Poo in a caravan

This afternoon I needed to poo, so I went out for a walk to find somewhere to relieve myself. I went down that alley where the old van was & found an old caravan. It was in a sorry state with cardboard for windows & all the tyres were flat. I went inside & to my surprise all the fittings were all there. There was a smell of poo & when I openned the bedroom door I found out why. There was large pool diarrhoea on the floor & on the bed there was a pair of navy blue knickers that were also full of diarrhoea. They were labeled age 14-16 so the poor girl must have been really desperate to end up having a big accident like that. I was now busting for a poo & was thinking about relieving myself but decided to have a look around the caravan. In the living area there was more diarrhoea on the floor & more in the kitchen area. That girl must have had a serious case of the runs & think she'd held been holding it for some time to poo so much. I decided it would be fun to add to it & went back into tin bedroom, lowered my leggings & my pants & sat on the bed next to her soiled knickers. I pushed out a hard dry poo into the soft cover untill it hit too much resistance & stopped. I lifted my bum up on my hands & pushed out some more. It wasn't that big but It felt great to get it out. Once I'd finished I just pulled my pants & leggings up without wiping. It was so dry & hard I knew there wouldn't be any skid marks. I left the caravan after that & as I was walking away I heard someone coming. It was a schoolgirl & she went into the caravan. I recognised her as the girl from the bus stop. She didn't see me but I can't help wondering why she'd returned to the caravan. I'll return there later to find out & post again to keep you informed.


Hanging With My Aunt

First off, I have many stories of women that have taken dumps/handled business or farted around me. Consider me a lucky guy. My aunt and I are really close. She's 38, black/light-skinned, very nice looking with a ???? butt. I'm 27 and male. She's open about her bodily functions. Yesterday, I had a hilarious time at my Aunt's house. I had spent the night and we had steakburgers for dinner Saturday night. Sunday morning I was playing Street Fighter 4 and she came in and played the PS3 with me. I was lying on my stomach and she sat on the edge of the bed near my face. After 20 minutes of playing, she let a silent fart out. I smelled it & go, "Damn Auntie, you stank!" She laughs as says, "My bad, nephew. It was those onions on the burgers last night. I may have to let some more gas out and finally take a dump." I laughed and dared her that she wouldn't.

10 minutes later, my aunt got playful and leaned to her side with her butt aimed at me. She goes, "Excuse me in advance" and looked at me and smiled. She lets off a short fart. Then another one short but louder fart 20 seconds later. Two minutes later, she lets off this blockbuster fart that was loud, long and bubbly that went for 7 seconds long. We laughed our ass off about it as she fanned the funk towards me. She goes, "I bet you won't dare me again will you? Now I gotta shit and haven't did it in 2 days!" I go, "Yeah, I wonder how big will it be?" She says, "Ewww, you really want to know? I'll let you look at it when I'm done.

She went in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and started washing her hands. She told me to come in and it had ripe poop smell. It was strong but not overpowering. I lifted the lid and there were 2 logs in the toilet. They were about 9 and 7 inches each. I was like, "Wow, you really had to drop a load didn't you?" She said, "Oh yeah. I'll probably let you come in next time I had to do it, if you're around. Deal?" I told her it was a deal as she left out. I looked for awhile longer and flushed before hopping in the shower.

Anyone else ever had a similar experience with a female family member that was this cool? :)

to Wendy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your horrible diarreah accident that occurred! hopefully it wont happen in the near future! i lookforward to your future post! take care!
to Colleen: i really enjoyed your post! i was sorry to hear that your sister had an accident hours before the wedding in her wedding dress. at least it didnt happen during the wedding! i lookforward to your future post down the road! take care!
to Jry: i really enjoyed your post! iam glad to hear that u had a satisfying dump and that everything came out alright! thats funny that u didnt have any tiolet paper to wipe your butt with! i havent yet experienced that! i lookforward to your post down the road! take care!
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like you experienced quite a dump there! i wonder why it took so long for it to come out! it happens to all of us at somepoint. at least when the evening arrived you didnt have any more bowel movements! take care!
to Lynn: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that your bus driver talked about how coffee upset her bowels! i never experienced that during my adolescent years when riding the bus to school! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! i was sorry to hear that your friend continued to experience another accident! hopefully it wont happen again in the near future! take care!
to kristen: i hope that your doing well! take care and God bless!




