Megan N.

Fitting Room Story

Yes! I do have a fitting room story! My name is Megan and this is my frist time posting. I used to work at a store and a few times I've had to work right by the fitting rooms. Well on some occasions I ezperienced perople using the rooms as toilets. On one occasion a mom came in woith her 2 daughters. They were probably 8 and 4 yaers old. I could tell somethign was wrong whenshe kind of looked at me funny when I said hi. She didn't smile or say hi back. She just looked at me funny like she was guilty or somethign. Then I saw that the one girl (the 6 year old) had her hand in her crotch like she had to pee. That's when I knew what was up. I knew what they were goiong to do. Now I should have said something right then. I was certainly supposed to. But I didn't. I didn't becuase I was too curious about what they were going to do. So I pretended that I didn't nootice anything. I just watched them go into the fitting room, the one at the very end, and close the door. Then I decided to be really quiet so I could listen to what they were doing. By this time I just had to know for sure. I couldn't help it! The first thing I haerd was the mom saying "ok pull your pants down." Then I haerd the little girl say "ok" and I heard her pulling down her pants. Next the mom said "help your sister" and then the older girl said "ok." She also giggled and then the mom said "shhh!" But I could tell she was lauighing too. Then all was quiet and I could hear a little patter of pee going onto the carpet. Then after thst she said "I'm done" and the mom said "ok" and then "pull up your pants. Help her." Then the older girl said "ok" and then she said "can I go too?" Then the mom said "fine go ahead." And so she did. I could hear another little patter on the carpet. Then when she was done she let a fart which made a little bubbly nooise. Then they all giggled. Then after a little while they came out of the room. The mom wouldn't even look at me. The ypounger daughter smiled at me and the older one stuck her tongue out at me. I didn't say anything. I just pretended that I didn't know anything. Even though I'm sure that they knew that I knew and just didn't care. After they all left I looked in the room and I saw the huge wet spot in the carpet. T
Well that's my post! Maybe I'll tell you some more another ytime! Bye!

Hey, I'm a first time poster, long time pooper. I' m a 20 year old woman with black, long hair. when i was 17 i went to my boyfriend's football game. i had 3 hotdogs, which was a bad choice cause those give me nasty plops. I felt like I had to have a wet fart, when I realized it was diarrhea. I quickly walked (didn't want to run cause then I would poop myself.) The line for the porto potty was way to long, so I looked around and spotted an old, dirty bathroom. I took my chances and made my way to the bathroom. It was empty, but very dirty and smelly. All the toilets were filthy, but i wouldn't wait to clean them so i dropped my jeans, stuck my butt out and started spraying my poo. I heard some land in the bowl, but most just landed on the wall or floor. it smelled AWFUL. Once i finished i found out there was no TP, so i said goodbye to my friends (and panties) and started to walk home. Halfway there I felt another urge and ran into the woods to try to find a good spot. I squatted behind a tree and let loose another nasty load. I wiped with some leaves and ran home before i had to go again. I got to my door and felt the urge again! i fumbled with my keys and rushed to my bathroom ( i'm an only child and my parents have there own b-room so i can shit all i want.) This one wasn't as bad as the others, but it still was messy. Instead of wiping i showered and went to bed. the next morning i was fine with my pooping.


Does skidmarks count as an accident?

After supper tonight I needed a pee. I decided I could walk the dogs and pee in the woods as we walked. I was not expecting my urge to pee be replaced by a need to poo. As I went around the garage I realized I no longer needed to pee. This was somewhat surprizing because I had been holding my pee for over an hour. Anyway, it was exercise and potty time for the dogs. About five minutes into the walk I felt a poo begin to build inside me. Not a big deal...just finish the walk then go do my business. At fifteen minutes, the urge had grown to the point that I had to start clenching my twenty-five minutes I was afraid I would not make it back to the house. I decided skid marks from not wiping was better than a panty packing expulsion. I removed my pants, stepped about thirty feet off the trail, and lowered my underwear. The log felt solid but I did want it to drop in my panties so I leaned forward and gave a hard push. The load shot out of me like a bullet. It was a mix of solid and mushy. The solid part landed almost three feet behind me...the mushy part would have poured into my panties had I not been holding them out of the way. I had nothing to wipe with so I pulled my panties back up, put my pants back on, and walked the dogs back home where I promptly went to the bathroom wiped myself, and put on clean underwear.



My names Tim. I'm 31 married and have three kids. I really enjoy the satisfaction of having a good bowel movement. Its the great equalizer, men and woman, we all have to do it so why not enjoy it. I usually sit on the pot twice a day, once in the morning sometime after getting up and again in the eavning. I don't get much time during the week as i'm either heading out the door for work, or after work I am a high school and traveling all stars baseball coach so there are practices,games etc. So its Saturday or Sunday I get to enjoy some quiete time on the John. What always amazes me is the amount of product I can do if I simply sit long enough. I never feel backed up but on my weekend shits I can easily fill the bowl above the water line. Its this time that I really enjoy shitting. I usually read the newspaper or some magazines and just kind of hibernate and poop. I know I'm not constipated during the week because I'm a personal trainer and as such I've heard about a lot of guys getting constipated usually due to poor diet and creatine. It just seems like the longer I sit the more I am able to poop. Ofcourse after a half hour I usually feel satisfied. I also kind of enjoy when I'm at a buddys house seeing what reading material he keeps by the John. I mean if we all do it you might as well be comforatable.

So my question for all is how long do you usually sit on the toilet before you really know your done?


New Survey from a new user

hope you enjoy my first story (it hasn't been posted yet so idk what people think) so here's a custom survey. i'll answer and then you fine folks can!
1) When taking a plop, do you go quickly or take your time? I take my time to read/relax. taking a dump, especially big logs, feels really good and i like to enjoy it fully.
2) Have you ever wiped with leaves? Yes. a few times i was taking an outside dump it got really messy and i wasn't prepared with TP
3) What's your favorite place to poo? my office. my apartment bathroom is shared and usually crowded, so my office where i itern is my new favorite spot. it's a single toilet that someone else cleans and does a good job!
Those are all my questions for now, might have more to add later.

