A Woman

Peeing In Changing Rooms At The Store

Unusal place: the other day in shopping mall i saw a mom and two possibly 10-year-old girls go into changing room, both whining of a need to wee. The mom said "ok, just go here." i could see the stream and hear the release from the next room over. we left at the same time, the mother looked very embarassed, but she had soaked it up with newspaper and but the paper in the bin in the dressing room- i told her i would have done the same myself or with my daughter.
A little girl can pee throw swimsuit, but i prefer to let them pull aside or down when thy are bigger than 6, in fact my daughters (my nephews, and friends too) pull bottom down or aside even if they pee in the showers, at the beach or in the changing stall....

Regarding peeing in the dressing room i rember that my sister in love sometimes let her daughter pee in them when she came with us, when she was smaller (until 8-9) Once me and my sister let our doughters pee into the bin of a changing stall because it was an emergency situation in a crowd shopping mall... I was puzzled to see that a friend of mine allowed her daughters of 11 and 14 pee into the changing stall alone or in precence of us..not only in a emergency situation but even in a empty shop where toilets weren't far away. The last time It happened during the summer sales.. I and my friend where trying many swimsuit, and her daughter, waiting for us out of the changing rooms complained she needed to pee a couple of times....Once my friend told her, "ok you don't have to wait for us, go on and relieve yourself if you need it".. I supposed she encouraged her to go for the toilet, instead the girl entered the next stall and relieved herself on the floor...I could hear the splashing sound clearly and noticed the puddle forming on the floor from the partition....My friend noticed it too and saind "oh, she really had to go...".it is a bit unusual beahviour do you have some more anecdotes?
I must admit that I pee in the changing room and also allow my younger (10 * 12) sisters to do the same. Also the shower at the pool or the locker room

d 1 boy who are the same age of my daughter, let her kids pee anywhere in teh house! they can go in the cornors of rooms, drains, sinks, (except kitchen) on towels/cloths. In the car she keeps pull ups for them and if they need to pee she will have them put one on and use it, or she will hold a towel or something under the child. Her son, she allows to go on the car floor and she cleans it later. In cinema, she lets her kids and my daughter, peepee on the floor in front of their seat, on the seat next to them, or in an empty cup. She also lets them go directly on the sand if at the beach. I also let them to this.

m (both) pee in the fallowing places at home: bidet, shower, garage drain, laundry sink and drain, garden

en my sister in law take the kids (mine included) to ghe movies, if the toilet is not nearby (often it isn't), and if the chlidren need to pee during the film, she made them pee in one of this places: squat in front of their chair (girls), pee in a corner or in empty row of chairs (m and f), go behind the curtains of emergency exit...

riend of mine who has a big van, and often use it to take our group of children (weekend, sports, beach..) She always keep some old dirty towels/cloths in the car trunk. When one of the children has the urge to pee, instead od stopping the van roadisde, she tell him/her to go back in the boot (accessible by rear seat) and relievehimself/herself over the towel and cloths, paying attention to not wet the floor..

My friends lets her kids (5 y/o twins, 1 m 1 f) pee almost anywhere in the house and around their home.

Bathroom: toilet, shower (even when not actually showering), bathtub (if they rinse the pee out when finished), sink, or on a dirty towel that someone had used earlier and left on the rack to dry (hold it under self and release)

Outdoors: in the yard, anywhere (not on porch), between cars, pretty much anywhere

Other places in the house: garage/laundry drain, laundry sink, basement floor, over a towle or cloth anywhere... if watching a movie and need to peepee she allows them to go in corner or room, or in bowls/potty seat if nearby

Kids Bedrooms: they have a plastic potty in the rooms to poop in, or peepee if they want. But theyare allowed to pee on room wall (boy) corner of room (girls/boys) on an old pillow (they think it feels good)...

My friend does releive in the yard quite often, as do her husband. i know she also pees into showers/bathtubs not only when showering bathing.

When my daughter is over there to play she does go in the same places as my friend's kids. She sometimes needs to be reminded that it's ok go "peepee" there. i let her go on the floor sometimes... but my friend is definitely more open to this.

friend relayed this story to me: The kids were 4 and were watching a movie in my friends daughter's room. halfway through, they needed to pee. My sister said ok, (sarah-her daughter) you can go pee wherever you would like. sarah smiled at her mother and squattted and peed through her panties onto the wood floor. They continued to watch movie. My friend's son went over to the plastice potty to poo. While he was doing this, my daughter began to be desperate. My friend said she was holding herself and was almost beginneng to have an accident. My firend of course did not want this, because then my daughter would have wet clothes. sarah asked my daughter if she needed a peepee, and my daughter said yes! sara ran to get her mother (my firned) by this time, my dauthter was desperate. My friend grapped her, lifter her dress, and held her over an old "peepee" pillow that her kids have in their room. she told my daughter, its ok honey, just make your peepee right here. My daughter released on the pillow, and the movie watchiing resumed. My friend put the pillow outsied to dry out, and everyone was happy


My crush seeing me on the toilet

I was at a party one night where my "crush" Billy was also there. During the night I really had to take a dump. I went to use the upstairs bathroom figuring no one would go upstairs. As I was sitting on the toilet with my jeans, purple panties down around my ankles, I hear a knock on the door. B4 I could say that I was in there, in walked Billy. He said "sory" but kind of stared at me for a second. At 1st I was mortified but then at the same time turned on. I wonder if it turned him on too ??

