Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

We soon were eating from the place we had ordered from. We all had this places roast beef dinner. It was a great meal as always from tis place. As we all sat eating it had clouded up outside and began to rain. Oh well looks like the rain was going to put the kabosh on doing anything outside again for this evening.

So after eating I and the girls played a game of scrable wth my grandmother. Then we went and watched some tv for awhile after the scrable game. Then after watching tv for a hour or so my grandmother turned in and went to bed. There wasn't much on tv as it turned out so I went and grabbed a book to read which there were plenty of books to choose from on the book shelves there in the livingroom.

The book as it so happened that I had picked out was one of my grandmothers medical books. It was a thick one and it had many pictures and illustrations in it. It interested me so I kind of got deep into it. Janet soon got up from sitting on the floor and sat down next to me on the couch. She asked me what I was reading. I told her one of my grandmothers old medical books. Let me see too! Janet said to me. So Janet and I went on together now looking through the book.

Soon we were looking through the digestion part of the book. There were plenty of illustrations showing the stomach,large intesines, the small intestines, the rectum, and last the anus was also marked. Spotting the anus Janet giggled a loud giggle. Then still giggling but not as hard Janet said to me; That's where your shit comes out of! I didn't know that was what it was called. That made me let out a short laugh.

Now with Janet and I had giggled now Jill turned towards us for she was still sitting on the floor and had been watching the tv. Jill asked us; What's so funny that you two are looking at in that book? Janet giggled a little harder and said back to Jill; Oh a picture of a poop hole! Jill got right up off from the floor saying as she got up; Let me see!

Jill sat down on the other side of me and looked at the illustration that we wre looking at. Looking at the digestive tract illustration and seeing the end of the large intestines seeing rectum and anus pointed out and marked Jill said anus and then asked; Is anus your pooper? That made both Janet and I laugh pretty hard and we both then told Jill yes.

Then we went on turning more pages of the book. With the digestive tract illustartion the genitiles were left out. Same with the illustartion that showed the kidneys,bladder, and ureathra. Both girls did some more giggling together as they looked over the illustration. So thats what the pee system is all about! Janet said and Jill said that it sure looked a long way to go before it comes out! Again we had another good laugh.

Then a short time latter we didhit illustrations which were of the reproduction organs. The first one was for a female. Seeing the illustration Jill laughed and said; Hey I know what that is! Thats what I have down here! As Jill said this she pointed right down to her crotch which she also had opened her legs far apart at the same time!

The illustration of the vagina was quite very detailed in the book. Seeing in the illustration the end of the ureathra Janet said giggling;Now there is the peehole! Its in this picture! Jill hearing and looking at the illustration satrted to laugh hard with Janet. I sat there and smiled. We went in further in the book.

Then after the female vagina illustration was the male organs with the penis and testicles. As soon as I had flipped the page and this illustration was seen by both Janet and Jill both giggled hard for several seconds and then they stopped. Jill said quickly; Hey thats a peeterand there is the walnuts too! That made me laugh and Janet giggled again too.

Then right after Jill had said this seeing that the male ureatra went all through the penis to its head Jill cracked us both up again. Jill said; That's why a boy can pee s far! His is longer! Then shortly after this we came to the books end. I put it back in its place up on the book shelf. We all then went out to the kitchen to get a snack and a drink.

Wesatyed in the kitchen having our snack and drink. It was still raining outside but no longer as hard as it had been. The three of us as we had or snack and drinks talked about doing something tomorrow. Then Janet came up with a idea this time. How bout spending the day up at the amusment park? Jll was all for it. I was too. I also said to both girls we'll have to tell my grandmother in the morning and let her know. So that too was agreed upon.

So now with possible plans made we then went upstairs to get ready to go to sleep. Janet and Jill changed into pjs for tonight. The rain had made it cooler so just nightshirts tonight were out. I changed into a pair of lightweight sweatpants and a tshirt. Then back downstairs we went and into the bathroom. We only all brushed our teeth and went sraight back upstairs. None of us had to piss while we were in the bathroom brushing our teeth.

