Desperate poo

I was on my way to work this morning & I hadn't had a crap for two days. On the bus I started to get really desperate & by the time I got to my stop I was about to crap myself. I carefully got off the bus but I had a tiny accident in my knickers. I walked quickly to work in a desperate effort to avoid a having a bigger accident in my underwear. When I got to work the toilet was occupied & I had to wait twenty agonising minutes for Linda to come out. She stank the toilet out really bad but I didn't care about that. All I cared about was not messing my knickers in a big way. I rushed inside the cubicle & closed the door locking it behind me. I pulled down my trousers & knickers & sat on the warm seat. I relaxed & a lot of soft crap slid out without any need to push. I peed a lot too. I pood my brains out & by the time I'd stopped going there was more crap in the toilet than there was water. I still needed to go but I knew it would block the toilet if I did any more so I wiped & flushed the Before starting work. I held the rest of my crap untill I got home as it was embarrassing enough doing a massive crap at work & I didn't want to go through that again. By the time I got home I had a ???? ache as I needed to go so badly. I went straight upstairs to the bathroom to find my sister Zoe was in there. She was having one of her legendary marathon craps & I couldn't wait for her to come out. I went to my room & closed the door. There was a plastic bag in the waste bin so I squatted over it & pushed out the rest of my crap into the bag. It felt such a relief but the smell was indescribable. I tied the bag up & threw it away with the rest of the rubbish. As soon as Zoe came out of the bathroom I went straight in to clean up. She could smell my crap & remarked about it.
I was surfing the internet last night when I found some photos of women pooing in all sorts of places. I found one that was probaly faked of a young girl sitting on the toilet. She had a huge pile of poo in the toilet that filled the pan almost to the top. She must have been holding it for at least a fortnight to poo that much & I bet she felt a massive relief after getting all that lot out. I've held my poo for a few days myself & believe me it felt so good when I relieved myself. I often used to block the toilet & because of this I often do my poos outdoors. There were some photos of her doing this as well. Some of them were in a busy shopping street & people were staring at her in shock as she pood & wet her pants.


when there is no tp

Sarah and others,
I always carry a couple of those little individual packs of "wet wipes" with me. If I need to poo and there is no tp, it's a lifesaver. If there is tp, they're great to make sure you get really clean!


Re. to Pete About Restroom Annoyances

TO Pete:

What do I hate most about public restrooms?:

A. Odor
-This doesn't bother me that much... It is a public toilet after all - not a flower shop.

B. No doors on stalls
-Now THIS is what would probably make me turn around and find someplace else to poop. Fortunately, I haven't run into many of those situations here in Canada.

C. Garbage/water on the floor
-THIS BUGS ME THE MOST!!! I was working as a temp in an office one time and went into the staff washroom before starting my day. I was a bit late and in a hurry, so I just pulled my pants down and began a quick dump-and-run. What I FAILED to notice is that someone had pissed ALL OVER THE FLOOR of the small stall, and when I pulled my pants down to the floor it began soaking it all up. I wiped, flushed, pulled my pants up, and IMMEDIATELY noticed that my pant legs and back-side were wet.
I thought it was just water for a moment, but the yellow colour on the floor and the smell made it perfectly clear what had just happened.
I spent the next 10 minutes using reams of TP trying to dry myself, then I went to the sink and tried as best I could to use water and TP to dilute the stuff that had soaked into my trousers. The attempt probably helped - a bit - but I ended up smelling like pee ALL DAY.
I couldn't wait to get home when the day was finally over...

When some sloppy jerk has left his trash on the floor, it annoys me. I always put garbage in its proper place and I don't understand why some idiots can't do the same. But that pales in comparison when someone has dropped a 'load' on the floor and/or wiped it on the walls or toilet seat.

D. No toilet paper
-This happens to everyone now and then. It doesn't bother me that much. I simply go to the next stall to find TP, or use the rougher paper provided to wash your hands, or wait until I find the next public bathroom. Failing all that, I just wait until I get home and clean up in the shower.

E. No soap
-This happens every now and then too. In this case, I use water and paper towels to clean up as best I can. With the flu bug of last fall/winter, a lot of places have put in hand-sanitizers. I'll look for one of those or another public bathroom to wash up properly.

Take care,



Pay toilets

Wendy: where I used to live (a town in England, about 100000 people), there were public toilets. But they were not well looked after - they stank and were always covered with graffiti - and the council used to lock them at 6pm to prevent vandalism and indecent behaviour.