man caught sitting on toilet

I was listening to a radio talk show hosted by a lawyer. A 60 year old man called and said that he was buzzed into the bathroom at Burger King. The man then said after about a minute another restaurant patron opened the bathroom door with a key while the man was sitting on the toilet. The man wanted to sue.

The lawyer told the man that he doesn't have a case. He said that people can't be sued just because they caused other people to be embarrassed. The lawyer asked the man if he had ever been in the military where there are forty-five men watching each other on the toilet. The man said "yes." The lawyer then said that the lawyer who helps him on the show graduated from Annapolis, and that none of the bathroom stalls at Annapolis or West Point have doors. I was surprised to hear that they would remove doors at a place that just has "good" men.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

Janet and I didn't get the chance to take a long bike hike. It started to sprinkle lightly after we had been riding about 20 minutes. Now we had that much time to go to get back. We pedaled harder for we didn't want to get cuaght outside if it started to rain harder then it was. We got lucky for we did make it back to my grandmothers and were in the big barn when the sky opened up and it started pouring.

There was no use in trying to run to the house. It was raining just to hard. So Janet and I stayed in the barn and we waited out the rain hopeing it would end in nt to long. One of the first things we did do was we were both thirsty from our shortened bike ride we both took a long drink from the hose there in the barn.

Then we went up the ladder to the hay loft. We walked over to the front of the loft and I swung open the door to get some air and then we dragged a hay bale over by the now opened door and we sat down on it. As we sat there on the hay bale we watched the pouring rain and talked to each other.

After 45 minutes of waiting, watching the rain, and talking. I got up stepped over to the open door. I now had to piss. Janet also got up to watch me. I had my zipper down,pulled my penis out and I started to go. My stream shot out the doorway and into the pouring rain. With it raining so hard my stream only managed to go so far and the hard rain broke it right up.That broke Janet up some for she laughed seeing the rain kill my stream.

I pissed for about twenty seconds and then was done. Janet and I went back over to the hay bale and sat down on it again. We both talked about the hard rain. WE went back and forth saying would it be ending soon etc. We could make a mad dash for it Janet said to me. We could I said back to her. It doesn;t matter we can change once we get inside the house she also said to me. That's true I said back to her.

So now at this point we did go back down out of the loft. I did shutthe lofts door before we left. We stood at the barns front door for a moment and then we took off at a dead run for the house. We both were soaked before we reached the back porch. We went inisde and made a straight bee line for the bathroom to get towels to dry ourselves off.

My grandmother was in the livingroom and she had heard Janet and I come in. From the livingrom she asked; Did you two get cuaght in the rain? I said back to her as now Janet and I were toweling ourselves off; We sure did! Were drying off and we are going to get changed. Good I don't need three sick kids on my hands! You won't have I said quickly backto her. Janet and I quickly fifnished drying ourseleves off, took two towels, and then went upstairs to change.

When we were upstairs Janet went into the hers and Jills room. Jill was not there She must be downstairs with my grandmother in the livingroom we both thought. She told me to wait. I'll only be a moment. So I waited for Janet. Janet hurridly dug out a change of clothes from her bag. She grabbed another pair of shorts and a top. Then we walked don to m bedroom.

I had luckily a pair of jeans and a shirt still left in the room. I and Janet both stripped down took the extra towels we had brought up with us and dried ourselves off the rest of the way. After drying oursleves we both said to each other that being now all dried off felt so much better. Then I started getting dressed. Janet had put on her dry top but she walked over and grabbed the small waste paper can and brought it over by me.

