Trip to the beach with Kirsty

As it was a nice day Kirsty & I went to the beach today. We already had our bikinis on underneath our clothes & as soon as we got to the beach we undressed in the public toilets & left our clothes in the car. We were both busting for a poo & we decided to explore the rockpools to look for a place to relieve ourselves. There were a few people about but not close enough for anyone to see what we were up to. We paddled out to sea untill we were waist deep in the water & we took off our bikini bottoms. I say some bubbles floating up from Kirsty's behind & then some turds floated to the surface. She was surrounded by her own poo & We had to move away from the area. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me so I got onto a large rock & squatted while Kirsty washed her bum in the sea. I pood quite a lot & had a big pile under my bum. I peed on top of it which made the rock slippery & as I got up I slipped & ended up sitting in my own poo. It was very messy & my bum was caked in it. I managed to get back up & washed myself in the water. Afterwards we put our bikini bottoms back on & walked along the beach. We soon dried in the sun & we went back to the car to get dressed. After that we hit the amusements. As we played on the machines I notice Kirsty was looking a bit distracted. I'd seen her like this before & I knew she needed the toilet again. She held her bum & told me she was desperate to go but she had no idea wipe the toilets were. We looked everywhere but couldn't find them. Kirsty was in real trouble & had to hold her bum with both hands. By the time we found the toilets I could tell Kirsty was about to mess her pants. She rushed inside & luckily there were two vacant cubicles so we took one each. I could hear Kirsty releasing a torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet & it lasted for thirty seconds. She gave a sigh of relief & I heard the toilet roll coming off the roll as she wiped herself. She flushed the toilet & we came out together & washed her hands. We drove home after that & on the way I began to feel the need to poo again. When we reached Kirsty's house I ran inside to use her toilet & had a large but soft poo in her toilet. Kirsty knocked on the door & told me to hurry up as she was about to shit herself. I wiped & came out of the toilet without flushing as I knew Kirsty was ill. She smelled of poo so & I knew she hadn't made it. She ran into the bathroom & released another torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet. While she was in there I felt my stomach cramp up & the biggest urge to poo ever hit me. Kirsty took ages in the toilet & by the time she came out I was nearly pooing my pants. I just made it in time & plonked my bum down on the warm toilet seat. It really stank in there & after releasing wave after wave of my own diarrhoea the smell was overpowering in there. Once I was done I sprayed a whole can of air freshener before flushing & washing my hands. We both felt much better after that. Guess whatever it was that had upset our stomachs was out of us & thank god for that.


Pete's Question

I'd go with D. I bring little hand sanitizers with me so dirty seats or no soap is not a huge problem, but no toilet paper is the worst. not getting to clean your privates after taking a number 1 or 2 especially 2 is just the worst. especially if you're with other people, and you come back smelling like you pooped your pants

Hi everyone, just dropped by for a quick note.
Ashley - Thanks for your wishes
Carol ( from UK) - I really liked your story. Tell us more about what happens at work.

Astrid - Haven't seen you in a while. How's everything?
I'll write when time permits

super soaker 2000
Today, I woke up with a pee soaked bed. This is probably the 20th time I've wet the bed in the last 3 years. I peed before bed, I've tried to make a conscience effort to do so since I started wetting the bed. I hope I'm not destined to wet the bed forever, it's embarrassing, and it's ruining the mattress.

Wendy: "I think everyone has the right to be able to go to the toilet & any charge is an infringement of that right." I couldn't agree more!!!

suspicious dude
I've been married for a couple years and something strange has happened twice to my wife. One night I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and there was a funny smell. It started to bug me so I eventually got out of bed to investigate. I checked to see if the toilet was unflushed, checked the waste basket, but nothing. I was standing near the bed wondering when I looked at my sleeping wife. I wondered..but didn't think it possible. I went around to her side of the bed because she was laying on her side with her bottom facing away from my side. I gently lowered the covers and lifted the back of her shirt up. My investigation was inconclusive. The smell was strong near her, but I couldn't notice a definite stain or bulge in her underwear because it was dark. I went back to bed and just did my best to ignore the smell. Well, the later in the morning I woke up and the smell was gone, and my wife was still asleep. Now that there was light I decided to check her panties again to see if she had gone to the bathroom in them during the night. To my surprise, she was wearing a completely different pair! The ones she had on when I checked during the night were white and flowered and now she had blue ones on. I pretty much immediately surmised that she had pooped her undies in her sleep, woke up and discovered her accident, gotten up to put clean panties on and went back to bed. But alas, I couldn't find the other panties or any sign of a cleanup. No clue where she put them, I even checked the trash. She never brought it up and neither did I.
The funny thing is, similar thigs have happened since. One time I just noticed when she got up in the morning she had different panties on than she went to bed in. Another time I woke up in the middle of the night and she was up, in the bathroom for a long time. She then came out and quietly went through her dresser then returned to the bathroom for a while before getting back in bed. Sure enough, next morning i noticed she had again changed her underwear during the night.

