Should I feel guilty

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months now. We are intiment and I will leave it at that. We went camping a couple weekends ago and I have to admit I spied on him twice when he went to go poop. It wasn't hard to do as we scouted out the area for a designated bathroom area and found a tree branch about the right height for pooping. We were there for four days and I watched two out of three of his dumps. The first time he went was the first morning we were there and I didn't follow him. I went to the fallen log after he returned and saw he produced a halfinch log and a little pile of mush. This kind of excited me as I have always wanted to see a guy poop, so I waited for the next opportunity. Sure enogh the next morning I went 1st and when I returned he asked me for the roll of tp and headed off in the direction of the fallen tree. It was hard to conceal my excitement but 30 seconds after he left I quitely followed and got there just in time to see him w/ his shorts accross his knees as he sat down hanging his butt over the log. I quietly hid in some tall grass about 10 feet behind him and was definately not disapointed. Now we have seen each other naked before but it was really hot to see his butt on display. He lightly groaned and a rouned point began to emerge from his hole. Each time he pushed he would make a really light "uuuugh" knoise and a little more of this brown point became visible. After 4 pushes he pinched it off and just kind of sat there for a 20 seconds. He then pushed again and a lighter 3 inch long turd fell out of him. He tore off some toilet paper and I got out of there before being seen. This really turned me on and needless to say he should not have been disapointed when he got back. Either he didn't go the next day or I missed it but on the morning of the last day we were there I managed to sneek up and watch him again. This time I saw him pee standing up and then mount the log hanging his butt towards me. Again he had his shorts at his knees. He pushed and imediately out popped a two inch turd which he pinched off. He sat a little longer this time and each time he pushed a brown nugget would come out and he pinched it off. This time I stayed and watched him wipe. Each time he wrapped the tip around his right hand and wiped sitting down. He wiped 7 times an on the last one he spit on the toilet paper and then wiped. His butt is a little hairy so i'm guessing this aids in cleaning? Since spying on him I can't get the thought of his hot butt pooping out of my mind. He is not shy but I don't think he would like knowing I spied on him. But I really want to watch him poop again. One time I tried going in front of him and he seemed disinterested. What a bummer.


Massive relief

A few years ago when I was 17, I hadn't had a poo for a week so I had a big bowl of bran with some prunes for breakfast. Nothing happened all day untill the evening. I was walking home from work & felt a massive urge to relieve myself. There was nowhere to go & I had to hold it untill I got home. After walking for about ten minutes The urge got really bad. I felt the poo pressing on my anus, trying to force its way out so I clenched really hard, determined not to poo myself. The trouble was the poo wanted out but I didn't. I don't think I'd ever needed a poo so badly & the urge to go was getting really intense. I had to focus on controling my bowels but it was getting more & more difficult. The enormus pressure in my bowels was so strong it started to force my anus open & I clenched as hard as I could, needing every ounce of strength I had. It was hurting me & I was tempted to give up but I knew that was not an option. There was no way I was going to poo my pants in the street. I had to make it home at any cost. Trouble was my poo had other ideas. The need to defacate was now a biological one. The pain was killing me & the pressure on my anus was too powerfull to hold back any longer. I relaxed & a mass of soft serve mush litteraly exploded into my pants. My bowels started to push against my will & there was nothing I could do to stop the flow. I peed myself as my pants filled up to the point where they couldn't contain it all. The poo forced its way past the leg elastic of my pants & into my work trousers. By the time I managed to stop pooing myself I was in a terrible state & I wasn't finished. When I got home. I went upstairs to the toilet, took off my soiled trousers & peeled my pants away from my bum. I had to drop them in the toilet as they couldn't be saved & then I sat down to finish what I'd started. I pushed out another huge load of soft poo, filling the toilet. I peed some more & then I was done. What a relief! I had to flush four times to get rid of it all & then there was the big cleanup.

sarah from atlanta
hi guys! i have been reading this site for a long time now. the stories are great! keep them coming! so i'm 13 years old, about 100 pounds, and 5'4. i am very athletic.

whenever i drink anything aside from water, it makes me have to pee every 5-10 minutes for about an hour. does anyone else have this?

and also, do you ever pee in the pool? when i'm in the pool i also do. thanks!