Once back upstairs I said goodnight to both girls and I walked down the little hallway and kitchenette and into my grandmothers old bedroom which I had slept in last night. Before I got into bed to go to sleep I felt to warm even though it was cooler tonight like I had said. So I took off my sweatpants and then got under just the sheet leaving the blanket folded over aside the one side of the bed.

I did fall asleep right away. The reason was that I was thinking aout going to the amusment park tomorrow plus what Janet had said after we had left the barn after playing and pissing in te barns hay loft. I remebered about us taking a shit in the bathroom we had made out of the hay bales. So I just laid there on the bed not falling asleep.

Not falling asleep turned out to be a good thing. After laying awake for some time I heard the door open which was the bedroom door of the girls bedroom. I heard soft footsteps in the hallway and I turned and looked in that direction for I had the door to my room open. Also the light was on in the girls bedroom for with the door to their bedroom now opend it lit up the hallway and it was Janet who had come out of the bedroom and she was the one headed my way.

Once Janet had reached and stepped into the open doorway of my bedroom she saw that I was awake. Oh good your awake Dave Janet said to me softly. Yeah I am Janet. I can't fall asleep. I was just thinking about tomorrow I said to her. Bth going to the park and then I paused and then said about shiting out in the barn. Thatmade Janet let out a loud giggle which she covered her mouth over with her hand real fast to keep her loud giggle quieter.

Then Janet said to me now giggling quieter;I forgot about that! Then I asked her why she was now awake. Janet giggled a little more. Then she told me she had to pee! I thought you might have to also. We didn't go when we were in the bathroom earlier she went on saying. I too now felt the urge that I did like Janet had to piss so I pulled the sheet off from me and satrted getting out of bed.

Seeing me that I was half naked since I had taken my sweatpants off before getting into bed Janet let out another short giggle. Then she asked me; Arn't you cold? I told her no and then we went out to the old kitchenette to piss in the old sink. Janet pulled her pj bottoms right down to her ankles and then hopped up on the counter placing her bare ass and vagina over the one bowl of the sink. I stepped forward and I aimed my penis at the other bowl of the sink.

I started my piss right after Janet had started her piss. Janet pissed very hard into the sink. There was no hissing but her piss splashed noisily and the drain began to gurggle as it ran down it. When I started my piss my stream went right into the drain on the sink on my side. That added more sound to the gurrgling of the drain. With al the loud gurggling of our piss going down the sinks drain Janet giggled slightly untill we both had stopped pissing into the old sink.

Then after we had finished Janet hopped down off the sink. I reached over and ran a little cold water to rise our piss doiwn the sinks drain. Janet had pulled up her pj bottoms while I was doing this. Then she said goodnight to me walked over to the open bedroom door of the girls bedroom and shut the door. I walked back to my bedroom got back in bed. It trook me awhile longer but I did drift off to sleep. To be continuied.


Big crap, no toilet paper

Hello again! It's been a while since I last posted. Now that I'm finally on vacation, I may have the time to post again.

Firstly, a few months ago (when I stopped posting for some time) someone asked if guys always pee while sitting to shit. I can say that at least I do, but it's not because I take advantage that I am already on the toilet or actually need to pee, but because in the process of pushing my load out, some pee comes out. Sometimes I do have to pee and empty my bladder completely before I start releasing my crap, but most of the time it happens because of the pushing process.

Something interesting happened yesterday. Well, actually, rather troublesome, but I was lucky I was alone (or not, depending on how you see it).