Janet giggled just a little bit as she set the small metal waste apaper can down: I now have to pee! Janet hadn't when we wre up in the loft of the barn. I only had. So Janet squated right down over the small metal waste paper can and in only a couple of seconds started peeing hard into it!

This tme there was no plastic bag in the metal wate paper can. So her hard pissing into it waqs very noisy as her hard piss stream hit into the can. After just a short time her piss had covered over the bottom so now it wasn't as noisy as it had been. Now there was just the splashing of her stream in her piss in the can. Janet went on with her piss for what I would say for a good twenty seconds then came to a dribbling stop.

Then she stod up stepped away from the trash canand then she put on her shorts. I had as she ha pissed I watched her but I had finished putting on my jeans. I now noticed that I could smell comming from the little metal trash can the light oderof piss. I said to Janet; I better dump this out as I reached down to pick up the little metal trash can.

Janet was sitting on the bed and she watched me walk over to ne of the windows which the window was open but the screen was in it. I slid the screen open and I dumped her piss out of the little metal trash can which with the pouring rain it was washed right off with the rain water on the back porch roof. I held the can letting it fill with some rain water and then I dumped that out and I then slid the screen back and set the meatl trash can down on the floor. We both were tired so what we wound up doing was take a nap. To be continuied.


Turn off

My sisters friend came to my house today looking for my sister. I was home alone, but I invited her in for a coffee. She doesn't know it but I had fancied her for ages. We talked for quite a while when she asked to go to the loo. She knew where it was and off she went. As I waited for her I couldn't help hear her fart and then plop plop plop the plopping went on and on mixed with some really loud deep toilet bowl farts. After about six flushes she came back into the kitchen and carried on chatting. I kinda gone off her now as hearing her poop like that was a big turn off .

Monday, May 24, 2010

Desperate to to poop
Garden centre desperation! Lovely hot day went to garden centre and suddenly felt hot pooh required after last night. Usual toilets out of order but directed me to portaloo instead. I made my way there and only two and both in use lady waiting. Lady was able to go in quite quickly but I knew she needed a pooh as she had been holding her bum! I waited in agony for ten min before she came out. It stank but I could not care less as my bowels erupted! Oh the relief was immense

Post Title (optional)Constipated Again

I sent a post the other day about doing a big crap in a doorless public toilet. Since then I had not gone for two days, save a couple of small turds. Yesterday I was on the other side of the city and I had the urge..I was near public toilets and I went in and sat. The log was hard and stubborn..I pushed and pushed and grunted out loud..there were some very loud farts and only a couple of small poos resulted. Whilst doing all this I heard a female voice from somewhere and I figured she might have been in the ladies...the walls in the mens only went up so high and there was quite a gap between the top of the wall and the roof. The result of all the straining was a sore hole...there were big turds in me but they would not move. I stoped my efforts abruptly, wiped once, pulled up my pants, flushed and left. Just up ahead a young woman maybe in late teens or early twenties looked at me and giggled...I am sure she heard my grunts...I could not care less.
I tried later that day but no success.
This mornig I had better luck and this afternoon a very good result in my local public toilet on the way to work.
TO WENDY: I was once very ashamed of BM`s but now have totally is natural and healthy...and enjoyable. Also why was the anatomy created with the anus and bladder so close to the reproductive organs!


The Longest Graduation

Last weekend I became a high school graduate. There were 625 in our class who made it and because of the huge size of our high school, the ceremonies are held at the Civic. This is a large arena in our city with about 10,00o or so seats. So many graduates have been coming in late to the ceremony in recent years our principals now make us meet like two hours before the graduation at school and they charter a long group of buses to take us downtown. I arrived at school just before 9 a.m. with my cap and gown. Our bus seats as well as our seats on the auditorium floor were alphabetical according to our last names and I was assigned to be with a girl I had not met before. They call her RC (standing for "redhead and cute")at our senior banquet and the class voted her Most Likely to Make the Cover of a Fashion Magazine. (Although I also have red hair, mine is braided and because I'm a jock I was voted Most Likely To Play in the Womens NBA).

