom line was extremely long. she told me that she was holding her vagina so she wouldn't pee, squeezing her butt so she wouldn't poop, and that she could feel her underwear soaked with blood. the teacher for our next class is a very nice, about 30-year-old Indian lady. she is one of my favorite teachers. but it would be very embarrassing for her to go tell her all that, so i went for her. the teacher gave me a tampon to give to her, and i went to the bathroom with her. but when we got to the bathroom the line was really long, and she told me that she knew she wouldn't make it. so we went into the boy's bathroom, because no one was there. she wanted to go in the urinal, so she did. it was very fun.

does anyone know what happens if you pee in a pad? would it leak through or not?


To: Ashley F.

I have had bedwetting problems pretty much my whole life. When I went to college I had to share a room with 3 other boys, so keeping my bedwetting a secret was tough. I had to hide my pull ups under the bed and be really careful about putting them
on, taking them off or throwing them away. I don't think any of them found out and if they did no one said anything. I understand how you feel about bedwetting and I share a lot of stories on the web. It turns out there are a lot of us. Obviously no one really likes to admit it so you have to find them.

Good luck in the future. Stay dry and if you don't, I won't hold it against you.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Caught pooing

I went to the woods this morning to have a poo. I was busting to go but when I got there I found there were some kids playing. I walked into the dense undergrowth the hide myself & lowered my jeans & knickers & sat on a log with a large hole in it. It made a great toilet & I started to poo straight away. I peed loads while I pood & when it was done I wiped with some leaves. I stood up to pull my knickers & jeans back up when I heard giggling. To my horror there two girls of about 15 or 16 watching me. I was so embarrassed because they say the whole thing. One of them remarked about the smell & other said something about toilets in the car park. I ran off with my knickers all bunched up above the waist of my jeans & went home.


Another story from my exchange trip

Hi everyone, its Abbie here again. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy lately. I've been meaning to post about some of the other stuff that happened on my recent trip to Germany. After my eventfull journey when I ended up having to go for a poo on the plane, I eventually arrived at my exchange partner Jana's house at about 9pm. A few posts ago I talked about last year when she came to stay at my house and how she was like really relaxed and even had a poo in front of me when I was brushing my teeth. I had been worried for some time before the trip that her whole family would be the same and I wouldn't have any privacy at all while I was there. When I got to her house and was shown round I had a nasty feeling that my worries would come true, I was going to share a room with her in the attic and her two younger sisters had a room opposite. In between the rooms was a sort of landing and off that was a bathroom. The first time I went up there I just dropped my case off and didn't really take everything in, it was only when we went up there to get ready for bed that I started to panic. Jana and I went in her room and I opened my case to get my nightie and wash bag out. I quickly got undressed, put on my nightie and then went out to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a wee. The door was wide open and I noticed to my horror there was no lock, but the light was on, so I went in cautiously then got the shock of my life when I saw one of Jana's sisters sitting on the loo. She was just wearing a white crop top and yellow knickers (which were round her knees) and by the look on her face she was having a poo and finding it hard work. I quickly went back to the bedroom, Jana seemed suprised to see me back so soon, so I tried to explain in a mix of German and English what the problem was, but she just shrugged and smiled before undressing to her bra and knickers and going off to the bathroom herself! I sat on the bed and started to unpack my suitcase, wondering how on earth I was going to get some privacy when going to the toilet. I figured I would just about cope with having a wee and risk someone walking in but knew I wouldn't be able to go for a poo, I'd have to hope I could wait until we were out at Jana's school or in town and go then. Just then Jana came back in and I thought I'd try to use the bathroom again, so I went out onto the landing. This time the light was out, so I realised that it was probably empty, which luckily it was. I quickly went over to the toilet, lifted my nightie and pulled down my knickers before sitting, and then started on my wee. It went on quite a while, when I was done I wiped and pulled my knickers back up then went and brushed my teeth. Fortunately no-one else came in so I went back to Jana's room and went to bed. The next morning I woke up early and thought I'd better sieze my chance to have a shower in peace, so I took a towel to the bathroom and had a quick wee before quickly undressing and getting in the shower. No sooner had I got out and wrapped myself in my towel than the door opened and Jana's other sister walked in, wearing just her nightie. She smiled at me while I hastily picked up my knickers and wrapped them in my nightie and I caught a glimpse of her pulling down her knickers and sitting on the loo before I went back to Jana's room to get dressed. That first day I went to school with Jana and her sisters and amazingly didn't feel the need for a poo all day, sometimes travelling makes me a bit constipated and a different diet can also have the same effect. That afternoon I was with Jana up in her room just chilling and reading magazines when she left to use the loo, I was pretty sure she needed a poo as she'd been squirming around and letting some farts out. I took advantage of the opportunity to change my knickers, my period had started earlier in the day and so you can guess what had happened. I quickly reached up under my skirt and slid them down putting them in my dirty laundry bag then opened the drawer to find a clean pair. I suddenly realised that I was in a bit of an embaresing situation as far as my underwear was concerned, I had packed my case in a real rush and as a result had managed to take knickers which were either way too small for me or ones which wouldn't stay up any more as the elastic was bust. I managed to squeeze myself into a pink flowery pair which probably fit me about like three years ago, and realised that I'd have to try and go shopping the next day, I knew we were taking the train to Hannover and thought that I'd tell Lucy my problem and see if we could sort something out. The rest of that day passed without event, I managed to have a wee a couple more times that evening without interruption! The next morning as I got up I suddenly felt the urge for a poo, and as we got on the train to go into Hannover it steadily got worse and worse. I sat with Lucy and told her all about the toilet situation at Jana's and also that I needed new underwear. We arrived at Hannover and visited some museums, our teachers had told us that in the afternoon we'd have some free time to look around the shops and I couldn't wait to get into a department store and have a poo in peace in their toilets. Finally the time came when we could go off round the shopping centre, by then I wanted a poo so badly that I could ahrdly walk. Lucy and I found a department store and went straight to the ladies loos, she said she was bursting for a poo as well. We went in to the toilets and took cubicles next to each other. Just as I lifted my skirt I felt some poo come out in my knickers, I tugged them down with an effort and sat down. I gasped as the poo came out on its own, stretching my bum hole. Next to me I could hear Lucy grunting and farting. I wiped off my knickers with some toilet roll but they were really badly stained, so I took them off and put them in the sanitary bin. The first log dropped and then I started pushing to get the next one out, this took more effort than I expected as it was really wide and hard. After a few loud grunts it finally fell into the bowl and then I heard a big plop from next door too. I ripped off some loo paper, wiped my bum and then pulled the flush. Moments later I heard Lucy do the same. I came out of my cubicle and washed my hands, I told Lucy when she came out that I'd had to throw my knickers away and she said that she had as well. We went off and I bought a pack of knickers, I said to Lucy that she could have a pair as she'd also ruined hers, so we then went back to the toilets and changed into them before going to the meeting place and catching the train. Thankfully the rest of the trip passed without incedant, that is apart from seeing Jana and her sisters on the loo a few more times. Thanks for reading, bye!!

