barn poop

I work at a horse barn during the week and I am alone during the morning. Earlier in the week, as I was going through my chores, I could feel my stomach start to cramp and gurgle. I tried to ignore it, but the urge to go quickly became more insistent. The barn has a bathroom, but for some reason it hasn't been flushing, so I knew I would have to do my business in a stall. I went into the bathroom for some toilet paper, and then went to a empty stall at the back of the barn.

I pulled the door shut and went into the far corner. I pushed my jeans and panties down and squatted, using a gap between the wall boards for balance. Immediately I began to pee, my stream hissing softly as it hit the shavings. I peed for about thirty seconds, and then my poo began to make its move. I bit my lip and gave a gentle push, and soft serve began to pour out of my butt with a soft crackle. This wave lasted about thirty seconds before tapering off, and a second wave hit only seconds later with practically no pushing on my part.

I had two more waves of soft serve before I finally felt empty. I straightened up and leaned over a little so I could wipe, and once I felt clean I looked down at my pile. It was a shapeless mound of light brown poop and the smell was hardly noticeable. I dropped my toilet paper on top of it and went to grab a pitch fork. I scooped it up and took it out to the manure pile, making sure to bury it so no one would know what I had done. I returned to work feeling much better.

Thanks for reading!


Peeing Emily

TO Emily: I have peed on the couch once or twice myself I must admit (a looooong time ago when I was experimenting with interesting places to pee.) How do you clean things up so the urine doesn't start to give the car or house a noticeable smell? Or is that something you don't mind? (No judgement or finger pointing... some people enjoy the aroma.)

For the heck of it, once I peed on some clothes I was going to throw in the laundry. Unfortunately, I got distracted with some other work and forgot all about what I had just done. Later I came back and put the clothes into the wash. It was when I was finished that I found some red and blue t-shirts and blotches of discolouration. Evidently, some of the pee had released some ammonia and discoloured a few of the shirts. (No yellow stains, but blotches where colours had been removed as if I had poured drops of bleach on them.)

Take care!


IL Mom

Yes I Have Let My Daughter Pee In A Car

In answer to your question in your Another Fitting Room post, yes I have let my daughter pee in a car before. I was actually in a similar situation that you were in. I was in my friend's car and she also has a daughter who is a year younger than my daughter and my daughter is 8. We were on the road after picking up the 2 girls from school and suddenly my daughter announced that she needed to pee. Of course I asked her if she could wait and she said she couldn't. So I asked my friend if she could drive to a store or somewhere so my daughter could use the bathroom. That's when my friend said "oh we don't have to stop. She can just go if she wants." I couldn't believe it! I said "you mean here in the car?" My friend laughed and said "yeah." Then she told my daughter that it was ok and that her daughter does it too sometimes. So that's what she did. I told her to pull down her pants and her panties so she wouldn't get pee on them and then I said she could just go ahead and go. And so she did. She peed right there in the seat. And then after a little while so did my friend's daughter. I have to admit it was funny and cute to see them sit there and have their pees like that. But so far I refuse to let her pee in our car!

Bathroom Beaky

poo at my house

Why is it when i am round a friend house i walk i never need a poo but as soon as through my door i need to go desperately. It as happen on a few occasions.

It happens last week when me and my sister went to our friend house for a weekend ( the parent were out ). me and my sis poo twice a day usually round the same time so i knew that if i need to go at my friends house then i could just go in with my sis. Anyway the weekend passed and me and my sister didn't have a single urge to poo. We left and went back to our and my sister shot upstairs start in to the only loo in the house, then the sudden urge to poo came over me, so i knock on the door and ask how long she is going to be she said a while yet. So i went to my room and lied on my bed trying to keep the poo in. About 8 minutes passed and i was nearly in tear i had to go soooooooooo bad. i asked my sis again and she said it was still coming but she said i could come in. So she unlocked the door and i went in. The smell was unreal i peaked behind her bum into the the loo and the biggest poo i have ever seen was hanging out of her bum. She said she would be down in 5 so i just sat on the bath waiting for her to finish. 2 mins passed and i could hold a any longer i layed about 6rows on toilet roll on the floor and squatted above it and just let loose, The relief was immense and after anther 5 mins my sister finally got off the toilet so i could poo the last few turds into the loo. She wiped of the toilet so i couls sit on it quicker i thought that was sweet of her and i am sure i can pay her the same favor back in the future

So i would like to know if it is just me and my sister or it is other people as well, don't get a urge around a friend house but as soon as they are home the need to poo straight away


to Leanne

We had those tiny lame stalls in the infants of my primary school, up to year 2, which was way embarresing. Not as embarresing as being made fun of for being one of the only kids still wearing briefs when getting changed with the opposite sex in the classroom at the same time. We never had any unisex toilets at our school, although there were sometimes exceptions made for these two random toilets right outside the classrooms in these temporary cabins we had once. Needless to say I dared to use them without getting caught, but they were unofficially "girls only", and I remember feeling really proud that I was defying their annoying playground rules!

I also have a story about the regular boys toilets, which were in major disrepair. I used to always pee during the lunch break and ruin whatever game my friends and I were playing, sometimes my best friend would come and poo also, depending on what he had in his packed lunch. Difference is, if the bully kids came in and noticed a shut stall door, they'd kick it until it opened, or peek over the wall standing on the toilet in the adjacent stall. As a result, I was often required to be in the stall as a guard and lean with my back against the door while my friend pooed, in case the bullys came by so I could push with all my might against 3 boys to keep the


my first peeing accident...

