the Runs on the Beach

I don't get diarrhea often, but when I do it's not pretty. The worst time I can remember was when I was 23 and at the beach. Me and some friends rented a house for 1 night and 2 days. The first day we went to a buffet because none of us had eaten anything that day. The buffet had tons of food: pizza, burgers, fries, salad ect. The place was cheap and the food wasn't good, but I was so hungry i ate a lot. On the way back my stomach started to hurt, but I ended up ignoring it. It was late when we got back to the house, so we were just hanging around the house. I woke up the next morning with the urge to poo bad. The house only had 1 bathroom, and 3 of my friends were waiting outside to shower. I told them i needed to crap really badly. They didn't let me go in front of them, so i was forced to wait. After about 1 minute i couldn't wait anymore, and the first girl still wasn't out! I decided to look around the house for another place to go. Grabbing my gut and butt, I ran to the basement and found a bucket. It was pretty big, so I filled it with water. I put it on the ground, sat on the bucket and let loose. Most of it was water with some small loads. I was on for about 5 minutes until it stopped. My stomach felt much better, so I still went out to the beach after disposing the diarrhea. I was at the beach for about 20 minutes until my stomach started to hurt again. I realized I was about to have another case of the runs, so i searched for a bathroom. I found one with a huge line outside. I waited for 10 minutes, grabbing my stomach hoping not to poo myself. finally got in and saw that there weren't any toilets. instead the was just a cement line with holes in them for going in. there were dividers between them, but no freaking doors! i was horrified, but i also was desperate to go so i sat on the hole and went. This time it had less water, and more poo. i was really embarrassed because a bunch of girls waiting were looking at me. i was on for 5 minutes again until it stopped. there was barely any toilet paper, bu ti used what was there. i walked home and had diarrhea twice before it finally stopped. One of the worst experience of my life, it hurt so much, but it was a relief when it stopped. hope you enjoyed reading and i'll have more stories soon!

ashley f.

to fellow retail worker

Sorry if it took me long to respond. I'm glad you liked my story, and yes I was very lucky my roomates didn't catch me. I mean I was a total mess you would've only had to glance at me to be able to tell I had peed and pooped my pants. I felt like I got away with murder...I remember frantically in my head going over the ways I could explain myself to whichever of my roomates saw me as I approached my apartment, I was so sure someone would notice! Lucky.
I wasn't really thinking too hard about my need to pee or even really noticed it at the moment I pooped myself. I knew I had to go kinda bad though. After I got to my car and sat down in my mess its like my bladder just released due to all the unusual sensations and feelings I was having and I didn't really try to hold it. But it made sense for my body because I never really pee and poop at the same time. Usually when I go to the toilet to poop I either pee beforehand or not at all, but never at the same time.
Yeah many of my bedwettings have been witnessed by my roommates. Its usually one of them who wakes me up and tells me I peed myself and to take a shower. The first time it happened my one roommate jenna took a picture. She still has it, and tries to get me to do stuff by threatening to post it on fb. It doesn't work though because I have an AIM log from a convo between her and I that could cause her a good deal of problems if the wrong people were to read. So we have this whole cold war, mutually assured destruction kind of thing going on lol. The more I think about it though the more I think it wouldn't be THAT terrible if she posted it. I'm laying on my side in the pic and my panties and the sheets and part of my shirt are clearly wet, but I would probably just comment on it that they actually just poured something on me as a joke. And if people didn't believe that, oh well...I think most people drunk bed wet at least once. I just happen to do it frequently... I remember some girl on the real world a few years ago wet herself in bed one night, and in the confessional she said she sometimes pees the bed when she drinks. So I'm not alone! Anyway, other than the pic that was taken the one time they've never really given me a hard time about it. Like I said they pretty much just wake me and tell me to go change my underwear and clean up, because they don't wanna smell it. I guess they understand its because of the drinking that it happens. They've probably wet their beds after drinking at one point or another, too.

Kate M.

Peeing on Ferns

I recall from my childhood a little boy about 4 years old was one of our buddies at the cottage. We were playing on the cottage property which was surrounded by woods. There were many green ferns. He stood in front of some ferns, whipped it out, and peed on the ferns. I being a little girl was very envious about the peeing ease of boys vs girls - girls had to limit their ease of peeing in the lake while swimming.

Over the years I have discovered that females can also pee on ferns. Wear shorts with wide legs (eg running shorts) and assume a high squat. Bend hips forward and let go and we can also pee on ferns, high grasses, tree trunks, etc. I do this while biking and needing to stop in the wooded areas. I have been biking for years and usually stop in the woods to pee. The low squat position on the ground is great for fully emptying the bladder - it can drop with age and weight.

Hi all. I'm a long time reader but I've never had anything to post until now. I live in London in a flat with two other girls. We only have one bathroom, which usually isn't a problem. We are all pretty open with our habits and will normally leave the door unlocked when showering and such. Well I had just gotten home and I was dying for a wee. I ran to the bathroom. I could hear my flat mate Lisa inside showering. I tried to open the door. Like I said we were really open and none of us minded the others coming in to use the toilet. But Lisa must have hit they lock on accident bc I couldn't get in. I knocked on the door, but she didn't hear.
I grabbed my crotch and jumped around. I was bursting for a wee and knew I wouldn't be able to hold it for long. I began looking around for somewhere else to go when my other flat mate krissy came in. She said she was dying to use the loo and I explained the problem to her. She said she couldn't hold it either and told me to come into the kitchen where she then spread old newspaper on the floor. Then she told me to squat down behind her so we would be back to back supporting each other. What a fun way to take a wee. Our wee splashed to the ground mixing together. When we were done, I went to stand up, but krissy told me to wait. I heard her start to grunt and her back became more taunt. Plop plop plop is what I heard and when I looked down there was a pile of logs. The smell was vile. Krissy finished up and we looked at our work. When Lisa got out of the shower we showed her. She laughed and then pulled down her pants and added her own wee and poo. Now whenever we have to use the loo, we look for more creative places.

End Stall Em

Biking & Bathroom Urges

I'm into my second week of summer school. I'm taking an Intro to Foreign language class that's offered at a different high school than the one I go to. Since I'm 13 (almost 14 but can't drive yet) I ride my bike to class. It's about a mile each way. I don't exactly know why not is but just riding my bike that far causes me to frequently stop and pee and sometimes crap. Twice this past week I've had near accidents because I can't always get myself onto a toilet as fast as I need to.

