Ben In Iowa

Another Customer Accident

This happened a few nights ago. I was walking back to our breakroom after purchasing my dinner for the night. As i'm walking this attractive hispanic lady walks hurriedly by me and enters the backroom where our restroom is. As I walk back I see her enter the women's restroom as I enter our breakroom which you can see both restrooms from. Well I eat my dinner and I notice 15 minutes has gone by and she is still in there, so I assume she must be taking a big poop. Well another 15 minutes goes by and she is still in there as I am finishing up my break. I find it quite odd but don't really think too much more about it. As I leave the breakroom, the door opens and she exits, face red, and she avoids eye contact with me. Well later on in the night after the store has closed, I'm changing the trash bags in both restrooms when I find on the top of the women's trash bag, I pink pair of Hane's panties with a softball size poop ball in them. I honestly shocked but turned on by the fact that the poor girl who couldn't have been more than 25 had completely shit her panties and had to clean up in our restroom. She had to of known I knew something when she saw me when she left and was probably already embarrased. Wish I could have seen it as it happened and the clean up.


Brian's Gym Restroom

Brian-I liked your story about the crapping in the gym with no partitions between the stalls. Have you seen other guys crapping there before? I would imagine that most guys would try to avoid it at all costs.
How is it that this is a male-only gym? I didn't think those were legal. Did you mean that the locker room was male-only?
When the other guy sat down to take a dump, did he just barely pull his clothes down below his butt, or did he drop everything down to the floor? I'm guessing just barely pulled them down.
Was the other guy wearing briefs like you were, or boxers? I figure a young guy is probably in boxers.

Cool you were able to have a conversation with him after the dump. Maybe he'll be open to open dumping in the future!


A story about a girl I used to know at school

When I was 16 there was a girl in my class called Joanne. She was sitting next to me & she whispered in my ear, "Wendy I really need to do a number two. I haven't been for five days & I can't hold it much longer." I told her to ask to leave the room but she was to shy. By the end of the lesson Joanne was in tears. She got up holding her bum & I could smell that she'd pood herself. She ran down the corridor towards the girls toilets & on the way she kept saying, "Oh no. Oh no." By the time Joanne reached the toilets she had both hands pressed tightly againist her bum. She rushed into the first cubicle available leaving the door open & lifted her skirt up, ripped her panties down which were full of soft mushy poo & sat on the toilet with a thump. She had the most explosive diarrhoea down the toilet & it really stank. Joanne kept releasing wave after wave of diarrhoea & it took her half an hour to finish. I helped her clean up with some wet paper towels. She said she felt much better afterwards & we bunked off school for the rest of the day to avoid the embarrassment of going back late & the whole class knowing what happenned. We walked back to Joanne's house as there was noone home at the time. As soon as we got in she said, "I need to go again. Will you come in with me?" She ran upstairs to the bathroom & I followed her. Joanne sat on the toilet & blasted away for all she was worth. I held her hand as she crying was in pain. I couldn't believe a girl could poo so much & then I felt a rumble in my own guts. Whatever bug Joanne had caught, I must have caught too. I had to wait ages for Joanne to finish & by the time it was my turn to use the toilet I was getting desperate. Finaly she flushed & I already had my skirt up & pants down ready. I quickly sat down & released a huge load of soft poo down Joanne's toilet. The seat was really warm & sweaty which I loved. I finished quickly & flushed the toilet. Joanne asked, "Feeling better now?" I replied. "Much better thanks." I went home after that as it was 3:00pm & we didn't want our parents to know we'd bunked off school.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Senior Pyramid Prank

As a senior in high school, whose graduation is like two weeks away, I will remember Braidy's post, and make sure that I sit down and use the toilet before we start marching in to our ceremony.

Last night my mom and I went to the mall and we also visited a couple of rental stores, because we have to get additional lawn furniture for my graduation party. I guess I don't care as much about the party as they do, but I know they love me and they are excited about my accomplishments in school, and as mom says, want "to see me off right!"

Well after visiting several party shops in the mall, it was like 7:30 p.m. when we sat down in the food court for dinner. After we got our food I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I had been holding my pee for like an hour as we shopped and since I had a large Coke to drink, I knew I had to pee. When I got back, I remarked to mom that it was unusual for me to have the whole bathroom to myself and to pee so easily, instead of the crowds and some of the obnoxious things that have happened to me at school, bus station, and some of the other places I've posted about. Then mom asked me a question that suprised me somewhat. "Has you class done a senior prank yet?" I thought "Wow ... this isn't something we haven't talked about and I'm surprised she brought it up." Actually we've had no pranks and mom then asked if I she told me about the Class of '70 prank at her school which was on the other side of the county. Now I was locked in, if you know what I mean, and I had to know.

