Another Fitting Room

This is my first post! I also have used fitting rooms to pee in and also with my daughter who is 9. It is so much easier and yes more fun to use the fitting room when the restrooms are all the way on the other side of the store. I've always decided to just let her squat down and pee right there in the fitting room.
I also have a friend who let's her daughter pee in the car. So of course whenever we are in her car my daughter always likes to do it too. So she just sits there in the backseat with the other girl and she has a pee right there in the seat. Its a lot better than having to stop! And its way funner! Anyone else ever do anything like these?

My name is Emily and sometimes I like to pee in the couch under the cushions. I just lift off the middle one and I either sit there or I get on my knees facing the back of the couch and then I let it go! I actually like when I pee in the couch and a couple times I even got my cousin Ashley to do it too.


to Ashley

The man who peed, or who was about to pee, in his backyard could end up as a registered sex offender, because of indecent exposure.

The man's father said that his son ended up swearing at the neighbor instead of apologizing, which is probably why the neighbor reported the man to the police.


My New Friend Marie's Toilet Habits--Part 1

Back several months ago I wrote about a new student at my school Marie and how I, as a student ambassador, was assigned to show her around the school. This is on Page 1810. Her large family (she's a freshman with like 8 sisters) moved a mid-year because of the economy. When I was taking her on a tour the first day she enrolled, she had to use the toilet so I took her in and I was surprised that she just didn't go into the stall, sit down and crap or pee like the rest of us do. Instead, Marie carries these paper toilet covers in her purse and then takes a tissue out of a package, unfolds it, and then carefully places it over the seat before she then sits on it.

Well, this past weekend my mom surprised me with two tickets worth like $50 each for a concert. It was for keeping my grades up and being involved in a lot of school activities. Connor's family had to go out of town because it was a holiday weekend, and because he couldn't go to the concert with me, I thought Marie (who is new in our city and kind of shy) might appreciate it. She was right and eager to go. Because the concert wouldn't get out at the city auditorium until like close to midnight, mom gave me permission to have Marie stay overnight. Marie came over about 5:30 p.m. and my mom drove us down to the auditorium. When the doors were opened at 6, we entered and Marie remarked she had to pee. I pointed down the hallway toward the seats where I knew the toilets were, but decided to go in with her because I hate having to wait in the long lines once 10,000 or so people get there. As Marie opened the door to her stall, she took out her famous pack of toilet covers and offered me one. I politely declined and told her I've never used one. I was seated and almost done with my peeing when I noticed her shorts and panties hit the floor, and then I heard the noise of her straightening out the seat paper. Then I could hear her carefully seat herself on it.

Marie's pee started immediately and I was drawn to notice that there was like no movement of her feet, legs or any part of her body while she sat and peed. I guess I haven't seen anyone sit so much like a statue. Whether it's at school or another public place, I hear and see movement from the others before and while they go. Myself, I reached down in my bag, checked my messages, and I grabbed my hair brush and combed my hair while I was seated. I also slid my butt back on the toilet so I could put my bag on my lap because I wanted to pull out the tickets before we got to the gate. Also, Marie remained totally quiet and didn't say anything for like the 5 minutes we were in our stalls. Marie's pee stream had just ended when my much shorter stream was done and I reached for a sheet of paper off the roll and found there was none.

I asked Marie if she would pass me a small piece under the partition and she did. Again, there was no movement I could see on her part. Her feet could have been cemented to the floor. I quickly wiped and finally decided I would try asking Marie some questions about her toilet habits.

That will be my next post.