to Jules: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u took a dump in the barn! how was this experience for you? i bet it was thrilling and cool at the same time! i have never gone to the bathroom inside a barn before! it sounds like it could be exciting! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to CD: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that u peed on the couch! i hope all is well with you! i miss u stories! i lookforward to any new exciting stories that u might reveal in the near future! take care and God bless.
to IL Mom: i really enjoyed your post! honestley i cant believe that u let your own child pee in the car! i dont agree with that at all. i mean if u think about it you are ruining your carpet in the car! plus it makes the car smell really bad. if u could please explain your reasoning for letting your daughter urinate in the car! iam curious to know and learn why! i lookforward to your future post! take care!
To Bathroom Beaky: i really enjoyed your post! havent heard from you in a while! how is everything going? thats cool that u got a huge urge to go to the bathroom with your sister around! did u both take a buddy dump? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Iemon: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like u and your friends knew how to keep the bullies away from you while you were in the bathroom. dont let anyone tease you just because u had to wear pullups!everyones bladder is different! i lookforward to your future post! take care and Godbless.
to Becky: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u experienced your first major accident! i hope that it doesnt happpen anytime soon in the near future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and Godbless.
to Presile:i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool and unique that your friend took a major dump in the parkinglot next to a random vehicle! i bet that was alot of fun! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
To Anny: i really enjoyed your post! i was very disappionted to hear that u had a major diarreah accident this past friday! iam was pleased to hear that u received a break on saturday from your bladder. however i hope that u dont have any more diarreah accidents. iam glad to hear that your husband was there to comfort you through all of this! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to ChristopherH: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that u and your friends had several massive poo accidents in the tent while u guys were camping! i bet the stench was horrible! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that u took a shit on the coach under a newspaper! that sounds real exciting! you should definitely tell wendy! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Zip: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you enjoy using doorless stalls! i must admit i never have experienced that before! i wonder what it is like using doorless stalls! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your short post! i hope that the chocolate lacative produes Good results for you! iam thinking of taking a huge bottle of chocolate exlax and pouring the whole entire thing into my 64oz cup of soda and mixing it up! i wonder how quick i will have a bowel movement? i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Marika: i really enjoyed your post! congraulations on completing your first year of middle school! thats cool that u have on this forum for a year now! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u were able to make it to the tiolet in time! thats really cool that u took a dump in the field! that sounds like alot of fun! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Lisa (from Germany): i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that u were consipated! iam glad that everything came out successfully! eight days is too long to go without a bowel movement! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AmyL:i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your major accident that occurred at school in the bathroom. its sounds like it was quite messy! iam sorry also to hear that u experienced a wet dream. to tell u the truth i thought that guys only experienced wet dreams! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Pamela: i really enjoyed your post! your story is funny! i never slept walk at all. i also never peed on the porch ! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Jenny: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u had an accident in your pants. next time use the bathroom at school before you leave! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Kristen: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like you and your coworker shelly had another amazing bathroom experience at work! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that kristy had a massive bowel movement in the field! that must have been alot of fun! in the future if u need to go to to the bathroom then on the way home stop somewhere and use a public bathroom. it is not healthy to hold in your bowel movement all day. linda should be more respectful of the other ladies that she works with! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Brianna: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that your friend peed on the table quite a few times! iam glad that she didnt have a major bowel movement there ! that would have been too messy to clean up! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u experienced a little bit of a stomach ache! i hope that u feel better! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.



Rag Muffin Reanna

Interstate Poo/All By Myself

This is my first posting on the board, although I've been reading it for like two years. I'm a pretty normal 16. I'm in a college-prep program at my Catholic girls high school, but outside of having to wear the uniform, I'm usually found in tattered blue jeans and blue t/work shirts. My parents continually say I have naturally beautiful, shoulder-length hair, but I wear it pretty unkempt. I comb it just enough to keep the nuns off my case. I'm not really a tomboy or a jock, I guess, but I have lots of interests such as reading. I'm also on the speech/debate team and that takes a lot of my time and I've made some really good friends there. I'm also into classic rock/pop music, largely because of my dad's huge music library from back in the 70s and 80s when he was a mobile DJ.

My first story happened like 10 years ago when we were driving across country to visit my aunt. My mom and I had been fighting because I was ready to start first grade and when I did a poo in a public place, she had always volunteered to wipe me. I had not wiped thoroughly at first, and because of the mess in my underwear, (she exaggerated and said I had skidmarks that were much worse than I think they were, but I realize she was just trying to get my attention), she volunteered to start checking my wiping and if necessary, she'd come into the stall, had me stand and turn around, and she would wipe me and show me how much I had missed. So I kind of got dependent on that when I was in kindergarten and I guess I just wanted to extend it a little longer. I could tell my dad didn't like it, especially when we'd come out a building and mom would be saying something like, "You know, Rag Muffin, that as you get older, you've got to be more responsible and spend more time cleaning yourself." My aunt overheard the conversation one day when we made our annual visit and said something like "And you probably love the attention." She was right!

Well, on the second day of our trip across the country, we were on the boring interstate and mom hadn't slept well. Dad talked her into taking a couple of sleeping pills that she had in her bag. She had some pop on the dash and chugged them down. It was like 2 p.m. in the afternoon and I had to pee. Dad stopped at a rest stop shortly after that and told me to run in but not take much time. Mom had her feet up partially on the dash and was trying to nod off. Luckily, the bathroom wasn't that busy. I went into the first open stall, pulled down my underwear and shorts and placed my six-year-old butt on the seat. It was kind of big and uncomfortable, but I got my pee stream going pretty soon after that. I quickly wiped after that and jumped down off the stool, pulled up my underwear, and ran back to the car. I didn't take time to flush or wash my hands, because I knew my dad would be mad and basically counting off the "lost time" from the road.

When I got back to the car, dad said mom had pretty much fallen asleep and he wanted to make better time (speeding!) and that it would be three or four hours before we stopped again. That was fine with me because I felt like I could take a nap too. And I did. The sun was going down when I heard the car stop at the next rest stop. Mom was asleep and I felt I could poo. It had been a couple of days since I had gone. Again, I went in, it was a little busier this time, and I ran to the first open door I saw, and while standing, I dropped my shorts and underwear and got myself up on the seat. It was higher than any other I could remember and I remember looking down and seeing my feet dangling. There was some gas and that was followed by two pretty decent sized logs. One was heavier and startled me by splashing my backside. I knew there was no time to waste. I reached for the toilet paper roll and for the first time I could remember, I sat and wiped myself. I think I used about nine or ten sheets, but each one was progressively cleaner. The problem was that they were stacked high on top of the water, so I was scared to lean on the flusher and cause a flood.

I didn't take time to wash my hands because I knew dad would be restless and want to get back on the road. I was still adjusting my shorts when I walked around the privacy entryway to the building. Dad was standing at the doorway, he complimented me for going on my own and not demanding that mom wipe me, and he thrust me onto his shoulders and hurriedly gave me a bouncing ride back to the car.

When mom woke up several hours later at the motel, dad's first words were "you know, our little Rag Muffin is a big girl now." I still remember those words and what they meant.