I had gone to the gym in the morning and as a result, I ate a lot when I got home and also drank a lot of water. My family then went out at around 4 pm. I decided to play some videogames then, but after a while I realized that I needed to take a big crap. Since I was playing online, I chose to hold it until I had finished the match. When it was over, I made my way to my bathroom and began pulling my pants down without closing the door, as I didn't have to worry about anyone hearing or seeing me. I sat on the toilet and started peeing steadily into the bowl. It was quite a lot since I drank a lot of water and had not emptied my bladder yet. After I finished peeing, I waited for a couple of seconds before pushing out my first log, which was a little painful and wider than usual. It was also quite big and firm(I guess because I skipped a day without crapping), and I couldn't help but grunt while it was coming out. I then relaxed for a few minutes and enjoyed my time in there, as there was no hurry and my brother wasn't around to tease me for taking so long. Then I pushed out easily another log, also big and wide, but this time soft and smooth, and felt kinda good while coming out. I finished by dropping two smaller logs, thinner and also smooth. After letting it all out, I felt much better.

There was a problem, however, as I had forgot to check if there was toilet paper in there before I started dropping my load. And of course, there wasn't. I had no tissues or anything like that in my pockets either. I didn't want to stand up and look for it because then the wiping process would become more difficult: if it had all been a firm shit like my first log, it wouldn't have been much of a problem, but the last logs were soft enough to be messy. But, as I had no other choice, I half stood up, with my legs bent and a little apart from each other, and started walking naked from the waist down to my parents' bathroom. I sat on the toilet and began wiping with the toilet paper they had. Even after walking like that, I had to wipe quite a few times, and then flushed the toilet there. I got a couple of toilet paper rolls from their bathroom before going back to mine and flushing it too.

So, in a sense I was lucky I wasn't seen doing that, but maybe it could have been better if I had just told one to bring a toilet paper roll to me.

Now that I'm done another school year at college, I'm back to working full time at a local electronics store. This morning I had to open up so I knew I could take my much needed dump as soon as I got in. When I arrived I immediately headed to the employee's bathroom at the back of the store where we warehoused everything . As soon as I sat down on the toilet I let out a solid flow of soft poop, and after a quick look down I realized that I had was going to overwhelm the toilet.

I reached around and flushed the first load down which of course left a ton of skidmarks all over the bowl. I let out another wave of soft poop before wiping and flushing a few more times to wash everything down. I wasn't sure why my stomach wasn't agreeing to what I had eaten for dinner last night.

A few hours later the urge to go hit me again. Since it was almost lunch break I decided I would walk across the street to the local coffee shop and get something to eat and take another dump. I really didn't feel like stinking up the bathroom at work with everyone around.

As soon as I finished my lunch I went to the washroom at the back to urgently relieve myself. There was a single toilet that looked like it had just been used but I needed to go so badly I didn't care. I let out a tremendously loud wet fart before a torrent of poop dropped down without hesitation. I spent the next few minutes cleaning up before flushing and leaving to go back to work.

As soon at 5 pm came around I was again desperately needing to relieve myself. Since I wasn't alone I decided I would go as soon as I got home. As I left work and made my way home I realized that I wasn't going to make it home in time. I quickly took a detour to a park that I knew had some porta potties. I pulled into the empty parking lot and ran to it as fast as I could. I opened the door and quickly pulled my pants and briefs down before sitting down and releasing yet another load of soft poop. I was about to get up when I felt another round coming so I quickly sat back down and let it out. I spent at least another 5 minutes cleaning up before leaving back to my car. When I got home my stomach still felt a bit unsettled but fortunately I felt much better and did not have to go again for the rest of the evening.

I was just wanting to know is it true that women would rather hold their pee to the point of wetting their pants than to go to the restroom and take off a girdle, pantyhose, and all those other stuff that you women wear