Mom's like me and crapped pretty much every morning right after she parked her car and went into the building. Well, one morning she walks into the bathroom before her first class and one of her classmates meets her in the doorway and asks her if she has to crap or pee. Of course, she said crap and she was directed to wait for a specific stall. She said there was a strong stench from the stall that was in use. The girls who needed to pee were directed to stalls at the other end of the restroom. Mom was told that they were doing a "poop pyramid" in as many stalls as they could. The idea was to jam the toilets as much as possible with poop so that the custodians would have to basically shovel them out, she said. Well the girl came out and my mom went in. She said she was surprised the toilet was stacked with poop an inch or so above the water level and smelled so bad. She said all she could think about was getting out of there as soon as possible. She usually put toilet paper over the seat before sitting on it, but this time she didn't want to take the time. She had a loose skirt on and luckily was able to seat herself fast, drop her load (she remembers it was a foot and a half or so long log that landed with its end tip standing straight up. She wiped quickly and pulled up her underwear, quickly exited the stall and the girl running the prank directed the next user in.

Mom had hoped to come back in a few minutes to see how much progress had been made, but after she got her math tutoring, it was time for class and she didn't get back there until noon. The administration had locked the bathroom for the rest of the day. She heard some girls say that two or three of the stalls had had been pyramided in the same way.

My mom is very conservative and proper, if you know what I mean. It just causes me to be surprised that she would have contributed to something like that. But like she says, it was the 1970s. And she didn't have a phone she could take out and have taken the picture of the year.


Accident I witnessed

Kyle's story about the girl who had an accident at her cash register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond reminds me of an experience I had in college. I was working at a movie theater my freshman year and was in the box office up front selling tickets. Each booth held two people and the second person in my booth one night was a pretty attractive high school senior named Leslie. We had worked together many shifts before and got along well. It was a really busy Saturday night and our evening breaks had already come and gone. I noticed she was fidgeting a little and shifting her weight back and forth a lot behind the counter. After a while I figured she needed the bathroom. But the lines were really long and not really any gaps so we couldn't just leave the box. At one point she muted her mic and said something about wishing the lines would go away so she could go to the bathroom. I told her to call the manager to find someone to cover. She didn't want to do that. So we kept going and she kept fidgeting and crossing her legs and bending her knees. Later I could tell it was getting worse and knew she was really desperate. Finally she went over to the wall intercom and asked a manager for a cover but they said there was nobody who could cover and everyone was swamped. So Leslie went back to her register and kept on working and squirming. I should mention our uniforms included khaki pants. Anyway, a little while later I could tell she was starting to sound really nervous and was squirming even more than before. Then a few minutes later I heard her gasp a little. I looked over and she had one hand on her crotch and was bent forward a little and I suddenly noticed a dark wet spot spread onto the back of her right thigh and her lower butt cheeks before stopping. I guess she was able to regain control. After a couple of more customers she went back to the intercom and asked again for a cover from a manager. They said it would be at least another 15 minutes before they could. She cursed and came back to her register. I could see wetness on the front of her crotch and upper thighs, too. She looked at me and I just mouthed "I'm sorry" and shrugged and told her it was ok and not to be embarrassed. She went back to work, still struggling. I then noticed the faint smell of gas like someone farted, but with the gaps in the windows to hand people tickets it wasn't strong because we get a lot of outside air smells, too. Leslie was still squirming a ton and had her legs crossed and I could tell she was squeezing for all her worth to keep holding it the rest of the 15 minutes until she could be relieved. But a minute or so later she gasped again and stopped talking. I looked over and she wasn't squirming any more. The wetness was now spreading in a flood down her legs, up her butt cheeks, soaking her pants very quickly as she peed full force into her pants. But then I noticed something else happening - a bulge was growing under her butt and steadily getting bigger. She was pooping her pants as well. I had thought she only needed to pee. The bulge grew steadily larger until it looked like she had a softball sitting in her panties and a brown stain became slightly visible near the edges of her now noticeable panty line. She looked over at me and saw me staring. She said "I'm so sorry, I just couldn't hold it any more." I told her it was ok. No big deal. The we realized our customers were banging on the glass because we had stopped working. We both went back to working while Leslie stood there in completely pooped and peed pants for another fifteen minutes before a manager finally came. When the manager saw Leslie's condition she apologized and told her she could go home. I gave Leslie a cheap jacket I kept with me in case it got cold in the box so she could wrap it around her waist so at least it wouldn't be obvious she had pooped herself even though there was no covering the very obvious pee stains on her lower legs on her khakis. She thanked me the next time she saw me and we became pretty good friends and even dated for a few months later on, but I'll never forget the night I worked next to an 18 year old who peed and soiled herself.


