My birthday disaster

Hey everybody, last time I promised my 13th birthday story.

It happened in April, that's 2 months ago so I remember it like yesterday.
i was sitting with my friends in my backyard cooking hot dogs on the fire and drinking lemonade. Then my mom came out and gave us salad that i had made yesterday. All of us were pretty full so only I and my friend Laura ate it. In the afternoon we were in a tent (overnight party) talking about stuff when suddenly my stomach started churning. I ignored it, but after about 10 minuted it started churning really loud and I started feeling not so good. It was the feeling when You are coming down with the shits, and I knew that pretty well. I got up and went to the bathroom, just as i got my shoes down, suddenly BRRRRRRRRRT as i let out a smelly, long fart.I quickly went to the bathroom, got my jeans and black panties down and sat on the toilet. Nothing would come out, so instead of pushing I started rubbing my ???? and after a few minutes a cramp hit me and I let out a long 4 inch log followed by another softer and smaller log.I sat for a few minutes more and another soft log came out and I felt done. I wiped my butt which was stained that much and went outside. back in the tent we opened a HUGE pack of marshmallows (not the ones You put on fire) My friend Liene went to the toilet and a moment after that my stomached suddenly churned again and I was hit a major cramp. I quickly ran out of the tnet and ran to the bathroom with my shoes on, I knew I was going to have the shits so i ran as fast as i could but when i got to the bathroom, the door was closed and there was someone in. But the door wasn't locked so i went quicly in, just to find Liene sitting on the can, peeing.
She looked at me and said "what's wrong"
I quickly replied " I'm gonna have diarrhea and i need to go NOW !!!"
She replied "Oh my ! hold on I'm almost finished"
But then I felt that it gonna come out and realized that I can't wait more than second, i quickly grabbed a plastic yellow bucket that was in the corner, got down my jeans and black panties as fast as i could and plopped on the bucket. Right then a wave of a liquid brown river sprayed out of my butt with a loud nasty splattering in the bucket. Aaaaahhhhh! I moaned in relief as the wave ended with a loud wet fart. i looked at my friend who sat on the toilet frozen ans staring at me. After a second of silence she said ''That was so nasty ! are you feeling better ? "
I said "yes" but I knew i still had to go more. She got off the can, and i quickly sat on the warm seat. i looked at my bucket and i saw a puddle of diarrhea covering the bottom and it was splattered all over the sides too. my friend said "sorry I didn't knew you had to go so bad" but then another cramp hit me and I let out a long liquidy fart. The fart was followed by another wave of diarrhea, but at least this time i was sitting on the toilet. It was like forever and full of farts too as it went like Blrutlrutlrutsplutsplutbrrrrrrrrrptt ... splutlutlutlutfrrrrrtsplopploploplop.
The wave ended and i sat on the can feeling like I had shit out half of my guts. When my stomach gurgled again i couldn't believe that I still had more inside, but then i realized that those might be the marshmallows that I ate back at the tent and i ate a lot of them.
Just then laura appeared at the door with her hands on her stomach, when she saw me she got really embarrassed and said "Oh sorry" and as soon she smelled the stench in the bathroom the covered her nose (She is pretty embarrassed about these thing, while I'm pretty open about it)

I saw that she was in pain and really needed the bathroom, so I asked her " you need the toilet ?" and she said "yeah, but i'll try to wait" then I asked her " You have diarrhea too ?", she got really embarrassed and said "I think so" I said her that she can use bucket, but as soon she looked in it she said "No, I ... I can't" i felt really sorry for her and i knew that she would mess herself any moment so I got off the can and sat back on the bucket. She thanked me for that and sat on the toilet, and said "sorry. i'ts very embarrassing, that You have to hear this" and just then "SloooompslompSPLURTsplurtlurlurlurt" as her diarrhea came out in a long wave. Just then my cramps came back, I clenched my arms around my stomach as a huge wave of diarrhea came out of me "Splarttlartlartlartploshsloshslosh" I bursted out half-digested marshmallows as a light brown, watery sludge. the smell was awful, but at least my guts were completely empty. Laura looked very disgusted, but she didn't had more diarrhea so we went back to the tent after a half hour in the bathroom. I didn't had any more diarrhea that time so it was just some bad salad that i had eaten.

Hope You enjoyed it, i have tons of other stories and even accidents and I would love to hear Your stories too especially about having diarrhea.

To ASHLEY: I started middle school (It's called secondary school in Latvia) in 5th grade. We have different grade system here.
To Kendra: Can't wait for your story =)
To Wendy: Glad that Your constipation is over, and I love your stories about having the runs, especially the last one when you had to go next to a bus stop, I had a similar experience last year.

So till next time ...



In reply to Sarah's question.

My personal preference in regards to the best kind of poop to take, I would have to say the big logs as well, just as long as they are not too hard and do not require a lot of effort to expel.

I love the ones which immediately start emerging right after getting into position, feeling as though they're going on forever and which cause you to shiver in relief as they're sliding out.