Post Good Luck and Health, Anny

I think it is great news to hear from Anny and her improving health. I read posts here because for some reason I have an interest in the natural side of life. It is so strange how social taboo can reach such pandemic proportions. I think of how much research I have placed into natural healing as a result of moderate+ ibs. I learned so much more when I read and studied the modern lifestlye and realized to adapt back a hundred years or so. Of that I am sure. But to get to the theatre.
I am a male in my mid twenties, and athletic. I eat whole grains, fruit, flax- you get the picture. I exercise and weight train. I had been on a cleanse which included hydrotherapy and a cleanse fiber. I would take it in the morning and then go about my day. I would usually have to poop after I had worked and gone home. Now, I don't mind going in public wherever I may be, it happened to be a bit more in public than I had bargained for.
I felt at first a modest urge to use the toilet. I was busy with some task so I put it off for five minutes. I realized the situation with the next waves of awareness reminded me of business. I walked briskly to the rest room and proceeded to a stall. The extractor is loud which makes a poop more comfortable for most people, I think.
I took down my pants and briefs quick and tried to be less than obnoxious with my rude noises. I did not quite achieve that. I let out two farts in quick succession and then prob three logs with audible gas in between. Shit. Literally surpassing any usual trip to the toilet.
I felt empty for at most a minute and then the cramps came back but less obvious for sure. I knew I would be at least five more minutes. The stall next to me opened up and I will leave that to imagination. I had my own cards to deal. I think that the fiber, (which was organic and of whole food really had a good effect.)
I felt some cramps and rocked a good deal of soft serve but was quite euphoric as I pooped my last bit. I believe that natural food and natural poops are good in their own right. Some would call me crazy, perhaps most, but I think that most of our physiology is well intentioned and properly rooted.
I questioned would we be better off if we listen to our body and mind more than we listen to people who speculate or make their living doing such things. Everyone poops. Just as we all breathe and also make mistakes. I think this site is a reminder to be who you are. We get so anxious sometime about going to the bathroom it becomes a major issue in our lives. I just want to encourage people to relax and get it over with. We are all in the same stall on this one :-)
Thanks for reading and I hope my thoughts helps you live better, or more freely in some way. It truly helps me to think it out loud.


To Nathen

Nathen, briefs are better. I am 19 years old and I still wear tighty whities. The snugness of them helps to hold the pressure back in your bladder. If you do have an accident, they hold it in your pants instead of all over the floor.

Sarah from Calgary

Work trip to Edmonton

Hi everyone. Before I start writing about what happened to me in Edmonton, I wanted to reply to Amy L's story on page 1854 titled "That time of month". Amy, most months I get the runs a few days before my period starts. I don't wear thongs or tampons because of this. I would not want to have a diarrhea accident like you did just wearing a thong. I always wear bikini panties, or full cut panties, especially when my period is about to start. For pads I use Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins. If my bowels are acting up more than normal, I will wear two pads to cover more of the back area of my panties. This gives me more protection in case I have an accident. Also, I always carry a few extra panties with me in my purse with a zip lock bag to put my soiled panties in if I have an accident. In my car, I keep an emergency kit full of clean panties, extra jeans and dress pants, nylons a full supply of maxi pads and wet wipes. If you continue to have problems with diarrhea during your period, you may want to consider wearing full cut panties and maxi pads. You may also want to consider having extra panties and pants with you for just in case.

In April, I had to travel to our office in Edmonton. I went up the afternoon of Tuesday the 20th and stayed until Thursday the 22nd. I stopped by the office when I got to town on the 21st and arranged some meetings for the next day. I was meeting with Danijela, our Service Rep in Edmonton, for coffee early in the morning of Wednesday the 21st. My period had ended on Saturday the 17th, so I wasn't expecting to have any problems with my bowels. I met with Danijela at Starbucks at the City Centre Mall, where I was staying. We got in line and all of a sudden my bowels cramped up. I tried squeezing my butt cheeks together, but a wet diarrhea fart rushed its way past and splattered into my panties. I looked in my purse for some money to give Danijela for the coffee. I handed it to her and said, "This is for the coffee. I need to head to the ladies room." She could hear the desperation in my voice and said, "Okay, they are around the corner at the opposite side of the food court."

As I was making my way through the food court, my bowels cramped up and I started leaking diarrhea into my pink and white polka-dot bikini panties. I stopped for a minute to clench my butt cheeks. When that wave passed, I continued walking towards the ladies room. A few steps away from the ladies room, a huge wave hit me and my bowels emptied into my panties. It was awful. The smell was starting to spread as was the mess in my panties. I continued into the ladies room and all four stalls were taken. I'm not sure what I would have done anyway, since the damage was already done. I needed to go back to my hotel room to clean up and change. I went over to the counter to not look suspicious of my predicament. I checked my hair and washed my hands. As I was doing this a lady in one of the stalls muttered "Damn it" under her breath. Another lady, a friend or co-worker of hers, asked, "What's wrong?" The first lady said, "My period started a week early and now my panties are soaked." The other lady said, "Do you need anything?" And the lady with her period said, "Yeah, a clean pair of panties!" As I was leaving, I could hear her opening up a maxi pad.

