Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies Last Day

I went and made up a big breakfast for us three. I made suasage links,pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Jill came downstairs and she was dressed in a pair of jeans shorts and a light blue top. Janet wasn't with her. Where's Janet? I asked Jill. Jill told me she had gone back to sleep. Want me to wake her? I told Jill no. Let her sleep. She can eat later after she gets up. So it was just Jill and I now to eat breakfast together.

Jill and I both demolished our breakfast. We were that hungry! While eating we both drank two glasses of juice and three glasses of milk. Then after eating we both ceaned up the kitchen which took a little while for there was quite a number of dishes,bowls,glasses, and pans to wash. Then it was time for me to get a change of clothes. I had this morning to go outside and get clean clothes to change into out in the trailer. So that is where Jill and I went.

On the short walk out to the trailer Jill farted a lot which most of them were short popers. She giggled as she let them go. As we went inside the trailer she said to me; I think I have to poop! I do know that I have to pee! I said back to Jill; I know I have to piss and also shit! Oh good! Jill said right back to me.

I quickly undressed takeing off my tshirt and my boxers. Jill giggled hard as she was watching me undress. My penis was semi erect and was doing its bouncing as it got harder. That was what was making Jill now giggle so hard. I put on a pair of brown shorts, a tan shortsleeve shirt, clean white socks, and my other pair of sneakers.

Ok Jill I'm done. Lets go shit! Jill was right up getting off from the bench at the table. She grabbed the roll of toilet paper that was on the little counter by the sink. We then left the trailer and were back outside. Jill now said to me; Lets go up in the loft of the big barn and go! I sad ok and we both took off running for the big barn. It only took us a quick minute and a half and we were at the ladder in the barn to go up into the loft.

I let Jill go up first and then I grabbed the shovel and climbed up after her. I grabbed the shovel to clean up our shit after we were done going. Jill was standing by the hole in the floor as I climbed up through seeing that I had the shovel Jill gilled hard and said to me;I see you brought the super pooper scooper! I too chuckled as I came up thropugh the hole in the floor and joined Jill in the loft.

Jill walked right over to where we had built our bathroom out of hat bales. She climbed up on one of its walls. As she stood there on top of it as she started yanking down her shorts she said to me; Let me go first then you go! Ok? I smiled and said ok back to Jill. Jill had her shorts pulled all the way down around her sneakers and ankles. She squated down with her small cute bare ass faced towards me. I squated down so I could have a good view and waited for Jill to start.

I only had to wait a few shorts seconds for Jill to start. Jill started pissing first.She sent from her vagina a thin hard stream of iss that had a long twist in it. Her stream was clear and it made a soft hiss as she pissed. It wasn't a long piss ether for after maybe five seconds or so her stream eased right off going right down to some dribbleing and dripping. As I watched her asshole started being stretched open so Jillwas now starting to shit.

A very fat smooth looking tan shit poked out from Jills asshole. It was moving fairly fast too. There was a very faint crackle as it came out getting about four inches long in around maybe five seconds. Jill was still dripping piss which now that she was shiting her dripping piss ran into her shit and wetted its surface.

A few more seconds passed and her sit had gained another two inches or a little more then that. Then it sped up gained about another three inches and then it dropped suddenly down hitting the wooden floor with a good thump. Then from Jills vagina came a spurt of piss that was very short and then her piss stopped. Her asshole had reopened and another tan colored shit was poking and sliding out of it. This seocnd shit was comming out as fast as the last part of her first shit.

So in several seconds Jills second shit reached and past the length of her first shit. Then like the first shit it too dropped suddenly away ut of her asshole and fell with a softer thump for it had jit her first shit laying there on the wooden floor. Then I saw Jill's asshole kind of do a series of puckers moving outward and inward as she pushed. Also this made spurts of piss shoot out frm her vagina each time her asshole puckered.

Then her asshole stopped its puckering. Jill was done shitting. She also after the spurts of piss was now only having some slow drips of piss fall from her vagina. Jill had the toilet paper and she rolled off a wad and tore it from the roll. She reached through the front gave her vagina a quick long wipe and dropped that wad of paper down n the floor. She rolled off a second wad from the roll. Now Jill stood up and shoved the wad f ppaer into her asscrack and wiped herself taking a long downward wipe.