Using the Ladies At Work

I'm Carol a lady in her mid 40's from the UK.
After reading some of the posts on here I felt I ought to my a contribution . I am a team leader for a team of Domestic service assistants in the NHS based in a Hospital. The hospital it self stands????. Included are three sets of visitors toilets situated in locations outside in the grounds. One of my tasks is to check to cleanlyness standards . As I make my around doing my checks in the early afternoon ( after lunch time ), I nearly always need to use the toilet. My favourite toilet is 2 cubicle one located near a car park.
I love to listen to other ladies on the toilet from the russling of underware to sounds of pee and number2's hitting the water. Recently while carrying out check, a lady called rose came in , she also works at the Hospital she is 50, we both said hello.I went into the second cubcile and Rose the other I could Rose hanging her overal on the hook , I was doing the same unbuckling my trousers etc, I herd Rose russling her skirt up > I sat on and began to pee, a loud fart came from next door followed by a giggle, Rose bum hit the seat, I was still peeing , I herd a pee start next door , leaning slightly forward my anus started to open slowly , I grunted softly, the pee was still going next door and another loud fart, very quickly followed 3 plopps, still concentrating on my log it finally dropped with a Krsplunk. the was a further volley of plopps from next door , the sound TP being rolled off and wiping her self this continued for 3 times , then the flush went . I am still grunting trying to produce a second log , the smell was getting ruther high from mine . I rolled off some TP and wiped my self one lot was enough it a dry type log . I flushed came out and was my hands , Rose had gone .


Disgusting bathroom poll

Which of the following things do you hate most about about public restrooms?

A. Odor
B. No doors on stalls
C. Garbage/water on the floor
D. No toilet paper
E. No soap

Personally, I think I'll have to go with E. I think I'd rather deal with the smell, shit with an audience, walk through water and garbage, hover over the toilet and forgo wiping my ass than not be able to wash my hands.

Ashley-Glad to see you liked my post. It is quite interesting using a doorless stall, and seeing other guys using them. Some refuse to use one and will run off to find a door. Others use them reluctantly and are quite modest about it. Barely pulling their pants and underwear down enough to go. Then there are guys like me who will pretty much dump anywhere. Nice to not be restricted by shyness.

Esteban-Yeah, I suppose it was rude of the guy to just stand there watching me. At least he could have started up a conversation. Since I pushed a little bit, I did end up with an erection for a minute or two, and I wanted to make sure he didn't see it, lest I give him the wrong idea!

Kyle-I also didn't have any doors on the stalls in my high school. I wasn't even going to consider using a doorless stall at that age. I only saw one guy use the stall and he was a popular jock, big, muscular guy, intimidating. I saw he used the one in the gym locker room and I caught a glimpse as I walked past to the urinals. I remember he had his jeans and his underwear all the way to the floor. He was a black guy and I remember the whiteness of his briefs strongly contrasting against his dark skin. He wasn't a mean guy, just intimidating by his size and strength.


Poopy smell

As I said before that I like the smell of my poop and I have a few friends that like the same thing too. Once I was with them in our dorm bathroom and I smelled his lovely poop smell. It was awesome...

Now that I am staying in a hostel with my new friends, I 've got a lot of new stories to tell! Bu tno today though...

Wendy: "I think everyone has the right to be able to go to the toilet & any charge is an infringement of that right." I couldn't agree more!!!


bus driver too lazy to drive to bathroom to pee

There is a bathroom for the bus drivers at a central bus station. One driver parked his bus at the station and walked in front of the bus after all of the passengers got off. I think he was peeing. He could have driven or walked about two hundred feet to the bathroom to pee before he took his break.


Which is better when you really have to pee?

Briefs defintly hold poop in better than boxers, but I was mainly talking about when you really have to pee. So guys when you really have to pee is it better to be wearing boxers or briefs?


This mornings poo

I got up early this morning with an urgent need to poo. I went to the toilet but there was no toilet roll left. I was running late for work & didn't have time to go to the shops so I held it untill I got to work. By the time I got to work I was almost pooing my pants & had to clock in quickly & run to the toilet holding my bum. I just made it in time & as soon as my bum touched the seat it all came rushing out. It felt such a relief to get rid of it all & I was glad I'd made it to the toilet in time. Another 5 minutes longer & I'm sure I would have totaly messed my pants. When I was done I cleaned up & went downstairs to start work with ten minutes to spare.

Last week my employer told me that they were going to be letting me go due to financial troubles. I work at a home electronics store doing some sales and store duties. I then found out from a colleague that the reason I was let go was because I hadn't made enough sales and thus enough profit for the company. She told me that they usually do this once or twice a year by getting rid of anyone who hasn't made enough sales quota.

I was so upset about the incident that on my last day I decided to seek some retribution. I had to take a dump when I woke up but I decided I would hold on until I got to work. When I arrived it was fairly quiet in the store and since it was my last day, I was left doing some lousy warehousing and organizing of the stock. Near lunch time I was bursting to got but I new that I had to hold on until closing time. I continued working while trying not to think about the dump that I needed to take.

Finally 6 pm rolled around and I was getting ready to close with another employee named Matt. After seeing him to turn in my keys and finalize my leaving he went to the back of the store to his office and I quickly went to the customer bathroom down the hallway near the sales floor. I opened the door and quickly made my way to the toilet to do my business. As soon as I sat down I let out an extremely loud round of farts that felt good since I had been holding it in for quite some time. I started to push and without hesitation I felt a turd come out and land into the bowl with a large splash and thud. I sighed in relief before getting up to see what I had unloaded.