Graduation Pee

My name is Mylissa (pronounced like Melissa but my parents wanted it to be spelled uniquely...). I am 18 and just graduated from high school last Saturday afternoon. I had gone out to lunch with some friends who were also graduating and then we went to the arena but were running late so we only had time to throw on our cap and gown and line up. We marched in, sat down, listened to a boring guy talk, etc. All the while I had to pee from my big drink at lunch and didn't get to go before the ceremony started. At first it wasn't so bad but it kept getting harder and harder to hold it without being obvious. I sat as still as I could and squeezed to hold it back. We finally got up to start getting out diplomas and that helped because I was standing and could move and cross my legs, but after I got mine and sat back down there were still a ton of kids to go (I went to a big high school). It kept getting worse and I was starting to get scared that I wouldn't be able to hold it. My whole crotch area was tingling and I was squeezing hard to hold it. I hadn't peed my pants since I was 15 years old from laughing too hard at a friends birthday party and that was bad enough with a few dozen people seeing it happen, I sure didn't want to piss myself at age 18 in front of a few thousand people. I discreetly put my hands in my lap and covered with my diploma holder so I could shove one hand down over my pee hole to help hold it, crossed my legs so I could also squeeze with my thighs, and couldn't help my bounce my foot. I was starting to feel a nervous sweat all over and my whole body was feeling tingly now and my mouth and eyes were starting to water a little from having to go soooo bad. When the last few students were getting their diplomas the urge reached a new peak, stronger than I've ever felt the urge before any time that I can remember. In spite of my leg crossing, crotch holding, and muscle squeezing I felt my bladder give a spasm and a stream of pee forced its way out into my panties for a second or two before I regained control. Thank God I was wearing black pants under my black robe. I could feel my whole body go numb and my face felt red hot. I'm sure I turned bright red, too. I had regained control for a second, but then another spasm hit me and more pee forced its way out and this time I felt it soak the crotch of my panties and begin to spread down my butt cheeks and upper thighs for a few solid seconds before I could squeeze off the flow once more. I was now panicking. I had now peed quite a bit into my pants and felt very wet but still had a looooot of pee left and didn't know how much longer the ceremony would be. At least I had relieved some of the pressure and didn't feel like I was going to explode into a full on total accident any more. Another guy got up to talk and then the pressure built back up again really strong. I thought I was about to lose some more but then came the time to stand up and move our tassles and that took my mind off of my need for a few minutes, then we threw our hats into the air and everyone was happy and excited and it was over and people were moving everywhere and I realized again quickly that I was about to lose it so I pushed my way through the throng trying to get out to a restroom. There were sooo many people it was going so slow and I was starting to panick again. I made it out of the main auditorium and saw the sign to the ladies room to turn right and I had to push against a lot of people like a salmon. I was about to burst when I made it to the door and hurried inside. All of the stalls were occupied so I had to wait, holding my already wet and now cold and damp crotch with one hand, dancing in one place, begging under my breath for people to hurry. I could barely hold it. I was going to lose it for good any second. I kew it. I could feel it. My body was turning numb and tingly again and the pressure on my bladder was just too much. I was about to completely pee myself like a little girl. I heard a toilet flush and moved that way, begging them to hurry, the latch moved, the door started to swing. I practically pushed past the woman coming out. I turned around to fumble with the latch to lock the door and felt my bladder spasm once more and fresh hot pee squirted out into my cold, damp panties. I grabbed my robe to try to take it off so I could get to my pants and sit on the toilet. Another squirt. I couldn't get to my zipper because of the robe. I finally unzipped the robe and started to reach to pull my pants and panties off when I lost it. I just couldn't stop the flood no matter what I wanted. My body just had other ideas and I stood there and felt the hot wetness rapidly flood into my pants and down my legs to my feet and spread around my crotch and butt as I totally, completely pissed myself standing in the stall right in front of the toilet. I just stood there numb like time was standing still. I was embarrassed, but never felt like crying. I was just so relieved of not needing to pee so bad anymore that I almost didn't care. I finally realized I had finished peeing. I looked down at my pants and except for a shinyness when the light hit them just right you couldn't really tell that they were now holding a gallon of pee. I put my robe back on and left quickly. I had no other clothes to change into. I found my parents and tried to act normal for a while, then told my mom I was going over to a friends house to pickup something and instead drove home in my soaked pants so I could shower and change before my parents got home. I got home, ripped off my clothes, hopped in the shower long enough to rinse off my lower body, then hopped back out and put on new pants just in time to get back downstairs when my parents got back. It was a very close call. I don't think anybody else knows (until now) but I will certainly never forget it.


Caca cake

Has anyone ever given that special poop enthusiast in their life an inventive birthday gift reflecting their interest? For my boyfriend's last birthday, I made him a cake shaped like a turd, using a swiss roll log, milk and dark chocolate frostings for the effect of contrasting brown shades and even embedded pieces of nuts into it. And to accompany this, I recorded myself taking a shit and gave him the video. He enjoyed both immensely.


My First Office Poop

Last week I took my first poop at my office. I've worked their for over 4 months, and never went therefor a poo. I like to take my time, and didn't want to spend 15 minutes on the bog while I should be working. I was always able to hold it, until last week. In the morning I like to wake up early to take a dump, but I overslept and didn't have the time, even though I needed to go bad and hadn't gone in 3 days. I got to the office late and spent half an hour trying to hold it. After an hour it got reeaallly bad and I started farting really bad. I got up and walked to the bathroom, which has 5 stalls, 1 was occupied. I took the last one for privacy, took out my paper and let out a huge log. The woman in the other stall left so i started to break bad wind and let out a bunch of little plops. It was messy, so I wiped 5 times and left. It took 5 minutes and felt really good. Now I drop a bunch of logs at the office.