Accidents in fiction

in a book called Tall Pine Polka an actress trying to get a part in a hollywood movie gets an attack of diarrhea. she can't hold it in and poops her pants in a producers office. she gets the part. later she does a TV interview and is trying to avoid any personal questions. she accidentally tells everyone about the accident. the interviewer is annoyed but the public loves it.

Poop Your Way to a Sexier You

With many of the guy readers, I admit that I have a poop fetish when it comes to the opposite sex. So I was thinking, what is it about a beautiful girl taking a dump that is attractive? And, I thought, "what would an article in a girl's magazine, say Glamour, read about the subject that would encourage girls to use nature to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex?" So here goes, ladies! Poop your way to a Sexier You!
"While the subject may be somewhat questionable, and even a little gross, your significant other could be attracted to something you do(o) every day! What? My man wants to see me on the toilet? No way! Yet you are a little intrigued…I mean, he's seen you naked, without makeup, right? Well, would he like to see you have a bowel movement? Could be? Ask yourself, does your man like to ask you about your latest trip to the bathroom? Does he seem to linger around after you have stated your intention to poop? Does his less than interested ears perk up when you talk about an upset stomach or being constipated? Does he like to know what you are eating?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above, it could be that your guy is actually attracted to your bowel habits? Why is this so? Could be many reasons from evolution to an early experience in life, but don't worry, your guy is normal. Too, are you aroused at bowel function topics? You are not alone and you are not weird!
So how can you use your poop to enhance your sexiness? Here are a few things that may attract your man to your daily doodie, and a few things you can do(o) to use this to your advantage!
What is attractive about a woman pooping?
1. In an guy's mind, a beautiful woman pooping is an oxymoron. Though we all know every woman poops, it still blows a guy's mind to see an angel that smells of roses producing mounds of poop, straining on a toilet. And even knowing that women poop, it is hard to picture anything more than a ball, pebble or short, slim log of poop that leaves little odor. Men know women poop. Or do they?
2. Men are attracted to sight. Long dark chocolate hair perfectly bending to fit the contours of the potty posture, the curve of the back, the beautiful hips, and long legs look great on the toilet. Or, luscious red, curly hair, or silky smoothe blond. It all looks great when you assume the position.
3. Girls, if you are slightly embarrassed of this deed, then it makes it all the more the attractive. A little blush and modesty goes a long way!

What can you do to use poop to enhance your sex appeal?
1. Large Bowel Movements are a turn on. Guys want to know that you can produce! So, take in some extra fiber, eat healthy, drink water and stay fit. Being in shape adds to the regularity and girth of the poop. Little dainty poops are what he expects. Huge logs, mushy piles, and maybe a few farts can go a long way to increasing your poop sex appeal.
2. Remain modest, but look for ways that you can work poop into the conversation. Guys don't want blatant comments about how you stunk up the bathroom. They don't want to know how proud you are of clogging the toilet at the restaurant. Rather, begin the story about how you exploded in the public bathroom at the mall, and that you were a little embarrassed by it (even if you were not really). This is a good way to find out if he is interested.
3. Leave the door open a little while you are pooping. If you know your man is interested, give a little tease to find out if he is listening. If so, look for an opportunity to invite him in.
4. When you poop, look your best. Have your hair and make-up done. If you can look like you are headed to a romantic dinner, going to the mall, headed to a friend's, this will only enhance your guys' imagination.
5. Look for an opportunity of desperation. Take in that Mexican in the evening after your high fiber diet throughout the day. Maybe before that beautiful night time rendezvous, have a relaxing poop while your man caresses your shoulders. Let it go from there!
6. Do not be gross with it. Enough said. Be sure that you and he are comfortable with it!
7. About accidents, it is not recommended to try an "on purpose" accident until you are in a completely committed relationship. Diarrhea accidents are a turn-off, as well as those that are public, with others that you need to impress, or in situations where clean-up is not readily available. However, is filled with stories of solid accidents, that when timed perfectly, ended up in wonderful evenings!
So give it a try! Poop your way to a sexier you!

today i hungout with a guy friend of mine. i met him at his workplace. then we went to a big mexican resturant for lunch. i ordered two large burritos with stuffed with tons of beans and beef. i also ordered a large plate of friend rice and extra refried beans. we conversated and talked. then we decided to leave and stroll around for a little while. after About fifteen minutes. both of us developed a huge urge to go to the bathroom. we stopped at Sports Authority and went to the bathroom. as i made my way to the womens bathroom i noticed a notice stench coming from the bathroom. when i walekd in there were only 3 stalls available. the second one was taken by a 14 year old girl with blond hair. i immediatley took the third stall next to her. i pulled down my jean shorts and began peeing. the 14 year old girl was pooping and it was noticeable. i began inhaling the odor that was coming from her. stall it wasnt long before she was finshed. she exited the stall without flushing. she quickly left the bathroom without washing her hands. i was still pooping at this point. i was almost done. then seconds later i was finally finished. i got up and exited the stall without flushing. i looked in the stall that the 14 year old girl had used and she completley filled the tiolet up with her bowel movement. it also looks like that she missed several times and there were huge puddles on the floor. i quickly washed my hands and then left. thats all for now.