It was a very thick and long turd about 12 inches long and filled the entire bowl. I started to wipe and used a ton of toilet paper in doing so. Then I unloaded another few bunches of toilet paper that I knew would easily overwhelm the toilet. I washed up and then tried to flush but sure enough nothing went down. I flushed again as the water level rose to the top and spilled over the bowl. I quickly left before Matt noticed. He was still at the other end of store so I quickly left before it was noticed what had happened.


Response to Becky & another story

To Becky: I liked your story story about peeing your pants on a date. I do hope you're still dating him. I've got a very similar story about a woman I dated for awhile...

It was my second date with Angela. She was in her mid-twenties with long black hair and brown eyes. We had gone out to eat (and drink) and were heading back. We had been out over three hours by that point and she had not used the bathroom (though I didn't realize that then). Suddenly I hear a desperate "oh, no!" I look toward Angela and see her looking down, so my eyes look down to see her peeing her pants. I quickly pulled to the side of the road (just a gut reaction). She must have peed her pants for about a minute and even though she was wearing dark blue jeans, you could see her pants were soaked from halfway up her fly down to almost her knees. She started apologizing repeatedly and offered to pay for cleaning, but I told her accidents happen and not to worry about it. Later, Angela remarked how she often debates whether or not to use the bathroom before leaving a restaurant and figured she's be able to hold it. And yes, we did go out again after that.

Has anyone else ever peed their pants on a date? (Or tried to hold it for so long they almost peed their pants?)


re: woman peeing in bottle


Hey how exactly was the woman peeing into the bottle, was she squatting or standing also if you remember what kind of bottle was it? Must've had a pretty wide opening. I would've enjoyed the experience as well. Also to Christine if you can't find a female urinal at the drugstore they are easily found online. Let us know what you find to pee in.

Rag muffin reanna- I liked your story a lot. I'm really into childhood potty stories.
Mylissa-i really liked your story too. it reminded me of something that happened to me once.
Freshman year of high school my friends and I used to take the trolley to the mall and then back to one of our houses. Well on day it was kind of hot out and the trolley was taking longer than usual to come. I had been drinking a lot and realized I needed to pee. It wasn't too bad though and I forgot about it as soon as we got to the mall.
We shopped around for about 2 hrs during which my need to pee would come and go. I was too embarrassed to tell my friends and figured I could hold it till we got home. We finish up and go to catch the trolley and again it's running late. My need is getting more urgent and I put my shopping bag over my lap so I could discreetly hold myself. The trolley pulls up and its all I can do not to wet myself as I climb on. The ride was bumpy and I wanted to cry. I kept crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs. My bladder spasmed and a hot pee squirted out. I felt my crotch and it was only a little damp. I closed my eyes on concentrated on not letting any more out. My friends asked me what was wrong and I kept telling them nothing.
Finally it became too painful. I didn't care if my friends knew I had to go anymore or if they saw me wet myself. I just couldn't hold it anymore.
I'm going to pee my pants now, I announced. My friends all looked at me shocked and I just let go. Pee flooded my pants and into the seat and onto the floor. The releif was amazing. I peed for a good 5 minutes.

Claire W

To Sarah - My favourite type of poop to take.

My favourite type would have to be big logs also, but ones that come out with no effort what so ever. I love the feeling of it slowly sliding out :)

Amanda M
This morning while I was getting ready to leave for school my stomach started hurting and rumbling so I decided to go up to the bathroom and try to poop. I sat on the toilet and gave a push and a few farts came out. I pushed some more and a few soft logs came out.It smelled weird. after about 10 minutes I was done. My stomach stil hurt but I went off to school anyway. I was scared that I was going to have to go poop at school but thankfully I didn't. That would have been super embarassing. I'm feeling better now. No more stomach pains.


Gyno Exam

This is very very embarrassing. But I needed to pee during my gyno exam and I did not make it I peed right on his hands:( sooooo embarrassing ... I could not stop the flow!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reply to Graduation Pee

Hi Mylissa. Wow! it sounds like you had quite an ordeal there at your graduation. Luckily you wore black color pants that day too or else everyone there would have seen your accident.

Just wondering, did your pants have a strong pee smell after you lost control?



Welcome Sarah!

Hey Sarah, I'm Catherine. Weclome!

I can totally relate to you when it comes to enjoying big logs. That is my favorite type of poop! Really, any large, voluminous, bowel movement is enjoyable. But, I really love large logs.

I wrote a lot about myself a few months back, pages 1811 and 1817-1821. I hope to hear from you more! Take care!

And, love to all!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

The three of us toured through the old west section of the amusement park. It was setup as a old wild west town. There were shows to see along with many exhibits. I enjoyed it more then Janet and Jill did. But the two girls did have a good time when we were in the the stable. They got to feed and pet the horses that were there. They also liked the stagecoach ride too.

I liked the shootout in the street with the gunslingers along with the helping the sheriff made up a posse and we captured a bad guy and put him in the jail. By this time the three of us had become very hungry and also being thirsty so we went to the old saloon had supper and tried sarsaparilla soda which we all liked it.

Then after eating we walked out of the old wild west section and took more rides on rides none of us had been on yet. By the time we finsihed up with the rides it was getting late. This park only stayed open till sunset. It wasn't open at night. The sun was going to set in less then a hour so we left now and went to the bus stop.