Anyone out in the evening who got caught short outdoors would therefore be stuffed - humiliation if you messed yourself, like as not a court appearance if you tried to find a drain while not realising that a CCTV camera was observing you.

In those circumstances (and I think you'll find that's the norm), the pay toilets (self-cleaning, remember, so ought to be available 24/7) start to look very much more attractive.

to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! iam really glad to hear that your friend allowed you to use her tiole so that u wouldnt have a major accident. i was really pleased to hear that your boss was so understand of you being late! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Laurel: i really enjoyed your post! iam really glad that u made it to the bathroom at the park. i know how u feel. i live right by a softball park. infact i was there this past week. the tiolets have a notice in each stall. the notice clearly says" please the flush the tiolet after each use thankyou for your cooperation. i want to make a point also of saying just because the bathrooms have a friendly reminder to flush the tiolet doesnt mean that everyone will cooperate and follow through. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and kristy had an awesome time at the beach! you both had very unquie bathroom experiences that u both encountered! i hope that u both are doing well. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Kristen:thanks for your kind words! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to SuspiciousDude:i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that your wife encountered a major accident while u both were trying to rest! iam glad that she is doing better! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Paul: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friends had an awesome boat trip. it also appears that u guys encountered quite a few unexpected bathroom surprises! iam pleased to hear that noone ended up sick! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to BathroomBeaky: i really enjoyed your short post! iam not sure if putting a sliver of soap up your bum will help you to have a successful bowel movement! however iam recommending that u try taking an exlax and see if that helps! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam really pleased to hear that you had a really huge sucessful bowel movement recentley! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Lisa:i really enjoyed your short post! i have never heard of a law officer peeing into a really small coffee cup during a stakeout! i wonder if he got into trouble? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Impatientone: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like u and your friend enjoy listening to each other pee! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Jacob: i really enjoyed your short post! i hope that u make it in time to the bathroom without having an accident. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AshleyF: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u ecountered a major accident in your pants. next time ask the other employee to let you use the bathroom. i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to BlueBoy: i really enjoyed your post! your really lucky that u have a relative that is into bowel movements! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
To ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u have been constipated from parkinson disease! i hope that your parkinson can be fully cured! i will say a prayer for you! take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that your trip to Germany was a sucess! iam also gald to hear that u had several sucessful bowel movements while visiting the airport! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.




No TP almost leads to break up!

After college, I lived in a very cheap studio apartment. I was what you'd call poor. I ate instant mac & cheese, bought the cheapest beer and coffee, and even ate at a soup kitchen a few times. This is while I was interning (for free) with media companies while I was trying to break into the video production business.

My parents used to send me care packages once a month or so, which included various toiletries including toilet paper. Often I'd run out, and if I didn't have the dough to buy more and had no other paper products (napkins, tissues, paper towels) I'd usually jump in the shower after taking a dump, though frankly I'd occasionally just go without wiping and deal with mud butt.

This was okay when I was a bachelor and too busy to even think about dating, but when I finally struck up a relationship with a girl you'd have thought I would have at least made sure I had toilet paper or something for her to wipe her ass. Nope, not me.

That finally became an issue one of the first times she spent the night at my apartment. In the morning, I got up to make us some breakfast (toast and peanut butter, probably) and she went into the bathroom. After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and I heard her rustling through my closet. Finally, she asked me where there was more toilet paper. My heart sank. I realized that not only did I not have any TP, I had nothing that she could use to wipe whatever she needed to wipe.

With great embarrassment I told her I was out of TP (I didn't have any money to buy any either). She just stared at me for a minute and then finally said, "You are disgusting. You want me to spend the night with you and you don't even have toilet paper? I need to wipe my ass!"

I told her she could take a shower and get washed off. At that point, she put on her clothes and said, "I'm going home and hopefully I pass someplace with a bathroom so I can WIPE MY ASS!!!" She stormed out and left me feeling like the biggest jerk on the planet.

I called her that night and apologized. I promised her if she gave me another chance my apartment would be clean and well-stocked. I spent the rest of the week (between interning and working a crappy part-time night job) cleaning up and stocking my closet with toilet paper, soap and tissues. The following weekend she came over and was very impressed with my cleaning job.

I must have impressed her quite a bit because now she's my wife. And I can't believe what a gross person I was before I met her. No toilet paper? Willingly not wiping my ass???? I can't believe that I was that guy.

