Fitting Romm Pee

Today I was out at the mall shopping for new clothes. I went into the fitting room to try on my stuff. Just then a mother and a little girl entered the fitting room next to me. I continued to try my clothes on when I hear the little girl say I really need to pee. In each fitting room are little waste baskets for paper and pins from clothes. Just as I was trying on the last of my clothes the little girl says I gotta go now mom. The mom told her to just use the waste basket in the fitting room. Not a second went by when I hear rustling of clothes and then a torrent of pee splashing into the waste basket. Just then the little girl let out a fart then the smell hit my fitting room she pooped! The little girl said all finished mom and then the mom said good let mommy go now then we can go she then proceded to pee in the basket followed by a loud trumpet fart the smell was overpowering and you could hear her grunting as she pooped. They gathered up there clothes and quickly left. As I was exiting I could see In the fitting room as I came out and the basket was half full of pee with logs floating atop. My question to you all is how many of you pee or poop in fitting rooms or have ever let your child do it? Was it for fun or did you really have to go and couldn't wait? Look forward to hearing your answers........


Pee Dilemma

Hi again, I posted a few weeks ago, and I'm posting now to tell you my story and maybe get some advice. So, about a week ago, I moved out of my home and into my new house at university for the summer. I'm living with five other girls who I'm quite friendly with.The problem is my bladder. I tend to pee quite a lot throughout the day, and there's only one bathroom between the six of us.

On my third day here, I woke up quite late and needed to pee pretty bad. I got up and got dressed as normal, but when I went to go to the toilet, I discovered that one of the girls was in there showering. I was crossing my legs because I had to go and I didn't want anyone to see, so I went back to my room and locked the door to try and hold it until she finished. I didn't make it and ended up wetting my knickers and had to clean up without anybody noticing.

The same sort of thing has happened a couple more times since, and because my bedroom floor is laminate, I've just taken to peeing on the floor in a corner and cleaning it up, but it's quite annoying having to clean it. While I'm friendly with the others, I'd rather not ask them to leave the door unlocked because I doubt they'd like the idea of me walking in while they're showering, but at the same time I can't think of anywhere else to pee. Is there anything I can do, or anywhere else I can go to relieve myself?


At the mall

Hello again. After work today, I called up my friend and asked if she wanted to go to the mall. I don't want to put her name on her, so I'll just call her P. Well, anyway, after shopping for some time, we ended up at the food court. With her food, P ordered an iced coffee from Starbucks (yup, there's one at the mall). We finished eating and then P said "I have to go to the toilet" so we went to find the bathrooms.

This bathroom was one of the single occupant ones but we both went in anyway. I locked the door while P was walking over to the toilet. She lifted up her black skirt and lowered her white panties to her knees. I giggled when I heard her let off a fart that sounded just like a zipper. "Sorry I'm Prrrt kind of... Splfff Pffft... gassy" as she started to pee. Crakkkl Ploop Plop Splop Ploop. Before she had finished peeing, she'd already dropped four poops. "I guess you really had to go, huh?" I asked. Prrtttttt Splash Sploosh Plop "Yeah, ooh, I did", Splllrrt Shrkkkkkll Plunk. P tore off a bunch of paper and wadded it up to wipe. She did this several more times before declaring "Urgh forget it, this damn toilet paper sucks! I'll just wipe when I get home." I knew how she felt really. Public toilets always seem to be stocked with the crappiest tp money can buy.

"Hold on, now I have to go" I interrupted her as she was reaching to flush. I got a good look in the bowl while I was pulling down my jeans and pink thong. She'd deposited a bunch of two to three inch poops of varying shades of brown. I sat right down and began to poop. I added an eight incher to her poops which slid out with minimal effort and made a plooop sound as it broke off. I also peed just a little bit and then wiped as best I could. "Wow, this stuff is crappy" I remarked as I pulled the handle to flush. We then washed our hands together and left the bathroom to do some more shopping.

Kendra :)


My story continued

After I came across the pooped-in clothes in the parking lot, I made my way to the library with my friend. The two of us split up to look for books and during my search the need to pee and poop started to get very bad.

Libraries always make me need to poop, maybe because they're so relaxing and quiet. Anyway, I started to look for the nearest toilet. I walked down some stairs to the bathrooms by the kid's section and quickly entered one of the bathrooms.

I was surprised to find that it was made specifically for kids and the toilet was almost all the way on the ground, kind of like those toilets they have in Japan. I had to go so bad that I didn't have time to search for another toilet so I took my pants all the way off and squatted over the little toilet.