Using the toilet on a school trip

Hi, Abbie back again with an update on the school toilet situation and also a story from a while back about going to the loo when I was on a school trip. I've been back at school two days since the holidays, and the good news is that both days I've managed to go for a poo in that decent set of toilets in the humanities block I mentioned in one of my other posts. I'm so glad I found those toilets, its making a real difference to me. Both days I started to feel the need for a poo around breaktime but I waited till lunch break when we have a bit more time before I actually went to the toilet. This meant I was starting to get desperate, but is a major improvement compared with having to hold in my poo for the whole of the afternoon and the walk home and some days being worried that I would end up pooing my knickers, or having to go for a poo on the way home, as I mentioned in my first post. Today as I ate my lunch chatting to Lucy (my friend I've mentioned in a couple of other posts) I could feel my stomach getting heavy and ten minutes before the end of lunch break I said "I need the loo, do you want to come with me?" "Yeah, me too," she said, she had been jiggling about a bit and I could tell she was getting pretty desperate. Lucy and I had got chatting round her house the other day and I found out that she feels exactly the same way as me about using the school toilets and also that she usually wants a poo while she's at school but puts off going. So I told her about this decent set of toilets I'd found and she agreed to try them out too. We walked over to the loos, went inside and took opposite cubicles, I locked the door and then quickly hitched up my skirt and eased down my knickers (pale blue with yellow stars) and then sat on the seat. I started to have a wee and let out a few loud farts before just letting my poo start to slide out on its own, now I'm less constipated I don't have to strain and grunt so much which is good news if I'm out in public. Opposite I could hear Lucy weeing, then all went quiet. My first log fell into the toilet with a small sploosh and soon after a few more bits came out. I sat and waited just to check I was definately finished, at that point I heard Lucy give out a loud fart and a few seconds later a grunt. I finished with a bit more wee and then took some toilet paper and wiped my bum. As I was wiping I heard a loud plop from Lucy's direction and then a sigh of releaf. I stood up, flushed the toilet and then pulled up my knickers and smoothed down my skirt, I deliberately didn't pull my knickers up too far as I didn't want to end up with a wedgie and then the inevitable skidmarks again, I had PE that afternoon and couldn't cope with the idea of anyone noticing that my knickers were dirty as I was getting changed. I came out of my cucible as Lucy was wiping, as I was washing my hands she came out of her cubicle looking much happier and we went off to our afternoon lessons. Anyway, I realised I was meant to be telling you the story of what happened on a school trip I went on back in Year 8 (I was 13), this was when I went to France for a few days. Quite often, travelling and a different diet makes me constipated, and thats exactly what happened on this trip. When we got to our acommodation I was sleeping in a dorm with about 7 other girls. The rooms were designed in a weird way with the bathroom practically in the room itself, just behind a false wall across one corner of the room. It wouldn't have been so bad but the wall stopped about 6 inches below the ceiling of the room! There was a door built into the wall to get in to the bathroom, and inside were two toilet cubicles, two showers and two sinks. We were unpacking our stuff when one of the girls went for a wee, it quite soon became clear that everything could be heard in the main dorm because of the gap between the partition wall and the ceiling. A few girls had a poo later on and some others the next morning, it was a bit embaresing as you could hear them farting plopping and grunting all over the dorm, but there wasn't really anything you could do about it. I didn't feel like I wanted a poo over the first couple of days, on the last day when we were due to visit the market I tried to have a poo after breakfast before leaving on the coach, but despite straining for about five minutes nothing happened. I felt really bloated but drank a lot of water and ate some fruit to try to bring it on. I was pretty sure that Katie (another girl in the dorm who I knew quite well back then) hadn't had a poo either, so I was wondering whether to confide in her. When we got to the market we were told to go round in pairs, so I teamed up with Katie and we went off to look round the stalls. I could feel a slight need coming on so obviously the water and fruit was taking effect. It steadily got stronger over the next ten minutes until I was feeling quite desperate, so I plucked up the courage to tell Katie I had to find a toilet fast. She actually looked quite releaved so I guessed she needed to go too. After another ten minutes, by which time I was bursting, we found the public toilets and went into the ladies. It was really dark in there, eventually we found the light and I locked the door. It was then I realised that there were no cubicles, and shock horror, not even a toilet- just a French style hole in the ground. I was so desperate I didn't tell Katie to leave, I just quickly pulled down my black jeans and red pants and squatted over the hole. I started to wee and the tip of the poo began to come out of my bum, it was gigantic! Katie was looking a bit awkward so I said "I'm really sorry, I'm absolutely dying for a poo I just couldn't wait any longer." I realised I wouldn't be able to keep the poo moving unless I strained really hard, so I pushed and pushed, digging my toes into my shoes. The poo slid out really slowly, I had to give an extra hard push as it got wider and then I grunted loudly which I didn't really want to do in front of my friend but I had no choice. Luckily I managed to keep the poo moving and eventually it dropped into the hole with a massive splash. As I was pushing out the next piece I saw Katie squirming around holding herself, she said "Are you going to be much longer, only I need a poo as well and it's just about to come out in my pants". "No, I'm nearly ready to wipe, by the time you've got your jeans down I should be done." Katie didn't need any encouragement, she unbuttoned and unzipped her blue jeans and lowered them to her knees and then slid her orange pants down, I noticed they looked a bit damp and had a big skidmark in them. "Nearly done now" I said as the last piece dropped into the hole, I took some toilet paper and shifted across to one side to wipe while Katie had her poo. She squatted down over the hole, I noticed that her poo was already starting to come out of her bum as she did so. I finished wiping my bum as Katie was weeing and starting to strain to get her poo out, fortunately to make up for my embaresement she ended up giving out some loud farts and grunts as well. I quickly pulled up my pants and jeans and washed my hands while Katie continued to strain, she had finished her wee although the occasional dribble kept coming out after a really hard push. After about five minutes of pushing and getting red in the face I heard a huge plop and a groan of releaf from Katie, and she reached for the toilet paper straight away to wipe her bum. She then pulled up her pants and jeans, washed her hands and we had to hurry back so we weren't late for the coach. Luckily the next day we were due to leave and I didn't need another poo after that until I got back home. Thanks for reading this, bye!!

I have to change mty name now since I found out there is another Michael in this forum. Don't want any confusion yeah.

I was wondering whether you guys like the pleasant smell you produce from your lower organs. It's likie after I pee, sometimes I just sit there and smell my lovely aroma or else I'll leave it there overnight then I smell it. I also like the smell of fresh ripe poop and farts.

Strangely enough I also like the sell of diarrhea. I dunno why but it just smells nice...


ZIP being watched

That's quite a story, about the guy just standing in front of you. Seems quite rude. That's never happened to me, but I have crapped in front of other guys who were there for other reasons.

A few days ago I was at my favorite beach. I went into a men's room with 4 open stalls along one wall and sink and urinals on the other. I like the last stall there because it's twice as wide as the others. There was a guy across from it cleaning sand from his bicycle wheels.
I gave him my usual "not a lot of privacy here," and he laughed."This is is not the place for privacy," he said. I asked if he minded if I took a dump and he said go for it.

So I wiped down the toilet seat, dropped my jeans and my white briefs and began to push.He wasn't bothered by my shitting at all.We talked about taking a crap in front of other guys and the problem of men who bring girls into a men's room without privacy. Then we chatted about sports. I wiped (from the front) and even checked the paper. I flushed, thanked him for the friendly time and left.

I am traveling in Europe now where there's too much privacy. Little floor to ceiling closets instead of stalls. I know a lot of guys prefer the privacy, but I hate the hot, closed in, stuffy closets.Sad ti say tho all of the men's rooms at my beach are marked for demolition. To be replaced by those single use European style toilet closets. Too bad.


Against pay toilets

One reason I disagree with pay toilets is what happens if you've got really bad diarrhoea & you don't have any money? Not only would it be extremely embarrassing to have a messy toilet accident in public but there could be a health risk too. I think everyone has the right to be able to go to the toilet & any charge is an infringement of that right. I'd love to find the person responsible for inventing the pay toilet & have a big messy poo & pee right in his lap. I hear that a low price airline is considering charging 1 a visit on it's flights to use the toilet. That could make it very un pleasant for other passengers if someone had no money & couldn't wait untill the plane landed. It could cause a riot in mid flight.


At the gym again

Hi eveyone! I have some good stories to tell from the last few days. But before that, I'd like to share a story that happened to me quite some time ago. I was grabbing lunch a few days ago and I saw H, who used to be my babysitter. We shared many of our memories about when she would watch me at night if my parents went out. It was really nice to see her again, and I got her email so we can stay in touch now. Plus, our meeting brought back my memories of watching her on the toilet. She would almost always have to "go potty" at night during my bath time.

One of my most vivid memories was when I was four or five. H came over that night after dinner and then my parents left. At 7:30 it was time for my bath, so we went to the bathroom and she started the bath for me. At some point during the bath H said she needed to go potty and that she'd close the curtain. By now, this was a regular thing so it didn't bother me anymore. In fact, I actually enjoyed it, but I'd never tell her that. I listened closely and could hear the rustle of her pulling down her pants and underwear. There was a period of silence but then Kkrrrkkl as her poop started to come out. A small floomp sound when it broke off and she began to pee a little. I heard her say softly "Mmm Nnnhh" like she was pushing. Sploop Ppppprrrrrrt, a poop dropped and a long fart then her pee stopped. Pfft just a little almost silent fart. Splish followed by a spurt of pee again, plop, Crakkl Splop Sploosh. Her pee died down and then she rolled off some paper. I guess she folds her paper and wipes more than once with each roll off, because I only heard her roll off paper two times and then she pulled up her pants and flushed.