The situation that scared me the worst was this past Monday. It takes me like a half hour to ride my bike to school in the morning. I generally will stop at a coffee shop and get coffee to go. With a lid on the cup, I'm able to keep it hot until I get to school, park my boke in the secure bike rack and walk downstairs to my class. However, my pee starts hurting me as I hold it in prior to reaching school in the morning. Sometimes, I have to pee so fast and so bad that I will cut through a park and stop in the really small bathroom shack. There's just one doorless stall and a sink. The place sucks because it's really dirty and your butt like can stick to the seat when you stand up to wipe. However, on Monday that wasn't my biggest problem. I thought my bladder was going to burst. I had three blocks to go to get to school, but the pee pain I was feeling was so bad I raced to the toilet shack, stood my bike up against the side of the building and immediately ran for the toilet.

It was like 7:30 a.m. and I was starting to unbutton the front of my jeans as I ran in through the entrance and I was ready to slide myself onto the toilet. I noticed this high school girl, who is like three years older than me, was just sitting there. Her shorts and thong were pulled down to mid-leg level and she had the biggest bush I have ever seen. She was sitting on the toilet, talking on her cell phone to a friend (I think it was a boy) and cursing like a sailor because he wasn't going to come to class and like he had her homework. I didn't hear like nothing drop into the bowl as she continued talking away. Then she tensed up, slowed down her rate of speech, and then she told him she was dropping a "painful one" that was causing he anus to explode. She insulted him three or four times with curse words even though she saw I was waiting for the toilet. She got really snotty with me when I asked her if she was going to be long. She said she was the biggest and msot admired shitter in her class, but that she would rather use the park bathroom because she could talk on her phone and that one of the principals at the school had taken it out of her hands when she was seated and crapping at school, and how everyone agrees that suck rules suck.

She continued to push and I heard like three splashes into the water in like a three or five minute time limit, but she continued to talk on the phone, even though I had been waiting for like 5 or 10 minutes and I knew I needed to get myself seated on that toilet ASAP. Large groups of summer school students, even a few of them several years older than me, were joyfully walking alone on the sidewalks, and here's this girl just sitting there really aloof to the need for peeing and crapping speed. Finally, I got to see that girl just sit there on the toilet and produce very little like I knew she needed to. When I told her I was about to burst and needed to get onto the toilet, she showed me the portable potties just up the street from where we were. She continued to talk on her phone, and she continued to complain to this guy who I figured was probably her boy friend. However I was hurting and told her that, but I knew I needed to rush to school because I didn't want a tardy, but my bladder was in so much pain. Finally, I told the girl exactly what I needed and that I was probably going to have to jump up on the sink to pee, but all she said was that such an emergency on my part would suck so bad and like that there was no one available to help out in emergencies, even if I were to pee my pants at school.

Finally, she cussed at both her phone friend and at me. She stood and wiped real fast. She said the paper was so cheap that she tore it in using it and I heard her tell her boy friend that her pubic hair was cutting through the toilet paper. She briefly laughed, wiped some more, and then finally stood up and said some strange things to her boy friend as she continued to talk to him. She said something to him about being pee-paralyzed sometimes when she's horny, but she walked out of the stall, said something disrespectful to me, and quickly left. I quickly seated myself, peed, and got my jeans back up and I quickly rode off on my bike.

I just can't believe anyone could be that inconsiderate of the needs of others.

For Wendy

Wow Wendy, you can really go big. Is it a discomfort/embarrassment for you, blocking up toilets as you go?

Anyhow it's completely normal to poop and as long as you're not in pain or discomfort you should just sit and enjoy, it is not your fault that toilets are not up for the challenge.

A friend of mine is similar, but she's actually proud of what she can do, always bragging about it in detail whenever she plugs a toilet, which is almost daily. Once she blocked the dorm toilet so badly with her load the stall was out of order for 2 days until a plumber came to pump the pipes. That time she was embarrassed.

Are you a taller/bigger or eat a lot more then your average girl, or anything else that explains why you go so much?

I'm curious to what the largest dump you remember dropping was like, how long did you hold it for? Did you clog a toilet badly or were you going outside when it came out?

Aren't you afraid someone will see you pooping outside? Inside a stall you can at least remain anonymous, as long as you manage to sneak out unseen :)


Embarrassing moment!!

Yesterday was my last day of school, and in the middle of class I had to fart so badly. I was afraid to ask because there was only 15 minutes left and the teacher I had was a real mean witch, so I had to hold it in. Right before the class had ended, that's when it got really embarrassing... This fart had completely burst out of me with force and it was so loud that the entire class heard me. Everyone stared and basically snickered or laughed at me. I started blushing and felt that was just too mortifying to stand... :(

I had never been so embarrassed in my life.... :(


This evenings poo

After having bran for breakfast this morning my constipation problem is definately over. I walked home from work with a very urgent need to poo. It was one of those biological needs & it was very difficult to control. By the time I got home I was nearly shitting my pants & I rushed up to the bathroom holding my bum tightly. I quickly pulled my trousers & pants down & sat on the toilet with a thud. The second my bum touched the seat I started to go. I didn't have to push or anything. It just slid out of my bum. It was very soft & smelly too. The relief was amazing. It's hard to describe but if you can imagine having every orgasm you've ever had all at once, it was a bit like that. I'm about to go to bed now but I need another poo first. I'll have to go to the toilet now & I'll post in a few minutes to let you know how it was.


I promised

Here's one of the new stories I promised you.

I was walking home from work a few days ago and to get to my place I have to travel through downtown. It was late evening maybe around 7 so there was still a bit of light out.

I was walking up a deserted sidewalk, the only other people around were on the other side of the street. I passed by a set of doors in front of a building that was set about 20 feet back from the sidewalk. As I passed by I noticed a woman, maybe about 35 who had her pants down around her thighs.

She was peeing a really strong stream, she must have been desperate. She wasn't squatting like most girls, she had stuck her butt out behind her and was leaning forward. Almost like she was using an invisible toilet. I slowed down to watch her and saw her pee hit the ground between her feet and splash. She looked up at me and gave a "what are you looking at?" kind of look. She must have been embarrassed. I
kept on walking and thought about it all the way home.