Kate M.

Shopping purchases

On the weekend, I went to a large supermarket and saw a middle aged lady with 2 packs of underjams in her shopping cart. I think they were for her kids - she must have had kids late in life since she was middle aged. I notice when people purchase incontinence type products: depends, pullups, goodnites, underjams, depends guards for men, poise pads for women. Most stores (grocery and pharmacy and zellers types) carry these products but I don't see too many people purchasing them. Then we have the generic lines for each store: Zellers, Loblaws/Superstore, RiteAid, PharmaPlus, etc. - there are too many stores to list. One lady at a pharmacy told me she used to wear inco pads when pregnant with her daughter 14 years ago. Stories anyone? I was wearing a nightgown in the living room and no pad and sneezed a few times -- gown got wet and I had to change it.

Fellow Retail Worker

RE: It just sort of happened.

Ashley F, thank you for sharing the story of when you pooped your pants after work. I was surprised that there was enough time between when you pooped your pants and when you peed your pants to have time to walk the rest of the way to your car and sit down. Did you feel a desperate need to pee as well, or were you still overwhelmed by having to sit in your mess that you didn't notice the need to pee?

I am glad you managed to make it home and get cleaned up before anyone noticed. If you ever have a repeat performance, please share that story with us as well. Did your roommates ever notice it when you got drunk and peed the bed?


First time on purpose

My name is Jessica and I'm 17 years old and live in Florida. This weekend for the first time in my life I had an "accident" on purpose. Not for a thrill or anything, just for convenience. I was at the beach with a group of friends and we had been laying out for a while and I felt the urge to go to the bathroom but didn't want to leave and walk to the nasty public beach bathrooms so I held it. Then we all went out into the water and were playing with a ball, throwing it around, hitting it back and forth and the urge got really, really strong again and I knew I couldn't hold it for much longer. We were in waist deep water and I didn't want to stop having fun to go to the nasty bathrooms so I thought to myself, "Nobody can see you from the waist down and your bikini is already wet so it won't leave a stain." So I pretended like nothing was wrong and spread my legs a little bit and relaxed. At first nothing happened. Too many years of potty training I guess. Then finally I started peeing and felt the warmth in the crotch of my bikini and the water around my legs and butt. After that even though I had to poop so bad it wouldn't come out at first. I pushed and felt it move a little then stop. I pushed again and felt it start. I couldn't believe I was standing there 10 feet from some of my best friends and I was deliberately pooping myself. It slid out into my bikini and pushed them down a little bit and was solid and mostly firm and spread into a giant ball between my cheeks. It came out pretty fast so it only took a few seconds to finish and then I was just standing there with a bikini full of poop. I hadn't pooped my pants in a few years and that was very much on accident, not on purpose. It was a strange feeling. Then I just bent my knees to get a little lower in the water and pulled the back of my bikini down enough to dump the poop ball into the ocean, rubbed my cheeks some to wipe off any left on me, and went back to playing like nothing happened. It was actually pretty thrilling to do that so close to other people like that, not that I intend to make a habit of it, haha.



When Doodie Calls 3

My final Doodie that I want to share happened yesterday (Saturday). I was a bridesmaid in a child-hood friend's wedding. I do not travel often and traveling does get me out of my routine. I pooped in my hotel room the night before, but did not the morning of the wedding. I felt heavy and bloated, but still looked and acted "beautiful." I was wearing an aqua dress that accented my curvy features perfectly, unlike some bridesmaid dresses. After the wedding came pictures and after the pics came food! I love to eat and I ate. I danced a little with a guy I knew and during the dance felt a sudden intense pressure hit my backdoor. It was heavy, intense and was not letting up. I made it through the dance and gracefully excused myself to the ladies room. The club was nice and the toilets were very clean and relaxing. As soon as I pulled my dress up and got my panties down, a rich, thick, but soft loggy mass exited my butt into the toilet. It was like the log I described except it was softer. It appeared in the toilet as a thick rattle snake, coiled. It smelled strong, but healthy. And it was over like that! I sat there and basked in the afterglow of the relief. I must have looked like a goddess, sitting there, pondering my next venture. I have to admit, I felt good about the way I looked and felt even better about the BM. I cleanded up and rejoined the celebration in time to bid farewell to the bride and groom. However, little did anyone else know, I had bid farewell to an incredible doodie!