Calie's Mom

Peeing in Bed

I let my daughter Calie pee in bed as long as she doesn't do it more than once a day so that way it has a chance to dry. Well the other day she had her first sleepover and the next day I saw that her bed was absolutely soaked. And of course I knew why. 8 girls each had a turn peeing in Calie's bed! I couldn't get mad at her though. I didn't even think to tell her not to let her friends use her bed. I didn't think she would even mention that to them. And not only that, but she did obey my rule. Each one of those girls only peed in the bed ONCE!

End Stall Em

Buddy Dump Birthday Present

Comment to Jaded Jarrod:

I feel so bad for your friend Ethan. The most embarrassing thing was probably the nurse and Miss J being in the bathroom with the rescue workers as they tried to unstick him from the seat. Then to be taken out to a squad and put in the hospital still attached to the toilet seat really sucks. I hope they catch the prankster and turn him over to the cops. But some school principals don't want that kind of attention given to pranks so they don't press charges or whatever it is called. I had a friend last year who had $20 stolen from her purse but the vice-principal said she shouldn't call the police unless her mother called him first. Both she and I thought that sucked. So Jarrod, are you going to be more careful when you are crapping at school? Like putting toilet tissue over the seat first? I pee twice a day at school and crap once. I guess I should be more careful too.

Comment to Laurel:

When we read about Ethan's accident, I wonder if that girl you saw at the airport had the right idea. Lifting the seat and sitting on the bowl rim is an alternative.

Now this is my story:

This past weekend my cousin Jacob whose a year younger than me and his parents flew in to visit my family. His mom just earned her Masters degree by taking all her classes on the internet and there was a real live graduation ceremony by the university at our city auditorium.

You guys might remember I wrote about Jacob with a post on #1815. We went out sledding at the middle of the night this past winter and then did like a buddy dump together. Although I'm a freshman in high school and Jacob is still in middle school, we get along real well. We had time to kill all day Saturday while our parents talked. The graduation was Sunday afternoon. So when I came down to breakfast and Jacob was just waking up from the sofa, we decided to go bowling. I'm like pretty good at bowling (average 150) and he said he would probably suck, but was willing to give it a try. So after breakfast we walked to the bowling alley. It's about a half mile walk. In order to save time we cut across some lots and we do the same at this shopping mall you have to go through to get there. I had to pee and we were going to walk a little out of our way across the street to the mall, but it was just before 9 a.m. and I didn't think it would be open yet. So as we were walking Jacob pointed out this really old car wash building. It's one of those do-it-yourself places where you park under some roofs, put a dollar or two in the machine and you wash your own car. There were like six of these car ports and at the very end there were two doors. One was marked for supplies and the other had letters pasted on it that said "Toilet." Although Jacob wanted to come in (and there was nobody using the wash bays) I wouldn't let him. I told him that my pee would be very uneventful. The toilet bowl was grosser than gross and probably hadn't been given a good cleaning for years, but the seat was down and ready to hold my butt up as I relieved myself. As I started to pull my jeans and panties down, my left thumbnail tore into the side of my underwear, like right below the elastic. I seated myself and could hear Jacob teasing me making some sort of water running sound with his mouth and hands. I quickly yanked the door open and sure enough he was standing with his ear right up to the door. I called him an "A**h***e" and quickly shut the door and latched it. As I sat and peed, however, I had to laugh because he can be pretty funny. We also enjoy teasing one another.

I decided to surprise him again, but in order to do it I quietly pulled up my clothing but didn't flush. I slowly unlatched the door so he wouldn't her it open and again suprised him. He was leaning against it and listening, and I put my shoulder up to catch him. As we walked to the bowling alley the rest of the way, he was coming up with dares for me. Finally, we agreed on the winner of 2 of 3 games, but once I got to the bowling alley and had like 5 splits in the first game, I got to thinking that 3 out of 5 would be better. Although he was beating me it wasn't like by very much (only 10 or 20 pins) per game and we finally agreed on top series for 7 games. That took us like 2 and a half hours, and I only need a 160 in the final game to win the series. I shot 152 so he got to choose his 13th birthday present. He even showed me his school ID card to prove that it was his 13th birthday. So I knew his choice of activity would suck for me. The bowling lanes became pretty crowded because of a Saturday junior league that came in and took up like 40 lanes, so I knew he wouldn't want to do anything there in the bowling building. Before we started to leave, I told him I had to pee again (we had each drank about 20 ounces of coke)and Jacob didn't even walk way down the hallway with me to the bathroom. I had to wait about 5 minutes but got the end stall out of seven when it opened and I sat and peed for like 3 or 4 minutes. The length of my pee even surprised me and caused a couple of sets of eyes to be looking into my stall. I knew I wouldn't get my usual morning crap in as part of that sitting. The girl that bumped me aside in the stall doorway was kind of rude and had an attitude. But she was older and her teammates were probably waiting. She said something to me that I couldn't comprehend and just before I turned on the faucet to wash my hands, I could hear the thud of her throwing herself onto the toilet. I thought to myself that I had done the right thing by not taking the time to flush. (That was twice that day and I started to think how good I felt about it!).