As we were being lined up by teachers for the bus ride and the march into the Civic, I took the teacher's advice and quickly ran across the hall and got in my morning crap. About all of the 25 or so stalls were taken by girls who had the same thought. As I sat on the stool, because I'm 6' 3" I could see over the top of the stall door and partition and noticed RC at one of the sinks washing her hands. My crap was about the size of my daily average. I wiped, flushed and then practically bumped into RC as I was leaving my stall. She seemed a little frustrated and walked with me back to the sinks where I washed my hands. She said he was only able to pass a couple of "shit balls" and that she was like 5 days constipated. I told her it was probably just her nerves and the graduation would be over in a few hours. RC and I walked out together, got on the bus and shared our designated seat and while the bus was still loading, RC said she didn't like the really humid weather and she felt more of something happening in her gut. Unfortuately I have yet to ride a school bus that's air conditioned.

The bus jerked as it started to pull away as part of our caravan. About a half hour into the trip RC started sweating profusely. She and I switched seats so her could get some breeze from the window. Finally when we got to our place in the parking lot, we were all eager to get off the bus and get into the Civic, which also unfortunately, isn't air conditioned. Once we stood and started walking in-line and filing in, RC whispered to me that she had to take a super-sized shit, but I told her I didn't see that happening anytime soon because we could hear the music playing as we were filing in from the back door and directly taking our seats on the floor of the auditorium. We got to our seats, pretty much in the middle of a row with about 12 graduates on each side of us. I asked RC if she felt better now that we were seated and she said it as getting worse. She said he stomach and bowels were going in circles and that she had to get onto a toilet ASAP. I think that caused her to panic more.

Luckily the ceremony started right on time but we were both surprised on how it dragged on. There were three student speakers seated on the platform, two speakers from the school board and a guy from the class of 1960 who was getting a lifetime achievement award. It took almost two hours to get through the music numbers and the speakers before we could start marching toward the stage and receive our diplomas. As the teachers motioned for our row to rise and start to march, I noticed RC was a little shaky on her feet but she got better as we walked to the base of the stairs where we waited for our names to be called. We were told in practice to stay about 3-feet apart as we crossed the stage and I remember thinking how she would feel better once she had her diploma. Just as she received hers and started down the opposite stairs, my name was called and I received mime. As I exited the stage, I picked up my speed (which is harder in heels) and practically had to run to catch up with her because she was really moving fast. I called out her name, she turned around and tossed me her diploma, and made a pretty fast turn and ran to the bathroom. Lots of our class members gasped as she broke from the line and I decided to follow her to make sure she would be OK.

The hallways were so quiet because there was almost nobody around. I followed the noise of her heels and saw her duck into the first bathroom available. When I got in there about 10 seconds later she was in the first stall, hadn't closed the door, had her slacks all the way down to the floor and was frantically holding her gown up off the seat the best she could. It was obvious though that she was struggling to get the back of it in her hands and raised and I could immediately hear a huge eruption of diarrhea as it blasted out her butt. She was crying and in pain as she sat on the toilet and I walked to the side of the stool, pulled up the back of her gown, but it was too late because she already had some crap on it as well as over much of the back of the seat. I rolled the gown up the best I could and placed it well above her waist, while I grabbed for toilet paper because I knew if I didn't clean the crap off the back of it seat, the gown would probably slip back into the mess. All the while RC was blasting away. I couldn't believe the noise and the amount of diarrhea that was continuing to come out of her.