To Ashley: Don't feel bad about wanting to see your BF poop. I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years and I've always wanted to see her pee and poop too. She's definitely not the sort of person to let me though. Maybe someday she'll let me. I've never gotten the chance to spy on her so I can only wonder what it's like.


I pooped myself during the concert

3 days ago I was on concert in London. It took me 2.5 hours to get there, so my bladder was pretty full, and the queues to the toilets were impossibly long, so I decided not to miss any part of the gig and went near of the stage. After like half of an hour I felt I have to pee really fast, or I won't make it. Fortunately, the band started one of their most "powerful" song, and everybody was jumping and screaming (it was a rock concert), so I pissed myself, and probably nobody noticed it.
But the problems began, when I felt i have a bit of diarrhea in my bowels. I couldn't go to the toilet right now, because I didn't want to loose my good place near of stage. I decided to hold it as long as it was possible. Few songs were played, and I felt the pressure was coming out of my control. A small drop of diarrhea came into my panties, and few minutes later a full strike came up to my panties, completely filling them. I felt my panties were leaking, and poop touched my jeans. Few minutes later another poop landed in my panties, fortunately it wasn't diarrhea. When the concert was coming to the end, I finally went to the toilet, and threw my panties out. I sat on the toilet and began shitting, and it continued for 10 minutes. The smell was fking awful.

I need to shit NOW!
Few weeks earlier, I had another accident in my panties. I was driving back to home from Scotland (I live near London). I was on the highway, no gas stations, no stops. It was pretty quiet, nice atmosphere, until I felt pressure on my anus. I was in car with my younger sister. I told her to look after some gas station or any type of stopping point. We continued going for about 30 minutes, when I felt i can't hold it. I slowed down, and relaxed my anus, letting soft poop to fill my underwear. I kept pooping for 2 minutes, when I felt I need to piss, so I stopped not to damage my seat. 15 minutes later my sister told me she needs to poop to. She had stomach aches all the day (we were going back in the night), and she was only 14 so I was prepared she could shit herself like I did it. She started moving in her seat, holding her stomach. She told me to stop anywhere, but I couldn't, so she shouted at me 'I have to go now! I have to shit now or I'll shit myself!'. And so she did. She helt her panties not to let anything leak, and i herd that she pushes her anus with all strenght she had. Smell was really terrible, and that sound... I saw her panties were full, and she kept coming. Underwear leaked, when I finally saw stoppage point. We stopped, and got out of the car. In the moment when she left my vehicle, her panties cracked, and all of shit came on the ground. And she was still shitting. I also couldn't hold any more again, and pushed my anus, but my panties did it, and held all of the poop. We went to the bushes and finished shitting, but we were so dirty, that it took us almost 2 hours to clean ourselves. Later, next morning, I went into my sister's room (we've already arrived), and I saw she shit her again in the night, and it was clear for me, that she drunk too much coke previous day.


My second poo this evening

I've just had another poo & it was really good. Not quite so urgent as before but certainly a big one. I had to push hard to get it moving but once it started to come out it slid into the water with a sort of "plumf" sound. I wiped & looked at the toilet paper to find there was hardly anything on it. I was pleased to have such an easy clean up as it usually takes a fair bit of work to get my bum totaly clean. I went to bed afterwards totaly satisfied with myself.

Oh mother

I'm a 39 year old divorced mother of two lovely daughters, the oldest one being 7 and the youngest one 1 year old. One morning, a couple of weeks ago, I was staying home at my appartment to wait for an electrician who was going to install some lighting in the hallway. That morning was a hectic and stressful one. My 12-year-old had vacation, so she was staying home together with her little sister and me that day. Both kids woke up in a bad mood and from the moment I got up i had to truggle with a teenager and a todler. Due to this, I hadn't time to think of myself, and by the time the electrician arrived, I had barely managed to change my underwear and jump into a summer dress.

Once mr electrician had installed himself in the hallway and spread out his tools on the floor, I realised that I even hadn't had time to go to the bathroom. The kids had calmed down by that time, and when I finally was able to relax a bit, I became aware of the pressure in my bladder and bowels. It's not uncommon that I hold back my morning pee and shit until my 12-year-old has left for school, so no panic so far. However, the bathroom door was located in the hallway and now there was an electrician working just outside that door. There was no way I would go and have a dump with this guy being able to hear me shit and notice the smell afterwards. I decided to hold myself until he had finnished his job, not knowing that he needed some hours to do so...

The pressure in my lower belly area soon became stronger. Compared to other mothers of my age, I have pretty good bladder and bowel control. Appart from wetting the bed twice in one week, due to stress caused by my divorce, I had only had some minor accidents (squirts) in my pants during the past couple of years. I hadn't shit my pants since college, when I was too drunk to tell my friend to stop the car and hence filled my panties in the back seat.

I was sitting on a chair at my dinner table in the living room, when the need to relieve myself turned from moderate to bad. I started fitdgetting and rubbing my peehole, trying to reduse the urge. Several times, I got up and asked the electrician if he would be finnished soon. Every time, the answer was negative. When I got out of my chair to ask him again, I felt the first little squirt hit my panties followed by a turd almost leaving my asshole. I had to strengthen all my muscles and grab myself on both sides, in order to prevent myself from having a (double) accident.

Finally, the electrician was done. While I was standing in the hallway, watching him (with crossed legs) collecting his tools, I was in serious pain and realised that it I couldn't hold it much longer. I was literally leaking now, not letting it all out, but drops and small squirts were escaping into my already wet panties almost continuously. The inside of my thighs was wet and drops of pee crawled slowly down my legs. I wiped them secretly off with my hands and my dress. Then again a turd started to press its way out. Again I managed to stop it, but this time a piece of it was squeezed of and left behind between my asscheeks.

At that time, I should have realised that the only right thing to do was to dash to the bathroom, yank down my panties and relieve myself. Instead, I was just standing there paralized, trying to smile at the man who was about to leave. Then it happened. I suddenly started to fill my panties with u huge load of firm warm shit. I don't remember if it made any sound, but I definitely remember how warm masses were being pressed into my small panties.