Nice crap

Had a really nice dump this morning. After a few days of rather small poops, I went to the toilet and pushed out a nice long easy slider. It flopped back over on top of itself, so there was some length to it.

Only a couple wipes, and I was clean. I hate those craps where you spend more time wiping than you do actually pooping.


Pay toilets

I have an idea. How about an honesty box at the cubicle door where you could leave a tip to pay for the maintenance of the facilities. That way if you were desperate to go & had no money you wouldn't face the shame & humiliation of messing your pants in public. Plus of course there would be plenty of nice clean public toilets for everyone to use.


Lack of public toilets in town centre

I had a real problem yesterday in town. There are no longer any public toilets in town. They've all been closed & the only alternative is to use the customer toilets in the supermarket but you have to be a customer to be allowed to use them. Yesterday I was in town when I got the runs. I rushed all the way across town to get to the supermarket & by the time I got there I was almost pooing myself. I ran towards the customer toilets holding my bum but was stopped by the security guard because I wasn't buying anything. He could see I was desperate but he wouldn let me past. I was so angry I went to customer services to complian. There was a long que & by the time I got to speak to the young girl on the counter I was losing it. She could smell it & was very nice about it. She took of to the staff toilets saying she knew what it was like when you really have to go & can't get to a toilet. I went inside to find there was a shower & very clean toilet. I rushed to the toilet & sat down. My bowels exploded into the pan. & it felt such a relief. My knickers were ruined so I flushed them down the toilet with my runny poo & cleaned my soiled bum in the shower. It was so nice to be able to go home clean after pooing myself like that.


Dinner with P

Hello there! I said last time I would post about getting stunk out of a bathroom. There's not a big story to tell about it, but here goes. I was at a store shopping for some clothes and I felt the need to go poop. I went to their bathroom and walked inside and immediately assaulted by a very very strong poop stink. One of the two stalls was available and I went in. I pulled down my pants and panties and sat, intending to listen and poop, but I just couldn't do it. The smell was so foul, I had to leave. As I said, there's almost no story there. I can handle most poop smells, but I don't think I've ever smelled anything so bad before that or ever since.

On another note, today's main story is another story about P, the girl who was featured in my "At the Mall" post a while back. P is the only one of my friends who knows about me liking to hear other girls poop. I told her about it long ago, and she's very relaxed about it. We've been friends for many many years and seen each other naked before. (A few times when changing after swimming, don't get any naughty ideas boys :D)

Well, anyway, she has been dating a guy for about a month now and I finally got to meet her boyfriend. I got a call Tuesday night from P asking if I would like to come over for dinner with her and her boyfriend on Thursday. Of course I accepted, I'd been wanting to meet her boyfriend for a while. Thursday night came and I arrived early to help with dinner prep. Her boyfriend, M, showed up and we ate dinner and enjoyed a lovely conversation. After eating, we washed our dishes and continued to talk for a bit in the den. Some time later, P said she needed to use the toilet, so we both headed off to the bathroom. M seemed bewildered and asked why we were both going to the toilet together. I said, "It's a woman thing, you wouldn't understand.", to which P and I giggled and left the den. M was still confused, but didn't press the issue. P whispered to me that she was going to use the downstairs toilet. "I don't want him to hear me go to the toilet.", I believe were her words.

We headed downstairs and into the bathroom then P pulled down her short skirt and black thong to her ankles and sat on the toilet. She let out a short puff of gas, Pffft, as she was sitting and then a short pee stream. Shhrrakkklll ploosh plop splash ploop plop plop plipsplipsplip sploosh splash ploosh plop plop sploosh sploosh.