Soon the bus came and it took less time to get to the stop downtown and we waited for the bus to drop us off at home. While we waited for this bus we all talked about our day we had at the park. This included everything we did too includeing our pissing and shiting! When those two topics were told boy did the three of us laugh hard. We even laughed harder at least Janet and I when Jill told us THAT was the most fun part she had!

Soon the homeward bus came and we got on it. It was empty so we three went all the way to the back and sat down tgether on the busses wide single backseat. WE all were getting tired now so we didn't talk all that much as we rode along. We did say a few things to each other but only short and pretty much spread apart when we did say something.

Then about ten minutes from our bus stop Janet said; First thing after I get off this bus is I have to piss! Jill hearing her sistor chimed right in saying; Me too. I then said I had too also which I did have too. None of us had gone after eating supper at the saloon. Soon the bus reached our stop and the three of us got off.

The three of us were now not feeling tired anymore. Funny how that happens. So we walked over to the old school and over into the playground area. It wasn't dark yet for the sun had not set yet but was very close in setting. What we did was go right over to the swings and sat down and would piss as we sat on the swings.

Both Jill and Janet pulled thier dresses out from under thier asses and I pulled down my zipper and got out my penis to pee. Then Jill started to swing slightly on her swing. Janet seing Jill swinging started swinging slightly too. Why not I thought seeing the two girls now swinging so I started swinging along with the girls.

Then Jill started pissing as she swung slowly back and forth. Her piss stream wetted the ground as she swung. Her piss stream wetted the grass as she swung forward went through the dirt as she swung back along with wetting te grass and pine needles laying on the ground behind the area of dirt in the middle.

Janet started pissing after Jill haddoen one complete swing. Janet pissed harder then Jill so her stream traveled further as she swung back and foth on her swing. So her piss went and made a longer trail as Janet swept back and forth. So her piss went further out in the grass and further back wetting the pineneedles. She also made a wider path in the dirt on the ground as she swung.

I started last of us three. I pissed hard as I swung. I had a nice high short arc and I wetted the grass, dirt but not the pneneedles and grass behind the dirt. I wasn't swiging back far enough for my arcing stream to wet there. Janet and Jill were watching me piss and seeing what my stream was doig they both laughed hard together.

We all took a long piss too as we swung on the swings. All three of us did have full bladders. Jill started first stopped first. Janetwas second and I last. When I finished my piss we all three skidded to a stop got off from the swings laughing and we walked home to my grandmothers house. She was up when we went inside and we all took turns telling her about our fun we had at the park. Then after this we all felt very tired for now it had cuaght up with us again. WE all went straight upstairs and without doing anything more turned in for the night. Tomorrow would be the last day together for the girls three day stay.


Sarah's survey

Hi Sarah,
I like to take what I refer to as a "Heavy Load". Where nice large firm turds immediately sink to the bottom of the toilet, after making a big splash. It feels soooooo good to release those big ones and hear them hit the water!
Tell us more about yourself and your pooping Sarah. When do you usually go, How often, do you fart much on the toilet, etc.?
Happy pooping!

Here's my story:

When I was 13 years old, I was at the high school pool for a swim meet wearing my usual bathing suit (high back scoopneck red 1 piece) with a matching swim cap and While I was standing with my best friend, Ashley, waiting for my turn to do the 100 meter breast stroke, I started to feel cramps in my stomach, and could hear my stomach burbling. I knew I couldn't leave the pool area to go use the bathroom, but I couldn't exactly stay there and do nothing either. Suddenly, our team's coach walked up behind me, and gave me an open hand pat on my tush, much like Football, and baseball players do to each other, and he said "You're up."

You know that movie Look Who's Talking? there's a scene where Kirsti Alley, and the kid, I forget his name are in an office, and you hear the weird squishing, and plopping sounds that are often used in Cartoons, TV shows, and movies, then the kid says something about fruit, or whatever because he'd pooped himself. Well I swear that when my coach smacked my tushy, that I heard those same squishing, and plopping sounds as I quite LITERALLY filled my swimsuit. Ashley gave me a weird look, as did several others, including the coach, and I ran out of there with a swimsuit full of poop, and ran home, where I took a shower, and put on clean clothes. Then I threw the swimsuit into the garbage can at the end of out driveway. I was so embarrassed that I ended up being home schooled for the rest of junior High, and High School.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Post Title (optional)BIT BY BIT

I have been pooing nearly every day...not worth the effort in the morning so usually late in the afternoon at work when everybody has gone.
Yesterday, I went and sat on the pot...I had the urge. It was hard and best described by:
Errrghh, Effggg the turd just makes its exit
Uggh Ugg Ugg...I push it out by an inch
Uggh... I push it out by another inch (almost)
Uggghh...errh..uffgh..and I nearly pass out with effort, another inch at the most
Urrrrgh..I look down...there is this long brown tail hanging down.
Uhh Uhhh Uhhu and Uuhhhhh I look down again...that long brown tale is almost one foot long.
I have been on the pot for quite some minutes...this is way harder than a sesion at the gym...a new form of exercise to hit the world..Big Time...Pushing out Turds!!!!
And then it leaves my arse and snakes into the bowl
Another push and PLONK...another hard turd
I wipe but nothing on the hole is tingling and I am panting.
I decide this poo is too hard to do!!!
Next morning first thing I took two Dulclax tablets...not the night before as prescribed because I did not want to be woken in the early hours. All day I only had a mild urge so after work I went to y nearby public toilets and had a quiet sit. With one push this beautiful big long long turd effortly exited my rear.