So it leads me to wonder how often it actually happens. I'm 99% sure she has a chronic bed pooping problem. It must be something she's dealt with a lot if she handles it so discreetly... I just don't have the nerve to confront her about it. I think next time I wake up to an odor I'll try to stay awake until she wakes up. I'll keep you posted..

Paul (from Germany)

A boat trip

The weather was really great the last few days so we decided to take a raft trip on a river, the Danube. Claudia invited her sister Nadine who was eager to join as she had just split up with her boyfriend and wanted to do something with us. We bought food and packed our backpacks. When I asked Claudia if we had forgotten something she said "Yes! Something very important" and handed me a roll of t.p. We went to Nadine's flat. She had already prepared her backpack and was waiting for us. A good friend of her drove us to the river where our raft was waiting for us in a shed. We took it out and brought it to the water. The weather was just right, sunny, but still not too warm. Then the three of us put everything onto the raft, and so our trip started.

It was really great. It had become warmer, and we could feel a slight breeze. At about 12 o'clock, a small isle in the middle of the river came into view. "We should have a break" Nadine exclaimed. "Yeh, Claudia replied, "we can have lunch and swim a bit afterwards. And I need to pee" "Me too" Nadine said, let's stop!". We went onto the island. It was small, with dense bushes on one end and a grassy area on the other end. We wanted to change to our swimming clothes and sunbathe while having lunch. So Nadine and Claudia took out their bikinis from their backpacks. Nadine then looked for a pack of tissues she had brought with her. She handed one to Claudia, and together they headed for the bushes. I could her them chatting a bit and undressing themselves. "Let's go" Nadine said, and then I heard their pee streams hitting the grass below. After about 30 seconds they stopped. Then Claudia and Nadine came back,both wearing their bikinis. Then I headed for the bushes to change clothes as I didn't want to do it in front of Nadine. "Watch out, there is a lot of pee on the ground!" Claudia said. Both girls giggled. I could see the tissues laying on the ground and decided to piss on one of them. When I was done I came back. We had lunch. Afterwards we swam and sunbathed for two hours. It was really a great summer day!

Then we went back on the raft. At about five o'clock I saw a great camping spot on the land. It was a bay with a dense forest behind it. Nobody would see us, and we could still swim a bit and relax a bit on the sandbanks. "That's really a great place" Claudia said. We went onto the land. "First I need to pee" Nadine said. Together with Claudia she headed for the forest, but then they saw that the underbrush was too dense to go into it without scratching the skin, and the grass was rather high. They came back, and Claudia said."Let's do it on a sandbank!" Both pulled down their bikini panties and peed into the water. I looked away to let them do their business in private, but I still could get a glimpse of the girls squatting there. Nadine was wearing a black bikini and Claudia a yellow one. It was really a nice view!

We put up our tents, lighted a campfire and had pasta for lunch. We were all really tired from swimming and paddling and so, after drinking a bottle of wine, we all went to bed.

I was asleep when something touched me. Immediately I woke up. "Paul, I need to pee! The wine! Would you come with me?" Claudia said. I took the flashlight and Claudia a wad of t.p. We went out quietly so that we wouldn't wake Nadine who was sleeping in her tent. I put the flashlight on and directed its beam a bit into the distance. Immediately I saw Nadine squatting from behind and wiping her butt. After maybe five seconds we heard a scream. Nadine had finally seen the light. "Nadine, it's us!" Claudia said. "You scared the shit out of me!" Nadine responded. " I see" Claudia laughed. We had caughed Nadine doing her deed. She was only wearing her bra and her black thong. It must have been so urgent that she didn't have time to dress. When she was finished she went to us. "I nearly got a heart attack! Thought you were thieves catching me with my pants down! See you in the morning!" She grinned and went back to her tent. I lighted the way and Claudia peed near the river where the grass was lower. She then threw her wad of t.p. into the Danube and we went back.