Ashley F., Welcome! I am sorry to hear about your accident. It sounds like one I had that I described in one of my posts, some where in pages 1817-1821. I have large BMs normally, and have had a few diarrhea accidents, but only two solid accidents. They feel a whole lot different than diarrhea. You described it perfectly. You freeze up and it is like your life is flashing before your eyes, or almost being outside yourself. I felt completely relieved but embarrassed, even frozen, at the same time. I am glad that you were able to get home and cleaned up with no one knowing.

Sarah, I'm glad that you posted again. I am surprised the child's potty held your BM.

Take Care! Love to all!

The second BM that I wanted to share with you happened the week before Memorial Day, on a Tuesday after work. After working out with my group of girls that evening, we went out as we sometimes do. I had a huge cheeseburger, with a salad though, and some cheesy fries for an appetizer. It was a heavy meal. I had not pooped that morning either. After (over)eating, I noticed a very heavy feeling in my bowels. I did not cramp, but felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my rectum. When I stood to leave, I thought my anus would give way but the doodie felt hard and did not come out. I gained control and got in my car, drove home and reached the condo. I did not hurry to my door, but I wanted to get in so that I would not have an accident. When I got in to the bathroom I lowered my slacks, sat down and my body took over. I defecated a log that was chocolate brown in color with a little dry texture. I imagine that the log was almost 3 inches thick and two feet long. It all came out as one piece an some slid down the passage, while a good 5-6 inches was out of the water. I had to photograph this one too. It felt so good coming out. I must have been 3 lbs. lighter! I only had to wipe once and nothing came off on the Charmin.

Sarah, I love big logs and this had to be one of the biggest that I have ever done. For it to come out as comfortably as it did, and in one piece with no clean-up, I would have to say that this was an ideal bowel movement for me!

Hi! I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying summer! I have not posted in a while and really do not have some of the adventurous stories that some of you share, but I have had three huge Bowel Movements that I wanted to share with you all.

The interesting thing about these BM's is that, though they were incredible large, they each were of different textures and occurred in different circumstances. Just a reminder, I have posted several times since Christmas, and have confessed to having an abnormal fascination and obsession with my bowel habits. For those interested, I am 19 years old, 6'1" and maintain a weight around 185 lbs, give or take a few. I shared more about my vitals on pg. 1811 and my bowel habits. My routine includes two hearty, voluminous BM's per day, one early in the morning and one that could occur late afternoon to late evening, depending on my schedule. I eat a very high fiber diet, rich in vegetables and vegetarian recipes, though I also eat meat, pizza and everything else!

Though I poop big, these were on the extra large end of the spectrum.

The first doodie I wanted to share occured the first Saturday in May. I had decided to take it easy that Saturday and got up late after being out with friends. I ate a lot and had a couple of beers. I got up and ate my cereal, went for a jog and got ready for the day. I took a book down to Starbucks and decided to treat myself to some lemon pound cake and a caramel macchiato. I felt bloated and did not have my normal morning BM, I guess since I slept in a little. Too, it was getting close to that time of the month, which normally does not do anything to my stomach, but has on occasion. My stomach was getting a little crampy and was making some ferocious noise. All of the sudden, everything went south. The Starbucks has only one unisex toilet and there was a line. After observing the line for a few moments, it looked like as if the people were taking there time. Not good! I thought for a moment that I could make it home, but a few rumbles accompanied by pulsating pressure on my anus convinced me otherwise. If I moved, I was doomed. I waited for what seemed an eternity, but really was just 20 minutes. As soon as the last person came out, I gracefully approached the bathroom with out looking like I was desperate. As soon as I closed the door, I yanked my shorts and panties down, and unleashed a flood of mush that filled the bowl. I was sweating and the bathroom smelled awful! I looked in the toilet and it was completely filled with brown mush. It was not liquid, but looked like a pile of chocolate pudding heaped into the bottom of the toilet. I continued to push out soft serve for the next 5 or so minutes, but heard some knocks on the door and people standing outside. I clicked a picture with my camera phone, wiped up and flushed...and flushed...and flushed. As I opened the door I could see the others wince at the smell. I left and returned to my condo, where I continued to have diarrhea for the remainder of the day. However, that was a load that I will never forget, with the intensity and the consistency of the poop. Has anyone ever had a bowel movement like that?

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies Last Day

I woke up much later the following morning after ur day at the amusement park. What woke me up was the phone for it was ringing. I scrambled out of bed and not bothering to dress ran nud down the hall,to the stairs, ran down them , and picked up the phone in the livingroom.