Answering Sarah,s question

Sarah - my favorite poop is the long, seemingly never ending turds, the ones where you actually feel yourself getting lighter while its coming out. Can't beat those. as far as I'm concerned.

office worker

Police Officers - Toilet Troubles

Twice in the last week I've seen a police officer (UK) coming out of a public toilet. The first time there was a male police officer standing outside the toilets at a shopping centre and minutes later a WPC came out of the ladies. A few days later I was getting petrol at a service station when a police vehicle pulled in and a male copper hurried inside and made straight for the toilet. I was buying some shopping in the shop and the copper eventually emerged from the toilet after a good five or so minutes and quickly left the shop to go back to his car.

I used to work with the police in London and often wondered whether they get into difficulties on long outdoor shifts. I did one day hear a story (not verified) about a young male copper who became unwell with a ???? upset whilst out on street patrol and his journey back to the nick on foot was a little too far for him!! Lots of stories about it followed but I wonder whether many or any police officers have suffered an accident whilst on duty?

Anyone know anything?


Favorite Type of Poop to Take

Hey guys, I've been reading this great site for a while and finally decided to start posting. Before I give stories, I just have a question for the community: what's your favorite type of poop to take (i.e. small loads, mushy, big dumps ect...) Mine would be big logs, especially after Thanksgiving. Those feel really good to slide out and gives me a chance to read! What about you guys?

To: G

G, I can relate to your problem. I am 17 and every time my family eats out in a Mexican or Chinese restaurant I am in their bathroom pooping. I have to go so bad that I don't feel like I can even make it home. It is sometimes embarrassing but my family knows I poop after eating in these places and is used to it.

Greg (Mike's Friend)

Mike Gets Caught In Traffic

"Another Classic Tale from Mike's Stall"

Greg (Mike's Friend)
Hey Guys,

Hey Brian. First of all I wanted to say welcome and comment on how much I enjoy your stories. There seems to be a dearth of male pooping stories recently so I'm glad you've stepped in to carry part of the load so to speak!! I miss David and his awesome stories. I assume he got really busy like me and has to deal with real life off the internet! Anyway Brian, I noticed your stories are about yourself. People either generally write about themselves or others but usually not both. I myself happen to write about male desperation stories particularly in reference to younger men in their late teens to late twenties. I'm not so much into pee desperation as I am crap desperation. Pee desperation for a guy isn't desperation at all because we generally have other options open to us if a facility isn't available. (ie. Trees, behind a building, etc.) Crap desperation is an entirely different matter because generally if the rectum is full and throbbing, it's either get on a toilet or else!!

For a period of a about a year and a half and just recently, I posted some great pooping stories of my good friend Mike and several of the times I was fortunate to catch him delivering a massive pile into the porcelain bowl. A few years ago, on page 1482, I posted my first story about my buddy Mike. On that day, Mike ended up needed to take a series of major dumps to clean his system out possibly from a virus or light food poisoning. Another possibility was a supplement Mike was taking for football training which was also known to "bulk up the stool." (Translation: It made you SHIIIIIIIT!!!) We never quite figured out what caused it. All I know now is that I was happy to have been lucky enough to have been there to enjoy it all!! Mike ended up pretty much pooping and pooping all day and this is the story of the 3rd such toilet encounter I originally posted a few years back.

During that day, Mike had already taken two very huge bowel movements at home that morning, one of which I got to take him some toilet paper while he sat there with his white briefs down stretched around his ankles. Very cool "sighting!" The dude even started wiping right in front of me without even thinking about it. He just kept talking while I watched in gaping awe. And trust me, his first several wipes ended up with A LOT of shit on the paper!! Anyway, there's just something SOOOO cool about seeing a guy's underwear stretched around his ankles as he sits on the toilet pooping. It's primal. In fact, there are 3 things in life a guy has to do without his pants….. Be born, poop, and you know the third one. A guy has to be who he is without the benefit of cover when he needs to drop a load.

Anyway, Mike literally began that morning pooping. I had spent the night and we had shared an upstairs bedroom. The following morning I was already awake and saw Mike shifting and squirming around in bed very uncomfortably. Mike was a HARD guy to wake up and it seemed like he could just about sleep through ANYTHING. But in this instance I already knew what was up. Mike's rectum was already loaded with a monster mass of turds and his own bodily functions were trying to wake him up to go use the toilet. How about that! Has anyone ELSE ever known that somebody needed to shit before the other person knew it????? Finally after about 5 minutes of this, Mike's eyes finally popped open……. And then Mike's eyes REALLY popped open as he ripped off his bed covers, hit the floor running and dashed into the bathroom across the hall ripping a couple farts along the way and neglecting to close the bathroom door. Next thing I heard was the toilet seat bang down in place confirming my suspicion that Mike was going to sit down. I then heard Mike moaning under his breath along with the sounds of him pulling down his briefs around his ankles and heard his butt drop to the toilet.