When I met up with Jacob he asked why I was gone so long and said he thought I had probably had a huge shit. I said like I wish and I wasn't sure we would make it home before I needed to go. Then he got that devious look on his face and said "Em, here is my plan." He talked about what a good shot he was (he's right, he's gotten 4 strikes on a row and beat me, for sure!) and said he wanted to prove it. We would stop at that car wash again on the way back home, I would sit and shit, and he would pee into the bowl without getting a drop on me. I know that he has pretty good athletic ability, but this is almost the opposite of the buddy dump that he and I had done at Christmastime.

I tried to talk Jacob out of it, even as the car wash got ever closer in front of us. I tried to tell him I didn't think I was ready to crap yet, but I'm sure he could smell what even I smelled. I told him there would probably now be too many people around because it was close to noon, but he showed me no cars in the lot. I teased him a little about some other "contests" we might want to do but he was insistent. With no one around, he opened the door to the bathroom and we both quickly slipped in. It was so small I don't think there were too many times in its history that more than one person was in there. I flicked the light switch on and the light flickered and burned out. I told him I hoped he had the eyes of a cat because there were just bricks and no windows for light. I pulled my jeans and panties all the way to the floor as I sat and spread my legs so wide that my left knee was cracking. I seated myself so far back on the seat that the back of my butt was off the seat and touching the toilet tank.

After two mildly noisy farts and the feeling that the first pieces were exiting my colon, Jacob did a three-count and his strong stream (the noise and strength of it started). I punched out two more pieces and then a third larger one as his stream started to reign in. Even with the very small natural light coming from under the door, I could see the stream slow and I heard the patter of a couple of drops hit on the front of the seat. Luckily, he was just as he said, a very good shot. I told him about the splatters on the front of the seat just as I reached for toilet paper. Even the spool was missing from the wall. My crap was semi soft and I knew I would be messing up my underwear. Jacob then pulled out the one large computer printout of our bowling scores and suggested that I tear that in like three or four pieces to wipe with. I did, and although the paper hurt a little as I wiped my butt, it was the best alternative. And by throwing it away, I knew he wouldn't have any evidence of how well he bowled against me.

Both Jacob and I had the attitude that we shouldn't flush. He zipped up pretty fast as I was wiping and flung the door open all the way while I was still seated. He walked out into the sunlight and I couldn't believe he would do that and leave me exposed with my jeans and underwear down as I sat on the toilet and wiped. He later apologized and said he was sorry.

Now I'm thinking of ways of getting him back when his family visits us next time!


Sleepover poo

Hi, Abbie here again, this is a story from a couple of months back when I went to my friend Sarah's house for a sleepover. I didn't know Sarah too well back then and it was the first time I'd been round her house. As we got there I realised i was starting to need a poo, but it wasn't desperate so I figured I could wait till later on. We went up to Sarah's room and changed into skirts and tee-shirts then just sat around on her bed reading magazines and chatting. I noticed Sarah shuffling round a bit but didn't pay too much attention, suddenly she said "I just need to use the loo a sec" and walked out of the room. I carried on reading and almost jumped out of my skin as I heard her start to wee. It was so loud it was like she was in the room with me. I got off the bed and tiptoed to the door. As I looked out onto the landing I was amaized to see that she'd left the toilet door nearly half way open!I mean, it was the first time I'd been round her house so I never expected that! Suddenly, my need for a poo got more urgent, I was hoping Sarah wanted one too and then I'd be able to go without being as embaresed. I realised she did when I heard some slight grunts coming from the bathroom. This went on for a few minutes, again good for me as I always take quite a while to have a poo. I heard a loud plop then a smaller one about 30 seconds after. Sarah wiped quickly, I heard a rustling noise as she pulled up her pants and let down her skirt and then the sound of the flush. She came back in the room and sat down and we started to talk again as if nothing had happened. I was getting more and more desperate but didn't want to embarase Sarah by going in straight after her. I squirmed on the bed a bit and clamped my legs together tightly. Sarah had her head buryed in a magazine so I reached behind myself, put my hand up my skirt and made a fist. I held my fist against my pants and pushed it into my bum. A few minutes later I could feel the poo start to push out and knew I couldn't wait any more. I stood up and said "I need the toilet" and walked out. I didn't dare leave the door like Sarah had but left it open a few inches. I walked over to the toilet, lifted my skirt, slid my pink and blue striped pants to my knees and sat down. I started to push straight away and did a loud wee. I could feel the tip of my poo coming out, I knew it was going to be big and it would be hard to get it out. I'd been a bit constipated and hadn't been able to go for a few days. The poo was sliding out a tiny bit with each push but seemed to be getting wider, I gave a couple of massive pushes and managed to keep it moving. I felt really awkward because I made a loud grunt after each one, Sarah must have heard it from her room. A few minutes later it fell in the toilet with a loud splash. I kept on pushing and could feel more up inside me but nothing else came out. I tore off some loo paper and wiped then I stood up, pulled up my pants and adjusted my skirt and flushed. I went back into Sarah's room and caught sight of myself in the mirror, I was embaresed to see that my face was a bit red from all the pushing. The story dosen't end here, there is more later on the evening, but I'll save that for my next post.