I left the ladies room and saw Danijela walking towards me with our coffees. She handed me my coffee and I said to her, "I need to go back to my room and change." She said, "Why? You look great!" I said, "Well, I just need to change my pants." She said, "Seriously Sarah, you look fantastic!" I leaned over to her and said quietly, "Actually, I need to change my underwear." She looked at me, surprised and said, "Oh! Well, Shoppers (Drug Mart) is open if you need to buy some pads or whatever." I said, quietly, "Well, actually, that ended last weekend. Something I ate must not have agreed with me." Puzzled, she said, "What do you mean?" Another cramp was starting and I had a pained look on my face as more diarrhea shot into my panties. She said, "Sarah, are you okay?" I said, quietly, "Dani, I have the runs. I didn't make it to the ladies room on time." She looked at me with pity and said quietly, "What? Did you… uh, poop… your pants?" I nodded yes. She said, "Oh honey, I am so sorry. I had no idea. Will you be okay for the rest of the day? Do you need help getting back to your room? Do you need help cleaning up?" She was rapid fire with her questions. I said, "No, I'll be okay. It's happened before, I know what to do." She said, "Okay, well, take your time. We can cancel our meetings if you are not up to it."

I took my coffee from her and headed to my car to grab my emergency kit. I had an extra pair of black dress pants, extra panties and pads to take with me for the day. As I was walking the mess in my panties was leaking down the inside of my left leg. It was so gross. Finally back in my room, after several more splashes of diarrhea in my panties, I pulled off my shoes, socks, blouse and bra. I started the shower and pulled down my gray dress pants and panties. As I imagined, they were a disaster. The mess had leaked through the left inside of my gray dress pants as well. I pulled them off completely, left them in a pile beside the toilet and stepped into the shower. Normally I would have washed out my clothes, but I was in a hurry to get to the office for our meetings, so I left them where I had dropped them. I grabbed a pair of clean panties, put a maxi pad in them, an Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thin, pulled up the clean black dress pants from my emergency kit, and got myself fully dressed. I also grabbed two more pairs of panties and about five extra pads and put everything in my purse. Luckily the purse I had was on the large size, so I was able to fit everything in discreetly. I took an Imodium that was in my emergency kit and went on my way.

I am so glad that I brought the extra pads and panties with me because I continued to have wet diarrhea farts all day long. At one point after lunch, on our way back to the office, I had to go so badly. I didn't make it. This time the diarrhea spilled over my pad and up the back of my panties. Luckily the wings protected the sides of the crotch of my panties, but the back area was still a disaster. I guess the Imodium that I took earlier in the day didn't take. I went to the ladies room at the office and cleaned myself up. I changed into a clean pair of panties and a new pad. I threw the soiled pad away and put the soiled panties in the zip lock bag I had in my purse and placed everything back in it.

At about 4:30, I got back to my room. House Keeping had been by as my bed was made and everything looked clean. A horrific thought came to me right then… My pants and panties!!! I went into the bathroom and turned on the light. My eyes went to the floor where I left my messy clothes and they were gone. Actually, they weren't gone, they were sitting, folded up, on the bathroom counter. There was a note on them that said, "Don't worry, accidents happen to all of us. Trust me! - Selina", I couldn't believe it. I could feel my face turning bright red as I inspected my clothes. The panties were on top. I opened them up and although there was a noticeable stain from the diarrhea, they were clean. I unfolded my gray dress pants and they were clean as well.

I decided to take a walk around the floor to see if I could find this house keeper, Selina. I couldn't find her, so I took the elevator down to the front desk. I asked if she was around and the lady at the counter paged her for me. After a few minutes, she came down. I took her to the side and said, "You did something amazing for me today and I wanted to thank you for it. I am in room 403 and you cleaned out my clothes for me after my awful accident." She said, "Oh, don't worry about it. It's happened to me before on occasion. I know what you went through." I didn't know what to do. I tried giving her a big tip, but she wouldn't take it. I thanked her again and went back to my room. When I checked out on Thursday morning, I decided to leave her a $100 dollar tip at the counter in an envelope with her name on it. I included a note saying, "Thank you very much, Sarah."

Thursday was much better for me. I didn't have any issues that day, but I still wore a pad in case I had any issues. I made it back to Calgary safely and washed my clothes, including my black dress pants and extra panties, and put them back in my emergency kit. I went into work on Friday and since I didn't have any accidents on Thursday, I decided not to wear a pad in my panties. Friday's are always "casual" in our office, so we typically wear jeans unless we have meetings. Since I did not have any meetings, I wore jeans with purple striped bikini's and bra underneath a black dress shirt.