As she seemed to be slowing down, I went to a sink, tore off several pieces of the hand towels, wet them and started to work on cleaning off the back of the robe the best I could. As I was working on the robe, RC called my attention to her panties, which while they were just above her ankles and touching the floor, we also wet as was the front of the seat and bowl and floor immediately in front of the toilet. She had had a pee emergency at came on so fast before she to herself seat. I told RC that luckily that since our school color is blue that the spills on her gown were not going to show. While she was finishing up, I went to the next stall, sat down for a quick pee because it was starting to burn me, and then we walked back into the ceremony. Luckily, as I sat and peed, I worked out in my mind the route we would take to get back to our seats and draw the least attention. Even luckier was the fact that just was we entered the floor, the administration just "presented" the class and everyone was cheering, and even a few firecrackers were going off. We basically ran for our seats and only those closest to where we were sitting seemed to notice.

When the bus got back to school, we left RC's car there and I drove her directly home because she didn't feel good enough to go to any graduation parties. I went to one and started to feel guility, so I didn't stay that long.

Long graduation ceremonies need to be shortened or short breaks need to be taken. I hope my college graduation ceremony in four years will be a lot shorter.


Bad times

Hello everyone, i cant believe i finally found a forum that expresses stories without any embarassment, i shall add :)

it was a couple weeks ago and i was at the shopping center westfields (im aussie) by myself doing some browsing and sorta felt an upset stomach after eating a piece of cake. I sorta walked over to the toilets and walked in. There was a giant line, and i was getting desperate to shit. I said to
myself, "sayonara ladies, im goin to the disabled one.". Its always my backup plan :)

i went in the disabled toilets, closed and locked the door and put that disposable toilet seat cover on and pulled down my panties, took off my skirt (it was hot in the toilet :s) and sat down for about 30 seconds. All of a sudden, i get this furious diarrohea just gushing out of me, and i thought, if i didnt come to the disabled, i woulda been in alot of
trouble. I groaned and moaned cause the pain and cramps it left while shitting were unbeearable. The smell was bad but the auto air freshner got rid of it :)

omg as im typing, i think i need to go again :P

check u all later ;) xoxo


Amy L.

accident this morning

Hi again guys!

This morning I woke up having to go poop so bad, and as soon as I stood up I completely flooded my thong and pajama pants, i had really bad diarrhea, because I ate some bad seafood yesterday. Clean up was horrible, i washed my pajamas and thong, but they are completely stained brown, so I can only wear them at home.


First poo at school

Hi, Abbie here again, what I'm going to write about today happened just last week. As I said in my first post, the toilets at my school are really grim and I do everything I can to avoid using them. I have been a bit constipated lately, I think because I usually start to want a poo around 10 or 11 in the morning but then put off going to the loo until I get back home about 4ish. The trouble is quite often by then the urge has gone and I forget to go, and if this carries on for a few days I end up constipated then have a hard time going when I eventually get round to it. Either that or I get a major urge out of nowhere and I have to go for a poo there and then which is what happened to me the other day. I was sitting in my history lesson when I realised I was pretty desperate for a wee, so I asked my teacher if I could go to the loo. Luckily he said yes, so I went out of the room towards the girls toilets at the end of the humanities block. I haven't used those toilets in ages, someone said to me the other day they'd done them up and actually were a lot better than the main toilets so I thought I'd check them out. I pushed open the door and went in to find them deserted which was quite good. There were only four cubicles and three sinks and actually they did look pretty decent and weren't that smelly. I went in the nearest cubicle and locked the door. To my suprise the toilet was clean and there was a whole roll of toilet paper. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my pants (white with pink and blue spots) and sat on the loo, at the same time sending a jet of wee gushing into the toilet. It went on for ages, then I wiped, pulled up my pants and let down my skirt, and flushed. I came out and washed my hands, then walked towards the door out into the corridor. As I got to the door I felt a sudden and massive need for a poo, so I paused to see if it would go away. After I few seconds I realised I was either going to have to go back to the toilet or risk going in my pants, so I went back to the cubicle, took down my pants and sat back down. The poo was coming out without me needing to push, but it was massive and hard and was stretching my bum hole a lot. At that moment the main door to the toilets banged open and someone came rushing in. "Oh no, oh no, oh no" I heard over and over again as a girl rushed into the cubicle next to mine, I could see underneath the partition and watched as she slipped off her shoes. The next thing I knew was that she was stepping out of her pale blue pants which she left lying on the floor of the cubicle with a massive load of poo in them. She sat down on the loo and immediately started plopping and farting away into the bowl. Luckily at that moment my own poo splashed down into the water. We wiped at about the same time and then I saw her pick up her pants, which I heard her putting into the sanitary bin after she'd dumped the poo in them down the toilet. As we both came out of our cubicles I realised it was Katie, a girl a couple of years younger than me who lives down my road, so I asked her if she was OK. "No, I've been dying for a poo all morning, then when I asked to go for the toilet my teacher wouldn't let me so I had to wait until the next lesson" she said tearfully. "Now I've ruined my pants and I've had to throw them away but I've got to get changed for PE after lunch so what am I going to do?" I paused at the sinks. "Well... I could always lend you my pants" I said slowly. "I've only got Maths and English this afternoon, so it won't matter to me." I thought my pants would probably fit her as they were tight on me and even though Katie was younger she was quite big for her age. "Well... if you're sure you don't mind, I'll give them back to you tomorrow" she said. "Lets go back into the cubicles then I can take them off and pass them under the partition to you" I said. I went back into the cubicle and locked the door and heard her do the same. I took off my shoes and then reached up under my skirt, took hold of my pants and pulled them down, I stepped out of them and handed them to Katie under the partition. We both came out a few seconds later, it felt quite weird not to be wearing any underwear. "Thanks so much" said Katie, "they fit me fine. I'll see you back here tomorrow at the same time so I can give them back to you." We both went back to lessons, I realised I'd been gone over ten minutes but luckily my teacher never said anything. I spent the rest of the day being careful how I was sitting so no-one could see up my skirt and realise I wasn't wearing any pants, but I think I got away with it.