to astrid

Its funny how you struggled to hold your poop in on your wedding day, because my sister recently had an accident on her wedding day! Thankfully it was before the ceremony. She was wearing the dress early in the day having last minute adjustments made when all the stress and nerves and excitement made her get a strong urge to poop. She had to hold it while our step mom finished working on her dress, then she had to rush to get the dress off and go to the toilet. Needless to say she didn't make it. Me my other sister and step mom were helping her with the dress when she started making a really weird face and there was this crackling and squishing sound. The odor of poop filled the room and as we pulled the dress away from her sure enough a gigantic bulge was growing in the seat of her panties. It was a big soft load judging by the look of the bulge. They were white panties so the stain really showed after a couple seconds. She could do nothing but laugh about it and kept squealing "oh my god! I pooped my pants!" It was hysterical, we were all losing it (I almost peed in my own pants laughing), but she was still so humiliated. She cried while laughing and her face was bright red for a long time. my other sister had to go get her a change of underwear. Anyway, she got cleaned up and all was well. We kept telling her how lucky she was we got her dress off in time and that it wasn't the ceremony...omg, could you imagine pooping your panties during your own wedding ceremony? I wonder if that's happened to mortifying!

Today I remembered that I had to renew my driver's license. Since I had the time, I decided I would go out and do a few errands before heading to work. I met up with a friend for lunch before heading to the DMV office at the other end of town. I needed to take a dump and I was planning to go at soon as I arrived at work after I finished my errands.

As soon as I arrived there was a lineup that stretched almost to the entrance. Seeing that I had already driven across town I decided I would just wait. I looked down the hallway and saw the the bathroom. I was going to go but just then another two people entered in and I didn't really want to lose my place in line. After nearly 20 minutes of waiting I finally got to the counter and finished up the paperwork. I quickly made my way to the bathroom. When I opened the door I realized that it was a just a single toilet and a sink. I turned the light on and locked the door. I was shocked when I discovered a large turd sitting in the bowl with a large mound of toilet paper beside it.

In desperation I tried to flush the toilet before I dropped my load on top of it, certainly creating an even bigger mess. Everything went down except the water level didn't go down. I guess the previous person realized that their load was probably going to clog and simply left it for someone else to deal with. I waited a bit to see if the water level would go down but it did't go anywhere. Frustrated and almost ready to leave I decided I had no other choice as I was now quite desperate to relieve myself.

I undid my jeans and briefs before sitting down. I let out a loud fart just as someone tried to open the door. I let out more gas which I'm sure they heard and took notice that it was occupied. I pushed and a turd came out with little effort but landed with a loud splash as it hit the water just inches from my ass. Just as I was about to start to wipe I felt a sharp pain and let out fart. I felt another turd coming so I started to push again. Suddenly I heard someone try to open the door so I stopped in disbelief wondering what was going on. Then I heard a knock and someone call out if someone was inside. Panicked I quickly called out that I was in there. I guess for whatever reason they didn't hear me and I heard a key unlock the door before it swung open. I looked to see a employee of the DMV office standing there with a teenaged boy about 18 years old. Shocked, she quickly apologized before closing the door.

Embarrassed, I finished up as quickly as I could so I could make a quick escape. The toilet was still plugged and on top of it I had dropped two large turds that I couldn't get rid of. As I opened the door I saw the guy standing around the corner as he waited for me to finish. I'm sure he was almost as equally as embarrassed as I was. I didn't bother telling him that the toilet was out of order but by the expression on his face and the fact that he entered in and didn't come running out, I ventured to guess that he needed to go quite badly.


bus driver discussed her bladder

Today a bus driver said that she couldn't drink coffee before driving the bus because of her bladder. She had been discussing drinking coffee with one of the passengers. Her announcement was loud enough for everyone on the bus to hear.

Once a bus driver got off the bus to go to the bathroom at a store. That particular bus route starts at an amtrak station and ends at a college about half an hour later. Maybe the driver drank coffee before leaving the amtrak station.


Post Title (optional) Starting to get constipated again.....

Linda from Australia here again. For the last few days, I've been having a bit of trouble pooping. I've only been dropping small loads and getting that unfinished feeling again. I can feel myself getting constipated again.

