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bus dumper gets caught

I live in the Midwest and on the evening news for the past 3 nights, there was a strange story about a bus driver pooping on her school bus. After she'd drop off all the kids on her route, she'd pull into this peaceful suburban neighborhood for a dump on her bus. She'd poop into an empty grocery bag then place the bag along the side of the road in random people's yard. Well, one guy was sick of collecting her bags of fecal matter (as the news reporter called it) and set up video to catch the person responsible for leaving the waste behind. Well the news actually showed several bags of her poop! they were in white grocery bags and you could see the mushy watery poops in the bags. The news used the man video to catch the lady and she was fired from the bus company and lost her special bus driver license certificate. When her job asked her about it she said she was taking new meds and it caused her to have a weak moment. she denied pooping in the bags on a regular basis for months....apparently she'd been at it for a long time. The man had several vids of her pooping. In one she was smoking a cig. She didn't get arrested cause there were no kids on her bus but she did lose her job. they never said her name or interviewed her but they interview some of her co-workers and they were shocked and disgusted. Some say she was a little weird. My theory is she had a disturbing fetish that got out of control. She was a risk to the kids the news said.

I like to poop in diapers at home for convenience and pleasure, but I would never leave my poop in someones yard!

to kyle: i really enjoyed your post! your two stories of young girls having pooping accidents sounded really interesting! i was really glad to hear and also quite proud of you and your coworkers for not making fun of the indian cashier for having a major accident. i lookforward to your future post! take care!
to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that u were able to find an old carvan filled with the stench of a 14 year girls soiled knickers! that makes me laugh also! iam so glad that u were able to add to the mess as well. thats cool that u saw another girl from your bus stop going into the carvan also. i wish that i could have joined u in having a massive bowel movement in the caravan as well. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Richard: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like your girlfriend encountered a wet dream. this kind of thing can happen to anyone at anytime while they are sleeping! it is completeley normal. there is no need to worry! thats real sweet of you to comfort her. iam glad to hear that she didnt make a big scene! i lookforward to your next post! i hope that u guys are both doing well! God bless!
to Lisa: i really enjoyed your post! thats interesting to hear about a 60 year old man buzzed in a fastfood restaurant. thats not cool that someone opened the door on him while he was on the tiolet. i completely understand why he wanted to sue! i wouldnt want some stranger opening the door on me while i was trying to take a dump! at the same time i kind of understand why the manager might have done that. i mean the man was drunk and he should have known better than to put himself in a bad suitation like that. hopefully he has learned an important lesson from all of this. i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Blueboy: i really enjoyed your post! that awesome that your aunt allowed u to see her finished product after taking a major dump! iam glad that u will be able to encounter future at home bathroom events with your aunt. i lookforward to your next post. take care!
to Jouhn: i really enjoyed your post! i was diasppointed to hear that u werent turned on by your sisters friend relieving herslef while u were alone with her. i thought that most guys would want to see an attractive girl take a good healthy dump! i lookforward to your next post!
to ThunderFromDownUnder: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that u overheard another female using the tiolet. i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Desperate To Poop: i really enjoyed your post! thats very kind of u to let the other lady use the tiolet. the smell must of have been noticeable! iam glad that u were able to successfully go to the bathroom without any problems. i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Braidy: i really enjoyed your post! congrualtions on your completion of highschool. thats a big accomplishment! not everyone makes it to graduation. iam glad that u stuck to it and didnt give up! it sounds like that your classmate had a hardtime going to the bathroom. this can happen when u get really excited and are too nervous during a major event. iam glad that u were really supportive of her and helped her. you sound like a cool friend. your the kind of friend that i would love to have! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to Tr3xette: i really enjoyed your post! your bathroom trip at the mall sounded like it didnt turn out too well. at least you made it there without a major accident occuring. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to AmyL: i really enjoyed your post! iam so sorry to hear that u keep encountering major accidents. hopefully this will come to a stop! i will keep u in my prayers. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
To Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! iam gald to hear that u had a successful dump at school. hopefully this experience will help u become comfortable enough to start using the tiolet at school on a regular basis. its not healthy for u to hold your bowel movement in all day. this can cause major bladder problems. thats really cool that u met up with another classmate of yours. i always use to run into other girls while in the bathroom at school. sometimes we would skip class and hangout there for the remainder of the school day. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.
to kayee: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that your husband had a major accident along with an upset stomach. i hope that he recovers from it quickly. you guys take care and God bless.
to Joanna: i really enjoyed your post. iam sorry to hear that u had to pay to use a private public bathroom. if this was the case for me i wouldnt have done it! no one should have to pay for having to relieve themselves. everyone does it. i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless.



Kate M.


Ladies, have you ever used incontinence products for convenience? When pregnant? In middle age? During exams? When on medication which makes you need to pee? For shopping, errands, weddings, etc.? Parents, have you ever put your older children (past age 3) in Pullups for convenience? For car travel? For shopping? For wedddings and other important events?