I more or less pushed the electrician out of the front door, while streams of urine uncontrollably started to run down my legs and my shit was pressed out of my underwear onto the inside of my thighs. When the door slammed behind the electrician, I fell on my knees and kept on crapping and peeing until I was empty. I was exhausted and shaking... I was just sitting there in disbelieve in a puddle of my own piss and a major shitload. When I looked up, my 7 year old was standing next to me, watching me, also in disbelieve. "Mamma had a little accident sweety. Even mammas sometimes don't make it to the bathroom...", I mumbled. I'll never forget how she started to giggle uncontrollably while holding her nose...

I'm on holidays visiting relatives and this week we are staying in a hotel since we were doing some sightseeing and attending a concert out of town. On the first day we arrived we went out for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. The food was good but by the time we got back I was desperately needing to take a shit.

Upon returning to our room I made my way to the toilet to have a dump and shower. I let out a few good sized logs that I had been holding in. As soon as the first log went down the toilet clogged. The second turd was now stuck in the bowl. I started my shower wondering if I could find a plunger. When I got out I was able to flush the second log down but the toilet struggled in doing so.

Early the next morning I heard one of my cousin's friends get up to go to the bathroom. He was in there for about 10 minutes before I heard the toilet flush and him come out. I guess he too clogged the toilet except this time it was much worse. The waterline was almost at the top of the bowl. The problem was that the toilet was one of the older low flow models that couldn't take much before clogging.

We called the hotel front desk to unclog the toilet before we left the room for the day. When we returned later in the afternoon the toilet appeared to be functional but I didn't trust it. I was now needing to take a dump but I really didn't want to clog the toilet again. I then discovered that there was a washroom next to the hotel's pool and gym.

I entered in and discovered three stalls with some urinals and a change room. I made my way to the handicapped stall at the end. They were conventional toilets so I knew it might clog just like the one in the room, but at least it wouldn't be as much as a inconvenience. I sat down and immediately pushed out a thick turd. I quickly wiped before flushing the decently sized log down. I hoped it wouldn't clog but it did just as easily as the one in our room. I washed up and left before someone noticed.


is it weird?

I recently started dating a girl from my class named Hannah. She is pretty but she's shy and quiet. I asked her out a month ago but she wanted to just hang out with friends together a few times and get to know me a little before going on an actual date.
Here's the thing... last year when we were in 9th grade, hannah had a little accident in school that made her a pretty hot topic around school for a couple days. We were doing state standardized testing that all 9th and 11th graders need to do. You just come in for a half day and take the tests. Each one is two hours, and we have a break in between. They're pretty strict about the test though, for instance you can't talk, can't have books or papers or anything and you can't leave. They tell everyone to make sure they go to the bathroom before the test. Anyway, my entire class was pretty much divided into 3 parts and some of us took the test in the cafeteria, some in the library and some in the large group instruction room. Hannah and I were both in the cafeteria. Well either she didn't go to the bathroom before the test or just had to go again during it because she did approach the proctor and say something, and all I could hear was the proctor tell her no one could leave. She went back to her seat on the verge of tears by the look on her face. Sometime later, I could hear some commotion behind me, then heard a girl crying. I looked back to see hannah was the one in tears and some people around her were clearing away from her and one kid was covering his mouth. The proctor rushed over to her then escorted her out of the room, she was sobbing loudly at that point. When she passed me, the potent stench of poop punched me in the nose. I looked at her butt and the seat of her jeans were wet like she peed herself and there was a lumpy bulge in the middle. She had a major accident in her pants. There was a lot of mumbling and shuffling around and another teacher came in to restore order. At the end of the test he said that's why they tell us to go before the test because they can't let us leave during it.
anyway, the point is this....Hannah's accident is the reason I asked her out. Something about the ordeal I found endearing...I just wanted to hold her and console her in her moment of humiliation and vulnerability. Ever since then I realized that there is something about a girl accidentally going to the bathroom in her pants that is so..I don't know how to explain it. Just seeing a girl in such a moment of weakness and witnessing her pure emotions made me want to be with her and make her feel good about herself again. I can't think of a more humiliating experience a teenage girl could encounter than wetting and/or pooping her pants at school.
So that's why I asked her out..I've heard through the grapevine that she is accident prone. There are rumors that she is a bedwetter, and that she pooped in her underwear in the girls locker room earlier this year while changing after gym, and hid in a stall until everyone left, then went back to class blushing so people were suspicious. I don't know the details of why they think she pooped her underwear, its just a rumor that a girl saw that her underwear was stained as she took all her things into a stall.
anyway, I hope getting to know her I will find other reasons to like her for who she is. But for now I fantasize about being able to comfort her if she has another accident or getting her to open up to me about past accidents. Is there something messed up about that..? Honestly.


more about doorless stalls

I assume that people wouldn't get arrested for indecent exposure when sitting on a toilet in a doorless stall, or standing at a urinal!

Super Soaker 2000
It happened again. I peed before I went to bed, twice. I had a good night's sleep, and then I woke up, to soaked underwear and a soaked mattress. I don't know what to do, I'm thinking about ordering some samples of depends, or something, but I never know when I'll wet the bed. I hate having this problem.

Kate M.

To Sarah in Atlanta, GA

Yes, when I drink tea or coffee I have to pee often; I began to need to pee very often as a teenager. I also pee in the pool as do many of my friends. One lady told me she does it near the jets since they add more chlorine. I have to wear Poise pads and have used them as emergency bathrooms before. Once when I was a teenager I had my period and after the cramps stopped I decided to go swimming. I had been taking painkillers for cramps that morning and got my tampax and then put on my bathing suit and went swimming. I got to the pool, took a shower, peed in the shower, then went swimming in the cold pool. Afterwards I relaxed in the hot tub - really relaxed. I felt a bit funny and then realized that I had been peeing in the hot tub. There were two guys in there also and another girl. I looked at the water and there was no indication that I was peeing so I just continued since it is hard to stop once it starts. I guess the painkillers dulled the sensation of having to pee or the cold and then the hot water made me pee. Every time I get into a hot tub I pee a little in the water - the extreme heat makes me go. I took aquafitness class and pee during class. The pregnant ladies have prenatal aquafitness and I have heard one lady asking another 'did you do it'. 'Yes'. I saw an older gentleman facing the pool wall and discreetly peeing through his trunks. I think most swimmers just let it go. I heard a little boy telling his dad that he was peeing in the pool and dad did not care. I like swimming at the beach the most and nobody gets out of the water to pee and some sunbathers go in stand up to their waist and relax for a minute or two. Then they go back to sunbathing.


to Wendy: about doorless stalls

I read that by law in the U.S., all women's public restrooms must have doors with locks.