I caught it in time too. It was Janets and Jills mom. She asked me first did she wake me up. I told her she had for I had slept late due to yesterdays trip with Janet and Jill to the amusement park. She said sorry about that. I told her it was ok. I told her Janet and Jill were still sleeping. Thier mom went on to tell me that she wasn;t going to be home as soon as she thought. Instead of noon time I won't be back till around five. I said that was ok I'll tell Janet and Jill. She said ok and then said goodbye and hung up.

I was glad the conversation was short. One I was nude standing in the livingroom with its two big picture windows! Plus I had to pee REAL BAD! While I was standing there talking to Janets and Jills mom on the phone I was holding on to my penis for dear life to kep from peeing on the rug or floor!

After hanging up the phone I made one mad dash through the bedroom off the livingroom raced through the connecting door of the bedroom and into the bathroom. There wasn't time to take the several steps over to the toilet! I stopped right at the side of the sink shoved my penis down and started pissing right nto the sink!

I felt instant releif as I pissed very hard into the sink. I had shut my eyes right after I made sure I was pissing down near the drain in the sink. Then I shut my eyes tight as I pissed. I let out a very long sigh which I would have bet was a good five second one. As I pissed now the sinks drain gurggled loudly as my piss went down it. More so then the drain in the upstairs kitchenette that we all had pissed in.

I now would have to say I had been pissing in the bathroom sink for almost a half minute and was still going just as hard at this point. From the far end of the bathroom I heard the door open (the main door to the bathroom that was in the diningroom. I couldn't turn to see for my back was faced that way. But in a very short couple of seconds I knew who it was.

It was Janet and she let out a short giggle hearing the drain gurggle from my piss going down it. Plus she could see how my arm was positioned and where my hand was too. Plus I was nude too! She stepped over to the front of the sink and stood there for a short moment watching me piss. Then she said to me; Good thing your not using the toilet. I need to use it!

Janet was wearing just a nighshirt and she lifted it up took a look at the toilet behind her. She was checking to see if the seat was down and it was. She now plopped her bare ass dwn on the toilet seat stretched and yawned and she strted to piss. I turned my head to the left and saw a her piss stream comming out wide headed went into a twist and splashed into the bowl.

Her stream for the first several seconds was going straight down. Then it must have gotten a little harder for it went into a slight forward angle. It also began to hiss and loudly. As Janet sat there on the toilet pissing and I was still pissing in the sink she asked me; Who was that who called? I told her it was her mom and she was not going to be home till five. Oh,ok Janet said to me yawning again.

By now since I had been pissing a lot longer then she had my stream was easing off with my stream getting thinner and weaker. Plus now having Janet with me in the bathroom and watching her piss my penis had become erect while I pissed. That made Janet giggle off and on while she watched me piss and we talked.

I now had stopped or should say paused. I then did several weak spurts of piss in a row and I was done. I did shake myslef and now I was done. Janet too was getting close to the end of her piss now also. For her stream had eased and its loud hissing had stopped.Her stream was sraight down again but only a thin non twisted stream was now flowing from her vagina. That lasted a few seconds followed by a short dribble and dripping.

Janet got up off the toilet seat without bothering to wipe herself. She flushed the toilet. Better flush the snk Dave she said to me so I did just that running the cold water hard for several long seconds. Then I asked Janet if she could go get me some clothes. She laughed and she tole me she would. She went out the bathrooms front door and left me thre waiting.

A few minutes later I heard footsteps in the dinningroom and in came Jill instead of Janet! Jill seeing me standing there at the sink nude burst into a hard giggle as she walked further into the bathroom. She had my boxres and tshirt in her hand. Not expecting her but Janet instead I asked Jill; Where's Janet? Getting dressed I think Jill said to me. She told me to bring these down to you.

Jill tossed my boxers and tshirt to me. I caught my boxres but dropped my tshirt on the floor. That didn't matter for I stepped into my boxers leaving my tshirt on the floor. Jill also spotted that my penis wa erect. Giggleing agin Jill said to me; Janet must have been in with you and she took a pee! I told Jill she had. Then very quickly Jill asked me very excitedly; Did you go yet? I told her that I did. I peed in the sink while Janet peed in the toilet. DARN I MISSED IT! Jill said back to me.