When I woke up the sun was shining. Claudia had woken up, too. First thing she did was farting. "Morning Paul, where is the toilet paper?" she asked. She hadn't dressed as the night air was rather warm. Claudia now put on a shirt, but no trousers. She grabbed the t.p. and together we went out. It was really a gorgeous morning out there with the river flowing. Claudia headed for the place Nadine had used. There I saw Nadine's legacy: She had pooped three turds in the night. The two long turds were medium brown and smooth. They were laying next to each other. The third one was much shorter and had fallen onto the second turd. It was a bit corny. Next to the pile was her used paper. She had used t.p. with blue and red flowers printed on it. However, some of the flowers were now brown. That was really a big job. Her pile was still smelling a bit in the clean morning air.

Claudia went a bit to the right where the grass was still rather low. As she was pulling down her thong, I asked her "May I watch?" "Yes, you can" she responded. Claudia was squatting in a higher position than normal, facing the river. She farted again and a few seconds later, her turd came out and immediately fell onto the ground. Another quick push and she released the second turd. It broke and fell down in two parts. She shook her ass a bit, farted and let out two smaller turds. There was now quite a pile below her ass. She then started to pee. When the stream had stopped she sighed and said: " That feels so much better." She looked down at her pile, but then she concentrated again. I could see the tip of another turd emerging. It was a bit longer than the last two turds and also a bit brighter. "Done!" she now grinned and started cleaning herself. She had to wipe six or seven times. Then she was done and went back to the tent to prepare breakfast. I took the chance and pissed next to her smelly pile.

When Nadine came out, she went to pee and squatted near her pile. When she was back, I asked her about her t.p. with the flowers printed on it. "Oh, it looks nicer than the normal paper, don't you think so?".

After breakfast we swam a bit. While swimming I felt a movement in my bowels. When the girls went out of the water I stayed in there. "Paul, what are you doing?" Claudia asked. "Shitting" I answered. I pulled my bathing suit a bit away and let loose my load. I felt the water streaming into my butthole. When I was done I headed out of the water. The girls were grinning. "Well we all have to go" I said to them. I went a bit away and wiped, but my asshole was clean from the water.

We put down our tents and paddled to the place where Nadine's friend would collect us. Those two days were really great and we will repeat this tour.

Bathroom Beaky

constipation remedies

I haven't pooed in a while now and my best friend told me to put a sliver of hand soap up my bum, i would just like to know of this is true or not any answers are greatly appreciated

Just please somebody write back im getting desperate, thanks



My poops

Friday I had a bit of an upset stomach so sometime during the evening I took a HUGE poop. It had to have been at least 12 inches long. As I stood up my husband stood at the door, looked in the toilet and said "Holy shit!" He doesn't know how a skinny person like me can take such a big dump. I told him I've been taking dumps like that since I was a little girl.

Saturday there was no poop and today after finishing my coffee I had a strong urge to go. I held my bum on the way to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Within a minute mushy poop came out that sounded like diarrhea and smelled AWFUL. Thing was, it wasn't diarrhea! It was a big mushy log about 12-14 inches long. I'm happy that I've been able to poop without using laxatives. All I've been doing is eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, eating enough fibre and taking a stool softener every few days to keep it soft and it seems to be working! Just so everyone knows the celiac blood test results came back on Wednesday and I am not gluten intolerant. I haven't even been using the laxative my gastroenterologist prescribed me that often anymore. My body seems to be getting used to it and training itself to poop properly. Yay!


to the office worker: about police officers and bathromms

At a main bus station, there's a bathroom for the bus drivers. I once saw a police officer open the bathroom door with a key and go inside. The bus drivers also open that bathroom door with a key. That particular bathroom is sixty blocks from downtown. I don't know of any other bathroom that is just for bus drivers and police officers.

Once when they stopped traffic for a long distance race, I saw a police officer go into a nearby fire station, I guess to use the bathroom.


to office worker: more about police officers and bathrooms

I once read about a police officer peeing into a cup, then pouring the pee out the car door during a stakeout.

Blue Circle

To Sarah

Hey Sarah, I would have to agree that big logs are the most enjoiable kind of poop to take. I love it when the enitial poop, or pile of poop is so massive that other turds just thud on top of them because they raise above the waterline.