There were only three of us in the office on Friday, Allison, Victoria and myself, so we decided to go out to lunch. After lunch, we went for a walk. During our walk, my bowels cramped up terribly and I ended up pooping diarrhea into my pants. It wasn't as bad as what happened in Edmonton on Wednesday, but I knew I needed to change my panties. As we were getting close to the office I told the girls that I had to go to my car for something, my emergency kit. I pulled out a clean pair of panties and a few pads and went directly to the ladies room on our floor to get cleaned up. I cleaned myself up using dampened paper towels but it still took a while to get completely cleaned up. My panties were a mess, so I wrapped them up and put them in the zip lock bag I had with me for these situations, and put it in my purse. Luckily my jeans were not soiled too much. They had a few stains on the inside thighs, but it did not leak through. I put a pad in my panties, pulled them and my jeans up, washed my hands and went back to my office.

Well, I'm sorry for the long post. I have another story to tell from when my husband and I were off on holidays in May, but I will leave that for my next posting.

Thank you,
Sarah from Calgary.


Pooped twice yesterday

I hadn't pooped for a couple of days (I guess my body didn't need to) and I was at my mom's yesterday for tea when I felt the need to go. I pushed and these two logs came out of me. One was about 14 inches and the other was skinnier and smaller, about 6 inches.


No door, no paper, no pride

When I was ten, I went to a big picnic in a neighborhood park. There were games, activities, BBQ, etc. I was having fun until my guts started cramping up.

I made my way to the restrooms, located at the front of the park. By the time I got there, I was pretty desperate. I walked into the mens room and saw that there were two bucket-style toilets, the kind that empty directly into a compost reservoir underneath. There was no stall or doors! They were sitting next to each other with nothing separating them in full view of the rest of the room. There was a shoulder high (for me at that age, anyway) brick partition separating them from the sinks. There were urinals against the walls on either side and nothing against the opposite wall. Basically, guys coming in to pee or wash their hands could not avoid seeing whoever was on one of the toilets. I also remember the toilet next to the partition was taller and there was a metal bar attached to the partition, obviously to aid a handicapped person.

Anyway, I knew I wouldn't be able to clench my butt cheeks much longer so I swallowed my pride and went to the shorter toilet against the wall. The seat was clean, so I pushed my shorts and underpants down just far enough, sat on the toilet and had explosive diarrhea.

I have no idea if I was being gawked at by any of the guys coming in and going out of the restroom because my eyes were lowered. Finally after several minutes of farts and squirts, I was done. I reached into the TP dispenser on the wall and realized there was no paper. I looked into the dispenser on the partition and saw it was empty, too. I looked for a paper towel dispenser and realized there wasn't one, just a hand dryer.

What could I do. I stood up, grimacing at the clammy, itchy sensation between my butt cheeks and pulled up my underwear and shorts. I washed my hands and walked outside, planning to grab some paper towels or napkins and return to the bathroom to wipe my butt. I don't remember exactly what happened that got me sidetracked, but somehow I never made it back to the bathroom and didn't get to wipe my butt until we got home hours later. By then my butt was all raw and sore and my underpants were streaked.

I remember my mother scolding me later when she found my underpants in the laundry with a big poop stain in the seat. How embarrassing!


Old pooing habits

I used to hate doing a poo at work & would often wait untill I was about to poo my pants before I'd go. Sometimes I'd make myself constipated & then I wouldn't go for several days at a time. I'd have to take a laxative to get my bowels moving & that brought more problems because I'd have to make sure I was never too far from a toilet in case I got a bad case of the runs. I now try to go as soon as I feel the urge because it's just not worth having all those problems. I'm not shy about going in someone else's toilet or a public toilet. My new attitude is "When you've gotta go you've gotta go!" Now I never get cramps & I'm never constipated. I feel so much better. Not only that I can still have my "fun poos" in un usuall places & with my mate Kirsty & she shouldn't moan at me about blocking the toilet any more with my legendary huge poos.

Kate M.

to Christine

My suggestion for roommates living with only 1 bathroom would be to purchase a urinal from the drugstore - for hygiene each girl could get her own; just rinse it often and wash it with soap and water periodically. There are some types made especially for women and come in very handy when the bathroom is occupied. Each one holds about a litre of pee - you can just empty it afterwards. I would avoid peeing on laminate since some may go between the cracks of the floor boards and with the moisture cause the boards to warp which will elevate them slightly at the edges and a new floor will be needed - expensive. Or else if you have a private yard, you could just pee outside in the bushes - I do it all the time when biking. Just make sure that there is a good privacy fence. You will even save on your water bill this way. I am an avid outdoor gal/lady so I pee outside often. When I lived in a house I would sometimes go outside in a nightgown with no panties and just stand on the grass and let er rip - stand with feet apart, hips slightly apart and pee downwards. This is how victorian women did it when wearing long skirts. If your night gown goes to at least the knees it should be discreet. Practice in the shower to get the hang of it if needed.