As for recent stories to share, there were a couple good ones over the many days since I posted last. The first one is another gym story that happened on Monday. I had just finished exercising and I went to shower. After I finished my shower and was getting redressed in my street clothes, I got a big urge to poop. I walked over to the toilet in just my bra and panties. All the stalls were taken, so I had to wait. I heard sounds from all three stalls. The lady on the left was peeing like a race horse, the middle one let out a fart sounded like pffrrtfft, kind of weird, and from the right I heard a bunch of little plop splop sploosh sounds. I heard a Krrrakkkkkkl and then a floomp from the middle, and the right lady let off a couple big splashes. The peeing lady's stream kept dying down and starting again. Another Ckkkrakkl then a sploomp sound after a delay. The lady in the right stall began to wipe as the middle lady let out another Kraakkkkl ploosh. From the left, the pee finally ended and she wiped once but then she farted a big Prrrrrrrrrrrt. I really really had to poop bad by now and listening just made me have to go worse.

At last, the lady on the right flushed and exited her stall, so I rushed in and yanked down my panties and nearly threw myself onto the toilet. Without any waiting at all, I let out a wide poop that went Kkkkrrrrakkkkl as it first came out and then kept growing with no noise. My poop touched water and I turned my attention back to listening. I heard an airy Pffffffffft from the middle stall and then a Ploop but from the other stall. My poop broke off with a little floooomp noise and I started to push out another one. Then the lady in the middle stall tore off some paper and wiped. The left stall lady let out a prrt Sploosh Splop Plop Krakkkl Plooop as the middle stall lady kept wiping and left. While I was listening, my poop was easing out silently. After it broke off making a little splop sound, I farted a loud wet ssspprrt fart then a quieter prrrrrrrt fart with a sploop as a poop snuck out. I began to wipe as I heard a Prrt fart from someone entering the middle stall again, and the lady on the left had some loose poops, a lot of rapid splipplipplipsplipplip sounds. I wanted to listen longer, but I knew there were people waiting for my stall, so I decided to flush and exit the stall. As I left my stall, someone else took it and I heard her put a seat cover down while I washed my hands.

I have another good story I want to post here, but I'll have to do it later, leave some page space for somebody else, hehe. Oh! Before I forget, a nameless poster asked me a question. To answer the question, I have been stunk out of a bathroom before. Usually the odor of poop doesn't bother me. But, on a few occasions, there's been a lady who could peel paint of the walls, her poop was that foul smelling. Maybe I'll tell a brief story about that in my next post.

Kendra :)


a diaper on the floor of the train

I saw a diaper on the floor of the train. It was a lot thicker than the usual diaper that I see on the floor of the train. It must have been a poopy diaper. Leaving diapers on the floor of the train is inconsiderate to the janitor and to the other passengers.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

Janet and I searched for Jill in the rides section of the park. We did not see her at all. After twenty minutes we agreed to split up and meet back at the entrance if we found Jill and the time we also agreed on was a half hour. So we split up and went on searching for Jill.

As I searched again through the ride section I had finished my slushpuppy. I was thrirsty again and I stopped and bought a cold cup of soda and drank that as I went searching again for Jill. I neared the end of the rides section again. Then I thought I'll search for Jill in another section. She may had gone looking for Janet and I when we went to the bathroom together earlier.

So I took one of the paths that would take me throught the young kids rides and the pl;ayground where Janet and I had gone and shit and pissed in the woods behind the playground. I hurried through the younger kids ride section and did not see Jill there. I now was on the path between that section and the playground.

The path was not crowded with a lot of people so I could see up ahead fairly far as I walked. Then I saw Jill! She was about twenty feet up ahead of me on the path. I yelled out Jill! She stopped turned around and waved at me for she heardme and now saw me comming towards her. In a few short moments I was with her. I wasn't mad at her but I did tell her that Janet and I had been looking for her for sometime.

Jill told me that she did ride on all the rides that she wanted to ride on. Then she said she went looking for us. I didn't see you two she went on sayng to me. I also didn't see a bathroom either. So Jill asked me; Where did you two go to the bathroom? I told Jill we didn't find a bathroom either. WE went in the woods behind the playground.

Good! Jill imeadiatly said back to me. I have to piss and shit now! Jill said this giggling. Take me to where you went in the woods at the palyground Dave. I told her alright I will. The playground is comming up around that bend ahead of us. Jill grabbed my hand and we both quickly walked together down the path together. In a few mnutes we reached the playground.

Jill told me we better hurry as we walked into the playground. So we almost ran as wecossed the playground and to the woods behind it. She and I didn't go in the same spot once we had reached the woods. This spot had less trees and more bushes. After going through the bushes which was a distance of maybe 15 feet we came out in a small clear spot still in the bushes not by the chainlink fence like the spot that Janet and I had found.

This clearing was good enough for Jill. I'm going right here! Jill said to me. With not a momnet to lose Jill had her dress raised up and had got down in a very high squat in front of me. It onl took two short seconds for Jill to start pissing. Out from her vagina she sent a short wide headed stream which went right into a shorttwist and then straightened out and it hit the grass slightly out in front of her sneakers. It hissed loudly.

Jill only pissed hard for about five seconds. Then just like some one turning off a fuacet on a sink she stopped pissing and from her asshole comming out very quickly was a brown very fat shit! It crackled as it came out. It was moving like one of my shits very fast. Also too was Jill's shit came out there was a phhhiting sound that was soft to loud and back to being soft.

When her shit looked likeit was around eight inches in length it fell to the ground with a dull thump. As her shit had fallen to the ground a second shit was comming out just as fast and noisily. This second shit was smaller in size then the firstone. It was also a slightly lighter brown too. This second shit reached about six inches in length and then it to fell to the ground joining Jill first shit.

Then another one started poking out from her asshole. It was like the second one thin and same color. It moved fasterthen the second one so it only took seconds to come out and fell to the ground. Then another one poked out! Jill went on now dropping pieces of shit on the ground that were bewteen four five inches which by the time she did stop shiting fourmore pieces had joined the several that were already laying on the ground under her.

Then as soon as she did stop shiting out from her vagina she sent a same type piss stream like she had done before she had shit. Jill pissed for a good ten seconds and then her stream died right out making hervagina lower crotch wet with her own piss. Jill stood right up after finishing her piss. She asked me if I had anything to wipe with. I told Jill I hadn't anything she could use.

Oh well I wish Jill was here now not you Dave. She always has something to use to wipe. I told Jill we can stop at a bathroom for there is one that we did find after we had gone in the woods. It's on our way too where we have to go. Good lets get going! Jill said to me. I said wait a monet back to Jill. I have to piss. Jill smiled with a big smile and said to me; Really?! Good I get to see you alone!

Even as Jill talked to me I had pulled down my zipper and slipped my fingers inside my pants and boxers to get my penis out of them. In a nother couple of seconds my penis was out and I was ready to piss. Jill was in front of me. Seeing thatI had my penis out to piss she quickly got out of the way. In fact she took three very quick steps and now stood at my left side.