I actually had a dump like this last weekend. After being out last Saturday, I came home with a minor stomach ake, and knew that I would need to take a big dump. As I sat down on the toilet a big airy fart escaped my butt, promptly followed by a massive smooth log. I didn't push (aside from the involintary heaving of my stomach muscles to push this massive log out,) and after the main turd flumped in to the toilet, a view smaller poops landed on top of it with those signiture thuds I love. The main log had to be as long and about as wide as my forearm.

Take care,

Blue Circle


She never tells me

I have a best friend whom I talk on the phone with for hours. When I first met, she said she needed to get off the phone to go pee. I said why don't you take me with you. She said I just don't do that not even with my sisters. I told her to leave the phone outside and go pee and I would wait. She felt comfortable and did it. I heard nothing. We are not intimate physically but on several occasions recently, I have heard her pee while we talked. She never tells me when she is going and I've learned to never tell her I hear. One night we were talking about a relationship she was in. It was late. I had been very serious when all of a sudden I hear a her peeing strongly and then a giggle. I think I was talking so seriously and she was so intently listening that she just ran to the toilet and peed. She didn't know what to say so she just giggled. Another night she told me that she had put me on speakerphone. She was doing a pedicure. I could hear her scrubbing her feet with some sort of file. All of a sudden I heard a very long intense pee. I enjoyed it. Another time she was downstairs. I heard her go into the toilet cause there is a reverberation. I always listen intently and sure enough I hear that faint tinkling. I really enjoy it although she makes me listen without any warning!

I hav to pee so bad right now but my sister is taking oe of her hour long dumps and will probably clog the toilet causing her to take another hour unclogging it

Someone with a Tip
To Sarah: I prefer large, low effort dumps (like everyone else whose answered, as far as I can tell)

To those of you who also prefer it:

Eat 3 slices of bread or toast and wash it down with like half a pnt of orange juice. But make sure you do this just before bed. Within 48 hours you should get that "pleasure load"

works for me, let us know if it does for you too.

Ashley f.

it just sort of happened.