to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your horrible accident that you had at the beach. iam also sorry to hear that the other girls were laughing and making fun of you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AshleyF: i miss your posts! do u have any stories where u have left the tiolet unflushed when out in public with a big group of friends? i hope that your doing well! take care and God bless.
to KateM: i really enjoyed your post! that really cool that you and your cousin peed on some ferns! i bet that was fun to be able to relieve yourself on a type of plant. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Tamsin: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool to learn that you and your roomates are pretty open about your bathroom habits! sounds like all 3 of you experienced a thrilling dump! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to EndStallErin: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u ecountered a rude girl in the park bathroom while in need of a tiolet. iam glad that u left the tiolet unflushed and that u just relieved yourself on top of the girls load. i bet you probably completely filled up the tiolet bowel! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: iam really glad to hear that you are clogging the tiolets with your huge dumps! i would be proud if i did that as well. i hope that your doing well. take care and God bless.
to Nicole: i really enjoyed your post! everyone farts! its completely natural! however the teacher should have allowed you to use the bathroom. you could have developed a bladder infection! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! i hope that you have a successful dump this evening. take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that you got to experience a woman peeing on the ground! how did this make u feel? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kate: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you experieced another major accident at the concert! please next time just get up and go! its better to go when u have to go then to continue to have accidents. i would have been embarrassed! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: iam glad that your second dump was successful! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Anaah: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that u had a terrible accident! i hope that your doing well. take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that u clogged the tiolet at your hotel room. iam glad that there was another bathroom for you to use! iam also glad that u had no problems using the bathroom. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Trevor: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that you and hannah are Good friends. iam glad also that you are willing to help her deal with her accidents that she has encountered in the past! you sound like a Good friend for hannah! i hope that all works out between both of you! Goodluck!
to SuperSoaker2000: i really enjoyed your post! maybe you shouldnot drink anything before bed. that will help decrease your wetting accidents. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Vassiliki: i really enjoyed your post! iam so sorry to hear that u encountered a job loss with a good pay promotion. iam really sorry to hear that u experienced food poisoion from the airprt food that u purchased. however iam glad that the company at least payed for your hotel. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Megan: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u had experienced a terrible accident while at the mall with friends. you should definitley not mix seafood and fastfood at all. i hope that you feel better. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! try being a bit kinder to wendy! i dont want her to have anymore accidents. its just not fair. i lookforward to your next post. take care and God bless.
to CD: i really enjoyed your post! i hope that u produce a huge log real soon. i lookforward to your next post! takecare and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam so glad to hear that your constipation is over with. it sounds like that the lacative did the trick. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Tyler: i really enjoyed your post! Happy Birthday. iam glad that u had a successful dump on your birthday. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u had a successful dump at the mall. iam glad that u made it in time. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Linda: i really enjoyed your post! welcome back! i have missed your stories. i hope all is well with you! take care and God bless.
to I3P00: i really enjoyed your post! its sounds like you stunk up your own bathroom. iam glad that everything came out okay! i lookforward to your next post! takecare and God bless.