I've literally read stories here for YEARS... never ever thought I'd have an accident in my life despite what I've read here. Well last sunday I experienced it for myself, and I was SO embarrassed! I'm 23 and actually wet my pants. I was out with a guy who I've seen like 5 times. We had drinks and I REALLY had to pee because of it. Sitting in his car I was thinking to myself it was probably the worst I ever had to pee. My bladder was throbbing from the pressure the waist band in my jeans was putting on it, my butt was tingling, my legs were numb and I couldn't keep my feet still. I was practically biting my lip off! For the first time in my life I felt like I truly may not make it to the bathroom. I told him he better stop at the next place I could find a bathroom because I was practically pissing my pants. Finally I felt my bladder like, convulsing. All the sudden I felt a hot squirt of pee escape beyond my control and dampen my panties and jeans. A wave of terror came over me as I realized I was going to pee my pants in my date's car... seconds later I fully lost control of my bladder for the first time in my adult life. I felt the absolutely most relieving feeling in my lower area as pee gushed into my pants at full force. That hot tingly sensation enveloped my lap, thighs and butt as I just soaked my jeans for a solid minute and a half. I was so humiliated! I could do nothing but apologize for wetting myself on his car seat and beg him to believe me that its never happend before... it was awful! My saturated jeans started feeling really uncomfortable, the wetness made them cling tight to my skin and I had a wet wedgie from my panties riding up. I was trying not to move because the wetness felt so weird. We got to my house and I climbed out of the car. I could feel my whole but was soaked and the backs of my legs too. I apologized and waddled to my house. It was a weird feeling to peel off wet jeans and cotton panties.. they were just drenched. I showered and got dry underwear on. I was still in disbelief over wetting myself for days!
A funny thing was I told a woman at work named sarah who is older. She said to me "that's no big deal, everyone pees their pants at least once. And I found out when I was 42 that there is nothing more humiliating than pooping your pants in public!" I got her to elaborate and she eventually explained that when she was 42 she once had to poop badly while in line at the post office around Christmas and before she got to the counter she couldn't hold it and really pooped her pants. It smelled terrible and it was obvious that she did it, but she had to stay in line with a big bulge in her pants until she sent the package because it was the last day it would be in time for christmas.. how mortifying!

I went out with my friends the other night for my friend crystals birthday. We went to a party first and played beer pong, than moved onto a club where we also had a lot to drink. After the club we were all hungry so we set out to find a place to eat. However, nothing was open so we were driving back and forth around the city for awhile. Now crystal has a really small bladder on a good day and remember she had a lot to drink. She started complaining she had to pee, but wanted to drive around still and look for food. We finally found a place and were waiting in line in the drive threw. Crystal kept grabbing her crotch and chanting, pee pee time. She also was stomping her feet. My friend Monica who was driving offered to let her out by a bush or something but crystal insisted she could make it home. Ive seen her pee her pants before so I was unsure. We finally got back you her apartments and got out of the car. She said she couldn't hold it any longer and pulled down her pants right there in the parking lot. She used the car next to her to hold on to and squatted down. She began to pee furiously and it lasted for probably 7 mins or so. There was a huge puddle when she was done.


My poops for the weekend

I had diarrhea a few times in the afternoon on Friday and I don't know why. I'm not sure if it was something I ate that upset my stomach or if I was eating too much fruit or what, but I ended up having the runs 3 or 4 times that day. I also felt like throwing up but didn't actually vomit.

Saturday I didn't poop at all. And right now I have to poop pretty bad but my husband is in the bathroom having diarrhea. Fortunately mine is not going to be diarrhea but it feels like it's going to be a big poop. I took a laxative last night before bed and I think it's kicking in now. Good thing it just softens the poo, not causes diarrhea!

Christopher H
Recently myself and a group of 6 friends went on a great 2 week long camping holiday in woodland not far from where we all live. If you remember my previous posts I've mentioned my flatmate James who is open about toilet matters, who was with us. All of us were camping in a small quiet wooded area near a seaside town, 4 of us, myself and James included, living in one tent and the other 3 in the remaining tent a few feet away. On one particular day of this holiday we visited a bar/restaurant were I ate a huge burger with hot chili sauce and lettuce. After this we went to a local theme park and 3 of us (James and I from my tent and one from the other) left around 4 hours earlier than the rest who went to a club.
Just a few minutes before arriving back at our tents rain srtarted to bucket down and we began running to reach the camp area. James and I were soon inside the tent alone drying off and warming up. We could still here the rain pouring outside. James felt the urge to urinate and I watched as he did so in an empty coke botlle - about a pint. All of a sudden my stomach started cramping and I could feel a giant turd coming on but didn't want to leave the tent in the rain. I found a news paper in the tent brought by Liam (not yet arrived back) and folded it out on top of my sleeping bag with lots of toilet tissue on top and told James what I was about to do. I was grunting aggressively and squatting above the mass of paper. Knowing that I didn't mind and actually enjoyed it, James started rubbing my stomach nice and gently in soothing circular motions. By now my bottom had began pulsating, James said it reminded him of the film gremlins when the monster gets wet trying to multiply and its back begins to blister and bubble. Soon I let out a growl and then sighed as the tapered end of a massive, dark brown, soft yet firm log eased gently from my crack. It felt so soothing and I wanted to hold it there but it forced its way out and was at least twelve inches long and really thick. The exact same process then repeated twice more before I released a huge pile of soft brown mush as I laughed. Finally I wiped up which messed the whole of what was left of the toilet roll and placed it on top of the mess. Then I folded everything up in the newspaper and took it and James' bottle of pee outside placing the shit ladden newspaper under a tree and pouring the pee over it.

Doesn't that stink out your house ?


Lazy poo

I'm sitting on the sofa typing this in right now. I'm dying for a shit & I've got an old newspaper under my bum because I can't bothered to go to the toilet. I really need to go but know I can hold it a bit longer...... I've been sitting here for half an hour now & I'm nearly shitting myself. I want to wait as long as I can though so I can have a real "accident."..... It's been an hour since I started this post & I really have to go. I'm clenching realy hard but the poo wants out & I don't think I can stop it. Oh no. Oh my god. It's coming out. I'm shitting myself. It's all soft & it's spreading all over my bum. It feels really hot & sticky. I've got to tell wendy about this. She'll love it.