I just can't figure this one out. For a few weeks now everytime I eat out for supper 15-45 minutes later I'm on the toilet taking a dump, sometimes it's mushy and sometimes solid. Thsi seems to happen everytime I eat ethnic food like Mexican or Chinese, but a few weeks ago I ate at Applebee's and the same thing happened, anybody know what is going on with me?

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

After comming back inside after our outdoor shower all of us dried off and we all went and got changed. We then watched some tv for a liitle while and since we wanted to start out early in the morning we all went to bed early. None of us needed to pee before going to sleep.

I wasthe firts to be up in the morning as far as us three. I got dressed in a pair of dress type shorts,short sleeve shirt,and my sock and sneakers. I went to the girls bedroom and I woke both Janet and Jill up. I made sure they were up makeing sure they stayed up which they did. Then I left thier room and headed right downstairs to the kitchen.

My grandmother was up and she had eaten and was having coffee at the kitchen table. We exchanged good mornings as I went and got out the milk,cereal, bowls, spoons, and poured out 3 glasses of juice. I told my grandmother the girls were up and getting dressed. They should be down in a few minutes. I sat down and started eating my breakfast.

Sure enough Janet and Jill came down several minutes later. They could be heard comming down the stairs from the kitchen for they both were talking loudly, laughing, and thumped loudly on the stairs as they came down them. A moment later they were sitting at the table and also started eating breakfast.

After my grandmother said good morning to the girls she got up and walked out of the kitchen. She was going to get ready for work. That left just usthree at the table in the kitchen. I told both Janet and Jll they looked nice this morning. Both had put on the new summer dresses that they had bought on our shopping trip two days ago. They both thanked me and told me I looked good too.

Then Jill giggled hard. She then said she hadn't peed yet! She asked me if I had. I told her I hadn't. Janet giggled slightly now. She also told me she hadn't gone either. Then she asked; Use the old sighn when we get over to wait for the bus? Jill said quite loudly; YES! I chuckled and said; Sounds good to me. Several minutes later we all were done eating and we then picked up our breakfast dishes and cleaned up.

My grandmother by ths time was ready to leave. So were we. So she took us down to the bus stop and she left us there saying have a great time. WE told her we certainly would! We waved as she pulled away and waited till she was down the highway far enough and then the three of us bolted across the ittle bridge over the creek and right over to the backside of the old wooden triangle shaped sighn.

I opened the little door and we all stepped inside of it and I closed the door. Jill said loudly once we were all inside the old sighn; I really have to pee! Janet said also she had to go really bad. I aid to both of them; That makes three of us! So Janet and Jill both hiked up their summer dress and I popped the snap on my shorts.

As I watched both girls hike up thier dresses niether one of them were wearing panties! Both girls giggled hard for they were looking right back at me as they raised thier dresses up. I smiled with a big smile and then i pulled my shorts down to my knees which made both Janet and Jill put a smile on thire faces which was just as big as my smile.

Both Janet and Jill only got down into a high hover and Jill then Janetstarted to piss very hard. Both girls had spraying dark yellow piss streams. I started my piss a few short seconds after they had started. My piss stream was hard bt a light yellow in its color. They girls were both pissing on the dirt while I was pissing across the inside of the sigh and wetting the wooden wall with my piss.

Afer about ten seconds both girls spraying streams settled down into thin twisted streams which both now hissed. My penis had only been semi erect when I had started my piss now had gotten fully erect so I was pissing a lot higher up the wooden wall of the sighn I had been pissing on. Janet made a comment about me being at full staff now. Jill heard her and she knew what Janet ment by it and she let out a hard but short giggle.

Several more seconds passed and both girls had thier piss streams start to ease off with the hissing they were making fade and then stop before they both stopeed pissing. I kept going. I wasn;t finished yet. Jante reached into her little pocketbook and took out from it some toilet paper. She asked Jill f she wanted any. Jil;l told her she was all set. She had already dropped her dress down and was watching me piss. Janet gave her vagina a quick wipe and then dropped her dress back down.