Then just as I started to piss Jill said wait Dave! I squeezed off very hard which since I had just started to piss I only mad a very weak spurt of piss come out from my penis. What Jill? i said in a somewhat angry sounding tone in my voice. I want to try holding it she said to me with her cheks turning a darker pink as she said this to me. Jill was slightly embarressed by asking me this.

I told her ok but better hurry. I'm doing all I can to keep from going right now. Jill took and di exactly what I would do to hold my penis. She placed her thumb lightly over the top of my penis at its ring. Then one bent finger lightly rested up againsts its side. I relaxed and my stream cam shooting out very hard and went eight feet outward and right into the center of a bush with a big splash of piss all over it after hitting it.

After pissing for a few seconds Jill asked; Am I doing ok Dave? I told her she was doing fine. You hold it just like I do in fact not like Janet does. I know that Jill said back to me. I've seen enought times you peeing and see how you hold it. Jill didn't giggle at all and seemed proud that she was doing a good job. I pissed for about 15 more seconds and as my stream eased off Jill said to me; I will even do the finishing too! Can I? I laughed for Jill wanted to shake me after I was done. So I was going to let her do that too.

I stopped pissing and I didn't feel that I needed to do anymore so I just let Jill shake it a few times. Then I took over and quickly slipped back inside my open zipper and into my boxers.I yanked my zipper right up and as I did Jill said thank you to me. Then we hurried back out of the bushes and out into the playground again. OUt to the path and we hurried down it and made the bathroom in less then ten minutes. Jill went inside the girls room and was right back out a couple of minutes later.

Jill told me that her pooper was real messy and I had to wet a lot of toilet paper first and wipe with that till I was clean. I laughed and told Jill that Janet and I had to do the same thing when we wiped in the bathroom. She laughed hard. In anothe five minutes we were at the spot by the entrance where Janet and I agreed to meet. She was there and then now all of us joined up togther agin we now headed for the old wild west town section of the park. To be continuied.

I have finally found a gf who is into bodily functions as much as me I regularly watch her take a shit or piss and love wiping her ass for her and now she does the same for me.


Tonights poo

I've been bit constipated since sunday. I took a laxative this morning & It really did the trick. I've just been to the toilet & it was a massive relief. I pood for ages & it filled the toilet up. When I flushed the water came almost to the top of the pan but luckily it went down again. The toilet made a gurgling sound as the water went down & it sucked all the water away. I had to flush chain to restore the wave level & it left some thick slid marks below the water line. I had to clean the toilet with the brush to get rid of the marks & then put some domestos down.


Any other guys have to deal with doorless stalls growing up?

When I was a kid (in the 70s through the 80s), from 3rd Grade through my Junior year of high school, the stalls in the boys rooms NEVER had doors. In fact in high school, the boys rooms didn't even have toilet paper! After a visit from the board of health early our senior year, the school finally put in new stalls with doors and finally provided toilet paper. Up to that point, being a kid with irritable bowels, I always carried a pack of tissues with me and often had to brave the open stalled toilets when a case of the shits came on.

But it wasn't only at school. I remember the first time we went to the National Zoo in Washington DC (where I grew up), I went to the mens room to take a shit and discovered there were no doors on the stalls. The worst was Washington Square Park in New York. I was there on a school trip and had to take a shit so I went into the public restroom and discovered there were no stalls at all, just a row of toilets. That sucked.


Peeing in Bottle with woman

I was hanging outside of an outdoor concert in the summer of 91 with a friend when I went to take a leak in a nearby woods. It was night so guys and girls pee not far from each other. While I'm peeing this drunk thin semi attractive woman or girl was peeing in a bottle. As she finished she drunkenly walked over to me and handed me the bottle and asked me to pee in it. So I did her the favor and she watched me put my penis next too the bottle and filled it up. I asked her if she wanted to hold my penis but she declined. She then let me kiss her and rub her breasts from the outside. I don't know if she had a urine fetish or just wanted to help the environment and not pee on the ground. Strange semi-awkward moment but enjoyable.


2 stories- 1 wee, 1 poo

Hi again! Abbie, I love your stories- they remind me so much of my time at school, and I'm glad you enjoy mine as well! What great times- you might not think it now but you'll miss them when you leave! As for the primary school toilets, they weren't exactly bad as such. I mean they were always clean and had plenty of paper etc, it was just that the walls of the cubicles were so low. There were boys and girls toilets for each year of primary school, in between that year's classrooms, and then there was one bigger set just off of the hall that kids used when we were doing stuff in the hall or any of the other classrooms, and which I used a couple of times. These had proper cubicle walls down to just above ankle level, and also the doors fitted properly!

Iemon- Yes, we too had portable classrooms outside during most of one year, because there was a problem with the pipes to the upstairs toilets and they flooded both floors of the school!

A couple more stories for you all, one wee-related and one poo-related, as the title suggests.

First of all, one that happened this past weekend. I decided to take a break from my exams and head down into town to look around some of the shops there. It was a really hot day, so I made sure to drink plenty before I left, and I got another bottle of coke while I was walking around. This all added up and as I was walking along I started to feel the rather urgent need for a wee coming on, and coming on fast. My tight jeans weren't helping matters, and neither was the fact that it started raining as I was walking along- getting soaking wet always makes me need a wee anyway. I thought I could hold it until I got back to the student union or somewhere else I knew had nice clean loos, but I realised that wasn't going to happen- the union was a 25 minute walk across the other side of the city centre. By now I was desperate, so I headed for Debenhams where I found the ladies and quickly got seated in a cubicle. I let go with a long, loud and hissing piss that lasted for a good couple of minutes and was probably one of my longest pees ever! It felt good to be rid of it.