Then she looked at the paper and tossed it don on her shit on the floor. She rolled one more wad of ppaer off the roll and gave her ass a second wipeing and dropped that wad on her shit and then stepped down off from the hay bale wall. Jill first looked at her two big pieces of shit laying on the barns loft wooden floor. Gee I made two pretty good sized long logs! I didn't eat that much yesterday! Jill then giggled loud but was a short one. Then Jill said to me; Wait till to tomorrow morning! I bet todays big breakfast will make a real big shit!

I let out a shirt hard laugh. Then I said to Jill; I hope I'll be able to see that! Jill replied right back; I hope you can! Now let me see you go! I want to hold you when you pee! I smiled and told Jill she could. So I went and I first took my shorts off. I was going to stand first to let Jill hold me while I pissed which I always did first before I would shit. If I started shiting while I pissed I thought to myslef I would stay satnding and shit too.

Jill moved rght along side of me. Since I was standing facing the hay bales of our bathroom she pushed my erect penis downward so when I pissed I would piss on the hay bales of the bathroom wall. I like Jill had done I started to piss hard which my stream like hers was clear, had a long twist and hit the one hay bale Jill had my penis pointed at hard making a big splash off from it.

Jill after I had pissed for only several seconds started moving my penis from side to side which I wetted the sides of more hay bales of the bathroom wall. She giggled loudly watching my piss stream sweep back and forth wetting the hay bales. After a few seconds of doing this I felt my asshole being pushed open. I was starting now to shit. So I bent my knees slightly so I was no longer standing straight up. I told Jill too that I was starting to shit.

Jill still held me for I hadn't stopped pissing as I started to shit. My stream did ease up but didn't stop. Jill also took two steps back so she she could see me shit but still held my penis. I felt my warm shit rub on my inner asscheeks as it came out of my asshole. After only two or three seconds Jill said very loudly and excitedly; I see it now! ITs a big brown one!

Then Jill went on saying; Can you stop peeing Dave? I want to get a better look watching you poop! I made a quick hard push which did cut of my weak piss stream. This also slowed downmy shit. Jill took a quick glance forward to see if I did stop pissing. Seeing that I wasn't pissing she let my penis go which it went right uphard slapping my lower belly. Jill et out a short loud giggle hearing the slap of my penis on my lower belly. She then stepped back to watch me shit more.

I also now moved placing my hands on my knees and got into a very high hovering squat. I felt my shit sped up a little faster now. Jill again with a very excited tone in her voice; Your poop is over a half foot long! Its going to break too! Right after Jill said it ws going to break I heard a dull thud on the floor. I bent over further foward and I saw laying on the floor a brown fat shit which was mine and it was about seven to eight inches long. I could feel the remaining piece that was still there comming out of my asshole getting longer.

This timethis second part also broke which was done in a much shorter time then the first time. Jill said loudly; There goes number two! I was still bent over enough to see that the second piece was shorter. It was I would have guessed four five inches.(?) I wa still shiting. The last part of my shit was long. Jill called off how long it was inch by inch and giggled between saying each inch my shit was. Then after she counted ten inches that was it. I felt my asshole close right up. I was done shiting.

But I was not completely done going to the bathroom. As soon as I had stopped shitting I felt the strong urge that I was going to resume pissing. Not thinking aboutJill I reached right down and shoved my erect penis back down. Jill had gotten up and she saw me reach and take my penis in my hand. Oh no you don't!!! Jill said to me. She stepped off to the side of me and she reached over and took over holding my penis again.

I started pissing much harder then I did before I started to shit. My strea went over the tops of the hay bales of the bathroom wall. I pissed all over the wooden floor of our little homemade bathroom. Jill tis time didn't play moving my penis. She kept it still. My piss made quite a few big spots of piss foam which Jill told me it looked like somewaht of being bubble bath bubbles. I smiled.

After pissing close I would have said for twenty seconds my stream eased right off which I did some dribbling and dripping. Then when after my dripping had slowed way down that's when Jill did shake my penis which had some of the last drips fly off. That was it except to wipe my ass and clean up my and Jills shit with the shovel.

It took me three good wipes to clean the shit that was on my inner asscheeks and asshole. Then I took the shovel and scooped all our shit with it and I tossed it over behind the stacked up hay bales on the side of te loft. This included the used pieces of toilet paper too. Then once this was done Jill and I put our shorts back on and we went down the ladder back to te first floor of the barn. I washed the shovel off and put it back. Then we went to the house to see if Janet was now up. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies Last Day

When Jill and I went inside the house after both of us had shit in the barns loft Janet was up and dressed. She had found the note that I had left telling her that breakfast was made for her. She was eating siting at the kitchen table. She asked both of us where we had been.