It sounded like a bunch of individual poops came out all at once. She peed a little more accompanied by a splop. Mmmhh crakkl Nhh crakkkl Unnhh kkrakl sploosh, she strained a bit and dropped a fat poop. Plop, some silence, plop. Spppplff Krakkkl Nnnh Krakkkkkkkl sploomp. Ksplat, one of her poops fell onto the pile of poop in the toilet. She flushed, then said "I think I have a bit more, I haven't been to the toilet since Monday afternoon." P had told me previously that she usually "goes to the toilet" twice every day, so that meant she'd missed five poops. I knew she definitely had more to poop then. I think she dropped a few poops while flushing, but I didn't hear them. NNNhhhh sploosh sprkkkk ploosh splippliplip prrrrt plop Mmmhhh Prrrrrrrt Braaaap Splunk. Plop Ploop Kraakkkkkkkkl flump unnnh unnh Splash Sploop. Mmmh Nhh Nhh. Nhh. Nhh. She was pushing out a long thick poop, but it made no noise hitting the water. Nnnn. Nhh. Mmmh. At last it broke off and she flushed again.

"You almost done, now I gotta pee?", I asked. "I think I can be done for a short while, but I still feel more ready to come.", she replied.

She stood up, I pulled down my jeans and pink panties just to my thighs and sat down. I peed quite hard for a brief while. In the middle though, P said she felt more coming out and couldn't hold it back. It hurt to do it, but I stopped my pee stream and got up. I took off my jeans and panties and peed some more in the tub as she sat and let out another poop with a splop. My pee spattered against the tub while she was busy pushing out another difficult poop. Nhhhhh Nhhhhh Splopplopplop I heard three distinct sounds, but I knew it was one poop hitting the water three times. I was done peeing then so I took two sheets of paper and wiped, then tossed the paper between P's legs. Sploosh. One more poop snuck out, and finally P said she felt empty. I ran some water in the bath to wash away my pee and she wiped. I think she used probably half a roll, but she probably needed it. She flushed for the third time and the toilet kind of gurgled like it wasn't going to flush, but it eventually did.

The poop went down the drain but some paper stayed behind. She said she'd unclog the toilet tomorrow, we had already kept M waiting for close to 30 minutes.


My first "accident"

I was 11 at the time & my mum's boss was coming to dinner to discuss some busines matters with her. I was busting for a poo & I made the mistake of announcing the fact. My mum didn't want me to embarrass her boss by me stinking the toilet out & she made me wait untill I the morning. I couldn't believe she was stopping me from using the toilet even though I really had to go. I was so angry with her I went to my room. I held on for an hour before the pressure in my bowels was too great to bear. I was fuming because my my mum was more worried about me embarrassing her than she was about me shitting my pants! I went downstairs in a rage. I told my mum I was going to have a massive shit in my pants if she didn't let me use the toilet & she just looked shocked. I stood there right in front of her boss & totally shit myself. It was big messy & smelly & it spread out in my pants & fell out past the elastic & landed on the floor.


Peed in a Bucket

Ashley here is another story about my special friend. It was during a Nor'easter which is a heavy wind and rain storm. She had parked her car at a parking garage when the wind nearly peeled the the door right off her car. It was raining and miserable outside. She was with a second gal who helped her get it shut. They were cold,exhausted, and after relaxing in need of a pee with the rain and wind raging and so upset due to a need to release their bladders immediately in a public garage. I suggested she use one of her cleaning buckets. She told me how both of them separately got in the backseat of the other girls SUV and peed. She said she doesn't pee outdoors but she was so exhausted she had no choice. My special friend can make any event hilariously funny. Ashley thank you for your encouraging comments too! My friend has heard me pee but she only once mentioned it to me only once as your going golden showers. I'll share some more as I think about the past or experience some new ones!!!!!