I went to the bathroom this morning to have a poo to find I'd run out of toilet rolls, so before I could relieve myself I had to go to the supermarket to by some more. As I was walking round the shelves I started to get stomach cramps & felt a terrible urge to go. I found the toilet rolls & quickly made my way to the checkout to pay for them. All the checkouts were packed & I was getting really desperate. By the time I'd paid for my toilet rolls I was close to pooing myself & I knew I wouldn't make it home in time so I headed for the customer toilets. Unfortunately there was a que for the three cubicles & I could feel my poo trying it's to force it's way out of me. I had to hold my bum tightly & the young girl in front of me let me go first. I was so gratefull & as soon as I got into the cubicle I hurriedly pulled my jeans & knickers down. I turned round to sit down but I too desperate to hold it & blasted the back of the seat with diarrhoea. I sat down & blasted the rest of it into the toilet making a lot of noise. It was one of the messiest poos I've ever had but what a relief. The cleanup took quite some time & needed a lot of toilet paper. When I tried to flush the toilet it blocked up & the water came almost up to the rim before it slowly drained away. I waited for it to fill up & flushed again. Thankfully this time it all flushed away so I left & washed my hands.


Food poisoning underway

Iīm Stefania from Italy. Iīm 32 years old, tall, with black long hair. I teach German at a high school in Italy and so I decided to visit Vienna at last weekendīs holiday with my 12 years old daughter. On the first day we decided to do a sightseeing tour on a bus. Before that we ate cake in a coffee shop. Obviously this must have been not fresh or even poisoned because after 10 minutes into the sightseeing tour I started to have sharp cramps in my stomach. First I hoped it would pass but it became worse from minute to minute. I felt I would become sick and would need to go to a toilet very soon. I looked around but there was no toilet on the sightseeing bus. I told the tour guide about my situation but she told me I have to wait until first stop in about 10 minutes. I felt terrible, like my stomach would blow up. I was afraid that I couldnīt hold it but I did it with my utmost strength. When we stopped I jumped out of the bus, ran to the toilet which was fortunately nearby and empty, ripped down my jeans and panties and let it go. I exploded into the toilet and had diarreah for at least two minutes nonstop. Then two other waves followed. My daughter came after me and asked me what was wrong and I told her I am terribly sick. After 5 minutes I was finished and cleaned up. I thought everything was over. This was a mistake. Back to the bus, after just 5 minutes, the cramps started again and it was very obvious that I had to go again. I was almost crying because I knew we had almost 20 minutes left on the sightseeing tour, and the urge was unbearable. We had about 2 minutes left before the end of the tour and I was already standing next to the door in full desperation to jump out and go somewhere even outdoors when the worst thing happened. I couldnīt hold it and diarreah splashed into my panties. I was mortified. I jumped out of the bus again, ran to the next toilet (again I was fortunate because there was a public toilet just nearby the place where the tour ended) and finished the diearreah there. It was just incredible to sit there for at least 10 minutes with wave after wave and not be able to move. Now I realised that I had food poisoning from that cake. When I was finished I felt very weak. I felt I had also fever and had just one wish to go back to our hotel, clean up my ruined jeans and panties and sleep. We had to wait a couple of minutes for the tram and the ride took us 10 minutes but again after a couple of minutes the urge to go came back. We ran into our hotel, and I was sure I wouldnīt make it to our room which was on the 7th floor, asked the receptionist for the key and ran into the toilet in the lobby. Again three horrible waves, this time just brown water splashed out of me. Unfortunately this time I had to throw up too, so I quickly turned around, kneeled down and vomited everything I ate this day into the toilet. Finally I was done, we got to our room and I just laid down and fell asleep suddenly, I was so weak. I was awakened just half an hour later by the next urge, ran to the bathroom and let out everything which was still inside me, both having diarreah and vomiting two more times. But at least I was lucky this time not having to go into a public toilet. By then my daughter came in and told she was going to be sick, too. I thought, o no, but of course she ate the same cake and obviously it struck her three hours later. I told her she has to squat in the shower and let it go into there because I had still one wave after the other and couldnīt leave the toilet. She had also diarreah, but not as bad as me, and she didnīt have to throw up. I had the runs still every hour until midnight, but then it was over. It was the worst diarreah experience in my life, because it was while travelling and not at my own house where you have privacy.