I let out a long stream of pee and I had to make sure to aim carefully because my target was smaller than normal and I was squatting so I was slightly higher above the toilet than I would have been if I was sitting on it. When I finished peeing I began to push my poop out. I started slowly and after a little pushing I pushed out a sizable log into the toilet bowl, it landed with a satisfying "plop."

I had a couple more small pieces to push out as well but squatting down really helped me get them out without too much effort. I remained squatting to wipe and got up to flush. I washed my hands and put my pants back on.

The small toilet reminded me of pre-school where there were two toilets right next to each other and the bathroom door was only a half door so the teacher could look in to make sure everything was okay. There was also no gender for the bathroom so at any given time boys could be peeing or pooping next to boys, girls next to girls or boys and girls together. Now that I think about it, it seems kind of odd that my bathroom habits began without any barriers for gender.

To Kendra: I loved your post about the gym. At my work the men and women's bathrooms share a wall that doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling so if you're in either one of the bathrooms, you can hear everything on either side.

To Lisa: Sounds like you had a similar bathroom situation at your primary school.

To Kate M: I go biking all the time and I've been in your situation many times before. I liked your post because I've had the same experience.

To Chris: It sounds like you had the same sort of experience as I did, finding poop-stained clothing in a parking lot.

To Ben in Iowa: You too had the same sort of experience as me. It seems that a lot of people are ditching their soiled clothing. Cutting their losses as it were.


My fantasy

I believe that it's wrong to have to pay to use a public toilet. Especially these days when a lot of public toilets are being closed down & are getting few & far between. The worse nightmare in the world is when you're desperate to go & you find a toilet just in time only to find you have to pay to use it & you don't have any money. Also should larger stores be obliged to allow the public to use their toilets? What do you guys out there think?

girl (in need)

pls help

Can anyone please please help me - I need advice on how to unclog a european toilet! I've tried a plunger but it doesn't really work as its not the correct shape for the toilet. Its one of the dual flush toilets and barely any water runs down when I try, and I have to wait like 12 hours to get a drop or two at all. Its different than toilets I'm used to and since I'm alone here I'm embarassed to ask anyone for help. Any ideas? You have NOO idea how greatful I would be!!

Keith D
I have been pooping reasonably regularly for the last few days. I've been going every day (well, late at night). My poops have been very long and very large. I get a weak urge, go sit on the pot, push hard and then this monster starts driving out. The log gets longer and longer and wider and wider. It is so long that it takes several pushes to keep it moving. And sometimes it gets so thick that it is excruciating. Feels really good at the same time too. But I would like to get back to my normal, smaller firmer poops before I do myself an injury!


one very sick fly

There was a fly that landed on the cup I pee in. I tried to wave the fly away, but it wouldn't move. I carried the cup with the fly on it into the bathroom. The fly few around a little and landed on the toilet seat. I finally killed the fly and flushed it. I then scrubbed the toilet seat with soap and water. I threw the cup away and bought a new cup.


New doorless stall in mall

I walked into the restroom at JC Penneys and found that the door from the handicapped stall was missing. Just as luck would have it, I had to take a crap. I saw the other 2 stalls were occupied, so I walked into the doorless stall. I entered the stall and saw that there was a guy already on the can. He was actually an attractive guy, slim and probably in his 20's, and he was about to wipe as I came in. His jeans were up around his thighs. Modesty, I guess. He turned towards me, put his hand down, and smiled, like he was waiting for me to leave. I said, excuse me, and I waited by the sinks as he finished up. I could see just a little bit of him through the mirror as he pulled up his blue boxer-briefs and then his jeans, buckling his belt.

He came out of the stall, didn't even look up as he passed me. I walked into the stall and over to the toilet. I think that in his rush to get out of there, he had forgotten to flush. There was a long brown turd sitting in the middle of the bowl, surrounded by a bunch of toilet paper. It was probably about 12-15 inches long and about 2 inches thick, tapered at the end. I flushed the bowl and everything went down easily. I turned back around and undid my belt, dropping my shorts and lowering my white briefs all the way down to the floor.

I dropped my load pretty easily, with a few people stopping in to see if the stall was empty. Some of the guys at the sink could see me on the can, depending on where they were standing. I finished up, wiped a few times from the front, then while standing. Up came my briefs and shorts and flush! I was done. I washed up and headed out. Maybe I'll go back today.

guys, when you are really busting to go, is it better to be wearing boxers or briefs?

Kendra/Long time reader - I happen to be an office pooper, if you'd care to check my previous posts. There was another poster called Debbie, but she seems to have dissapeared. I'm rather busy these days with my work, but I'll log in to tell a couple of incidents where I eavesdropped my colleagues taking a bm in the next stall


Huge poo while shopping!