to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that u had a successful poo! was anyone there to witness it? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Jackson: i really enjoyed your post! iam really glad to hear that u straightened your act up! now u can spend the rest of your life with the woman of your dreams. always stock up on tiolet paper! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to KateM: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u had an accident in your night gown! dont worry about it! iam also pleased to hear that u met so many people in the grocery store that can relate to your bladder issue! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Jessica: i really enjoyed your post! you and i live in the same place! anyways iam really sorry to hear about your accident that you had at the beach with your friends in your bikini! next time u will just have to tough it up and use the bathrooms there no matter how gross they are! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Catherine: i really enjoyed your post! i throughy enjoyed both of your stories that u shared! i must admit that i love to produce really big logs as well! there nothing like the sight of a huge turd that floats in the water! i hope that u continue to have success with producing logs! i hope that i produce some real huge logs in the near future! i lookfroward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Heather: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u pooped your pants while you were sleeping! iam also very sorry to hear about your accident that occurred while you were at the baseball game! iam glad that the woman was very kind to you! it just goes to show that there are really caring people in this world! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your short post! iam gald to hear that u are so far having a successful bowel movement! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Zip: i really enjoyed your two stories that u posted about! they were halarious! the information you provided was enlightening and cool as well. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Huntressgal: i really enjoyed your post! that really cool to learn that meat helps you produce better stools and more softer ones as well. thats cool also to learn that meat helps your bowels not smell as bad. however i must admit that i love to enter a public bathroom that has a really strong odor of someone elses bowel movement! it makes me giggle! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.




Large stool push my behind vaginal wall

When I get large stool, my vaginal openings had clearly visible. When I poo out the large stool of my anus, I could feel the large stool pushing the back of my vaginal wall and I had the chance to look down my vaginal area as I was seeing the openings got wider while I was pooping. Right after the stool got out, my anus closed and I could see my vaginal openings got smaller. It does happen once in a while only when I eat large amount of meats. I'm wondering if other women here do have the same experience. If yes, please let me know.


to Ashley

The bus driver didn't pee in front of anybody. He waited until the passengers got off the bus and walked away. He had parked his bus forward, and to the right, of all of the bus stops. But there was the chance that a police officer could have driven into the area and seen everything.

I don't think the police officer would have gotten into trouble peeing into a cup at a stakeout, since police officers don't report each other. Also, I don't know if peeing into a cup inside a car is considered indecent exposure.

Sarah from Calgary


Hi everyone. As I stated in my post on page 1863, I had a terrible accident while my husband and I were on holidays in May. Here is what happened…

My husband and I were on holidays from May 8th to May 16th. It was a very nice week weather wise, so we spent a lot of time outdoors doing yard work and just hanging out. My period was due to start on Saturday the 15th at the end of our holidays, so I didn't think I had to worry about things until Thursday or Friday of our holidays.

Before our holidays started, I did some lingerie shopping. I went to La Senza and bought some matching lace satin bikini panties and bras in various colours. I wanted to be as sexy as possible for my husband during our holidays and to have a little fun as well!

Saturday and Sunday were really nice. Sunday night my husband barbequed his famous hamburgers and we had a really nice night, if you know what I mean! Anyway, we had been discussing buying new furniture for our living room. On Monday I decided to wear a pair of bright yellow lace satin bikini's and a matching bra. It was driving my husband crazy as I walked around our bed room getting dressed and fixed up. I also wore a new pair of snug fitting jeans that accentuated my legs. It was hot out so I wore a t-shirt and decided not to bring a jacket. We had a nice breakfast and then went out furniture shopping. At around noon and after several stops at various furniture stores, we decided to stop for a break. Rather than have a big lunch, we decided to stop at Tim Horton's for a snack. We both got an Iced Cappuccino and a donut. I got my favourite, a honey cruller. We finished, each went to the washroom and went on our way.