to helen: i really enjoyed your post! i was very sorry to hear about your accident that u encountered during track. may i suggest that u plan ahead next time so that this kind of thing doesnt occur again! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to conner: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that u were able to make it to the bathroom and complete a successful dump! iam also pleased to hear that a father brought his five year old daughter in and she disminstrated proper behavior. alot of times parents will just let there young four or five year old daughter go to the bathroom by themseleves. most little kids wont flush the tiolet and they will not wash there hands either. i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to AmandaM: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry that u encountered an accident in the basement. i was glad to hear that u were able to finish relieving yourself on the tiolet. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to petite pooper: i really enjoyed your post! i was really glad to hear that your bus driver got caught for relieving herself and leaving it on someone elses yard. she got what she deserved! iam glad that the man placed a video camera in his yard. i truely believe if he hadnt done that then your bus driver would have gotten away with just leaving her mess in his yard. the mans cleaver thinking paid off completely! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AmyL: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that your friend encountered a horrible accident while dining at the restaurant where u work. i was extremeley pleased to hear that u were a kind friend and took care of the suitation properly! you sound like a true friend to have. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Thunder From Down Under: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like that u experienced quite a dump before your presentation. iam glad that u didnt encounter any accidents. take care!
to Michael: i really enjoyed your post! iam so sorry to hear about your horrible day. iam glad that your girlfriend was there by yourside to take care of you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that u were finally able to visit a doctor. iam also pleased to hear that he prescribed some medication that seems to be helping you! i hope that everything else turns out for the better. i will keep u in my prayers. take care and God bless.
to Ruby: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u encountered another accident. may i suggest that u not try to hold your poo in! you know that it can lead to major bladder problems. if u want to produce a log than u should eat alot of bread. try to eat a whole loaf. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Linda: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u were able to have a successful dump at home. sounds like u had a little trouble in the beginning. now everything is back to normal. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that u encountered a major accident in your knickers. however i was so glad that u were able to make it to the woods and that u joined in with the 14 year old girl and u guys had a successful dump together. i lookforwad to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Jackie: i really enjoyed your post! thats really cool that u love to have tiolet farts. i lookforward to your future post! take care!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u were able to make it to the bathroom after completing your exams. i hope that u did well on all of them. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.




Poop accident

I read Kyle's story about the young pregnant woman that had a poop accident in her pants and admit that I've suffered a similar embarrassing experience several years ago while pregnant with my second child. I was in my seventh month and had been constipated for five days. My doctor recommended that I not use a laxative and suggested using a stool softener instead. The next day I was at a mall eating lunch at the food court with my three year old when my ???? grumbled and I began feeling a strong urge to poo. I quickly finished my food but my three year old was in no hurry. I rushed her as best as I could but it was still another ten minutes before she was done. By that time I was feeling very uncomfortable and the restrooms were a good five minute walk from the food court. I walked as fast as I could towards the restrooms but before I got there I felt the tip of a very hard turd start coming out. As I continued to walk I could feel the turd slowly working it's way further out so I clenched my muscles tightly trying to stop it. Instead of stopping it, my muscle action forced the large turd into my panties. I was immediately horrified by what had happened but then it got much worse. The hard turd had been like a plug holding everything in. I felt a spasm then five days of soft mushy poo quickly pushed into my panties. I couldn't believe I'd completely messed my pants and wanted to cry. I knew there was no way I could clean that much poo from my pants especially having my daughter with me. Since I was near the exit where my car was parked I quickly decided to leave. I've never been so embarrassed in my life as I was walking through the mall to go to my car. I was wearing yellow pants and knew it had to be obvious what I'd done. By the time I got home I was a total mess after having to sit in my poo. I've known several women who have wet their pants during pregnancy including myself. Does anyone else know of others who have pooped them?


Bed Wetting

In my last post I shared my experience with my girlfriend wetting the bed. I figured it wasn't fair to do that without posting a bedwetting story of my own.

When I moved away for college I had a lot of separation anxiety because I had never left home for more than a few weeks at a time. I didn't really have any friends where I was going but I had one close friend who lived near enough to me that we hung out one of the first nights I was there.

She took me to her house and let me stay in her guest room. I was so exhausted from moving into my dorm room that I feel asleep immediately. I was dreaming about something and then I experienced needing to pee in my dream. I found a toilet and began to go and I managed to empty my bladder before I was woken up by the wet bed. I remember feeling the pee pressing against my bladder before I finally let it go and peed all over the bed. It felt really good to go, just not so good when I woke up.