I love swimming and with a weak bladder I just pee in the water as needed. I go to the beach when it is open and as soon as I arrive I need to pee real bad. I just go into the water waist deep, stand still and let it go. It is convenient and I love doing it. I can even swim and pee if I need to be discreet. I was swimming with a friend and I told her I had to pee so I went to the corner, stayed still and let it go. It if funny to listen to people's conversations when they are swimming - the P question comes up. Once a teenage couple were swimming and the girl told her boyfriend that she had to pee desperately - he said 'so, do it'. She seemed mortified but they kept swimming so I assume she eventually let it go. I have never used a bathroom at the beach and have always just peed in the water while swimming. Once I was sitting on a bench with slats on the seat and just let it go onto the pavement below. There was nobody around. I have also sat on the grass and peed through a wet bathing suit. I would love to know how many swimmers pee and where and how. It is something that many people do but apart from kids, most don't admit to people other than family and close friends. Once in college, I was at the beach before it opened for the season and just kneeled with my butt on my feet and pulled the crotch aside and peed into the sand. Once there were 2 young ladies sunbathing and just before they went home they both went into the water and squatted and giggled. They had to pee. I see sunbathers get up from the sand and go stand in the water for a minute, then go back to sunbathing.

Keith D

Peeing while pooping

There have been a few discussions on here about people who pee while they are taking a dump. It seems that many people take a whizz while they are pooping, just out of convenience. For others, the two processes seem to be linked and that as the poop starts to make its way out it puts pressure on the bladder and starts the flow. Some people also describe wave peeing - where they are pooping and peeing at the same time but as a log sticks right out and their hole opens right up the pressure temporarily cuts off the flow from the bladder, only to start again after the log has dropped.

Personally, I don't often pee while I am pooping. For me, the two processes are usually separate. I go to the bathroom for a dump when I get a strong urge to poop and while I am sitting there I don't usually get an urge to pee. However, sometimes when I am really constipated and have to sit a push for a long time, the pressure of all the heaving and straining puts pressure on my bladder and a dribble of pee starts to come out. I find this really inconvenient when I am in the middle of a big long push and have to stop and reposition myself to redirect my front bits into the toilet bowl so that I don't wet the seat or floor.

It is even more difficult for me when I am really, really backed up and have to resort to sitting on the bowl in some unconventional positions to try to strain my poop out. Sometimes I lean right forward or right back to try and put more pressure on my bowels when I am straining. And sometimes when I am pooping I need to get up on the toilet seat in a sort of squatting position to help force the poop out. If I am in any of these positions and start to pee then I need to get up in a hurry to aim for the toilet. Anyone else have problems aiming both pee and poop at the same time? Is it more of a problem for guys or girls?

To Linda from Australia: It sounds that, like me, you also have to spend a lot of time in the toilet straining and trying different positions. Do you ever have to pee while you are engaged in one of your long straining sessions?

Amy L.

I witnessed an accident today

Hi Guys I witnessed and accident that i'd like to share.

Well I work at this resturaunt from 6pm- 12 midnight. and We are very busy almost every night and on mondays we have a buy one get one free special so its always packed. Well My job is to get people seated when they come into the resturaunt. So it was about 10:30 pm very crowded, and My best friend Tammy came into the resturaunt. She's also 19 and she has long blonde hair, and a great body she's very attractive. She had tears in her eyes and said Amy i'm about to sh** my pants please take me to the bathroom, the bathrooms in the back of the resturaunt, so we kid of rushed there, and all of a sudden she stopped in the middle of the resturaunt and said omg oh no please oh no dont let this happen to me, and I hear this loud fart and a squelching noise, and I watched her designer jeans form a massive bulge of soft poop, and she completely peed her jeans too, she started crying so hard and ran to the bathroom. Luckily she was by the kitchen and nobody saw her because I took her behind the counter. I ran into the bathroom to make sure she was okay. She was crying and told me Amy, Robby is waiting for me in the car (robby's her boyfriend) and I cant let him see me like this please can you tell him that i'm sick and im going to stay here. So I told him, he was worried, but he left, and I asked my manager if I can leave early. I got in my car and came around the back so nobody would see tammy, and we went back to my house so she could shower and i'd wash her clothes for her. She was still crying really hard, so I told her about my bikini accident and she felt alot better. I helped her clean up, she was so dirty because the bulge flattened on her butt, so her thong and jeans were basically ruined, but she told me to wash them because her boyfriend got her those jeans for her birthday. Luckily they were darker blue with black designs in them. I washed them, and she showered. We watched a movie while her clothes dried, then she put her clothes back on. It was 1:00 am at that point. I gave her a ride back to her apartment that she shares with her boyfriend. She made me swear that I would never mention this to anyone, so I didn't untill this lol. But were really close friends, and even closer now lol. Sorry that this story was so long, but I tried to get all of the details in. thanks for reading guys!