My other story took place earlier this year, before Easter. I had gone home for a couple of days from university, and to get back I was taking the train. I live in a small town just outside a town just outside Birmingham, so that meant getting my Dad to drive me to the station, where I would get a train to Birmingham and then another back up to uni. My Dad dropped me off at the station at 10, where I had a few minutes to wait for the train. It arrived and I lugged my suitcase on and found a seat. These trains usually sit for a couple of minutes before they leave, and while I was waiting I felt the first rumblings down below that told me I was going to need a poo soon. We had eaten enchiladas for dinner the day before- not particularly sensible before a day's travelling, but they're my favourite meal and I told myself it would be fine. The train set off and encountered the usual delays, turning a 15-minute journey (if you get the right train that doesn't stop anywhere) into almost an hour. As we rolled along my need for a poo got worse and worse. I could tell it was going to be a messy one; my stomach was gurgling and I was suffering cramps every few minutes. The train had a toilet on board but because it was only a local commuter train it was tiny and no doubt disgusting; besides, I couldn't leave my case and bags unattended while I went, could I? So I sat and endured the journey. By the time we reached the final delay, just literally yards from the end of the platform for some reason, I had to go so badly. We finally pulled in and I dashed up the stairs to the concourse where the toilets were. I had never used the toilets in New Street station before, and as I approached them I remembered with horror why- you had to pay! A sinking feeling in my guts joined the pressure on my bum. Did I have the right change? Would it be easier to go into the shopping centre next door and use their loos? Normally this i what I would have done, but by now I was so desperate I didn't think I could make it all the way there, and I wanted to stay in the station to wait for the next train, due in just over an hour. There was a small queue of two or three women at the turnstile. I can't remember how much it was- 20 or 50p I think. I fumbled in my purse for some change, all the while clamping my bum cheeks together in an attempt to keep it all in. The pressure was intense. A couple of farts didn't help, merely moving the head of the poo closer to my hole. Mercifully I had the change, and I paid the fee that would allow me to empty my groaning bowels. I manhandled the suitcase through the turnstile and hurried into the loos.
The layout was quite confusing; there were sinks, then round the corner were toilets and round another corner some showers. I didn't get too lost and found an empty cubicle near the middle of one of the rows and dashed inside. I locked it and tried to swap places with the suitcase so I could sit down before it was too late. I managed to sidle past it and dropped my jeans and (somehow still clean) knickers. As soon as I sat a wave of chunky, mushy crap sprayed out. An involuntary moan escaped my lips, no doubt making the women in the stalls next to be wonder what on earth was going on! With the suitcase in the cubicle I had to sit with my knees scrunched right up and my bum well back on the seat. After the first wave of shit came a couple of solid logs, followed by a load of silent self-serve ice cream shit that took forever to get rid of. After about 15 minutes I was done, and it felt soooo good! It took plenty of wipes to get my bum clean, but my knickers were somehow intact! It was one of the very few times that I have had to pay to relieve myself, and I really don't like it. It wastes time, for a start, and if you're desperate already like I was it increases the chance you're not going to make it. And also- really? Paying to go for a tinkle or to have a shit? What next- a tax on coughing?

Right, that's me done for today. Got to go for a wee now- writing all this has made me quite desperate! Bye ever one. Hope you liked my stories. Abbie- looking forward to your next one!


Airplane dump

I hadn't had a shit for nearly 3 days and I was starting to get worried because I was about to take a early morning flight to visit some relatives. When I got to the airport I felt I would try to take a dump once I checked in, since I had never shitted on an airplane before and I wasn't planning to this time.

As soon as I dropped by baggage off I went to the closest men's bathroom. When I entered in I discovered that all 10 stalls were empty so I made my way to the handicapped stall at the end and quickly sat down. I tried to push it out but nothing moved. I decided I would just sit and wait a few minutes to see if the turd was going to come out. I let out some gas and a long stream of pee before I heard someone come into a stall and begin to shit quite loudly. I got up and flushed before heading to the waiting area.

I was hoping that I would be able to shit as soon as we landed at the destination airport but I knew that I may have to go on the airplane. As soon as I boarded it felt like I was going to be able to hold on for the 5 hour flight but that thought quickly passed as we were delayed for nearly an hour due to a baggage problem. It was nearly 2 am and quite a few people had already started to sleep. Fortunately, I was seated alone in an seat near the back of the plane just ahead of the bathrooms so I knew I could get up and discretely drop my load without too many people noticing.

As soon as we took off I could feel my stomach start to grumble and churn. I knew right then that I wasn't going to be able to hold on until we landed. I saw a guy in his mid 20s get up and head to the toilet after we levelled off. Most if not all of the other passengers were now asleep so I heard everything clearly. The doors and walls around the bathroom must have been paper thin. He came out after about 5 minutes and returned to his sit. I was about to get up and make my way to the bathroom went another male in his mid 30s walked back and enter into the bathroom on the right. After he entered I got up and entered into the bathroom that the first guy had just finished using.

The smell was still fairly strong but by now the urge to shit was so strong I was just relieved that I was going to be able to finally drop my load. The toilet was mounted quite high against the wall and had a large black seat with a stainless steel bowl. I lifted the seat and saw a few skidmarks left over from the previous user. I undid my belt before lowering my jeans and briefs and sitting down on the still warm seat.

I let out a few farts before starting to push. The turd slowly started to come out and it only took one more push before it dropped into the steel bowl with a pronounce thud. Feeling much relieved I was about to get up to start to wipe but before I could I felt like I could let more out. I pushed what felt like another good sized turd out. I got up and was shocked to see two very large and thick turds sitting there. I knew that I hadn't shit in 3 days but I wasn't expecting them to be that big. I started to wipe and it took quite a bit of toilet paper to clean up. I wasn't sure if everything was going to make it down but the toilet managed to suck everything down with just two flushes. I washed up before making my way back to my seat.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

We all felt better after we had pissed while on the boat ride. We went on with the tour through jungle land section of the park. Thenafter going through jungleland we went behind the old wild west town section up around the front of the park and then we were back at the begining where this ride started.

We got out and now all three of us were a little hungry but we were more thirsty then hungry so we headed o find either a refreshment stand or a restuarant which there were many in the amuselment park. As we searched for aplace to eat and get a drink the three of us did go inside some of the smaller places as we searched.

In one of the smaller building we went into was filled with different mirroirs. They were the ones that would change waht you looked like when you stood in front of them. This house of mirroirs was not busy at all. There was just us three in one group and we could hear a few other voices and laughter from some other people ahead of us.

The firts mirrior we all took turns standing in front of made you look skinny and very tall. We moved on to the next mirrior. THis one made you look short and fat. This one made both Janet and Jill laugh hard as they looked at them selves in this mirrior. They kept laughing when I stepped in front of it for lik those two I am skinny myself.

Then Jill said loudly after I had stepped away from the mirrior; I want to see myslef again! Jill stepped back in front of the mirrior but had turned around with her backside facing the mirrior. Then she raised her dress right up so her bare ass showed in the mirriors reflection! Boy did the mirrior make Jills bare ass look fat!

Her asscheeks were fat along with making her crack look much bigger. Janet and I were laughing hard and what Jill said next as she was looking at her reflection in the mirrior ( Jll had spread her cheeks apart and her asshole was showing and it was big and fat) Boy I wish my poophole was that big! I wouldn't have a problem when I take my big poops with it being this big! Janet and I now laughed uncontrollably for a good long time.

Jill dropped her dress back down and we then moved on through the rest of the hall of mirriors. We soon were outside again and about a hundred feet up the path there was a small snackbar so we three ran over to it. WE all got slushpuppies to drink and a hotdog to eat. WE sat down at one of the picnic tables ate our hotdogs and drank our slushpuppies. Boy did the slushpuppie taste good.

Then once done eating our hotdogs we left the snackbar area and with our slushpuppies we walked towards the back of the amusement park where the rides were. We had a long walk to get where the rides were. After walking about ten minutes Janet said to me in a low voice so Jill wouldn't hear her that she needed to take a shit. I said back to her ok.

Jill was up ahead of us and I called out to her telling to hold up for a minute which Jill stopped and Janet and I walked up to her. Janet told Jill she had to shit and I and her were going to look for a bathroom. I said to Jill; Why don't you head to the rides and we'll catch up with you there. This was fine with Jill and she before she took off and left us said to us; See you in a little while.