I was so embarrassed! I had just wet my friend's guest bed. I took off my wet underwear and went back to sleep. The next morning I had to tell her about it and it was so embarrassing. I used to wet the bed a lot as a kid but I never had to tell my friends about it!

She was very understanding and showed me where they kept clean sheets and where to put the dirty ones. I was so relieved that I didn't get in trouble or yelled at. When I went back to my dorm, I was worried I might do it again so I started wearing pull-ups to bed. The problem was that I was living with three other guys so it was hard to keep it a secret but I managed to do it. After a week or so I never wet the bed again so I stopped wearing pull-ups to bed unless I got worried that something might happen.

Luckily it never did, but sometimes I had to stay in my pull-ups a long time before everyone left the room and I could finally change out of them. No one ever caught me though. I hid the package under my bed and I would put my boxers on over them as I crawled in bed and take my boxers off under the sheets.

To Ashley: Thanks for your kind response to my last post. You inspired me to write this one so I truly could share my experiences rather than sharing other people's.

To Wendy: I love your stories about the caravan. I can't wait to hear what happens next!

To Brian: I experience stories like yours all the time. I imagine everyone does but they just don't talk about it much.

Hey guys. Got a health question to throw out there. For nearly two months when I poop, it comes out in little balls or pellets and are hard to pass. My diet hasn't changed and I poop once a day and drink lots of water. I've also been taking a fiber supplement hoping that would loosen things up a bit. All that has really done though is make me poop twice a day. The way it comes out though is still the same. I've had this happen before but usually it would last a week or two and then I'd go back to passing regular logs. It has never lasted this long before. Do I need to try something like Metamucil or something similar? I'm just not sure what could be causing this. Like I said, no change in my diet and I drink plenty of water. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

When Janet and I had gone inside after being in the barn we went to the livigroom. My grandmother was on the couch reading. She looked up as we came in and I asked about Jill. My grandmother told us that she was better. Her temerature was going down. She is aslep in the palimino bedroom. That was the bedroom off the bathroom and livngroom.

So waht Janet and I did was played scrabble with my grandmother for awhile and then watched some tv after while my grandmother made dinner. While Janet and I were watching tv we heard Jill get up in the bedroom off the livingroom. She didn't come out into the livingroom but used the other door in the bedroom that went into the bathroom.

As we both sat on the couch Janet and I we heard the toilet seat being put down. I quickly got up and turned the sound way down on the tv. Janet giggled hard for she knew what I was up to. Then I went ad sat back down on the couch with Janet. We now both heard Jill pull down what ever she was wearing and plop down on the toilet seat. How we knew this was the seat squeeks when sat down on.

Then a very short couple of seconds later we heard Jill pissing. We heard the splash of her stream htting the waterin the toilet. Then her stream let out a loud enogh hiss that we could hear also. Janet giggled a little and gave me a poke in my ribs with her elbow. I gave her slight one back. Then maybe after ten seconds the hisssing sound stopped. Then s shortperiod of soft splashing along after that the sound of just drippping of Jills piss into the water.

Then we heard the rapid spinning of the toilet paper being rolled off with its thumping as it was being spun hard. Then it was quiet as for Jill must have wiped. The we heard the toilet seat squeek as she got up from it. The rustling of her clothes and then the toilet flushed. Then we heard Jill go into the bathroom and she came out into the livingroom.

I asked Jill as she walked into the livingroom was she feeling better. Jill answered me that she was. That was a good pee I just took. Jill said back to me. Janet now laughed hard. I couldn't help laugh a little myself. Then I said to Jill; No I didn't mean about you pissing! I ment about you having a fever! Now Jill started to giggle very hard. Oh I am feelng better as far as that too.

Jill joined Janet and I on the couch. She asked what we had did for the day. Jaet and I both told her we did take a short bike ride but the rain ended it early and we got stuck inside the barn for awhile waiting out the rain. We didn't tell Jill about us taking a shit in the hay loft but Janet did tell Jill about me pissing ut the front door of the loft. Jill giggled a little as Janet told her about it.

Then we went on and told Jill we played some scrabble with my grandmother and then we were watching tv when you woke up. Jill now noticed the sound of the tv was way down and asked why it was turned way down. Janet laughed and said to Jill; So we could hear you in the bathroom! Jill looked right at me and said to me; Was that YOUR idea Dave? I chuckled a little. Jill said to e now giggleing; I THOUGHT SO! From the kitchen my grandmother said loudly; Come eat it is ready! So the three of us got up and walked out to the kitchen to eat. To be continuied.