Long-time reader
Emma, I really enjoyed your story. Don't worry Leanne, I enjoyed yours too.

Laura (Teacher) - Have you had any interesting stories lately? Would love to hear them if you did.

What happended to all of the office poopers. Not too long ago, there were like 2 or 3 posters talking about the dumps in the ladies room in the office and they were offering to share more stories. It seems like they all disappeared :(

Also, since a recent topic was about a bride having to take a dump on her wedding day, I found 2 stories that may interest some of you - one on page 1074 - the bride says I poo & another on page 1304 - Jill.

Last night I went to a friends birthday party. I had a few drinks and a bunch of appetizers and food. I decided to stay over since I had been drinking and everyone else was going to be sleeping over as well. When I woke up the next morning I immediately felt the need to poop. I got up and went to the bathroom to go relieve myself.

As soon as I sat down I let out a torrent of pee which felt good but when I went to push I realized it was going to be a hard one to let out. I leaned forward and strained a bit more as I let out some gas but nothing would come out so I flushed and left. After we had breakfast I said goodbye to everyone and left for home. I decided I would stop at the gym to work out since this usually helps relieve my constipation. As soon as I started to run on the treadmill I felt a sharp pain in my stomach so I stopped and quickly made my way to the washroom.

Unfortunately, the bathroom setup is anything but private. Since it is a men's only gym I guess the management isn't really pressured to change the layout, but it is interesting nonetheless. There are five toilets against the wall with no partition between them and the sinks are around the corner near the urinals. The toilets are visible from almost any area of the change room which means if I have to go I try and time it when nobody is around. Fortunately it was still fairly early and I didn't expect anyone to be there.

I quickly checked to see if anyone was around before heading over to the toilet at the very end. I dropped my shorts and briefs before sitting down on the cold hard seat. I felt a turd slowly start to make its way out after the first push. I was just about to push again when I heard the door to the change room open and someone come in. A guy in his mid to late 20s came in and saw that I was on the toilet before looking away and sitting down to put his running shoes on.

I stopped what I was doing and looked down in anticipation that he would leave soon. He hung around for a bit while he put his stuff away in a locker. I thought he was taking his time but I think he had to shit as well and was waiting for me to finish. He walked over to the toilet two down from me before lowering the seat and sitting down. I realized I was going to have to release this turd because the pressure was agonizing. I let out a loud fart but at this point I wasn't embarrassed because he too was going to shit and I was going to hear everything. I pushed again and the turd slipped out easily and then land with a noticeable thud.

Of course at this point I think the other guy was now waiting for me to finish before he started his dump. I let out more gas before letting out another turd. I sat and waited a bit while letting out some pee. I heard a muffled fart and then a loud splash from his turd landing into the bowl. I reached around and started unrolling toilet paper off the holder on the wall behind me. I started to wipe while sitting down before getting up to leave. I flushed the long and solid turds down before making my way to the sink to wash up. I heard the other guy flush the toilet and then start to make his way over to the sinks. He mentioned that he didn't feel comfortable using the toilet in the open. I told him the same thing and he told me that he had to go so bad he didn't care if everyone saw him. I told him that I had to go pretty badly as well. He mentioned to me that his other friends that also come to the gym wait until everyone is gone or the room is empty before starting their dumps. I thought it was funny that everyone was afraid to be seen sitting on the toilet while letting one out. I went back and finished my workout before heading back home.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Big girl has a blowout

To Kristen:
You asked for more, and here it goes. My friend Linda came to my house one evening to hang out with friends and socialize. She came directly after work. Because she didn't drive, she took the city bus and then
needed to walk the approximately one half K to get to my place. Upon
arriving, she greeted me briefly then announced her need to use the
facility. The downstairs toilet was in use at that point, so I told her
to use the one upstairs in the full bathroom. As the evening progressed,
I'm not sure if anyone else happened to go to the upstairs station, but
at about 1 AM when my guests had left, I went in to brush my teeth and
prepare for bed. Now I'm not one to leave my bathroom surfaces cluttered
much with makeup, hairsprays,etc, so I immediately noticed a dark blue
wad on the counter next to the sink. Upon inspection, I discovered this
to be a pair of panties, damp and apparently rinsed, but not well. When
I first realized what they were, I thought "Oh dear, someone's period
came on all of a sudden", but when I picked them up, I noticed that
flecks of poo were ingrained in the material. At that point, I was pretty sure who they belonged to.
Apparently somewhat stunned by having an accident, Linda had taken off
her sullied panties and gone commando for the balance of the evening
without saying a word to me.
As grossed out as I was about her leaving that on my bathroom counter, I knew what her intention was: to sneak the nasty knickers past the
group of people downstairs and deposit them in my laundry room in the
basement. It just never happened. She never said anything about it, but
I had to wonder if she woke up the next morning thinking "hmm, hope
Astrid isn't too hung over, what with the deal I left in her bathroom".
If Linda had been able to get her underthing past the people downstairs, unnoticed, it wouldn't have been unusual to have had some strange panties show up in my washing- I often offered to do her laundry
or at least have her do her own at my house. She lived in a small
apartment, and not having a car, had to lug her clothes quite a distance
to a laundromat.