To I <3 POO: I loved reading your post about your trip to the toilet. Very descriptive and interesting as never heard the bathroom referred to as bog.
To Sarah: Great post about stopping over at your friends to use the toilet and ending up using the child's potty. I imagine you had to be careful emptying the contents so as not to get caught.


Great story from you I < 3Poo

Sounds like a really good one

Its nice when you need to put in a bit of effort.
If you were going to be so long why did you not take something to read?I like to know when women take reading material to the toilet, it means they take the business seriously

So, please let me know, which of you are toilet readers? Or tell me about work colleages taking something to read.

Now a story from a few years ago.
I lived in a small bedsit with a shared bathroom. As it was a bit small and grotty I spent as little time as possible there, just up in the morning, off to work, maybe out in the evening as well. Friday afternoon I would leave straight from work and return to my parents until monday morning.
One weekend though I was staying, as a friend was coming to visit. Saturday morning I was lying in bed when I heard something through the wall next to my bedroom.The bathroom was actually next to my bedroom, although to get to it I had to go through my living room and out into the hallway. I had never realised that the walls were so thin and it quickly became apparent that whoever it was was having a BM. There was a small plop...then another, and a few moments silence. Although you could here everything, what I could not pick up was any sound of the person grunting etc. Another few moments and another plop. This went on for a while, probably about 10 minutes. or so. I couldnt believe it, I was lying in bed lisening to someone haveing a poo. But I really wanted to know, was it a man or woman? Should I put my dressing gown on and venture out. If I went out into the hallway I could maybe meet whoever it was on their way out. I never did, so to this day about 25 years hence I still do not know who the mystery plopper was.

Amanda M
A few minutes ago I was sitting on here just messing around when I felt the need to fart. I gave a tiny push and let it go but suddenly I felt something wet. I ran up to the bathroom and realized I pooped myself a little. There were two small brown stains. I was kind of embarassed. I then sat on the toilet gave a push and a squirt of liquid diarrhea came out. I pushed again and another squirt came out. Every time I would push another squirt would come out. Finally I couldnt get anymore out so I wiped and flushed. I went to the sink and attempted to wash out my panties so no one would find out. Luckily I was able to get the stain out. I hung them on the tub. No one should find them thank god. I checked my jeans and luckily none leaked into them. A few seconds later I had to go again it wasnt pure liquid this time and I didnt have much. I definitely feel another urge coming on so I'm probably gonna have to go again soon. I have no idea where its coming from I didnt even have a stomach ache or anything it just came on. well thats all for now


Big girl & Tiny toilets

My summer job this year, just prior to my starting college, is the best possible work I could have. I work for a large theme park that's located in my city. I go in to work at 8 a.m. and because I've turned 18 and I've graduated from high school, I often work until 9 or 10 p.m. at night. Last night we were short handed and I closed at 12 midnight. I don't mind the long hours because I'm going to need the money for college and most of the time I'm working outside and that's what I really want to do. I hope by the end of the month a life guard position will open for me, but for right now I'm paid as a "floater", that's a person who can be asked to do a lot of different jobs, work a split shift, and who gets training that can be important for more pay in future summers.

My assignment the last several days has been at what they call kidsville. It's a few acres right at the park entrance that have been set aside for a kiddie wading pool, three-hole miniature golf course, 12 or 13 childrens rides such as a small merry-go-round, and a family picnic area. We get more than a thousand of kids in each day. This is the first year for the attraction because the park was getting complaints of the little kids not having anything to do because they are too young to ride on the regular rides or use the regular pool and other attractions. Most of the time I'm in the kidsville concession stand which is on one side of an awning-covered building/picnic area and immediately to the rear is a restroom facility called little ones. It has a bathroom for little gents and another with a separate doorway for little girls.