Next thing I know, I hear three absolutely massive farts blasted in succession before
this crackling "ppppffftttttppppffftttttppppffftttttppppffftttttppppfffttttt" told me beyond any doubt that a seriously loaded Mike had started to shit. And BOY, did he EVER shit!!

Ppppffftttttppppffftttttppppffftttttppppffftttttppppfffttttt ppppffftttttppppffftttttppppffftttttppppffftttttppppfffttttt

For the next 10 minutes it seemed like my groaning indisposed friend sat there on that toilet and just pooped and pooped and pooped. At this time, I really wanted to get up and walk to the door to watch my loaded moaning buddy bumming on the toilet. (At the time, I had no idea that I would get just that opportunity later that day as accounted on page 1482 where I introduced readers to Mike for the first time.) However, I didn't want to seem like a total perv so I just stayed there listening intently to the terrific sound effects as the pooping Mike sat filling the toilet with crap with intermittent farting and groaning. Finally after what seemed like 10 minutes of pooping and pooping, I heard the last of the crackling and plopping and it SEEMED (at the time) like Mike was finally empty and fully relieved.

A moment later, I heard Mike calling out to me. "Greg! Are you there??"

I pretended not to hear so that Mike wouldn't think I had been listening to his massive shit.

"GREG!!" Mike called out again.

"Hrrrrmmmmm" I responded pretending like Mike was just now waking me up.

"I was in a hurry to take a really major shit and forgot to check the roll for toilet paper. I need you to bring me some. It's right there in the hall closet.

"Sure. I'll get it." I said, pretending to be nonchalant although my heart was pounding through my chest. I couldn't believe I was going to see this GREAT-looking guy on the toilet in nothing but his briefs stretched around his ankles.

Fetching the toilet-paper roll, I then went carefully into the bathroom where Mike sat there waiting for the paper. I tried not to stare too long at his white briefs stretched around his ankles. After having heard Mike give the toilet a tremendous pounding over the last several minutes, I figured there just had to be a HUGE amount of shit in the toilet.

I figured I would just walk in, hand Mike the toilet paper roll and walk back out.
Taking the paper from my hand, Mike grinned and said "Thanks Bro! You're a lifesaver!"

But before I could turn around and walk away, Mike just kept talking as he started to take paper off the roll and fold it.

"Hey before you go, let's talk about arrangements for tonight's (baseball) game." (It was the summer between our freshman and sophomore years in college. We were both 19).

I continued to answer Mike's question but I was losing focus as I tried to pretend as if I didn't notice this fit young athlete on the toilet preparing to wipe his butt. It was about ALL I noticed! Then I don't have absolutely no idea HOW I kept a straight face as Mike just kept talking and smiling as he reached under his butt with the paper to wipe. I thought I was going to lose it right then! As you would expect, Mike's butt was a crappy mess after such a big loose dump and the paper was absolutely COVERED with moderately soft medium-brown shit.

Keeping a straight face, Mike just smiled as he dropped the paper into the toilet underneath him and said "Whew! Looks like this is going to be a messy cleanup!"

I frankly don't remember how I stayed focused on our conversation as Mike wiped and wiped and wiped about a dozen times. Finally, Mike bent and reaching for the elastic band pulled his briefs back up while simultaneously standing back up. This gave me a brief glimpse into the toilet before Mike turned around to flush it. Three was a great big pile of soiled toilet paper covering what HAD to be a great big pile of crap. I saw some of the crap around the perimeter of the bowl. I wasn't sure Mike could get all that crap and paper down when he flushed the toilet and held the handle for five seconds. Mike had more experience with that particular toilet's capabilities however and he knew it could take what he dished out. Sure enough, the huge mass of shit and paper gurgled and gurgled for a while before swirling down the drain. When the flush was completed, there were still skid marks in the bowl along with small remnants of crap and paper from Mike's huge dump.

Unbelievably, about an hour later after I helped clean up and showered, Mike actually REPEATED this performance. After I showered, I headed downstairs and discovered the door on the small half bath was closed and locked with the light on inside. Once again, I could pick up the sounds of small grunts and moans, sputtering farts, and cracking soft mushy poop falling into the toilet. Since we were the only two in the house, I realized Mike was once again in the throes of a really major shit. So I sat and waited at the kitchen table while Mike sat bumming, pooping, crapping, farting, grunting, moaning and otherwise relieving himself. Finally I heard Mike flush the toilet FIRST BEFORE beginning to wipe his butt. This dump must have been even bigger than the previous one for Mike to do this. Again it took Mike about a dozen wipes to clean up the mess. Mike then flushed the crapper again before emerging from the bathroom.

"Whew!" Mike exclaimed when he saw me. "That dump was even bigger than what I took an hour ago!" As I surmised.

After Mike's second huge dump, we eventually left the house to run our errands with Mike THINKING the worst was behind him after dropping what seemed like a week's worth of excrement in just two sittings. On our way to Sears which is normally a 15 minute drive, we got slowed down by the combination of a traffic accident and construction. Mike was driving and we were about 2 miles from the mall when I smelled a really rancid fart in the car. I turned to give Mike a nasty look but saw that he was shifting and squirming uncomfortably with a bit of a concerned look on his face. I could see that Mike was trying to straighten himself out as much as possible and keep his legs tightly together. I then realized that Mike might actually need to crap really bad yet again.