Post Title (optional)Professionally Constipated

Yesterday I had a seminar to give certain people in the city...I woke up very early and left....too early for a morning poo but often I do not poo in the mornings before work so what`s the difference!
I got to the venue and set was almost half an hour to the presentation so I thought I would try and push one (or several out). I walked into the toilet and right behind me was a bloke who looked like he was going to my presentation...I was the only person presenting that morning so it was a safe bet. I went into the first cubicle (there were three) and he went to the furtherest. I sat knowing this would be a battle and he sat and went plop plip plop splash etc..he seemed to have a good big and fast movement, whereas with me nothing wanted to come out. I quickly gave up. During my presentation I felt things happening in my bowels. I stopped for mornig tea at the scheduled time..had a bit of a chat and went to the Mens. I took the same toilet...there was a big stubborn turd in me...attendees were coming in and out of the toilet. I sat there pushing...I looked at the time and knew I would have to go to serious grunting mode to get this out. I then thought these people were paying $500 to hear me speak for the morning so I had better give up and resume the session. That went OK and at the conclusion I headed straight back to bladder was exploding and I really really needed a wee (and a poo too). I did not think I would make it to work...ever tried squirming in the seat of a car whilst driving? As I got towards the toilets I lost a little control and had a couple of squirts in my undies (not too bad, though)I threw my arse on the throne with magnificent relief as I pisses like a stable of horses and I gave one had push and there was a loud plop in the bowl but the rest of the shit was still within. Not to worry, if nothing happens I will take a good dose of Dulcolax.....that is a real stimulant but does not soften the stool. If you like the feeling of passing a good hard poo as opposed to a real sloppy one then take Dulcolax. I took it before bed and it woke me at 5 a.m. I ran to the toilet urgently but nothing happened and the poo pains subsided...back to bed and was just dozing off and it hit again...ran to the toilet and p[ushed out many of the biggest turds I have done for a while and then a whole lot of runny poo...had to flush three cleaned me out in one sitting...feel good now.

Angry Fitting Room Cleaner

Releaving Yourselves in Fitting Rooms

About the post about where the girls relieved themselves in fitting rooms, I have to say that it is inconsiderate. Don't you realize that some store employee has to clean that up? That is hard to do, especially if there is carpet. The employee who has to clean it up is not the sales girl that was rude to you. It is the maintenance people. Accidence are different, but those girls did it on purpose.

People who do that probably don't pee or poop on their own floors. I like this site and the stories that are written here. I love hearing about accidents and people going in their pants. However, I don't think you should create extra work for people who just want to get through their day at work without cleaning peed carpeting.


Horrible Day :(

Yesterday I had real bad diarrhea in the office I am working at. It started when I consumed some milk and then a few minutes later I had that real horrid urge in my ???? so I dropped my pen and rushed to the bathroom which was not far from my room. Then I found my friend waiting to go as the two cubicles were taken already. So he asked me whether I drank the milk from the fridge in the kitchen and I said yeah and he said he did too. So we were literally jumping and banging on the loo doors until the two cubicles opened and my boss and his assistant came out and asked WTF were you banging the doors and we said that we had the runs so he let us pass.

I dropped my pants so quick and as my bum touched the seat I exploded and let out so much watery poop and it stank the toilet up. I could hear my colleagues outside murmuring that we were making a bomb in the toilet and one of them even fainted. My friend did a little diarrhea and he finished up and asked if I was ok. I asked why he finished so fast and he said he only took a bit so it just pushed some stuff out. I finished up a few minutes later and I called the cleaners in because I CLOGGED UP THE TOILET.

I went to my girlfriends house later and I got the same horrid urge to go. When she opened the door I rushed in and found the downstairs toilet used and I told that I had the runs and she told me to use3 the toilet upstairs and then in my frenzy I tripped over the stair and was unconsious.

I woke up later in the hospital with some male nurses and male doctor beside me and I had a broken leg. They said that my girlfriend and her parents brought me here but they went home because they had to take care of their sick grandmother. Then I realized that I had not shit yet and the urge hit me again and I groaned and told the doctor that I needed to poop. So the doctor asked one of the nurses to get some crutches and by the time he came back I could not hold it and started to dirty the bed so the doctor and nurse heaved me up and hurriedly dropped me down on a potty on the floor and I felt so sick.... The doctor said that he would examine me again and he said later that I had a stomach bug. They put a male nurse to take of me and put a potty next to my bed. I went about six times already and I am all white in the face.