She also then stood and watched me piss. I soon had my stream ease off and then pause. I did three good hard spurts in a row. Now I was done. I pulled my shorts back up and took care of them. Then we all walked outside and back across the bridge and waited for our bus to come. Fifteen minutes later we were on the bus and headed north to the city where we would get the bus to the amusement park. To be continuied.

Kate M.

To Debbie

No, I never peed in a changing room except into an incontinence product; a giant poise pad or a Depends. Once I was doing serious shopping one evening at a factory outlet place and since I have a leaky bladder, I wore a Depends. I had to pee urgently but was actually scared to go alone into the isolated public washroom (I feared crime) so I just stood and let it go into the Depends which held it. I tried on some clothes and realized that I should change it and put a new one on; the problem was there was no trash can in the changing room so I put the used Depends in a plastic bag I had and asked the cashier to put it in her trash can. I told her that I have a weak bladder and had to change my Depends. She said that has experienced this before - having to dispose of the used incontinence product. People do pee in changing rooms but I have not done that - some are wood or laminate flooring not carpeting. I always pad myself for shopping trips since I have to wait for the bus with groceries and it is not convenient to go back to the store with tons of stuff and try to find the isolated washroom - miss my bus then have to wait again. Convenience comes first.


to christine

I don't see why the women would mind if you walked in while they were taking a shower. You can explain your situation to everybody. Then whenever someone is taking a shower, you can open the door to the bathroom, and tell whoever is taking a shower that you just walked in to the bathroom to pee.


At the library again

Hi everyone. I have another library story for you.

I went back to the library the day after I used the kid's bathroom and began looking for some books. The ones I wanted were right by the back door of the library and after getting my stack of books I sat down on a bench next to the window.

I began reading but after a while the relaxing quiet of the library gave me the urge to poop. I read for a while longer and tried to hold it but by the time I finished reading I just couldn't hold it anymore.

It was too far for me to walk to the bathroom so I began looking for a place to go. Out the window I noticed it was dark and there was a small garden area. I quickly set my books down and ducked out the back door. After some careful searching I found a grass area with two concrete walls in one corner. The other two sides of the grass were open and I could see all the way to the street but it was a long enough distance that I figured no one could see me.

I waited until the traffic stopped and I quickly pulled down my shorts and underwear and squatted, facing the street with my bum almost backed into the corner of the walls. I peed for about 30 seconds, I had to poop so bad I almost forgot how bad I had to pee. It felt soooo good! And it pooled into the cracks in the dirt/grass around me.

Then it came time to poop. I had been holding it for so long and I really needed to go but being outside made me a little shy and it was hard to relax enough to go. Finally I began to push and a I could feel my hole stretching to let it come out when suddenly I heard the door to the library open and close!

Someone was in the garden area with me and I was about to poop! Luckily there was a wall between me and the person so they couldn't see me, but instead of quickly putting my pants back on I just froze. I couldn't move I was so scared. I sat there for what seemed like forever with my pants down around my ankles and a poop about to come out and quietly listened to the other person. I thought I heard them walk away so I relaxed again and pushed out a big poop, it was hard and came out really easily. It felt so good! I had to go so bad and I was so relieved. I pushed out a couple more small pieces and quietly pulled up my pants and left.

As I was leaving, I walked around the corner of one of the walls I went behind and I saw two people sitting on one of the benches in the garden! Apparently they never went inside, they were just really quiet. I must not have been able to hear them because of the traffic. We exchanged glances but I doubt they knew what I was doing. I was so nervous! I could have been caught going outside. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Next time I promise to be more careful.

To Christine: I know exactly what it's like to have one bathroom for multiple people. You can read my story on bedwetting because I talk about it. But I've had to hold it for a long time because someone was taking a shower. Luckily there was a bathroom downstairs in my dorm building if I got really desperate.

To Wendy: I agree that toilets should always be free. Having to pay means that people will more likely save their money and find a place to go outside. I actually have a story about this and I'll tell it in my next post!

To Zip: I've never had the courage to do what you did. I would never be able to go unless I thought I was hidden enough from view.

Kristen: I'm looking forward to your office pooping stories.

Hi again everyone! Thought I'd give you a couple more stories now. Firstly one that happened a couple of days ago; I was in another exam (I have so many it's not even funny!) and started to need a poo again. Luckily I was easily able to hold it, and at the end of the exam I made my way to the students' union toilets. Our union is being redeveloped at the moment so it's pretty quiet, and I was alone in the toilets for the duration of my poo. I took the end cubicle and sat down. First I did a quick wee, and then fired out six or seven mushy balls of poo that felt really good to get out but really stank the place up as well!