Of course, Mike did not have to speculate on what he needed. Mike *FELT* the pressure starting to escalate in his butt as his rectum became increasingly loaded with excrement. Mike's shitmakers were evidently working overtime and in overdrive that day.

"Sorry about that, Bro." Mike apologized. "I really have to go to the toilet again." His words confirmed my suspicion.

Bbbbbrrrap…… Bbbbbrrrap… Mike ominously let two large farts escape his fit young body.

Unfortunately for Mike, because of the traffic and construction, it was a bit of a slow go to the Mall which was pretty tough on Mike who was working hard to resist the relentless growing pressure but already starting to weaken. As we wound our way through the brutally slow traffic, Mike squirmed more and more as he became increasingly loaded and the relentless pressure inside him continued to mount as his will and ability to resist started to wane. The beleaguered Mike then let a few more particularly rancid farts escape against his will as his GI contractions continued to ominously gain strength even as his own was ebbing away. At the last traffic light before the stop, the light had just changed to yellow and Mike frantically wanted to get through but the 80-year-old lady driver in front of us stopped instantly in front of us forcing Mike to slam on the brakes.

"Dammit! Nooo!" Mike wailed in despair. Mike then blared the car horn in frustration and threw his hands up in the air but the elderly driver in front of us apparently did not notice. I then heard some more rumbling and grumbling in Mike's gut as he winced from a bad cramp and I knew that even more crap was on the way to push on the train that was already in the station and ready to depart!! A few moments later, Mike was no longer just loaded with shit, he was DESPERATELY loaded with shit. Tears were practically coming to his eyes as he moaned and crossed his legs tightly. The overwhelming pressure to shit had to have been unbearable and Mike's position was now going from desperate to untenable. Mike had a lot of shit inside him now, and holding on to that shit to reach a bathroom was proving to be a grueling struggle.

"Oh my God!" Moaned Mike as he desperately struggled to hold his excrement at the light. "I need to shit SO bad!!"

For my own part, while I don't want to see a friend suffer, I really didn't mind the delay. I knew that the delay under that kind of relentless pressure would weaken Mike even more and that the heightened desperation would result in an even better payoff when the badly-loaded Mike eventually did reach the toilet and let loose.

Finally, the ridiculously long traffic light changed to green and Mike wanted to gun the throttle in the worst way to get into the Mall but the old lady driver in front of us pulled away like molasses in January happily oblivious to the bathroom plight of the desperately-loaded young driver behind her.

"Come On!!" Mike groaned in despair. Finally, Mike was able to get in the left turn lane and he gunned the throttle as he turned into the mall on two wheels. He gave one final frustrated honk to the elderly driver who gave us a bewildered look as she drove away. She possibly thought Mike was just being an aggressive young driver not realizing that the desperately-loaded boy was in such dire need of a bowel movement. By this time, Mike had ominously STOPPED farting as he did not DARE let up even in the slightest to let ANYTHING out of his butt. The next thing coming out of Mike's butt would be a WHOLE lot of solid waste product!!

Tearing into a parking spot, Mike quickly cut the engine and hit the paring brake as we both jumped out of the car. I was out of the car first and making my way in since Mike had to park the car. Luckily for my desperately-loaded friend, the bathrooms were just down the corridor from the entrance we were going in. We had both used this bathroom many times before and many times since. Mike quickly passed me in sort of an urgent run-walk saying "I have to HURRY bro. I *NEED* to shit right NOW!" I was correct that the delay had in fact weakened Mike considerably and it was clearly obvious that the massive load of shit in Mike's butt was throbbing with insane relentless pressure.

As the weakening Mike hustled to the restroom down the hall, he held his legs tightly together clenching his badly-loaded throbbing butt, struggling desperately to hold his shit inside him. We had gone to the mall for other reasons, but right now, his impending bowel movement was the desperately-loaded Mike's first and only concern. Approaching the door, Mike urgently unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants when he saw that nobody was watching, (Then again, Mike had to shit so badly, he may not have CARED if anyone was watching.) Mike was already strategizing on how to get his badly-loaded throbbing butt on the toilet as quickly as possible as he pushed the door open with his shoulder. Mike then dashed urgently into the first stall and didn't even try to secure the door instead opting to drop the seat into place and urgently pulling down his pants as I took a place next to his stall at the urinal. The side barriers were quite low at that time giving the person inside the stall to look out and the person at the urinal a chance to look in. Giving me one last resigned desperate look, my shit-filled buddy quickly dropped his pants and collapsed to the toilet.

Almost immediately upon surrendering, a mighty rush of shit stormed out of the badly-weakened Mike who was just about worn out from battling to hold his shit so long overwhelming the defeated young man quickly, easily and completely while rendering him helpless. As the huge mass of crap rushed out of the helplessly bumming young man, I was able to look over and actually able to see the top of Mike's head bobbing up and down as he helplessly sat there moaning, groaning and pooping. While I only heard Mike's shit rush out of his fit young body, it was obvious that the overwhelmed Mike FELT all that crap going right through him. Because the sound of shit hitting the water was instantaneous, I'm thinking Mike in his weakened and desperate state may have actually had let go of his crap before his butt was all the way down on the toilet. Not surprising really considering how desperately he had needed a really major shit for the last 10 minutes or so. The crackling and spluttering sound seemed to go on endlessly as the huge mass of shit piled up in the BADLY-needed toilet beneath my helplessly pooping buddy.