My husband arrived home from work last night with a very upset stomach. He was having cold sweat due to stomachache and as he entered the house started to fart uncontrollably. apparently he consumed a glass of milk which cause him trouble. After saying hello he hurriedly rushed to the toilet to relieve himself. My poor hubby was no longer able to close the door as he hurriedly removed his pants and exploded right away upon touching the toilet. I went inside with him in the toilet and started to rub his ????. "thanks hon,ooohhh its helping,,,suddenly I heared his stomach rumble loudly, his face grimaced,pfffft,,,,prrrrrrrrrrrtttttt,,pppfffttt,,, another wave of massive and nasty diarrhea hit my poor honey,,,uuuggghhhh....there I go,,,the only thing he managed to utter, after that he decided to finish and I helped him cleaned up as he was so weak already. After that I rubbed some oil on his ???? which made him fart the whole night. I think it was because of the milk and so much stress from work that overwhelmed my poor guy's digestion.


Private poo

I was desperate for a poo at home today, my sister was jogging the bathroom again.
I jumped in my car and drove to a nearby park that had one of those solo pay as you go public toilets. I paid my money waited for the door to close, then sat on the toilet. At first I released a really hard poo that was painful to pass. It landed in the toilet without making a sound. As I peered down into the bowl I coul see why it was painful to pass by the size of it. I then did a couple more poops. Next I leaned forward and put my hands under my toes, relaxed then my poo hole took in some air. I forced out the air in a big long fart. I did this over and over until I got bored. The cubicle did smell quite bad, I flushed the toilet it had quite a powerful flush, which was just as well as it took two flushes to shift my large poop. After washing my hands I returned home in my car feeling empty And refreshed.


Mother in loo!

Mother in law was around today, wife was out. After her coffee she went to the bathrom, released a fart on the toilet that could be heard a quarter of a mile away followed by a large round of machine gun style pooping. After several flushes later she said nothing and headed home without saying a word!