I woke up at 10 realising my stomach was quite large and looked like it needed to unload. There was no question, i needed the toilet. I was horrified when i found that my sister was already in there and she takes so long, because she usually has a shower, then cleans her teeth and then has her morning poo which always stinks! So i decided to get changed, next thing i know my friends were at my door ready to take me shopping. Crap! I thought, but i just went and assumed everything would be fine. It wasn't. After the second shop we went in i just couldnt handle it. The urge to poo was so bad! Gurgles came from my insides and before i knew it, errr-bbbrarrrrp-puurrrrrrp-spergggggg poo exploded out of me. It was so nasty i could feel it rubbing against my bum, it was so big! There was a huge bulge. I ran home and didn't go out for like a week!


My last day of school

I am 15 and in middle school. Today was my last day of school before summer. In the middle of the morning I had to go poop so I got a pass to the bathroom. There were 2 stalls. I went in the first one and immediately started pooping and it felt so good to empty myself. It turned out I pooped so much that it was stacked up over the top of the water, which made it smell a lot in the bathroom.

Has anyone else pooped so much that your pile sticks up over the top of the water? When I flushed there were huge skid marks. I have pooped at school 10 or 11 times this year and that was by far my biggest one. Tomorrow I will be able to poop at home.


to linda from Australia

Hi Linda. Have you tried using a mild laxative? I would stay home for the day if I were you though because you could you really don't want it to take effect while you're out somewhere. That could be messy & super embarrassing if you can't get to a toilet in a hurry! Believe me laxatives can be ruthless.


On the school field

Hi, it's me Abbie again. Lisa, I think it's pretty normal over here in the UK for primary school toilets to have doors you can lock, though maybe not for really little children. But it was the sort of lock that you can open from the outside if you use a coin, so I guess if there was an emergency someone could always get in. Anyway, back to todays story. Saying what had happened during the test reminded me of another story from when I was in year 6 (aged 11) which I thought I'd share in this post. Our primary school had a massive field which we were allowed to use during breaktimes in the summer months. Back then I was member of a gymnastics club with a group of other girls in my class, and we used to spend our lunchtimes right at the far end of the field practising our routines. No boys or teachers ever came up that far, so we could do handstands and cartwheels and stuff in our summer dresses without flashing our knickers to anyone. The other bonus was if we needed the loo we just went through a gap in the hedge into the farmers field on the other side. The day in question we were sitting eating our packed lunch before starting on some routines when I noticed my friend Charlotte shifting around and looking uncomfortable. I didn't think too much of it until we started doing handstands and I caught a glimpse of her white knickers, I saw that they had a noticable brown stain in them and realised she must have had a bit of an accident. By the way she was squirming about I guessed that she still needed to go but was clearly to embarased to say, so I thought I'd help her out. "I'm just going for a wee a sec, I'm really bursting, does anyone else want to come?" I asked, looking right at Charlotte. "Yeah, me too" she said quietly, turning pink. We both went through the gap in the hedge into the field next door. By now Charlotte was hopping from one foot to the other and looking really desperate. "I'm sorry Abbie, I've got to have a poo, it's starting to come out in my pants and I can't help it" she said, turning bright red. "Hey, don't worry, it's no big deal" I replied, I didn't let on that I already knew as I didn't want to make her feel even worse by telling her I'd seen the stain in her pants. Practically before I'd finished speaking she lifted her dress, yanked down her knickers and squatted and started weeing into the grass. I pulled down my blue knickers and started to wee as well, I actually did need it quite a bit as I kept going for ages. I looked across at Charlotte and saw a massive pile of poo under her bum and more coming out. It was quite runny so it was just as well I'd managed to get her to come with me otherwise she would have made a real mess in her pants. My wee stream came to an end and I pulled up my knickers and let down my dress. I didn't want Charlotte to think I was looking at her so I went off to find her some leaves to wipe with. When I got back she was done, I gave her the leaves I had found and she wiped as well as she could before pulling up her knickers. We went back through and rejoined our friends, luckily they'd been so busy with the routines they didn't notice we'd been gone quite a while. Thanks for reading, will post again soon, bye!!

Just Jerika

Checking out my Options

I've posted before. You might remember that I'm smaller than most of my friends who are in middle school. I'm 12 and it sucks being only 3'5" at my age. All year long I've had a hard time using the toilets at my school because when I'm sitting on the seat my feet are a half inch or so off the floor. And I can only sit over the very front part of the seat because it's so uncomfortable for me.