Upstate Dave

A Tradition

Hi I'm takeing a break from Janet & Jill. I wonder if any of the guys girls here that are boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife have a tradition that they do? Myself and my wife have one that we have been doing for a long time together. It involeves fathers day.

When the weather permits on fathers day my wife and I go on a picnice for part of the day. My wife and I would make up a good lunch to take with us and my wife would make sure she would have a drink before leaving and also have something to drink while on the way to our picnic spot. ( Over the years we had many spots that were always near by no matter where we were living at the time.)

One of our favorite spots was a spot that overlooked the river about a quarter mile away. This spot was easy to get to but it was secluded. I had a small backpack which I would pack up with our picnic lunch,my lightweight sleeping bag or a blanket, and a radio. My wife would carry the small cooler which had more drinks in it.

Now my wife would sometimes wear a skirt or shorts again dependng on the weather. By the time we had left the house with her making sure she had a drink before leaving and having another as we wlked to this picnic spot she would have to piss almost as soon as we were there!:-)
She would wait for me to get the blanket or sleeping bag spread out on the ground before she would pee.

Then I would help her get ready to pee. If she was wearing a skirt she would let me pull her panties down and take them right off! Then she would raise her skirt up sometimes stand and piss or squat in a high squat and piss! (no matter which way she was I always enjoyed watching!) This first piss was always a hard long one which if it hissed it would hiss loud!

Then after she would finish her piss she would ask me if I had to go. Most of the time I would have to. So she would pull my zipper down on my jeans or shorts get my penis right out and hold it while I pissed. Then take care of my penis after I finished pissing.(shaking it) Then slip it back inside my jeans or shorts.

Then we would sit down and have our lunch, have the radio on to tunes, and have more drinks while we ate. My wife made sure she would drink her drinks quickly so she would have a full bladder again soon. Then after eating we would stretch out on the blanket or sleeping bag enjoying the sun or she would wind up takeing a short nap.

Then after takeing her short nap or laying there awake she would need to piss again. So would I. So what we would do is that she would pull my pants or shorts down and take them right off. Then I would do the same wheter she had shorts or a skirt on. Then I would slide off the blanket or the sleeping bag so that from my waist down was no longer on it.

Then my wife would squat down now with her bare ass faced back at me would be holding my penis and we both would piss! Again many times she would piss hard! Then after this we would get into being frisky and have our adult fun. Then after we both would be thirsty have a drink,take a nap together and then get up and would piss one more time before getting dressed and then pickup and leave having a very enjoyable fathers day together.

Keith D
Not too much to report - I have been constipated for the last few days. Sat on the pot a couple of times today and exercised my butt muscles. My hole just pushed in and out but nothing moved. It was like I had no poop inside. But there must be after three days without a drop.

To Linda from Australia: Yeah I like reading constipation stories too. it's nice to know there are other people out there that have the same issues as me. I would love to be able to share my trials with someone. The last poop I had in the woods only took about 5 minutes. I don't like being out like that too long. If it hadn't have started moving within the first minutes I would have have got up and left. I can usually get most of my poop out in one sitting. It comes out a as a single hard log. Usually dry and hard and knobbly at one end, and softer and smoother at the other end - often made up of a few days worth of poop. Sometimes when I am constipated and I am sitting on the pot for a long time pushing then all I can get out are a few tiny rock hard balls of poop that break off the dry end of the log. That is really frustrating. Having to get up and leave with the main log still inside feels awful. I feel so heavy and weak. And my butt muscles feel really uncomfortable.