Other bathrooms are at least 10 or 15 minutes away and in the regular portions of the park so I don't have time to use them. I use the little girls' sometimes 4 or 5 times a day to pee. Yesterday, I used it for my first morning crap. You might remember that I'm a 6', 3" inch athlete who felt very awkward towering over the stalls doors and partitions at my high school, but that was nothing like now. First, the stalls are only half high so when I'm seated on the toilet (and I'm hardly seated when only my tail bone is touching the seat and my knees are spread as wide as they will go against the side partition and against the front door. Mia, one of the other concessions workers, walked in yesterday and was amazed that the much smaller stall partition and deliberately latchless door only covered me below my elbow level as I sat. Upon entering, she could see that I was finishing my can of Dr. Pepper while I feverishly tried to get me pee going. I was in really bad pain and had been "sitting" for like 10 minutes when she came in to check up on me. She couldn't believe that I wasn't trying to crap, but rather do a very routine pee.

The second thing about the set up is that the toilets are the smallest I've ever sat on since like pre-school. Of course it's easier for a child 3 or 4 to get up on such a small toilet, but for me a toilet that is only a foot or so above the floor and probably about 50% smaller than the normal ones I sit on in public places or at home is very uncomfortable for me. It causes me pain in the knees while I "sit" and it worries me that my weight may damage the much smaller toilet. My butt and thighs completely cover the seat and partially hang over the sides. I love the job, otherwise, but until I am reassigned away from kids korner I don't see anything getting better. Luckily, my crap yesterday was very soft and I only needed to be seated for about 2 or 3 minutes before it dropped. I'm embarrassed to say that it did fill the entire bowl, and then some. Then when I reached back to flush, the cycle didn't send it away all that willingly. Whoever used the toilet next, definitely had more skidmarks in the bowl than they are use to.

I mentioned the situation to my mom and her only comment was "Welcome Braidy to the world of work." While Mia doesn't like the kiddie bathrooms, she's much smaller than me and I think is able to hold her functions longer.

I'll keep you guys posted on my experiences this summer!

I <3 POO

After work poo

I came home this evening from work at half 5 and had a bit of a delicate belly. I had a lovely hot sausage roll for lunch this afternoon and I think it was doing weird things to my belly 'cos it was giving me really, smelly wind which was rank! I went straight up to my room and got changed out of my work clothes and into a sexy red v-neck tee and a denim shorts and open-toe mules. I kept passing wind every few minutes and omg it was so minging!

Anyway, I went downstairs and had a lovely cup of tea which took my mind off things and allowed me to relax from the stresses and strains of a hectic working day. After I had my cuppa I went back up to my room for a while and still kept on releasing smelly bum gas and the farts I was letting out were getting kind of wet and it was hard not to poo myself when I let one go. Believe me I was feeling so yuk! But there was no urgency just yet. But the smelly farts kept coming and finally at 7pm I felt a rumble in my belly and I knew this was it and I rushed to the downstairs loo, slammed the door shut in a hurry, got the air freshener can ready for when I absolutely stink the place out with my poo.

I made the short walk to the loo, pulled down my pants and denim shorts and sat myself on the loo and sat forward with my arms crossed and pressed to my belly...A few seconds later a couple of small pieces of poo dropped out...plop, plop, plop then another piece dropped...plip! My belly was in a bit of a state right now and then I heard a crackle as more poo was about to drop...ka-plop, ka-plop, plip, plip, ploooop. It was getting kind of very smelly now in the loo as I was dropping chunky bits of poo every couple of seconds...then all of a sudden I felt this rumbling in my belly it was like a cramp and I felt it and the next thing I knew I was farting so loudly (I'm sure someone must've heard me farting 'cos they were some juicy ones, but I didn't care) Bbrrrraaaapppptttt, pppprrraaaapppppptttt, ppfffffttttttttttttt and this was followed through by some of the foulest, smelliest poo you could imagine and it was very noisy .... ka-plop, ka-plop, splop, splop, blop, blop, spdooosh, plip-plip-plip-plip-plop-plop-plip! It really was so very smelly now as more soft, smelly sludge was slithering out of my bum. This really was a case of an upset belly as more small pieces of poo just slipped out my bum ... plooop, pliip, plooop, plop, blop, blop, plop and finally after 15mins I was done and needless to say it was so very smelly but at least I had a really good colonic clear-out and it was the sausage roll which upset my belly. Before tearing of the bog roll I had a quick look behind and it was a mess it really was, lots of brown pieces, logs and chunks all heaped on top of each other in a heap and I pebble dashed the bowl too when I sharted during my poo. I took some bog roll and wiped my bum and amazingly after a messy, sloppy poo like I had it only took 3 wipes to wipe my bum clean. I got up pulled up my pants and denim shorts, flushed the loo and sprayed some lavender air freshener as it was very very smelly. But boy did I feel good after that satisfying poo :)