Our next stop was Leon's. We didn't find anything of interest there. Next was The Brick with the same result. While we were walking around The Brick, I could feel the Iced Capp and honey cruller settling in my stomach. Then we went to Ikea where all hell broke loose…

The Ikea in Calgary is huge, as most Ikea's are. We climbed the stairs to the second floor where the furniture is and made our way around the maze. About five minutes after we got in the store, I cramped up and it was as if my bowels dropped. I let out a wet fart and whispered to myself "Oh God". My husband saw the pained look on my face and asked, "Hey, are you okay?" I said, "No, I need to find the ladies room, like, right now!" I had no idea where they were on the second floor. Keeping my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as possible, I shuffled over to an Ikea staff person and asked her where the ladies rooms were. She said they were on the opposite side of where we were and said to follow the maze around to them. I nodded, said, "Thanks" and quickly tried to get to the ladies room. I almost made it. The store wasn't too busy at the time, so I was able to make my way over to the ladies rooms in about a minute or so, but I was leaking diarrhea the entire time. I knew that my poor yellow lace satin bikini's were going to have stains on them, but I was doing my best not to completely mess them because I knew what would happen if I did. The mess would go everywhere. As I turned the corner to the ladies room a lady was turning the same corner and we bumped into each other. When this happened, I lost the hold I had on my bowels, my butt cheeks opened up and a torrent of wet diarrhea poured into my panties, filling them up completely. I gasped when this happened and the lady said to me, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Then she quickly walked away. I reached around to feel my bum area and I could tell that my jeans were already wet. Still leaking diarrhea into my panties, I shuffled my way into the ladies room. As soon as I got in there, I erupted again causing the mess to leak out of my panties and down the back and insides of my legs. It was horrible! I turned around to see my bum in the mirror and could see that the mess had leaked through the seat of my panties and jeans. I sure did pick the wrong day to wear sexy satin lace panties!

Anyway, I left the ladies room without even trying to clean up. I figured it was no use. I walked to the entry way of the hallway and waited for my husband with my back to the wall. He came up to me and said, Hey! Are you okay?" I said, "No. Can we please go home?" He asked, "Why, what's the matter?" I said, "I didn't make it." He looked down at my pants and said, "Oh, uh, okay." I said to him, choking back tears, "I leaked through my pants. Could you please walk behind me?" He said, "Sure" and then when he saw the state of my jeans he said, "Oh, Sarah! What happened?" I said, "I don't know. I guess the combination of the burgers, breakfast and sugar that I had, just decided to have its vengeance on me."

As we were walking through the store, I had to go again and I could not hold it back. It was like a river was flowing out of my bowels and into my pants. By the time we got to our vehicle, the back of my pants were a complete mess of wet diarrhea all the way down to my knees. I got some horrified looks from people shopping and from the Ikea staff.

I really did not want to sit down in our vehicle as I knew the mess that was still in my panties would go everywhere. And it did. I ended up sitting on some fabric shopping bags that we had. When I sat down, the mess in my panties went everywhere. Up my back and over the waist band of my panties and up my front as well. It was awful. I was crying the entire time and as we were driving, I had to go again. This time the mess spread into the front of my pants and it looked like I had wet myself.

We finally got home and I waddled into our house still leaking into my pants. I went directly into our "guest" bathroom where we have a full bathtub and shower. I turned the water on and let it get warm. I jumped into the shower, fully clothed and proceeded to take everything off. I took of my shirt and bra and then peeled off my jeans and panties. I could not believe the mess in them. It took me a while to get cleaned up and I still had more diarrhea that day. Luckily I was at home so I was able to make it to the toilet each time.

I haven't had diarrhea this bad in a very long time. Even my accident at the Ottawa airport around Christmas wasn't this bad.

On Wednesday, my husband and I decided to go to the movies. Since it was raining, we went to an afternoon matinee. I didn't have diarrhea that day, but I was feeling crampy. I figured that it was PMS cramps and thought that I was right on schedule. Towards the end of the movie, the cramps got quite bad and my bowels tightened up. Then I let out a wet fart into my blue high cut panties. But that was it. Then I could feel that my panties were rather wet for the fart that I had. Since the movie theater was dark and relatively empty, I put my hand down to my crotch to try and figure out what was going on. When I did, the crotch of my jeans felt soaked. The movie ended, the lights came up and I looked down and saw that my period had started three days early! And it was extremely heavy. I had completely leaked through the crotch and bum area of my jeans. Since it was raining out, I had worn a jacket. Unfortunately, it wasn't long enough to cover my bum area, so I had to tie it around my waist. My husband asked, "You know it's still raining, right?" I said, "Yeah, I know." Then I whispered to him, "My period started and I leaked through my pants." I lifted up my jacket for him to see and with a horrified look he said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Let's get you home and cleaned up." Well, that sure ended our "fun" activities for our holidays, if you know what I mean.