to Megan: i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that u and your Best friend holly had a sleepover. iam sorry that she had a tremendous wave of diarrah and it caused her all sort of pain! thats amazing that the tiolet was completley filled to the top that it almost overflowed! thats a good reason that she couldnt flush the tiolet! do u have anyomore stories where u and your friends were out in public where u guys had to use the bathroom and decided to leave it unflushed? if not then i lookforward to any other creative stories that u might have in the future! take care and God bless!
to Leanne that recipe of Stir Fry must have tasted Good ! it sounds delicious! iam glad to hear that u had a sucessful poo and it came out of your system perfectly fine!
to Emma: i really enjoyed your post! i hate it when there is a huge line for the bathroom! iam quite surprised and really glad that u didnt have a terrible accident! that wouldnt have been cool at all! usually when i walk in a public bathroom if iam with a friend or bymyslef we start giggling if the bathroom reaks of poo! i lookforward to your next post! take care!ps. Burger king is one of my all time favorite fastfood places!
to kristy: i really enjoyed your post! i was quite sorry to hear that u ended up getting sick while out on your walk! you made a smart choice to relieve yourself out in a bush again! take care and God bless!
to AmyL: i really enjoyed your post! it sounds like you had quite a dump there in your bikini! iam glad that only a small trace was left in your binki and that u were able to successfully clean up the majority of the poo! i lookforward to your next post! take care!
to wendy: i really enjoyed your post! i was disappointed to hear that the 14 year old girl had a major accident! its all because of the policy that the customers arent allowed to use the bathroom there! for this reason there should be a policy change! customers come first in a business: therefor it should be a mandatory policy that all public places and shops have accessible restrooms for customers to use! that way no one will have an accident! thats very kind of u to check on the 14 year old girl to make sure she was ok! wendy i wish u and i were friends! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless!
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! iam gald that u and lucy had a successful poo at school! however i understand why u dont like using the tiolets at school. i cleary remember when i was in highschool by the time i made it to the bathroom it was always distuguisting! girls vandelize and leave a tremendous amount of tiolet paper all over the place! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless!
to Kristy: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear about your accident in your knickers! believe me i know what its like from past unfortunate experiences! iam gald however that u made it home and were able to successfully clean up! i lookforward to your future post! take care and God bless!
to Dealiah: i hope all is well with you! miss you and love always!



Post Title (optional) Finally getting back to normal!!

Linda from Australia here again. I'm getting back to normal with my poos now. Last night I dropped a HUGE load in the toilet and it only took 5 minutes to get it all out. I didn't even have to push or strain! I also felt finished afterwards.

To Keith D: Do you find that after dropping a big load, you can't do a poo for a few days?? Also when your constipated and have to squeeze out a massive load, does yout anus take a while to return to its normal size??


Post Title (optional) Finally getting back to normal!!

Linda from Australia here again. I'm getting back to normal with my poos now. Last night I dropped a HUGE load in the toilet and it only took 5 minutes to get it all out. I didn't even have to push or strain! I also felt finished afterwards.

To Keith D: Do you find that after dropping a big load, that you can't do a poo for a few days??


School Accident

Alright so it was study hall at my boarding school and I was in the library and all of a sudden had to take my daily annual poop of the evening.

I asked the librarian if I could go, but she said I only could have 2 minutes. So I ran to the restroom that was in the same hall as our classrooms. I un-buttoned my pants as I rammed through the last stall. A plunger was next to the crapper but it didn't strike me as odd to have it in there, in fact normal.

But as I slide out a long hard log that seemed to never end and looked back at my foot-long poop I was soon to find out I wasn't so fortunate as I thought. I turned the handle to flush the crapper but it wouldn't go down, in fact the bowl kept filling up! So I darted over to the plunger and started to plunge away.

As I thrusted the plunger deeper into the mysterious hole where to poo travels to the "magical place" the rubber end of the plunger flipped over, looking like a mushroom. I pulled it out and a piece of my luscious load was drapped over it. Then, the plunger popped back over, flinging my load on the walls of my stall.

Panicking I abandoned the crapper, giving up all hope and miserable embarrassed. I guess I'll have to hear the rumors and accusations tomorrow in class...


The closest to an accident I ever had

I'm white, 30, 5'9 with light medium length brown hair. Today was the closest I ever came to a pooping accident in my entire life. But the result was the biggest and fattest poop I ever did in my life. I went to the beach when I got hit with the urge. I made my way to the ladies room but it was closed for repair. I knew there was another bathroom about a half mile down the road. By this time the urge was getting too strong to bear. I was clenching my cheeks together as I trotted on down the road. I could feel my poop trying to come out. I made it to the bathroom, it was a small cubicle with a small toilet. I sat down and let it rip. It started to crackle out of me in coils. I couldn't even hear it hit the toilet. I just sat as my poop kept coming out. I could feel the pile I was making steaming up from below me. Finally my poop snapped off. I looked between my legs and saw a pile like no other. It was coiled and really stunk up that bathroom. The toilet wouldn't flush. There was no toilet paper either. I crept out of that bathroom with a wet butthole slightly smelling of poop myself.