Abbie, reading about your primary school experiences reminds me of my time in the first stage of compulsory education. Each of the years in my junior school had two classrooms each, and between each two were cloakrooms and boys and girls loos. One lunchtime when I was in Year 6 (I was 10) I had school dinners; fish fingers, chips and beans with a slice of chocolate marble cake (these were the days before Jamie Oliver stuck his Cockney nose in and made things healthy). Then I went out to play with the other girls. All that heavy food followed by jumping and running about made me start to need a poo. At the end of our lunch hour I could feel quite a strong need to go, so as we made our way back inside I told myself I would go for a poo as soon as I got upstairs to the classroom. But I had forgotten that PE came right after lunch on this particular day, and that meant we had to get changed immediately if we were to have the full hour's lesson. In my primary school, which was a Church of England school, boys and girls got changed in the classrooms, in full view of each other (not something you'd think a religious school would really practise, but there you go). Did anyone else encounter this, or have unisex bathrooms at their primary schools?
Anyway, I had to get changed and didn't have time for my poo (since even back then I tended to take at least five minutes, by which time everyone would have been heading out to the playing field). So I sucked it up and changed into my PE kit; black skirt with white socks and a top the same blue as our school sweaters. We trooped out to the furthest field (we had two) and set up a game of rounders. This of course involved plenty of running, and this made my need for a poo far more urgent. By midway through the lesson I was desperate, hopping from one foot to the other and pretending to be doing so for warmth (it was February or March I think). The hour dragged on and on, and it was getting more and more urgent. Finally the lesson came to an end and we headed back inside. I was trying to clench my bum cheeks together to hold it in. We reached the classroom and I quickly went to the toilets, but because it was so cold lots of girls had to pee, so there was a queue for the four cubicles. I noticed a couple of girls in the queue were desperate, bouncing around and holding themselves. Finally I got to the front. The frame of the cubicle was pretty rubbish; they were shorter than the tallest girls in the year (including me), they didn't extend anywhere near the floor and you could see through the gap between the door and the frame and see girls sitting on the loo. Finally one of the cubicles opened and I went in, shutting the door (for what it was worth) and hitching up my skirt, dropping my knickers and sitting quickly. Girls in the queue for the loos could clearly see my head, and I could see them. It was embarrassing the first few times it happened when I had needed to wee or poo, but by now I was relatively used to it, although it was still embarrassing when I was pooping. I relaxed my clenched bum and the poo began to slide out. The first few pieces were silent, obscured by my long and tinkling piss. I'm sure anyone watching could tell I was pooing by my facial expressions; I tend to screw my face up when releasing a hard or big piece. If they were in any doubt I soon made sure they knew with my next log, which made a big splash and was followed by a fart. I'm sure I heard some giggles, but I was looking at the floor so I don't know who they were from. Then the cubicle next to me opened and another girl, my friend Nicole who had followed me to the loos, entered and sat. It was easy for anyone in a cubicle to see into the next cubicle along thanks to the shoddy construction, but with a couple of girls still in the queue I didn't dare. Nicole did a quick wee and then I heard the splatter of mushy poo being sprayed into the bowl. She wasn't as tall as me, but I could see the top of her head poking above the cubicle wall. I let out a couple more logs and then I noticed that the queue was gone; the last girls were in the other cubicles. I peeked into Nicole's stall, and I could see her bumhole as some more poo came out. I followed suit, pushing out my final two logs. I wiped quickly because I thought I would be late getting changed for class. As I got up and flushed, Nicole was still pushing out chunks. I got back to the classroom and started changing, and Nicole came in about five minutes later. I asked her if she was ok, and she said she had been holding her poo in all through PE and lunchtime. I told her so had I and we had a bit of a laugh together!

Right, that's all from me tonight. Will post again soon! Bye!


To Christine

Two options: first, see if you can find a time when everyone's around and bring up the subject of using the toilet while someone's taking a shower, or perhaps you could open a dialogue by mentioning to the others that if they need the toilet while you're showering, that by all means they should go in. The second is to have some sort of container that you can pee into and then empty it out when the bathroom's available.

What's the big deal? I mean the others have to be aware that there are times when there will be conflicts for the bathroom, especially when someone needs to go and there are 6 people sharing 1 bathroom. What's the worst that can happen if you just tell them that you really need to go and ask them if it's okay to go in? Another thing to consider is just telling them that you tend to need to pee a lot and just ask them as a group if anyone has a problem with you "paying a visit" while they're in there.