After this mornings poo behind the bins, I went home & started viewing some old posts & came across one called "EX MEDIC" on page 569. It must have been super embarrassing for that girl in the ambulance who was desperate for the toilet, to have to get help pulling her jeans down so she could relieve herself on a towel. I can't begin to imagine how desperate she must have been to even ask for help with what must be the most private bodily function you can have. She must have been super relieved afterwards. I remember getting that desperate myself once. I was 12 at the time & it happened on a school trip. I used to be very shy about having a poo with others knowing about it & would always hold it untill I got home even he if I was really desperate. We went to the seaside & in the afternoon I got the runs. I know it was stupid but I knew I would take ages in the toilet so everyone would know I was doing a poo, so I tried to hold it untill I got home. I know that common sense says it's far less embarrassing to go to the toilet than to risk doing it my knickers but I really didn't want anyone else to know I needed a poo. Well I'd been holding on for about 2 hours before I realised I couldn't wait any longer. I hated having to ask for permission to go to the toilet but I was about to do it in my knickers & I didn't want that to happen. Unfortunately we had to get the coach to take us back to school but then I remembered there was a toilet on the coach so I didn't worry too much. We all got on to coach & I barely made it up the steps. I quickly waddled to the back of the coach where the toilet was located & was so glad to reach it just in time. There was just one problem though. There was a sign which read, "OUT OF ORDER"! I was devastated. I really needed to go so desperately & now my only chance of relieving myself was no longer available. I made my way to my seat holding my bum but it wasn't enough to stop a spurt of diarrhoea going into my knickers. I sat down carefully but then another spurt leaked out. I had to sit in my soiled underwear for the whole journey back to school & I was still desperate to go. By the time we got back to school I'd been holding my diarrhoea in for over 4 hours. I waited untill I was the last one to get off the coach as I knew I wouldn't be able to get out of my seat without having an accident & I was right. The moment I stood up my bowels let go & I flooded my knickers with the smelliest diarrhoea I'd ever done. I had to walk the length of the coach with it running all down my legs but the relief I felt was indescribable. I had to walk home with my knickers soaked in liquid diarrhoea & on the way I needed to go again so I just let go & messed myself again. When I got home I got cleaned up in the shower & was getting myself dry when I felt the needed to go again so I sat on the toilet & released another big load into the toilet. I wiped myself & got dressed before going to my room to rest. About 2 hours later I felt the urge to go again so I ran to the bathroom to use the toilet for the 4th time. It was a big messy one too & sprayed all around the pan. I sat for a while before another wave came out & again it was messy. By the time I was done my bum was on fire. But that was all of it.

Upstate Dave

Janet Jill Former Neighbors 3 Day Stay

Janet and I went inside the store. She and I bought sodas along with some candy to snack on. As we were paying for our sodas and cany Jill came running into the store. She too went over got a soda and bought a candy bar. She also had a note from my grandmother and handed it to Mrs VanRenselear.

Mrs VanRenselear read my grandmothers note and she got a carton of Kool cigarettes Jill gave her $5 for the cigarettes. Being a small town everyone knew everyone and this letting us kids get cigarettes for a adult was quite common. Then after this we went outside and went over to the old school going to the playground. We sat together on the swings drank our sodas,ate our candy and talked about where we were going to get our supper treat for my grandmother.

We did come up with one of the local places to order from after some time talking about where to order from. All three of us had finished our sodas and candy bars. So we started heading back to my grandmothers to give her carton of cigarettes and tell her about the place we came up with to order supper from. We were pretty sure she would agree with our choice.

When we got back to the house my grandmother was in the kitchen siting at the table. Jill gave her the carton of Kools. Then I told her about ordering supper from the place we came up with. She said back to all three of us; Good choice! So that was all set. It was still to early to order supper so the three of us went outside.

Instead of going over to the trailer we went out to the big barn instead. We went up into the upstairs hay loft. There was some hay bales in the loft but not all that many at this time of the year. So there was many open bare spaces in the loft.So what we did with the bales that were there in the loft we made ourselves houses out of them.

I helped janet and Jill making their houses for them. This took us awhile to do. When we had finished enough time had gone by in that Jill neededto pee along with Janet and I. So what we did was make one more seperate little room with some of the hay bales. This was our bathroom!