Turtleheading at my wedding

All the preparations and arrangements, not to mention the stress that
came from my first marriage twenty plus years ago, left me somewhat
bound up. Not that I was ever, even then when I was young, prone to
being constipated. Somehow, with all the stress of getting ready for
this event, I hadn't been able to poo for several days. It's not that I
had eaten much at all either, with all the excitement.
Not being a person that likes crowds, I'd planned on a small wedding.
Unfortunately for me, relatives and friends conspired to make this a 350
people event. It was an outdoor wedding at a fairly posh country club.
To get to the point of the deal, as I was walking the aisle, a stretch
of lawn surrounded by folding chairs, anxiety struck, with an apparent
adrenaline release. This resulted in my feeling a logjam within myself
that was ready to bust loose.
In this sort of situation, you can't just announce "'Scuse me, be right
back", you just have to do the best you can.
This may explain why the bride has the bustled wedding gown. In my
circumstance, hard material had built up in my bowels, but gas and
noxious fluids were working their way out around the containable solids.
As the ceremony proceeded, I'm sure I appeared to be an emotional bride, but my tears had a hidden meaning. Good thing it was an outdoor
event, and there was a breeze.

To Claire: Hope you liked my last post- you asked for it. I hope it
wasn't too graphic.
You should tell of some of your accidents, although I understand
your reluctance. When I was sick a couple of years ago, none of mine
were pleasant or funny (well, maybe to other people) but I am gradually
working my way to posting about those, preferring at this time to account for past experiences. I believe that doing so might be somewhat
soul cleansing, relieving us of guilt that society places upon us for
functions that we can't always control.

Upstate Dave

Janet Jill Former Neighbors 3 Day Stay

After getting cleaned up we all were inside now in the house. We all got something to drink again and then went outside to the trailer to play cards. My grandmother would be home soon. So playing cards seemed the best thing to do to pass the time till my grandmother got home from work.

As we played cards we talked about our painting the workshed. We all hoped that my grandmother would like our job painting it. Plus we knew that we wre going to be paid too! That would be the best part of it! We were excited about that of course. With the three of us being excited the time seemed only to drag on very slowly even playing cards ddn't seem to help all that much to have the time pass by.

Also what didn't help was that I had the radio on and when ever the time was announced by the dj on the radio it seemed to go by slowly too. We all would let out a groan hearing the time and then we all would laugh at ourselves for groaning about the time. As far as the card game none of us weren't paying all that much attention to it as we played. So the game itself also seemed to drag on.

Then after dealing out a hand Jill told Janet and I she needed to go pee. So she got up and went outside over to the toilet chair and use it to take her piss. Janet and I stayed in the trailerthis time and didn't bother going over with Jill to the toilet chair. A few long minutes later Jill came back inside and sat back down at the table.

Jill as soon as she had sat down asked; How much longer Dave till your grandmother gets home? I told Jill still a half hour yet Jill. Jill then told Janet andI that she was going inside. I'm going to watch tv. She got back up and left us. I couldn't blame Jill. She was bored and was impaitent.

So with Jill out of the card game now the deck had to be redelt out which Janet did. Then she told me that before we start that she had to pee. Comming? Janet asked me as she got up from the table. I got up with her and we stepped outside the trailer and we both walked over to where the toilet chair was in the pine trees.

When we got there to the toilet chair it was pretty much soaked with piss. It had to have been Jill when she had used it. Janet looked at the toilet chair and told me she would just hover over it. I can't sit down. So with just us to being there I reached over and pulled down Janets shorts for her. She did the same with mine.

Janet stepped back getting into a high hovering squat with her bare ass over the toilet chair. Then I stepped forward which allowed Janet to take my penis and hold it down with her fingers. Janet started first. Her piss stream at first came out on the weak side. It was thin with out a twist. It went straight down hitting the ground making a very light pattering sound.

Then as the seconds went pased her stream got harder making a wide head,then a twist which grew longer, and began to hiss softly at first then got louder. I now had also started to piss. I sent out a hard stream right from the start of my piss. It was wide headed,a long twist and shot downward passing to the right of Janets piss stream and wetted the ground behind where her stream was wetting the ground.

Now Janet had pissed for about ten seconds by now and I half that time. Then we both heard the crunch of gravel which made Janet look towards the driveway and I also. It was my grandmother! It was her lavender Dodge we saw comming up the driveway! We saw her go by and slow right up then stopping right by the backporch.

Janet and I forced our piss streams to stop! Janet let go of my penis and reached right down and yanked up her shorts. I did the same with mine. My grandmother was now out of her car. She must have seen the workshed with its fresh paint on it for she started walking towards it to take a closer look at it. Jill and I hurridly slipped out of the pine trees and began walking across the yard towards the driveway.

In a short moment or two Janet and I had walked up to my grandmother. I was the first to speak to her. WEll what do you think? Dis we do a good job? I asked her. My grandmother as she was walking and looking the shed over told Janet and I that it seemed to look good. Then she asked us where we were. She mentioned she didn't see us when she pulled in. Janet told her that we wre in the trailer playing cards.

My grandmother went and walked all around the shed checking our work. Janet and I didn't follow her all the way around. We had walked back and had walked around the front and waited for her to come up the right side. Jill giggled as we aited standing there together. Then she said quickly and in a loud whiper; Good thing you took care of my shit! I laughed lightly and said to Janet; Good thing I took care of Jills old panties. Then we both did a quick short hard laugh.