So I'm ashley. I'm 21, blonde wavy hair and I work in retail. I like bathroom accident stories so i found this great site, and have a couple to share.
First my BIG one then some little ones. Ok, like a month ago at work, toward the end of my shift I had to shit really really bad. I'm not even kidding I was turtle heading left and right and I was scared to make a sudden movement or else I'd poop my pants. I finished up and started to haul ass to the ladies room. Much to my great dismay...this creepy kid nick was cleaning the bathrooms..I could've asked him to step out but I was too embarassed that he'd be waitng and know I was pooping. So I clenched my butt as hard as I could to contain my imminent bm, and made a mad dash for my car with plans of hitting the McDonald's bathroom across the shopping center. I knew I was going to be ok. I knew I could make it... just 2 more minutes and I'd be sitting on the toilet with pants and panties around my ankles and pooping my way to sweet relief. Well, I got halfway to my car when the first shot was fired in the massacre of my yellow cotton Victoria's secret bikini panties. I felt a persistent turtle head really forcing past my clenched cheeks and I shot my left hand back to reinforce my hold. As I clasped my hand tight against my clenched butt fighting the turtle head back and screamed"please no!" repeatedly in my head, a painful and frankly unbearable cramp struck my lower abdominal region. I knew it was over. I had to accept what I was about to experience. Time froze as I came to the realization "I'm Ashley, I'm 21 years old, and i am about to poop in my pants." I became numb as this intense tingly sensation filled my butt, and a large solid poop forced its way through my blockade. It slipped through my cheeks like a wet bar of soap if you try to squeeze it in your hand. I felt it smoosh between my hand and my butt and form a warm pancake bulge in the seat of my panties. I felt like there was an alarm going off in my head letting me know I was pooping my pants. I was just in total disbelief and felt numb, and my heart was pounding. I took my hand away from my butt and continued to fill my pants. The feeling of relief was as amazing as the feeling of hot poop filling my underwear was mortifying. By the time I was done my pants felt a lot tighter from the bulge. It was a lot but it was pretty solid so it felt like it was contained in my underwear. Each step toward my car felt horrible...this big warm squish-squish between my butt cheeks and upper thighs...ick. I lowered myself onto my car seat so slowly but the flattening of the bulge was still horrific. Hot mush spreading throughout my panties in every direction, not quite my idea of comfort. Upon sitting down my bladder gave out as well, I guess my internal control system decided it made no difference anyway since I had already made the biggest mess in my pants. I sat in my car with a load in my pants and proceded to thoroughly pee myself just to top everything off. Man were my pants comfortable on the ride home...I felt like I had a wedgie from hell and someone filled my pants with mashed potatoes and gravy. Finally I got home and had to sneak past my 2 roommates to get clean undies and get into the bathroom. I was successful, so I turned on the shower and began to peel my jeans off. They were soaked and had some poop in them. Like some had come out of the leg holes of my underwear. As for my underwear, it was funny...standing in front of the mirror looking straight on, it looked like I had perfectly clean, dry, pale yellow panties on. Then I turned around and they were darker yellow around the top and waist band from the wetness and the seat was completely stained brown. The bulge was big and there was poop on my legs. I had SERIOUSLY messed myself worse than ever! Anyway, somehow wetting myself worked out to my advantage because it seemed that the wetness made the mass of poop come off my butt easily as I pulled my panties down. They were heavy from the load and I dumped them out in the toilet and balled them up in some tp. I wiped my butt a little with tp but I was too dirty for tp so I had to do the whole clean up in the shower. It felt so good once I was cleaned up and wearing clean dry undies. But I still felt ashamed of my accident and was just glad I at least didn't poop my pants while I was still at work right in front of my coworkers and some customers... anyway, there was some lingering things from the accident... one, the next day I went out to my car and opened the door and was greeted with the unmistakeable odor of urine. I forgot I had wet my was still damp too. It was hard to clean. The other thing was that I wasn't able to wash the jeans and panties right away because I don't have a washer! I had to sneak them into a load at the laundromat. The panties had dried and were crusty from the poop and smelled really bad...when they came out, they looked pretty good but there is definitely a big and visible light brown poop stain on the back and crotch. I still wear them though I make sure I don't if I'm gonna be with a guy..that would be embarassing if a guy saw a poop stain on my panties! I call them my banana fudge undies now hehe. Anway, that was my biggest accident ever. Nothing else comes close.. I've wet the bed a few times in recent years mainly from getting drunk..when i was 13 i peed my bathing suit at six flags...while it was dry still..couldn't hold it waiting in line for a ride... luckily it was a water ride so i was able to get wet on the ride to hide my accident, but people who were around me still knew what happened..since suddenly I was standing in a little puddle and my butt was wet even though we didn't get wet. But I didn't have to walk around with obviously peed pants on. ... I sharted in my underwear pretty bad in 9th grade in my 2nd class of the i dont know if it was enough to say i straight up pooped my pants but it was a major shart. I went to fart thinking it would be my normal quiet little puff of air..but no, I actually pooped a little. It was more than a wet fart. I had to struggle to stop myself from completely pooping my panties. I stopped it before it got too bad, but i had a skirt on so I had to be super careful the rest of the day for 6 periods! and it kind of smelled, but it was nothing like a full poop accident. Anyway, I'm ashley and those are my accidents. Bathroom accidents make great stories I think so I love this forum! If you tell a story of a teen or an adult wetting or pooping their pants, 9/10 people are gonna be interested and listen..its awesome. I'm still too shy to share my accidents with people I know, but hopefully in time ill be comfortable enough to share with friends for a laugh. I've told people about my pee accident at six flags while playing truth or dare a couple times but none of the others. I'm still to this day embarrassed about my minor poop accident in 9th grade and of course about my recent major poop and pee accident. If I met someone who told me a story about themself first I could probably do it, but as for now I can't be the first to confess that I pooped my pants!


Another Episode With My Aunt

I'm sure you guys saw my last story on page 1858 with my Aunt and I. This story happened last night. We were having a get-together at my grandparents' house and she texted me to meet her in the basement. When I came down stairs she was lying on the couch and said, "Come on before it slips out!" So sat on the floor next to her with my face near her ass and she let's out a fart that loud and went about four seconds long. It didn't really smell that bad, but the next one was silent one that did stank. I was laughing and she said she had to go upstairs to shit, but she knows that she promised to let me come in next time. We had to compromise again where she would do it but won't flush so I can see it.

She went in and ran water in the sink for a diversion. I knocked on the door to pretend like I had to go since people were in the kitchen. She came out after 5 minutes and I went in immediately. I lifted the toilet lid up and saw a 3 turds that were about 6, 3, and 2 inches long. It was a decent production, but not like the last story. Still a pretty cool experience. Hopefully, I'll get to watch the next performance. :)

Has any of you had any episodes with a female family member that's open like my aunt? Also, this question is for the moderator. Why can't I see the the masthead pics on the old posts? I only see an empty box where the picture should show?