Doorless stalls in Public Park

I had an appointment across the street from this public park, but I needed to take a crap before I went to it. I walked in to the restroom and saw that someone was already sitting on the far toilet. It didn't look like he was crapping, though. He appeared to still have his shorts on, just sitting on the bowl.

I took the next stall and as I turned and undid my belt buckle, another guy came in and walked towards the stalls. He saw they were both occupied, and so he just stood there, in front of my stall, and watched as I pulled down my shorts and underwear. I was wearing my white briefs with blue and green stripes that day. I sat down and looked up. He was still in front of my stall, leaning up against the wall. I started to crap. I knew I would have to strain a little bit, and that this guy would be watching me, but what the heck. I pushed a little bit, and noticed the veins on my arms popped out a bit. I got a couple of turds out and then pushed a little more. Fortunately, i wasn't constipated, just needed a little bit of help. I held my penis with my 2 fingers, and took a long pee.

As I was crapping, a lady's voice yelled from the outside if there was anyone in the restroom, because 2 kids were coming in. The guy in the next stall got up and walked out. The lady asked him if anyone else was in there, and he said yeah, there are 2 guys. She sent in the 2 kids and actually about 6 kids came in. They used the urinal and the sinks and were making alot of noise. She started yelling at them and stuck her head in the door for them to come out. I saw her head, and she could also see me on the can, albeit only a side view of my head and legs, maybe my shorts and underwear. The kids all left.

The guy was still in front of my stall and in the meantime, another guy had come in and was using the toilet next to mine. I was all done and started the cleanup. I grabbed paper from the roll and folded it before I wiped from the front, between my legs. I did this a few times, before standing to wipe. Pulled up my clothes, flushed and went to wash up. The guy in front of the stall then took my stall. Looks like he used it to pee, though. I left before he did.

i just took a chocalete laxative.. im not constibated and i was wondering when it will kick


Introduction about myself

Hello everybody.

I have been a lurker of this site for almost a year now.
Anyway my name is Marika, and I'm from Latvia. I'm am 13 years old and I go in 6th grade(just finished).

I guess I'm interested in people having bowel movements and I will post stories of my own experience after a few days(My 13th birthday was a disaster, i will post a story about that i think)

I really like the posts from Wendy and Leanne about their experience and their childhood memories and I wanted to ask Wendy if she has any childhood stories about having the runs and having a strong need for a bathroom ???

And please forgive me about my bad english since I only study it

So I'll write to You all after a few days ... BYE



Bursting for a wee and then having a poo while out for a run

Hi, Abbie here again with something that happened earlier in the week, Leanne's story about exercise making her need a poo even more desperately reminded me to post this (btw, I look forward to your next post, Leanne!). This week its school holidays, so Tuesday I was round my friend Lucy's house most of the day. I went for a wee around 11 but didn't feel the need again until about 3 in the afternoon when I was getting ready to leave. I almost told Lucy I needed the loo as I was on the way out but I didn't have a really strong urge so thought I would be OK. Its about a ten minute walk from Lucy's house back to mine, and as I was walking along I started to get more and more desperate. By the time I got to my front door I was absolutely bursting and jiggling up and down, I reached into my jeans pocket for my key (no-one else was home) and unlocked the door with one hand as I held myself with the other. As I got the door open I felt a sudden spurt go into my knickers but luckily I was just about able to hold the rest back. I dashed upstairs to the toilet, as I went I started to unbutton and unzip my jeans and by the time I got to the bathroom door I was able to tug them down, my knickers came down at the same time as my jeans were rather tight and so I waddled over to the toilet with my jeans and knickers at my knees. I plopped down on the loo with a moan and all at once a massive stream of wee came flooding out of me and sploshed down into the bowl, I heaved a huge sigh of releaf as I knew I'd only just made it in time. I looked at my orange and yellow stripy knickers and saw that they had quite a big damp patch as well as a sizeable skidmark, so I realised I'd have to change them. As I was sitting and continuing to wee I took off my jeans and then my knickers, throwing them into the washing hamper just along from the toilet. A few seconds later I had finished my wee, and took some toilet roll to wipe. Then I flushed the toilet and walked back into my bedroom, naked from the waist down but as I said, there was no-one else in the house so it wasn't an issue. On the way back from Lucy's house I'd decided that I'd go for a jog when I got home, over the last few months I've put on a bit of weight (I like my food too much!) and some of my clothes have been getting a bit tight, especially my trousers and underwear. I've been getting fed up with trousers that will hardly do up and knickers which end up giving me a constant wedgie, so I thought I'd try to get fit (I'm really not at the moment!) and maybe loose some weight too, with any luck. Anyway, back to the story: I opened my drawer and rummaged through my knickers trying to find some which might actually fit me properly, as I didn't fancy having them stuck up my bum the whole time I was out for my jog. I eventually found some purple ones which I knew were OK and pulled them on, together with a pair of blue shorts. I then changed my top for an old tee-shirt and then I set off. I jogged down the road to the edge of the housing estate and then off into some fields. After about a mile I was getting pretty tired so I thought I should turn back, whats more I was starting to want a poo. I jogged slowly back through the fields, my need to poo getting steadily more and more desperate. As I started getting close to the houses I had a difficult decision to make, should I try to make it back to the house and risk pooing my pants or should I go behind a hedge and have a poo there? Just as I was thinking this I had a sudden cramp and realised I'd never make it back home, so I went into the corner of the field I was running through and climbed through a gap in the hedge into a wooded area on the other side. I quickly dropped my shorts and pants and then squatted down. I started pushing, as I did so I dribbled some wee out but as I'd already been just before setting off there wasn't much. I could feel the poo sliding out slowly, for a change I didn't have to strain too hard to get it to come out. After the first piece dropped there was some more which slid out really fast and splatted on the ground. I realised I was done, I looked around for something to use to wipe my bum as the last bit had felt quite mushy, but there were only tiny leaves, nothing big enough. I pulled up my pants and then my shorts and jogged back to the house, luckily everyone was still out so I went back up the bathroom and wiped properly. As I thought, my pants had a massive stain in them so I took them off, washed them out and hid them under my bed until they were dry enough to put in with the rest of the laundry. I changed into some clean underwear and a denim skirt and then went to watch the telly. Anyway, thats the end of my story, will post again soon, bye!!