It wasn't big enough for all three of us to use at the same time. There was enough room for two. So Janet and Jill stepped inside while I stood outside of one of the walls of our bathroom. The walls were only a few feet high so I could look over the top and inside. Janet and Jill both pulled down their shorts together and sat right down on the tops of the hay bales. This way they could see me standing outside.

Since I was standing outside I pulled my shorts right down to piss. Now before I started my piss Jill had started hers which her stream shot out hard shooting down at a very sight forward angle and splattered on the old wooden floor boards. Janet saw that Jill was now pissing got right up from where she had sat down on the wall of hay bales came quickly over to the wall where I was standing.

She sat down off to the side of me reached back and took my penis in her hand and held it! This made Jill start laughing as she sat there pissing. Janet turned and looked back up at me and she was smiling. Then she started to piss. Janet too sent out a hard stream. Hers shot straight down hissing where Jills stream wasn't. Janets piss like Jills piss splattered hard on the floor boards too.

With both girls pissing it didn't take long at al for almost the entire area of the little bathrooms floor to be wete with their piss. Then now I started to piss. My stream went and hit the top of one of thehay bales that made up te wall in front of me nd the next one over where Janet was sitting and pissing. My piss didn't splash all that much. The dry hay bale soaked my piss right up.

Then almost in the same order Jill stopped pissing first. Then Janet stopped and then I was the last one. Now with Janet and Jill having pissed on the little bathrooms floor which like I said had wetted just about all of the floor Jill spun around on the hay bale she was siting on and then she stood up ouside the side she was on. Janet let go of me and she did the same as Jill had done and she spun around and stood up outside which she now stood next to me.

We all then pulled up our shorts. Janet and Jill along with me took a look at the wet floor boards and both girls giggled hard. Then after that we figured that we had spent enough time up n the hay loft now. So we climbed down out of the loft and went back to the house. As we headed back Jill ran ahead of Jill and I. This is when Janet let out a short little giggle. How bout tomorrow taking a shit in our new bathroom! I let out a laugh myslef and I told Janet I would. WE reached the house went inside and it was time to order our supper which my grandmother did. To be continuied.

to A Woman: i really enjoyed your post! thats really interesting to hear about the many interesting people and friends that u and your husband know that allow their children to go to the bathroom in various places !i must admit when u gotta go u gotta go! i was never allowed to go in strange places growing up! my parents would have whipped me for using the bathroom in the house or than the tiolet! i lookforward to your future post! take care!
to Jody: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that u got to see your secret crush walk in on you while u were on the tiolet! i must say i have never experienced anything like that before ! i lookforward to your next post!
to Cali's mom: i really enjoyed your post! i have never heard of a mom who has purposely allowed her daugther and her daughters friend to pee in the bed! thats really funny and rather unsual at the same time! i lookforward to your post!
to Endstall Erin: i really enjoyed your post! thats cool that u and your cousin went bowling! your definitley better than me! thats cool that u and jacob left the tiolet unflushed at the bowling alley and the mall! i lookforward to your future post! take care!
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! iam was sorry to hear about your friends accident that she had! hopefully it wont happen in the near future! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to Alexis: i really enjoyed your post! thats funny that the handle in the stall that u were in was broken! iam glad that there was a plunger that u were able to use! i lookforward to your future post! take care!
to Jessica: i really enjoyed your post! i really enjoyed your post! iam glad that u were able to make it in time to another bathroom to relieve yourself! thats funny that u totally filled up the tiolet and couldnt flush it! i love it when i clog the tiolet in public and it leaves a lingering odor still present in the bathroom afterwords! however this is not always good! although it can be funny at times! i lookforward to your post in the future! take care!
to kat: i really enjoyed your post! i was so disappoined to hear that u got really ill ! i wonder if u picked up a bad case of food poison! it sounds like it to me! iam glad that your boyfriend was there to take care of you! i lookforward to your future post!



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