Thank you,
Sarah from Calgary.


Mid-morning stool time

I'd like to share with you all. This morning I was working and I felt my stool pointing at my anus' door. I held it a little more longer so I can finish up my paper work. At the same time it felt good because it keeps me busy. By mid-morning, I decide to go to the restroom as the stool was at the door. While I was sitting on the toilet, I controlled my anus to open slowly and let the stool come out real slow so I can enjoy the moment. It was medium size and some texture. The odor wasn't bad at all because I had chicken yesterday. I had two medium size stools and they were between light and dark brownish. After I pooped the stools out, I only wiped two times because it wasn't messy at all. I enjoyed the feeling of having slow exiting. It is a nice feeling. Afterwards, I got up and went back to my desk. I'll share with you all more of my next stool time. Smile :)


My misjudgment

The following happened to me when I, as a student, was visiting a friend of mine in a neighbouring town. At the time, she rented a centrally located appartment on the top floor of an old three-story house. The appartment was tiny, and it didn't have its own bathroom. To take a shower or go to the toilet, one had to use the landlady's second bathroom, which was located in the basement. The rent for the appartment, however, was very low, so my friend didn't complain about this.

Anyway, the first night of my stay, we came home from a dinner party at another friend's house. We were both happily intoxicated because of all the beer and wine we had been drinking. I hade made sure to have a pee before we left the dinner party (which was in a place nearby), so I didn't have to use the old bathroom in the rather scary basement. Pretty tired as we were, we brushed our teeth, undressed and went to bed immediately after we came home. Actually, we shared her double bed.

Some hours later, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed a vague pressure in my lower belly area. I was just awake enought to realise that I actually had to poo and pee a little, yet I was too tired to get up. I decided that the I could wait until the morning and fell asleep again. Big mistake! The need didn't dissappear. Instead, it popped up in a dream. I dreamt that I was walking down a busy street and had to go really bad, but there was no public toilet or restaurant in sight. Finally, I decided to relieve myself in an alley, squatting behind some waste bins...

Then I suddenly woke up. I noticed immediately that I was wetting myself. Fortunately, I could stop the flow before it caused more than a wet spot in my panties. It took me some seconds to realise that something else had happened too. In had actualy let out some poop as well, and the strong urge to poop more was still present. The poo was pretty firm, usually no problem to hold it in, but I guess I just had been holdning it for too long. You can imagine that i paniced a little. Fortunately, my friend slept tight, but I had to get myself to the bathroom fast, in order to finish my dump and my pee and not to mention to clean myself up. When I jumped out of bed I felt how drunk I still was. I quickly put on a t-shirt and went out into the staircase. The pressure in my bladder and (especially) in my bowels, was high. I felt what seemed like a huge load pressing on the inside of my butthole. At the same time I felt the poo in my panties squish between my asscheeks. Walking down the stairs without letting it all go was difficult.

Then disaster struck. Just before I came down to the ground floor, I thought I heard the landlady walking around. I really wanted to avoid meeting her in the state I was in, so I silently and quickly went up some stairs. I guess the combination of my desperation, my intoxication and the tension of the situation was too much. I felt a painfull stinging sensation in my butthole and it involuntarily gave way. Within seconds and with a funny crackling sound, my panties got litteraly overloaded with poo, while I pressed my hand on my peehole to avoid wetting myself. I bit my lip in order not to cry out loud.