Take care everyone :) happy pooing


Witness of a very hot girl having a very bad accident…

Hi, I am Scott, Canadian Kelly's husband. She has posted here about her accidents before, as have I. This past Saturday, June 19, 2010, Kelly and I took out two pugs to the dog park. When we first got there, another couple in their mid to late 20's entered the dog park the same time we did. They were a very good looking couple, engaged by the look of things, and the girl in particular was very hot. It was warm out that day so both my wife and I were wearing shorts and t-shirts. The hot girl was wearing a yellow tank top and white shorts that went to just above her knees. I am not sure what they are called. They were not quite long enough to be capri pants, but they weren't short enough to be shorts. I guess they are called "long shorts". I could see her panty line as well. By the looks of things she was wearing either white, or light coloured bikini panties. All I can say is that she was VERY hot!

Anyway, they had a couple small dogs of their own and we ended up walking with them through the dog park. Midway through our walk, this girl moaned a few times and her fiancé asked her what was wrong. She said, "My ???? is upset. I have really bad cramps." He asked if she was going to be okay and she said that she thought so.

The hot girl was very quite and a few minutes later she started moaning and putting her hands over her stomach. They were about five feet in front of us when I heard her moan and say, "Oh noooo!" She was hunched over with her back to me and I looked on in shock as a very noticeable wet brown stain appeared between her butt cheeks. Her fiancé asked her what was wrong and she said, "Oh god! I just pooped my pants." She started crying. He said, "Okay, let's get going then." She started shuffling away and then stopped. The back of her white long shorts ballooned out behind her and the wetness from her diarrhea leaked through the seat of her shorts and started running down the inside and backs of her legs. It was crazy! I mean, here was this incredibly hot girl having the worst diarrhea in her pants.

By the time we got back to our vehicles, the diarrhea had leaked out of her long shorts and was going down her legs. She was a mess at the front as well as the mess had leaked into and out of the crotch of her panties.

I haven't seen an accident that bad in quite a while. Even some of my wife's worst accidents haven't been this bad.

For the record, I love my wife very much and I think that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I just wanted that to be clear!

Thanks for reading.


2 stories

I'm pretty surprised how quick my post went up. Instead of just one long story, i'll give you guys 2 short ones.

Another high school story. This time i was 17 and used to going to the bathroom in my school. On the drive to school i had to pee really badly, and i took some laxatives because i was constipated for 1 week. So i rushed to the bathroom when i got to school to pee and try to push out a log. The bathroom was locked because the janitors hadn't cleaned them yet. i found out they opened during 1st period, about halfway through. I spent 10 minutes in class squirming, desperate for a pee when i got hit with the urge to poo really badly. I asked my teacher to go and she gave me one of those "you're gonna be responsible for all this" speeches. I didn't care and she thankfully let me got. I ran to the bathroom i usually went to, but it was locked. looked for an unlocked bathroom and finally found one, across the f***ing school! there were 4 stalls, all occupied so i went in the closest one. i barely made it, i was already leaking in my undies. i sat down and started peeing. i can't go poo and pee at the same time, so i peed first. i peed for 1 minute straight, unbroken. It was such a relief, i think i was moaning. then i started to poo. this time 2 minutes, 1 big log. there was some pushing. i got up and looked at it before wiping. it was about 14-15 inches. i wiped 2 times, there wasn't much mess. i went back to class feeling much better.

I was recently attending a friend's birthday, held at her house. It was going well, until i got the urge to poo. i didn't want to be rude and leave, so i tried to ignore it and stay. after about 5 minutes, i couldn't hold it any more and went to the bathroom. i sat on the toilet and started pooing. it was a firm, long, thick log that i was sure was gonna clog the toilet. i couldn't stop because it was already almost done, so i finished. i wiped once because it wasn't messy at all. It was a footlong, and didn't want to risk a clog. i grabbed the garbage bag to wrap it up. it was very smelly. i put it in the bag, opened the window and put it in the gutter. i peed, flushed and washed my hands. i went downstairs to the party.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I tried to post a few days back, but for some reason, my comments never made it. Basically, I just wanted to thank Kendra for responding to my question. I really enjoy your stories and the last one with your friend was great. I also have enjoyed reading the posts from Leanne and Wendy.