Then Janet said to me: I better not laugh any more! I'll pee myslef if I do! I quickly siad back to Janet; Me too! That was for we had cut ourselves off when we wre pissing over at the toilet chair when my grandmother had pulled in. My grandmother came around te back corner now of the workshed and came up along the right side and walked out to Janet and I.

Very good job you thre have done. Then she asked us where Jill was. Janet told her she was inside watching tv. I would have thought she would have heard my grandmother pull in and would have come right outside. But she didn't. Then the three of us walked inside the house and sat down at the kitchen table together. Jill still did not appear. So Janet went to the livingroom. Janet came right back and told me and my grandmother laughing that Jill was sound asleep on the couch. That's why she hadn't heard my grandmother pull in and us when we came into the house.

My grandmother after settling down at her spot at the table then took her purse out from her pocketbook. As she did this she said to Janet and I; I'm sure this is waht you have been waiting for. Janet and I looked at each other and we smiled but we didn't say any thing back to my grandmother. She laughed and then she got the money out to pay us.

She counted the money pout and we got paid a hundred dlollars each which I again told my grandmother to hang on to part of it which would go into the bank. She asked me how much I wnted to put away. I told her $50. So she handed me only $50 which was in small bills which was good. Janet took her $100 and my grandmother held on to Jills $100 and would give it to her when she woke up.

Then we thanked my grandmother but as always she thanked us. Then she got up from her chair and went across the kitchen to get a drink. I turned to Janet and whispered very softly; How bout us treating my grandmother for supper? Janet smiled and said right back to me; Great idea! Will she go for it though? Janet asked back. I think she will I told Janet.

My grandmother had gotten her drink and came back to the table and sat down. I spoke up and sai to her; Look we would like to treat you tonight by buying supper. You have treated us so nicely. My grandmother looked at me and Janet for a short momnet and then said to us both; Dou you two want to do this? Janet and I said right back to her together; YES we do! Then my grandmother reminded us about Jill. Janet told her that Jill would be very happy to do this also. So it was settled. We would treat my grandmother to supper.

It was just two in the afternon now sowe had better then three hours till supper. So Janet and I told my grandmother we wre going over to the store. We asked if she wanted anything and she told us she didn't. So we left and started to walk heading for the store. We both were excited to be paid and our excitement brought back to both of us that we had to piss!

So what we did was once we had crossed the highway and had walked over the little bridge that went over the creek we wre right by the old traingle shaped wooden sighn. So since this was one of our pee spots Janet and I went over behind it where the little entrance door was opened it and went inside the old sighn.

This time since both of us had to go so bad we both took care of our own shorts. Wwe did stand side by side together and yanked our shorts right down together. Janet then leaned back placing her bare ass on one of the inside cross beams. I just let my shorts fall around my sneakers and stood there without holding my penis.

Janet had to reach back down and pull her shorts back up. She was afraid with them pulled way down and te way she was she would piss them. So I started going before she did. My penis was only semi erect so my stream wasn't all that high in the air when I started. It did shoot out hard going across the inside of the sighn and hit the far wall towars the bottom and wetted it and ran down the short distance to the bottom.

Janet now started her piss. Like over at the toilet chair her stream at first was weak. Then it flowed harder getting a wide head,twisted, angled slightly outward as it went down. It hissed softly but got louder as her stream flowed harder. Now as I stood there pissing my penis stiffened and started raising upward on its own. ( I wasn't holding it)

So my stream went higher into making more of a arc and went further up the back wall of the wooden inside wall of the old sighn. Janet had been watching and seeing my penis rising upward making my stream go higher she first giggled softly and as my penis went high along with my stream going higher up the wall she giggled harder.
By this time as far as her piss had wetted the dirt enough that she had a small muddy piss puddle formed and her piss splashed noisily in it.

We both took a fairly long piss too. This kind of surprised us both. Remember that Janet had pissd about ten seconds over at the toilet chair and I had pissed five seconds or so at that time too. In fat when my stream had started to ease off I mentoned to Janet that I didn't think I was going to go this long. Janet was already down to just dribbling and she said the same thing back to me.

Janet then now a short couple of seconds later was waiting for the dripping piss stop for she had stopped pissing. I was just abuout to stop and this is when Janet did reach over and held my penis. I stopped and paused a few seconds after she had taken and was holding my penis. Then I did do a few spurts to fnsih up with. She gave me several shakes and then let go.

She stood up and pulled up her shorts and I bent down and grabbed mine and pulled them up. I opened the little wooden door and we stoeed out of the old sighn. We started to walk back out to the road and Janet said to me giggling slightly; I think my shorts are a little wet with pee. So she had me take a look at the back side of them and nothing showed as far as a wet spot. Then Janet pulled them up real tight and looked down at the front of them. There was a very small dark patch showing but when she let her shorts become loose the little dark spot couldn't bee seen. Then after this we walked up the road to te store and went inside. To be continuied.