To Keith D: I also hate it when a few rock hard pebbles break off the main log but the main log won't come out. This happens to me sometimes aswell. I find that when I'm constipated, I have to squeeze out lots of rock hard bits of poo before the main load will come out. Its like the rock hard turds have created a plug and once I can get the 'plug' out, the main load comes out. There is nothing worse than spending a long time pushing and straining on the toilet, when nothing comes out. It makes it ten times worse when I can feel poo moving down but I just can't get it out.


Sleepover poo part 2

This is the second part of my earlier post, after Sarah and I had both used the loo after we got back to her house from school. Later that afternoon Georgie and Jessie came over and about 10 we started to get changed for bed. We chatted and dared each other to do stupid stuff until about half 11 then got in our sleeping bags and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later feeling the need for a poo, I knew I hadn't got it all out earlier and that I'd probably have to go at some point. I quietly slipped out of my sleeping bag and went to the toilet. To my suprise the light was on in there, so I realised I'd have to stand and wait until whoever was using the loo had finished. I had been pretty desperate as soon as I woke up but now I was having to stand and wait I was practically bursting. The poo was trying to push its way out of my bum and I was having to clench all my muscles to hold it in. As the seconds ticked by I realised I was going to lose the fight, I could feel the poo start to slide out and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Luckily I'd kept my pants on under my nightie when I'd got undressed earlier, but the bad news was that they were really too small for me and were wedged up my bum quite badly, I quickly pulled them down a bit to give the poo room to come out. The poo slid out faster and faster and finally broke off in my pants, luckily it wasn't too big and it was quite dry so it stayed contained in my underwear. I was starting to wonder if there was no-one in the loo at all and somebody had just left the light on, an annoying thought as I could have gone straight in and wouldn't have pood my pants. I gently pushed the door and it did open to my suprise, so I walked in but stopped in shock when I saw Georgie sitting on the loo. She had her nightie up around her waist and her green pants stretched over her thighs. She was really red and looked like she could hardly talk, she certaintly didn't have the energy to get in a stress about me barging in.
"Oh Abbie, I'm sorry, I've been trying to have a poo for ages and it just won't come out" she said almost crying. I knelt down carefully next her to avoid squishing the load in my pants. I get constipated quite a bit myself so I know what it's like. I chatted to Georgie for a few minutes and she started to relax a bit, suddenly she said "I think I might be able to go now" and started pushing. "Do you want me to go?" I said. "No don't worry," she said, "I'll get stressed again if I'm on my own." She quickly slipped her pants down to her ankles then kicked them off alltogether and spread her legs really wide. She was pushing really hard and making loud grunts as well as going purple in the face, I felt so sorry for her but there was nothing I could really do to help. She caught her breath and said "It's on the way out now, it should be too much longer." After a couple more minutes of hard pushing and grunting there was a gigantic plop, followed my a massive sigh of relief from Georgie. She finished with two more bits but they seemed much easier to get out than the first one. "Thanks so much for helping me Abbie" she said as she wiped herself and then put her pants back on. "It's OK I didn't really do much" I said. Georgie went over and sat on the edge of the bath as I stood up. "Do you want me to go?" she said. It didn't exactly seem fair to ask her to go as I'd watched her, but I was embarased about the fact that I'd pood my pants. I hesitated. "Well, I don't mind really, but the thing is..." I took a deep breath, "I was so desperate for a poo that I actually ended up going in my pants." Georgie looked horrified. "Oh god, I'm so sorry, you should have come in sooner" she said quickly. Now Georgie knew my secret there wasn't any point waiting around, so I lifted my nightie and eased my pants down carefully, then tipped the poo into the toilet. My pants had a big brown stain in them so I knew I wouldn't be able to put them back on. I then got some wet toilet paper and wiped my bum thorughly before sitting on the toilet. As I thought I was able to push out a few more bits and also had a quick wee. As I was wiping Georgie said "Do you want me to lend you some clean knickers or have you got a spare pair?" "Actually yes, if you've got some spare ones that would be great" I replied. "What do you think I should do with these?" I asked Georgie, pointing at my soiled underwear sitting on the bathroom floor. "Just wrap them up in loads of loo roll and stuff them in bottom of your bag" she said "Then tomorrow you can throw them out!" We went downstairs, I hid my dirty knickers in my bag and changed into a pair that Georgie gave me, then we went back to bed and eventually got to sleep.