I admit I made a mistake Friday afternoon. I started to feel my crap coming on (at first the feeling started at about lunch time, but you guys know how I feel about going at school so I held it in and the feeling went away), so when I got home I didn't think about going. I went to my room, got on computer, got busy and then it was about 6 p.m. and my mom called to say she was working late and she had left money on the kitchen counter for my dinner. So I decided to walk about four blocks to the mall where there's a big food court. I cut through a couple of fields to reach the parking lot and by the time I got through the parking lot, my crap was starting to knock again. I got to thinking about how many days it had been and I remembered going last on Tuesday right after school at the gas station across from our school. I remembered filling about 2/3 of the bowl. It was so satisfying but I knew I could never do that at school, so why try. Luckily, the entrance I went in had bathrooms very close by and I was mentally dropping my jeans and my underwear and placing my butt on the seat. I felt like I was going to do a bowl filler.

I walked into the bathroom and it was like two rows of about six stalls on each side. Looking farther down the line of stalls I saw legs under each door and a a couple of heads above the doorway, but I couldn't decide if they were just getting ready to sit or wiping and ready to leave. I looked to my left, noticed the door was open about an inch and I didn't see and legs or feet so I immediately wanted to grab the opportunity. Was I surprised when I opened the door and startled a girl about 3 or 4. She was seated over the side of the toilet, had her undies down to her sandals, and she was going while she sat holding onto the toilet paper holder on the side of the stall. She cried out "Mommy, help me..." and this lady immediately came out of one of the stalls a couple of doors down and started cussing me out and saying that I shouldn't be disturbing anyone in a stall any time. I started to cry because she was really mean and pointed her finger at me and yelled.

I turned around and quickly left. I went up to the second level, found another bathroom that was also busy, but there were like five stalls open. I looked in the first three and found the toilets to be a little larger and higher than I would like. The fourth, I couldn't believe, because unlike the others it had a white seat (I hate the black ones!), and it was not as high. I placed myself on it and my crap dropped within like two minutes. I more than half-way filled the bowl with a soft, snake-like crap which seemed to be a little blacker than the ones I have at home. I wonder if it was the type of light on top of the stall. I was so comfortable and wiped while I was seated, rather than standing to do it. I think it took me like seven wipes. I just love being able to have my feet touch the floor when I'm on the toilet.

I was probably wrong, but because I was still a little upset about what had happend downstairs, I decided not the flush. I washed my hands because I knew I was going to the food court nearby. Then I got my food and ate. After getting done with my super-sized drink, I had to pee so I went right across the way back to the bathroom, to my original stall, and my crap was still in there. I pulled down my jeans and underwear, re-seated myself and peed a steady stream of like a half gallon. Then I got off the toilet, pulled up my clothing, and since I was in a better mood, I walked to the back of the toilet and pushed the flusher. I remember feeling pretty good about it as I washed my hands.

Walking back home I started to fart a little. I feel really good when I'm not at school and can comfortably use the toilet. It's probably good that we only have a couple of weeks of school left, too.

Just Jerika


to Chris (aka) toast: about not throwing things in the trash

You wrote about someone dumping their stained underwear in a grocery store parking lot. I've never seen underwear out in the open, but I've seen diapers left in all sorts of places.

I saw a diaper in a parking lot. It's a common sight to see a dirty diaper on a bench at the train station. I've seen diapers on the floor of the train. I've seen diapers on the ground next to the benches at the train station. I once saw a diaper on the train tracks. I mentioned that to the driver. I was concerned about the diapers getting tangled up in the wheels, but the driver said it was okay.

There are several trash cans at each train station.

Once when a passenger noticed a dirty diaper by her shoes, she moved to a different seat.