Also, some men's rooms have doorless stalls, to discourage certain types of "acts" in the stalls.

Post Title (optional) ASHLEY NOT GUILTY!!!

I am a male and have no interest in males pooping but I love women pooping so I am just like you!
I feel there are lots of people in your (& my) categorie.
I do not know how you bridge the bowel motion gap.
You said you went in front of him once but he was not interested....was he trying no to be interested but really was?
Try doing it again...not too blatantly.
Have you walked into the bathroom when he is on the pot?... What was his reaction? should not feel guilty..just in the relms of being normal.


worst stomach disaster of my life

Iīm Vassiliki I come from Greece and work as a classical singer. Iīm 24 years old and have long brown hair. This week I had the worst stomach disaster of my life. I was called by a German theatre for an opera performance at the last moment and I had to fly early in the morning then rehearse and sing the performance in the evening. It was my first job abroad so I was very excited. I dressed myself elegantly with a nice dark blue miniskirt and black pantyhose. The flight from Greece to Germany was very long (almost 3 hours) and I was so tired so I drank on the plane 3 large cups of coffee and a lot of water. On this flight there was no meal and I was hungry. So after landing I was looking for something to eat and in the hurry found a sandwich at a fast food store. I was already bursting to go to the toilet but because the flight was delayed I had to get to the theatre immediately in order not to be late for my rehearsal. So I took a taxi and and during the ride ate the sandwich. It had some fresh salmon and mayonnaise inside and smelled a bit strange, but I felt so hungry that I just ate it. The taxi ride was endless and 10 minutes after eating the sandwich I started to feel a strange feeling in my stomach. Finally I got to the theatre I was late the rehearsal already started and the first thing was I had to run to the toilet and pee finally. It took me at least two minutes, I hadnīt been since six hours. When I was finished I waited because I was feeling something was not ok with my stomach, but nothing happened, so I wiped and went to my rehearsal. And then the worst thing happened: I sang my aria and felt horrible stomach cramps. They became worse from miunte to minute but I just couldnīt get away from the rehearsal. I could hold in for another 5 minutes but then it was clear that I have to go to the toilet immediately. I knew it was diarreah. I excused myself to the stage manager told her I feel sick and ran out to the toilet as fast as I could, in the last moment I arrived there, fortunately nobody was in, I could lift my miniskirt, lower my panties and pantyhose and even before I sat down diarreah exploded out of me. It was horrible. I just sat and everything came out of me like a waterfall, I think for at least three minutes nonstop. Then I hoped everything was over but great mistake. I farted and lot of more diarreah came out. I had sometimes diarreah before in my life, but never like that. Every time when one wave was over I hoped it was finished, but it just wouldnīt end. It is so terrible sitting there and you canīt get away from the toilet and miss your work. Finally I was crying, I felt so terribly. I thought why had I eaten that bad sandwich, obviously it was not fresh. Then from one moment to the other I had to vomit. I quickly stood up, kneeled down and vomited into the toilet. When I had the waves I knew I got fish poisoning but have prayed at least not have to vomit because you can sing with diarreah when you take some immodium but not if you vomit because the acid which comes up damages the vocal chords. I vomited and at the same time I had the next run and I had no time to sit back to the toilet so of course diarreah splashed on the floor and into my new miniskirt which was ruined. I spent at least 30 minutes on the toilet when I could wipe and leave. I went back to my rehearsal but of course it was a disaster. I had a ruined skirt and of course I couldīt sing. I was horribly weak, felt like i have fever and had no voice anymore. After already ten more minutes I had the next urge to go, and another diarreah. This time it was even worse because just brown water came out of me, and I had to vomit again and I felt everything I had eaten and even drank in the last days came out of me. I didnīt know what to do, I told the management that I was sick and unable to sing. They had to call another singer to replace me, I lost my job and the money but they were kind to pay me the hotel so I could go there and lie down. I had the runs another 4 times but at least didnīt have to vomit anymore. But it was incredible, every wave took me 10 minutes with just brown water coming out. I canīt imagine how this can happen when already everything came out of you, and I was crying again all evening why this happend during the performance I could not sing because of that. But at midnight it was over. Next morning I took the plane home, it was really the worst stomach disaster I ever had, and I just would like to recommend to everybody to be very careful when purchasing or eating food at airports!


Nasty poo!!!

It happened when i was in my local shopping mall. Me and my friends had eaten sushi for lunch then i followed it by a big burger king. (note for people: don't ever mix them up together in one day!) I dunno why i eat a lot but I'm still quite skinny so i think I'm fine for the moment. Anyway about 2 hours later i felt some pressure. Though at this point i didn't need to do a poo yet, so it was just a fart coming on, a big one! I didn't want my friends to hear so i exited the shop for a bit so i can release. I did, it was very wet that made a lot of noise. I made a noise "ooo" with a worried face because i was. It stunk extremely bad! Like diarrhea was coming on. I haven't done a poo in 4 days. At the start of the day i was already half desperate. So the huge meal didn't help. I went back into the shop and told my friends i was going home now, they questioned me but i managed to give an excuse (it was a lie). As i was walking home worryingly and in desperation, pressure built up again like a huge gas bubble in me. I needed to pop badly and by that i mean take a shit! I decided to fart to relieve some pressure, though when i did it turned out i had sharted a little in my thong. So i had to quickly walk back with a pooed on thong between my ass cheeks. Once i got in i quickly ran into the bathroom, pulled my jeggins down and my pooey thong. Once i was sat a huge gush and bits of poo came out my ass. So relieving it was that my head was held high and my mouth was wide open, and i yelled "ahhhhhhhh!" But then my butt gurgled and farts were getting more violent, i stayed on the toilet that day for about an hour.

Never mixing those foods again!