Jill was in pjs and after tossing me my boxers and tasirt Jill as she and I talked she moved over in front of the toilet. She now yanked her pj bottoms down over her hips. She then let them go which her pj bottoms slid all the way down her legs crumpling up around her ankles and bare feet. She then plopped her small bare ass down on the toilet seat sitting way back on it when she sat down.

I bent down and picked up my tshirt off the floor. Jill now had started to piss in the toilet but was going weakly with only making a soft splash as her piss hit the water in the bowl. Jill asked me; Arn't you going to stay and watch? I smiled and a little and told Jill; I'm not going anywhere. I was just picking up my shirt.

A few more seconds passed and Jills weak stream got much harder. Her stream widened right out,formed a short twist and hissed along with making a much louder splash down in the toilet. Jill had been looking down till this point. Now she looked up at me. I had a lot of fun yesterday. I answered Jill by saying that I was glad she did. I know I did and Janet did too. Then I told Jll that her mom was not going to be home till five. That's who called a little bit ago.

Jill didn't seem to care that I had told her that for she didn't say anything about it back to me. Instead she said that she could eat a real big breakfast this morning. She was really hungry. Now that Jill had mentioned it I was feeling real hungry too. Jills piss now was slackening right off. Its hissing stopped and as I still watched she dribbled and then dripped and that was it. Jill did give a push to make sure. No spurt of piss came out from her vagina but a real loud long brrrrrap of a fart came out instead! Jill giggled hard hearing her own fart come out.

Jill then got off from the toilet. Squated down and grabbed her crumpled up pj bottoms and pulled them upward as she stood back up. Then she turned reached for the handle on the tank pushed it down and flushed the toilet. Then she said to me as she started to walk away; I'll go tell Jill you are starting breakfast. Then Jill let out another fart not as long as hard as the one she did on the toilet. She giggled just a little. Then she said to me; I might have something I think for you later! Then Jill ran out of the bathroom. I left the bathroom right after her and I headed for the kitchen to make our breakfast. To be continuied.


panty surprise

I randomly messed myself recently... 31 years old and I woke up one morning with a load in my underwear. I'll tell ya, probably one of te rudest awakenings to discover you've pooped yourself in bed. I went to bed that night in just a white t shirt and my pink cotton panties with butterflies on them. I remember dreaming about being in a car and struggling not to poop my pants. But then I remember waking up and getting out of bed and rushing to the toilet and relieving my bowels. It was a soft, warm load that lasted a while......then I woke up for real. Turns out I dreamt about getting up and going to the bathroom. Instead, while I dreamt I was havng a nice dump in the toilet I actually took a nice dump in my panties while sleeping. The odor was the first thing I noticed, then I felt like a had a sticky, wet wedgie, and something felt warm near my tailbone. I rolled over slightly and felt a big warm squish in the seat of my panties. I was shocked! I couldn't believe I had just pooped right in my underwear in bed at the age of 31. I popped up from bed and reached back to feel what I had done. It felt like the bulge stuck out like an inch from my butt and it spread up my buttcrack to the waist band of my panties. The bulge was also really warm and the outside of my panties were moist. The smell was so strong I gagged a few times. I waddled to the bathroom and the bulge kept squishing between my butt cheeks and felt really gross. The load was sticky too and my panties were like plastered to my butt too. When I pulled them down the turned inside out and just had mushy orangey brown poop caked all over the inside, and the rest was smeared all over my butt and legs. I almost threw up and had no clue how to even begin to clean myself up. I settled on getting into the tub and just hosing myself off with the detachable showerhead. It was nasty, bits of poop got all over my tub and I cried while I was doing it because I was just so overwhelmed and embarassed even though no one knew. When I was finally clean I got fresh clean underwear on and went back to my room. I sprayed air freshener and got a plastic bag and went to retrieve my soiled panties. I picked them up with the bag and like, shook it over the toilet to get the poop out. It was caked in them pretty good though. I wound up soaking them in a bucket of hot soapy water over night... then I washed them the next day. You can still tell I pooped in them :(
So that's the story of how I randomly messed my underwear. It hadn't happened for like 10 years. The last time was when I got sick from drinking too much at a party and I was throwing up out a car window, and while throwing up I had a wet diarrhea explosion in my jeans. My best friend was the only one there and never told anyone...
The only other accident I can think of is when I was 17 I was at a baseball game and had a huge soda. Eventually my bladder was bursting. I went to find the ladies room and was faced with a huge line...needless to say, while waiting in line, I sprung a leak and began to squirt streams of pee into my purple panties and stretchy gray exercise shorts. It started to leak slowly down my inner thighs before I totally lost control and started wetting full force. I stood in line with hot pee gushing down my legs, soaking my feet, making a puddle and spreading up my butt. I was trembling from the humiliation of losing control ofmy bladder in public. Women felt bad for me and let me go ahead to clean myself. My accident was so obvious because my shorts were light gray so they were dark gray on the butt and inner thighs after I wet myself, so it was clear as day. I had a tank top on too that I couldn't pull down to cover the big wet stain on my butt. A nice woman actually gave me her jersey to wrap around my waste and hide my accident. It sucked having to sit through the rest of the game in wet shorts and undies and it really got uncomfortable.