To Christine

Christine, you should try to explain your situation to your roommates and see if they are on board with you using the toilet when you really need to go. My roommates in college and I used to all use the restroom when there was someone else in the shower or at the sink. Even if we had to take a dump. Start with the one you think may be the most open to it and go from there. If you get negative reactions, then maybe you do need to get one of those female urinal things you can get in a drugstore. Don't pee on the floor. It may end up damaging the floor or you my not be able to get the smell out. Or at least pee in an empty container!

Lisa_from Germany
Hello, my name is lisa, i'm 17 y/o and came from Germany, please sorry for my bad english! So this is my story:
I went on a school trip and I hadn't gone pooping in 8 days, but on day nine I was in my room and could feel a large turd begging to be let out. I began squirming in my seat and leaned from side to side as to only sit on one side of my butt! Finally, I told my roommates, that I had to go to the bathroom. So I went over to the toilets when there was no one else around (i don't even like pooping in public toilets, im very shy about that). the stall door was very small and did not lock, if anyone walked past they could easily see me, but I had to go so bad... So I went in, slowly locked the stall door and pulling my jeans and panties down to knee length, Placing my buttocks on the cold seat, I spread them apart as far as they could go. I was farting loud smelly farts, but nothing else came out. I start to push really hard. I have to push like crazy and my hole slowly opens. i new that this was going to be a huge shit because i usually take huge poops but nothing like this. I feel the biggest poop come close to my anus i touch the head of the outcoming shit with my finger. IT was harder then rock. After i push out about 6 inches of it, it stops and was not moving anymore, which really hurts. At that point I had tears running down my face and I was ready to try anything. I took toiletpaper in my hand and pressed it hard againgst my (the place between my vagina and anus, i donīt know the english word for this) to get it out. This helps a little and finally i managed to get the monstershit out. I wiped my anus and flushed the toilet.

Hi, my name is pamela i remember when i was little i was sleep and i was sleep walking i thought i was going to the restroom and wind up outside on the porch and pull my panties down and peed in front of the door and my mother came out the door and got me and put me back in the bed.

Amy L.

2 stories

Hi guys I would to share to intersting stories that happened over the past two weeks.

1. Okay, I was at college taking my masters test, and that test is like 2 hours long. and I was wearing, really tight gray sweatpants a white thong, and a t-shirt so I could feel comfortable during the test. Well I had to poop extremely bad during the whole test. I had not pooped in three days, and I really needed to go. I was fidgeting through out the whole test, and squeezing my cheeks trying to hold on. Luckily I finished the test, and I started running to the bathrooms in my college. I hate using public toilets, but it was either I use them or I have another accident. As I was running i farted and a little bit of soft poop squeezed out of my butt, and I knew my thong was going to be ruined. i made it into a stall and the poop started coming out into my sweatpants. I ripped my sweatpants down, and exploded into the toilet without sitting down, poop splattered all over the toilet seat and floor. It was a mess. My sweat pants had a small amount of poop in them, and my thong was ruined. I threw my thong into the toilet, and wiped myself with my wet-naps untill I was cleaned. I also cleaned the seat of my sweat pants. Then I went home. I feel so sorry for the janitor that has to clean that up lol.

2. Last night, I had a dream that I had a golden toilet and I really had to go pee, So I went in the golden toilet, but then I woke up, and I was peeing myself. I completely flooded my pajama pants by accident. I felt so relieved by I had to wash the sheets, and I was tired all day from the lack of sleep.

Monday, June 07, 2010

hello my name is Jenny and I am sixteen and this all started a month ago as when before last period i had use the restroom now I don't really like using the bathrooms at school but I will if I have to so I went in and the 2 stalls were occupied and class was about to start so I said forget it I can wait. After school on the bus i knew i had to get home soon and we hit a bunch of traffic and as soon as i stepped off the bus i could feel it pressing to come out and I could not hold it any longer and pooped my pants I could not believe it and as this had not happened for three years I was wearing jogging pants and thank god panties it was all contained but it made a huge bulge as i felt it I began to cry as there were a couple boys coming up behind me they were laughing. I made it home and could not believe mom's car was there she got off early I thought it's okay i'll get to the bathroom quick i thought accidents happen mom would understand Well mom was sitting on the couch and seen the huge bulge in my pants and smelled it and she did not understand at all how a sixteen year old could mess her panties I explained what happened but she made me wash out my panties by hand and grounded me for the weekend. This was not mentioned again but last night at work again the bathroom was occupied and i put it off even though i knew i should not have but it was pretty much time to get home. I got home early and had to go soooo bad but my parents were having a party and the bathroom was occupied and well i pooped my pants again just as mom came around the corner she freaked out and sent me to my room till the company left I could not even clean up. Mom grounded me again for 2 weeks and has said if this happens again I will have to wear adult diapers everywhere even school for 2 whole weeks. I cannot believe this Please help me understand why she being so mean its not my fault it was just an accident beyond my control and she is taking me to buy diapers HOw embarrasing i dont want to wear a diaper