Wow, i have never found a site that is open about shitting or peeing. Now i gotta think of a story that happened.
Thx T-R3XETTE xoxo


primary school toilet experiance

Hi, Abbie here again. Leanne, I loved your last post about what happened to you in your uni exams and then when you pood yourself in Year 9 after the SATS. When I do tests I quite often get a bit nervous and then end up wanting a poo and I had a similar experiance to you during the SATS in Year 6 when I was still at primary school. I was sitting in the English test and about ten minutes in I started to get a ???? ache, shortly after I realised I wanted a poo. I was too embarased to ask to use the toilet, so I sat there feeling really uncomfortable trying to hold it in until the test was over. I kept taking deep breathes and squeezed my legs together tightly. About five minutes before the end of the test I could feel the head of a massive poo trying to force its way out of my bum into my knickers and I had to clench every muscle I could to stop it. I was just about managing to keep it in as the exam finished and when we were let out I walked stiffly to the girls loos. In contrast to my secondary school the toilets at my primary school were brilliant, they were clean, all the doors locked and there was always loo paper. When I got there, to my dismay there were about six girls waiting for the four cubicles. Judging from the noises coming from some of the cubicles I wasn't the only one who needed a poo. The girl in front of me was standing like she was only just managing to hold it in, she kept clutching her ???? and shifting from one foot to the other. I could feel my poo starting to slide out and touch my knickers, with a massive effort I managed to stop it after the first bit was out. The queue had been moving forward steadily, luckily at that moment two cubicles were free at the same time and the girl in front of me (Sophie from my class) went in to one and I took the other. Quick as a flash I locked the door, lifted my red checked summer dress and tugged my pink knickers down before throwing myself onto the toilet. I moaned quietly as the poo started to slide out on its own really slowly, stretching my bum hole. I looked down at my knickers to see how bad it was, but I'd been really lucky- they weren't too badly marked. Next to me I heard some loud farts and grunts as Sophie was straining to push her poo out. After a minute or so my poo finally dropped into the water and I heaved a sigh of releaf. As I started to wipe I heard some really lound grunts and groans coming from next door and with that a massive plop as Sophie finally got her poo to drop. After wiping I pulled my knickers back up and let my dress down. I was so glad the exam was over and I'd made it to the toilet before I'd pood my knickers too badly. Will post again soon, bye!


stiff one

well it happened again, I was going to the landfill and on my way back i felt a strong urge to pee, pulled out my dong and it got a little stiff on me and i could not go, what an agrafying feeling, I left and later at my local pet store I felt the urge to go and this time peed like a racehorse., WHAT RELEI!!!!

to claudia the flight attendant, why did you not go in the airport terminal. .Sure you have crew quarters with restrooms?

to upstate dave love your stories

to uncle harry love your stories

Reading in the toilet

How wonderful to have found a site like this. And I thought I was the only one interested!

I have long been fascinated by others BMs, in particular how long and habits such as reading on the toilet.

I worked for many years in offices where often I wondered about the habits of others who worked there. Particularly women, who are far more secretive about their BMs. It was never possible really to know how long they were on the toilet because they may have been away 15 minutes and spent half the time just doing their hair or makeup. The only way to know for sure was if you saw someone take reading material, and that was rare for a woman in my experience. Maybe others on this site can tell tales of women "readers" in the work environment.

At the last place I worked we were talking about a news item from that day when one of the women said " I only read about it this morning in the Sun while I was on the loo!" What a gem............

Please tell me if you or your workmates are readers


Some Commentary

About the girls peeing in the fitting room; how yucky is that? I mean, someone had to clean that up! I know I was a salesperson for a while in a clothing store, and one day I had to clean up the mess someone made pissing in our fitting room. That was so gross and sickening. At 7 bucks an hour, I wasn't paid enough to deal with bodily fluids expelled by other people. Just...yuck.

Same goes for pissing in the swimming pool. The majority of pools and waterparks have bathrooms on site. They're there for a reason. I think it's pretty lazy when you're potty trained but can't be bothered to actually use a toilet. Other people have to swim around in that water...they don't want to swim in bodily fluids. At least, I know I don't. Blech.

To Cool High School Guy-- Sounds like a great dump you took there. 20 inches huh? Wow. That's impressive. I used to be nervous about dumping in public too. I'll have to write about how I got over it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

To Lauren, im glad you enjoyed my post. Lol i forgot to mention that the chemist was right next to the hallway down to the toilets.. So i had a lucky escape with nothing else to go really bad :)

ohh this week is first week of exams at school, and i was nervous cause i had 2 oral tasks, my boyfriend was telling me to calm down cause its not that bad to do speeches. Lol i bet he will come on here soon, i told him about this site. Lets put it as, we have similar interests ;) anyway, i was at school and i knew i had to sit on the toilet cause something bad might happen.. And what do you know, i get a bit of diarrhoea. It wasnt bad asin went forever, it was just a spurr of the moment. I get them when im nervous. Although, i stunk out the toilets well :P

i did my speeches, and its true, its not as bad as you think :)

well ive been a bit cleared now.. Lol

see you all later
T-R3XETTE xoxo


Track and Field

Oh my god. Track and field was terrible. I had to pee and poo so badly, but i was too shy to ask to go and the porta-potties smelled terrible. I had to pee and poo so badly that by the time i was in the middle of my event, it started to leak onto the track. My hot pink panties were in a mess :(