Upstate Dave

Janet & Jill 3 Day Stay Continuies

The next morning I was awake at my regular time. I got dressed right after getting up. I went downstairs and my grandmother was awake sitting at the table in the kitchen. I went and got my breakfast and sat down at the table to eat. My grandmother said to me; Dave I have some news to tell you. I looked at her and waited for her to tell me.

Jill is sick. Shes running a fever. So she won't be able to go with you today. I asked my grandmother when did this happen. Early this morning she woke up sick. She came downstairs and woke me up telling me she did not feel good. I thought about what we had planned and said that it wouldn't be fair to Jill if Janet and I went without her as far as going to the amusement park.

]My grandmother smiled a little and told me that was a nice thing to do. Besides that as far as the outside it was really overcast and it looked like it could rain even though it wasn't now. I told her we would do it another day. My grandmother aslo told me she was staying home to keep a eye on Jill. I finished eating and as I was getting up from the table Janet came walking into the kitchen.

My grandmother told Janet that Jill was sick and I told her that we would go to the amusement park another day becuase of Jill being sick. Janet was first some what dissapointed but she too had looked outside and with it not looking so nice outside she agreed we would go on a different day too. So I sat down as Janet ate her breakfast and waited for her as she ate.

So now with part of ourplans being changed for today Janet and I would have to come up with something else to do. Janet did remind me about the other one thing we had wanted to do this morning. I and her bot smiled after she had said this to me. Then I told her that how bout going on a bike ride then? My bike was out in the big barn so this would be the reason for going out to the barn but not only to get my bike but go up in the hay loft too to use our bathroom up there in the loft.

Janet told me we could do that. But we would have to go over to her house so she could get her bike. I told her we could do that. Several mnutes later Janet finished eating and after she took care of her bowl and spoon she and I went outside and walked out to the big barn. Once inside Janettold me she had grabbed a wad of toilet paper out of the bathroom before she had come into the kitchen to eat. She patted the back pocket of the pair of green shorts she had on for that is where she had the toilet paper in.

Before we went up into the hay loft we were standing by the ladder that went up to the loft Janet said to me with a big smile; I really feel like I can take a big shit! I also really have to piss just as bad! I laughed a little and told Janet that I was the same way for nowhaving ate I needed now to shit and piss also. So we both scrambled right up the ladder into the hay loft.

Then we both hurried right over where we had made our litle hay bale bathroom. Once we wre to it Janet asked me; How bad do you have to go? I told her that I had to do both pretty bad. Why? I asked her back. Well Janet said to me and then went on; I wanted you to see my anus first! After all I said I would show you this morning yesterday! I smiled a little and I told Janet that I could hold back my shit but not my piss! Janet giggled and said ok you can piss and I'll hold back while you do that!

So waht we did was we both took each others clothes right off with me taking Janets green shorts and green panties off. She pulled my pants down and giggled a little having pulled my pants down I was not wearing any underware and my penis was erect. WE laid our removed clothing on the tops of the haybales of one of the bathrooms walls. Janet hopped up on opne ofthe haybales as I stood there.

Jane sqauted down and reached right over and took a hold of my penis. I was squeezing my muscles some to keep myself from starting my shit but since I also had to piss so badly I did start pissing with a weakish stream which made a short arc and hit the floor only about two feet out in front of me. Seeing that my stream wasn't hard and going far Janet said to me with a slight giggle; I thought you really had to go!

I answered her by saying that I was holding back to keep from shiting too. Janet giggled a little harder since I said that to her. After pissing for sveral seconds I felt the urge to shit fade so I relaxed and my piss stream srang right up getting very hard going into a higher longer arc and moved much further away. In fact my piss stream went outside of the little bathroom and my piss was now splashing on the floor well outside of the bathrooms back wall. This made Janet giggle hard for a moment. Then she told me; That's more like it!