to Avidpeer: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u got to relieve yourself in the backyard. that must have been alot of fun! i have never experienced that before. maybe oneday i will be lucky and get to experience a delightful pee in the backyard! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to kendra: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u like to listen to other women poop! you and i have something in common! when iam out in public i usually like to use the third stall! the main reason is cause there is always a good chance someone will use that stall to relieve themselves in. also may i mention that i usually like to remain in the stall after i have had my bowel movement just to see and closely listen to what other women do! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to BlueCircle: i really enjoyed your short post! i cant really answer your survery because iam a lesiban! although iam interested to hear what other people will have to say! Good luck! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Lisa& Kristen: i hope all is well with you ! take care and God bless!
to Sarah: i really enjoyed your post! iam really glad to hear that u had a successful bowelmovement! i like to mention that when i take a dump they usually smell really bad also! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Chris: i really enjoyed your post! iam quite shocked to learn that someone would leave a pair of soiled undewar in a grocery parking lot! i guess somepeople have no common sense! that is abosoultley uncalled for! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to KateM: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u made it to the woods on time to have a quick pee. thats interesting that u wore a black skirt! iam pleased to learn that u recommend it to wear for an emergency pee. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Lisa: i really enjoyed your post! the 23 year old man should have known better than to pee in his own backyard infront of young kids!~ he totally dserved the ticket that he got! hopefully he will learn his lesson! i lookforwrd to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Linda: i really enjoyed your post! iam so glad to hear that u have had several successful bowel movements! hopefully this will continue! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! thats interesting that a women would leave her soiled underwear and shorts by a tree. i wonder what she might have been thinking! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that kristy had a successful poo! however i can understand why she had u take your bowel movement in a plastic bag! i mean no one should have to pay $200 dollars to repair a clogged tiolet! iam pleased to hear that she at least let you pee in the tiolet. thats really interesting to hear about the young dj having a major bowel movement while on a talk show. i hope that she was ok! your story about the 19 year old women working at kfc was fascinating! i cant believe that she would allow herself to have a major bowel movement in her pants while on the clock! i was really sory to hear that u witnessed a man having a major accident while waiting to checkout at the grocery store. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Ben: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that the women left her soiled underwear in the trash for you to see! the bathroom must have had a powerful stench! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! why would a classmate of yours allow herself to have an accident in her clothes! i would have been totally embarrassed! i hope that she is ok! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Vincene: i really enjoyed your post! your moms highschool prank sounded like it was a success! i can imagine how bad the bathroom must have smelled. i dont mind walking into a bathroom if it really reaks of poo! i probably would have started giggling! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Michael: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that one of your coworkers had a major accident! iam glad to hear that this experience brought you two closer together! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bles.
to stefania: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that u and your 12 year old daughter both experienced major accidents! i hope that u two are feeling alot better! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless.
to Mary: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear about your unfornate accident that u encountered while visiting the mall. hopefully it wont happen in the near future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u encountered a bed wetting accident! it can happen to anyone. you dont need to worry! i lookforward to your next post! thanks for the kind words! it is always apprecaited! take care and God bless.
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! i hate it when there is a really long line to the bathroom. however iam really glad to hear that u and sophia didnt have an accident and that your bathroom experience was a success! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Whizzer: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that u had a successful pee! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to TR3XETTE:i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your major diarreah accident. the bathroom must have smelled pretty bad afterwords. Good luck on your exams! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Deliah: i really miss u! i hope that everything is ok!



Tuesesday, June 01, 2010

The accident after the journey. PART ONE.

Hello.Back after a long time,with a TRUE account of my first real big accident for ages.It happened two days ago(sunday evening).I had been away for the weekend with a group of friends as we were competing in a singing competition in Yorkshire,England.We didn't do as well as we'd hoped but still had a wonderful time.We travelled there and back by coach,so as we live in the North East of Scotland ,it was a long trip.
I had been experiencing slight stomach pains on the way but put this down to over eating(and drinking???)Anyway,as we reached home,i was the second to last person to be dropped off and had about a 5 minute walk to where i had left my car on Friday morning.Almost as soon as i started walking i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my bum.I realised that some major poo was on it's way!I also released a few spurts of pee into my pants.By now it was difficult to walk.In fact i had to stop a couple of times.Luckily as it was a sunday evening it was fairly quiet.Then,despite my best efforts to stop it,i felt soft poo coming out my bum and into my pants.I also farted a couple of times as my bowels relaxed.I could feel a sizeable lump in the back of my jeans and was literrally waddling along.Thankfully i covered this,by slinging my bag over my shoulder and letting it hang down over my bottom.
When i reached my parked car,i felt a bit strange but somewhat relieved that it had not happened while i was still on the coach. TO BE CONTINUED.


Poo in the supermarket

Ever since I woke up, I had a terrible belly ache. Whatever I had last night (too drunk to remember) didn't like me. I don't know why but I held it in for most of the day, I think I love the feeling of desperation. Anyway before i knew it, it was 8:00 pm and i was farting quite a lot. They were really wet, a couple of times I had to check to see if I pooed myself or not, I didn't every time I checked. Later on my mom said she was going shopping so i tagged along. In the car it was all quiet except the noises coming from my stomach and occasionally out my ass. I knew my face was as red as a tomato it always is when I'm embarrassed, I sat their squinting trying to hold it all in. Farting got more frequent and I was holding my belly intensely. The car was parked! I quickly ran inside with hands on and up my ass hole. I stormed into customer toilets and pulled my leggins down as fast as i could. I got my knickers off in a flash, as soon as I sat a huge gurgle came from my bum followed by so much poo! It was semi solid, really nasty stuff. Spent about 10 mins pooing and farting. The smell was so bad as I was finishing off on the toilet with a few wet farts. Felt so much better!