Now Janet and I as we walked along we had taken a different path after Jill had left us. We were in the very strat of where the rides were. But these rides were little kids rides not the ones for lder kids and adults. We had yet come upon a bathroom yet as we walked. We walked several more minutes reaching where the small playground was with swings,a slide, teetertotters, and a junglejim.

There was nobody using the playground and just like the schools playground back home there was woods behind it. I pointed to Janet the backside of the playground saying its just like being over at the school Janet. She looked smiled and said to me; Lets go! She grabbed my hand and we hurried through the playground reaching the woods.

We first went through some bushes and then we were in the trees. WE went back only about 15 feet in the woods and we had to stop. Not becuase Janet had stopped to shit but there was a chainlink fence. That's why we couldn't go any further. But we looked back and we couldn't see the palyground so we were deep enough so we would not be seen.

We bot also took a quick look around for we were n a cleared strip which ran in front of the fence. Janet let out a giggle and a hard one. Looks like others have come back here and have used it for a place to piss or shit! There were scattered napkins,tissues, and even a few scattered old diapers on the ground.

We both set down our slushpuppie cups. Janet started lifting up her dress and I undid my belt on my pants. Seeing me undoing my belt Janet asked me; Do you also have to go? I smiled a little and said back to her; Yeah I have to take a shit too. She giggled and finished with pulling up her dress. Janet squated down as i undid my belt and popped the snap on my pants.

As I stood there pulling my zipper down I was watching Janet. She was pissing with a hard thin twisted hissing stream wetting the dr leaves making them crackle with her piss hitting them. I had my zipper down now and I yanked my pants down along with my boxers together. As I did this Janet's piss stream eased right off and came to a stop.

Janet was watching me and she let out a giggle for with my pants down and my boxers my penis was in view and it was erect. I squated down and as I looked over at Janet she had started to take her shit. From under Janets vagina I could see just only the ttwo or three inch in length tip of her tan colored smooth shit sticking downward. It was moving slowly with a soft crackle as it moved and got longer. As it got longer it got bigger around too.

Since we both were squating and right in front of each other I reached down and shoved my erect penis down. It flet like I would piss some first before I would start shiting. Good thing I did do this for I did start pissing first. I shot out a very hard wide twisted stream from my penis. If I hadn't shoved my penis down I would have hit Janet with my stream.( we were close enough that our bare knees were touching)

Boy for the first few seconds that I pissed I made the old dead dry leaves really crackle loud as my piss hit them. Then soaking the leaves long enough the crackling faded ad stopped. Janets shit now was about a half foot in length and it had come to a sop and was hanging there.

I said to Janet; You know you have stopped Janet.Janet replied back; I know that! I can feel it isn't moving. I better give a little push. What do you think? let out a little short chuckle and told Janet after I had stopped my little chuckle. I guess you better unless you want to hang around all day! Janet let out a short giggle and gave a push. Besides making her hanging shit move she also had a spurt of piss come out from her vagina which almost made to where my piss was wetting the leaves.

Janets shit a few seconds later had reached as far as the front end of it the dry leaves on the ground under her. Her shit broke the top dry leaves making them crackle. I tld her that her shit now had hit the ground. Janet said back to me quickly; I know it has. I can hear the leaves breaking. Janet now raised up herself into a higher sqaut to give heslef more needed room.

Now right at this point I felt my asshole being pressured open. I was starting my shit now. My piss stream too eased right off and stopped. I said quickly to Janet; Her I go! I'm starting to shit now. I raised myslef up to get into a higher squat. I only did this just in case I took one of my very long monster shits.

I feltit was comming out quickly and Janet who was looking right over at me said to me that it was comming out quite fast. It is a tan one and looks smooth and sort of soft looking. I told Janet that it fekt soft to me so it most likely was. Now also Janets shit fronttip gain had reached the ground again and was bending making it bend backwards making her shit curve.

Also too now Janet had resumed pissing but only just barely. Her piss wetted her vagina went straight down underneath it,wetting her lower crotch and it even then ran down over the surface of her shit wetting it! Now with her piss wetting her shit and it was being bent from it hitting the ground I saw a crack open up in her shit right in the middle where it had made its curve as it was bending.

A moment or two later the crack had opened wide enough and deep enough her shit broke and the lower part of it fell over hard on to thedry leaves making the leaves crackle and break. Now her dribbling piss not having to travel along her entire shit it ran off the jagged end of the stub that was in sight under her ass.

My shit meanwhile had reached the ground and Janet told me that it had and was bending. I had my ass about a foot and a half up from the ground. So with Janet telling me that it had reached the ground it was one of my monster jobs being a long one too. Then a few short seconds later it had broke but in two different places. For I heard two times the leaves crackle when my shit hit them. Janet giggled saying that I had a foot long piece and another that was about a half foot long. Then she told me I had a hanging stub that was several inches long from my asshole. I could feel it there.

Now Janet had her shit drop out from her asshole. She had her piss go from dribbling go right into a staright down stream. So Janet was done takeing her shit and only now had to finish pissing. I could feel that stub shit at my asshole so so I started to squeeze my asshole to make it break and drop away. I had some trouble doing this. After trying several times which was four five times(?) I heard a soft thud and crackling of dry leaves again. I also no longer felt my asshole being held open for it had closed now that I had managed to break off that stub of shit from it.

I like Janet resumed pissing. She had hers now comming to its end for it had eased right up. She dribbled and dripped and then stopped. Myself I now had y strea ease then stop and I gave a push making one spurt come out and I was too done now. We both stood up and took a few steps back. There sure was a lot of shit on the ground form me and Janet. Janet made me laugh when she told me it looked like two adults had shit not two kids!

I asked Janet now if she had anything to wipe wth in her pocketbook. Janet let out a pretty hardd giggle and as she did she managed to say to me; What do you think Dave! I'm always have something with me! I AM A GIRL YOU KNOW! Then Janet pulled out from her pocket book several napkins. She handed me three of them and she had three also. Good thing she handed me three for it took all three of the napkins to wipe my messy ass! Janet too like me had a messy ass and she too used all three of her napkins.

Then we hurried back out of the woods to the palyground. THen out to the paved path and we headed to the back of thepark and to the rides. AS we walked we soon did come up upon a small building marked bathrooms. We both laughed hard. Janet after she stopped laughing told me it was always this way. When you need one you can't find one. When you don't one is always there! I laughed and told her she was right. Then Janet smiled with a big smile and said to me; I liked it better doing it outside anyway! I smiled and said back to her; I do to!

But we both did go inside the bathrooms. The reason was I and Janet both felt like we hadn't gotten all the shit off from ourselves so we wnet into the bathrooms to wipe orselves making sure we did get ourselves clean. When I wiped msyelf in the stall sure enough I had smeared shit on the paper. I wound up wiping myslef several more times which I now I was clean. I walked out of the mens room and waited for Janet for she hadn't come out form the womans bathroom yet.

I had a few short minute wait and Janet came out. As we walked away she told me she had to wipe herself several times more! I let out a short laugh and told her that I had to also. She laughed a little and then we saw a sighn ahaed where there was a nother path and the sign said the rides were towards where the other path went. So Janet and I turned and took the other path and soon we did reached the rides area. WE then started hunting for Jill. To be continuied.

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