Jill told Janet where we were and went on telling Janet about us both taking a big poop in the loft. It took Jill some time to tell Janet for she did a lot of giggles and laughter as she told Janet. Jill did leave out the part of holding me while I pissed. Janet only said back to us after Jill finished telling her; Sounds like you two had a good time.

We all sat at the table while Janet ate. We did talk about what we might do till the girls had to go home which would be later today. After talking about different things to do we did agree to go bike rideing. Janet said we should do that for the girls bikes were here and also she and Jill should pack up thier stuff and could drop it off at the house and put thier packs in the garage.

So Jill went upstairs to pack up while Janet and I cleaned up the kitchen. This didn't take all that long to do. Then Janet went upstairs to pack and I went out to the barn and got Jills and Janets bikes. I made a second trip and got mine. I waited outside for Janet and Jill to come out. After about five minute wait both of them came outside. WE hopped on our bikes and went over to the girls house.

When we rode up the driveway the garage door was open. In the garage was thier mothers car! She was home. Janet wasn't surprised but Jill sure was! Jill hopped right offher bike and ran inside the house. Janet told me while we were in the barn her mom had called and said she was home. So the two of us went inside also.

We spent a hour talking. We told Janets and Jills mom about our day at the amusement park and she told us about her trip. Then after that Jill stayed in while Janet told me she still wanted to go on our planned bike ride. So she and I went outside and took off on our ride.

We headed up the road that went by the swimming spot that we had used. Janet told me that she wanted to make a stop there as we came down to the path that went in along the creek so we made the turn off the road and on to the path. Janet rode all the way back to the third spot where we had swam. Then she stopped and got off her bike. I did too.

As soon as we were off our bikes Janet told me that Jill had held me while I had pissed when Jill and I were in the loft of the barn together. Then Janet said to me; I want to hold you right now! Do you have to piss? she asked me very quickly. I did for when we were at her house and durring our conversation with her mom we all had drank a couple of glasses of lemonade and Janet when she had her latebreakfasthad drank a glass of oj and milk. So Janet told me with a smile she had to also piss.

Now what Janet was wearing was one of her summer dresses which was a light green one. She pulled it right up above her hips and squated right down in a instant. I stepped over but I was not yet in front of her yet. Good thing I wasn't standing directly in front of her. Janet sent out a arcing stream of piss through the air that came down five feet out in front of her!

I was amazed by how far her piss stream had shot outward! I would have been hit by it too if I had moved and stood in front of her to watch her piss! Janet also was surprised how far her piss stream had shot out. I can't believe it! Janet said to me. Then she let out a giggle as she and I watched her piss stream. It was yellow in color and it did stay together through most of it. It was breaking up about a foot off the ground so it was wetting a fairly big area of the grass.

Now with Janet telling me that she wanted to hold me if I needed to piss, telling me she had to piss, and now seeing her pissing, and so hard inthis time my penis was erect. So I told Janet she should get ready to hold me. I stepped back beside her took my shorts yanked them down and knelt right down beside Janet. She was ready as soon as I was kneeling beside her. She reached over and took a hold of my penis and I started pissing. So now we wre both going together.

My stream went as far as hers but I wasn't spraying at the end of my stream like hers was. Janet did move my penis to the left which my stream moved over into the area of the grass her spraying piss was wetting. As we watched ourselves piss the seconds ticked off. I went and took a good piss but Janet went on and took a great piss!

My stream eased off with it dropping and came back. Then I stopped but did one short spurt. That was it I was finished. Janet didn't shake me yet she just held me. Several seconds later her long arcing piss stream went from its long arc right into a straight down stream which now it hissed softly. She pissed like this for several seconds and then she stopped or should say paused and she did several short spurts in a row. Then she was done with her piss.