Megan x

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

Affetr finishing supper and Jll feeling much better we three did the cleaning up in the kitchen together. Tomorrow would be the last day the girls would be staying here at my grandmothers house. We all still wanted to go to the amusement park togther. so we palnned to do it for tomorrow. It again was alright with my grandmother.

So waht we did early in the evening after doing the cleaning in the kitchen was it did clear off outside so we all went outside to take a shower using the hose out in the backyard. I was in cutoff shorts while both Janet and Jill had put on thier bikinis. We took turns holding the hose as we all got cleaned up for our day together tomorrow.

Durring takeing our shower under the hose both girls Janet and Jill tok a piss while they stood under the hose! Jill was the first to do it and she said loudly,laughing saying that she was peeing! Janet stood there along with me and we watched Jill as she peed. Janet had the hose and she was spraying it on Jills legs. So you could see Jill's pee stream comming through the center of the crotch of her bikini and some pee running down the nisides of her thighs too.

Then as soon as Jill was done with her pee she took the hose from Janet for Janet told Jill she was also going to pee. Jill sprayed Janet with the hose wetting her down and like Janet had done Jill sprayed Janets legs with the hose. Again like Jill Janet started peeing which firts her pee ran out from the sdes of her bikini bottom and then a thin stream formed which went straight down between her legs.

Janet's stream was not as hard as Jills had been. But it to me was good enough! Then after Janet had stopped her pissing she had Jill rinse her all off. Now I was last. But I went differently then the two girls. I was erect with my penis pointed straight up inside of my cutoffs. So I just pulled the front upper waist of them right out! That made a open space.

I started to piss which my piss stream shot up out of my cutoff shorts which oth Janet and Jill saw my stream shooting up out of my cutoffs and they laughed hard! I stood there and pissed for about ten seconds and when my stream did die off that was the only time durring my piss my piss did wet my cutoffs! Then I got hit with the water from the hose which soaked my cutoff shorts which now there was no sighn that I had wet them with piss. Then we were done and turned off the hose and we all went inside. To be continuied.

Avid Pee-er
Sex: M
Age: 18

This morning I woke up with a bladder that was much fuller than it wanted to be. Unfortunately, my sister was occupying the bathroom. So I went to the backyard and relieved myself in front of a tree. I love excuses to pee outside (or doing so without an excuse).


At the gym

Hey everyone. I'm a 20-something redheaded girl named Kendra (duh!), and I have a bit of a secret that even most of my real life friends don't know. I really like to hear other women go poop. I'll often spend extra time in the toilet after I've finished just to listen to the woman in the next stall.

On Wednesday, I was at the gym and I decided to have a quick pee before I began my workout so I wouldn't be interrupted halfway through. The bathroom was in a corner of the women's locker room close to the showers. There were three stalls and one was in use. I took the one next to it hoping she was here for a poop. Either she wasn't or she was done already as when I closed the door and pulled down my workout shorts I heard a flush and the woman went to the sink. I sat down on the seat and started to pee. My pee lasted only a short time then I tore off two sheets of paper, folded them and wiped one time. I flushed the toilet and left the stall to wash my hands. While I was washing, a woman wrapped in a towel walked over and went into the stall I just exited.

Again I hoped I'd get to hear something, so I took longer to wash then I normally would. I heard her drop the towel and sit down then a fierce pee. And a ploosh sound which confirmed she was pooping. Looking around, I didn't see anyone else so I walked over to take a stall. Plop, Plop, pfffft, Plop. Three quick drops and an airy fart from her as I closed the door. She let out a quiet grunt kind of like unh. Silence for a bit, unh again. Once more, brief silence and then an unnhh. At last a plooop when what must have been a big poop dropped. I heard her roll off some paper while she farted a loud braaap fart. More rolling and she wiped. She wiped three more times then flushed. I waited for another minute for her to wash her hands then left.

I hope to hear more great stories from the lovely ladies here and share many of my own in the days to come. I really liked the stories from Abbie and Leanne.

Kendra :)

Blue Circle

Pooping Your Way to a Sexier You, for men?

To the Guy who wrote "Pooping Your Way to a Sexier You," you hit the nail right on the head. That was Awesome. Now, if that wasn't tabu enough, let us truley address the "minority."
Any takers on the flipside?

Question for the ladies: For those of you who would love to see your man on the potty, what is it that attracts you to the sights and sounds of your man deficating?
How would an article in a mens magazine read on the subject of enhancing your romantic relationship by letting your lady watch you on the pot?