Megan x

I love reading stories like Ruby's on page 1855 when she wasn't allowed to use the toilet when she badly needed to go. I have it when Wendy needs to poo in my toilet & I don't want her to block it up. She's not so bad now but she used to hold it for days at a time & would poo so much it did block up my toilet on severall occasions. The last time she wanted to have one of her mega poos in my toilet she did it in her knickers instead. It smelled really bad & Wendy seemed to enjoy it. I got her a plastic bag to put her messed up knickers in & she cleaned up in my shower. She vowed to get me back for it & sure enough she did......10 days later actually. We went out for a drink & alcohol has a different effect on me when I'm drunk. I don't throw up. It comes out the other end! We were walking to Wendys place when I realised I really needed the toilet. By the time we got there I was almost doing it in my knickers & Wendy saw her chance. She knew I was desperate but she pushed past me to get into the bathroom first. She shut the door in my face & locked it. I begged her to be quick but she replied, "No way. It's pay back time." I was already losing control & started leaking diarrhoea into my knickers. By the time Wendy came out of the bathroom it was running down my legs. I couldn't hold it any longer & just relaxed, letting it flood my jeans in a watery brown mess. Wendy had her revenge!

Has anyone else ever been refused permission to use the toilet & been forced to do it in there underwear? I'd love to know about it.


Waiting for 'Poop-Day'

I haven't passed a good log in close to a month now... :(

The last time I remember looking into the toilet and seeing something resembling a 'sausage', was back on May 27th. I remember that day clearly because the stools floating in the toilet had a definite green colour to them. When I wiped myself, it was rather messy and I clearly saw undigested bits of a salad I had eaten the day before on the TP. (Mostly cucumber and green pepper seeds, lettuce, with a few remains of red peppers that really contrasted with the green/brown overall 'theme.')

Since that day, it's been ALL MARBLES. Marbles of different sizes and interesting shapes... but marbles nonetheless. In a few BM sessions, some were tough to get out but most plopped into the water without me having to strain my guts to force them out.

I tried regularly eating a bran cereal that in the past has rarely failed to give me some good, solid poops in a day or so - but no dice this time. So as of Tuesday I decided to get 'serious' and ramp up the fiber in my diet. Every dinner since Wednesday I have had this week has had some rice and a good amount of salad. For the last two nights, I made sure the last thing I have eaten before going to bed was a good amount of celery sticks with some cheddar cheese to give it some flavour.
For the final kicker, I went to a nice East Indian restaurant yesterday and ordered some of the spiciest meals on the menu (and A LOT of water so my nose wouldn't begin to run and my eyes wouldn't water.)

With all that slowly making it's way through my GI, I expect to have to make a dash to a toilet at some stage today for a wonderfully satisfying crap. The kind where the logs are thick and rectum stretching.. the kinds that just ease themselves out without any effort and leaves you with that amazing uplifting feeling of happiness and relief when your session is done.

At least, that's the thing I'm hoping to produce today or tomorrow at the latest.


Take care,


To Ashley: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u spied on your boyfriend while u guys were camping! i bet that was alot of fun! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that u let out a really big turd in the tiolet. i love it when i produce logs like that. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Postman: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u had a nice healthy bowel movement this morning! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Sara From Altanta: i really enjoyed your short post! i have never heard of anyone peeing every 5 to 10 minutes after drinking anything else besides water! how many liters are u drinking a day? it sounds like to me that your drinking like a 2 liter bottle of water! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kendra: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u and your friend clogged her boyfriends tiolet! your friends boyfriend will never know whay girls go to the bathroom together! dont tell him even the slightest reason why! its none of his business! i also enjoyed your post about trying to use the bathroom at the mall. today i was at the softball park near my apartment. i went to the water fountain by the bathrooms and noticed a strong odor of poo coming from the womens. i immediately started giggling! i always love walking into the public bathrooms and smelling someone elses load! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you encountered a major accident. it sounds like to me that it is your moms fault. she should know better! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Impatientence: i really enjoyed your post! that cool that your special friend peed in a bucket! thats sounds like alot of fun! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Huntressgal:i really enjoyed your post! i have never experienced what u mentioned in this post! iam glad to hear that everything came out okay! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Lisa: thanks for the helpful information that u provided in this post! i lookforward to your future stories! take care and God bless.
to Sarah From Calary: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your horrific bowel movement that u experienced while you and your husband were spending quality time together. hopefully it willnot happen again. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Huntressgal: i really enjoyed your second post! sounds like u had a much better bathroom experience! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Joanna: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u encountered problems going to the bathroom while friends were spending time with you! drinking can cause this kind of thing to happen. please be careful next time! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Sara: i really enjoyed your post! your story about pooing in school when u were 16 was awesome! iam glad that it helped u overcome the fear of using the bathroom at school. so many girls are afraid to go to the bathroom at school. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post about doorless stalls. i would much rather have privacy when relieving myself! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kev: i really enjoyed your post! your whole family is very interesting! thats cool that your sisters ex is into pooing stories! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.



I had been 2 wks without a bowel movement> Tried everything. Stool softner's bran, finally a triple dose of Milk of magnesia 24 oz of juice and a suppository. Went to bed woke up farting Headed for the bathroom and tripped> fell on my stomach and exploded poop everywhere


My constipation is over!

I'd been constipated since Tuesday & it's now Sunday. I tried to go this morning but still nothing. I knew I had to do something so I took a laxative. Well it worked! I knew it was going to be a big one & not wanting to block the toilet I decided not to relieve myself outside somewhere. I was dying to go so there wasn't much time to look for anywhere too adventurous so I went to the woods to release my load. There were a lot of people about & the risk of being seen was too big to take. I was getting desperate though & had to think fast. There was the old house on the other side of the woods but it would take a while to reach it & what if someone was there? I could feel the poo pressing on my bum hole trying to force its way out so I decided to risk going in the old house. I started to run towards it but I quickly realised that running when you're nearlly shitting your pants is a bad idea. I almost lost it & had to take small steps & clench really hard to keep control. It seemed to take ages to get to the house & when I reached the front door I was thrilled I'd made it. It was open & I entered the house. There was someone there. It was that girl from the caravan. She looked embarrassed but not as embarrassed as I was would be if I shit myself now! She was holding her bum & I knew we were in the same situation. I told her not to worry as I was nearlly pooing my pants as well. The girl looked relieved & we pulled our pants down together & squatted in the front room. She peed a reall flood & so did I. I pushed out a huge load of soft muddy poo which formed a large pile under me. It seemed to take forever to get it all out but then there was a full five days worth of it I guess! The young girl had some serious diarrhoea. She sprayed the floor & even the wall behind her with a jet of brown liquid poo. She looked very relieved as it all came out & when she was done we helped each other cleanup. I told her about my constipation & the girl who must have been about 14-15 told me she had been constipated too. She'd taken a double dose of laxative & it was more powerfull than she expected. I could tell! She told me her name was Claire & I told her my name too. We left after that & went off in separate directions.