I let myslef piss hard for about maybe fifteen seconds and then I cut my stream right off. I had pissed enough so that I no longer had to fight to hold it. Plus I wanted to see Janet go. So right after I stopped pissing Janet let go of my penis. I stepped outside of the bathroom. Janet stepped up on top of one of the hay bales of the wall and I sat down on the floor behind her.

Janet had seen me sit down and she giggled some. I made her giggle more for I told her I had a great view. Then Janet settled down into a high squat and said to me; Here I go! In a quick few seconds Janet was pissing extreamly hard. She had a golden yllow straight down piss stream which wetted the top of the hay bale. Her stream was flowing hard but its hiss was soft.

Then after a good several seconds her stream eased right up and stopped. Since I was looking right at Janets ass in frontof me I saw her asshole starting to be pushed outward. I said to Janet loudly; Your asshole is moving! Janet let out a little giggle and said right back to me; That's my anus! That made me laugh. Ok it's your anus! I said back to her.

In a few more passing seconds Janet's shit had come out enough so that it wasn't just a turtle head that had poked out. Her shit looked hard and it was very chunky light brown one too. It slowly moved without any pushing from Janet. Then when it gained another inch or two a couple of the chunks broke off from her shit and fell on the floor. (Ever have that happen when you have shit?) I laughed a little and told Janet that her shit was breaking up. Janet let out a litle giggle.

More seconds passed. Janets shit still moved slowly and was betwen seven eight inches long. A couple more chunks again had broken off from it. Then her shit fell making a hard thud on the wooden floor. A little piss then dribbled wetting her crotch and dripped right off from about where her asshole was. Janet only dribbled for a few shortt seconds for she started having a second shit start poking its way out from her anus.

This second shit was the same color along with looking just as hard and chunky as her first shit. But this second shit moved much quicker. When it reached maybe five inches long it fell hiting the floor with a loud thud too. Then that was it as far as Janet shiting. There was no more. What she did do was that she went back and pissed hard,noisily with a loud hiss for a good ten seconds or more and then came to a clean no dribble or drips complete stop.

Janet reached over and took the toilet paper from her shorts back pocket. She tore some off from the wad and reached back under her and gave herasshole a good wipe. She did take a look after she had wiped and the toilet paper was clean. She dropped it down on the floor. She tore off a little bit and gave her vagina a quick wipe and dropped that paper too.

Then she hopped right off from the top of the hay bale. Janet took a quick look at her two large shits laing there on the floor and she started counting outloud. One two three for five. Then she giggled and said to me; I had five litle pieces break off. I smiled and I was already standinf for I had stood up after she had finished wiping herself.

Then it was my turn to let Janet watch me shit. So I went and got up on the hay bale that she had used. Oh no! Janet said to me very loudly. You can't go there! I'm not going to be able to watch you. My shit is in the way! I laughed and then I hopped down and went across to the othger side wall and hopped up on it. Janet went around the ouside of our little bathroom and she thendid what I had done. She sat down on the floor.

So I turned around so that my ass faced her. I didn't squat down I stood on the hay bale. Seeing that I did sqaut to shit Janet asked me: Arn't you going to squat Dave? I said back to Janet no. I'm going to stand and go. Hey then I won't be able to see your anus! Janet said to me very loudly. Yes you will I said back to her. JUST WATCH! I aslo said back to her.

Right after I had said that to Janet I reached back with my hands and pulled my cheeks open wide. Janet let out a hard loud giggle. Now can you see? I asked her. Still giggleing Janet told me yes. Now since I had been holding back to keep from shiting I di have to give a litle short hard push to start.

With my little hard startng push my push made send out a short spurt pf piss which really went far out. Janet saw it and she laughed. Then I started shiting with my little hard push. Janet said loudly as I felt my asshole stretching open; I can see your anus opening and here comes your shit! I could feel my shit comming out and it was moving!