Last week I was getting constipated, a couple of small pebbles on Wednesday, Thursday nothing and on Friday I was leaving to go to a health retreat. I did not even try to go Friday morning but I packed my trusty enema..I arrived at the health retreat late in the morning...had a very big high fibre lunch and went to my room for a poo. I mamaged one hard short but stout turd and that was hour later i was back on the pot with a short gush of runny poo and again on the pot soon later...I felt a little impacted so I got out the enema and inserted same where you are meant to insert an enema! I held it for a good whlie then expelled it with a flood of pooey brown water in the toilet. The next day, Saturday, I pooed a few times...the food makes me poo and it does similar to others. On Sunday I was pooing like there was no tomorrow but still felt a bit full and a little bloated. That afternoon I rigged up the enema for a grand cleanout. I filled the bag with another jug for a refill. I got into the shower for this act...anyway I took the whole bag so easily. Instead of disconnecting the tube I just held it in, refilled the bag with the jug I had at hand and resumed my position on all fours in the shower...I was only there for a miute or two when the enormous urge almost paralised me..having Parkinsons sometimes I do not move as well as normal people. I decided...well i would release some pressure and had a squirt in the shower but kept the tube in..what came out was mainly water with some flecks of poo particles in it. During the course I had a couple of more small releases and then noted the bag was empty...this meant I had quite a bit of water in me. I disconnected the stomach was FULL. It would be unwise to leave the bathroom because I knew that my bowels would move at short notice. I decided to have a hot shower...the toilet was next to the shower when the urge would hit. The showere was lovely and warm and relaxing and I was going into a sublime state when you guessed it...I was wet..the cold toilet was next to me but the urge was paralising. I wanted to go so badly...I could feel my arse loosing stomach was hurting so I collapsed to my knees with the warm shower spraying on my back and just relaxed and let all go...what a relief...liquid poo poured out everywhere and washed down the drain...I just sat there or knelt there in the shower and emptied my colon.
At the conclusion I felt so good.
Next day I woke up feeling much better and still had three sustantial BM`s that day and returned home.
This wek my bowels have been good but this morning my shit had turned to rock...I tried briefly before going to work and then at my public toilets on the way to work....I had one really bi long grunting session. LINDA from would not have been disappointed..but I did get a big turd out. Later in the morning at work I desperately needed a wee ( nearly had an acident) and I sat on the toilet and did a gaint poo...soft, big and bulky.
TO ANNY: Keep us posted...the right medical advice can really help as you have shown.
TO J: I like your approach.
TO WENDY: Pooing can be fun!


Miss, you had more items when you entered

I was trying on clothes when the need to pee hit me. I knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom, so I had to pee in the dressing room garbage can. I told the clerk that a previous customer must have done it. Then I left very quickly!

Kendra, Welcome. I enjoyed your first 2 stories and look forward to hearing more from you. I have a quick question for you. You mentioned that you like to listen to someone taking a dump. What if someone is stinking it up - do you stay in the bathroom to continue listening or do you leave?


Another office story

Kendra- Liked your story.
Debbie- I liked your story too. But pooping inside a changing room is just nasty. Are you the same Debbie who used to post about your coworker's bathroom routines? If so, I missed you lots

I had another opportunity to evesdrop on one of my coworkers having a bm. This happened a week ago but I didn't have time to write about it. Her name was Shelly - she was a early 40ish good looking woman with curly hair and a butt to kill for. She has a routine where she has coffee with one of her friends then she heads to the restroom. I've seen her having coffee in the morning all the time and decided to check her out afterwards. I saw her finishing up her coffee and leaving the lobby area. Instead of going to my desk, I decided to follow her. I was pretty excited to see her entering the restroom. By now my bowels were rumbling, partly because of the excitement. Shelly looked lovely from behind,her brown business skirt accentuating her lovely bottom.

I entered the restroom and saw she had taken the leftmost stall. I could see her sitting on the bowl with her brown skirt and white panties on her thighs through the stall door and jamb. I entered the next stall, removed my dress pants and thong. Not a moment later I heard a fart from the next stall , sounded like a wet fart. By now I was pretty desperate to go, I matched her fart with one of mine, but mine was followed by a long crackling sound. I looked at the toilet and saw a sizeble bm. There was silence in the restroom again. I could hear a low sigh from Shelly's stall, it was followed by a crackling sound. It sounde like it went for ever, she must've pushed a big one. I heard she rolling tp which signled an end to her pooping session. I heard her tearing tp, wiping herself once and flusing. I sighed and reached for tp as well. My bottom was messy and took about 6 wipes ( in the meantime Shelly had left the stall). After exiting the stall, I peered into Shelly's stall and there was only a mild smell of poo. Hopefully, I'd be able to see her again on toilet. But usually she comes quite early for work.


Pay toilet

Wendy--many years ago I used a pay toilet in a drugstore. You had to pay a dime just to get into the bathroom. I guess they got around sex discrimination that way. I didn't want to pay the ten cents but I had to pee pretty badly and I didn't know where to find another bathroom. So I went ahead and paid the dime. While I was peeing I asked myself "How can I make sure it costs this store at least eleven cents for me to use this bathroom?" I looked to my left and saw the toilet, looked to my right and saw the paper towel dispenser. Ding Ding Ding! I took about 20-30 paper towels and threw them in the toilet, then threw a few in the sink and the urinal for good measure. Most fun I've ever had in the bathroom

to Lisa: i really enjoyed your post! thanks for the useful information! i hope all is well with you! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless!
to Stac: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u got to use the bathroom with your friend Marie! i hope u guys enjoyed the concert! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to SarahFromCalary: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u experienced having another major accident while at the mall with your coworker! iam glad that she was able to help u cleanup! she sounds like a good friend to have! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that u had two sucessful dumps yesterday! i hope that it continues to stay that way for you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! i totally agree with you ! krissy shouldnot complain about you clogging her tiolet! iam pleased to hear that u have better control of your bladder! Go when u have to go! donot hold it in it is not healthy! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to KateM: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u pee outside by the fench! thanks for mentioning that it saves money on your water bill. to tell you the truth i never thought about that! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to G: i really enjoyed your post! to tell u the truth you might have digestion problems. foods like mexican dont usually digest with your body too well. if this continues then in a few days you might wanna make an appointment with the doctor. this is just a suggestion. i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u were able to relieve yourself in a sucluded area where no one could see you! that must have been alot of fun! i really glad to hear that u didnt get caught! i lookforward to your next post!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friend experienced quite a massive dump! iam glad that it all turned out well. iam also glad to hear that nicole didnt have an accident from holding her poo in so long! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Anon: i really enjoyed your post! i totally agree with you! if your sharing a bathroom with 6 girls. it is really smart to have an extra container just in case the bathroom is in use! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! i hope that u have fun on your trip to Germany! that sounds like alot of fun! i also enjoyed hearing about the exchange student that visited with you last year! hopefully you will have some really cool bathroom experiences to share! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Andy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u experienced such a horrific accident. hopefully this wont happen anytime soon! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.


Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

We gor downtown after riding the bus close to forty minutes. Janet and I knew we had a wait for the bus that would drop off us all off at the amusement park. So we had some time to have a morning snack. The three of us walked up to one of the five and dime stores which was open and had abreakafast lunch counter. WE all had a pastery and a big soda.

That killed half the waiting tome so we now only had fifteen minutes to wait for our bus. The time went and passed quickly for we all talked about what we would do when we got to the amusement park. The bus came and we got on. It would be only twenty minutes to the amusement park but all of us now being so excited it seemed to take forever to get there!

WE did and when the bus stopped at the bus stop out in front of the park we all once off the bus ran right over to the ticket booths at the parks entrance and paid for our tickets. Then we ran over got in line for the first ride which was gasoline engine powered small antique looking cars. Janet,Jill, and I got in one each and we drove through the section of the park that these cars traveled through.

Then we got off and we went to the second ride which was a much longer one which was a boat ride that went around and through the whole park. This time the three of us got in the capony styled little boat that did seat three persons. We took the very last one too. We had a short wait maybe ten minutes before we took off for our ride around the park.

Now the park was made up in three sections. Jungleland, The Old Wild West, and sort of a kids fairlyland village. We went through the fairyland village part first. Then there was a distance between the sections where there was nothing but woods. We were now passing through one of these wooded sections before the nex section which was the jungle section.

Janet and Jill said to me they had to pee! The only problem was even though this raide went through the sections of the park it didn't stop in any other sections except where the ride started. Iknew this and I told Janet and Jill. I told them they would have to wait or just go here on the ride. Both girls giggled hard and told me they would piss right there out of the boat!

Now how the boat was setup was on the right and left side were the swinging bars styled doors that latched when closed. In the front were also a couple of metal bars. There was the overhead canopy to provide shade or cover if it was raining. So all you could see was the canopy of the boat in front of us. There was also not many turns which were sharp over this ride also.

So I was siting in the middle of the seat between the two girls. Jill was on my right while Janet was on my left side. Both girls pulled their dresses out from under them selves slid way forward on the seat. Then I joined them by unzipping my zipper and I got my penis out and I aimed it forward for I had it straight out.

Jill started to piss but stopped after only a second or two. She had ped in the boat for those two short seconds. She got off from the seat and as she did she told Janet she better get up from the set too. Janet also did. Both gorls then squated just behind the front railings and the pissed from there. Thi time this worked for both girls pissed right into the little rivers water!

I started pissing right after the wto girls did sending my stream into a short arc an my piss came down into the water also just behind the boat in front of us. If I piss harder I would have hit the boat in front ofus for sure! Even though we weren't moving all that fast there was enough noise form the ride for there was a wake made that splashed noisily as the boats moved along the little river.

Janet and Jill giggled the entire time that we pissed for they could see my stream out ahead of them and I took turns gazing to my right and left watching both girls piss. I did have to push my penis down for it had become more erect as I pissed. Even though Janet had started second she finished pissing first. So she got up from her squat sat back down ad she took over holding my penis as I went on with my piss!

Jill had not seen Janet do this for she was watching her own piss stream. She still was pissing hard. I asked Janet as she held me; Fell better now that you have gone? Janet giggled just slightly but did say to me: Yes I do much better now that I had pissed and I'm now holding you! I laughed a little right after she had finished saying that she had felt better.

I finished before Jill. Even after doing my finishing spurts which I did three of them and Janet had shaken my penis quickly and now had let go of it. Jill was still pissing but no longer as hard as she had been. I slipped mty enis hurridly bac into my pants and zipped them up. I sat back and Janet and I watched Jill fiish her piss which she did after several moreseconds had passed. She got out of her squat and sat back down on the seat just as from the pa speaker came on which there was one in each boat on the ride it was announced that we were now in the jungle section of the park. WEall waited to see all the jungle animals that would be comming up soon.

to sammy

would love to hear more of your accident stories :)


Cute and Shy

I really miss you. Where have you been? Do you still lurk around on here? Have you any bathroom stories to post lately?

Let me know how you been lately. It's been so long since I heard from you Cute & Shy.



Kirsty's crop fertilizer

I went out for a nice long walk across the fields with Kirsty this morning. We both needed to poo but there was nowhere private to relieve ourselves. Kirsty said she was desperate to go but I was ok. She was holding her bum & I knew she was in trouble. On the far side of the field there were some bushes so we headed over to them. Kirsty said she wouldn't make it that far & was about to do it in her pants. We were right in the middle of this massive field & there was no one around so Kirsty took off her shorts & pants together & just did it on the bare earth. She had the most explosive diarrhoea I'd ever seen. It shot backwards for about 15 feet. She paused for a while & then blasted the ground again. Then she felt much better. She must have eaten something bad last night but it was all out of her system thank god. She wiped her bum on her pants & left them there before putting her shorts back on. I still needed to poo so I pulled my shorts down & squatted over Kirsty's soiled pants. I peed all over them & pushed out a modest four inch turd which landed with a thud on top of Kirsty's pants. I pushed again & slightly smaller turd came out of about three inches in length. It landed on top of the first & I was done. The only problem was I had nothing to wipe with so I just pulled my shorts & pants up without wiping.