Remember, the couple that poops together, stays together.

Blue Circle


the bathroom at my grade school

to Abbie,

I was surprised to read that the bathroom at your primary school had doors that locked. The bathroom at my grade school didn't have doors that locked. Also, there were some tiny toilets for the youngest children.


Reply to Astrid

Astrid- I liked your story. Is that the same Linda who pooped her panties, as told in page 1855? if so, it looks like she has a penchant for doing the job in her undies ! anyway, it's rude to leave one's soiled panties on a bathroom counter.

As far as accidents are concerned, I myself had had a couple,one about six months ago. I might recount it here.

why do men do it?

While I was waiting for a train, I turned and looked in the other direction and I saw a man peeing. Everything was visible. I said, "Ew, that's disgusting." He then ran across the street.

Why can't they walk across the street and use the bathroom in the fast-food restaurant, or walk about fifty feet and use the bathroom in the supermarket?

After I did my workout routine this afternoon, I really had to take a dump bad. So I went to my bathroom, removed my black exercise shorts and my panties and sat on the toilet. My turds eased out of me nice and slow and I didn't have to push at all. I let out three long turds, each one probably half a foot or more.

My friend M. once told me that my shit really stinks. I said her shit smells too, and she just said yeah but not even close to your stink. That made me think about some things and now I have a question. I don't really have a diet at all, but M. is a very strict vegetarian. So, I have to ask which smells worse, the shit of a vegetarian or a meat eater?

Chris (aka) Toast

Some things just dont belong in a grocery store parking lot.

Hey all Its been a long time sence I posted but I wanted to tell you about this, its realy no huge deal but I work at Kroger and as I'm sacking grocerys costomer comes up to me and tells me that thers a pair of poop staind underware sitting right in the parking lot. she leads he out there to show me and sure enough there they are. Now I now as well as anybody that accadents happen but come on realy? Dump the staind briefs in the Kroger parking lot? Have you no shame?

I just wanted to tell you about that. What are your thoughts about this?
Thanks Chris

Kate M.

Emergency Pee

I went out on m y bike and after riding a few blocks I had to pee; I stopped at the woodlot, parked my bike and found one of my usual peeing places - nice bushes on flat terrain with enough protection to hide the deed but bike was in view. I half stood, half squatted and I was wearing a skirt so it was easy. I just move the crotch aside and pee onto the ground, lifting the skirt up at the front. I watch the pee stream so that it does not hit the clothing. This is in case guys are interested how women do this or if girls/women are beginning outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running, etc. and have never actually peed outside - hard to believe but some people have never done it. I continued biking for a while and stopped to purchase groceries. I brought them out onto my bike and realized that I had to pee again. I just stood in the parking lot and peed into the giant Poise pad (the highest absorbency ones) and was on my merry way home. I changed the pad at home and threw out the soaked one. Black skirts are great for this in case some pee leaks out.


man about to pee in backyard could end up on Megan's list

A man called the talk show that I listen to that's hosted by a lawyer, and said that his son was going to pee in the backyard of his mobile home. His son is 23. The next door neighbor yelled, "Hey we got kids here."

The man said that his son never pulled anything out. The cops gave the man a ticket. The lawyer said that the DA could charge the guy with indecent exposure, even though he was in his own backyard. The man's son might end up on Megan's list. The man asked about community service, but the lawyer told him to go to court to find out the details of what's going on.


Post Title (optional) Been having some good dumps.....

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having some good poos for the last few days and I have been feeling finished after going. I haven't had any trouble for the last few days which is great!!

To Keith D: I always do a wee before taking a dump and afterwards aswell. When I'm really constipated, I pee a lot more while I'm straining. The pressure on my bladder makes me pee and I find it a bit annoying. It sort of gets rid of the urge and I have to start all over again. I also have to position myself properly when I'm constipated and I normally sit right back. While I'm straining, I find that I need to reposition myself and sometimes I put my feet up on the toilet seat and squat over the bowl.

Are you still constipated?? The last time you posted on here, you had been constipated for a few days. I'm on a winning streak right now but that will probably change soon.

Hi Stefania,I am from Italy too.I really enjoyed your post and I hope to read from you more.Take care.


Strange Find

Today I was walking around downtown waiting to meet a friend at the train station. I was running a bit late so I decided to cut through a parking lot. It was mostly empty except for a few cars and every so often a tree was planted.

I kept walking for a few minutes and in the distance I noticed something odd next to one of the trees. When I got closer I noticed it was a woman's pair of shorts and underwear. There was diarrhea all over both of them. It looked like it had been sitting out for a while because it wasn't wet anymore.