Overheard at the pool/seen at the wading pool

A mother was taking her disabled child swimming. The mother was piggy backing the kid (about 7 or 8) and mom was swimming. The child said 'pee pee'. Mom changed swimming direction and went for a swim in the deep end so the kid could have a quick pee. One P in the pool incident I recall vividly from childhood was when I was about 9 years old. There were no lifeguards at the wading pool (ok, 1969, before the lawsuits) and a little boy was swimming with his buddies and stood up. He held himself through his swimsuit and I remember what happened next. A jet of pee went through his suit into the wading pool. He looked like that pis manequin from Belgium. He finished his quick 10 second pee and then went back to swimming. Again he stood up and peed openly. The other kids thought nothing of it. They were submerged and who knows what they were doing? The little boy did it again a few more times. One of the kids I was with was about 12 and she was a competitive swimmer - she was several years older than me and was not fazed by it. I wonder how many little kids pee like this through their little swimmers. These are not diapers and the pee gets dispersed in the pool. If a boy stands up and pees - does he resemble the little Belgian statue? Maybe some moms can answer this.


Creative Peeing

This past Sunday my church and six others of the same denomination had an all-city picnic and family activities day in the largest park in our part of the state. It started at noon and continued until the sun went down at about 8:30 p.m. There must have been 500 or 600 people there, maybe more because not all the people participated in the games and activities that I was one of the volunteers in running.

I skipped services that morning like many of the other guys who were there setting up for the day. We started setting up at 7 a.m. as soon as the sun came up and by 9 a.m. my daily crap was ready to drop. Luckily one of the board of directors members had checked a key out from the city to open each of the restrooms and when I made my request, the restroom buildings were opened. I guess this was my lucky day because since last year's picnic, all 20 or 25 stalls now had doors on them. That's something I really appreciate, although I knew it wouldn't be busy since it was just opened and there were only about 30 of us working on set-up. As I've written about before, I'm different from some others and especially my friend Stac because I usually will not sit down on a public bathroom toilet seat. I spread toilet paper over the sides and front first before I sit. It takes a few seconds--and that's especially annoying at places like school when we have such short passing periods--but that's just what I do. Just after I had papered the seat and had seated myself, I felt what seemed like an unusually large crap sliding out. I spread my legs into a wider angle to aid its drop, and as I did I heard a young child running in and a father running after him/her (I could later tell by the voice that it was a girl). She started to go into a stall and slammed the door against the partition, but the father called her back and said he wanted to try something else that might be easier on her.

By now I was listening pretty carefully because she mentioned she was starting to wee-wee in her pants. He told her since she was scared of being alone in the stalls and the higher stools (then I guess compared to the one at home and at her school), she should come over to him. It sounded like may be he was going to hoist her up on the sink, but my load dropped quickly, I wiped just as quickly and opened the stall door with my left hand just as I reached back and flushed with my right hand. I was surprised to find that this father had his daughter sitting on the edge of the urinal, her shorts and underwear down to mid-thigh and she had a real smile of accomplishment on her face as she was peeing away. She was momentarily startled as she saw me come out of the stall, but I looked the other way as I found a sink and washed my hands. He called her "Daddy's little girl" and she slid off the urinal, and pulled her underwear and shorts up, and told him it felt good. He told her to stand on her toes and put all of her weight on the flusher. She was able to flush it on her first try, although she jumped back because the activity was pretty fierce and the splashing water scared her. Then her father continued to encourage her to go over to the sink and wash her hands.

She looked about 5 or 6 and she was of average weight. I have never seen this happen before. If she had been overweight, as some of the children were who I worked with, I wonder if she would have loosened or broke the urinal off the wall.

I told Stac about this at school on Monday and she said little girls peeing into a urinal is more common than most people think.

Amanda M
A few weeks ago I went to a concert. It was real hot in there and I got all sweaty so when I came home I wanted to throw my clothes in the washer before I got a shower so I could have went straight to sleep and not come back down. While I was down in the basement I got an urge to go pee and it hit hard. I had to go so bad I couldnt even move. I stood there crossing my legs trying desperately not to pee myself. I walked slowly to the steps but lost it a little bit. A big squirt of pee slipped out soaking my underwear and dripped all down my legs. I couldnt believe I did that. Finally I ran up to the bathroom and finished peeing in the toilet.

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