To Lisa Re: Doorless stalls

Lisa- It would be ridiculous to arrest someone for indecent exposure for using a doorless stall or a urinal. The facilities are either meant to be used as they are, or they need to be closed or have doors installed. Someone who is using the facilities doesn't have any control if there are any doors on the stall. Actually, I was using a doorless stall one day when a police officer entered the room. I looked up and watched him walk by as I was pulling paper off the roll. I had my shorts and briefs all the way down at my ankles as I sat on the toilet. I think he may have taken a leak or something. He definitely saw me, but there wasn't any reaction at all. Not if I had been doing something else, then maybe he would have had a problem with me.

The Misadventures of The "Anti-Zip"

Hey Guys. Since we have "Zip" here who is all friendly and open about his BM's and is a great buddy dumper, a few years back I introduced you to the character of the "Anti-Zip." This is a recollection of the "Anti-Zip's" antics, his trials and tribulations. As you can probably imagine, an "anti-Zip" does NOT want dump buddies and does NOT want to be open about his bodily functions, although on this one occasion, this particular "Anti-Zip" had NO choice with near comical results. We've all experienced an "Anti-Zip" in our lifetime who was caught in a \tough spot and how neurotic they can be.

Anyhow, a few years back, I was running some errands and happened to be at the local shopping mall when I suddenly really needed to drop a deuce. The bathrooms at this particular end of the mall didn't have doors on the stalls (3 of them), but to me it wasn't a particularly big deal to justify trying to hold my load just to get to the other side of the mall where some of the facilities did have doors. So, I go in, take the stall (of 3) furthest from the entry door, drop my pants and let fly.

Well after a couple minutes of pooping, I hear the entry door open with a loud bang and hear this young-sounding voice grunt. "Uuugghh." I then hear some very hasty footsteps headed my way like someone was is serious need for the services of a toilet. Just then, The footsteps suddenly stop in their tracks and I hear an older adolescent / young adult male voice go "Oh CRUD!!" as if in surprise and dismay too see stalls without doors. I then hear a rather urgent-sounding "Oh God!!" as the footsteps started hastily heading my way again.

As I looked up, this young guy comes barreling into my stall huffing and groaning and even made it halfway toward me before he even looked up to notice me sitting there on the toilet he clearly had set his sights and heart on. I would say our very desperate friend was about 18-21 years old, 5'10, 185 lbs, brown-hair under a baseball cap, and an almost-attractive face that had an EXTREMELY concerned look on it. I could see that this kid was in an obvious hurry and his face looked like he had been sweating bullets in heightened poop-induced anxiety.

He was far more startled to see me than I was to see him as he yelped "Oh my God! I'm really sorry!" Right away, you could tell this guy was badly loaded with soft loose crap and desperately needed a really major shit in the worst possible way. I could tell from the strained look in the loaded boy's face and neck and the way he clenched his butt that he was really struggling valiantly to keep a massive onslaught of crap from blasting out of him into his pants. Oh... and he already had his belt unbuckled... His face carried great concern as well as surprise as he began considering his next option. It seemed bad enough that he was being forced to take a really major shit in a stall without doors, but now that indignity would be compounded by having company as well.

"No problem." I said as the young man stepped outside my stall and actually took a few moments to consider his options (of which he had none unless you consider crapping your pants when there's a toilet right there as an "option.") Instinctively, I knew full well that this desperately loaded young man was way too badly weakened to even consider a run to another bathroom to find more seclusion. His pants would be filled with shit well before he made it a quarter of the way. The badly-weakened young man wailed an agonized moan as he too finally realized he had met with defeat. Giving up the idea of finding another lavatory, the desperately-loaded young man surrendered and took his next best option rushing into the stall furthest from me closest to the entry door. I suppose that spared him the humiliation of me seeing his feet when he let loose.

Inside the stall, the besieged young man at first attempted to line the seat of the toilet with paper. But, he quickly abandoned that effort as desperation overtook him after just two tears apparently realizing time was quickly running out for him. I then heard him frantically at work getting his pants down before collapsing on the toilet with a loud clang.

As soon as he stopped resisting the badly loaded boy then ERUPTED violently with a torrential mixture of soft, slightly loose shit mixed with LOTS of sputtering farts along the way which blasted out of the helplessly bumming young man into the badly-needed toilet. The prodigious crapper then tried every cheesy cover-up technique in the book included a flush of the toilet mid-surge and several "camo-coughs." Unfortunately for him, the flush mechanism on his toilet was delayed in working and only flushed very slowly without much sound to cover up his very loud pooping. He tried his cover-up for a few moments before probably realizing he sounded ridiculous and only sounded like someone who was trying to cover up a massive shit. As for me, it was easy to tell that this kid was laying down an absolutely MASSIVE pile.