Finally been going!

Since last Wednesday when I saw the gastroenterologist I've been taking a stool softener (docusate calcium) and a laxative called Lax-A-Day every day. The doctor had prescribed those to me although they're available over the counter. I also had blood tests done last Thursday and will be finding out if I'm diabetic this week, and gluten intolerant next week. If I am gluten intolerant it will mean a major change in my diet. No more oats, rye, wheat, barley, etc. Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables like I've been eating now. My husband and I both changed our diets to incorporate more fish and chicken, fruits, vegetables, brown rice, fibre, etc and less packaged crap,white rice & bread and high-fat foods. Him because he has high cholesterol and high blood pressure at age 27 and needs to watch what he eats, and me because my stomach does not agree with white flour or any "white" foods. Let me say, between these changes, drinking lots of water and taking the medicine the doctor told me to, I am noticing major results!

I've always suffered from constipation since babyhood despite a healthy diet and unfortunately at 5'10" I am getting too skinny (125-130 lbs) because my body isn't absorbing many nutrients. If I am gluten intolerant it will help me gain weight and become a lot healthier.

For the time being though I've been having at least one bowel movement every day with the help of the diet changes and the laxative/stool softener combo. I've been pooping at least 10 to 12 inches worth of crap. The first five days were mostly long, solid turds which kind of hurt but were easier to slide out. The Lax-A-Day promises that treatment should be taken for 2 to 4 days to produce a bowel movement. It works to keep water in your colon to make it soft and easy to come out and will not give you cramps.

Well, it worked! I've been taking it since last Wednesday and just now it produced results! A soft easy bowel movement is exactly what I had. I did not have any cramps, just pressure in my stomach that I needed to GO NOW. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and sat on the toilet and it made a loud squealching noise as tons of soft crap came out. It only took a minute to evacuate my bowels when usually I had to strain to go before these medications.

I stood up and wiped myself and pulled my shorts up. There were 3 or 4 very soft logs (not diarrhea but not solid either) folded into themselves. They seemed to dissolve when I flushed the toilet.

My stomach is a lot softer than it used to be. I don't feel quite so sick and full, and the medicine is helping. When I go gluten-free I am sure I will be able to have BMs once a day without the help of medicine (been on it once before with great results). I will keep you guys posted.


Again! Another accident!

It was a normal school day for the first lesson but for the rest of the
time i was holding quite a large poo in. The need of a dump was killing
me as school was about to end. In history (my last lesson) enormous
amount of pressure hit me like a tonne of rocks. I was in a position where i was to either release my load in skanky toilets where your not alone or risk going home and soiling my panties. As i was walking back i felt some really hot air come out my butt. Then the farts, my butt cheeks were tightening up as much as i could but no good. A loud gurgle from my stomach sank down and made a strange growling noise as it came out my ass. Wet farts then spewed out of me leaving me in horror. I didn't have the runs it was just a very nasty soft poo.

10 minutes from my house and i couldn't hold in all the gas so letting it out i was moaning under my breath worryingly while holding my bum pretending i was in shock, but luckily the way i walk i don't tend to see many people. 5 minutes away from my house and it all came out, a lot of gas went with it. The start was an explosion spreading poo all over my french knickers. I lifted my school skirt up from the behind to feel if there was a bulge, there was and i only pooed out about 5% of what needed to come out of me at the time. Shortly after that the ice cream machine was stirring up something bad. I put my hands on my belly praying "please please no!" It was no good, the poo exited from my behind. I felt so dirty, more poo escaped as i moaned quite loudly. It just wouldn't stop. The bulge was so big that some escaped from my panties and rolled down my leggings, sickest feeling in the world!

When i got in i went straight to the bathroom, i cleaned off my clothes well most of it. Sat on the toilet, didn't have to push. My bum literally exploded making a grumbly noise, had more plops then farts and finished, what a day! I'm so glad no one found out, except u readers ;)

Ruby x


Post Title (optional) I'm a bit constipated

Linda from Australia here again. For the last few days, I've been a bit constipated. I've only been able to push out small bits of rock hard poo. Its my own fault, I haven't been eating healthy food lately, which is why I'm back on a losing streak. Yesterday morning before work, I pushed out a few small turds but I still had more in me. I was running out of time before I had to leave for work so I knew I wouldn't be able to get any more poo out. I felt very uncomfortable all day and I couldn't wait to get home to sit on the toilet again. I tried when I got home but nothing came out. Then I had dinner and waited about an hour. I tried again but I still couldn't do a poo. I had another go before I went to bed but it was hopeless. I felt defeated because I knew there was a big load inside me. This morning I had about 15 minutes to spare before leaving for work. I really wanted to get something out before I left but all I could manage was a few farts. I thought that if I could get just a little bit of poo out, it would be better than nothing. I pushed and strained but nothing came out. I had to leave for work with a big load stuck inside me. I could feel the poos moving down all day and my stomach felt heavy. When I got home, I went straight to the toilet. I thought I was going to have a hard time but the poos came out quite easily. I hardly had to push and strain at all. I got all the poos out and I felt much better.