In the past, due to Parkinsons and pain meds I became constipated...I would like to talk about not normal or nuisance constipation but prolonged constipation.
I was going once or twice a day or missing a day,etc., but the issue was that I only passed a very small amout each time.
I then noticed that I had not sat on the toilet for a few days as i not not felt any urge and also my last couple of "tries" were fruitless and I guess I feared failure.
I began to eat less and avoid anything high in fibre...I was getting some abdo pains in varying locations in my abdomen...not the sort of pains on then associates with the need to go to the toilet.
One day I went for my usual run and I noticed that as I ran up a steep hill my stomach hurt and it swelled up like early stages was weekend and i went to the out of hours doctor at the meical centre. By the time I saw him my bloating had gone and so had the pain. He did not do much but gave me a referral for an Xray. I did not have the Xray then because as it was week end it would cost more and I was feeling OK. I was also noticing I was being woken by pains and aches in my belly.
A couple of days later I was at my Gym with my personal trainer adn doing weights (squats) my belly began to hurt and swelled up. I had my referral so as I had time I went straight up and had the Xray. It was read by the radioligist whilst I waited. I was told to see my doctor rather soon but also told that it was not anything scary etc...luckily I saw my usual doctor a couple of hours later and he said I had a heavy to very heavy faecal loading throughout the colon but what was unusual was my rectum was clear..I was given laxatives which relieved the situation.
Another time I had to have a routine kidney Xray..I had been what I thought a little constipated but the radiologist said I had faecal loading throughout the bowel.
Yet another time when I first went for a colonic..I thought a was only a little constipated until the nurse prodded various parts of my colon and was it sore!
A further example occured on my second colonic, I had prune juice three days before and towards the end of my colonic I could then clearly smell the prune juice.
What I have learned from my experience is that sometimes the constipation can be much more advance than it seems. Just about everybody gets the occasional problem but if it goes on it can get serious. Lucky for me I found out before it got too bad.

to Kalee: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you both encountered an interesting bathroom trip at the gas station! iam pleased to hear that u both made it in time without having an accident. i hope that your profrosser didnt get too mad at you guys for being late! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Marika: i really enjoyed your post! i was disappionted to hear about your friend having a major accident at your birthday party! iam glad that she is all better! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Carol: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and Rose encountered an interesting bathroom experience! i hope that it continues for you both in the future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Pete: i really enjoyed your short post! the thing i hate about public bathroom would be E: no soap! it is just plain common sense to have soap in a public bathroom! there is way too many germs in to be exposed too! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Michael: i really enjoyed your post! i lookforward to the many intersting stories that u may share on this board! take care!
to Lisa:i really enjoyed your post! thats crazy to hear that the bus driver went and peed infront of all of the passengers! that is illegal! he could have gotten arrested for urination in public area in front of people! where is his head? i lookforward to your next post! takecare and God bless.
to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u were able to make it in time to the bathroom without having a major accident! i hope all is well with u! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! that some awesome revenge that u gave to the store for firing you! iam glad that u left the tiolet unflushed! iam really glad to hear that u didnt get caught ! i hope that your able to find another job! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to RB: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that u pooped your pants on a date! i would have been totally embarrassed! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Presle: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u encountered an accident in your pants at the mall with your friends! i would have been totally embarrassed! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AmandaM: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u had a successful dump at home! i was really pleased to hear that u didnt have an accident at school! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Alice: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u peed on your gyno doctors hand! i hope that he didnt hurt you in any mean way! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Tbonz: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u encountered a major accident during your swim meet! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u had a successful poop! i lookforward to your next post! takecare and God bless.
to OfficeWorker: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that law enforcement is having major accidents while they are on duty! hopefully this willnot continue! i lookforward to any future post that u might have! take care and God bless.




What it is. Good story to share. Went camping recently and hiked quite a bit. Our group was mixed with a couple and several singles. We did some sport climbing as well.
The end of the second day was a hike then return to our vehicles which had been packed. A couple of miles in I needed to poop. It was gradual and then rather intense. We eat whole foods and that encourages massive dumps.
I was walking with a girl who I will call Rachel. I told her that I needed to hit the bush and she said she did also. She smiled and said "let's go do that, then." I agreed whole heartedly.
I did not realize her intention initially. I walked a good way with her following. I then stopped and told her I had to shit rather badly. She said she did also and why not go here. I was puzzled for a minute and then thought hell yes.
Finally a lady who does not pretend to be non-natural. So rare that I almost missed it. We squatted together and had some urination and rowdy gas. We both laughed at this. Logs began in unison and we had a little push and begun the soft serve. I told you we consume mostly fresh foods.
We started to talk about current events and then she groaned and pushed out a healthy load. I asked if the coffee was too stout or maybe the beers. I had more inside and dropped two more loose logs. Hot shit. We cleaned up and walked back. I know we will be good friends from here on out. How close is to be seen. The honest exchange will make me a fan for sure.