Then Janet shook my penis. Then she let it go and she stood up holding her dress after she had stood up. Janet then said to me; Lets go skinny dipping. She laughed and went on sayng as she laughed and started pulling her dress up higher to take it completely off; We're halfway there already! So I stood up and took off my shorts,took my shirt, socks, and snealkers off. Janet had her dress, socks, and her sneakers off and we ran over to the creek and waded out into it and dove in. To be continuied.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hi again.Yesterday at work i went to our toilet for a pee at about 3pm.WE only have one single toilet which is part of our workshop/tool store area.There is also a small room where we have our lunch breaks.This is next to said toilet and a small wash hand basin.It,s all guys who work here.We are all gardeners and at the moment there are just 3 of us plus a couple of maintenance guys who occasionally use our toilet as they don't have one in their workshop.
As i went into the toilet i looked down and was somewhat surprised to find a couple of pale brown poos floating in some very dark yellow pee couloured water.One of the other guys was next door having a cup of coffee.I shouted through to him"WHO was last in here?", "Not me",he replied.Whoever it was had either been in a hurry or just forgotten to flush.As i couldn't wait to pee,i ended up adding my own urine to the already yellow water.It made a dull splattering sound as it hit the floating turds.I then flushed and watched every thing dissappear.As i washed my hands,i wondered which of my work colleauges had left this rather horrible looking mess behind.As i've said we are only a few,so it wouldn't take much to find the culprit.Although i get on well with everyone,so i decided just to let it go.I,ll be keeping an eye out though just in case there is a repeat performance.What do you think?

TO ASHLEY: thanks for your made me feel so much better....unfortunately there is no cure for PD. my problem is that I am able to do many things, excepting some days I cannot and other days I am too slow so I cannot keep up with my friends so the once very big and vibrant social circle is getting rather small these days.
I find sitting on a toilet is even more isolating. Regarding constipation management it will always be with me but I can handle it and have lots of ideas on getting the bowels moving. One thing that is important if not vitial with my condition is to avoid prolonged constipation..I now do that quite well.
TO ANNY: Keep us posted...glad to see you are managing.
TO PETE RE PUBLIC TOILETS: I am a bit of an expert in this regard...I like toilet s to be well ventilated because sometimes tha odour can be a bit much. What does annoy me is those that paper the toilet seats and leave the paper there.....I cannot stand those that piss on the floor...sometimes I can avoid this by sitting on the toilet side on. What also annoys me is that when the toilets have been hosed out and the floor is wet. I also hate people being unclean in public toilets...leave them clean for the next person. As for no Aust most have one instance it does not bother me but on the other hand I would not like to be seen by somebody I know...this would still not be a problem if they were not shocked etc.
As for no tp I usually have something to wipe with to soap..that would be a long as there is a tap to wash my hands.


"Dad Walks In on Jake"

A Classic Tale from Greg's Stall.

As someone who has investigated various types of insurance claims over the years, I need to visit a lot of people's homes for interviews and inspections. The vast majority come off without incident, but there HAVE been some interesting moments. This is one of the better ones! ;-)

A few years ago, I had been on a claim for about a year I couldn't resolve because there were a bunch of "yellow flags" about a bunch of electronic equipment lost in a garage fire. At issue was who owned what and was the owner of the equipment actually a relative who lived with the insured, in this case the customer's teenage son Jake.

Finally, the customer and I were close enough to coming together on settlement and needed one more meeting to iron out some final wrinkles. I showed up at our appointed time in the morning and had a seat at the table in a modest bungalow. The table was in a small living room area and at one end of the small living room was a small square hallway that had two bedrooms off it and the bathroom in the center. As our meeting started, the customer told me Jake was still sleeping after a very late night at work but would join us later to wrap up his portion of the property claim.

As the customer and I continued talking, I heard the bedroom door open and out walked an older adolescent boy wearing just a pair of white briefs apparently headed into the bathroom. Before the boy could get 2 steps out the door to check the bathroom, the customer stopped him and announced, "Oh, that's my son Jake now!! Jake, this is Greg who is here to help us settle up on the electronics lost in the fire."

Jake looked over at us kind of bleary eyed and replied in somewhat sheepish bass-baritone voice "Howzit goin..." Jake looked like he still needed a lot more sleep but at this moment, his need for bladder and rectal relief well outweighed his need for shuteye. Jake looked like he did not appreciate being stopped to converse when he was so close to reaching the porcelain throne.

As the customer continued talking to Jake about his probation meeting later that day, I began to wonder if this good-looking boy needed to take a shit or at least a leak. He had that look of considerable distress on his face as he moved about uncomfortably and conversing didn't exactly seem to be the first thing on his mind. At first I didn・t know if it was because Jake was just in his underwear or because he had to crap so incredibly badly. I soon surmized that the badly-loaded boy's distress was more physical than embarassment.