Pay toilets

Wendy: I'm in two minds about this. One side of me says that pay toilets in the street are not a bad thing - the French design (Sanisette) that self-clean after you use them are a lot more pleasant than *most* council-run public toilets, and I don't object to paying to use them. (Note the "most": there are some places where the public toilets are really well looked after. If you ever go on holiday to Jersey, the loos are always good)

Where I do agree with you is with UK train stations - no different to ordinary public toilets, except a barrier that charges 50p. And this in a public building, where Health and Safety rules normally insist that adequate toilet facilities be available.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Exchange student

Hi, Abbie here again. In a couple of weeks I'm off to Germany to stay with my exchange partner. The exchange is organised by my school and I decided to join in as I'm doing German as one of my GCSE exams. Around this time last year we had a German girl called Jana staying at our house for a few days, this is a story about a few incedants that happened during her stay. First off I had to share my room with her which I didn't really have a problem with being quite an open person, but it turned out that Jana had practically no inhabitions at all. Her normal bedtime routine was to undress to her bra and pants in my room and then walk across the landing to the bathroom to brush her teeth. A few times my younger sister or mum or dad saw her out on the landing but she didn't seem that bothered. She would then go back to my room, take off her bra and put on her nightie before getting into bed. The next morning she would have a shower before getting dressed, which involved her taking off her nightie then wrapping herself in a towel (thankfully!) before going to the bathroom. Whats more she seemed perfectly happy just to leave her dirty pants lying on the bedroom floor complete with skidmarks for everyone to see. I quite often end up with skidmarks in my pants too but I wouldn't dream of just leaving them in the middle of the floor on show like that. One night I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I hadn't bothered to lock the door as I had already used the toilet earlier. Suddenly Jana appeared at the door wearing just her white bra and pink flowery pants. "I must go to toilet" she said without a hint of embarasement as she came in, pulled down her pants and sat on the loo. Almost straight away I heard some loud farts and then a volley of plops splashed down into the bowl. I was utterly amazed, I didn't really know what to do so I just carried on brushing my teeth pretending everything was normal. Jana was finished quite quickly, she wiped a few times before pulling up her pants and flushing. She went over to the sink and started brushing her teeth as I walked back to my room in shock. I always made sure I locked the bathroom door after that incedant! As I've related in my previous posts, I have had a wee or poo in someone elses presence but only if theres no alternative and even then its always been someone I know quite well. I'm feeling quite nervous about going to stay with her as probably the whole family will be like her and I'll end up having to share a bathroom with people I've hardly met!

The accident after the journey PART TWO.

However i now had a sizeable lump in my pants and it was about a 15 minute drive home.As i didn't want to have to sit on it i looked around for somewhere that may have a toilet so that i could take care of things.Thankfully there was a bar just yards from where i was parked,so i put my bag into the car and walked carefully towards it.The lump was now fully loose in my pants and i didn't want it to slip down my leg and fall into the street.As i entered the bar i had no idea where the toilets were.I didn't want to risk standing at the bar too long in my state in case of a smell and someone noticing my predicament.Thankfully i found them without raising too much suspicion.They were empty so i locked myself into the single cubicle and immediately started taking off my jeans and pants.I tipped my pants out and a dry lump the size of a small tennis ball fell into the toilet.This was quickly followed by my soiled undies.I sat down and released a stream of pee and some more small bits of poo.As everything was dry i was able to clean myself nicely before putting my jeans back on.They only had a slight stain on the inside.I then flushed and was pleased when everything,including my undies, dissapeared without causing a blockage.I should add that all this time there was a small window open slightly, above me and i could hear voices coming from the back of the pub.Seemed strange being in there,doing a clean up from an accident with people outside oblivious to this 40 year old guys predicament.After washing my hands, i returned to the bar and felt that it was only polite to buy a drink.This i did ,before leaving and walking back to the car.After getting home,i reflected on what had just happened.A great weekend away with an unfortunate ending.
see ya,
cheers bye Andy from Scotland.

Upstate Dave

Peeing In Broken Toilets

Over the years since living here in the city there has been many times while out walking the alleys I have seen many trashed old toilets. I myself have used them to pee in. Have any of you here done the same? Sometimes it has been myslef that has done it or with a friend(s)(both male and female) and have done it with them and them too in turn also peed. Again have any of you here have done this? If you have tell the group about it! Thank you Upstate Dave

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