Love to all.


Trip to Germany

Hi, Abbie here again, I haven't posted in a while as I've been away on the exchange trip to Germany I mentioned a few posts back. As I thought, a few toilet related things happened on the trip which I'm going to share in my next couple of posts. Leanne, thanks for your kind comments about my stories, I'm glad you enjoy them so much. I think yours are great too and I'd love to hear some more from when you were still at school. Your last post about being desperate for a poo while on the train was great, I'm the same as you, I try to avoid using the loo when on a train/ coach/ plane as they tend to be really small and smelly. Funnily enough, the stories from my trip are also about me having to go to the toilet while using public transport, only I wasn't as lucky as you, I couldn't wait until I arrived before having to go! This first story is about the trip over to Germany, we were due to fly from London to Hannover and while hanging around waiting at the airport I could feel a slight urge for a poo coming on. I thought I'd better go to the toilet straight away as I really didn't want to end up having to go for a poo while on the plane, so I told my teacher I needed the loo and she said I could go, we still had about half an hour before check in. I told Lucy (my friend I've mentioned a few times before who is in my German class and has also been involved in the exchange) that I was going to the toilet and she said she needed it too so she came with me. We walked into the ladies toilets together with another couple of girls about our age, I think there were a few school groups in the airport that day. I took a free cubicle and Lucy took the one opposite, I noticed that the other girls went into the cubicles either side of mine. After locking the door and wiping the seat I hitched up my skirt and pulled down my black leggings and white knickers. I sat down and released a strong jet of wee while at the same time pushing to start my poo off. Obviously we all had the same idea, the girls either side of me were having a poo as well, one was grunting and farting while the other sounded like she was having quite a mushy one, and I was pretty sure that Lucy was pooing too. I was pushing really hard but not getting anywhere, I obviously didn't need it as much as I thought and it wasn't ready to come out. I quickly wiped and flushed then eased my knickers and leggings back up. I was obviously first out, I washed my hands and waited outside. A few minutes later one of the girls came out and also stood waiting for her friend. Then Lucy came out and we went back to rejoin the group. About 40 minutes later we were boarding the plane, and yes, you've guessed it, my need for a poo was getting more and more urgent. As I found my seat and put my seatbelt on I started to fidget a bit, luckily my leggings wre quite tight round my bum so that was helping. I wasn't exactly thrilled about using the loo on the plane but now knew that I'd have no choice. The safety anouncments as we set off seemed to go on forever, and I squirmed in my seat, feeling th head of a huge poo moving down inside me towards my bum. Finally we were in the air and after another few minutes they turned off the seat belt lights, I could feel the poo starting to come out so straight away I got up and went to find the toilet before anyone else got there. Luckily I did get there first, so I went in and locked the door. The toilet was tiny, there was only just enough room for me to fit in and I'm not exactly that big. I quickly lifted my skirt and got my leggings and knickers down before lowering myself carefully onto the seat, fortunately my knickers were still clean which was just as well as I wouldn't have been able to change them. I gave a great sigh and started to push gently and felt the poo starting to move down and stretch my hole as it came out. The first log flopped into the bowl with a splat and then I started pushing out the second one. I pushed out three or four pieces altogether then took some paper to wipe with. After wiping my bum I pulled my knickers and leggings back up and then flushed the toilet, somehow it all went away. I went back to my seat and the rest of the flight happened without incedant. There are more stories from the trip but I'll have to post them another time. Thanks for reading, bye!!

movies with toilet scenes

does anybody no of any movies with toilet scenes women only thanks

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peeing Emily

A Mistake

I'm the Emily that posted about peeing on the couch under the cushion. I just wanted to point out that the woman with the daughter who peed in her friend's car wasn't me. I'm only 13! Somehow they look like they were put in the same post. I would pee in a car in a heartbeat though! If I knew I could get away with it! But so far my mom only let's me pee in certain places and the couch just happens to be one of them. In answer to your question I never do clean up after my pee. Its a pretty old couch so my mom doesn't care if it gets full of pee. I don't do it that often either so the pee gets a chance to dry and not get moldy or anything like that. I've never had anything get discolored though! Any ideas as to what causes that? I wouldn't mind wearing a shirt that did that and only I knew why!