Still, his dad kept on talking. Sizing Jake up, I figured him for about 18-20 years old, 5'11 to 6', 175 lbs., lean and muscular, short cropped brown hair with pale blue eyes. In other words, an all-around handsome attractive boy. After several more moments of talking, the relentless pressure to shit finally became insurmountable for Jake who looked at the bathroom door and said "I'll talk with you when I get out." (Translation: :I really REALY have to shit, Dad.;) Jake then knocked on the bathroom door. Finding it vacant, he urgently proceeded in where he turned on the light and quickly closed the door.

The customer and I then continued talking as I heard a wood toilet seat bang down followed by the toilet clanking as Jake's weight came down on it. (You didn't really have to aggressively listen in at all as this was a small area, and if a person had a noisy shit, you were GOING to hear it.) As we went on, I heard Jake start grunting, not the caricature grunting you hear in some bathroom cartoons, but strong grunting nonetheless caused by pressure on the diaphragm. After a few moments of this grunting Jake was able to work out a couple sputtering farts. Finally, after a few more moments of grunting and sputtering farts, I finally heard a WHOLE lot of soft crackling shit started cascading out of Jake who huffed and gasped through the whole lengthy surge. As I heard a whole bunch of shit falling into the toilet Jake started moaning in relief. :Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

It really sounded to me like the pooping young man was really enjoying the sensation of all that shit leaving his fit young body. I then got this visual image in my head of the bumming Jake・s head rolling back and his eyes rolling around as he sat there with his white briefs down around his ankles moaning in euphoric relief.

Not only did I now know that the moaning Jake was taking a major shit, I actually knew what KIND of major shit the loaded boy was taking. I could so relate to what Jake was going through. It was that kind of "morning shit" you get sometimes within a couple hours of waking up after a long night of partying or whatever and your bowels and digestive system are in a bit of disarray. You're tired as heck and would rather stay in bed, but you HAVE to shit!! *NOW!*

What happens is that you EVENTUALLY end up producing a whole LOT of excrement, but not before your bowels force you into a lot of "grunt" work. It's not constipation, but actually comes out in a series of very long soft ribbons, but only after making you do some CONSIDERABLE struggling to work it out. I figured relief would be elusive and that the indisposed Jake would be grunting for a while. I would turn out to be right.

As the grunting Jake continued about his business, his father and I TRIED to continue about ours but I really had lost focus upon hearing this fit handsome young man pooping, farting, moaning, and grunting on the toilet no more than 25 feet away from us (at the very MOST). Jake・s dad and I soon ran into a roadblock over several items. When I would ask a question about something, I would just get "You'll need to talk to Jake." in response.

After a few moments of this, the customer said "Hold on." and got up and headed toward the bathroom where his grunting son was struggling mightily on the toilet. Knocking on the bathroom door, the customer called out, "Jake??" The boy grunted again before gasping out his response "Yeah...." With that, the customer opened the bathroom door just in time to hear another sputtering fart and lots more soft shit thunder out of Jake who yelped "YO!!! I'm taking a SHIT!!!" as if the most holy of sanctuaries had been defiled. I couldn・t believe what I was seeing. Was this guy about to let me SEE his son on the toilet in the throes of a great big shit???? I pinched myself to be sure I was awake but stopped when I drew blood! LOL

"Sorry about that Chief," explained Jake's dad, "but there's a bunch of questions here on this inventory that only you have the answers to."

"Do you think it can WAIT??" Objected Jake. "I'm sort of tied up at the moment."

"We've already waited a long time for this and Mr. Greg here has driven a long way." explained Jake's dad, "and the sooner you co-operate, the sooner you can get your stuff back and put all this behind us."

:I・m TRYING to POOP!!; Jake exclaimed in frustration.

I could now see that my customer wasn't going to take flak from his son whether he was taking a shit or not. From what I could gather throughout our talk, my customer had to discipline Jake with a bit of a heavy hand and I gathered that Jake had lost some privacy rights (even while taking a shit) due to some tangles with the law and for violating house alcohol and curfew rules. As this was going on, I could clearly see down the hall into the bathroom where Jake was sitting, loaded on the crapper. The toilet was just past the sink and you had a clear view of Jake's feet, legs, thighs, torso, shoulders, neck and head. About the only thing blocked out by the sink was Jake's buttocks and abdomen. Jake's white brief hung draped around his ankles.

:I can・t believe you・re doing this when I really need to POOP!;

Still, Jake・s dad stood in front of his toilet-bound son holding the papers in his face.