Hi everyone. It's been a few days since my last post but don't worry. I have two more for you coming very soon. Also, I have a small one right now. I just wanted everyone to know that I'm writing this post while on the toilet. Having to go reminded me
that I haven't posted in a while so I decided to write while I still remembered. Talk to you soon. I'm going to finish my pee/poop now and write later. Bye.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Nathen and Greg (Mike's Friend)

Nathen-Briefs are definitely better than boxers for holding pee. At least the traditional 100% cotton ones are. A lot of times, briefs are made with some percentage of lycra or spandex or nylon to add to the stretchiness and fit, and those are a little less absorbent, but are still better than the traditional broadcloth boxer material. Also, since the brief is form fitting, there is less of a chance that the pee will drip down the leg. When I used to wear boxers, there would occasionally be a drop or two of urine that would drop past the the boxer material and end up on my leg or pants. I used to have to dab with toilet paper to prevent spotting.

Greg (Mike's friend)-I agree with you that there is something about seeing a good-looking guy on the toilet with his briefs stretched around his ankles. When I lived in a fraternity house in college, my roommates and I had an open door policy for the bathroom and we all saw each other taking a crap with our underwear around our ankles. One guy wore Jockey brand white briefs (which I always found uncomfortable) and the other guy and I wore JC Penney and Fruit of the Loom white briefs. I also wore Hanes colored briefs, though. Nothing like talking to your roommate while he's on the can, still yawning from waking up, with his tighty-whities stretched around his ankles!


Better stools for women hunters from higher protein

From my experiences, having a better stool with solid and good texture will require to have good lean meats that has higher protein. I am a woman hunter as I do call myself "Huntress" and I have a lot of experiences with my stools since I was young. Every prey I ate, it gives me excellent stool because it is less messy and less odor. This does save a lot of toilet paper in fact. I did experiment myself by eating no meats for a day, just vegetables and chips only. It gave me soft stool and the odor was bitter as well as I had to use more toilet papers to wipe until I get my anus entirely clean. I find this a hard evidence for me personally. Other Women hunters do know that as well. This is why Mother's Nature give the preys for us women to eat them and have healthy stools without using too much toilet paper. Also gives us a pleasant odor without disturbing from bitterness odor. This is a good benefit for us women either non-hunters or hunters. There are more experiences I'd like to share with you all next....

Megan N, Do you have any more fitting room stories?


Grande Latte Enema

Glad to here responses to my survey, now a story. I had been working at my office for about 6 months at the time of this story (i was 30 then, 33 now.) I not really drink coffee much, but this time i was feeling really groggy and sleepy, so i stopped by starbucks and got a big coffee as a little wake up, not knowing the unfortunate consequences. i gulped it down pretty quick because it was really good, but after about 2 minutes i learned that it wasn't worth it. my stomach started gurgling and moaning, i thought i could make it to the office and then try to poo. but after about 30 seconds i realized i couldn't make it to the office. i was about 20 minutes, way to long to try to hold it. i looked for a good spot to stop, when is saw one of my friend's houses. i decided being late was better that pooping my pants, so i asked her to use her toilet, she said yes, but when i got their her 4 year old was using it. she was in there for a long time, and i had to poop and get to work, so i looked around and found her plastic potty training toilet (i'm not sure of the name of those.) it seemed big enough, so i dropped my panties and a huge log. it took about 2 minutes because i was in a rush. there were some baby wipes instead of toilet paper, so i wiped and snuck the toilet in the bathroom. i put it in the real toilet, and flushed it down. i left the other toilet in there and rushed out. i had to drive 15 untile i got to work. i was 10 minutes late, but i felt so much better. my boss is female, and very approachable so i felt comfortable telling her i had to stop at a friends house to use the bathroom (didn't tell her i used a 2 year old's potty) she seemed to understand and i got to work. hope you enjoyed reading and maybe i'll post again!