Carpooling with an Intern

The financial institution I work for has a summer internship program for college students. I've been assigned three of them to supervise and this story is about Mary Kay, who goes by Casey. Casey is 21 and very, very talented in the creative arts, especially in advertising/public relations which is the area in which she is working for us. However, because of her talents, she can be a little off-the-wall and she's not all that organized. Hence, my story about what happened last month during her first week with us. Her car got repossessed and she had not way the next day to make the 25-mile drive to work. Luckily, her parents made her back payment and she got her car out after one day. But that one day was enough for me.

I volunteered to help her out because she only lives about three miles from me. That part of the city has thousands of apartments, and the street address might have the same house number but a Court, Plaza, Circle, Avenue, etc. separate the blocks. What she did was give me an incomplete address, it's just after 5 a.m. and I'm driving around trying to find her street, and getting more frustrated. I tried to call her on my cell and her phone was off! After about 15 minutes of driving around, she calls me to see where I am and implies that I'm late! To her credit, I described the intersection I was at and she directed me in pretty handily. She told me to come up to her apartment (on the third floor of a huge like 100-year-old rooming house)and the door would be open. I knocked briefly before walking in and there is Casey in the well lit bathroom of her studio apartment sitting with her slacks down to mid-knee and her thong at knee level. The first words out of her mouth were "I'm shitting, I think." Now that I was there, I thought she'd close the door, but she didn't and she started a conversation. I had to break in and tell her I was double-parked, parallel to other cars parked in front of her building, and that my car was likely to get hit or block someone else in. She seemed oblivious to the need for us to get going. I reminded her about the staff breakfast we had at 7 a.m. and the positive impression I knew she wanted to make. She swore and then I could see her get up off the stool. She was ready to close the front door when she remembered she had to go back in again and close the lid on her toilet (so her cat wouldn't get up on it and drink from the bowl).

Casey seemed upset that she hadn't been able to crap. We drove for like ten minutes going through a maze of streets. Admittedly, I was speeding (like 50 in a 25 zone) and because it was still very dark out, we hit a large speed bump that I didn't see. The coffee I had capped on the dash spilled and my engine suddenly died. Casey swore like a sailor and said she shit herself. I kept composed, despite thinking that I should have opened the door for her and ordered her out, and I was immediately able to restart the engine. I turned off the radio and was surprised that I didn't hear any banging or other damage to the car. I calmly apologized for hitting the speed bump or whatever it was so fast and asked Casey if she wanted me to stop at a convenience store or gas station so she could use the bathroom. She said that was going to be a definite need.

Once we got onto the highway, the store was only about three blocks away. The restrooms were located on the outside of the store and feeling sorry for Casey, I asked her if she wanted me to come in and help her clean herself up. She seemed somewhat surprised and thanked me nicely. As soon as we got into the small bathroom and flicked on the light, we were both surprised to find the small toilet had a seat that looked like it had been bent up off the bowl. It was standing up at about ten o'clock and I took my hand and tried to drop it as Casey was pulling down her slacks. This was a seat that had a spring on it and you had to sit on it in order to keep it down. Strange. Casey asked me to take a look at her lowered thong and into her black slacks but luckily there was nothing. However, the odor was strong so I knew she wasn't exaggerating about having to crap. She dropped her slacks and thong all the way to the floor and sit on the spring seat so fast that it finally hit the bowl with a thud. Within a second, or two, there was a loud commotion that could probably be heard outside as her bowels unloaded. She half-filled the stool in like three seconds and immediately reached for the toilet paper and started wiping from her seated position. She had taken an extremely large wad of toilet paper, which she crumped up in her hand and she probably spent three times as much time wiping than the actual time it took for her crap to come out. As she was pulling up her thong and slacks, I reached behind her and pushed the flusher. There were gurgles and bubbles, but her crap reluctantly departed down the drain.

While her back was turned at the sink as she was washing her hands, I seated myself on the seat (and braved the worst stench I have every smelled) as I peed for like a half minute. There was one piece of unusued toilet paper on the floor which I reached down and picked up to wipe with. I quickly wiped, flushed and as I was getting myself back to being presentable, Casey came up with the brilliant remark that we were going to be late to our meeting.

She was right!

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