After my last post, I remembered something that once happened to me a few years ago. I was thirteen at the time & I was walking home from school with the most urgent need to poo imaginable. I'd foolishly held it all day & I got the runs really bad. It was hard to control but by clenching really hard I somehow managed to avoid having a terrible accident in my pants. There was a bus shelter about a hundred yards away so I made my way towards it. No one was there so I hid behind it, raised my school skirt up, lowered my tights to my feet & pulled my pants down. I squatted & instantly sprayed my diarrhoea all over the weeds. There was loads of it & then at the worse possible moment the bus pulled up. It was pull & everyone say me with my underwear round my ankles & a pool of diarrhoea underneath me. It was so embarrassing. I quickly pulled my clothes back up tying my pants in a bunch & pissing my tights as I rushed to cover myself up. I ran off in totall shame but I wasn't done yet. As soon as I got home I ran up to the toilet & blasted another load of runny poo into the toilet. I sat there a while & another wave came out of me. Then another & another. By the time I was done I'd been on the toilet for an hour but I got the bad stuff out of my system & felt empty but fine afterwards.

I hate doing a crap while I'm at work. I don't like to stink up the toilet & embarrass myself when the next person uses it. There is a window that can be opened but I still don't like having a crap at work. There is one girl called Linda that always has a crap in there & she really stinks the place out. She leaves big skid marks in the toilet which I find disgusting & there's no way I'll use it after she's been in there. Anyway I'd been holding it all morning & was busting to go. Linda hadn't been for a crap yet & I was thinking about doing it before she got the chance to mess the toilet up. I left it untill lunch time & went to the toilet but Linda was in there. By now I was really desperate & Linda took the whole lunch break to finish her huge crap. I decided to wait untill I got home after that but by 5:00 I was close to shitting myself. I knew I wouldn't make it home so I bit the bullet & went at work for the first time. It was such a relief. I kept going for ages & I stank the toilet out. When I finished It felt so good. It wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it would be & of course it would have been extremely embarrassing if I'd tried to make it home & failed!

Brianna's Really Good Friend
One time my friend Brianna was over and we were sitting in the living room. Now we have this table thing in our living room that's an end table next to the couch and it has a top on it that opens up like a lid and it has yarn and that kind of stuff in it. Well Brianna decided that she wanted to pee in it. Of course I thought she was nuts but that's actually how Brianna is. She likes to do things that are shocking! I asked her why she wanted to do that and she just said because it would be fun and then she also said that she thought that the table kind of looked like a toilet. So after she kept asking and asking I finally told her she could go ahead and do it if she wanted to. Of course she got all excited and then she got up and went over to the table and she opened up the lid and then she pulled down her pants and her underwear and she sat on the table like a toilet. She looked at me and giggled and when she did that I had to laugh too. Then she made a little grunt and she began to pee. I could see it clearly. She kept peeing into the table and her pee went right onto the yarn and stuff that was inside. After a while she started peeing against the side of the table and it made a pattering sound on the wooden table. She continued to sit there and have her pee until she was all finished. Then as she finished she let a fart which made a bubbly noise and she giggled. I told her she better not poop in there. She said she didn't have to but that she would probably pee in it again later. I said fine. She actually peed in it 3 more times that evening. She also said I should do it too. But so far I haven't.


Had a bit of an upset stomach yesterday

My stomach had been bothering me for a few days. I didn't have much of an appetite and I felt nauseous so I thought maybe I was coming down with a stomach bug or something. Yesterday after lunch (after not being able to finish my sandwich) I had some pretty awful stomach cramps and felt like throwing up and I felt a very strong urge to go to the bathroom. I went to the toilet, pulled down my shorts & underwear and sat down and without any effort, mushy poop started coming out. The smell was awful, like something had died up my butt.

It was a mushy log, about 12 inches long and it took a few wipes with toilet paper and having to wash my bum with warm soapy water and a washcloth to get clean. My stomach felt a bit better after but I still didn't feel very good for the rest of the day. I'm fine today though so it must've been some kind of stomach upset or something or I really needed a poop.

Nathen-I would expect that briefs are the way to go, if you are bursting to go. They tend to be more absorbent in the case of urine, and if you crap yourself, they will keep everything in place until you can get rid of the load. With boxers, you may end up dropping your load down your leg and onto your shoe and the floor.

There seems to be a stigma to wearing briefs among the younger set. They seem to think they are little kid or old man underwear. It used to be the other way around and old men wore the boxers. I started wearing briefs again a few years ago and I love them! Just mix it up with colors or styles and who cares what anyone thinks!

Richard-It's really not too bad taking a dump in view of the other guys who enter the restroom. I just sit there confidently, maybe texting someone, or just looking forward or down. If someone looks at you funny, just smile back and say "hey". As long as you act like you are doing the most natural thing in the world (which you are), then there really shouldn't be a problem. I've taken dumps in tons of doorless stalls over the years (many which are recounted on this site), and always enjoyed them. I was very shy when I first encountered the need to use a doorless stall, but now I just do what comes naturally. I even wipe from the front and while standing, because thats what I do at home. Try it out, when you get the chance. Better to unload your bowels than run around looking for a door!