"Holy Smokes!" I yelped in disbelief as the Mike's first huge wave eventually subsided. "I bet you have to feel better after THAT!!"

"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…." Mike moaned in his utter disbelief. "This is UNREAL. I have absolutely NO idea where all this SHIT is coming from."

"You were pretty upset with that old lady driver!" I laughed.

"Oh my God!" Mike groaned. "I really thought it was all over when she stopped in front of us. I really thought I was going to SHIT my pants. The only reason I managed to hold out was because you were in the car with me."

"Your secret would have been safe with me." I said laughing. (Except it would have been one of the first stories I ever posted here on this site!!)

"It's not that." Mike grunted " I know you haven't said anything about Josh's accident (Page 1464 on this forum). I just didn't want you to have to deal with the mess and the smell."

"Oh." I laughed. " Well you know what they say… Life is what happens when you get stuck in traffic and have to take a shit! Or SOMETHING like that!"

"Or Murphy's Law…. " Mike cracked. "The length of a red traffic signal is directly proportional to how BAD you need to take a shit!!"

A few moments later, Mike felt a second train was in the station and ready for departure. I suppose this was the wave that had made Mike cramp up at the traffic stop and had escalated his toilet predicament. A moment later, the shit came gushing out of the dismayed Mike much softer and mushier than the first wave and mixed with lots of sputtering gas and piled up on the rest of Mike's shit sort of like the chocolate syrup going on top of the chocolate ice cream and bananas in a sundae. Except, this was HARDLY a tasty treat unless you happen to be a fly!! :-O This second wave of shit was about as long as the first one and had the helplessly crapping Mike moaning, groaning, and gasping like I had never heard him do before. As this was going on, I got one more look at the top of Mike's head as the massive shit wave powered right through him. All my overwhelmed buddy could do was stare wide-eyed ahead, eyes rolling, a helpless young man bumming on the toilet in the throes of a serious shit. As for me, all I could do was stand there and listen in awe as the pooping Mike sat there with his pants down filling the toilet with shit.

Mike let out yet another lengthy moan as the mushy crap wave finally abated. I flushed the urinal and walked over to the sink to wash up. A badly-loaded Mike had been so desperate to crap he elected not to secure the stall door and it swung about halfway open leaving anyone a clear view of his right side as he sat there with his pants down. The latch was just out of his reach unless he got up to secure it, something the exhausted Mike didn't feel like doing. The long protracted struggle to hold his shit combined with the 2 monstrous waves he unleashed and the precipitous drop in internal pressure had left Mike feeling weakened and worn out so he just sat there to finish up and try to recover somewhat.

Even after all this, my buddy was STILL not empty. Mike then crackled, farted and sputtered intermittently for the next 10 minutes as he continued to crank out mush while I waited by the door. I was awestruck by just the vast amount of shit inside Mike. Many of the crackles and sputters were accompanied by soft, under-the-breath grunts and gasps. It was easily the most vocalizing I had ever heard Mike do during a shit. Mike's pants hung about halfway around his calves. If you were just walking in and saw this but didn't know Mike, you could still surmise that the dude sitting on the toilet with his pants down was a young guy based on the style of pants, underwear, shoes and socks he was wearing along with the fact that Mike's voice was young sounding. You would also know that the young man bumming on the crapper was on the tall side based on Mike's large feet (Size 15) and the distance of his feet from the toilet. You could then also conclude that the young man had needed to shit pretty badly based on the overpowering smell indicating a sizable load, the fact that he hadn't secured the door, and the fact that he had chosen the first stall he could get into rather than one further down that would have afforded him a quite a bit more privacy.

Finally, after he had pooped and pooped and pooped then pooped a whole lot more, Mike reached behind him and flushed his fecal monster away to wherever it is that fecal monsters go. As expected it then took a greatly-relieved Mke numerous wipes to clean up before he pulled his pants up and flushed the toilet again to dispose of the paper. He then walked out and went to the sink to wash up. Seeing me, he rolled his eyes and exhaled a LOOONG sigh of relief.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!" He exclaimed. "Oh My God, Bro! THAT was a NASTY shit!"

I then asked Mike what he was talking about when he referred to Josh's accident since I hadn't heard about it yet. He thought I already knew and he confided on me that Josh had shit his pants at football practice the year before. (Page 1464.) Later when I saw him, Josh was pretty upset that Mike had spilled the bean and he proceeded to tell me about a near-accident Mike had traveling to Florida. (Page 1493).

After Mike washed up, we went into the Mall to run our errands with Mike THINKING the worst was FINALLY behind him!

Be Safe,


Epilogue: After Mike's 4th Big Massive shit of the day (Page 1482), the pepto bismol and gatorade finally did the trick and Mike did not need to return to the toilet the rest of that day. As it turned out, Mike's brother Josh (who later married my sister and became my brother-in-law) also had a case of the shits that day as well so we think it was related to something they ate. Josh, Mike, and I DID end up going to the baseball game. Mike was fine the rest of the day while Josh (then 17) ended up making two emergency dashes to the bathroom.

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