To this day, I'll never figure out why this kid tried this ruse. It's not a crime or a disgrace to be totally overwhelmed by a really massive shit. It happens to us all eventually. He had no real reason to be so embarrassed. This is SO opposite some of Zip's stories, it's why I've given this guy the title of "The Anti-Zip!" (To be fair, this technique works effectively 95% of the time, but this very major shit easily overwhelmed his best efforts at disguising it. I happen to be blessed with the ability to be a relatively noise-free crapper. I don't know how or why, but I'm not complaining.)

The thing about this was that this was an absolutely GREAT shit that you don't get to experience every day!! Instead of wasting his time being embarrassed about having to poop, this kid really should have thoroughly ENJOYED this AMAZING dump. Rather than just being happy to have a toilet to poop on and enjoying the euphoric relief of all that shit leaving his body, he wasted the experience of a totally AWESOME crap by trying to cover it up. I kind of felt sorry for the kid for missing out and hope he has learned to take advantage of the moment in these intervening years!! Seriously folks, this guy WAS young, no doubt, but he was already past middle-school and High-School age and should have worked through those insecurities by then,

The "anti-Zip" then continued to erupt into the toilet intermittently but frequently over the next several minutes. A less inhibited young man probably would have been moaning and groaning through all this quite audibly. However, this boy apparently stifled any vocal expressions of pleasure or relief. I was able to wipe and clean myself up and flushed as my reluctant dump buddy apparently finally finished up with the substantial evacuation portion of his trip to the toilet. As I got up to leave and walked by him, I noticed the "anti-Zip" had his pants pulled up as far as they possibly could go without impeding the transfer of shit from his body to the toilet. I got just enough of a glimpse of his briefs to see that they were white. (Still MORE proof it wasn't Zip!!) In his lap, covering his wingding, he tenaciously clutched a roll of toilet paper. His overwhelmed butt was covered up on the sides by his long shirt being draped over it.

Did this guy actually think he could cover up the fact that he was sitting on the toilet with his pants down?? Maybe he was making sure the toilet-paper burglar wouldn't see his naked thigh when he came to steal the roll of paper from him. To make matters worse for our shameful young shitter, there were now a whole bunch of other guys streaming into the bathroom as I finished up with my business. These guys were going right by him into the middle stall next to him, into the stall where I had been, and standing on the other side of him at the urinal. The "anti-Zip" just sat there as if paralyzed by fear as I washed up. He obviously didn't want some stranger who had never seen him before and would probably never see him again to find out there was shit on his butt. That would be the ultimate indignation. (To be fair, there's little doubt that his first few wipes were pretty much guaranteed to be TOTALLY covered with shit. This was a HUGE dump!) Thinking back on it, this should have been a moment of pride for him. I can think of more than a few guys that would brag to their buddies "Man, I had to take a MASSIVE shit today!! You should have been there!!" Heck, I knew a few guys from college who probably would have left the shit there and gotten some of his friends for a look!!

If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that attitude is everything. There are certain things in life that ARE going to happen, such as an occasional bathroom emergency. I figure you can either do things the easy way, or do things the HARD way, it's YOUR CHOICE.

Leaving the restroom, I hung around the area to see what would happen next. I saw all the other guys leave first before I heard the "anti-zip's" toilet flush a few minutes later and saw the "anti-Zip" leave and walk away. This made me conclude he most likely sat there holding on to the paper in his lap and waited for everyone else to leave before he worked up the courage to wipe his heavily-soiled butt.

Be Safe,



Post Title (optional) Having some nice dumps lately

Linda from Australia here again. I thought I was getting a bit constipated over the weekend but I didn't. I've been having some very nice dumps lately and I've been going every day. This week I've been going once a day but last week it was twice a day. I had the urge to go all day yesterday but I couldn't go until I got home from work. I've been working long hours this week so I can have a rostered day off on Friday (I do this every 3 weeks). I find that I normally get constipated on the weeks that I work long hours but this week its been great. I waited all day to do a poo and by the time I got home, the urge had gone. So I ate dinner and waited about an hour until the urge came back. I made my way to the toilet and sat down. Almost straight away, a big thick log started coming out. It hardly took any effort and I didn't have to push or strain much at all. It didn't even hurt but it did feel good coming out. It only took a few minutes to get the entire load out and I felt finished. I wiped my bum but there was hardly any poo on the tp. I had a look at my job and it consisted of 2 medium sized logs that were quite thick.

I haven't been at all today and I had to work a long shift again. I felt a big load sitting in my anus all day but once again, I couldn't go at work.I tried to go when I got home but nothing came out.I've eaten dinner and its been nearly an hour and I'm getting the urge to go. I'm trying to wait as long as I can and then go for a sit on the toilet. Hopefully I can push out a nice log like last night.