I made sure I ate lots of fibre today and I think that has helped me go. I know that if I eat too much unhealthy food, I get backed up but I've been really busy lately.


Back to the caravan

I've just been back to the old caravan to see what that girl was up to. I went inside & couldn't see anyone. All the mess had been cleaned up & When I looked in the bedroom the bed was stripped. There was no trace of any poo anywhere. The cardboard windows had been replaced with clear plastic sheet & the place looked like it was being used for something. I went outside & looked behind the caravan. The lean to was up & it was the type where all the sides were covered in. There was a bucket & a small spade. The ground nearby had been disturbed so I knew she was using it as a toilet. I loved the thought of going to the toilet outdoors but as I had no need to go right now I left intending to go back another time when I really needede to go.

I hadn't had a poo for several days & was a little constipated so I took a laxative last night. Well I woke up this morning in very urgent need of the toilet. I had to run to the bathroom holding my bum & on the way I had a small accident in my knickers. As soon as I got inside the doorbell rang. I was going to ignore it but I remembered that I was expecting a parcel & not wanting to have to go & collect it from the depot I ran downstairs to answer the door. When I opened the door it was "?jls" Jehova's witness & it took ages to get rid of them. I ended up telling them that I had to go to the toilet really badly & if they didn't leave I'd end up pooing myself! One of them said, "Oh dear," but they still kept on talking! I spent 15 minutes trying to tell them I wasn't interested before they finally got the message & left for their next attempt at converting someone. By now I was really having trouble holding it in & headed straight back to the bathroom. Then the phone rang. I had to go into the bedroom to answer it & it turned out to be the delivery driver telling me he was 5 minutes away from me. I was nearlly pooing myself but couldn't go to the toilet now. 10 minutes later he still hadn't turned up & I was getting seriously desperate for that poo. I was about to give up waiting & go to the toilet & risk missing him but then then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it & thankfully it was my parcell I'd been waiting for. I couldn't wait to get it signed for & get rid of the driver so I could finaly go to the toilet. By the time he left I was losing control & I failed to make it to the bathroom in time. By the time I got there I was filling my underwear with a huge load of smelly soft poo. I didn't bother to stop going & pushed the whole lot into my knickers.

I went to the woods today for a good poo. I hadn't been for a few days so I was busting to go. As soon as I found a nice private spot I looked around to check if anyone around & noticed a young girl of about 14 was squatting a few feet away. She was peeing a real flood & didn't sean bothered about me watching her. She started to drop some huge turds onto the bare earth & I remarked on how desperate she must be. The girl replied, "You're not kidding. I was close to shitting myself!" I told her I was busting for a poo myself & would she mind if I joined her. She replied, "Be my guest." I pulled my jeans & knickers down & squatted right next to the girl as she continued to push out more & more poo. I pushed a bit & a large turd emerged followed by a stream of pee. The girl was finishing as my second turd fell on top of the first one. I looked over at the girls pile which was a big one. There were 3, foot long turds in a pool of pee & the girl proudly said, "Oh my god. How did all that come out of me?" I wasn't doing too badly either. I'd dropped 2 ten inch long turds plus another one of cant eight inches in length. We wiped ourselves on some leaves & went our separate ways.


Toliet farts

You all talk about poo & pee on here, what about big farts?
I love going to peoples houses for the first time (who dont really know me) and using their toilets.
I was at a dinner party at a friend of a friends house. At the end of the first course I asked to nip to the loo.
I released some of my best ever power farts - they were really loud & powerful.
I even accidently released a big turd (which made a loud splash!)
When I returned to the table the conversation went quiet.
My friend who was at the table & knows me said (at the end of the night) my farts were really loud. They stopped the conversation twice!
She said the host of the party looked worried - for his toilet!
He had nothing to fear, the turd managed to just disapear on the third flush.
Now that's what I call having a blast of a good time! Girl power rules!

Hi everyone! Greetings from sunny England. I have another couple of stories I thought I'd relate to you all.