Upstate Dave

Accidents At School

Hi to all. Many of you here have posted accidents when at school. When I went to school I have seen a few happen which involved both guys and girls. So I will tell the few that I had seen.

The first one was when I was in third grade which had involved a accident in the upstairs boys bathroom. There was myself and two other classmates Gary and robert which we all had to go so we went into the bathroom together. I and Gary went and used the urinals for we only had to piss.

Robert went to one of the stalls for he had to shit and piss. From the stall that Robert went in to go came loud laughter from Robert! Hey Dave and Gary come take a look at this! Robert shouted out as he laughed. Gary and I we both stopped pissing zipped up and went right over to the stall that Robert had gone in.

Robert had the door open and he was standing off to the side so we both could see into the stall. There on the floor right in front of the toilet was a hudge long fat shit on the floor of the stall! Both Gary and I joined Robert in laughing har once we both had seenthis giant shit laying there on the floor.

Gary made a comment about something like some body was sure in a hurry! A couple of other comments quickly followed. Then Gary and Istepped away and Robert went in a different stall to piss and shit. After Robert went the three of us went back to class and Robert told our teacher about needing Mr. John (the janitor) needed to cean up the boys bathroom. That is the first time as far as someone as a guy have a accident in school. The next time would be over a year later would be a girl which would happen right in classroom.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies Last Day

Janet and I swam in the creek for a good half hour. The water was refreshing. We took a break from our swimming and we both were standing in the water with the water was only up to mid thigh. The water was higher up on her where it was just up under her crotch.

Janet then did a slight lowering of her body and she farted very hard! This made the water now that was slightly touching her asshole bubble and splash! Janet burts out laughing hard! Seeing this happen I started laughing too. Besides the splashing and bubbles there was the muffled sound of her fart which was like a muted trumpet sound.

Then Janet raised her ass back up out of the water and she started shitting! I didn't see her start but heard the soft plopping splash as her shit hit the water! Then I saw the small shit start floating aay slowly behind her and there was a second shit now comming out!

I waded very quickly behind Janet and as I just got behind her the second shit dropped from her ass and it was a little larger and heavier. It made a slightly bigger splash and its weight it went under the water and then popped right back up. I splashed the water with my hands so that her shit would not hit me and my splashing moved her shit to the side and it did float past me.

I looked back and I saw no more shit comming out. I asked Janet if she was done. I don't think so Dave Janet said right back to me. Janet must have given a push for from her vagina out came a short hard spurt of piss and a shit did poke out form her asshole. This shit was the same dark tan as the first two but it looked softer.

Then Janet must have let up on her push for she stopped her spurt of piss and her shit was moving on its own. This one was softer and it was moving slowly and also softly crackled as it got longer. Its tip reached the water of the creek inseveral seconds making little ripples as her shit summereged in the creeks water.

This shit would be long for it reached a good seven eight inches long and then it fell from her asshole falling sideways making a splash in the water and though this shit was the longest it didn't sink. It was a floater. Kanet did one little spurt of piss after her shit had fallen into the creek. I stepped off to the side to let her floater go by me. Janet had turned around to see.

As she and I watched her three shits slowly float away I staretd singing. Floating Down The River On A Big Brown Log! (song about a ant on a shit flaoting in a river) Janet laughed hard and tried singing it for she knew it but she was laughing so hard she couldn't sing it word for word. This me start to laugh and I wound up dong the same as her. This just made us both laugh harder which we no longer could sing the song.

We did wade back out of the creek after we got control of ourselves. We let the sun dry us off before we got dressed. Then after getting dried and dressed we walked our bikes back out to the road. It was time for us to go back to Janets house. It would also be the last time I would see Janet and Jill for awhile too. I was going home in the morning. So when we got to Janets Janet told me to wait and she went inside. A short momnet later she came out with her sistor Jill. We then spent the next ten minutes doing long goodbyes. Then I left. So that brings this time to its end.


Taking a dump on my birthday

Well, just got through doing something that I don't think I have done in long time- I just took a crap on my birthday. I am 18 today, and I got to thinking when I let my shorts fall to my flip flops and sat down on my toilet- my last few birthdays have been so busy that I don't think I ever took a crap on those birthdays.

This time around, I didn't have much of a choice. My girlfriend came over this morning, and I went out to breakfast with her, my Mom and sister, and man when we got back home I was really feeling it. I told them I needed to "take a slam" and went straight for my bathroom. Not much work in getting that poop out- I sat down and after a couple of minutes I gave birth to a nasty bunch of long turds. After the main deal, I did grunt a little bit to get the next bunch of crap out, and my girlfriend even knocked on the door making sure I was OK. I told her "Yup, just stinking up my bathroom, I am good now". When you gotta go so bad, and you finally let those turds out, there is not a better feeling in this world right after they fall into that water. I felt like I lost about 10 pounds after I took my crap this morning.

The rest of my day has been great now that that crap is all gone!

Hi again to everyone! I'm back at home now after finishing my first year of university. It's great to be back, but I can't believe how fast the year has gone. I guess it's true what they say- as you get older time seems to go faster!

Anyway, I'd like to relay to you what happened to me last weekend. I had got back home and on the Sunday I decided to go into Birmingham to look for a new handbag (I'd somehow broken the clasp on my old one on a night out). When I woke up I didn't feel too great but I went anyway. On the bus (cheaper than the train) I started to feel my ???? rumbling but as I hadn't had breakfast I put it down to hunger. When I arrived I looked round a couple of shops and then went for lunch. I had a jacket potato with chili and cheese which was really nice. Then I carried on shopping. Suddenly my guts cramped up. I had to poo, and I had to poo NOW. I tried to remember where the nearest toilets were; there were some below me. I hurried for the stairs, but when I got there they were closed for cleaning! I was absolutely bursting now, bouncing from one foot to the other and clenching my cheeks together. I could barely hold it as I made my way back up the escalator to the top floor and to the other end of the shopping centre where I knew there were more loos. But as I was ascending to the top floor I shat myself! I just couldn't hold it anymore; the pressure and the pain were too intense. I just stood there mortified as a squirt of hot runny diarrhea blasted into my knickers. I couldn't believe it. I almost ran to the toilets, managing to hold the rest in. There were loads of people shopping so I thought there would be a line, but to my luck there was a free cubicle so I dashed in and dropped my jeans and panties. There was a blob of mushy shit smeared into them. I sat down and started blasting out the rest of my poo. It hurt so much! After I was finally done I wiped as much of the shit from my knickers as I could and flushed. I had to flush again to get all the paper down! Luckily it was only a relatively small load that I couldn't hold in; if the rest of my poo had come out I would have been in real trouble!