My biggest panty poo

When I was 19 I hadn't had a poo for a fortnight & I was in my boyfriends car. His name was Paul incidently. We were stuck in a huge traffic jam & I really had to go. I was getting cramps & was in a lot of pain. I told Paul about my situation & he replied, "Well we can't stop here. You'll just have hold it." I could feel the tip of a turd poking it's way out of my anus & no matter how hard I clenched I couldn't stop it. About 4" of poo came out before it met the resistance of the car seat & stopped. I felt a wave of pressure go right through my bowels as the emerging poo backed up & the pain was unbearable. I knew it would get worse if I didn't do something about it so I told paul I was going to poo myself & he said, "Look there's nowhere I can stop so you will have to wait." I replied, "I can't. I have to go now." Paul asked, "How long have you been holding it?" I replied, "A while." Paul pressed me asking, " How long is a while?" I replied, "Er a few days." Paul pressed me some more by asking, "A few days?" I finaly admitted, "Well actually a fortnight!" Paul exclamed, "A FORTNIGHT? No wonder you need to go so bad. You'll do yourself some damage he you keep holding it that long" I was crying from the pain & the shame of having a small accident in front of Paul. He patted me on the back saying, "Don't worry about it Wendy. We all get caught short sometimes. Just let it all out. You'll feel much better." I took this as meaning he was letting my poo myself in the car so I lifted my bum up off the seat taking my weight on my hands. In an instant the wedge of poo that was jammed up between my buttocks slipped into the seat of my pants. It was quickly followed by another turd which on contact with the first load bent over & over as it snaked its way out of my bum. My pants were soon too full to hold any more. So I had to stop going. I was still feeling full & desperately wanted to empty my bowels so I sat down in my seat squishing all the poo flat againist my bum. It spread all up my back & out of the sides of my pants into my jeans. This made a lot more roon my pants so I lifted myself up again & pushed the rest of it out untill I was done. Paul was horrified at the sight of me shitting my pants especially when he saw the size of my bum! The relief was amazing. Doing a fortnights worth of poo in your pants makes a huge mess but the enormous feeling of relief you get is worth the discomfort.

Went to the beach sunday afternoon. Warm day - busy day at the beach. Headed toward my favorite men's room and a young guy (late teens,early 20's)walked in just ahead of me. It was crowded. Guys at the urinals and guys pissing in the toilets.

Young guy looked pretty uncomfortable, and I could see he didn't like the idea of open stalls. He headed to the back and the handicapped stall. It seems to offer a little more privacy because it opens from the side, but actually it provides a nice 3/4 view of whoever is on the toilet.

I stood waiting for another stall to become available.While I was standing there, young guy hesitated. He looked around and finally dropped his shorts and some small dark-colored briefs and sat down.

Right about then, the guy finished pissing in the stall next to his and I dropped the toilet seat, wiped it down and sat down to do my thing fully exposed to everyone in the room. I strained to push out a long, solid turd. I could hear young guy fart and then a loud splash of shit, followed by a couple more, silence, and then another fart/splash.

While we were there other guys walked in, headed to the toilets to piss, did a double take when they saw us and moved to another toilet. I wiped up with several of the guys able to see me, flushed, pulled up my CK black boxer briefs as I stood up and buttoned my fly. While I was doing that I was able to see young guy sitting there with his arms on his knees looking exhausted. He grabbed some toilet paper as i headed to the sink. He wiped without checking the paper. I left before he got up.

I <3 POO

Bathroom shyness

I'm writing this because I'm wondering if this happens to anyone who does their poos at work. Now I know some people like to have a really good dump at work and don't care if they really stink up the place and that they can be heard taking a noisy poo with grunting, farting and plopping (I'm one of those people). I certainly don't hold back whenever I go for a poo at work, because why should I? But I know people who do at work and I have often walked in the gents needing a wee when a guy is having a really big, noisy dump suddenly stops pooing while the duration of my wee and yet when I walk out again I can hear them really letting things unleashed again. I just want to know if this happens to anyone because it is an interesting observation I have made.

Might I add that whenever I have been for a poo at work and someone has walked in I have still carried on having a poo and am not bothered in the slightest if anyone hears me farting or plopping as my poo drops of my bum. I don't feel I need to be struck by fear as I'm on the loo to firstly and most importantly relieve myself and secondly we all have to poo anyway be it man or woman, child or adult.

Is it a case of anxiety or just pure embarrassment that someone can hear you taking a very noisy, smelly poo?

I would welcome any comments and experiences gratefully :)

I have mainly touched on ppl being bathroom shy at work but does anyone else have any other places that you would avoid having a poo if you thought it would cause you personal no end of embarrassment or make you nervous? Again any comments are welcome please.

Thanks :)

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