In only a few seocnds with my shit comming out so fast Janet told me it was a half foot long. I heard the soft crackling as my shit came out. It must have been a smooth one for I didn't feel my asshole moving in and out as my shit came out. Then maybe another five seconds passed and I felt my asshole suddenly close up tightly. THat was it with this one. I was done with my shit.

I then started to piss which this time I did hold my penis. I pissed for about ten seocnds and then I stopped. I turned around on the hay bale. Janet had stood up while I had pissed. She had a smile on her face. I looked down at my shit laying on the floor. There laying on the floor was a good foot long shit laid right out. Janet then and went and got the toilet paper for me. I gave my asshole a double wipe. It had needed two wipes to get clean.

Then I hopped off the hay bale. There was the smell of both of our shits so I said to Janet; I better go get the shovel. It will really stink up here later of it get hot up here. Janet laughed and I went downstairs got the shovel came back up with it and got her and my shit on the shovel. Then I carefully went back down the ladder and tossed our shit in with the hoarse manure pile. I rinsed the shovel off and went back up into the hayloft. Janet was dressed and so I got dressed.

We then went back down the ladder. We got on my bike and rode out of the barn down the driveway and made the turn and headed down the road to go to Janets house. A short time later we got to her house she got her bike and we started out on our bike ride. To be continuied.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: If I have been constipated for a few days and finally manage to crash out a big hard dry log, I find that my bowel habits are a bit different for the next few days. Once I manage to get the big hard one out, I seem to get another urge to poop about 12 hours later. As soon as I sit on the pot, I manage to slip out a big smooth soft log. These "day after" post-constipation poops are usually the biggest I ever do. As to your other question, yes, after I do a big log it can take a while for my body to rearrange itself down there. My poor little butthole goes through a few spasms as it tries to realign the muscles and it contracts and dilates a few times, clenching and expanding. After that, it doesn't return to normal for a while and just feels "wrong" It doesn't seem to return to its tight puckered state for a while. When I have been constipated for a few days, my butthole is as hard and tight as a drum. After a big poop it is much more soft and relaxed. It takes at least half an hour to pucker up again.

Had a really big one during the week. It took me by surprise. I got the urge after dinner and went straight to the pot and sat and leaned forward and back a couple of times and started to push. After some initial resistance it started to move quickly and easily. I held my breath and gave a big push. The log lunged out an inch and as it did it had a steep taper. My hole suddenly spread w-i-d-e and it gave me a huge shock. The poop stopped in its tracks as my poor stretched butthole and the stabbing pains wouldn't let it pass any further. I caught my breath and quickly considered what to do. I didn't want to suck it back in. I hate the feeling of walking away from a poop defeated. But I didn't think I could get it out without tearing something. So I took a deep breath, concentrated hard and gave a very gentle push while at the same time contracting my but muscles to narrow my sphincter. The poop edged forward but I wouldn't let my hole expand any more. The poop was forced to deform and squeeze through. Finally it began to taper down. I thought I was through the worst and gave a big push to speed it up. Unfortunately, the log was a long one, ind of a double-header with tow fat logs joined together. The poop started to thicken again and get wider. My butt suddenly hit max expansion and I thought it would burst. Suddenly it was over and the slithering mass dropped. For the half hour afterwards I didn't feel like I could sit down. I went pack to watch the news on TV but had to stand and lean against the wall while I watched because I didn't want to sit on the couch!

Migraine Loverer

I have a request.....

Have you ever had such a big,hard, wide, stiff and painful poop that you LITERALLY cried from it?

Have you ever helped someone get a poop out?/someone helped you get a poop out?

I'm just asking since I love those stories for some reason. please keep those stories going.
Peace & Love,
Migraine Loverer



Astrid- I love your stories, especially the one with Linda. Looking forward for more stories from you!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

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