Right, that's me for now. Thanks for listening everyone! Comments and questions are more than welcome.

Sunday, June 20, 2010



This morning I got up busting for a poo. I went to the toilet but I couldn't go. I was constipated & no matter how hard I pushed I couldn't get anything out. I had to go to work & didn't want to take a laxative because I wasn't sure how quickly it would work & didn't want to risk having an accident at work. Instead I had some bran flakes for breakfast in the hope that would be a more gentle solution. I have to leave for work now so I'll post tonight to let you all know how I get on.

Ashley, I enjoyed reading your camping story. Seems all to real for me that you BF has no interest in watching you poo. Are you worried that he is going to think your strange if you tell. Does he have any interest in seeing you tinkle? I really enjoy feeling my nerve endings when I poop!


Post Title (optional) Haven't been on here for a while

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been on here for ages because I moved house and we didn't have the internet. Now we are back online so I can visit here again. For the last few weeks, my housemate and I were busy packing up our old place and moving everything to the new place. We ate quite a bit of take away and I thought I would get really constipated - but I didn't. I still had some trouble pooping but nothing too bad. We have been in the new place for about 3 weeks now and I'm starting to get a bit constipated now. All week, I could only drop small loads of poo. I'm desparate for a big dump so hopefully that will happen soon. This morning I managed to drop a medium sized load in the toilet. I still had more in me but I couldn't get it out. I ate breakfast and I'm getting the urge to go again.

To Keith D: I read through a heap of posts but I couldn't find any from you. Have you been on a winning streak with your poos lately?? Or have you been constipated?? Please share some more stories, I love reading them!

To Fat Woman: I love reading your posts aswell but I haven't seen you on here for a while. Have you got any good stories to share??

I better go to the toilet again and try to do another poo. Hopefully I will feel satisfied after my dump.

I <3 POO

Last night's poo

Hi everyone :) I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted in a while as have been very busy and stressed out at the best of times with work and life.

I thought I'd post about the poo I took last night after coming back from my mate's house yesterday afternoon. I had a full English breakfast with him yesterday morning (minus the eggs, 'cos I can't stand eggs! yuk!) and during the day I could feel my belly was feeling a bit yuk and I felt bloated and was passing a lot of smelly gas which was lingering. Anyway so while I was driving back I could feel that I needed a good poo but I didn't stop anywhere as there was no urgency yet. So I kept driving but kept passing wind every so often. Finally when I got home I was feeling more bloated now and very tired from the journey so I sat down, put my poor tired, hot, sweaty, achy feet up and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea before going up to my room for some time to myself and unpack my stuff. It was now that I was really feeling full in my belly that I knew a big poo was on it's way as I was passing more and more wind every few minutes and the smell was minging! I changed out of my jeans as they were wet from the legs as it had been raining hard and slipped on a pair of blue sexy short shorts and white flip-flops.

By now it was half 6 and the urge was getting more and more and I could feel this load moving down inside of me. So I got up of my bed, and with my right hand on my belly I made my way to the upstairs loo, locked the door and then....omg! There was no bog roll, no! This can't be happening, surely. I was getting desperste to let the big brown beast out from inside of me and I was panicking. But I looked in the cabinet to see if there was a roll and thank god there was one last roll left so I quickly grabbed it put it on the holder, pulled down my sexy shorts to my thighs and sat on the loo with my legs spread out and crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly. I was going to be quite a while on the bog and take as much time as I need to unleash the big, brown beast and I let out some soft grunts....Nnngghh, nggghh, Hhmmm! Surely enough this got things moving inside and I heard a crackle and about 3 small chunks of poo dropped out of my bum and landed in the bowl ... plop, plop, plop! and another 2 smallish pieces slipped out ... plip, plop! I wasn't done just yet, there was still more up my bum, much more... I then let out some soft grunts again ....Nnggh, nnnggh, ngggh, hmmm and this time I could feel a huge load poking out of my bum just waiting to drop and then it cut loose and ... ka-plop, ka-plop, ploop, plop, plip, plip, plip, plop, blop, blop, plonk and then I let out a fart ppffttt and more poo dropped out ... plop, plop, plop, plop, plip, plip, plop, plop, plooop, spdoosh!

I still felt I had more still yet to drop as I could feel my hole widening and I knew these were big, thick, brown logs making their appearance and I had to grunt a bit more to get these bigguns' out and with a feint crackle they dropped out and landed in the loo ... PLOP, PLOP, PLOP! It was like a depth charge had dropped the plops were quite loud but still had more poo up there still left to drop. By now it was getting quite smelly in the loo not only the strong odor of my poo but the feint waft of cheese from my feet too.

About a few seconds later I let out a fart .... Ppppprrraaaapppppp!! followed by lots of chunky pieces of poo dropping one after another.... plip, plip, plop, plop, sploosh, plonk, plop, plop, plop, blop, plip, plip, plop! My mum was calling me from downstairs to come and have dinner but I didn't reply cos I was concentrating on taking a huge poo and I don't like to be disturbed when I am doing so cos either. Sometimes also my friends call me while I'm on the bog having a poo! By now it was 7pm and I had been on the loo for half an hour but I felt relieved as I had managed to have a good poo and although it was quite smelly, boy did I feel good for it! I looked round to see what I had done and it was quite obvious to see that the 3 big logs I had dropped were nestling above the other chunks and pieces and there were a few bits that were floaters but it was a good one and it took me at least 5-7 wipes to get clean :) I then flushed the loo, pulled up my sexy shorts and sprayed air freshner in the air.

I love having satisfying poos like that it's a joy to let them out and then to write about it :)

Happy pooping all :)

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