Post Title (optional) hi

Hey, it's kat. you see me post occasionally (well, twice) I was out at a lunch conference with my boss, taking notes for him. I ordered pasta with a side salad and had a brownie for dessert. I felt full after the meal, and my boss said i could go home early. i drove over to my boyfriends house, feeling a bit uncomfortable. When i got there, he asked me if i was okay, and i told him i felt a little stuffed, but other than that i was fine. i put on one of his shirts and laid on his couch with my head in his lap. eventually i fell asleep, woke up a few hours later feeling queasy and like i needed to throw up. my boyfriend asked me if i was okay and i said i needed to vomit. he helped me to the bathroom and i knelt by the toilet while he held my hair and proceeded to puke up what looked like a green lump of slime. I heaved a few times, then lost control of my bowels and started to shit my underwear. it soaked through and dripped onto the floor as i threw up another lump of the green stuff. shakily, i sat on the toilet and tried to finish the diarrhea explosion while trying to not throw up. a gush of liquid sprayed out of my ass. my stomach cramped and i threw up all over myself. i moaned and my boyfriend brought a cool cloth and wiped my face with it and rubbed my back and asked me if he wanted me to get any medicine or to take me to a doctor. i threw up again onto my legs and wrapped my arms around my ????. cramp after cramp hit me as I tried to get something out of me, but nothing much happened. my boyfriend helped me clean up and laid me on his bed. my stomach was cramping really bad and it hurt to much to sleep so my boyfriend just rubbed my ???? and tried to give me some relief. an hour later, i asked him to take me to the bathroom again. he did, and i sat on the toilet and asked him to rub my belly. it gurgled and felt hard and bloated. after a while, i squirted out some liquid green diarrhea that splattered all over the toilet. i felt a bit better and decided to go eat some dinner. it was a mistake, because about half way through, i filled my underwear with liquid shit. i wanted it all out of me, so i pressed a bit harder and a had three long waves. my boyfriend gave me new clothes and told me to sleep at his place so i could get some rest. I went to the bathroom a few times that night, and threw up once, but felt much better in the morning.


Post Title (optional)

Linda from Australia here again.

To Mickey: I absolutely LOVED your story!! The constipation stories are my favorite ones on here. It sounds like you had an extremely difficult time pushing that poo out. Do you often take a shit in public toilets?? I feel more comfortable pooping at home, especially if I know I'm in for a hard time. I know you said it took you 10 or 15 minutes to drop your load. Does it normally take that amount of time or longer?? Did anyone here you grunting in that public toilet?? You also mentioned that you only go twice or three times a week. Do you ever go longer without doing a poo?? I also reach down and feel my log as its coming out, so I know how much has come out. I do this whenever I'm constipated and trying to push out a log. I even put my fingers on my anus and push on it while I'm straining. Sometimes this helps the poo come out more easily. Occassionally, I have to break the poo off because it gets stuck. I really, really hate it when I have to do that!!!! I also hate it when I can't get all the turds out in one sitting. This means I have to go back a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even a 5th time to get all the poo out. Plus each time I spend at least 15 minutes straining on the toilet. Have you ever been on the toilet and half way through pushing out a huge mass, when its already sticking out and you had to suck it back in for some reason?? Or have you ever had to answer the phone or the door with a turd sticking out your butt??

As I'm constipated quite often myself, I know all about the struggles that others on here go through. This year has been particularly bad for me aswell and at one stage, I was getting backed up every week, which meant I was constipated most of the time. Lately its been a bit better for me but I still get constipated once or twice a month. I've had some really terrible pooping sessions this year and sometimes I try EVERYTHING just to get the poos out. When I'm constipated, I have to use several positions and strategies to help the poos come out. I start out sitting on the toilet and lean right back. I have to push and strain hard to get things moving and sometimes I have to grunt aswell. I also put my feet up on the bowl so I'm squatting and this helps a bit. Sometimes I have to give up half way through and walk around for a while. Then I try again after about 10 minutes and this helps a bit but not much. If I'm having a really tough time, I stand up, put my hands on the wall and push and strain. Sometimes when I'm sitting on the toilet, I lean right forward but I find this doesn't help much. When I'm constipated, it takes me at least 30 minutes to do a poo, sometimes longer. At times, it has take me an hour to get the poos out. This doesn't happen very often. I do produce huge logs but when I'm backed up, I often drop small bits of rock hard poo.

Please share some more constipation stories, I'm sure you have lots more!!

Blue Circle

To Tom

Hey Tom. That was a wonderful read about you and your girlfriend. I'm happy to see that you two are still together. I've auften thought about how sharing those kinds of secrets with a significant other would profoundly enhance a relationship. I have never been in a situation such as this, but I hope to one day have a profound experience like this. I've always had a fassination with women going to the bathroom, (especially number 2) and preyfor the day when I can share that secret with someone whom I truly love and trust. I also hope that the lady in question would also be curious about being in the bathroom with a man while he unloads. Anyway, I just wanted to sey thank you. Your story has inspired me and given me hope. I am curious about how much further you guys have discussed it, and whether or not you have seen her do it, but you totally don't have to share those details if you don't want. Does she know about this site?

Take Care,

Quiet Blue Glow

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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