I wonder what happened to the poor woman who's clothes they were. Clearly she had a huge accident in her pants and decided to abandon her clothing rather than try to wash them later. I can just imagine someone running around with no pants on trying to find a place to clean their bum.

I looked around to see if the person had left anything else in the parking lot but couldn't find anything. I continued on my way and I experienced another interesting story that I'm going to tell later.

Hope everyone is well, thanks for being my bathroom-habit buddies.


Disturbed during a poo

I went to see Kirsty this morning. She opened her door & was hiding behind it. She poked her head around the door & as soon as she say it was only me she let me in, closing it quickly. She had no clothes on below the waist & moaned that I'd disturbed her poo. I needed to go myself so I knew how she felt. Kirsty went back upstairs to the bathroom & I followed her in. I sat on the edge of the bath while she pushed out a couple of large logs & peed for ages. She was done in 5 minutes & flushed the toilet. I asked her if she minded if I went & Kirsty replied, "Well you'd better not block it. I know how long you hold it in." I told her I went yesterday so it shouldn't block up. Kirsty wasn't sure though & only let me pee. She got me a plastic bag & made me poo in that. She said, "The last time you blocked my toilet I had to call a plumber & it cost me 200!" My poo wasn't that big but having to do it in a carrier bag with kirsty watching felt so hot. When I was done I wiped & tied the bag up & Kirsty took the bag off me & threw it in the bin.

Last week I was listening to the radio when a young popstar was being interviewed. She was only 16 & the DJ mentioned that the girl wasn't very well due to done poisoning. The DJ joked that she might have to bring in a bucket for her just in case. As the interview went on they were discussing her new album when I noticed the girl sounded a bit uneasy. The DJ asked the girl if she was ok & she replied. "Fine but I really need the bathroom." They continued talking for half an hour before the girl suddenly blurted out that she was about to poo her panties & would have to end the interview soon. The DJ said "Oh right well er ok we'll play some records while she's gone. I hope she's ok." Well the girl never returned & I can't help wondering he she made it in time. It would have been mortifying he she'd some herself in the studio during a live broadcast.

To Kyle: I loved reading your story about the girl having an accident at her till. It reminded me about a similar incident that happened when I worked at KFC a few years ago. There was this Polish girl called Terrianna who also worked there. She was 19, slim 5'6", with long brown hair tied up in a bun. She always wore her jeans a size too small so they hugged her bum tightly. Well one bank holiday weekend it was really busy. There were customers queing outside the door & Terrianna was fidgeting a bit. I knew she needed to use the toilet but I didn't know whether she needed to pee or poo. I asked her if she was ok & she said she needed to go to the loo. We're not supposed to take toilet breaks unless we're on an official break but I Terrianna was really desperate. She held it for about 20 minutes before a small wet patch formed in the back of her skin tight jeans. She went bright red & asked the male supervisor to get someone to relieve her but there was no one spare & she had to wait untill we were less busy. The wet patch gradually grew bigger untill it trickled down her leg. Poor Terrianna looked mortified & she asked the supervisor again for a relief. He knew she really needed the toilet & had a bulge in his trousers. He still made her wait though. Terrianna carried on working for about half an hour before the smell of poo filled the air. She started to cry as a brown stain appeared in her jeans. The supervisor couldn't ignore this & came over to take over from a super embarrassed Terrianna. As she turned round to leave the counter she let out a wet sounding fart as her bowels exploded spewing thier entire contents into her underwear. She supervisor was obviously very aroused judging by the ridge in his trousers. It took Terrianna over 40 minutes to get back from the toilet. She had an apron on & didn't have her jeans on. She was sent home sick as a result & later, on when it was my break I went to the toilet to find she'd sprayed her diarrhoea all over the toilet seat. I found her jeans in the sanitary bin next to the toilet. I couldn't believe that she'd let herself get that desperate. I would've just run to the toilet if it was that urgent. It would've been better than having a massive & un believably embarrassing accident in front of all those customers.

I went shopping this afternoon & at the checkout there was a really fit looking guy of about 20-21 in front of me. He was hopping & fidgeting on the spot & I Knew he needed the toilet very badly. He tried to hide it but I do know about these things & I was sure he was getting close to pooing his pants. It really turned me on as I'd never seen a man poo his pants before. By the time he started to unload his basket I knew he was getting close to losing it. As his the checkout girl was scanning his shopping he went all stiff & went bright red. Then the smell of poo filled the air as he loaded not just his bags but also his pants too! The look on his face was a picture & as soon as he paid for his stuff he ran to the gents holding his bum.

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