"Fine.." huffed Jake in disgust as he reached out to grab the papers from his dad. At this moment life wasn't too good for Jake. It was bad enough to be on the toilet in the throes of a stubborn shit loaded with excrement that forced you to give everything you had to expel it. But now on top of that, he had hovering over him asking questions while some stranger could plainly see him on the shitter with nothing on except for the white briefs around his ankles. I've had scenarios like that in bad dreams, but never in real life!!

As Jake looked through the papers with me and his dad looking on, the loaded boy resumed his quest for relief and started grunting again. This time, I could see the muscles in his legs, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and diaphragm tense up as he rejoined the struggle in a determined effort to expel more excrement from his body. Moments later, Jake met with success as lots more soft crackling shit came cascading out of him as he huffed and gasped the whole time. Jake continued to read and answer questions without looking up. I'm not sure if Jake had performed the last surge out of dire necessity or to embarrass his dad into closing the door. If it was the latter, it didn't work as dad seemed unmoved by his loaded son's plight. Jake then repeated the process of grunting, tensing, struggling, farting and crapping a minute later filling the toilet with still more soft shit.

Seeing that his shitting didn't faze his dad at all, Jake hurriedly answered the questions then looked up as if pleading for mercy, "NOW do you think you can close the door??"

Oh, sure." replied Jake's dad finally relenting. "No problem. Talk with you when you get out. Oh... and you might want to open the window to do something about the smell!" With that, my customer closed the bathroom door and returned to the table finally leaving his indisposed son to grunt, struggle, fart, and shit by himself for the next 12 minutes. As my customer returned to the table, he must have seen the sheepish look on my face. Had this guy REALLY just opened the bathroom door for me to see his son taking a massive shit??

"I don't care if the whole damn WORLD sees him shit!!" he then explained. "He's got to learn to do things the right way or he'll have a bigger problem than that. You can't shit in private when you're in jail, and by God's grace I'm not going to let that happen."

Needless to say, I was somewhat blown away by that statement. As we continued our work, the pooping Jake maintained his determined fight for relief and continued grunting and struggling valiantly. Every once in a while, his considerable efforts would yield a bountiful harvest when yet another sizable wave of crackling soft shit came cascading out of him. I was hoping Jake・s dad would find another excuse to go open the bathroom door again!!

After several long minutes of struggle, Jake's grunting and crackling shit started tapering down and eventually came to a merciful end. (Merciful for Jake, that is!!) I then heard the toilet paper roll banging around on the wall and figured Jake needed about 12 passes to get his heavily soiled butt cleaned up. As the toilet finally flushed at long last, I could hear an exhausted Jake exhale a very long euphoric sigh of relief as if in disbelief that his long protracted toilet battle was finally over. "Wwwwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeewww.." In order to get that relief, Jake had needed to expel a very substantial volume of excrement and pretty much had to fight for every last crackling inch. I've never heard so much grunting and struggling through a shit in my life as I did that day with Jake.

When Jake washed up and came out the door, he looked much more contented than when I saw him first go in. He then let out yet another sigh of relief as he headed to his bedroom. This was one of those shits that stay with you for quite a while even well after you're done. He came out a few moments later with a towel and the clothes he would wear that day and returned to the bath to shower up. While Jake showered and dressed, his father and I finished our business.

When Jake returned to his room, I went to the facility to take a leak. I was shocked to find considerable remnants of poop and paper from Jake's collossal BM. The bowl was also lined with 8 or 9 shit streaks. I felt bad to be flushing down such a masterpiece that Jake had worked so hard to make. After I flushed, the streaks remained and several persistent pieces of poop still floated in the bowl.

Jake then came out to head to work before seeing his probation officer later that day. Jake was now smiling contentedly with the crushing pressure on his rectum now a thing of the past. Dad had some last pointers before sending his relieved son out the door.

"Now remember to tell him that you're working a steady 32 hours every week with perfect attendance and that you're carrying an A- average at school this term...... And let him know you haven't touched alcohol in several weeks and that you don't hang out with those friends of yours... "

"Cool dad," Jake finally interrupted "Gotta run. Love you." I was then quite surprised to see them exchange hugs and even kisses. (Go figure.)

"I love you Son."

"I love you Dad."

"Cool!" I thought to myself. A great dump story with a heartwarming ending. I wanted to call Hallmark right then.

So apparently all was forgiven over their recent exchange in the bathroom..... Maybe. For Jake, I wish him all the best and hopes he stays out of trouble so his dad lets him shit in peace and that he won't have to work nearly as hard on his other dumps. That said, I must say frankly that if I got a repeat performance, I wouldn't be complaining.

Be Safe,


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