Today I had the first of my many first-year geography university exams. It took place in the morning, so I got up early and had a wee before I left the flat. I got the tram down to the place it was being held (apparently it was a conference centre, but it belonged to a local church and looked more like a bus garage from the outside). As usual after I go on any kind of journey, I needed another wee by the time I arrived, so I quickly had a tinkle before I took my seat for the exam. The exam was 90 minutes long, a relatively short one compared to some of the 3-hour ones I will be doing over the next few weeks, but certainly long enough to pose a problem for anyone who didn't pee before the start or whatever. Anyway, I worked through the questions and after about 40 minutes I started to need a poo. I usually get nervous before an exam, and today was no exception, and this usually manifests itself as stomach cramps and occasionally the need for a poo before the exam starts, and today I had felt the cramps but I hadn't needed to go.
But now I did. There was still almost an hour left to go, and while we were allowed to leave the exam, escorted by an invigilator, to use the toilet at any time, I was nowhere near finished and was worried I was going to run out of time if I took a break (knowing that I usually take at least 10 minutes in the toilet for a big poo). So I kept working, even though the feeling was growing and gradually getting worse, along with the stomach cramps. I let out a couple of silent farts to try and ease the pressure, but it didn't really help. As the end of the exam approached and I started the last question, I was really starting to worry that I wasn't going to make it. I was wearing a pair of new knee-length jean shorts that I knew would make it really pretty obvious if I pooed myself. For some reason in the last 10 minutes of the exam you are not allowed to leave and have to wait for the end, and this is what I had to do when I finished my paper with about 5 or 6 minutes left. By now I was so desperate I was trying not to fidget and move around. I crossed my legs, gritted my teeth, and watched the big digital timer they had put on a projector screen at the front of the hall count down to 10:30 when the exam ended. Finally it came, and the man at the front said we could put our pens down, check we had filled in our details correctly, and could then go. I got up as quickly as I could, but I had stupidly taken a seat near the front of the hall, and the toilets were at the back. I hurried back but there were only four cubicles and about a hundred girls in the hall, many of whom had the same idea. When I entered the cubicles were all full and there was a queue of about 10 girls ahead of me. I felt certain I was about to poo myself in front of all these girls. I honestly cannot remember being more desperate for a poo; I was about to burst, I could hardly hold it in at all. I leaned against the wall as the queue edged slowly forward, which helped to some degree, as did the tightness of my shorts. But I could still feel the head of my poo trying to force its way out, getting a couple of centimeters out and then retreating again. After what seemed like an eternity of holding my poo in, I reached the front of the queue and heard the most wonderful sound in the world; a toilet flushing and a door opening. I got in there as fast as my strangely weak legs would carry me, locking the door and wrenching my shorts and knickers down and sitting. Immediately the turd that had been trying to force its way out for the last half hour slid out with a big splash, followed by a bunch of small balls and chunks of poo. The stomach cramps were quite intense, and I doubled over and held my ???? during most of my bowel movement. Around me I could hear others girls coming and going, some of whom were pooing, but most of whom were just having a quick wee. After about 6 or 7 minutes I was done, complete with quite a bad stain in my panties. I wiped the worst of it off, pulled them up, flushed, and left. Embarrassingly I was pretty much the only student left in the hall, apart from a couple of people talking to the staff. It must have been pretty obvious to anyone who saw me come out of the toilets what I had been doing!

Being desperate in an exam reminds me, naturally enough, of the only time I ever pooed myself at school. I was in a SATS exam in year 9, which means I was 14 at the time. It was a 3-hour English exam, long and boring, but since the teachers had drilled it into us that SATS were incredibly important and we weren't old and world-weary enough to realise that they actually don't matter at all (which is why the government want to scrap them altogether), I was panicking slightly before the exam, which of course led to the typical stomach cramps and butterflies. Barely an hour of the exam had passed before I started to need the inevitable dump. It felt like it was going to be...nervous diarrhea, for want of a better term. I was all cold and shaky during the exam, and time passed way too slowly. You could put your hand up and ask to go to the toilet in an emergency, but someone would come in with you to make sure you didn't cheat in any way, and I didn't want anyone else to know I was desperate. So I held it and held it, and somehow made it to the end of the exam. Then the examiners had to collect in all the papers, which took another 10 agonising minutes while I squirmed in my seat. Then they dismissed us one row at a time, and since I was near the middle (my surname begins with H) that added yet more precious minutes that I just didn't have. I quickly got my bag when we were let out and ran (or tried to run, while also trying not to poo myself) to the toilets. I just about made it to the entrance when an overwhelming wave of cramps hit me and I had to stop and double over in pain. As I did so the inevitable happened; my bumhole opened and out came a wave of sloppy, mushy, disgusting diarrhea. It was warm, sticky and absolutely disgusting. I stumbled into the toilets, where only a couple of the cubicles were occupied (these were the same ones I mentioned before, with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors), and quickly got in one, locking the door and hanging my bag on the hook. My first action then was to dry heave a couple of times, and then I quickly dropped my black school trousers and my knickers and sat. Another wave of poo blasted out of me, with plenty of farts and painful cramps. As I was pooing I examined my ruined panties, which mercifully had contained the crap, and so my trousers were undamaged. I carefully removed the knickers and dropped them in the sanitary waste bin. I was still pooing out gooey chunks of poo and continued to do so for another ten minutes or so. The lunchtime bell would be ringing soon, I reasoned, and I didn't want to be associated with the smell coming from my cubicle, so I willed myself to finish. I finally did, and the smell was incredible! It took a lot of the (mercifully present and correct) toilet roll to clean my bum and the rest of me where the poo had spread. The loo was full of watery brown mush and the odd lump of poo. It hurt trying to hold it in but I felt so much better afterwards! And, as far as I know, nobody ever found out that I had crapped myself, so I suppose, apart from the underwear, I got away with it!