4:45 a.m. Reflections From the Park Toilet

I've posted before about how I get up at 4 a.m. each weekday morning, quietly get out of our bed (my live-in boyfriend works an odd schedule that requires him to sleep until mid-morning) and jog or take my bike to a nearby city park for a 30 or 45-minute workout that I really enjoy. While over there and with great regularity, I take my morning crap. The restroom building has 4 doorless stalls. I almost never am seated on the toilet for more than 2 or 3 minutes. My craps are somewhat soft, fall easily which is why I've been encouraging my boyfriend to start exercising, because we've been at the movies and places like that and it seems like sometimes he'll sit for 10 or 15 minutes for what he calls his "damn dump." We're both 35 and I don't think it needs to be that hard and I believe exercise helps the bowels.

However, what do I know because yesterday morning I probably sat for close to 20 or 25 minutes before I could finally get my crap to come out. I had done about a mile (according to my bike's odometer) and I could feel my crap dropping. The low that night had been in the 70s and it was so hot my shorts had sweated up bad and my entire body was dripping. I have relatively long hair, pulled back in a pony tail with a rubber band, but I could just feel the moisture in my hair. The handlebars of my bike as well as the seat were quite wet and I probably wasn't in the best of moods when I parked my bike, dropped the kickstand and went into the bathroom. First, I detected a stronger odor than usual, and after looking into each of the four toilets, I found the culprit. Four bowls, each pretty much full of shit. It was obvious that the shit had been there since the softball games the previous afternoon and evening because you could see that the formed logs were starting to erode, and as they did, color the water. The 4th stall must have had 4 or 5 layers of toilet paper carefully stacked on the seat. I guess I've never understood the rationale for covering a toilet seat, and I looked at the paper roll in that stall, and my suspicion was true: the roll was empty and all the paper was apparently on the seat.

I took the third stall. I lifted the seat with my right hand while I flushed with my left hand. I did this so the seat wouldn't get splashed all up with the flush cycle, although I doubt my wet butt, or body, for that matter, probably wouldn't have noticed it. I quickly pulled my shorts and underwear down to floor level, reached back and dropped the seat, and tried to make myself comfortable. I don't know why that is, but I attract insects, when I'm sweating real bad and three flies perched on my thighs. I knocked them off and at that point came to two aggrevating conclusions: 1) this was going to be a lengthy sit (at least compared to most every other day) and 2) I was going into a rather pissy mood in the beginning of what was going to be a long day because I had a final in one of my MBA classes that night at the university. I got to thinking about some of the statistical models that I had memorized and then my mind started to drift as I continued to push my crap down.

As I spread my legs more and started to rock forward and backward more on the seat I remembered that this was something my friend Sheely had taught me to do like 25 years ago when we were in junior high. I got to thinking about how I had just pulled my underwear up from where it had dropped all the way to the floor. I remembered that Sheely and several of my friends at school had this game of helping each other out in the bathrooms by sending "signals" from the stalls to those entering the bathroom about what we were doing or how long we were going to be. For example, if under the door, you saw someone sitting with clothing at shoe level, that mean they were crapping and would be awhile. Clothing higher meant they were peeing and it wouldn't be that long before they were done. Obvious movement of feet meant the door was about to open and I'd get a chance to pee just before the class break bell rang and I wouldn't have to hold it until the next break in about 50 minutes.

I got to thinking that I hadn't heard from Sheely and the last time I saw her was at a graduation party. She just was one of those friends who knew sooo much and had an explanation for anything and everything. I always thought she'd have been good for broadcasting because she could always keep a conversation going. When I started to concentrate again on why I was sitting, I noticed that I had that all-clear feeling in my abdomen. I looked between my legs and could see the end of about a 20-inch log protruding above water level. I stood and was able to confirm my suspicions that it was a well-formed and about 20-inch log. I re-seated myself to wipe, which took only two squares of TP and I pulled my shorts up, reached down and flushed, while at the same time thinking "What is so hard about taking your hand and pushing down a lever?" While washing my hands I started to go back into that pissy mood a bit, but as I started the last part of my ride I got to thinking more about Sheely as well as the statistical models for my final.

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