The only positive thing at that moment was, that I wasn't wearing a g-string that night. It was hard to wobble to the bahtroom without loosing any poo on the way. It must have been the funniest sight ever...if someone would have seen me. I even had to prevent my panties from sliding down due to the pooload by holding them up. Funny sight or not, for me it wasn't that funny...allthough not at the moment. It was a huge job cleaning up my mess. There was poo everywhere, from the upper part of my buttcrack at the back to my labia on the lower front. Gross! It took at least an hour before i was ready to go back up again, with my naked butt and my hand-washed panties. Upstairs, I put on clean panties and hid the wet ones in my bagpack. Allthough we were good friends, even sharing a double bed being half naked, I never told my friend about this horrible event.


First High School Poo

Glad to hear people liked my story! Here's one that a little older, when i was 16. I went to an all girls, Catholic high school. I liked it, but being around all girls made me uncomfortable about going to the bathroom. for my first month, i tried no to go at all, but one time i succumbed and used the toilet for a pee. after that i got more comfortable peeing, but still didn't want to poo there. i would go before and after school for BMs, but one time during junior year, i was constipate for 3 days. It was friday, so i thought i could try in the morning, and have all weekend to try to poo. since i woke up early to try to poo, my mom made me bacon and eggs (which make me fart and poo.) i tried to refuse, but she practically forced me to eat them. i ate all of the food at my mother's insistance and she drove me to school. On the way i could feel that i would have to go, but it went away fairly quickly. Around second period i really felt i had to take a dump, but ried to hold it until lunch ( most girls wouldn't go during lunch so the bathrooms would be nice and empty.) Lunch was after 4th period, so i had 2 more to got before i could take a number 2. I was farting lightly to try to relieve the pressure, but i ended up letting a wet, loud one loose. No one could tell who it was, and if i asked to go to the bathroom they would know it was me. after 5 minutes I couldn't hold it anymore, so i asked the teacher. Thankfully she let me go, and i walked slowly out of the classroom. Once i left the classroom, i sprinted to the freshmen bathrooms, so i wouldn't see anyone in my grade. i was grabbing my gut and butt trying not to poo myself when i got to the freshmen toilets. there were 4 stalls. 1 occupied. i got into the 1st one, and noticed the seat was filthy. I could feel the poo coming out, so i frantically put a seat cover (last one) raised my skirt and dropped my panties. When i sat down, the first log immediately rushed out. the second one came, but took some pushing. i check my phone for the time and i had been out of class for 5 minutes by the time the second log dropped. there was still time in the period, but being out that long makes it awkward when you go back. i felt another turd coming, and pushed a little until it dropped. I farted some more and began to push for the final log. There was only 5 minutes left in the period, so i decided to wait here until the bell rang. i spent some time pushing until another log dropped. I felt so much better, especially after the first turd. i could see that my stomach was much smaller and less bloated. My relief ended when i saw there was no toilet paper! I asked the girl next to me for some, and she gave me a little bit. It was enough to wipe some, but I could tell there was still some left. Before i put the TP in the bowl i looked at the dump i just took. There were 4 logs, each 6-8 inches. 's still one of the biggest dumps I've taken. I put the TP in the bowl and flushed. Of course it clogged, but no one was in the bathroom to notice. i washed my hands and left just in time for the bell to ring to end class. At lunch my friends asked where i went and I told them they all laughed hysterically. I went to the bathroom during lunch to finish wiping. My panties were stained, but i kept them on. No one seemed to notice or mention a bad smell, but when i got home i took them off. I was more comfortable about pooping at school from then on, so i guess it was for the best. Hope you guys enjoy the story, and i'll have some more soon!



Doorless stalls?

I've never heard of a toilet cubicle without a door in Britain. At least not one that's been vandalised of course. How can you comply with public decency laws in the US when you don't have a door to a toilet stall. I'd rather risk having an accident than sit on a toilet in full view of everyone. Even French toilets have a screen in front of them for privacy & they're very liberal about such things. Mind you I know my mate Kirsty wouldn't have a problem going to the toilet in front of other people. As long as she couldn't get arrested for it of course.