Reading all these posts also reminds me of an episode of children's classic Pingu, which I used to watch avidly when I was young, where Pingu drinks too much juice and ends up weeing all over the floor! Anyone else remember this episode?

Right, I think that's long enough. Hope you enjoyed my stories. Any comments would be appreciated! Byeee!



Astrid- I love your stories, especially the one with Linda. Looking forward for more stories from you!


A Wake Up

Last night I was woken up by my girlfriend in the middle of the night. Both of us are really sound sleepers so this was quite strange.

When I asked what was wrong she told me that she didn't know what happened but she had wet her panties in the middle of the night. She didn't quite wet the bed though, just peed her panties a little.

I asked how it happened and she told me she was having a dream and then woke up to go to the bathroom, when she sat on the toilet she started to pee but she was having a dream within a dream and she was actually still in bed!

When she started to wet her panties she woke up and realized what had happened and then promptly ran to the bathroom. She came back and told me that something like that had never happened before and that she was embarrassed about it.

I used to wet the bed a lot and I even wore pull-ups for a long time until I was a teenager so i understood where she was coming from. I told her that it happens to everyone at least once and to not worry about it. She probably just had to go really bad and the extra blanket we had on the bed made her sleep deeper than usual so she didn't notice that she had to go.

She changed into new panties and hung her old ones in the shower to dry until she could wash them. She was so embarrassed about it, but nothing has changed between us and she handled it very well. She didn't even get a bit on our sheets, how many bedwetters can say that?


Pregnant girl pooping accident

Today as I worked at bed bath and beyond, there was this pretty young blonde woman shopping who was quite far along in her pregnancy- her due date is obviously close- and her mother I suppose was also with her. The girl was wearing tight black stretchy pants and a white t shirt. Anyway, they were shopping off of a gift registry and were in the store for a long time. At one point as I was walking up the aisle I saw her emerge from one of the sections looking sick, and she walked gingerly toward me and asked for the ladies room. I told her which way to go and she choked back a sob and looked totally panicked and stressed. She continued on for a few feet and then stopped and bent slightly at the knees and groaned holding her stomach. I thought she was having pains due to her pregnancy, but then she moved one hand to her butt and ripped a loud squelching fart, and a giant bulge just appeared on her butt under her hand. It came out so fast, like she just had this sudden explosion of soft poop into her underwear. She looked horrified and hurried toward the ladies room. The smell lingered in the aisle and a lot of people saw her poop her pants. I felt pretty bad for her. That had to be pretty devastating for her, a mom to be and she badly pooped in her pants in public, and it was quite noticable. Poor girl. I wonder if it had anything to do with her pregnancy... anyway, I later saw her mom go into the ladies room looking concerned and talking on her phone. I didn't see them leave. Oddly enough it wasn't the only pooping accident I ever witnessed either.
The other when also happened to a girl while I was at work. There is this indian girl who works as a cashier. She is short and skinny, long black hair, kind of cute... well about a year ago after I first started at bbb we were really busy one day. I was helping out on cash register due to the volume of customers and the girl was sharing the same register bay that I was in. I could hear her talking to customers and her voice sounded nervous and shaky. She turned and looked at me and when I looked back she made this frowny face and like, did a weird little dance with her knees pressed together and mouthed "I have to go!" I shrugged and said we had lines. After another minute or two she asked to borrow my walky talky. She used it to ask if there was someone to relieve her register but was told there was no one else readily available. She handed it back to me and looked at me with a very nervous face. I said sorry and carried on. Not long after that, I could smell she farted. I peeked over to her and to my shock there was a tight bulge in the back of her jeans the size of a baseball with a damp spot soaking through around it. She had lost control and crapped her pants. She was a trooper though, she carried on and kept it together while she finished helping customers despite the fact that she was probably mortified by her humiliating accident. Finally my line was complete and I turned to go back to the sales floor. I looked to her as she was finishing up her last customer, and when she was done I asked if she was ok. She said "no I just shit my pants..." and waddled out of the register bay with her eyes glazed over with tears. I told her it was ok and walked behind her to help conceal her accident as she walked to the ladies room. On the way there she apologized and said she couldn't hold it in anymore and it just came out beyond her control. I told her I understood and she thanked me for covering it up by walking with her. Needless to say she was allowed to go home to change her underwear, but she didn't come back to work that day. The word got around work quick that she pooped in her jeans while on register. I don't think anyone made fun of her but it was definitely talked about. She still works there and has even made a joke or two about her accident.

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