Friday, June 04, 2010


First time using the toilet at secondary school

Hi, thought I'd post again tonight as I have a few spare minutes. Leanne, I loved your story about you having to hold in your poo through lunch break and your PE lesson and how you only just made it to the toilet in time. As you said, if you take quite a while to have a poo (I do too) it can be really hard to find the time in the school day to use the toilet. I'm the same as you, when I exercise I quite often end up wanting a poo even if I didn't need one before, which reminds me of another story I'll tell later. In answer to your question, boys and girls were expected to change together in my primary school like you said happened in yours, but when I got to Year 6 a group of girls (including me) complained to our teacher and said we weren't happy about it so they let us change in the cloakroom or toilets. By 10 or 11 it's getting a bit embaresing to change in front of boys, quite a few girls were already wearing bras and had started their periods. I was sorry to hear that the cubicles in your school were so shoddy and that they were so low you could see peoples heads who were sitting on the toilet, as I said in my school the toilets were great and none of us had a problem using them. In fact, I used to go for a poo most days and I know a lot of the other girls did as well. However this all changed when I got to Year 7 in secondary school. I remember my first day at my new school, aged 11 and the trauma I had in using the loo there for the first time. I got to morning break that day and I started to feel a slight urge for a poo, nothing too desperate at that stage so I didn't really worry, I just made sure I knew where the toilets were in case I needed to go later on. By the end of morning lessons my need for a poo was getting more urgent and I knew I couldn't wait much longer. As soon as the bell rang I went to the main girls toilets I had been shown when I asked someone during breaktime where the loos were. In our school there are smaller sets of toilets in each faculty building, like the humanities ones I mentioned in one of my other posts, but there are also a really big set in a toilet block right in the centre of the school. At that time on my first day they were the only ones I knew about, so thats where I had to go, I later discovered that they were the most disgusting ones too! I went in through the door to be greeted by a horendous smell and saw that there were about ten cubicles in all in two sets of five opposite each other. I went in a couple of cubicles where the toilets were practically overflowing with wee and poo but eventually managed to find one that was relitively clean. I locked the door, lifted my skirt and dropped my pants before sitting down, I had just got my wee stream going and my poo was starting to slide out when someone pushed the door and to my complete and total horror it opened. The girl who'd come in was older than me and she looked at me agressively and said "Oh sorry" like she didn't really mean it and then went into the cubicle next door leaving my door wide open. I could feel that my first piece of poo was about to drop and so there was no way I could get off the toilet to shut the door, so I quickly pulled my pants up as far as I could and tugged my skirt down, but not before a few girls had seen me and started giggling. Blushing bright red I finally felt my first log drop into the toilet amid sniggering from a group of girls who'd gathered in front of my cubicle. I quickly got up and banged the door shut, this time locking it more carefully as one of them called out "Have a nice poo" before collapsing into fits of giggles. I had to take a few deep breathes to try to regain my composure, I was practically in tears. I finished my poo as quickly as I could, wiped and pulled my pants up before flushing and coming out of the cubicle. Luckily I didn't get any more teasing, as I'd managed to hide my face when those girls saw me so they wouldn't have recognised me again. Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, that put me off using the loo at school in a big way, and its only recently now I've found those decent toilets in the humanities block that I've started to go for a poo at school again. I can't believe I spent getting on for four years having to hold my poo in most days because the school couldn't get its act together and provide us with decent toilets, but I guess its good news that at last we've got some that have been done up. I'll post again soon, bye!!


My New Friend Marie's Toilet Habits--Part 2

This is the continuation of the story about my friend Marie, about how we went to a concert together, then spent the night at my house, and how different she is because she carries a package of toilet covers in her purse and then pulls one out, and places it over the toilet seat before she sits on the toilet. I first learned about this the first day I was escorting her around our school because she moved in at mid-year. Now both of us stop and pee in the first bathroom we come to at our city arena before the concert begins. I'm in one stall, seated, peeing away and Marie's in the next stall, taking out her seat paper, unfolding it, placing it over the seat ever so carefully, and then seating herself. When he pee flow finally starts, I look under the stall partition and find it so unusual because she's sitting so quite, no talking, and like her feet or no other part of her body is moving even an inch. She's like a statue sitting and peeing while I've re-positioned myself on the seat a couple of times, gone through my purse for my comb and the concert tickets, and would never be able to sit motionless and quiet for as long as she was.

Finally, I very cautiously started a conversation. I started by saying something like You seem to be avoiding sitting on a toilet. She said that is true and she was surprised I didn't take one of the seat tissues she offered me. I was curious as to why she uses them and what she fears because, as I've written about in earlier posts, I'm at school like 18 hours a day sometimes and with Connor, we're almost always at the mall or out doing something. I know I go to the bathroom more times away from home than I do at home. I was interested in what caused Marie to be so fearful of the bathrooms. After a couple of more questions on my part, she opened up and told me about why she does what she does with the seat papers.

She said on the West Coast (where her family is from) many of the girls use the papers and that they are available on the side partitions of the toilets. I guess there's like a container and before you sit down, you pull one off and put it over the seat. She said a couple of things happened in the past two years to cause her to use them. She has an older sister (who is 17, I think) who last year was treated by pubic lice. Marie also had head lice in junior high, was forced to stay home from school for a couple of days, and was given a couple different treatments for it. I guess these little bugs she talked about can cause a lot of problems and they can run all over your body, your bed, underwear, etc. She also said her old school's bathrooms were pretty dirty and that sometimes the only stalls that were available and not in use had pee dripping from the seats. Her grandmother suggested covering the seats and bought Marie several packages of the tissues before the family moved. Marie is surprised that there are not more buildings with toilets in our city that have the covers and she's afraid she's going to run out of them.

I asked her the question on why she doesn't flush in public places. She said the flush would pull the paper in and she thinks the next user might be happy to have the seat cover in place for her to use. I guess I've never thought of that. However, I do have trouble with not flushing the toilet.

Four hours later after the concert, both Marie and I admitted we had good time and I told her I wanted to stop downstairs and pee before my mom picked us up. We had both had a lot of soda and I knew she had to pee too. However, she waited for me while I went in, sat down, and did like a 3 minute pee that felt really good. I showed her the seat was clean as I was pulling my underwear up but she said she would hold it until we got to my house. Immediately when mom parked the car in the garage, Marie was the first up the stairs and into the bathroom. She shut the door fast and I put my ear up to it and could hear her fumbling with one of her toilet papers as she straightened it out and put in on our seat. Her very noisy pee flow began almost immediately. She did flush her paper tissue, however, because I guess she didn't want me to know that she had used one in our house.


Fitting Room Peeing

Emily, does your couch not smell? You friends car?? The resale value must be suffering. Peeing outside or in an emergency next to the road is a different matter to peeing in a fitting room. I think you should rethink this before some one catches you at it.

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