I remember years ago I was watching a Saturday morning kids TV show & I'm sure the female presenter whose name I won't mention was desperate for the toilet. She was fidgeting & looking realy stressed as she stood in front of the camera talking away. She kept holding her stomach & checking her bum. As soon as the cartoon she was introducing was due to start she rushed off the set saying, "Oh no. Oh no." After the cartoon was over another presenter announced that she wasn't well & was "resting"..... In the toilet I guess!


finally something worth sharing.

I'm kev, I've read this site relatively often for like 10 years. I've posted little things here and there, usually pointing out scenes from movies or tv that involve bathroom accidents or desperation. But unfortunately I'd never been witness to a real live accident. Well I still haven't but its close enough...I'm gonna give some background info here because I feel it makes the story more interesting but if you just wanna read the good part skip to the third paragraph.

So a really awkward situation turned into an opportunity for a great story. My sister just graduated high school, and obviously my whole family got together. The awkward situation came up when my sister invited my oldest brother's ex girlfriend over. Her and my brother dated for a long time and she lived with us for a big part of their relationship, and she became part of the family, so much that it was hard for everyone when things didn't work out for them. My sister and her got really close because she grew up with 3 brothers, so when my bros ex girlfriend still lived with us she was like a big sister to her. So that's why she invited her over. Anyway, it must've been pretty hard on my brother because he in fact lives with another woman now. I thought the whole thing was a bit inappropriate but whatever. So she was having coffee and cake with us and was acting really comfortable with us like nothing had ever changed, but to me you could still cut the tension with a knife.

Anyway, dessert was about over and my brothers and dad had all drifted away from the dining room. I was sitting there with my mom, sister and brother's ex gf, when she says "I have to tell you about my little incident" and starts to laugh. My interest was piqued and my mom just laughed and said something like "what did you do this time?". So the best way to do this is to basically paraphrase her story now. Its pretty close to what she actually said, without all the pauses for laughter and random other comments and interjections and repeating things because she was laughing too hard the first time. She says "so about 2 weeks ago, I was getting ready for work when I started feeling gassy. So I'm getting dressed and all and..ya know..relieving my gassiness!...well I was about to get in the car when I went to...relieve some gassiness again, but right when I was about to I got a funny feeling like I was gonna shit! So I just froze, and I started squeezing my butt cheeks trying not to shit my pants. The gassy feeling went away after a minute and I didn't really have to go, I just felt like I couldn't fart or else..poop would come out! (it took like 5 minutes for her to say those 4 words) so I don't have time to go back inside to use the toilet so I have to get to work and go when I'm there. So I'm driving along and squeezing my butt as hard as I can every time I get gassy because I don't wanna shart in my pants. And I'm still driving and I turn down this one road and the sun is right in my face. I pulled the visor all the way down and had my sunglasses on but it was still bright, and the sun makes me sneeze! So I'm struggling to hold in my fart and now I feel like I'm gonna sneeze. I didn't wanna sneeze because I was afraid it would make me fart and shit my pants, so I decided I would hold back the sneeze. And I went to sneeze, but I stopped the sneeze, (cue what felt like an eternity of laughter that made it impossible to continue the story...until eventually she said, direct quote..) "but shit just exploded into my pants!" She continued- moments later- "it felt just like a fart, like it came out so quick but I could just feel a big wet blob under my ass. And I had to call my boss and tell her I had to go home because I pooped my pants in the car! I had to go back and change my underwear and it was so much, like I couldn't believe how much poop came out so fast! So I changed my underwear and had to go to work and my boss was just losing it when I told her about it"

So there it is. I know its not quite the same as hearing her tell it..just try to imagine a girl telling the story to people she's comfortable with and with a sense of humor about it and I think you can picture it. Anyway, I was naturally floored by her story. A beautiful 28 year old woman who I know very well was in my presence in an improbable situation, and talked about accidentally pooping herself in the car! It made an awkward situation pretty enjoyable. For me, anyway...

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